Beach Boys Special (1997) - full transcript

Since the end of the summer.

After the Guys left the beach.

It has been three months.

Looking back now.

This summer was really hot.

More so that in winter.

Although it's only been three months.

But the people around me have changed.

Yuko she...


Met someone at the high
school Cultural Festival.

Playing all day and is no longer bored.

She went to Disneyland
with her boyfriend.

And had a most happy Christmas Eve.

Yusuke is striving to
prepare for the exams.

Since the summer, he learned
a lot from Kaito.

He moans no more.

Kaito worked for a company.

And resigned after a period of time.

He was invited to do some strange work.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Finally arrived?
You jerk.

These guy's man the bar.

As well as the work of taxi
drivers and postmen.

With Haruko,
they work along the beach.


Good evening.


Not many guests visit the bar in the winter.

Only students come by mistake.

It's a hard business to run.

I'm back.


I'll be sure to invite you too.

The beach is also nice in the winter.

How do you say.

I'm sure you can think of something.

Going to the beach in winter is the best.

There have also been some
changes to the Diamond Inn.

Grandpa must have assumed
it to be as such.

Here he had it already.

According to his way of thinking.

To do is as you like.

Although Grandpa did not see
it as period of business.

But thanks to the efforts
of President Haruko.

Even now there are many
off-season guests.

Please be careful.

I'm waiting for your visit.

Another appointment.

Great, Haruko.

It was nothing.

Came here again?

Those two...
thinking what are they up to?

In this rather historical place
...looking at the Pacific.


But it was really fun
while they were here.

Masaru, Hiromi, and Kaito.

They would like to see you too.

My dear beach boys.

What are you doing
now that your gone?

Minshuku and I have forgotten.

They live in their own sea.


Today, it is very hot.


Its, not usually this
hot this time of year.

But it can actually.

Especially in unlivable places like.

Before I left I lived in nice places.

Although this is beat
up and eccentric.

But compared to where I lived before.

It is the kingdom of heaven.

It is? A Fax.

Reply to it.

After work.


Early next month should be no problem.


OK. So be it.

Talk you soon, bye-bye.


They delivered to the
Dolphins last month.

it seems very healthy.


When do you go out to sea today?

11 o'clock.

Want a lift?


That guy was pretty Zen.

"It does not matter,
because it is summer".

So whatever happened to him.

He really is a fool.

So what is he now?

Some where...
some where doing nothing.

But in Japan it's now winter.

Really hard to imagine.

What that guy will be in the winter.

Can not say.

Too young to start a career.

Few do.


Where is it?

I would not normally
be this mad.

When I watch hours of television
I am very aware.

I remember every detail vividly.

I do not think people like me now.

Yes, yes, yes.

Stingy, stubborn, and competitive now.


But thanks to me he has changed a lot.

So what is he doing now?

Must be wearing a tight-fitting suit.


Live a 9 to 5 life.

- May be.
- Right.

It's a hot chick.

- Who?
- Her.

She is?

Green light!
It's green!

It's red, noisy woman.

What's up?


Today, work must be urgent.

BeachBoys Special
Subtitles by: Walrus

Theme "Forever" by Sorimachi
Takashi with Richie Sambora

I shook in the wind
(kaze ga yureteru)

I sang with the waves
(nami ga utatteru)

I'm walking even today
(ore wa kyoo mo aruiteru)

Grabbing the sand
(suna wo tsukande)

To feel the heat
(sono atsusa tashikamete)

I'm feeling this season
(kono kisetsu wo kanjiteru)

Ah forever your love

forever your friend

Here I am still smiling from that day
(ano hi no mama no egao ga koko ni)

Time ticks by quietly
(shizuka ni toki wo kizamu)

Forever your heart

You saved up for days
(itsu no hi mo)

forever your friend

And supported me without saying a thing
(nanimo iwazu ni sasate kureta)

I feel happy together with you
(omae to futari yorokobi kanjiteru)

Tides cannot change
(kawarazu ni nagarete yuku)

Time is unstoppable
(toki wa tomerarenai)

No, you can't stop time

Whatever the future holds
(kore kara no michi de nani ga attemo)

I will never forget
(ima wo wasurenai sa)

Never forget
(wo wasurenai sa)

Why do you want to do such work?

