Barbie of Swan Lake (2003) - full transcript

Barbie comes to life in her third animated movie, based on the beloved fairy tale and set to the brilliant music of Tchaikovsky. Barbie as Odette, the young daughter of a baker, follows a unicorn into the Enchanted Forest and is transformed into a swan by an evil wizard intent on defeating the Fairy Queen.

Barbie Of Swan Lake

What's wrong, Kelly?

I can't sleep.

The bed's all bumpy

I remember my first week away at camp.

It takes a day or two to get use to things.

I'll never get use to it.

But you were looking forward to racing tomorrow.

You’re part of a team.

Somebody else can run for me.

It wouldn't be the same without you.

We'd really miss you.

I just want to go home.

Look over there.

Do you see those two big stars
than four little ones in a row?

Sort of.

That's the constellation Cygnus.

It's a swan.

Imagine the four stars of the long neck.

The big stars are the body.

And running crosswise those stars are the wings.

I see it.

Did you know there was once
a girl who turned into a swan?

She did?


Her name was Odette.

She worked in the family bakery
with her sister and her father.

But you said she was a swan.

Not at first.

Oh, Papa.

Odette, you're a wonderful dancer.

You should go to the
village dances with your sister.

And have everybody stared me?

I couldn't.

Yea but you'd have fun and...
Oh! The cornbread.

Sugar cookies your favorite

Make a chocolate chip.

That's my favorite.


Mmm. Chocolate chip.

You work too hard Papa.

What can I do?
You and Marie keep eating the inventory?

Any faster and he will be flying.

That's the idea.

Come on.

I'm heading out again.

You'll love it.

Thanks, but...

No thanks, right?


Thought you might
want breakfast Marie.

Apple muffin, juice

Your goal Odette.

I'll be back home soon.

Was that your sister?

Here and gone Papa

Flying Like the Wind.


But can you make
it four for four?

What do you say I hit that top sack over there?

All the way over there?

Are you kidding?
It's impossible.

Ah, my favorite word.


Amazing your highness.

Thank you Reggie.

Oh my.

Mother, sorry.

More target practice?

I came to give you these.

They're all responses from
princesses coming to the royal ball.

Eligible princesses.

You need to pick a bride.


I'm tired son.

Soon you'll take over the throne.

I want to spend my golden
years spoiling my grandchildren.

Mother, you know, I'll marry someday.

first I want to do so much, explore, travel.

And so you shall.

After after my grandchildren.

Hey you.

Okay, okay.

There you go.

I don't believe it.

Come on...

You two, over there.
Come on...

Get him.

Wait! You'll hurt him.

Come on now...

Look out!

I got him.
A real unicorn.

This should make a pretty bright day.


Hold on!

Hold still.

Easy for you to say.

Your not get-en strangled.

You talk?

Of course.

Now, are you going to stand
around with your mouth open,

or cut me loose?


Never mind.
I'll do it myself.


Hang on I'll...Ah...
cut it with something.


You do that.

It's a human.

Right human.

A human.

No, no, somebody stop her.

Tell me when it's over.



Where did you get?

That that big tree over there.

You mean you just took it out.

I'm sorry.

I'll put it right back.

There, I thought that would do the trick.

Did you see that your highness, did you?
She use the crystal.

I'm terribly sorry.

Please don't apologize.

We've been waiting for you for a long time.


First, Let me thank you for helping Lila.

And you.

You know better than to venture
into the human world.

A creature from the
Enchanted Forest can be...

I know, killed by a human.

It's all over.

I'm done for.

Goodbye World.

What am I going to do with you?

I just wanted to help.

I thought there might be something
in the village to fight old Birdbrain.

What's your name my dear?


Well, Odette,

do you know what you have in your hand?


I was just going to return it.

The Magic Crystal belongs to you now.

To her?

How is she gonna save us?

You must have me mixed up with somebody else.

Years ago my cousin Rothbart
lived in the Enchanted Forest with us.

When the time came for our
uncle the king to choose his successor.

He picked me instead of my cousin.

Rothbart was Furious.

He stormed out of the forest.

For many years old was well.

Then Rothbart returned with his daughter Odile.

Now a master of the dark arts.

