Barbie Dreamtopia: Festival of Fun (2017) - full transcript

Join BarbieTM and her little sister, ChelseaTM, as they travel through the whimsical worlds of Dreamtopia in BarbieTM Dreamtopia: Festival of FunTM! Through Chelsea's imagination, you'll ...


Best friends and sisters
Barbie and me

Together our adventures set us free

A mermaid here a princess there

-What happens if you just believe?
-Imagine the possibilities!


Where adventure never stops


It's just a sprinkle sparkle hop


It's just a dream away

With a cherry on top

BARBIE: Building a licorice barn.
A story about patience.



It's like a pink frosting whirlpool!

Can't that thing go any faster?


(LAUGHS) Any faster
and Honey might try to chase it!



Finally, we can decorate.

-Not yet, Zoie.

The recipe says the cupcakes
have to cool for 25 minutes first.

(GROANS) What are we gonna do
for 25 minutes?

That's forever!

Well, we could plan
how we're going to decorate them.

OTTO: Too late.

I couldn't wait either.

Barbie, you do know that frosting
slides off a hot cupcake, right?

My rocket ship!

It's melted.

Whoops. Guess we should have waited.

-Waiting's boring.
-Not if Chelsea tells a story.

Yay! Please, Chelsea?

Okay, and maybe I'll even put you
in the story, Otto.

Probably make it more interesting.

-One day,

Barbie and I
were flying high over Dreamtopia.

Ooh, I love it when you two have wings!

CHELSEA: We were looking down
on the fields of Sweetville,

when suddenly it started to rain
big candy sprinkles.

ZOIE: Sprinkles! What did you do?

CHELSEA: We opened our mouths!

Then we saw something amazing.


It's a candy cornfield.



Barbie? Honey!

Where'd they go?



Well, hello,
Chelsea, Sugar Spun Barbie, Honey!

Hi, Sheriff Seed. Hi, Neo. Hi, Sundae.

Oh, so you know the unicorns?


Because we love ice cream.

(WHISPERS) Actually, it's because
their horns are really ice-cream cones.

Can you two help us solve a mystery?

-Of course.
-We'd love to.

Hop on. We'll give you the scoop.

Make that a double scoop. (WHINNIES)

NEO: This is our home.

Or it was,
until someone started nibbling it.

BOTH: Teeth marks!


I thought I was the sheriff today.

-I thought you were selling snow cones.

My snow-cone cart. Anyone like one?

What do you think happened here,
Sheriff Seed?

Hmm. Someone's been biting this barn.

And I think I know who.

-A Strawberry Bear!

-Oh, I was right!

You know you're not supposed
to nibble anyone's home.

We're sorry. We didn't think
anyone lived in this barn.

-That's our home.

That licorice does look a little
dried up. It could snap and break.

(CHOMP) Mmm!


-Oh, no!




Ah. We have to fix this.
What can we do to help?

(GASPS) I'm not sure
there's anything anyone can do.

-We could build a new barn!



It is I, the Notto Prince,

here to haul off this fallen-down barn.

You horses don't mind, right?

BOTH: We're unicones!

I don't get it.
We have horns and we love ice cream.

I'm even named after a flavor.

Neapolitan the Third.
(CHUCKLES) Neo for short.

Hang on, Notto.
Why do you want this stuff?

You'll find out, Chelsea. One day.

Haul it off. We'll start fresh.

Super strawberry fresh.
We're going to build a unicorn palace.

-Uh... A palace?
-Oh, I bet it's a fancy word for barn.

-I can't wait. Let's get started.
-ALL: Yeah!

-Do you have a plan?
-No time!


Wow, the Strawberry Bears
got everyone to help so fast.

I hope not too fast.

Dark chocolate with sea salt
and almonds coming through.

Stained-glass sour candy window
coming down.

-What do you think?

I haven't had time to think.
It's all happening so fast.

And I don't see any red licorice.

We're not using any.

Out with the old, in with the new.

um, speaking of our new barn,

did anyone draw a picture
of what it's gonna kinda look like?

No time! We've got a barn to build.

Um, maybe that's why you need a plan.

Nah, we're just making it up as we go.

Oh, I just thought of something.
Turrets of taffy!

It's a barn castle! (GASPS)

Maybe we could build a moat
or a drawbridge.

