Barbecue (2014) - full transcript

On his 50th birthday, a man who's been watching his weight, health and temper all his life suffers a heart attack. He's been doing everything he was told he should do and it still didn't help. He decides to turn the page and let loose.

For Arnaud Delaireja, my best friend.

I'm sure you won't believe,
that I am 50 years old.

Actually it's true. My birthday is
next week.

I have a flat belly right?
You wan't to know my secret?

I am always hungry

and I walk three times a week.

The problem is I ...

started to think a lot about my life,
and it scares me.

I have everything a man wants:
a wife, a son, a job, friends.

But somehow ...

-Honey, I'll be right ahead!
-Antoine, get out of the way!

Don't wait for me!


What I experienced in the next 5 seconds

was probably the best thing
that ever happened to me.

10 days earlier...

Barbecue is like a ballet.

Because in ballet, everyones role
is precisely defined.

Womens role...

-Honey, can't you help me with the chairs!
-No I can't, I'm responsible with the fire!

... and mens role.

I think you should put this here.

I know. I was just about to.

Thank god I bought a Weber.
This is the Rolls Royce of grills.

I said thank god I bought a Weber
It is the Rolls Royce of grills, isn't it?


You see Antoine agrees with me.

Daddy, pass me the ball!

Watch out!

You're out, Jean-Mi!

What do you mean I'm out!

Laurent please take my place.
I'm exhausted.

Come on, give me a break!

Thank you.

How's Laurent?

-What's he working on?
-You know he bought some land in Mulatiere

In the middle of nowhere and cheap
But with the new tram coming in

And the price went sky high.
Excellent news!

Yes, yes really good news.

-But you're cheating!
-No there are rules.

-Hi, Mom!
-Hey honey, how are you.

-You can have some.
-Mom look, daddy's here.


-How are you, Olive?
-Good and you?

-Can you take these.
-Yes, thank you.

How about you no hello to Mom!

-Hey, Jean-Mich.
-Hi, Olivia.

Hi. Are you okay?

You have to pick up Camille on Wednesday,
I hope you didn't forget

Mom, come play!

Is this ball FIFA approved?

Catch me if you can...
In your dreams!

Mama that was a foul!

No, come on it was fair.

Ladies and gentlemen, finally the beef!

Hello everyone!

Sorry I'm late.

Barely an hour.

Where were you, was there traffic?
No the roads were fine, I had a difficult surgery.

Due to my patients large intestinal infections.

-We had to do a Vasectomy.
-We don't need to hear the details.

Sorry my work doesn't interest him.

It's not that, we're eating.

Then, I'll have a really rare piece.

There you go. Here.

Jean-Michel, can you pass the beans.

I hate this. I don't like vegetables.

They seem to like you.

Thank you, Olivia.

How come you eat so much and
don't get fat?

-Do you throw up?
-No. I empty it.

There is no better diet.
You can loose 4 kilos a month.

-Excellent meat!
-It's really good!

My secret is in the coal!

Yes, Yves is the best.

He puts the meat on grill

and then...

turns them over!

Me on the other hand,
went and did the shopping,

vacuumed and cleaned up the house,

went to the hairdresser
and got a new hair color

which nobody noticed by the way.

Why did you bring this salt?

-We're having a barbecue honey.
-Then let's just eat on the floor.

Laura, can you bring the mustard too!

She's exaggerating isn't she?
When she lived with her mother,

I had to do my own shopping
and wash my own laundry.

You men, you just need one occasion.

Just because you washed your clothes once

My thoughts suddenly were
taking form

Everything was getting clearer

I was getting bored

Everything was boring me

First of all we need to
look at the pharmacies

Therefore I suggest
we take two sample areas.

No no that's just bullshit!

First we need to look at dermatologists
and then practitioners

then the pharmacies.

When things go wrong,
people find comfort at home

My problem is that they're
both the same to me.


Can you give me a ride?
My car is not here.

I could, but...
I live on the other side of the city.

Can you ask Sophie or Nicholas?
They live closer to you.

Your brother has things to do!
So does your sister.

Are you OK, you look weird.

No no, I'm really fine.

You see it went well with Baptiste

The less I see him, the better.

He will never change anyway

Did you know he wasn't working
on Wednesdays for two years?


Oh, really!
Everybody knows.

He has a day off and
I don't know about it!

And on Wednesday I went
to pick up his mother.

His mother!
Not mine, his I say!

God knows what his majesty is doing.
Maybe playing golf.

He always did as he pleased.

Tell me then...
are you seeing anyone?

No not really.
I mean...

I just had a small fling,
but nothing special.

What does that mean?

Wait a minute.
Are you trying to give me lessons?

You want to talk about drawing?

A girl who notices that someone is drawing,
can't resist but look

She will want to see what she looks like

that's why I draw girls.

-Is that me?
-A gift

Aren't you going to sign it?

That's my stage name.

-Bedankt to you too

Why do I listen to this story?
all the time...

Can you check on Vero
What has this got to do with her!

Imagine if she did the same to you

She doesn't know how to draw.

Aren't you afraid the girls
would want more from you?

No, that's not a problem.

Hello Geraldine!
I was just about to call you.

When can I see you?

I don't know... If you want
Tonight may be

I just have to go to the pharmacy

No no it's not a big deal.
It's a genital thing you know.

You understand?

Itching, redness and so on....

Yes, it hurts.

I'm not an expert,
but I think it is not contagious.

-And no more calls.
-You bastard.

I don't hurt them,
I just disgust them.

You're disgusting!

Go, go go.


Fasten your seat belt.

I'll see you on Wednesday.

Daddy, your bears hurt me!

I'll pick you up from the horses.

Not a horse, a pony!

A pony is a small horse.

Have fun with your mom!

The day when Olivia left him,
Baptiste said that she would come back

It was a good guess but...

Olivia did not come back.

Did you talk about much with Olivia?

What did you talk about?

Baptiste took shelter in my house

I lived near by

My wife was almost never home


It was a good solution.
And Baptiste was the best cook among us

Our number tags for the
race have arrived


I think I found an apartment

Ok. You don't need to rush.

You can stay another hour or two.

What did you prepare?

Boiled water.

Actually I like to cook for the children.

If we add a little salt

I think it will be a real feast.

In the basement I had a
Chateau Yquem 1976

Outstanding sauternes.

I've had it for a special occasion

to put someone in a good mood
who cries over boiled water.

-It's sweet.

Of course it's sweet
It's sauternes.

You don't like it?

You think Olivia is seeing anyone?

I know that you know actually.
She tells you everything.

-Does she?
-Your'e a bastard. I don't know.

