Basta (2021) - full transcript

With humor riding the forefront, Basta tracks the ride that the families of a bride and a groom have to go on to find the deal breaker. One of the most important aspects of the wedding, the...

This is our village.

It's no more the same village now.

It has undergone many
changes in past few years.

Now, everybody owns TV and..

Mobile.. and vehicle.

Now, women are glued to the TV..

..instead of taking up the labour job.

Still, no one is ready
to marry off his daughter.. a village boy.

Even the farmers have
lost hopes in farming.

Due to the untimely rain and famine.

Even the village girls..

..are not ready to marry any farmer.

Now, they want their partner
to be employed in the city.

Once mesmerized by the city.. never like to be in village.

Village has just become a medium..

..for pastime during weekends.

To enjoy during the fair.

To enjoy the sports.

But no one wants to extend
his family in the village.

Villagers are incurring
huge loss in this craze for city.

My son Nama.

Even he wants his daughter
to be happily married.

He married off his eldest
daughter with an employ.

And his youngest daughter
Swati also wants..

..a boy employed in the city.

There you go.



Why walking?

Actually, I missed the
bus so came by the share cab.

Had you called me up,
I'd have come to pick you up.

Several times I've
told you to give me a call.

It's not good to walk
in this scorching heat.

Not a big deal.

What do you mean?

If your skin tans I will not marry you.

No matter whose daughter you are.

I want a fair wife.

In any case I will not marry a farmer.

Shut up.

Do you think you're the only girl?

The acres of land I possess
will attract many proposals for me.

Oh really?

You're not even getting
a labour for your field.

How will you get a life partner?

Stop boasting.

And quickly drop me home.

A boy's party is coming
home for my alliance.

00:05:14,800 --> 00:05:15,520 position:80%

You also faced the same problem?

Yes, of course. We incurred huge loss.

Oh I see, but wedding calls
for a huge blow on your pocket.

- Hello.

Will they be able to cope with it?
- Let's see.

Hello. Friends.

Sharad, please help him.


Okay. Okay.


Yes, that's how marriage is solemnized.

Even a labour class would act like..

..a super star at the
time of his own wedding.

Take for example your grandpa.

This is what we offer, son-in-law.

It's time for the wedding knot.

What's the matter, son-in-law?

I want a radio. At any cost.

Come on, now. You got a radio.
Now, go ahead with the wedding vows.

Did grandpa demand a radio?

What do I say?

The old man had
thrown enough tantrums.

It's just that he was
aged when you saw him.

He was so adamant you know.

He loved to eat mutton.

Even in his last days
he used to relish it.

Grandma, what if Swati's
husband is like her grandpa?

No ways, I will come back.

Don't worry.

All men are same.

At home, they act like a tiger.

But in the outside world,
they become coward.

Swati. Swati.


Stop laughing.

The guests are waiting outside.
Get ready.

You please tell her something.

You forgot your manners
and want me to explain her.

What's this? Come fast.
- Yes.

You're too much, grandma.

Okay, let's finalize
it for one million cash.

What are you saying?

I mean, the boy is
a government servant.

You just can't afford
to lose this proposal.

Don't think much.

But we can't afford
to give such huge dowry.

He didn't mean that. But..

Forget it then..
- Hey, let's see the girl first.



Take this inside.

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We like the girl.

Let's finalize any date
of the last week of this month.

Maybe the end of the month.

you you're your arrangements.

Will do.

- Yes.

- Yes.

Take address from him.

And send Swati's photo to the boy.

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I hope my work gets done today.

I will talk to sir.

Don't worry.


It seems he's leaving.
- Did you like this girl?

What's wrong in her? She looks good.

Get married by the end of this month.
Your grandpa is on his deathbed.

Nothing will happen to him.
He's fit and fine.

Your friend's daughter
Vidya is also there.

She has clearly refused to marry you.

Even I am not ready
for marriage as of now.

Anyway, I won't get leave.


Kavita, look at this photo.

I'm sure he's addicted to tobacco..

..that's why his lips are closed tight.

All tobacco chewers never smile..

..when posing for the photograph.

You know everything.

I've seen 15 boys so far.
I'm much experienced now.

My opinion goes with mother.

Even I want my daughter
to be married in the same village.

Always in front of my eyes.

What about the boy's
party who just visited?

They refused.

The boy doesn't wish
to get married as of now.

In a way, it's good.

Why did you ask her?

What's wrong?

Your idea of replacing
the photograph has worked.

Nandu, her mother always
looks upon me as her son-in-law.

But it's difficult to understand
Swati and her father's thinking.

Listen, Manya.

Before it's too late.. should meet Swati's parents
with your marriage proposal for her.

Yes, you must do this daring.

Sitting idle will not help.

Go and talk to her parents.



"The flowers on the creepers.."

"These beautifully coloured flowers."

"And your smile."

"..are just so killing."

"Can't think of anything else.."

"..other than chanting your name."

"I'm addicted to your love."

"Days are passing."

"The heart is getting restless."

"New bond is forming."

"I dream of you as my wife."

"Days are passing."

"The heart is getting restless."

"New bond is forming."

"I dream of you as my wife."

"The flowers on the creepers.."

"These beautifully coloured flowers."

"And your smile."

"..are just so killing."

"Can't think of anything else.."

"..other than chanting your name."

"I'm addicted to your love."

"Even this small meeting.."

"..has refreshed everything."

"The love has.."

"..knocked my heart."

"Mind is getting clear now."

"It's the effect of your company."

"Days are passing."

"The heart is getting restless."

"New bond is forming."

"I dream of you as my wife."

"The flowers on the creepers.."

"These beautifully coloured flowers."

"And your smile."

"..are just so killing."

"Can't think of anything else.."

"..other than chanting your name."

"I'm addicted to your love."

Hey, instead of wasting
hours in front of the mirror..

..why don't you take
the cattle for grazing?

You started taunting again.

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Soon my alliance will be fixed.

Will see when it is fixed.

But mind you,
don't be like your dad.

Never raise hand at your wife.

By swear of me.

You will never hit her.


I will never touch her.

There he is.
Take off the evil eyes from him.

What is the agenda
of your meeting today?

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What are you waiting for?

Go get me some water.

Do you have only one mug in the house?

Wait a minute.

Hurry up.
- Yes.

Did I fall down or sit down?


Listen son.

Stop doing that style.

Don't show me this hair style.

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This drilled water stinks.


You'll get a daughter-in-law
in near future and..

No, we will not.

Why? What happened?

She's my niece.
- Yes.

I don't care. But my words are final.

He will have to give
dowry before agreeing.. give his daughter in my family.

You've already lost your
reputation in the village.

Now, stop demanding dowry in my name.

Why don't you want me to get married?

No way, I won't compromise, tell him.

Think about your family's prestige.

- What prestige?

Pakistan's soldiers came in disguise..

..during the Panipat's war.

Pakistani army never existed
during the Panipat's War.

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Even I didn't exist at that time.




You can call me Manya.

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Okay, what did you decide
about Swati's marriage?

Talks are going on.

Sharad Rao, you're my eldest son-in-law.

You tell me.

Manya is a good guy.

Moreover both your sons-in-law
will be in the same village. - Yes.

That's right.

00:16:49,400 --> 00:16:50,440 position:80%

But what?

I want to marry off Swati
to a government servant.

If he too would be
a serviceman like you..

It's okay, uncle.
Everyone's fate is different.

Consider that one
of your leg is amputee.

But you..
- You're right.

Dad, call from Dewari.

