Barakah Meets Barakah (2016) - full transcript

A guy from the middle class, meets a girl from A wealthy family, and they start a romance in a country that frowns upon it.

MEETS Barakah Barakah

Hello Barakah.

You can throw me?

These rascals swung my machine.

What efforts so early!


This silly finished all
the water from the tank.

As if she washed all
the dead earth.

Leave her alone, Da'ash.

I told a friend to bring
a tanker.

Do not worry. Hello to you.

Lance-Ie as hard as you can.

Pretty Woman. You make us crazy!

Do not worry, Sa'diyya aunt.
I arrive.

I'm taking care of it.

Torture, but I tell you
do not believe me.

This is a real torture.

By the grace of God,

We are the first municipality

with officials
of a new kind.

We aim for decentralization.

New lists will be
subject to all

and updated regularly.

We advocate transparency
with the central

to which we will report
our continuous activities.

The first goal is to create a team

monitoring well trained for the City

gives an impression of stability.

You will also be charged

construction sites, transport
of goods ...

Hey, Mr. contained.

You, the star

My friend. My love Barakah.

Must come to rehearsals tonight.

Guys do not come anymore.

The first to arrive will

the best role.
And yeah, man!

Salam aleikum.

Aleikum salam.

Place fruit baskets outside

is an offense.

The streets appartiennentà God.

You know people buy
what they see.

I grant you, but your rent

is attached to the square meter.

Anything above inconvenience the public space.

I am willing to close their eyes this time.

But nothing says that others will.

It is better to put you in good standing.

May God help us!

Salam aleikum.
- Salam.

Buy Ethiopian coffee

Do not give in to monopolies that threaten

Fair Trade

and local trade.

Karakoz to

You have not finished registering
sales yesterday

Send them to me, okay?

Tomorrow. Do not forget.

What is that?

How many times must I repeat it?

The goods must be well presented.

The brand Karakoza tidy.

I bet alone, my word!

What are you doing?

Thank God. It's incredible.

If half the time passéà this nonsense

thou was spending to Karakoza,
we would pull through.


Who do you think You Are?

I launched the store and brand,

etj'ai found'll
des «Hanches Divines».

Suddenly, you deserve better

Mrs. Mayyada. May God help us.

I ask myself:
"Where is Bibi before?

The jet-setter?
The sweetheart of the store? "

All these "likes" you have changed.

I am the same Biblio.

The iconic face Karakoza.

The same person, the same loyalty.

Nothing has changed.

The new Bibi has not changed.
Elijah listening.

Even when you doubt his loyalty.

Karakoza made Bibi what it is.

Mrs. Mayyada is too runny.

Know that all copyright
and fame,

It's for me.


"As always,
you land then disappear."

Say you have four wives ...

Each earns you
70 virgins in paradise ...

And each blank 70 domestic ...

How many women in total?

And if you gave me just
a phone number?

Tell mole, do not be angry.

What is a hot girl like you

made in this furnace?

You're still much hotter
than the sun.

Let me take you.

I fear you will overheating.

You want to warm you up?
Take this!

The theater, my friends,
is an inspiration.


An inspiration.

A long, deep breath.


requires a particular type of speech

The "Sir" who played was abandoned

in this role, so the left Hamlet

because he was not worthy.


Congratulations my friend,

you a promotion.

You will play the daughter of Polonius.

The sweetheart of Hamlet.

Barakah ...

You will hold the role of 0phélie.

"Oh my Lord!

Oh my Lord!

Oh my Lord!

I was so scared! "

Open, Barakah.

This Chefen cursed marries a third.

After the mother of his children
and the young Bedouin

whose father shared
the landfill with the chef.

Eh ben!

This crazy wife in a third,

while half of young people
do not have.

And listen to this!

Guess who he will marry?

Who's the lucky girl?

A Syrian refugee. My God.

Misfortune pursues.

Driven by these bastards,
that's Victims, yes.

But do not steal our girls.

God shares his blessings,
Sa'diyya aunt.

"I fortifies the
mercy of God.

I strengthened in
God's mercy. "

And that criticism does one in this
beautiful day?

What do you care?

You're a man and would do the same.

Even if you dying to.

You want the second, third,

A real dirty cock.

What would you have to say about it?

This benefits for you,

whenever the chief marries.

Same for you, the chatterbox.

You take advantage in every time.

Delivery rooms,
orphans, all need

a midwife.
And you cash.

Mejette not the evil eye.

And you, Barakah,

when will you get married?

Listing her therefore peace.

It is free as a bird!

Young and full of life.
Why you want to lock him up?

- Young,

strong and blessed by God.

The house is ready,
uncle Urabi be happy.

I am sure that his offspring
will look like him.