And she doesn't tell me everything.
So stop it.

I have never cheated on Olivia
you know right?


Except with little Xerox
from the print shop.

Well, except little Xerox
from the print shop.

And the neighboor in Fourviereju.

And the black chick in Val d'sere

You did it on the chairlift
if I'm not mistaken

No it was the cabin next to
the cable ways.

But that's not cheating.
It didn't mean anything.

And it's history
it doesn't count

What, you wear glasses now?

No, I just love them.

Wearing glasses.

Gosh, I forgot.
I have a dinner tonight.

And Vero is on duty.

-Do you want me to stay?
-No, go live your life.

Live your life!

I would rather live alone.

I'm relieved.

Middle aged men are usually criticised
for pursuing younger women

My case is quite different
I have always liked 25-year-olds.

-Good evening.
-Good Evening.

I don't want to grow old.
I don't want to look old.

I'm watching what I eat,

but I don't think there's a diet
for short sightedness.

-What a smashing menu!
-I mean, everything looks great

-Yes, really.

Have we decided?

What would you recommend for me?

The entire menu.
Everything is delicious.

-You need a bit more time.
-Yes please.

I'll be back shortly

-Oh it's vibrating.

Yes, my phone.

It's from work.

Can you excuse me for two minutes.


OK. I'll call you!

And a glass of champagne, please.

Of course madam.
And for you?

I'll have the "Linguine alle Vongole."

I'm afraid that we don't have
that on the menu.

You'll have to go to the Italian
restaurant next door for that.

Then I'll have whatever
shes having.

Double veal liver.

Medium pink. Thank you.

Liver gives strength
doesn't it?


Are you home?

Yes, my shift got cancelled.

What did you do?

I was going to say I had
dinner with Baptiste as usual

But Baptiste lived with us.

So, I decided to say that
I was with Olivia

On the way back I went to Olivia.

I called you but couldn't reach you.
Where were you?

One moment I'm coming.

I had to be quick

Yves was in a business seminar
Who knew where Laurent was.

So I only had Jean-Mich.

I went to see Jean-Michel
I visited his workshop.

He was doing his 15.000

So we stayed late and ate something.

And you?

I'm exhausted.
Want to go to bed.

I'm exhausted too.

Hi. Antoine!

Your car is ready.

I've put in 5-30 motor oil.
Top notch.

-Is that okay?

Listen, Jean-Mich

Yesterday we had dinner together alright?

Just in case.

I had a thing with a young chick.

A beautiful Dutch girl.
A real babe

What do you mean by a "thing"?

You know, a plan.

Do you want me to demonstrate?

I got some.

Are you cheating on Vero?

Who cares?
Whats that got to do with anything!

If someone asks,
we had dinner together, understand!

Nothing else.

Does Vero know?

Of course she doesn't know
I wouldn't be asking for a favor!

This is a great mystery.

Yes but... Not such a big deal
Come on.

This is too much for me.
I can't keep it a secret.

What do you mean you can't?

I just told you,
so you have to!

I can't. I know my self.

Listen my friend

I can't promise that I will
and then I tell everyone and you find out.

No, now I'm telling you.
I can't keep this secret.

Come on Jean-Mich!
I bet you can.

I don't have anything interesting to say.
But you and a Dutch girl will interest everyone!

What are you talking about Jean-Mich?

What are you saying..
Oh my god...?

See you on Sunday at the race.

If you tell anyone, I'll kill you.

Welcome to the annual Rhone Run
sponsored by Caisse d'Epargne

Vero, you want some Gatorade?

-No, thank you.
-Would you anything else?

No, I'm fine.
Thank you.

Tell me if you need anything.

Yes, sure!

This year I'm going to outrun you!

-You see I didn't say anything
-Good for you

So how is it going to work with the Dutch girl?
Is she going to move here or are you going away?

What Dutch girl, what are you talking about?
What does she do for a living?

I don't know what she does.
I just saw her once!

Move, move!
Get out of my way!

I'm good, I'm good.
I got my rhythm.

It's been just 2 minutes.
There are 10 more laps to go.

Yes, but I feel good.
I'm in the zone

Antoine is running too fast.
He's going to fail.

-Don't rush honey, I'll stay with you.
-If you can catch me.

Look at Olivia she bought
new sneakers.

Please don't tell me she has a boyfriend.

Does she or doesn't she?

I can not talk.

That's a big mistake,
severe mistake!

Honey I'll be right ahead!

Antoine, get out of the way!

Don't wait for me!



My new record!

Did Antoine finish?
No, I did not see him.

I killed him!
I am ahead, I am ahead!

Baptiste, what did you do?

I don't know and I don't care

Probably it is around 1:12. Bravo.
I have 1:10 can you believe it

I made it before Antoine!
He will never recover from this!

Bravo, I am proud of you honey!

Where is Antoine?

Probably he's going to make it in two hours.

See! Even Jean-Mich
beat him. Horrible.

You all right, Jean-Michel?

I can not talk.

You know, I ran 1:10.
I beat Antoine.

-A bit more.
-I'm going home to take a shower.

We'll go to church with Laura
and meet you guys at lunch

Perhaps he was ahead of us
and finished first and left.

No way!

Very strange.

Sorry, sorry move out
of the way please!


You learn a lot when you have
a heart attack

I had no idea about
therapeutic hypothermia.

Basically, they cool your body,
and blood goes back to vital organs

your heart and your brain.

And you learn that protective hoods...

despite their important role for hygiene,

makes people look like an imbecile.

The next day I woke up fresh


and in a good mood.

Are you OK my love?

I want french fries

French fries?

With mayonnaise.

Good he's good.
Tired, but well.

I'm going to look at Hugo

You can go in,
but not all at once.

Who will go first?

-Come on guys.

Are you sure? Yeah.

Hi, Tonio!

How are you, Antoine?
You look good.

He looks good, right?

What are you saying?

He said, "pi-pi."

He can't get up. Veronique went.
I'll find a nurse.


Stop! Barrel!

A barrel, what are you going to do with a barrel?

Are you crazy? Life
gave you a second chance!

I think he wants to pee.

You have to put his penis
through the barrel of the container.

Oh, Okay.

Come on.

-Help Me.

He says he needs help.

Yes, but he told all of us.

Then, Jean-Mich

-No. Why me?
-You know how it works.

I did it to my grandmother once
It was awful

No, I can't.

Then it's you Baptiste.
You're single

Wait a minute. Just because I got dumped
do I have to be homosexual.

You know what I mean!
I'm Married.

No, I don't understand what you mean.


He's calling your name.

He wants you to do it.

The lid.

