Basta guardarla (1970) - full transcript


# She will sail

# The ship will sail

The way Sergio Endrigo sing this song,
kills me.

I like Iva Zanicchi version better.

Oh, my God,
ignorance is really awful.


What were the causes of my symptoms?

You're pregnant.

How does that happen?

- My husband is in Germany for a year.
- So what?

So what...

If they had fooled me...

when I was harvesting potatoes?

Of course they had fooled you.

Eat. Don't think of that.

Here, eat this.

And who wants to eat now?

Even today...

I'm embarrassed...

When my husband finds out that...

who knows what he may think.

Where the hell is this village...

- Do you mean Copparola?
- Yes.

Cant' you read the road sign?

Here, Lower Copparola.

Boss, the sign says Lower Copparola.
Is it right?

Open up the car, so I'm going to stretch.

# A little love.....

Listen, farm girl,

where is the Cineteatro Diamante?
In Lower Copparola or Upper Copparola?

It's the same. We are in Lower Copparola,

but now it's Upper Copparola too.

Because the other Copparola, the Upper,
came down.

There was a landslide.

I understand.

Vamos! What are you waiting for?

With this calor!

Don't get excited or your calor rises.

Excuse me, but who are you?

Who are we?

The speakers.

Silver Boy, the last defender
of Melodic Song.

Here, two free tickets.

Adele, Silver Boy is waiting for us!

Tonight at the theater.

Sure, I'm already pregnant,

the last thing I need is to go to theater,
then my husband will torture me.

... this evening at the Teatro Diamante
they will present their show,

still unsurpassed.

People of Lower Copparola,

a great theatrical event

will debut this evening,
for the first time.

Back from a triumphal tour abroad,

Silver Boy, the last defender
of Melodic Song.

Idol of Italian radio and television.

The Voice of Caltagirone.

One, two...

three, four...

Five whores have arrived!

- Hey, boy!
- Okay, six.

... and your brother!


Have you never seen it?

Yes, but I have forgotten it.

Fernando! Can't you see I was sleeping?

Vamos, desciende, quick!

Send the crowd away or I won't go down.

- Get out!
- Are they gone?

There is no one?

After the show. I need a rest now.

Get out! I said, get out!

Where we can stay?

- Here.
- There?

Here, pull the curtain.

Men undress on one side,
women on the other side.

Esto es for dancers.

And me, where do I undress?

You better not undress at all.

Señor. Señor Director!

Here I am.

- Onde sta my dressing room?
- What?

Leading lady dressing room!

Ah, the dressing room.

Here it is.

There is the toilet, the flush,
the chain and all modern things.

Yo soy the great Marisa do Sol.

Yo danced in the mas grandes theaters:

Madrid, Barcelona, Karachi,

- Lido.
- Of Ostia.

Esto no es a theater, es a pig house!

Es a shit!

- A shit!
- Shut up.

Don't stomp your feet, that my head aches.

I'm not stomping my feet,
I'm dancing the zapateado.

The sheep were better
in television intervals.

They gave you a feeling of peace
that a monument cannot give.

The "Duomo".


Richetta, watch were you put
the wine bottle.

Or it happens like the other time,
when I accidentally drank oil.

Maybe you're blind.

Sit down, there is a nice show tonight.

Uncle, I'd like to go
to the theater tonight.

To the theater? Are you crazy?

- But Silver Boy will sing...
- Quiet.

Good evening.

In a few moments will be broadcast
Raffaella Story.

A music show with Raffaella Carrà.

What is this?

I thought so.

As a replacement for the announced
Raffaella Story,

we will broadcast a Conversation
with Padre Marziano about agnosticism.

Dear friends, good evening.

- What is the agnosticism?
- No.

Agnosticism is a plague that afflicts
many young people in this world...

I worked all day,

I don't want to work overtime at home.

... more comfort for the baby.


- Thanks, there's no need.
- You faggot!

Ladies and gentlemen... and soldiers.

A singer that you all know and love.

Directly from abroad,
now here comes: Silver Boy!

Take it away.


Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm glad to debut for the first time

at Lower Copparola.

Having heard from colleagues
who have preceded me

that the Copparola audience
is very refined and sensitive,

I chose for my debut Three Roses.

Please, Maestro.

# These are only a few roses

# Smelling like a prayer

# And along with my life

# I give them to you, yes

# Three roses and one heart

# I have nothing else to offer you

# But if a great love is enough for you

# Stay with me

# But if you want to dream

# The resplendent life of a King

# What I can give you

# It's not for you

# Mind you that wealth
does not bring happiness

# Mind you that beauty will fade
one day

# And if life will divide us

# You will always be beautiful in my eyes

# I've only a few roses

# Smelling like a prayer

# And along with my life.... Bitch!

# I give them to you


You're the best!

Hold your arm still, you stupid!

You don't have to move at the end.
I want the tableau vivant.

You have to stand still.

- Give me the rose, Richetta.
- No.

- It belongs to the company.
- I'll give it back to him.

Do as you like.

- Learn to dance flamenco, once in a while!
- I danced without maracas tonight.

- You're an awful dancer
with or without maracas. - Silver!

You big faggot!
I told you not to look at the soldiers.

- Do we have to look only at you?
- Beat it!

A bunch of parasites. That's what you are.

Oh, it's not possible.

Hey, can I talk to Mr. Silver Boy?

He is nervous tonight.
Leave him alone.

- You can tell me, I'm the choreographer.
- No.

I want to know why they are odd-numbered.

- Who?
- The dancers.

The poster says six-dancers-six,
but they're five.

- They're five because they're five! - Imma!
- Do you want a refund?

They're five because Ingrid is gone.
That whore...

Can't I replace her?

I can dance like those girls, even better!

"Please, will you dance with me?"

"Thank you, I'd rather not."

"No, I'm not dancing dip tango,"


Do you want to dance?
Come on.

...four, five, six, seven.

Come on!

Hey, what is this mess?!

Will you stop, yes or no?!

It's always you, the usual troublemaker.

What is this?

- What's happening over here?
- I brought you the rose you threw at me.

Ah, the rose...
Keep as a souvenir of me.

Danilo, send her away.

