Bare Knuckles (1977) - full transcript

A bounty hunter in Los Angeles sets out to track down and stop a masked serial killer who murders women by using kung-fu moves.

(upbeat funky music)

(punches cracking)
(fighters groaning)

- Yes, sir. We sent the report in.

You got anything for me?

Well, we had to wait for the blood sample.

- All for you.
- Thank you, beautiful.

- We can't control the lab. Yes, sir.

- It's about time we got
this sucker. It's about time.

Type this up, will you,
Madge? This is fine.

Officer, would you read this
gentleman his rights, please?

And then book him.

- Now wait a minute.

- No, you wait a minute.

I got you, punk, and I got you dirty.

So just play out the
game. You know the rules.

Get him out of here!

- Come on, let's go. Move!

- I'll be back out in
the bricks in one hour,

and I'll be lookin' for you.

- You do that.

- From the looks of you, you
better hope you don't find him.

- Come on, let's go. Get
out of here, let's go.

- Well what are you waiting
for, bounty hunter, a gold star?

- Nah, the reward will do.

- Well, you'll have to fill
out the civilian arrest forms.

Oh, very good.

I see you remember all our
little rules around here.

Too bad you never play by them out there.

You know something, Kane?

There's really no difference between you

and the crud you drag in here.

No difference at all.

- Well, there's one.

- [Officer] Oh yeah? What's that?

- He's in there. I'm out here.

(slow funky music)


- [Gibby] Making the rent again, Zach?

- Just another night at the movies.

- It's yours.

- Thanks, kid.

(slow funky music)

(upbeat funky music)
(punches cracking)

(both laughing)

(light flute music)

- Now just sit here a minute
and I'll get you some coffee.

- Why don't you go by way of Brazil?

- Very funny.

- Roger, did anyone ever
tell you you're a bore?

- No one talks to me
like that, understand?

- Get your hand off me.

- Jennifer.

Jennifer, let's go.

- [Jennifer] I don't want to go.

- [Roger] I said let's go!

- You go by yourself. I've had it.

Let me go!

- Jennifer. Jennifer!

Get out of my way. Jennifer,
get in the damn car.

- Pal, how about a
pepperoni and mushroom, huh?

- This is none of your business. Jennifer!

- Salami and black olive?

- Look, I told you!

- Get your hands off me.

Now go cool down. Get goin'.

(tires screeching)

- My purse.

(slow dramatic music)

You want to invite a lady to dinner?

Now all we need is some wine and candles.

Did you make any of this?

- Yeah, some of it.

- Who are you?

- A local wine merchant.

- I don't even know your name.

- It's Kane.

- Kane?
- Mhm.

- As in Abel?

As in candy? As in citizen?

- As in blind man's.

- You scare the hell out
of me. What do you do?

- The best I can.

- You could hurt me, you know.

- I wouldn't do that.

- Not the me on the outside.

The me on the inside, the one nobody sees.

- I wouldn't do that.

- [Announcer] Bus from El Paso
now arriving at gate four.

Bus from El Paso now arriving.

(slow funky music)

(man hissing)

(man hissing)

(woman screaming)

- Oh! Oh no!

Oh! Oh, help me, please!


(woman groaning)

- Deke, I know I've seen that man before.

- Come on, Barbara, will you let it alone?

- The way he stared at me.

I'm scared. I'm scared to death.

- And just where the hell
do you think you're going?

- I'm splittin'. I'm telling
you, I know that face.

I'm not sticking around
till he reminds me.

- You're crazy.

So what the hell am I
supposed to tell the band

when you don't show up for work tonight?

- Tell them anything. Tell
them I've got laryngitis.

Look, Deke, don't you understand?

Even if I'm wrong, I
have to protect myself.

Nobody came to her rescue.

And this little songbird
knows a couple of places to go

until that crazy man is locked up.

(upbeat funky music)

- [Officer] We're investigating a murder.

Where were you last Thursday night?

- [Miss Lindsay] I was
at my sister's house.

Before I answer any
more of your questions,

I'd like to call my attorney.

- Anything you tell us will be
held strictly in confidence.

- Oh yeah.

Till tomorrow morning when
I read it in the paper.

- I said anything you tell us

will be strictly
confidential, Miss Lindsay.

- And I told you I was
at my sister's house.

- [Officer] Well, somebody was here.

- Well, if you got to
know, it was my roommate.

She's a singer, and she
was probably rehearsing.

