Barbie and the Secret Door (2014) - full transcript

Alexa is a very shy princess from a contemporary, modern kingdom who discovers a secret door that opens to a magical land.


Security breach in the gem room.


Sweet, Renee. Awesome, Teresa.

Hi, Barbie.

Hey, Chelsea.

That's my sister.

You rock, Teresa. Whoo-hoo!

Thanks, Mila.

You go, Renee. Go, girl.

Ha, ha. Oh, yeah.

Thanks, Aunt Zoe.

It's so sweet that she came.

Actually, has she ever missed a meet?

Uh, probably not.

Other than watching TV and knitting,

I don't think she has much going on.

Athletes, take your places.
The competition will begin momentarily.

Go! Whoo-hoo! Whoo!

Yeah, Barbie! Whoo!

Um, but I'm not ready yet.

I wanna practice
one more time, real quick.

Relax, you'll be great.

Ladies and gentlemen,

these are the golden cup
championship qualifying trials.

Wow, Patricia just raised the bar.

You know what that means.

Time to bring our A game.

Pandora's pyramid.

Barbie! Barbie! Barbie!

Barbie! Barbie! Barbie!


Get it together, Barbie.

Barbie! Barbie! Barbie!

Oh! Whoa! Unh!

- Oh!
- Oh, no!

Ugh. I totally psyched myself out.

Don't be so hard on yourself.
We still qualified for the championship.


You just need to get out of your head.

Yeah. Stop worrying so much.

Oh, it's Auntie Zoe.
Hey, Auntie Z. What's up?

How would my three favorite gymnasts
like to join me for a relaxing picnic?

We do like picnics.

Sure. Sounds like fun.

Oh, great.

I know just the spot.
I'll text you the location.

Okay. See you.

See? Things are looking up already.

Wow, what an amazing view.

Yeah, but it's kind of
in the middle of nowhere.

It's exactly what she texted me.

It is pretty perfect for a picnic.

Oh, come on, guys.
You know I like to be prepared.

Um, you got any food in there?

She's really late.

Let's give her a few more minutes.



What is this place?

Come on. Let's check it out.

Uh, why?

Are you kidding?

The Hollywood sign just opened up.
How can we not go inside?

Well, if you put it like that...

What about your aunt Zoe? Ah!

Now what?

Um, what just happened?

We just got body-scanned.


Mmm, guys, I don't think we should go in.

Come on, what's the worst
that could happen?

Where do you think it goes?



Just try to blend in.

Wow, that's a fusion-powered jetpack.

Aah. Whoa!


Zip-line backpack? Cool!

If I had that backpack,
I'd never walk again.


What a sweet ride.

Oh! Awesome.

- Is that a build-your-own-pizza bar?
- All you can eat.


Open 24 hours.

I see you've found the picnic spot.

Auntie Zoe?

What are you doing here?

Girls, welcome to I-3,

the International Intelligence
and Innovation Agency.

I didn't really bring you
here for a picnic.

I brought you here

because we have
a very important mission for you.

Wait, you're the head
of an international intelligence agency?

And you want us to become secret agents

'cause why?

Allow me to explain.


There have been five robberies
in the last five weeks,

all involving rare ancient gemstones.

There are three remaining gems that,

if stolen and assembled correctly,

can be quite destructive.

Many years ago, the agency developed
a gem-powered EMP weapon.

Electromagnetic pulse technology.

But it was deemed too dangerous.

We disbanded the program
and destroyed the tech.

But it looks like it's been reassembled.

It is imperative we stop the jewel thief

before she steals
the three remaining gems.

Why not just get them yourselves?

Well, for one, we think the thief
is working for someone.

And you want us to find out who?

How are we going to do that?

As you can see, the suspect
in question is no ordinary thief.

Our cat burglar displays a level
of athletic skill and agility

that has made them virtually uncatchable.

Believe me, we've tried.

But you girls could change all that.

Can we just back up for a sec?

How long have you been British?

Really? You're hung up on that?

Uh, yeah. The Auntie Zoe I know

loves to wear tracksuits
and knit cat clothing.

Aunt Zoe is my cover, dear.
This is the real me.

You think we can be secret agents
and catch this thief?

Without question, my dear.

I've been watching you compete
since you were little.

I have never seen such raw talent.

