Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia (2006) - full transcript

Right after the events that took place in Barbie: Fairytopia, Elina, the wingless, yet, brave flower fairy, having recently defeated the Enchantress' wicked sister, the mischievous Laverna, finally receives as a gift a precious set of sparkling wings to fly free in the skies. But soon, Elina will find out that Nalu, her merman friend and Prince of the Merfolk, has been unfortunately abducted by the banished Laverna's subordinates, three ruthless Fungi who threaten to pollute the sea unless he accepts to disclose the exact location of the powerful "Immunity Berry", a magical fruit that would inevitably make her the invulnerable ruler of all Fairytopia. However, in the difficult task of finding Prince Nalu, and above all, saving the peaceful Fairytopia from evil Laverna's clutches, Elina with the help of her pet-friend Bibble, will need to join forces with another mermaid, the reluctant Nori, and put their differences aside if they want to succeed. Will the team make it in time?

Just through the rainbow.

from the world we know lies,


In this land
there lived a fairy named Elina.

A fairy without wings

More than anything Elina wished she
could have wings and fly like everyone else.

But when the evil Laverna.

Twin sister to Fairytopia's ruler, The Enchantress,

Released a sickness into the air that killed the plants

and took away the fairies power to fly.

Only Elina had the strength to leave
her home and look for help.

She took a puffball Bibble.

And sought me, the Guardian Fairy of Azura.

But when I was kidnapped by Laverna's henchmen, Fungi.

Elina knew she had to stop Laverna on her own.

On their way to Laverna's Lair.

Elina and Bibble received
help from several new friends.

But in the end Elina had to face Laverna on her own.

Let my friends go Laverna!

And though Laverna offered Elina
what she wanted most in the world.


Elina stood up for
what was right.

And fought back against Laverna.

Saving Fairytopia.


Even though it meant she wouldn't get her wings.

Or so she thought.
For back at the Magic Meadow.

The Enchantress herself came to Elina.

And to thank her
for her bravery.

The Enchantress bestowed
the most wonderful gift imaginable.

Elina's very own wings.


I can't believe it.

I'm flying.

Mattel Entertainment

A Mainframe Entertainment

Fairytopia Mermaidia


Written by
Elise Allen

Produced By
Luke Carroll

Music By
Eric Colvin

Production Designer
Walter P. Martishius

Executive Producers
Kim Dent Wilder
Rob Hudnut

William Lau
Walter P. martishius

Oh, I love it.

It's the most incredible feeling.

I know it's like you've been flying all your life.

I still don't totally believe it's real.

I keep feeling like my wings are part of an amazing dream

and I'll wake up one morning without them.

That's crazy.
You deserve them.


What's the matter?

Wait you think somebody is following you?

I don't know Bibble.

Maybe it's just your imagination.

I think you should just forget all about it.



Are you okay?

Whoa scared me a little there my but...

Oh, Yes, I'm fine.

Just fine.

Were sorry we scared you but
why are you following Bibble?


What's a Bibble?

I Bibble.

Oh, the puffball. No, no, no,
I wasn't following Bibble.

I was following you.

If your Elina?
Are you Elina?

Yes, but...

You are. Yes I thought you were.

I said to myself I said self that's Elina.

But then with so many fairies I couldn't be sure.

How silly I would fell if I went up
to some stranger and I said,

Elina Nalu's in trouble and they

won't even know Nalu is, never mind.

He's the prince of the merpeople.

So I just followed you
and I figured I'd...

Nalu is in trouble.

How did you know?


I didn't mean to break
it to you that way.

I wanted to ease into it not just blurt out

that Fungi kidnapped Nalu and tied him up will do.

Who knows what do and he doesn't give them what they want

which could be anything.

I mean who would just say
something like that without...


Nalu been kidnapped by Fungi?

But that's impossible.

Are you sure?

I saw it happened at the Crystal Cove.

I wanted to stop them but I couldn't.

Nalu sent me to find you.
He says you're the only one who can help.

