Bayi Ajaib (2023) - full transcript

A newly rich and recently married man's comfortable life threatens to crumble when his infant child is possessed by an unholy spirit with a grudge. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food


As I've promised you, Laras.

We won't live in hardship anymore.

And from now on,
those who look down on us...

will bow to us with respect.

Thank you.

Where's my money?

Where is it?

Where's my money?

Give me life,

and I will grant you prosperity.

I will.

I promise I will give you life.

Listen up, people!

There will be an eclipse tonight!

Women and children should stay at home!

It's too dangerous to be outside.
You can be kidnapped by a demon!

If you need anything next time,
just ask your husband's men to come here.

I'll go to your place.

So you don't have
to walk all the way here.

I'm okay. A bit of exercise won't hurt.

It could help during labor.

Yes, it's about time.

Kosim is so excited about this.

He hopes that it's a boy.

Looking at your tummy,
I can tell that it's a boy.

He'll be as handsome as his dad.

And as lucky as his mother.

Thank you.

All right, I have to go back now.

Be careful.

I'm a simple man, Mr. Ujang.

I hate convoluted things.

Let alone a complicated one, I hate that.

Spare me, Mr. Kosim.

So what do you say, Mr. Ujang?

Are you going to pay with your land...

or your hand?


No, don't!

Help me!

Someone help!


No, stop it!



Stop it!


- Help! Help!
- The forest!



- It hurts.
- Oh, my God!

We have to take her home.

- Her water has broken!
- Okay, help me carry her. Hurry!

Move it!

Hold still, Laras.

Mother, is my baby okay?

What happened with my wife...

I don't want anyone
to know about it, you hear me?

All right, sir.




It hurts!

I think she's in labor.

- It hurts!
- Heti.

- Bring me some hot water.
- Yes, Ma'am.

Laras, follow me.
Take a deep breath, okay?

Now, push.

- Keep pushing.
- I can't do it anymore.

You can do it. You're strong!

Just a little bit more!

- Push!
- You can do it.


Laras? Wake up!

There's an eclipse tonight!

Take this to the back.

You have to cover it up.

There's an eclipse tonight.
Don't let the face get exposed.

Yes, ma'am.


let's treat your wife now.


Bring the water.

Yes, ma'am!


I have given you life.

Now grant me prosperity
as you promised, Grandfather.


Oh, my God!



I'm rich.

Hurry up and wrap the body.
Get her away from here as far as you can.

We can't let Laras
know about this. Now hurry!

Thank you, sir.


Where's my baby?

My baby.


We have a boy.

What should we call him?


Hadi Nugraha.

Hadi Nugraha.

Let's call him Didi.

It's okay, this is Mommy.


Thank you.

- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you, too.

Mr. Soleh.

Congratulations, Mr. Kosim.

I thought you weren't coming.

I know we are competitors, but building
a relationship is more important.

We don't need to compete
with each other like we do...

as long as you're willing to listen to me.

I would be happy to hear your suggestions...

as long as they are beneficial
for the village, don't you think so?

- I was born and raised in this village.
- I know.

Whatever I do is always
in the best interest of the villagers.

While you are just a visitor.

Let's not talk about ambitions right now.

Why don't you check on our son?

Didi is so brave! He will be circumcised!

Didi is so brave! He will be circumcised!

Didi is so brave! He will be circumcised!

Didi is so brave! He will be circumcised!

Just hold on, okay?
It will only hurt a little.

Mr. Kosim's son is very brave.

How can my knife be bent?

Is there a problem?

I can't circumcise him.
My knife is bent!

Your son is too hard!

Stop laughing! You're embarrassing him!

Don't get angry.

Kosim, what's wrong with him?

Stop it!

- Didi!
- Didi!

Mr. Kosim.

If your son can bend my knife like this,
I suspect there's something inside him.

Come here.

Watch your mouth.

You're just a bad medicine man.

That's a fake knife!

Are you trying to humiliate me?


Take him outside.

Ask the guests to leave.
They have to leave now.


Ladies and gentlemen, you may leave now.

Mr. Kosim.

What happened with your son today
must have something to do with...

Shut up!

I will hear nothing about that.

Listen. I was just trying to warn you.

I have stayed quiet all this time.

But right now, I need a lot of money.

If you still value your life,
then keep your mouth shut.

- Didi?
- Shut up!


- Shut up!
- Didi.

It's okay now.

They were just kidding.



You demon child!

You can't get circumcised now, can you?

Hey, come here.

You guys hold his hands.

- Let's strip him naked.
- Hey, Ahmad! Stop it!

Shut up!

Ahmad, let him go!

Let's go!

- Are you okay?
- I'm all right.

- Do you think I'm weird?
- No.