Acrobatics and agility.

Power and strength.

Precision and focus.

Of course, you'll need
some additional training.

But I have no doubt that you're
exactly what the agency needs

to apprehend the suspect.

Miss Z, they need you in operations.

Excuse me, girls.
This should only take a moment.

I can't believe it.

We're gonna be secret agents.

Uh, no, we're not. We're gymnasts.
We have curfews.

We still sleep with stuffed animals.

Speak for yourself.

Guys, seriously.
Who doesn't want to become a spy?

You get to wear disguises, travel
the world, have amazing adventures.

That may sound great to you,
Miss Always-Up-for-Anything. But me?

I like to avoid potentially
dangerous situations.

Wait. Did you say "dangerous"? I'm in.

And besides,

we're training for the championship.
We can't do both.

Yes, we can. Teresa, the chance
to do something this cool

and make a real difference
doesn't come along every day.

We have to give it a shot.

Come on. Please?


So, what do you girls say?

When do we get started?

I knew I could count on you.

Follow me. I'll get you set up.

As if you don't still sleep
with stuffed animals.


So, when do you think the thief
will make their next move?

Based on our threat-assessment
experts' analysis,

we expect the thief's next strike
to occur in the next 24 hours.

So, we need to get you field ready
as quickly as possible.

I'm sorry, but that accent is seriously
freaking me out, Auntie Zoe.

You'll get used to it, dear.

Oh, and while we're at work,

I think it's best to call me
by my agency name, Miss Z.

Now, it's important that we keep
the EMP's resurgence quiet.

Letting the public know would only
spread panic and chaos.

Yeah, we wouldn't want any of that.

Is that a 10-zettabyte server
housing a threat matrix analyzer?

One hundred zettabytes.
It powers the agency worldwide.

How did you...

Heh. I read a lot of Wired magazine.

Don't believe everything you read.

Girls, this is Agent Dunbar.

He will be your training specialist.

Nice to meet you.

- You too... Ah!
- Meow.

Aw, so cute.

Hey there, robo-kitty.

What's your name?

Violet. What's yours?

A talking robot cat. Cool.

Violet is actually one of our tech bots.

Quite indispensable

when it comes to surveillance
and gadgetry in the field.

So, the cat-lady thing
isn't just a cover, huh?

Not entirely. All right, then.

Agent Dunbar, I believe it's time

to get our new recruits started.

Ahem. Ladies, this way.
There's a lot to see.

Good luck, girls. And welcome aboard.

And that's our disguise dispensary.

Look at all the disguises.

We could play dress-up in there for days.

Heh. Wow. Aah!


Ooh. What happens in there?

That is on a need-to-know basis,
and you do not need to know.


We're about to enter the invention lab.

Every gadget, weapon and disguise

utilized in the field is created,
tested and perfected in here.


Uh, sorry about that.

Our young inventor apparently
finished robotics school

two years ahead of his class.

- Sweet.
- Hmm.

Hmm. Uh, anybody see my
"World's Best Inventor" mug?

I used it to test out a new invisibility
spray, and now I can't find it.

Lazslo. The new recruits.

Right. I'm sorry.

- Hello.
- Ahem.

Uh, hi, welcome. Everyone.
Welcome, everyone.

Lazslo, didn't you have
something for the girls?

Oh yes, of course.
Um, right this way, ladies.

Hey, cool. Did you make this?

Oh, yeah, that's one
of my security prototypes.

I'm having a little trouble getting it
to meet durability standards.

That, and his glide ratio
is only clocking in at 4-to-1.

I was just thinking if I increase
the wingspan, it could change...

Have you considered using a Graphene
metal composite coding for the build?

Hey, that might work.

You know about this sort of thing?

I've been toying with some robot
designs of my own.

I think you have a fan.


Did you really invent all this stuff?

By yourself?

Aren't you, like, 12?

I'm 17, actually.

I sort of had a knack
for biomechanics since I was little.

Huh? Right. But you can't do
anything without a great team.

This is my right-hand man... Uh, hand.

Speaking of teams...


This is your tech bot, Percy.

And by "yours," I mean all three of you.
Not just you. Although...

Aw, you are so cute.

Who's a handsome boy?

You are. Yes, you are.

I know. I'm adorable.

