Barbie Princess Adventure (2020) - full transcript

With new friends in a new kingdom, Barbie learns what it means to be herself when she trades places with a royal lookalike in this musical adventure.

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Beautiful, don't you think, Little Star?

I love coming here alone.

It makes me feel... myself.

And... cut. From the
beginning. Let's repeat.

It was great.

We have to comb you.

Make it beautiful.

Turn to the light.


Est� linda.


- It's raining.
- No. The hair.

- She'll get wet.
- Bring the umbrella.

- Umbrellas?
- Fast.

- Let's go.
- No.

- Go.
- It will get wet.

- Help her.
- Cover it.


Earth calls Barbie.

What distracted you?

Sorry, Daisy. Thank you for your help.

The chorus for the song is lacking.

Okay, girls. Everything ready.

Thanks Dad.

Where are we going? Paris?


Only the Robert would
have a mobile green screen.

It would be a great vlog,

if we finish the song.

Can I show up?

Hello Chelsea. What have you got?


I wanted to play with them, but...

In guard.

In guard.

They called me baby.

This is not nice.

Sorry, but this is life or death.

We are testing these lasers that we made.

- No. The dogs.
- What's up?

I got you.

You cheated on me.

N o fixed.

I want to play.

It could be

to pirate princess.

Pirates do n't use lasers or a crown.

A s�rio, Skipper?

Pirates can wear crowns.

You can be anything you want.

What if you don't know?

This is even for experimenting.

That's right, Chels.

I think you solved my problem.

Play that song.

Who do you want to see
When you look in the mirror?

Everything you dream is in your hands.

Experience other things
like a new adventure.

Disguise yourself and mix everything.


Say hello - Hello.

All that you.

You don't know - Yes.

What you can find.


Whoever you want All possibilities.

Come and experience it.

Here's what you can be.

Don't stay in the bubble.



No matter what they expect to see.

We are more than we should be.

No matter what they expect to see.

Show that your limit is the limit.

When you try.


Whoever you want All possibilities.

Come and experience it.

Here's what you can be.

Don't stay in the bubble.


Here's what you can be.


Don't stay in the bubble.


Thank you to my father for the recording.

- Me and Daisy...
- Hello.

We wrote it and we
were inspired by my sisters.

It was cool. It's a
great message, isn't it?

I hope you enjoyed.

- Bye.
- Bye.

I really like the result.

Look. You already have a new subscriber.

This is great.

I do this to inspire people.

I just wanted to be able
to reach more people.

- Did you have fun today?
- Alfonso.

Yes, we love the rain.

It was a shame to have ruined the session.

It was raining.

When it rains, we get wet.

Normal people.

The girl is at a higher level.

I wish I wasn't.

It would be so good for the
world to see me for myself.

What does that mean?


N o be.



There is so much to learn.

This is not. This is better.

Alfonso, I'm turning 18.

I will be queen.

He trained me so well.

When will I be able to make decisions?

When you're ready.

Until then, my task is to
protect you from yourself.

- Ol�.
- Ol�, Barbie.

- Congratulations on the vlog.
- Thanks.

Do you have plans for today?

Get there.

Make way for the King of Malibu.

Excuse me.

Well, pardon.

Calm down.

I have great news, so
I'll get straight to the point.

Praia Dourada School will participate

on the cultural exchange
between Malibu and Floravia.

What is a Floravia?

I will speak to the
Department of Geography.


Floravia, also known
as the land of romance,

It is an influential country
in the Mediterranean Sea.

That Floravia? Where she lives.

To Princess Amelia?

She is everywhere.

It is a fashion icon.


For no apparent reason,
Floravia volunteered

to receive a delegation from
our students on a paid trip.

Accompanied by me, of course.

Are we staying at the castle?

- Free?
- Grace?

I will call the selected ones.

Ken Carson.

Trey Reardon.

Renee Chao.

Teresa Rivera.

- Good.
- Yes.

- Daisy Kostopoulos.
- Good.

- Nikki Watkins.
- Sim.

Ned e Ted Johnson.

And the last student who
goes on this unique adventure.

Barbie Roberts.


Go to Floravia.

- Yes. Cool.
- Floravia.

- All together.
- Floravia, here we go.

Do you believe? Our whole group.

What a match.

What an insult.

