Barbarous Street (1984) - full transcript

Barbarous Street

Based on the David Goodis novel
Street of the Lost

One man... Daniel Chetman, decided
never to intervene again

in other people's affairs.
However, that evening...

Please, please...


Please, mister, help me!

I wanted to take a shortcut through
the construction site,

and fell...

Do you live around here?
- Yes.

How come I never saw you?

I moved here only a week ago.

You live far away?

At my uncle's.
The "Wong" restaurant.

Do you know him?

Like the back of my hand.


now that I made the mistake of
stopping, there are two solutions:

Either I let you get
yourself out of this

or I dive head first into trouble.

Well then!

Come on, you Asian nightmare!

I would rather go home by myself.

Okay. Whatever you want.

Button the dress.

Before you go back in. No one will
believe that you fell.

Thanks! Thanks for everything.

Don't thank me.



It's me, Chet, Temporini!

I'm here, Chet! - Put away the
flashlight, I know that you are here.

Come here.

I saw everything, Chet.

The girl you picked up...

The Chinese!

This was not an accident!
This was rape!

This is Hagen!
I don't want to know anything.

And I, Benvenuto Temporini,

the miserable idiot shit peddler...

Curse my eyes - I saw everything!

What were you doing here?

Oh, well...
I was here, you know...

You miserable moron!

Stealing cement from a construction
site, huh?

Listen, Chet, I think Hagen saw me.

And the taxi, for sure,
came by because of this.

Don't be afraid, Tempo, who are
you anyway?

A nobody, a piece of furniture.

Hagen knows that you will keep
your mouth shut, and so will I.

You too?

The two of you have history.

10 years!

10 years I stayed out of other
people's affairs.

I saw people being beaten to death,

bludgeoned with iron rods,

and even if they called for help,
I always avoided them.

Isn't that true?

- That's true.
Now listen to me, Tempo.

If tomorrow Hagen wants to let
all the blood out of you,

I won’t move a finger.

Do you hear me, I swear,
I won’t budge!


Okay, Chet.

But tonight, with this
Chinese girl...

And in the taxi, you saw
them talking.

This will refresh their memory.

All I did was help her cross
the street.

Your 10 years - down the drain!

I won't let myself be caught up in it.
- Then do as I do - shake with fear!

This is what Hagen wants - a street
full of cowards.

- He's getting it.
- Exactly.

Do you know why I hid, why I didn’t
get down from the scaffold?

So that he would know
I am afraid.

So Temporini can live in peace.
Do you understand, peace?

Listen to me, son.

Let Hagen think you are
afraid of him.

I am not afraid of Hagen.

What is this shit?

- She beat me.
- Tell him!

Dirty old man! Obscene!


Your bastard father tried to
fuck me again!

This is the permanent call
of the flesh!

So hot!
- Came here naked!

Talk to your elders politely!

You felt me up!

Housing is too cramped.
Causes promiscuity.

I do not belong here.

Old pig!

Would you help me out?

Kiss me.
- Fuck off.


What about Paul?
- He remembered that he was Rocky Malone.

Two days of sniffing everything
that comes to hand.

He is in such a state!

Is there something to eat?

You crazy? I’m not your servant.

Where are you going?

To the office.

What you earn is not enough for a living.


Oh yeah? Are you so flush with cash?

It's especially hard at night.

I have an imagination...

1500? - Did you take a good
look at me?

Does it even work?

Who knows!


What did you do today?

Washed things.

And since the dirt is almost gone,

I fixed your blue sweater,

and took your shoes to get mended.

They will be ready next week.

- Did you eat?
- No.

Your brother stole the 500 francs
that you left me.

Fuck! I told you 100 times - hide
the money!

Hide it!

It's so easy to fool you!

Are you tired, my dear Chet?
- No.

I want to kiss you.

I like it when you kiss me on
the lips.

I only like it when you kiss
me on the lips.

Stop it!

We'll leave here, I swear.
And where will we go?

I don't know.


We need to get some things

Nonsense! We won't go south.

Is it all so bad because of me?



Go change, I'm taking you to
a restaurant.

I need a couple of minutes!

He will leave!

Will leave...

Will I breathe mountain air?

Listen Daniel,

you know...

If I were rich

or at least strong

I would be so nasty!

You're already fucked up, dad.