Now that we've got that out of the way,

what do you say we lose the baby talk, eh?

- Huh?
- Oh, excuse us, uh, sir?

You're sixth-generation
alpha series, aren't you?

Well, if you're free later, I...

Sorry, Whiskers, no can do.

I'm on the clock 24/7, 365.

Come on, Percy.

I could combine your software
debugging appointments.

I don't think so.

All right, ladies. Playtime's over.

If they make it past training,
I'll send them back for the rest.

Good luck!

I found my invisible mug!

The first rule of being a secret agent

is tell no one you are a secret agent.

Yes, sir.

- Roger that.
- Loud and clear.

Would anyone like to take
a wild guess at the second rule?


Don't bother. It's the same
as the first. The third rule is...

Don't tell anyone you're a secret agent.


Know how to defend yourself.

At ease. We'll get to that.

Oh, heh.

First I need to assess your abilities.

What happened to your body?

I forgot to tell you.
There's a button on your belt

that activates stealth mode.



I'm a floating head, I'm a floating head.

Hey, guys, look, I totally blend.

We so have to add this
to our routine. Ha, ha.


Now, keep in mind
that becoming a great agent

is not merely about focus and talent.

It is about determination,
concentration, stamina and teamwork.

Not a problem, Agent Dunbar.


We'll see.

Prepare yourselves, ladies,
for your first challenge.

This might look easy,
but trust me, it's not.

Don't worry. There's a device on your
utility belt to the left of your buckle.





- They're rappelling backpacks.
- Hmm.


Oh, awesome.

Piece of cake.

Uh, unless the rope breaks

and we instantly plunge to the ground.

What are the odds of that happening?


And by instantly,
I'm talking three seconds.

Maybe less, based on body mass,

air temperature and wind resistance.

You're a real ray of sunshine, aren't you?

Teresa, you got this.
You'll be fine. Just breathe.

Sure, the cat gets nap mode,
and I get this.


- Go, Renee!
- Whoo!


- See, I told you. Piece of cake.
- Give me a high five.


Save the celebrations, ladies.

You still have two more challenges
and very little time.

To successfully navigate this laser field,

you must maintain
concentration at all times.

Oh, no.

Ready, team?




You're up.


Renee, you gotta slow down.

Or you could speed up.


Guys, it's all good.

We just gotta make it
through one more section.

Ah! The handspring combo
from our routine should do the trick.

Come on, Teresa.


Ah. No alarms triggered.


Sometimes taking the path less traveled

is the best way to apprehend a suspect.

This one will be easy.

Your training partners have been
programmed to attack, block

and generally make your lives difficult.

Easy, huh?


Let's do this.

Ah! Whoa.

What are the odds of this ever being
the best way to get somewhere?

Slim to absolute zero.


Look out!


Think of it like playing a video game.

Over here!




Made it!

Hmm, not bad, heh. Not bad at all.

You can say that again. High five!

Tough room.

Congratulations, ladies.
You're cleared for your first mission.

You may have only
a small amount of free time.

I suggest you use it wisely.
Go get your gear.


- Nicely done.
- High five! Whoo!

That was amazing! You were all...

Hi-ya! Hi-ya!

And tumble, tumble, tumble.

And... Huh-ya!

I saw it all on surveillance.

Oh, yeah. Follow me.

Graduation presents!

- Whoa.
- Cool.

For you.


Uh, not just you. All of you.

Which obviously includes you.

Uh, shall we?

- Wow.
- Whoa, cool.

Careful with that.

Seriously? I'm a girl. It's lip gloss.

Oops, sorry.

Lip gloss, ha-ha-ha...

Giggle, ha-ha-ha...


I am so keeping this.

Here. Try this one. It's safer

for me.



A mini-scanner. Ah!

With infrared heat signatures!

What's so special about this?

Ooh, soft.

- What? Is it not my color?
- Ha, ha.

Mmm, something like that.

Uh, you might wanna look in a mirror.

Uh, no offense, Lazslo,
but this thing's adjustable, right?

Yeah, sure. That's just the prototype.




Oh. A stick. Cool.

Still working on that, too?

Not just a stick.

A Gymnastic Launching
Innovative Spy Stick.


Oh. A super-high-tech,
weird-sounding stick.

I don't know. I think it sounds cool.

