Barbary Pirate (1949) - full transcript

The U.S. government sends Major Thomas Blake on a secret mission when the Bey of Tripoli starts demanding tribute from American merchant ships in the Mediterranean in the early 1800's. His pose as a Tory on the ship alienates his fellow passengers, Anne Ridgeway, and her brother Sam. Off Tripoli, the ship is captured by the Bey's pirates, but Blake makes a friend of the Bey when he saves his life. Blake learns that a servant girl, Zoltah, and her friends ate plotting to kill the Bey, and that the Bey also has a spy in the State Department, Tobias Sharpe, who sends advance information about American ship movements.

Gentlemen, gentlemen.
Order, please.

Mr. Jefferson,
as vice president,

what is your opinion?

President Adams,
I believe we have no choice.

True, our navy is too small
to protect every vessel,

but we have paid tribute
long enough.

Now we must fight Yusef
and his Barbary Pirates.

You're wrong, Mr. Jefferson.

What do you mean, Mr. Sharpe?

As an expert
on Mediterranean affairs,

I know these Tripolitanians well.

They're like children.

They must be treated gently.

Seems to me Yusef is
rather a dangerous child.

Oh, come, come.
Let's not manufacture an incident.

The sinking of the Catherine
was purely accidental.

And the Brady, the Concord,

the Boston Queen,
the Patrick Henry?

Were those all accidents, too?

The Barbary Pirate is
a necessary hazard to shipping.

Like reefs and storms.

Even France and England
pay tribute to Yusef.

He's right, Jefferson.

When we convoy our ships,

the pirates know and never attack.

Precisely. They attack
only unprotected ships

carrying the richest cargos.

So it seems for the moment
that we are helpless.


I have devoted my life
to making this country free.

I do not propose to concede
that she is helpless.

Excuse me, sir, now.

Six ships.

Your Britisher,
a Dane, three Portuguese

and now an American.
All in one month.

You have surpassed my five.

I have been fortunate,
your majesty.

Too fortunate.

Soon there will be no more ships.

Then who will pay my tribute?

Your majesty, I demand
an immediate audience...

Ah, Mr. Cathcart.

I heard that America
was still a land of savages.

- Your majesty...
- Let him come in.

Well, Mr. Cathcart.

On behalf of the government
of the United States,

I protest the unwarranted attack
on the brig Catherine.

Brig? I took no brig.

Your majesty knows very well

that your admiral has
sunk an American ship

and imprisoned her captain and crew
in violation of our treaty.

Murad Reis, you have deceived me.

I, your majesty?

You. You did not tell me
that this brig

belonged to our good friends,
the Americans.

But, your majesty...

Uh, I did not know, your majesty.

It was too foggy
to see the colors.

In the future, be more careful.

Mr. Cathcart,

inform your government
that Yusef deeply regrets

the sinking of the brig Catherine.

The president of
the United States demands

the release of Captain
Witherspoon and his crew.


But it is so unnecessary.
He only has to ask.

Oh, Captain Witherspoon
will be released?


Release him.

Thanks, your majesty.

Not at all, captain.

Your majesty.

You're free.
You may go.

Seize him.
The prisoner has escaped.

But, your majesty, what are you...


Captain Witherspoon
was my prisoner.

He has obviously left his cell.

The penalty for attempting
to escape is death.

But, your majesty, he didn't.

Have him killed.

But this is insane.

Don't you realize my government
is paying tribute?

It's inconceivable
that any civilized...

Throw him in chains.
Heh, heh, heh.

He is guilty of helping
a prisoner to escape.

Mr. Cathcart, from now on,

it is I who shall make the demands

and the president of the United
States who will obey them.

Major Blake,
I'm going to be quite plain.

- I can give you no official support.
- Yes, sir.

Once you leave
these United States,

you will be completely
on your own.

- If you fail...
- I understand, sir.

There's a ship sailing
for Constantinople in two weeks,

the Salem Sta and she will
travel without escort.

Among the captain's
personal effects

will be political presents

from this nation
to the sultan of Turkey.

A decoy, sir?
A sort of sailing duck?

Or a thin red herring.