I know, son, but it could have been worse!

I'd have to go into politics!

Hello, my husband.

Oh, you smell like blackberries!

- Where are we going?
- To a Chinese restaurant.

Failure after failure, I thought
we could use a change.

Eating this is harder than
crocheting with boxing gloves.

Use the fork.

Yes, that’s easier.


It's like seaweed.

What about the chicken?

It's like seaweed.

You're not eating.

You should at least try.

Well, I take you to a restaurant,
but you won’t even eat!

I only like to eat ice cream.

Ice cream. Just ice cream.

Look at me!

I am as handsome as a boss!

You are as handsome as you were
on our wedding day.

Franky hurt me!

Then the second one hurt me.

The third one hurt me!

To your health, Chet!


A brand new tie!

Here are the rascals!

All in a pile!

What have they been up to!

Moreover, people are poor!

I am sure they borrowed everything.

Daniel Chetman!

You have 10 minutes to spend
in the company of your wife.

Hagen is waiting for you at
the factory.

He said - at 23:15!

You know, he does not like to wait.

Now we have to talk, Monsieur Wong.

Be prudent.

There is not a single case
that could not be settled.

I won’t let you in!

You are a traitor!

The door is closed!

Lie down, I will be back in
5 minutes.


Don't go to Hagen.





Let me in, daddy's gone crazy!

Found a gun and wants to shoot me.

- You bore me!
- Don't leave me, brother.

I can’t allow you to treat me
like that, Chet!

I'll stitch you up, Chet!

It's Paul! Paul, damn it!

Just let me in, Chet!

Let me come in with Carla.

You admired me!

Do you remember? Tell me you

Rocky Malone!

Rock Palace, black leather
jackets, black socks!

You were small, but do you remember?
- Yes, I remember. Yes, I do.

I saw you in the hall from the stage.

You sang with me: "If you
accidentally come to me today,

If by chance I’m not at home,

Wait for me in the dark and
I will give up hope..."

Huh? Do you remember?
- Stop.


Sorry, Paul. Sorry.

Hey, I know why you are angry,
little one.

Because of the dough I borrowed
from Eddie, right?

I was going to return it to you.
Here. So this is not theft.

This is not theft.

This is an investment. Yes!

I have to treat my manager.

"Rocky Malone and the Rebel

More powerful than ever!

Hey! Come on! Hit him!


Fuck you! I don't want you to
fuck my sister.

He revealed his face!

Anything you need, man?
Signet ring?

Diving watch? Quartz?
- Don't get in my way.

- Just trying to make a buck.
Maybe this one? - Leave me alone!

Maybe boots? What is your size? 43?

Give me time,
I'll find them on the subway.

- Can you do me a favor, Lobo?
- Anything for you.

Then - fuck off.

I like you, boss. Come on,
I'll give you a good price.

Leave me alone, sucker, or
I'll spank you.

Moron! Get out of here!

Fuck you! Fuck you!

Pitiful type!

You came?

Get out of here!

Red hair adds to the vulgarity.

And bruises of labor add to squalor.

Let me in, Manu.

Here to fix our pipes?


Well, yes. So what?

Let's go.

Hey, Chet! Chet!

For 3 piles and 3 kisses,
I will fuck you for free.

If you want to pay, then it's
500 francs.


Daniel Chetman!

23:30. Where is Hagen?

A little late.

Hagen is here, Hagen is there,
you know how it is.

A case that is difficult to
settle. But he will come.

He's on his way. He is almost here.

Beware of Yougo, he is dangerous.
- Yes mom. Coffee!

- I don't tend bar.
- Very strong, please.

You can't afford it.

2 piles and 1 lemon.

You're lost, my handsome Danny.

This is normal, my sweet. Today,
according to the horoscope, I’m unlucky.

- Which sign?
- Aries.

- Oh la la!
- Yeah.

Fuck off Lucy, he didn’t come
for that.

Alright, alright, Manu, don’t

For you - 200.

Let's go for 200.

What came over you?

Since this fucking club opened,
you never came in.

Get out of here, damn it,
there is still time!

Do as I do, Manu, and mind
your own business.

You have no idea what it looks
like to dive into shit.

Stop. You're enjoying this.

You love me too much.

I don't love you, moron!