Adorable, perfect, just perfect.

Not like your ugly face.

first find the bride.

It you said.

All marriageable girls
eating out of your hand.

You now only stoop
and pick

"I do not know, sir,
but, really,

I'm afraid of it

I do not know, my lord,

but, really, I'm afraid. "

Violation of public space
reported in the area

abandoned Obhur of 32-12.
Who is in the area?

I'm there. Barakah Urabi. Completed.


Cut, cut, cut!

I will see…

All right, I'm in charge.

Go on, do not worry.

Welcome, please.

What is happening here?

A photo shoot. To stuff.

Here the authorization.

Everything is absolutely in order.

You are fine?
A mango or apple juice?

It is signed by the Ministry of Information.

Where is the one of the municipality?

There is everything in there.

For the pictures,
in public and private.

This area is in the municipality

and is duly registered.

We rent this place.

This place is ours, is praised.

You turn a movie?

This is a collection
of fashion and all that.

It's abandoned ...
- Excuse me, who are you?

I am of the municipality.

Of the municipality, yes,

I see it. What is the problem?

No authorization.
- No authorization.

It's people like
you that make us retreat

as soon as the country moves
a little bit ...

All is well, ma'am.

It's unbelievable.
- I come again.

Everything is fine.
- What do you mean?

We will solve it. He has permission.

Barakah, you hear me?

Here Urabi to you

This girl is a model?

Cest drank Harith.

You do not know her?
It is famous on Instagram.

It is Saudi?

You're the religious police?

You're going to denounce us?

Here the plant, you hear me?

Get out.

Here the central

Barakah Urabi ...

The weather is nice,

the birds sing.

This file is closed.

Your papers are in order.

God bless you.
Come sit with us.

Spread the camera!
It keeps running

Barakah ...

Barakah ...

Barakah ...

Hey, kid.

What are you doing?

Ethiopian coffee.

I try roasting the damn coffee.

Requests the youngster to prepare!

It comes from fair trade.

We must resist
to large multinationals.

Where you want that crap?
- Bibi Harith.

Bibi Harith?
This is a person or a spirit?

A star on Instagram.

Elie address messages
to society. Looked.

It's her.

Slim! It is good enough to eat

Boy, do you look after man.

What is "Aristagram"?

You know Al Shugairi?

His female counterpart, and more liberal.


this is nothing but a fantasy. In your dreams,

my brother.
Never it will be yours.

She's too liberated for us.

Tell me again what tribe
of angels we belong?

Do not blaspheme!

If God gave me

a girl half
as white and optimistic.

There is one year, she came
in distress and emaciated,

with infertility and malnutrition.

I took care
of reinvigorating his life.

My herbs and prayers have pregnant.

Her husband had lost all hope
Elie preferred

die than see him
marry another.

She lost water.
Quick, take me to her.

Fear not, your good deeds
will be recognized.


A handsome boy.
May he be

strong and away the darkness

Thank God they had a boy.

I wish you the same blessing.

Well done. By car.
I have to go to work.

"Ha! Ha! You are virtuous! "

"And you are beautiful!"

"You must not allow relationship

between your virtue and beauty. "

"The beauty, my lord,
may have elie

"Yes, indeed!

Carla beauty will have the power

to make under a madam ... "

Nerve, Barakah.

Go into the character. Feel it.

"..Avant that virtue has the force

beautéà to transform its image.

It was once a paradox,

but time has proven
that it is a truth. "

Magbool, we can avoid
saying "matchmaker"?

This is slightly vulgar.

And say what, "madam"?

Come on, resumes.

Must be wheat. Say again.

The gallery is an opening
in a few days.

Put a bra.

It's finish? Its good?

Parasite agent alias

Bibi, hi.

There's an art expo Thursday
and they want you.

Too crowded and stuffy.


Post a video, it will be 20,000 net.

Just ten minutes before
the crowd arrives.

You show up, you take
pictures and you leave again.

Goodbye, Mr. Turki.

A second, still.

This size and these "Hips Divine."

Must quickly I put them online.

Cabbage, dinosaur.
- It's not a dinosaur.

Are you afraid of the dinosaurs?

They exist more, they are all dead.
You are stupid.

Here, Barakah, your keffiyeh.

Merci, Tante met.

How do you to wash
the laundry in the neighborhood?

"I strengthened in
God's mercy."

Barakah, you're a man.

You need a partner
who takes care of you.

and returns your keffiyeh each morning.

What you do not see is hard to heal

I see you daydreaming.

Only God will save you and give you

a woman caring that complements you.

I do not want to caring woman.

I want the "Hips Divine."

Take this blessed talisman.

Its secret is divinely inspired.

The woman made me after ten months.

It cures sterility,
the guide lost souls

and connects the lovers.