Oh yeah, I forgot

Let me help you.
Thank you.

Raise it a little.

A bit more


There you go.

What soft hands you have
are you excited.

Oh my god, it's terrible!

I hate you, I hate you!

Gentlemen, please.

From now on you must be more careful.

I have been careful for 50 years!

I don't drink, I don't smoke.

I exercise, eat healthy,
and boom!

Why should I be careful?

Maybe if you weren't so careful
this could have happened much earlier.

Or later.
Obviously it can happen any time right?

That's right.
We can not predict it.

So this is nonsense.

Look, I know that things are not clear.

On the contrary
Everything is crystal clear.

Coronary thrombosis does not
have to be a heart attack,

it can also be a sign.

It's time to make a big change

Dad, I need the money for vacation.

-How much?

-Wow that's expensive

How long will you be gone?
Two months.

I have a better idea.

Go for a month
and save a 1000 Euros.

Not bad, right?

And then you can earn the rest by working
Do you understand?

I get it, you're not in the mood.

No, not really

I want you to start thinking
about working for a living

I know this is new for you,
but it can be rewarding.

You came back?

You should have told me.

You can thank your sister
and brother.

They've done miracles while
you were gone.

Yes, they are marvelous!

By the way, can you arrange
an internship for Hugo?

Maybe in packaging or something.

Let him call me.

My grandson, has my number right?

You're not going to work in jeans are you?

No no I'm not. I just turned 50
and got retired.

Nicolas and Sophie
will gladly take my part.

Here are the company car keys.

Oh, and...

Good morning, Dad!

And good-bye, Dad.

I had two things missing in my life:

A good cigarette

And wandering around.

Wandering around is magical.
You can go for crazy ideas.

like going for a drink
with friends in the middle of the day.

Just like that!



Alain, you can not freeze all of my accounts!
I can not even pay for my coffee!

I can not sell the land!

There are no buyers, because there is no tram!

The municipality and the political bastards
screwed things up!

Because the of the tram line,
I got screwed!

Sorry, sorry I'll calm down.

I need just one favor.

Nathalie, my wife,
she doesn't need to know.

She's just recovering
I don't want to worry her.

Ok I'm counting on you.
Thank you.

Ever since I met him, for the past 18 years
Laurent has not changed.

He never talked about his problems.

Not his family, not with Nathalie
not even with us.

Stand up if you support Lyon!

We don't need to see the overtime.

Yes we won't miss anything.

-You should have told me Olivia was coming
-You prefer she was with her boyfriend tonight?

-So, there is someone then?
-No, I didn't say anything.

-Let's go eat at Abel?
-Yes, I'm starving!

-No, I'm tired.

-I'm tired and I forgot my creditcard.

Come on, guys!
I am celebrating my return to life.

I'm paying?


Please can you pass me the pork.

Aren't you supposed to
be careful after...

"Heart Attack"
That's whats its called

Yes I should be.
I have a rehabilitation program.

Exercise and a strict diet.

-Aren't you following? -No.
-Why not?

Well that's a very technical point

It's very boring.
And I don't want to be bored anymore!

Theres a good lesson for you

Are you wearing glasses?
Yes! I'm old and blind as a bat.

Steak with french fries please.

The stadium doesn't need a thousand roads.
I take the left river bank road.

After 20 hours I still didn't
make it to the Bonaparte bridge!

Some fools have gone
all the way to Jean Moulin.

Those are my fries!

If you get stuck behind the tram,
good luck.

Message at 23 pm?

Don't tell me she doesn't have a boyfriend.

I'll show you:

This is market Bellecour,

This is Gerland stadium.

And here, Perrache.

Now Guess!
It took me 10 minutes.

which way did I go?


Baptiste, which way?

I have no idea

From the iPhone to the mineral water.

Are you crazy?

-I am eating

-Laurent? -You're eating my fries
-A clue for you

Shortest route from A to B
does not have to be a straight line

-What are you doing?
-You're such a pig.

Why? These are my french fries.
If you want them, eat them.

Now continue with your fascinating
road trip

Sorry, I'll be right back.

I got news regarding Laurent.

His business is doing very badly.

The trouble is, he can not sell his land

How about Nathalie?

-Did she tell you anything?
-I don't think she knows.

We also don't know
we know nothing.

Maybe I can help.

I have 3500 Euros in my savings account

-I can lend him money
-You're so sweet

But I think it will not be enough.

Guys, we have to solve this problem.

What does that mean?

Are you going to work and
bring the tram over there?

You can't do that

He meant we have to do
what we can..

But we have to say something
if we want to help

He is too proud!

If he knows that we know

he will be worried and will go away
and we'll never see him

Why are we hiding it.

When I had problems with the short-term loan

When we had a problem...

You guys helped us.
That's not the same.

No, no this is not the same
Laurent is too proud.

You can handle it

If I say you're a terrible dancer
you don't care

-I dance really well. Better than you.
-You see you complain about it and carry on.

There's taking it bad
and then taking it bad.

But I took this really bad

Sorry, but I have a sense of rhythm.

Seriously. I am a good dancer.
That's how it should be known.

-Yes I am a good dancer
-No, you're not

He's coming. Change the subject.

Yves, which is the best way to go
to the Airport then?

Good question!

Thank you, gentlemen!

-Thank you, Antoine.
-With Pleasure.

Jean-Michel, I dance well, right?

No, you're terrible.

I have to call the landlord in Arcachon
for our holiday arrangement

for the summer. I'll send the check
and you'll pay me later as usual right?

Sorry! I can't.
I have too much work. With can't come this time.

Aren't you coming to Arcachon?

Forget Arcachon!
I'm tired of the coast!

Are you kidding?
We go there every year!

That's why we need to change something.
Look I'll show you something.

Wow you have a folding cover!

NO idiot, I'm going to show you photos.

What is this?

What a house and a swimming pool!
Where is this?

Le Vigan, in Cevennesu.

Nice, isn't it?

Take a look

The rent must be really expensive.

Yes, true...

But, the deal is.

The owners are wealthy friends
of Vero's parents

And they don't go there at all.
They even have heating installed.

They want some people there
so the house isn't empty

So you're saying it's available

-And free?
-Yes exactly.

I'll try to arrange something

Worst case I'll bring some work

Yes do that!
That's a good idea

Ok so I have to go now
I need to send the nanny home.

I'll take a Taxi
Or, can you take me home?

Yes, of course.


Have a good night!

Wow, what a deal!

No, not at all.
You don't understand.

If we don't do this Nathalie and
Laurent can't go on holiday.

Too many lies, I can't take it.

Well I'm not going to come
if Olivia is there.