But I can't get circumcised.

Neither can I.

- But you're a girl.
- Ahmad is weirder.

He's older but hasn't been circumcised.


Take that!

- Help me, Didi!
- Rini!



I'm sorry, Mr. Dorman,

but the northern ritual site
was shut down by the village apparatus.

Who do they think they are?

We have to...


Mr. Dorman?

Leave me alone!

I'm so angry.

You're all useless.

It is time to take action...

Forgive me, Grandfather.

I will do anything you want.

It is time to take action.

That child needs to be protected.
I need him!

I shut down some of the ritual sites.

But still, some people
are trying to perform their offerings.

As long as there are people
still looking to get rich instantly,

or to gain power,

perverted shamans like Dorman
will remain triumphant, Mr. Soleh.

- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you, too.

Why are your clothes all wet?

Come inside.

Didi, thanks for saving Rini.

Why don't you say a prayer
for us before we eat, Rini?

- Amen.
- Amen.

Can you say the prayer
for us after we eat?

But I don't know it.

Then follow what I say.

Come on.

Repeat after me, Didi.


Rini. Just let him be.

Good day, sir, ma'am.

Remember to vote for Mr. Kosim, okay?

If he is elected
as the head of the village,

you will get more rewards.

- Take that!
- I'll get you next time, Didi!

Didi, come out!


Move it! Watch out!

Didi, where are you going?

I'm riding my bike in the yard.

- Have lunch first.
- I already did.

Oh, my God.

Why is there such a mess?

Peace be upon you.

- Sorry for bothering you.
- It's no bother at all.

I wanted to return Didi's clothes.

I also brought some food for you.
I hope you like it.

Thank you, Mrs. Yuni. You didn't have to.

But why do you have his clothes?

It's a long story.

Mrs. Laras, where's Didi?

He's out in the back.
Why don't you go say hi?


- Didi.
- You wanna learn how to ride a bike again?


Why don't you join
our Quran recital today?

But, Mrs. Yuni,

I don't know how to read it.

We can learn together.

Don't overthink it. Come on.

All right, then.

Let me get ready.

- I'm scared I'm gonna fall, Didi.
- You don't need to be afraid.

Didi, make it stop! Slow down!

Don't be scared.
I told you I would protect you.

You look pretty.

Is it okay if I leave Rini here?

It's all right, let them play.

You moron!

Give some money
to Ahmad's parents to shut them up!

I don't want
the whole village to know.


Going somewhere?

I'm going to a Quran recital
with Mrs. Yuni.

- What's the matter?
- It's Ahmad, Mr. Asep's son.

He was hit by our carriage.

So strange.

The horse suddenly went crazy.

Let me bring
the compensation to his parents.

I want to see how he's doing too.

If I may, I'd like to go with you there.

Mind your own business.

Just worry about your husband.

I'm pretty sure
he'll take advantage of this situation.

Kosim, please...

This is a tragedy, Mr. Kosim.

I'm sure my husband
wouldn't take advantage of the situation.

Tragedy, you say?

I brought you a little something
from my husband.

Thank you so much.

Demon... Didi...

He turned into a demon!

Didi is a demon!

Didi turned into a demon!

Look, I got three!

Let's make another one.

It landed on my face!


Did you know
that Ahmad got into an accident?

I didn't know, Mom.

But he mentioned your name several times.

Don't lie to me.

I really didn't know, Mom.

What is it now?


Didi must have known about the accident.

He got hit by a horse, not Didi.

But he mentioned him several times
and said that he's a demon!

You should defend your son!

I didn't do anything wrong.

I'm not a demon child.

The people of Dusun Kaler and Kulon
have expressed their support for you, sir.

All that is left is Dusun Wetan.

- Send them more gifts.
- I did.

- But it didn't work.
- Then send them money!

Don't tell me that they don't like money.

Pardon me for being brazen.

The thing is,
they will take the money,

but their votes are still going to Soleh.

You know that they're
his long-time supporters.

I can help you win... if you want.

What can you do, Dorman?


If I win, what's in it for you?

Kosim, we don't need
a village head like Soleh!

Ever since he came to this village,
he has spread fear to people about sins.

I'm getting really tired of him, Kosim.

And I'm sure...

I'm not the only one.

And he's messing
with your happiness too, right?

Come on.

Why take a difficult path...

when there's an easier way to win?

I can make Soleh suffer.

But sadly, I have to turn down your offer.

I can win in my own way.

Fine, Kosim.

I hope you won't regret it.

Mr. Kosim!

I heard that what happened
to Ahmad was because of Didi.

He said he saw Didi turn into a demon!

How dare you say that to my face?

I was just trying to help, sir.
I think it's better he...