Take him, Barakah.
Bathe in the blood of sheep

as you have sacri fi ed.
And keep your purity.

It will connect you to your life partner.

As long as God wills.

Take it. I am like your mother.

Make Ie for Him, Barakah.
Just in His name.

Poor management of waste sites.

This guy violated constantly laws.

Do not let yourself be.

Salam aleikum.
- Aleikum salam.

You are subject to a complaint.

Poor management of waste,
prohibited deposit

equipment, offense to public space

and non-compliance with workers breaks.

Welcome. I pour you some tea?

Thank you, but we can not accept
the payments.

This building is in orphans.

I am an intermediary.
It's not mine.

You know, the effectiveness account.

And in the West, the efficiency has a price.

Waste blocking the road construction,

I just give you a ticket.

You can pay through the Internet.

The municipality, God bless her,

has an app for smartphones.

It is like in the West.

Thank you.

Look who's here.

Come close the gallery
for lack of authorization?

Do it, to talk about it more.

I'm ...
I'm on the guest list.

On the guest list?
I did not.

I too am on
the guest list.

But I would rather be somewhere else
than here tonight

Oh! I forgot.

I have something to do.

The exhibition "promising Generations".

Generating 60 percent.

It now opens for 7 days.

Come and see the gallery. Bye.

That's done.

Hi my name is...

Bibi Harith. I know who you are.

And you?
- Barakah.

Your name is Barakah?

Barakah Urabi.
A problem?

No problem.

Not my favorite name.
Forget it

What brings you here,
Mr. Barakah?

We Checks permissions?

I said it. I Come to
personal reasons.

I'm in the national troupe

Wow! And what are you doing there?

a new play is repeated.


You will be perfect
in the role of "Hamleet".

You are on Instagram?

Of course not.
- Of course not?


You think it is art, right?

I do not understand most of the works.

My latest artistic encounter
was an oil.

If people say it is art,

I have not understood a thing.

This is conceptual art.

This is a project based entirely
on memory.

The artist took these pictures to counter

oblivion and marginalization.

. OK, you're ...
- Slutty, right?

Silly and vain, I should I
confine fashion.

Listen, my new friend, Mr. Barakah.

Take my followers and likes

and put me on a stage.

The religious police!
The girls from the other door.

How can I follow the gang?

No idea.

Do not you want my number?
- Yes, of course. Here.

To end the debate on art.
- Yes.

- Thank you.

You surely not the only one
to take his head.

It was she who made me the gringue!

She put her number in my phone.

And I appear in the video
she posted.

I wanted Ia charm PETITA small.

He take his laptop
and put my number.

Then succumb to my charm.

The religious police landed
and ruined everything.

It's ok I got it.

You're an asshole resourceful.

She said quej'étais "sweet"
so cute.

Yeah, you're super cute.

What do I do now?
- Call her!

Fuck serve you anything.

Just, Hammatto?

Calls, but be distinguished.

Sorry, but I'm not a toy.

Oum Kalthoum ledit:

"I struggled to reconcile myself."

Forget your ego can. Be crazy not.

The call to propose a date?

She is famous.
Da'ash. Not within my reach.

One million followers on Instagram.

Again this shit "of anustragram"?
Take your phone

and say, "Hi, my beauty. Listening.

I want to give you a gift. "

It will tumble down to take his present.

Rich, poor,
regardless of class.

All women love gifts.

I'm right, Hammatto?

Make her happy.
Give him a gift.

I'll call someone.

No way.

You have size M?

Want a cup or a specific tissue?

Give each etje choose.

Rules of the cornice

- Keep your distance.

Caution is the mother of safety.

I brought you a little something.
For you.

Range that! Shut up, shut up!
- Where is the problem?

You think you're in the 80's?
- Why?

I can not accept that!

We barely met Vienta

Not get excited. It's just a gift.
- No!

What do I do?
I can not throw

The give a woman your family.

I Sa'diyya my aunt.
It will not him.

Who is this "Sa'diyya aunt"?

The midwife of the district

To make a gift
to a woman nosjours

nothing better than roses and flowers.

White synonymous with purity.

Red, passion and desire,

and purple, new beginnings.

Everyone knows that.

You should leave
this is not reassuring here.

I continue my jog.
See you.

Bibi Harith?
- Oui.

Can I ask you a question?
- Go ahead, my heart

When will we see
your face on Instagram?

Not yet.
You know the laws of our country.

Step by step.

Barakah, guys need
plainclothes reinforcements.

You can listen

and let go of the chair?
You occupy the public space

and monopolize the streets.

You impose unique thought,
and weep

about the rise of extremist terrorism.

What is going on?

He refuses to put away the chairs.

You shout for terrorism
simple chairs?

