Banshee!!! (2008) - full transcript

A group of college friends on a spring break camping trip are stalked and slashed by an unknown creature with the ability to make them hallucinate through sound waves. The survivors hold up refuge in an isolated farmhouse, cut off from all communication. Now, they have to come up with a plan to kill this unrelenting creature before it kills them. "Banshee!!!" takes the idea of the legendary Irish myth and spins it around into a terrifying and unstoppable monster!

That chick is so hot.

Yeah man.

You guys hungry??

Aw God, Bob.
What the hell is that smell?

- It wasn't me, I swear.
- What're you guys talking about?

Could you at least crack
a window or something? God!

- Ooohl stop, stop, stop!
- What?!


Shit... Hey, what's happening?
You want a lift or something?

What's up? I'm Jimmy.


Hey. What's your name?

So uh... What are you doing
all alone out there tonight, huh?

Are you okay?

What the hell?

Awwww... I can't believe this.

Well, you better believe it Jack,
'cause it took all damn day.

Ah. Looks like it was under water.

Another one from the quarry?

Yeah, the DEP, they cleaned that place out
and they threw everything back here.

I hope you can get
some parts out of this, Jack.

Well, let's haul it to the shop
and see what we can salvage.

Sounds good to me.

Doesn't look like you're going to
get anything off of this thing.

- Ugh, God!
- What the hell is that thing?


You guys want to
stop by for some dinner?


What do you want me
to do with the car?

Want me to get the tow truck?

Ah... leave it for a couple more days.
It's not going anywhere.

Alright, come get me when you need me...
if your truck can make it to my house.

Very funny, Earl.

Come on, Max. Let's go.

Well, I think I'm gonna run down
and take a look at that wreck

that Earl and I pulled
out of the swamp today.

Jack, you can't possibly have enough light
out there with just those barrels.

I know. I gotta string some power
down there one of these days.

Yeah you do.
- Mm.

And did you remember?
Rocker's coming to see us this weekend?

Ahh. No... I completely forgot.

You know how
he loves his uncle Jack.

Mm, alright, alright, alright. It'll wait
another day, that thing's going nowhere.

Good. Good.

Ah-ah! Take that stinky thing
out of here--on the porch!

And while you're at it, give Max
some food and a little bit of water.

Yes, dear. Good chow, honey.

Hey Max. How you doing buddy?
I brought you out some water.

Thirsty, huh?
That a boy. Have a drink.

No? Alright.

Now, I'm just gonna
sit here with you a bit.

I'm not allowed to smoke
these stinkers in the house anymore.



Hell with ya.


- Sorry, Ker.
- Thanks guys.

Oh. My ass...

I feel like I've been
trapped in a dorm room for ten years.

Yeah it's uh... charming.
Very rustic.

I gotta say, Veronica, now that l see it,
I still don't get it!

Get what?

Why are we in East
Bumblefuck Connecticut for spring break

while everybody else I know is in Acapulco?

If you wanted to spend
the week with your frat boys

then why did you decide to come?

Because your life would be
boring without me.

- Right.
- And because you asked me to.

Yeah... right.

Still haven't given up, have you?

What can I say, man.
Life is all about the ass.

Covering it.

Kissing It.

And getting it!

Well said.

Thank you.

Doesn't seem to work much
as a pickup line, though.

Got bad news for you, buddy.
She'll never date you, let alone fuck you.

It's just gonna be you and your hand
in your sleeping bag tonight, buddy.

I molested myself last night. I said 'no',
but I knew I really wanted it.

Come here!


Look, there's three kinds of guys.

There's guys you date,
guys you do, and then...

there's guys you wouldn't even touch.

Lake, I wouldn't touch him
with somebody else's body

Right... which is why you invited him.

Ah, Kerry!

Come on. For a stalker,
you could do worse.

Oh, sweety, no way.

Have you talked to that guy
since high school? Ew!

What? I'm just saying he's...

...kind of funny and not
completely unfortunate looking.

He's all yours, Jenn.

'He's all yours, Jenn.'

