Barcelona: A Love Untold (2016) - full transcript

Ely and Mia (Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo) find each other on their individual journeys in finding redemption. After the unfortunate passing of Ely's girlfriend, Ely moves to Barcelona, Spain to fulfill his wishes when he meets a girl who reminds him of her. He tries to ignore the thought of her, but fate would always bring them together. Both struggle at first: but as they get know each other, things begin to feel lighter. Soon, Mia finds herself falling for Ely, who is not yet done loving someone else. With a strong voice of today's youth, this romantic-drama movie shows two people who are faced with the truth about themselves and about the past so that they can have a future together.

Ely, get up!

Happy birthday, bro!

Make a wish.

-Mom and Dad are here.
-Right on time.

Just in time!

Did you get his expression?

Ben, don't forget.
We will have a barbecue later.

-We have a lot of food.
-Don't you have a meeting?

So, where's my kiss?

Say, "I love you, too."

Give me my kiss.


Wait! Say, "I love you, too."

If I'd only known,

I would have told you again and again
that I love you.

For you to take your master's.

I'm sorry, sir.

No problem.

Excuse me.


-I'm not Celine!

-Flor! Where are you?
-Hi, Mia! Where are you?

I'm here at La Rambla.

Go home now! Now!

Architects, I want you
to look at these two structures,

study them, write about their differences
and similarities.

I hope you all will hand the homework in
by next week.

I'd like to remind you
that final exams are soon.

Study, prepare...

Flor, come out! Show your face!

Nelson! Give back our money!
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

That's our money! She took our savings!

Flor, I'm here
because you promised to give me a job.

I really didn't mean to do this.

I was just dragged into
the networking scam here.

I have to escape before it gets worse.

What if you just go back to your family...

-in the Philippines?
-Flor, it's too late for that.

Please don't do this.

Here. This will help you, OK?

Flor, I don't know anyone else here.

Why don't you call José Antonio?

The one I introduced you to in Boracay
two years ago?

He can help you, OK?
I'm really sorry, but I really have to go.

-I really need to leave. I'm sorry.

That's what the Sagrada Família
wishes to say.

The highest, the nearest to God,

and the fastest way
to send our apologies to the heavens.

That's bonus trivia from an architect.

I have a lot more like that.

So, if you know anyone
who's going to visit Spain,

please recommend our group to them.

Hashtag LakwatsaEspañaTours.

-We'll take note of that.
-Well then, I'll go ahead.

RJ will be the one to guide you around
inside the Sagrada.

-Thank you! Enjoy!
-Thank you!


Here is the Sagrada...


Wow, sis, that's wonderful!

That is the Sagrada Família.

The church that even now
remains unfinished.

They say it's been under construction
for more than a hundred years already.

But why isn't it finished yet?

Because Gaudi, the architect,
fell deeply in love with a woman.


Then, he got heartbroken
and abandoned his plans.

That was a joke?

Mia always loves making up stories.

That's why she was a playwright
for Teatro Aguila back in college.

-Hi, Dad!
-Dad, Mia's chatting with us!

Dad, God bless you.

Mom, is Dad still mad at me?

Look at me. I've come this far!

Should I leave all of this behind?

Mia, why don't you just come home?

Oh. Yes! OK!

OK! One minute! OK! Yes!

Mom, sorry. My officemate is calling me.

I'll call you back, OK?

-Macky, be good. OK?

I'll call you again.

-Bye, sis.
-I love you too. Bye, darling.


Hello, Dad?

Happy birthday, son!

We need to pay your brother's tuition fee.

Do you have the money?
I'm just reminding you.

They might not let him
take the exam again.

Send us the money right away.

We're going to Venice in October.
Do you want to come with us?

No. I have to send money for my brother's
enrollment fee in the Philippines.

-Well, next time.
-Yes, next time.


-Thank you.

-OK. Thank you!
-You're welcome!

-Good night.
-Good night.

-Another bottle of wine.

Darling, yes, I'm still here
at the meeting with my boss.

How can you say that?

You're the only one.

I love you.

Hey, sir!

-Where are you going?
-What do you mean?

We have a meeting with RJ
for the next project.

And we're going to celebrate
your birthday.

Are you going alone? Who's that with you?

I'll borrow your mom's room first, OK?

My God!

This is not Celine.

What's that?

Don't leave me.

Don't cry, Ely.

Tootsie will come back.

My mom was alive when she left,
and she didn't come back.

Will Tootsie when she's dead?