You'll each come for a week.

What the hell is this?

Laurent sold the Cayenne.

400 km in a Twingo was tough.

I ordered the latest model
the wait is crazy at Porsche.

You guys are early.

I found a great route.

The navigation wanted to take
us through Nemes.

Can you imagine?

-Let's look at the house.
-The luggage!

Come on, Jean-Mich.

Take a look it's magnificent

-Where's Laura?
-She's taking care of the luggage

There's even an ice machine!

Good food, great house
and good friends.

And Lyon beat the Parisians.


This is proper ice.

Everything is here.

True monster.

Petrus 1989

Olivia is here!



I didn't watch the game.
I don't want to know!

don't tell me.

Jean-Michel, did you make the DVD?

Of course.
Let me go get it.

So if you didn't watch it...
Please don't say a word.

Not even "OK", don't say "OK"

Even "OK" can mean something.

You really didn't watch the game?

Look at him! You look happy.
Did we win? No don't say anything.

I'm happy because we're on holiday.

Marvelous place.
A canyon...

Lot's of old stone.

What's that Champagne? Oh, shit.
We won. Didn't we...

Yes we won!
No don't tell me.

-But come on...

Are you going to tell me the score!

Would you like to know?
I am not going to look at your eyes!

Olivia, I got it come on.

This is crazy

Antoine, do we need to thank Vero's
parents friends for the house?

No, no no need.
I'll take care of it

You watched the game right?
What about Grenierjev's free-kick...

2 goals in the last minute

Damn it!

What is happening?

This is a documentary.

Jean-Michel didn't record the game

Yes you're right I'm sorry
Maybe they cancelled the game

Canceled the game?
What are you talking about?

You recorded channel 3!

It shouldn't be hard to remember.
How could you do this!

What am I supposed to do with
a travel documentary?

I told you channel 4!
Football on Channel 4!

The fourth channel!
One more than three.

I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.

It doesn't matter, don't worry
about it.

Well then...
Tell me the result.

Well there were goals

Yes, quite a few!

Come back here!
Don't do this to me!

Tell me the score

Laurent do you want to
go for a swim?

Good idea. The pool is ready.

True a great idea!

Bravo, very funny!
Very funny...

Vero, what was the score?

I didn't know there was a game.

No 3G! - "There is no 3G"!

I am not even going to ask for Wi-Fi
We're up in the mountains with bears.

Honey be carefull
Don't mess up my hair!

I love to hold my breath.

-How much can you hold it, Olivia?
-I am not interested.

Just tell me the score.

You really don't know?
No, I don't know!

-We beat them 3 to 1

Great! Super!

I know.

Guillaume is coming tomorrow.

What are yours up to?
Are they with Baptist?

No, they are with my parents.

They enjoy going there.

And I enjoy myself when they
are not with me.

Actually may be I can rent them
some times.

There could be a lot of money
in that

May be I'm a bad mother too but

A true holiday is one
without kids

Do you remember last year in Arcachon?
I really couldn't relax at all

Take them kayaking,
take them from the club

make them Nutella pancakes
in the morning

I would gladly make pancakes
if I could have children

No, of course.
I'm sorry.

Of course we love our children

Of course, but sometimes!

They can be challenging

-You know what? It's raining in Lyon!
-Poor Baptiste.

Watch out!

My feet!

Why are you here?

I can ask you the same thing.

I told you I had first week.
No, the first week was mine

Come on we'll take care of it.
Don't make a scene.

Come on we're not 15 anymore.

You probably made a mistake.

So you leave now, and come back next week

-Why should I leave?
-Because this is not your week!

First week is mine
Second week is yours

I'll tell you another reason to leave.

It's very simple.
This is my vacation

these are my friends and
I would like to have peace and quiet.

What do you mean my friends,
they're my friends too!

Our friendship goes back 25 years
I'm the one who introduced them to you

Don't be ridiculous we went to school together!
Who did you introduce?

Don't be ridiculous?
Do you wen't to do the math?

Yes, if that's necessary

Who did you introduce to me?
Tell me

Yves isn't that right?

No I don't remember. You're not
going to ruin our holiday are you?

We meet him together at the restaurant

He was short 50 cents to buy pie.
I don't remember the exact bill...

Jean-Michel how much was the pie?

-2.30 francs.
-You see, 2.30 francs.

I was right behind him in line.

In fact, that makes me first.


How about Antoine? You didn't know
him before we went skating

You're so wrong. We used to go out
before I even met you

I don't understand.
What do you mean we used to go out?

Who? No...

No, no.

-We weren't dating.
-No but you said...

"We used to go out".
That was the word.


Why didn't you tell me this earlier?

Baptiste, you're making a big deal
out of this

It was nothing.
It was meaningless

You've hid it from me for 25 years
a quarter of a century

therefore it is an important secret.

Otherwise, you would say: "Baptiste
you know we had sex before we met...

but it was nothing" then
I would have replied "It doesn't matter"

It was ages ago come on...

Oh just what I was waiting for
the magic words

"Ages ago" time heals everything

I fucked your wife...
but ages ago

I poked your eye... ages ago
I raped your mother... but ages ago

In fact, we only slept together.

-Technically we didn't...
-Stop. Too much information.

What's the problem?

You were not married to Olivia,
I wasn't married to Antoine

Actually I knew about it
but I didn't care.

Ahh, you also knew?

So I'm the only clown.

Is this a conspiracy?

Today for example I don't care if
Olivia sees someone. Are you?

I don't care.

But before... No
Not with a friend.

Not in the past.
This is about having respect.

We're on holiday
We came to relax.

To enjoy.

But this requires respect.
I am not asking for much.

I hope you finished and you're
not going to talk about this all the time

I said what I had to say.
End of story.

Okay, I'm going back to the pool.


The rain ends...
then the sun shines again.

Don't comfort me with proverbs.

We need another room
Baptist and Olivia need separate ones.

Just take care of it.

Why us?
Are we cursed, just because we got divorced?

-We didn't get divorced.
-Don't start it again.

-There is an attic with a bed at the back.
-It sounds great!

I won't sleep in an attic,
no matter how good they are.

I can take it if you want.

You're so sweet, but we'll figure
something out. We didn't pick rooms yet



We already unpacked and it
would be silly to move.

Naturally you chose the best room
overlooking the swimming pool?

No... we got here first...

I'm sorry if I chose
a better route!

Enough with your routes!

The thing is you always come
first and take the best room.

Just because you unpacked,
doesn't mean that the room is yours.

Hello dark clouds.

No no... nothing is spoiled.

But after 25 years of silence
it had to be said... right?

Of course.

