Barbarosa (1982) - full transcript

Karl Westover, an inexperienced farm boy, runs away after unintentionally killing a neighbor, whose family pursues him for vengeance. He meets Barbarosa, a gunman of near-mythical proportions, who is himself in danger from his father-in-law Don Braulio, a wealthy Mexican rancher. Don Braulio wants Barbarosa dead for marrying his daughter against the father's will. Barbarosa reluctantly takes the clumsy Karl on as a partner, as both of them look to survive the forces lining up against them.

Damn!, Where Are We?
Whew! - We gotta find some shade.

Gotta get out of the sun.

Take it easy.

Take it easy.

Oh - We gotta find some water..

Oh No!
We gotta get pass this..

God Damn! Stickers

Ah! God Damn!

Oh - this is a God Forsaken place.

I don't want this to make trouble for Karl.

We can't let it go - what Karl's done.

But he's my son, Herman.

Yah - and that's mine, in the box.

It were an accident.

Karl never meant to kill August.

Y'all lost a son.
I've lost a husband.

Isn't that enough?

We'll be going out after him, Emil.

I can't allow it - Herman.

We're gonna bury my boy.

Then we are going for Karl.

Yah? --- Otto? --- Floyd?

Yah! Papa

If you want to argue about it,
Argue now - Emil.

We're ready for the photograph, folks.

Could ya all gather round - please?



"Manos Arriba, Gordo"

Well, yer just a damn farm boy!

Yes sir,

No !!!

Damn Fool!
I can't teach you people a damn thing - can I!

What are you doing out here anyway, farm boy?

I'm looking for my daddys cow.

Is that right?
Your daddy lost a cow, huh?

Oh no sir --- I'm lying.

How long you been without eats?

Couple of days.

Didn't get to plan your trip very well...
... did you - farm boy.

No sir.

Let's go get some supper.

Well, what about this fella?

Somebody will be along to take him home pretty soon.

He thinks it's a bug jumping in the grass.

Armadillos aren't too smart - you know..

Get ready to grab him..

What do we want with him?

We're gonna cook him for supper.


Get ready to grab him..

Reach down and grab him by the tail..

Go on.
Grab him by the tail?

Easy boy. Easy.

Come here!

I got him --- uh, Whoa.

That son of a bitch clawed me ---- ah oh!

I hurt my knee.
Hit on some rock.

Think you can get some firewood?

You know that fella back there in the creek?

Not him personally.
I know his family well enough tho'.

Must be pretty bloodthirsty.
They're damn good people - the Zavalas.

Now don't you be talking about' em, all right?
Yes sir.

Just seemed he's awful irritated at you ---- that's all.

What's "Barbarosa" mean?

That's what they call me.
Who? Zavalas?

Yeah, the Zavalas.
Now eat your supper.

Yes sir.

My name's Karl Albert Westoff --- uh

You been shit outta luck ever since you's born,
ain't ya boy?

I'm from up in Blanco County.

You know where that is?

You leave bad trouble back there?
Yes sir.

Well the Mexicans got a saying,

"What cannot be remedied... must be endured."







...and now he has killed Luis.


"Hijo De La Chingada !"

You - Eduardo!

Will you know him?

I will know him...

From the songs that we sing...
and from the stories.

Find this Barbarosa
...and kill him.

Kill him for me...

Kill him for yourself...

Kill him...
For your family as sworn.

It's up to you now, Eduardo.

We wait here to honor you...

When you return.

Bring his cojones...

on a stick.

Bring them here - to us.


Pulque Se?or?

Yes sir - if it's something wet.


Manuel - one for him.


Ow - it's hot..


That's good.


... I think she "likes" you.

Well, no offense...
I just come in here for a drink.

Maybe you like this one better - huh?


Look, Look,
I ain't gonna do this.

I ain't gonna do this.
"I gotta make some money - you know."

I don't care --- I came in...
"Make your pick."

Dumbass!, you gringo!

You're gonna have to pay for this.
She was a damn good moneymaker.

"Hurry up!"

god damn it!

"Karl Westoff!"

Otto. Floyd

Y'all come all the way down here look'in for me?

Papa wants you dead, Karl.

Otto - I never meant to kill August...
I just thought that...

What are you gonna... it now - just like that?

We got a fall plowing to do back home...
Karl, you know that.

"Manos Arribas!"
Sons of Bitches!


Found yourself a new career there farm boy?

It ain't one I exactly fancy!

Gimme a hand - farm boy.

Yes sir.

pistol - now! pistol - now!

I'm gonna have to rob ya.

Get your money out.

I want y'all togo home, please.

Papa won't allow that.
You know him, Karl.

Shoot em Karl - if you want to - we got time.

Go! Right now!
Go - or I'll have to shoot you.

Go. Go!

Dinero, Dinero.

Get your gun on' em.

Hello -
You a'n me have a little smoke - se?or.

Come on. come on.


you just ran off and left me back there...

I figured you'd get the idea it's time to get out.

Adios, farm boy.

Wait a minute.

Wait. Hey!

I sure didn't expect to see you back in that cantina.

Oh boy!!

Well - I get out here once or twice a year.
Do a little light steal'n.

What do you steal?

Oh horses - cows.

Watch them rocks.

- Gold, Silver -
just about anything that I can herd or walk off with.