At dictatorship.
A cafe is a place of freedom.

Excuse me, but it's too Durà understand

for municipal employees.
- No insults.

I did not want to.
But it is a place of freedom.

Young people come to discuss everything.

The law imposes to close
your business.

The chairs will be con fl squées.

It will ask
the réouvertureà the municipality.

Go complain to headquarters
beyond municipality.

The municipality...

Take chairs, guys. Thank you.

You deface public space.
- Salam aleikum.

The results are the same,
Mrs. Mayyada.

How does the same?

The medicine made progress and

we are encountered the same results?

And for India?

I hear that in India and China,

is cured with herbs
and alternative medicine.

I could try
- Mrs. Mayyada.

Twenty years have passed and we did

the same examinations every 6 months.

And the results are the same.

But you can try

You probably will not find
any better in India

your trials in Germany and the USA.

Bibi, what was it, out there?

On our first date,
he offered me a string.

Thank you, but no thank you.

Except that your smile was engaging.

It is too Na'if.

It's just for fun Come.

His name Barakah.

Do not réfrénez your desires.

Crack your teeth.

But be sure to keep
a balanced diet.

Diets are the mainstream marketing.

Mainstream? Mainstream?

What are you doing?

How many times are you going to ruin your diet?

Relax, Mayyada!
This is tuna.

I played sports this morning.

Nevertheless what you preach

and am going to ruin everything

The bodies of the girls
and Karakoza brand.

I know what you're trying to do.

You avenge me. Without success.

You try to take revenge!


You know queje am nothing without you.

You are my only child.

I have only you.

And no one will you remove moles.

I have only you.

Hi, you, I missed you.

To the point. I am not in the mood.

You want to meet me?
Go out and change of scenery?

You can spend more at the door.

This is a teen thing.

Sorry, I did not know.

Where would'll adequate to meet,

in your opinion?

Let's review our options.
I'll tell you.

A fancy restaurant,

As with any first date

This restaurant is a fabulous fish.

I am filled with joy.

The hour of prayer.
- The religious police.

No no!

To the beach. It's summer

and the fresh sea air will do us good.


Hold on. Let's

forgiving and optimistic.

forgiving and optimistic.

Instead of whining.

A road trip listening
SoundC / oud?

The bottom line is the a / chemistry between us.

You see?

It remains supermarkets
and pharmacies.

My poor little heart,
any dog's life.

No romance!

Uncle Da'ash that God guide you.
Think about your age.

Neighbors hear the music.

We give you more sins.
- Clear!

Your father spends his days smoking here.


Stop your nonsense.
- God come to your aid.

They have taste, at least.

They do not want Umm Kalthum.

They want Da'ash Ie meilleurjoueur
Oud neighborhood

But your dirty cam cost you dearly.

I have known those shits
in diapers.

They lecturing me about virtue?

Can you believe, do you? But you're right.

I was the best musician in the city.

But ... put me upside the head.

So go easy on the fumette tonight

I effondrerai here before you.
So what?

Tell mole, how's the love?

Already daydreaming?

It's confusing.

When one sees,
I sense an incredible chemistry.

As soon as one separates,
it changes radically.

Especially the phone.

You no bile. Takes time.

It is precisely the time, concern.

The first time was two minutes.

The second three.
That's five in all.

And we do not know where to go.

Vast is the kingdom of God.
Where is the problem?

Everything is forbidden,
separated by sex or limited.

And I have no relations.
It is not easy.

It's the system.
Not swim against the current.

Take her to the beach or in a café.

Fend for yourself.

It is completely paranoid Da'ash.

I also became paranoid.

I have the solution.

Asks for her hand. Yes, you become engaged.

You think you're in the 80's?

She lives in the West.

She wants to know me
and cares of propriety.

It is not betrothed in the West?

Marriage is exceeded?

Listen to your uncle, kid.

Give it.

The guy coffee we did close

said missteps stuff.

But applying the law without mercy.

Even if what he said étaitjuste.

No sense of duty I was programmed.

We accept a lot
of things that are not logical.

All of these regulations is not good.

T'as l‘air stone.

Do not be too demanding and ambitious.

These assholes cut electricity!

I have the solution, you ask your hand.

Bibi, you hear me?

You see this mix?

Already ground. Pénibleà not do,
like the other.

Bibi, I said that
I asked you your hand.

You can take it,
but it's a little sweaty.

marriage ask.

I do not want to hear it.
- For convenience.

I can have 250 grams?

We would without fear for

getting to know
and tweak this company.

That's what you want, you rushing?

The hypocrisy of my life disgusts me.

According to you, I need
to do even pretend?

I try to be pragmatic.

Non Barakah.

Be not angry.