I have a suggestion..
that we play a game for the rooms.


-Come on Baptise we can't wait all night!
-Fuck off!

I am going to get more wine

What the hell are you doing?

I am warning you. We'll go to a hotel.
I will not sleep in the barn!

-It's not a barn an attic.
-Whatever, same thing.

Olivia was a pretty girl.
Polite and well brought up.

And now she was about to finish
a whole bottle of rose...

or maybe not.

Antoine is the closest..
then Baptiste.

You will regret that you have an ass

Why is that?
Because I'm going to screw you

Olivia you moved Baptiste's ball.
He lost.

Come on!
This is cheating!

She screws me everywhere in life!

Antoine, did you take your medicine!

Wow.. our first sangria on vacation!


Jean-Mich, you are a great guy.

You prepare cocktails

you can fix things with your hands.

No thanks I'll continue with the rose

We'll pass it on

You're every womans dream

But seriously...
how's the love department

-Come on tell us. There's something going on...
-Give him a break!

-Come on spill it out
-Are you seeing someone?

Actually I am really excited

There is a gril

She came just before the holiday
to change her brake pads

She's about 38 years old

Very pretty and sophisticated.

She has a hand bag


She's really beautiful.

Marvelous news!
Will you see her?

Pads have a 3-year warranty,
she'll be back but not so soon

Come on!
Do you know her name?

I guess it's on the invoice

Wait a minute.
What did you tell her?

That she has a 3-year warranty.

No but... romantically?

I don't know.
We didn't talk like that.

-It's getting serious I think
-Very sexy

Brake pads, a hand bag, beautiful girl
I think I'll go and masturbate

Oh.. come on Antoine...

But seriously guys
the sangria is divine.

Really? Let me try.

It smells very nice

Aren't you going to have a glass?

One minute Jean-Mich

This is not a joke, it's outstanding

I am not a sangria guy but
Whatever is inside this...

What did you put in this?

The wine you brought and another stuff:
Oranges, cinnamon, sugar

Which wine?

The wine from the kitchen.
The one you showed us

Not the two bottles I put
on the table right?

Yeah those

Please say "I didn't put Chateau Petrus"
in there

Good God!

You didn't put a 89 Chateau Petrus
in our sangria did you?

You were supposed to use the
table wines from the box next to them

Damn, Jean-Michel.
How could you?

Do you know how much a bottle costs?

Sorry, Yves.

I'll pay for it

Not it's not about money Jean-Mich

Damn! I mean...

What the hell did you do!

I really am a fool.
No, your'e not.

No, I forbid you to talk
like that about any of my friends.

You are not a fool.

Yves, you've already had enough Petrus
in your life

You know what this is?

This is unique!

There is nobody who drank a
Petrus sangria in the world!

The best sangria in the world.

You'll remember this sip.
For the rest of your life

Therefore enjoy it.
Isn't that right?


It really is outstanding

Yes I'm sure

Bravo, Jean-Mich!


Watch out! I'm coming!

It's very hot!
Is everything okay?

Isn't it funny?

When I'm on vacation,

I can eat a peace of toast
or a baugette

There are no rules!

Shopping list.

-Good Morning, Yves.
-Hi, Vero.

How many are you going to eat?
That's just butter and grease.

It's not good for you

Why are you eating that?

Because it's good!

You forgot cream and vodka.

Yes, and you forgot your pills.

Vero can you put the butter in the fridge,
it shouldn't stay in the sun.

The sun can really ruin it

Last time we forgot something with Laura
outside and the sun...

boiled it.

Are you going shopping?

Let's take the Picasso.

I don't know why but Yves decided,
taht shopping in the morning

was our morning ritual.

Whats worse than Yves at breakfast

is Yves in the car

Tires are full.

I always buy Goodyear.

I never bought another brand.

What about you?
What is your favourite manufacturer?

Because the liver of the polar bear
is extremely toxic.

No Eskimo will ever eat it.

Guillaume is here!

Nice of him.
The holiday at Vigan did him good.

Son! You should have told us.
We could have picked you up.

How are you, father?

-Your father is quite lively.
-The eternal flatterer

-Good to see you!
-You too

Come on to the abbey
We have to go

Super. Are you coming Guillaume?

No, I have to finish my homework

Too bad.

Antoine, we're going to the abbey

The Abbey? Why?

It's nice here

Go without me

You can't get a tan in the abbey

And monks always look miserable

and they are very pale

I don't want to leave the sun
You know, I'm on the "market" now...

I have to stay with her and supervise,
incase something happens to her

We don't do anything together
all year long

Vacation is not only relaxing
and drinking

-I think that's exactly what it is
-That's the definition of vacation!

Did we come 480 km's just to
to walk around and see things?

This is a classic Cistercian style

You immediately feel the influence
of Enguerrand de Lusigny,

A very old style.

Strong pillars.

They knew how to build

True, honey.

You really are a great match

Ahh you're so kind

Thank you, Antoine.

Since you wondered

The Cistercian monks were
committed to an oath of silence

Wonderfull.. we should respect
their oath.

-Antoine can we talk
-Do I have a choice


When folding Guillaumov's tent

I found this in the side pocket

-It's drugs.
-You don't say

I don't know what to do.
It doesn't look good

I am only his father
and he doesn't listen to me anymore

Would you like to
talk to to him?

-What do you want me to say?
-I don't know.

Tell him he's being ridiculous
You're his godfather he will listen to you

I lit one for my mom.

You want one?

Please take one it's on me

Thank you.

What did you wish for?

But you're not supposed to tell

Why not? Who's gonna know

Your ritual is no fun

Yes. Wait a minute.
Does this mean I'll have to sell our house?

Am I supposed to tell Nathalie,
that we lost the house?

Alain please. I told you before
I am waiting for the councils decision

It's coming in a month!

You can't wait that long?

Ok. Call me.

Are you going to talk to Guillaume.

Thank you

He put too much coal
The fire won't be able to breathe

And the twigs are green.

You always have to use
clean dry branches.

Or pine cones

Or maybe saw dust

That will not do.

Laurent, are you okay?
I'm sorry...

I had a terrible sleep
I'm very tired.

You know what?
Forget the barbecue.

I saw a restaurant,
where they have great Aioli

No Aioli please!
It's greasy and with too much garlic.

I made some vegetable stew

Vegetables vegetables!
Let's have some local food

A nice Aioli would be great
for lunch

Guys, you do what you want
We are going to stay here. -Exactly

Come on don't be silly
It is a pity!

See you girls!
I'm really sorry. Forget about it.

-The profiteroles were great
-Lets see

Great. The wine is on the house


And we got a discount.

