Baño de Damas (2003) - full transcript

- Hi ernesto!
- Late again!

- And the boss?
- He is not in yet.

Great, I'm so lucky!

See you later.

I'm like a butterfly!

Hi Antonia.

How are you doing, beautiful?

How was your night off?

How do you think it was?

He went out all night again.

Who? Your husband?

And who else!

My husband, of course.

He showed up looking like shit!

He must've been in every
cheap joint in town.


He came in stinking of booze.
His breath almost killed me.


Worst of all, I found a
suspicious stain on his zipper.


You're telling me that your husband fucked
somebody standing up, with his pants on?

Or maybe laying down!

The bastard!

And when I asked him
where he had been...

...he says,
"I've been working, woman!"

Who is going to believe
that bullshit!

I broke the broom on his head!

What would you have done
Senor Rolando?

Antonia, please, my name
is Gaviota! GAVIOTA!

Ah, this damn girder.

It looks like the hormones are working.
It's getting harder to dress like a man.


My love, are you on your way!

Sweetie, that's precisely why I called.
You're not going to believe this!

Carmelo! Don't tell me
you're going to be late tonight!


Did you forget what's today's date?

Sweetie, how can I forget?

The President wants a new "bill of laws"
on his desk by tomorrow morning.

That means you are going
to be up all night?

Baby, I need you...

Listen, I'm very close to the President.

I'm one of the few persons whose
cell phone he calls!

If you were unfaithful, is it because you
have a very good and dedicated wife...

...and needed an adventure?

Thank you.

For what?

For being my partner...

...because if I wasn't with you,
I'd be alone.

For real...

...not even my mother cares about me.

She has her own life...

...and doesn't even know what's up with me.

Oh, right. Enough!
Enough of that!



Let's go to De Parranda!

Let's get some blow and go party.

No babe, I'm not going out.

I want to watch my show.

You needed an adventure. How amazing!
Poor guy! What do you think, lady?

I think that he's nothing but a low life!

I have told you a thousand times... not call me babe!

I'm a woman, can't you see?

Gimme that.

Gimme a kiss.

This ain't right.

What's not right is the shit.
Do you think I was born yesterday!

I'm missing ten!

And what are you
gonna do about it!

Marines, stop it goddamn it!

Next time...

Next time it better be good
and then I'll pay you.

Are you nuts!

I have a public image to protect
and I don't need a scandal.

So what?
You can't let them push you around!

We have to accomplish our mission
with our usual sense of duty.

That means the new bill is ready,

Absolutely, it was approved in record time.

No objections?

There was nothing to object.

There's Congressman Carmelo Lopez.
Mr. Lopez, give us a statement please!

Congressman Lopez!

It looks like Congressman Lopez
is very busy.

Nora, you saw him?

Luis and I, we were watching the news.

How can he be capable of doing
something like what!

I cannot believe it.

Calm down.

Maybe Carmelo has an explanation.

An explanation! He said he was going
to be all night in session.

He uses the President as an excuse!

Men! Tell me about them!

Nora, what if we go to De Parranda?

I don't know, I have a feeling.

When we met, the first thing he did
was take me to De Parranda.

You always said that men have
little imagination.

Just wait there calmly,
I'll get dressed and come get you.


When are you going to tell her?

- Love!
- What...?

- When are you gonna tell her?
- Tell her what!

- Tell your wife about us!
- What do you want me to tell her?

How can I tell her about us!

Sweetie, we have talked
about this many times.

Look, this is a very delicate matter.
I couldn't abandon Valeria at this moment.

You've never told me
what's wrong with her.

Is she very sick?

Is it true that between you two,
there is nothing going on?


Okay. Take me dancing.

Not dancing.
Let's go to the apartment.

No, love, let's go dancing.
Let's go to De Parranda.

But you promise we'll leave early,
I wanna be with you.

Me too, but first we dance
and then we do what you want.

First we dance and then what I want?

Really? Deal.


A double scotch on the rocks, please!



We take the most fragile... the tenderness
of men and the femininity of women.

That's why we subjugate men.

