Bao jian ta (1978) - full transcript


Dr. Xiao Erke, please go to
the Director's office.

Dr. Chang Kaidao, please go to
the Director's office.


Dr. Shi Ruike, please go to
the Director's office.

"General Medicine"

Dr. Shi Ruike, please go to
the Director's office.

Dr. Xiao Erke, Dr. Chang Kaidao.

Dr. Shi Ruike, please go to
the Director's office

Tang Lingzhen, 24, fashion designer.

Smart, prefers constant changes

thin as a stick.

Me as thin as a stick?

But you know that"s the figure of a model.

That's more like it.

Tang Lingshan, 22, volleyball team coach.

Aggressive, tomboyish.

Big pelvic bones, for easy delivery.

He wants me to give birth?


Tang Lingling, 21, university student.

Very maternal minded,

she loves children.

She's given a hard time to guys though.

I doubt that she could ever marry.

I wouldn"t marry you anyway! Let's go.

In the last 3 years,

I'm pleased with your work

in the hospital.

But you don't have much luck

in the love department,

that's why l"ve arranged for you to
meet them,

to test how good you are.

They're Mr. Tang's daughters.

Teacher, this is the twentieth century,

the 70s,

why are we playing a love game of
the 1 9th century?

What did I tell you? It's a test.

You have a week off.

I've shown you the way,
it"s up to you now.

Good luck.

Is this yours, teacher?

Mr. Tang.

Can I have their files now?

Don't worry, all in there.

And their pictures?


What did I tell you? It's premeditated.

Dad's behind this.

They're here, let"s go.

She's got a long neck!

Big pelvic bones.


And the other one has no figure.

Let's talk at home.


I'll take Lingzhen, I don"t care about
the rest.

Why should you get to pick?
She matches me.

What do you mean?

Models are extroverts, they spend cash
like a game.

I'm the only one who could handle that.

You're too stingy (Pediatrics).

I could spend tons of cash.

Could you, Mr. Scrooge?


We shouldn't argue for girls; no matter

who's right or wrong, we"ve got a way
to figure it out.

Come on.

Knock on the door of love,

ask your lover.

Do you love me as I love you?

Knock on the door of love,

ask your lover.

Are you game for the roller coaster ride
of love?

Listen to the breeze in the woods,

spring is here.

Don't waste your time.

Love is like the colorful clouds.

Listen to the breeze in the woods,

spring is here.

Don't waste your time.

Love is like the colorful clouds.


Hop on.

I won't take it.

Why not?

Too expensive, the bus won't be long.

Pediatrics (stingy).

What are you sneaking around for?

What did you hit me for?

Did I hit you?


This is what you did,

and someone else hit me another time.

You like being hit?

My father is a doctor,

I'll take you to him.


Please sit,

I'll get my dad.

Dad, I hit Mr. Xiao by mistake,

he has a little injury.

How could you be so careless?

Doctor Tang.

Don't move.


Mr. Tang, I was hit because
I was careless.

Where are you hurt?

My left knee.

Okay, show me.

My right leg hurts too, but it's from
a previous injury

Fine, one at a time.

Lingzhen, get the small hammer out.


Dr. Tang, what's that for?

To make it look like a real test.

But I was really hit.

I know. How's my daughter?


You have to do more work,

she isn't easy to woo.

Got it...

Dad, l've got the hammer.

We can begin?

You go ahead.

Feel anything?

Looks serious.

Thank God, you could still feel it.

Alright, Lingzhen, get the plaster.

And l'll prescribe some herbal medicine.

Xiao Erke, what did I tell you?

My daughter is a pain.

You wouldn't listen,

now you should know.

Doctor Tang.

Can I ask you something?

Go ahead.

What are Lingzhen's hobbies?

She loves to spend money.

It's a bad habit, she must change it.

If you are stingy,

then how can you find a girlfriend?

Spending is alright, but I don't like
to waste.

Typical pediatrician. (stingy)

I'm just thrifty.

Dad, the plaster.

Put it there.

Why don't you put this on for him?

Don't panic...

Take this and get the herbal medicine
for him.

Go on.

Doctor Tang, what kind of medicine
is that?

Don't worry, it"s the best.