I've arranged passage for you
under the name of Thomas Brighton.

Brighton is, or rather was,
a Tory and a traitor.

Perhaps it would be well
for you to continue that pose.

What are my orders, sir?

To discover how and from whom

the Barbary Pirate learns
about our ships' sailings.

- Is that all, sir?
- That's all, major.

Accept my very good wishes.

It's unfortunate in our new nation

that we must depend on one
man's efforts in such a crisis.

Good luck.

Thank you, sir.

- Good evening, major.
- Evening, sir.

Hope you folks have a nice trip.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, Gilbert.

Thank you.

Oh. I'm terribly sorry.
I-I'm afraid I tripped.

That's quite all right.

- Are you coming, Anne?
- Yes. Oh, yes, of course.

Thank you for assisting me.

Surely you're not
making this voyage?

Well, yes, with my brother.

Good evening, Miss Ridgeway.

The purser obliged me
with your name.

How nice of him.

It seemed a shame to waste time
getting acquainted.

You don't seem the sort of person

to waste time at anything,
Mr. Brighton.

Mr. Brighton?

Well, yes. I... I happened
to see the purser and...

Did you have to bribe him, too?

Certainly not.
I just asked him and...


Well, I didn't...
I don't mean exactly...

I understand.

Well, excuse me, I think
my brother's looking for me.


Won't you sit down for a moment?

Well, just for a moment.

Your brother can find you
easily enough.

About this voyage,

surely you don't intend
to continue past Gibraltar?

- Why not?
- Why, it's too dangerous.

There's every chance we'll be
attacked by the Barbary Pirate.

Sam says people take the Barbary
Pirate too seriously,

that he isn't as
dangerous as they say.

Then Sam is an idiot.

Thank you, sir.

You'll excuse yourself,
Anne, and come with me.

It seems ridiculous to me,
Captain Crawford,

that the American
government allows

unescorted vessels
to sail past Tripoli.

We're a young country,
Mr. Brighton.

We haven't enough navy
to convoy every merchant ship.

And we never shall have enough.

So long as the colonies
remain independent.

- What's that, sir?
- I'm merely saying

that if we were still British
we'd have some protection

and our lives wouldn't be
in constant danger.

I consider that remark treason.

You may consider it
anything you like, sir,

but as for me, I want no part
of that feeble little country

that calls itself
the United States of America.

Good evening.

A coward and a traitor
make a nice combination.

Ship off the port.

What manner of ship?

Can't tell, sir.

Ah, it's the Barbary Pirate.

Have the gun crew
prepare for action.

Aye, sir. Gun crew,
prepare for action!

Ahoy, Americans.

Heave to,
and prepare to be searched.


What is it? What's going on?

We're being attacked.

What's that?

The Barbary Pirates.

We'll be needed on deck, sir.

Let the sailors defend us,
Mr. Fielding.

That's their job.

Young man, I was at Valley Forge.

No one else did my fighting
then, nor will they now.

Good day, sir.

Well, I warned you.

Now we'll all be
taken prisoner or killed.

Sam! Sam!

Sam! Sam!

Come back here!

Let me go!

So you're the only
officer left, huh?


Good. Then take me
to the treasure.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Where is it?

I tell you, I don't know what...

I can tell you where
the treasure is hidden, sir.

- Who are you?
- Thomas Brighton.

What you're looking for
is among the captain's effects.

I trust you're not so foolish
as to try to deceive

the Bey of Tripoli.

He would have found it, anyway.

At least the mate wasn't tortured.

No. Because you betrayed a secret
he would have died to keep.

But what difference does it make...

My sister doesn't want
to talk to you.

Have this man brought to me
after the prisoners are put ashore.

So you are the American
who is not an American, hmm?

I'm a Tory, loyal
to his Britannic majesty.

And you think I will
approve of you for that?

Well, I do not approve.

I have no use for traitors.

It's Jefferson and his friends
who've committed treason, not I.

You have some spirit.
Of that I approve.

Well, what shall be done with you?

Perhaps I could be of value,
your majesty.

In what way?

I know American customs and habits.

I could help in planning
the capture of their ships.