Now get lost.

There's nothing wrong with my son!

Please think about it, sir,
before it gets worse.

Shut up!

One day, you will see
the truth for yourself.

Get lost! If I ever see your face
here again, you're dead!



Read this prayer.

- But is it possible that Didi...
- Everyone can be under Satan's influence.

Especially when their heart is empty.

Don't overthink it.

Just read this near Didi.

Look at what I made.

What is this?

This is Dad and this is me,
and this is you, Mom.

We're a family of three,
we have a home and we live happily.

- Didi...
- But I'm sorry, Mom.

For what?

I can't draw a beautiful woman like you.

You were right, honey. I was wrong.

I thought badly of my own son.

Your scent never fades away.

Ever since I met you.

Not a single flower
in this world can match your scent.


I think I'm pregnant again.

I've been having a headache
these past two days.

I was feeling a bit sick today.
And my period's two months late.





I always thought
that after you gave birth to Didi...

we wouldn't be able
to have another child.

This is wonderful.

A gift for us.

What's wrong with this bike?

Vote for number two, Kosim Nugraha!

Guaranteed he is going to make
this village even more prosperous.

Remember number two, Kosim Nugraha!

We don't want our village to be known
as a sacred or even haunted site.

Good day, sir. These are for you.

If you ever need anything,
just let me know, okay?

People who come to this village...

have foul intentions.

Polytheist and mushrik!

Ours is a wonderful village,
don't you agree?


Comfortable, and we uphold
honorable values.

Here you go, ma'am.

So to all of you here,

let's join hands
to make this village a better place.

All hail Soleh!

Excuse me.

Everyone, this is Ms. Wati.

She is the new midwife in our village.

For all of you who have been treated
by a shaman before, don't worry.

They will still work as our partners.

Laras, why don't you
get yourself checked?

If your dad wins,
we're still going to be friends, right?

And if your dad wins,
we'll still be friends, right?

Of course.


Do you prefer
a boy or a girl as a sibling?

I don't want a sibling.

But why? You're about to have one soon.

My mother told me
that your mother is pregnant.



Didi, you scared me.

Home already? Where's your father?

Come inside.



Didi, what's going on?

Are you mad at me?

What's wrong, Didi?

I just miss you, Mom.

- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you, too.

Please drink this.

Thank you.

Every time we have a village gathering,
we have plenty of food.

Thank God.

- Now, this is what I like.
- Here, husband.

The best jengkol stew.

You should try this, Mr. Yasa.

- Can I say a prayer for us?
- Of course.


Time to enjoy this jengkol stew.

Wait a second!

- Oh, my God!
- Open the window!

You should be more careful
from now on, Mr. Soleh.

The closer we are to the election,
more people are trying to harm you.

Mr. Yasa.

Is it possible that...

this was done by Mr. Kosim?

My goodness, honey.

Don't be prejudiced.

The one who gets in your way
will meet his end at your hands.




What are you doing, Laras?

I'm praying.


Since when do you pray?

I'm feeling uneasy.

I want to seek Allah's protection.
For our child.

Do you want to be my Imam?

I never believed...

that praying could solve our problems.



Where's your power, you old devil?

Kid, did you see Didi in our house?

But it wasn't him.

What do you mean?

He has the head of an old man,
with grey hairs.

Albert Dominique.

Come on, move it!

He's a Portuguese descendant

who inherited his great-grandfather's
wealth in this village.

With that power, he often tortured
everyone who opposed him.

He raped village girls
and he loved to eat monkey brains.

Until one day, the villagers had enough.

And they gave Albert Dominique

punishments as harsh as his own sins.

There is only one man who can summon
Albert Dominique's spirit

and use Didi as his medium.

Who is it?


I heard that he was one
of Dominique's bastard descendants.

There's a rumor that his grandmother

was one of
Albert Dominique's rape victims.

We used to have the same teacher.

But he perverted his way
to use his knowledge for ill purposes.

Especially since he believed
that he's related to Albert Dominique.

So you came to this village to...

Not only to educate
the villagers on religion,

but also to stop Dorman.

Do you think nails
and wooden planks can stop me?



Anything happened last night?

Any strange occurrences?

No, sir.


Why aren't you in school?

I don't want to go to school.
I want to protect you.

Protect me?

Someone doesn't want you
to have another baby.

How do you know about that?

I heard it myself from your belly.

And who doesn't want you
to have a sibling?

That's a secret.
It would be dangerous if he knew.

"He"? What do you mean by "he"? Didi!

I'm not done talking to you, son.


Don't play near the well,
or you might fall.

Ms. Atik said that he can convince
the Wetan people to vote for you.

All you have to do
is give them this much, sir.

What did I tell you?

