Ban'yuuki (2010) - full transcript

A story of an island country named Horai that was finally about to be integrated under one political administration. Domon DATE, an innocent man confined in a prison island. After 10 years ...

"Long, long ago…

To the east of the continent,
like a raindrop,

was the island country of Horai."

"On the continent was Kada,

a land of great culture and learning."

"To study this culture
and build a new tomorrow,

came four young men of Horai."





"Waiting in Kada
was new learning, culture, and religion."

"After five years, the day neared
when they would return home."


Hey, look at that!

-A falling star?
-Not just one.

Whoa, there's tons of them!

There won't be any stars left in the sky.

This is a meteor shower.
I've read about them.

-In the chronicles.

There's enough there to make
everyone's wish come true.


A wish made while a star falls
will come true.

That's what they say here.


I haven't seen a shower this big
for quite a while.


Kyogane Shirabe…

Kino Ukina…

Ototsu no Karamaro…

Date no Domon…

It's already been five years since
you came here from far Horai.

You have learned well.

Thank you. Our ship leaves in three days.

We should be home in a month.

Horai is still young.

With what we have learned here,
we will build a new land there.

We will not forget your kindness.


Well then, a final test.

Yes, sir!

How do you interpret
this shower of falling stars?

Is it an omen of good, or an omen of ill?

How would you advise the king?

Advise the king
to brace himself for trouble.

Oh? Why?

The chronicles tell of such a shower
during the reign of an earlier king.

Taking it as a warning from the gods,
the people were terrified…

and there was unrest.


And the rest of you? Karamaro?

I agree with Shirabe.

Hm… And you, Ukina?



Well, something like that.


Yes, sir.
I believe the king should be pleased.

You do?

Hearts and minds mean more
than the movement of stars.

It is the acts of men
that make the stars move.

This shower is heaven's warning of unrest.

The king will gladly seize this chance
to mend where his rule is torn.

He will be seen as a worthy king,

and the fires of unrest will die away.

So he should use this
to control the people's hearts?

Not "control." Forge a path.

A path for hearts and minds to follow.

Very good, Domon. You've read my mind!

-Forge your path according to divine will!

Just what I was thinking.

Well done, Domon. Very good!

You've been ripped off, Domon.

Looks that way.

That old fossil's going to the king
pretending your idea was his.

That's why I didn't tell him
what I thought.

-You hadn't a clue!
-Shut up.

You've got to watch that greedy old man.

At least now the king will hear it.
That's a lesson well-learned.


We left our country and came here
to learn, and not just from books.

My, my. How magnanimous you are…

What do you expect of a commoner?

Now that's enough!

Oh-ho! Taking your future
brother-in-law's side, are you?


Don't get all puffed up just because
Miss Mikoto's your fiancée.


Without her family you'd never have
even gotten in the palace,

let alone be sent to Kada.


I know that.

-Do you now?
-Stop it, Ukina.

Let's go, Karamaro.

Go where?

We leave in three days.
We have goodbyes to say.

To this one…

and that one.

Come on.

-Pay no mind to their words.
-I know.

They're worried.
They haven't really studied much.

I know.

-And Domon…

Do well by my sister.


I swore on those meteors…

that when I return home
I'll take on that palace bunch.

Shake the place up.


Horai can't go on like before.

It's only since I've come here
that I've realized…

how out-of-date our nobles are.

No matter what knowledge we bring back…

the country won't improve
as long as they're in charge.

Be patient, Shirabe!

No, I've made up my mind.

-I have a new weapon.
-A weapon?

Yes. What we've studied here the most.

The teachings of Ban…

That's right.

A new religion
we don't have in our country.

With that we'll win over the people.

But Domon…

if Mikoto gets between me
and my father, she'll be hurt.

-So you must protect her.

You're the only one I can rely on.

You're choosing a hard road.

It can't be helped.

I've made up my mind.

I'm counting on you, Domon.


Hey. What's wrong?

Shirabe? Hey…

What's the matter? Shirabe!


Shirabe! Who did this to you?!


Hang in there!




What's going on here?!

You bastard!

-What did you do?!
-No, it wasn't me!

The Horai scholars had a falling out?

No, that's not it!

Tell it to the king!

I said I didn't do it!

Let go of me! What are you do--



Let go of me! Let go!

Come along!




We are saddened, young scholar.

Why do such a thing to your companion?

It wasn't me, Your Majesty!

Watch your mouth!

Domon, I'm disappointed.
What have you learned from me?


Bring the witnesses.

Ukina, Karamaro!

Thank goodness.
Set them straight, will you?

Our malevolent god, Ban,
rules all the heavens and earth.

What Ban wishes is truth.
What Ban hates is lies.

He who speaks falsehood in this trial
will be cast down into Hell.

Is that understood?


Ban is in every heart!

Ban is everywhere!

Ban is in every heart!

Ban is everywhere!

Answer in the name of Ban.

Who raised his hand against
your companion Kyogane Shirabe?

Was it that man?

Go on, tell them. I'd never do that.

It was him. No mistake about it.

Both of us saw clearly
as he raised his sword and slew…

our companion, Kyogane Shirabe.

What are you talking about?!

Don't be difficult, Domon.

Accept the inevitable.


It wasn't me!

I didn't do it! Listen!

They're lying!

Why would I kill my best friend?!

He opposed your marriage to his sister.

He told us that.

You found out, lost your temper,
and killed him.

Nonsense! That would never happen!

Where's your proof?

Your Majesty,
this was found in Domon's room.

-What language is this?
-Allow me.

It is the language of Horai.

It seems to be addressed
to Shirabe's father.

"Do not allow Domon
to marry my sister," it says!

Nonsense! It's a forgery!

You know, Shirabe did say
that he was writing to his father…

So this bastard stole that letter…

…then silenced Shirabe?

How could you?!

I'm being framed!

They did this!

Lying like that before the king!

Have you no shame?!

Silence, Domon!

How despicable, Domon!

And he was your old friend!

I was going to ask
His Majesty for mercy, but…

I suppose a man of low birth
is a man of low morals.

"The sparrow will never soar
like the crane."

What a shame this is.

This is.

You barefaced liars!

His guilt seems clear.

Damn you!

You swine!

Varlet! Learn your place!

Damn you!

Sentence this man to the island.

Not to death?

By the law of Kada,
foreigners are sent to Prison Isle.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Court is adjourned.

Remove that man
from our palace immediately.

Yes, Your Majesty.

You have done well…

Kino Ukina…

Ototsu no Karamaro…

You are fine young men of Horai.
We are pleased.

Name your reward.

In that case…

In that case?

Declare us the only ones who may
spread the teachings of Ban in Horai.

Only the two of you?


Only the two of us.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Good, that's it.

Shut up!

Put a cork in it!
You dimwits, scum, baldies!

You're all useless swine!

And you stink! Like, you really stink!

Hey, what are you doing? Stay there!


Quit fooling around! Dimwit baldies.

Tote that bag! Dimwits, scum, baldies!

Move it!

The convict ship has arrived.

Who is it today?

A man from Horai.

Oh, the one who killed his friend…


Unhand me! I'm innocent!

Shut up!

It was a trap!

They framed me!

Keep quiet!

Don't give us trouble.

Kino Ukina…

Ototsu no Karamaro…

I will never forget your names.

I will carve rage and hatred
into my heart!

Whatever happens, I will--

No talking!

No talking!

Forget those idle vows.

No one gets off Prison Isle alive.

For the rest of your life…

we own you.

I swear I will return to Horai!

No matter what, I will pay them back
for Shirabe and for this betrayal!

Remember that!


Lord Kurando!

Miss Mikoto!

Has the ship from Kada arrived?

Yes. It just docked.

No storms, they say.
It seems it was a quiet voyage.

So my brother has come home safe, then?

Yes. The officials just went on board.

They should be out soon.

You'll be wanting to see Domon.

Who, me?

Don't pretend.

We Men-at-Arms are all proud of Domon.

He went from the Guards
to being sent abroad as a scholar.

He's going to change this country.
I firmly believe that.

As he said to me…

"I trust a man I can trust."

Yes, that's really true.

But it's been five years.
Will we recognize him?

I will.

I'm the one who found him.

Out of all those guards,
only he had eyes like the sky itself.

Much as someone might change…

those eyes never will.

What can I say to that?

Oh, here they come.

Ukina! Karamaro!

Oh, Kurando. How have you been?

And Miss Mikoto!

You're lovelier than ever.

Where are the others?

The others?

Yes. My brother and Lord Domon.

I'm afraid only the two of us
have returned.


Miss Mikoto…

please stay calm and listen.

Your brother Shirabe…

was killed.

-What'd you say?!

Date no Domon killed him.


Why would he do such thing?!

We'll talk later.

It's been a long voyage.

We'll talk later…

of what a villain Domon was.

I don't believe this!

I'm afraid it's true.

He turned on his friend.

He was a man risen from the ranks.
Just like you.

I'll be in touch, Miss Mikoto.


