Barbarous Mexico (2014) - full transcript

Eight Mexican directors unite to bring tales of the most brutally terrifying Mexican traditions and legends to vividly shocking life. MEXICO BARBARO presents haunting stories that have been woven into the fabric of a nation's culture, some passed down through the centuries and some new, but all equally frightening. Stories of boogeymen, trolls, ghosts, monsters, Aztec sacrifices, and of course the Day of the Dead all come together in urban and rural settings to create an anthology that is as original as it is familiar and as important as it is horrifying.

When warriors felt threatened,
they resorted to rituals

asking for prosperity
in exchange for human blood.

This was so in the Mexico
of the Aztecs,

and was so in the Mexico
of the narcos.

Rivers of blood were spilled
to please the gods.

Many years ago,
when I started as a journalist...

...I witnessed brutality.

What I saw does not leave me
alone to this day.

I was investigating
the disappearance

of a group of youths.

A colleague had put me in touch

with a member of the narcos
who was willing to talk.

I went alone
to the appointment,

at a motel by the highway.

It was him.

Spread your legs!

What's this?

It's to record the interview.

Hey, hey,
that can't be done.

I need it, man, to--

No, no, what you need
is to stay alive, to write.

You know what they're going
to do if they find this?

Recording interviews,
you will not last long.

Sit down.

Sit the fuck down!

I'm here because
I'm investigating

the Moctezuma Bar case.

Do you know something about it?


I do. A lot.

And I'm going to tell you everything.
Do you know why?

'Cause I am fucked.

'Cause they are going
to kill me.

-Who? What does it matter?

At first there were Zetas,

Arellano Felix,
Caballeros Templarios...

But not now.
It's nothing like that.

Did you hear that?

They might be outside
waiting for me.

Oh, shit!

What happened
at the Moctezuma?

The boss wanted a ritual,
so everything would go well.

And then he called
the Eagle Knight.

And it was then
that everything went to hell.

The god of the earth
opens his hungry mouth,

to swallow the blood of many
who will die in this war.

The sun and Tlaltlecuhtli
want to celebrate.

They want to give food and
drink to the gods of the sky

and of the underworld,
to give them a treat.

The flesh and blood
of those who have died.

He told me how they kidnapped
a group of youths

who were
their enemies' children

but ultimately innocent.

Well, let's take a walk.

Wait here.

The Aztecs made
offerings to their gods

of the heads
of their enemies.

During the conquest,

some Europeans
and even their horses

ended up decapitated like this.


terror is here...

and now.

Where are we, José?

Jaral de Berrios.

This place is cursed.

Don't worry.

Those are just stories.

That's the last of our water.

Let me check.

Move your hand.


Once you see our loot,

you'll forget about the pain.

It's just a scratch.

You'll have enough to buy
that horse you wanted...

and the land by the river
to build your house.

You could even steal...

and marry...

Odilún's sister.

Don't tell me
you don't love her anymore.

She loves you very much.

You're going to be all right.

Here's your hat.

Wait here.
I won't be long.



Why didn't you answer?

Let's get out of here, José.

No one will find us here.

I'll go look for a place
to spend the night.


We have to go!


Don't be afraid, bitch!

I have a mission for you.

You have to drain the blood
of your sister's vagina!

If you can't accomplish this
in 12 hours,

I will suck your soul
through your anus!


Hey, mama!

Don't suck on that bottle,
suck on this milk!

Mama, don't go away.
I'm gonna bang your brains out!

Babe, do you want it?
I can give it to you.

Goodbye, babe!

Dude! You gotta tell me
all the details.

Of course, man!
You'll be the first to know.

Let's go!

-What's wrong?
-Start the fucking car!

I was checking Google Maps
to know if this is the way.

Look, Javier, don't
give me that bullshit!

I hate when you lie to me!

You stayed to chat,
and I almost got raped!

You don't know
how to protect me!

And you want me to go with you?

My mom was right.

You're too irresponsible
to take care of me.

Stop it, honey.
You're overreacting.

I'm sorry for not having
gone with you, okay?

I'll prove
that your mom is wrong.

You'll have
the best night ever!

You can choose any
of the ten cabins.

They're all empty.

Nobody comes on weekdays.

Did you skip school or what?

We want the furthest one,

That's the tenth
but, like I said,

there's no one here.

It's quite private.

The whole forest is yours.


Javier, wait!
I want to talk first.

It's not even dark yet and we
said this would be lovely.

Yeah, you're right.
I'm sorry.

Tell me, sweetheart.

I was so mad before

because I want everything
to be perfect today.

And tomorrow I go back home
as a new person.

I will never forget this night,

and I'm so nervous
because I lied to my mom--

Hey! Shh. Shh.

Everything's going well, right?

You left school
after call in your last class,

and there was no traffic.

Just look at this place.

Just look at those lips.

Did you bring condoms?

Of course.


Are you alone?

We are. Why?

What are you doing here
on a Tuesday afternoon?

There was a mistake. The hotel
opens only on weekends.

-You'll have to go somewhere else--

You'll feel better in town,
with more people.

What?! Forget it!
We've already paid.

Don't bother the guests.

Mind your business.

I'm sorry, he's quite old.

Close the windows at night!

Don't leave anything outside!

I told you not to host
people on weekdays.

Yeah, whatever!

No, wait!
Touch me more.

Not now!


You left these sandals out.

Please, don't leave
anything out, I'm serious.

Is that why you knocked?
It's our patio!

No, the woods belong
to others. They steal--

Are you serious?
Strawberry condoms?

What's wrong, honey?
You'll like them, you'll see.

I won't lose my virginity
with strawberry condoms!

I can get infected!

