Barbie in the Nutcracker (2001) - full transcript

Barbie (Kelly Sheridan) shows that if you are kind, clever and brave, anything is possible in this tale of Clara (Kelly Sheridan) and her amazing Nutcracker (Kirby Morrow), who set off on an adventure to find the Sugarplum Princess.

You almost have it, Kelly.

Here. Let me show you.

I'm never going to get all
these steps right, Barbie.

If you keep practicing, you will.

But what if I freeze out there?

In front of everybody?

You've just got to
find the courage to try.

Like Clara!

Clara? From the ballet?

Uh-huh. You see,

Clara lost her parents when she was very young.

She, and her little brother Tommy
were being raised by their Grandfather Drosselmayer.

He loved them, but he was very stern.


We need more candles!

Clara, please,

No more daydreaming.

We have to finish decorating
before our guests arrive.

Yes, Grandfather.

22 minutes early.

Such bad manners.

It's beautiful, Miss!

Mother gave this to me.

The Christmas I saw my first ballet.

Oh dear!

The mice have found their
way into the Christmas boxes.

You haven't seen Tommy, have you?


Mystery solved.

You might want to wash off that frosting
before the mice take a bite out of you.

You can't tell me what to do!


But I'm sure Grandfather will insist on a bath.


Aunt Drosselmayer!

You're at least a head taller.

I thought you weren't coming this year!

And miss a chance to
visit you and vex my uncle?

You're already conspiring against me.

Don't worry! I'll wait until your party's
over before I perform any mischief.

Where did you go this time?

I want to hear all about it.

- Well, let's see.

I met an Emperor, I sailed on a junk,

I had my first rickshaw ride, and
I hiked the Great Wall of China.

I'd appreciate it, Elizabeth, if you'd
stop filling Clara's head with your stories.

Just because you go traipsing all over the globe
rather than stay put like a sensible person.

There's a world full of wonders out there,
Uncle, and Clara deserves to experience them.

Your guests are waiting.

Some people never change.

But we can always hope.

Then he bowed and asked me to dance.

Did you?

I couldn't say no to the king!

You must have felt like a princess.

I wish I could've been there.

Maybe next time you can come with me.

Grandfather would never allow it.

Well, surely he won't object to these.


And for you, my dear.


A Grenadier guard and a Bengal lancer!


A Nutcracker!

He's wonderful!

Thank you, Aunt Elizabeth!

He sure is ugly.


Well on the outside, maybe.

But inside beats the heart of a Prince.

Then I'll use him to command my army!





Please don't be too angry with Tommy.

I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt you.

It's time to wake her.

And spoil a beautiful dream?

No, let her sleep.

Clara's not a child anymore.

She deserves the chance to follow her dreams.

A young girl needs to be responsible and practical.

Clara is responsible.

You've raised her well, Uncle.

It's time you trusted her to
grow up and make her own choices.

It's late.

I'll see you in the morning.

Insolent mice!

Get away from there.

Shoo! Shoo!

Back... off... you... traitors!

I must be dreaming.

Even as a Nutcracker,

you're a thorn in my side.

And a thorn to you I shall remain!

It's time I turned you

into something more useful.

Like kindling.

Not in my house.

Meddling human, towering tall,

let my scepter shrink you small!"

Look out!

This is not good.

Not so fierce now, hmm?

Can you make it up to the mantle?

There is no way...

I'm staying down here.

You've got nowhere to run, Nutcracker.

You're not going to get away from me this time.

Unless you'd like to feed the fire.


Hey, up here!

Come on.


Look out!

Thank you for saving my life.

And for your superior nursing skills.

Uh, you're welcome.

This has to be a dream

I'm afraid it's all too real.

And I've got to return home to
Parthenia while I have the chance.

Well then, would you mind
changing me back before you go?

Remember? I used to be taller.

I'm afraid only the Sugarplum Princess
can reverse the Mouse King's spell.

The Sugarplum Princess?


I've been trying to find her since the
Mouse King turned me into a nutcracker.

You mean, you used to be...

Not a nutcracker.

Perhaps I can help.

You will find the Sugarplum Princess
on an island, across the Sea of Storms.

But it's impossible to cross the Sea of Storms.

It's dangerous, yes, but not impossible.

Well, are you coming?


With you?

In there?

I don't think so.

Surely you don't want to spend the
rest of your life the size of a mouse?

But how would I get back?

Once you've found the Sugarplum Princess,

open the locket,

and you will return home your normal size.



This is crazy.

But, yes.

Where are we?