It seems they don't want me in this movie.

Hi, mana. I heard. When are you going?

Coming soon. I have to pack.

I don't believe it. She called.

- Who?
- Rose Ross.

- I am.
- Rose Ross?

It is the largest aggregator
of online content in the world.

Mrs. Ross, thanks for calling.
Did you receive my presentation?

Yes, I saw your video.

Okay. Very accessible.

To the stranger I was looking for.



I know. You are speechless.

It's bad for a vlogger. We will train.

A s�rio?

Going to my vlog on a channel?

I research.

Young people want an example.

Your desire to help is great.

And I want to explore.

I mean, enjoy this.

It's incredible. When do I start?

Calm down.

I don't give things away on a tray.

You have to do a test.

- Test?
- To align ourselves.

To stay on the same page.

Right. Great idea.

Wait, I'm going on a
trip. Can we start later?

Rose Ross doesn't wait.

Tomorrow, I don't even
remember you anymore.

So, do we have an agreement?

Ready to inspire millions of people?

It's my dream, but.

Barbie, you don't miss
a single opportunity.

Yes, let's do it.


We will try.

Hello, old and new subscribers.

We are transmitting from the airport

- because n s...
- Ol.

Let's go on a unique adventure.

I will miss.

Very well.

More soon. Bye.

Me too.

Do you have everything?

Passport, ticket, pad...


Yes, mother. Everything is ready.

Flight 2626 to Floravia ready for boarding.

Very well, students. We have to go.

Goodbye, mother. Good bye, father.

I love you.

Goodbye, Taffy.

Behave yourself.


Don't eat spoiled berries.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Bye.
- Until next.

- I think we stayed together.
- Cool.

- I will miss.
- So jealous.

They grow fast.

Taffy, vem c�.

Get them.


- Come here.
- I'll pass.

More than...?



A s�rio, DJ?




It's not funny, DJ.

Don't be rude.

It was taken at a time of transition.

- Got it.
- One, two, three...

A Taffy?

We are here.

Ten hours together.

We've never spent so much time together.

Can I go to the window?

They are claustrophobic.



- Bye.
- Bye.

How encouraging.

I wanted to go with Barbie.

I have to tell you something.

Oh, n�o.

Are you okay, Trey?

This is nothing.

During flight,

the nausea begins.

Get ready to take off.

Hi, Rose. We are almost taking off

I saw your video.

A bit boring.

Remember, you have a bigger audience.

Improves this,

if you want to keep the
subscribers I gave you.

Sure, got it.

Wear another sweater. Or a new look.

J n o sa Barbie chata.

You have to be the new Barbie.

You have to be the new Barbie.

On the way somewhere.

Away from the comfort zone.

I can be someone.

Different from what I am at home?

Without expectation.

Not knowing what comes to.

Not knowing where I'm going

I'll find a new me.

In a new place.

I have a list of what to see.

Absorb old stories.

So many pop-up stores.

Fresh ideas at every door.

Living like royalty.

Excited to be...

In a new place.

In a new place.

Without expectations.

Not knowing what comes to.

Not knowing where I'm going

I'll find a new me.

In a new place

I'm going to mix Floravian music

I'll release the bass Make them dance.

Adventures we never saw.

Secret sails I want to explore.

I think I may be.

With a certain friend.

In a new place - Away from the bubble.

In a new place - I will be different.

In a new place - that's what I need.

In a new place - A small change

I'll take that step.

Whatever comes.

Whatever you do

I will find a new me.

J� cheg�mos?

In a new place.

Cool limousine.

Terra ex�tica.

There is only one agent
on a secret mission.



What are you doing here?

A secret agent dog.

You also come for adventure.

This is an incredible step.

The story. The architecture.

The paparazzi.

- Why?
- We are close to the palace.

They are always here
waiting to see the princess.

It must be tiring,

always have someone take pictures.

A legal-you.

I was made for royalty.

Why are we going to turn here?

This is where we will stay.

No pal�cio?

- Impossible.
- Change with me.

- Incredible.
- It will be too much.

Yes. That's what we talk about.

- Gorgeous.
- I never stayed in a castle.

It's 10 times bigger than my house.

I've never been to
such an incredible place.

I feel like I'm in a spy movie.

Do I look like a spy?

And now?