Lord Domon!

"Far out at sea from Horai
rises Prison Isle."

"This small island to the south of Kada…

is isolated year-round by angry seas.

No one has ever escaped
this demons' island."

"Date no Domon, an innocent man,

has now spent ten long years here."

Save me!

Scared, new guy?

Of course not!

Well, I'm not surprised.

No one sent to this island
ever leaves it again.

You'd want to weep and wail, too.

Don't worry.

They quiet down when there's food.

Oh, right!

But be careful of the guy in that cell.

He's a special case.

Let your guard down with him
and you'll pay for it.

For giving him food?

Watch out or you'll end up like me.

He's the one who took my eye.

That was ten years ago now.

I was putting him in his cell
when he got my eyeball…

and gouged it out.


Ten years?

Did you say ten years?

Has it been ten years already?

That's right. Ten years.

Ten years since you ate my damn eyeball!


Yeah, that's right!

Your eyeball tasted great!

-Next I'll get that kid's.

-Will you give me a nice, young eye?
-N-No way!


These moldy buns suit you fine!

Get back!




Jeez, he's crazy through and through.

-Come on. To the next one.

-Not that way, fool!

-Come here.

-Hurry. Come quick.


And listen good.

Never open that door back there.

You must never…

enter there.

Why not?

-There's a monster in there.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

Worse than this one?

This one's just crazy.

Quiet you!

The one back there isn't even human.

Never go in there.


-Good, come on.

Wait for me, sir!

Are you chicken?


-I'm right behind you!

Who could possibly have
a taste for eyeballs?

I'll never get used to this garbage.

So I'm mad, am I?

That would be easier.

But I'm still clear as a bell in my head.

Kino Ukina…

Ototsu no Karamaro…

I need only remember those names,
and my sanity returns.

I will have revenge.

And I will avenge my dead friend Shirabe.

To do that, I will become a demon of Hell.

Feigning madness…

is just the start.

Can you hear me? Hey!


Like you said, the ground's gotten softer.

I'm almost there.

Soon I'll be through.

Then I'll be outside this cell,
where I've dreamed of being.

I don't know who you are…

but you told me about
the passage under here.

I'm grateful.


Just a little more.

All that's left is to do it.

I did it!

I made it to the underground passage!

It's a dead end…

It's a dead end!



I've been tricked!

No, this is the spot.

It is?

Yes. You've opened the door to freedom.

There's a chain on the left wall.
Pull on it.

Hey. We meet at last.

That voice…

Are you the one who's been
talking to me all this time?

It's lucky there's a gap in the rocks.
It helped to wile away the boredom.


-Is that why you tricked me?
-Tricked you?

You said there was a way out down here.

So I dug and dug.

I dug for a year, but all I find is you.

You just wanted my help.

But you've got it wrong!

No one cheats me and gets away with it.

Like your friends from home
who framed you ten years ago, right?

They're no friends!
They're my bitter enemies.

Oh, yes.

You've told me many times.

And I said I sympathized,
and that I'd help you get out.

Help me? How is this helping?!

Did you hear about the killer
who assassinated the king?

-Everyone in here is talking about it.

Oh, him… He killed a thousand men
before they captured him…

Was that you?

Yep. That was me.

Once I'm free, I'll make short work
of the guards here.

No more tunneling.

Getting off the island will be easy.

But hurry. Soon the guards
will be making their rounds.

They'll see your cell is empty.

-What is it?
-Oh, nothing.

Do I not look very fierce?

No, I've never seen a killer
with such a nice, bright smile.

I get that a lot.

They all ask if I could at least
look meaner as I kill them.

Ridiculous, huh?

No, it's entirely reasonable.

-Man, that feels better! Thanks!

You're trying to test me?
That's a mistake.

Try me…

Cheat me…

Betray me…

All those who do any
one of them end up dead.

I thought you were about to
flat out kill me just now.

You attacked knowing you were no match.
I never took you for a fool.

I was testing my luck.

If you're going to kill me here,
I'll never have vengeance.

I took a gamble.

Oh? You're interesting.

Then I'll bet on your luck, too.

Those aren't regular guards!

-An alarm sounded as soon as I broke free.

Supposedly they can handle me.


Take your destiny in your own hands!

I'm going home!

I swear I will!

I will not let myself die…

Not here!

Now, come!

Very good!

You've got a good arm.

But now let me show you how to kill.

A spoon.

Through a gap into the heart.

That kills.

A sash. You crush the windpipe.

That kills.


Through the eyes into the brain.
That kills.

Of course, the sword…

and the spear.

They easily kill a man.

That's amazing!

Any man alive can be killed.

It just takes will and technique.

I could teach you.

Uh, okay…

Come. The ship's that way.

The ship?

Aren't we leaving? The dock's over there.

Oh, right…

We have to hurry. The tide's going out.

What's your name?

Should I not ask?

Let's see…

Call me, "Spoon."


You've got us this far
digging with a spoon.

And now I'll take you the rest of the way.


What's most in your way
when you want to do something?


with different ideas.

I'll eliminate the people in your way.

Like you did these guys?

That's what I do.

I will take revenge on those
who made you what you are now.

That I swear.

What I am now?

Is this me?

After only ten years?

You'll really help me?

You gave me freedom.
I have to pay you back.

Your words sound to me
like a candle in the dark.

But a breeze will blow a candle out.

If you blow out that easily,
then leave now.

Deceive me and I'll send you
straight to Hell!

I'm not sure but I think I get your drift.


The prisoners must sense something wrong.

-Is that…?

I want to check something before we go.

-We have no time for odd creatures.

Come on!

Okay. I'll open it.

You understand her?

-I'll do it. It'll be faster.


-No… Okay, I get it.

-It won't hurt!
-Not the point!

What are you doing?!


Hold it right there!

Hold it!


A jailbreak. Call the others.

-Yes, sir!
-Don't move--


for everything.





I guess I'll kill him.

Wait! Please!

I'm here to save her!

That's why I joined the guards.

We won't bother you.

Hey, how do you…

I speak your language a little.


Hey, you're fluent!

-Spoon, she's coming, too.
-She's dead weight…

-No. She holds the key to my vengeance.

Believe it or not, she's a Haman princess.

A princess?!


Over here!



A friend. She has a boat!
Come this way!

Let's go, Spoon!

Thinking ahead, are you?
You may be more capable than I thought!

"Domon and Spoon,
together with the Haman princess,

make their escape from Prison Isle."



Though in this world

We will never meet

In dreams

I see you constantly
And must die of longing

Devoted to you

Body and soul

You come to me in dreams





What's your name?

The girl does not speak…

Lord Dokatsu.


Katashiro, the capital's
finest dancing girl…

It is well known
she has cut out her tongue

as an offering to the Gods of the Dance.

Of course, as the Head Priest of Ban…

thou shalt pray to no other god but mine!

I should be angry at your foolishness…

but am prepared to overlook it
in a girl so pretty.

There you go singing your praises!

It's my nature.

Well, since you've managed
to spread the teachings of Ban so well…

I won't get angry.

But I am!


Which is it?

I'm angry…

but I keep it in.

I'm an adult.

How admirable!

Not for nothing are you Baron of Barons…

second only to the king! A fine adult!

Shut up, you old geezer!

-No, I mean--

Thank you very much for inviting us today.


you're doing a lot for me, Karamaro.

With this Ban racket of yours…

the people give us money
we call "offerings."

Makes things easier for me.

Dear me, Lord Dokatsu.

-"Racket" is such an ugly word.

-This all comes from the teachings of Ban.
-Oh my.

You offer all you have to Ban.

The more that is worth,
the more you are cleansed.

Is this all not written in the scriptures?

Oh, of course! It is, isn't it?!

How silly of me!

Such wit from the Baron of Barons,
second only to the king!

Stop laughing, you old geezer!

Father, this is why
I told you not to come!

You don't even have an official rank!

But there's free food…

And you've eaten, so go home!

Aw, man!

I've got work to do!
Why won't you leave me alone?

Okay! We're done here!

.As the king's Junior Minister, I am busy!


Oh, all right!

Wait in the garden.

I'll just greet the big-nose old man.

-Hurry back!

Right, I will. Take care.

Okay! Yay!

Who are you calling "big-nose"
with hair like that?!

Oh man, you're in
a bad mood again, huh, Dad?

No, no!

He's been in a fine mood.

I don't know…

what's come over the greatest man
in the land next to the king.

Now see here!

I'm sick of all this "next to the king,"
you old fool! Get outta here!

I'm far greater than that insipid king!

The one who moves things in Horai is me…

Baron of Barons, Kino Dokatsu!

How many times must I say it?!

-Be gone! Dimwit, scum, baldy!
-Father! Go home!

Your old man's still as loony as ever.

A reverse role model.

I studied relentlessly
so as not to end up like him.

That's how I got where I am.

Plus by leaving a friend behind.

You thought he was a friend?

Of course not!

A clod like that ruining
a very important banquet for me!

