Barbie as Rapunzel (2002) - full transcript

Barbie is Rapunzel in this beloved story. Kidnapped by an evil witch, Rapunzel is locked in a tower and hidden from the outside world. Rapunzel goes on a journey and with the help of her friends Penelope and Hobie, she manages to get the life she deserves and live happily ever after.

OK! Ready Freddy ...

Hm ... Barbie

What am I suppose to paint?

That's up to you.


But what if I do not have any good ideas?

You have wonderful ideas.
Your ideas.

Can not you just tell me
what to paint?

And take away the best part?

Kelly, you can created anything
you image.

I guest so.

But what if I hate it?

You know

You remind me of a story.

It's about a girl who's paintings
saved her life.

But you probably do not want to here it.

Once, long long ago,

In a time of castles, king,
and magic.

There was a secret manner
hidden deep in a dark forest.

The woods were whispered
to be full of monsters and dragons.

Even if you were brave enough
to go in to the forest, ...

you couldn't see the manner.

Why not?

It was concealed behind a magic wall.

Which keep intruders out.

And more importantly,
keep a young girl hidden inside.

Do you hear that Rapunzel?

My stomach rumbling.

I feel weak.

I see them, stars in front of me eyes!

OK, OK Hobie

We wouldn't want anyone
fainting around here.

I'm Almost done.

Look at this.

I mean, look at this painting.

I can smell the saltwater.

I Can Feel the mist.

One day, I'm going to walk along the beach

just like this one.
And see nothing but open sky

For miles and miles.

Ah oh! Gothel alert!


Go Rapunzel, go.
I'll put your art stuff away.

Thanks, Penelope.

How was your ride today my lady?


I'll expect my tea in 9 minutes.

Yes, my lady.

Do not you repeat errors of yesterday.

You steam that tea for 6 minutes

I expect six and a half minutes,
no more no less.

Eh ... Of coarse.

And bring me a snack.

Oh!, your little friend will do.

What's That?


Painting again!

What about your duties

I ... I finished them.

Oh really?

Did you make the beds?

Sweep the floors?

Weed the garden?


Beat the rugs?

Wax the tables?

Polish the silver?

Yes me lady.

Wash and mend my clothes?

Folded and put away.

Listen to that ...

Your suppose to keep the house
in perfect order.

I do not know about ...
It's you job to know.

I've taken care of you sense you were a baby

and this is how you thank me?

By frittering away you time,


Such trivia's.

I hope Gothel chokes on her tea.

Now, Hobie.

Wait, wait, I can do it faster.

Just Be very, very careful, Penelope.


Nice job.

Oh, no!

I got this!

Do not think it's a quieter.

Where's the tea cup?

Oh, no, that's down right


You do not think I got Moved.

Cause I got moves.


Turn around purple girl.

Well scratch my scales...

I wonder where it goes?

Hello, what about Gothel's tea?

We still have a few minutes.

Come on. Something great could be down here.

Ah, yea, shure. Looks very inviting.

Eh .. you don't think there are spiders down there?

cause I'm not to fond of spiders...

or ... or beetles. or snakes,
I don't like them ether.

Your worried about bugs and snakes?

What about what Gothel will do to us?

If she finds out we went down there.

Da, for sure, oh yea, let's go anyway.

No one ever listens to the rabbit.

Nobody's been down here in years.

I can't imagine Gothel
attending all these balls.

Can I ask you,

who in their right mine would invite her to a party?

Would you look at this?

Oh, she sure got mad at somebody.

I wouldn't want to be in his boots.

Or his head.

What a lovely old box.

Not down here, Penelope.

I'm OK.

It's beautiful.

There's something engraved on the back.

Constant as the stars above.

Always know that you are loved.

To our daughter, Rapunzel
on her first birthday ...

With love forever,
mother and father.

This doesn't make sense.

Gothel said I was abandoned ...

when I was just a few days old.

Why would she lie to be about that?

Why do the old hag do anything
other then to torment people?

With love forever.

More junk holders.

You really pack a wallop.


Oh boy, oh boy, hurry get cleaning.


Where are you?

We'll have to come back.

Coming, my lady!


What took you so long?

I'm sorry, I was distracted.

Lazy you mean.


Oh.. time! time! time!

My mistress is ready for
her beauty nap.

Step to it girl.

Will there be anything else?



Don't disturb
me until dinner.

Yes my lady.

Allow me mistress.

This doesn't make sense.
Why would Gothel...

I'll tell you what Gothel up to.