I also want to see you

But normally.
Not by hiding

in immigrant neighborhoods.

I want the real.

I want to fool anyone.

Seek a solution together.

You whisper what?
- I ask for patience.

Where is Aunt Sa'diyya when
I need it?

"I strengthened in
God's mercy."

Who is Sa'diyya?
- Our upstairs neighbor.

It is the queen of the neighborhood
- the queen of the neighborhood?

She divine al'inspiration.

She gives birth and cures sterility.

She is well known in my neighborhood

"The queen of the neighborhood"?

"The queen of the neighborhood"?

Tell mol.
What can I do for you?

A boy who is interested
in me wants to meet you


What's his name?


Barakah? You're kidding?

No. His name Barakah.

I will not share.

Do not tell me you do not know Hamza?

It is impossible. A Western mind

stubborn. It will not accept.

We know not the man.
You do not know, right?

Look over here.

A step.

Another. Then I kneel.

Bend down.


Your face behind me.
Turn and turn around.

Yes, running. Turned. My God!

You're at it come, Barakah.

You make progress, small.

We will cartoning!

We take back.

Come. Glue yourself to me. Let's go.

Bibi Harith

Let's go on a journey.
- What?

I would not be here.
I want to go to the Emirates.

You want to immigrate?

What do you mean "immigrate"?
Of course not!

Aliens in Dubai a few days.
In Palm.

I've decided.

You would not test
our first alchemy?

And see? Avoid rushing

Be not one to judge without knowing.

I do not judge.

I want to travel with you.

But I never left
the country etje works.

I must ask leave
and find a replacement.

And then we can plan a trip.

You bore me, you sound like
my grandmother.

Will solve your problems. Hello.


Bored? Anguish?

You no bile.

In the country, there is ...

the "Adventure Park"!

Exchange vibrations.

Go out, make getaways,

You will find everything ...

the "Adventure Park"!

Hi, beautiful.

Are you arriving?

Perfect. A few km away
and I'll join you.

I'll meet you on the pier.


Single men
are not allowed.

I found friends.

No single men.

The less said ...

Ask your family to come
and get you

It's a work colleague.

It was filed until tonight

Wait a
Let's see if I understand.

A colleague who would work
Ala municipality?

I can not help you or let you in

if you're not with your family.

But I'm generous
and I like helping people.

Pull over there and tell him to come

look for you
I can not help you any more than that.

Wait, let me explain ...

You put me off

and make my blood pressure rise.

I am here since noon
and tail lengthens.

Will you park and tell him
to bring thee Quickly.

OK But know.

This beach is, God.
Not only yours.

They have not let me in.

Can you come get me?

Not gonna work, Barakah.

What happened to us,
Old Man?

That's what happened to our country.

Public life, that's it.

The gatherings.

That's what happiness

TV, that's it.

Our greatest fame.

That looks like the Holy Mosque.

The outfits of our stewardesses


The captain of our national team.

That was your generation.

That's what it was like in public life.

The gatherings.

That was happiness

TV, that was it.

The stewardesses, that was it.

The biggest celebrity, it was her.

The development, it was.

The holy mosque, that was it.

And these two, our national captains.

Your generation has lived fully,

then got scared older.
You succeeded,

but have not defended our generation.



Yes, my plans for tonight
are canceled.

You repeat?


Okay, Salam.


Should not listen to that damn witch.

Elie make you zinzin.

At least we will draw the meat.

Stop your materialistic thoughts.

Keep your pure intentions.

You want clean?
Hold a sterile knife.


What are you doing here, you?

No fear.

Pay more attention to trains.

You explain to me this video on your account?

This is my private account,
not that of Karakoza.

Who said anything about Karakoza?
- Bizarre.

Bibi, anything you build

will be destroyed. I am your mother,

I know what's best for you.

Will you delete this video?

Do not make a fuss.

Clears the video, stp.

There, it is deleted.


- Glad.

What a pity.
Its parent is a healer.

The parent who?

De Barakah.

A midwife in her neighborhood has

Divine inspiration
and cures sterility.

I thought you would like to meet

She is the queen of the neighborhood

The "Queen of the neighborhood."

She has real powers.

Who says she does not

She actually did the work of God?

Why do you want to know?

The result is the same.

You can arrange a meeting?

We have nothing to lose.

Organizes it.
- Yeah.

Your account will still
even be deleted.



Raided an illegal brewery

All patrols run it.

plainclothes need reinforcement.

Central, do you copy?

I'm on the scene.

I am an artist, man.

With delicate sense.

Made for creation.

Can you believe you, they make us come here

to handle this filth?

Magbool, can I ask you a favor?

Do your job, go home.

Leave the past behind you
and live your life.

You see?

You want the?