Ginseng, Chinese angelica,
Chinese wolfberry,

all the best stuff.

The taste is awful.

A good medicine would of course
taste bitter.

Good, you understand.

It's good for you, drink it.

Go on.

This tastes awful,

but you"ll feel great afterwards.

The ones who can take the bitter
are above average.

Drink up.

I'm sure you"ll become a different person,

you'll feel great.

Finish it.

Let me help you.



Break for five minutes.

Are you the coach or am l?

You are.

Why did you blow the whistle?

I don't like the way you train the team.

You were quite mild and hesitant just now,

so you"ve a strong character.

I've been here for over an hour.

You kept making them to pass,

block and spike,

you don"t treat them like human beings.

They are not machines, they need a break.

Judging from what you said and
what you wear,

are you a coach too?


I guess you have a special

way to train your team.

Fine, let"s have a match tomorrow morning,

Iet's see who"s the better coach.


Continue, hurry!

Wait and see tomorrow at ten!


I have a simple life.

Going to college, dance classes,

take care of the kids at the kindergarten.

Quite boring.

Beg your pardon?

You lead a dull life.

Life is dull.

One should have fun.

Fun could make a person lazy.

You're too pessimistic.

I don't agree.

I don"t know what you mean.

I should go now.

Wait for me.

You don"t have a bike.

I have legs.

You will be tired.

It's nothing,

I ran in races when I was a student.

What's your benchmark?

5000 ft.

And your rank?


You're not too bad.

The point is to exercise, not to win
a prize.

But you"re too slow.



Let me borrow your bike, you can have
the books


My bike...

Wait, Lingling.

Wait, Lingling.



"Danger, Archery range"



Let's see.


I can't believe dad. Agreed

we don't date yet but it doesn"t mean
no one wants us

the timing is not right.

I said that if my team hasn't won
the championship,

I wouldn't date anyone.

They lost badly in the first round.

I wonder what else they"ve got.

It's fine with me, as long as he"s
the right guy,

I won't dodge.

Baby sister, you want to be on your
own in this?

I just thought...

We are sisters, we must team up,

you can't pity them.

Got it.

I don't believe guys like him,
pretending to be sick.

Herbal medicine isn't soda!

He should have learnt his lesson.

Shi Ruike ran into an archery range.

I think he"s turned into a bee's nest.

Chang Kaidao is the worst;

Pretends to be the coach & he can"t
even catch a ball.

I wonder what he'd do.

Is it dark yet?

Ages ago.

Where are my glasses?

On the coffee table, you get it.

Look at you! Might as well
stay single all your life.

Not me! I"ll try my best.

I'm done, it's too painful.

If you must, go and be your own target.

Then what would you be?

I'll take the herbal concoction.

Never mind, stop it.

It's not a big problem.

No? You want me to be hit in my eyes?

Then you'll call it a problem?

No, l've a bigger problem.

Lingshan thought l'm a volleyball coach.

I must show up for the match.



Forget it! I quit!

Sorry, Kaidao, you are on your own.

How could you not help?


calm down, we can figure this out.


You are cruel and you are unscrupulous.

What's that for?

What if I do?

You deserve it. Our teacher has always
been nice to us,

he's worried about us,

and wants us to find good wives,

not to stay single forever,

could we let him down?

Don't you guys have a conscience?

Alright then, more effort.

A bit over, higher.

Turn, OK.

Lingzhen, it took me a while to find
this place.

You look good,

rosy cheeks.

Because of the concoction I took.

Really? Maybe l'll get you another one.


Look, l'm all better.

Great, excuse me.

I want to take you out to lunch

But I thought they say you"re stingy.

Oh, that"s only a joke.

Sure, where?

Union Steak House, 1 2:30


Round of applause.

See you, children. Take care.

Here you are, again.

What are you doing?

I couldn't catch up with you yesterday,

but l've got so much to tell you.

I've recorded everything in here,

I hope you''l give me an answer

after you've heard this.

Are you done? Hurry up.

Last check.

A bit lower.

What's this?

You should have shaved.

What's going on?



Borrowed it.

Should do this earlier.

It hurts.

Look, Dr. Chang,

we don't look like girls with
hairy legs n' all.

Too much testosterone,

of course you have hairs.