But I will have the front seat
and, I swear, I will enjoy myself.

Hi, Manu.

Well, anything happening today?

Can you give us a hint?
Anything spicy?

Everything is calm.

Nothing that could make us angry?

No. But I have your tips.

Thank you, Madam.

Well, bye, redhead!
Until Saturday!

- Can I see you?
- Yes.

Get up, I'll be right there.

He has arrived. Follow me.

What do you want? Who do you
take yourself for, huh?

Wonder-boy? Zorro-paranoid?

Hagen will not tolerate you confronting
him a second time. He will crush you.

Stop it, you're scaring me.

You better be afraid.

Because I haven’t seen him like that since
you pulled Eddie out of his clutches.

Leave Eddie alone. We are on the
other side of the street, okay?

Yes, you moron, and there was
no need to cross it.

Is everything all right, Chet?

It's good that you came. Good.

Got a couple of minutes?

It's good.

A gift from the merchants of the area.

Extremely voluntary.

Ah, good people!

It's a sign that they're protected!

Tell me about your family.
How is old Georges?

Still worried?

What is missing is the contribution
of the new Unicorn Garden.

A Pole.

He does not want to obey local

That's unfortunate. We'll have to
establish a dialogue.

And who will do this? Jo?


Bull Snout!

Bull Snout!
- No, Matt.

We are in the service of order.

- With the deputy at the end
of the term? - No.

Sitting for peace.

Last time, there was a deputy
whose mandate was ending.

Do you know that I sometimes
see your sister-in-law?

Beautiful girl.


Monokui, you’ll take care of
the Pole, okay?

I also see Paul.

Do you know about Paul?

Paul is a good customer.

A very good customer.

Well, don't just stand there.

Sit down.

What about Eddie?

How's my little Eddie?

Good evening, Matt.


she's still here.

Still true.

Should I prepare your medicine?

Of course, little sister.

I am always thirsty.

And for our comrade, something
strong and bitter.

Yes, it's come to this - 14 liters
of water per day.

You see, I quit everything:

alcohol, spices, milk - everything
that I love.

Last week, I allowed myself an
exception: 2 red hot peppers.

3 days of bed rest!

Like smoking - I can no longer do it.

But here, you know, I can’t stop.

Give me a cigarette.

Can't you see my liver?

I'm in great shape! Excellent

The little one from that night
understood that.

Come on, what are you waiting for?
Pour some for my friend.

King Domino and his dancers are in
the hall. They want to talk to you.

I do not want to see them.
Just give them toilet paper.

To your health, Chet. Like good
old times.

I don't drink, Matt.

He doesn't drink.

No, I don't drink alcohol.

He offends me!

Let him go! Can't you see what
he has turned into? A wimp!

What are you talking about, Manu?

Chet, weak? Haha.

Weak - Chet?!

OK, OK! Who brought Lulu the Cane
down on his knees?

- Chet!
- Yes, it was Chet!

Who stuck his head in the trash?

- Chet!
- Exactly, Chet!

And who made him eat his shit?
- It was Chet!

Well, yes, it was Chet!

To your health, Chet!

Pour him some more.

And that other case!

Marcel Corsico no longer lives here!

That moron had enough depression.

Remember how he bathed him?
Faggot, faggot, faggot!

It was you, Chet. Cheers.

A moronic game.

I didn’t ask you.


To your health.

- And who brought us the girl?
- It was Chet!

Eddie... Remember her?

Oh, now we're having fun!

- I was the first to fuck her!
- Yes, right away!

Stuck it in dry and without a
running start!

Stop them, Matt.
- And I was the fourth!

And I put it in her mouth!
As many as 2 times!

But Gorgeous could not stop:
in, and in...

- I stuck it in, too!
- And I was the last.

She sucked me off... Sucked...

Sucked, sucked...

- And then?
- And then?

Chetman has come!

Mr. Chetman, super Chetman!

She was beautiful, Eddie.

Why did you steal her from me, Chet?

Why did you go away?

We were barbarians, all at the
same time, like fingers on one hand.

Let me through!

You didn’t get the message?!

Who allowed you to treat people like that?

What did you say? What are you doing?

You promise and promise,
but you can’t keep your word!

I have three bags in my car,
stuffed with powder to the brim!

- Fight, dancer.
- I’ll kill you!