Call from Dewari?

Let me speak to him.


- Dewari..

Okay. So, the boy
wants to see the girl.

Never mind. When will he be here?

Did you like her?

We already liked the girl.

And now our son has also liked her.

So, let's go ahead
with the further talks.

Okay, so..


Just excuse us.

What's the matter?

What could be the thing?

Shall I declare?

Okay, listen.

We want Rs.
200 thousand given to the groom.

And the wedding should
be up to our standard.

You will spend on both groom
and bride's wedding costumes.

I mean the entire shopping
of both groom and bride.

80 grams gold jewellery for the bride.

And 20 grams gold ring for the groom.

That's it.

Do you agree?


"He's indulged in mischief all day.."

"..with his gang of notorious."

"They trouble people
and jump around all time."

"This dark-skinned son
of Nand is very mischievous."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"This dark-skinned son
of Nand is very mischievous."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"On our way to the well.."

"On our way to the well.."

"He engages us in talking
and breaks our pots."

"He engages us in talking
and breaks our pots."

"He engages us in talking
and breaks our pots."

"While we are on our way
to Mathura with butter and curd.."

"..he blocks our way."

"..he blocks our way."

"..he blocks our way."

"And breaks our pots."

"And breaks our pots."

"Listen.. girls."

"Listen, O mother.."

"Listen, O mother.."

"Listen.. girls."

"He breaks our pots."

"He breaks our pots."

"Brilliant by appearance.."

"..he steals and eats away the butter."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"This dark-skinned son
of Nand is very mischievous."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"This dark-skinned son
of Nand is very mischievous."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

"He's the dark-skinned son of Nand.."

Stop it.

Stop it.

Go and sleep now. Go home.

Let's go. Come on.

Go to sleep.


You please continue.

Bring Pawar's bundle
of invitation cards.

This is it.

You've mortgaged our fertile land
with the price of barren land.

But will this amount be enough?

It will be.

We will do something.



Yes, hello.

Tell me.

00:22:31,440 --> 00:22:32,200 position:80%

00:22:33,000 --> 00:22:33,840 position:80%

00:22:34,920 --> 00:22:35,920 position:80%

Who was it?

It was from Dewdi.
- Okay.

They asked us to bring Dowry tomorrow.

00:22:48,840 --> 00:22:49,800 position:80%

And day after tomorrow
they insist on purchase of clothes.

00:22:52,840 --> 00:22:53,800 position:80%

I will be back in some time.
- Okay.

"Oh, this show off."

"And family member's demands."

"Oh, this show off."

"And family member's demands."

"Vehicles have added
up to the luxuries."

"It can shatter anyone's budget."

"And loans are the
only solution to it."

"There's no cut-short in
exchange of gifts in marriages."

"Packed up."

"Packed what?"

"The bundles of
shopping are packed up."

"The bundles of
shopping are packed up."

"Oh, this show off."

"And family member's demands."

"And family member's demands."

"Vehicles have added
up to the luxuries."

"It can shatter anyone's budget."

"And loans are the
only solution to it."

"There's no cut-short in
exchange of gifts in marriages."

"Packed up."

"Packed what?"

"The bundles of
shopping are packed up."

"The bundles of
shopping are packed up."

Show me the new collection.
- Here it is.


See this.

I mean..

If you will go out of the shop..

..for your drinks then

Be prepared to spend the
night in the courtyard.

Are you getting it?

He liked it.

Oh he said the colour is beautiful.

Yes, really.

He knows a lot about the sarees.

Who was she?

She's from our village.

Brother liked her a lot.

Instead of marrying her he choose
to marry a girl in a village.

Why didn't you choose
to marry her then?

Why did you come so far away?

She wanted to marry
a guy who has cleared MPSC.

Whereas Vikas failed
twice in class 10.

Shut up.

I've passed class 10 and
am a government servant now.

Not like you.
Cattle feeding and farming.

One such beauty should
be there in our village.

To woo her quickly.

It's good for the development
of village. That's important.

Development is important.

Hey, Nandya, what brings you here?

He's Manish. We are here
to take his cousins clothes off.

Basta.. Shopping...
we are here for her shopping

That's okay. I understand.

Ok.I will leave now...
- Yah sure.

Our language is Just like that.

A word that should
be used for honeymoon..

..they use it for shopping.

You're too much, grandma.

- Slowly, brother. Slowly.

00:26:51,520 --> 00:26:52,080 position:80%

Why did he take the expensive sarees?

No idea.

Is it ok?

This won't look good.

Show us something of our standard.

Stop it now.
Enough of the Gifts now.

Show me the new brocade.

Pass me the bundle
of sarees worth Rs. 7800?


I think we came in
a very expensive shop.

It's very expensive.

I had told you, uncle.

Why did you listen
to the groom's side?

We people never go out
of the village for shopping.

But it was their demand.

Even they must never have visited
to such an expensive shop in life.

Leave it.
Tell me one thing.

Do you have any cash
if ever I am short of it?

Yes, let me ask. I've a friend here.

Listen. You don't
go beyond your budget.

Do not let them cross your budget.


I was ready to marry his daughter by taking
on the full financial burden of marriage.

..and without asking for the dowry.

Still he wouldn't marry
off his daughter to me..

..yet he expects me
to help him financially.

That's really bad.

Shut up.

What's the cost of the bridal dress?

It's worth Rs.4000.

Then will her mother-in-law
buy such Cheep sarees ?

Show me the expensive sarees.

They have just finished the
cold drinks few minutes ago.

Groom's aunt has asked for it.

She is throwing tantrums.

Hey, give it here first.

Yes. Serve the guests.

Show some nice suits.

It's worth Rs.20000, sir.

Show some costly.

What's this, Vikas?

What kind of suit is this?

You look like a driver.

No, I didn't mean that.

Groom should have
a unique personality.

Am I right?

Give it to me. I will explain.

Buy a better suit.

Listen, give the better suit,
the expensive one.

- Yes.

Who are you?


I am the bride's cousin. Manish.

We are carrying out a lavish marriage.

So he must buy an expensive suit,
you see.

Do not compromise at all. Okay?

Hey, get the suit. What are you doing?

See this, sir.

How's it?
- It's the best.

- Yes.

Look at this. Don't compromise.

It's just for Rs.4000.

How's this, mom?
- It's very pretty. Buy it.

You're never attentive.

Is it good?
- Yes, buy it.

Don't spoil on the saree.

Do you want it, son?
- Yes.

Dad, mom wants me to buy this saree.

Shall I wear this saree in marriage?

Don't you have enough sarees?

Just buy whatever they are giving.

If you don't like it we
will exchange it for utensils.

00:30:03,320 --> 00:30:04,280 position:80%

Is this your family wedding?

My father is not miser like yours.

I mean buy whichever saree you want.

I didn't say anything.

Show me the latest colour.

With peacock pattern on it.

- Yes.

Show us something in that type.

In same colour.

Is this dancing peacock?


It's just sitting.
You said you want dancing peacock.

She looks ugly but
wants a dancing peacock.

One should think of
what suits him the best.

Buy anything if it is free.

Buy only the expensive
one no matter how it is.

Show me the expensive one.

Nandu, they don't understand
anything about the saree.

Neither the colour nor the fabric.

They only understand the price tag.

But Vidya looks hot.

Hey. Don't try on her.

There will be many after her,
don't forget that.

I understand.

But the wedding ceremony
will be enjoyable with her around.

I tell you.

Such girls parents should
be announced social worker.