I'm looking for my sea.

What do you mean?

You also now suffering from paranoia.

What do you mean?

This illness has been very
popular to the Japanese.


Yes, give up working.

And come to this small island
and the south ocean.

Thinking it will be a
south island paradise.

Don't you think?


Foolish, in my point of view.

There is no heaven.

This world is not paradise.

No matter where you go
only reality exists.

Is that so?

Natsumi was born here right.


That's why you
do not understand.

- I do not understand?
- Nope.

I understand a little bit.

To me feels like paradise.

Of course, as you said Natsumi.

There is also reality.

But... not everybody hates it.

Hey Jeff, Jeff come in.

We're here, copy?

30 degrees north latitude, I
found a group of dolphins.

Bring the other boat, over.

Hi, thank you.

Hiromi, this is my friend Dwight.

Hello and welcome.

This way.

1, 2, 3... 3 seats.

Please help yourself a set.

- Dad!
- It's so hot.

Want a drink?
A beer?

- Hey... a bottle of beer.
- Yes.

How was today?
Really unusual heat.

Business is pretty good.

That's good.

- We should have the party tomorrow.
- Isn't it?

How was today?

Izumi told me to check up
on everything.

Because you put everything up to Hiromi.

It's worrying.

What do you mean?

I am the boss of bums.

It is very annoying.

Am I an unlikable boss?


Still seems a little backwoods,
it feels corny.


You are too honest.


- But...
- But...

Have you had a beer yet?


She never helps out at work.

Oh yeah?

Thank you.

Thanks to you shes become so cheerful.

What to say ah?

Izumi is her own person.


It was my fault.

Come on, no one said that.

I should be visiting her
at college in Japan.

I failed.

I was a bad man and got caught...

- But also...
- Come on.

Prattling on again?


I guess.

See how it is?

Very Well.

Summer all year round.

The sea and the sky.

Really there is nothing to say.

Really isn't is there?

So that's why you chose this place.

Land was very cheap here.


But, here compared to.

The Sea of Japan is just a puddle.

do you have plans...

To stay here?

Have you ever thought.

To live here after me?

If you like.

Izumi will need someone
to take care of her.

Izumi and I...

Hope you decide to stay here.

Think about it.

Hiromi, look at this.

Hiromi, over here.

I need to get something.

Hello, Jake.



Oh, there.

How about now?




Ask about the other side of the situation.





- I already ate.
- Just eat it.

- Thank you.
- Why buy this?

- It's used for water skiing.
- Don't make me laugh.

Wait, not that.

No really.

Wait, listen to me.
Hey, wait!

- What? Enough.
- Come on.

What are you doing?
Come back!

Your children are playing outside.

I'll give you a discount,
because I am the boss.




Welcome to Paradise.

- Hi Hiromi.
- Hi.

That Hot chick...


Hi, Welcome to paradise.

This is Natsumi.

- Hi!
- Nice to meet you.

What? you left?

This coming Friday?

Well that's what they're asking.

But we just came back yesterday.

Do not know if the dolphin could
make it through the transportation.

Natsumi, we do what our clients want.

Yes, I know, but...


Alright, okay?

How is Suzuki?

Very good.

He is a nice guy, isn't he?

Mr. Norman, about next
coming Friday.

Is it a must?

Yes it's a must.

Thank you.

Hey, Hiromi,
come on here.

Thank you.

What happened?

Why are you here?

Now I am concerned.

Why are you here?


You're bad.

I am not.

So comfortable.

Thanks for this.

Remember to give it back.

Of course.

Where are you staying?

- What?
- Huh?

Do not "What?" me.

What the?

Sure enough... you.