- You have no right to shit on me!
- You are not a toilet!

Get out with your partners. Out!

Shit! Yes, you will pay me!

I have a drug brigade on my tail!

3 times you arrange it for me!

3 times you betray me!

I’ll shoot your head off, you moron!


Chetman! It's not over yet!

We're not done, Chet!

We need to talk, Chet.

Let me go, Matt.
I didn't see anything,

I didn't hear anything,
I don't want to know anything.

Hey, listen, your departure is
all in the past, forgotten!

I forgive you.

Anyway, you know how many girls were...

But I always said to myself: "Damn it,

I should someday get myself a
first-class girl."

A super-lux angel.

Small, delicate, pretty, slim.

Smells clean.

Immaculate, in short.

And you?

The Chinese girl - is she important?
How do you like her?

- I didn't see her.
- Stop fooling around.

Such a face cannot be overlooked.
I saw you talking to her.

What did you tell her?

That she's fucking crazy.

What about her body? Did you
notice her body?

I just noticed that she was
crying, Matt.

Yes, and that got me going right away.

Try to understand me. I have
never seen anything like it.

And then I said to myself:
"Matthias, she was created for you!"

By the way, I removed my hand
from her mouth,

to see if she will scream.
But no, she just looked at me.

Oh Chet, you should have seen
this open mouth!

These little teeth glistened
like pearls!

These sensual lips that smelled
like raspberries!

Oh, I swear, I should have known
for sure right there!

You know, she bit me.

But even that was good.

And then I just took her,
understand? Like this.

Do you want to know if I was
her first?

You know what occurred to me?

That she was created for me.

For me alone.

And this time,

nobody in the world, you hear,

not even a pretty strong bastard
will get in my way, get it?

I came here today, Matt, to say that
it doesn’t concern me.

The trouble is that you are my problem.

How can I be sure that you will
keep your mouth shut?

If you are not sure now, then
you never will be.

Try to understand me. Trust
has been stolen from me.

You crossed to the other side
of the street.

And now, you're standing right
in front of me.

You yourself asked me to come.
I came, I'm here.

So there was no need to come then!

I came because I don't give a shit
about the Chinese girl!

If you have something to say,
spit it out because I'm leaving!

- Already leaving?
- Yes, I can’t stand it anymore.

- Lack of stamina?
- No.

Attack of tiredness.

- It can't be!
- And I say yes.

Daniel... Daniel!

So, Chet.

I swear, Chet, this doesn’t give
me pleasure.

- Who the hell are you?
- Me?

I'm singing in the rain.
- Have you seen your face?


Get out of here, Jesu, get out
of my way!

Is he staying here?

Oh, get away from me!

Don’t worry, I’ll drink my
broth and leave.

You will do what I tell you.
You too. Take your things and go!

Are you crazy? It's my turn! You told
me to go up, I was waiting for you.

And now I am asking you to leave.

- Because of him?
- Yes.

Because of him.


You want me - I am here, you don't
want me - I am not.

Oh, no! Stop it!

Do not argue!

Do you like to play dolls?

- Leave me alone. - Take it off.

Listen, I'm not going to hang
out all night in the shower! Shit!

I'm sick of this! That's some

I'm not going to rape you!

Let's go.

I do not need you!

I am good.
- I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you.

And don't get everything dirty there,
The place is clean.

Where is Hagen?

Do you understand that you didn’t
come up here by yourself?

- Did he bring me here?
- Yes.

Out of pure barbarian friendship,
like 6 fingers on one hand.

Oh, shit!

That moron won’t leave me alone.
- Oh, now he will.

- How do you know?
- You begged him not to beat you again.

- Come on.
- I swear.

- Stop fooling around.
- It's official:

You crawled at his feet, you cried,

you begged him. This is exactly
what he expected from you.

Where are you going, damn it?

- Let me go.
- Chet, please don't go!

Damn it, step back, I won’t
repeat myself 100 times.

No, you’re not thinking clearly!

Clearly enough to tell this shit
that I'm not on my knees. Move!

Yes, step away!

Give me the key!
- Take it!

Give me the key! Give it to me!

Come on!

Hit me! If that's what you need,
hit me!

The key!

Stop it!

Remember how I cracked your skull
open with an ashtray?

You also got it good then.

