Bastards (2013) - full transcript

Supertanker captain Marco Silvestri is called back urgently to Paris. His sister Sandra is desperate - her husband has committed suicide, the family business has gone under, her daughter is spiralling downwards. Sandra holds powerful businessman Edouard Laporte responsible. Marco moves into the building where Laporte has installed his mistress and her son. But he hasn't planned for Sandra's secrets, which muddy the waters...

The letter your husband left.
You can read it.

It's embarrassing.

What is?

That you read it.

My husband
filed a complaint against that pig,

that piece of shit.

The police questioned Edouard Laporte

and our daughter.

Then nothing.

There was no follow-up.

It's your fault Jacques died.

Alone, I'm not strong enough.

I have no one now.

Besides my brother...

who's never here.

He's always abroad.

Marco Silvestri is your brother?

The letter is in his name.

They were like brothers.
Since naval academy.

Marco introduced us.

Take hold of yourself.

Think of your daughter.

You have to keep going for her.


Paris one month later

Bye, honey.

Hello, ma'am.

Hold on. I have mail for you.

So they sold the old lady's place?

They rented it in the meantime.
My aunt said so.

Is she doing better?

She's okay...

It's nice of you to help out.


It's family.

Bye, honey.

See you tonight.

Thank you.

Laporte and his Saint-Tropez

Laporte case turned over to Tax

Edouard and Raphaelle out and about

Jerk me off.

Let's see.


What's the problem?

The chain fell off?

I think so.


Thank you.

I'm here for you.

Talk to me, Justine.

Talk to me.

I love him.

I want to see him.

Tell my mother
I have to leave here.

Have a seat.

Your daughter?

And you? Do you have children?

Yes, two girls.

They live with their mother.

Mr. Silvestri, let's discuss your niece.

This girl didn't spare herself anything.

Alcohol, drugs...

But the worst

is the sexual aspect.



It's going to take time.

I've spoken to her mother.

For now, she won't listen.

Listen to what?

It can wait...

but we may have to operate.


To repair her vagina.

Hi, Dad.

I'm outside the station.

On the side. I waited on the platform.
You never came.

I'd like you to hurry.
I'm waiting and I'm cold.

I don't know...

Either call me back or whatever,
but hurry.


What the hell?
I've been waiting!

I was on the platform.

- I don't care, I...
- We misunderstood.

Calm down.
Hello to start with.

Hi, but...

I was freezing my ass off.

Let's go.

I'm not here to be treated like shit.

- How does it look?
- Good. Turn around.

It's great on you.


Thanks, Dad.

Can you get it?


In there.


My girls love sleeping on the floor.

Audrey, who's spending
the weekend with me.

Say hello.

Her sister Anouk is sick at home.
With their mother.

I was opening a bottle.

No, thank you. My son is waiting.
We're watching a DVD.

I washed this.


I won't beat around the bush...

You know the situation.

You have 45 days.

Not one day more...

not one day less.

In order to declare bankruptcy.

Beyond that,
the magistrate, the judge,

your creditors...
they'll all jump on you.

You are not only his wife
but above all...

his business partner.

If you don't do this,
you become personally liable

which means, very clearly,

they can take the factory

and even your house.

Your house.

And Laporte in all this?


we've discussed him a hundred times.

What's Laporte in all this?

He's not your partner.

Your husband's partner is you.

What did Laporte do?
Lend your husband money?

What are there? Fake IOUs?

Who knows what went on?

How do we prove it?
What do I do?

File a complaint to the magistrate?

On what grounds?
You think your instinct is proof?

You can't accuse people like that!

I can't file that complaint.
I won't. I told you.

You listen only to yourself.

You're alone.
In this thing, you're all alone.

I saw that you refused
your share of the inheritance.

That you're not part of this company.

Maybe if you had been,
you'd have avoided this shipwreck.

To use a term you're familiar with.

For that I'd have needed
business acumen, which I don't have.

That's why...

when we divided up my father's estate,

I gave my shares to my sister
and Jacques, my brother-in-law.

She persuaded him
to take over the company.

He ran the company.

I chose another life.

Goodbye, sir.

Good luck.

- I'll get a cab.
- Let me drive you.