If I die, you will still see me again.

I will not leave you.

I will come back.

Hello, Uncle Ben?

-Ely, let's have a video call?
-Yes, we can.

-Are you home?
-Yes, I'm already here.

-I'll wait for your call.
-All right.

Thank you, Uncle Ben and Aunt Clara!

How time flies, right?
You'll be finished with your MA soon.

Then you'll come home.
You'll be able to help me with the firm.

-Your office is already waiting for you.

Very soon, Uncle. One more term,
and your scholar will graduate.

Uncle, thank you.

I'm sure wherever Celine is,

Happy birthday! OK?

Uncle, thank you again. Aunt, take care.

-You take care too. Bye!
-Call us once in a while.

No one can replace you.

-Mom... My stomach's upset.

This is so uncanny!

She's like a photocopy.

-I told you.
-Yes, but this one seems finicky.

She just looks more fussy.

-Where am I?
-Are you OK?

You're here in my house.

Sorry. Wait. Sorry.

Sorry, do you know the way to Gotico?

Gotico? Just turn left,
then you'll see the train station.

Thank you.

-Has she left already?

Can you go after her? She left these.

-You do it!
-You do it! I need to go to the bathroom.

What the...?

Elias! Wake up!

The girl you brought here last night
might kill herself.

-Who is that English-speaking girl

you brought here? Who is she?

Sorry, Aunt. I didn't tell you
because I thought you'd come home late.


-Where is she?
-She left early this morning.

Hey, Tonying! Isn't she suicidal?

-Read that out loud!
-Wait! I'll read it!

I'm done!"


Foolish! Stupid!

What's that Tonying? A diary?


It's like Mara Clara's diary.

All the secrets are here.

You're gross!

For God's sake. Please, Ely.

Go after your friend.

We might get in trouble.
She left her passport here.

Her passport is still here?

Yes, that's why it's your responsibility
to give her back her things.


This place is my business,
I need money to live.

Is that clear? I have a life too.

I even brought my resume if you need one.

I'm sorry, dear.
Spain is in a recession right now.

Ma'am, what did they tell you?
Where is she going?

To the art shop where Flor used to work.

I heard she wanted to look for a job.

Thank you.

-She said she was going there?

-Thank you.

Ely, come on! Hurry! The bus is leaving!

The guy in red!

Shame on you!

You never brought us pride,
and now you're bringing us humiliation!

-That's enough!


Dad is so unfair.

Monina didn't even finish law
because she got pregnant,

but he didn't beat her up like this.

Just let that out.

Mia! It's all right, Mia!

-Everything will be all right.
-My suitcase! Wait!

You mustn't kill yourself!
What are you doing?

What? It's you again?

-Mia, it's a mortal sin...
-Help! What are you doing?

What? What are you doing?

Sir, please!

What's wrong with you? You're crazy!
Let me go!

Hey! What's wrong? I'll call the police.

No. She's my girlfriend.

My heart is only for her.

OK. If she's your girlfriend,
you can give her a kiss.

and you forgive him, you can kiss her.

If he's your boyfriend,

-you'll forgive him, right? Kiss!


If you don't stop, I'll kiss you for real.

Your passport is with me.


even though it wasn't my intention
to kill myself.

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Ely. My name is Ely.

Whatever you want, we can talk about it.

If you want money...

I don't have any. For now.

Don't worry. I'm not a bad person.

Give it to me! Please!

We also both know that seeking employment

That's why it's better
if you go home to the Philippines.

You're not serious.


Thank you again. I really appreciate it.

put the chairs on top of the table

and push it aside
so the mattress will fit.

Why did you bring her here?

I told you
to stop her from killing herself.

That doesn't mean
you should keep her alive.

Aunt, she says she will find a job.

She's now your responsibility.

Don't worry, Aunt.
Her visa is only valid for three months.

people like her don't stay long here.

Maybe you brought her here
because she looks like Celine.

Not even close, Aunt.


This is Mia.

She's not my girlfriend.

-I'm just helping her find a job.

So, what kind of job?

A house cleaner?

If it's possible.
Because in the Philippines,

Mia, I also have a degree.

HRM. Isn't it obvious?

Edel is a BS math graduate.
He's even a Cum Laude.

But he started here as a cleaner.


I'm a graduate of Accounting, but when I
got here, I was a house cleaner, a waiter.

In short, I became a servant.

Aunt, please just do this for me.
Please. Let's help Mia.