Yes. But you didn't fuck me.

- Naturally. You were 13 years old.
- No, 14.

- You were 14 years old?
- Yes.

Damn, then it was necessary...

Hold on, here is the key.


you have a nice place here.

Cute, spacious,

in a simple way.

Yes, I love it when it's clean.

Below - for the money,
here - for friends.

Ah, that is, you and I...

We are close, no?

Listen, you can do that at home,
but not here!

What? Oh, sorry, ma'am!

How strange is this, huh?

I didn’t love you, you couldn't
stand me,

and all of a sudden - Bang! - We're

- A sudden rush!
- To go nuts!


I don't understand why you're
helping me.

Well? Why?

In memory of the good old days?


Take a guess.

No, I don’t understand. I don’t
matter to you.

Just look at this sly one!

What do you want to hear,
Daniel, huh?

I am glad that you are back.

Tonight, I'm glad you came.

Your problem is you are always
looking for a catch:

"Explain it to me! I would like
to understand!"

What pushed you to reach out to
this unfortunate Chinese girl?

I wanted to see if she was good
at shaking hands.

As I said - You were always too good.

You're a brave little soldier, Chet.

That's not the point, Manu.

I've never suffered mistreatment
of women.


Do you think it's about the
Chinese girl?

With such considerations you
have to take on the whole street.

Yeah, so I will endlessly shake
hands, then.

No, seriously. What will you do
with this Chinese girl?



I'm going home.


I have to go to work tomorrow.

Good, hard worker!

As if the trains would go off
the rails without you.

I spit on the trains.

I only care about my salary.

Your salary! Spare me!

Work, sleep, 8 hours...

Feeling the warmth of a heating
pad in bed.

Is this your Dolce Vita?

A lot of fun, eh, Chet?




Sack of shit! The old ruin!

5 years he's been hiding the truth
from his family!

Caution! You have no right!

This is disgusting! Disgusting!

This is a pension! This is a
worker’s whole life!

What is the pension for? You haven’t
done anything in your life!

Thief! I earned that!

It's mine! Give it back!

- Pimp!
- These are my personal savings!

Give it back to me!
- I found it!

Yes, and now I have it!

- I'll give you half!
- Oh yeah? Take this!

That's all for you!

You deserved that, you whore!

You loose hole!
- You idiot!

Serves you right!

Don't leave, Rocky.

It's thanks to me we got all
this cheddar.

Let's divide it up.
- All I will share with you is the slap.

Well? What did you do underneath
the old man?

I didn't cheat on you, Rocky.
I rummaged under his mattress.

And in the club, what did you
rummage under there?

Oh, I entertained others.

Well, give me a couple bucks!

I am your wife, Paul!

My Rocky!

Oh, Rock!

OK, let's see. Go get dressed,
you look like a whore.

And again I sniffed it all out.
Let's go!

At once, honey!

I found a gun! I'll show you now!

We respect the family.

Rocky Malone repays his debts.

With interest.


I'll put some lead between your eyes,

my unworthy son!


I missed again.

Then again, this is all from
bad upbringing.

A whore lives with us.

Whore once, whore twice, whore three times.

Carla is ungrateful.

Promises me "Trafalgar",
galvanization, swinging.

But in the end, she’s a cheat.

She is Messalina!

Only more vulgar.

Base cattle.

I'm an old fool

in search of last year's snow...

It’s clear that I can’t cut it
at my age anymore.

65 years old!

Love did not turn the page.

This won't happen again.
My personal guarantee.


I need this Chinese girl.

I want her!

I know, Matt, I know. I was just
thinking about your problem.

It is not that simple.

I want you to understand

that a lot of lights come on in my head.

They flash in all corners.

I want to walk with her.

I want to take her to expensive shops.

I want to give her presents.

The old Chinaman cannot be persuaded.

Then use force: Just steal her.

Abduct her.

You know that this a personal

I know. And I will be very
grateful to you.

I hope so. But I will not be
content with a simple "Thank you."

Ask for whatever you want! Tell me,
what do you want?

I like beautiful cars. Big cars.

The smell of leather, black color...


It doesn’t matter which brand, the main
thing is that it's large and elegant.

Like this one.

What do you mean? Do you want my car?

I would like the same one.

You know that costs a lot of moolah?