No good, that's what.

Thank you, that's very helpful.

Oh! I see a very big hairy spider.



How we going to fix this?

Don't worry, we'll think of something.

That's funny?

A draft.

The tunnel must lead somewhere.

Maybe this isn't a good idea.

Now there's the understatement of the seventeen century.

Plus there's probably bugs.
Lots of bugs.

But I've never been
outside the magic wall.

This is my chance.
Maybe my only chance.

I'm going.

Count me in.

This isn't going the way I planned.

Sorry! Rapunzel.

You couldn't fall six inches to the left?

Next time, I'll seated
on you.

What about you, Hobie?

Down there?

Well I..I'd better stay here with Penelope.

Somebody gotta keep her out of trouble.

OK, I'll be back soon.

We'll be here.


I don't believe it.

Goo...Good morning, Miss.

No, thank you.

What if she's lost?


Or in trouble?

Watch it with that thing.

What if she's trapped
alone, ...

facing a wild ferocious beast?

Or worse: What if Gothel
wakes up before her comes back?

Hobie, what do you hear?

Is she coming?

I'm getting,
I'm getting,


Maybe if you move my right ear down a notch?

How's that?

Wait, wait.

I'm getting something.
Here it comes.

Oh, it's your father.
He's looking for you.

Hello father.

Don't tell me you been
here playing all day?

not exactly.

I...I...I...I was
helping Rapunzel.

Helping is it?

Instead of practicing your skills.

Let me see what your fiercest?

Breathe fire.
Terrify me.

And you're flying?

Show me how you can
fly over the magic wall.

I was just going to do that.

You...You know this afternoon.

Oh my.

Don't look down.

Don't look down.
Don't look down.

Don't look down.

It's high.
Oh, it's really, really high

To high for a mighty dragon?

Does he ever smile?

Not around me.

Whoo, boy whoo.

My last carrots.

He still acts hungry.

I'm going to share.

Here you go, Botticelli.

Melendy, Lorrainea, look enough for everybody.


Help me.

Just hold on.
I'll get you.

I'll get help.

Hurry, Lorrainea

I'm scared.

Grab on.

I can't!

Just let go with one hand and reach out.

That's it.


Thank you for saving my sister.

And you for saving me.

I think he was worried about you.

His name is Botticelli.

He takes us everywhere.

That's why he's always hungry.

Come on.
Let's go get those apples.

What beautiful girls.

On their good days?

Have we met before?

I've never been here before.

Do you live in Wilhelm Kingdom?

Who's he?

The king who ordered that?

Why would he do such a thing?

Wilhelm claims our King did something
terrible to him years ago.

Did he?


But if he didn't do it,

can't the king's talk, explain?

It's too late for that.

The only way to end the feud is through force.

Well that seems foolish.

You think so?

I better make sure they're okay.

I'll be right back.

Oh, no how did it get so delayed

Where did she go?

I didn't even know her name.

Tell me again about the village and
don't regret a single detail.

You should see it.

All the people, the castle, the food.

But the best part was

I meet somebody.


What are you doing here?

Just a little interesting news for you.

I saw somebody today
in the village.

Why should that interests me?

No reason.

Just a certain girl with the long blond hair.


Rapunzel was in the village.

But how?

She has found the tunnel
down below the basement.

But that's not the best part.

She was talking to...

The most handsome man I've ever seen.

And you have seen how many men before?

And he was kind and strong and..

So what was his name.

I don't know.

I didn't even ask.

Unfortunately I didn't catch that juicy little details.


I need to know who he is.

I need his name.

This could ruin everything.

Want down.

Maybe tomorrow I
can visit again?


Did we have a nice trip today?


After all I've done

After all I've given you this is how you repay me?

By sneaking off.


Why didn't you tell
me about the village?

And it's so close by.

I did it to you.

To protect you from
the evil there.

But everybody was so kind.

Yes I'm sure they were.

I heard you meet someone special.

Who was he?

I...I don't know his name.


I'm telling the truth.

I believe I said I want his name.

But I already told you.

I don't know.

Maybe I'm not making myself clear?



When I asked a question,
I expect an answer girl.

But she said she doesn't know.

Your ladyship.


Your friends are in on your secret.

Are they?


Please, they don't know.


Why are you doing this?

You can't keep me locked away from the world forever.

Watch me.


Enjoy your time alone.

I'm sure it will refresh your memory.

When I come back, I want to name.

In the meantime,
clean up this mess.