What do you want me to call you!

Gaviota... Is it so hard?

In Japan they would call me...

Here they would call you fag!

Hi girls, any tender congressmen
to devour tonight?

This one wants to get her
hands on my date.

I'd love to get my hand
down somebody's pants.

I can imagine the reaction when someone
puts their hand down his pants.

What they find!

That's going to be taken
care of soon, sweetie.

Yeah, how?

Antonia, don't tell me you haven't heard of
the Mecca of sex change operations?

The Mecca?

San Francisco, honey!

Why do you think I work here
every night posing as a man?

To pay for the operation?

Why San Francisco and not here?


Not even if they paint the
operating room pink, would I do it!

I don't trust the doctors in this country.

They're so careless,
they may forget one of my balls.

- That's going to cost you a fortune.
- One hundred thousand.

One hundred thousand!

Well... I only need ninety.

With the tips I make here, plus my show
at the Casanova, I'll put it together fast.

And besides, my Tono is going to help me.

He doesn't earn a lot,
but helps with something.

He wants to have my child.

And me, the biological clock is ticking
and it's killing me!


Fernando! I haven't seen you
in a long time.

May I join you?

It's a pleasure to have
my Professor join us.

A man!

Where? Where!

Excuse me madam,
isn't this the ladies bathroom?

Here, there's no men.

With one exception, I think!

What are you saying? I may be bisexual,
but I'm a woman, okay!

Bisexual? But you don't like men.

They are so stupid.

Always presuming about size
and erection...

...and how little they do last...

...and how little they
know how to use it.

You look very quiet, Valeria.

With the stuff that comes out on TV,
one doesn't know what to think.

I'm sorry.

- How did you know?
- I saw it in the news and...

The entire country knows that my husband
is going out with somebody else!

You sure there's no more men here?

What is she doing?

No! Marines is in there.

She is sniffing something.

Look! Look!

Miss, please come out of the bathroom.

I am not going to allow this here
in this bathroom.

Cant' you see that this woman is
totally drunk?

Hey, what is your problem?
How do you dare!

I am a school principal!

I am a school principal.

Isn't that Fernando Solorozano?

I think I got him next semester.

He was my professor at the university...

...and now we are competitors.

To think that we would probably kill
each other for prime time in the network.

Excuse me... would kill him.
He already has it.

Do you know her too?


Dilka, stop.
Don't you think she's too young!

Tonight you are with me.

No trace of them, huh?

Maybe you are wrong
and they're not coming.

Or maybe they just went straight to bed.

Shut up, idiot!

- Dilka Gustaffson...
- She was my student...

...she was good, but now she hates me
because I beat her ratings.

Yeah, but they're very
different programs.

Yours is serious journalism,
and hers is a simple talk show.

Reason why she should beat my ratings.

- Hi, Mom.
- What brings you here, love?

Dad is in the hospital.

And he wants me to go see him
so I can forgive him?

- You are not going to go?
- After work, sweetheart.

Someone has to work
to maintain you guys.

Tell me, you also allow
minors into this joint?

She's my daughter, little Flor, madam.

Miss... Aurora Gutierrez.

I'm dizzy!

Sit down, please.
Can I offer you something?

- Thank you.
- Would you like a glass of water?

No, not water!

I'm going to the hospital, Mom. Bye.

Bye, daughter. Bye.

Please don't drink anymore.

Salvador Quintana...

Ladies and gentlemen, De Parranda
has the honor of having with us...

...the great and unique diva of pop songs,
and soap star CLOE CASTRO!

Let's give her a hand. Please stand to
welcome this great homegrown celebrity.

Cloe Castro! Ladies and gentlemen!

Thank you.

Cloe, your audience would be delighted if
you sing one of your extraordinary songs.

The orchestra is ready.
Please join us on stage.

Many thanks. Tonight we celebrate the
success of our soap opera "Torn Hearts".

Incredible! She looks better
than on the screen!

How old do you think she is?

It doesn't matter.
Look at that great body on her!

I have to invite her to my show.

What if I call the congress?

Maybe Carmelo went back to work.

