Bates Motel (1987) - full transcript

This film is based on, but not in sequence with, the Psycho films. After the death of Norman Bates, a man who befriended him in the institution inherits the motel. In keeping with Norman's wishes, he tries to fix up the place and make it a respectable motel.

Today, here, just moments ago,

on this overcast fall afternoon,

in this sleepy agrarian town that
sits alongside the Interstate,

Norman Bates was
brought to justice.

And so ends a most terrible
and bizarre chapter

in the history of this
picture-book town,

and that of a young
man whose poor mind,

twisted and bent out of
shape like a pretzel,

tortured by self-loathing
and quilt,

plunged headlong into a world
of dementia and darkness.

There he is!

Yes, folks, there he is,
the infamous Norman Bates.

Murderer? Victim? You decide.

Being led by his captors into
a long, sleek black sedan,

that signals the end of one journey for
Norman, and the beginning of another.

One that will take him away, perhaps,
forever, from this place that he was born,

past lver's Cutlery,

where his mother used to send him
to have her knives sharpened,

and the Grant Hotel, where
he worked after school,

and first showed an interest
in motel management.

A journey down along
road known as justice,

and off to his new home, the State
Mental Institution at Dunsmore,

where, perhaps, just perhaps,

Norman will come to understand
the wrong that he has done,

and through kindness and a
lot of intensive analysis

will emerge from the
darkness into the light.

He's a tough one. I just
can't seem to get through.

Every time I try to talk to him,

he just looks at me
with those sad eyes.

No brothers, sisters. Mother died
when he was an infant, no relatives,

just a poor innocent at the mercy
of a brutalizing stepfather.

Says he owned a
dry-cleaning store,

and would beat him, and
lock him in a large dryer.

Till, one day, when the dad
crawled inside to clean it

and little Alex closed the
door, pressed a button,

and dry-cleaned him.

You've had a rough time
of it, haven't you, Alex?

But Dr. Phillips and
[, I'm Dr. Goodman,

are going to try and
change all that.

But we need your help.

How about interests,
hobbies, friends?

I didn't see anything
in the file?

- Well, just Jack.
- Jack?

His pet bird.

What I got from neighbors, is
that it was his only friend

until he returned home from
school one day to find it dead.

The stepfather? Handed him a
shovel and ordered him to bury it.

Instead, he secretly stuffed it.

I see.

You know what I think, Alex?

I think you need a real friend.

No, no, besides Jack, here.

I mean, a... a buddy.

Someone to talk to,
someone to trust.

But most importantly,

someone who knows an awful lot
about how to make sure that...

That Jack, here, stays healthy

and doesn't lose any
of his stuffing.

And so I took this small boy,
so frightened and all alone,

to meet Norman Bates.

Over the course of the next
27 years, I was privileged,

yes, that's a good word for it,

privileged to witness the growth
of an extraordinary relationship.

One as strong and healthy
as I've ever seen.

Their insights,
sensitivity, their wisdom

that was almost a sixth sense,

and, frankly, at times,
frightened me with its power.

And through it all, it was
always Norman, the father.

The father that Alex never had.

And Alex?

What did Alex do for Norman?

Well, as Norman told me
many times in session,

he saw Alex as himself
when he was a boy,

and wanted to help him
have a second chance.

For, you see,

although Norman knew he would
never regain his freedom,

he lived with the hope
that, someday, Alex would.

Dunsmore Mental
Institution personnel,

doctors, attendants, candy
stripers, and fellow inmates.

Though I did not have the privilege
of knowing the deceased,

I have been asked, before
cremation of his humble remains,

to say a few words.

For all of us,

no matter how mighty
or how small,

how powerful or how

how saintly or how sinful,

are entitled to be ushered from this
world, with its pains and its joys,

its sadness and its heartbreak,

up to the very gates of heaven
where, there, he will be judged.

If there is no one who
wishes to say a few words,

I will conclude with
a final prayer.

I do...

ll do.

Try and keep it short.

We do a volume business here.

Norman Bates was my friend.

To the world, he was a murderer.

But, to me, he was my friend.

And... l only hope that
in your lifetimes,

you will all be lucky enough
to have one friend like him.

Norman always said to me that if
I wanted to get better I could.

But I would have to work at
it, and it would be hard.

Like being up here now.

He said that people, no matter
how bad they've been treated,

have to try and
forget to forgive

and try to get the hatred
out of their hearts.

Because it is hatred
that is the enemy,

and it doesn't make us feel
any better, it just...

Just eats us up inside.

Good night, old friend.

Good morning, Alex.

They really are pretty.

There you go, Dr. Goodman.

Alex, I have some
good news for you.

I have recommended to the Board

that you be released

Just think of it.