Uh... It's kind of hard
to watch our house being rebuilt.

We're gonna go do... unicone stuff.

Brush our manes, practice our prancing.


Great idea.
We'll come get you when it's finished.

I can picture a sugar-cube tower.
Can't you?

Just a few more steps.
You're gonna love it.

CHELSEA: Okay, open your eyes.

It's uh... Uh, it's...

-So... uh... um...


Step inside your brand-new palace.

With solid-chocolate walls.

WATERMELON MAN: And caramel floors!

-They're a little... (LAUGHS)

Uh, sticky.

Don't you like it?

Actually, all we wanted was really...


Wait! Did frosting
just fall on my cone? I mean, horn?


-The walls are melting!



Maybe we should
have thought that through.

Chocolate melts in the sun.
That's just science.

We probably should have taken our time.
Made some plans first.

Uh... What I was saying before the barn
melted was that's not the only thing.

I mean,
we didn't really want a new barn.

Because you wanted
your old barn back, right?

BOTH: Yes.

-But it's too late now.

Not when I'm around.

Welcome to Gooey Junkyard.

Look around you.
It's everything Sweetville throws away.

Crushed candy.

Fruit peels.

Stuff chewed up
by the Strawberry Bears.

This is amazing!
But why did you collect all this stuff?

I knew someone would want it one day.

It's yours... for a small fee.

-You want us to pay?

Of course not.

I just want, um...
my name on a building.

Is it okay with you two if your new home
is called the Notto Barn?

Well, sure.
Wait, does that mean it's not a barn?

I... I'm confused.

Uh, yeah, me too.

Never mind.

Take anything you want.

We'll use the original pieces
of the barn's red licorice here.

And some broken lollipops here.

You know, I wouldn't mind
one of those turrets.

Turret, check.
We'll use an ice-cream cone.

They're quite useful.

Uh-huh, and, you know,
those ladders were kind of nice.

-Ladder, check.

I think I saw some broken pretzels
in the Gooey Junkyard.



UNICONES: Oh! Our barn!


-It really helps to have a plan.

And so the unicones got their new home.

Along with a little bit of their old home.

And it even held up
in the candy sprinkles rain.

The end.

Great story, Chelsea.

I'm going to cover my cupcake
with sprinkles.

Do we have any broken pretzels,
like the Notto Prince had?

I call dibs on the pink frosting.

What are you going to put
on your cupcake, Otto?

Have some patience, Chelsea.

You should know by now
that you can't rush genius.


Maybe I should use
a little bit of pink after all.

-Maybe some sprinkles.
-Yeah, I think that's a great idea.

-Yeah, of course.


Best friends and sisters
Barbie and me

Together our adventures set us free

A mermaid here a princess there

-What happens if you just believe?
-Imagine the possibilities!


Where adventure never stops


It's just a sprinkle sparkle hop


It's just a dream away

With a cherry on top

BARBIE: The supersonic sparkling
lemonator. A story about teamwork.

-It's all good.
-Nice try, nice try.

I had to go for it.

I know Mom and Dad
said lights out by 9:00,

but... they didn't say anything
about flashlights.

-This is the best sleepover ever.

-Not that I've ever been to one before.


I feel so grown up.

Even though I did bring
my favorite sleep buddy.

This is my bear.

I know someone
who would love to meet him, Zoie.

-Sparkles, say hello to Zoie's bear.

Couldn't do night time without this.
What about you, Otto?

Me? No.

I don't need any sleep buddy thingy.

Well, then, Otto, you already know

that the best part of a sleepover
is story time.

One day in a place called Dreamtopia,
something very big was going on.

What's going on in Sweetville today,

Notto Prince has a big surprise
for the whole town.

No one knows what.

Everybody in their places?

The Fruity Mermaids are ready to rock,
Notto Prince.

Ladies and gentlemints,
I, Sir Fancy Cheese,

am pleased to announce

the grand opening of
our very own lemonade-spouting fountain.

(CHUCKLES) Created by Notto Prince
as a gift to Sweetville.


Fruity Mermaids, take it away!

ALL: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,

five, four,

three, two, one!





-Oh, no! Is that supposed to happen?
-I think it's going to burst.




Why didn't I test it first?
My reputation is ruined!