Appears our little Rapunzel
has an adventurous Spirit

See to it that she stay put.

As you wish, Mistress.




Your highness.

Good evening.

Tommy's out again

Did you see that?

Almost a bulls eye.

If you count me as a Target

I just can't get it, right?

I have to speak with father now.

What do you say I help you practice later?


Thanks, Stefan.




I'm just glad you're my brother.

Did you find the maiden that staved our Katrina?

I'd like to express my gratitude.

I'm afraid not father.

The guards and I searched
the entire Village.

Could she be a spy for King Wilhelm.

What if she were?

Why would you risk her
safety to save Katrina?

your highness?

There was no sign of
King Wilhelm's Horseman.

This can not go unanswered.

Tonight I lead my own rating party.

Be ready, Stefan.

Of course.


When do you think
this feud will end?

When King Wilhelm pays with all his deeds.


In a few days you
will turn 18 Stiffer

One day you will takeover the kingdom.

And it maybe up to you to defeat Wilhelm.

Come on, Katrina, go on.
Your the brave one.

Cut it out.

When are you going to see the lady
with the pretty hair again?

Soon I hope.


Come down.

I can't.

Then I'll come up.


Let down your hair.

Your even more beautiful than I remember?

How did you find me?

I searched everywhere.

Let me go!

Constant as the stars above.

Always know that you are loved.

I'm going to be free.

♪ Constant as the stars above

♪ Always know that your are loved.

♪ And my love shining in you

♪ Will help you make your dreams come true

♪ Will help your dreams come true

I got news for you.

We're never going to find your beautiful
baby with long blond hair in here.

No kidding. But...ah...prince Stefan can't find her any where

I asked you,

Why would any maiden
want to be out here in the first place?

e...exactly, but then we are.

Did you hear that?

Hear what?


Nay, that's noth'in.

Just sounds like
something following us.


Hey sir?

There's going to be celebration?

Yea, woman,
the prince's birthday.

Do you know how much
baking that would mean.

200 cinnamon rolls.

300 Stud

400 cream puffs.

Not to mention, a colossal birthday cake.


Hi your highness.

Did you find her?

No your highness.

We were chased by a giant beast.
A Dragon!

50 feet tall.

No, a 100 feet.

Yea, what he said.

Oh, and then it reared up it ugly head.
And blew fire breath at us.

20 feet of boiling hot flame.

No, a 100 feet.

It was hot.

Oh, and it was only because of our extraordinary
cutting and bravery that we escaped at all.


Yes, I'm sure nobody has ever
seen a beast quite so terrible

But did you find the girl?

No sign of her your highness.

If she did go in there?

She must be ah...

Well, I hope you're wrong.

Go now.


Help yourself to food and drink.

Thank you.
Thanks Prince Stefan.

Hurry, get the king.

It...It was King Wilhelm's men your highness.

I saw them slashing
and destroying everything.


This attack on our kingdom
will not go unanswered.

King Wilhelm and his thugs will
pay for their miss deeds.

This I promise you.

Now, do you understand?

This is why we must stop Wilhelm at all costs.


If they destroy each other,
it's not my fault.

Do you think we have enough berries?

I...I'm not sure.

Well we would if you stop eating them.

Who said I a eating them?

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

It's so simple.
We bust her out.

And how would we do that?

I haven't figured out that part yet.

At least we can bring her this.

What are you doing?


I'm trying to make
paint for Rapunzel.

That girl is non
of your concern.

But I just thought.

A dragon should be Terrifying.

Feared by all who see him.

And what do you do?

Fool around, play games.

But what if, it's just that,

Well, I'm not so sure
that I want to be,

you know, all that

or even scary, or mean.

Oh, definitely not mean.


Have you turned your back on our code of honor?

For ages a mighty dragon has stood for
power, courage, and loyalty.

I know, father.

I'm sorry.

We brought you
something Rapunzel.


Here, so you can
start painting again.

There would have been more if mister
berry eater here hadn't snagged so many.

It was my snack time.

I...I don't know what to say.

Well it goes Thank You,
what I do without you, and like that, you know.

Oh, we forgot one
teeny tiny detail.

The paint brush.

Oh, ahh, what about this one.

Now I know my eyes are going.

I could swear this
use to be a hair brush

I don't understand.

What you waiting for?
Dip in.

How do you do that?

I don't know.

I was thinking of the blue sky and there was.


This time I was thinking of the grass in the village.

You don't even need paint.

See, I could've had more berries.

Can see.

Not bad.

