Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) - full transcript

The general public is concerned over having Superman on their planet and letting the "Dark Knight" - Batman - pursue the streets of Gotham. While this is happening, a power-phobic Batman tries to attack Superman.,Meanwhile Superman tries to settle on a decision, and Lex Luthor, the criminal mastermind and millionaire, tries to use his own advantages to fight the "Man of Steel".

There was a time above.

A time before.

There were perfect things,

diamond absolutes.

How things fall.

Things on earth.

And what falls...

Master Wayne! fallen.

Bruce, it's all right.

Bruce, please.


In the dream,
they took me to the light.

A beautiful lie.


Jack, listen to me.

I want you to get everyone
out of the building right now.

You understand?
Oh, my God.

Stay away
from the windows!

Let's go. Come on.
Start moving now, people. Let's go.

The boss wants us out of the building,
so let's make it happen.

Jack. Jack!

We're sorry.

All circuits are busy now.
Will you please try your call again later?

Heavenly God,

creator of heaven and earth,

have mercy on my soul.


Buddy hands! Everybody show me!
Good job!

Come on, guys.

Hold on tight.

Come on, guys.


Mr. Wayne!

Mr. Wayne!
I can't feel my legs.

I can't feel my legs.

We need help over here!

Help me.
I can't feel my legs.

You're gonna be okay.
You hear me?

Wallace? What do they
call you, Wally? Huh?

You're the boss, boss.

All right.
You're gonna be okay.

Easy, easy. Come on.

Oh, my God.
I can't move my leg.

My God.
I can't feel my legs.

It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.

You're okay.
All right? Huh?

You know what?
We're gonna find your Mom.

Where is she?

All that wind is bad luck.

Blood in the sky.

Oh, there she is!

Miss Lane.

Miss Lane. Jimmy Olsen.

Photographer. Obviously.

Where's Heron?

Uh, trouble at the border.

So, uh, how'd you land it?
This is, like, pioneer stuff.

Amajagh's never given
an interview.

You know what heron always says
when we're on assignment together?

Not a goddamn thing.

I like Heron.

Let's go.

Electronics. Phones. Camera.

Your fixer said that
the General approved photos.


Are you a terrorist,

They did not tell me the
interview was with a lady.

I'm not a lady.
I'm a journalist.

What I am
is a man with nothing

except a love of my people.

Who's paying for these
security contractors, General?

Who pays for the drones that
pass over our heads at night?

One question begs another.


Say what you're
saying, General.

It's just a camera.

The United States has declared its
neutrality in your country's civil war

both in policy and
in principle.

Oh, don't open...
You just exposed...

These pious
American fictions...

...spoken like truth.

Okay. That's my film.

Men with power obey neither
policy nor principle, Miss Lane.

No one is different.

No one is neutral.


They're tracking us!


You're CIA?

What? No. No!

You brought him here!
No, he's a photographer.


It's okay, Lois.

Talon's down, sir.

Python, we have lost our
asset on the ground.

Repeat, we have lost our
asset on the ground.

There's still a civilian in the compound.
We'll extract her.

Negative. RPA to engage.
Stand down and get black.

There'll be friendlies
in the blast zone, so...

Call off the goddamn drone.

Stand down is an order.

Let's move!


I didn't know.

Ignorance is not
the same as innocence,

Miss Lane.

Get up! Stand up!

Quickly. He's coming.

Inbound 2 Mikes.

Passing python now.

Move out!

Target locked.
You are clear to engage.

Armed hot and in range.


Two. One.

Link's been hit.

By what?

Take one step,

you will see
the inside of her head.

The women
in the village heard a noise.

Like the sky cracked open.

He came down.
Then came fire.

Even worse came after.

The Government attacked.

No mercy in the villages.

My parents tried to run.

The world has been so caught
up with what Superman can do

that no one has asked
what he should do.

Let the record show that this
committee holds him responsible.

He'll never
answer to you.

He answers to no one.

Not even, I think, to God.

58 to nothing.

Metropolis, again,
blowing out Gotham city.

Really, only the diehards
are left in the stands.

Delta Charlie 27. Reports of
screams coming from vacant home

at 1939 Harborway.

Tom, it's been great
working with you.

I want to thank our
producer and director.

Now wait a second.
I don't even want to suggest...

Delta Charlie 27, respond.

Just take a knee.

They're lining up as if clarkson
is gonna throw it deep here.

- Don't tell me, Dave.
- Going to the end zone!

- This is unnecessary.
- Delta Charlie 27

- Zeke Baker is open.
- Baker with a touchdown catch!

I can't believe
I just watched that.

Delta Charlie 27.
Do you copy?

10-4. We're on it.

And now
a fight breaks out.

Gotham city, you know how they
are about their football team.

Things could get ugly
in the city tonight.


It's okay.

It's okay.

We're gonna help.
We're here to help.

We're gonna get you
out of here. Okay?

I don't understand.

Please don't.
Please don't.

I don't know who he is.

I don't know who he is!


Oh, fuck.


I saw him.

I never saw him before.
I... I didn't know.

You almost
took my face off.

How about you don't shoot
the good guys, huh?

Oh. Oh.

Jesus Christ.

He branded him.


I was gonna cook.

Surprise you.

They held hearings
about what happened.

They're saying that...
I don't care.

I don't care
what they're saying.

The woman I love could have
been blown up or shot.

Think of what
could have happened.

Well, think about
what did happen.

I didn't kill those men,
if that's what they think.

If that's what
you're saying.

No, I'm saying I want to
understand what happened.

I'm saying thank you
for saving my life.

I'm saying there's a cost.

I just don't know
if it's possible.

Don't know
if what's possible?

For you to love me
and be you.


Clark, you're going
to flood the apartment.


You still working?

You're getting slow
in your old age, Alfred.

Comes to us all,
Master Wayne.

Even you got
too old to die young.

And not for lack of trying.

Funnel-ferry butterbar.
Funnel-ferry butterbar.

Funnel-ferry butterbar.

There's nothing wrong
with the microphone.

It's this new layer
of armor.