I am warning you, I need the
girl neatly packaged up.

And with a certificate of guarantee.

What kind of guarantee?

- I don't want her dead.
- She won't die.

And if she kills herself?

I will pay a woman who will stay
on her heels.

But you, Matt!

You do strange things sometimes!

You could get angry and give her a slap
on the face from which she could die.

This has happened before.

I will try to be restrained.

If I lose the girl, you lose the car!

Midnight Shadows.

Rock in red leather.

Midnight Shadows.

Nobody moves

Waiting for the dawn

Gray and rusted...

Singing Alone -

Now it's my turn.

Midnight Shadows.

That was my hit.

Red Rocky -

Prince of the street.

Nobody move!

Let me go!

Red Rocky

In the smoke...

Heavy metal

Prince of Parking

I am the only son

Son of James Dean!

C'mon, Tillie, let me touch your
swinging boobs!

Are you crazy, you little bastard?!

Come back when you grow up!

Such naughty boys!

The milk on their lips is not dry yet,
but they're already coming here!

Hard with a fat woman, huh? Doesn't work?

C'mon, everything can be arranged.
The question is the dough.

Try getting the student rate.

Shut up, I can't sleep anymore!

My friend is fucking her,
and I can't stop thinking about it.

Constant bouts of heat, endless itching
- Impossible!

Perseverance, man!

- Hey, Chet! - What?

- Did you hit that?
- From the north side, old buddy.

I went to school with her.

Hey, Chet!

100 francs. The last real cigar,
top grade.

Pay when you can.

Oh shit! It's happening again!
I have to go back.

What did you do with that girl?

Take off that suit first.

Take it off immediately!
- I wash your things,

clean your shoes.

This is your jacket, no?
I thought you needed it.

What have you been doing all night?

I fainted.

I fainted.

Or fell asleep if you like it better.
- In whose bed?

With whom?

I was dead drunk.

You stepped in shit again and

Oh, come on, Eddie!

And take off that helmet.

What have you done? Huh?

Why did you do that?


You never hit me!

It's you? I'm leaving.

I’m taking the radio. I won’t
let you have it.

- That radio is dead!
- This is my radio!

You better leave with me.

They'll fuck you up to the bone.

All of you will be sucked in.

Your head, your heart. Your savings.

Even your life force.

You and I are not made for these places.

Daniel, I always told you...

you're too honest a kid.

And I am a man out of place.

Goodbye, my son.

I helped myself to a pair of
socks from the drawer.

Destination unknown!

In a few hours
I will be far from this squalor.

- Do you want me to make you some eggs?
- No. Give me my blue jacket.

Uh... Well, uh...

Off I go, otherwise these bus
gods will not wait...

They won’t wait...

They won’t wait.

You're as beautiful as always.

Ah, Danny boy!

Did you see me at the factory
tonight? Comeback, huh!?

The highlight of the program:
Rocky Malone and the Rebel Rollers!

Oh, who did this to you, my Chet?

I cut myself, my little goat!

Little fireworks for him, boy!

I will show them real rock!

Yes, yes, Paul, yes.

I always said that you're the
best, my Rocky!

I'm sorry, Chet, we're going
to sleep.

- Well? We going to sleep?
- Yes, let's go to sleep.

Are you crazy, Chet?

Did you want me to hurt you?

- You moron, you cut me!
- Show me.

Stop it, it's fine.

What are you doing here?

- Oh, leave me alone, you know what.
- Where is the Chinaman?

In the hospital.

Listen, what happened to your face?

Nothing. I tried to stop the train
with my forehead. It did not work.

You should take a look!

This was no joke!

Your friends came back here.

Let's go. Come on, help me.

Here it is - Pick it up.


What about the girl?

Poor girl... She was taken
to Tillie's.

Assassin. Yougo, you know him.

- Were you here?
- No, I wasn't.

The kid told me everything.
- Lobo?

- Well, yes.
- What was he doing here?

We were going to work.

Well, he stuck his nose to the window
to stare at the fat woman, and...

Come on, put it down.
- Down.

So? - Well...

The little one laid tied to the bed
and cried with her eyes wide open.

Can you help me put it on the cart?

Tillie beat her to shut her up.

Nothing to say?



Then let's get out of here.

Hagen will gradually destroy
this little girl.