- [Officer] Well, maybe
we could talk to her

for a few minutes.

- Sure, you can talk to her,
but first you got to find her.

She's out there someplace
walking in the city.

- [Officer] What's her name?

- [Miss Lindsay] Barbara.

- [Officer] Barbara what?

- [Miss Lindsay] Barbara Darrow.

- [Officer] Thanks for
the information, Miss.

- Anytime, honey. I'm never
too busy to help the law.

(slow funky music)

(upbeat funky music)

- How you doing, Leo?

- What do you want, Kane?

- Is Black in?

- You got a piece?

- Yeah.

- I'll take it.

- You'll have to.

(Zach knocking)


- Little out of your
territory, aren't you, Kane?

- Yeah, well, the jungle
runs in all directions.

- And what are you doing
in mine? Did you miss me?

- Oh yeah, my heart bleeds.

I need a little help.

- That's interesting. I thought
you usually worked alone.

- Whenever I can.

- What do you need?

- [Zach] I need to find that
girl before the heat gets her.

- What's in it for me?

- The usual.

- No good, pal.

- What's gonna do it?

- I'd say about 50%.

- That's 7,500. What makes
you think it's worth it?

- Because if it wasn't,
you wouldn't be here.

- All right, but for that
kind of cut, you ride shotgun.

- Let the good times roll, pal.

(engine rumbling)

(funky music)

(tires screeching)

Boy, it looks like a real
whip and chains for you.

A fairy in hobnail boots.

- Yeah.

Well, what do you say?
Want to go catch his act?

- You take the first dance. I'll be along.

- Don't you leave me in that place alone.

(both laughing)

- Don't let it get to you.

(upbeat funky music)

- What'll it be?

- Beer.

- You're new here, huh?

- Yeah, but I got a lot of
friends that hang out here.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.

- Is that one of your friends?

- He ain't bad, is he?

I tell you what, get me his phone number,

and I'll work on it.

- Hey, come on.

- Cedric, darling, I
think that our friend Max

has a new secret admirer.

- Oh, which one, Bruno?

- That delightful looking number

standing over there at the bar

Max, darling, I do think you
ought to invite him over.

Hee's very good-looking.

- No, I don't think so.

- Thank you, pal.

- Nevermind, I think he
just saved you the trouble.

- Hey, Atlas.

- Something I can do for you?

- How about you and me going
outside for a little talk?

- Are you a cop?

- No, I ain't a cop.

- Well, what do you want to talk about?

- [Zach] Something about a guy and a girl.

- Max, darling, you didn't
tell us you'd gone straight.

- Shut up.

Well, now I'll tell you, muscle head.

Why don't you just get out of here?


- Well, it's your bottle.

(blows thudding)

(Max shouting)

(blows thudding)

(punches cracking)

(punches cracking)

(people shouting)

- All right, hold it. Carnival's over.

I thought you said you
just wanted to talk?

- Yeah, well, I tied.

Hey, Atlas, listen to me.

As I was saying before we got interrupted,

let's have a little talk, huh?

Come on!

- You need this?

- What does this make us, Bloods?

- That's one hell of a
knuckle drill to go through

just to find out you're
chasing a white boy.

- Listen, this white boy
is worth 15 grand to us.

- So what else we got?

- We've got that girl
singer. Let's go find her.

- I'm working on it.

- Well, let's do it fast.

I got a feeling this
guy we're after is nuts,

and he's gonna get
started again real soon.

(door clicking)

- Hi.

- [Man] Hi. I think I'd like a massage.

- It's pretty late. I
was just about to close.

- [Man] Oh, I see. Well, what
about one of the other girls?

- I'm it, honey, and I'm going home.

You could come back tomorrow.

Well, looks like I'm back
in business again, lover.

Why don't you go back and undress?

I'll be with you just as
soon as I lock the door.

(dramatic music)

I hope you're ready for
me, honey, because...



Come on, sugar, I'll
make you feel real good.

(man breathing heavily)

(man hissing)

(woman screaming)

- They will catch you, my friend.

- Mother is very wealthy,
and I am very quick.

Two reasons why I think not, Kido.

- You must stop this thing.

- I can't. You know I can't.

- You must stop or you will die.

- Kido. Kido, I want you to
speak to cook immediately.

I have warned her for the last time.

If she doesn't prepare
the menus in this house

to my exact specifications,

then she can just go find
employment someplace else.

- [Kido] Yes, Mrs. Devlin.

- Bring me another double bloody.