After 27 years, you're going
to have your freedom.

You've fought your demons,

and the world has
said, "You've won."

I have no place to go.

Sure you do, there's a
whole world out there!

Cities, towns, movies,

gardens so big you can
get lost in them.

I think that's what
I'm afraid of.

Alex, you're gonna be okay.

I know it.

And remember, it's what
Norman always wanted for you.

Dr. Goodman,

this is the only place
that I feel safe.

This is where all
my friends are.

There's no place
for me out there.

I wouldn't fit in.

I, Norman Bates,
being of sound mind,

do hereby declare this to be
my last will and testament,

and do hereby bequeath
the following.

To Mrs. Fisher,

who taught me the art
of cooking, my turkey.

Thank you, Norman.

To Mr. Yokey, who taught me how to
dance the twist and the hucklebuck,

my 45 record collection.

That's a boy, Normie!

And last but not least,
to my dear friend Alex,

on the condition that he,
upon regaining his freedom,

make it a great hostelry again,

a place where people
can come to rest

and find themselves in their
journeys through life.

- The Bates Motel.
- Oh...

Well, Alex,

now you have a place to go.

I can't, Dr. Goodman.

Why not?

I just can't.


this was Norman's way of
telling you it's time to go.

It was his way of giving
you a second chance.

It's a great gift, Alex.

Take it.

Come on, come on.
Let's go. Hurry up.


Hey. Pilgrim!

You look a little lost.
Could we help you out?

Oh, yes, please...

I'm looking for this bus.

Yeah, search is over,
pilgrim, stops right here.

Thank you.

"Bates Motel."

This a nice-lookin' place. It's not
like these fleabags around here.

Well, my friend Norman
always kept it very clean.

Well, maybe some time
when we fix it all up,

you gentlemen will
come by for a visit,

spend a night or two.

Well, that's nice of you.

Here, here, you want a slug?

It ain't much but it will
keep you going. Oh, thanks.


Dude's been holding out on us.

Got some of that saki here.

Oh, that's not saki,
that's Norman.

all the same to me!

Give that back, that's Norman.
That's Norman's ashes!

- You got a problem or something?
- Yes, sir.

Do you know where
the Bates Motel is?

Never heard of it. I'm
new in the area, sorry.

I'm new here.

Just moved here, myself.

Sorry, I just moved here.

Nah, I ain't heard
of no Yates Motel.

Let's go. Come on!

Come on!

- Oh, I want that one!
- No, I want that one!

No, come on. You can't reach it.

Give me...

All right. Let's go. Come on.

Oh, I deserve it. Come on!


I think I wanna go back.

Hi, welcome to Sly's Chicken.

Well, sir? I'm waiting.

Yes, please. Bates Motel?

Sorry, sir, but we only have
Crispy or Original Recipe.

- Crispy?
- Very good.

Now, will that be a single
order, or a party pack?

- Party pack?
- Thank you, sir.

And will you be having a
drink or fries today?

Oh, no, no, I'm sorry. I
don't think you understand.

I ate my lunch on the bus.

...I'm trying to
find the Bates Motel.

Look, I'm new here!
Next car, please.

Looks like you're
having a bad day.

Name's Henry Watson.

I saw you drop this in that
flower patch over there.

Thank you very much, that's
very considerate of you.

Look... If you don't
mind me asking,

what's a young fellow like
you doin' with a postcard

from the old Bates Motel?

You mean you've heard of it?

Is it very far?

No, about a half a mile.

But the way they're ripping
things down around here,

could be gone by lunch time.

Thank you very much. I'm Alex
West. I'm the new owner.

I'm gonna reopen
the Bates Motel.

Reopen? Bates?


Is there something
wrong with that?

Let me drive you over...

I'll tell you all about It.

And ever since then, people
around here believe it's haunted.

They believe Mrs. Bates
still lives in the house,

and that she roams the
grounds every night.

Did you ever see her?

Did I ever see her?

I worked for the old witch.

You know, doing odd
jobs and things.

I knew Norman, too, ever
since he was a kid.

That poor thing!

What that crazy
woman did to him.

Always locking him up.

Felt sorry for him.

Used to play catch
once in awhile.

He really liked that.

But the problem was,

ball went through his
hands every time.

The truth is,

little Norman wasn't
much of an athlete.


It was a sad place all right.

Well, there it is.

Bates Motel.

Still sends shivers
down my spine.

Town council felt that way, too.

That's why it's all boarded up.

Thank you very much for
the ride, Mr. Watson.

- Henry.
- All right. Henry.

After all I've told you,
you're still goin' in?

Well, I have to.

It's my home.

Well, Norman, we're
finally home.

And it's all here.

Just like you said.