- Except sheep -
I hate those god damned sheep.

You couldn't GIVE me one of those woolly bastards!

Me too! I --- I hate' em.

Well - you ever have any partners on this kind of stuff?

No, Thank You.

Well - I killed a man..
Well, that ain't no high recommendation.

Well, he was a great big son of a bitch.
He's twice as big as me.

Old Sam Colt makes everybody just about the same size.

Well, I hit him with a stick.
I didn't use no Colt.

He's my brother-in-law - God Damn It!

Is that the nature of your trouble back there?

Yes sir.

Them two have in their mind to kill me,
and their daddy'll see that they do.

That's why I'm here.

You know how to use that hog leg there??

The what?
Your gun. You know how to use your gun?

Well --- oh


It's got sand in it, sorry.

Only three things to remember...

One - You point it - like yous point'n your finger.

... and two - You squeeze the trigger.
Like you was playing with your sore pecker.

You missed him..

I don't kill for amusement -- man or rabbit.

No sir.

What's three?

Three - Is you keep your feeted planted...

Till you done all the shoot'n you're gonna do.

Nothing makes a man more nervous
than to see somebody standing still...

When they ought to be runnin' like a spotted-ass ape.

Yes sir.

Well, I'll just follow your lead on that part of it.

Thank You

Not a problem.

Barbarosa - was he ever here?

yes, yes.

We ain't gonna rob those poor old people, are we?

Poor People?
That's the way the rich travel around here.

Manos Arriba!

Oh, oh.
Goddamn it!

Give me your money. Now, now!

Get their money, KARL.
Get your money out!

"pronto - pronto"
Come on!!

Get It, KARL!

Is that all you got?

Is that all you got?
"Si - Se?or"

That's all they got in the world!

Well, they got each other - take it!

No sir, I can't.

I ain't gonna.

Son of a bitch.

No sir, I ain't gonna?
What do you mean - No sir, I ain't gonna.

Uh, I don't think it's right.

Goddamn it - boy - we ARE robbers!!!

These people -
probably got more Gold than we could ever carry!

I think banks and trains is more my line
Well look at 'em!

God Damn Son Of A Bitch!

We don't need to be robb'in these people.

Why don't you -
go on their god damn mortgage while you're at it!

...and get Jesus to co-sign --- all right??

Poke my god damn eyes out!
If that don't beat anything I've ever seen.

God damn Robber "my ass"

"Maldito! Hey!"

Don't you ever do that to me again, farm boy.
You hear me?

You hear me?
Yes sir..

After all I got a reputation to maintain down here.

I thought you...

"Watch It"

I thought you wanted to rob and pillage anyway.

I do!

the next time we go out to rob,
I'm gonna make the selections on to what to rob.

If I say we're gonna steal horses, we'll steal horses.

If I say we're gonna steal cows, we'll steal cows.

If I say we're gonna rob beehives, you get...

...your own little bee swatter, and you swat some bees.

If I say -

"Buenos D?as!"

You're on my road, amigos.
What are you doing on my road, huh?

I don't see no sign that says this is your road.
You see a sign, farm boy?

You ought to have a big sign up there says:


You know I have plenty of signs, just look around.

Maybe you just don't know who I am, huh?

Oh - I think I recognize you now.

You're Mr. Shit.

I'm ?ngel Morales.

You know who I am?

S? Se?or - I know who you are.

"Oh - We MAY BE in trouble."


"Karl Westoff."

Ya 'all shoulda gone home, like I told ya..

Come - Karl.

"What is he doing here?

We found them on our path.

Oh - did that surprise you?

Stand up, farm boy.


Well, I'll be damned!

It's them old people that yer so in love with.

Well I hope that makes you feel REAL bad...
to see all that Gold.


My mother says -
you stopped Barbarosa from taking my father's money?

That's what the little son of a bitch did alright...

I was gonna rob your feeble old papa;
and shoot that squawking old woman over there!

You son of a Bitch!

Cover him up!
Gonna take care of you later.

"Barbarosa's Dead!"


Is anybody watchin'?

Goddamn it, Stop that.

I thought you was dead.

Damn close!

Just tickled my innards a little - I think.

Is anybody watchin'?



What's the matter?
You don't like to look at dead men?

No sir.

Lets just get out of here.

They got our horses.

I don't care.
I'll walk.

No. We ain't done here yet.

I'm gonna give that Mexican bandit
a proper farewell --- from Barbarosa.

"They got all our money!"

It's all gone!

Barbarosa's gone!

The grave is empty!

Dig me out of here!

Barbarosa's been here!

Evil!, Evil!
It's the devil's work.

We have to get away!



You know Mr. Pahmeyer's over here looking to kill me.

- Yeah... and there's 50 mad Mexicans waiting over there
to do the same thing.

well it looks awful steep!

You're not scared of heights too - are you?

I don't know.
That looks straight up to me!

I can't get a damn foothold!

Careful - Yer kick'in rocks all over me!

Here - gimme your hand.
You all right? You gonna make it?

Yeah - I'm alright.
Goddamn it! Just keep going.

How'd I ever get this beat!

Don't trust that!


What you look'in at me for?
Look where yer going!

Gimme some solid ground.

Hold on...
"I lost my footing!"

hold on! hold on!

I gotcha' I gotcha'