Ah. Oh.


What can I do against Laverna's Fungi?

A lot.

You've already
defeated Laverna once.

With help.

Maybe I should talk to Azura or another Guardian Fairy

or The Enchantress.

There's no time.

You have to come to the
Crystal Cove and help now.

He needs you.

Will you do it?

I will.

Come on Bibble.
Let's go.

Bibble says he's in.

I what?

I'm in too.
I'm coming with you.

No, it could be dangerous.

I don't want to get you in trouble with your mom.

But I can't just wait here.

I want to help.

You can if I'm not back
by dusk tomorrow.

Promise me you'll go to Azura for help.

I promise.

Be careful, Okay.

You to Bibble.

We will.

Lead the way.

Good luck!

Hey, Fungus.

Is it just me or is there
something fishy about this guy?

Fishy! Hey!
That's funny.

Very clever.


You won't get away with this, Fungus.


Oh, no, no, no.

These are but fools of Fungus.

Call me, Fungus Maximus.



Excuse me.


Oh Fungus.
There you are.

Do you have the prince?

We do your most Eminent of Eminences.

And I know just how to make sure
he'll take us to the Immunity Berry.

Then all you have to do is to eat it.

And I'll be invulnerable to all magic,
past, present, and future.

No more Exile in the Bogs of the Hinterlands.

My sister, The Enchantress,
will be powerless over me.


Over us.


Oh, of course over us.

Bring me the berry.

And your rule by my side.

I will your deviousness.

And might I take this opportunity to say how
extremely fresh you look this morning.

Few women thrive in dank
boggy hair but you...

The berry, Max!

Get the berry.


Forget it, Fungus.

I'll never take you to the Immunity Berry.

I love when captives
are difficult.

Makes my job so much more fun.


Ew indeed.

Just one drop chokes
every bit of air from water

Killing everything inside.

Makes you rethink taking
me to the berry.


You'd only give the
berry to Laverna.

Oh, berry cute, whoopsie.

Look at that.

I couldn't help you,
even if I wanted to.

The berries underwater.

Last looked,
Fungi don't have gills.

I wonder how long it would take
for the poison in Crystal Cove.

To taint all of Mermaidia.

Five minutes?

Certainly not enough time to warn anyone.

Oh, ah,
or save them.

Ah, well.

We don't belong now that
last ball should overflow

in 10 9 8 7,
6 5 4.



I'll take you to the berry.

There special seaweed you can eat to make you breathe underwater.

Wise Choice.

And of course now the only took you through
the smallest part of our media, which was silly.

Because we all wanted to meet the
fairy who's willing to take on Laverna.

I mean.
Wouldn't you?



Oh, I guess since you are that fairy
maybe wouldn't but...


Look at this water, it's so.

Awful, yuck.

It's poisoned.

How did it happen?

I don't know.

We need to look for Clues.

See anything?


I know you're here Nalu.

Don't make me come
out and find you.

Ah, Oh


That's Nori.

It's she's a friend of Nalu's.

Oh great.


Hi, I'm Elina and I'm a
friend of Nalu's too I...

Your Elina?

I mean, you're beautiful and all.

But you know that beautiful



I'm sure Nalu would love to see you.

But this is where he and I hang out.

So maybe you should
just go back to the...

Fairy Frontier.

Magic Meadow.


Nalu is not here.

He's been captured by Laverna's Fungi.

How do you know that?

Did you see it happen?

No, the sea butterfly told me.

What sea butterfly?

There was a sea butterfly.

She saw the kidnapping and Nalu sent her to get me.

Huh, if Nalu was in trouble he'd send for me.

I know Mermaidia better than anyone.

Great, then you can help me find him.
I figure w...

I'll find Nalu myself.

I don't need some fairy getting in my way.

Some fairy? But Nalu asked me...

That's what you say.

All I know is the last time you showed up here.

We had Firebirds in the cove for the first time ever.

And now Laverna's goons have kidnapped Nalu.