I am already annoyed by you.

If I was lucky I would don't be here.

What did I do huh?

You have not changed.

- I haven't?
- Yes.

What are you even doing here?

I ask you.

I'm not telling you.

Want a drink?

Have any tea?


When did you come to the island?


Yes, is there another you?

Around October...


30th, June 30th.

I win.

I said. I win.

I came Oct. 29.

Why win it?

Because I am your senior.

You say that like it isn't nonsense.

So stingy.

You are not qualified to say that I am.

- Is that so?
- It is.

What are you doing?
Part time work?


- Are you a guest?
- Nope.

What are you here for then?

There is a business that runs the pool bar.


That's a business?

- Who's?
- Mine.

Don't make me laugh.

I really do.

It's really nerve-racking.

I have been penniless.

How do you say?
Young entrepreneurs?

You are.

I am just waiting to get lucky.

Has there been no luck?


But here...

Summer all year.

So that's why.

I also think it suits you.

Doesn't it?

What about you?


Yes you.

I... I...

I work.


At the dolphin aquarium.

You make money?

Not really.

Why then?

So, that the desert countries
can see dolphins.

For children in countries by the sea.

It's not hard to see the dolphins right?

So for those kids, they won't understand.

Pretty good.

You think?

You are still dedicated to the sea.


Like you say.

How was it?

Very interesting, do continue.

What do you mean?

Oh yeah, how's Sakura?

She is very well.

She is really fool for staying with you.

Who says your the expert?

I do.


What then?

Here is your sea then.

No, I do not know exactly.

Maybe so.

What about you?

I do not know.

You don't?

I have to go back.

Stay overnight here.

No, I can not sleep with you around.

We can chat again like old times.

No, I'm gone, goodbye.

Want a lift?


Expensive, 100 bucks.


What's up?

You still have...

Such a small car.

You can open the door.

Oh yeah?

What is it?

No gas.

You're lying, right?

It cannot be helped.
You push.

You're not the boss of me.

I can not do anything, you go.



Say something.

How many sentences can be said?

One is enough.

That prank was just...

That one? Very typical.

You got me.

I think that a slander to tell you.

Thank you so much.

You're welcome.

You are so...

What is this? What hairstyle?

Who told you that long
hair would look good?

Here it is.

- Thank you.
- What is this?

My home.

Wait a sec.

Hey. Hold on.

Send the Dolphins my regards.


We have found our sea here.

Your sea, should be somewhere else.


Oh, hey whats up?

What are you doing over here?


Anything to drink?

Well, I mixed one special for you.


Wait a minute.

Cold, it's cold.

Cold, it's not good for swimming.

You will catch a cold.

If you have to swim.

You should always
do warm-up exercises.

I learned these it in school.

1, 2, 1, 2.


What's so funny?

That's rude.

Yeee it's cold.



Perfect hit.

Stop it...

The sea...

Is not the place to commit suicide.

It is very disrespectful to the sea.

What, are you going to kill yourself?


Just a poem...


I'm not going to.

The Hiromi special.

Thank you.

Tastes good.

Really? Genius.

Don't take it too far.

Oh yeah?

That guy was Kaito right?

The guy you talked about.

He also lives on this island.

Earth has many coincidences.


Do not be so bad.

Christmas yet?


Was Disneyland fun?



Come on.



How are you?

- I bought a cake.
- This is powerful stuff.

Thank you.

Haruko, thank you for entertaining us.

You're welcome, thanks for the gifts.

Even though it's Christmas.

We do not have to be lonely women.

How are those guys doing?

Those guys?

In fact...

And Hiromi?

Last call Kaito said he bumped
into him on accident.

He seems to be working at a hotel.

South of the Japan?

But what kind of hotel is it?

Anyway, it will not last long.

Look at you eat.


Those two are destined
to be together.

Aren't they?

Why do I have to be here?

Sakura is so great.

- She is a model woman.
- I try.

I cannot imitate her.

I understand.