Congressman Carmelo Lopez.
My car stays where it is!

Did you see?

She's really hot!

Shut your mouth, imbecile!

Let me have the vial.

I threw it away.


The old lady in the bathroom,
she was going to create a scandal.

Calm down, please.

Miss, can I offer you something calming?

Maybe a little herbal tea?

- Valeria, what do you want to do?
- I don't know! I don't know what to do!

Me neither.

I'm going to get divorced.

And I'm going to get an abortion.

I'm so much in love,
like an idiot!

And me too.

That's why I got pregnant.

Please, it's not worth crying for men.

They are all the same.

And what's wrong with you?

Salvador Quintana! My boyfriend...

...since I told him I'm pregnant,
he avoids me.

Because he's a coward.

You probably told him you're
on the pill to catch him.

They are sadists, they are rapists!

He only wanted... that.

They are a bunch of reprobates!


Degenerates as well.

Degenerate, depraved, decadent,
scoundrels, vicious, corrupted, putrid...


Putrid, macho, bull, nasty, noxious,
pestilential, poisonous.

I'm a school principal.

But it all means the same.
They are all pigs and bastards!

Cloe! Cloe Castro! Darling!
You must come to see my show.

It's the opening of a show
in which I imitate you.

Imitate me?!

Yes, it's my main number.
I dedicate it to you.

You can trust me.
But we need to bring more people.

If we tell people you'll be there,
everyone will come.

Will you come?

- Where?
- The Casanova.

Later tonight, around 3 am.

But if you're late, there is no problem.
I'll wait for you.

No, I can't. That's too late,
why don't you do it here?

Here?! No! The owner doesn't even know.

Careful! I will see you later.
And try and come. Bye!

You are Dilka Gustaffson.
I've seen the program.

That is why I am here.
To invite you.

To the program?

Where else?

I think you are needed over there.

We'll talk later.

You see the guy over there?
That's Congressman Carmelo Lopez.

He is the husband of the woman
who is over there with Solorzano.

She's no longer there!
Something is going on.

You said you didn't know her.

Not personally.

Enough! Dilka.
Enough, please.

Get me the vial. You think I don't realize
you are trying to punish me.

I've told you that I threw it away.

See Cloe over there.
She's got some real good ones.

Let's go to the apartment, sweetie.

Well, let's go see what he's got to say.

Why don't you go out and make a big scene?
Go! Make it a big one.

Did he think of you when he came
here with the other one?

It's not going to take much time.
You won't believe how much I've put into it.

Cloe Castro!

You look so beautiful in person.
Much better than in the soap opera.

Thank you. I would not expect less
given the stupid character I play.

But that monster harasses you so much.

It must be because she likes it.
At the end, she marries him.

Ohh! So sorry. I told you the ending.
You surely did not expect it, did you?

It's not gonna take long.
It's done with a lot of respect for you.

Gaviota, I can't tonight.
It's getting late. I can't.


Cloe Castro? Where?

Tell us the secret of your hot body.

Exercise, honey. A lot of exercise.

Exercise? And a lot of silicon, too.

And tomorrow?

Why don't you teach me those exercises?

I'm going on tour tomorrow.

Where is she?

It's not gonna take long.

Cloe, you are a woman with a lot of
experience. I need you to help me.

Cloe? What should I do?

It's not going to take long.

You have so much experience.
My boyfriend has left me since he learned...

Oh, please. A little bit of privacy.
Let me pee alone.

Salvador Quintana,
you are a troglodyte!

Valeria, confront him!
Let's see what he's got to say.

You are right. I'm going to go
and find out what he's got to say.

- This can't be true.
- What is going on?

Well, well. So, while I'm at work
you go out and meet someone else.

- Working?
- Don't tell lies!

Are you cheating on me
with this cheap reporter?

- I don't think he's a cheap reporter.
- Let's go. Move over!

I already knew. I am not an idiot, Valeria.
I am not retarded.

Such a sudden interest in journalism.

Of course! "honey, I want to study,
I want to have a profession." Bullshit!