"How to get a loan?" "How to get a
loan?" Oh, here it is, page 57.

Gentlemen, I'm Alex West, and I'm
here to get some of your money.

That's no good.

Gentlemen, you're Alex West, you're
here to... That can't be right.

Ladies and gentlemen...

How am I gonna do this?
Okay, one more time.

If you wanna be successful
in securing that loan...


Be confident.

Take a deep breath.

Look directly in the eye.
Don't forget to breathe.

Gentlemen, I'm Alex West,

and I need your help.

Don't fidget, don't be nervous.

Just relax. You are
dressed for success.

Well, Alex, how can I help you?

Well... Thank you, Mr. Fuller.

Tom. It's Tom.

A friendly bank has friendly
people or it doesn't work.

Boy, this is gonna be a lot
easier than I thought.

Okay, Tom,

as you can see, I now
own the Bates Motel.

And a prime piece of
real estate it is, too.

Speculators trying to get their
hands on that for years.

Well, thought, perhaps
I could get a loan.

A loan?

Yes, sir. Yes, Tom.

But it wouldn't be for a lot.

I figured it was just
a matter of time

before some hotshot developer
like yourself made a Killing.

It's quite a coup.

Quite a coup.

Now... What are we talking,

10, 20 million for
a condo complex?

Condo complex?

Oh, sure, now I get it.

You're afraid of oversaturation.

You wanna go with
single-family dwellings.

Smart. Sensible.

Well, no, not exactly, Tom. I wasn't
thinking quite that big. Um...

Actually, just enough to fix it up,
like, get it running again, you know?


Let me get this straight.

You're not gonna
level the place?


Just, slap on a few coats
of paint, maybe a new roof,

have yourself a small
little motel business?

Well, actually, thought we
could add on a little café.

Maybe put a fountain out front.


If you don't mind my saying it,

from, strictly, a
business point of view,

this is the craziest
thing I've ever heard.

Alex, that property
is worth a fortune.

Good. Wonderful.

So could I have the loan?

Alex, Alex...

That's not the point.

For a development, yes.

Even a health spa.

But to reopen the Bates?


Norman left it to me.

We were friends.


I just have to make it
into a great place again.

I just have to.

Please, Tom.

I need your help.

I'll tell you what I'll do.

You have your architect and your
contractor send me an estimate,


I'll do what I can to push
it through. How's that?


Thank you, sir. Thank you, Tom.

Thank you very much. Thank
you very, very much.

Hold it right there!
Don't you move!

Who are you?

Who am 1?

The better question
is, "Who are you?"

Give me that!

Don't you get smart or
I'll brain you with it.

Now, I want some answers

and this had better be good.

I'm Alex West. I live here.

Oh, you do?

Into the kitchen.

No funny business!

Oh, look who's made his
little self at home already.

That's cereal, milk and cookies.

I hate this kind.


I've been living here
for three months now.

If I'd have wanted a roommate, I'd
have just put an ad in the paper.

Straighten your tie.

I can't stand sloppy
people in my house.

What are you doin' here?

I'm the new owner.


The owner.

Of what?

Of... of this motel.

Aw, sure you are, yeah.

Who's this Norman
Bates character?

He was the previous owner.

He left this to me in his will.

See, that's my name
under his. "Alex West."

I can read. I can read.


So you're the owner.

Big deal.

Now what?

Do you think you could
put that down, please?

One false move, you're a memory.

Look, I'm really hungry and I'd be more
than happy to share my dinner with you.

Would... Would you like
to have something to eat?


Why not?

After I got rid of that jerk, I said bye
to my parents and hitched across country.

So let me tell ya,

the only one you can depend
on in life is yourself.

It's been great!

Got lots of friends, everybody
wants me to stay with them,

but you got to be independent.

Or they'll just chew you
up alive out there.

Hey, I got everything
where I want it.

The acting career is just
starting to take off.

What do you think
they're gonna say

when they see this face

on the cover of Time magazine.

That they should've
had more faith.

Damn right!

Hey, you're not much of
a conversationalist.

But I get this feeling, right,

that you understand a
whole lot of things.

I'm gonna have to teach you

to express yourself
a little more.

I mean, these strong,
silent types,

they might've been okay in
that place you were in,

but, out here, you've
gotta speak up,

or you're never gonna
get this place rebuilt.

- Willie...
- No, forget it.

No thanks necessary.

I'll be glad to stay on,
help you over the hurdles,

keep them fast talkers
from ripping you off.


It's nothing personal,


this is something that I
have to do for myself.

Of course you do.

I'm gonna be right here to make
sure nobody stands in your way.

No, you don't understand.

I mean...

All by myself.

Oh! Yeah, I get it.