Allow me to demonstrate.

You're gonna love this.


The GLISS and the bracelet work together.
Here, give it a try.


This is cool.

- Wow.
- Whoa.


So cool.

- Whoa.
- Ah!

If you're wearing the bracelet,
the GLISS will always come back to you.



Thanks, Lazslo.

It does more the more you use it, too.

And you can send it messages
from these Keypad Nails.

Whoa. Keypad Nails?

Give them a try.

Hey, Barbie. Incoming.


Huh. I wonder if it would work
with synaptic interfacing.

That's a great idea.

You're so amazing.

Uh, you are all amazing, heh, heh.

- Thank you.
- Yeah, thanks so much, Lazslo.

- Seriously.
- Wait.

There's more.



Sweet, am I right?

He's right.


They're yours. Surprise!

- Ours?
- What?

No way.

These babies are loaded.
Titanium-reinforced body.

Holographic view screen.
Night-vision windshield.

A sparkle-bomb launcher for a diversion

and a sidecar for your favorite tech bot.

That would be me.

Okay. You're serious? This is for us?

Every great secret agent
needs a sweet ride.

They're Hairdo Helmets.

Not only do these babies
protect your head,

they protect you from helmet hair.

Dude, I don't know
how you come up with all this,

but I like it.

You girls have ridden before, right?

- Of course.
- I'm a pro.

Just like riding a bike!



Aah! Uh, heh-heh-heh.

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Careful out there!

Thanks, Lazslo!


Ugh. I hate to say it,
but Dunbar was right.

Being a secret agent
isn't as easy as it looks.

Ugh, I know. Even my eyelashes are tired.

Ugh, good thing there's no homework
in secret-agent school.

Secret-agent school?

Does that actually exist?

'Cause I would totally go there.

Me, too!

Right? Ha, ha.

I mean, who wouldn't?

Heh, heh, you know,
if there was such a thing.

Which there absolutely isn't.

No, there is not.


Hey, Chelsea, Mila,

would you guys mind grabbing our hoops
from the equipment room while we warm up?


Whew. My bad.
I did not see them behind us.

Spy Squad. It's go time.

- Ah!
- Sweet.

Let's roll.

Huh? Where'd they go?

Spy Squad is en route.


Satellite surveillance has just
detected a security breach

inside the penthouse owned
by billionaire Griffin Pitts.

Pulling up building schematics now.

What makes you think our jewel thief
is behind this break-in?

Mr. Pitts is also one of the world's

biggest collectors of art and gems.

Percy will meet you on scene.

Now, agents, I must remind you.
This is a covert operation.

Don't trigger any alarms
and leave no trace.

Remember your training, and make me proud.

About time you ladies got here.

Hey, Percy.

Wow, love these Hairdo Helmets.

Come on, the chase
is my favorite part of the job.

Let's do this.

Activate stealth mode.

Proceed with caution.

Hmm, no signs of forced entry.

Maybe it was a false alarm.

Accessing security system.


Let me save you the trouble.

I'm up here, and you're too late.

But if it makes you feel any better,
love the outfits. Ha-ha-ha.

Too bad you don't
have the jewels to go with them.

No, but we're about to.

If that's as fast as you can go,
you might as well give up now.

Percy, see if you can
deactivate the lasers

while we take care of her.

I'm on it.


- Teresa! Incoming!
- Huh?

Here I come!

Renee! Look out!


- Heh, heh, heh.
- Hey!

Sure you don't wanna stop
and wait for your little friends?

Ah, where is it? Where is it?

Oh, ladies.

- Catch.
- Oh, no!


Laser frequency located and terminated.

You're all mine now.


Up there!


How did we lose her?


Come on. Chase me already.

Let's go.

Are you kidding me?

Come on, this is our moment to shine.

Catch the thief, get the gem,
save the world.


- Oh, no.
- Grr.

- Heh, heh, heh.
- You gotta stop looking down.

I can't.

Aw, trouble in paradise?

Pressure's on. What you gonna do?

Play it safe or try and catch me?

Hmm, this is why I work alone.

You can do this, T.

It's just like we practiced.

Hurry! She's getting away!

Ugh, and I'm out of rope.

Take a deep breath.

- Ready?
- Mmm-hmm.