He began taking over the forest piece by piece.

I tried to force him to leave but
his dark Powers were overwhelming.

Several of my bravest fairies
and elves tried to stop him.

Transform them into animals.

And force them to
build his new palace.

With every prisoner he takes.

Rothbart's powers grow stronger.

But now that you're here.

I don't understand.

It's been foretold that the one who frees the Magic Crystal

will overcome Rothbart
and save the forest.

But nobody has ever been able to
pull the Crystal from the tree, Odette.

Until today.

It's, our hero.

Give me hug.

Please, Ivan, please.

Oh, right.


Well, she doesn't look like much to me, but maybe.

Wait, please you have the wrong girl.
I can't be the one.

I haven't overcome anybody in my life.

I wish I could help but I...

I knew it.

Lila please we can't force her.

The dangers are enormous.

I'm really sorry.

I've got to get back.

My family will be looking for me.

I understand, Odette.

Lila will show you the route.

Goodbye, I'm sorry.

It's over, over, done, finished.

Oh, I'm getting a migraine.

You really think she has something special, don't you?

All right I'll see what I can do.

You know if I had the Magic Crystal
I'd nail Rothbart.

On guard birdbrain.





Just keeping my horn sharp.

It's just...I...

I'm not brave like you.

Well, that's true.

Nobody's braver than I but,...

I suppose I could help you.

Look Odile.

Now this is pathetic.


A little bird whispered in my ear that some human girl

freed the Magic Crystal.

It couldn't be you?

Feathers a bit ruffled Rothbart.

Woo. My days are numbered I'm shaking in my boots.

Go ahead laugh all you want.

But Odette and I are going to
throw you two right out of the forest.


Oh, yeah, Odette's gonna have
you two for breakfast.

Cause you two are toast.

And here I thought
unicorns were shy.

Odile, my little pigeon.

How would you like a new feather pillow?



Look at the great
hero of the forest.

Hey lay off.

Go Odette!

Over here.

We Came as quickly as we could.

This Crown protect you.

Ah. Queen of nothing.

He can do nothing more to you.

As long as you wear the crystal.

You still think you can interfere with my destiny.


This is my Forest.


Just as it always should have been.

Why don't you save
us all a lot of trouble

and hand over the crown.

And see you destroy
the rest of our homes?


Then enjoy the show.

This girl's days are over.


All right.

Go Rothbart, you can do nothing here.

So you think?

Come Odile.

What's going on?

What about my pillow?

Daddy wait!

So you think?

Come Odile.

Did you see his face?

You got him Odette.


I think he got me.

Ah, Yeah, well, he did score a few points.

What am I gonna do?

Can you turn me back?

I wish I could.

Over time a few lucky elves have
escaped from Rothbart's Palace.

It was very close, but

many thank you's to the beautiful Carlita.

We made it.

It was nothing.

I just said to the guard you come closer.

I am a little something for you.

He came over and,
Ahh Ha!

Isn't she magnificent?

My Powers weren't strong enough
to break Rothbart's spell completely.

I was able to turn the elves
back into themselves,

but only from Sunset tilt dawn.

And now?

Please try please.

I don't want to be a swan for the rest of my life.

Come on work.

Elbows, fingers.

Thank you.
Thank you.

You realize once the sun rises tomorrow.

I'll be a swan again.

I can't go home like this.

I have to find a way to break this spell.

That's the spirit.

We are all thanking you

for helping us from the
hearts of our bottoms.

The bottom of our hearts, Ivan.


There must be some secret to stopping Rothbart?

There is.

In The Book Of Forest Lore.

But that book can only be opened
by the Bearer Of The Crystal.

Where would I find it?

Who will take Odette
to see The Book Of Forest Lore?

That place is to scary.

Nobody's been there for years.

It's guarded by Big Troll Witches.

With very big feet.

And bad breath.

A vicious Beast, huh?

No, I can not take you.

You go first.

No you.

Danger troll.

I'm your girl.

The book is guarded by a troll named Erasmus.

Use this to unlock the door to the vault.

What happened?

Hey, that's it, my package arrived.

No no, it's nothing, nothing at all.

It's just some dull boring stuff.

I'll get it out of your way.