But, honey,
that has nothing to do with it!

Let me tell you.

There's a boy outside
spying on us!

Yes! I'm telling you!
He ran off!

Leave us alone!

No, don't open it!

What's that?

I'll go see.

Where are you going?

Javier, don't leave me alone!

Who's there?


don't leave me alone!


-Open the door!

Open the door!

Get off the bed, Valeria!

Open the door!

I can't.

He's under the bed.


Did someone bother you?

Did they steal something?

Where's Valeria?


Did they steal something
from her?

Her blouse or something?

Where the fuck is Valeria?

Did they take...


Aluxes do not take people.

They steal little things...
and stuff.

Unless they want
to take something...

from her.




I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!



"To fallen comrades in this
square on October 2, 1968."

Boogey! Boogey!

Shorty, breakfast is ready.

Hurry up!

Mom, have you seen
my green backpack?

Boogey! Boogey! Boogey!

Goddammit, Laura,
shut up already!

You're just like
your dumbass fucking father,

getting on my nerves
all day long!

And take off that raggedy dress!
I've had it with you!

What were you saying, son?

My green backpack.
Have you seen it?

Right. I washed it and it's
hanging on the clothesline.

Let me go get it.

Boogey, boogey, boogey!

Boogey, boogey, boogey!

Why are you so afraid
of him, Lau?

He's not crazy.

Boogey, boogey, boogey...

Here's your backpack,
my boy.

Thanks, Mom.

Laura! Get away
from that fucking window.

Hurry up and grab
some fruit or something!

Hey, dude.

What's up, gringo?

Laura, what are you doing?
We're gonna be late!

Hey, I'm talking to you!

Laura! Eat the apple already!
Take it and go!

Get out of the way, you.

Good morning, Pepe.
How are you?

Good morning, boss!

-What's going on, champ?

Don't tell me the princess
still gets scared of me.

So, Pepe, you'll take care
of my garbage, right?

-I left it outside for you.
-You got it, boss.

I also left some coins for you.
Thank you.

-Want some candy?

-No. Boogey! No!

Come on! I'm totally harmless.

Let's get moving.

See you later, Pepe.

Alright, boss.

Mom, will you let me
go play soccer?

Well, just for a little while,
'cause it's late.


No, boogey, no!

Hey! Come on now!
Leave your brother alone!

Stop being so clingy!

Help me with the backpack.
My purse, too.

You be good now.

Boogey! Boogey!

Stop it, Laura!

Boogey, boogey...

That's it!
Stop that, goddammit!

Stop it and go to your room!

Let me go!

Missing Child...
Amber Alert...

Have You Seen Her?
Where Is He?

Son, where are you?



Open the door!
Open the door!

My son, where is he?

Liver, Right Lung, Heart.
11-year old male.

Deliver to Dr. Lizalde
at Saint Mathew Hospital.


God, please, help me!


Missing: Marco Lavoisier,
11 years old

My God...
Give him back to me!



Good afternoon.

Welcome to the Island
of the Dolls.


Good evening, folks.

Very special greetings
to all the truckers,

those workers behind the wheel.

Please, stay alert because
someone is waiting at home.

Beware of dangerous curves...

and dark winding roads.

Dad, help me,
please! Help!

Stop, you motherfucker!

-Rabbit, help us!
-Dad, please save us.




Please, give me some water.

It was dark. Black.


Thanks for helping me.

Thanks for helping me.

Thank you... thank you!

You don't know who I am,
do you?

-Don't you know who I am?

-You don't know?!

You don't know?
You don't know?

You don't know?

You don't know?
You don't know?

I am Rabbit, asshole!

I am Rabbit, asshole!

Your brother!

Your brother!


This is my town.

My hood.

Here I learned
to play between cars,

sell some merch...

make my money...

and survive.

Nobody told me
that life was easy.


I still remember
when my mother told me,

"My daughter,
life is a bitch.

And you gotta be
a bigger bitch than her,

or she will fuck you over."

Look at me now, Mother.

Life can't even begin to
drag me by the fucking feet.

Because the bitch
of all bitches...

is me.

Look. Even my business
is international.

Eh, Chinita?

Weak women disgust me.

I can't stand them
with their pathetic faces.

And that fucking
smell of fear

makes me sick.

Those hags

don't fit in this town.

Where were you, Maya?

Sorry, Doña Luz.
I was helping my friend with--

Don't give me any excuses,

Or do you want
another one of those?

Yeah, beg for more!

No, ma'am. I'm sorry.

Don't play with me, bitch.
Or I'll break you.

Yes, ma'am.

What are you all lookin' at?

Get ready, let's go!

Make yourselves pretty
and cover up those scars!

And take off those pathetic,
worthless, wretched faces!

Because today begins

the first day

of the rest of your lives.

Welcome to La Candelaria.

Today we celebrate tradition.

The culture.

The race.

Today we celebrate...

the Day of the Dead!

Come over here, baby.

Yeah, move it for me, babe.

Shake that ass.

Get over here, baby.

Yes, shake it. Shake it!

Don't touch me!

You don't like this?


Come on, why don't you take this
one back to the funny farm?

She's a little off-balance!

Made her look like
she's tough, man.

What's the matter, Chiquita?

Does not speak English?




Fuck off, bitch!

Ooh, scared little monkey.

Don't forget about me, babe.

Don't worry. I didn't forget
about you, motherfucker!

Go to hell,
you piece of shit!

You will pay for this, asshole!

I do speak English.

Fucking idiot!

Fucking whore!
What the fuck is goin' on?

Shut up!


Who are you callin'
a fucking coward?

Justice can be one
of the most gentle lovers.

But revenge is
a real fucking whore.