Shut"ll be fine, go!



Come here.


What's the noise?


Don't worry, get in position.

Time out...come here.

Any problems?



It's a bomb.

We'll get even.

What's with you lot?

Unbelievable, we're done.

Even better, we won!

See, l'm a better coach.

Go, upstairs.

We've won.


So they're all GUYS?!




Why are you tying me up? Let me go.


Here she is.

Hi, l'm here.

Xiaohui, you're awful.

We thought you won't show up.

No way! Would I miss a free lunch?


Tang Lingzhen, I can afford

whatever you're ordering.

We've picked the best dishes,

Iet's pig out!

What have you ordered?

Kobe steak.

Kobe steak?

Six hundred dollars.

Six hundred? Great, one for me.

What a waste.

It's someone"s treat,

we don't have to pay.

But we shouldn't do this.

At this age, when a boy

woos a girl, this is the least
he should do.

If he doesn't show up?

We really shouldn't be here.

But we're supporting Lingzhen!

If he wouldn"t pay

when he sees us lot, what should we do?

We will skin him alive.

I heard from Lingzhen that he's stingy.

When he gets here,

we must teach him to be more generous.

Men these days are too wise.

If we don"t do some damage to his wallet,

we wouldn"t have a second chance.




Leaving so soon?

I"m here to welcome you.

That"s more like it.

Lingzhen, here you are.

Xiaohui, you"re here too.

Come here.

Let me introduce you to our host,

This is our host, Mr. Pediatrics.


Sit, sit. At least have a seat
since you"re paying!

The steaks are here.

What would you like, mister?

Just a glass of water.

Mr. Xiao, men these days

are really stingy.

I heard from Lingzhen that you"re
really generous,

a big spender.

Men like you are rare, you know.

Right, stingy men

can never find a girlfriend.

Girls will go crazy for a man like you.

That"s right, you"re so generous.

Lingzhen would be a fool if she isn"t

That"s right.

Yes, men must be generous...

The steak tastes great,

have a bite.

You can eat here often from now on,


Y es.

You come here often, we"ll accompany you.

You wouldn"t miss it if we"re dining here.

Count on it.

You"re my prescription for happiness.

My cardiac stimulant.

Your talk, your sigh,

your every move,

has brought me such joy.

Don"t worry, let me give you another dose.

How much did you blow?

Eight thousand, I didn"t eat anything.

Now l"m eating dry bread!

Spending could avoid calamity.

Look at me! It"s attempted murder.

Still better than me.

It"s just a scratch.

I had to see twenty patients to cover
for the money.

Where"s Ruike?

I think he"s not much better than us,

you know those three are witches.


Finally...things are looking bright.

What? You blew it?

Look at this! The call of love.

Don"t give up.

I was feeling down yesterday,

worse than you"re now.

But I didn"t give up,

I taped some thoughts for her,

and delivered to her personally.

I knew, once she pressed ""play"",

she would be moved.

And just as I expected, when I met her,

she looked at me with love,

whispered to me,

Shi Ruike, you"re so sweet,

then I asked her, ""do you love me?""

She nodded non-stop.

And I said, ""don"t hurt me
if you love me, got it?""

She yelled, ""Got it""


Just listen to my call of love first.

I need some encouragement to continue

Dance in the air,

for victory.

Just keep on dancing...

until you can"t dance anymore.

That"s the call of love?

I think they must be scared off.

That"s difficult to say.

What if they pester?

If they dare,

I"m going to throw darts at them.

What"s this?


Give me back my glasses.

Let me wear it, dad.

Let me.

Let me.

What? Do I not look nice?

Very smart.

Give me.

Stop it.

Behave yourselves!

Look at you three! Give it back.

Now you even make fun of your own dad,

no wonder the three guys couldn"t take it.

You...and your appetite?

An eight thousand dollars lunch?

You...tied him up

You want him dead?

Thank god the current wasn"t too strong,

or you"d be in trouble.

I don"t want to get into all that anymore.

Sign this, all of you.

And send it out.

An invitation.


I don"t think volleyball is your game.

Don"t worry, there"s no current
in the glass.

Today it isn"t your treat.
Go ahead & order something.

Where"s dad?

I guess that was the wrong combination,

maybe we should just let them switch.