Thank you.

This is on you, Ely, huh?

My mom said she can start today.
Do you think that's OK?


Mia, you'll start today.

Mia, don't embarrass me, OK?
If you need anything, just text me.

I'll be in school until 12 noon.

Then I'm doing a tour,
then straight to the restaurant.

Let's just meet there, OK?

Oh, what is that?

Oh no! I'm sorry! Sorry!

I'm sorry, Ely.

I know she's trying,
but she doesn't seem to know how to work.

I'm sorry. We have to fire her.

I can be an English tutor.

I'm sure I'll be good at that.

Flor told me there are many tutors here--

Can you speak Spanish?

Or Catalan?

You know that in order to work here,

you have to learn the language
for at least six months.

You are lucky there are so many
Filipinos here willing to...

I can't understand you.

Before you can teach English here,
you have to know Spanish.

You can't act like you know everything
and do whatever you want.

You have to work hard.

Even if it takes
juggling three different jobs.

Filipinos here swallow their dignity.

You can't be proud and arrogant.

If you can't do that,
then you better go home.

If you're not cut out for this,
don't try too hard.


If you think crying will help you
get your way, you're wrong.

That won't work here.

Stop it or I won't help you anymore.

What happened to you?

Who told you to wear high heels to work?

I was in a hurry
when Flor's landlady kicked me out.

I only grabbed two pairs of shoes.

Right on time!

Wake up! It's your first day in Sitges.

You can't be late!
Aunt Insiang will get mad at you.

I just fell asleep.

Better get used to it, Mia.
It's summer, the nights are shorter.

Come on, get up!

Pay me once you have money.

Thank you.

You're lucky that it's summertime.

There are a lot of tourists.
We need more help.

Ely and his friends
used to work here part time.

Wait, can you do this?

Of course! It's a piece of cake!

Wow! This looks like a postcard.

I told you.

Take a photo of the church.

You're definitely not Celine.

You're disoriented and you lack focus.

It's beautiful, right?

Lorena, please supervise Mia.

Hurry up, Mia!
We have guests at lunch time!

Mia, faster! Stop acting like a princess!

Get used to it. That's part of the job.

Look. Look at that.
She's using her cellphone. Oh, my God.

Macky, stop crying.

Look at me. Here, I'm a chica.

-A helper.

Dad's going to kill you if he finds out!

That's why you're not gonna tell him.

-It's our secret, OK?
-OK, Sis.

-Always on the phone? Wait a minute!
-Shame on you!

Is that Mia fighting with Lorena?


I want you to imagine how this was
ten years ago.


Barcelona was a city with walls around it.

I'm sorry. I've got an emergency.

I worked the whole day.
You can even ask Tonying.

Yes, that's true. Such a pity!

Lorena made me do all the work!

Even when it was not part of my job,
I did it.

Lorena is just jealous of you

because you're rich
and you can speak English.

And you have curly hair...

Will you stop it?

I'll just shut up.

It was my break time when Macky called.

Yes, but you were still on your phone
even after your break.

Because she was so depressed...

It's the truth!

Why are you crying?

I don't like crybabies.
There's no reason to cry.

All right?

-Hi, Ely!
-We're here in the clinic.

-Thank you, Doc.
-Dad, I need to go to the bathroom.

I got Buboy's eye scan results.
They told me that there is something...

He has... What do they call that?
Retina harassment?

Is he OK?

He is.

They say he's going to be better
after the surgery.

But the problem is money.

I already used up
all the money you gave me.

OK, Dad. I'll take care of it.

There's an easy solution.
Go to your mother.

Dad, let's not ask help from her.

Why not? If not for the money
I earned in Saudi Arabia,

she wouldn't have been able
to go to Spain.

That was my money!
But what did she do to us? Huh?

She flirted with a Spaniard
and left us for him!

Dad! Keep it down.

Who's that? Is that Celine?

No. That's Mia. She's our housemate.

She looks like her.


Hi, sir! Good evening!

I'm sorry, dear.

You look a lot like Celine.

Who's Celine?

Mia, get the door.

Sorry. Excuse me.

Oh, my. Lord have mercy.

Hey, Elias! Don't flirt with that girl.

Think of Celine's parents.

It's only been two years,

and you're ready
to replace their daughter.

OK. I'll just send you the money.

Today we're celebrating

the 118th Independence Day
of the Philippines.

Long live!

-Let's go!

Do you know who Celine is?

I don't want to get involved.

