Barfi! (2012) - full transcript

Set in the 1970s in a pretty corner of India, Barfi! is the story of three young people who learn that love can neither be defined nor contained by society's norms of normal and abnormal. Barfi, a hearing and speech impaired boy falls in love with Shruti. In spite of her deep affection for Barfii, Shruti gives into societal and parental pressure to marry a 'normal' man and lead a 'normal' life. Many years later their paths cross once again when Barfi, now in love with Jhilmil, is on the run from the police. Barfi is desperately seeking Jhilmil, who has gone missing. Shruti's realization that Jhilmil is autistic makes her recognize that true love is really blind. Caught in a cat and mouse game, in the search for the girl Barfi loves, Shruti realizes that she is still in love with him. She must now choose between her happiness and Barfi! stars three of India's most loved young stars, all essaying roles of a lifetime. The uber cool Ranbir Kapoor plays the lead role of Barfi!, the very talented Priyanka Chopra takes on the challenge of playing Jhilmil and South star Ileana makes her Hindi debut as Shruti. This season, don't worry, be Barfi!

The movie is about to start...

The movie is about to start...

The movie is about to start...

The movie is about to start...

Spread love and joy
with people all around you.

But don't spread your
legs too far in front

Switch on your clockwork hearts
and tear glands

But switch off mobile phones
and wailing children.

Love in today's world..

is like instant noodles.

When it reaches your stomach,
it's mostly over

Love in today's world
is born through Facebook

Comes of age in backseats of cars

And dies in cold legal courts

Our story is about
a very different kind of love

A love filled with rainbows and dreams

lt's not a selfish kind of love

lt's not a messy kind of love

lt's a love that will tickle and linger

The movie is about to start...

The movie is about to start...

The movie is about to start...

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l'd often complain to Barfi.

That l didn't have a single
good photograph of him.

But his answer was
always the same.

l'll send you one before l die.

You can have that framed.

And true to his word...

Barfi fulfilled his last promise.

Since l was a child,
my idea of love was...

to live together...

and die together.

Just like my grandparents.

l was ten,
when my grandpa passed away.

And, a day later,
my grandma also left us.

l yearned for that kind of love.

But Barfi was miles away in Darjeeling
breathing his last.

l wasn't sure if l'd make it in time.

l had learned from Barfi...

that happiness is found in the little things.

Even a bowl of water is enough
for ships to sail in.

And if you truly believe...

even paper birds can take flight.

Barfi always stayed happy.

And for some strange reason, unknowingly...

l always brought difficulties
into his life.

But he never complained...

neither about me...

nor about the difficulties.


- ln the name of the law...

- l order you to stop!

You fools!
What are you doing down there?

He's on the roof!
Get up here now!

- Barfi!

Move out of the way!

lnspector, there seems to be a mistake.

This isn't a mistake.
And thank you very much, Mrs. Sengupta.

l wouldn't have caught him,
if you hadn't filed a complaint.

Where are you taking him?


Just joking, Mrs. Sengupta.
We're taking him to Darjeeling.

Let's go.

Ma'am, sir is on the line.

He's called twice before.

- Why did the cops come home?

- You didn't even bother informing me.

- Hello!

- Who is Barfi?

- Who the hell is he to you?

- We've never had cops in our house before...

Who is Barfi to me?

l had no answer to Ranjeet's question.

- Shruti?

After six years of being married to Ranjeet,
why was Barfi still important to me?

Please give this to Ranjeet.

That day, l broke all ties
to help Barfi.

l guess, l could take such a
drastic step only because...

l was still as deeply in love with Barfi...

as l was the first time l met him.

That was when my dad
had to relocate to Darjeeling.

- Roll-up the window.
You'll catch a cold.

- Who will believe she's
getting married in three months?


What is it?

- Wait, let me check.

101-4, Government Bungalows, Hill Road?

- Hillcart Road...
- Hillcart Road.


l don't want to talk about Barfi.

l've spent half my life running after him.

lf it weren't for Barfi...

l'd have retired as
the Superintendent of Police.

But now, l sell Homeopathy pills.


That rascal Barfi!

Barfi spread love everywhere he went.

But never wanted anything in return.

No wonder he had so many well-wishers.

Barfi and l were childhood friends.

We had a lot of fun.

He was hearing and speech impaired.

But that didn't stop him
from being stubborn.

He had a problem, though.

He thought...

people would abandon him.

That's why he always
put his close ones through a test.

His father lovingly named him...

Murphy, after the Murphy Radio Baby.

lf anyone asked him his name, he'd say...



You're wasting your time.

l am engaged.

Who sent this?