They, they will have their photos
in newspapers

with vodka trophies and "Black".

And we this adulterated liquor smuggling.

Hey, Bibl.

I convinced Mrs. Mayyada
to invite you.

She wants to meet you

Meet us at home from the beach.
- Mrs?

Who is this "Lady"?

And why do I have to meet?
- Mrs

this is my mother, Barakah.
- Your mother?

Can I go home?

And meet madame?

Barakah, if I tell you that she
wants to meet you!

This is conceptual art, right?

Radios and everything?

This absurd thing?
It does not have a price.

- Come on.


Good morning, Madam Mayyada.

Barakah, delighted.

Please sit there.

Leave us a bit alone.

As you know,
everything was going well.

Two families, marriage,
community service.

Life, travel, trips.

I was young. I did not, at first.

At this age, you think you have all the time.

You know, here,

larger families
become institutions.

They represent wealth

and prestige. Everything is anchored.

These are the foundations of our society.

Bibi is too young to
emotional ties.

We protect it.

I said, I want

my fishing equipment clean
and in place.

I must tell him how?

My domestic workers are animals.

Hamza, falling tone. We have guests.

I count not lower tone, darling.

It is for you to take care of the house.
- Hamza!

Hamza, my ass!

Sorry. He drank.

Aliens just outside.

It is so nice.

You know, I like enormously Biblio.

It's the apple of my eye.

My one and only. I did it.

Who is this barbarian who
you disrespect?

Bibi is in transition.

It is at this age. ...

And then there's the celebrity and all.

It's hard.

Who is the man who yelled at you?

Ah, Hamza, my husband.

No, you do not imagine things.

He is a good man.

It has a pure heart, inside

He suffered a lot of pressure.

The family, the house, the ... inheritance.

He would love to have a boy.

A son who transmits his name.

As in any family.

Alas, I have a concern.
A fertility concerns.


I can not have children.

You must see the midwife Sa'diyya.

Move the speaker to the right.

A bit more. All right, that's enough.

And up, get the lights!


You're at it. Do not move from there.

Lord, it will come out

We leave for the first time.

What you're scared, asshole?

Of not having enough time?

That time escapes us?

Be strong, if ston. Relax.

The night is long.
Stop biler you.

So what do we do?

You take her where counted, big guy?

I feel like "Shawarma Shaker".

Two sandwiches with lamb
and a fat juice.

Banana and cane sugar.

You know what?
I'll stick to my coffee.

Should not spoil these "Hips Divine."

We eat in like at the time?

No family area "Shaker."

We eat on the sidewalk, then.

Bibi, you think you're in Paris? Can not.

We eat in the car,
right? It's sad.

That's life, I know what to tell you.

And if we ate watching
a great show?

A show? where?

There is no light?

The whole neighborhood has turned off
electricity to give

more volts to the head of the marriage.

Solidarity among neighbors.
It's nice.


Mate that. It's not giant?

It is clear that this is not
the best view.

I'm used to the first class.

But I appreciate the effort.

Da'ash a hit.
A real artist. Looked.

The group is not yet
complete on stage.

It's too giant.

That's art. It is surrounded by art.


I was joking.

You could not find better tonight.

It's so spontaneous.

I do not get how this country
has become so narrow.

Narrow, but we can always

escape from a roof.

That is true.



Yes, my sweet and tender?

I Barakah.

My name Barakah.

I've always been Barakah,
from birth.

This is the name on my passport.
But as I was

loose and embarrassed, I
did call Biblio.


It's a girl's name, I know.

But it's weird.
- Bizarre, yes, but ...

That's weird ...

As soon as I knew your name was Barakah

I felt as if the cosmos

united these two weird names.

It's a blessing, right?

Come come. Go, go.

Really you,

you did not bowl.
This old skin ended

to your date on your own roof?

It was about
touching, Da'ash.

I never touched
or held the hand of a girl.

Must Sa'diyya,
I have always defended,

come to screw the ground?

I repeat, this is a real torture.

Shame on you.

Everything you offer ASA
and you're still a virgin?

Me, at your age, I had to whistle, and

Women flocked.
I had my own harem!

This will be his birthday.
I want out.

Why the world is against us?

You do not chickweed.
Let it be your uncle.

Should you harden a bit.

Without offend you, your advice,
it's agony.

I'd rather not.
- Be hair is present.

Be brave and let me do.

Must find a solution.

If the concern is the Face ...

Put a burqa.

It would be eccentric.

And if it's one of those golden emirates,

it will be divine.
- have believed you there?

A cream Face.
Must See His Face!

And if we created something

Instagram kind large scale?

Cool clips.

No, it should be

present, the parent company requires.

We will find. We have to.

What if we used a hologram?

A scene, public, lights.