It's better if you ask Ely directly.

His profile is locked.
It's set to private.

Do something about it.

I can't do anything.

Just send another friend request.

He always rejects my friend requests.

Your boyfriend is such a snob.
So mysterious.

He's not my boyfriend.

He's all you've been talking about.

Mr. Snob, but nice...

Sis, I'm worried about you.

Macky, this is better

than staying in bed all day
trying to avoid Dad

and all the people who see me
as a hopeless case.

But you're having a hard time there.

You know,
I didn't expect it to be this difficult.

But still, this is better
than dying of shame every day, right?

But I miss you so much, sister.

-OK, sis. Bye!
-What did we miss?

-The consul just gave a speech.

-Wow, Belinda! You're so beautiful!
-Thank you!

I thought you were a celebrity.
You look really elegant.

Not really elegant. Just elegant.

Thanks to my husband.

Thank God for fiestas like this.
I get to see my snobbish son.

Funny, right?
I have to make the effort to see him.


-Your mom is here.

Come here!

Your mother wants to give you money,
but you won't take it.

Isn't that what your dad wants?
To get money from your mother...

Aunt, there's no need for that.

I can provide for their needs.

I know but look at you!

You're killing yourself.
You juggling three jobs with your studies.

To be honest, you don't need to work
because your mom is rich.

I already accepted help from her.

I got to Barcelona because of her.

But you rejected her offer
to pay for your studies.

Because Uncle Ben already paid for it.

It's OK for you to accept help
from Celine's father,

but not from your mother.

That's a different story, Aunt.


-you still haven't forgiven your mother...

Why did you touch my things?

You don't have any right, Mia.

Look at this mess!

Sorry. I couldn't help it.

It was my favorite animated short film
back in college.

I didn't know you'd made this.

Ely, you are amazing!

Your drawings are full of life.

You're amazing, Ely! Really amazing!


-Sir, please!

How dare you leave my child crying alone!

You cannot be a nanny!

The door! Open the door!

-You're not good as a nanny!
-I'm sorry!

A nanny does not leave a child crying!

-Go away! Get out!

Elias, lately you've been very distracted.

You don't submit your homework.

You don't attend your classes.

It seems like you have another emergency!

What is it, Tonying?

You really can't last a day in a job?

I only did what I learned from school...

He wanted to sue you!

I just applied what I read...

Stop your illusions!

You're not a psychologist.

You're a nanny. Be good at that!

-I know I'm a nanny but...
-You're full of excuses!

Yes! But you won't even listen to one!

Stop that! Your crying won't work on me!

Do you take me for a fool?

Am I the one at fault here?

You're the one who's pestering me!

Even my studies are affected!

What? You're leaving?

Go! Leave! You think I care?

That's what you're good at, right?
Escaping problems!


I've had enough of this! I've had enough!

A little hardship and you give up...

just because you have a family
who can support you!

You leave when you're criticized!

You escape when you fail!

You know, Mia,
you're really not fit to work abroad!

-You're so weak!

Enough of this! All right, I'm weak!

I'm not perfect!


I'm sorry I don't know anything!

I'm sorry I'm not a breadwinner,

and I don't send my sisters to school!

I'm sorry I wasn't born poor!

That I did not go through
the hardships you experienced!

I'm sorry! This is me!

Foolish! A failure! Stupid!

You're the one who said that.

But that's what you're thinking!

All of you!
Even if you don't know my story!


What is your story, Mia?

That you were caught cheating in an exam?

"Cheating College Girls.

So you're denying it?

I didn't sleep for a week just to study!
But I had mental block!

I was scared to fail
because of my dad, so...

After lying to your parents
about why you're here in Barcelona

and what kind of life you have here,

you still expect me to believe you?

You're just like everyone else!

You all believe that I'm a hopeless case!

but I have a story to tell.

Just like you,

there's a reason why I'm here!

There's a reason why I work hard
despite the pain and sorrow!

We're just the same!

I want to have a good life!

I want my family to be proud of me!

I don't want my life to end
because of one mistake!


Hello, dear? Hold on!
Your dad wants to speak with you!


there in Barcelona.

Macky also told me...

That's good.

I just have a cold, Dad.

I've been working too hard.

Besides, it's so hot here.

All right! Take care, OK? Do well!

I'm proud of you, Mia.

You're right.

This is better. She can handle herself.

It was my favorite animated short film
back in college.

I didn't know you'd made this.

Your drawings are full of life.