That's a load of bullshit!
Excuses to be next to Fernandito, right?

And me? Breaking my back working
to give the lady all she wants.

Breaking your back?

So? What do you think I do from
Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day?

I work! This is what I do.

Is that what you call work? I saw you.

What did you see? Tell me?
You saw nothing!

What did you see?!
Tell me!

I saw you with that woman.

Yeah, but you didn't see anything
because nothing ever happened.

That is what politics is like.
But you know nothing about politics!

- Politics?!
- Yes, politics. Of course!

You know who that girl is?
She's Senator Cabrera's wife.

Do you know who Senator Cabrera is?
My boss. The party's General Secretary.

How do you like it! I was asked
to come with them to this place.

But Senator Cabrera is about
a hundred years old.

What the fuck do you care how old
he is or who he is married to?

You don't believe me? Let's go ask him.

You could also ask him if he still gets a
hard on. Ask him if he still gets a hard on.

Or if he needs Viagra.

So, tell me, where was Senator Cabrera?
Because I never saw him.

In the bathroom.
Yes, he was in the bathroom.

He has diabetes and was in the bathroom.
He spends his life in the bathroom.

Anything else?

I saw you on TV. When you saw the
cameras, you stepped back hiding.

You know why I stepped back?

The Senator was having problems
going up the stairs.

I stepped back to help him, eh!

Are you satisfied?

Don't change the subject!

I demand an explanation!

What the hell are you doing here!
And with... her!

- You don't talk to me like...
- You shut your mouth!

I'm waiting.

I need an explanation. Come on!
I'm at work breaking my back.

What are you doing here?

Explain why you came here with
Senator Cabrera and his wife...

...and you did not think of picking me up
to spend the night together, the four of us.

So there!

Let's go inside then. Let's see if all
of what you are saying is true.

Bravo, bravo Mrs. Lopez.
The Senator and his wife have left.

They are gone.
That will make you happy?!

So, are you happy?!
My job is damned!

You know what I'll have to do?
I'm going to have to follow them.

You know why? To offer an apology.

Thanks. Thank you, my love.

Go home and wait for me because we
have to have a serious conversation.

I'm going to ask ernesto to get you a taxi.

All right? I can't hear you.



Well, give me a kiss.

So, what now?

I know! I've got an idea.
Let's do it here.

You said the owner wouldn't let you.

- Here, in the bathroom!
- In the bathroom?

Here in the bathroom?
You are totally nuts, Mr. Rolando.

- Antonia, please!
- You are crazy, Gaviota.

And how is the owner going to find out?

But I... I don't know.

Oh, yes, Antonia is so beautiful and good.
What do you say, Cloe?

Hey, Cloe? Gaviota is a performer.
I think we should stay.

That's fine. We'll stay.
But we need to leave early.

No, thank you. I need to call Tono
and ask him to bring my wardrobe.

He's such an angel.
He'll have it all here in no time.

I know that sometimes it looks like
I had no feelings or was an egocentric.

What I am is a slave. There's only work.
I have no private life. I am alone.

I don't know why you are so excited
about being like me.

Call me when everything is ready.

Hey, let's go replace what got lost.

You can go. I will wait for you here.
Here are the keys.

I don't have a driver's license.

What is it that you need?
Here we have just about everything.

Nothing! Let's go!

Hold on. We said we'd stay for
Gaviota's performance.

Excuse me! But it was you who said
you'd stay. Not me!

So? It is not late. We can stay a little bit.
But if you prefer, I'll take you home.

I don't want to go home. OK?

My taxi is here.

You are leaving? OK. Leave.

Follow his orders.
Let him step all over you.

For God's sake, Valeria. It's clear.
Carmelo was not with any senator.

In fact, Fernando and Luis saw the girl
leaving on her own. On her own!

It's not possible, Leonora. It can't be true.
It can't be true.

Don't treat let him treat you that way.
You should stand your ground.

Don't touch me!

Don't touch me. Damn it!

I told you a hundred times that I
would not accept your wife catching us!

You think that apart from being a fool,
I am also stupid.

What is wrong with you?