Must've taken a wrong turn back there.

Where did my sword go?

Here, let me give you a hand.



That happens a lot.

A firefly?


A Snow Fairy.

Well I'm sorry, but

you should've ben more careful.


We'll fix this right up.


not so much as a thank you.


to find a way out of here.

These walls are solid ice.

Oh, no I...


I guess that was their thank you.

Where'd they go?

Probably off to make a blizzard somewhere.

Welcome to Parthenia.

It's so beautiful.

The snow isn't even cold.

The trees smell like peppermint.

And I've never seen a sky so blue.

Soon it'll all be a memory if the Mouse King has his way.

And you're sure the Sugarplum Princess can help?

She's our only hope of defeating him.

Hm! Interesting.

Well? What news do you bring?

I wish I could remember, but I'm so hungry.

I feel weak, no faint...

You insolent little bat!

I should turn you into a ceiling fan!

That would be a shame.

Then I couldn't tell you the juicy bit of gossip I overheard.

Thank you very much, Your Most Royal Majesty.

May I say you're looking specially
regal this evening, Sire.

Er, right. Well for starters, Nutcracker's back.

What? Here?

And he's got some girl with him.

Don't know where she came from.

I do.

Now here comes the good part.

They're looking for a Sugarplum Princess

who can, supposedly,



Err... according to the Nutcracker.

Sugarplum Princess?

I've never heard of a Sugarplum Princess.

Bring me the royal registery.


bring me...

the Nutcracker.

It's what's left of the Gingerbread Village.

Mouse King's work, no doubt.

I didn't know things had gotten this bad.


We won't hurt you.


It's an ambush! Take cover!

It's alright. They're just children.

With very good aim.


We found this.

Is she yours?


What happened here?

We went out with Marzipan
to gather candle berries.

We came back and everything...

...and everyone...-

...were gone!

It was the Mouse King's Army.

This is all Prince Eric's fault.

Who's Prince Eric?

The son of the King who ruled before the Mouse took over.

Yeah, but he wasn't much of a Prince.

The King left his throne and the
golden scepter to his Royal Advisor.

The Mouse.

Until the Price could prove himself worthy.

Let me guess.

The Mouse decided he liked being King.

But what happened to Prince Eric?

Don't know, don't care.

We're better off without him.

It's dangerous here.

We'll travel together until we can find you a safe home.

The Mouse King's Army.

Carrying what's left of our village.

There they are!

Come on!

Come on, into the woods!

They're getting closer!

Up here!

Get 'em!

Is everyone alright?

I'm not really sure.

Well, what have we here?

A wooden spy?

Some new kind of Mouse King trap?

Kidnappers, as well.


They helped us!

If you have nothing to hide, you
won't mind answering a few questions.

Come, children.

Masha will take care of you.

Let's start with who you are
and what you're doing here.

I'm Nutcracker. This is Clara.

We're both victims of the Mouse King's magic.

We're trying to find the only one who can defeat him:

the Sugarplum Princess.

The Sugarplum Princess?

I've never heard such a ridiculous story!

It's the truth.

Told to me by Prince Eric himself.


Prince Eric!

He's the reason we're in the mess.

If it weren't for that reckless boy,

the Mouse King wouldn't be turning
everyone into knick-knacks.

You make the Prince sound pretty awful.


That's a compliment.

He was useless, lazy, and irresponsible...

Major Mint, you're forgetting
that Prince Eric was my friend.

Captain Candy,

you're forgetting that I am your superior.

I had high hopes for that boy.

Oh, Well...

no matter.

I've got more important things to think about,

keeping what's left of our
subjects safe from the Mouse King!

Then perhaps you should be
looking for the Princess too.

I don't have time to search for some "Sugarpie"...

well whatever.


Imaginary Princess.

Wait, Major!

They may be telling the truth.

I once overheard the King telling
Prince Eric about this powerful Princess.

The King Himself believed in her magic.

And we've tried everything
else to defeat the Mouse.

Do you know where she is?

We've learned
she's on an island,

across the Sea of Storms.

Oh, very well.

We'll all go looking for the Sugarplum Princess.

But I'll be in charge of the expedition!

Of course.

Do you know what became of Prince Eric?

The Mouse King destroyed him.

So, you're telling me that the Nutcracker,

a wooden utensil,

managed to escape a well-armed

fighting squadron...


And instead of fleeing into the hills,

you chose to return to me

and report your incompetence.


Why don't you just blast
'em with your scepter, Sire?

I suppose I could.