She might be okay for us.

A souvenir is not enough to live.

I discovered my destiny tonight.
I want to work with you.

Listen, aren't you the farm girl
of this morning?

- What's your name?
- Richetta.

Richetta, you are young and inexperienced.

And as such, you're following a dream.

I understand.

The attractiveness of the stage
gets in your blood like...

- Like a subtle poison?
- That's it.

Like a subtle poison. Very good, Richetta.

But what do you know how we live?

- I like it
- Yes, you do.

Because you only see
the splendor of the theater,

the easy money, the mundane life.

But behind them...

there are pain and tears.

I'm ready for anything.

She could replace Ingrid.

She moves good,
has sense of rhythm.

That peasant?

- She dances well. I'll take her.
- Are you crazy?!

Do you hire people now?

I'm the choreographer.
I understand if someone is talented.

You es queer.
You understand only the Army.


- What...!
- Shut up.

Yes, okay... go.

Come back to your fields, Richetta.

Don't kid yourself.

Your life is not among us.

- Your life....
- ... is among the sheep.

And forget these impossible dreams.

I want a dancer tomorrow! All right?!

- Must be Swedish!
- All right.

Yes, let's call Ginger Rogers...

Don't cry. You will make me cry too.

Don't worry.

I'll take care of you.

Not my suit.

- I only have that. It's my Sunday suit.
- Trust me.

I have a sixth sense for these things.

What a thief.
He wanted 3,000£ for the bed.


You broke it all.

Are you complaining of making love with me?
I'm all fuego!

Okay, all fuego. But there's no need
to dance flamenco in bed.

- What is this music?
- I don't know.

Silver Boy, here is the Swedish girl.

Well done, Danilo.
You finally did a good thing.

Fine specimen of a girl. I am delighted.

Who is the specimen, her?
She's the farm girl!

- What farm girl?
- The peasant girl of yesterday.

How is this possible?

- Don't you recognize her?
- What is it?

I said it from the start:

this girl has theater in her blood.

Just look at her.

Dear uncle,

in your infinite generosity,

I know you already forgiven
my fated leaving.

If I told you that I was going
to make theater,

you would have slapped me.

And now I'm here, living a
fantastic and adventurous existence,

so different from the peace in the fields.

Yet when I go on stage,

I feel like I have the theater in my blood.

Raise the curtain, come on!

Come on, Richetta.

I have only one scene with Silver Boy,

a simple but effective one,

- always appreciated by the audience.
- Ladies...

Thank you, you can go, dear.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Take this away, please.

Having learned that the audience
of Pettorano is...

What are you doing?

She tripped over the wire.

- You're hot!
- What an ass, it only lacks speech.

Leave me the microphone.
You can go, please.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I apologize for this accident
caused by the inexperienced young girl.

Having learned that the audience
of Pettorano is refined and sensitive,

I will sing Three roses.

Please, Maestro.

It's not the ass what makes an artist,

Please, don't bother, girls.

I smelled something out there.
What did you make, a coffee?

Do you want a sip?

I'm glad to. Thank you, Richetta.

Richetta... I don't like it.

A little bit of sugar?

No, the coffee is good.
It's your name that I don't like.

No, we have to change it.

Yes, it's not good.

From now on your name will be...

- Erìca?
- No.

- Èrica.
- Ah, Èrica.

Everyone in the company loves me.

They are always willing
to give me a hand.

I feel an air of sympathy around me,

an interest in my person
that touches my heart.

They don't think of me
only during the day.

Sometimes they come also by night
to check on me,

in case I need a chamomile,
a barley water,

if I sleep well, If I feel cold or hot...

Well, they always take care of me.

- What do you want?
- And you?

- Beat it!
- Go back!

- I saw her first!
- I did.

- No, I did!
- Get out!

- I saw her.
- What do you want?

We wanted to know if you need
an orange juice...

- No, I don't need anything.
- Goodnight.


You always come to disturb me!

We traveled all over the world,
like in a dream:

Marsico Vetere, Gorgoglione, Potenza.

And it was in Potenza,
in a Shell gas station,

that Silver Boy, himself,
spoke to me personally.

He stared at me for a long time
with his magnetic gaze,

and then with his velvet voice
that is still ringing in my ear,

he told me...

What is that, mascarpone?

- No, ricotta.
- Ah, ricotta.

- Do you want some, Mr. Silver Boy?
- No, for heaven's sake.

I have the show in two hours.

- Why, the ricotta ruins the digestion?
- Does it?

Little girl,

it's a cork, dear Richetta.

It's a cork... a cork...
Ricotta is a cork.

His warm and deep voice
is ringing in my ear day and night.

A kiss from your Erica, ex Richetta.

P.S: I'm learning to dance
better than Fred Astaire.

I'm practicing with the newsreel,
between one show and another.


Now I'll show you the Parisian movement,
watch out.

It's like that.

As if you were screwing a light bulb.

Skein, light bulb.

Skein, light bulb.

Light bulb...
Come on, baby, screw!

Are you afraid of electric shock?

Italian singers make me laugh.

Mal, Morandi, Celentano!

What do they have?
I never understood their secret.

- The move.
- What is that?

The signature move, the cachet.

- What?
- Celentano does the sprung.


- Cute.
- Morandi does the chimpanzee.

Endrigo does the whiner, and you?

- What do you do?
- Crap.

In your opinion I do crap?

What do you know?
You're born in Milan!

The cachet and the signature move...

Give me a break.

# And if life will divide us

That's the way to sing Italian-style,
with emotion...

with heart.

I don't imitate Americans.
What it takes? Everybody can do it.

Hey, yeah, yeah, and if life, ah, ah,

yeah yeah will divide us ah, oh, ah...

Oh, I ripped my pants!
Can you fix it, please?

I don't fix pants! I'm Marisa do Sol
from La Rambla of Barcelona!

What Barcelona!
I found you in Gallarate.


- Have you seen Danilo?
- No.

That faggot runs away all the time.

- Listen, are you able to sew?
- Yes.

You should do a mending here.
My pants ripped a little.

Can you?

Very good. Do it right.


- Even underwear and socks...
- Everything.