Good evening.


I meant to go to the Diamond
Inn over there...


Come, sit down squat.

That is girls only.

We are all lonely people here.

- Don't leave us!
- Well okay.

- Time for cake.
- Lets not...

There is also champagne...

I need to go back to study...







It's the is land where those guys are.


What are you doing?

You have to ask, you can't tell?




It' got to be on of these three.

Special tours have not
yet been drawn, right?


What color wins?


Good luck.

What's up with that.


It's not a scam, right?

Of course not.

The last one.

Yusuke, you do it.


No way, then you will put
all the blame on me.

I will not...

I lost two in a row.

Like I can do better...


Here is your ticket.


I did it!
Beppu, Beppu, Beppu.


That's not the one we want.

But... Don't say that.

It's rare tour for free.


What are you doing?


Her Grandma, special tours,
the island of Paradise.

Thank you.


What is this?

The islands closest to heaven.

Does that mean I am dieing?

No, Grandma.

But it says it is the closest to heaven.

No, that's not what it means.

I want to go somewhere hot.


I have just the thing for you.


I have a request.


What is that?

What is it?

Lets go, Makoto.

Go? Where?

To find the two of them.

Go and get ready.

Wait, but...

You do not want to go?

Then I'll invite the other kids.

Hey, I said I want to go.

Tasty, tasty.

Haruko you drink too much.

You must have upset the stewardess.

What difference does it make?

It's hot.

You don't feel hot?

Because it is summer.

South island, South island.

- I'm ready. I'm ready.
- I need to take off my jacket.

No No, you can not stop here.

You have to go straight
through to the exit.


Straight through.

- No.
- I will just put it away.

You don't think its...
a bit cold?


It's always summer at the beach.

Who are you learning from?


Bad weather?
It's a bit cold.

Well, let's go surprise the two of them.

We're here.

What a lovely company.

What can I for you?


Suzuki Kaito works here?


But he went out.

He will be back later today.

Is that so?

For work?

How can we find him?

Are you trying to get in touch with him?

May I ask... do you know
the Aqua Resort Hotel?

You didn't contact him before?




So much for surprising him.

Well, there is nothing we can do about it.

Hiromi's hotel is a far walk.

What could that guy's job be at the hotel?

This must be greeting the foreigners.

What? Sounds like
you have a very high opinion.

I do not.

You don't?

I want to talk with Hiromi...

Since Hiromi left Makoto has been...

Crying out your name every day.


It is a Lie.


Oh a puddle.

I hate you.

Boy I'm tired.

Hiromi, where are you?

Excuse me.

Sakurai... Hiromi... Where?

That's not English.

Sakurai Hiromi...


- Boss?
- Boss?

How ya doing Hiromi?

Enjoy your meal.

Diamond Cafe, eh?


You go to greet them.

How are you?

Hi, Hiromi.

It is very cool.

What are you guys doing here?

We came for vacation.


Did you guys go see...
Kaito Suzuki.

You could say that.

Right Makoto?

- Makoto.
- What is it?

You have got bigger.

- Really.
- Of course not.


I miss these kinds of expressions, you see.


I think you have guests.

I know.

You guys wait, sorry.

How are you?


It's time for him to leave.


You do not fit... this job right.

You're too good a person to work in the sea.

Are you saying I innocent?


I understand.

This dolphin is about to leave.

To live in an aquarium in a desert country.

There are so many children.

Who do not know what the sea is.

They can learn about the ocean
through this dolphin.

I understand... this is our work.

Without us.

The desert country's children
will not understand the ocean.

But because of this.

We have to separate marine animals
from their own mother.

They cannot swim in the ocean.

They can only live in a pool.

Far from their home.

What a pity.

Don't you think?

I do not know why.

You took this job.

The relationship between humans
and marine life... it's complicated.

What do you mean?

As long as humans use the oceans.

We will continue to do this.

I hate that...

And people who just say they love the sea.

If you don't like it then
why not give it up?