I'll just have to rewire.

So, last night
was productive?

No. He's too low-level.
He knew nothing.

This is the man
who knows things.

Anatoli Knyazev.
He's Russian.

all over the globe,

but he's based out of
the port of Gotham.

Weapons and human

So the white Portuguese
is a Russian.

That's the theory.

No. The theory is that the Russian
will lead me to the man himself.

If he is, indeed,
a "him."

You don't even know
if he exists.

Could be a Phantasm.

One that wants to bring
a dirty bomb into Gotham?

Ah, high-stakes round.

New rules.

We're criminals,

We've always been criminals.
Nothing's changed.

Oh, yes, it has, sir.

Everything's changed.

Men fall from the sky.

The Gods hurl thunderbolts.

Innocents die.

That's how it starts, sir.

The fever. The rage.

The feeling of

It turns good men cruel.

John, get D.

Ooh. Ah. Ahoy, ahoy!
I did not know you were here.

Man on the Marquee.
Yeah, don't believe it.

My father named the company
after himself.

He was the Lex in front of
the Corp. How you doin'?

Oh, really great.

Really great? Good. Good.
Uh, follow me.

No, uh, Dad started saying
that he named the company,

uh, after his kid
at investor pitches.

Rich old ladies. They thought
it was very cute, you know?

"Write check for Lex."

You know, Dad was born
in East Germany.

He grew up eating,
uh, stale crackers.

And every other Saturday,
he had to march in a parade

and wave flowers at Tyrants.

So, I think it was Providence
that his son, me,

would end up with this.

One of my rebuild Metropolis
crews found it.

Little souvenir from
the Kryptonian world engine.

What does a rock have to do
with homeland security?

Homeland security? Hmm.

No, no, no, ma'am,
planetary security.

The fragment is of a
radioactive xenomineral.

We suspected it might
have bio-interactions,

so we took the sample
to amriid,

where they keep the remains
of the Kryptonian decedent.

And, when we exposed
General Zod to the mineral,

this happened.

Profound biodegradation.
Decaying Kryptonian cells.

We concluded the mineral
could be weaponized

if a large enough
sample was found.

And then, among the fishes,
a whale.


Lying at the bottom of
the Indian ocean.

Emerald city.


Now, rocky is radioactive,

but what he needs from you
is an import license.

And why would we want to
weaponize this material?

As a deterrent.

A silver bullet
to keep in reserve,

to use against
the Kryptonians,

so the day does not come,

when your children are waving
daisies at a reviewing stand.

Last I looked,
the only one of those

flying around up here
was Superman.

Ha-ha, yes. Superman.
Yeah, but there are, uh...

There are more of them.

The metahuman thesis.

the metahuman thesis.

More likely than not

these exceptional beings
live among us.

The basis of our myths.
Gods among men upon

our little
blue planet here.

Now, you don't have to use
a silver bullet.

But if you forge one...

Well, then

we don't have to depend
upon the kindness of monsters.

There are ways
we can help each other.

Would you step
into my office here?


What's your wish list?


Access to the wreck of
the crashed Kryptonian ship?


The complete remains of the
dead alien for testing.

You want Zod's body?



It's cherry.


Because the time has come

for the world to hear
the other side of the story.

They say that Superman is a hero.
Okay, but whose hero?

If Superman
were here right now,

what would you
want to say to him?

That my family,
too, had dreams.

To look him in his eye

and ask him
how he decides...

...which lives count.

And which ones do not.

Sir, get down.

Sir, I said get down!


Can we get some
backup here?

Hey! Hey! Don't do it!


Lois! Crime lab, on three.

- This is Lane.
- Kent.

You're sports today.

I want you to go to Gotham,
follow up on football.

"Underdog dreams dashed:
Ten yards between Gotham and glory."

Oh, um, watch yourself
over there in Gotham.

Don't let them
take your lunch money.

Hey. Are you guys
watching this?

Emergency responders
quickly created

a precautionary perimeter
around heroes park

while they brought the man down
from this beloved monument.

The suspect has been identified
as Wallace Vernon Keefe.

I work for Bruce Wayne!

I work for Bruce Wayne!

He'll be arraigned
on charges of vandalism,

resisting arrest,

and the felony charge of
making terrorist threats.

That carries
up to 40 years in prison.

Poor son of a bitch.

Metropolis News 8.


Headline: "End of love affair
with man in the sky,

"question mark."


Is she in?

No, she's been gone.

What'd she do,

Oh, I'm not a cop.

I'm a reporter.

The young lady
living here...

She hasn't been back.

In fact, if she's smart,
then she's got out of this city.

And you need to get out
of here before dark.

Unless you want to
run into him.

Don't listen
to that nonsense.

Only people scared of him,
people who got reason to be.

Scared of who?

There's a new kind of
mean in him.

He is angry.

And he's hunting.

Show 'em what you got!

Let's go. Come on!

Throw a punch,
will ya?

Let's go! Come on!

Thank you.

The house treats
luck like an insult.

Good luck for one is always
his brother's misfortune.

Three nights with
a Bolshoi Ballerina,

that line was
all she taught me.

Not all, I'm sure.
Good evening.

It's like a one-man
reign of terror.

This Bat vigilante has been
consistently targeting the port

and the adjacent projects
and tenements.

And, as far as I can tell,
the cops are actually helping him.

"Crime wave in Gotham."

Other breaking news:
"Water, wet."

Did you file
the football yet?

Why aren't we
covering this?

Poor people
don't buy papers?

People don't buy papers,
period, Kent.

Perry, when you
assign a story,

you're making a choice
about who matters.

And who's worth it.

Good morning, Smallville.

The American conscience died
with Robert, Martin, and John.

Sorry. I'm sorry.

No match. My guys in the crime
lab never seen one before.

It's called a bullet.
You shoot people with them.

Recovered from the scene

of the firefight
in the desert.

Not sold anywhere
commercially in the world,

even black market.


So who gave
prototype military rounds

to Tuareg fighters
in the Sahara?

You're the reporter.
Tell me.