I'd say Mermaid has had
enough of your help.

Wouldn't you?


She's gone.

Back to the Meadow.
Bydie bydie Tudie Tu.

You really think
we should go home?

Bydie bydie Tudie Tu.

Oh, maybe you're right.

I mean Nori certainly wants us to leave.

But Nalu asked for my help.

I can't just go home and forget about him.

Not breath in water.

I know we can't breathe underwater.

But we could if we had the seaweed
Nalu gave us remember.

I wish we knew where a gross.

Yes, that's it.

Thank you.

Now we can catch up with Nori and find Nalu.

Come on, Bibble, eat up.

Ew, yuck.

Come on, Bibble.

It's not that bad.


Just don't think about it and eat quickly.

So can you lead us to Mermaidia?

What's wrong?

Oh, that's the way to Mermaidia.

Thank you.

I wonder what's up the other channel?

Wow, The Carousel of Confusion.

The Carousel of Confusion?

How much farther to the berry?

We're almost there.

Just make a left at this Coral.

Make a left.


Left doddle do.

How much farther to the berry?

We're almost there.

Just make a left at this Coral.

Make a Left.


Left doddle do.

How much farther to the...

Wait a minute.

We're almost to the berry.

Just make a left at this Coral.

Left, huh.

Make a left.


Left doddle do.


Something's not right here.

Of course, it's not right.
It's left.


Left doddle do.


How long have we
been doing this?

Doing what?

Don't play dumb with me.

I've heard about this.

You took us to the Carousel of Confusion,
didn't you?

It's hypnotizing Waters make people forget what they're doing.


Boss, what...what are we doing?

To the surface.

Get us out of the
water right now.

And you.

My dear prince,

are in big trouble.

It's beautiful.


You don't understand.

I need to find Delphine.

It's about Nalu.

About your future wedding.

Cut it out.

Nalu and I are not getting married.

He's a prince remember, I'm a commoner.

It doesn't work that way.


Everyone knows your MFEO.

We are not, MFEO?

Made For Each Other.

Look, this is serious.

You have to listen to me.


I thought I told you to leave Mermaidia alone.

You did.
I didn't listen.

Are you friendly?

Yea, yea.

Aren’t you the cutest?

You need lots of love.

And cookies.

Shouldn't you be running
out of air by now?

Nalu showed me how
to use the seaweed.


I guess he really wanted you
to spend time underwater.


Why are you so Against me.

You should be happy someone else wants to help.

I don't want an outsider's help.

I know exactly what
I need to do and...

And you're right.

I've been silly.

It's great that you're here.

I know just what you can do.


There's a great
Oracle in Mermaidia.

Her name is Delphine.
And she knows everything.

So I'm sure she can tell us where Nalu is.

The problem is only the Merfairies
know where to find her.

Or even what she looks like.

Okay, Let's ask them.

I've been trying.

But the thing with Merfairies is
they hate to be serious.

You can only pin them down for a meaningful conversation.

If they invite you in for a snack.

If you sit in their home and they feed you
that's when they'll answer one question.


So we'll get invited inside.

Where do they live?

Right here.

But they only live above water.

So that's why you want my help.

You need me.

I don't need you.

I'd found another way to get the Merfairies to talk,


You might not even be able
to do it.

The Merfairies almost never invite people in for a snack.

They'd rather stay outside and play all day.

Excuse me.

Can I bring Bibble inside and make them a snack?

I gave him all my cookies
but the poor baby still starving.



Look at them.


I think that's a great idea.

You can absolutely bring him in for a snack.

But I have to admit I'm a little hungry myself.

Would it be okay if I came to?

Oh, I'm not sure.

I don't usually invite people in to eat.

Oh, I understand completely.

I just thought maybe Bibble would like it if I came with him.

He might be Comfortable.

Deal. If it'll make people happy.

It'll make me happy.

Come on up.

Here you go, Bibblie pu.

Don't need it all at once.