Modestly, my mending is like an embroidery.

Very good. I'll keep that in mind.

- Silver!
- Wait a minute! Why do you yell?

How beautiful you are!

And now, dear audience of Acquapendente,

... thank you from the depths
of my heart...

No, I say, how bad is love.

- Are you talking to me?
- I don't care about you.

- She is in love.
- Who?


... let's not forget the Sergeant Chief
of Carabinieri.

Here we are at last...

With who?

With me?

I should just not talk.

... the great singer

that we all admire and love:

Silver Boy!

Thank you.

You did good.

People of Acquapendente, good evening.

Having learned that this audience
is refined and sensitive...

Eh, my Danilo...

It's warm!

What are you doing?
The fodder on waning moon?

What do you know when fodder
must be harvested?

I was once like you.

- Yes? And what's your job now?
- I am an artist.

I understand.
You didn't want to work hard.

Mine is not just a golden world.
It is also made of pain and tears.

Work, Concetta, or your father
will give you more than pain and tears.

- Eat, they are perfectly cooked.
- No.

I don't want to eat or I will gain weight.

The more you gain weight,
the better you are.

In front of todos?

This heat got me in the mood for...


Make your mind up.


Stop, I want to talk to you.

Erica, don't run, please.

I was dreaming of you just now.
I kissed you in my dream.

Dreams must not be confused with reality.

What? I didn't hear you.

Come on.

Stop, Erica.

So many flowers.

I swear, I'm losing my mind for you!

- Stop, Erica.
- No.

You're beautiful.
I got you! You can't run away.

I got you too.

No, you're choking me! Let me go.


- Do you believe in love at first sight?
- Yes.


Do you want to sing for me?
Just for me.

I'd love to, but I don't have a microphone.

- Here.
- What is that? Oh, yes.

- Does it work?
- Yes.

# Three roses and one heart

# I have nothing else to offer you

- What a lovely day.
- Wonderful.

- So suddenly?
- What do we do?

We'd better go.

- Let's go!
- Run!

Oh, I love it with rain.

- Hurry up!
- Imma!

Let me in!

Where is Silver?

What do you care now?
Come here.

Where is Silver? He is with Erica!

They're doing a short walk.

- I kill him!
- Are you nuts?!

Where are you going?
Are you insane?!

Come on, we have arrived.

- Where is it?
- There.

You see it?

- I can't walk.
- I'll hold you up.

We finally made it.

Oh, my God.
Isn't it a nice shelter?

- We have plenty of thatch.
- I'm all wet.

- I'm drenched.
- So am I.

Even you.

- Your face is all wet.
- No!

Why are you rejecting me?

- This is not love.
- Why not?

I feel the blood boiling in my veins.
Why do you say it's not love?

- Yours is a fever of the senses.
- No, you're wrong. It's true love.

You give me a great pain
if you question the love I feel for you.

You don't want my heart,
you just want my body.

Then answer me:

Do you want to separate the flesh
from the soul?

You can't, Richetta.

You can't.

Come here.

Come on.

- Silver Boy, I know you'll make me suffer.
- Yes, I know.

- We will suffer together!
- No!

- There is no need to resist.
- No!

What we feel for each other
is stronger than us, so...

- Tell me that you love me.
- Yes, I love you.

- Where are you going? Don't go away.
- Silver Boy...

I offer you my supreme gift.

Yes, you won't regret it, because...

I love you.
I am what you want me to be.

Your skin burns. I'm thirsty.

- Only your lips can quench my thirst.
- Silver...

I love you.

Nothing in the world can divide us.

- And Marisa?
- She will understand and forgive us.

- I kill you!
- Goddamn you!

You fucking Spanish!

- Oh, Richetta...
- You told her?

No, I didn't have the guts.
She was too weak.

- I didn't want to hurt her.
- You don't want make her suffer.

- Darling.
- No! Richetta, no.

No way. She has no voice.
The doctor said she must stay home.

She must stay home?

Well, there will be no show.

- Girls, go undress you. We'll go home.
- Mr. Silver,

the theater owner is a former boxer.

He will make a massacre,
if we don't do the show.

He has some muscle here.

- He is a brute.
- Where is he?

Tell me how can I do the "Cocorocò"
without Marisa.

What can I do, the rooster alone,
like an asshole?

- Remove it.
- Remove it?

Silver Boy is not afraid of anyone.

Either we do the full show
or we don't do any show.

- I could do it.
- What?

- The Cocorocò. I can do it all.
- What?

With the same moves of Marisa.

- Don't waste my time, girl.
- I got it memorized.

Words and music.

# There was a nice, happy and joyful rooster

# He had 100 hens

Then there is the final...



Get yourself dressed.
You'll do the Cocorocò.

I'll get you tonight.

And you keep voting Christian Democracy...
You fool.

Excuse me, where is the entrance
to talk with dancers?

- What?
- it's a vice!

# There was a nice, happy and joyful rooster

# He had 100 hens

# He was the happiest predator in the world

# That lucky one lived like a King

# But one day a new hen comes

# A strange broad raised in town

# The rooster immediately approaches her

# He begins to court her
but she rejects him

# She was flirting in haughty way

# By not giving him anything of herself

# "If you want me, dear rooster,
you have to marry me"

# "Leave the others
and stay with me forever"

# As strange as this sounds,

# The rooster took the bait

# A funny story that can happen

# Only among chickens, not among men.

Come on, everybody sing!


Marisa, Erica is doing the Cocorocò.

Thief, dirty sly boots!

I kill her!

Your uncle is coming.

Good! You're really good.

I had doubts about you.

But now I believe that you have
a true vocation.

Almost better than Raffaella Carrà.

But what Carrà, please...

- She is great, isn't she?
- Of course, she is great. Amazing!

Reverend, this girl is born to dance.

In all modesty,
I said it from the first moment.

However, just look at her.

She's really good.

- Erica.
- Yes?

I knew that you did very well
my Cocorocò.

- Congratulations.
- You're very kind.

Quiet, please.

I'd like to make a toast.

To the Cocorocò!

The Cocorocò of tonight

will be played by Erica.

- You deserved it. You're really good.
- Thank you.