I think that the us government
is arming the rebels

while claiming to support
the elected government.

The ask, Lois.

Flight to D.C. tonight.
Couple of days there.


Coach. No extra legroom.

Economy plus.


why didn't you tell me?

You're digging up snakes, Lo.

It's kind of dangerous.

That is why
I didn't tell you.

Lane, don't you
have a plane to catch?

Yes, sir.

Benefit for
the library of Metropolis.

Someone on the committee requested
that Clark Kent cover it.

Probably some old charity crone
who's got a thing for nerds.


Little bourbon before lunch?

My driver's outside.
I can't stay.

No bourbon?

Kentucky girl
like yourself?


My Dad always said
that Kentucky mash

was the secret to health.


This was his room.

I kept it just the same.


"Maybe one day Dad'll come back if
I just keep everything the same."

That is silly.

The magical thinking
of orphan boys.

I'm blocking the import
license for your mineral.

The redcapes are coming.

The redcapes are coming.


You and your hearings.

Galloping through
the streets to warn us.

One if by land,

two if by air.


Do you know the oldest lie
in America, Senator?

Can I call you June?

You can call me
whatever you like.

Take a bucket of piss and
call it granny's peach tea.


Take a weapon of

and call it deterrence.

You won't fool a fly or me.

I'm not gonna drink it.

You don't think
Dad would mind, do you?

If I changed just...
Just one thing in this room?

Because that
should be upside-down.

We know better now,
don't we?

The Devils don't come
from Hell beneath us. No.

No, they come from the sky.


I hope the next generation
of Waynes

won't inherit
an empty wine cellar.

Not that there's likely
to be a next generation.

Thank you, sir.

This is every call made
from the Russian's phone.

Two mentions of business
with the White Portuguese.

And it's continually
transmitting blacked-out data

to the personal residence

of Alexander Luthor.

You think Lex Luthor
is the White Portuguese?

I can't see that he needs the
income from imported arms.

Regardless, I'll need to put
a leech at his house,

and I'm gonna
need the suit.

The bat interrogated
six people

and came away with nothing.

It was Bruce Wayne
that got the information.

Well, Bruce Wayne can't
break into Lex Luthor's house.

Bruce Wayne won't have to.

He's been invited.

Who's that?

You must be new to
the "let them eat cake" beat.

That is Bruce Wayne.


True friend of
the library of Metropolis.

Mr. Lex Luthor.

Me? Ah. Okay.

Nicky. Uh...

You're embarrassing me.

Speech, speech. Uh...

Blah, blah, blah. Uh...

Open bar.

The end.


The word "philanthropist"
comes from the Greek.

Meaning a lover
of humanity.

Uh, it was coined
about 2,500 years ago.

All right.
Where am I going, Alfred?

Go past the elevator.

Do a left.

That's right, must be.

It's in the service corridor
in the basement.

Go down the stairs.

Gods and men.
Prometheus went with us.

And he ruined Zeus' plan
to destroy mankind,

and for that he was
given a thunderbolt.

Hmm, that seems unfair.

Um... on a serious note,
the library of Metropolis...

Go to the stairs. You saw them
on your way in. Down the stairs.

But at one time,
Dad could not buy them. No.

My father could not afford
books growing up.

He had to root through the garbage
for yesterday's newspaper.

All right. You got
the kitchens on your right.

Do a left.

Right in front of you.
That's where you want to be.

May I help you,
Mr. Wayne?

Uh, I just...

I thought the bathroom was
down here. I must have...

That last martini was
two too many, I think.

Men's room is upstairs.

Great. I'm okay.

I like those shoes.

I can't stay
down here, Alfred.

Go upstairs
and socialize.

Some young lady
from Metropolis

will make you honest.

In your dreams, Alfred.

Books are knowledge,

and knowledge is power,
and I am...

No. Uh, um...

No. What am I? I...
What was I saying? No.

The bittersweet pain
among men

is having knowledge with
no power, because...

Because that is paradoxical!
And, um...

Thank you for coming.

Please drink. Drink.

Mr. Wayne? Mr. Wayne?
Clark Kent, Daily Planet.

Uh, my foundation has
already issued a statement

in support of books.


Wow. Pretty girl. Bad habit.
Don't quote me.

All right?

What's your position on
the Bat vigilante in Gotham?

Daily Planet. Do I own this one?
Or is that the other guy?

Civil liberties are being
trampled on in your city.

Good people
are living in fear.

Don't believe everything
you hear, son.

I've seen it, Mr. Wayne.
He thinks he's above the law.

The Daily Planet criticizing those
who think they're above the law

is a little hypocritical,
wouldn't you say?

Considering every time your
hero saves a cat out of a tree,

you write
a puff piece editorial

about an alien who,
if he wanted to,

could burn
the whole place down.

There wouldn't be a damn thing
we could do to stop him.

Most of the world doesn't
share your opinion, Mr. Wayne.

Maybe it's
the Gotham city in me.

We just have a bad history

with freaks
dressed like clowns.

Boys! Um!

Bruce Wayne meets
Clark Kent. Ha!

I love it. I love bringing
people together.

How are we?

Hello. Good.

Hi, hello, Lex,
it is a pleasure. Ow!

Wow! That is a good grip!

You should not pick a fight
with this person. Huh.

So, after all these years,
we finally got you over to Metropolis.

Well, I thought
I'd come drink you dry.

Well, you're welcome. You should
hop the Harbor more often, though.

I'd love to show you
my labs.

Maybe we could
partner on something.

My R and D is up to
all sorts of no good.

That's seven minutes.

Looks like
the transfer's complete.

Mr. Luthor.

The Governor.

Excuse me.
Next time.

Governor! Hi!

Lex, it's good to see you.

Excuse me.

We, as a population
on this planet,

have been looking
for a savior.

90% of people believe
in a higher power,

and every religion believes

in some sort of
messianic figure.

And when this savior character
actually comes to earth,

we want to make him abide
by our rules?

We have to understand that
this a paradigm shift.

We have to start thinking
beyond politics.