00:31:11,200 --> 00:31:11,880 position:80%

Because society keeps happy..

..pleasant and hopeful.

All because of them.

Show me quickly.
I've to select for four of my sisters.

Can't afford to spend so
much time in selecting one saree.

Remove the second lot also.

I will just come.

00:31:31,480 --> 00:31:31,800 position:80%

The groom is having five aunts,
and three cousin aunts.

Hey. Stop this nonsense.

Father-in-law has given away
everything in dowry.

And this shopping is
going to go beyond the budget.

I would have offered him some money.

But he wouldn't like to
accept money from his son-in-law.

Now, you please do something.

This is getting bad.

Shut up, you idiot.

Your sympathy is more disturbing
than Swati's marriage.

You're constantly making fun of me.

Why don't you keep your mouth shut?

What's wrong with her?

Sister. Sister.

I am sure she didn't like any saree.

Forget about us,
at least buy some good sarees..

..for your family members.

I don't want any mess in the marriage.

You don't worry.
Our family members will not mind.

You mean to say we mind.

We've no manners. We are the beggars.

We are the homeless.

Instead of listening to their taunts
it's better to leave.

They are not even telling us to stop.

What type of people they are!

I was going to say
but you didn't get up.

You just get lost.

See this. Take a look.
You will like this saree I am sure.

00:32:58,440 --> 00:32:58,920 position:80%

It's totally un-matching.

Take care of groom's shopping.


Who was that oversmart,
who had come earlier?

You please ignore him.

He's little upset because
Swati isn't marrying him.

Don't take him seriously.

The one we had chosen earlier
was good. Shall we buy that?

Give the suit worth Rs.35000.

Sit down. Please, sit down.

Hey, grandpa is here.
- Easy.

Bless me.

She's bride's mother.

Vande, get aside.

This is Shaku.

Now you please check all this.

We are waiting for you.
- He's groom's grandpa.

She's my daughter Swati.
- She's the bride.

Grandpa, make a note.

We are taking a girl from poor family.

Have we compromised anything ?

Everything is going
on as per your wishes.

What have you done as per our wishes?


Your daughter is less
educated than our son.

Did we raise any question?

Don't comment on the education.

Your behavior reflects your education.

Listen to her.

Is this the way one should talk?
- Calm down.

You also want to insult me now?

Let me go.
- Take her away.

Grandpa, you please
select fabric for yourself.

We've taken out for you.

Are you buying this for grandpa?


I don't mind if suit
isn't given to me.

But I want a suit for grandpa.

What's all this?

They are such shameless people.

Wonder how much they
are going to make us spend.

Their shopping is still not over.

In our times, this wasn't in trend.

Just buy few utensils as
per the tradition. That's it.

And white suit pieces for the aged.

And women were given
either green or red sarees.

They forced us to buy many
utensils beyond the tradition.


Actually, it's for the bride's use.

Intentionally we write our
name and gift to our daughter.

So that the girl can separate..

..within six months
of marriage if she wants.

Grandpa, check on this suit.

Do you like the colour?

It's good.
- Is it? - Yes.


Can you arrange something?

Look, the bill is
going out of the limit.

They will not let us take
the bundles without paying cash.

Arrange something.
- Okay.



Why do you spending on them?

Let the marriage be called off.

If not ours,
Swati shouldn't be of anybody else.

00:35:46,880 --> 00:35:47,640 position:80%

I mean yours.

Why do you borrow money for her..

..who doesn't even wish to marry you?

What happened?

Are you going to ruin a poor man?

What do you mean?

I had told you to show
them some cheap sarees.

Your men are showing them
sarees worth Rs.5000 each.

He's a poor man.

He has mortgaged his farm
to marry off his daughter.

Don't worry.

I've given you my word.

Let them finalize anything.

I will pack the cheap
sarees of the same colour.

That's better.

We've to do this for the poor.
It's our business.

I can understand.

But make sure the bill
shouldn't exceed Rs.50000.

Do whatever you can.

Don't worry.

The bill will not exceed
the limit set by you.

00:36:41,640 --> 00:36:42,080 position:80%

But do one thing.

You have to Pay me cash Rs.5000 more.

I can't put it in the bill.

- Don't ask.

Groom's aunt had come to me yesterday.

She said that she
will get me a customer.

But I will have to
pay her the commission..

..Rs.2500 each from the
shopping of bride and groom.

Aunt's commission Rs.5000?

This is the business. We've to do it.

This aunt seems to be very smart.

She's not the only one.

Many such women come to us.

Now, you go.
Otherwise, people will doubt.


Just check the front part.
- Mom, I want ice cream.

Son, you drank three cold drinks.

Moreover you took tea.

Now if you eat ice cream,
you will start vomiting.

Can't you even give him an ice cream?

How will you people
carry out the marriage?

Is this how you give
service to your relative?

Do you think we are blind?
It's not at all a proper behavior...

Let's go, Vikas.
- Hey.

What did he do?
He just asked for an ice cream.

Listen. He just said
that for his good.

Can't we understand his good?

Why did you demand ice cream?
- Aunt.

Isn't this getting too much?

Listen to him.
You're still not married.

But you started taking their sides.
Wonder what you will do after marriage.

your future is very dark.

This happened because of the single ice cream.
Let's go home. And then I will give you a good

Listen to me. Just calm down.

I will order the ice cream.

Hey, go and get the ice cream.

Aren't your women demanding anything?

00:38:19,480 --> 00:38:20,560 position:80%

Shall I tell them
about the commission?


The shopkeeper is giving
you the commission, right?

Then why do you want
to incur your loss?

If ever the marriage is called off.. will be responsible.
I will tell everyone.

You will be defamed
for taking commission.. your brother's family wedding.

Think about that.
And decide what you want to do.

If your condition is not so good,
you should have told us.

I'd have understood.

We were also poor in past.
It's not a big deal.

Don't waste time.
Show me some more sarees.

Fast. And don't bring the ice cream.

She's too weird.


It's not so easy
to call off a wedding.

Those who are not valued at home.. such charade.

This is the only day to get honored.

Otherwise, they've to toil at home.

In our times,
they used to throw many tantrums.

Ask her questions, nana.

What's your name?


Speak loudly.


Insert the thread in the needle.

They used to check as
if they are buying a cattle.

They wanted the daughter-in-law
to bore children.

You know how it was?

I'd be pregnant.

My mother-in-law would be pregnant.

And even my mother would be pregnant.

Who will take care of whom?

I gave birth to a baby boy.
That's your father.

And she gave birth to a baby girl.

But she couldn't feed her daughter.

Now what to do?

So, I'd feed your
father and also his aunt.

Only after that my mother-in-law..

..started treating me well.

This is how it was.

Angle is not proper.
That's what I was checking.

Light is not proper over here.

Do this.

Take from this angle.
It will come out proper.


Turn off the flash.
Wait. I will show you.

Flash will not give the good result.

Your camera setting is wrong.

Let me make it proper. Wait.
- Is it?

Don't you have photo editing software?

No. I haven't..

Do this. I've saved my number in this.

With the name mobile doctor.

That's my name in village.

Call me anytime if you are stuck up.

I will give you that software.

Your photos will be clicked properly.

Take this.

So, install it now.

I will give it to you
at the time of marriage.

What's the hurry?

Expelling water from the mouth.


You the new generation doesn't know.. it was in our time.

In our times we had a tradition of..

..expelling water from the mouth.

Both bride and groom would expel
water at each other from their mouth.

00:41:24,760 --> 00:41:25,760 position:80%

Good it's not like that now.