Silly girl!


Darling, you are jealous.
And I love that.

Let go of me, damn it!

Why not say that you like me?

You think I did not see the scene you
set up in front of all those people.

She is my sister.

What do you mean?

She is my sister.

Her name is Margarita.

I've told you that Valeria, my wife,
can't go out.

I may be a fool. But maybe everything
was a misunderstanding.

My sister Margarita is the black sheep of
the family, the cheeky one, if you wish.

Those guys she was with tonight
are after her money.


The family's money.

But since you are so naive... know nothing about that. True?

So... one of them is called Fernando.
He is a journalist.

A cheap one.


And the only thing he wants
is to join the family.

That's why he is going out
with my sister.

Forgive me, my love.

Excuse me.

- You are not feeling well?
- I'm going to the restroom.

- I'll come with you.
- No, I'll be all right. Thanks.

I swear that I'll fuck that guy tonight!
Even if I have to tie him down.

If you find him, honey.

Right! Where are those two fools?

A dry martini for me
and grapefruit juice for him.

Thank you, Antonia.

Dad says that he is truly
going to die this time.

Let him wait. It's the same old trick.
He wants me to forgive him.

The owner doesn't even go to the
restroom to take a pee. Is he human?

Let's go, please. I've had enough.

- I'll take you home.
- I don't want to go home. Get it?

Sleep with kids and...

Are you the wife of Congressman Lopez?


- Everything fine?
- Everything's fine.

I would like to invite your
husband to my program.

Talk to him!

They've disappeared.

No one dumps Congressman
Cabrera's secretary!

Who? Congressman Onofre and Casabela?

Right! It seems that they are "confused".

- I think they are really aware.
- Aware?

They don't know how to
make an advance.

Well, they say that you suffer
from "uterine anger".

- No, no. They are just messing around.
- When did they say that?

Comments I hear when I go into
the gents' to take a pee.

They talk about us at the gents'?
That's so vulgar!

I found them locked in a kiss.

- What?!
- Oh, no. This won't stand.

You can't trust anybody!

Salvador Quintana, you son of a bitch!

What am I going to do!!

- Marines, are you all right?
- I'm coming.

Florcita?! Would you mind
calling him on my behalf?

Why don't you use this?

Oh, thanks! Such a darling! I'll see you.

He's too strong to be gay, no?

- Are you all right?
- "There's no paper in this toilet!"

- That voice!
- You are turning pale. What about it?

Yeah, the one in the purple box...

- That voice sounds familiar.
- What voice, damn it!

- Mom.
- Marines! What are you doing here?

Weren't you going to the beach
with your girlfriends?

Mom, she's my friend, Dilka...

I'm leaving so that you can talk.

What are you waiting for? What are you
doing here? And with such company!

Who are you with? One of your escorts?
Or is it one of my friends?

- Of course...
- You are my daughter!

And if you are pretending to be concerned,
it's too late. I've grown up!

You shouldn't worry about that.
They admit minors here.

Tell me who is your escort today?
I bet I will find out who he is.

Stop your nonsense. I don't have to
tell you who I'm going out with.

I bet it's one of your teenage boys.

I'm going to find out which one it is.

The fact that your dad abandoned me
doesn't mean I have to remain alone.

- Or to be there...
- Need paper.

- Stop! I forgot my jacket.
- Keep walking, you need to pay the bill.

You need to pay my bill too.
Move it. Keep walking.

- You forget that I am a Congressman.
- Congressman my ass! Liar! Faggot!

Can I ask you to wait until this dizziness
goes away and then take me home?








Move your ass, damn it!
I'm Congressman Carmelo Lopez!

I'm so stupid.
I shouldn't have lied to him.

- Lie to him?
- Yes, lie to him.

I told him I was on the pill,
but it wasn't true.

- I'm going to have an abortion.
- Don't say such things. You're nervous.

- Think it over. I know what I'm saying.
- What do you know about such things?!

- I've already had an abortion.
- Oh my, but you're so young!

It's horrible!

Even if I had it done with the support
of my... my boyfriend at the time.