- Aah!
- Oh, no!

Wish I could stay and hang,
but you know me.

Places to go, things to steal.

Failing one mission
isn't the end of the world, girls.

But the higher-ups aren't known
for their patience.

Especially when it comes
to losing the Firestorm Ruby.

- Don't worry, Percy.
- Oh!

You know, they really ought to
have you wear a bell or something.

Miss Z, it was totally my fault.

The team did great.
I'm the one who messed up.

Let's just chalk it up to beginner nerves
and move forward. Shall we?

Tomorrow night, the National Museum
is holding an invitation-only gala

for its exhibition of ancient gemstones.

To ensure the highest level of secrecy,

you'll need to infiltrate
the event undercover.

I had Lazslo pull some options for you.

You can go see him now. Dismissed.


That means disguises.

Ooh, these brushes are soft.

Told you.

Oh, let me try.

Ooh, super soft.



Uh, even I don't wanna see
that much of me.

Try these instead.

Thanks, Lazslo.

These'll be great for tonight.

You're welcome.

I mean, you're all welcome. Anytime.

Ooh, and perfume.


That's not perfume. That's...

A sparkle bomb. Great for distractions.

I'll take a few of these.

- You coming?
- Heh.

- See you.
- Good luck tonight.

Hey! You know what would
go great with these?

Let me guess.

- Pizza?
- Yep. You guys in?

- Why not?
- Uh, you guys go ahead.

I'll meet you later.

I'm gonna practice with my GLISS.

Okay, see you later.

We'll save you a slice.




Huh? Unh!


You're getting pretty good with that.

I'm just playing around.

I get it. It's about enjoying yourself,
not being perfect.

I guess so.

Doing something you enjoy

is always a good way
to get out of your head.

You can control it, you know? Your mind.

Like you control the GLISS.

What do you mean?

Have you ever tried visualizing?

It's a way to train your brain
like you train your body.

Before you do
whatever you're trying to do,

you picture yourself accomplishing it.

Then you do. See it, then be it.


Why don't you go get some rest?

You have a big night ahead of you.

I'll check in with you on my comm link
when I'm in position.

Okay, Percy. We'll see you inside.

Let's go, girls.

You are late.

Ahh, don't tell me the academy
sent me trainees again.

- No, sir.
- We're fully trained.

Fine. Give me 350 shrimp
and 200 mini egg rolls.


Oui, chef.

Order up.

Remember, this is just our cover.

Yeah, we don't actually have to do it.

I don't hear the plating.

Oh, yes, we do.

A disguise is more than just an outfit.

You have to feel the chef. Be the chef.

Whoa. Aah!


- I got you.
- Whoa!



Oh, no.

I'm in position.
You're clear for phase two.

Copy that.

What have you done to my kitchen?
What... Grr.

Quick, this way.

You guys look stunning.

You look pretty amazing yourself, Barbie.


I don't see anything suspicious. Do you?

We have a breach. Northwest corner.

Copy that. We're on our way.

Northwest corner, this way.

False alarm, maybe?

Could be an electrical short.

Looks like the security
system's been hacked.

Percy, run a scan
of the security system. Percy?

His frequency has been scrambled.

It was just a trick to draw us away

from the gem. Quick, downstairs.

Access the museum server
and put the building on lockdown.

Copy that.

Everyone's gone.

Run a thermal scan.
See if we're really alone.

We have company.

And I have a shiny new toy.

That's what happens
when you're fashionably late.

You miss all the fun.

The gem!

Comm links are down. Did you find the...

Up there.

How does she keep beating us?

I don't know, but it's about to stop.


Oh, man, I hate heights.

You're going to nail it. Let's do this.

- Hey, I did it. I did it!
- Cool.

Must be so frustrating
to always be one step behind.

- No way.
- Was that a...

Triple Arabian flip?

Careful, sweetheart.

Don't forget what happened last time
you tried to keep up with me.

What did Auntie Zoe say?

"See it, then be it."

Ugh, get it together, Barbie.


Whoa! Aah!

Ha, ha, got you.

Heh, so close and yet so far.

- We lost her.
- Again.

We just received new intel that
the final gem has been targeted.

Unfortunately, you won't be
the ones to retrieve it.

- But...
- It's true.

The director of National Intelligence

has decided to terminate your training.