It was really enjoyed.

In our times.

What makes you feel shy?

Please tell us.

You had hit grandpa with that jar?

In your marriage?

What else do you expect?

How could anyone tolerate mouth
full of tobacco expelled on his face?


So, I hit that jar on his face.

He had developed
a bump on his forehead..

..and married me like that.
- Oh God!

This is your shopping for marriage.

We can't give it in
case of non-payment of bill.

But we had no idea of the bill amount.

I will pay you tomorrow.
- Yes, we will give you tomorrow.

You mean we should leave
these shopping bundles here only?

We will bring it
at the time of wedding.

How can you do that?

We spent the entire
day choosing these sarees.

What if you will replace
it with the cheap sarees?

This will not do.

Don't do that, aunt.
Please understand.

No excuses, please.

What's the guarantee that you will
hand over us these bundles in marriage?

You were in a hurry to get me married.

See this now.

Don't worry.

I will bring the bundles.

Now, do this.

Put a mark on the sarees we've chosen.

No, but it won't look good.
- Yes.

I don't care about that.

I will put the marks. And it's final.


Are you sure you'll
collect these bundles?

How can you say that?
We've paid advance money, sir.

Don't you trust us anymore?

It's not that.
It's not about trust but..


Will you find the marker today only?

Take this.
- What a tragedy!

What to say about them?

They came out for shopping.

Listen, brother.

I tried my best.

But now I'm helpless.

Your relative is way too smart.

But listen..
- No.

I can't help you anymore.

This is my business.

I can't incur loss and run the shop.

You've paid advance Rs.30000.

Pay Rs.70000 due
and collect the bundles.

I will have some income.

Don't worry.
I will talk to the MLA.

There comes your brother.


You must be busy in
marriage arrangements.

Come, Appa.

Wedding date is really auspicious.

Make sure the wedding is lavish.

Catering should be proper.

It's the question
of our family's prestige.

Chief of village council.

Chief of district bank.

Chairman of the factory. And MLA.

All of them will attend the wedding.

Arrange for about 100 shawls,
gifts and garlands.

And book a dancing horse without fail.


Appa, although we are cousin,
but our blood is same.

You're village chief's brother.

Our family's reputation
should be maintained.

- Yes.

I wanted to talk to you.

Anything except money.

Don't at all talk about it.

Recently I've spent
a lot in election campaign.

Don't you remember?

Moreover MLA's birthday
celebration cost..

..was also heavy.

I'd suggest you to
return me Rs.30000..

..that you already owe me.

From where shall I arrange money?

From past two years
I want to buy a car.

I was asking for Rs.100 thousand.
But he never gave me.

How did your father arrange money now?

He has mortgaged the field.

Oh really?

Oh really?
Had he given me some for my car.

Had he given me some for my car.

I'd have got the car by now and..

..I'd have paid off
his loan taken on the field.

Take this.

No, my dear.

I don't want any
conflicts in your life.

He won't say anything.

I had saved this money..

..that you had given
me time to time on festivals.

Take it.

We did everything we
could for this marriage.

Now we've only a cow left at home.

Your dad said

that a cow has to be there at home.

But he's always thinking about..

..marrying off his daughter.

We did so much for our daughter.

But have found butchers
in the form of relatives.

Your father has become a beggar.. find a government
servant as his son-in-law.

What's the use of doing all this..

..if daughters are not
happy at their in-law's house?

You're saying all this to me.

Why didn't you tell this to dad?

Tomorrow, you go.

You go and first shop..

..the 'basta'
(gifts given in marriage).

We need to pay advance.. the caterer, marriage hall
and canopy builder. - Yes.

It's the last week.

I will shop 'Basta' after two days.


I've already called up
the shopkeeper and informed him.



Take this cash Rs.7500.

Just today I received
the milk payment.

"Oh, this show off."

"And family member's demands."


"Oh, this show off."

"And family member's demands."

"Vehicles have added up
to the luxuries."

"To meet the high budget,
loans are the only solutions for all."

"There's no cut-short in
exchange of gifts in marriages."

00:50:14,040 --> 00:50:14,200 line:50%
"There's no cut-short in
exchange of gifts in marriages."
"Packed up."

"Packed up."

"Packed what?"

"Packed up."

"The bundles of shopping are packed up."

"Oh, this show off.
And family members demands."

"Vehicles have added up
to the luxuries."

"To meet the high budget, loans
are the only solutions for all."

"There's no cut-short in
exchange of gifts in marriages."

"Packed up."

"Packed what?"

"Packed up."

"The bundles of shopping are packed up."

Waiting for you since so long.
Why so late?

I went to the forest.

Didn't you go?
- No.

Hey, Nama. Stop.

Take this lunch box.

How can you go like this?

If you feel hungry on the way,
you can have this.

And come soon.
- Yes.

"Shopping list is never ending."

"Man can't even smile freely."

"Can't avoid a single relative."

"Frustration is getting high."

"Fear is rising."

"BP is shooting now."

"There they've tied up
the colourful clothes.."

00:52:02,160 --> 00:52:02,280 line:50%
"There they've tied up
the colourful clothes.."
"But what?"

"But what?"

"There they've tied a sack."

"There they've tied a sack."

Your voice is not clear.

Yes, I am coming. Now, hang up.

Yes, okay.
I will be home by the night.

Hang up now.

Do this, cook something. Yes.

Not.. the marriage is tomorrow.

How can they offer dinner today?

Hang up now.

They are poor.

- Why don't you hang up?

Instead of telling her to hang up.

Don't you know shouldn't
talk over the phone while driving?

Telling her to hang up.

Where have you reached?

Just crossed Pandharwadi.

- Yes.

Will you take the lunch and come?

No, I won't stop for the lunch.

Yes, I will be there at the lunch.

Listen, he's a nerd,
but are you also a nerd?

This idiot has been driving
and talking on the phone.

He's a nerd.
But don't you have any sense?

Hey.. Who are you?

Take this.

Who's he?

Give it to me.

Who was he?

He was constable Sanap.

Now, I'm in a problem. I am doomed.

I didn't know.
I thought it's his wife once again.

How is he driving?

Come out.

What are you staring at? Come down.

- You come. Come.. Get down.

Get down.

Get down.

00:54:46,280 --> 00:54:47,320 position:80%


What's going on?

00:54:50,200 --> 00:54:51,160 position:80%

00:54:52,240 --> 00:54:53,400 position:80%


What happened?

You ask me?
- Yes, what has happened?

Will you ask me what has happened?

You've hit a cow and you ask me.

What's this?
- Who hit the cow?

It didn't even get a push. Look there.

Look there. She's standing there.

She.. she's an animal.

Yes. She can't speak.
What will she say? She's a poor cow.

Will she fight with you?

Then why do you fight?
What's your problem?

Hey. I can't tolerate
if the cow is hurt.

We are from the animal
welfare organization.

You've rammed the tempo to that cow.

What's your name?

Harish Ghole.

Sir, even I am a speechless animal.

Spare me. Let me go. Okay? Let's go.

Hey, stop. Where are you going?
I will hit you right here.

Stop. Stop.
- Look here. They have started fighting.

These people will not
let us live peacefully.

She must get the compensation.

Move. Move..
- I don't care.

Hey, what's all this?
- Sir, good you came.

See this.. this tempo..

..has hit that cow.

Where.. where's the cow?


I've taken little drink
and I don't even have the license.

You please talk to
the police inspector here.

No, that area is
not in my jurisdiction.

Now you're gone.