Why didn't you tell me
business was so bad?

How often did Laporte bail you out?

How often?

Why did you borrow so much?

Why didn't you tell me?

You intend to tell me about Justine?

Go on.


I couldn't tell you.

That bastard turned her
into his sex object.

I'm so ashamed.

Marco, I'm so ashamed.

Stop saying I'm so ashamed.
Stop saying it!

I'm so ashamed! Stop!

I saw her doctor.

You're hiding things.
You make me come back.

I give everything up!

You hide things.
I know nothing! Talk to me!

I need to know, goddammit!

I wish I were dead.


Stop it.

Be careful.

See you tomorrow.


Lousy job. It's not even ironed.

Doesn't this nice shirt
deserve better?

- Like it here?
- Yeah.

I wanted to see how you lived.

I must pay electricity
and insurance.

You never call me back.

What do I do?
Call me back, Marco.

Today, at 5:09 pm.

Hey Dad...
Mom asked who's coming to who

for Anouk's birthday.
Love you.

It's just a year off.

Everyone's entitled to one.

It's nice in a man's life.

One year.

Anyway, I won't change my mind,
Miss Journey.

Isn't that
what life insurance is for?

Sure you want to cash out?

Yes, positive.

Can I sign the papers?

It's a guarantee.

It shouldn't be used to pay
your kids' child support.

I don't understand.

You had a good job, a stable job.

Is this wise in a recession?

Listen... let's not waste time.
Give me the papers.

Where do I sign?


She's a beauty.

Oh yes...


You like it on the tankers?

Yes, I do.

Damn, what work... what stress.

There's no denying I miss it at

You have cars now.


You okay?

You didn't totally give up boats.

That one too.

If ever you want to go for a ride,
it'd be a pleasure.

I'd like that some day.

How are you getting back?

I'll take a train.

You've changed styles?

It didn't do you much good.

What didn't?

Low quality and tacky...



Dad bought it.

What is it?

What do I do with it?

Hold onto it, please.

You'll need it.


More later, for Justine.

What's that?

To hook up a camera?

Customers bring them.

And leave with them.
Private parties.

Visiting hours are over.
Dr. Bethanie has left.

I'd like to see my niece.

- The doctor left.
- Just for a second.

It's too late.

I'll go see her. I won't be long.

Our patients are fragile.
Come tomorrow.

Bye, honey.

Can I see that watch
with the black band?

A recent acquisition.

Tropic diver bracelet, waterproof.

A very pretty piece.

To my son who sails the seas

Tabarly had the same one.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I can't believe there's any love.

There never was.

You're not even part of his life.

He treats you like a concubine.

He turned you into his slut.

He doesn't treat me like a whore,
as you say.

He was younger when I met him.

He was handsome.

He gave me the confidence
I never had.

I had no ties. I was floating.

Then I got pregnant with Joseph.

You live in a crappy apartment.

You pawn your watch,
wear 400-dollar shirts.

I know nothing about you.
I don't judge.

I sold my car too.

You're beautiful.

It's Marco.

I can't take the girls.

I know I promised.
I'll explain.

I'll call you back. Goodbye.

Daddy, he's the man
who fixed my bike.

That was nice, thanks.



Can I offer you a coffee?

That okay with you?

Thanks, I'd like a Perrier too.

Nice apartment.



Good neighborhood too.

Parc Monceau is nearby.

For Joseph, it's perfect.


Excuse me, I have to go.

You must have a nice view.

Yes, I do.

It's strange he rented
a big, empty apartment.

Why so well-informed?

It's just strange.

Think it's normal?

I have no idea.


Goodnight, honey.

Don't give into him.
Bed by 9.


We're late.

Been waiting for me?

Just for a minute.
I have the babysitter.

What's so great about your life?

You know nothing...

...nothing about my life.

You're not answering now?

I was asleep.

Take care... Travel safe...

You can't stay. Joseph is up.

What's the problem?

He likes me.

Good morning.

Okay, fine.

See you.

I'd prefer that you go.

Lucky for you I have to.

Hello, Mr. Silvestri.

Hello, doctor.

Justine was acting nervous.

Yesterday a young man
tried to see her.

