Barbary-Coast Bunny (1956) - full transcript

Bugs Bunny, on his way to San Fransisco in the Barbary Coast days, discovers a large gold boulder and is swindled out of it by a crook named Nasty Canasta. So, Bugs comes to Canasta's casino in San Francisco and cleans him out of all his loot.

Wow! What a bump!

Whale meat, bucko.

No rock's
gonna prevent me

From meeting me cousin
herman in san francisco.

Gold. Gold!

Gold! Gold!

I'm rich! I'm rich!
I'm fabulously wealthy!

Yahoo! I'm independently
on the realm

Of near everest! Yahoo!

Don't you worry,
daddy will protect you.

But how? How am I
gonna protect it?

Hey, uh, you care to
make a small deposit?

Boy, am I glad
you happened along.

I was worried about
what to do with this.

my darling clementine]

Eh, uh, pardon me, sir,

But, uh, i think
I'll reconsider

And withdrawal me gold.

I, uh, I have a few
minor purchases to make.

Uh, I'm really
sorry, bud,

But this bank is closing.



You realize that this is not
going to go unchallenged?

[My darling clementine playing]

Well, by huckleberry!

If it don't
look like one of them

Newfangled, uh, uh,

Ah, pardon me, sir?

But, uh, could I use
your, uh, telio-Phone?

Why, uh, certainly,

Uh, help yourself

To the use of
my, uh, telio-Phone.

Insert coin and pull lever.

Uh, hello? I wanna speak
to my mom, please.

Hello, mom?

I can't hardly hear ya at all.

Uh, look, ma, I'm broke again.

Could you let me have
a few bucks to tide me over?

Gee, thanks, mom!


What a wonderful old gal!

Ah, just a moment, friend.

How about you and me have

A friendly little game?

Hey, hey, that's
a wonderful idea.

Uh, how about marbles?

Marbles? Oh, yeah,
oh, sure. Marbles.

Ay, we'll go have
a nice game of marbles,

Frisco style.

Now, uh, in this
kind of marble game,

I spin the marble,

And you bet
on the number

You think it'll
land on, you know?

Hey, that sounds great.

Uh, let's see now.
I'll, um,

I'll bet a penny
on number 23.

All righty,
a penny on 23.

And the little
marble falls on 23.

35 cents!

You mean, I win all that?

In my place,

The customer
always wins.

[High pitched voice]

Ok, I'm ready
to win again.


A mere formality...

so nobody else
can bet on 23.

[Laughing maniacally]

[Stops laughing]

[Gold pieces clanging]

Uh, hey, just a minute,
little friend.

Um, how's about us

Playing some other
type game?


like maybe,
uh, draw poker?

Well, uh, i ain't
too familiar with it,

But, uh,
I'll try anything once.

Draw poker, huh?

How's that? Do I win?

Now, then.

The idea in draw poker

Is for you try to get

A bigger hand than I got.

So, i deal 5 cards
to each of us.

I will choose
the best ones

And draw
some more cards,

And whoever has
the biggest hand wins.

He wins, see?

Cut it out,
can't ya?!

Honestly and for truly,
I did not mean it!

It isn't any fun
playing with you

When you act like that.

However, I'm willing
to let bygones be bygones

If you promise not
to do it again.

I promise. Honestly,
I promise.

I'll draw 3 cards,

2 for the dealer.

Ha ha, ha ha ha!

I got a full house.

What you got, sucker?

Gee, does that
beat me?

All I got is 2 pair.

A pair of ones,
and uh,

pair of ones.

Hey! Do you mean
I win again?

Yeah, you win,

But now we're gonna play
another little game.

Another game?
Hey, that's great.

Um, what do you do?
Spin this little gadget?

The moral of this story is,

Don't try to steal
no 18 carats

From no rabbit.