It's a little expensive, certainly.

But it will be recorded and seen

as direct.
- As direct.

The media give you
top rankings.

They think you hesitate
because of money.

They offer you two million
, and a 3-year contract.

That's six million riyals, Biblio.

The catch? If you refuse their offer,

this golden opportunity in smoke leave.

This is the maximum.
It's time to say yes.

Money is not everything.


I'm in this business
for over 20 years.

I created three quarters
of the stars of this country.

This offer is by far the best

you do aurasjamais.

Six millions,

to be their ambassador

and appear in public.

You think it's me they want?

They want my followers on Instagram.

They are interested only in "likes"
and fans.

Where they come, these "likes" and fans?

You have an original thing, that's why.

I will delete my Instagram account.

Bibi! Bibi!
- My family requires.

Do not tell me you have believed
in your independence.

At this lie of the art
anti-consumerist worthy

and anti-materialist?
It makes no sense.

Even Mayyada advantage of you,

financially too.

And you know
she was selling your body.

You got a chance to show your face

and become a celebrity. a leader

Not just half of a public body,

and the other half, who knows what.

Bibi, if you sign, it's perfect.

Otherwise, sorry but
I'll have to take legal action,

which will be extremely
challenging for you.

Where are you taking me tonight, Barakah?

It is a surprise.

A suprise?

Yes, but I have to cover your eyes.

Do not.
- Yes.

A real surprise, then!

For a surprise, it will be one.


when do you gonna take me?

I feel we are on a boat on the water.

Stop being so dramatic, I take it off!

Oh, are you crying?
- No it's nothing.

A dust in the eye.

I missed my shot?
Are you afraid of water?

No, it's the opposite.

Thank you to bring me back to that life.

This freedom, the air, the smell of the sea.

If only we appreciated most.

Fuck the beaches of the rich.

The barriers that separate and divide.

The new ethane God is mere soft.

We can not, Barakah.

It is in public.

I care about the people.

I'm here because
I want to be with you.

I do not care of others.

What I mean…

I do not know how to say.

Say what you feel.

Te unjustified.
Say what you have in you.

You, you know how to say what you feel.

That's what I love about you.

Not always.

I often feel alone
in this world.

Your phone keeps ringing

and you feel alone?

You think I have nothing to do?

I feel even more alone.

Later we will do?

Mayyada was painful in recent days.

What time is it?


Midnight folds?


It's 23:59.

Hello Beautiful.
Have you enjoyed the bouquet?

We have delivered flowers?


Your Barakah came today.

Why did I have not said?

I tell you now.

And this is not the first time.

Let's talk more Barakah.

Today I live
in ecstasy, joy.


I have news, it's gold.

No, diamonds.

If we organized a costume party?

Or a costume party with karaoke?

I will announce the news
to all guests.

Why have you thrown the bouquet?

Treasury, did you see the pink?
You call that pink?

Faded, and what bad taste packaging.

I'll buy you a thousand times better.

That's not it, to make a gift.

You do not loose the case, eh!

Mayyada is happy,
but must you ruin everything.

Listen, we allowed you to leave

But red roses, it's not.

I swear, your father will kill you.
And with me.

You decide when, how and who.



Salut, Barakah.

No thank you or hello

for roses?
- Thank you.

Why are you so cold?
It happened something?

Nothing. I choke a little.

It happens weird stuff home.

What are you doing, honey?
Hurry up!

They wait. This is unacceptable.

MeΠwould whiskers.

Would mustaches?

What is happening?

Barakah, I talk to you later. Hello.

Very expensive.

I am delighted to see you all.

And especially,

I have wonderful news to announce.

After waiting ... oh my God ...

so long, by the grace of God,

I'll finally be a mother.

Thank God.

And I do not forget to say thanks

the midwife Sa'diyya, and God.

Ice Cream in Glym


Your father and I are waiting for you downstairs.

Come down, dear.

Lots of things have changed.

You know Mayyada
and I are expecting a baby.

We are responsible
to yourself before God.

To ensure your future,
we will get married

I'm not ready to get married

I do not commit myself prêteà

We get married in the family.

You will be the family
of a religious viewpoint.

You will marry my brother.

You are precious to this family.

To the right.

A little to the right.


In theater, the light is paramount.

The scenography!

Where are your feelings!

I will make an attack!

My God, you are a beautiful angel.

You are perfect.

Tomorrow, Barakah.

The piece is played after tomorrow.

The theater will be packed. Crowded.

The journalists, the press,

fame, glory.

You feel it, man?

I feel stifling
This bra will kill me

What is Barakah?
- I dunno.

Why it crashed? Fill it.

After tomorrow, the room will be filled.

Filled the front ...

Ophelia, Barakah.

And if you tried a push-up?