Okay, group photo.


Digam "aventura".

Excuse me.

Hello. Welcome to Floravia.

I'm Alfonso.

Royal advisor to Princess Amelia.

Please follow me.

They heard the handsome guy.

What are you waiting for?

Enjoy everything the palace offers

and, of course, 24-hour room service.

Twenty four hours?

Is the princess here now?

I loved talking about fashion.

For sure,

I can't confirm the whereabouts

of the princess.

I urge you to respect your privacy.

The west wing is prohibited.

I warned.

Spice film.

Now, follow me, I will
take you to your rooms.


We cannot go for a.


Excuse me.


N o entres a.


I got you.

Do you want to get me in trouble?

Bunnies are not toys.

You've already met Neve.

I'm very sorry, Your Highness.

Your Highness, correct?

Chama-me Amelia, Barbie.

Amelia. Fixed.


Know me?

I loved the song "Experimenta".

You have cute siblings.

Ol�, Taffy.

Do you see my vlogs?

Whenever I can.

When you are a princess,
the schedule gets complicated.

Your Highness, I am
sorry for the interruption.

She ran away and...

It's all right. Give us a minute?

As you wish.

Remember, you have to wake up early.

I know. Thanks.

Is it always like this?

He is a good person.

But I wanted him to trust me.

Let me make a mistake. Like you.


You understood.

Those funny stories that tell?

They inspire. I wanted to do that.

And inspired. You must inhale.

You have millions of
followers who adore you.

They love my image, but is it really me?

As well?

All photos are planned,
staged and retouched.

I can never post a silly photo.

You are always glamorous.

I assumed it was your life.

In part, and I am grateful.

But there is also a lot of pressure.

I feel like I'm a character.

And nobody knows Amelia.

Not eu.

You may think I have everything.

What you might want.

A palace full of luxuries.

And servants who always help.

I look through real walls.

All planned minutes.

What I would give to be able.

Having the future in my hands.

They only know me by the screen.

How can I be queen?

I want to be me.

And make my decisions

I want to be free.

To follow my ambitions

I want to leave.

And the wind feel.

Travel around the world

I want to be me.

Not a perfect photo.

Everyone needs to live.

Everyone deserves the opportunity.

To live outside the standard.

But princesses don't break rules.

Princesathe princess
You should make the rules

I want to be me - You have to be free.

Make decisions - Decisions

I want to be me - Show the world.

No filters With nothing to lose

I want to leave The wind to feel.

Travel around the world

I want to be me - You have to be free

I'll be me.

Not a perfect photo.

It's not crazy how can I do what I want,

but nobody hears me,

while you have all the
attention in the world...

And I can't say anything.

I want to scream so badly
that I also have opinions.

And Alfonso doesn't leave.

He says that nobody wants to know me.

And I want to know if it's true.

- That's why I called you.
- What?

To visit?

Isn't it weird to come with your group?

Your vlog group?

I did this to get to know you.

What? Why?

You have to see the similarities.

On here.

Look at the reflection.

- Loosen your hair.
- Okay.

My God.

I noticed when I saw you with the wig.

Let's change places.

You're kidding.

You are not kidding.

Yes for this week.

When I am queen, I will
be even more controlled.

I would lose this hip tese.

Your Highness. Amelia.

In addition to being crazy, I
received a great opportunity.

I have to do something new on the vlog.

And I'm freaking out.

Can I help you.

I can give you the eyes of the world,

if you allow me to live without them.

Then do you vlog with me?

We can talk about the
experience and what we learn.

- It would be fantastic.
- Yes. I love the idea.

So, do you align?

- Let's do this.
- Good.

I can't believe it. My
friends will never believe it.

Don't tell anyone else. Only after.

It has to be our secret.

Did you know the princess?

This is crazy.

How is she?

I only know one thing.

She has incredible taste.

Can we go back to the "exchange" part?

It looks more fun than crazy.

Something tells me that I should do this.

When can we impersonate someone else?

And not just anyone.


If that's what you want, we'll support you.

You are the best.

But they can't tell anyone.

She sent me a list of tasks,

- starting with...
- Pre-crown party on a yacht?

- On a yacht?
- Let's ride a yacht.

What fun.

Hide, Neve. Let's get out of here in...

Can I help you?

Excuse me.