Why didn't you just say
it in the first place?

Don't you see that I
got places I could go?

Things to do?

Willie, I...

I'm sorry, I...

I just think it would
be better this way.

I'll be gone in the morning.

No problem.

First thing, total facelift.

Make it more congruous with
the surrounding architecture.

Like this shopping
center I designed.

Mission tile, plenty of
glass. Oh, it's a great look.

That's a good idea.

I'm just not so sure that Norman would've
wanted me to change things that much.

Well, with all due respect

to this prior owner of yours,

the area has gone through a bit
of a change in the last 25 years.

And, frankly,

I think this place cries out for
a little more fun in the sun.

- Fun in the sun?
- For instance, that awful house...

Oh, Norman grew
up in that house.

- Flatten it. Put in a lap pool.
- A lap pool?

- Yeah, Jacuzzi, too.
- Jacuzzi, too?

Along with a few more
shuffleboard courts. Why not?

A successful motel today has to
offer a whole range of facilities

or else you just can't compete.

You're the architect.

Yeah, but you're the customer.

And the customer is always
right. Isn't that correct?

- Generally, yes.
- Told ya.

Just couldn't bring
myself to leave you

at the mercy of every
rip-off artist in town.

Would you mind telling me
just who this young lady is?

I'm not a young lady, okay?

I'm... Mr. West's
design consultant.

And I'm here to make
sure that nobody,

for lack of a more elegant term,

picks his pocket.

Would you excuse us for
one minute, please?

That's my architect you're
talking to like that.

Wrong, Alex.

That is a guy who wants his
monument to go up with your money.

- Whatever it costs.
- That's not fair.

No? I heard what he said.

"Level this, shuffleboard that."

By the time he got finished this place
would look like a retirement home.

- And I'm going to tell him.
- Oh, no, you're not.

Now, this is my place.
My place, Willie.

Besides, I thought you left.

What do you think I was,

some fair-weather
friend who'd desert you

just when you needed
her the most?

I couldn't do that, Alex,
for your sake, not mine.

You're a babe in the woods.

A mere guppy in a
tank full of sharks.

And I'm not gonna stand by and
watch him turn you into a weenie!

Would you please keep
your voice down?

Believe me, that
kind doesn't offend.


I'm asking you.


But just for you.

Him? Dump.

Really, we could do
this better ourselves.

Don't go in there!

Who are you, and
what do you want?

I'm Alex We... West.

I'm here to see Mr. Watson.

I must advise you.

He might be armed and dangerous.

Pay no attention, Alex.
The door's open.

Morning, Alex.

What's goin' on?

I've been living
here a long time.

I used to fish and hunt out there
where those houses are now.

Sometimes the night was so quiet
you could hear your heart beating.

It was a good feeling.

The Sheriff says
you're dangerous.

Dangerous? They're the
ones that are dangerous.

Landlord sold the land,

like everything else around here,
they want to bulldoze it away,

make room for those silly houses

with roofs that leak and
foundations that crack.

Well, that's progress,
Henry, what can you do?

Only thing a man can
do, threaten 'em.

Tell 'em they'll have to
bulldoze me along with the place

then go quietly.

Where are you gonna go?

I don't know.

...never really thought
about it before.

Mr. Watson,

I need a contractor.

We're gonna reopen the Bates.

Sorry, Alex, but

ll never done a job
that big before.

Better get yourself
a professional.

Well, Mr. Watson, I need
someone who can build

so that the roofs won't leak,

and the foundation is strong.

I can pay you whatever
you think is fair

and you may also live there.


but I'm too old for sympathy.

I need someone that I can trust.

Someone who... Who cares
about their work.

It wasn't loaded anyway.

Besides, what good would it do me
against all those ghosts of yours?

They're excavating
the fountain. Yeah.

I don't think old Mrs. Bates
is gonna much like us

digging up her tomato patch.


Vibrator beds?

Read my lips,

the Bates ain't gonna
be no sleazo joint.

It's gonna be a
refined kind of joint

with a café and good food.

In all my years on the road, I have
never heard anything like this.

Our beds have been certified by
the Association of Hospitals.

What happened?

Either we hit an
electrical cable

or Mrs. Bates is trying
to tell us something.


You all right? Do you want
me to call an ambulance?

Hey, Henry,

looks like we hit an
old underground cable.

With the shock waves it
set off around here,

they never found the body.

Then you really think
that this is...

None other than the little
woman of the house herself,

Mrs. Gloria Bates.

It's all over now.

All right, let's get this
bag of bones out of here

and over to the cemetery
where she belongs.

Compliments of the city.

And so, Gloria Bates, we
commend you to the earth

and hope that, after
all these years,

you will, at last find peace.