Are there any moral
constraints on this person?

We have international law.

On this earth,
every act is a political act.

Is it really surprising

that the most powerful man
in the world

should be
a figure of controversy?

Uh, to have
an individual engaging

in these state-level

should give us all pause.

Human beings
have a horrible track record

of following people
with great power

down paths that led to

huge human atrocities.

We have always created
icons in our own image.

What we've done is we
project ourselves onto him.

The fact is, maybe he's not some
sort of Devil or Jesus character.

Maybe he's just a guy
trying to do the right thing.

We're talking
about a being whose very existence

challenges our own sense of
priority in the universe.

And you go back
to copernicus,

where he restored the sun

in the center of
the known universe,

displacing earth.

And you get to
darwinian evolution,

and you find out we're not
special on this earth,

we're just one among
other lifeforms.

And now we learn
that we're not even

special in the entire

because there is Superman.

There he is.
An alien among us.

We're not alone.

Are you,
as a United States Senator,

personally comfortable saying
to a grieving parent,

"Superman could have
saved your child,

"but on principle,
we did not want him to act"?

I'm not saying
he shouldn't act.

I'm saying he shouldn't
act unilaterally.

What are we
talking about here, then?

Must there be a Superman?

There is.




What is it?

What's wrong?

No. Nothing. I just...



How come Dad
never left Kansas?

Well, he just...

You know how he was.

"What do I need
to travel for?

"I'm already there."

Just wish
it was more simple.

My baby boy.

Nothing was ever simple.

An odd little duck.


I've never seen
a metal like this.

Could be Darpa Black Box.

Who could find out?

Nobody who'd want to.

Maybe they gave them out to the
rebels to test in theater.

Using live soldiers
as Guinea pigs?

This is what makes you
such a good reporter.

Stuff like this
still shocks you.

It don't come off!

It don't come off!

Prisoner transfer!

You can't put me in General, man.
They gonna kill me.

Hey, you can't bring me
to General.

You should be thanking
the tax payers of Metropolis

for taking in your
branded ass.

Sign here, please.
I'm marked, man.

You know what they do
to people with this on them?

He's only a criminal.

This way! Let's go!
They're gonna kill me!

- They're gonna kill me!
- Let's go!


You made bail.

Open two.

Who paid?

Who the hell are you?

Just a man.

Yeah? Well, what the fuck
do you want?

To help you
stand for something.

Your three o'clock's here.

He made me half a man.

My wife

walked out on me.

I can't even piss
standing up.

Let me face him.

You'll take care of it?



Wrong room, Miss.

Secretary Swanwick,

you haven't been
returning my phone calls.

Miss Lane, if you'd
like an interview,

Major Farris is
just outside that door.

You're treating me
like a stranger?

I'm treating you
like a reporter.

All right. Is the us providing
experimental military arms

to rebels in Africa?

You know,
with balls like yours,

you belong in here.

What's your source on this?
A tin foil hat?

No, not tin.
But it's metal.

Fired in
the Superman incident.

Experts at
the Pentagon can't ID it.

We haven't been
told the truth.

Here's the truth.

A reporter got greedy
for a scoop

and went where
she shouldn't have.

Superman acted like
some rogue combatant

to rescue her,
and people died.

Don't invent a conspiracy
theory to put back his Halo.

Or yours.

- Major.
- Sir.


I logged into your dropbox
to find copy.

There's copy all right.

But nothing about football.
Nothing about, uh,

the friends of
the Metropolis library,

just the goddamn
Gotham Bat thing

I told you not to pursue.

If the police won't help,
the press has to do the right thing.

You don't get to decide
what the right thing is.

When the Planet was founded,
it stood for something, Perry.

And so could you if it was 1938,
but it's not 1938.

WPA ain't hiring no more.
Apples don't cost a nickel.

Not in here, not out there.
You drop this thing!

Nobody cares about Clark Kent
taking on the Batman.

So apparently Superman

doesn't want us to think of
him as American anymore.

And really,
why would we?

Aside from the
red and blue costume.

And, I don't know,
the fact that he has

one-third of the USA's
initials on his chest.

I assume the only reason
he's not wearing

the declaration of
independence as a cape is...

He thinks it's
too on-the-nose.

What is going on back here? No.

Guys, come on.
Let's go.

Get yourselves together
and get out there.

Get those glasses
on those trays.

We got thirsty people
out there.

I wonder,
would you excuse us?

There's something I'd like to show you.
I'm sorry.

Now some scholars insist
that it never happened...

But I believe
it's the action

perfectly in keeping with a king who
was also a psychopathic killer.

For me, it's the culmination
of 40 years curating.

And I can't believe it,
but I've finally got it here.

It's the sword of Alexander.

It's the blade that
cut the Gordian Knot.

It's a Triumph.


- Enjoy.
- Thank you.

It's a fake.

The real one was sold
in '98 on the black market.

And now it hangs...

Over the bed of
the Sultan of Hajar.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, Miss.

The other night you took something
that doesn't belong to you.

Stealing's not polite.

Is it stealing if you steal
from another thief?

Who are you?

Someone interested
in the same man you are.

Is that right?

I believe Mr. Luthor has a
photograph that belongs to me.

Did you get it?

As it happens,
no, I didn't.

The data you copied has
military-grade encryption.

You know,
I bet with that dress,

9 out of 10 men will let you
get away with anything.

But you're the 10th?

I'm guessing I'm the first

to see through that
babe-in-the-woods act.

You don't know me,

but I've known
a few women like you.

Oh, I don't think you've ever
known a woman like me.

You know, it's true what
they say about little boys.

Born with no natural
inclination to share.

I didn't steal your drive.

I borrowed it.

You'll find it in the glove
compartment of your car.

Mr. Wayne.

Did you get it?

The rock?

Yeah, we got it.

I'm sorry.

Get down! Get down now!


She was my world.

And you took her from me.


Bruce! Listen to me now!

It's Lois!

It's Lois Lane!

She's the key!

Am I too soon?

I'm too soon!

You're right about him!

You've always
been right about him!