I mistook her for a person.

I cheat-it.

This will go well.


We go to the museum of berries.

It is the fruit of Floravia.

Who would lose? We don't.

- We will.
- But...

What? Where did they all go?

What do you think

- of the union of kingdoms?
- On here.

How is it to be the youngest queen?

On here.

What do you have to say
to the citizens of Johanistan?


It was on purpose.

A s�rio.

Princess, you are amazing.

Here, princess.


Your Highness, I'm sorry.

Did you see that?

Let him fix it. This is
devastating, Barbie.

I will pretend that we are hiding a secret.

And we are.

So far, so good.

And now?

N o be.

The princess said just to smile.

- And avoid running into...
- Amelia, that's it.

I looked for you
everywhere. Good to see you.

Stop it.

It's me, Prince Johan.

Ol�, Johan.

You haven't changed either. I guess?

Don't you love her humor?

Let's talk.

Are you enjoying the party?

It was difficult to bring the yacht.

Your yacht?

You know how. Technically,
it belongs to my kingdom.

But now with the "union of our countries",

my yacht is yours.

Yes, I know what it is,
because I'm the princess.

Almost queen.

What did you say as a child?

What do we do first?

You remember.

I love this canon. Are we going to hurt?


You know I'm not...

He's dancing with the prince.

- Here, princess.
- Here, princess.

- On here.
- On here.

- I'll take a picture.
- How adorable.


Spoil photos.


To the left.

More to there.

Nov. Princess.

It was so much fun.

Except being attacked by paparazzi,

but even that was cool.

You fooled them well. And the prince too.

Yes. This will go well.

A word?


How did you find out?

Apart from the fact that I know
everything about His Highness,

there was this.

"Princess and prince
dancing with the Big Foot"?

That's not it.

My necklace.

I managed to get the news out of the press.

Hopefully, I was the only one who saw her.

You perceive it because it is important

that I control the situation?

Tell me,

where is Amelia?

I'm sorry, but I don't know.

Very well. I'll look for her.

Until then, continue this
farce, under my supervision.

From now on.

The collar?

Go there, answer.

Ol�, Barbie.

Amelia, we have to talk.

Alfonso knows.

He's like that. It's a pleasure killer.

When I find you, it's over.

He won't find me, I'm good at hiding.

Are you sure? The crown is coming soon.

Calm. I'll be back in time.

I have to go.


Rose. Ol�.

What do you have for me?

I have thousands of subscribers waiting.

I have a story. Bombshell.
But I can't say now.

So it doesn't count.

Photos or not.

No pressure, but... there's a lot.

We have a sponsor in mind.

They make headphones.

The rumors of danger

s�o conspira��es.

Very well.

Give me something amazing.


Barbie, est�s a�?

I took Taffy to give...


Thanks. It's good to see
you. How was your night?

Not as good as yours.

Yeah, I gotta tell you something.

But don't tell anyone.

You know that I support you.

Who combs it today?

- What?
- I brought the makeup.

- The accessories?
- Bring water.

Good Morning. The team will prepare it.

Have a busy day.

You have to get dressed for riding.

Don't move, Your Highness.

I'll put some color...

A real topical contest?

- Really?
- It must be cool.

Look at this place.

This is Estrelinha, the princess' water.

� linda.

Did I bother you? I tend
to be good with horses.

She's a little... sensitive.

You know how to ride, right?

I love to ride.

The launches among them are quite famous.

If she doesn't show up
today, the press will realize.

And just two days to the crown.

I understand. It is important to rock this.


Hello, Little Star. How are you?

This way, ladies and gentlemen.

Remember Estrelinha?

But where is the princess?

On here. I'm here.


- On here.
- Gorgeous.

Estimate, princess.

We see you after the
contest, Your Highness.

Okay, you know I'm not the princess,

but this has to go well.

Come on, help me. For her?


Ladies and gentlemen, sit down.

The Cavalry Brigade presentation

or come ar.


Thanks again.

Come on, we made it.

For Amelia.

Isn't that Barbie?

The face is ridiculous.


You did well in the brigade,

but no time for that.

We have the photo session,
the trip to the orphanage,

the proof and

I could tell you it would be crazy.

I could help.

The princess doesn't bother with details.

Leave them to me.

You appear, you are wonderful,

and make it look easy.