Good idea.

Maybe it will work out after the switch.

Go out after you"ve eaten.


I"m a half circle, you"re a half circle,

together we become a full circle.

I"m a dot, you"re a dot,

there won"t be a line without two dots.

The same center of a circle,
the same heart,

it becomes a pretty circle.

The same dots, the same thoughts,

together we become a line.

Countless todays, countless tomorrows,

The circle of love has turned into
happy space.


Lingshan, get out of the water.

You"ve been in the pool since six thirty,

it"s been three hours, aren"t you tired?

Tired? I was just warming up.

If you"re tired, you can leave.

I didn"t mean that,

I worry that if you soak in the water
for too long,

you might catch a cold.

Come on, Lingshan.


Shall we go over there?

I"m going up onto the springboard.

It"s high, dangerous.

Are you scared?


Bring me my orange juice.


It"s too far, come up here.

Your OJ.

Where are you heading?

I"m going down.


Thought you said you want to go down.

I don"t want to go down, l"ll come up.

Now l"ve just found out,

you don"t really want to be with me.

Says who?

I want to, l"ll go wherever you go.



Where are you going?

Didn"t you say that

you"ll go wherever I go?

No, thanks.

What"s with the suit?

It shrank a bit...

Let"s go sit over there.

What"s the matter?

My watch.


Lingshan... I didn"t do it on purpose.

I"m so sorry, Lingshan.

Forgive me, bye.

Get out!


What are you doing here?


I"m here to exercise in the gym,
of course.

Go on.


You do whatever you"re doing,
why follow me?

Lingling, you don"t need to avoid me.

I thought we had a good talk yesterday.

Chang Kaidao.

Chang Kaidao.

What kind of exercise is this?

You wouldn"t know.

Just go do your operations.


Lingling, don"t be mad.

I"m here to see you especially.

With that outfit? Not sincere enough.

I"ll be right back,
let me get changed first.

Hey, he"s the guy I told you about.

I"m sure he"ll make a fool of himself
in a minute.

Anything else?

Let"s go.

This is kung fu.

So you see.

Chang Kaidao, l"m impressed.

I"m surprised.

Thanks, lady.

You"re awarded with these.

One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven.

Knock on the door of love,

ask your lover.

Do you love me as I love you?

Knock on the door of love,

ask your lover.

Would you take the rollercoaster ride
of love with me?

Listen to the breeze in the woods,

Spring is here.

Don"t waste your time.

Love is like the colorful clouds.

Knock on the door of love,

ask your lover.



Come here, Gilly.


You are back.

What"s with you?

I"ve had an atomic bomb!

What? Stop kidding.

I"m not. I"m exhausted.

Kaidao, don"t be such a loser,

how do the Operating Room
and the gym differ?

I"m not a swimmer,

and I fell into the pool.

My stupid suit shrank,

my watch"s broken.


What is it?


The color runs.

You always buy the cheap things,
of course it"d shrink.

That"s why it"s ten dollars.


What"s wrong with you?

I was chased by the police,

they thought I was a thief.

Police? Where?

So humiliating.

That"s nothing.

If this continues, l"ll be dead.


Hello? Speaking.

Great, going well.

Everything"s in good order

Them? They"re fine, too.

Don"t worry.

Thanks, bye.

Who called?

The director. He worries that
our salary is not enough,

he"s going to give us a raise.


We don"t have a choice now.

We have to continue.

Lingshan hates the sight of me.

Lingzhen isn"t interested in me.

Then we"ll switch again,

we must try something new.

Are you tired, lady?

You ran fast.

What are you doing?



Why must you follow me?

Flies are often after the shit.


And you"re a bunch of kids running
after your mother.


I want milk, mommy.

You...are despicable.

Me too...

Me too

Me too

I want milk, mommy.

I want milk...

Stop it.

Why is she crying?

How would I know?

She loves to cry.

Fall down.

I beg you.

I order you.

What was that for? Was that for real?

I thought we had a deal.

Why did you hit me for real?


Stop it.

Come on.

Stop it.

Stop, help!

You interns! Can"t believe,
they really beat me!

Shi Ruike.

You thugs!

Wake up, Shi Ruike.

What are you mumbling about?