Don't interfere. Whose cow it is?

Whoever is the owner. But I
don't tolerate any animal being hurt.

Okay, quite.

Where's the driver?

Who are you?
- Hey, where's the driver?

Where's the driver?

Take the tempo aside. Come on.

Why do you need to take aside?
Settle right now.

People will video shoot the scene..

..and upload on the social media..
which increases our pressure.

We can't handle all this.
Come on, go away.

It's nothing. Take aside.

What do I listen?
Tell me where's the driver?

Where are the papers and license?

How can you say that there's
no stolen good in the tempo?

- Yes.

Liquor bottle is found in the tempo.

What explanation you have?

It's empty.

Yes, I was giving it to you.
- Can you explain?

I can't say anything.
It's not our tempo.

Yes, one of our friends
had booked this tempo for us.

We don't know who's the
owner and who's the driver.

Look, we are in a hurry.
Please let us go.

I think the stolen goods
are loaded in the tempo.

Don't say that, sir.

Tomorrow my daughter is getting married.
I've bought the wedding material for the same.

You can check if you want.

Please allow us to go, sir.
- Okay, it's okay.

Do one thing.

Fine them Rs.5000 and let them go.
- Yes.

We don't have such a big amount, sir.

Sir.. sir.. listen.
Look there. There..

Look there.

The cow was grazing till
now and now she sat down.

Just take a look.

Hey, will a cow dance after grazing?

Yes, make her dance. Make the cow dance.
Make all the animal dance.

Take flowers in your
hand and throw money.

No way. Sir,
settle the matter right now.

Our organization wants justice.
That's it.

How can you say that about a cow?
- Exactly.

How can you?

Cow is considered holy and worshiped.

They never know.
- At least respect the cow.

Why do you listen to this idiot?

I've looked at it properly.
It's not a cow but a bull.

We don't believe in gender.

May it be cow or a bull.

After all it's an animal.
Our organization works for all.

We don't know anything else.

Come on, get inside the tempo.

Thank you.
- What?

Isn't your daughter getting married?
- Yes.

Then what are you waiting for?
Pay Rs.5000 and go.


I told you, sir.
I don't have that much money.

See this..

I've around 300 to 400 rupees.

So, you won't relent. But remember.

This will cost you dearly
in the police station.

Soon, you will know
who it will cost dearly.

You just watch how I bring
the ministers and MLA's here.

You don't know me.

Now, you will know
whom you've tried to trap.

Keep quiet. We've to go.

So pay them Rs.5000.


Get inside. Get inside the tempo.

You go first. Come.

Stop.. that cow.. hey..

Speechless animal.
We run an organization.

Even if you don't believe
in gender difference..

..remember that no
one pays you for the bull.

Now get inside.
- Come on. Get aside.

I told you to bring a
cow and you brought a bull.

Namdeo. Don't worry.

Soon they will receive
a call from the chief minister.

I've such contacts.

It's just that I never boast about it.

Both these officers
will come and salute us.

I've called up the district officer.

He will call up the city officer..

..who in turn will call
up the party president.

And the Party President
will force the Chief Minister..

But when?

We've to reach home.
Family members will be waiting for us.

No, sir. No one cares
about the speechless animals.

No one cares.

They way they rammed
the tempo I tell you.

After all it's a speechless animal,
so what if it was a bull?

Sir, this is my request to you.

Don't spare him.

If you spare him, I will not.

Do this.

Bring that bull to the police station.
- What?

Will you take its statement?

We've to file a primary report.
We need proof.

So, will you call the bull?
- Yes.

I beg of you.
- For what?

It's my daughter's marriage.
See this. The invitation card.

Take a look at it.
- Show me.

01:01:21,440 --> 01:01:21,560 line:50%
Take a look at it.
- Show me.
She will be getting married tomorrow.
Let me go.

She will be getting married tomorrow.
Let me go.

What's there?

That's right. You've the invitation
card. And it's your daughter's marriage.

But how do I believe..

..that this is your daughter's
wedding invitation card?

- Yes.

Come on.

Hey, come here. Tell them.

I will not take him in. Mind you.

I am going to find out
how many contacts he has.

I will take out special time for him.

And you, hero. Explain him everything.

01:01:52,000 --> 01:01:53,360 position:80%
- Go.

Come.. I will explain you.
- What will he explain me, sir?

I request you.

Come, I will explain you. Come.

Okay, give me Rs.3000.

I will take Rs.1000
and pay them Rs.2000.

Let's end the matter. Come on.

What about the bull?

Hasn't he anything to say?

Do you want to drag the matter?
Make it clear.

Okay, call the bull.
And pay him Rs.5000.

We don't want to drag the matter.

But we actually don't have money.

Will it be okay if I pay you tomorrow?

I'm not running any grocery shop.. give you groceries on credit.
I want money right away.

Give me whatever you have.

You won't pay a penny
to anyone as long as I am here.

Come here.

Give me Rs.200.
- What?

My mobile balance is over.

As I made so many calls
to the seniors officers.. card balance is zero now.

01:02:38,480 --> 01:02:39,320 position:80%

Namdeo Rao, thank you.

Manya on line.


Yes, tell me, Manya.

It's me. Where have you reached?

Soon, we've turmeric applying ceremony.

Soon, we've turmeric applying ceremony.
People are waiting.

People are waiting.

Yes, okay. Actually,
we couldn't find the tempo on time.

We are coming. Don't worry.
- Okay. Fine, come soon.

They are coming.
- Okay.

"Turmeric is applied to Goddess."

"Of Kolhapur."

Sir. - What?

Shall I let them go?

It's his daughter's marriage.


We too have daughters to be married.


My father's kidney
transplant operation is due.

I asked many people but
no one gave me a single penny.

Even after requesting them so much.

Should I let my father die?

No, don't say that.

And your daughter wants
a sports rifle for shooting.

Do you have the money?

You're right. People don't understand.

They say we are corrupt.

But even we can have problems at home.


Sir. - Yes.

Please talk to him.

Who's he?

District president of our party.

Kishore Jhunjhurde.

Who's this?

Do you have any sense of the time?

Why do you trouble the poor?

Will you let them go or not?

Who are you?

Sir, this is head-constable
Chintamani Ghayal.

From the Ganesh Nagar Police station.

Ghayal Sir.

Yes, Ghayal sir.

Did you recognize me?

Listen. Don't call here again.

Remember how I had
tortured you last time?

Now, I will torture you all the more.

Hang up now.


Yes, the problem is solved
just on a single call.

Do you wish to make more calls?
To the district officer?

Do you wish to?

Take this.

The district president is in my contact.

Yes, he does get beaten
up by the police often.

But the city president
is very influential.

- Yes.

Then what are you waiting for?
Call him up.

He isn't answering my call.

Listen, he's always online on whatsapp.

Recharge my net pack for Rs.50.

01:06:10,800 --> 01:06:11,520 position:80%

Sir, look our deal was..
- What deal?

That you will stand at a fixed place.

I will drink liquor.

I will drink and drive.

Without license.

Then you will stop me on the way.

And fine the passenger Rs.500.

And both of us will share that money.
That's it. It was so easy.

I know..
how many times you will say this?

But this time, our plan failed.

That guy from animal welfare..

..said that my tempo has hit his cow.

Police came there.

And they demanded Rs.5000.
Is this humanity?

Sir, even you're corrupt.
But not so much.

Speak slowly, you idiot.


Yes, tell me.

Sir, your signatures are required.

Sir, that taxi driver..
- Sir.