And what are you going to do?
Are you going to have yours?

She is my daughter. She's 15 years old
and doesn't know anything about that.

She doesn't know anything?
What about that little belly?

Mom, are we leaving for the hospital?

The alcohol is clouding your sight. She's
like that because of the junk food she eats.


Oh no, no? My girl. But... when did
you start going out with men?

- I'm not going out with men.
- No?

- No! Just with boys, young ones, like me.
- Oh, my girl!

Sing again, Cloe!
Cloe! Cloe! Cloe!

Come on, Cloe. Sing again!
Cloe! Cloe!

No hurt feelings, OK?

I'm going to talk to that boy's mom.
He's got to face up to this.

Otherwise, I'll take him to court.

We leave when this song is done.

As you wish.

Move over!

Out of my way! Let go of me!

- Stop it! This is a decent club.
- Let me go! Let go!

I am Congressman Carmelo Lopez.

This would be excellent for the program.
Pity I didn't bring the cameraman.

- I told you to go home.
- You are hurting me!

What's up with you? Out of my way!

Do you know who you are talking to?
I don't think so. I am a congressman.

Carmelo Lopez.

What's up with him?
He can't read?

Only in German.

If you don't get out of my sight now,
you'll be in serious trouble.

You are lucky I am a civilized man.
Violence produces more violence.

You are lucky. Let's go.
I don't want any more trouble.


You're so good.
I am such a lucky woman!

Well, darling, you must go.
Go have something to eat, you look frail.

Let's go to my place.

Only if you promise that the girl that
came with you won't make any fuss.

- You must keep up appearances.
- No.

Show starts in five minutes.

You are not going to blind me with your looks.
Dilka is with me, understand?

I do not belong to anybody, Marines.

Yeah, but tonight you are with me.
Not with this Barbie doll.

Barbie doll?

You're probably 50 and it doesn't show.
You are made of plastic, that's why.

Girls, don't scare Cloe off. She's got to
see my performance in the ladies' room.

Don't worry, Gaviota.
Cloe and me, we'll stay for your show.


Let go of me!

Listen to me, brat. You are not
making any friends with this attitude.

Creative fear and you'll end up alone.
I'll be right back, darling.

- Marines.
- I don't care about the faggot.

Can't you see the fuss
that you are making?

Just like your mom.

- Forgive me.
- Shut up!

Can't you see how stupid you look?

- And who cares?
- I care.

You are my mother.
Can't you see?

Come with me.

Get me a Scotch.
I'm calm now. A Scotch, please.

I know it is not you, but tell me,
why are men such cowards?

Could someone please tell me?

Why are men like this? They get a woman
pregnant and then they leave her.

My apologies.

Valeria, please?

We need to talk.

- Why don't you try to understand me?
- Because you don't understand me.

That's what you think. But I knew
you were bringing men into your room.

And your abortion.

- You knew I had an abortion?
- Who looked after you?

Not that guy with the sportie tan, who
walks like a duck and talks like a trucker.

All he did was shit his pants.
He gave you a few kisses and then vanished.

He disappeared! He didn't even
go with you to the hospital.

And who looked after you when you
pretended to have intestinal problems?

- You would've never understood.
- It's you who doesn't understand...

...judging me because I date young men.
- That's very different.

Look at yourself, pretending to be very
"macho", behaving like a man.

And hating your father.
It was not you that he abandoned.

You don't like to be called "baby".
You think the world revolves around you.

- It's time to grow up, girl.
- Well said!!

Me? I know what I'm doing with that kid.
Give him a few gifts, get laid and move on!

I've got more important things to do.
Work! So that you guys get your needs.

All I want to do is have fun.
If I look pathetic, I don't give a damn. Get it?

Mom, I...

I'd been wanting to talk
about this with you.

I never thought it would happen
at a ladies bathroom.

Antonia? You have a phone call.

I'm sure it's your dad. Complaining that
I'm not with him in the emergency Room.

I have to ask for your forgiveness.

Right on the night of our first anniversary?

I'm being honest.

- I forgot.
- I can't believe it!