I don't want you to get a bellyache.

And don't worry.
I didn't forget about you.

Thank you.
You're very kind.

And an excellent cook.

The best of the coral cakes.


You know, I have to ask you.

I'm looking for
Delphine the Oracle.

But I have no idea where
she is.

Or what she looks like.

Do you know?

I do.

You want to find Delphine.
It's not hard to do.

Talk to the Fairy Guide,
and listen well to.

Delphine has a secret,
Which from you shall hide.

The shell matters not.
Best heed what's inside.

The Fairy Guide.

I know where that is.

The Fairy crosses a river all the way at the edge of Mermaidia.

Then that's it.
Lead the way.

As long as you can keep up with me.

Nori wait!

Come on, Bibble.

There she is.

No way is she losing us.

We're helping her find Nalu
whether she likes it or not.

Nice flying.

Nice swimming.

You weren't trying to ditch
me or anything, right?

Me? Huh. Course not

Didn't think so.

That must be the Fairy Guide.

She'll tell us where to find, Delphine.

So, you and Nalu got pretty close, huh?

Yeah, he's a good friend.

Hmm. Like a really good friend,
or just a good good friend

Three to go across?

No, we want to
know about Delphine

None to go across.

All righty then.

Ah, three to go across.

Oh, well, why didn't you say so?
Hop on.

Felicitations from me, Shellie the Ferry of Fairies.

Fair Ferry the fair is fair and
very fairy friends are our faves.

The Merfairies told us you know where Delphine is.

So give it up.

Oh, sounds like someone got up on
the wrong side of the coral this morning.

Nori, remember with the Merfairies said.

Yeah, She said the Fairy Guide would help us.

She said, the Shell matter not.
Best heed what's inside.

Excuse me, but would you please
open your shell for us.

Open my shell?

But of course.


That's her.
That's Delphine.

Exactly as I imagined her.

What do you wish to know?

Where is Nalu?

A sand crab in the hand
is worth two in the shell.

Excuse me?

Oh fair in love and puffer fish ball.

This isn't funny.

We came a long
way to find you...

And a bit of coral saved.

Is a bit of coral earned.

You ever seen an oracle Fly.

Wait, I get it now.

Shellie, I believe you're
Delphine the Oracle.

Will you help us?

Of course, I will.

So you're looking for Nalu, is that correct?


Do you know where he is?

I do.

But I won't tell you.

You won't?

Why not?

First because you need to be more polite.

I'm sorry.

Thank you.

If you really want to find Nalu.

You must first prove yourselves

Travel to the Depths of Despair.

And seek out the
mirror of the Mist.

The Depths of Despair.

Are you crazy?

No one goes to the Depths of Despair.

No one.

I'm not finished.

In order to succeed.

You'll have to rely
on one another.

And you'll have to sacrifice.

Sacrifice what?

The Depths of Despair are dangerous.

They require a great deal of underwater strength.

The kind of strength provided by a tail,
not wings.

But I don't have a tail.


To get to the
mirror of the Mist.

And save Nalu.

You'll need to give up your wings.

And trade them for a tail.

Give up my wings.

Would, would I get them back?

That depends on you.

This is crazy.

I just got these wings.

I can't give them up.

If that's the way you want it.

In case you change your mind.

You can use these pearls to wish for a tail.

If you do the pearls will turn deep blue.

Than one at a time fade back to white.

If you're out of the water
when the last Pearl becomes fully white again,

you'll regain your wings.

If not,

you'll be a mermaid...


Thank you, but I'm sure I won't need it.

Give up my wings?

Forget about it. My guess.

She was just trying to scare us.
Like a test.

Yeah, you're probably right.

So can you get us to the Depths of Despair?

Don't insult me.
Let's go.

All right ,Nalu, no more of the games.

Where do we go to get
the Immunity Berry?

That way.

That way?

That's where we'll find the Immunity Berry.

Yes that way.

Ah, but boss.

I don't want to go that way. neither.