Why are you complaining?

They didn"t do anything wrong.

Finally we could be together,

but you are busy taking care of them, l...

Do you want me to leave them
and take care of you?

I didn"t mean that,

I just want to talk to you.

Haven"t we been talking?

Lingling, l...

Fine, I know you don"t like them,

you can stay here on your own.


Let"s go.


Come here.

Thanks for your applause.

Thanks for your support.

Next l"m going to introduce

the latest Spring line.

You could see that

it"s very colorful,

with strong contrasts.

Beautiful dress with a lovely corona,

very cute.


What is it?

How much longer? Speed up.

Shut up.

If you refuse, l"ll...

Then l"m going to introduce

a halter neck dress.

You could see this

white bareback dress,

with a blue belt.

It looks very classy,

and yet has a sense of fun.

The orange dress

is very lovely,

and this navy blue chiffon dress

is the most fashionable this season.

The cutting is simple,

with spaghetti straps and a knot in front.

Comes with a matching shawl,

very graceful indeed.

And the next

is modeled by Miss Cai Huizhi.

A blouse and skirt

set in Pearl;

Simple yet elegant.

And we have a gentleman,

pants with suspenders,

with a beige jacket, very smart.

He wears a white shirt,

with a classical style neckline.


and dashing.

What are you doing?

Purple is the color,

fish net top with a skirt.


What do you want?

I"ll meet you in Union Steak House.

I"ll be there.

I"m going to invite out

all the six models

on stage.


Be good.

Come on, you want some pop?


What happened?


Don"t worry, Xiaoping.

Hold tight.

Stop it.

I don"t know how.

Where"s the operator?

Guess he"s stepped out.

Xiao Erke...

Hurry up.

Xiao Erke...

Don"t panic.

Xiao Erke, hurry


Be careful.

Don"t be scared, sit tight.


So? Are you alright?

Kobe steak, French wine.

The same for the lady?


A glass of ice water and a sandwich
for her.


The lady watches her weight,
she drinks ice water only.

How could you?

Remember, you"ve good manners.

What do you mean?

Nothing, just treating you to lunch.

Drinking water is lunch?

That depends.

If you"re treated to ice water,

then that"s your lunch.

That"s so lame.

It"s called demeanor.

And you"ve none of that.

That"s why I treat you to ice water.

Let go.

Your hands are soft,

unlike your character.

Lingzhen, if you walk out of here,

I"ll never marry you.

Who wants to marry you?


Lingzhen, stop.

Stop, Lingzhen.

Beat it! So shameless.

Mind your words.


You are the man with the worst manners
on earth.

Are you saying that YOU have manners?

You left your boyfriend in a restaurant.

You call that manners?

My boyfriend? You"re my boyfriend?


What was that for?

You might scare other women
with this trick,

but it won"t work on me.

We know whether it"s working or not.

Don"t think that you could scare me

with your pose as the ice maiden.

I"ve seen plenty of

women like you.

And tell you what,

I"ve so many ways to deal with
a woman like you.

And you"ll find each one of it

Show me.


You think all the men are fools,

idiots and sicklings?

That they must worship you,
& treat you as a princess?

You"ve got it wrong, lady.

At least a guy like me,

wouldn"t take you seriously.

Then what are you still doing here?

How could you ask such a question?

Don"t you get it?

I don"t, thanks.

Because I like you...


Listen, Tang Lingzhen,

we are

meant for each other.

Because l"ve a stronger character
than you.


And this is my character,

I"ll go at all lengths to get
the things I want.

Even if you"re the last man on earth.

You still wouldn"t want me, right?

Lingzhen, you"ve a stronger character
than me.


This is my arm, alright?

I"ve told you

when you were an intern,

treat the patient"s pain as your own,

you said you got it.

But I don"t think so.

Gently. This is my arm, not a log.

Making a caste must be just right,

not too thick or too thin, too high
or too low.

Then it won"t hurt & the weight
would be just right.

Dr. Shi, your heart"s broken.

Bullshit, but it"s still beating?

It"s true.

Get over here.

Oh no! It"s broken.

It"s my sun glasses.

It"s not a big deal,

I just need some
anti-inflammation tablets.

Yes, Dr. Shi.