Help in planning?

We require no help.

No ship with a cargo of any value
has escaped us in many months.

Then you are very foolish,
your majesty.

You shall not speak such words
to the Bey of Tripoli...

A moment, Murad Reis.
Let us hear him out.

I would suggest that
it's extremely foolish

to capture every ship.

If an occasional vessel
slips through,

the number of unprotected
voyages will increase.


Each captain will think
he's the lucky one.

For every 10 ships daring
your waters, there'll be 20.

Capture 15...

you increase your prizes by five.

Murad Reis, we can learn
from this newcomer.

Release him.
Give him quarters.

In the morning,
we shall hear more.

Your majesty.

Sit down.
Sit down.

Thank you.


I... I'm never hungry after
a long voyage, your majesty.

So, Mr. Brighton, you have
any suggestions for today?

If I were more familiar
with the situation...

What you really mean is,

if I let you live,
you will be of value to me.


You have saved my life.

How did you know about the knife?

I happened to look up and...

Did you see the one who threw it?

No, your majesty.

It is of no importance.

You have saved my life.

Guard, search the palace.

I want the assassin
found and killed.

Now, Mr. Brighton,

you will be my friend.

Thank you, your majesty.

You shall be my personal
guard and counselor.

You like that?

Yes, indeed, your majesty.

- Go away.
- Where's the girl?

Go away!

You're making a mistake,
young man.

I don't think I am.


It was very foolish of you
to follow me here, Mr. Brighton.

Why did you do it?

I was interested
in something you did.

You saw me...


If you had told the Bey,
I should be dead.

Instead it is you who must die.

But why? Why should you
want to kill me?

You admit I saved your life.

You saved the Bey's life, too.

Take him away.

Wait a minute.

Who are you?
Why are you doing this?

Because you seek favors
from Yusef, you are his friend.

We seek freedom
and are his enemies.

I'm no friend of Yusef's.

You would not expect us
to believe that.

I'm working against him, too.

Oh, come now, Mr. Brighton.

If I were his friend,
I would have told him about her.

You're too shrewd for that.

You let her lead you
to the rest of us.

And followed her alone?

Don't you see,
if I'd wanted to capture you,

I'd... I'd have brought
the palace guard.

Maybe he's telling
the truth, Rindeff.

We cannot take the chance, Zoltah.

Can we chance killing someone
who might help us?

Just who are you?

Thomas Blake.
Major, United States Army.

That should be easy to prove.

You will show us
your identification.

Surely you don't think
I carry papers with me

that might become
my own death warrant.

Well, are we to put him to death?

No, let him live.

You're risking all our lives,
Zoltah. And for what?

Because I consider
Major Thomas Blake a good risk.

Mr. Sharpe,
now that I am president,

I'm going to give you
the opportunity

to prove the merits
of your argument.

My argument, Mr. President?

I suggest that you go
to Tripoli immediately.

Ask the Bey to release
all American prisoners

and sign a treaty
of friendship with us.

If he agrees, pay him the tribute.

And if he doesn't agree?

Otherwise, we shall have no choice

but to declare war.

Yes, Mr. President.

Uh, one thing more.

Major Blake, an American officer,

is acting on my orders in Tripoli
under the name of Brighton.

Contact him for
any assistance you may need.

Very well, sir.

I intend to follow your advice

and let an occasional fish
swim through the net.

I am sure you will
find it profitable.

Your majesty, how does it happen

you never attack
an escorted vessel?

Even a child does not
touch a hot stove.

But how can you be sure
which vessels are escorted

and which are unescorted?

You seem to be in a very
inquisitive mood, Mr. Brighton.

And since you enjoy
asking questions,

I have just the mission for you.

Yes, your majesty?

There are many Americans
in my dungeons.

They're expensive
to house and feed.

I do not wish to destroy those
who hold promise of ransom.

I thought perhaps you,
as another American, uh, resident...

You want me to decide who is
to live and... and who is to die?


But, your majesty...

They're all loyal Americans.

- It should amuse you.
- Of course.

Begin this afternoon.
Murad Reis will accompany you.