Show us all the places went.
I want to see them all.

There's a bakery shop

And the main square

And a garden outside the castle.



What's a...What's it called?

Well, twist my tail.

I have a good feeling about this.

Are you crazy?

You could wind up
being a glob of paint.

That's better then being a prisoner.

Is that you?

I've been looking everywhere.

I've been...well...

It's a long story.

I hoped you might come back here.

I realized
I don't even know your name



My name...

Please don't tell me.

Why not?

It's better I don't know.

Your full of surprises.

Can you help me find
the maker of this brush?

Love Mother and Father.

Don't your parents know?

I haven't seen my parents since I was a baby.

I'm sorry.

I'm hoping.

Whoever made this brush
might know who they are.

Well, I'd say we started the silversmiths.

Oh your highness.





How are you?

What can I do for you?

I'm gentlefolk.

I was wondering, sir,

if you might recognize this?

Yes, I do.

Look at the details.

Very fine work.

You made it?

No, not me.
My brother.

Oh that's wonderful.

May I speak with him?

Oh, I'm afraid not.

I haven't spoken with
him myself in years.

Why not?

The feud I'm afraid.

He lives in Williams Kingdom.

Can't you visit him there?

Nobody's going back and forth

between the kingdom
since the feud started.

You must miss him?

More than I can say, my lady.

More than I can say.

Do you think she's really there?

Your guess is as good as mine.

I miss her already.

Yea! Yea!
Don't get all blubbery on me.

Big, Bad, Gothel on the horizon.

What we going to do?

If Gothel finds out that
Rapunzel is gone.

Who knows what she's
going to do to my father.

Nothing more than he deserves.

Hobie, come on be serious.

We have to get Rapunzel back.

In three minutes?

Well that's how long it will take
for Gothel to get here.

I haven't do something.

My father

OK, here's the plan.

I'll stall Gothel and you find Rapunzel.

Great, you stall I'll go.
I like it.

Except for one thing.

I'm going to become ferret food.

No. I can't fly over the magic wall.

And I don't even know
what the village is.

How can I find her?
I mean she went...

some where through there.

There's your answer.


G...Go in to painting too?

As in, me?

I'm sorry I didn't find out
more about your parents.

I'm not giving up.



I ah...
I was wondering if



You are here with invited
to the masked ball

In honor of the prince's birthday.

It's tonight.

I would have given
it to you sooner. But...

your hard to find.

You must be pretty important
if your invited to the prince's ball.

I don't know about that.

Will you come?

I'd love to.

It's just,
I've never been to a masked ball.

What's it like?

Well see for yourself tonight?

I'll pick you up at seven in my Carriage.

No, no,
I'll meet you there.

So mysterious.

All right,

I guess I'll be able to recognize
you behind the mask your

Oh you think so?

Your hair

it's a beautiful giveaway.

Come at once.

Hurry up.
Hurry up.

I'm going.
I'm going.


What am I doing?


I made it.

I actually made it.

Stand back!


She's my friend.

Watch it with that thing.

Somebody could get seriously hurt.

Your friends with a ... aw ... aw ... a dragon?

Hey, the names Penelope

Please come with me Rapunzel.
Gothel's coming.

I'll just be a minute.

What's wrong?

You must come back, please

When Gothel finds out
you're gone.

Who knows what she'll do to my father.

I have to go I'll see you tonight.

I'll explain everything.

I'll be looking for you.


That's going to do wonders for my back.

Wait your ladyship.

Please, I need aw...

Well you see I got to have aw...
What I'm needing..

What am I saying?
What am I saying?

Spit it out rabbit.

My sciatica.
It's killing me.

Oh, I can barely hop.

It's a miracle I can even get around at all.

Let me tell you. There's nothing
more pathetic then a hopless rabbit.


I need a tonic to cure me.

Oh, it hurts.
Oh, the pain, realty.

How are we going to get back in time?

Paint brush.
Paint brush.

I'll come back and clean it up later.

No, no, not yet.
Let's..let's talk.

We don't talk yea know.

Yea know like the good old days.

Your useless.

Give him to me.

I'll leave you the
Lucky Rabbit's feet.

These? Oh, no,
no you don't want these.

Oh, no, I come from a long line of unlucky rabbits.

You know. Trust me.
I mean look at these feet

Corns, bunions, end grown toenails, a real mess.

I hope this works.


Your daughter is with Rapunzel once again.

Penelope isn't doing anything wrong.

I can't be foolish scared
of the dragon to much to worry about

So Rapunzel.