I said no.

Today the nurses
found her room empty.

She ran away.
I informed the police.

How dare you call the police?
Some protection!

You should have done your job

We pay you enough.
You're in charge here.

It's your negligence!

You're one to talk.

She's underage. You're her guardian.

Couldn't you tell she'd run away?

She always has.

No money, nowhere to go.

She'll come home.


Justine, call me.

Need a lift?

Exactly what I was hoping for.


A lift with you.

Hurt yourself?

I figured a captain would be more

I came back for them.

My kid sister and my niece.

How am I supposed to stay calm

with this suicide?

Justine has problems to work through.

Part of her trouble
comes from her family.

Something went wrong.

I've broken off from my family.

My sister, Jacques...

Her husband was my friend.

I know little about them.

Not anymore.

I've cut myself off from everyone.

It's what the navy is for.

- The suburbs.
- Address?

I tell you the way.

Here's 100 euros

and 100 for the ride back.

Okay, let's go.

- Wait for me.
- Yes, sir.

Wait for me!

What are you doing?

Grew sick of how the place looked.

So I cleaned up.

To start from scratch.

To change styles.

Don't like women?

Beat it.


Get going.


House - 1 minute ago

You're not asleep?

Slowly, slowly...

Bye, Joseph.

Bye. Have a nice day.

I came in once, about a watch.

Yes, I remember.

- I'm going to take it.
- Come in.

Is Guy here?

Yeah, sure.

Can I come in?

I'm tired.

I need a car and I'm broke.

I think I can count on you.

Take back the Alfa.
I don't need it.

Yes, but I don't have any money.

We'll figure something out later.

Wait, I'll put someone on.

31 rue du Chaudron,
18th arrondissement.

It's a cybercafé.


I have pictures for you.

You can see them, if you pay.

Then I can bring Justine.


I don't have 5,000.
I only have 3.

There's an ATM nearby.
You can withdraw.

Show me first.

Come on.

Did you see Joseph?

Joseph left with his father.

For the riding club party.

Fine. Thanks...

Edouard, it's me. Call me.
I don't know what's going on.

I'll be right back.

Mr. Barrault, it's Raphaelle.

Can I speak
to Joseph and his father, please?

You're all alone today?

I was given this envelope.
I was told to deliver it.

Thanks a lot.

Have a good day.

from now on Joseph will live with me.

You can see him later, but not now.

I know you're screwing Marco.
Do as you wish, I don't care.

But I will protect Joseph
from his harmful presence

and that of his sick family.

I know who Marco is

and why he is here.

I love Joseph.

He is my last seed.

I want to spare him
from what I consider a threat.

I'll carry it for you.

- Thanks for everything.
- Sure.

Give Joseph a kiss from me.

I will.


Now get back in your track.

You can see your thing up there.

So stay in your track.

Stand here.
You're the one who's veering.

Now you're steering the boat.



Where's my sister?

At the house.

- What are you doing?
- Taking this to the dump.

What is this?


Your daughter...


is Laporte.


Who is this?

It's Jacques.

You had no idea?

So this is my family?

You can't understand...

It all went wrong...

- You can't understand.
- Get up.

Get up!

Get up, you disgust me.

You weren't here!

I'm glad I divorced.

My girls won't be contaminated.

Open up!

Open up, Marco!


He took Joseph because of you!

Explain. I don't understand.
What's going on?

He took him. Because of you.

Calm down.

- Let go.
- What happened?

What about Joseph?

Because I slept with you.

- You used me.
- I had my reasons.

Why did you do it?

You have nothing to do
with that bastard.

He's the bastard.

I didn't use you.

I didn't use you.


Let me go.


Let me go.


Mom, are you here?

What's this?

Come on...

What else do you want?

I'll take care of this.

Can I bring my bike?

I'll buy you another.

Okay, take it.

Into the car.

My sweetheart!

He wanted to get his bike
and kiss you.

We'll sleep in the south.

Tomorrow we'll be in Geneva
to see his new school.

Come on...

Say goodbye to Mom.
We're going.

Come on.

Don't fight me.

Don't fight me.

Don't touch Joseph.


What is it?


Can I watch?

I'd rather watch with you.