So per person

divided by five.

9,20 euro per person.
It's almost free


What? 9.20?
Do you know them?

Didn't I tell you?

The owner is a friend of Vero's friends
which offered us the house.

Francis and Nicole.

That's great really great

Thank you for your generosity!

It's Great, really!

Nice of you.

Thank you. I will send Francis
and Nicole your regards.

Thank you for your kindness.

Thank you very much.

I'll bring mentha for everyone

I wan't a mentha cocktail
but really cold

Jean-Mich, bring some ice!

-I want some Calva

Are you going to drink more?

I love the color.

Antoine you just had a coronary
artery problem

Why are you risking your life?

Don't worry, you will be a
beautiful widow.

Sorry, we're going to bed.
Come on, Antoine.

You are not my mother.
My mother is dead.

Listen to me.
I won't take this bitchy wife role.

Go find someone else to
play with

Good night.

Come on!

I was kidding!

I was kidding!

Don't look at me like that!

I did the math

If you could put all the paper
you sold

you could have a road to
the moon and back

Amazing isn't it?

I am going to see my
friends at Montpellier

-Have a nice day.
-See you tonight.

-Is Olivia leaving?
-Help me?


-Where is she going?
-To go see friends

-What friends?
-Friends in Montpellier

In Montpellier?
We don't have friends there

Perhaps she met new ones.

You should be happy
She won't be here all day

We don't have friends in Montpellier.

Honey, you have to transfer the money.
I have to make the payment today

Sorry, I forgot.
I will handle it

Look you can even make crushed ice.
Cool, isn't it?

Excellent for mojito.

Did you see the crushed ice?

Why are you crying?

Nothing.. nothing.
It's the onion.

But those are carrots

Maybe she met someone on the beach.
It happens you know

It's hot... there's the sun
People are in bathing suits, almost naked...

It happened to my former boss
in Norautu

Or was it in Speedy?
I don't remember

No, Norautu
Just before Midasom.


Your boss?

Yeah, like Oliva.

He met his wife on the beach.

They got married
Had two children.

Remind me not to speak to you anymore

Honey are you having a good time?

-No don't eat that, that's for Olivia!
-She should have been here then...

But she's at the beach

Yeah? At night?

The time is 22:50. What is she
doing at this time on the beach?

Did she buy a metal detector.
Is she searching for gold?

You fool!

Perhaps she's with a new boyfriend.

The beach is romantic.
It's Full Moon.

The important thing is
not to be jealous!

I'm not jealous.
I really don't care at all!

It is only about respect.
That's all I'm trying to say

There are rules you know.
You can't have sex in the same region!

-Don't talk like that in front of Guillaume!

But you're not in the same region.

She is in Montpellier the 34th region
You are in Gard, the 30th region

It doesn't matter they're almost
the same

So your rule applies to
neighbouring regions too then

Are you okay sweetheart?
Are you bored?

No, no.

It doesn't look good
Are you going to talk to him?

About the Drug situation.

Yes, I will. Don't worry.

Can I have some more wine, please?

Laurent are you thirsty.

You drink too much tonight

Yes. He's relaxing
We're on holiday.

I'm relaxing

Ahh finally, there is Olivia!

Am I late... sorry. I'm starving.
I was on the beach all day

I made some vegetable casserole
Would you like some?

I'm going to take a shower.
I have sand all over

Full of sand.

Come on!
That's for Olivia!

Oops, sorry.

-Is it good?

I'm so happy!

What did you do today?

I had a wonderful time!


That is not an answer.

At least you can be polite
and answer the question.

This is called respect.

What's up with you?

Suddenly are you interested in my life?

Previously if I left for the moon
you wouldn't bother to ask why

That's not true.

You live your own life, I live my own
Is that what you want?

Is that what you want?

Yes why not?


Did my father send you?


I know why.

Because of this?

How old are you?

I missed your birthday

It was on the 10th of April
You were in a coma.

Excellent excuse

You know, Guillaume...

I made a lot of mistakes.
I did not have enough fun.

I was too carefull

I never enjoyed life.

And at 50 years old
I still had a heart attack.

Your best years are still
yet to come.

But this...

You only realize much later

Therefore I'll give you a secret

Have fun. Go to clubs, have sex.

Eat at McDonalds

Drink Coke, the red one with sugar
not zero

But mainly:
Forget about common sense.

I think he understood.
The message has been delivered.

What is this?
Did he charge you for that?

I asked you to talk to him,
and you made him a dealer

You're completely crazy!

I gave him the money
for his birthday.

I confiscated the drugs.
You should be happy.

Your son is a great kid.

Super boy.

I'm stoned.

-I can see that
-Have some

I haven't had one for ages
Thank you.

This is a very good day

You know... your heart attack
was not so bad after all

You don't work anymore

What do you do, are you back to drawing?

No no, I gave up drawing!

From now on I am a new man

without virtues.

I am overwhelmed
that's enough work.

Shit, Edwin.
He doesn't give up


-New boyfriend?
-No no

A drunken night in London.
Since then he doesn't leave me alone

You know my method
for such cases

Are you crazy?

Those are horrible things
for a girl

Hey. You're the boss.

Yes, Edwin!

Yes. No no no

I'd like to see you again, it's
just that

I have to see a doctor first.

Because I... you know
nothing serious but...

intimate girl stuff...


Pus... No, my vagina.

Kind of scratches you know
A little.. a lot

Scratches boku

What? You called me?
Okay, bye Edwin

You are totally sick

You're to blame.

This chair was chair green?


I was afraid
that this lamp will wake you up

I'm sleeping!

Don't sleep, let's talk

Antoine, stop.

My doctor said I need to do
endurance exercises

If we don't have sex
I might die

Antoine, look at me.

Do I look like an inflatable doll?

You are rude, you're drunk
you stink and you want to have sex

Wow that really turns me on!

You are not fun.

You are old...
like your sister

Never again...
We will never smoke pot again.

Drugs are evil!

I dreamed that I married a
wild boar. What does that mean?

Are you going to the village?
Can you get me cigarettes

Did you cancel your appointment
with Fabrice Blomet.

Your cardiologist, professor Blomet.
You had a review scheduled for the 12th

-That is today.
-Don't remember?

You didn't ... naturally

I can not believe this!

You are completely insane!

Come on give me a break
I have a headache

-This is a nightmare
-Come on

Call this Blomet

Come on.

-I don't have his number
-That's how it is

I hate this

Well said

Where the hell is this?

Women and handbags!

Let's see.


Vero, honey!
Glad you called.

I can't talk right now I have patients
When are you coming back?

I missed you so much!

Are you going to the store?