I also thought that you're doing
many things, so you can get some rest.

You are very kind to worry about me,

Sure, she moved up quickly.

To Erica... and the Cocorocò!

To the Cocorocò!

Did you enjoy the trip, babies?

- Hey, Commendatore.
- Hi.

Uncle, he is Farfarello.

Best wishes and lots of male children.

- An autograph, Commendatore.
- Love is no fun...

If with Farfarello it can't be done.

Who holds my jacket?

Silver Boy, have you seen who's here?

Yes, that comedian. Farfetto or something.

What? Farfarello!

There is also his wife,
the great Pola Prima.

Ma'am! I'm here.

- Do you remember me, Danilo?
- Yes, Enrico.

You're divine.

Thank you, girl.

Hi, Monica.

- Welcome back.
- Danilo, stop all this pandering!

- An amatriciana for everybody?
- Very well.

Who's that?

That Farfetto makes me laugh.

He's raising his hand to greet me,
but I never answer him.

- You're wrong.
- Why?

The girls who work with him...

all end up sleeping with him.

Because he is a vulgar man,
without professional seriousness.

They call him the Lady killer.

- Him...
- The Lady killer?

An improper term which means
he likes women.

- Ask if they have beans.
- It's like an oven...

- Some broad beans?
- a crematory oven.

What a nice boy.

No, thanks.
We already ordered an amatriciana.

- It's heavy for the stomach.
- I see.

How are you?

- Nice to meet you.
- Don't you remember me?

Silver Boy.

- Of course, he is Silver Roy.
- Silver Boy.

Gentlemen, this is the famous Silver Roy.

- Girls, say hello to Silver Roy.
- My name is Silver Boy!

Pola, do you remember Silver Roy?

- Silver Boy!
- What a wonderful blonde grapes.

Pola, what are you doing?!

- Be careful!
- What a pain!

- She is my ruin.
- I'll take care of her.

Luckily they were sour grapes.

- Get her an ice pack. Some alcohol.
- What a pain.

Some cotton "wood".

She always falls.

Every moment, every day.

Waiter, the amatriciana!
What is this place called?

We are draining pasta.

It's called La pergola.

We must pay attention
to the restaurant names.

There is the joke of that man...

The guy who went to eat
at the Two fags restaurant.

Then he calls the owner and asks him:

"Excuse me, why this place is called
the Two fags?

And the owner: "I head this restaurant
for many years

and I still don't understand why".

"Wait a minute, I'll ask my wife".

So he goes to the kitchen and he says:

"...I'll ask my wife... Gastone...."

She didn't get it.

I know a funny joke.

Quiet, please.

A man bought one of those
Chinese toy dogs...

Ah, the one about the Shittsu?

"Is it a Shittsu?"
"You should see the size of those turds."

- A very old joke.
- Do you know it?

Caesar used to tell that to Cleopatra.

Here is the amatriciana!

Here is the amatriciana. Let's eat.

- I'll tell you that later. It's funny.
- Here is the soup.

Is it fresh? Or I'll throw it at you!

No, thanks.

Bring them to Silver Roy leading lady.

Thank you.

What? The leading lady
is the Spanish over there?

I thought it was that sugar
next to the priest.

Silver Roy, tell us a joke.

It's not my specialty.

I see.

Fernando, tell him a joke.

A nun feels sick

and the prioress tells her
"Come on, I'll give you a cognac".

"What cognac, I..."

Well, she says "I want a coffee".


She says "What cognac, I'd like a..."

Maybe a Sambuca.

It's not like that.

The nun doesn't say "I'd like a cognac".

She says "I want a cappuccino".

But not a milk and coffee.

Cappuccino means a friar.

They play well.

May we have this dance, miss?

- Can I, Silver?
- Of course.

- May I, Roy?
- No problem, Farfarello.

Changer la femme.

Silver Boy, may I...

Sure, darling.

Richetta, I'll go now
or I lose the bus to Copparola.

Forget the bus.
I'll get you a ride with my Cadillac.

I'll come with you.
I want to go see Adele.

Fernando, bring Richetta
and the reverend to Copparola.


- Listen, did you already know Silver?
- I don't think so.

Our kind of show are the "antelopes"
of each other.

Why don't you come mirarce tonight?

Where is Mirarce? Is that village
around here with a little church?

No, I mean to see our show.

I want to show you my Cocorocò.

Now, changer les hommes.

- Me and you?
- No.

- Silver Boy! Come on, let's dance.
- I can't, I have a headache.

To remove any "athletic" doubt,

haven't we met before?

I don't think.

What did you tell him?

- Don't you remember that Erica
does the Cocorocò?- Shut up!

During the trip, you...

You're very attractive.

Is it clear what you have to do?

Okay, but after this, you...


You always have that thing in your mind.

- Are you daughter of art?
- No, I'm an orphan.

Come in.
What are you planning, Commendatore?

A musical comedy.


You look a little peaky.

"Poppea, get on my chariot"

- An audacious title.
- Felliniesque.

Good evening.

- Where am I sitting?
- Here.

- Silver, I am worried.
- Can't you see I'm putting on makeup?!

- What do you want?
- I'm worried.

- About what?
- Erica is not back yet.

- What? She's not here?
- She didn't come back.

Holy shit!
Tonight, with Farfarello in the theater!

She should have done
the Cocorocò in front of him!

I don't know...
Are they gone away?

My God, Farfarello is getting angry.


I wonder what happened.

Come on,
maybe they stopped in the countryside.

She and Fernando are young.

What's Fernando got to do with it?

Todos knows they are dating.

You're an evil woman!

When you're on stage,
they always stay in Erica's dressing room.

Maybe they are up there even now.

Get out of here!


Get dressed.

You'll do the Cocorocò.

Come in.

- Who is it?
- Who?


What's wrong with this car?

I don't know.

Might be the coil ignition
or the spark plugs.

The coil springs...
Maybe the platinated tips.

I'll walk up there.

- What?
- I'll walk.

Panzano is 14 km. away.

You'll never get there.