Hurry up, kids.
Got to make it before sunset.

Hey guys.
Where's Chad and Lauren?

I don't see any other cars.
Are you sure this is the right place?

Somewhere around here.

Well, can you call Veronica or someone
and ask them where they are?

If that's what you want.

I thought the whole point
of us coming out here

was for me to
get to know your friends.

Listen, Chad.

we have days to
get to know my friends

so you can either
play with them tonight,

or you can
play with me.

I guess we can
see them tomorrow.

Oh yes.

Oh. Oh no.
- No! - No! - No!


Where'd Thomas go?




Ohh. What's that smell?

Yeah, Lake, what
crawled up your ass and died?

Have you been drinking
that skunked beer again?

As a matter of fact,

yeah, I had like two.

Hey but that smell's not me.

I would claim something that impressive.
For real.

What the hell
happened to our tent?

Where's Tom?

A bear ate him.

Yeah. Too bad it wasn't you.

- Tom!

Hey, Tom! Where are you!

- Tom?

Tom! Where are you?!
- Tommy!

Dude, what the hell
happened to our tent?

What the fuck?


What the hell is going on?


- Anybody else parched, man?
- Lake, shut up.

- I'm thirsty!
- Shhh!

What are you doing?

Seriously, Tom,
what the fuck?!?

Okay. I'm not crazy, right?

I mean everybody else saw
that that tent was fucked up?


Alright, Tom.
This isn't funny anymore.

Funny? This isn't a prank.

We're all just
loosing our minds!

Lake, do you always
have to be so contemptuous?


Just like old times.

- That's not even a word!
- Are you really that stupid?

Don't call me stupid, alright!

Will the two of you
just knock it off!

You know Tom,
sometimes I wonder why I'm--

Holy shit, the tent!

Oh my God!

No way!

Come on.
Everybody run. Run!




No! No-o!

I'm telling you
it's a God-damn Banshee!

I'm telling you you're crazy!

I'm not crazy!

I've been hearing the... the screams
and the wails in the woods.

This isn't Ireland, man!

The two of you guys need
to calm down

before you both end up
in the drunk tank for the night

What on Earth are you old coots
yapping about now?

Ah. It's no use, Jules.

This old man has got it in his head

that there's a
fucking Banshee in the woods!

It's true! I've heard it.

Someone's gonna die.

You've been hearing it.
Everybody knows you've been hearing it.

August 6th, 1970!
It killed my brother!

Oh, for Christ sakes!


there is no Banshee up in the woods.
Your brother ran away.

Hello! Hello is there anybody in there?!

You actually thought
there was somebody living in there?

It was worth a shot.

Come on, lets go.

Wait, wait!


I'm sorry guys, but I got to piss.

Are you serious?

That's something you'd expect from Lake
at a time like this, not from you.

She's right, man.

- Hold it!
- I have been!

Go in your pants.

Yeah, man,
just piss yourself.

Fuck you guys!

Well hurry up!



Damn it.

He's probably taking a shit, too.


Oh Shit!

Hey, Hoolahan the weatherman here.

If you're planning any
outdoor activities for tomorrow,

you may want to
think about cancelling them,

because the storm front that
we predicted would be moving south...

well it changed course and
is moving straight

towards the eastern
part of the state.

So, if you live
in any of the eastern counties,

stay indoors.

The thunderstorm will also bring
high winds and--

I don't know how you
calmed those two down tonight.

Yeah, seriously,
I been trying for... 20 minutes.

Well, when they act like children
you just got to treat 'em like children.

Got to remember that.

Long day, huh?

just boring.

What do you think got ole' Alan
going on tonight about that Banshee?

Your guess is as good as mine.

I don't even know
what he was talking about.

Some old Irish legend.

Supposed to hear it scream
before you die or something.

My grandfather used to
tell me about it when I was little.

Crazy old man.

Well, it's about time
we moved out, Jul.

- Alright, see you back at the station.
- Yup. See you later, guys.

Another one?


give me a shot
of your finest whiskey.

To Banshees!