- Huh?
- What? Really?

The stakes are just too high now.

If the thief gets to the last
remaining gem before we do,

not only do we lose the gem,

we lose the key to finding the EMP weapon.

So, what are you saying? We're out?

As in fired?

Like, permanently?

Girls, you know I love you.
But it's out of my hands now.

I'm sorry.

I wish things had turned out differently.
We all do.

I'll miss you.

Uh, not just you. All of you.

All right, then. Good work. See you.

Should we...

Oh. I'll go.

You don't have to put on an act, Percy.

I'm a professional, darling.

This sort of thing comes
with the territory. It's no big deal.

I'm gonna miss them so much.

You know what?
I'm not supposed to do this,

but why don't you keep your gear

for one more day
and bring it back tomorrow?

- Really?
- You'd really do that?

I'd do anything for you.

All of you.


Cool, so, it's a date.

I mean, I'll see you tomorrow.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

All right, who's ready
to put yesterday behind us?

Yeah, I guess so.

I'm gonna miss that free pizza, though.

You guys okay?

Yeah. Hey, Barbie.

I can't believe I keep messing that up.


Every time I get to this one part,
I just... Ugh.

I don't know how to explain it.

You get in your head?

Get scared you're gonna mess up
and let everyone down?

- Then you do?
- Yeah. How did you know?

Lucky guess.

Must be a sister thing.

It's okay to make mistakes.

No one expects you to be perfect.

That's one of the cool things
about being part of a team.

It's not up to one person.

What do you mean?

You support your team, right?


Well, they're there to support you, too.

No matter what.

Like family.

Wow. I was way off. I thought
you were mad at me or something.

What? No, not at all.

Then how come you've been
so secretive lately, Barbie?

You keep disappearing and stuff.

I'm sorry, Chels.

I wish I could share everything
with you, but I can't right now.

When I can, I will. Okay?


How about we work on that round-off?

Perfect. Ready to try on your own?

Can we practice one more time?

See if this works.
Next time you get nervous

try to picture yourself doing the move
exactly the way you want to.

Then do it.

See it, then be it.

I'll try.

It worked!


All right, Chelsea!

Thanks, Barbie. That was awesome advice.

Yeah, I guess it was.

Was that a Triple Arabian?

I don't know why you try
and keep up with me.

What did you say?

I don't know why you try
and keep up with me.

Took me a second without
your catsuit and stolen gems.

So, you found me.

Too bad finding and catching
aren't the same thing.

Patricia is the thief.

Patricia is the thief?

- Let's go.
- Wait.

We're not secret agents anymore, remember?

We got fired.

This is about doing the right thing.

That's why we became agents
in the first place, isn't it? Come on.

Should we...

Follow them?

Nah. She'll tell me when she's ready.

No luck reaching Agent Dunbar.

I couldn't get Auntie Z either.

Same with Lazslo.

We'll just have to do it on our own.

Approaching suspect now.



Launching sparkle bomb.

Whoops. Didn't think this through.

Argh. We lost her.


No, we didn't. I placed a tracker on her.


Wait, why would Patricia
be going to headquarters?

Are you sure your tracker is calibrated?

Only one way to find out.

Come on, I know a shortcut.

Ah! Go, go, go.

They already removed
our security clearance.

Now what?


Arf. I say...


Just a normal dog heading back
in from a walk, heh.

We go stealth.

She's in the off-limits sector.

We'll never get through that door.


Quick. Up there.

Renee, you're the loudest crawler I know.

Can you whisper any louder?

Guys, we have to keep it down.

I still don't get why she'd be here.

Maybe this will help.

It's another gift.

It's the last gem.

Sorry, that's mine.



Teresa? It's me. Lazslo.

From the agency. I saw you called.

I got your gem,
but those girls are onto me.

And I'd be careful if I were you.

You've certainly proven
your loyalty, Patricia.

- Agent Dunbar?
- No.

It's Lazslo!

Who's there?


Shh. Lazslo, we know it's you.

Yeah, sure, I knew you did.

I was just, you know, making sure that...


Send backup! Off-limits room! Stat!


Ladies, I'm glad you're here.

You're about to learn
another important lesson.

Treat your team right,
or they will steal your secrets

and use them against you.

What did the agency ever do to you?