Oh, dear! (CHUCKLES) This is
quite the carbonated catastrophe.

Don't worry, I'm sure he'll go back
to the drawing board and try again.

(GROANS) It's not that.

We have reporters from the Candy
News Network here in three hours

to cover the story.

We have to make this work somehow.

You came to the right team.

We've got your back on this one,
Sir Fancy.

-I feel so bad for Notto.
-I know!

He worked really hard on this
for everyone.

We're his friends.
He shouldn't feel embarrassed.

And you know the great motto.

If at first you don't succeed,
try, try again.

Things don't always work
the first time.

I think somebody needs to hear that.
Be right back.

Notto? Can I talk to you?

Wish I could help.
I'm in the middle of prince stuff.

So, sorry. Can't talk.

Didn't you hear me? I'm super busy.

I wanted to see how you were doing
and to tell you something.

What? That the fountain was a bust?

You probably just came over
to make fun of me.

Of course not.
The fountain is an amazing idea.

And what I wanted to say was...
you gave it a great try.

You can fix the problems
and next time it will work.



That's nothing. Just some old rag.

Anyway, like I said,
I have prince things to take care of.

So thanks for coming, but goodbye.

There has to be a solution.

Maybe there's a way to slow down
the lemonade.

If the candy had smaller holes...
Or if the tubes were wider...


-How did it go?
-He didn't want to talk.

I guess he's kind of embarrassed.

Give him time. He'll come around.



Barbie, I just got an idea.

What if we build a bubble generator
instead of a fountain?

I think that's an amazing brainstorm.

There's something about Sweetville
that always makes me feel creative.

Here's how it would work.

We get lemonade from the river here,
you mermaids all splash,

then it goes through here,
then the bubbles are added

and then sparkling lemonade
for Sweetville.

Well, we do love to splash!

I think this new plan is worth a try.

Yeah, we have the chance
to make it better.

Ooh, and we can be
the ones surprising Notto

instead of the other way around.

Great! Chelsea and I
will be in charge of finding the parts

and we can ask the whole town to help.

Now everyone can participate

in building Notto's new Sweetville
Supersonic Sparkling Lemonator!

Ooh, that's a tongue twister.

There you go. Hope it helps.

Thank you, Sir Fancy Cheese.

These babies will come in handy.
Gummy uni shoes!

Hmm, those could work
for sealing the bubble maker.

Then they're all yours.

Hooves, get ready to run
in the lime grass.

Don't eat the machine,
don't eat the machine.

Looks like the generator
is coming together.

Thanks to all our teamwork.

Chelsea! What's everybody working on?

It was supposed to be a surprise.
For you, actually.

For me? What kind of surprise?


This better not be
another try at the fountain,

'cause it's just going to fail!

Don't you think I'm embarrassed enough?

You don't have to be embarrassed
to fail in front of your friends, Notto.

They'll always support you. Look around.

Well, we'd better see if this machine
is ready to work.

-Intake mechanism.

Bubble maximizer.

-In place and ready to bubble.

Oh! It looks like we'll need something
to slow the flow of the lemonade

so it doesn't blast out like last time.

Maybe if we had a blanket...

-But everyone has donated already.

Not everyone.


Don't tell me,
the generator already broke, right?

I knew it wouldn't work.

Actually, I think it will.
We just need one more piece.

A small flap to slow down
the flow of the lemonade.

Like the blanket piece
Honey found before.

Oh, that? That's just a rag.

I don't see how
that's going to save the generator.

Notto, I know what it is. It's cool.

It reminds me of a stuffed dog
I know named Barkles.

It's just an old piece of blanket
I've had since I was a baby.

It's nothing like Barkles.

Okay, but I bet if you come to town
with me and donate it to the generator,

you'll be called a hero.


Notto Hero does sound nice.

And if you start to really miss it,
you can visit it any time.

You'll always know where it is.

What are we standing here for?
We've got a generator to build.



My blanket is in place.

Done. Ready to bubble.

-I hope.
-Thank you, Notto Prince.

Start up the Sweetville
Supersonic Sparkling Lemonator.


Ten, nine...

Oh, let's just get on with it.




-We did it, Chelsea.



Yeah! Whoo-hoo!

We all helped Sweetville to always have

sparkling lemonade for everyone.