But it is not easy.

It takes a lot of work to do this.

It just looks easy, because
Amelia is great at this.

- Give you more credit.
- But...

You know what?

You should hear it.

He was just protecting her.

It is preventing her
from learning to decide.

But it's only a young girl.

With great ideas and dreams.

Have you asked him which ones?

I don't like being told that.

I don't want to offend.

But I get irritated when
my friends don't listen.

It is heard all over the world.

So it has to be perfect.

H always c maras.

Maybe it's time to set them
down and see what's in front of you.

Life is not what is recorded.

It's what not everyone sees.

Take a selfie with me?

I tell you more.

I have a better idea.

We don't have to film this.

Because we don't want to lose the memories.

We are exploring.

Writing our stories

I want to paint the sky.

With all the colors of life.

I will mark a position.

Whether it's right or wrong.

Don't you know the black
and white of classic films?

Not finding a happy ending.

Live your own adventure.

Make it colorful.

We are living life with colors.

Look beyond the mirror.

Because life with colors.

Much better.

Now, we shine.

We feel confident.

So brave.

Nothing will stop us.

Life with colors.

I will not retract.

Yes, let's take a chance.

Learn that poss vel.

Jump without landing.

Your truth will lift you up.

When you think you're going to fall.

Because if you find your voice.

Don't let life arise.

Don't you know the black
and white of classic films?

Not finding a happy ending.

Live your own adventure.

Make it colorful.

We are living life with colors.

Look beyond the mirror.

Because life with colors.

Much better.

Now we shine.

We feel confident.

So brave.

Nothing will stop us.

Life with colors.


Life with colors.


Amelia. Ol�.

I had an amazing day.

Me too. Tiring, but incredible.

How do you do it?

- With a lot of help.
- I saw.

Is it always like this?

It always has a lot of people.

Guarded, planned, perfected.

Everything I say is rehearsed.

But not today.

Today, it was just me, really.

And they liked me.

I even chose the flavor of the ice cream.

It was so liberating.

I wish I could share this.

And you can. Do you
want to do the interview?

Only public later, but I think talking,

when I have a full heart and new ideas,

creates the best content.

Let's do it.

Look at the camera and
tell me what you have to say.

Hello. Today, I have a very special guest.

The new Queen of Floravia.

Ol, but treat me for Amelia.

She saw similarities in us

and we did something amazing.

I lived like a princess

and she didn't live like a princess.

How was the exchange?

For the first time, I
feel like I can be myself.

I learned that I am much more
than what you see in the photos.

I have opinions, dreams and fears.

Like you.

What about my favorite
ice cream flavor? All.

- What do you feel most?
- So many things.

The fashion in Floravia is strong.

It will be the best of the trip.


I always wanted to ride this,

in a chase like the spies.


It was the shortest film of all.

Can't you come?

I have to go to the crown
rehearsal with Johan.

I have to learn dance.

- See you soon?
- Yes.

What we will eat today?

I don't know, I thought you did.

Since when do you know the princess?

It was Barbie.

Barbie. Clear.

Carson, you have to introduce me.

A s�rio, Trey, ela... Tu...

N�o �

I'm imagining. To rule the kingdom.

She. I.

Mainly me.

Forgets. It won't happen.


I'm tired

that tell me that I am not "real" enough.

Sou o Trey Reardon.

If anyone deserves to be king, it's me.

If I ruled the world.

Pepper everything.

King Trey the First.

With sculpted jaw.

Ruling like never before.

If I were king.

King, King, King - King.

King of the kingdom.

King of the kingdom.

My real day would start.

Taking selfie on the throne.

It would have a royal guard.

To charge your phone.

Eating ice cream from a spoon.

"Grab this" is my motto.

Everyone would have my face.

That's right.

If I ruled the world

I would do everything right.

Yes, it would be the first.

To transmit to real life.

Have you ever seen such a handsome king?

If you were king.

King, King, King - King.

King of the kingdom.

King of the kingdom.

Oh, sim.

Oh, sim.

Making game videos.

With foreign leaders.

It would pass ahead.

For limited editions.

It was a big celebration.

To join na o.

Yes, a festival with my name.


It would support the people.

Would be with friends and family.

Everyone would be equal.

Fan of me.



Oh, sim.