I assume your memory has improved.

You ready to tell
me who you met,

But I'm telling you I don't know.


Rot here for all I care.

You'd watch that daughter of yours.

She's a little to friendly for my taste

Yes, mistress.

You saved my father.

For now.
But I can't stay.

We all have to go.

I'm going to leave tonight.

And you have to convince your father to go too.

Somewhere where Gothel can't find you.

I've been thinking father about my birthday.


I would like permission
to invite King Wilhelm.

What? Are you mad?

but lately I've be thinking.

This feud has gone on
as long as I can remenber.

Families have been separated
brother from Brother...

Stefan! King Wilhelm is
our sworn enemy.

And it will always be that way
unless we try to change it.

Someone has to make the first
move to forgive.


When you're older
you'll understand.

I don't think this dress is right for a masked ball.

Maybe we could do it up.

I wonder?

Go ahead,
try it on.

What do you think?


I think it's too simple.

Then get busy and
paint another one.

It's ... a bit.

How about this one?

Ah, it definitely ahead of it's time.

Yes, Yes I think so.

This is the one.

Your beautiful Rapunzel.

Look, no, no, Gorgeous, No Magnificent

Absolutely lovely.

What a waste.

This is, isn't it?

After all these year, after all I planed.

It must be that boy.

Who else?

I refuse to let a love sick
young fool ruin everything.

Any specific plans or just general pain and anguish?



Perhaps a trim.

I guess I'm as ready
as I'll ever be

Really? Who ever heard of going to
a mask ball without a mask?

You made this for me?

Come on. Do you see anyone
else going to dress for a Ball?

Aw, Oh, it's...

Look at this.

You do look lovely in your
party clothes, Rapunzel.

Except your hair.

Not quit right.



Now, Now.

Only hair.

You are the lowest, meanest, nastiest


He's all yours.

No, Don't hurt him.

It's me you want but why?
I still don't understand.

There's magic around here.

And you two.
You're mixed up in this somehow. Out!


What's an oaf.



Come here.

One more chance Rapunzel.

Who is the boy?
Tell me his name?

I don't know.

Then live with your lies

Tower, Tower, do your part.

Never release your prisoner
with a lying heart.

Curse be these words are spoken.

This cured spell shall never be broken.

Hugo, you disappoint me.

Your daughter is a disgrace.

Nor loyal to her family and her mistress.

She's still young.

She'll learn.

Or maybe her father doesn't
know where his loyalties lie.

What are you doing.

Ensuring I have time
to deal with you later.

Right now I'm planing a little dance.

With Rapunzel's mysterious suitor.


We will attack
from the West Wall.

As You Wish King Wilhelm.

I prepared our troops.

I will never forgive
him for what he's done.

Frederick will pay once and for all.

Don't you Love it?

Everything is so beautiful.

I'd rather read a good book.

Where's Stefan?

Over there.

Why aren't you out dancing?

I'm...waiting for someone.

What makes this girl so special?

Well...Sh..She likes me, not my crown.

She doesn't even know I'm the prince.

I'd like to meet him.


I expected more from you.

You don't understand
Rapunzel help save me.

Look at me.

I'm chained like a common dog
all because of you and your friend.




Where are we going?

The masked lady finally stops.

Did I please you, Prince Stefan?

I don't understand.

I thought you were.


Yes, so I gather.

Unfortunately, she's not coming.

Her hair.

Who are you?

I'm the one who's going to teach
you not to meddle with my plans.

Zap him,
Fry him.

Erase him.

He won't listen to me.

You going to let a little thing stop you?

Oh, I wish Rapunzel were here.

Well if she were here
what would she tell you?

That she loved me.


Father, please.
I have to tell you something.

No! Nothing more from you.


Going to tell you anyway.

Rapunzel saved your life.

And you didn't even know it.

She was free and she came back
here because I asked her to


What she came so Gothel wouldn't destroy you?

It's true.

We have to help her escape from the tower.

Please father, please.

I...I didn't know.

I wish we could help her.

It's impossible.

I've served under Gothel for many years
and her spells are breakable.

I won't give up.

A Mighty thought.

Rapunzel doesn't deserve to be trapped like this.

Penelope, the spell only traps a
prisoner with a lying heart.

But Rapunzel...

isn't a lier.

If that is so.


You havn't be lying to Gothel.

So my father thinks Gothel's spell can't stop you.

What did Gothel say?

Never release your prisoner

with a lying heart.
with a lying heart.

Hugo maybe right?