That way looks kind of...


You're very clever.

But tell the truth.
The Berry is that way, isn't it?

And you're just saying that way

because you think we'll get
scared and leave, isn't that right?

No the berry, is that way.

Have you forgotten about this?

If your lie to me.

Your whole world will be...



Yes, your malevolence.

Do you have the Immunity Berry?

No, your heinousness of we're on our way.

But the merprince is pointing us
down into a whirlpool. And ah...


You told me there wouldn't be any
swirling on this mission.

And I have to tell you this whirlpool seems rather powerful.

And I...I am rather prone to motion sickness.

Oh, Maxi, you're scared.

Well, I wouldn't use
the word scared exactly.

But perhaps little concerned.

I'm glad you told me.

Because I do something very special
for my Fungi when they're concerned.

You do?

I hang them by their toes and feed them to the Firebirds.

Now get the Immunity Berry.

Yes your villainous, of course.

In this etiquette I mention

The blackish swamp water truly brings out
the life in your otherwise murky eyes.

Right, Fungi.

Grabbed the prisoner.

Oh, are we taking him up there?

No, we're taking
him to the Berry.

Were going...




Oh boy.

Here we are.

The Depths of Despair.

What's it like inside?

I don't know.

No one has ever been down there.

Or if they have

they never came back up to tell.

You think Shellie was telling the
truth about the mirror of the Mist?

We have to believe her.

It's the only chance we have to save Nalu.

You ready.



It's okay Bibble.
You can weight up here.

Let's do it.

Ah, oh.

I don't know why people make
such a big deal out of this place.

It's not bad at all.

I guess.

The currents a little strong though.
Don't you think?

It's not so bad.

You Have to swim
a little harder.

I'm swimming as hard as I can.

Nori wait, I can't go that fast.

Sure you can.
Come on.

I'm trying I just...

I can't.

The current.

It's too much.

Don't worry about it.

Stay up there.
I'll handle it myself.

But Delphine said
we have to work together.

Just come back and we'll
figure something out.

That's a waste of time.

I can do this.

Wait for me at the entrance.

I promise I'll tell you what the mirror said.

But Nori.

Almost there.
Almost there.



Cut it out.

I mean it.

Come on.




Help me!


I'm coming!

I can't do it.
I'm not strong enough.





I wish to trade my wings for a tail.

Wings for a tail.

Wings for a tail!

What have I done?


Hold on, Nori!

Look at you. You...

Not now.
We have to get you out of here.

Elina, grab my hand.

let's go.

Thanks Elina.

Thanks back.

What Is that?

Who's there?

Nori and Elina.

We need to consult
the mirror of the Mist.

Come closer.
So I can see you.

Well, well, well.

Two mermaids at the
bottom of the Depths of Despair.

You must be very brave.

Thank you.

Or very desperate.

I guess we're both.

We're looking for Prince Nalu.

Can you tell us where he is?


But this can.

The mirror of the Mist.

Where is Nalu?

So impetuous.

Are you sure that's what you want to know?

As reward for defying the Depths of Despair?

You can learn anything in the world.

If your true love loves you in return for example.

Or, if you're truly meant to be a fairy with wings.

Are you sure you want to waste the opportunity

on Prince Nalu's location?

We're not wasting the opportunity.

We want to know where Nalu is.
There's nothing more important

Very well.

He's above water.

They can't keep them there.
He'll die.

How do we find him?

What is it?

A beacon. Following it.
To start you on the right path.

Thank you.

Yes, thank you.

What's that?

It's okay, Bibble.
I'll explain later.

Come on, we need to follow the bubble.

At last.

The Immunity Berry.

Which one is it?

Eeny, meeny miney...



Yes, your most evilness...

Might I say...

Do you have the berry?


Show it to me.

The Immunity Berry.

That's not the Berry Max.


Of course it's not.

Here it is.

No it isn't!

Ah, The Immunity Berry.



The Berry?


No, No!

But Nalu said it was here.