Why don't we bring that dull boring stuff into the library?

Well, they didn't get that right.

Good, we don't want to worry about what's out there anyway.

We've got enough to do here.

So much unexplored.

But look.

Danger at every corner.

Why if you go too far, you can fall right off.

I think it's filled with wonders and adventure.

Thank goodness.

Your most pressing Adventure is finding a princess

at the royal ball.

Well, you never know.

Maybe there's something amazing to discover.

Just around the corner.

So exactly how scary are we talking about?

Scary doesn't even cover it.

Trolls, beady eyes, hulking bodies.

Oh and they eat human flesh.


But I'm sure that's just a rumor.

Okay, here we are.

Have you got the leaf?

Come on.

you're braver than you think.

At least one of us think so.

Did you find her?

She's in back?

How did I miss her?

She must be out there somewhere.

Wait Papa.

I'll go with you.

Who goes there?

It's a me, Lila, and my friend, Odette.

I don't know you and you really don't want to know me.

No kidding.'s just well,
we...ah...need The...ah...Book Of Forest Lore.

The Book Of Forest Lore?

The Fairy Queen sent us.

She gave us this.

Boy, oh boy. Great.



It's an act.

It's an act you know.

Oh, oh, sit down.

Make your self at home.

What can I get you?
A peace of my own cake?

Oh Don't Mind If I Do

Made it myself.


So tell me, how are things in the forest?

ended the first?



Well that's all he ever talked about anyway.

What about Freddy The Flighty?

Old fairies home.

Teddy The Third?

Bought himself a big wagon and
now he's traveling the forest.

Everybody's Gone.
Just like that, gone.

You know what that means?

I'm old.

Nobody needs me.

We need you.

The fairy queen says there's a legend about the Magic Crystal.

It's written in The Book Of Forest Lore.

Oh my.

Is that...
Is that?

Shure is.

May I see the book?

May you see it?

Oh, absolutely.

I will right away.

My filing system is...Ah...


It looks exactly like this.
Only bigger and red.

And of course, it's got that special look.

I could swear I just lay my eyes.

I think.

We can help.


If I get zapped with one more defective wand.

I'm going to scream.

I don't know.
It's sort of you.

Well that does it.

I give up.

Where can that book be?

We'll find it, Erasmus.

We haven't been looking that long.

Are you kidding?

We've been looking
the whole night.

We have?

Which shelf next Erasmus?

We're going to find that book if it takes all day.




I've nothing to ware,
it's humiliating.

Oh, I know that look.

You're thinking aren't you Daddy?

I'm getting that Crystal if I have to rip
the crown right off her head.


I don't have one of those.

Get it for me Daddy.

I want one.

Soon enough my little Starling.

But I don't want to wait.

Like the most out of fashion Earth princess in the forest.

Why don't you just destroy her daddy?

Any old human can do it?

A human?

Of course.

Now that that girl's a creature of the forest even
the Magic Crystal can't protect her from a human.

Brilliant ducky.


All right. Go on. Go on.
Take the shot.

Take the shot.

So beautiful.

What are you...

What are you waiting for?


Who are you?

How did you get here your highness?

You know me.

My name is Odette.

I live in the village.

At least I did until...


Humans are such fools.

Now, let's see.

Maybe Pearl.

Wow, no, yuck, much to yesterday.

Hmm, now rubies and diamonds now were talking.

Oh, it's just so Fire and Ice.

You see what I see?

An opportunity?


I just need a few .

And now I have to break Rothbart's spell somehow.

Well, well, well.

I see the fairy queen still has some powers left.

One arrow of from a human.

That's all it would have taken

You wanted me to kill her.

Your a hunter aren't you?

Why else would I lure you here?

Now, of course, you're useless.

As useless as...

say a pig.

You can save him.

Give me a crown and
I'll leave him alone.

You obviously have no idea with whom you are dealing.




I want it off.

That's it. Let her rip.

This is the worst day of my entire life.

I want to go home now.

Don't worry.

You just need a bath with some...

vinegar and tomato juice?

What am I, a salad?

A bath.

A long bath.

Thank you.

You save me.

As long as I wear the
crystalline protected.

I wasn't really in danger.