Fear him! Fear him!

Find us, Bruce!

You have to find us!

The White Portuguese
is not a man.

It's a ship.

Master Wayne,
since the age of seven

you have been
to the art of deception

as Mozart to
the harpsichord.

But you've never been
too hot at lying to me.

The White Portuguese is not
carrying a dirty bomb.

What is it carrying?

It's a weapon.

It's a rock.

A mineral capable of weakening
Kryptonian cells.

The first sample big enough
to mean something

turned up in the Indian ocean
three months ago.

It is now aboard
the white Portuguese

being delivered to
Lex Luthor.

Who I am going
to steal it from.

To keep it out
of Luthor's hands.

To destroy it.


You're gonna go to war?

That son of a bitch brought
the war to us two years ago.

Jesus, Alfred. Count the dead.
Thousands of people.

What's next? Millions?

He has the power to wipe out
the entire human race,

and if we believe there's even a
1% chance that he is our enemy,

we have to take it
as an absolute certainty.

And we have to destroy him.

But he is not our enemy.

Not today.

20 years in Gotham, Alfred.

We've seen
what promises are worth.

How many good guys are left.

How many stayed that way.

14 hours.

My name is Clark Kent.
I'm from the Daily Planet.

I'm trying to find out what
happened to an inmate, a Santos.

I can't give out
that information.


Mrs. Santos?

May I ask you
a few questions?

He wasn't my husband.

But I know what he did.

But he was a father.

He was that, too.

They took him
out of Gotham Central.

They moved him
to Metropolis.

But inside they know.

They know the mark all over.
Guards don't care.

Bat's the judge.

One man decides who lives.

How is that justice?
Talk to me.

Help me change it.
With what? Your pen?

A man like that,
words don't stop him.

You know stops him?

A fist.

Kent, I want
to talk to you.


Where does he go?
Where does he go, Jenny?

I don't...
I don't know.

Clicks his heels
three times,

goes back to Kansas,
I suppose.

Son of a...

Turn it!

Turn it!

Move out!

Go, go, go, go!


Where is he?

Next time they shine
your light in the sky,

don't go to it.

The Bat is dead. Bury it.

Consider this mercy.

Tell me.

Do you bleed?

You will.

I don't have a halo over me,
Mr. Secretary.

I went into the desert,
people died.

It keeps me awake.
It should.

If you think that Superman
is a murderer,

then throw it away.

But I don't believe
you think that.

How do we determine
what's good?

In a democracy,
good is a conversation,

not a unilateral decision.

So I urge Superman to come

to this hill of the people

to see those
who have suffered.

The world needs to know
what happened in that desert.

And to know
what he stands for.

How far will he
take his power?

Does he act by our will
or by his own?

People hate
what they don't understand.

But they see what you do,
and they know who you are.

You're not a killer,
a threat.

I never wanted this world
to have you.

Be their hero, Clark.
Be their monument.

Be their angel.

Be anything
they need you to be.

Or be none of it.

You don't owe
this world a thing.

You never did.

This is Deniros.
Transfer available to Kane Avenue.

Please, mind your step.

I have to speak
to the Senator today.

You cannot
see the Senator today.

I need to speak to her
before the hearing.

Do you understand
how important this is?

I cannot
let you see the Senator.

I need to speak to her.

Please, Madam. I beg of you!
Please don't do this!

This is so important!

Come with me.
Don't touch me!

Please! I'm sorry.
She wouldn't leave.

I didn't tell you
the truth.

C.I. Thinks
the desert was a setup.

Somebody wanted Superman
to look guilty.

The bullet?

The metal was developed
by a private company.

What company?


Lex Luthor?

He also had private security
contractors at the desert compound.

Go on record.

Not a chance.
It's classified.

I happen to like my job.

It doesn't make sense.

You said that the ambush was
arranged to frame Superman,

but how could they know
that he'd show up in the...

In the middle of the desert.
Thank you.

The Senate hearing is expected
to get underway any minute now.

And of course the big
unknown in all of this is

will Superman show up?

That is what they're really
waiting to see.

Mr. Keefe. Mr. Keefe.

Soledad o'Brien,
in the Moment.

Quick question for you.

You're heading in
to meet with the Senators.

What will you tell them?

I've come here
to tell them to wake up.

This is flesh and blood.

He has delivered a war here.

And this...

This is what war looks like.

I have nothing.

There are plenty of people, sir,
who would say he's their hero.

He is not a hero.

Grace, can you get
Greg up here, please?

Right now.

An anonymous source
can verify everything

I told you about what
happened in Nairomi.

An anonymous source?
Run it.

Luthor engineered
the desert.

It was an ambush
for Superman.

Trust your reporter.
Think Watergate.

Yeah, and you need to
think litigate.

If you're wrong, Luthor will sue
the paper out of existence.

You need proof.

No. It needs to run now.

Before the hearing.

If Superman knows,
it might change what he says.

I am not going to
risk the paper

so that you can
pass notes in class

to the man
that rescued you.

He paid her?

Not only paid her.
He threatened her.

Gave her a script
to learn.

Her parents
are alive back home.

But the girl's
got a conscience.

He's been using the committee
as his puppet theater. Senator!

Hi, you.

Don't go anywhere.
I want to talk to you.

Uh, you know what?
Mercy, you go in

and make sure
no one takes my seat.

So what you been up to?

I'm just here
to tell my story.

That I was willing to finance
a Kryptonian deterrent,

but a certain junior Senator
from Kentucky

decided to block it.

Yes, the chair of the committee
on Superman is soft on security.

Greg, why hasn't he been getting
our checks? He is, Mr. Wayne.

He gets a check from
the victims fund every month.

He returns them.

...who lost both his legs

in those horrific events
in Metropolis

that happened
two years ago.


Why haven't I seen this?

I'm sorry.
I'll get to the bottom of it.

And there he is.
Superman is here.

He is actually
at the United States Capitol.

This is really
a historic moment.

Now we expect that
Superman will give

some kind of a statement
to the Senate,

to the American people,
and, of course, to the world.