Perhaps if I were alone
with the Americans,

they'd talk more freely.

You don't trust me, your majesty?

I trust all my friends,
Mr. Brighton.

But only so far.

We'll go in here first.

I've come to ask you a few
questions, Miss Ridgeway.

If you cooperate,
I can get you out of here.

I thought I was Yusef's prisoner.

I can help you
if you'll listen to me.

Please leave me alone.

So, Miss Ridgeway, you come
from a wealthy family.

Don't be ridiculous, I'm...

It won't do you
any good to deny it.

What are you talking about?

You've given me all
the information I need.

I haven't given you anything.

Now get out of here!

Your servant, Miss Ridgeway.

She's quite an actress.

Is she?

Shall we move along?

Major Blake.
Major Blake, sir!

I'm afraid you've made a mistake.

Don't you remember me, major?

Dexter, Dexter Freeman.

I served under you at Yorktown.

You remember Dexter, sir.

I was never at Yorktown.

It's been several years, sir,
and we've both changed,

but I'd remember you anyplace,
Major Blake.

My name's Brighton, not Blake.

You're mistaken!

They get strange ideas
after a few months in prison.

Some do, some don't.

I guess I was mistaken.

I could have sworn
it was Major Blake.

- He looks exactly like...
- Ah, it's dark down here.

You don't believe me,
do you, Mr. Ridgeway?

That man was on the Salem Star.

He's a Tory coward named Brighton.

You just made a mistake.


I knew the major too well.

I don't know
what's happened to him.

That man is Thomas Blake.

Why would he pretend?


Unless what?

Nothing. Doesn't matter.

Not now, anyway.

What are you doing with that?

When I left Boston
more than 20 year ago,

King George was running it.

Now it's a free land.

United States of America.

I ain't likely to see it again.

But if I ain't free,
my country is.

Must be a right proud thing
to live under this flag.

I would suggest you permit
all the prisoners to live

until your annual tribute
has been paid.

America will pay whether
they are alive or dead.

I agree. But it's always wise
to have a bargaining point.

Is that all?

Yes, except, uh,
the girl from my ship,

Miss Ridgeway,
should be well treated.


Her family is wealthy.
They will pay ransom.

Get her, Murad Reis.

Ah, news from your homeland,
Mr. Brighton.

We shall read it first.

Here, you read it.


I... I don't understand this.

There must be some mistake.

There is no mistake. Read it.

I... I already have.

- Aloud.
- But, your majesty, I...

Mr. Brighton,
I've given you an order.

"Yusef, Bey of Tripoli,
from Albatross,

"The Hazard,
the Scorpion, and the Flint

"Sail on the 12th,
17th and 21st respectively.

They will be unescorted."

Good, good.

Is there more?

Haven't you read it?

No, Murad Reis translates for me.

Since he was not here,
I thought you would take his place.

I am honored, your majesty.

This is another way of which
you can be of value to me.

You may act as my secretary.

Yes, your majesty.

Uh, finish the letter.

There is no more.
That, uh, that was all.

You will give it back to me.

Of course.

Force of habit.

A very bad habit, Mr. Brighton.

I must show this letter
to Murad Reis tomorrow,

so I can plan my strategy.

Ah, Miss Ridgeway.

My friend,
Mr. Brighton, tells me

you should be
given better treatment.

I'm not interested in
Mr. Brighton's efforts on my behalf.

But I am inclined
to agree with him.

Zoltah, Miss Ridgeway is
to receive all the comforts

given to members of my household.

Yes, your majesty.
If you will come with me.

You see, my friend, how quickly
I accept your suggestions?

I am flattered, your majesty.

The Barbary Corsair is also
capable of recognizing beauty

and of treasuring it.

His majesty's favorite scent.

Why has the Bey
had me moved from prison?

Maybe his highness
has taken an interest in you.

I can thank
Mr. Brighton for that.

- Mr. Brighton?
- Yes.

If you knew him as I do,
you'd despise him.

But I don't know him as you do,
Miss Ridgeway.

...and therefore I intend

to permit the Hazard to escape.

I will sign it later.