But I am Dokatsu!

I love everyone around me!

You there, dancing girl! Marry me!

-Don't mind him. It's all bravado.

I will make everyone with me happy!

What's that king good for, anyway?!

Well now, it's time for
our call and response segment!

Are you really going to do it?!

Okay, I'll say, "What's he good for…"
and you shout out, "…anyway?!"

I mean it.

Let's practice.

What's he good for…


We don't continue until you get it right!

No more scenes!

Sorry to those who haven't appeared!

Here we go. What's he good for…


Yes. What's he good for…


No lip-synching in the balconies!

Okay, over here! Let me hear you!

Whoops! Can't see.

Here goes! Don't be shy!

Let's go! What's he good for…


-Louder! What's he good for…

All together now!

We're making memories tonight!

Ready?! What's he good for…


-Last time! What's he good for…

Thank you! Applause!

-Thank you!

With my dad in good spirits again,
we will disperse.


On that note…

Wait, Ukina.

-We need to talk.
-Make it quick! I've got plans.

It concerns "the True Ban."

The True Ban? What's that?

A new form of Ban.

It appeared in the west six months ago,
and has rapidly spread.

There are preaching halls even here.


We're the only two here
who know the teachings.

Well, I'm sure it's a fraud.


-That damn king is interested in it.
-He is?

He just loves anything new.

He has no idea how much work
I've done spreading Ban…

and getting people
to provide money and labor.

We've got to do something about that brat…

but first, the True Ban.

Do what's necessary to stop it.

I will. But first things first.

More womanizing?! Stop hurting your wife!

Hey now!

When have I hurt her?

I wouldn't do that!


Oh! I think your plans
have fallen through.

Get back here!

Take this!

Oh no you don't!

You aren't getting away from me!

Get going!

Get out!

Lord Ukina!

-She's scary!

Who is…

…that old bag?!

Uh, well…

Who's an old bag?!

Take this!

You think I'll stand here and take that?!

Here goes!

Lady Shikame, stop it!

Oh, my!

Hello, Father-in-law!

What are you doing?

I was walking in the garden

and these women were out back.

I asked who they were here to see,
and they said…

believe it or not,
a gentleman named Kino Ukina…

had made arrangements
to meet them there.

As it so happens, I believe my husband…

is named Kino Ukina…

But of course my dear husband
would never do such a thing!

Believing that someone
had assumed my husband's name…

I brought them here.

But that man right over there…

…is Lord Ukina.

You be quiet, all of you! I won't have it!

Lord Ukina!

And who would you be?

You shouldn't be here. Leave immediately.


Wait Lord Ukina!

Show them out.


How dare you come in here like that.


We'll have to find out
who's been using my name.

Lady Shikame…

Ukina still has work to discuss
with Karamaro.

Out of respect for me, calm yourself.

Now, there's fruit over there.
Please have some.

Instead of fruit, I'd rather have…


If you write "woman," "crotch,"
and "power" as one character…

you get "hard work"!

You really ham it up, don't you?

You're on tape.



Get her a urine test.

Yes, sir!

All you'll get is farts!

You see, Karamaro?

I don't hurt her.

She hurts me.

You really got a bad wife.

You're the one who chose her!

Of course!

She's from a powerful clan!

I needed a blood connection
to give me weight in the palace!

Then you should've married her!

That was your original plan, wasn't it?!

Then once you saw her
you stuck me with her.

I was shocked. I went up to introduce
myself as her new step-son, and you said,

"Here's the groom."

Well, I'd never seen her, either!

I just wanted money!

Who'd marry her?

So you stuck her on me?!

If you don't suffer now
you'll regret it later.

That's not right…

Oh well! If you can't get
the woman you want,

at least get the money.

Quiet, Karamaro.

Mikoto was the one woman you couldn't get.

But now you can afford
all the young girls you want.


Old friend or not, you've gone too far.


His dad's not the only clod here.

Wait! Don't!

-She's been listening to us!
-A spy!

Woman! You're not so small
as to escape my eyes!

Yet you didn't see me!

My son's eyes are mine!


After her!

Bring her back…


Yes, sir!

She's trailing blood. She won't get away.

I'll examine her… thoroughly.

Always a softy on the ladies.

My prior plans fell through.

But who sent her?

We know who it is!

The would-be Baron of Barons.

Lord Sekishun, the Senior Minister?

Don't call him "Lord"!

I thought he was finished
after his son Shirabe died…

but he's relentless.

Well, we'll find out
once we catch the woman.

And I'll handle the True Ban.

You do that.

You are more relentless
than Sekishun, Milord.


I can't have that feeble old man
catching at my heels, can I?


You aren't getting away, woman!

You won't take me that easily.

-Let go!
-Not a chance!



Get back.


The dancer!

Go away.

You'll get hurt.

Oh will I?

Whoa, she spoke!

So she's…

a man?!

Why, you…!

Now that you know…

your life is over.

Who are you?

Are you all right, Nishiki?

Lord Sekishun!

I put you in danger. I'm sorry.

No. Ukina is a dullard,
but he is alert, and I was careless.

I'm sorry.

Just as long as you're safe.



You did well in saving her.

Though you killed too many.

I apologize.


Who is he?

The dancer Katashiro is a front.
His name is Toi.

Why was he here? Didn't you trust me?

They found you, didn't they?

He doesn't work for my sake alone.

He just happened to be here.

You are my eyes and ears, Nishiki.

Don't be offended.

Yes, Milord.

And what is Lord Dokatsu up to?

As expected, he will not be obedient
to the king's wishes.

Rather, he considers the king an obstacle.

The fool!

We have peace at last, and he wants
to upset things with a power struggle?

He is also…

concerned about the True Ban.

-The True Ban?

That new religion from the west?

Yes, that is a worry.

Nishiki, you're hurt!

It's nothing.

We must get back and have that looked at.

-Milord, you mustn't!
-Just get on.

Thank you.

I'll be going then.


See to the king.

You can count on me.

Come if you're hungry

The True Ban will feed you with hot gruel

Don't push, don't push! There's lots

Don't rush, don't rush

While you eat your broth

Hear a few words from our Head Priest

Fill your stomach with broth
And your soul with his words

We only ask but a little time

And now what you've been waiting for!

The Head Priest of the True Ban,
Lord Hito-Ban!

-Do you hunger?

-Are you empty?

Then eat your fill of rice broth.

Eat for your whole life! The pot
of the True Ban will never be empty.

And why not?

Because this pot is the Pot of God.

It is a pot of miracles!

That's a lie.

There is no such pot.

It is but a normal pot that
this pot-maker made and we bought.

Why is there always more?

Because there are bags of rice
behind our temple.

A huge pile of bags of rice.

There is no miracle.
It is perfectly natural.

But who grew that rice, then?

You did.

Every one of you.

You flooded the paddies,
planted the seeds,

and harvested it.

It's all perfectly natural.


it is precisely that which is the miracle!

The natural occurs naturally.
And there you find God.

He is not meek or mild.
He is wild and passionate.

He wails in hunger, smiles in contentment,

and he can be jealous, petty,
stealing away good cheer.


With that very passion…

he loves, and treasures, and cherishes.

Those who bow to him
are granted his passion…

to love…

to treasure…

and to cherish.

Where is this God?

Where is he?

In my heart, and in yours

In my heart

In the heart of all

God is in my heart

God is in your heart

God is in our hearts

All you need
Is to pray to the God in your heart

Come on, just pray

To the God in your heart

Ban is in every heart

Ban is in every heart

God is in every heart

Ban is in every heart

Ban is in every heart

God is in every heart

God is in every heart.

Ban is in every heart!

God is in every heart.

Ban is in every heart!

Now, come and eat.

What a load of rubbish!

We're not going to let him
push his god like that.

-All right, men! Go work 'em over.
-Yes, sir!

Teach them to stay well away
from the capital.

-Leave it to us, Lord Ukina!

-Lord Ukina!

Sit down for a minute.

You heard him!

-Sit down, will you!



You're too loud.

You know what this is?

It's a mask!

And do you know why you wear a mask?

To hide your face.

To hide yourself!

Is that too fine a point to understand?

I'm sorry, Masked Lord Ukina!

Masked Lord Ukina!

Just do it, all right?!

-Forward, men!
-Yes, sir!

Move along! Move it!

-You're in the way.
-Move it!

Hey! What's the meaning of this?!

Stop beating us up!

We're not. We're cracking down on you.

Crackpot religions are forbidden
in the capital region.

If you don't want to get hurt,
get out of here!


All we are doing is spreading
the word of God!

What is wrong with that?

You call it spreading the word of God,

and you take money from the poor.

There's all kinds of fishy outfits
like you around.

I see right through your game.


Take money? Us?

Don't make me laugh!

You don't fool me!

Show me the religion
that doesn't take money.

You make offerings…

or you work and give
the sweat of your brow to Ban.

Then you accumulate credit
and go to Paradise.

That's Ban for you.