Oh, I can't look.

Here we go.

Thank you Hugo.

I understand it is I must thank you.

We have to get to the ball.

But how?

But it's still so high.

Penelope, do you believe A Mighty Dragon
can fly over the wall?

Of course.

I believe you can do it.

For you A Mighty Dragon.


What makes might?

It is more than power.

It is also courage and loyalty.

You have never swerved
in your devotion to your friend.

No matter the danger.

I see now that you
truly are A Mighty Dragon, Penelope.

And I am proud of you.

Now go.

what about you?

Don't worry.
I'll be fine.

Now go.


Coming Hobie?

Oh, watch the bumps.
I get quize eazy you know.

You can do it, Penelope.

I am A Mighty Dragon.

I am A Mighty Dragon!

I's so beautiful up here.

I knew you could do it.

Please be alright, we're coming.

This is not funny.

Nobody hurts my brother.


Take that!

Get her!


I could use a little help here.

To think some people actually adore children.

Their out of their minds.

Aw oh.


I look tarable at lease for the occasion.



Save your breath, Frederick.


Surender Frederick!

No father!

So again, we meet at the ball.

Gothel, it that you?

What are you doing here?

I came to clean up
some loose ends.

You know her?

Who is she?

I knew once long ago.

We were friends,



You loved me.

I know you did.

No Gothel.

I never loved you.

And for that.

You will pay once again.

Pay again?

What are you talkin about?

Be our secret.

You hate this man.

He attacked my kingdom without cause.

You stold my daughter.

For the thouandth time I never stold her.


I did.


She would have been my daughter
if you would have marryed me.

I simply took what was mine.

You took Rapunzel?

Where is she, Gothel?

Tell me.

You monster!

What does it matter?

You'll never see her again.

My beautiful little girl.

I've seen her.


Now do you realize what
a fool you were, Welhelm?

You couldh've had so much.
You should have loved me.

You don't know what love is, Gothel.

I'm finished with you.

All of you.

No more!

It can't be.


You kept me locked up my whole
life because you hate my father.

He deserved to suffer as I did.

No! No more suffering, Gothel, for anybody.

My, my.

You think you can stop me.

Maybe not alone.

But with the help of A Mighty Dragon.

Mighty Dragon?

I see a snibbling goose.

woo, so scary

Did you bring your rabbit friend too?

Because, I'm ready for another dinner.

Fire away Penelope.

I was just leaving.

Your number one in my book girl.

You and your friends.

Won't live to see the next sun rise.

Run Rapunzel!

Hurry, you know where.

Please Gothel.
We can all start over.

I forgive you for all those years.
No more hatred, please.

And be made a fool of?




You wait for me.

It can't be.

Magic spell upon the tower.
I command you to lose your power.




Get me out of here.

I can't.

You said once a lying heart
will be imprisoned forever.

Rapunzel never lied.
But you Gothel.

Never release your prisoner

with a lying heart.

Never release your prisoner

with a lying heart.

Never release your prisoner

with a lying heart.

Never release your prisoner

with a lying heart.

I have to find Rapunzel.

Are you all right?

I am now.



I though you were gone forever.

All those years.

I thought I was alone.

Your mother and I have never stopped thinking about you.

Our love is as constant

as the stars above.
as the stars above.

I don't know where to begin in Frederick.

I've wronged you all these years.

I'm glad the Rapunzel is safe.

I hope someday you can find
it in your heart to forgive me.

just beautiful

Hey, I call them as I see 'em.

With the two kingdoms reunited.
Peace returned the land.

And it wasn't long before the magical day came.

And Rapunzel married Prince Stefan.

Everyone was there.

Then Rapunzel and Stefan moved into their own palace.

But what about Hobie and Penelope?

Did they come to?

Hobie made out in chest fine.

Sleeping on the cushiest
pillow in the palace.

And Penelope and her father live there, too.

In the winter, they kept the castle warm.

Whatever happened to Gothel.

Oh, She dedicated the rest of her
days to making Otto's life miserable.



I said six and half minutes

Otto, Otto, Bla Bla Bla six and a half minutes.

Where are my...
...half minutes.

Where are my biskits?
And then bla bla bla.

Coming mistress.

And Rapunzel and Stefan living happily ever after.


I wish I had a magic
paintbrush like Rapunzel,

But you do.

The magic comes from here.

You're right.

You know what Barbie?

I know Rapunzel's secret.

You do?

She painted what she belived.

When you do that.
You'll never go wrong.

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