And now, my friend,
if you will excuse me,

I am expecting
a very lovely visitor.

Miss Ridgeway?


Your majesty, when I suggested

that Miss Ridgeway
be given better quarters,

I didn't think that she...

I know what you thought.

You're interested in
Miss Ridgeway yourself.

And to prove
that I am your friend,

I will let her choose between us.

I have sent for her.

Come in.

Ah, my dear,
how very charming you look.

And you owe it all to Mr. Brighton.

I don't want to owe him anything.

Are you so certain?

What would you say
if I let you choose

between serving him or me?

I'd rather stay in prison
than wait on him.

my charm is irresistible.

Good night, your majesty.

Wait, my friend.

Allow me my little joke.


Take her, she is yours.

If you had admitted
you wanted Miss Ridgeway,

you would have had her

Since you did not, I chose
to play a little game with you.

And now, good night.

Miss Ridgeway,

I hope you sleep well.

Well, Mr. Brighton.
You rise early.

I... I couldn't sleep,
your majesty.

I thought I'd start
organizing your files.

Hmm. Your industry is commendable,
but unnecessary.

My files are in excellent order.

Besides, no one is allowed
to go through them

without my permission.

Yes, your majesty.

Since your motive was good,

I will forget
that you broke a law.

This time.

Just a minute!

You have taken nothing
from my files?

Your majesty.

You're my friend.

You will not mind
if I, uh, search you?

Since I am your friend,
is that necessary?

Have you anything to conceal,
Mr. Brighton?

If so, it will be best
that you confess.

I conceal nothing.
Search if you like.

Nothing yet.

You mustn't overlook
my boots, your majesty.


I am satisfied.

But I've been betrayed so often

I've grown too wary.

Your majesty will find me
loyal to those I serve.

Zoltah, read this.

Who is this Albatross?

That's what I hoped you'd tell me.

The Bey's code is
a well-guarded secret.

Major Blake, what's the matter?

I wanted evidence
against a traitor.

Now that I've found it,
I can't use it.

You can't hang a code name.

Wait a minute.

There must be a key
to this someplace.

But where?

The alcove, where he writes
his secret letters.

The code might be there.

- I'll search it.
- It's too dangerous.

The room is near
Yusef's bedchamber.

He would hear you.

That's a chance I'll have to take.

I'll go with you.

But why?
Why should you risk your life?

Because this is our fight, too.

Because you will need
someone to watch.

Because I do not wish you caught.

All right, Zoltah.

We are now what you call
partners in crime.

That's right, partners.



I'll translate.

"Albatross: Tobias Sharpe,
United States of America."

Tobias Sharpe.


We'd better get out.

No, the guards will be
out there by now.

Hide behind the drapes.

Your majesty!
Your majesty!

What are you doing in this room?

I heard a noise in here.

When I came in, someone stabbed me

and ran into the corridor.

Could you identify your assailants?

No, your majesty.

You saw him?
We saw no one, your majesty.

As always, you were asleep.

Search the palace.

I wonder what could
have been in this room

that was of such value,
Mr. Brighton.

I don't know, your majesty.

I suppose not.

If you wish to retire again,

I'll stay here until
the intruder is found.

The intruder, Mr. Brighton,
has already been found.


You don't believe me? Hmm.

He's in this very room.

Who is your confederate?

Are you sure it was a man
who attacked you?

I... I don't know, your majesty.

There are so many things
you don't know.

First you betrayed
your country, Mr. Brighton,

then the Bey, and now me.

You're not going to succeed.

Your majesty, I had a confederate.

Mr. Brighton.

So you decide to confess, huh?

Yes. Yes,
I'll confess everything.

Mr. Brighton wants to kill you.

He betrayed you,
as he betrayed his country,

as he has betrayed me.


Forgive me, my friend,
for suspecting you.

Take her away.

You've got to take him, too.

He's as guilty as I am!

You must realize,
my suspicions were natural.

If you were the girl's friend,

she would have protected you.

I understand, your majesty.

I am glad to have found a man
whom I can trust.

Alms. Alms for the love of Allah.

I want to talk to you.


Please, noble sir,
a coin for an old man.