Oh yeah, two girls came
asking for you today.

Who were they?

They did not say.

What do they look like?

They had a head and
large round eyes.

They had a head
and large round eyes.

A person with big
eyes and a head?

This is his room?

He said so.

It is very impressive.

And the contrast it is very Hiromi.

Sorry, sorry, was I long?

Hey, Let's go eat.


Let's go.

There's something very tasty.

Did you hear from Suzuki Kaito?

He should get off soon.

Hold up.

Excuse me, this is your bread ma'am.

Thank you.

Where is Hiromi?

- OK?
- I understand.

I'm sorry, you waited a long time.


Izumi she...

She asked me to manage the bar.

And is daughter of the
president of the hotel.

Please give us lot of advice.

Sure we will.

Excuse me, you must be Haruko
and you're Makoto.

How did you know?

I heard him say.

I see...

- Would you care to join us?
- No I can't.

I'm fine, will eat the next meal.

Have a nice meal, goodbye.


I'll have a lobster.

A big one.



What is it?


I'm sorry, I was late because of work.

Long time, Makoto, Haruko.

Long time.

I was shocked to hear from Sakura.

Yeah she came over for Christmas.

That's good.

The people with big eyes
and head... interesting.



What? Tell us!


How is Hiruki?

Everything goes smoothly.

Smooth? that's good?

She has been waiting
for him since the spring.


We a really here, lets have a toast.



Tastes good.

Kaito, how long are you off work?

I'm sorry, I have to
go back later tonight.

You do?

It is very busy.



I am.

Do not ask me such a thing.


Yes, goodbye.

The life of young entrepreneurs
seems very busy.

You are so right.

It can't be helped.

They are working hard.

Look at this!

How about this?

This kind?

I just want to look.

Not buy it?

This is beautiful.

Which one?

That one.

It bought a lot of things.

Lets take a look inside.

Very beautiful.

Makoto, Haruko.

What ever you want
I'll buy it for you.

I am management now.

Don't lie.

This one, or do you like that?

This expensive ah, no, no.

What? Don't worry about it.


Makoto, do you see anything you want?


Why? You're welcome to anything.


Shall I buy it for you?


I'm hungry.

Let's get hamburgers.


Us adults need food too.



Natsumi, why is it this Friday?

Why are you asking all of a sudden?

It's not too early?

The dolphin needs more rest.

And the pool they got for him.

Is completely different
from our requirements.

It's so small he will be miserable.


What happened?

Why didn't you tell me?

No use to tell you.

What happened?

The aquarium opened
earlier than expected.

So we have to ship
the dolphin early.

And we cannot stop it.


That said...

You worked in a trading company
you should know how business is.

This is our work.

Is that so?

So you have to ship the dolphin out?

Too bad.

It is a very cute dolphin.

Then you have to take
care of them right.

Not only take care of them.

I'm a bit surprised.

I know, right.

Kaito I did not expect
you would do this kind of work.

Yes, yes.


But it.

It is very poor.

Because the Dolphins should
be in the sea, right?

That's true.


Marine animals are...

Hard to see in the wild.

Without aquariums or zoos.

How can we recognize them?


Another drink?

Makoto, you're out, I'll get a refill.

- I am also.
- OK.

Kaito needs a drink too.

You two are a bit different.


You're not...

Not my favorite version of you.

I did not come here for this.

Good night.




Go back.

I want to go back.

I beg you.

I understand.


Makoto okay?

She is fine.

Makoto she...

Always wanted to see you.

Very keen to...

But she has been patient too.

Indeed, as Makoto said.

You two have changed.

While we're on the subject.

It seems the two of
you are not happy.


It's not very nice.

But... maybe it can not be helped.

Adults are like this.

We go back tomorrow.


Do you know how to knock?





What is this? the water is cold!

Do not.

Oh geez?!


Thank you.

You're so considerate.

Who picked it up
now you have good luck.

You think so?


What are you looking?

Thank you.