Don"t tie me up.

You are all fired.

""Case History""

We"ve been through so much,

have taken in so much crap.

Finally it"s looking bright.

We"ve decided that

they should serve us this time.

I"ll be sitting in the wheelchair,

and let Lingshan to push me around.

I can use one called "Stealing fragrance"

They"ll be right here,

What are you going to do?

Don"t worry, the whole mummy look is fake,

except this arm.

He"s playing dumb.

Sit tight, Lingling will be here.


Don"t bump into a tigress.

How are you?

We"ve been married for only a week,

Iook what"s happened!

After you"re healed,

I won"t let you be a salesman again.

After you got better,

I won"t let you drive a motorcycle.

My baby.


What are you doing?

You"ve got a woman here.

You liar.

They say it"s the Seven Years ltch,

for you, it"s the Seven Days ltch!

You don"t want to see me?

I"ll show you what l"ve got.

Excuse me, Mrs. He?


Your husband is in Room 208.

How could you?

You liar,

I"m really angry.

Dr. Shi.

Shi Ruike, look! I"ve got you
a watermelon.


You"re sweating.

This tastes awful.

It"s alright.

It"s not alright, it"s not sweet at all.

It"s tasteless.

What"s it with you? Didn"t you try
before buying?

If you think it"s alright, you finish it.

Listen, Shi Ruike.

Don"t act so arrogant in front of me,

do that at your own home.

Who"s that?

I"m Lingzhen.

Come in.

Are you alright, Chang Kaidao?

Can"t be, you seem fine!

Temperature on the forehead isn"t

Why are you babbling?

Taking a temperature.

It was 21 degrees, but now...

Only 1 0!

Chang Kaidao, is your body numb?


Can"t even talk properly now.


I"ll get the doctor.

Don"t go, Lingzhen.

Come here, I want to tell you something.

Are you better?

Much better.

It"s strange, you"re warm,

why are you trembling?

I"m cold inside.

Chang Kaidao.

Spit it out.

You love ice, don"t you?

I was only kidding around.

Who"s kidding around?

It"s only a joke.

Stop it, there"s no use.

Hand the information back to our teacher

tomorrow, it"s over.

I don"t believe this,

we don"t even have the chance to explain.

They are so mean.

You were toying with their compassion,

you deserve it.

But what did I do?

Chang Kaidao, we need a new plan,

we will start from scratch.


What more do you have to say?


Your weaknesses are exposed

through this mission.

You ignore the scientific data
even as doctors,

you"re doomed to fail.

You prescribe without

mastering the patient"s condition.

You thought everything is within
your reach,

but you missed your chance again
and again.

At this point, you still haven"t
reviewed yourself,

instead you"re driving them away
with your behavior.

You are responsible

for the failure.

Have we lost all hope, teacher?

It"s hopeless.

Bring the information and get back
to work tomorrow.


Mr. Tang is really disappointed
in you three.

He"s found three PhD. Graduates

from U.S.

They"ll meet at three this afternoon,

this is their invitation,

do what you"ll have to do.

What now?

It"s our last battle.

We must dress well,

we must shock them.

Right, hurry.


A bit higher...

Bigger balloons.

Mom, where are my pants?

Mom, where"s my shirt?

My socks are missing, find them for me.

You three baby PhD. Graduates,

fine! I"ll help you.

Shi Ruike, is it done?

It"s fixed,

we could go now.

Come on.

Let"s go.

Shi Ruike, does this car work?

Of course!

But it"s shaking!

The body"s shaking,

but as long as the engine runs,

and it works fine.


No air con

At least we get to arrive in a car.

Look! The door"s fallen off!

Fix it, quick!

Pull it.

Sit tight, we"re off!

The door!

Wait, the door!

Knock on the door of love,

ask your lover.

Do you love me as I love you?

Knock on the door of love,

ask your lover.

What"s wrong? You"re dragging me!

What"s going on?

What"s with you?

Are you nuts?

I should be the one asking you!

Look! This is ridiculous!

Can"t you ride a bicycle?

Can"t you drive properly?

Don"t drive if you can"t.

I"m busy.

Don"t drive, it"s so dangerous!

Stop it!

You assholes!


Come down!

I can"t.