King of the kingdom.

Long live the king.

If I were king.

King, King, King - King.

King of the kingdom.

It's getting there. Again?

How about a break?

We are in this for some.

I thought you didn't like to dance.

I don't like it, but
this is very important.

It's not just a dance.

It recreates the treaty
between our countries.

Sure. I knew it.

In Croatian,

formalize the surrender of my country.

No pressure, right?

Then the countries will come together.

One, two, three.

One, two, three.

You won.

We will be a big happy family.

E you will reger-nos.

I... I have to check something.

Tone wants.

Much better.


She will need friends when I become king.

When to rule the world.

The dance will be another.


A change of plans

I'll do what's necessary.

To be king king.

King, King, King.

King of the kingdom.

How sweet. I love animals.


Roberts? It had to be you.

Okay, I'm Barbie and we're friends.

Best friends.

Much better.

Useful and take a picture.


Watch out.

Stop it.

It was fun, but I have to follow my rabbit.

At� logo.

T�pica Roberts.

When did you get a rabbit?


There you are.

What is this?

Get out.




The automatic washing machine?
Search for the right program.

I've never seen mine so clean.

That's not it.

The princess does not answer.

You must be enjoying yourself.

Floravia is great. I wish you had come.

Me too.

It's been fun,

but it is more overwhelming
than I imagined.

I'm looking forward to leaving.

Although, right.

Barbie, before we left,
I wanted to talk to you.



Did anyone mention "slumber party"?


You are too much.

What twists pajamas.

The purchases were incredible.
You should have come.

What have you done?

I danced with the prince.

How was that?


What is this?

- Snow?
- A secret passage.

He wants us to follow him.

I wait here.

V I, Renee, you wanted to be spy.

Without going into dark spaces.

Okay, well, I don't want to
be a spy. We can go back.

Look. A light.

Or n o.

I met the princess here.

It's her secret room.

Where is she, Neve?

Do you believe this?


"I want my rabbit."

Spoiled brat.

We pretend we didn't find it.

No loose ends.

Because. Let's look for this thing.

Here it is.

Let's go.

That was close.

They took Neve. It's bad.

The princess is in danger.

Do you know the plan?

Vestimo-nos para a coroa o...

- We act naturally.
- And we're looking for her.

We look around the city.

I'll see what Alfonso knows.

Watch out.

I will have.

The crown cannot happen
without Princess Amelia.

Why is it scary to be a spy?

Rose. Hello. It's not a good time.

It's the perfect height.

Your publication goes on the air.

Wait, you should only publish...

It looks fabulous after a few changes.

Changes? Which are?

Some adjustments. Go for yourself.

The new Queen of Floravia.

Treat me for Your Highness.

My taste?

It was perfect.

� incr�vel.

They like me.

V nia is queen.

Everything I say sells me.


I watched everyone.

For the first time,

I learned that I am better

than you.

- Right?
- It's beautiful.

- Completely.
- Yes.

Rose, had...

Do you love it? I know.


It is not my publication.

We didn't say that.

We said, but everything changed.

Thy, sure?

The editing software is incredible.

I can make you say what I want.

Is what I want?

I thought you wanted millions of fans.

With someone else's words, no.

I promised the princess genuineness.

This does not make me
better than whoever controls it.

It made me look so... useful.

Helpful? I made you a star.

It has to be, if you want
to be on my channel.

Remember what I offer.

Do you want to be on the channel or not?

End of agreement.

But I.

I knew so well.

Let's go to reality.

I'll be me.

And make my decisions

I'll be free.

No filters With nothing to lose.

Watch me Feeling the wind in my hair.

Travel around the world.

I'll be me.

Not a perfect photo.

Let's go look for the princess, Taffy.

And where are you going in such a hurry?

Johan. Ol�.

Or should I say, Barbie?

What are you talking about?

Give up. I know they switched places.

I saw your necklace on the yacht.

So, have you always known?

Did you think I didn't notice?

When I realized there were two,

I put the plan into action.


You have the princess. Where is she?

You'll find out soon.

When you're far away, at sea.

She's on the yacht.

Good. S smart.

You would have been
an excellent queen. Sorry.

Get out.

Is that bacon?

- Man, I love...
- Trey.

Don't call me that.

We haven't met yet.