That's not how it looked to me.

I'm glad you're all right.

What is this place?

I haven't seen very much.

But I could show you Swan Lake.


Tomorrow night my mother is throwing a royal ball.

Will you come with me?

Oh, it's nearly Dawn.

Come with me.
I can protect you at my castle.

You can bring your family, please.

Daniel I...

I can't

I don't know why but somehow I'm connected
to the Magic Crystal.

I need to stay here to help them.

I'll break the spell somehow.

I won't let Rothbart get away with this.

I'll come back with an army.

You can't he's too powerful.

He'll do to you what he's done to us.

I'll take that risk.

And your men?

Go home.

I couldn't stand it if rothbard hurt you to get at me.

And leave you here.

Do you really want to help me?

Of course.

Then find my family.

Tell them I'm all right, and I'll be home soon.

They must be worried.


Please Daniel for me.

I'm safe as long as I have the crystal.



You must go.

I'll go but only if you
promise to come to the castle.


Then I stay here with you.

No, I'll come tomorrow night.

I promise.

They're gone your highness.

When will they be back?

Oh, I'm sad.
They're looking for their youngest daughter.

She's gone missing.

When the baker returns.

I'd be much obliged if you would tell him
to come and see me right away.

Of co...course.

I found it.
I found it.

This troll's gone-a roll.

Whoa, what did I tell you.

I knew I'd would find it with my advance filing system.

It was just a matter of time.

Well done Erasmus.

Where was it?

I was sitting on it?

Here you go.

The one who frees the Magic Crystal.

Will share a love so true.

It will overcome all evil magic.

You and the prince.

I knew it.


Uh, oh, there's a however.

If however the true love...

Meaning his Royal cuteness.

Pledges love to another.

Meaning not Odette.

The Magic Crystal will lose its power.

That's not fair.

No, but the legend cannot be altered.

You realize true love is very rare.

Are we talking meet the parents rare?

Everyone gets along rare.

Now, that's a start

But true love, well,...

It's when two people love each other more
than they love themselves.

Alone they are two, but together they are one.

That kind of selfless love has awesome power.

Two for one.

Well, then we got to get busy.

Doing what?

Getting you ready for
the ball tomorrow.

A ball? At a time like this?


You will walk in.
The prince will see you.

He will ask you to dance.

Then you will be in his arms.

And he will declare his true love to you.

And then we will be safe.


Yes, my beautiful girl.

Quit, Ivan, quit.

Right, so sorry.

Together forever.

But he's the prince.

I'm just a girl from the village.

Do you know what I see?

Kindness, laughter, bravery.

All worth more than any treasure a king could possess.

I may not have many Powers left.


You look beautiful.

Thank you.

I suppose it doesn't matter that I don't know
the first thing about dancing at a ball.

Nay, not a bit.

We'll teach you.

Dancing is my middle name.

May I?

Ivan, Ivan,

you need some, set us up, me-a.

I love it.

But I'm just having a
little trouble

seeing the romantic part where the prince
declares his true love.

Perhaps I can help.



Come on.
We can't let Rothbart win.

We just can't.


It's not the cleanest.

Just old fairy tales.

I see the Magic Crystal isn't invincible after all.

What would my cousin say to that?

Odile, my Little Sparrow.

Yeah, Daddy.

Hey! Watch were you poke that.

Do you remember the crown you wanted

Woo, Am I going to get again?
Am I, daddy.

Tonight at the royal ball.

My spies tell me Odette is
planning to meet the prince there.


That's my third favorite necklace.

It's magic now.

Every time the prince sees you.
He'll see his true love

That silly Odette girl.


So then you can trick him
into declaring his love for you.

Can you do that.

A diamond's a girl's best friend.

Daddy's little Dove.

Once the prince swear's his love to you.

The powers of the Magic Crystal will be lost.

And we will fulfill our Destinies.

I will be the one and only ruler of the enchanted forest.

And I'll be the most fabulous creature in it.

And after that.

Who knows what
worlds we can conquer

Perhaps we'll take a liking to the Royal Palace.

It won't work.

Bold words for a troll who's about to be eaten.

It gives me chills to be back here.


Is he?

Still alive?