I was in line to be the head
of this agency, but they overlooked me

for your precious Aunt Zoe.

So, you stole the plans to the EMP weapon.

- And had her steal the gems to power it.
- Hmm.

To think, I looked up to you, Patricia.


You know, being the bad guy
is even more fun than I expected.

After I use the EMP weapon to destroy
the agency's main server,

I'll blame it all on Miss Z.

You can't blame her. That's so unfair.

Oh, but I can.

But think about how much
destruction you'll cause.

I have.

If it's as brutal as I predict,
I may even go global with it.

Who needs to run an agency
when you can rule the world?

Would you like to do the honors?

Uh, yeah, about that, I just wanted
to make some extra cash.

I'm not really into the whole
world-domination thing.

Good luck with that, though.

Nice try.

But you have to pick a side.
Mine or theirs?

I pick


Her loss.

Time to initiate phase one.

You, come with me.

You, watch them.

All employees proceed to safe room.
This is not a drill.

All employees proceed to safe room.
This is not a drill.

Renee, Teresa.

Hey, what do you feed a hungry robot?

Megabytes. Get it?

All employees proceed to safe room.
This is not a drill.

Think you can handle the rest?

We got this.

Once they're under control,
try and reprogram them.

I've got Dunbar.

All employees proceed to safe room.
This is not a drill.

Hey, Dunbar.

Grr. Get her.

All employees proceed to safe room.
This is not a drill.

All employees...

Time for phase two.

How did you get out?

Did you really think you could stop me?

Guess what. It's sparkle time.

Don't even think about moving.

- Huh?
- She said don't move.

You'll never get away with this, Dunbar.

I already have, Barbie.

So young. So foolish.

- Not so fast, Dunbar.
- Huh?

Oh, Patricia, you disappoint me.

Then you're really gonna hate this.

Nice. Why the sudden team spirit?

Let's just say having people who care
might not be the worst thing.

Come on, you. You're next.

Lazslo, catch.

This one's ready.

Got it. We have to move faster.
Barbie's on her own.


Heh, heh. Now, time to get
this party started.

You'll never get away
with this on my watch.

You're too late.

Did you really think I wouldn't
figure it out, Agent Dunbar?


Seriously, who are you?

Hmm, you'll get used to it, dear.

I just started the countdown sequence.

We have to deactivate the weapon
before it destroys the server.

We got these metal heads.


See it, then be it.


You're too late!

It's the EMP. It's jamming the signals.

Oh, no.

Not Percy and Violet!

The EMP weapon was never designed
to be turned off once it's been started.

If we can detach at least
one of these gems,

we can stop this thing from going off.

It seems to be held
by an electromagnetic field.

Barbie, try the GLISS.


I say!


Boys, you know what to do.


What are you doing?

You're supposed to be on my side.

I guess you wanted to be
part of a team after all.

Too bad you chose the wrong one.

You haven't seen the last of Agent Dunbar.

You'll see. Mark my words!

Nice work, girls. Put it there.

Don't mess with the Spy Squad.


Seems like there's something
to this teamwork thing after all.

Seems that way, doesn't it?

You all should be proud of yourselves.

What you did today was
nothing short of remarkable.

Your friend Patricia is lucky.

If you hadn't vouched for her,

she'd have gotten a lot
more than probation.

Guys, it's time.

Aunt Zoe, we gotta bounce.

I look forward to our
next mission together.

We'll be in touch.

I'll miss you.

And by "you," I mean...

All of us. We know, Lazslo.

Uh, Teresa, I'll call you.

Good luck at the meet.

Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to the championships.

Guys, whatever happens today,
however things go,

I already feel like
I've won with you as my team.

Thanks for reminding me that
that's what it's really about.


We're still gonna
try and win though, right?

Is that what you...
No, actually, that is worth clarifying.

Uh, yeah, we're going for the win.



Hey, guys. Good luck out there.


Athletes, take your places.

The competition will begin momentarily.

Go, team, go!

Go, Barbie! Whoo!


You guys are the best.

Thanks, you guys.

Hey, Aunt Zoe.

Remember your training and make me proud.

Go, Barbie! Whoo!


See it, then be it.

Welcome back, agents.

Prepare for your next mission.

It's go time.

Here comes Spy Squad.