And might I take this opportunity.


Your wickedness.



Behind you.


Look behind you.


I found it.

Nori, your arms.

Yours, too.

What is it?

The crest of Courage.

I've heard of it,
but I never knew it was real.

Our Legend says if you're strong enough
to go to the very bottom of Mermaidia.

You'll be decorated with the crest of courage.

And we are.

Your necklace is already turning back to White.

We just have to make sure you're out of the water in time.

What are those?

Boiling hot geysers?


They say more people have been incinerated
just brushing up against one of them.

Ah, I didn't do it.

You pop the bubble.

You pop the bubble.

Bibble didn't do it.

You must have touched it.

It was Magic bubble.

Magic bubbles don't just pop.

That's why they're magic.

Maybe sometimes they do.

The fish said the bubble would start us on the right path.

So then we need to choose.


Or down?

I say up.

We saw Nalu above water.
It only makes sense that that's the way to go.


What's wrong?

You're gonna think I'm crazy.

But, I'm pretty sure Nalu
wasn't above water at all.

It was so bright.

But he didn't look dried out.

Not like you would
be in the Sun.

But where would it be bright
like that if it wasn't above water.

There's one place.

And it's that way.

Through the geysers?

That a hot to go.

Through the geysers.

That is hot, hot.

But there's no way to get through.

You said it yourself.

We could be incinerated.

Only if we're not careful.

It's hard.
But I've done it before.

You just have to watch the eruption patterns.

Than time it right so you swim through when they're quiet.

Do you trust me?

I do.

I'm just not sure I trust me.

Take my hand and
we'll do it together.

You ready?

As ready as I'll ever be.

Wait for it.











Come on.
We can do it.

We made it, Bibble.


Stay there.


Thank you, Nori.

He's a little soft boiled, but he'll be okay.

Bibble, you can open your eyes now.

Thank you.

Come on, let's go.

Look at all that fruit.

Is it edible?

Sort of.

Most of them are magical powers.

Really like what?

All different kinds.

Like that one.

Eat that and you can only speak backwards.

Or that one.

Makes all your hair fall out.

What about those?

Aren't they beautiful?

If you eat one of those berries...

it reveals your true self.

Are there any Love Potion berries?

Maybe you could
give one to Nalu.


You're in love with him.
Aren't you?

It doesn't matter.

Prince's don't go for commoners like me.

That's not how it works.


I think he's in love with

someone else.

Really, who?



Please tell me those aren't poisonous.

They're not.

They just...




Well hello berry.

Don't you look lovely today?

And you.

Aren't you the most luscious
thing a branch ever saw?

How long will this last?

Nowhere near long enough.

And don't think I forgot about you, baby.

Nori, look.

We have to get him out of there.

Oh, no.

But how do we distract the Fungi?

Oh, yeah.

Ah oh.

Oh, yeah, yeah, fishy.

That's funny.

Great music.

It's so true.

I love you, Dad.

I love you too, sonny

Hey, the music's getting softer.

No, I got to hear more.

Let's go.

Yeah, oh, I don't go anywhere.



I can't believe you're...

a mermaid?

What happened?

It's a long story.

But not much longer.


I don't understand.

You will.
But now we need to get you out of here.

I can't leave.

I told a Fungus where to
find the Immunity Berry.

What's an Immunity Berry?

They save you eat it.
You can't be affected by any magic.

Past present or future.

Exactly and the Fungi want to give it to Laverna.

Laverna, immune from all magic.

That would be a disaster.

Wait a minute.

I know that voice.


Howdy due de do.

Let's get him.

Behold The Immunity Berry.

I'm Max have now the possessions

Oh dear?


Yes boss?

What are you doing?

Where is the merprince?

He's made over there
hanging from those...

Ah, oh.

Don't you...
find him.

Don't worry boss.

See that berry the Fungus is holding.

I need you to get it.

Can you do that?

Common fools, honestly.

How hard is it to watch
a fish out of water?

Looking for something Maxi not.