- Look l've put the clock back
by 15 minutes

- Assume that you and l never met.

- And assume l never proposed to you.

- Assume you have
made a new friend called Barfi.

- And assume this friend is helping you
plan your wedding.

How sweet!

- And now that
you've assumed all of this,

- why don't you give in with a smile
and wave.

- So cute!

l thought you told him you're engaged
so that he wouldn't bother you.

He's very handsome.

l know.

All the girls at the university
had a crush on him.

Love marriage?


One fine day he walked into the library...

held my hand and asked me...

''Will you marry me?''



l never hid anything from my mother.

When l told her about Ranjeet...

she only had one question.

''What does his father do?''

After coming to Darjeeling,
l don't know why...

l was happy to be away from Ranjeet.

Barfi came along like a gust of wind...

and in a blink, l was swept
away from my ordinary life...

l didn't realise it.

Barfi showed me how to live.

How to be adventurous.

And the most important lesson
l learned...

is that the biggest risk in life...

is never taking any risk at all.

Excuse me... lnspector Dutta?

You scoundrel!

- Barfi the Great!

- You think you can
run from lnspector Dutta?!


Sir, please wait...

Mrs. Sengupta...

from Calcutta!

Didn't take you long to get here!

Go on... beat him up.

lnspector, he can't talk.

Of course!

l know that.

We go back a long way.

l think there's been a mistake.

Don't you try to teach me.

There's been no mistake.

And if you want to help him...

find someone who can
communicate with him!

Because if l file a case against him
it will be all over for him.

But what has he done?

What has he done?

What has he done?!

Look at this...

my waist used to be 52 inches...

and now it's 42 inches!

And you ask me?


Come in.

- Take a look...

- Here's your Barfi!

What has he done?

He has robbed a bank,
Mrs. Sengupta.

No, no, don't be surprised.

The story does not end here.

He kidnapped the granddaughter...

of the most respected man in Darjeeling!


This is...

Ms. Jhilmil Chatterjee.


She was only six...

when Jhilmil's family
left her at Muskaan.

Pure as can be...

and soft as a cloud.

Even back then
Autism was considered a disease.

Her parents considered her
an embarrassment.

l also heard that...

her mom tried to strangle her
under the influence of alcohol.

And that's when her granddad
brought her to Muskaan.

Since then...

Muskaan was Jhilmil's home.

You think you'll be able to
take care of her?

How will you look after her?

We have many servants.


You see, her grandpa's health
has worsened.

Perhaps his last few days.

And he insists on seeing Jhilmil.

You know very well,
that no one can disobey his order.

Daju, you'll need to come.


Of all the kids at Muskaan,
Jhilmil was closest to Daju's heart.

And why not?

She was such an angel.

lf Daju had his way,
he'd never let go of Jhilmil.

An alcoholic mother...

a gambling good-for-nothing dad.

Moreover, Jhilmil needed
special care and attention.

Jung Bahadur!


Please, grandpa!



- You haven't been keeping well...

- but if you could sign these papers--

l'm not going to die...

anytime soon.

Don't laugh at me!

What's his name?

Whose name?


When l was your age,
l went to school here in Darjeeling.

l know.

Well, there's something you don't know.


See that man...

in the blue sweater?

Yes. He's my friend's brother. He was very handsome back then.

l was crazy about him. And l wanted to elope with him.

l was at the railway station... with a ticket in my hand.

And the train left the station. l didn't go with him.

Since your father got transferred here... whenever it's possible... l come here.

And look at him from a distance.

l am scared to imagine... what if l had eloped with him?

What would my life be like now?.

What life would l
be able to offer you?

The crossroads you are at right now... l had turned away from.

But... I...

l don't love Ranjeet--

Ranjeet is perfect for you.

So is it only about money?


lt's not about money.

He can't say the words
you wish to hear...

and he can't hear the words
you wish to say.

Sometimes silence is
the language of love.

And some day that silence will
drown out your love.

You will use your fingers to talk to him...

but the world will point fingers at you.

Do you really love dad?

Who said you can only love once?

He probably doesn't even
recognise me now.


Come to me the next time you need money...
and l'll teach you a lesson.

Respected Shruti's father,

Life is a beautiful journey...

who knows what it has
in store for us.

But l do know this.

You love your daughter a lot.

Your daughter loves me a lot.

And l love your daughter a lot.

When there's so much
love amongst us...

why don't we become a family?


Please get your daughter married to me.

Our life would then be
the perfect fairy tale.

And, we'd all live happily ever after!

Please say yes.

Yours sincerely, Barfi.

What is it?

Let me check.

- What is it?

He's here for a donation.