Offerings to temples other than
those approved by His Majesty…

are forbidden!


Leave the capital, at once.

-Listen, you!
-If you doubt us…

then you need only ask the people here!

Are we…

taking money from you?


It is true the laws of this land
forbid the collection of offerings.

But we are simply feeding the hungry,
and speaking to them.

-Where is the harm in that?

There's no point in talking further.

Deal with them!

Yes, sir!

I warned you.

Why, you…!


Time to get out of here!

Hey! Wait! Wait!


Move, I said!

Damn you!

Stop. No violence.

-Lord Ukina?


The Junior Minister patrolling in person!

This is indeed an honor!


Are you the one spreading
this "True Ban" stuff?

-I am Hito-Ban.

Thank you, Minister!

Thank you!

Concerning yourself
with a matter this trivial…

Most officials could not do that.

Following the laws of this land…

I ask neither money nor labor
from the people of this area.

As Junior Minister…

known for your fairness…

I am sure you understand.


it is true we have appeared suddenly.

It is natural there would be
resistance from people here.

I swear upon my good name
I will do nothing…

to impugn the Minister's honor.

Garan, Rokuroku…


Give that to the Minister.

This is gold!

And jade, amber, and crystal!



If we live here…

we should pay taxes.

It was honestly come by.

Yes, of course.

All right, everybody!

It's time to go home.


The Minister has guaranteed our safety.

There will be rice broth tomorrow.
That is all for today.

Splendid. But where did you get this?

We have made a fortune
trading beyond the seas.

The True Ban is merely a pastime.

Our idea is to engage in foreign trade

together with the palace of Horai.


We would like
your cooperation in this matter.

Yeah, but…

I just suddenly got beaten up…

I'm very sorry!

You seemed so unrelentingly fierce
that I lashed out without thinking!

Had you so wished, you would have
disposed of this stripling with a kick.

That you did not deign to marks you as…

a great man!

A great man!

I know better than anyone
you were not being serious.

The fact that I still have my head
testifies to your magnanimity.

I bow to you!

Well, as long as you know that.

I knew it was Lord Ukina
we should ask about trade.

We had thought perhaps the Senior Minister
or the great scholar Ototsu…

Forget them.

They're no good.

Not Sekishun or Karamaro.

Leave this to me.

Thank you!

I'll be in touch. Stay here.

And don't tell anyone else.

Yes, Milord.

We're pulling out!

Yes, sir.

The fool!

He went bug-eyed over that treasure.

He's as sleazy as ever.

And he never realized who I was.

That's right!

Thanks to this white hair.

You have gained dignity
in the year since you escaped.

It's been more than ten years.
He does not know you.

And you speak Horai now.

I'm super fluently!

I will do anything to help your revenge.

You saved me from that island.

Use all of my treasure you want, Domon.

Thank you, Penan.

But why did you not kill him now?

Kill him?

Don't be silly.

Let him off that easily? Never!

First I'll take everything he's built up!

I will make them taste…

all I suffered on that island
and even more than my despair!

And I will find out who killed Shirabe.

I will avenge my dead friend
whose dreams went unfulfilled!

Someone's coming.

Excuse me, would this be
the temple of the True Ban?

Yes, it is.

My mistress would like to speak
with your Head Priest.

Would he mind?

And she is?

Well, I am not at liberty to say.

Could you please excuse that,
and conduct us to your priest?

Head Priest?

I do not mind. Bring her in.

Thank you very much!

This way, please.

You are he?

I am Hito-Ban,
Head Priest of the True Ban.

Lord Hito-Ban…


Is there a problem?


Forgive my poor manners
in not stating my name.

They who knock at the door
of the True Ban need no name.

All kneel in equality and pray to him.

Thank you.

So, how may I help you?

I am told that in the True Ban
you simply pray.

That those who pray are saved.

Is that true?

Yes. Ban is in every heart.

The God of Ban is equally in every heart.

And is the spirit cleansed
by offerings and labor?

That is not in our teachings.

But that is a tenet of Ban in this land.

Then that would be different
from the teachings of Ban…

in which we believe.

Is that so?

Thank you.

I am happy…

that we spoke.



You would seem to be of a noble house…

I'm sorry. I believe I said
that she may not divulge her name.

And I should not try to find out?

I'm very sorry.


Who's that?

I am the Chief Man-at-Arms of Horai,
Asuka no Kurando.

Lord Kurando!

Nanome! Why have you brought
Lady Mikoto from the palace?!

I'm sorry!

Forgive her.

I insisted.

What if something were to happen to you?

I'm fine. I have Toi with me.

I'm here.

There should be no mistake, then.

But what brings you here?

Oh, of course…

All of you, fall back!

His Majesty the King of Horai attends!

Ah, Mikoto.

I figured we would meet here.

Your Majesty.

Hurry! Hurry!

So how are the teachings of the new Ban?

Do they strike you as sensible?

Yes, they do.

Then these teachings will help our people?


Far more than the ones we have now.

The teachings your late brother
struggled so hard to learn…

could never have been so mercenary.

So you have always said!

Moo-moo, turn just a little.

And you are the priest?

I am Hito-Ban.

Do not address him directly.
Speak through me.

Yes, sir.

Oh, that's all right.
It's a pain in the neck.

The queen…

must have surprised you with her visit.


We hope it was not a bother.


She is the queen?

That is correct.

She will not stay quietly
in the palace, though.

We are at our wits' end.

I see…

I did not know your rank.
Forgive my manner of speaking.

Not at all.

I didn't say who I was.

Oh? You came in secret?



You mustn't do that.

It's nice to be one with the people,
but there is such a thing as status.

If the great do not
announce themselves as great…

it ends up causing
embarrassment for others.

I apologize.

Oh my, you're such a naughty girl!





-Too far!
-Your Majesty…

-Come closer.

I love you!

-I love you!

I love you!

You are before the people, Sire!

What's wrong with that?

One who does not love his wife
cannot love his people.

Isn't that right, Mikoto?


So they strike you as sensible, do they?

-The teachings of this new Ban…

I wish to hear more.

If possible…

I would like a debate
with the Chief Scholar.

It shall be done.


Yes, Sire.

Head Priest of the True Ban!

In ten days' time at the palace,
you will debate your teachings

with Ototsu no Karamaro, Chief Scholar.


A debate with Ototsu no Karamaro?

We approve.

We shall hear the differences
between Ban and the True Ban.

I thank you.

So, off we go…



Apologies for disturbing you.
We will see you in ten days.

That man…


Oh nothing.

She would have to be the queen,
wouldn't she!

I'd heard stories,
but then suddenly she turns up…

Of all the luck!

Losing your nerve…


…after seeing your old flame?

Don't be ridiculous. Of course not.


The closer I come to the capital,
the more my rage grows.

The nobles are that much richer
than they were…

and the poor even hungrier!

This is not the land
Shirabe and I sought to build.

If Ukina and Karamaro
have soft-soaped the king…

then he's as guilty as they are!


destroy it.


The land built by the ones
who framed you and killed your friend.

Destroy it.

You can do that.

Destroy it…

I'll help. I swear on our friendship.



Where are you going?

To prepare my strategy for the debate.

You men carry a torch forever!

It is so obvious!

Well, she sure was beautiful.



You're the most beautiful, though, Roku.

Oh, my… What part of me?

Well, um… The groove under your nose.

So that's a tender spot!

What are you up to?


I never thought I'd hear you say
the word "friendship."

It's not like you.

I'm up to the same thing as always.

Killing people.

You're creepy!

How can you say such a thing
with that smile on your face?

You're creepy!

Lady Mikoto… you're still up?

As are you, Lord Kurando.

I'm on night watch.


The Chief Man-at-Arms?

When I'm unsettled in my mind,
I patrol the palace at night.

Walking alone in the silence
makes me remember when I was a guard.

Remembering my youth…

gives me the strength
to protect the capital now.

Is our current capital worth protecting?

Those who strut around the palace now
serve only their own appetites.

They compete for whose hand
will steer the ship…

and give no thought
to where it is sailing.

Had those two returned…

would it have been a different country?

You mean Shirabe and Domon?

I still can't believe…

that Domon would have killed my brother.

That is of no help now.

His Majesty is doing the best he can.

That is why you became his queen.

So he would not be
the puppet of the nobility.

That's true.


he is just too kind.

Lady Mikoto!

You must say no more.


Whatever happens,
you have chosen to be queen.

There are things you must not say.

I know.

It's more than that.

There are things
I must drive out of my heart.

That goes for you, too…Toi.

You must guard Lady Mikoto.
That is your only duty.

I realize that.

That is all I desire.

You must not be bound by the past, Toi.


You have freed me from my past,
Lady Mikoto.

I hope so…

When I was cast up here half-dead,
it was you who saved me.

I swore then to renounce my past,
and make my life here.

Well then, I'll get back to my rounds.

You should get back, too, Lady Mikoto.
His Majesty will be waiting.


-See to Lady Mikoto, please.
-What is it?

I shall go see.