Thank you.

Ta Da



Get the Berry.

I...I got it.

I got it.
I got it. I got it.

Don't just sit there.

Get the Berry.

I got the Berry.

Now let's go.

We can't.

Max has a vial of Laverna's poison.

If we leave.
He'll will destroy Romania with it.

It's the Fungus.

Let's go.

Nori, over here.


Nori, I have an idea.

Get him.

Hey, stop it.

Nalu, here,
throw it here.


You got to get to dry land.


She's over there.
Get her.

I did it.

So you did.

And now you have a choice

You can get me the bed

Or I'll drop this vial of poison into the water.

Mermaidia will die out by the end of the day.

How touching.

You chose to save the merpeople.

To bad they would live to appreciate it.




I...I had to get the vial.

There are no words to thank you for what you've done.

My wings.
There gone, Bibble.

They're gone for good.

I can't believe you gave up your wings to save us.

I just wish it didn't have to be in vain.

The Fungi got away with a berry.

Soon we'll all be at the mercy of Laverna.

That's not true.

Elina and I switch the berries.

You what?


It was a Lina's idea.

She remembered the barrier I showed
her that reveals your true identity.

It looks just like the Immunity Berry.

Except we fake the red stripe.

That's the berry the Fungi have.

We hid the real one in some seaweed.

We figure you can find a better place for it later.

Then you really did save us.

This is amazing.

Quickly to the Bogs of the Hinterlands.

Oh Bibble.

Don't you see.
I'm not going home ever.

I can't.
I'm a mermaid now.

I'll Never See peony or dandelion.

And...and you can't stay underwater forever.



Remember this?

The berry that reveals your true self.
Like the one we gave to the Fungi.


I believe your true self hasn't changed
from the time we met until now.

Even though you look different.
And if I'm right...

Then this Barry
should turn me into...

Your true self.

What is my true self
doesn't have wings.

Would that be so horrible.

You'd be you.

Smart and brave and everything
that makes you special.

You're right.

I'd still be me.
So I'd find a way to be okay.

What do you think Bibble?

You ready?

It worked.

I have my wings.

They're beautiful.

Thank you.

Looks like everything turned out perfectly.

You mean?

But I thought you were in
love with Elina.

Love with me? No.

Nalu and I are just friends.

Nalu's in love with you.

Just like you're
in love with him.


Is that true?

What do you think?

There's only one thing that could make this day any better.


I'd love to be a fly on the wall when
Laverna eats that Berry.

What do you think will happen?

The Immunity Berry your wickedness.

And might I add.

That the low lights in your hair
simplest sparkling with...

The Immunity Berry.

Yes, remember this moment Max
As you watch me come into my destiny.

Strange, I feel different.

Is this what invulnerability
feels like it.


It might.

It Might?


You fool.

You gave me the wrong Barry.

How did this happen?

I didn't know your wortienest, ahmm

We were sure it was the right Berry.

We battled them for it.


Them, Nalu and his mermaid friends
friend on that Fairy Elina.


It can't be.


I'll get you Elena.

I'll get you if it's the last thing I do.

Don't worry.

She's fine.


But I...I haven't come
to get you yet.

You didn't need to.





I wanted to congratulate
you on a job well done.

I'm very proud of you.
You know

Thanks Azura.

Of course they were

I'm very proud of you, too.


Can you stay I know Peony would love to see you.

We could have tea.

I would love to.

But I can't.


I'm sure Dandelion wants
to hear the whole story.

But Azura.

I'll see you again soon my dear.

I promise.

Elina your wings.

What happened?

Oh, Dandelion,
you'll never believe it.

It was the most incredible adventure.

I don't even know where to start.

From the beginning.

But I'm sure you do Bibble.

Come on. Let's go back to Peony

And you can tell Dandelion
everything that happened.


Really? You stop the tide pools from
poisoning Mermaidia all by yourself.

Secret seaweed, huh?

Oh that is clever of you to remember that.