Maybe down deep I did not forget.

So what do you mean?

I... I believe it is a subconscious matter.

- Subconscious matter?
- Yes, 'cause I always wanted to have kids.

- And you wanted to study.
- I left school!

What bothers me is that you used it
as an excuse not to have kids.

That's one thing. But also your teacher
was that imbecile Fernando.

Fernando is like a father to me.
And I never had a thing with him.

If I get like this,
it's because I am jealous.

Because I love you.

Why are you so Ionely?

- No, we are not Ionely.
- We were just enjoying the show.

- So, where are tonight's winners?
- Winners?

Oh, please. Don't play innocent.
It doesn't suit you.

You can't pretend you didn't know
we used to raffle you.

- We were the prize?
- Of course.

That's why I'm asking you who
were tonight's winners.

Those rules don't apply tonight.

What did it taste like?

I ask because they are gay.

Rather than winning the raffle,
they lost a bet.

Bon appetit!

- You think it's true that they raffle us?
- Oh girls, thanks for coming.

It's just a joke.
You know that Lopez is a clown.

Please, please. When I say "go"
you press this button. OK.

And you, help me with this.

When we did the threesome with Lopez,
you think he won us in the raffle?

The two us, Lorena?
That is simply impossible.

Lopez is famous for going out with women
from Congress. He can't win every night.

This girl he is going out with now,
controls him. He takes her out every night.

How does he manage
to keep his wife in the dark?

- "Could someone please call Cloe?"
- I'll go.

- Darling!
- Tomorrow I'm getting a divorce.

Don't worry about me. I just came
to let you know that Gaviota is ready.

My mom says she'll be right back.

It'll be just a minute.

I never would've thought
that Carmelo was like this.

Calm down. Let me get you a sedative.
Please help me. Where is the attendant?

- She went to make a phone call.
- Then why don't you help me.

- So when is this show starting?
- We've had enough of a show already.

Cloe? I'll be ready in a little bit.

Antonia, what happened?

My dad passed away.

Ma'am? Have a seat.
It's your chair.

- Don't worry Antonia, I'll cancel my show.
- No, no. It is not necessary.

- But look at you.
- But the show is important for you.

Please help that lady.

This room is spinning.

- Why don't you throw up? You'll feel better.
- I have never thrown up in my life!!

- Oh, ma'am. Take your dress off.
- Antonia, please don't worry.

Please go in there and take your dress off.
Flor? Please get this lady a towel.

Honey, grab her a towel.

- Let me help with that. I'll fix the shirt.
- Thanks.

What are you doing standing there, girl?
Help me.

Mr. Rolando, why are you waiting here?
Go get ready.

Mr. Rola... Gaviota.
Go get your show ready.

- "I'm coming, ma'am.
- This way, please.

This is not my whiskey.

Come here and wash yourself.

- Do you need any help?
- No, I am fine, Dilka.

I've got to admit...
Are you sure it's not surgery?

No, it is not surgery. It is exercise.
A lot of exercise. And diet.

But it is mainly exercise.

- Any exercises for the breasts?
- Yes, this is the best one. Look.

You clasp your hands like this and count
one, two, three, four, five...

And there's another one.
I know others. Look.

You need to join your hands like this.
Like I taught you. And we start.

One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, and eight. Very good.

Loosen up, girls, and take those dresses off.
They are too tight. Spin forward.

And we repeat: One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight.

Very good. One, two, three, four...

- Are you all right, Mom?
- No, girl, but what can I do?

...three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Very good.

Poor man. I was not with him
when he truly needed me.

And look at you.
I did not know how to advise you.

- So young and already pregnant.
- Don't punish yourself, move forward.

Of course. Of course
we'll move forward. Right.

Eight. Always in repetitions of eight.
You did very well.

- I can feel it.
- Yes, it works, right?

Now, something very important:
The massage.

Get some lotion and
massage in a circular fashion.

In circles, but moving up.
Always moving up, darlings.

In circles, moving up, moving up. Perfect.

Never moving down because
they will start hanging.

This is getting me so horny,
but well...