Mm, that thing almost ate you.

Shut up.

Hey Corey,

so what's it like to be
a part of the food chain?

What's it like to be a coward
that runs away like a little girl?

Relax! Calm down,

I'm just tryin'
to keep y'all in good spirits.

Lake, shut it!
- Yeah.

Don't you think
we're already scared enough?

What's that?

Come on.

I'm not trying
to die out here either.

Hey, I'm serious.

I want to grow old
and die peaceful in my sleep.

Like my granddad.

Not kicking and screaming like
the passengers in the back seat of his car!

That was funny.

No no. That was not funny.

That shit was funny.

Not that I don't want you here
or anything, but...

don't you have
a job you should be doing?

Nobody moves!

Wait! Wait! Wait!
Hold on! Wait, wait, wait!

We need help, man!
Our friends just got--

Hey! Shut up.

I got you uncle Jack.

Alright, they're okay.

Alright, come on in here.
Let's go.

At least he'll have a phone.

Hey Corey, come on!

With pleasure.

Everybody in! Hurry up!
Everybody in!

Hurry up! Hurry up!
Come on, get in!

Get in here, hurry up! Help me get
this stuff in front of the door, come on!


What--the fuck--is that?

What's up with Jack and his wife
out at the farm?

I haven't seen him
around town this week.

Ah, it's a trek for them.

That place is
keeping him busy up there.

They're just trying to stay afloat
like everyone else I guess.

I hear that.

I don't know, lady.
We've been fighting it for days!

Do you know
he's blasting dynamite every day.

Hard worker.

I know how you guys have
been struggling with those... cutbacks.

Please! I don't even
have a real patrol car.

Next thing you know
they'll be taking my gun away.

- Ah...
- Thanks Pete. -Good night.

You're wasting your time.

I've tried all over the

Line's down.

I have no idea how
we even still have power.

Do you have one of those um...
radios, you know, that the truckers use?

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah,
we got one of those. - Okay.

- Oh it's broken, though. We found
it in the basement earlier today.

Me and my uncle
tried to get it working, but ah...

...until then, we are just
entirely cut off.


what is that thing out there?

It's a mutated man-child.

A top secret government project
gone horribly wrong.

No way... Really?

The fuck if I know what that is.

That thing sucked Corey dry!




422 come in.

422 come in.

422 come in?

- 422 come in.
- 422 here.

422 come in...
Bansley, do you copy?

Piece of shit!
422 here!

Jul, we got another thirty-eight
at the Parker residence.

Copy that.

Probably that daughter of hers again.
I'm on my way.

Good luck!

So this might be a really dumb question,
but... what are you doing?

Mrs. Parker please calm down.

Don't you tell me to calm down.
I'm telling you something's wrong.

My daughter's never like this,
she's very responsible.

Bye Ma!
I'm going to the mall!

Oh. Fuck!

Mrs. Parker, every time you phone us,
it's about your daughter.

What are you insinuating?

Nothing. I'm sure she's just
out with her friends.

Well I'm sure she's being pursued
by some sexual deviant

on a dangerous camping trip

her father told her
she could go on!

I worry about her.

Does she have a cell phone?

Of course she has a cell phone.
Do I look stupid to you?

There's no service
that deep in the woods.

Could you just do your job
and find my daughter?

They don't pay me enough
for this shit!

For your ears.

- Hey Rocker.
- Yeah?

Who's blood is that in there?

My Aunt Rose's.

I'm really sorry.

Do you mind if I ask
how it happened?

She didn't have these
in her ears.

Are you trying
to be an asshole

or does it really
come that naturally, Lake?

I'm just saying, right?

I'm sorry.

What happened?



Max! Max come on boy!

Max! Max!
Here boy!


Oh no. Aw Max!



Fuck it.

Get off her you son of a bitch!




422 to dispatch. Come in.

Uhhh! 422. Over.

Dispatch. What's the trouble, Jul?

I'm up at Old Mill Road
on a lead about that Parker girl.

I'm gonna go up to the tracks
and see if I can find her campsite.