Yusef found Zoltah
hiding in the alcove.

How did you escape?

She tricked him,
told him I was a confederate.

Zoltah understands the way
his twisted mind works.

He thought that she was lying
to involve you.

Yes. I'll, I'll do
whatever I can to help.


I want to get this message
to the American consul at Tunis.

I will take it, major.

I hope this hangs Tobias Sharpe,
a traitor and a friend of Yusef's.

If it doesn't, Zoltah
will suffer for nothing.

No, major, you're wrong.

Zoltah will suffer and die
for what she believes.

To die so is not for nothing.

Who are your friends?

I have no friends.

Why do you lie?

If you tell the truth, who knows?

I might forgive you.

Ah, Mr. Brighton.
You've missed nothing so far.

Bring in the cauldron.

You will find this most amusing.

Observe, Mr. Brighton.


I give you another chance.

Who are your friends?

My friend, you must look.
This is your revenge.

- But, your majesty...
- Look!

Who are your friends?

No friend.

The other hand.

- Your majesty, this is...
- Yes?

She... She's fainted.

There is no point in continuing
if she feels no pain.

We will try again tomorrow.

If you will excuse me,
I'll be in my quarters.

Mr. Brighton,
your servant is here.

- What?
- Your servant.

Please, please,
forget all that nonsense.

I don't understand you.

Why not?

You go to a lot of trouble
to bring me here

and then you treat me as though
I were a part of the furnishings.

You know why I brought you
here, Miss Ridgeway.

Yes, I, I suppose
I should say thank you.

I didn't ask for your thanks.

Why are you a traitor?


Why are you a Tory?

What has America done
that you should hate her so?

My beliefs are my own affair.

I've known Tories before,
Mr. Brighton,

but, well, somehow, those
first two days in the ship,

well, you seemed so different
and kind and honest.

I've always been
exactly what I am now.

Yes. Yes, of course.

Anne, wait.

The only reason I haven't
told you is that I...

Well, it might involve you,
and I didn't want that.

Involve me? In what?

Anne, darling, I'm...

Come in.

His majesty wishes
to speak to you.

Tell his majesty I'll be
there in a few minutes.

You are to return with me, now.

All right.

I'll be back soon.

Come in, come in.

I need your advice.

Yes, your majesty.

My border guards captured a spy.

I thought you might invent

an interesting way
of disposing of him.

I'll try, your majesty.


In fact, I'm afraid

I must execute two traitors.

Don't you agree, Major Blake?

Good day, Miss Ridgeway.

I thought Mr. Brighton
was with you.

Mr. Brighton,
or perhaps I should say

Major Blake, has been detained.

Major Blake?

It seems, my dear lady,

that Mr. Brighton
is an American officer

sent here by your government.

Sent here?

Alas. We have both been
cruelly deceived.

What have you done with him?

He is awaiting his executioner.

How much time have you got, major?

I don't know, maybe midnight,
maybe morning.

Yusef's playing on your nerves.

He just wants to see you break.

Major, I...
I'd like to apologize for...

I know, Mr. Ridgeway.
I know.

I wish there was
something I could do.

There is.

When you're ransomed or freed,
tell your sister that I wasn't...

what she thinks I am.

I understand, major.

Major. Major Blake.


She's one of ours!

Can you make out her markings?

I think she's the Constitution.

Mr. Sharpe, you have two hours
for conference with the Bey.

If you haven't
returned in that time,

my guns will adjourn
the conference.

But, commodore, this is absurd!

There are women and children
in that palace.

Mr. Sharpe, we are here
to break the power

of the Barbary Pirates
at all cost.

You should be ashore by 8:00.

We shall begin firing
at 10:00. Good luck.

Thank you, sir.

Uh, Murad Reis,

take this order
for Blake's execution to...

I did not send for you.

I came of my own accord,
your majesty.

For what reason?

I want to make a bargain with you.

Let Major Blake live and...

What can you offer in exchange
that I do not already possess?

Your majesty, I won't deny
that I'm in love with Tom.

If he lives,
I could forget that love.

If he dies...

Major Blake's doom is now sealed.