But I find its power to transform the incompetent

much more gratifying.

The trick is: making you useful.


How are we doing with statuary?

Eh, full up, your Lordiness.

Lawn ornaments?

Too much ornament, not enough lawn.



What does one create for the
palace that has everything?

How 'bout bookends
since there's two of 'em.

Wonderful idea, Pimm.

I do believe I'm starting to rub off on you.

Since other tasks posed a challenge to thee,

you shall be bookends for eternity!"

Here it is.

The Sugarplum Princess:

Kind, clever, and brave.

That's it?!

Where is she?

I suppose I'll just have to reduce the Nutcracker
to a pile of splinters before he can find her.

Rock that will walk,

destroy whom I seek,

carnage and havoc will be yours to wreak!"

Find the wooden man

and crush him!

Follow him, Pimm.

He's a bit rough around
the edges and may need some...


You want me to babysit a rock?

Alright, alright! Better than being a rock.

What about Marzipan?

I'm sure she'll be fine.

And you'll be staying here with Masha until we get back.




Goodnight, Clara!

Can't sleep?

I'm a nutcracker.

Sleep seems kind of pointless.

You're more than a nutcracker,

Prince Eric.

Why haven't you told anyone?


I didn't want to be the price when I had the chance.

Now I don't deserve to be.

That's not true!

You're risking your life to save your kingdom.

Isn't that what Princes do?

But my subjects think less of
me than they do the Mouse King.

My only hope is to find the Sugarplum Princess

so she can help me restore my peoples' happiness.

I owe them that.

Aha! There's our bridge.

Perhaps we should find a safer place to cross.

Perhaps you should remember who's
in charge of this expedition.

Heh heh!

Right-o. No problem at all. Heh heh,

come along.



Please, hurry!

I'll be gobstrack.


Sorry. Didn't have any rope.

Are you sure you're alright to travel?

I'm fine. Please, don't worry about me.

Bad luck about your knapsack.

Now we'll be needing more supplies!


Thanks to you, I almost fell into the ravine!

Well, Don't blame me for your sloppy footwork,...

General Clumsiness.

Clumsy? I'm clumsy?

You're the bundling clod-hopper!

Who was dangling from a branch?

Whose leadership skills put me there?

That was very noble of you.

Least I could do for an old friend.

The Captain and I will
make a boat sea worthy,

while you two gather supplies.

Clara, come with me.

The well used to be over there.

Here it is.

Well, somebody must've capped it.

You're welcome.

The Mouse King's Army destroyed this
valley and trapped them in the well.


They say you're beautiful.



Major! Captain!

What's she carrying on about now?
Probably saw a snake or a spider or a...

Rock giant!

Great googly!

There he is! Right there!

Blimey, I'm blind as a bat and even I can see him!

Major, Captain, over here!

I worked on that sail a good half hour!

You cheeky blighter!

Why don't you invite him over for
tea and cakes while you're at it!


It's Marzipan!

Come on, before the Snow Fairies disappear!

Ah, he'll break right through that ice!

It seems the Snow Fairies did their job too well.

A sword's not going to do you any good, lad.

You'll be pulverized!

Be careful!

Don't worry, wood floats

rock doesn't!

Come on!

Put some zing in it!
Hurry...come on!

If this fog doesn't lift, we'll
never find the Princess's island.

And if we don't?

You battled the Mouse Army,

rescued Captain Candy,

and saved us from a vicious pile of rock!

All without the Sugarplum Princess.

The Mouse King is too powerful to take on alone.


we've gotta find the Princess if
you're to return home your true size.

That is what you want, isn't it?

Of course.

Nutcracker destroyed rock?

And sent him to the bottom of the sea.

Of course he had some help.

Major Mint and Captain Candy have joined up.

Proving they're gullible idiots.

I've combed through every page of
every book in the Royal Library,

and there's no other mention of a Sugarplum Princess.

I don't know.

They were pretty keen on finding her island.

She's a fantasy!

But if Nutcracker wants to believe in fairy tales,

he's about to find out.

This one doesn't have a happy ending.

Weather's getting worse.

I say we turn about.


It's too dangerous!

There's been no sign of this mysterious island.

Not to mention what's going to
happen when this ice starts to melt.

Marzipan saw something.

I'm sure of it.

No time to enjoy the scenery.

Let's find this Princess.

I believe the Nutcracker has
earned the right to lead us.


But-but... he's wood!

And the reason we've made it this far.

I'm only half the reason.

Handing the reigns to a...a...

a stump!

I never heard of such a thing!