She is still a child. He is going to
play with her like with a mouse.

An abomination!

Let's hope this lasts as briefly
as possible.

Damn, don’t look at me like that!

Come on!

Oh, see? Together is better!


Damn it, don't you think that if we had
balls, we should have done something?

What is the matter with you?
Have you had a change of heart?

You said we have to be afraid?
- Yes, but there is a limit to everything!

So said my father.
- Yes, I know, I know.

- He had principles.
- Do you have principles?

Well, we are all imperfect.

But we cannot allow such disgusting
things to happen!

It’s like we have blood on our hands!
- Then go to the police.

The local police are all on the take,
you know.


count me out.

We just go and talk to him.
You and I.

Every man for himself.

In principle, it is.

But when I shave in the morning

I need to be able to look at
myself in the mirror.

Then don't shave.

Come on.

No, no, leave it. Go to work, Chet.

I think I can do it alone.

You see, Temporini is doing it
all alone!

Hi Dani! Did you come for a drink?

Don't bother him! Let him be!

Can you show me your chicken

Do the cluck-cluck, huh?
Lollipop, huh?

Thanks, bitch.

What was that? It was good.

"No one shall be held in slavery
or forced servitude.

No one should be exposed to

cruel, inhuman or degrading

Article 5 - it is written in
black and white!

You do not have the right to
hold this girl against her will.

Right, mister...



What right?

The human right to have control
over oneself.

I am the Right.

It's Hagen.

Hagen has all the rights.

Dirty little punks!

I command you to release the
little one immediately!

What are you ordering me to do?
- I order...

What are you ordering me to do?

I will crush you, you dirty bastard!

Your threats do not scare me!

No, they do not scare me!

You are a parasite to be eradicated!

Sexual maniac!

Let her go, or else...
- Or else?

You can kill me, but I'm not
afraid of you!

You can kill me, but I'm not
afraid of you!

Be right back.

But hey, that's not all. Hagen
let him go.

And you know what this moron did?
Ran to the police.

And imagine: A telephone call.
Hagen is furious.

The barbarians are unchained.
The hunt is open.

And you tell me all this?

Yes. It is not always possible
to sit aside.

Let's go.

No no, I'll go in alone.

You're done with this.

Now it's my business.
- Don't.

You know perfectly well why I came.



Daniel Chetman!

You almost fell!

Dangerous, huh?

Awfully sharp!

And where is Tempo?

Oh, make yourself comfortable.

Up against the wall!

Hands flat.


Spread your legs.


Like that...

Now it's my turn...

to relax.

Now, Chetman,
you and I will play The Rose Flower.

Since you're right handed,

I will pierce your left hand.

It hurts.

You try to pull out the knife to kill me.

This is a big risk.

When your hands touch each other,
I will pierce them both.

You're not saying anything?

You're not moving?

I am very disappointed.

I'll turn away.

Honestly, I'm giving you a head start.

You see, I turned away.

You have a little chance.

Don't turn away.

I like you better from the front.

You're more beautiful that way.

I'm glad you made at least that
one decision.

I swear that's all I think about.

It's done, Matt.

I can only linger a little bit more.

Just a surprise.

Here is Chetman.

Tell him I don't have time to
wait anyway.

He says he is in a hurry.

I can do it myself, Matt.

Let me deal with it myself, it
would give me such pleasure...

You upset me, Matt.

Honestly, you upset me.

You should have come yesterday.
Before he did all this bullshit.

May I sit down?

Well, of course? Go ahead.

Make yourself comfortable.

Do you mind if I open the window?

It smells of fear here. Stinks of death.

Don't leave me alone.

What are you thinking about?

You wouldn't be interested.

Let me get involved.

You know, when you're in deep shit,

you try to think of something nice.

Do you make your own jokes too?

- No, I would think of a woman.
- Your wife?

Not necessarily.

Would you think of a girl who
turns you on?

You could say that.

I don’t like women.

Oh, yeah?

Have you tried it yet?
- Me?

- Oh.

I enjoy using this.

It's beautiful, yes?

Especially what you do with it.

You're right.

He always goes wherever I want.

Sometimes when I'm alone

I can play with it for hours.

For hours! Throw it at the pillows,
the walls...

At everything!

And after a while,

I start throwing it faster and

And faster...

I begin to follow his lead.