Could it be the king?!




How's this?

Oh! Thank you.

Ah! You're from the True Ban, aren't you?

You remember me?

I'm rather good at remembering faces.

You stood behind that white-haired priest…

-Smiling that vague smile.

How can I put it?

The smile of someone who knows
there is no joy in this life.

I see. That just might sum it up.

You've done well.

It can't have been easy to sneak in here…

It was actually a piece of cake.

It was, was it?

Kurando will be disappointed to hear that.

But I would probably have written
something like that one day anyway.

I needed you to write it now.




I see.

And so now I die…


It's probably too late
to call someone, isn't it?

I mean, you seem awfully strong.

I'm not often told that.

People are bad judges of people,
aren't they?

That's people for you.

Is that really what people are like?


So that's it!

I see.

Tell me, why do you have to kill me?

It's just that if I'd realized that…

I could have been a better king.

You have been…

wise enough.

Well, coming from you…

One more thing.


Could you possibly look
a bit meaner when you kill me?

I'm just not getting that feeling
of being murdered.


I can't do.

This is how I've always been.

I see.

Well, I suppose it can't be helped.

I didn't think that would work,
but I had to give it a try.

I'm a king, after all.

I understand.

Your Majesty!

Your Majesty!

Lady Mikoto, I'm afraid…

Your Majesty!

Is this…

a note?

A note?

So… he took his own life?

It would seem so.

No! This is…


His Majesty's will!

Your Majesty!

Why would he say this?

You killed the king.

The king's dead? Oh, dear!

I know you did it.

You cannot mask the smell
of blood on your hands.

Are you sure that's not your hands?

You look like you've killed many.

Not as many as you.

You're Roran, aren't you?

Isn't life interesting!

I never thought I'd meet
a man of my tribe here.

I see!

You're the Demon of Roran!

Is that what they call me?

Because you killed the chief
and most of the tribe.

All of us scattered around the world
know about you.

I simply taught those who deceived me
the laws of our tribe.

The Roran tribe must not sell
its own people to other lands.

Even the chief
must obey the laws of the tribe.

And why are you in Horai?

Well, you're here.

It's not so strange that I am, too, is it?

Do you mean to destroy this country?

Well now, I wonder…

So you mean to protect it…

You'll pay for killing the king.

You wish this?

You poor guy.

A killer who acts on his own wishes…

is soon dead.

I am a killer no more.

-You might be too strong.

All your fights have been easy.

You don't know how to fight
someone who's your match.

And you?

It's the same for you.
You're trying to throw me off.

You see through me.

But you can't win.

Nor can you.

We're evenly matched. So it's up to luck.

-Yes. Luck will decide this duel.

Whose side will it take?

If we're matched in skill…

it comes down to who has the luck.

It's what divides life from death.

Indulge yourself if you want.

Depend on luck, and you're dead.

Don't be so sure.

Some men survive
because their luck is strong.

I've told him that.

Don't underestimate him.
I've taught him much.

He's not Roran, but he can fight.

-Is he dead?

There's a potion in this mist.

A potion?

So he can escape.

He uses potions?

That was the soldier
who was guarding Mikoto.

Why were you fighting?

Were you in the palace?

No. He is Roran.

As am I.


Yes. Nomads who live deep in the desert.

As children we are raised
to be assassins, trained only to kill.

The Roran are a tribe of assassins
who live by selling our skills.

He is one, and so am I.

So why were you fighting?

The Roran tribe hates me.

I killed the chief and all the elders.


I was betrayed.

Just like you.

The elders feared me, so they set a trap.

So I killed them.

The tribe has been after me ever since.


You mean…

you went to Prison Isle deliberately?

Very good.

That's right.

One of my pursuers wounded me.
I needed time to recover.

How odd that we should meet there.

It was good luck for me.

At last you've told me.


About your past. I've asked many times,
but you always put me off.

Yeah, that's right.

I just never thought
there was any need for it.

Be careful.

I need you.

For your revenge, right?

That's right. I'm counting on you, Spoon.

No problem.

I still have need of you, too.

"The next day, in the palace…

Following the king's sudden death,

his funeral is held in the Royal Grotto."

Oh, Karamaro. Can you believe this?!

He couldn't wait, could he?

He killed himself
before we could bring him down.

He got us good.

But almost half of the nobility
is on our side.

Your control of Ban makes you very strong.

Meaning that as Chief Scholar,
you now control whatever happens?

Not at all! My heart is at one with yours.

I don't need your heart.
Your brain and mouth are enough.


It's certain that you'll be the next king.

Sekishun's only claim was that
his daughter was the queen.

With the king dead, his position is weak.

I'm trying to help with that.

Yes sir, your time has come!

Please remember my son.

Oh, I've made you
some dried wart-lizard as a gift.

-Please accept it.
-It stinks!


Enough already! Back off!

Get lost! Dimwit, scum, baldy!

Lord Dokatsu…

Ah, Lord Sekishun…

-This is a tragedy.

How could he do this?

But at such a time, we must
stand united and maintain control.

Indeed we must.

I'm counting on you.

And I on you.

Here she is!

As beautiful as ever.

A widow that young is a waste.

No, it won't be.

I'll make her bloom again.

I see.

So that's your scheme…

Yes. That's my scheme.

Lady Mikoto…

Toi. Why are you here?

I must tell you something at once.

His Majesty was murdered by Spoon,
one of the True Ban.

Is that so…

Be very, very careful from this point on.

Thank you.

But now…

my heart is conflicted no more.

Baron of Barons, Lord Dokatsu…


His late Majesty left a will.

Will you read it out?

A will?



Let all hear, please.

"There is but one in this world
to carry out our will.

Our final exercise of prerogative
is to appoint our successor."

Yes, Baron of Barons?

"The next monarch is to be
our wife, Mikoto."


I do not recognize this will!

Our kings have always been men!

And we have always followed
the late king's will.

Have we not?

Sekishun, you're making me angry!

In that case…

shall we ask everyone else?

Hey you guys!

As His late Majesty wished,
as of this day…

I am the new monarch.

Do you approve?

We do.

Lord Dokatsu?


You arranged all this!

Governance takes place
when people are unaware.

The loudest is not always strongest.

So, Lord Dokatsu, what will you do?


Mikoto will rule?

Yes! It's being proclaimed
throughout the city!

Has power dazzled her that much?

Did you hear, Spoon?
This is that woman's true nature!

She abandoned me and Ukina,
and set her sights on the king!

And with her husband dead,
she's taken the throne!

So she wanted wealth and power…

And here I thought she was different!

Shirabe must be rolling in his grave!


Don't call me that!


I am…


The few fond memories of the past
I may have had are now…

consumed in flames of rage!

From my white hair to my fingertips…

I am vengeance personified!

Yes! Destroy all that does not suit you.

Let your foes, that woman, this land,
all burn in the flames of vengeance!

And on those ashes build a new land!



Great Ban, preserve us!

O ye two fallen, innocent souls!

Give these frail arms the strength
to sustain this land!

That itself is your revenge!


That itself…

is my revenge!

The debate on the teachings of Ban
is about to begin.

I ask those nobles who wish to hear,
and you commoners,

to kindly take your seats now.

The ringing of cell phones or alarms…

will interrupt the debate,
so they should be turned off.

We ask…

that you please ensure this has been done.

Photography and recording of the debate…

is prohibited.

Anyone found doing this…

will be asked to leave,
and all film and data confiscated.

We ask your cooperation in this.

We thank you for your patience.

The members of the nobility
will now make their entrance.

Why, hello.

Hello, there!

A debate! What fun!

What fun indeed!

What fun indeed!

What fun indeed!

I believe we've met before…

Chief Man-at-Arms, Asuka no Kurando.

I have something to ask
the Head Priest of the True Ban.


Send your attendant ahead.

Head Priest…

I don't mind. Go ahead.

Show her in.

Yes, sir.

Forgive me for disturbing you
before the debate.

Not at all. I am not so ascetic
that a question would disturb me.

Excuse me.

I am told…

you are wealthy from trade.

-You must have seen many lands.

Have you been…

to the land of Kada?

The land of Kada?

Yes. Why do you ask?

I am told it is a very large country.

Yes. The largest on the continent.

There is no one in foreign trade
who does not go there.

I see.


Well then…

What do you think of Horai…

as one who has been in many lands?

This country?

I had an old friend.

I am told he lost his life in Kada.

But I often wonder…

how he would feel
were he to see this land now.

So you wish to ask my opinion
in place of this friend?

Something like that.

This is a very interesting land.

The king's wife suddenly takes the throne.

A teacher of falsehoods
is set up as Chief Scholar.

One must always question
what is true and what is lies. No…

Perhaps one is better off
not thinking about that.

Excuse me.

-One more thing…

Your attendant Spoon…
What manner of man is he?

Why ask of him?

When the king died…

he was seen near the palace.


He is Roran!

A famous tribe of assassins.

One of his tribe could have easily
stolen into the palace.