I liked the part where Notto Prince
saved the day.

And his friends stood by him.

It reminds me of this old blanket
I just happen to have with me.

Wow! It looks just like what
Notto Prince used for the generator.

That's awesome.

Actually, mine's a whole lot better.

It's got all the planets on it.

Well, it used to when it was bigger
and I was smaller.

You know, it's probably
the best sleep buddy ever.




Best friends and sisters
Barbie and me

Together our adventures set us free

A mermaid here a princess there

-What happens if you just believe?
-Imagine the possibilities!


Where adventure never stops


It's just a sprinkle sparkle hop


It's just a dream away

With a cherry on top

BARBIE: The Gemonstrator.
A story about discovery.


CHELSEA: I see it, Honey!



-Good catch, Chels.
-It's a good addition to my collection.

What collection?

Oh, hey, Otto.
My feather collection. See?

And I collect seashells.

I found all these
at the beach this summer.

Huh. Maybe I should do
this collection thing.

You could start with this quartz rock.

Nah, I'm thinking something giant
and mega amazing!

-I love Dreamtopia. Don't you, Honey?

Especially Sparkle Mountain,
where we float in bubbles.

Wait, what if they pop? (GASPS)


(CHUCKLES) Bubble steps!


Hi, Chelsea.
You'll never guess what I'm doing.

-Planning a party?
-(LAUGHS) You know me so well.

-Yes, it's a giant, mega amazing event.
-GIRL: We're here.

One second, Chels.

-Princess Amethyst.

Make sure everyone gets here
before sunset.

Oh, and Princess Cobalt?
Can you get the standing chart, please?


It's like a seating chart
but for standing.

Princes coming through.
Hi, Chelsea. Princess Queen Barbie.

Can't wait for sunset.

Your first gem ceremony. Oh, exciting!

-I'm so happy you're here.
-Me too! Um...

What's a gem ceremony?

Oh! I had that down to explain.

We all put special gems on our outfits

to reflect a beam of light
from the setting sun.

Then the rays extend across the kingdom.

It's the most beautiful thing
you've ever seen.

-Wow, that sounds amazing!
-It is.

Oh, Princess Cobalt.
Hang on, let me help you with that.

Be right back, Chels.


-Pardon. (SIGHS)

Is everything okay, Sapphire?

Yes! I mean no. I mean...

I'm way behind in making gems
for the ceremony tonight.

So many gems to make, so little time.

-I'm not sure I can do it all alone.

Well, Barbie and I can help you.

Really? Oh, my goodness, you're a gem!
I'll go start up the gem-making machine.

Meet you in the Glitter Caves
in a few minutes.

-This is gonna be great.
-What's going to be great?

I hope you don't mind.

I kind of volunteered us
to be Sapphire's helpers.

She's pretty busy.

That is great! The gem ceremony
is all about showing inner beauty.

And your kind act did just that.

Off to the Glitter Caves.

Hey! Hey!

Sapphire! Hold up!


Wow, you... sure can... move fast.

It's not that hard.
I have wings, you know.

How can I help you?

I can help you.


I have the fastest
gem-making machine ever.

That's kind of you. But I have
two helpers now. Chelsea and Barbie.

But my machine works at sparkle speed.

Sparkle speed? Ooh!
Maybe I could take a quick look.


This only makes one gem at a time.

But it works at sparkle speed, remember?

And you can make as many gems
as you want.

Right after you make
one giant mega-amazing gem for me.

I would do it myself
but you're the expert, after all.

So you're saying
this machine doesn't work?

Yet. But I know you can make it work.
You're the gem fairy.

Well, if it's as fast as you say,
I guess I can help you.

CHELSEA: Hi, Glitter Balls.

-Sapphire! Where are you?

-CHELSEA: I wonder where she is.


There's not a lot of time until
the gem ceremony. Let's get started.

Do you know
how to work the Gemonstrator?


BARBIE: Glitter Balls love to be helpful.

-A flag? We find a flag?

-You always were good at charades.

Thanks. But why do we need a flag?


-CHELSEA: Pyramid?

Cheerleader? Roll?

Flip? Flip!

Flip a switch!


But which switch?

-Up there! By a flag!

Good girl!

-Phew! Well done.