Ask for help.

- � a Barbie.
- H� sarilhos.

I didn't foresee this.

Arrest them.

I did not foresee this either.

Little star.


Let's save Amelia.

Let's go.

Crown problems? I will be watching her.

Tell others where we are. Can you?

Est ali.

You. Come here.

I picked it up.


You too.

It looks like the princess ran away.


She'll be back. Any time.

I'm sure not.

You're behind this. If

I will be king of the two countries.

And nobody will stop me. Reggie, take him.

Or what? Larga-me. You will not be safe.

I think so.

Having my men inside the
palace proved to be very useful.

There is no debate.

I'll call Barbie.

I never liked him.

He has sweaty hands.

Anyway, we have to stop
him from claiming the crown.

This problem is mine, I
shouldn't have done this.

I'm glad you did.

You showed me that I
have to be true to myself.

You showed me that who
I am makes a difference.

What do you think of making a difference?

Let's go.

How do we get out of here?

I think Johan doesn't need this anymore.

What do you think you're doing?

Running away.

This way.


- Hello.
- Get them.

Look, dolphins.

Boa. Est o ali.


Stop them.

This is not lower floor.

- We have nowhere to go.
- We do.

We're coming.


To one. Jump.

- We did it.
- Yes.


How did you get this boat?

It is an old tradition in
Floravia. Shared ride.

We owe you a goat.



Watch out.

Thank you.

Let's be sure.

Where do you think you're going?

Watch out.

- Despist mo-los.
- Sim.

- Very well.
- Yes.

To the coast. We still did.

What a terrible situation.
The princess will not appear.

Fortunately, I'm here.

I offer to take the crown
and become king of...


Not now. I'm in the middle...

Did they run away?

I have to act.

- I'm watching them.
- Really?

They are close.

Not here.

Everyone knows what happens.

The law is quite clear.

A princess did not appear,

the kingdoms are mine.

So, without further ado,
play the crown music.

Taffy, you know how.


Impostor. N o sa princesa.

Right. I'm not.

But I am.

- Who is it?
- Are there two?

People of Floravia, Johan wants to
deprive you of the legitimate leader.

I came to think that I was not
capable, but I no longer think.

I am ready to be your queen.

Look at her.

Late and poorly dressed.
What queen would she be?

True. Arrest him.


Don't touch me.

It was his idea. I didn't want to.

Est�s incr�vel.

- You too.
- Thanks.

I really have to tell you something.

I Think...

Mine, yes.

- We did it.
- Yes.

A vlog?

Want to create a real vlog?

Written and produced
by me. For more nobody.

To speak directly to my people.

If that's your decision,

I support.

She is ready.

She will be a wonderful queen.

Well thought out with Taffy.

Thanks. I learned from the best.

So, what were you going to tell me?

- I...
- Will you give me your attention?

I want Floravia to be
the best country possible,

as the best possible queen.

Barbie showed me that it's possible.

She made a difference,

and now I know how to make a difference.

You are an inspiration, Barbie. Thanks.

She's right.

Barbie, I can't take it anymore.

I Think.

I want to dance with you.

I felt-me invis vel.

Now see me Now not.

Life has always been typical

I close my eyes And dream alone.

But the sun is rising.

The sky will shine

I reached the end of the road.

The path is clear.

When I approach.

Now I think I already know.

That I have nothing in mind.

In addition to what will come to me.

Now I'm fine And with open arms.

Because now I think I see.

That this is my moment.

Corner louder than noise.

This is my moment.

I finally found my voice.

I have my feet on the ground

I won't back down.

Now I'm in the limelight.

This is my moment

I'll enjoy it.

Finally, this is my moment.

I see anything When looking in the mirror.

Nothing will stop me
from realizing my dreams.

We can experiment.

It's all a new adventure.

Let's accelerate And mix, yes.

Say hello to all that you are.

You don't know what you can find.

The route is clearer.

It's growing.

Now, I think it's time.

One thousand thousand?

Nothing in mind.

In addition to what will come to me.

Now I'm fine.

And with open arms.

Because now I think I see.


This is my moment.

Corner louder than noise.

This is my moment

I found my voice.

I have my feet on the ground

I won't back down.

Now I'm in the limelight.

This is my moment

I'll enjoy it.

Finally, this is my moment.