And then it becomes good...


Hagen! Hagen!

I'll tell you what we'll do.

We'll leave.

Where the eyes look.

As you always wanted.

Until we find a place that you like.

I agree now.

You could at least talk to me!

Look at me!

We are married, Chet!

Never forget it.

I'm not that whore you picked
up on the street.

I have a ring on my finger,
you put it on me.

Do you want me tonight?

Come on.


I could not persuade myself to
leave you.

You would be lost without me.

Go home, dad.

Can I get out of here!
You sweaty moron!

I need to talk to you.

Finally. You returned, how grand!

I came back, my big one. I want
it fast and professional.

Come on, honey, I'll do everything.

Close the door, baby.

Mommy Tillie will show you her

Go wash your privates, honey.

Mommy is waiting for you.

Come to me, honey...

The door is wide open!

Sorry ma'am. I don’t know what's
wrong with me, but something is.

Don't be afraid, my precious.

I'll take care of your little

No, ma'am, I'll do it myself.

Come! Come along!

Are you really going to leave
like that?

Don't insist, ma'am. I'd better
go home.

I'll come some other time when
I'm in better shape.

Are you drunk?

Sorry, ma'am,
I'll be back some other time.

What the hell!

Come on, Tillie, let me pass.

No, Chet, not you. No, I don’t
want to hit you!

We went to school together!
- Move!

No, Hagen will not forgive me
for this, believe me!


I didn’t see anything, Chet!
I swear!

I didn’t see anything,
I didn’t hear anything.

Don't just stand here, run home.

Ah, yes... Yes...

O, yes! O, yes!

- No, don't hit me, don't hit me!
- Where is Chet?

I don't know! I swear I don’t know!
Don't hit me!

You can still leave, Chet,
if you want.

I have money.

- They're up at Manu's.
- The Bull Snout tried to stop them.

And blew it.

- Why an American?
- We can't leave him like that.

Take him to the car and take
him away.

It's me, Chet!

Take this!

Take it!





Eddie! Eddie!



Come on! Don't stand there!

Go home!

Well, is that all you can say?

I didn’t see anything,
handsome policeman.

Get out of here, then.

Next! You, tall guy, come
over here.

And then the door hit you?

- The main thing is I didn't see anything.
- What?

I didn't see anything, I was
on the stairs.

- Well, have you seen anything?
- Nothing.

- This one didn't see anything.
- Neither did these ones.

No one saw anything.

Ok, next!

And you, Manu? What did you see?

I don't know anything.

Listen, Red. I have to explain
this to you.

We can't return empty-handed.

Who did what, who is the killer, what
evidence there is - we don't care.

You say that this is an accident - it
means it's an accident.

Isn't that so?
- Yes, yes, that's right.


But it could lead to the closure
of your establishment.

How much?

And this one, too!

There is nobody who could better
stand 15 rounds against a thug.


He just came.
- This is my son!

Work injury.

In short, do you know him?

In short, yes.

There is a girl upstairs.

You should take care of her.

I'm walking on a tangent
to the arch of night

With a blue nape
and hair black from the rain.

Maybe there is another place

Where we all agree...

I will not wait for the end
of this hoary death

My eyes dying
because of the slingshot.

Maybe there is another place

Away from all troubles.

Maybe there is another place

Maybe there is another place...

Fights, blood, weapons, death,
vices, blows are getting stronger...

Away! Away!

Abomination, boredom, fire, rust,
longing, screaming, rain, fear...

Away! Away!

I have a key
that unlocks a terrible spleen.

On a white strip
there are one or two deceased.

Maybe there is another place

Where we all agree...

Fatalism is enough for me,
I put on my gloves again.

On to the end point
where everyone goes out.

Maybe there is another place

Visible from the outside...

Maybe there is another place...

Maybe there is another place...

Fights, blood, weapons, death,
vices, blows are getting stronger...

Away! Away!

I made a hole in the black wall,
a long corridor I will go down

Away! Away!

If you see a man in a sunny port,

Sitting silently on a deserted quay

Do not ask questions.

He does not remember his name.

He is waiting for a ship
sailing into oblivion

Which will come for him
at the end of the night.

Maybe there is another place

Where we all agree...

Maybe there is another place

Maybe this is a mistake...

Maybe there is another place...