Wait for me. We have to buy things
for the picnic tomorrow

No thanks.
Want to go alone

Are you kidding?
It'll be fun come on

Come on open the door.


In times of difficulty it's
good to be alone

to look at a landscape and the horizon.

it helps you assess the situation.

But in fact, it becomes
really boring after three minutes.

Antoine did you buy eggs for the trip?

Did you call Blomet and cancel
your appointment?

Why didn't you want me to come?

I don't know.

I didn't want to talk.

We don't always have to talk

-You don't talk to others too sometimes
-I know.

But when I don't talk to the others

I don't get so annoyed

Do you get annoyed when we don't talk?

-Just say I'm annoying you and it's all over
-No no. Forget it.

Wait wait. You said I annoy you.

-Aren't we friends anymore?
-Yves, I don't know.

What do you want me to say?

The stories you tell

that they are boring

and that you don't make me laugh
you used to be fun

Now, you're not funny.

I'm not funny?

Forget what I said. Come on.

Faster, Laura!

-I'm trying!
-Don't forget what I told you

One small step one big step
One small step one big step

Let's break for lunch!
The fogs gone and everything is clear

Look Laurent
Theres thyme everywhere

Did you hear when Olivia asked me
to buy her cigarettes?

-So what's the big deal?
-She doesn't talk but still gives orders

You're the one that doesn't talk not her

You're over reacting.
you're jealous and a fool

Thank you.

Please stop with this Olivia
shit all right?

Am I boring you with my
own problems?

Please change this CD

Okay, thank you.

Remember when we got stuck in a storm?

The GPS said that we we're in the
9th region

I remember. You always bring this up
whenever we go on a hike

Thank you, Jean-Mich.

Can we stop please

A break for a cigarette.

Thank you Guillaume.

This is really good
What is this?

Baptists specialty.

-Our children used to love them.
-They still do

-It's a really steep hill
-Yes true

Speaking of steep hills ...

Do you know why the mountain goat
has shorter front legs

No, why?

Forget it.
I don't want to bore Antoine.

-Why do you say that?

I'm boring and not funny

Thats what Antoine told me yesterday

-You're joking!
-Not at all not.

Come on I didn't say terrible things

We should be able to tell the truth right?
We have so many people to lie to

Our family, work colleagues,

We should be able to tell that
we are bored

It's not a big deal
This is life.

We're getting old

This happens to old friends.

Anyone for radish?

My little chicks

I think I cooked them right

It'll be excellent with mayonnaise.


Wings or breast?

I don't eat chicken

-Why not?
-I don't like it.

What do you mean you don't like chicken
Are you a vegetarian?

Laura, doesn't your husband like

-I don't know.
-I don't like it. Isn't that enough?

Well, as you wish.

But I just I don't believe you.

Everyone loves chicken

On the grill, boiled,


You don't want it
because I cooked it

And you're angry at me.

Tell me

Admit it, you're mad at me!

Damn, Antoine enough!

Since you had the heart attack...


You're always preaching,
like you know siht

But no..

And don't call Me Jean-Mich anymore

It's Jean-Michel or Jean-Mi.

Excellent. You're talking.

You have a voice, and an opinion.

Once every 20 years. Not bad.

While we're at it.
Theres something I don't understand.

Why are you with us?

I wonder why you are on a
vacation with couples?

Don't you want to have sex?

We don't have sex anymore, because
we are married. But you?

Christ! Stop it already!

Don't be such an asshole!

Why are you so angry?

You are really pathetic!

You don't shave anymore!
My shirt is not tucked!

I'm a rebel!

If you're not happy with us
just leave!

Are, "you" telling me this?

You are the one that's not
supposed to be here.

You know very well that
this week was not yours

This is Baptists week.
And you know that!

Enough, Antoine!

Don't let me get started with you

What about me

Let me tell you, Laurent.

Antoine. Shut up.

Why? It's time we talk out loud

There are messages for you too

I am tired of your Olivia shit,
just tell her that you still love her.

This will save time.

You really are an ass hole


I am going back to Lyon

Of course go!
Go back to Lyon, baby!

I think they are waiting for
you in the hospital.

Because I'm not OK,
but you're perfect.

In fact, you are all perfect

Don't change a thing.
You're all awesome.

I realised, that if I died now,

you would remember me as an ass hole

who ate mayonnaise and
cursed at his friends

But I did not die.
It was not a heart attack.

Just vasovagal syncope.

Nothing serious

-Good morning, Hugo .
-Hi, dad.

Are you really in the packaging department

No I moved to marketing...

It is more interesting and a
there are a lot of the girls.

-Have a nice day.

We decided to stay married with Vero

and take non-verbal communication.

In fact, we split our rooms
and just made faces

It was the same with the others

All ties were cut.

It can be cut.

We didn't call each other
and we didn't talk

Gentlemen, back to work!

-What are you doing here?
-I wanted to have lunch with a friend

Well let's go.

Are you okay?

Jean-Michel has a mussel party
this weekend

Are you coming?

I don't know.

We're not talking
Are you annoyed?

Come on. Don't do this.
Are we going to start over?

I don't know.

Vero is fucking my cardiologist
I think it's over.


-What are you gonna do?

I am going to keep my mouth shut

I don't think I can give much
lessons in that area

You want me to bring the ice?
Thank you.

This is contagious.
I can't stop.

-Where is Laura?
-In Brittany, she's with her mother

There, they have real mussels!

I have a friend there
he catches lobsters every day




I had these in the basement.
I thought it would be good with mussels

Let's put them in the fridge

How are you?

How is Vero?

You probably know better than me
we rarely talk

And otherwise?

Otherwise, I'm good.


The backs on top.

-Ahh Antoine you came...

This is Alexandre.

This is Antoine

This is Yves.

Nice to meet you


Jean-Michel's neighbour.

Nathalie, Laurent's wife

Nice to meet you too

And Baptiste, my...

I'm her...

Mussels! Great!

I love mussels.

-Did you get tickets for the match?
-Yes don't worry

-Do you like football?

More or less.

A little bit

Come on you're a fanatic
She knows better than us

Don't be ridiculous

If you're fan come on and stand up!

... Lyon.

This looks great

I've never seen it before

This is a mussels party

You can do it with oysters too


Yes you can

Warm oysters

No you can't do oysters

Hair dryer please

So tell me. Is that girl single?

Nora? Yes.

Wow beautiful.

Aren't you interested?

Are you kidding?
She's my neighbour.

-She's like family.

Almost ready


Your wife must be very lucky
Are you Married?

I'm a widower here.

I'm really sorry.

She used to drink a lot


A little respect.