Tempo papers are not there.

And the driver has escaped.
What's our fault in this?

I've mortgaged my farm
to marry off my daughter.

One million is spent
in buying jewellery..

..dowry, wedding materials
and other expenses on marriage.

Nothing is left with me now.

Don't you know that dowry is illegal?

Go and arrest his son-in-law. Go.


Yes, direct arrest.

Sir, what's this new problem now?

Aren't you ashamed of giving dowry?


How could you marry off your
daughters with such boys?

I will teach him a good lesson.

Go and bring his son-in-law.

Sir.. Don't do this, sir.
- Let's go.

Sir.. sir..
Stop. Stop.

They want dowry.

Let's arrest his son-in-law today.

- What?

Go and complaint against us now.

You wanted to meet the senior inspector.

Let's settle the matter here.
- Yes.

Now, he agreed for the settlement.
- Exactly.

Now, sir will not agree for Rs.5000,
like we offered you.

He will demand Rs.25000.

Please, don't do this, sir.
Don't play with poor's emotions.

Now they say they are poor.

Had you paid Rs.5000 earlier..'d have been free by now.

Now, pay Rs.25000 or
get your son-in-law arrested.

It's none of our concern.

Sir will not spare him
like this if he express anger.


Sir. Sir.

Tell me by swear of your mother.

Did you not take dowry in your marriage?

Better don't teach me all this.

You must have made your
father-in-law a debtor..

..for you are an inspector.

Am I right?

No one will peep in his own heart.

Quite strange.

Sir, how will we find a
son-in-law without giving dowry?

Do you mean to say
our daughters should..

..remain single all their life?

No one is afraid of your law, sir.

your power won't work on others.. exploit poor like us.

Now, sir will demand Rs.50000 cash.


Tell me, Pinku.

I will be at home in half an hour.

You always give the excuses.
But you never return on time.

It's my brother's birthday today.

I want to reach there
before cake cutting.

He has built such a big bungalow.

Rich people are invited..

..and all of them will come by the car.

Let's reach before them.

So that no one will know
that we came on the bike.

Listen, I am solving an important case.

What case?

Dowry case.

Dowry case?

Dowry case?!

Aren't you ashamed?

Your family has troubled
my father so much. For what?

Just for the dowry.

My son is inspector.
I want one million cash.

You didn't feel ashamed at that time.

You didn't think
of the law at that time.

Now, you got senses?

Come on.

I am doing all this for you.
- What did you do for me?

My father had given
you one million cash.

How are you going to pay off?

I take care of your children,
do all the household chores.

What have you done for me?

Have you even given me.. million minutes of your life?

Say something.
Have you ever given me your time?


What happened, sir?

Anything serious? Any serious matter

He's a poor man.

Let him go.

Along with his tempo.

But sir, didn't you hear his tone?

He was furious on you.

Hey.. he was furious on me, right?

Then why are you so troubled?

He's a poor man.
Behave yourself with them.

Or else you will never get promotion.

Let him go.
And Let him take the tempo. Go.

You take care of everything.
My mind has gone blank.


I will go and see where the driver is.

I will be back.
- Go.

What's this?

This wasn't needed actually.

No, it's okay. Never mind. Go.
- Yes.

Take your tempo along with you.

Sorry, you're little late because of us.

- No, sir.

In fact its very late.

Hey, hasn't the tempo gone as yet?

The tempo is still here. How?

01:13:10,680 --> 01:13:11,480 position:80%

Hey.. leader.

He has many contacts.

Leader, come inside.

Hey, why is the tempo still here?

I am waiting for Namdeo.

Where did he go?

I don't know.

Sir, he gave them an
envelope and left from here.


Not to me, sir. He gave it to him.
I swear.

Show me.

Sir, I didn't force him.

He happily gave it.
- An envelope?

He happily gave you?

I didn't even open it, sir.

What's this?

Inform everyone and find him.

All his shopping has
been stolen from the tempo..

..all because of us and
now he has gone to end his life.

That's what is written in this letter.

If he isn't found..

..and if he loses his life
then I am going to kill you all.

Aren't you ashamed of demanding bribes?

You should have at
least checked the envelope.

Take this. Now search him.

"These customs are taking lives."

"And helplessness always follows."

"I am destined for sorrows all my life."

"Life is filled with sorrows."

"It's burdened with
many responsibilities."

"Wonder what life is this."

"Mortgaging assets are common in life."

"Carrying out marriage
is like committing crime."

"Penniless I am.
My life is meaningless."

"Mortgaging our assets
has become a part of life."

"Carrying out marriage
is like committing crime."

"Penniless I am.
My life is meaningless."

"All my dreams have shattered it seems."

"There's no sign of
happiness on my face."

"Mind is tired of thinking."

"This uncertainty
in life is so confusing."

"Can't get rid of the responsibilities."

"Wonder what life is this."

"Mortgaging our assets
has become a part of life."

"Carrying out marriage
is like committing crime."

"Penniless I am.
My life is meaningless."

"Mortgaging our assets
has become a part of life."

"Carrying out marriage
is like committing crime."

"Penniless I am.
My life is meaningless."

Don't worry.
Nothing will happen to you.


Until the day before
yesterday he was fit and fine.

That day we saw him on the shop.
He was sitting relaxed.

Don't worry.

He won't die before seeing
his great grandchildren.

I am not worried about that.

What I am thinking is that
how will he wear his suit..

..with these drip on his hand?

He's on his death bed and
you're worried about the suit.

It's not that.

Nothing will happen to me.

No, it's not for you.

Did you take my suit?
- Yes, I have.

Don't worry.



Yes, okay, I will inform everyone.

What has happened, Manya?
- Yes.


Don't worry, aunt.
The tempo broke down on the way.

So, they were stuck up at night.

Now, they have started.

How many times I should lie to them?

Today there's marriage at home.

Did you find Namdeo?

The department is busy searching him.

Offer the holy powders and bow down.

Take Her blessings.

Just ask for everything
to go on smoothly.

Your groom is behaving
cranky since this morning.

Why? What happened now?

He said he wants a dancing horse.

Dancing horse? What?

Does he think he's any filmy hero?

Time is bad.

In our times,
people used to come to see the groom.

And now they come to see the horse.

Will you keep quiet, grandma?
What makes you laugh?


What.. what's it?

Aren't they giving
any gifts in marriage?

What happened?

Take a look,
only eatables are seen here.

And this single cupboard.

There are no utensils.

And where's the bed?

Bed?! Here it is.
I made grandpa lie down on it.

can't you differentiate between..

..single and double bed?

Aunt, listen.

If grandpa dies on this bed..

..we will have to buy
a new bed for the newly wed.

Shut up.

Call Vikas and his mother.

Brother Vikas.


What happened to my grandpa?
- Grandpa.

This village is unlucky.

Ever since grandpa has come here,
he's on drip.

He hasn't even taken a drop of water.

Keep quiet.

Nothing to worry.

Just take care of him.

Sure. But doctor,
we still have some time.

Keep him on one more drip.

This is the fourth
drip since this morning.

Because you get it free,
it doesn't mean.. should overuse it.

I hope he wouldn't
die with the overdose.

Go and check why the shopping
bundles haven't reached.

Get lost.

Black tongue.

Don't take him seriously.

You please put him on a glucose drip.

Anyway, he won't be able
to eat any sweets in marriage.

So, let him have some glucose at least.

- Why do you interfere between us?

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Pay attention.

Why are you not replying?


Please come and push..
my bike has stopped.

Please push the bike.