He's here. He came.

He's above the Capitol.

You are gonna be on the
hot seat in there, Junebug.

I grew up on a farm.

I know how to wrestle a pig.

Do you know the oldest lie
in America, Senator?

It's that power
can be innocent.

Good luck.

Oh, Miss...

Rudy, she's good to go.

Get out!

Get out! Get out!
Superman! Superman!

Another one came
this morning, Mr. Wayne.

Let me say at the outset that
I'm grateful to our witness

for coming before us today.

This is how
a democracy works.

We talk to each other.

We act by the consent
of the governed, sir.

I have sat here before to say
that shadow interventions

will not be tolerated
by this committee.

Neither will lies.

Because today
is a day for truth.

Because only by speaking...

Only by working together
can we...

Can we...

Can we create a free,
and a...

Oh, my God!

We're back
at the Nation's Capitol,

where something is happening.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, officer.

Member of the press.
Can you let me in, please?

Breathe slowly
and deeply.

You're gonna be fine.

Thank you. I'm gonna need
a little room to work.

Ma'am, it appears you've
suffered a head injury.

I'm gonna need you to follow
my light with your eyes.

Master Wayne.

Mr. Wayne! the Senate hearing room
where Superman was testifying.

This is a catastrophic situation
at our Nation's Capitol.

We don't have
exact numbers yet,

but I can tell you that
more than a dozen people

have died in this explosion.

First responders
are at the scene.

They are still bringing
victims out.

Now initially, Superman was helping
bring victims out after the blast

but he seems to have

...raising questions.

Carrie Birmingham, reporting
live from the Nation's Capital.

Capitol police are now confirming
that the blast was caused

by an explosive device
inside the hearing room.

Run that
one more time for me.

Can you enhance that?
There you go, sir.

Capitol police are
confirming to CNN

that the suspected bomber is

Wallace Vernon Keefe.
Now these sources...

Clark, it's me again.
Can you...

...could have gotten the explosive
device into the hearing

by concealing them
inside his wheelchair.

As for Superman,
he was in the room,

but obviously
failed to stop him.

I didn't see it, Lo.

I was standing right there
and I didn't see it.

Clark, there are people
behind this.

I'm afraid I didn't see it
because I wasn't looking.

All this time,

I've been living my life
the way my father saw it.

Righting wrongs for a ghost.

Thinking I'm here
to do good.

Superman was never real.

Just the dream of a farmer
from Kansas.

That farmer's dream
is all some people have.

It's all that gives
them hope.

This means something.

It did on my world.

My world
doesn't exist anymore.


Analysis reveals ship
operating at 37% efficiency.

Would you
like to assume command?

Yes, I would.

Yes, I would.

Very well. Let's begin.

The Kryptonian archive contains knowledge
from 100,000 different worlds.


Teach me.

Alexander Luthor,

your security override
has been accepted.

Genesis chamber ready
to analyze genetic sample.

Acknowledging presence
of genetic material.


I've identified the host as
General Zod of Kandor.

Acknowledging presence
of foreign genetic material.


You flew
too close to the sun.

Now look at you.

Action forbidden.

It has been decreed
by the council of Krypton

that none will ever again
give life to a deformity

so hateful to sight
and memory.

The desecration
without name.

And where is
the council of Krypton?

Destroyed, sir.

Then proceed.

Very well. Preparing chrysalis
and commencing metamorphosis.

"And so we are
left to wonder

"if Superman was aware of
the threat and did nothing,

"was he then complicit
in the capitol tragedy?"

Still no Kent?

"His disappearance
raises questions."


There are still so many
unanswered questions.

Chief among them,
whether Superman was involved

in the planning
of this attack.

I mean, here's an individual
who has unlimited power,

yet did nothing to stop the bomber
just a few feet away from him.

It just doesn't add up
for investigators.

Burn him, burn him, burn him.

Burn him, burn him, burn him.

For twenty American,
he didn't see you.

Same for me.

Now one FBI official
familiar with this case

told me they found quote,

"a jackpot of bomb-making materials
inside Keefe's apartment."

What they need to
determine now is

whether he had any help in the
planning and execution of the bombing.

And they haven't
ruled out the idea

that Superman
was a co-conspirator.

Now, my sources are telling me they are getting
a barrage of anonymous and credible tips

with all roads
in this investigation

leading to the
Kryptonian visitor.

All right, Lois.
You gotta go.

He didn't know
he was gonna die.

He just bought groceries.

The wheelchair and
the bullet from the desert

were made from
the same metal.

I know. The desert.
The hearing.

Everywhere Superman goes,
Luthor wants death.

But, Luthor goes through
all of that trouble...

Creates a bomb
out of a wheelchair,

and then alters it
to reduce the blast?

What do you mean?

The inside of the chair
was lined with lead.

You couldn't stop it.

You couldn't see it.

Something, isn't it?

We men of Kansas
live on a pancake,

so we come to the mountains.

All downhill from here,
down to the floodplain.

Farm at the bottom
of the world.

I remember one season
the water came bad.

I couldn't have been 12.

Dad had out the shovels
and we went at it all night.

We worked till,
I think, I fainted.

But we managed
to stop the water.

We saved the farm.

Your grandma baked me a cake.
Said I was a hero.

Later that day we found out

we blocked
the water all right.

We sent it upstream.

The whole lang farm
washed away.

While I ate my hero cake,
their horses were drowning.

I used to hear them
wailing in my sleep.

Did the nightmares
ever stop?


When I met your mother.

She gave me faith that
there's good in this world.

She was my world.

I miss you, son.

I miss you too, Dad.

You know
you can't win this.

It's suicide.

I'm older now than
my father ever was.

This may be the only thing
I do that matters.

20 years of fighting criminals
amounts to nothing?

Criminals are
like weeds, Alfred.

Pull one up,
another grows in its place.

This is about
the future of the world.

This is my legacy.

My father
sat me down right here.

Told me what Wayne manor
was built on.

Railroads, real estates,
and oil.

The first generation made their
fortune trading with the French.