Honey, you did it!
You turned on the Gemonstrator.


-This one, this one and that and that.





We must have punched the wrong button.
But which one?


(GASPS) What do I do now?

Use your magic to make it stop!

Whoops. Apprentice queen.
Still learning magic.

Back to pushing levers.



Awesome, Chels.
That's one way to use wings.

And look what you did.
You hit the right switch to make gems.




Huh? Those aren't gems. They're rocks.

You could try your magic again
and change the rocks into gems.

As we've seen,
it doesn't always work the way I want.

It's worth a try. I believe in you.

Hey, my wings are gone!

Yeah, this is just not my day for magic.

If we don't figure something out,
the gem ceremony will be canceled.

I have an idea.

Okay, let's see if it works.

Whoa! It's amazing!

There's a million of me.

Isn't there something you'd like to say?

Oh, yeah.

I love you, giant amazing gem.


Oh, you meant... Oh, right.

Thanks, Sapphire.

You can use the machine
for yourself now.


The sun is setting. We're out of time.

We can't have a gem ceremony
with no gems.

I hope Barbie and Chelsea made some.

Since the Gemonstrator
is a magical machine,

it might work backwards to make gems.

And pushing this handle
will make it go in reverse. Good idea!


-All right!

-What was that?



(GASPS) They're coming too fast!

(SIGHS) Hey, my magic worked that time.




We're so sorry.
You were gone. We tried to help.

But we could only make rocks...

You did an absolutely fantastic job!

BOTH: We did?

See? You made them perfectly.

You mean those rocks
all have gems inside?

-We didn't know.

I think we forgot one of the most
important things in Sparkle Mountain.

Things aren't always what they seem.

Okay, everyone. Remember your places
from the standing chart.

Barbie, look! It's almost time.

Out of my way.

I have the biggest gem

so I need to reflect the beam of light
for the gem ceremony.

It's a big responsibility, Notto.

Are you sure you're up for it?

Sure! (YELLS)


(MOANS) What good is a beautiful
giant gem if I don't get to use it?

That's okay. You do know that
true beauty is on the inside. Right?



Look how the light
shines through the crystal.

It's okay, I guess.

It's more than okay.

It's magic.


Best friends and sisters
Barbie and me

Together our adventures set us free

A mermaid here a princess there

-What happens if you just believe?
-Imagine the possibilities!


Where adventure never stops


It's just a sprinkle sparkle hop


It's just a dream away

With a cherry on top

BARBIE: Keep looking til you find it.
A story about not giving up.


-Hi, Otto.

-Hello, Chelsea.

I found this grungy old chew bone
on my doorstep.


Thanks. Usually, Honey just buries them
in the back yard. Sorry about that.

Chels, have you seen my car keys?
I can't find them anywhere.

Hi, Otto. They're gone.
Vanished into thin air.

I'll help you look for them.

I might as well help too,
since I'm here.


We're never going to find those keys!
We might as well give up.

We're not gonna give up.
If we keep looking, we can find them.

People lose things all the time.



-Isn't Sparkle Mountain beautiful?

-Don't you love Dreamtopia?



Hi, Glitter Balls.
Wanna play follow the leader?

Whoo-hoo! (LAUGHS)



BARBIE: Well, that didn't work.

-Hi, Chelsea.

-Did you make my crown reappear?
-Uh, not yet.

Why is that on Elephant King's head?

He lost his crown and I'm using
my magic to make it reappear.

Or I'm trying to, anyway.

Is it back?

No. But that's a very nice...
um... potted palm tree.

-You know, up there on your head.

Don't worry, we'll get it back.

Now let me just try
to remember the right spell.

So how did you lose your crown?

I'm not sure.

Well, when did you have it
on your head last?

That's a good question. It was...

It was...

I don't remember.

I thought elephants never forget.

Where did you hear that one?

-Oh! My crown! I-Is it my crown?

-(YELLS) Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

-What's happening?


Stop! Elephant King! It's okay.

It's only Precious the kitten.



Sorry, Precious.

I didn't know it was you...
digging your kitty claws into my head.



I'm sure I'll get it this time.

Wait. Where's my wand?

It's gone. Vanished into thin air.

We'll help you look for it.
Right, Elephant King?

Right! (LAUGHS) Uh...