Thats not nice!

Change the topic please.

How do you all know each other?

-Business School in Lyon.
-Not me

You too Jean-Mich...
You were there

Yes but I worked in the canteen.

We ate there
So we were together.

Same thing

Where did you study Alexandre?

Law at Bordeaux,
then ASS at Brown.

ASS at brown?

No, I went to the ASS program at brown

There is no such thing as an ASS program

Yes there is. There is the ASP
the ASC

Oh I get it's the category!

-Yes the A S S
-However you call it

ASS at Brown
Really hard to prepare...

A lot of secretion I assume

-You made me laugh
-I'm glad you liked it

So you're a widower

So I'm dead.

Yes. That's all I could find.

It really works on girls

When I say I'm a widower

it raises the atmosphere
They see that I am suffering

It's classy. They know that you
weren't rejected for a stupid cause

It helps if you don't look
like George Clooney

-I see. So I died of cirrhosis?
-Yes ture.

But not always.

The last time it was...

a parachute accident.

you fell from 2000 meters on the rocks.
It was terrible..

As if...

a carpaccio
you were a carpaccio

A human carpaccio?

-You are taking the dirty plates back
-I know

Is this your garden?
It is really beautiful.

Not bad.

A bit asymmetric but good

The location is good too
It takes me less than an hour to get to work


I change twice
if you don't count the bus.

But the weekends are great.

You don't work on saturday's any more?

If you don't count saturday's I mean

Oh the coffee!

"Twice if you don't count the bus"
It's funny.

He is freindly
but he seems a little...

A little what?

Not exactly an exceptional person.

He won't win a Nobel Prize!

Why? Did you ask him to solve
a math equation?

Are you an exceptional person?
Please educate me!

Guys, enough.

I'll pour it

Let's drink and go.

Our team is not exactly a "Barcelona"

Tell me... Were you able to make
your new boyfriend like football?

No I couldn't make him like anything
We broke up

-Where are we going to eat?
-Yes tell me so I can call Laura

I have a message from Laurent
Abel is completely booked

He proposes another restaurant
"Le Relais" to...

St Cyr au Mont-d'Or.

-Who's idea is this?

I can not pay for his dinner
this time

I think I can't even pay my
own here

Good evening.
May I take your coat please?

No, I prefer to keep it with me
Thank you.

Thank you, madam
Olivia, Olivia!

You can not go in like that
Take a look around you

Okay, that's enough


Good evening.

Laurent, this is a bit...
Why did you choose this place?

We'll began with champagne
A Magnum Bollinger.

Bollinger La Grande Annee coming sir

I am in the mood for champagne

So champagne it is then

Did you choose the wine sir?

Let's pick something easy
Like a local village wine

No, let me choose the wine

It's really good

What year sir?

I don't know.

When were you born, Jean-Michele?

-15th of September 1970.
-1970 then

Romanee-Conti 1970 please

Excellent choice, sir.

Well yes!
Excuse me he was actually born in 2010

I'll have a glass of Beaujolais!

-And a beer for me

Blue lobster and organic vegetables.

Bresse chicken with truffle sauce.

-So you started to eat chicken again

Bon apetit! Thank you.

To think that I have a hundred euros
in my mouth

Do you know what this is, Antoine?

Romanee-Conti, 1970

We could be the last people
to ever drink this wine

You will remember this moment for
the rest of your life, so enjoy it.

My sweetheart!

How was Brittany?

Hi, Olivia.

Actually Laura did not go to Brittany.

She used the week for a skin
tightening operation

She insisted that it should be
nearly unnoticeable

She got more than what she wanted.
I don't notice it at all

Are you okay?
You look kind of different

No, I'm fine.

-What's going on?
-Well... I mean

Yves doesn't look at me anyway..
but you guys too...

-What about us?
-You never notice when I do anything!

I'm sorry for not doing very
exciting things

I didn't study management
I didn't leave my wife

I didn't have a heart attack

I am completely transparent

I had plastic surgery
but nobody noticed.

Well they did a great job
so we can't notice it

Yes nobody can!

Maybe he just gave me an anesthesia,
and took all the money

No don't be ridiculous

You're face was always pretty dear

Let me...

Go ahead.

-It really looks nice.
-Your face is in complete harmony

-Very sophisticated.

-This wine is good
-You hear that Laurent?

Sorry but recently, I was under stress.

It's all our fault!

We don't look at each other anymore

Wonderful job, really.

-Then cheers to all of you!

Isn't Veronique coming?

I don't know we don't speak
these days

Our communication is not at
it's best

Did you try the sweetbread
it's amazing

That's a shame
Vero loves sweetbread

Sorry, I'll be right back

It's so easy to break up

The challenge is to make it work

Miss Chevallier!

What are you doing here?

-I came to pick you up
-You never come to pick me up

I am learning to change

Come on

Come with me.

I am not good at this

but I wanted to tell you two things.


I am really hungry
which is very important.


These past few days I was
a bit foolish... and

I love you.

I still love you.

That's it

And one more thing ...
I ordered sweetbread

I wouldn't want to miss this

Drink a little wine.

It's good, right?

-Looks very good.
-It's a delicacy



-Any news on the brake pad girl
-We have an appointment on Monday

I'll change her shock absorbers
Then we're going out for a drink

That's great

For Jean-Michel!

I'm going out for a smoke

Me too

-Hey no running away before the bill
-You're crazy

-Got a light?

-Do you have a cigarette?

Me neither

-So we're not going to smoke

-What is it?

-You are touching me
-No I'm leaning on you

No, you're touching me

I am supporting you

Baptiste, please go and
find a cigarette.

Baptiste, a cigarette please

We had a smoke

you don't have to explain anything

-We did not ask.
-That's what I am saying

We just smoked a cigarette

Because we can not smoke in here, so
we had to go out. The rules you know

You have to respect them

I tried to quit it for some time
but it seems...

I can't do without it.

No, sir.

Laurent, please.

9 of us...

Oh by the way,

I found the house where we went to
on the internet

They were your parents friends
right, Vero?

It seems they decided to rent
it out

and at a very high price too

Probably because it's their
first time.

Then we're very lucky

So the bill comes to

9.20 per person.

Come on don't mess with us!
How much?

9.20 per person.

I can have plans too you know

I didn't tell you guys

The Tram line is extended.
All the way to my lands


So everything is fine.

How I fooled you!

Thank you, friends!

After a bottle of cognac
we decided to go home

No one was sober enough to drive

All 9 of us tried to fit in
Yves car.

We were together, we were friends
having fun


But at the first roundabout
a disaster happened

Yves took a wrong turn.