Are you coming?

Oh, yes.

Gotcha mates!

Off to the palace!


Wait a minute.

Where's the girl?

Don't matter.

No way off this island.

Unless she's part mermaid.

I should never have come.

What was I thinking?

That I was going to find a magical Princess?

I could always go back home. I'm sure

I've got some doll clothes that would fit.

What am I saying?

I can't leave.

I'm their only hope.

If I could just get off this island.


Are you sure about this?

Okay then. Let's go-ooo!

Thank you.

They're right.

It's time we stood up to the Mouse.

More wood.

I want this to be an unforgettable show.


All is right with the world.

I got the Nutcracker

and soon my worries will be over.

Well, that ain't really so true, Sire.


It seems your subjects are planning an uh...



I want every last villager,

fairy, and general trouble-maker rounded up

to witness this display of my absolute power!

I'll get right on it, Sire.

Ah, Sire? I...

I can't feel my toes.

Oh, there you are!

The King needs you right away in the courtyard.

And he said if you didn't hurry,

you'd spend the rest of your lives as houseflies.

Or was it horseflies?


What's wrong with the girl?

We can see her, but

she can't see us.

Or hear us, apparently.

Why would the Mouse King post
guards on an empty room?


We've got to get out of here.

The Mouse King's building a bonfire.

I doubt it's to warm up the palace.

Sugarplum Princess or no Sugarplum Princess,

that rat's got to be stopped!

Is this any way to run a Kingdom, Mouse?

Ahh. You're just in time for your party.

There's more to being a King than having a crown!


Suddenly you're an expert.

You'll never gain their loyalty
until you've earned their respect!

I don't need their loyalty.

I don't even need them.

Those peasants who do challenge me,

living statuary be!"



Scrappy little Nutcracker.

I'm afraid I've underestimated you.

With the brawn of twenty and six

I'll smash my enemy into sticks."


I'll give you a choice, Nutcracker,...


or barbeque.


You're nothing but a coward,
hiding behind a magic wand!

I obviously didn't shrink you small enough.

Your mouth is still much too big.

But that is about to change.

To the one who vexes me,

smaller, smaller you will be!"


What? Ahh!

Back to where he belongs -

The sewer!


My poor Nutcracker.

Don't worry, Clara,

I'm just wood.


You and I know you're much more than that.

Prince Eric.

It's Prince Eric!

The Prince?!

The Prince.

Of course.

The Princess has been
with us all along!


Clara, it's you! You are the Sugarplum Princess!


I couldn't be.

It all makes sense.

You saved me from the Mouse King in your parlor.

You rescued us from his dungeon,

your bravery led to his defeat, and

your kiss has broken his spell.

You are the Sugarplum Princess!


You've broken all the Mouse
King's evil enchantments.

And now you're free to take
your rightful place as King.

Well, that's for the people to decide.

Three cheers for Prince Eric!

Hip hip, hurray!

Hip hip, hurray!
Hip hip, hurray!

Thank you, friends.

As your King,

I will let the wise leadership of my Father be my guide.

None of this would've been possible without you, Clara.

Will you stay...

and be my Queen?

This locket was supposed to take me home,

but in my heart,

I feel I'm already there.

I absolutely despise happy endings!

- No!
- No!

He's not gonna get away with that!



Flap, you fool!






I love you!


It's about time you got up.

I see the mice had a party
of their own last night.

It wasn't a party.

It was a war.

The Nutcracker was fighting the Mouse King.

Who shrunk me with his golden scepter.

I've never heard such a story, even from your Aunt!

It's not a story! It really happened!

Time to open presents!

Tommy, did you take my Nutcracker?

Why would I want him?

He's just a hunck of wood.

You're wrong!

He's really a King.

An evil mouse was ruling his land.

The mouse had a bat.

What's all this foolishness?

Perhaps I should send for a doctor.

And this is where I grew up.

Aunt Elizabeth, have you seen my...


Look who I ran into while I
was taking my morning stroll.

Uncle Drosselmayer, Clara, Tommy.

This is Eric, the son of a dear friend of mine.

I'm very happy to... meet you.

Such familiarity!

In my day we would never have...

I've taken the liberty of asking
Eric to stay for Christmas dinner.

But this is a most...

wonderful idea.

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to
have the young man stay for supper.

But what about the presents?

May I have this dance?

I couldn't say no to the King.


if Clara hadn't been brave,

she never would've found out she was a Princess.

That's right.

Can you help me practice until I know all the steps?

Of course.

I did it!

I always knew you could.

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