And remember, you need to do
this every day, girls.

- Here, cover yourself.
- Thanks.

- Did it shrink?
- Just a bit.


We are ready.
You can come out, Gaviota.

Give me a second.

- All right, girls, are you ready?
- We are ready, Gaviota.

One moment.

- Ready?
- Yes.

- What is going on?
- My glasses!

Let's see... your glasses. Here.

- Go, Gaviota!
- Here I come.

Oh, this can't be happening.

The cell phone. Hello?

Salvador? Salvador, my love?

How did you know I was here?
How stupid, you are calling my cell.

You are coming for me? I'll wait for you.
I'm at De Parranda.

Yes, my love.

It's Salvador, he says...

We know, we know!

- So we are ready!
- Okay.

Let me come in! I am Congressman
Carmelo Lopez. Move over!


Be careful, he is armed!

So what now?
What is happening here?

Ahh! The ladies' bathroom.

Damn whores!

Excuse me, what's wrong with you?
How dare you!

There you are!

I'm talking to you.

Sweetie. There you are.

- Please, calm down.
- Move or I start shooting!

She's my wife, damn it!

- Sweetie.
- You won't take her.


Gaviota! My god, you are hurt!

- Go, this is going to be a scandal.
- How am I going to leave you?

Grab him! Don't let him go!

Send the mobile unit and a camera!
I'll be waiting outside.


It was an accident. It was an accident.
I didn't mean to shoot.

Look at what you've done!

Yes, sir?

Is the ambulance coming?
Oh, Gaviota!

Sir, it's not what it seems.
Let me tell you, please.

It's a political move, sir.
My enemies are trying to soil my name.

You crossed the line this time, Lopez.

It was an accident. She'll be fine.
I'll cover all of the expenses.

Yes, sir, I am listening.
You mean 10 million?

Sir, 10 million dollars?
I've got no idea where that money is.

Ayy! He's killed me!

Shh! You'll be fine. You'll be all right.
I will cover all the expenses.

You'll be fine.
Pick the hospital you want.

- This is just a scratch.
- Shut your mouth!

- Take me to the San Francisco Clinic.
- Okay.

San Francisco, San Francisco.
No, sir, that is not what I meant.

In Switzerland? Yes, of course I have
money in Switzerland. Like all of us.

- But that doesn't mean that.
- She needs one hundred thousand.

- One hundred thousand?
- After the divorce you won't have a cent!

- Come on!
- OK. One hundred thousand.

Sir? I'll see you in person
tomorrow morning.


- Hurry up!
- What is your name?

Rolando Silva Ferreiro Vasconcelos.

Rolando Silva is enough.

- Ninety would've been enough.
- So that you can bring your boyfriend.

Clear the way please.
I need to see the injured!

- But she's fine.
- Shut up and do your job. He's very sick!

- It's a him.
- Is something wrong?

No. Everything's fine.
Please pick him up.

Hold on! One second, please.

- It is his signature, right?
- Right. You can go now.

It's a good one.
We recognize his signature.

I am ready now. Straight to Mecca!
Tono will be surprised.

I don't know any clinic
called "La Mecca".

Cloe! Did you like
what you got to see?


I am sorry, Valeria, but I can't let her
have an exclusive. It's business.

Forgive me, Gaviota.
It all happened because of me.

Don't worry, it's just a scratch.
Listen, don't believe that all men are alike.

I should know as I've got
experience with men and women.

You simply didn't choose the right one.


Congressman, in a crime of passion,
you shot a travesty! Any comment?

Good evening. Since I was a candidate,
I took up the responsibility and duty...

...of fighting immorality and pornography,
which cause so much harm to our kids.

My girl, I think it is time
to go say goodbye to your father.

...the sacrifice expected by the people
of those of us who are fighting for justice.

Thanks very much!

- Mrs. Cloe! What happened in there?
- But I was not there.

You guys should go.
Tonight, I need to be on my own.

- You know what?
- Tell me.

I am very proud of you.


You should go have fun.

What's wrong with you?
Don't you know me?

I am Congressman Carmelo Lopez.