# She was flirting in haughty ways

# By not giving him anything of herself

# "If you want me, dear rooster,
you have to marry me"

# "Leave the others
and stay with me forever"

- Is he sleeping?!
- # As strange as this sounds,

# The rooster took the bait

# A funny story that can happen

# Only among chickens, not among men.

- Am I on time?
- To leave.

- We did the show without you.
- I know, you're right.

- But Fernando...
- I know everything about Fernando.

No need to explain.

But, Silver...

let me explain, let me tell you...

But what do you want?

- Don't you know that you're dismissed?
- Di...?

...smissed. Fired. Go away!

- Changing of the guard. - Silver?
- My name is Silver Boy.

And our love?

Our love...

What did you think?

It was a moment of desire.

A whim of the senses.

Our love...

I always do this
when I want to have a female.

You know, I come up with a great love.

It's more enjoyable this way,
don't you think?

Did you believe it?

- Let's go, my love.
- Vamos?

Yes, let's go.

I want to eat a lot tonight.

I also want to drink a lot, my love.

Let's go to the Tre gazzelle.

Goodnight, I'll see you tomorrow,

- Buenas noches.
- Goodnight.

"You're dismissed".

Good-bye, my theater.

Very good.

- Tell me your name again.
- Erica.

From now on, your name will be
Erika Rikk.

With "K"?


The joy sometimes is born out of grief.


Dear uncle,

maybe you heard from newspapers

that I left the Silver Boy company.

Now I'm with Farfarello and Pola Prima.

# Pyramidal

# My Egyptian charm

# Has no artificiality

# Everybody knows it

# Tutankham-Tutankham,
everybody goes to his room

In our life we have to choose
between love and art.

I have chosen art.

# They throw away a fortune

# To spend half an hour with you

# Pharaoh-Pharaoh
Half an hour with you

Farfarello is a great artist,

a refined and elegant comedian.

Caesar, what's wrong with your horse

My nag is on the rag today.

Caesar, people ask for sesterces.

Tell them that my sisters are virgins.

Roman people, don't worry,

I assure you that taxes
will be abolished.

Yes, my foot. Yes, my foot.

# Yes, my foot

Farfarello has one weakness: women.

After dinner he pinches every time
the cheeks of a dancer.

Then his wife has a sudden reduction
in eyesight.

The chosen girl stands up and says:

Commendatore, will you take me
to the hotel, please?

Of course.

Maybe I have a plank in my eye.

Wanda, what a smell of lavender!

Wanda, you're beautiful.

- Where are you from?
- From Asti.


If you go out with a girl from Asti,

don't be hasty!

He will pinch you too, someday.

He would have an ice statue in his arms.

I work hard.
We rehearse even while traveling.

Farfarello teaches me all subtleties
of his refined art.

- Come on, Erica.
- Tell me, what do you want, Dick?

"What do you want, Dick?"
What are you saying?

You must say
"What the dick do you want?"

Or it's useless. That's the joke.

Why else would his name be Dick?
It could be Philip.

Go on.

Tell me,
what the dick do you want?

I want to know why you're so tight.

Oh, what beautiful thights!

It's a joy this gag.

- What are you doing, Cornelia?
- I'm backing away.

- You say it this way?
- Yes.

- You don't say "I'm getting my ass out"?
- No.

One is backing away
and don't say "I'm getting my ass out".

- Can you believe it, my lady?
- What the dick do I know?

Dear uncle, I'm very happy
and we have so much fun.

And I don't even remember that Silver Boy.

Yours Erika Rikk.

Commendatore, could you take me
to the hotel, please?

How could I not?

Of course.

Excuse me, dear,
see if I have something in my eye.

- I think it's a plank.
- There is a little dust.

- Are you from Turin? - Yes.
- I understand it from your accent.

A Turin girl...
I feel like a turbo car tonight.

With a girl from Turin
you can sleep in every inn.

Look at Erika now.

# These are only few roses

# Smelling like a prayer

# And along with my life

# I give them to you, yes

What manner is this?!

# Yes, three roses and one heart

Did he do the same thing In Senigallia?

- He'd had a few drinks.
- Like tonight.

Maybe a drop.

And I should pay him?
You're crazy!

Raise the curtain!


What is he doing? Sing!

- Maybe he's tired tonight.
- Tired...

He lost his head over that bitch.

Hello. Hello!

- Can you hear me?
- Yes!

- Clearly?
- Yes!

Yes, throw. Throw, people!

You impudent girl!

Good heavens, my wife!
She caught us in the very act!

Bitch, get out of here!

Pola, please...

Pola, no...

Consider yourself lucky
that I'm letting you off so...

- easily!
- No, Pola!

Swine! You're a shameless too.

You are hurting me!

I'm sick and tired of being cuckolded!

It's a misunderstanding, let me explain.

Where do you find all this energy?

Ahi, Pola!

It's my exuberant and Mediterranean
nature that leads me...

- She's gone.
- Really?

I've had enough, I swear...

To keep the legend
of the womanizer Farfarello alive

it is becoming a titanic effort.

What about me?

I'm making raids for four years.

Already four years?

Savona, 1967.

What do you mean?

- The last Farfarello "raising flag".
- I know.

The splits, Dorothy.

- Splits.
- No, you'd better not.


What a great pain, my dear.

A fireman or someone else...

What a pain, Peppe.

Thank you.

Good morning.

- I'll be on the veranda.
- Captain!

You have to leave.
My uncle's just returned.

- Yes, I know.
- You can't stay here.

- He'll hang you.
- I don't think he will.

- Because you're stupid.
- You swine!

And you're a skunk!

- You know what are you?
- What?

- A cuckold!
- You dirty.

- I said cuckold, scoundrel, sucker!
- And you're a bitch.

Bitch! Bitch!
That's what you are.

Are you crazy? There is a movie.

- Ah, shut up, cuckold!
- Of course, you're a born whore!

And you still are.

- Everyone must know that!
- Enough! It's disgusting!

What are you doing?
The owner will claim for damages!

- I can't stand Silver anymore!
- No, I can't stand you anymore.

No, I' can't stand you two anymore,
and that's all!

Being nice to you is useless.
You're fired!

Pediconi, do you know something?

- You busted my balls.
- Pediconi!