But under a magic spell?

So how do we get in?

Rothbart flies everywhere he goes.

Maybe there's an entrance near the roof.

I can find out.

Whoa, Whoa,
Whoa, Whoa.

So we're just supposed to hang out here and watch?

I'm going to need your help.

Erasmus? Erasmus?

I'm in here.


Don't even ask.

The ravens are everywhere and worse, they're angry.

Don't get any ideas.


Who wants it?

Lord wants a shrimp lunch.


We are good.


The ball is beginning.

I'm waiting for someone

A future bride I hope.

Well I guess so.

Well, that's wonderful.

I want you to introduce his the minute she arrives.

If she arrives?

And then Rothbart will use Odile to trick Prince Daniel.

No, no, no, it can't work like that.

The prince has to be in love with Odette.

Oh, this is a
catastrophe or worse.

My dreams.

I'll go I was there once.


I'll go


Oh, come on. They're probably a dozen hunters
in the village ready to shoot a perfect Swan.

I remember.
It's a tough crowd.

It has to be me.

Because then Daniel will
see he's being tricked.

Mmm, you've got a point.

Use the crystal to open the rock at the waterfall.

Good luck, my dear.

And Odette, watch your back.

Your special girl?

No sign of her yet.

Until then you can't be rude.

The room is filled with lovely young ladies.

Find someone wonderful to dance with while you wait.

May I?


Remember not a word.

Why not?

Not a word.

Odette, she's here.

Your majesty.

I'm so glad you came.

And I...

We wouldn't miss it.

Will you dance with me?

You know, I promised my mother I'd
find myself a bride tonight.

And I never break a promise.

It appears My son is enamored
with your daughter.

Yes, it does.
Doesn't it?


I guess what I'm asking is.

Will you marry me?



I couldn't help
overhearing your highness.

Are you asking for my daughter's hand in marriage?


That's very flattering but I must ask.

Do you love her?


I love her with all my heart.

Thank you your highness.

You've been very helpful.


What day should we get married Big Boy?

Where is Odette?

Who cares.

You've already pledged your love to my daughter.

By, by, sweetie pie.

What A pretty picture.

Let's see how brave you are without the crystal.

Daddy, aren't you
forgetting something.

All yours my little sparrow?

As promised.

It's me, isn’t it.


A futile Legend wasn't it?

you beating me?


Come to discuss your wedding plans boy?

I believe it's your move.

We're too late.

No, no.

This is all my fault.


She's still alive.

So what are you afraid of?

Come and get me.
I'm right here.

My little darling.

Daddy's little dove.

Come on.

The girl.

Daddy, make...
make it go away.

Make it go away, daddy.


go away.

go away.
Be quiet.

Daddy, wait!

I got a serious situation here.

Is she okay?

Ha ha ha.

Ah, much better.

I don't like to rush around.

It's bad for the digestion.

Now for the girl.

I don't think so bird brain.

She's tough.

Cute The Three Musketeers.

ha ha ha...

Leave the girl.

our battle is with me.

You're right cousin.

I...Your Highness.

Oh, no.

Is that the best you can do?

You don't know when to give up do your boy?

If you really think a puny little human could stop me?

No, Daniel


You don't have the crystal.

Ha ha ha...

Not a bad deal two-for-one.

At last this world is mine.

Ha ha ha.


The crystals powers of gone

How can this be?




The legend.

It must be true love.

Two for one.



Rothbart trick me.

It's you I love.

If you'll have me.

Ivan, Ivan.

What's wrong?


I still can't believe we're here.

Or that you saved
this Enchanted Forest.

A friend once told me,
You're braver than you think.

Turns out she was right.

I'm so proud of you.

May I?

First I have one very
important question young man.

How many layers for
the wedding cake?

As many as you'd like papa.

And can it a lot of those frosting flowers?

I love those flowers.

And so,

Odette discovered courage
in the most unlikely place.


Did they all live happily ever after?


maybe not all of them.

Hey, doesn't anybody care that I am allergic to dust?


You think you've got problems?

I'm glad Odette...

Didn't stay a swan forever tired.



I'm gonna go to bed.



Will you come see me race tomorrow?

Wouldn't miss it.