You're amazing, Ely! Really amazing!

So focus on that dream, babe, OK?

Quit your job!

You can't sleep?

I wonder where Mia is.

Is she still alive?

You're cute when you're asleep.


You're beautiful when you're asleep.

I know why I keep crying over your film.

Because the boy and I are the same.

Waiting for what?

To be noticed.

To be recognized.

Waiting to be loved.

The only difference is that...

I don't have the patience
to wait that long.

I'm tired of hoping.

I'm tired
of being compared with my older sister.

I'm tired of waiting for my father
to tell me that he's proud of me.

Didn't he tell you last night
that he's proud of you?

That's funny, right?

He's proud of me,
but there's really nothing to be proud of.

Why don't you make it happen?


I don't have the money for it,

and I really don't want to take up law.

I just took up law to please him.

That's why I need to be successful
here in Barcelona.

I will try everything.

I won't go home until something happens
to change my life.

You? Why are you here?

Is it because of Celine?

Is she the girl in your short film?

Ely... Hey, Ely!

Is that a dare?

OK. I'm game for that!

One can only imagine how difficult it is
to change the city...

-I'm sorry.
-But if you succeed, you're a genius!



Mom, I don't like it there!
Will you stop insisting?

What will I do in Mallorca?
That's too far away!

They pay big salaries. Think about that!

Ma, being with you is what I really want.

Mm... Smells good!

Wait! In Spanish?

Mm... Smells good!

I know more Spanish phrases.


Who is Celine?

Don't ask me that anymore.

But you said if I worked hard enough...

Aunt Insiang said we won't be able
to go home to Barcelona tonight.


You've been there for days.

We have a lot of guests.

Our boss even offered me a part time job
at his other resort.

Who am I to refuse his offer, right?

How hardworking!

So, you can finally give me an answer.

About who Celine is.

Fine. Bye.

So... It's just you and me.

Why do you keep on asking about her?
I told you. Mia is busy!

You miss her, don't you?

-Hello, RJ!
-Hello, Ely!

You're still available
for tomorrow's tour, right?


RJ, is it OK if we train
one more person in the group?

She'll do it for free. I'll handle it.


Thank you!

And this is the lucky gecko.

Touch it and make a wish
while I take your picture.


Hello? Why did you call?

Aunt Insiang allowed me
to join your group.

-What do you mean "OK"?

Go back to work now.


Why does it feel like I'm the one
who wants to talk to you?

I have several missed calls from you.


You miss me, don't you?


Mia, bye! I'll talk to you later.

Is your love for Celine
similar to the Sagrada Família?

A love that does not end?

Refusing to move on?

Come on!

Hi! We have a prenuptial shoot
the entire day.

Mia, do you want me
to take your picture for Macky?

Not now. Maybe later. Let's work first.

Ely, let's do a close-up.

Move out!


Vince, call me. OK?

Thank you!

-Thank you!
-You're welcome.

I'll wait for you outside.

Ely! Mia, can you wake up Ely?

Marco called.
Ely will be the guide for their tour.

OK, Aunt.

I'm not Celine.

What are you doing?

You told me to kiss you!

Why would I say that? Why would I do that
if you didn't ask for it?

Maybe you just want to kiss me.

Why would I want to kiss you?

Why not?

I think...

maybe you just really want me to kiss you.

Maybe it's you who wants my kiss, Mia?

Hey! Is he awake?

He's fully awake now!

-Yes! Yes!
-That's enough, Mia.

-Mia, that's too much for you!
-Kill joy.

-Uh, oh.
-She can't do it?

You can do it.

Who is Celine?

Did I choose "truth"?

That's unfair, Ely!

-Answer the question! Force him, guys!
-Let's go home, Mia.

Ely, you're so unfair!

Ely, if you won't answer the question,

then you have to do the "dare"!

-Take your clothes off!

Take them off!

-I have to take my clothes off here?

Ely, we're in Spain.

They're used to this. They won't mind you.

Go! Hey, Ely! That's unfair!

Ely, take it off!

You still owe me one.

I owe you big time.

I've not laughed like this in a long time.

Thank you.

I'll leave you here, Mia.
You might be late for work.

Didn't you say you owed me big time?

I owe you so much more.

You gave me a chance to live again.

Thank you for trusting me.

See you later!

See you later!

-Good morning, Mia!
-Thank you!

I told you, Ma,
I don't want to go to there...

OK. Take care of everyone.

I want you to introduce me
to your mom before we get married.