The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want.

He makes me lie down
in green pastures.

He leads me beside still waters.

He restores my soul.

He leads me in paths of
righteousness for his name's sake.

Even though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death,

I fear no evil for
Thou art with me.

Thy rod and thy staff,
they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.

Thou anointest my head
with oil, my cup...

I shall dwell in the house
of the Lord for ever. Amen.


Willie, did you see
that lady up there?

- Who?
- She was standing up there,

- ...dressed in black.
- A lady in black?

Henry, well, you saw her?

Sheriff, she... She was
standing right over there.

Who knows, maybe it was,

old Ms. Gloria making
sure we did things right.

Cash outlays, debits.




This is all so confusing.

Yeah, I know what you'd
say if you were here.

"Alex, if you won't try,
you won't succeed."

But besides our friendship I haven't
done anything else right in my entire life.

Hi, Alex, just in time to
taste my blue plate special.

Oh, guess what?

Since we can't find
anybody decent,

I've decided to be the
chef in the new cafe.

Meatloaf a la Bates.

Eggs, fresh herbs...

It's gonna be a
real crowd-pleaser.

Come on, sit.

Taste it!

It's not gonna kill ya.

It's delicious.


What's the verdict?

Meatloaf history?

Best you ever had?

I think this is a piece
of plate. Um, it's good.

Do you mean that, or are you
just saying that to be nice?

It's good.

It's good?

What, you think you could be,
like, a little more enthusiastic?

How about, like, "very good"?

What's that, gonna kill you?

Boy, it is always the same!

You put your heart into
something, and what do you get?

Bopped over the head.

Willie, what would
you like me to say?

That I did a good job, okay?

And stop looking at
me like I'm nuts.

'Cause if there's anybody who's
nuts around here, Alex, it's you!

Man, listen, I...

I didn't mean it
like that, okay?

I mean, it is just that,

like, most people, they don't go
around seeing stuff that's not there.

I'm gonna go for a walk.

Me and my big mouth!

Dear Alex, like everything else,

I'm messing up your life too.

Good luck.


I'm sorry. I want to
apologize. I'm very sorry.

Well, I really did like
the meatloaf, honest.

Look, I don't...

I don't blame you for
being mad at me, but

I have problems of my own. So...

Please say that
you'll forgive me.

Beat it!

Well, look...

I want you to come back.

Willie, I need you.

What are you, crazy or
something? Get away from me!

I'm sorry, thought
you were Willie.

Figures, any friend of
hers has gotta be a wacko.

Hey, I... l didn't
mean nothin' by it.

Look, she didn't show up
for work this morning,

so they called me in to work a
double shift. That's all I know.

And on my beach day, too!

Hey, Alex! Alex!

How's the motel coming?
Can I give you a lift?

Thanks, Mr. Fuller.

Tom. Oh, everything's
going just great.

That's good, that's good.

Truth is, I was
kind of concerned

after you found the old lady.

The word is some of the
workers were pretty spooked.

You can't blame 'em.

But according to Henry, we'll definitely
be open in a couple of weeks.

Hey, that's terrific!

Boy, I... l gotta
hand it to you.

Knowing the history
of that place,

I'd be out of there at
the first full moon.

History? You mean
history with Norman?

Oh, heck no, everybody
knows about that.

No, I mean with the
old man, Jake Bates.

- Jake Bates?
- Norman's father.

Finding the old lady
kind of got me curious,

so I did some digging around.

Supposedly, she was having
a rough time with him.

She wanted him home
with her at night.

But, he was always down at
the motel, making sure the

customers were satisfied.

Especially the pretty ones.

And then one day
he just vanished.

She kind of went bananas.

Every night, poor little Norman,

screaming in his crib,

she's up there in
that window of hers,

in a black dress,

like she's in mourning or
something staring down

at that vacancy sign, as if she
was waiting for him to return.

But he never did.

Did you say a black dress?

That's what they say.

Yeah. Yeah, that's

exactly the way I
felt when I heard it.

It's pretty spooky stuff.

Hey, it's really taking shape.

It is. Thanks.

- Thanks for the ride, Tom.
- Anytime.

Yeah, well, I've had enough.

Is something wrong?

It's Jake Bates.

I always used to see
him wearing it.

Charlie here found him
when he was digging.

J.B, his initials.

It's nothing against you
personal like, Alex,

but this place ain't no
motel, it's a burial ground.

It's Jake Bates.

It's Jake Bates.

It's Jake Bates.

It's Jake Bates.

It's Jake Bates.

Where's the switch?

Darn it.

Jeez, Alex,

why don't you watch
where you're going?


Who'd you think it was,
department of water and power?

- It's you.
- Of course it's me.

You're back.