Pediconi, you will pay me the damages!

There is the movie. Let's go there.

And I did everything to get that bitch
out of your head!

You did what? Stop!

- I don't understand, what did you do?
- Nothing.

- I don't say nada!
- Say it or I'll kill you.

- Speak!
- All right, hablo!

I'll speak.

- Erika's delay at the theater...
- Well?

- I made this happen.
- You?

- Yes, me.
- Let me understand.

Why was Fernando's red undershirt
in Erica's dressing room?

I... put it there!

You did it?

So Erika is innocent.

- She's innocent.
- You scoundrel! You ruined my life.

- Don't you know?
- What?

The story about the shirt wasn't true.

- What shirt?
- The red one.

The Fernando's shirt
in Erika's dressing room.

She is innocent.
Pediconi, I love you!

I go straight to her, wherever she is,
to ask her forgiveness.

- Erika is innocent and I'm not a cuckold!
- I'll go to the police!

I'll report you all!

I'll ruin you!

I'll confiscate your trunks,
your sets and costumes.

I'll confiscate all that you have!

Do you want to confiscate this too?



- But you didn't kiss me.
- Oh, I'm sorry.

Hi, Peppe. Hi everybody.

How are you?

I'm much better this morning.

And the leg? Can you walk?

Very well.

Let's see.

Do you agree that she can be no longer
the leading lady?

Not even the second.

It makes me sad, you know,

to think at the mud that she threw
at you.

No, don't blame her.

As a woman, I understand her.

Lovers fight for their love.
And the one who fight is always redeemed.

I haven't slept last night.

- So I wrote some verses.
- Tell them to me.

- No, forget it.
- Oh, please.

- Erika...
- What?

... with silky hair.

You can do whatever you like
with Silver Boy.

Loosen up,

let's come to dream

the whispering waves

of the blue sea.

- Do you like them?
- Disgusting.

- What?
- No, your verses are wonderful. Thank you.

And also thanks for this trip
to Civitavecchia.

- Are you happy?
- As never before.

Close your eyes

and breathe deeply.

Free your lungs from the stage dust.

Breathe, Richetta.

Oh, a little shoe.

Poor Mrs. Pola.

If she had not fallen yesterday,
Farfarello wouldn't have suspended the show,

and we weren't doing this dream holiday.


- Don't you get a sunburn?
- No, darling.

We southern men become bronze statues
with a little sun.

- Come on, Richetta.
- Yes.

Let me kiss your wonderful mouth.

How fresh your kisses are.

I feel like I'm floating
in a sea of happiness.

So do I.

- Eight. - Nine. - Seven!
- No, eh!

- Yes.
- Again?

- My dear, again?
- Yes, again.

- Where?
- Here. Right here, very good.

- Darling.
- Ah, how delightful.

- A little on the front side now.
- Where?

Under the chest.

- Here.
- yes.

It burns.

My God, it's like fire.

- I'll open the window.
- Open it wide.

Ah, the see breeze...

Look at the sky, the view...

A penny for your thoughts.

What does it mean?

It's the American way to say
"what are you thinking?"

I was thinking

that might be time

to form our own company,
you and me.

- Yes, dear!
- Silver Boy and Erika Rikk.

We could do a duet
with that nice song of yours.

- What.
- That non-singing song.

I see, that sentimental erotic rhythm.

- Yes, the scarlet song.
- Like "Je t'aime, moi non plus"?

Yes, that's beautiful.
Do you remember it?

Yes, my love.

Yes, more.

I love you.

No, my love, more.

I love you.

You kill me, you break me

because you despise me.

I love you.


Stop this obscenity!
We have kids here.

Calm down, kids do not understand.

But what did they understand?

- Ignorant people.
- Ordinary people.

I'll call Pediconi immediately.

- You said you two weren't talking anymore.
- He is a business man.

If I offer him the company
Silver Boy-Erika Rikk, he...

he loses his mind.

I'll phone him right away.

I'll go right now, my love.

Yes, my love.

Yes, more. I love you.

"I love you" and her...

No, my love, more.

And I "I love you".
And her...

You kill me, you break me.

Pediconi, and I always say "I love you".

What? You'll come here tomorrow.

I'll wait for you. Bye.

Richetta, what did I say?
Pediconi lost his mind.

He went crazy.

He wanted my address
so he'll be here tomorrow morning.

We got the company, Richetta.

# But an old lady precedes me
and curls up in the seat

# I am a gentleman and I think

# if there is no seat
sooner or later I'll get a...

# How dare you?!

You're practicing the bus scene.

Yes, we thought to propose it again.

And who plays the old lady?

Let's practice.

Look, if you don't want to,
let's forget it.

I said let's practice.

Girls, let's practice.

Who's crying?

People don't cry in the theater,
they just laugh

Come on.


A seat for a poor old lady.

# What a pleasure
that we feel in the bottom of the seats

# Going on the streetcar
gives me a pleasure

# What a pleasure...

Order whatever you want,
a vermouth.

- I'll be back in five minutes.
- All right.

- Look at those legs!
- A goddess.

How pretty.

Pull your skirt down!

- Hello, honey.
- You were better before.

- That's it.
- What is she doing?

Pediconi, my dear.

I tell you one thing:
guess what Erika is doing?

She went to Viterbo to leave Farfarello
and form a company with me.

What do you think?
Isn't it wonderful?

Think about it for a moment.

Silver Boy introducing Erika Rikk.
Isn't it wonderful?

- Do you have the car keys?
- My car?

Yes, why?

Got it! You want to talk in the car.

You're right, it's warm.
Come on, let me explain.

The show is ready.
The final number is stunning.

An amazing love duet:
"Hot nights in St. Tropez". Do you like it?

- The dancers are naked, not completely.
- I'll take these.

Do you want to drive.
Drive! Have fun!

What a show I've prepared.


If you don't pay me the rest within 15 days,
I'll send you to jail.

To jail? Be reasonable.

The show is ready.

- Even costumes are ready.
- Then I'll take this too, as a costume.

You cheating bitch!

Don't get mad, she's a little girl.

- A dumb girl, you mean.
- Yes.