Pelts and skins.

They were hunters.

So falls
the house of Wayne.

We gotta
wait for more evidence,

but the question
still remains,

where is he?

If Superman
was not involved,

if he's got nothing to hide,
then why hasn't he been seen

since the day
of this tragedy?

You can't
point a finger and...

I'm not pointing anything, Warren.
Look. Ten fingers, see?

If there is
going to be a criminal...

The night is here.

Excuse me.

Don't I know...

Plain Lo in the morning.
Lola in slacks.

Lois Lane.

Mmm. Come see the view.



Now the secret to the height

is the building material.

It's light metals which sway
a bit in the wind.


And you know something about LexCorp
metals, don't you, Miss Lane?

I've proven what you've done.

Wow, you're feisty.

that will blow away.

Like sand in the desert.

You're psychotic.

That is a three-syllable word

for any thought too big
for little minds.

Hmm. Next category: Circles.

Round and round and round
they go to find Superman.

Wrong category, boy.
No, no, triangles.

Yes, Euclid's
triangle inequality.

The shortest distance
between any two points

is a straight path.

And I believe the straightest
path to Superman

is a pretty little road...

Called Lois Lane.

You came back.

You came back.

Boy, do we have
problems up here!

The problem of...
of evil in the world.

Uh, the problem of
absolute virtue.

I'll take you in
without breaking you.

Which is more
than you deserve.

The problem of you
on top of everything else.

You above all.

Ah, because
that's what God is.

Horus. Apollo.
Jehovah. Kal-El.

Clark Joseph Kent.

See, what we call God depends
upon our tribe, Clark-Joe.

Because God is tribal.
God takes sides.

No man in the sky intervened
when I was a boy

to deliver me from Daddy's
fist and abominations. Mmm.

I figured out way back,
if God is all-powerful,

he cannot be all-good.

And if he is all-good,

then he cannot
be all-powerful.

And neither can you be.

They need to see
the fraud you are.

With their eyes.

The blood on your hands.

What have you done?

Hmm. And tonight,
they will.

Yes. Because you, my friend,
have a date. Hmm.

Across the bay.

Ripe fruit, his hate.
Two years growing.

But it did not take much
to push him over, actually.

Little red notes,
big bang.

You let your family die!

And now you will fly to him.
And you will battle him.

To the death.

Black and blue.
Fight night!

The greatest gladiator match
in the history of the world.

God versus man.

Day versus night.

Son of Krypton versus
Bat of Gotham.

You think I'll fight him
for you?

Hmm, yes, I do. I think
you will fight-fight-fight

for that special lady
in your life.

She's safe on the ground.
How about you?

Close, but I am
not talking about Lois.

No. Every boy's special lady
is his mother.

Martha, Martha, Martha.


Why, the mother of a flying
demon must be a witch.

The punishment for witches,
what is that?

That's right.
Death by fire.


Where is she?

I don't know!
I would not let them tell me!

If you kill me, Martha dies.

And if you fly away, mmm,
Martha also dies.

But if you kill the Bat...

Martha lives.

There we go.
There we go. Hmm.

And now God
bends to my will.

Ooh, now the cameras
are waiting at your ship.

For the world to see
the holes in the Holy.

Yes, the almighty
comes clean

about how dirty he is
when it counts.

To save Martha,

bring me the head
of the Bat.


Mother of God,
would you look at the time?

When you came here,
you had an hour.

Now it's less.

Baldwin is on the scene.

Brooke, you're live on the air.
What are you seeing?

There's something
happening at the ship.

It's sending
massive power surges.

Police helicopters
surrounding the area.

They've created a barricade
around this containment center.

And we're trying to get
a little bit closer here

to find out what's going on.

It is absolute chaos.
You can see that lightning,

those surges of electricity.

They seem to be getting
stronger by the minute.

Daily Planet.

Lois. I have to go to Gotham
to convince him to help me.


Or he has to die.


No one stays good
in this world.

But as of right now, much of the
city remains in the dark tonight.

Much chaos. Much confusing happening
on the streets of Metropolis tonight.

Those helicopters are still
surrounding the area.

I don't know if you can still
see those bolts of lightning...

2400 hours and 2 minutes.
Subject declining rapidly.

All procedural interventions
have failed.


will be death.

Dr. Silas stone suspending
all clinical protocol.

US gov, object 6-19-82
is successfully activated.

I need a chopper
to Gotham.

Call the heliport.

Chopper? We can
barely afford a bicycle.

You wanna chase a story?

Go to the ship.

Superman's probably
there already.

Perry, it's not
for a story.

Jenny, get her
a chopper to Gotham.

And forget the heliport.
Put it on the Goddamn roof.

On the roof, Lois!

Where are we headed?


Well, here I am.

Bruce. Please.

I was wrong.
You have to listen to me.

Lex wants us to...

You don't understand.

There's no time!

I understand.

Stay down!

If I wanted it,
you'd be dead already.

Breathe it in.

That's fear.

You're not brave.

Men are brave.

I bet your parents taught you
that you mean something.

That you're here for a reason.

My parents taught me
a different lesson,

dying in the gutter

for no reason at all.

They taught me the world
only makes sense

if you force it to.

You were never a God.

You were never even a man.

You're letting him
kill Martha.

What does that mean?

Why did you say that name?

Find him.





Why did you say that name?

Why did you say that name?

Clark! Stop!

Please! Stop!

Why did you say that name?

It's his mother's name!

It's his mother's name.

We're not
getting any answers.

We're still right outside
the containment center.

A dangerous situation.

Military and police personnel

surrounding the area.


He wanted
your life for hers.

She's losing time.

The scout ship seems to be
drawing power from the city.

It's got to be Lex.

They need you at that ship.
I'll find her.

My mother needs me.

I'll make you a promise.

Martha won't die tonight.

Master Wayne.


Uh, I'm sorry
for listening in,

but I've tracked
the Russian's phone

to a warehouse
near the port.

You're locked onto it.

I don't deserve you, Alfred.

No, sir. You don't.

I'm afraid
this is goodbye.