For you, I'll think about it...

but kiss me first.

-One more! And another!

More! One last one!

-Are you tired?
-A little.

for accepting my friend request.


I don't owe you anything anymore.
I finally told you the truth.

Now I believe what I read
on the Internet...

that you look like six other people
from all over the world.

I do look like her.

But she's prettier!

You loved each other so much.

We didn't even talk about it.
It just happened.

We became a couple.

We agreed on everything.

Apart from your work as an animator.

because in your videos,

it seemed like she wanted you
to become an architect.

The deal was...

for me to take the board exams
right after I graduated,

then to work at
Uncle Ben's architectural firm in Laguna.

They have the biggest firm there.


Dad got into an accident.

So I needed to find a job right away.

And that's when everything changed?

The animation studio was in Manila.

So, I was away for a week.

That was the first time Celine and I
had been separated for that long.

But you know,

as time went by,

it just wasn't about the money anymore.

When we were apart,

that's when I realized
how big the world was.

There was more to it
than Celine and her family.

That night,

Celine wanted us to talk.

She kept telling me to go back to Laguna.

But I knew...

I knew that was the ultimatum.

At that time,
I wanted to stand by my decision...

to put the board exams aside.
I still wanted to work.

I was sure that if we met that night,
we would break up.

I didn't know
if I was prepared to lose her.

So, I didn't ride the bus.

But it turned out...

that I would still lose her.

To put an end to all
the countless should-have-beens.

I should have taken that bus.

I should have followed her...

so that she wouldn't have forgotten
how much I loved her.

Mia, are you OK?


-Mia, are you sick?

-Mia... Are you crying?

-Mia, look at me.
-You don't like crybabies, right?

You look like a mop.

Why are you crying?

Stop crying now.

Come here. Come with me.

-Good night!
-Good night!

Mia, go ahead. I will just call RJ.


Good morning.

What is the dare this time?

Aren't you curious about what happened
to the boy who kept on waiting?

I am!

Mia, I'm already an architect.

I'm not telling you to quit architecture.

But don't let this add to
the many should-have-beens in your life.


Thank you, Mia.

Hey, Tonying!
Don't forget your application to Mallorca.

-Not now, Mom.
-Don't forget! Hey!

What were you saying
about the animated short film?

That's not about him and Celine.

It's the story of Ely and his mother.
My sister, Belinda.

Because that's what Ely kept asking me
when she left.

"When will she come back?
Who will love me now?"

That's why his wounds run deep.

That's why he's always so sad.

Be wary of that kind of sadness.

It's hard to love someone
who's not yet done loving someone else.

They're the same types of shots as ours.

Short films? Like that?

Yes, why not?

Because that's what your competitors
don't have.

A story.

Just like the trailers of movies,

or short films, like what you said.
Like that.

Who will come up with the concept?
Who will write it?

Mia should do it. It's her idea.

-Me? Seriously?
-Of course!

Yes! Mia, you do it. It's your idea.

-Ely, a medium shot.
-Yes. Medium.

Hey, Tonying! Stop fooling around!
You seem like an idiot.

Hey! I don't want to ride that!

Here it is! Stop it! Enough!

Quit it!

-That's right!

-No! Miss, please!
-Bye! Thank you!

-Miss, make it fast! OK?
-Please, no!

Mia, why did it stop? Keep it moving!

-Bring me down!
-Hey, come on! Ely, you relax!

There! We're now higher
than the Sagrada Família.

Celine will hear you better
if you want to talk to her. Go!

Mia, are you serious?
Stop this! Let's go now!

-Let's go down! I'm getting nervous!
-Ely, go!

-We're now at the highest point.
-It's shaking! Don't move!

I don't want to! Let's go down!


I'm sorry! I'm sorry, OK?

Mia! That's it. OK?

-Let's go down now!

How are you?

I hope you're happy there!

Ely was able to fulfill
one of your wishes!

He's already an architect!

Can you free him from the last one?

It's kind of hard to do it
without you here anymore!

Can you tell him
that you're already happy?

Tell him that he can be happy again!

He loves you so much!

Can he now be loved by someone else?


You seem busy.

Hey. You miss me.

A little.

I have to go.

RJ is already asking for his script.
Let's work first.

OK. Me too.

I'll also work first.

Take care.

You're so corny!

you want to surprise her.

-You stole my heart.

Ely! Mia! Stand in for them, please!
They can't do it properly.

Run! The thief grabs you!