By dawn, he will only be
a memory to us both.


Your majesty,

Tobias Sharpe has arrived
with the American tribute.

I was planning
an immediate execution.

However, business before pleasure.

You will wait for me here,
Miss Ridgeway.

A very good joke, Sharpe!

I agree to release American
prisoners and to stop attacks

on the ships of
the Unites States of America.

You have a sense of humor!

It's no joke.
There will be no more tribute.

The Americans are cowards.
They will go on paying.

I don't want to see this end
any more than you do,

but it's over.
That warship in the harbor

will start firing at 10:00
unless the treaty is signed.

Now, what are you
going to do about that?

I shall not be in the palace.

I shall be safe in my dungeons,

and the American prisoners
will be here.

Commodore Preble's gun

will save the edge
of my executioner's sword.

An excellent idea!

If you will permit me,
I will join you in the dungeons.

You are welcome, Sharpe,

but if the Americans choose
to commit this act of war,

I shall not be slow
to accept their challenge.

His majesty's orders.

The American spy is
to be executed at once.

Give me the keys!

Ow! Tom!

- Anne!
- Tom, we have to hurry!

- Are you all right, Anne?
- Yes, I'm all right.

Where's Yusef?

- He's talking to an American.
- American?

Yes, he came off
the ship in the harbor.

If we can get to this American,
maybe he can help us.

You don't know who he is, do you?

Oh, no, I don't remember.

Oh, yes. Murad Reis said
his name was Sharpe.

Tobias Sharpe?

Yes, that's it. Do you know him?

Yes, I know him.

Hold the chains so they won't
know we've unlocked them.

Anne, lock us up again.

Miss Ridgeway,
what are you doing here?

I came down to say goodbye to...

the Bey instructed you to wait.

Take her to his majesty.

All of the American prisoners
are to be released!

You mean, we're really free?

The Bey of Tripoli gives his word that
none of you will return to prison.

Take them to
his majesty's quarters.

Why are we being taken there?

It would seem, Major Blake,

that the American vessel
plans to shell the palace.

The Americans are friends of ours.

We would not wish to see them
without a target.

Captain! Captain!

Come on. We've got to stop
the Constituti from firing!


Guards, a prisoner has escaped.

We must find him.

You get help!
I can hold them off!

Come. We will get the others.

Mr. Jackson,
have the gun crews stand by.

Yes, sir.

Gun crews, prepare for action!

Looks like we made it, Sam.

I am afraid you are jumping
to conclusions, my friend.

I cannot permit you
to leave Tripoli, Major Blake.

It would be most inhospitable.

I'm afraid
I've overstayed my welcome.

Take him.

- Swim for it!
- No, Sam!

I hope you're
a good swimmer, major!

It is 10:00.
The ship has not begun firing.

Maybe the commodore
has given you an extension.

I had told you that the Americans

would not dare attack
the Barbary Corsair.

Well, if they do not oblige
by slaughtering the prisoners,

I will have to do it myself.

Man off port, sir.

- Hold your fire.
- Throw him a line.

I'm Thomas Blake, sir.

Major, United States Army.

I know.
I was told to expect you.

The Bey has tricked you.
If you fire now,

you'll only kill
American prisoners.

I have no alternative, major.

You could send
a landing party ashore.

They could capture the palace.

Major Blake, I have no one aboard

who knows the arrangement
of the palace.

I know it, sir,

and I have friends
among the prisoners.

Very well, major, you shall
lead the landing party.

Thank you, sir.

Get over there with your friends!

So, you still live.

You're lucky the ship did not fire.

Now, since you have my word

that you will not be
returned to prison,

the executions will begin.

Oh, no! Please!

Stop begging!
We know he has no mercy.

Let us die fighting.


- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Major Blake,
I wish to compliment you.

When I return to Washington,

I shall recommend
that you be decorated.

And when I return
to Washington, Mr. Sharpe,

I shall recommend
that you be hanged.

Throw him in irons!

This is absurd, major!

I... I'll have you
court-martialed. I... I...

I would like to have that,
Major Blake.

It will remind us of
the beginning of our freedom

and our American friends.