No human being is too greedy
when it comes to money.


Give them more.

Share it with everyone.
Go and get my money.

All right, sir.

Everyone will understand eventually.

Didi, why don't you listen to me anymore?

- Mother, help me!
- Oh, my God! Didi!

Help me!


- Help me, Mother.
- Hold my hand, my son!

I'm here, Didi!

I don't want a sibling, Mother!




Shut up!


Shut up!

- What's going on, my son?
- Shut up!

Listen to me!


Oh, my God! Laras!

- Laras! Get me a rope, now!
- Yes, sir.

Thank God. I think the baby is okay.

- Kosim, honey...
- Laras.

You don't have to force yourself.

Our son...

Our son is fine. You just need to rest.

No, I mean...


Didi? What's wrong with him?

He pulled me inside the well.

You have to do something.

I'm sure that was not Didi.

He wouldn't do this to his own mother.

Someone is trying to harm Didi.

If this is all our fault...

then we must repent.


Ms. Atik?

- So how was it? Did you get the money?
- It's right here.

- But...
- Come in.

Give it to me.

Here you go.

Ever since what happened to Ahmad,

I'm afraid I can't use Didi's secret
anymore to blackmail Kosim.

This is for you.

Thank you.

But I'm also here at Mr. Kosim's request
to pick you up and go to his place.

What does he want?

It's Mrs. Laras. She fell into a well.

- What?
- Yeah.

It's got to be that demon baby.

He doesn't want his sibling to be born.

Oh, no.

- What's the matter, Ris?
- I don't know. It just stopped.

- Ris!
- Yes?

What was that?

- Hold on.
- Be careful, Ris.







Find my son!

Bring him home!


Help! Someone!





Save me!




I'm picking up your mother
at Didi's place, okay?

You just stay home, okay?

Close all the doors and windows.

Don't open the door
to anyone until we get home.

All right, then.

- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you, too.



Mr. Soleh. Help me, sir.


- That's not Didi, Dad! Get away from him!
- Please, help me. It hurts.

- I'm here.
- That's not Didi!


Oh, my God!



Didi, stop it! Let him go!



Stop this right now!



Your flesh and blood
are perfect for my grandfather.

Don't, Didi. It's me, your friend, Rini.

Let him go.

- No, stop it, Father!
- That's not Didi!

Let me go!

- Didi!
- Rini, that's not your friend! Rini!

He's my friend! Didi!

Wake up, Didi!


- He's all right. He just passed out.
- Didi!


My son!

- I knew you would never try to hurt me.
- Mother!

Are you okay?

- Honey?
- Are you okay?

All gratitude and praise are due to Allah.

Thank God.

Didi, can you hear me?
Come on, open your eyes!

- Mr. Kosim!
- Mr. Yasa.


Mr. Kosim, we have to perform
an exorcism on him.

The demon spirit is still inside him.

Let's hurry!

Mother! It hurts!

Our son...

Get away from me!

Get away! I'm not your grandson. Go!

- Didi!
- Laras!




Keep your promise, Kosim.

Dear God!

Leave him alone, Dominique!

Dear God!

Didi, No! Didi!


You can't fight me!

- You all will die!
- Leave my child alone!

Didi, you're a good child!
Please come to your senses!



I am your son!

Mr. Yasa, please do it!




- We're here.
- Thank God.

Grandfather, no! Please, no!

Grandfather, I'm sorry! Please, no!


Thank you very much.
You saved my family.

You are welcome, sir.

And thank you, Mr. Yasa...

for saving my son.

Remember, Mr. Kosim.

Money can't guarantee
your family's safety.

But morals and actions that please Allah,

those are the only things
that can protect you from evil spirits.

I want to repent, sir.

Please teach me. Guide me.

God willing.

Thank you very much
for all of your trust in me.

And I would like
to apologize for my mistakes.

But I realized that I don't deserve
to lead this village.

I say...

Mr. Soleh Bachrudin
deserves to lead this village.

Because of what?

Because he is a man of faith.

Mr. Soleh.


I give you all my land
for you to distribute it.

And please use it for the amenities
that you have planned for this village.

Long live Mr. Soleh!

In the name of Allah.

It hurts, Mom, Dad!

Congratulations, Mr. Kosim,
and Mrs. Laras.

The circumcision is done.

You're so brave!


it's okay to cry.

Your tears are tears of life.

Tears of joy.

And the road
that will lead you to happiness

is the righteous path blessed by Allah.

Now, that's my son.

Thank you, everyone.


Thank God.

Thank God.


Dear God!

Help! Please...

You still haven't paid your debt, Kosim.

Please forgive us, Allah.

You hand me this baby...

or hand Didi over to me, Kosim!