Some home coming.

Look, I've given this thing a whole lot
of thought, and although you are wrong,

I'm willing to forgive you.

Well, maybe I was being
a bit over sensitive.

Okay, I was wrong.
There, I admitted it.

But I'm willing to change. Please, Alex,
you're not making this any easier.

Look, it's not you. It's not?

It's Mrs. Bates, I saw
her in the window.

- Have you been drinking?
- At least I thought I did.

- Jake, too. Jake?
- Who is Jake?

Jake Bates, he was
Norman's father.

She murdered him 50 years
ago. I just saw him.

What are we looking at?

He's gone.

- Who?
- Jake.

He was laying right here. I
saw him from the window.

He was laying right here
with a knife in his chest.

Yeah, well, he's gone now.


Why don't I just take you upstairs
and we'll put you to bed.

We'll talk about all
this in the morning.

Look, I'm not crazy,
and I'm not a child!

So stop treating me that way.

I saw him!


All right, okay, let's
say you saw him.

Where is he?

Now, either he was a ghost,

got tired of sitting around this
sign all night, he split...



Somebody is going to a lot
of trouble to frighten you.


My men and I have been
all over this place.

Now, there's no trace of blood.

No foot prints, except your own.

In short, no nothing.

Now, unless you know of someone who
would want to do something like this,

it's 2:00 in the morning, and I'm
going home and get some sleep.

And I suggest you do the same.

Did you get the feeling
he didn't believe me?

You gotta be kidding.

Hey, you made a joke.

It's not bad.

I've been hanging
around you too much.


I'm, like, really flattered.

No, really. I think it's great.

The way you set 'em up, then you
come out with one of these zingers.

Sounds like me, all right.

Guess I'll see you around.

Around? Around where?

You've got this big motel to run

and all I've got's a big mouth.


I didn't mean to
hurt your feelings.

And if 1 did I'm...
I'm very sorry.

I need you.

You need me?

What for?

You putting me on again, Alex?

I'm not putting you on.

I mean...

Who else knows how to
make meatloaf a la Bates?

Oh, Alex,

- I could just kiss you.
- Why?

Alex, come on!

- Maybe some other time.
- No, no, no. Now!


I haven't exactly had what

you might call an
overactive social life.

- There. That so bad?
- Yes.

Alex, I'm gonna Kill you.

There, that does it.

What do you think?

Well, don't just stand
there, turn it on.

Go ahead. Go on turn it on.

We did it, Norman.

No, you did it, Alex!


Maybe it's too small, or it
has to be bigger, flashier.

Bigger? Flashier?

Something that really
gets their attention.

Like, I once saw a
picture of Las Vegas,

you know, something
they can't miss.

You want to have gambling?

The sign, I'm talking
about the sign.

We've been open for 3
hours and not 1 customer.

Tell me about it.

I've counted 47 cars go
by, not even an almost.

Look at it like this.

When the first
customer comes in,

we're really gonna
be ready for him.

Here, have a hot bowl
of chicken soup.

Calm your nerves.

- I'm not nervous.
- Oh, you're not nervous?

I'm hysterical.

What if no one ever checks in?

How will I pay the bank?

I'll lose everything.

Bank! What's... What's a
bank got to do with this?

I have to make the first
payment by the 25th.

The 25th?

- The 25th is tomorrow!
- I know.


Okay, there's no
reason to panic.

How much, Alex?

How much do you got
to come up with?

A lot.

"A lot." What's "a lot"?

What, 5007

A thousand?

More, less, what?


More. More than
1,000. Then 2,000.

Come on, Alex, I feel
like I'm on a game show.



Boy, are you in trouble.


How, Alex?

How could you have made
such a crazy deal?

Well, I never was real
good with numbers.



You are a walking
financial catastrophe.

And this is a complete
and total mess.

I know.

I know, Willie, but...

I have the strangest feeling
that things are gonna be okay.


Look, I got you a present.

A present?


It's for the opening.

So that you'll look good.

Now, I got to go think.


Guess what?

I look good?

Our first customer.

Good evening.

Can I help you?

Hi, yes, I'd like a room.

Something quiet, away
from the action.

Well, that should
be easy enough.

You see we just opened tonight
and you're our first customer.

Well, that's the way
it's been for me lately.

My head in the clouds. I'm
trying to finish off a book.

- Oh, you're a writer?
- Well, I'm trying.

Actually I teach aerobics.

Oh, aerobics. I saw
that once on TV.

That's where you put on
tights and sweat to music.

That's right.

Well, I thought I'd put it all down. You
know, everyone's fantasy to be an author.

But, who knows. Starting's one
thing, finishing is another.

Oh, I'm sure you can do it,

if you just give
yourself a chance.