Un «push-Up»?

es or red light
for dramatic effect?

A moment.

What is that?
- What?

Since when one door

bra under a strapless dress?

It will not, that.

It is in bad taste.

Bibi is in bad taste?

Who is the one who created "Bibi"?

It was not you?
It was not Mrs. Mayyada?


not be mailed this outfit.

I do not care!

I belong to you not, my body either.

I choose my destiny.


Bibi is worth two million now.

What am I doing here

to support this madness?


You push. You lost the head.

The boy hath eaten brains.

The friend of the midwife is a crook.

What human being are you?
You take advantage of people,

the manipulated and you will rid yourself?


I am leaving.
Find yourself another to handle

andto marry whom thou wilt.

Reduced to be manipulated and operated?

What is the concern - Mayyada!
The Mayyada pharaoh.

I support more insults.

Mayyada is your mother, Biblio.

His words hurt, his heart is pure.

You defend a woman

selfish and manipulative?

She's using you and throw you.

And now it's me that she throws.

Let's see.

You have helped, right?
- Yes.

And they want me to marry my uncle!

Marry your uncle? Well done.

Nobody marries his uncle. You exaggerate.

I'm not their daughter. I am adopted.

I'm just the trophy
in their theater.

And thanks to you, Mr. Barakah,

they are expecting a child.

My role is over.


And it's all thanks to you, Mr. Barakah.

You asked me…

I was wrong. Commentj'aurais-have known

Funny that this woman would succeed?

What your neighbor shoals happen there?

shallows and not good enough?

I am not a slave

to whom she ordered to remove
her bra.

What? What are you doing there?

She wants to control my bra?

She completely lost it.

She pushes!

You know what?

Damn, this bra.

What are you doing? Its good.

Forget it

Bibi stops.

You do…?
Hey, stop that!

You count to undress in public?

Calm down.

This is what is called
a "push-up" in fashion?

Here it is, your real face!

You're a real disgusting.

You are all disgusting!




God help you.

You've relapsed? Must repent


They had torn down the walls between us.

I thought we finally had

And it disappears?
Like that?

Barakah ...

Damn, not Barakah.

We are in limbo.

I blame you more.

Your whole life seeking
fortune and then ...

it goes up in smoke.

Da'ash is your uncle.

She made me laugh.

I thought I could love him

Being able to share my life with her.

With it, I understood who I am.

I passed my uncertainties.


Set off.

The fruit seller said it well.

We arrived and after it disappears.

Because here

the sweetness of a day will not last forever.

They carried bareheaded on the stretcher.

And on his tomb
it rained many tears.

This is a memorial:

grace, love, remember;

And you, take this.

I would have given you violets,

but they withered all,
to his death.

And does he not come back?

And does he not come back?

No, he is not dead.

Go to your deathbed.

And does he not come back?

He never returned.

He left...

Here I am in a seedy theater.

With a troupe of amateurs.

and performances without an audience.

Cultural institutions, that was it.

The artistic events.

People went to the movies.

In neighborhoods.

The girls went to school.

Mom received an education, not his mother.

Our house was there.

This villa belonged to a rich stroke / e

who organized the secret cinema.

The city where my mother and father

freely saw before marriage.

My mother did not understand
Italian films.

She went there because
his cousins were taking him.

The year of their marriage,

my parents bought a TV.

The year of a major event.



Cinemas were closed.

The state television regressed.

Ten years later, I came to the world.

Ten years later, my mother died.

Since I want a companion.

Some pursue
impossible dreams.

Others are simple,

satisfaiΠtheir small dreams.

Others live a reality
beyond their dreams.

And others have the ability to catch

their dreams and reinvent itself.

We live in a hamster wheel.

Our generation lives in
a hamster wheel.

And we can not get out.

Open, Barakah.

Hold it, hold it to me.

Take this.

God bless Aunt Mayyada.

These people are beautiful

in their virtues.

Hands him your aunt
gave her baby.

Looked! This is his generosity.

What altruism.

It gives a party.

You have the duty to come

She always asks from you.

Okay, Bibi?

Barakah. Bibi, c'est fini.

I was not Hamlet.
Etje not want revenge

I was playing Ophelia,

the warm and loving woman.

And the bra.

The "push-up" made you nervous,

I wore before

a crowd of officials and critics.

I stood in a conference
press and

I said "I'm Barakah Harith.

I do not know my biological father.

This is my truth. I have no shame. "

I am proud to come from an orphanage.

They really gave you 2 million?


Half a million goes to the agent
and a half million

products. I still have a million.

It's a blessing.
- You're right.

The name of Barakah

became a commercial.

I'm fed up.
I decided to change it ...

Bibi Urabi!

MEETS Barakah Barakah