Shut her damn mother up
for a change.

If you need anything,
let me know.

I'll check in in twenty.
- Take care.

If this damn radio works.


Yeah it's hot as hell
here too.

I haven't heard
from him today either.

Well, maybe the lightning
knocked out his line.


No, that's a good idea.


Alright, Earl.
Give me a call when you get back.

Okay. Goodbye.

I can't believe that
this is all really happening.

So then,
what's your story?


Yeah, how did you
end up here?

I was just up here for a nice weekend
with my aunt and uncle.

Aunt Rose!

Aunt Rose?

What the fuck?!

Uncle Jack! Uncle jack.

Uncle Jack.

It's Rose!

That's not her!


Explains the dead phone.

Yeah. I wasn't exactly
aiming for the pole, dick.

Oh shit!

Where's Rose?

I told you.
It wasn't her.

I thought...


Fucking airbags, huh?


Come on, Rocker, grab that thing
and put it in front of the door. Come on.

It took her.

That poor man.

It's the first time
I've ever seen him cry.




It's a sound too low for
humans to hear.

They use the same frequency
with seismographs.

How do you know that?

Honey, I'm a zoology major.

We've been friends for
four years you don't know that?

Some animals use it
to communicate over long distances.

You see things that aren't there

when the frequency
gets too close to your eyes.

When did you become smart?


not everybody goes to college so they can
drink beer and pee on things.

Hey man, you got any beer or moonshine or
anything in this place?

I'll just check for myself.

You guys hungry?

- Yeah.
- Oh yeah. I'm starving.

Hey what are you doing here.

What are you lost sweetie?

What are you doing?

Holy shit!

422 to dispatch. Come in.

422 dispatch, come in!

Jack, I hope you're home.


That's not your real name,
is it?

And what makes you say that?

Come on.
That's nobody's name.

Well it's my nickname.

I got it as a kid.
It just kinda stuck.

Hmm. So then,
what's your real name?

Don't worry about it.

Come on.
I promise I won't tell anybody.

And Neither will I.

So what are you?
Some kind of rock star or something?

Yeah. Well, Freelance.

- Yeah.

I got a band together
and we've played a couple of shows.

Nothing too big
or that even pays well.

What's your band called?

'City Monster Death Squad.'

Are you guys any good?

You don't even know.

So then, why are you
still playing open mic night?


You know...
you're making this hard

for me
to impress you.

News flash flash, rock star,

you and your uncle are the
only reason I'm alive right now,

that any of us are alive.

You really don't
have to try much harder.

Are you and Lake seeing each other?

Lake might think so.

It's kind of a long story.
I mean for the last few years,

he's just been--

Yeah, that's, it's,
I was just joking.


I guess it is pretty funny,
I mean--

Yeah I thought so.

Alright, well enough about me.
Let's hear some about you.


There's really
not much to tell.

Uh, I mean...

I'm senior at
a shitty state college.

I um, decided to spend the spring break
with my friends from home.

And it seems like we're all just

trying to ignore the
fact that every time we get together

we grow further and further apart.

So do you have a boyfriend?

Beside my imaginary lover
and stalker since I was twelve? Lake? No.

Wow. That's beautiful.
That is beautiful right there.

What do you want Lake?

Nothing really I am curious though,

why the hell have we
been listening to Rocker

and the old wise man
over there?

Why don't you cut us
some fucking slack... Lake.

Cause I'm not taking orders
from you anymore.

And... and... keep your
fucking cotton balls... what--

It's all a bunch of bullshit.
I say we just get the hell out of here.

You have no idea
what you're talking about!

Just knock it off, Veronica.
I'm so sick of this mess.

You're sick of this mess.

I've done everything for you!

I've followed you around
like a fucking lap dog since middle school!

And what has it gotten me?
- Hm.

A broken heart, a migraine,
and a pair of blue bails

I cannot fucking believe
you're gonna pull this shit right now!

After everything we have
been through today.

Do you not remember
what happened to Tom...

to Mike...

to Jenn...
and to Corey!