Yeah, well, maybe you're right.

How about that room?

Oh, all right,
that'll be for one.

Yes, just me and my
little manuscript.

And you'll be staying
with us for one evening.

Yes, how did you know that?

Oh, just a feeling.

If you'll be kind enough to
sign our guest book here.


All right, Miss Peters.

This now make you our
first official guest.

We hope you enjoy yourself.

And if there's anything
you need at all

just give a whistle.

That's very sweet, but,
actually, all I want right now

is to finally get
some peace and quiet.

Good night.

Dear Mother...

Good pie.

The coffee's good too.


I said I liked the pie.

Yeah, thanks.

You know, whatever it is, it
must be pretty important.

I'm asking you if there's
anything I can do to help.


Henry, that guy who
dug up old man Bates.

Charlie Waters.

That's his name.

What do you know about him?

Not much.

Moved into town about
the time we started.

Good worker. Why?

Well, wasn't he the guy

who was trying to get the
men to quit and all that?

Yeah, few times.

Thought the place was haunted.

For a while there, I
couldn't say I blamed him.

But to his credit, he
stayed on to the end.

Sure did, didn't he?

...great party, man!


Yeah, if you could just
please try and keep it down,

I've got a guest
in room 12 who...

Okay, gotcha.

Not bad, Norman?

Our first night and
we're booked solid.

Dear mother.

Three marriages. No children.

Gray hairs and growing older.

Forgive me.

I love you. Sally.

My sweet Jeffrey.

I'll always remember you
at the senior prom.

You as my knight
in shining armor

and me as your queen of the hop.

On that magical night,
everything was perfect.

Remember me that way.

Love, Sally.

Be right there! Oh!

Excuse me. What are
you doing here?

I was taking a bath.

Yeah, I can see that,

but I think you've
got the wrong room.

Great song.

Dion and the Belmonts, right?

But who knows where or when

Room 12, same as on the door.

Jeez, I guess you're right.

I'm supposed to be in 11

but the funny thing is, it fit.

Honest mistake. Sorry.

That happens.

Hey, this is really gorgeous.

Bet it cost a fortune.

I wore that on my wedding night.

Didn't pan out so good?

Believe me, happens
to the best of us.

It's not the end of the world.

Everyone gets a second chance.


Three husbands, three divorces.

So, number four will be lucky.

Look, I know it's
none of my business,

but what I think what you
need's a little fun.

And I'm the fairy princess
who can take you there.

Take me by my little hand
and do like this.

- No, I can't.
- Yes, you can.

Just put on your dancing shoes
and let's rock 'n' roll.

Round and round and
round and round

We go again

Round and round and
round and round

We go... Come on!

Let's do the twist

You can twist. I
know you can twist.

Just like the old
days, that's great.

I'll tell you, this
punch is great.

Thank you very much,
appreciate it.

The music is really nice.

Oh! No, I don't
belong here. I don't.

Yeah? Just give me
one good reason.

Go ahead. Bet you can't.

You're all just kids.

And so were you once, and it's
how you feel that counts.

Now, come on, we can at least
go have a glass of punch.

Oh, I'm old enough
to be their mother.

Don't buy it. Look
at you, look at me.

It's like that soap commercial,
guess which one's the daughter.

- Hello, Miss Peters.
- Hello.

Glad you could join the party.

Here, have some
punch. It's delish.

Now, don't go away, I'll
be right back with more.

See. Now, he's got the spirit.

Come on, get with it.

Life's too short, and the party's
getting older with every minute.

Hey, I'm a poet and
I didn't know it.

Now, that's better.

Okay, I've got someone
you've just gotta meet.


Hey, stop being a wallflower
and get over here.

He's just a boy.

Hey, don't sweat it.

He's really sweet,
sensitive type.

Was thinking of
becoming a writer.

You're going to love him.

Tony, this is my
friend, Barbara.

She's a writer too.

How did you know that?

It's my job.

Pleased to meet you.

You too.

Well, now that the
hard part's over,

why don't you ask her to dance?

I don't know how.

Well, then she'll teach you.

I think I should get back.

You two are making this
harder than pulling teeth.

Now just stay here.

Okay? Stay. I'll be right back.

Whoa, hold on, hold on, hold on.

Gang. Hey, gang, can I have
your attention, please?

We've got a special request.

From Tony to Barbara.

Queen Of The Hop.

Willie, we need more punch.

We got to have it.

Where are those knuckle
sandwiches you promised me?

They're finger sandwiches
and they're over there.

All right, all right.

What about the punch?

Alex, guess what Fuller's
home address is?

Fuller? What does Fuller
have to do with the punch?

It's 201, South Windsor.