He pulls you close to him!
He looks at you!


-So close!
-So close!

I love it!


-This might help you with your concept.
-You continued your story?

Thanks to you.

After the long wait,

He realized how hard it was to move on

after years of being still.

It even reached the point
where he wanted to give up.

He didn't know yet that someone
was feeling the same way as him.

There was also a girl
who had lost all hope.

The girl had waited for a long time.

She kept thinking, what else could she do?


It was a long time
before they met each other.

The boy was getting discouraged.


The boy kept asking, why am I still alive?

It's a good thing he didn't quit.


Because when they finally met,

everything he went through
finally made sense.

Now, he knows...

that he was brought here
because someone was waiting for him.

My dance will make you live.

Now, I know why I didn't die then.

Because I was going to meet you.

Now, I know why life brought me here.

Because you're here.

Now, I know...

it was because of you.

"Thank you for not giving up,"

the girl said.

"Thank you for waiting,"

he answered.

Hey! What are you doing?

My gosh, sis!

Sis, what is your relationship status now?

Uhm... you know!

-Uhm... chill! Just chilling.

You kissed! That's just chilling?

I'm telling you.

That's vague.

Hello, Aunt Clara! Why did you call?
It's already midnight there.

I just miss you.

Still remember us?

Of course, Aunt Clara.



Caloy said,
Jane wanted to open her restaurant again.

Aunt, I'm sorry

but Dad didn't tell me anything
about this.

Let's eat!

You're very hungry, right?

Come on! Let's eat!

OK. I'll just make a call.

What happened?

Aunt, I'm sorry.
The signal inside is weak.

What were you asking?

did you go to church today?


Aunt, sorry.

They've been telling me,

you met someone who looks like Celine.

I didn't want to believe the rumors.

I'm sorry.

So it's true.


Faster! While the place is empty!

Hey! Make sure Roger comes on time, OK?

I know. I already followed it up.

-RJ, did you bring the wide lens?

-I got it.
-I'll do it.

-No, it's fine.
-Let me do it, Mia.

-Let me.
-No, I'll do it.

I'm sorry about this morning.
I just have a lot on my mind.

Me too.

My visa is expiring.

-Is that so?
-What should I do?

Do you think I should stay?

It's up to you.

I'm done here, Mom!

-You're so ungrateful!

Where did I go wrong, Tonying? Where?

I did everything
so you could come here to Barcelona!

Did you even ask me
if I wanted to come here?

I did that
because I want you to have a good life!

I had a life in the Philippines, Mom!


A bum?

Lying in bed all day!

Doing whatever you wanted and waiting
for money to drop at your feet?

I wanted you to be here
so you could fix your life!

I had a life!

But I chose to be here with you!

I don't understand why my own mother

would want me to stop living my life,
to stop studying,

for what? So I could work here?

-If that's just the case, I better leave!

-I'm done!

Go back inside! Apologize to your mother!

-I'm done.
-What do you mean you're done?

Your mother did everything
to keep you alive.

She's only asking you
to do something with your life!

So you go back inside
and apologize to her!

You're lucky to have a mother.

Your father's friend
saw you working in a hotel...


Your Dad wants to talk to you, Mia.
Please come home.

That's enough, Mia.

Come home.

Please come home.

I already told you
not to flirt with that girl, right?

Celine's family is relying on you!
Especially Clara!

She's been crying nonstop.

It's as if you killed their daughter
all over again.

They've been helping us have a good life.

Now what?

We might lose the business
that I'm planning to put up!

I might lose my job as well!

Dad, stop it.

You're already talking back?

Only thinking about yourself, huh?

You're so arrogant! Why?

Who are you so proud of?

Your mom?

Is that why you're neglecting us?

You want to remind me
of all the money you sent?

That's not the case, Dad.

I would never neglect you.

But I hope you realize
that I also have my own life.

Waiter, please!

We would like to order...

callos and omelets...

and mushrooms with sausage and shrimps.

-Thank you.

You wanted to say something?

Let's eat first.

You look hungry.


Have a seat.

It's a good thing
you caught me on a free day.

The children don't have classes today.

When they do,

I even bring them to school
and fetch them after classes. It's tiring!

Aunt, let's order first.



Can I have soup...

and an additional order
of paella for takeout, please.

That's my eldest son's favorite.

So, Ely, how are you?

How much does your father need again?

Mia called me
and said that you're having problems?

Just one call from your girlfriend,

and I came running right away!