I offer her to be a soubrette
with Farfarello

and she goes with that ugly Silver Roy.

Things that fly off the "handlebar".

Why don't you do your own company?

- Call me, I'll go with you.
- I promise.

- Lucky you, going to Civitavecchia.
- Stop it or you wet us.

- Bye.
- Have a nice trip.

Watch out for that Silver.
He's a womanizer.

- I don't think so.
- He'll play with you and then he leaves.

- How can I turn here?!
- Why did you cut the curve?!

Let's go, my dear.

Come on, let's go!

- Come on!
- Silver.

That's not possible.


Farfarello introducing his new soubrette

A toast to our great soubrette.
To Erika Rikk.

To the greatest of all soubrettes.
To Pola.

No! Absolutely not.

To you, my dear.

I'm glad that you're taking my place.

You will be a new Pola Prima.

To your debut at Theater Jacovacci in Rome.

What a theater.
It took me 20 years to get there.

But when you got there,
you had it in your hand another 20 years.

Commendatore, a toast.

- No, come on...
- Yes, yes!

All right.

What an ass and a breast

has my new soubrette!

What does this lunatic want?

- What's going on?
- He is Silver Roy.

I have neither the tail coat
nor the top hat,

there are people who create a soubrette,

and other people who steal that.

- It's an attack on you.
- I don't know...

He is a small town actor.

- In street festivals?
- Horrible!

Or cow market.


will you take me
to the hotel, please?

I am very pleased, Erika Rikk.

Fine choice.


- # My love, kiss me.
- # Kiss me.

- # Hold me to your heart
- # Hold me

# Hold me

- I'll go with Erika.
- Don't.

She asked me to. I can't help it.

You will break into the room in an hour,
as usual.

Are you ready, my dear?
I'm coming.

Just like 10 years ago.

- The same.
- A lot of love.

I see you chose the easy success

over a more risky and artistic adventure.

Life goes round, like the wheel of a car.

Pardon me. Commendatore?

Silver Roy is very unpleasant.

First he throws it, then he wants it.
He's crazy.

He is like a "Bourbonic" plague.

My friend, what do you think about a woman

that suddenly leaves you

to go with another man
she doesn't love?

I think you're a cuckold.


- Commendatore...
- My Erika!

What excitement.
A delirium... of the senses...


- Have you a sip of...
- Whiskey!

- Yes, whiskey.
- I don't have it.

I'll go to the bar and get it.

Meanwhile, I'll get undressed.


Where is Zazà, my first success.

Once she sang it bare-tits.

Bubù, do you remember my tits?

Two Champagne glasses.



Take me.

Yes, of course...

I'll take you now.
Let's get crazy.

We'll do crazy things!

We'll do an earthquake, crazy things...


maybe you're not in the mood tonight.

What? I'm...

I'm not in the mood?

You don't understand.
I usually take the woman...


I hurt the woman.
You're a baby and I don't want to hurt you.

I usually make the woman exhausted.

I break her. I unscrew her.

I dismantle her, then I put her together
and I dismantle her again!

It's midnight.

Time runs fast.

The time for love.

This is my palace.

And this is a trench?

It's the front falling apart.
It's an old palace.

Let's stay together this night, Bubù.

It's too late.

Like Farfarello.

Oh my God, Farfa!

It's already been two hours.

He'll kill me. Farfa!




You impudent and miserable girl!

Consider yourself lucky that ...

What happened?

What was supposed to happen?
The inevitable.

You left me here alone two hours.
She found out everything.

You wretch, it's your fault.

Everyone must know it.
He didn't touch me.

Yes, let's make an announcement.

This is a catastrophe, a "catacomb"!

I swear, he didn't touch me.

I believe you, my dear.

Listen, sweetie.

A few years ago, the Commendatore...

You're a wonderful girl.






Here's the money.

But let it be clear, I don't want
to get involved in this shit.

It was better if you bought a new dress.

I won't rest until I get my revenge
on that bitch.

Is it clear what you have to do?

I'll do it for free.

All right.

- Vamos!
- Let's go.

Colonel Brown?

- Something is happening here.
- What?

My "rocket" is rising.

It's nothing, Colonel Brown.

No, I'm Captain Smith,
you're Colonel Brown.

- You're Smith, I'm Brown and a Colonel?
- Yes.

- Well, Colonel Brown...
- No!

I'm Captain Smith, you're Brown.

Don't worry, it always happens
when you get close to Venus.

The usual "rocket" jokes.

We're landing on Earth... no, on Venus.

- Porter!
- What are you saying, stupid?

- We're landing on Venus.
- Woman porter!

What a stupid.

Be careful when she appears on stage.

I'll go upstairs to settle the score.

Oh my God, a "venereal"!

- Captain.
- Colonel.

- Ah, Colonel.
- No, you're Colonel Brown.

- Captain Smith?
- Excuse me, Colonel...

- but there are women on Venus?
- I don't think so.


These are wom...

A love token.

Latrine odor.


- But what am I doing here?
- Why?

What do I care about women?

So it's true.

- You're an anal astronaut!
- Yes.


Are you here?

- Did you bring me the slices of meat?
- I'll slice you to pieces.

I'll cut you "that" into pieces!

What is it?

Hey, Farfarello!

An average income: 48.000£.

Farfa, if you don't mind,
your "blast you" in the bus scene...

My heart beats!

- What have you done to him?
- Nothing

I didn't even touch him.

I was like that, pretending to...

- Help me.
- ... and he fainted.

- I'll get him to the couch.
- Let's get him to the couch

- Grab his legs.
- His perfume...

- ... will revive him.
- It's not my fault, ma'am.

My dear, go get a doctor.

# Venus, we're Venus handmaiden

# Wonderful Venus, the Goddess of love

Well, Mrs. Pola, Erika...

That nice girl is an angel
and you're a villain.

Why are you telling me this?

Erika saw you in the car
with your arm around Marisa,

while she was going to Civitavecchia
to see you,

after renouncing a bright future
for your sake.

- Pediconi!
- What does that word mean?

Pediconi is my manager, of Formia.

- He is deformed?
- No, he was born in Formia.

He was in the car with Marisa, not me.