Please.. the bike has stopped.

Yes, come on. Faster..

Hey.. hey.. Stop. Stop..

Where do you want to go?


Never mind. One more train will come.

It's not a bus that you
can board while it's in motion.

And train never stops here.

Come on. I will drop you. Come with me.

Hey.. why Manya is
driving the four wheeler?

He might not have found any horse.

Since it's the auspicious day,
horses are in demand.

You might find a new
groom but not a horse.

Shut up.

Just go and confess.

Tell her that you love her.

No, leave it.

Will you ever miss me?

Ask her this much.

Hey, this is Swati's call.

Receive it.

- Hey.

- Yes.

Bride looks beautiful today.

Where are you roaming today?

01:22:42,160 --> 01:22:43,080 position:80%

I went to bring jeep for your groom.

Good job.

Do everything for your brother-in-law.

Not for the brother-in-law.

Tell me what I should do for you.

No need.
- Tell me.

No need.

Later, I won't give you any importance.
- Yes.

Tell me.
- Okay.

Tell me now.

I will tell you when the time is right.

Hang up now.
- Hey.

Did you realize what she said?
- What?

She will tell you
when the time is right.

What does this mean?
- What?

She wants to elope with you.

With me?

You just confess your love for her.

No way.
- This is what I don't like about you.

You never grab the opportunities.

Think over it.
I will go get the flowers.

Nandya's phone?!


I think you forgot.

You were supposed to
give me something. Right?

Nandya opened the
account in national bank.

Will you not give me?

I will.. I will send
it with my friend Manya.

No.. not Manya. You give it.

I will send it in an envelope.

He won't open it.


It's 20 grams.

It's less than 20 grams.

Are you going to gift
this ring to your son-in-law?

Don't say that. We have a bill.

You can get fake bills.
Take this back.

Boasting about the bill.

Wonder where dad is stuck up.

He will come back.
Ankush had called up.

You believe Ankush.

Groom's aunt is getting on my nerves.

- She's shouting..

..that the shopping bundles
haven't reached yet.

Utensils haven't reached.

She wants a double bed.

Is she going to sleep on it?

- Calm down.

She said the gold ring
is not 20 grams weight.

She is hell bent on
calling off the wedding.


What if the marriage will be called off?

Don't worry.

Listen, if it's in your
destiny to get married.. one can stop it.

And if you're not,
no one can change the destiny.

Do you know how my cousin's..

..daughter's wedding was called off?

Do you want a gift
or want to grab his ear?

I want cash.

You won't get a penny.

Alright then.

If brother is so wild,
imagine how his sister will be.

Hey, don't do that. Stop.
- I don't want to marry such a girl.

It's so difficult.

Nothing is difficult.

Do you see him anywhere?


Will this be the bridal dress?

Wedding was in Pawar's family.

And not in any Pathan.

Can't you understand?

Let's go there.
- Yes.

Who must have stolen the bundles?

Take a look. Yes. Here.


What do I do?

Buy it.


Because you sell sarees.

I don't sell second hand sarees.
- Don't say that, sir.

These are all new sarees.

- Yes.

Yesterday, my marriage was called off.
That's why I came to sell it off.

Have you lost it?
All these clothes are second hand.

Take it away.

Did she actually asked for an envelope?

Nandya, will I lie
to you in this matter?

Swear on God she asked for an envelope.

Take a good flavour.

- Hey, you?!

Mobile router is faster than the mobile.

I come to know in advance..

..who is going to call me next.

So, will you come out
or want me to come inside?

No, there are guests outside.
- Yes.

You come inside.
- Okay.

Did you bring that?

Our thoughts are matching.

I always carry the packet.

That was too bad.

Was it too hard?

You did this intentionally, right?

Idiot. She didn't want that packet.

She thought that the photo editor..

..can be carried in an envelope.

And she wants a husband
who has cleared MPSC.

Why are you scared of the police?

You handed them a letter..

..that you are going
to end your life, right?

Now you wait and watch
how I bring them on track.

Within two hours they
will drop you to your village.. their jeep along with
your wedding gifts bundles.

Trust me. I am a journalist.

Let's go.

Sit down.
Don't give us so much respect.

Take this.

No, please take it.
They are all nice people. - Yes.

Rarely do they commit theft.
We've no issues.

You've never troubled
us nor do we have troubled you.

Then why do you do this?

Whoever has stolen
the wedding gifts bundles..

..please return them.
I beg of you.

We do commit theft but we
will never steal wedding gifts.

We too have a family.

Value our kindness.

I tell you.
I hit my son twice a week.

But never have I touched you.

Then why are you doing this to me?

Please return those bundles
whoever is having it.

We will lose our jobs.

I swear, sir.
We didn't steal the bundles.

Let's go.

You look beautiful.

That's why I consented for marriage.

I'd have called off the wedding.

Your family members couldn't even..

..arrange a dancing horse.
You people don't value us at all.

Our guests are laughing on us.

What do we do?

I don't understand where he's stuck up.

He has left behind his phone at home.

Even Ankush has switched off his phone.

Son-in-law has bothered us a lot.

Thankfully, half of their
guests are enjoying drinks.

it'd be difficult to handle all of them.

But women are constantly pestering.

When will the gifts arrive?
Where are the utensils?

When will the gifts arrive?
Where are the utensils?

Enough is enough.

And the groom?

He's dancing on these women's tunes.

He's the puppet it seems.
Even I am annoyed.


During the photo shoot
he was taunting me.

He wants a dancing horse.

Tell him to dance.

Don't say such a thing.

Leave it. Why do you..

What's it now?

Rokade sir.
Tomorrow's headline.

Namdeo Pawar consumed
poison and ended his life.

Sugaokar, this will cost you heavily.

Admit him in the hospital first.

Don't worry, sir.

his bundles of marriage gifts..

..have been stolen from
the police station premise.

It will be in the news.
In fact, it will be the headlines.

Are your headlines
bigger than a human life?

First admit him in the hospital.

I will do that.

But I am sure you know
the system in hospitals.

And you also know my rates.

Once I receive my bank's message
of the deposit in my account..

..I will hand over the
man to you in the hospital.


Trace Sugaonkar's number.

- Find his location and inform me.

Now go.
- Yes, sir.

Dad will be here any moment.

You tell your family
members that my dad will..

..soon be here with the gifts.

Because he loves me a lot.

He has taken a big loan
for my marriage.

He will come soon.

You please don't be angry.

You're very beautiful, Swati.

You also look beautiful.

And there will be no hurdle in marriage.

He's going to get a
beautiful wife like you.

Otherwise, who would marry him?

Savita. Savita.

Come here. Come.

Where's son-in-law?

Where's your husband?

He's upset.
- Why?

Because you didn't buy him any suit.

O God! You should have told us earlier..

..we'd have bought him a suit along
with the other wedding gifts.

Leave it, mom.

Why? Had he told us earlier,
we'd have definitely bought one for him.

Leave it.
- We did so much.

Wouldn't we have done this also?
- Leave it, mom.

These men are like dogs.

They bark in daytime
and keeps quiet at night.

Don't buy him anything.

01:33:32,800 --> 01:33:33,800 position:80%

Where were you all this while?

What do you mean?

I was at home. No one came to invite me.

Is this fair?

Then who came to invite you now?

No one. I came by myself.

Your family members can't
even respect their son-in-law.

I won't even step in the house.

Then why did you come now?

Hey, I wasn't interested in coming.

Just because Chiku
wanted to have sweets..

..that's why I brought him.

Good you came.