You know, I don't exactly
have great luck in locating lost things.

Where did you last have your wand?

In my hand.

I guess I dropped it
in all the excitement.

Maybe Honey can find it.

Honey? Honey's gone!

Have you seen her?

Not since a certain kitten
clawed my head.


Oh, boy, oh, boy.
We're losing so many things today.

Yeah. Don't worry, Chelsea.
She couldn't have gone far.

Let's go back towards the castle.

But what about your wand?

It can wait. Honey is much more
important than my wand.

It is I, the Notto Prince.

What's going on?

Honey's lost.
Have you seen her anywhere?

I haven't seen her since...

Since the last time I saw her.

Can you help us look?

Sorry, I'm really busy right now
with very important prince work.

I just came over to ask
the Elephant King to help me out.

You got a minute, EK?

Not really. We need to find Honey.

And then we need
to find Barbie's magic wand.

And then we need to find my crown.
Oh, boy, what a day.

What did you say?

My crown. It's missing.

It started off as an ordinary day
with my crown on my head.

No, before that. Barbie's wand is missing?

I'll help you look.

Wait, I thought you had
important prince work to do.

Never mind that!
What are we standing around here for?

We have a wand...

I mean... (CHUCKLES)... a dog to find.



-Honey! Here, girl!
-Come here, Honey!

-Where are you? Honey!

Here, Honey, Honey, Honey, Honey, Honey!

(GASPS) Oh, this could be a wand.

That's just a stick.

Maybe Honey went looking
for a stick to chew on.

So we should look for a stick now?

Or a place where you find sticks.

Or a place to bury them.

And if we find either of those,
we might find Honey.

(MOANS) We're never gonna find her.

Don't worry, we will. We can't give up.

If we keep looking, we can find her.

(GROANS) Fine. I'll help you look.
For real.

We gotta keep on looking
keep looking don't stop

Keep looking and looking
till we find it

You gotta keep on looking
keep looking don't stop

Keep looking till you find it

We gotta keep on looking
keep looking don't stop

Keep looking and looking
till we find it

You gotta keep on looking
keep looking don't stop

-Keep looking till you find it

Keep on looking keep looking
don't stop

Keep looking and looking
till we find it

We gotta keep on looking
keep looking don't stop

Keep looking till we find it

We gotta keep on looking
keep looking don't stop

Keep looking and looking
till we find it

We gotta keep on looking
keep looking don't stop

Keep looking till we find it


(GROANS) We're never going to find Honey!

We might as well give up.

Barbie, what if Notto's right?

Do you think we'll ever find Honey?

Of course we will. We can't give up.

Let's close our eyes
and imagine finding Honey.

-You too, Notto.


The Glitter Balls! Look!

They're pointing to Everfall Forest.

They must know something about Honey.
Let's go.

If only I had my wand,
I'd get us there with magic.

(GROANS) I may be a king without
a crown, but I'm still an elephant.

ELEPHANT KING: Follow the balls.

Keep looking

Till you find it

Keep looking

Don't stop

Keep on looking
keep looking don't stop

Keep looking and looking
till we find it

We gotta keep on looking
keep looking don't stop

Keep looking till we find it

-There she is!




-The magic wand!

Honey, bring that back!

Oh, she must have thought it was
a stick when it flew out of my hand.

Oh! She's going to bury it.

Oh, no, she's not!

-ELEPHANT KING: Let go of that wand.

Good catch.


But, EK, I was just trying
to keep it from Honey.

Oh, I thought you wanted that wand
for yourself.

Sorry, Notto.

Losing this stuff
has got me all mixed up.

You gotta stay calm, EK. Like me.

Anyway, I've got important
prince stuff to do.

I can't hang around here all day.
See you later.

Chelsea, I'm glad we found Honey.

And, Barbie,
I'm glad we found your wand.

But what about my crown?




Could it be? Is it?

-BOTH: Your crown!


Now I remember.

I took it off behind that tree
to scratch my head.

The Glitter Ball creatures
must have found it.

Thank you, Glitter Balls.


I guess we all lose stuff
once in a while. Right, Honey?




BARBIE: Hey! She's got
my brand-new sneakers!




My keys!

Thank you, Chelsea. Thank you, Otto.


(LAUGHS) You too, Honey.