You see,
he's hearing and speech impaired.


Move it!

Move it!



tell me.


He is asking about Jhilmil.

DROP RS. 7,000 AT

Who has written this?

BRlNG RS. 100,000 TO

You think l'm foolish?


Tell him to start at the beginning.

My mother passed away
giving birth to me.

- My father is a driver--
- Stop it!

Not from that beginning.

Start from this point on.

After Shruti left,
Barfi became a completely different person.

His father lost his job.

This happened after
Jhilmil's grandpa passed away.

Grandpa, wake up!

Jhilmil's grandpa left
his entire wealth to her Trust Fund.

Jhilmil's father was left to live off
a meagre monthly allowance, like the servants.

The arguments got worse...

and one day he got rid of all the servants,
including the old timers.

lncluding Barfi's father and Jhilmil's nanny.

He didn't consider how Jhilmil
would survive without her nanny.

Kidney failure...

He needs surgery.

Seven thousand rupees...

Within two days...

two days.



Mr. Chatterjee...

Good evening, sir.


Your daughter?

Are you sure?

Who was the last to see her?
- I was reading her a bedtime story...

lf she was asleep, how could she be kidnapped?
For God's sake! l received a call.

For a ransom of 50,000 rupees!
- 50,000?

This way, please...

Do you suspect anyone?

l mean, do you have any enemies?

He has several debts...

so, yes, there are enemies.

l'm sorry.

- Sorry, she's been drinking.
- l'm sure its one of them.

- Please, can you stop drinking?
- l was not drinking.

Go call the other servants.

Take him with you.

You tried to strangle her
when she was a child.

Why do you have to bring that up?

How can l forget it?

Shut up!

You shut up!



- Where were you?

Where are you going?

Mr. Dutta!

We are late.

- lnspector Dutta, do something!


Got to pee...

No, don't shut the door...

DROP RS. 7,000 AT

- Who goes there?

- Who goes there?

Open the door.

Open the door.

l looked after her for 15 years,
but you...

couldn't take care of her for 15 days!

When did you get this letter?

l got it this morning
in the letterbox.

- l told you
not to take her away!

Money is all that matters to you!

l know what's happening here.

What are you trying to say?

How can you talk like that?

You don't know the facts!

There's a cop here.

Yet you're saying such things.


please investigate this thoroughly.

- l think Jhilmil's family is involved.


- 210?
- 210.

- 211?
- 211.

What is the patient's name?

Jung Bahadur.

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

Sir, the Senior lnspector wants to see you.


Sir, my wife is...


But you aren't!

Stay here.

Did he tell you?

He didn't tell me.

Did you tell him?

l didn't tell him.

What do we do?

- Tell me.
- You tell me, sir.

What do we do?

He's already here.

Yes, sir, he is here.

Will you go?

Or should l?

There's an hour to go.

l will continue the interrogation.

We got two ransom notes.

The first, for 7,000 rupees,
was written by Barfi.

But we don't know who wrote
the second note for 100,000 rupees.

'lf your daughter's life is dear to you...

come with 100,000 rupees to...

Lona Kukur bridge at 11 pm.

Otherwise the girl is dead.'

So the Senior lnspector and Mr. Chatterjee...

went to the bridge at 11 pm sharp.

All night long, many officers...

tried to look for Jhilmil
in the lake.

The strange thing about this case was...

no one could identify the villain.

lf Jhilmil were to be killed...

who would stand to gain?

l continued with my interrogation.

l was sure of getting a lead somewhere.

l didn't get any leads.

But what l did get...

was emotionally shocking.

- You can't get away!

- Hey... wait!

- Do you want to go or not?


- Barfi...

- Barfi...



Sorry, sir.

Sir, the Senior lnspector wants to see you.

Excuse me!

Mr. Sengupta.


Once again l lost my resolve
when l saw Ranjeet.

Once again l'd left Barfi behind.

But destiny kept bringing me
back to him.

Yet, l don't know why...

l never had the courage to follow my heart.

Perhaps that's why destiny didn't favour me.

Barfi could've taken Jhilmil anywhere.

But destiny brought him to Kolkata.

Or he came there intentionally.

Because he knew l had moved to
Kolkata after my wedding.






B for Barfi...



l never imagined
Barfi would enter my life again.

And when l met him
after all this time...

l wasn't just meeting Barfi.

But also the girl...

who lost herself after
becoming Mrs. Sengupta.

Mom once said...

that a silence would envelope
Barfi and me.

And that some day that
silence would drown out our love.

But silence was all Ranjeet and l had.

We could hear each other clearly...
but we didn't feel a thing.

ln every way we were complete...

but our love remained incomplete.