So how much?

I don't need your help.

-Elias... Is there a problem?

We've always had a problem.

Ever since you left me.

Are you serious, Ely?

That was a long time ago!

Does that still matter now?

Haven't I paid for the mistake
of leaving you already?

You're already here.

How many times have I sent your dad money
when he needed it?

Even if I know he cannot pay it back.

What else do you need, son?

Shouldn't we be OK by now?

Are you hearing
what you're saying right now?

"We should be OK by now"?

"Should be"?

If we're talking about what "should be",

then no child
should be left by his own mother.

No child should have to
beg his mom to come home.

Do you remember that, Mom?

When you still used to call,
and I used to beg you to come home?

What did you tell me?

"If you're a good boy, I'll come home."

"If you have high grades, I'll come home."

"If you sleep early,
I'll be there when you wake up."

Mom, many nights have passed,
but you still aren't there.

I did everything you told me to,
but you still didn't come home.

No amount of money...

nor pairs of shoes...

nor plane tickets to come here...

can replace what I lost when you left.

I lost a mother.

Not money, but a mother.

We're still not OK.

Please forgive me.

Aunt, I'm so sorry. Excuse me.

Ely, I'm sorry.

What right do you have
to meddle with me and that woman?

I thought it would help you.


I heard you talking with your father.

My family is my responsibility, Mia!

Not yours!

I just thought it would help you move on.


What do you know about how I feel?

Do you know what I'm going through?


As if it's for you to say
when I can finally move on.

Even Celine...

Even Celine,
who was with me through everything,

didn't meddle with my decisions.

I'm not Celine!


You are not Celine!

She's not coming back, Ely.

But even now,
you're acting as if she's still here.

She is!

She's in my heart!

If she's in there, then where am I?

The people who want to love you?
Where do we stand?

Let's go!


Let it out.

I'm fine, Aunt.

Thank you for everything.

You never brought us pride,

and now you're bringing us humiliation!


Aunt, I still can't reach her.

Please call me if she answers your call.

Ely, we can't find her.

Mom was the last one who saw her,
but that was days ago.

She's not answering our calls either.

Let's just go to the Consulate.
Who knows what might have happened to Mia?

That's what the Sagrada Família
wishes to say.

I searched for you.

I thought you wouldn't come back.

I wanted the pain to stop.

Because it was too painful.

But I asked myself,


That's why I'm here,

And all those who loved me.

for all the times
that I punished myself for failing,

even though I know
that I will get hurt many times,

fail many times,

I know,

"That's OK."

"Go on, Mia."

"Stand up!"


I'm sorry for everything, Ely.

I hope you also choose to live.

To live fully.

I'm going back home.

You're also leaving me.

I love you.

You don't have to love me
just because I love you.

Love me because you love me.

Thank you for everything, Ely.

I hope in time,

we will meet again in my story.

She didn't leave you, Ely.

What Mia is saying is that...

she will wait for you.

She will wait for the day
when you're ready for her.

Aunt, am I worthy of being loved?

You're still asking that, even now?

Whose answer are you waiting for?

I hope... that you find the courage
to look for the answers, Ely.

And face all the reasons why you tell
yourself you don't deserve to be happy.

When that happens,

you can finally accept without doubt,

without question,

that you don't need to earn
all the love that is given to you.

Because you are worthy of being loved,

I hope you find the strength
to set yourself free.

I did that for you.


I hope that after you watch that,

you can finally answer me with a, "Yes".

If you will allow me to do that, my son.

I'm sorry, too.

But promise me you won't do that again.

Welcome home, Sis!

Aunt Clara!

I hope you can forgive me.

Thank you, Celine.

The director is pissed off again.

Carmi, you can't even give a look of love.


-You're one of the writers, right?

Yes, Director!

So you know the emotional requirement.


-Come here! Stand in for her!

-Show Carmi how it should be done.
-Here, for you.

Come here! Faster!

-Tighter shot, Raul.
-Yes, Director.

Barry, let's do a tighter shot.

Mia, are you ready?


But with sadness in your eyes.

Turn around!

And while you're turning,

you will see someone.

You're surprised.

Is it him?

Is that him?

And so, you see him.

It is him.

Your world suddenly stops.

Your heartbeat races.

And finally you meet.

I love you because I love you.

That's all that matters.


One more!

If Sagrada Família is about to finish,

I am just about to start.

Wait, we're too excited.
I forgot something.

RJ, there's no more "cut"!