- I was in Civitavecchia waiting for Erika.
- Fortunately.

# Venus, we're Venus handmaiden

# Wonderful Venus, the Goddess of love

- Here's the doctor.
- Where is he? - My dear!

Mrs. Pola, I'd like to know
if he touched Erika.

Absolutely not. Impossible.

- Because he is impotent?
- Absolutely impotent.

- Ah, he is impotent? - He is impotent?
- Impotent!

Let's announce it at the microphone.

- Let's put a notice in the paper.
- Ah! He recovered.

- Let's go to applaud that dear girl.
- Let's go.

- Commendatore, how are you feeling?
- Well...

Much better.


something of high scientific interest
is happening.

- Tell me.
- The past is coming back.

I feel something like...

a tingle rising all over the body.

Is it possible?

- Science is often impotent.
- The science too?

Resources of nature are unlimited.

A shock blocks and another shock unlocks.
It happens.

- Well it's happening.
- It might.

- It happened!
- Congratulations.

I got unlocked!

- The shell!
- She's a statue.

# I'm Venus 2000

# I have a special curvaceous body

Holy shit, I forgot!

# Compared to Aphrodite

# An old fashion Goddess

# I've been improved
and perfected for you...

Good luck.

- Ah, Doctor...
- Yes.

In case you meet my wife over there,
Pola Prima...

Nothing happened.
Farfarello is always the same.

Of course, don't worry.

Pucci, my dear.

Eternal turbulent Rome.


- Don't throw anything. Stop!
- Beat it! I got paid.

Then I enjoy to do the target shooting
with Venus.

You wretch!

I'll break you!

- Pucci...
- Commendatore!

Come here.

You're undressing me!

Throw! Let me go!

Come here!

- But I have to dance.
- I'll make you dance now.

This is a television conspiracy
to ruin our opening night.

- Do something!
- I'll send the girls on stage.

Come on, girls!

- I'm afraid, no!
- Afraid of what?

Here, hold this.

Farfarello, the audience went crazy.
Oh my God!

You are unable to deal with it.

Audience is a wild animal.
It takes the iron glove in the velvet fist.

- The iron fist in the velvet glove.
- Yes.

I'll talk to them.

I'm here. I'll talk to them.

My friends, calm down.
Don't waste all these goodies,

considering vegetables prices
of these days.

I'm gonna eat it tonight.

If you behave yourselves,
I'll tell you a joke...

Well, see you later.

Erika, I know everything.
I was wrong again.

You're an angel and I'm a wretch,
but I will defend you now.

Come on.
Don't be afraid, I'm with you.

Get out!

You bastards, get out of here!

Sit down! Get back in your places!

Sit down!

If anybody moves, I'll tear him apart!

Erika, sing!

- Sing!
- You double-crossing rat! I'll kill you!

The police!

Marisa do Sol...

Very good, Erika.

# I'm Venus 2000

# I have a special curvaceous body

# If you wanna try to make love

# You'll see it

# Compared to Aphrodite

# An old fashion Goddess

# I've been improved
and perfected for you...

- To us, your name is Letizia.
- But I'm Marisa do Sol.

From La Rambla of Barcelona!

Erika, it's your triumph.

Silver, what is it?

- Please...
- Who did that?

- ... tell Erika...
- What?

... that I...

Come on!

# I know a thousand tricks,
a thousand more things

# If you try,
you will agree that too

# In our confused times

# I adapt myself for all uses

# I'm Venus 2000

# I'm up for anything

# I am uninhibited,
I can never say no

# Never say no

# I'm uninhibited,
I like to say yes

How did it go?


- Commendatore!
- A "magistrate" performance.

You were great and exciting.
Your body...

Like a baby. He keeps pretending.

Yes, let him pretend.

You're always good.

And you always sexy.
Nice skin.

- Where is Silver?
- He was taken away. He's wounded.


Silver! Oh, no!

Listen, you're on the crest of a wave.
Silver is in decline.

Your success divides him from you.

I'd give up any success for him.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

- So run to him.
- Where is he?

- They took him to the Foundling Hospital.
- Thank you.

- Where are you going? Your number?
- I have to go.

- So who plays the Cuban girl?
- Commendatore.

Please, let me do it.

I memorized every word and step.

- Do you know them all?
- Yes.


That's a pity.

Erika could have been a big star,

but she was just a...


# You just have to peel it

# If you want to eat it

# You just have to peel it

# If you want to eat it

That whore... She's going places.

Son of a b...

Silver Boy.

There is no boy here,
they are all old men.

It's his stage name.

But what's his real name?

Actually, I don't know it.

Oh, well...

But I'm sure!

They brought him here. He's wounded.

Attention, please.

Dear patients,
it's time for the evening prayer.

Let's prepare spiritually to pray together.

Stand up.

Get out!

Get on your knees and
repeat after me:

Pain and sorrow

We don't lose our patience

Sorrow and pain

For the joy of the Lord

- May I?
- What do you want?

- What do you... Get out!

Get out immediately...!

Open the door!

I'll call the guard!
Open it immediately!

# Three roses and one heart

A ladder!

Where are you going?!
Give me a leg-up.

# But if a great love is enough for you

# Stay with me

# With me

What is this, the Sanremo Music Festival?

She said to repeat the song.

But I don't know it.

I do. "If you want to live with love,
come back to me".

# But if you want to dream

# The resplendent life of a King

# What I can give you

# It's not for you...


# Mind you that wealth

# Does not bring happiness

Let me go to him!

# And if life will divide us

# You will always be...

- Silver!
- Erika!

# Three roses and one heart

# I have nothing else to offer you

Does it hurt much, my love?

Erika, why did you come?

Our paths diverge.

What are you saying?
People want your return.

Tonight at the theater
people were shouting:

Siver! Silver Boy!

- They were shouting Silver Boy?
- Silver Boy, go back to the theater!

Go back to the theater, too?

Silver, go back to your audience.

I'll go back to the theater.

We'll go back together.

The end


... sober....

... delicate...

... an immortal piece of work
that will remain in history alongside

the Divine Comedy and the Parthenon.
The (Lower) Copparola Herald

Subtitles by: Darbant @KG