And every time we say goodbye,
you die a little.

- Take it down.
- Go! Go!

You have to take it,

Ah, right.

Commencing drone mode.

Thermal imaging
is showing me

two dozen hostiles
on the third floor.

Why don't I drop you off
on the second?

Drop it.

I said drop it!

I'll kill her.

Believe me, I'll do it.

I believe you.

It's okay.
I'm a friend of your son's.

I figured.
The cape.

"Late, late,"
says the white rabbit.

40 seconds to animation.

Right, wabbit?

Hmm. Out of tricks,
out of time.

And one Bat head short.

30 seconds to animation.

Ah. That'll be the cook.

Excuse me.

Uh, Gotham roast.
Well done.

Hello. Break the bad news.

I'd rather do
the breaking in person.

20 seconds to animation.

You've lost.

I don't know how to lose.

You'll learn.

I'll learn.

I don't hate the sinner.

- I hate the sin.
- 10 seconds to animation.

And yours, my friend,
is existing.

I cannot let you win.

I gave the bat a fighting
chance to do it,

but he was not
strong enough.

So, if man won't kill God...

...two, one.

...the Devil will do it!


All right.
Stay calm, everybody!

We're getting reports
there are total blackouts

in the north and to
the northwest of the city.

Federal authorities
are trying to determine

if this is part of
a larger terrorist attack.

Ancient Kryptonian

Hmm. Blood of my blood.

Born to destroy you.

Your Doomsday.

Now God is good

as dead.


Potus joining.

Mr. President.

What the hell
is it, Calvin?

These are
live images from the top

of the LexCorp tower
in downtown Metropolis.

Military aircraft
are on the scene.

Are you hurt, Ma'am?
I'm okay.

Good. You're gonna be
all right, okay?

This thing emerged from
the Kryptonian crash site

just moments ago.

Thankfully though,
the work day is over

in the downtown core.
It's nearly empty.

Now military aircraft.
Those are apache helicopters.

They have now just arrived.
The images that...

We've, uh... We just lost
connection with Metropolis 8 news.

Now, it's not clear
what just happened.

What's happening there,

How best to describe it?

Metropolis airspace
has been closed briefly.

Excuse me?

We kindly ask that
you stay in your seats.

Excuse me?

Miss Prince?

Sir. Look,
they've cleared the city.

Looks like he's taking it
into space.

We can go straight to key red,
Mr. President.

Not yet. Are you crazy?

They're high enough
that we can nuke 'em

with no casualties, sir.

One casualty, Mr. President.

God have mercy
on us all.

Key is hot.
Key is hot.

Red birds are armed
to deploy, sir.

Fire at will.

Three, two, one...

Oh, God.

Projectile 1. Impact.

Stryker's island,
east of Metropolis.

That's uninhabited.

Projectile 2...

No apparent reentry.

Projectile 2?

Superman, Mr. President.
Projectile 2 was Superman.


It's moving.

The shockwaves
are getting stronger.

Every time we hit it,
we make it more powerful.

We can't attack.

What are you
saying, Calvin?

I'm saying it's unkillable.

Master Wayne,
are you receiving me?


It's Kryptonian.

Only kryptonite weapons
can kill it.

They might.
If you had any left.

I got one round left.

The spear. Alfred, the spear.
It's pure kryptonite.

It's back in Gotham.

If I can penetrate the skin,
the spear will kill it.

It would in theory.

I've gotta get it to chase me
back to the city.

Back to the kryptonite.

Oh, shit.

Why did you bring him
back to the city?

The port is abandoned.

There's a weapon here
that can kill it.

Did you find the spear?

I've been a little busy.

This thing, this creature,
seems to feed on energy.

This thing is
from another world.

My world.

I've killed things
from other worlds before.

Is she with you?

I thought she was with you.





Clark! Are you all right?

I love you.

No. No, Clark, you can't.

This is my world.

No, Clark, don't.

You are my world.


Please. Clark!


Clark had this sent here,
so he could surprise you.

"The dead shall live.

"My slain shall rise again.

"Awake and sing,
ye that dwell in dust.

"For thy dew is like
the dew of morning.

"And the earth shall
give birth to her dead."

Ah, I need a ride
back to the house.

I forgot my checkbook
to pay the funeral director.

They said it's all
taken care of.

By whom?

Anonymous donor.

All those circuses back east
burying an empty box.

They don't know
how to honor him,

except as a soldier.

I've failed him in life.

I won't fail him in death.

Help me find
the others like you.

Perhaps they don't
want to be found.

They will.
And they'll fight.

We have to stand together.

100 years ago,
I walked away from mankind.

From a century of horrors.

Man made a world where standing
together is impossible.

Men are still good.

We fight. We kill.

We betray one another.

But we can rebuild.

We can do better.

We will.

We have to.

The others like me.

Why did you say
they'll have to fight?

Just a feeling.

Prisoner A-C-23-19-40.

The Warden wants to speak to you,
so stand to your feet.

I'm gonna say this
one more time.

The Warden wants to speak to you,
so stand to your feet.

Turn around
and face the wall.

Place your forehead
against the wall.

Put your hands
behind your back,

so that I can come in
and restrain you.

Whatever you do,
wherever you go,

I'll be watching you.


Look at us.

This is how
it all caves in.

Civilization on the Wayne
manor's out the window.


But who would believe me?

I'm insane.

I'm not even
fit to stand trial.

That's right.

We have hospitals that treat the
mentally ill with compassion.

But that's not
where you're going.

I arranged for you to get transferred
to Arkham Asylum in Gotham.

I still have
some friends there.

They're expecting you.

But the bell's
already been rung.

And they've heard it.

Out in the dark.

Among the stars. Hmm.

Ding dong,
the God is dead.

But a bell cannot be unrung!

He's hungry.
He's found us.

And he's coming!

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding,
ding, ding, ding, ding.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding,
ding, ding, ding, ding.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding,
ding, ding, ding, ding.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding,
ding, ding, ding, ding.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding,
ding, ding, ding, ding.