And his phone
number is LJ5-2002.

So I called it.

He wasn't home.
Know who answered?

- Mrs. Fuller?
- Wrong, guess again.

I don't know. One of his kids?

Nope. Give up?

Great, fine, please.

Come on, Alex, use your head.

Charlie Waters. His

How you like them apples?

You really are beautiful.

No, I mean it.

Queen of the hop.

Listen, I've never
done this before.

It's hard for me.

Can I kiss you?

This is ridiculous. I don't
know what I'm doing.


Why? Look at my face, the lines.

You're only a boy.


I should've never
said what I did.

But it's true.

And as much as I
wanted you to kiss me,

I'm not a 17-year-old
girl you met at a party.

I'm a grown woman, and
not what you need.

There was something special
that I saw in your eyes.


For a moment...
l forgot who I was.

You made me feel...

Like I was back in high school.

What's so bad about that?

Because I'm not, and I
never will be again.

Please try to understand.

It wasn't you.

It was me.

I was weak

and you made me feel so good.

I feel so cold and alone...

Like I was dead.


How can you say that?

Your whole life is ahead of you. You
have so much to look forward to.

I only wish that that was true.

Believe me, it is.


Come on.

It's time for you to go
back to your friends.

That's where you belong.

I'll always be grateful to you.

Still thinking about doing it?

After all that's happened.

You can't hide it.

I know what you
were going to do.

What are you doing here?

How did you get in here?

No, you're not losing your mind.

You locked it.

Stop, you're starting
to frighten me.

No, I don't want
to frighten you.

I'm a friend.

A friend who doesn't want to
see you throw it all away.

How do you know what
I'm going to do?

You've been spying on me.


Then how can you be so sure?

Like I told you before,
it's my job.

I don't get it.

There's nothing to get,
you want to end it,

and I'm here to stop you.

You go away, you have no right.

No, maybe I don't,

but I know what
you're going through.


How could you know?

You're only a kid

with your whole life before you.

If only that were true.

But you.

You've got so much.

You're young, you're healthy.

You have people
that care for you,

and as long as you
have those things,

you're a fool to
throw them away.

Believe me, Sally.

You know my real name.

And I also know what's
on the other side.


and then terrible aloneness.

That's what Tony said.

Then listen to him,

and listen to yourself, because you
really do have your whole life

in front of you.

And everything to
look forward to.

You were eavesdropping.


He told you.

Then how could you...

Know all these things?

Because, Sally,

I committed suicide

25 years ago, tonight.

The night of my senior prom.

And we have come
here to tell you

that it stinks.



Come here.

I want to show you something.

Terry Miller.

From Houston, Texas.

Was born April 6th, 1943.

I took my life July 7th, 1959.

Beth Williams,
Biloxi, Mississippi.

Born September 3rd, 1940.

I took my life
September 2nd, 1956.

Billy Parks, Chicago, Illinois.

I took my life
December 4th, 1955.

Rebecca, Los
Angeles, California.

I took my life on
May 10th, 1962.

Tony Scotti.


Council Bluffs, Iowa.

I was born July 14th, 1943.

I took my life
Christmas Eve, 1959.

Leave my home!

Leave, and never come back!

I said leave!

Norman left this house to me,

and I'm staying.

I'm warning you.



There's your ghost, Alex.

Very clever, you
two, very clever.

Where do you think
it's gonna get you?

Go ahead, tell the sheriff.

Tell him you caught
me running around

in a Halloween mask.

I'll deny it.

And who do you think
he'll believe.

A loser like you, Henry?

Or nut job like
little Alex here?

You want my land!

- It's really her.
- It's Mrs. Bates.

Then you will die!


This is my house.

- No.
- None of you were invited.

It's him.

No, he owns it.

No, not me.

I was trying to scare him off.

Please, I'm telling
you the truth.


You know, I believe you.

And thanks for your confession.

I walked right into
this whole thing.

Right again,

and unless you give us a,

what do you say, a more
reasonable payment schedule,

this could just fall
into the wrong hands.

What do you say,
re-negotiation, or prison?

Yeah, what are they gonna do?

Throw me in jail for
wearing a dress?


but there is a law
against fraud, Tom.

And you are dressed
for the part.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Oh, look at this.
What a great day.

Kind of makes you feel
glad to be alive.


Well, thank you and good luck.

You really do have a
very special place here.

I know.

And if you ever need a little
peace and quiet again,

please come back and see us.


Nobody ever said life was easy.

Then nothing really
worth it ever is.

But, you know,

I think with a little luck

we're gonna do okay here.

I think Norman would
have liked that.

Oh, by the way, if you ever
need a room, come on by.

Can't say for sure
what you'll find,

but that is what makes
the world go round.