So you suspect Spoon?
I would like you to show me your proof.

I have none! Thus I ask.

What are you asking?

That I give up my friend? With no proof?

Surely the Chief Man-at-Arms
can do better than that.

-So you trust him?
-Of course.

How? He's Roran!

Even if he is your friend.

Yes, he is my friend!

And that is enough!

Where they were born and raised
is irrelevant!

I trust a man I can trust.

I see.

Are you satisfied?


Perhaps it was those words…

I wanted to hear.

And why would that be?

Excuse me.

And perhaps they were also the words
I wanted to hear least.

He's quite late.

Is he afraid?

Well, he doesn't know the palace.

Don't jump to conclusions.
Cut him some slack.

Should we, Minister?

I'm told he's tempted you with money.

Come on! That's just gossip.

Just think before you choose sides.

I have my ways, too.

That's a serious look, Karamaro.

I don't have a powerful father.
I can't afford to lose my post.

By the way, what's that?

Go for it, Husband!

What's she doing here?!

Win this one, Karamaro!

How did you get in?!

This is Members Only!

Here they come.

Sorry to keep you.

The debate on the teachings of Ban
will now begin.

Chief Scholar of Horai,
Ototsu no Karamaro!

Go, Quiz Kid!

This isn't a quiz show!

True Ban Head Priest, Hito-Ban.


Feel free to speak your mind.

Do not feel restrained
in the presence of the queen.

With respect, Lord Sekishun.

If you'll excuse me,
this so-called "True Ban"…

is only pretending the name of Ban.


Though it is not worthy of exposition
before the queen.

On what grounds?

The law of Ban is the oldest text
expounding its tenets.

It is its very foundation.

Whoever possesses this scroll
is the legitimate heir to Ban.

Here alone are the unchanging truths
of the teachings of Ban.

Do you know them, Head Priest?

Do you know them?!

Sit down!

Of course.
It is the absolute bible of Ban.

The one who has them
is in possession of the truths of Ban.

Well! If Lord Hito-Ban admits that,
there is no point in arguing further.

Sensei, if you please…

Yo, Sensei!


This is the man who taught us
Ban in Kada, To-Sensei.

And with his approval,

that I, Ototsu no Karamaro,
there received the laws of Ban.

But what is he doing here?

Hearing the king had been assassinated
and the country was in turmoil…

I contacted him and had him come.

Yes. On a golden ship.

I see. So that's your trump card…

I am desperate to remain alive.

May I see the scroll?

This is not the language of Kada, is it?

It is Haman.


Haman was a small country
in the south of the continent.

Ban originated there.

The scripture of Ban is thus
in the language of Haman.

And what happened to Haman?

There was a war between it and Kada.

The land was split in two,
its royal line extinguished.

As a student of Kada's greatest scholar,
and being in possession of its scroll…

I see no point in further debate
with this charlatan.

May I see that scroll?


I do not mind.

He won't understand a word of it, though.

Handle it with care.

One mark on it and your head goes flying.


That was Haman?

Absurd! She can read it?!

Of course she can!

Penan is the last of the Haman royal line!

She is one of the last…

great sages of Ban!


The Jewel of Wisdom!

What is that?

It means she is
of the royal blood of Haman!

In that case…

Don't fall for it, Your Majesty!

Please, Sensei!

Surely he hasn't seduced you!

No, but…

Well, Penan?

These are undoubtedly part
of the stolen laws of Ban.

Part?! That's preposterous!

Have you not heard of
the Eyes of the Sage?

You know about that?!

Yes. It would seem you have heard.

The scroll alone
does not contain the whole truth.

There are holes in these slats!

Only some of the words…

can now be read.

Only by reading them
do you first know the truth of Ban.

So that's…

Yes! These slats are the Eyes of the Sage.

Without them, you will never know
the real truth of Ban.

I thought that was just a legend!

And the real truth of Ban is?

Ban is in every heart!

In every heart, there is God!

I bow in awe!


The Ban we studied was horribly wrong.

Neither Kada nor Horai knew the True Ban!


Kada instigated rebellion
against the royal house of Haman.

You started a civil war

to make Haman a puppet state!

I was seized and the scroll stolen.

I was locked up on Prison Isle.

But I saved the Eyes of the Sage!

It would seem our debate
has reached a conclusion.

What is this junk?!

And you, you fool!

Karamaro, you idiot!

Your trump card was just a scrap of paper!

You know how much it cost
to bring that old relic here?


Dad, no!

I don't accept this result!

They know the truth across the sea?!

We have a religion that suits us!

The Ban that we created!

Lord Dokatsu!

Calm down.
You are in Her Majesty's presence.

The result is the result.
Ototsu no Karamaro is dismissed.

Are we agreed that Hito-Ban
should serve as Chief Scholar?

I am grateful…

No! That will not do!

As he says…

this country has its own religion.

What Karamaro teaches…

sustains this land of Horai.

To change it now
will only invite confusion.

-Your Majesty!
-Your Majesty!

Ten days ago, in answer to the late king…

I recall you said our teachings were
of far greater help to the people.

-Yes, I remember.
-Then what did you mean by that?

Or has your accession…

clouded your eyes to the truth?


Then I was merely a woman who saw nothing.

I knew nothing of the world.

I saw only the king!

Your Majesty!

You stop me?!

You need a reason.

Ignoring the result of the debate
requires a reason!

Neither the commoners
nor the retainers will accept this!


Then I will speak!

I am told our former king…

met his death
at the hands of the True Ban!

I cannot allow them into the palace!

-They killed him?

How awful!

Your Majesty! Careless words
will come back to haunt you!

I know that well!

It is still just a rumor,
therefore I impose no sanction.

But with such ugly rumors flying,
to involve them in our governance

would be inappropriate!

Thus you are our new monarch!

You thoroughly understand governing!


Drive them out!

Yes, sir!

Quite the vicious queen!

Don't be too rough.
A charge of violence would be foolish.

But I must preserve your life.

Does suspicion of me
blind you to the true criminals?


Why do you fear me?

I banish the True Ban from the capital!

You are never to set foot
in this city again!

Wait, please!


You banish them on the mere suspicion
that they assassinated the king?

Yes. They do not belong here!

Then there are those
you should question first.

Guards. Arrest the plotters.

Kino Dokatsu!

Do you think I didn't know
of your plot to overthrow the king?


Kino Ukina. Ototsu no Karamaro.
You are equally guilty.


Your Majesty, in the palace
I am not your father!

I am your Minister.

Are you saying these three
were conspiring?

Nonsense. Where's your proof?

I have no choice.
I didn't want to be driven to this.




Your master knows he is caught.

This man serves Lord Dokatsu.

He was leaving with this letter.

Forgive me!

And this is…

A letter to Lord Urabe
of the Kawachi clan…

promising to double his domain
once Dokatsu is on the throne.

He has also written…

to other clans!

Is this true, Dokatsu?

It most certainly is!

Weaklings and women
won't build a respectable country!

-I figured I'd do it myself.

I was rash.

Take them away.

Yes, sir.

What will become of them?

Conspirators lose their heads!

They always have.

Like hell they do!

I won't let you cut off my husband's head!

Shikame, no!

If you want to kill him,
you'll have to kill me first!

Calm down, fool!

But they'll kill my husband. Now…

We run for it.


We're better off if they escape.

I see…

Don't be foolish! Do you want to die?

To preserve a world with my husband in it…

I would gladly die!

Forgive me!

My… husband…!


My husband!

Damn you!


Don't, Ukina.

Flailing around won't help now.

You got me, Sekishun. The throne's yours.

If the king had lived longer,
I'd have taken it all.

I never dreamed you'd put
your daughter on the throne.

-Mikoto, you're just a decoration.

Beware your father and that priest,

so that they don't eat you alive!

Why did you kill her?!

Yes, I was the one who killed that woman.

But the real cause of it was you!


After the debate…

I meant to quietly get Dokatsu to resign!

But with you banishing the True Ban
on mere suspicion…

I couldn't let you ignore someone
who was really plotting against you!

And as a result…

I shed blood senselessly.


I told you!

Careless words will come back
to haunt you!


will you leave the matter
of the True Ban to me?

I apologize for all this.
I would like to ask you anew…

to replace Ototsu no Karamaro
as Chief Scholar.

Thank you, but no.

If you are offended,
I apologize in the queen's name.

I'm honored, but it would seem Her Majesty
has chosen a path that is not mine.

Excuse me.

Head Priest!

Well, well!

So there's more than one way…

to skin a cat.

It's him.

That man is him.


Date no Domon.

I kept wanting to say his name.

But I couldn't.

I was afraid.


Why has he become such a terrifying man?

Lady Mikoto…

I was afraid of him.

I just knew he shouldn't be in the palace.

That's why I…

But for that…

someone died who needn't have.


What have I done?

Wait! You mustn't kill him!

Why not?

Don't argue!

Because you still love him?


Then why not?

Hito-Ban is dangerous.

The man with him is worse.