I have a splitting headache. Now!

And how is my handsome
son this morning, hm?

You were out very late.

- [Richard] Yes, I was.

- Did you have a nice time?

Where did you go?

- Just out.

- [Pamela] Well, out where?

- I just went out, Mother.

- Richard, you know that I
don't like that tone of voice.

- Then stop asking questions.

- Young man, I'm worried
about your behavior.

You know, it's not quite

what Dr. Keller led me
to believe it should be.

- So?

- So I'm afraid that if
we don't begin to see

a marked improvement in your
behavior, well, it just may be

necessary to have you
readmitted to the hospital.

I am simply not prepared to put
up with the kinds of trouble

that you can get into.

- You're not going to put
me anywhere. Not ever again.

- Aren't I?

- No, not ever.

One time through your
private little nut house

is all you're going to get.

So you will call no one.
You will speak to no one.

You will go on as
everything was Sunday brunch

and sex orgies just like
always, won't you, Mother?

- Yes.

- Oh good. Oh good.

I've always loved your hair,
even when I was so very little.

I've always wondered what you'd look like

after one of your gentlemen
friends got through with you.

Funny why they all leave
so quickly, isn't it?

Good morning, Mother.

(blows cracking)

- You play with vengeance
today, my young friend.

- Am I moving too
quickly for you, teacher?

- [Kido] I can still break you in half.

(blows cracking)

- Even at the hospital,
I trained every day.

My speed and power now
even amaze me, Kido.

(blows cracking)

- Don't force me to teach
you a lesson with pain.

(blows cracking)

- In 15 years, you taught
me everything you know.

You should've saved something for today.

(blows cracking)

(blows cracking)

(Richard shouting)

(Kido shouting)

(blows cracking)
(Richard shouting)

- [Pamela] Richard. Richard, it's Mother.

Richard. Richard!

Richard, I want you. Come here, Richard.

Come here. Come here now.

(slow funky music)

(woman screaming)

- Hey!

Call the police.

(dramatic music)

Okay, come on out. I know you're here.

I said come out.

(blows thudding)

(blows thudding)
(man shouting)

(blow thudding)
(man shouting)

(bones cracking)
(man screaming)

(slow funky music)

- Man, I hope you got the right broad.

- Don't even worry about it.

My information source
is extremely together.

Word is that she's been hanging
out with these ghetto clowns

ever since that first killing.

- What about the layout of this building?

- It's a room somewhere
on the top two floors.

I think we can get in from the roof.

- Good. You take the
top, I'll do the bottom.

- Hey, you know these dudes
can get dangerous, you know?

- Well, that's why I got you, sweetheart.

(dramatic music)

- You better have a good
reason for listening at

that door, turkey, or you're
gonna be in for a tough ride.

Looky here what I found.

(slow funky music)

- Maybe he's looking for
the party down the hall.

Is that it, Jack?

You lookin' for a trip pad,

and you just happened
to stop here by mistake.

Or maybe it was something more interesting

that brought you out on a
miserable night like tonight, huh?

(punch thudding)

- You looking for somebody?

- A girl.

- You in the wrong place, Jack.

- Am I?

(kick thudding)

- The man say you're in the
wrong place. Believe it.

(kick thudding)

- Ox. Get up.

- You're a tough one, ain't you, daddy?

What's the matter, didn't
you get enough of a workout?

- You guys did all right.

- Well, we appreciate your good review,

but that still don't
tell me how come you know

we got a certain young
lady staying with us.

- I shack up with a crystal ball.

(blow cracking)

- Don't smartmouth me, honky.
Now what do you want with her?

- I'm looking for a guy.

- Supposin' she don't know no guy.

- Then what's she doing hidin' out?

- Who says she is?
- I do.

- Well, that piece of information

is gonna cost you, Mr. Charlie.

Why don't you gentlemen take our guest

and see if he wouldn't
like to pay the price.

(blows cracking)
(Zach groaning)

Hello, bright boy. You have a nice rest?

- Yeah.

- That's the groove.

I don't believe you met
our little house guest.

This is Barbara.

She is the one you been
looking for, isn't she?

- Yeah.

- Good because I'd hate to see you die

before you get what you came for.

Barbara, say hello to the man.

He's gone through a lot
of trouble to meet you.

- Hello.

- My pleasure.

- It won't be, I can
absolutely guarantee you that.

Kill him.