Anyway, we are in short of manpower.

Come and serve food to the guests.

Will you make your son-in-law work?

Does this suit you?

You serve the sweets.
We will serve the other items.


Hope you're not diabetic.



01:34:16,600 --> 01:34:17,400 position:80%

Which type of family is this?

I've never seen such
unworthy people in my life.

Rather, we would have
selected an orphan girl.

We would be convinced
that because she's fatherless..

..the wedding is done
in the simplest way.

But look at their hospitality.

Enough. Enough.

Get lost.


I should better live an honest life.
- Utensils.

Exchange utensils.

People won't let me live an honest life.
- Utensils.

I am going to get the
fruit of my dishonesty.

Please sit. Sit.


Take these sarees.
I don't want any utensils.

I want cash.

I will give you some
discount if you want.

Actually, my wedding
was called off just yesterday.

That's why I want to sell this off.

No way, I don't want
this bad omen in my house.

I'm happily married.
Help me pick up the basket.

- Help me I say.

Did you find the
shopping bundles? - Yes..

I mean.. we are searching.
- Yes.

Okay, update me time to time.

Did you find the shopping
bundles of your case?

I've no time to explain you all this.
Come to the police station.

Let's go.

Yes.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4..

1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. mike testing.

Give some echo.

Come on.

"A heroine came in the village."

"It took the village by the storm."

"Boys smiled. She looks so hot."

"Women are wading off the evil eyes."

"A big queue is formed for a selfie."

"Everyone is in a hurry now."

"She is such a tender girl."

"With bodyguards around her."

"The car is in complete safety."

"All the arrangements are proper."

"A heroine came in the village.."

"..and there was a
transformation in people."

"All the boys have started
dressing up smartly."

"A heroine came in the village.."

"..and there was a
transformation in people."

"All the boys have started
dressing up smartly."

"A heroine came in the village.."

"..and there was a
transformation in people."

"All the boys have started
dressing up smartly."

"A heroine came in the village.."

"..and there was a
transformation in people."

"All the boys have started
dressing up smartly."

"Young and dashing boy.."

"She lost the opportunity."

"He was smitten by her love."

"He went crazy."

"He's not convinced with anything."

"His desire is different."

"He's not interested in anything."

"Have lost all the hopes of love."

"She is such a tender girl."

"With bodyguards around her."

"The car is in complete safety."

"All the arrangements are proper."

"A heroine came in the village.."

"..and there was a
transformation in people."

"All the boys have started
dressing up smartly."

"A heroine came in the village.."

"..and there was a
transformation in people."

"All the boys have started
dressing up smartly."

"A heroine came in the village.."

"..and there was a
transformation in people."

"All the boys have started
dressing up smartly."

"A heroine came in the village.."

"Dance. Dance.."

"A heroine came in the village.."

"Dance. Dance.."

"A heroine.. A heroine.. A heroine.."

Stop the music.

Get me a bottle.

Feeling parched.
Hurry up.

My God! Sonar, can you see?

He's wearing a groom's suit.

Animal welfare organization's president.

01:39:02,760 --> 01:39:04,240 position:80%

We never doubted him.
- Yes.

That's his talent.

Come, let's show him our power now.


No, sir. I wasn't wrong at all.

I swear, I wasn't wrong.

Sonar.. take him in our custody.

We will deal with him later.

Come on.
Put on your footwear, come on.

Come on.

Let's go.
- Let's go.

Sir is calling you. Come on.

I don't want to go..
- Come on.

I don't want to attend the wedding.

Just come.

I said I've kept everything safe.

Wait I will show you.
Just a minute.

Yes, sir. Salutations.

Sir, we found the utensils,
shopping bundles and the thief.

I am not a theif.

Yes, I will bring him
to the station right away.

Sir, his location is
near the railway crossing.

Go little ahead.

Stop now. Enough is enough.

Drop me in my village.

People will be waiting for me at home.

Don't worry, Mr. Namdeo.

I told you,
this will become the news tomorrow.

Come with me.

Everyone is selfish.

My God! Police!

Listen to me, Mr. Namdeo.
You will ruin everything.

Mr. Namdeo. Mr..

I hope your father-in-law
hasn't met with an accident.

Be positive.

We've danced for three hours.

Still the shopping bundles
didn't reach the venue.

When will you get married?

Half of the guests have left.

There are four marriages
in the communities.

They've to be present everywhere.

Enough of your dramas.

You people have insulted us enough.

Don't say that.

You talk to them, aunt.

Listen to me. wait for some time.

I don't want to listen.
I don't want to get married.

I am pleading at you. Please.

Mom, please don't touch his feet.

Come inside.

You people haven't kept
any promise till now.

Wonder where her father is hiding now.

I will speak to them.

Aunt will talk to them.

You listen to me.

If the shopping bundles
wouldn't arrive in an hour.

The wedding will be called off.

No one will marry your daughter.


Come on, take down everything.

Please bring it.

Take it down.

Give me some.

I will teach him a good lesson.

Keep an eye on him.

Hurry up. Come on.

Hurry up. Give one to him also.
Give it.

I've a habit. Don't worry.

Theft.. will you commit theft?

No, I will never do it again.

Did you bring everything?

Yes, come now.
Come on.

Come on.

Here are your shopping bundles.

It got delayed because
of my constables' mistake.

Priest, start chanting mantras.
It's already very late. Come on.

No need.

What's this new charade now?

What's she saying?

I don't want to get married.

What's this, Swati?

What are you saying, my dear?

I'm telling the truth.

Don't do this, my dear.

My child, I've been
through a lot to reach here.

Don't ruin my prestige.

Don't worry, dad.
Your prestige won't be harmed.

I won't marry in such a family.

I always told you that
I don't want to marry a farmer.

That's why you struggled..

..and managed everything
beyond your capacity.

I made a mistake, dad.

I've decided. You please fix
my alliance in a farmer's family.

I will work hard into farming.

But at least I will be in a family...

..that respects human being.


You mortgaged your farm because.. wanted a government servant
as your son-in-law.

How much will you ruin
yourself for my happiness?

Now, I don't want to get married.

Don't be mad, Swati.

Will you work in the field?

Why not?

Why not?
Even mom works.

Dad married you off with
a government servant.

He sold the field to
manage your wedding expenses.

And now he has mortgaged
the field for my marriage.

My dear.

Why farmers should
suffer for these government servants?

I won't cook in this
government servant's house.

They call themselves
government servants.

Government servant, my foot.

Instead of being their servant..

..I'd be happy being a farmer.

I will be the owner.

Don't do this, my dear.

I don't want to get married, dad.

I really don't wish to.

Who will marry you
after all this charade?

My son will marry her.

My son.

My son will marry her.

My Manya..

..will marry her.

Better publish some good news.

This is a big news to be covered.
- Yes.

Otherwise you cover all bad stories.

So you wanted to insult me.

I won't spare you.

Don't act smart.

It seems you don't know us.

We won't go back empty handed.

We will never let
you go empty handed.

I am going to handcuff
you all and take you with me.

You want dowry, right?

I will give you the dowry in jail.

Hey, take them in jeep.

Direct arrest?
- Yes, direct arrest.

Come on.
- No, listen, sir.

I said that we will bless
the couple and then go.

Wow! Music please.

Have you stopped
here to count the gifts?

You're responsible for all this.

What was wrong in her?
- Don't blame me.

I will find you many such girls.

And from where will you find them?

There are many in their family.
I've already found you one. Look there.

I'd prefer to remain single.
Let's go.