I'll buy it.


It's nice out.

My father...

Told you so...

Sorry, I asked him.

If you like.

Izumi is ready.


Hiromi, ah you can't leave.

Since you came here
we have more guests.

And also a lot of parties.

And... and...

And I...

Hiromi's special drinks,
I almost forgot.

It's warm.

So hot.


- Hi it's Norman.
- Oh, hi boss.

And you tell Natsumi.

That the truck to pick up
the dolphins will arrive by 10am.




Yes, I will tell her.


Alright, bye.

- What's up?
- Nothing.

This is the dolphin, right?

When does he leave?


No way?

So tired.

Are those guys still stupid
like they used to be?

We've already done the New Years cleaning.
Have a happy new year.

Sakura, Fujiko.

Let's have a drink.

You used to say...

The sea is not mapped and explored.

When live animals were moved
from the ocean to the pool.

I think they shared your sentiment.

What are you talking about?


Perhaps it is similar to me.

What is similar?

It's similar to...

Without having it's ocean.

It can not be very comfortable.

What are we doing?

I'm here looking at the pool.

It's ocean?

What are you thinking?

You have to ask.

Same as you.

That's a dumb idea.


We do not share thoughts.

We do.

We had the same thought.

We can not do that anyway.

Do what?

Break the law, ah.

I know.


Here we must have been
brought together by fate.

By what?


Let's go.



There is a stretcher.


Good grief.





Sorry, you get the lift chain.


OK, go.

Hey you two.

What are you doing over there?

Is that you Kaito?





What are you doing here?

Nothing, it's a beautiful day.

What do you mean nothing,
the dolphins gone?

- Yeah, I know...
- Screw this old man!

Hey, Hey!



Get back here damn it!

We did good.


Pull over.

- Sir?
- Pull over.

He asked us to stop by the roadside.

- Come on stop.
- No way. Dummy!

I will not stop it, idiot!

- Look where your driving!
- I am sometimes.


Pull over.

- Hey!
- We can't stop now.

Do not be so excited.

I always wanted to try a car chase.

Hey, they're catching up.

Let's go.


Look behind us!

Brakes, brake, brake!

How do you drive?

You scared?
We are being followed.

I hate you!

Turn off.


Really no way, you...


Okay guys, all the way down on the end.

Go, go, go.


This is your new home.

You don't say!

Have a nice day.

What is so nice about it?

That was very exciting,
like the movies.

Hello we got caught.

You really don't understand, bastard.

What do you mean.

There will always be
an extraordinary experience with you.

True, true and true.

That was sarcasm.

I knew that...

I've had enough.


Who you think you are?
Don't put on airs.

What do you mean?

I did it for you.

Why? I did not ask for that.

Well... having said that...

I do feel.

We helped the dolphin.

Then do it yourself for next time.

Having said that...

I did not want a car chase.

However, it was very exciting.


You see.

So we're good again.

I'm going to bed.

Why? What do you mean?

You heard...

With you it's really no good.

Do not be so stringy...

What is that sound!?

I said shut up!

grand... pa!?

You're just like an old woman.

What did he say?
Listen and Translate.

You do not understand.

I do not understands I ask you!

He asked us to stop talking.

So, he really is the boss, right?

How could.



No... nothing.

Hey grandpa, happy new year.
You're free.


Come on, let's go.


Gimme a hand.


Every year, the same with you.


After all, he isn't.

You hear anything?

There look.

... 7, 6, 5,

4, 3, 2, 1.

Happy New Year!

This year, lot of advice.

I hate you.

Yeah well.

- Congratulations to the New Year.
- In a foreign country.

Perhaps when it is over we can leave.

We sleep.

God night.

You sleep there, I want to
sleep beside the toilet.

Nonsense, it's the same on both sides.

I have to sleep here.

Any reason...


Happy New Year.

... I will sleep on the top bunk.

Wishful thinking! the bottom
has cockroaches.

Do not try! Can not...