He killed the king.
I can't prove it, but I'm sure.

-Enough, Toi…

Just be quiet!

You don't understand.

How could you?

Lady Mikoto and I
will decide what to do about him.


You guard Lady Mikoto.

And only that.

Lady Mikoto?


This is from Lord Sekishun.

This dagger is a family heirloom.

Your father said to tell you
that he spoke out of turn…

and to use it to preserve your dignity.

He said that?


Wait, Domon!

Don't call me that!

Why did you say no?

Did you not want
to take that hypocrite's place…

then use your power to bring down
Dokatsu and the others?

Are you happy with them
destroying themselves?

Don't make me laugh.

I won't let anyone else finish them off.

-Stand back and let them be tried?

I'm sending them to Hell myself!

Is that so?

Even still, you could have
become the Chief Scholar,

and spread Ban through the land.

Please just be quiet, Penan.

When you're with her…

you want to protect her, right?


She's queen in name only.

You aren't sure you can stand back
and watch her collapse. Listen!

If you go all soft now,
you will never have revenge!

You know that,

which is why you want to
distance yourself from her.

Don't act like you can read my mind.


I must.

Your enemy can.

My enemy?

That Senior Minister is a frightening man.
Everything's gone as he thought.

The Senior Minister? Sekishun?

He's just a grinning old fool!

Don't be fooled by that grin.

Oh-ho. You're one to talk!

I'll kill you.


Did you kill the king?

I'm exposed already?
You are indeed well-informed.


I told you before.

I'd kill to clear your way.

Confusion reigns in the palace.

I didn't expect that woman
to take the throne…

but now your vengeance has one target.

-That's right!

No. Now it's Ukina and Karamaro!

Oh, dear! I guess I'm not finished yet.

Hey, you…

Untie me.

Shut up and walk!

Loosen these ropes.


I want a lawyer.


I need legal aid.

Be quiet!

A builder, then.

Shut up and keep walking!

-I don't do nude scenes.

Listen, why don't we all
go out to Shibuya?

Shut up!

Why are we… Let's go the other way.


It's too crowded over here!

Would you be quiet?!

Kill me if you're going to!

But I want to stop by
the salon for a perm first.

Be quiet!

Yeah, if only Mao
had landed that triple axel…

Be quiet!

I want to see a baseball game.



-Good job, guys.

-This way.
-We're right behind you!


Hey, wait for me!

We should be okay now that
we've got this far.

Who are they, Dad?

Did you think I would let Sekishun
get away with this?

I was expecting it,
so I smuggled in some men.

That's Lord Dokatsu for you!

We'll head west and regroup.

Thanks a lot, men! I won't forget this.


What gives?!



You people?!

I thank you for saving us.
I will repay your kindness.

I have no intention of saving you.

I simply didn't want to see
anyone else get killed.

What do you mean?

You still don't see?

Have you cowards forgotten
how you betrayed me 11 years ago?

Have you forgotten the face
of the innocent man you had sent…

to Prison Isle?!




That's right.

I am Date no Domon!

The fool who fell into your trap
and was sent to Kada's Prison Isle!

The man who lost
his friend, fiancé, and future…

is back from the pit of Hell…

to take his revenge on you!

I'm sorry! Forgive me!

It wasn't me. It was all Ukina's idea!

-He framed you for killing Shirabe!

Shirabe's letter… I did write it.
So they'd think you weren't friends…


…but that bastard composed it!

Shut up.

I said no, but I didn't insist.

He was always treating me to dinner.

-Forgive me!
-Shut up.

I'll do anything you want.

Spare me!

I said shut up!

Did you two kill Shirabe, too?


That much is as he says.

We didn't have the guts to kill someone.

And he was one of us.

One of us?

How dare such a statement
escape your lips!

Say whatever you like!

We still didn't do it.

Though, we did know
that he might be killed.

From my dad's letter that came.

He told us to try and pin it on you…

I never wrote such a letter!


Why would I care about
Sekishun's kid and some palace guard?

Then who wrote it?!


I don't need to hear you
passing the blame.

Pick them up.

I'll give you one last chance.

Fight me.

Win and you go free.

Or shall I kill you where you sit?!

What are you doing? Go at him!

Don't waste your chance!


-Lord Hito-Ban!
-Don't worry. He'd never lose.

Is that best you can do?!

Do you think that will dispel
11 years of hatred?!

Stand up and fight!

Damn you!


Not me!



You see that, Domon?
I killed your enemy for you.

Now I'm on your side forever!

So please! Spare me!

-You scum!

If you feared death at his hands,
you should have killed yourself!

You got it backwards, you damn fool!

Well, Domon?

Ukina's dead, and so is Karamaro.
Are you happy now?!

I don't know what you went through,
but at least you're alive.

You must be happy with that!


You'd kill me, too?

Go ahead, then. Kill me!

But what did I ever do to you?

Be Ukina's father? That's revenge for you?

Then kill me!


What? Are you sure?

Get out of my sight!

Go off and die somewhere.

Fine then. I'll take you up on that.

But don't think you're free of me.

I will be sure to pay you back!

I swear on my life…

I will feed you bitter medicine!

If you don't want that, then kill me here.

You can't?

Then fine!

Remember this, Domon.

Old geezer…

Why did you…?

It was you!

You drove my son mad!

You drove him crazy with
status and high living!

All of it…

was your fault!



Kino Ukina…

Ototsu no Karamaro…

I thought killing them wouldn't be enough.

Eleven years. That's how long it's been.

I've hated them for 11 years,
and now they're finally dead!

I have had my revenge.

I have…

had my revenge.


Isn't that enough?

It's over.

Right? It's over!


Let's leave. Forget this place,
and let's trade for real.

Okay, Domon?

Yes! You've got the brains.
If you want to…

we'll do great!

It's a great idea!

We'll get a huge ship,

and sail the seven seas!


No, not yet!

I haven't avenged Shirabe yet!

Until I know at whose hand
my best friend died…

my revenge isn't over!


How did that man know where we were?


No one else should have known
we brought them out here.

Come to think of it…

Old man, who told you about this place?

Spoon! Where is he?!

He said he'd be here.

I don't know.
This bunch couldn't have taken him.

Hear me!

Hito-Ban! Kino Dokatsu and two others
have been kidnapped and murdered!

You are charged with this crime!

Wait! I alone am responsible.

Her Majesty authorizes us

to kill them all!


You guys run!



Garan! Rokuroku!




Did Her Majesty…

really order you to kill us?!

It is Her Majesty's order.

Who else would give it?

The True Ban is to be eliminated.

That is Her Majesty's will!

Damn you, Mikoto!

You've gone too far!


Penan! Speak to me! Penan!


Let's sail away.

This country, and your hate…

all of it…

Leave it all behind…

and let's sail away!


We'll get a ship.

Leave everything behind,
and take to the seas together.

Right now?


Right now.

Lying is wrong, you know.


Speak to me!


You'll pay!

You'll pay for this, Mikoto!

You'll pay for this, Horai!

Who's there?

Is it you, Spoon?


I do wish you'd stop sneaking
into the palace like this.

How are the guards?

I didn't kill any.

They're lucky no one
was smart enough to see you.

Maybe so.

So what are they up to?

As you said, they kidnapped Dokatsu.

The guards are after them now.

But I wonder why…

since you're one of the True Ban,
you told me about this.

Because you're amusing.

Amusing? Me?

I've never been told that before!

No? Well, you are.

I've never seen anyone
so roundabout in killing.

Referring to Dokatsu?

No. Your daughter.

Mikoto, too?

The arrest at the debate
followed your script to the letter.

And now your daughter's afraid
to voice her own opinions.

Everything will go your way.

The idealistic daughter
whose strings you pull…

will blame herself, and in the end,
she will die at her own hands.

You're Roran, all right.

You have great insight.

I know a more intriguing way.


I see! You want get him
to kill my daughter…



Date no Domon.

You've realized who he is?

Yes, just by watching my daughter.

So that's why you told me
what he was up to…

And I fell for it!

Do you want this country so much
you'll sacrifice your children?

Not just your daughter.
You killed your son, too.

My son? You mean Shirabe?

Eleven years ago,

you asked the king of Kada
to have your own son killed, didn't you?

He asked us to do it.

Oh, so you're the one who killed Shirabe?

-Is that so?

He'd have stirred up rebellion.

We had just brought the country together,
and couldn't let it go to pieces again.

And by blaming that on her fiancé,
you could eliminate him, too.

You wanted to marry her to the king,
so it was two birds with one stone.

You did your research.

Just a little thinking.

I sent a letter in Dokatsu's name
to his idiot son.

He might well have framed Domon himself…

but I had to be sure.

You like conspiring, don't you?

Conspiring is a great thing.

Fools like to use force.

But war is a waste of money
and a waste of blood.

Conspiring limits the damage.

Toi has taught this special squad
the skills of Roran.

With visitors like you,
one can't be too careful.

Well, they look fairly skilled.

And now it's your turn.