(upbeat funky music)
(Zach groaning)

(gunshot banging)

(door clattering)

(gunshots banging)

(blows thudding)

(gunshots banging)

(gunshot banging)

(punch cracking)

(blows cracking)

- Where the hell were you?

- Hey, man, you got lost.

You know, I don't want
to run with you anymore.

It's too damn exhausting.

- You ain't earned your half yet, pal.

We still got to get up
there and get to that girl.

- Hey, you go get her, cowboy.

'Cause you do this for fun.
I do it only for a living.

(gunshots banging)

I figure I just earned my
half. You send it to me.

- You figure we're even now, huh?

- You're alive, ain't ya?

See you around, blood.

- Yeah.

(dramatic music)

(man shouting)

Now listen to me! Listen to me!

I'm gonna ask you one
time. Who killed that girl?

Who killed her?

- Richard Devlin.
- How do you know that?

- He comes to the club where I work.

- Then why didn't your friends bust him?

Why didn't they bust him?

- They were going to.
They were going to...

- They were gonna what? Tell me!

- They were gonna blackmail him.

- Yeah, why not?

- What am I supposed to do now?

- Ask your friend here.

(Barbara crying)

(dramatic music)
(Zach knocking)

- [Jennifer] I'm coming.

- Hi.

- Zach.

- Got a minute for an old friend?

- You look like you could use a week.

- I'll take it.

- Should I call a doctor?

- I didn't come here to see a doctor.

- But you're hurt.

- I could use a drink.

- What would you like, a
resuscitator on the rocks?

- Do I bug you, baby?

- I'm Sorry. It's just I'm not
used to this sort of thing.

- I know. I shouldn't have come here.

Do yourself a favor, forget about me.

- Zach.

I can't.

Everything in the world tells
me I should, but I just can't.


- How about that drink?

- One drink comin' up.

Good afternoon.

- What time is it?

- The day after yesterday.

Tell you one thing, Kane.
When you sleep, you sleep.

Here, it's black.

That's you, tough guy.

Black coffee, straight whiskey.

Unfiltered cigarettes.

You don't use much
window dressing, do you?

- Not much.

- I think your ribs are cracked.

- I'm just gettin' old.

- Yeah, just gettin' old.

Damn it, what am I doing?

I'm getting hung up on a guy
that I don't know who he is.

I don't know what he does.

I don't know when he'll be here.

When he is, I don't even know
if he'll be in one piece.


You going somewhere?

- Like you said, babe, you know...

- I know what I said, and you stay there.

I watched you lie in pain all night,

and all I could do was wipe
your face with a wet towel.

I said I don't know what
to do with you, Kane.

You're making me crazier than you are.

- Come here.

- Sandy, you're an absolute doll.

Thank you for coming to my rescue.

Oh, I'm sure it'll be a lovely party.

When did Pamela not throw one?

Okay, fine, see you
there tomorrow. Bye bye.

Guess what.

- What?

- The Devlins are having
a party tomorrow night,

and we are invited.

- What do you mean? What
do you mean we are invited?

I told you to get me invited.
I don't want you there.

- But it's perfect, Zach.

They don't exactly run a
tour service, you know.

- Now listen to me a second.
This is not fun and games.

This is a killer we're talking
about. This guy's crazy.

- Well, if you want to
blow it, then blow it.

But this is your opportunity
to get a good, close look

at Richard, and you need me
in order to go to that party.

Besides, what can he possibly
do with a houseful of people?

- I know know.

That's what I don't like.

(upbeat music)
(guests chattering)

- [Pamela] Darling Jennifer.

- Hello.
- How lovely you could come.

- Oh, I'm so glad to be here.

Pamela, I'd like you to
meet Mr. Zachary Kane.

Zach, this is Pamela Devlin.

- Welcome aboard.

I don't believe either of
you have met my son, Richard.

Richard, I'd like to introduce
to you Miss Jennifer Randall.

- Hello.

- [Pamela] And Mister...

- Kane.

- How do you do?

- Excuse me, I see some guests arriving.

Have a lovely time, and
I'll talk to you later.

David, how are you, sweetheart?

- How have you been, Pam?

- You gorgeous hunk of
man, where have you been?

- Mother likes pretty people.

- I'm dying for some champagne.

- The place is floating in it.

(guests chattering)

- Zach, I really don't think
he could be the killer.

- He's the one, all right.

- How can you be so sure?

- I make my bread by knowing.

- You're the boss.

- That's right.

(guests chattering)

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

- [Guest] Beautiful setup, same as ours.