Pa Pa, beg you, can you think of anything.

I am very familiar with the Director. but...

I beg you.

However, Izumi.

Even if they are released.

You can not talk to him.

Izumi, are you upset?

I knew...

Hiromi would have to leave one day.

I always had that feeling.

I will be fine.

Did he do it intentionally?

I guess it's probably his usual style.

What a weirdo.


I'm going to...

... Meet with the Director.

In fact...

We did not change.

Only deceived ourselves.

By the way, what is it called?

We talk about the Universal Man armor.

No problem, back on the horse.

Ah you are very serious.

How can I sleep with you snoring.

Good morning, I hope you
guys slept well.

Time to go.

What is it?

It's really hot.


yeah deported.

So, we don't have to go through customs?


You really are a jerk.

Seems your boss saved us.






Goodbye, I was very happy with you.

You have to take care of everything.


Go back.

Is your turn now?


You guys... as I expected.

hate that type of person.


Goodbye, my love to
your girlfriend in Japan.

You're cunning ah.

Shut up.

Really unexpected.

I throw in the towel,
yours was the most amazing.

What does that mean?

Hit me?

Whatever you say.


Sir!... I learned it from this guy!


Seat number is... 30...


I will say this is there's Rights.

Can't you be quiet already?

I do a great lawyer.

- Hurry it up.
- Do not push.

It hurts...



My seat is there...


- And more!
- What is it?

- I go t the window seat.
- Do not I called it.

- Hurry up!
- No I called it...

Stop complaining.

I'm sweating, really getting cooked.

This... this newspaper what did they say!?

Let me see.

What is going on?
True too.

Just like a criminal.

What're you talking about,
we are criminals ah.

Why aren't you smiling?

We must appear joyous and laugh.

So do not say you simply talent.

Hate, hate, hate!

- I'm sorry!
- Yes.

Are you willing to sit next to him?

You like it? Please switch.



I did not mean to, it's this guy's fault.



Whew it's hot.

Miss, are you hungry?

Aircraft meals are cold, I like to eat.

- You like it?
- Ye... yeah

Well then.

By the way, do you drink before a meal?

All you think about is yourself.

This guy is really serious.

You criticize me without respect.

- I do?
- Yes.

You said that, Universal Man
armor thing yesterday.

Why will you not remember that?

Can not remember what?

Also asked me to listen to your stories.

A children's girlfriend called Iumi Sayaka.

Iumi Sayaka, you know?

You ask me?

You answered in detail,
that is what people do as children.

Iumi Sayaka, and Venus A's password.

Why do you always ask
me for the password?

This guy is really mad.

Yes, incidentally, was dubbed the...

- He forgot!
- Grow up!

In short you are wrong.

- Yes ah.
- Yes.

What is funny?



And Tomoko Matushi.

Another name for Venus
A is Tomoko Matushi.

- Great.
- Really?

Thank you.

We are just having a plain conversation.

- It is.
- I'm sorry.

What is needed?


It's so cold.

What to do next?

I don't know,
I have no clue.

No worries.

We went to the beach in winter
slowly think about it.


Look at that.

What is it?

Used cars.

Sure enough, do not sell.

Why buy an old car?

Hard to say ah.


I'm sorry, can I borrow
some money.

- Do not go, come on.
- Forget it.


Why have mochi now?

Because today is the New Year.

- What? It will be fine.
- Do you know that?

Fool, you do not understand...



Come on.


Why are you eating?


Good! I went to hammer mochi.


You let him.

- Are you ready?
- Okay.




Give it back.


Happy new year.

Let's play with the crabs and say hello.

Happy New Year!

Fool! Winter sea...

It will wake you up.

Car! Car!

I hate you!

You say that now.

But you actually like me.

Asshole! You hurry up and
get my money back.

You are angry!

- Shall we?
- It is a new year.

- A joyous day.
- Let's go!

Makoto, bye!

Do not splash!

You've gone too far!

Happy New Year!



Subtitles: Walrus