What are you here to do?

What are you trying to get Domon to do?

At first I wanted
to make him king of Horai…

so he could lead it into a war with Kada.


The chief of the Roran tribe betrayed me.

Fearing my ability, he tried to get
the king of Kada to kill me.

I was summoned to Kada
to kill a student from Horai.

It was a trap.

I have thus sworn vengeance
on Roran, Kada, and Horai.

That's why you killed
both the Roran chief and Kada king?

What a waste of time!

Kill the king, but the land remains.
It just gets a new king.


I realized that on Prison Isle.

Civil war is the only way
to destroy a country!

So I'll instigate war
in both Kada and Horai…

and destroy them both.

That's asinine.
You really think that'll work?


You'd do well to not underestimate me.

And yet, you're about to die.

Don't be ridiculous!

One false move and you die!

No, you do.

Starting to feel any pain in your chest?

My chest?

There's a teeny, tiny needle
in your chest.

I fired it at you when I came in.

It doesn't hurt at first,
but it works its way in as you move.


Once you feel the pain it's too late.
It's entered your heart so you will die.

Let's talk! I can't die yet!

No. You can't stop me now.

I wouldn't.

Even the vibrations of our movements
shorten your master's life.

Although you men still die first.

You fiend!

I will make a king…

of the man who calls me "friend."

You, I don't need anymore.


Looks like he's come!

Lady Mikoto!

Lady Mikoto!

-I know. Where did it start?

The west block.

The wind's blowing it this way!

Get everyone out!

Yes, Your Majesty. I'll tell the guards.

It's you…

I've come for your head, Your Majesty.


Instead of just coming after me,

you killed my companions.

For that you must pay.

Me kill your companions?

I gave no such order.

You deny it even now?
Your soldier said you did!

Yes, we took Ukina and the others…

but there was no need to kill!

Get back, Your Majesty!

Wait, Toi!

I will take him on!


You set fire to the palace,
and try to kill the queen.

It is my place
to deal with such a criminal.

Even if he is an old friend.

What do you mean? I have no past.

Your words resolve me in my intent.

What's wrong?

Is that the best
the Chief Man-at-Arms can do?

"Resolved in your intent," you say?

Will that resolve

preserve Her Majesty?

How weak. You must do better than that!

Enough talk!

No man like you…

will lay a finger on Her Majesty!


Stay back!

You're dead if I do!

I must finish this man off!

-You are despicable.

You must protect the queen
and the land in any way you can.

That is your task.

Yet you ignore your limitations
and think only of saving face!

You disgrace your position.

Damn you!

You're good!

I've learned from the best man of Roran.

So let's see who dies first!

Wait, Domon!

You two as well!

What happened to you, Domon?

You've abandoned your old self
and returned to this country a demon.

"Pray to the True Ban,
and you will be saved."

Were those words a lie?

It was a means to an end!

I have but one objective.

Revenge… for me and Shirabe.

My brother?

Ukina and Karamaro framed me
for his murder.

I swore…

to pay the traitors back!

And once I returned,
my angry grew all the more.

This country's governance
is rotten to the core.

-You people!

You have killed this land!

I will not allow you to destroy the land…

Shirabe sought to build.

I understand.

Then kill me.

Lady Mikoto!

If you seek retribution
for past betrayals…

then kill me, the greatest traitor of all…

and make an end of it.

If your hatred is directed at this land…

then kill its queen…

and make an end of it.

Whatever the reason, by piercing my heart…

with that sword…

I want you to bring
your vengeance to an end.

That was always my intent!

No, Domon! She's innocent!

Then why did you marry the king?

You had no faith in me!

It is true there was always
someone in my heart.

But I knew very clearly…

the man I loved was long dead.

I should have resigned myself
to that 11 years ago.

It is my lingering affection
that has brought on these troubles.

Hito-Ban, you traitor!
Why did you have the king killed?!


Toi says one of you killed him.

I believe him.

What are you going to do?
Kill me with that dagger?

My task is to protect this land.

And beyond that,
to shed no blood without reason.

To that end, I do not regret
sacrificing my life.

Take this head…

and leave this land!

-Lady Mikoto!
-No, Toi!

I didn't…

I didn't come back
to this country to kill you!


My vengeance…


am I doing?

You're hurt!

A scratch. Pay it no mind.

I ask again…

You truly did not
send soldiers to kill us?

I did not.

It was Spoon who killed the king.

And he knew where we had taken
Ukina and the others.

What is he trying to do?

He means to destroy this country.

He does? Why?

I don't know,
but I can see it in his eyes.

He all but wiped out his own tribe.

The survivors…

call him the Demon of Roran.

Surely he wouldn't…



Something's been bothering me…

-You're sure taking your time!

So, hurry and kill the woman
and take the throne.

First I want to ask you something.


Was it you who killed Shirabe?

You've finally realized!

How did you know?

Shirabe was killed
by a single thrust through the heart.

The same way you killed
the guards when we first met.

Very good! So you noticed even then?

I received a request
from the king of Kada,

but it was your friend's father
who put him up to it.


Don't worry. I've already exacted revenge.

Lord Sekishun, too?!

Why didn't you tell me?


Why didn't you tell me
that you killed Shirabe?!

-You never asked me.

It was you who avoided the subject.

But you knew.

So now what?


You'll what?


No… This can't be happening now!

There's poison on this!


Fight it!

Who put it there?

Surely not… Lord Sekishun!

That old fox! Pulling his tricks
right to the bitter end!

That's why I hate conspiring.

If he wanted to kill his daughter,
why not just do it?

That's how much her life meant?

It seems she was just a tool.

But that's no reason to sacrifice Domon.

One fool is all it takes
to wreck everything he's done.

It's a damn shame.

So what if a woman dies?
I'm disappointed in all of you.

Run, Lady Mikoto!


You're in danger!

But Domon is…


Forgive me!


What have you done?!


Come at me, Spoon!

What happens in this world

Is all a faint dream

A dream written in invisible ink

That life reveals

In the short time it blazes up

The masses of clouds I tried to embrace

The innocently shining moon

Is all a faint dream

An empty shell of love

Why do men fight

Pile tragedy on tragedy?

Grow only hatred

In the place love is born

Before flowers and song

Are scattered in the dark

Before you

Hate me

At least let fall a tear

A tear of love

A tear of love

Lady Mikoto!

Why didn't you go?!


For a Roran to guard another
is the height of stupidity!

But your arm is mine!



Your life for my arm?
That's not an even trade.

And one arm is all I need here!

Even against him?



I didn't kill him. I gave him an antidote.

Yes, you use potions!
I underestimated you.

I'm sorry.

It wasn't for you.

I did it for her.


I doubt you will ever feel…

what it's like to die for someone else.

Nor do I want to.

-Lady Mikoto!

-Lady Mikoto!

So you intended to use me
right from the start?

Even on Prison Isle?

Well, it looks that way.

So… will you take
revenge for your friend?

Of course.

Think you can?

If you don't mind.


Rather disappointing
given all your big talk.


We're not done yet!

In that case…

What the…?!

I feel no pain.


I know not whether it's
the poison or the antidote…

but right now I feel no pain.

But you'll bleed and grow weak.
It's only a matter of time.

Maybe so.


I've figured out your moves.


Where am I?

This is still Prison Isle!


I should be suffering
if I'm still on Prison Isle.

What's that mean?

The two of us…

have been imprisoned all this time.

This is Prison Isle. We can never be free.



you never did call anyone
by their name, did you?

Not my name, let alone…

your own.

Next time we meet, tell me your real name.

I don't have one.

I don't have a real name.

I see…

Do you…

have one?

Maybe not.


No! I am…

I am Hito-Ban!

The rebel who conspires
to take the throne of Horai!


Kino Dokatsu!

Kino Ukina!

Ototsu no Karamaro!

Kyogane Sekishun!

I am the traitor who has killed
your ministers…

and made the capital a lake of fire!


take this traitor's head.


Kill me yourself, Your Majesty.

Avenge your ministers.

Say you have laid
the foundation of the state!

If you do not…

you will not be able to build
the land you wish to.

And then…

set me free from this Prison Isle.

Please, Mikoto.

Very well.

I see the light from outside!

Hear me, one and all!

The great rebel Hito-Ban,
Head Priest of the True Ban…

has been struck down
by Her Majesty the Queen!

Hear me, my people!

I pledge myself…

to this land!

To this land!

What happens in this world

Is all a faint dream

A dream written in invisible ink

That life reveals

In the short time it blazes up

The masses of clouds I tried to embrace

The innocently shining moon

Is all a faint dream

An empty shell of love

Why do men fight

Pile tragedy on tragedy?

Grow only hatred

In the place love is born

Before flowers and song

Are scattered in the dark

Before you

Hate me

At least let fall a tear

A tear of love

Love and the wind dance in the dark

A phantom

Envelops you

But one hot tear

Because that's still real

Let fall a tear of love

Because that's

Still real

Subtitle translation by
Ian Macdougall