You could say, in some ways
Barfi was incomplete...

but his love was complete.

All l know is that she is from Darjeeling.

But what about her parents?
Don't you have any other details?

Mrs. Sengupta?


Jhilmil Chatterjee's missing report?


Did you report it?


Jhilmil went missing three times.

First, she was kidnapped from her home.

The second time
Barfi took her from under our nose!

The next six months
l didn't hear a thing.

l assumed it was the end of the case.

- But, six months later,
Mr. Chatterjee called me...

- to his house.

- And, why did he call me?

To give me the
100,000 rupee ransom note.

Case reopened.

- But, even before l could get started,
l got a call from Calcutta.

- That a certain Mrs. Sengupta in Calcutta...

- had reported Jhilmil missing.

Jhilmil missing in Calcutta...

and ransom note in Darjeeling.

lt made no sense.

Just like a bad detective novel.


What now, sir?

We have to tell the girl's father...

who killed her.


Who is in our custody?


He killed Jhilmil.

How could he have killed her...

while he has been in our custody?

You and l know that,
but Mr. Chatterjee doesn't.


Fundamentally, this is wrong, sir.

Fundamentally, he can
dismiss us from ourjobs.

He's very powerful.

He can take names off school rolls.

l don't go to school, sir.

But your kids do.

lf you lose yourjob,
how will you pay the fees?

We'll tell Chatterjee that we arrested him
after the girl died.

He is hearing and speech impaired.
He can't argue, simple!

Hello... Mr. Chatterjee...

What are you looking for?

The lawyer's number.

Why don't you eat something...

- Shruti...

You lied to me, mom.

Why do you sneak out
to see that man?

lt's because you still love him.

Don't you?

Do you really love dad?

- Mr. Chatterjee... please don't do this.

- Mr. Chatterjee, listen...

- Control yourself... please!

- l request you.

- Get a hold of yourself!

- Barfi! Don't do that.



Okay lnspector, l'll be there.

Do you really have to go?


Then don't come back.

Thank you, Mrs. Sengupta.

l wasn't sure who to call.

And l didn't think
anybody else would turn up.

- We don't know who murdered Jhilmil.

- But when asked,
the cops will say he did it.

l'll find out...

who the real culprit is.

- But that could take some time.

l don't have a soft corner for him.

But l guess you do...

- He'll get trapped, Mrs. Sengupta.

- They are a powerful family.

- Take him away.


everybody deserves a second chance.

- Here... a ticket for Calcutta.

Thank you!

One more ticket, please.

l don't know why but...

l wasn't really concerned
about Jhilmil's disappearance.

ln fact, l was happy.

Because, finally Barfi was mine.

But someone who loses their love...

and goes on with life,
who knew that better than me.

Living with Barfi l realised that...

l finally got my opportunity.

But a little too late.

There l was with Barfi...

but Barfi was still devoted to Jhilmil.

- So, you're Barfi.

- You're here looking for Jhilmil.

But why here?

Jhilmil had the number of this place.

So he thought... his last hope...

Why would Jhilmil be here?

lt's been so long since--

- Jhilmil didn't come here.

- Please leave!

- Please go away.

- Please go!

- Jhilmil is not here.

- Jhilmil is not here!

- Get him... catch him...



l hope you haven't told anyone.

- Please don't.

- What could l do...
l was in a mess.

- l thought she'd go missing
for a few hours.

-This was the best way to get money
from my own family!

- The debts were killing me.

- Jhilmil's grandpa made sure
l only got a measly amount every month.

- He left the rest of his wealth
in Jhilmil's Trust Fund.

- This was the only way to
get funds out of the Trust.

- l made a mistake.

A grave mistake.

- l really care about Jhilmil, Daju.

Will you take Jhilmil
away from here again?

- Yes.

- Her mother wouldn't want her
to be here.

Do you still need the money?

Jhilmil is...

very happy here.

Daju looked at
Barfi's attempts in silence.

Here was Barfi...

who cared for Jhilmil even
more than he did.

Whether Jhilmil would stay back at Muskaan
or go away with Barfi....

was a decision
he left to Jhilmil.

- Barfi...

- Barfi...

- Barfi!

That was the love
l always yearned for.

Just like my grandparents.

True love.

To live together and die together...

in each other's arms.

So no ones left behind in tears.

They left...


Leaving me all alone.

lt could have been me
instead of Jhilmil.

But it was Jhilmil who got Barfi.

Because she didn't
plan to fall in love.

She didn't think
about the consequences.

She didn't think
how life would turn out.

She just loved him unconditionally.

And it all turned out well
in the end.