(guests chattering)

♪ Oh once I had a little bird ♪

♪ He tried so hard to fly ♪

♪ He changed in ♪

(Jennifer gasps)
- Hi.

- Hi. You scared me.

- Was there something
you wanted, Miss Randall?

- I think I'm lost.

- Yes, it is a big house, isn't it.

Please, come in.

- Thank you.

- This is our game room.

- It's lovely.

- Do you play games?

- Depends on the rules.

- Are you having a nice time?

- Yes, it's a lovely party.

- [Richard] What do you think of Mother?

- She's a sweetheart.

- Yes, she is, isn't she?

What do you know of me?

- Really not very much.

- Why are you here, Jennifer?

- Having a good, making friends.

- Friends.

I don't make friends easily.

I tend to put people off.

They seem to grow apprehensive
whenever we're alone.

(balls clacking)

Like now.

Do I make you apprehensive, Jennifer?

- A little.

- Why?

- Because...

- Because?

You could do better than that, can't you?

- I don't understand.

- You don't understand.

Just like all of them, aren't you?

- All of whom?

- My mother and her friends.

Whores, fancy clothes, drinking champagne.

You think it's class, don't you?

- I'd like to leave.

- Why? So you can run
back to the boyfriend?

- So I can do whatever I please.

(smack cracking)
(dramatic music)

- Mother.

Please let me stay with you.

Don't leave me alone again tonight.

Remember how warm you
used to say I was then?

Just let me stay with you tonight.

I promise I won't be afraid.

Please let me stay with you.

Please let me stay with you tonight, Mama.

♪ Oh once I had a little bird ♪

♪ He tried so hard to fly ♪

♪ But then he changed into a rat ♪

♪ That made me tell a lie ♪

- Let's stop here.

All right, look, I'll
walk back there from here.

You drive carefully. I'll see you later.

- Zach, I mean it. He's dangerous.

He needs help. Call the
police and let them handle it.

- Jennifer, I'm telling
you for the last time,

I don't want you to get any
more involved with this.

- How can I not get involved? I love you.

- Love has nothing to do with
it. I'm in a rough business.

I don't need a woman
telling me how to do it.

- Then he'll have to go
out and kill somebody else

before you can get your blood money.

Can you live with that?

- Jennifer, just drive on
home. I'll see you later.

- Zach, please.

- [Zach] Do as I tell you.

(dramatic music)

(blows thudding)

- Perhaps it would be nice
if our friend was found

lying face down in the ocean.

You should have never
come for me, Mr. Kane.

By the time your buddy
floats to the surface,

your lungs will be filled with saltwater

and the fish will have eaten your eyes.

(dramatic music)

I'll be home late again tonight, Kido.

(gunshot banging)
(Kido groaning)

(dramatic music)

(door clattering)

- Hello?


Zach, is that you?

(Jennifer gasps)

(Jennifer gasps)

Oh my god, no.


- [Man] Hey, what the hell are you doing?

(flesh squishing)
(man gagging)

(dramatic music)

- That's right, it's 467 Brighton Terrace.

Yes, I know.
- Hey, where's Jennifer?

Who you talking to, man?
- Please.

- Get the hell out of the way.

Oh my god.

Oh, my baby.

(dramatic music)

(engine rumbling)

(upbeat funky music)

(tires screeching)


(tires screeching)

(tires screeching)

(horn honking)

(tires screeching)

(motorcycle clattering)

(horn honking)

(tires screeching)

(engine rumbling)

(cars clattering)

(car clattering)

(horn honking)

Move it, move it, move it, move it!

(tires screeching)

(water splashing)

(tires screeching)

(car clattering)

(explosion booming)

(flames crackling)

(explosion booming)

(blows cracking)

(kick thudding)
(Zach shouting)

(train whistle blowing)

(dramatic music)

(upbeat funky music)

(Zach shouting)

(Richard groaning)

(punches thudding)
(Richard groaning)

(blows thudding)
(Zach shouting)

(blows thudding)
(both grunting)

(kicks thudding)
(Richard shouting)

(blow thudding)
(Zach groaning)

(blows thudding)
(Zach shouting)

(dramatic music)

(Richard laughing)

(dramatic music)

(Zach groaning)

(train rumbling)

(train whistle blowing)

(dramatic music)

(punch cracking)
(Richard groaning)

(kick thudding)
(Richard groaning)

Come on!

(Richard screaming)

(water splashing)

(upbeat funky music)