What"s with you?


Get down here!

Ruike, stop the car!

Shut up.

Someone"s up there!

Shut up, l"m driving.

What"s wrong with you? Come down here.

Don"t yell.

Come down!

Ruike, my pants are torn.


It"s fallen.

What next?

What next?

Hurry! Get it! Let"s go!

You can"t do this!

Help me!

Don"t go, assholes!

Here they are...

Welcome, Taiying.

Your daughters are so beautiful,
well mannered.

Well...thanks for your compliments.

Your three PhD. Sons really glorify
the family.

Meet my wife.


Come, say hi to Uncle Tang.

Uncle Tang.

I"m Quanfu, the eldest. PhD. In
electrical engineering.

I"m the 2nd son, Quanlu. PhD. In
chemical engineering.

Quan Shou, the youngest. PhD. In
nuclear energy.

All from the U.S.

Come...this way please.


They don"t look like brothers.

Going by their names they"re
the three stars of luck.

Half brothers, maybe?

I don"t think this is right.
What about the guys?

Deal with it.

We"ll chat with them if they can
carry a conversation.

Calm down, let"s not fight amongst

Could you slow down, Ruike?

My driving is fine,

you just sit still.

I guarantee we"ll get there safely.

A loader!

A big truck!

Help! Mom!


If they marry foreign girls

in U.S.,

we would suffer.

That"s why I urge them to
get married here.


Chinese girls are hardworking,

cooking, doing laundry, raising kids.

We"re old,

it"s time we are taken care of.

You three are the trendiest girls

we"ve met since we got here,

do you agree, brother?

Not only trendy, they"re sweet
and refined too.


Where"s our baby sister?

Over there.

Excuse me.

Why are you here alone?

I"m here too.


Oh no! Director.

I left a message not to be disturbed.

It"s emergency.

Calm down, tell me.

What happened?

I"ve just received a call,

they"re in a traffic accident.

Who are?

Dr. Chang, Dr. Shi and Dr. Xiao.

Where are they?

They said that they"re badly injured

And what?

They are...already dead!


This can"t be.

I answered the phone,

couldn"t be wrong.


What"s going on?

What is it?

They got into an accident.

Where are they?


What happened?

Now that I think about it,
they were quite nice.

We were really harsh on them.

Chang Kaidao"s glasses broke,

Xiao Erke"s almost drowned,
and Shi Ruike...

Wipe your tears.

Leave me alone.

It was a misunderstanding,

the woman was in a wrong room.

Don"t be sad, Lingshan.

You still have us.

You three U.S. returned rabbits!

I want to throw up just looking at you.

Don"t cry.

Beat it! Short ass, big belly!

Chang Kaidao is bossy.

He said he"s cold, and I slept
besides him.

Even though he faked it,
but it didn"t matter.

Because I like him.

Lingzhen, how could you?

So what?

You"re not married,

how could you sleep with him?

It doesn"t concern you, fatty.

I thought you"re very pure
and traditional,

but you"re really the opposite,

so sluttish, I didn"t expect that...

I like him, I wanted to.

I"d marry him if he was still alive.

I"m going to tell my parents

that I won"t marry you.

In your dreams! Who wants to
marry you lot? Let"s go.

Come on!


Don"t go.

Hold it!

What are you going to do?

We"re going to mourn them.


Mr. Tang...

I wonder that if your daughter is

What about her?

Mr. Tang, you should know

that young people now

could be quite rash.

Mr. Xu, how could you accuse my daughter?

Mr. Tang, don"t be angry.

Even if this won"t work out,

Iet"s forget about it.

Plenty of overseas students return
each year,

why must you be so persistent?

And again,

our three babies are really popular
among the ladies.

Let"s not waste any more time.

Let"s go, dad.

Mr. Tang.

Let"s pack up...

Zhou Jiefen and sisters are coming
for dinner tonight



Shi Ruike.

Xiao Erke.

I"m a half circle, you"re a half circle,

together we become a full circle.

I"m a dot, you"re a dot,

there won"t be a line without two dots.

The same center of circle, the same heart,

it becomes a pretty circle.

The same dots, the same thoughts,

together we become a line.

Countless todays, countless tomorrows,

The circle of love has turned into
happy space.