- So we're just gonna wait here...
- Yes.

and waste time before it eventually
comes and kills us too?

That's the fucking plan?

Fuck that!

I've had enough
of this horror show.

I'm fucking out
of here.

Lake, stop!

Nobody's going anywhere!

Listen folks. I know we all
need to get a rest,

so why don't we go up in the living room
and take it easy

and hopefully by morning
I'll have that radio fixed

so we can all
get the hell out of here.

Does that sound good?
Perfect. Come on.

Listen up River, Puddle, Lake, whatever
it is the hell that your friends call you.

If you do anything
to put us in harm's way,

I'm going
to truss you up like a turkey

and throw you out the front door
so that monster can eat you all by himself.

Are we on the same page on this?


Now, why don't we go upstairs and
you make nicey-nice

with all the other folks

and maybe we'll get
to the prom this year, huh? Good.

Who's out there?

Show yourself!

For once, Mrs. Parker,
you might be right.

- What?
- That was fast

- Huh?
- I said: 'that was fast.'

What was?

What was? Exactly...

...expect nothing less from a
guy named Lake.

Damn. I always knew
you was a freak.

What are you talking about?

You and Lake
just went upstairs, right?


Hey! What are you doin'?!

- Uncle Jack! It's in the house!
- Kerry!

How the hell did this thing get in
without us even hearing it?

Ah. It had cover noise
from the thunderstorm last night.

And the earplugs.

Alright, Uncle Jack, get some wood.
I'm gonna get some nails...

What's the point?

What do you mean
what's-what's the point?

You think a couple of more nails
is gonna keep that out of here?

It's just keeping us around.

Yeah, if it wanted to kill us,
it would have done it already.

It'll be back at chowtime.

So what are we gonna do
are we just gonna give up?

Hell no we're not gonna give up!
We're gonna get serious.

We're gonna stay together

and we're gonna use our earplugs.
And that's key.

And just maybe...
some of us will get very very lucky...

and live to see
the sunrise tomorrow.

Lauren, wait.
Maybe we should go back into town..

or try to find everyone else.

You're not scared are you?

- It's just that we're out here all alone--
- Shhhh.

I think there's someone out there.

You know, this will be
a lot easier if you don't think.

Oh... well that feels...
really... nice.

Where you going?


But I didn't even finish!

I did.
Hold tight.

Aw, Come on!

Hey Chad!


Oh Chad, thank God!

Someone's Gonna die!
Unhand me!

It's true! The Lord says unto
the mountains from the heavens,

it's the end of the world!

What is it this time?

Public intoxication, verbal disturbance
- Eh.

and... indecent exposure.
- Indecent exposure? Oh!

Oh Alan. Feeling adventurous tonight, huh?

They neither sow nor reap,
yet the Heavenly Father feeds them.

I'll have to remember that.

Listen Harry,
you can't keep him here tonight.

Why not?

Because... the sprinkler system
malfunctioned and flooded the cells.

Well what the hell do you suggest
we're gonna do with him?

Transfer him to Clinton Station.
- Ahh...


Come on, Harry.

Alan's starting to creep me out.

Oh and one more thing.


Jul isn't back yet,
and I can't get her on the radio.

When was the last time
you heard from her?

She went to investigate some kids
camping off of Old Mill Road.

- Do you guys have, like groupies?
- Why, you want to be one?

I don't know... maybe.

We always have an extra room
on the groupie bus.

So what are you saying?

Jack! Jack! It's me Julie,
if you're there, you've got to let me in!

- Jul? Is that you?
- Yeah!

- Back up!
- What?

- Step back!
- Why?

If you want to come in,
you're gonna do as I say right now!

Jack, ifs me.

What are you... what are you doing?
She looks fine. Get in.

- Your radio working?
- No. I need to use your phone.

It's dead.

You are not going to believe
the shit I've seen tonight.

Okay, Crazy Ralph,
keep your clothes on,

and your mouth shut.

Jul! Julianna! You out there?

Earl, what are you doing out here?

I'm on my way to Jack's house.
His telephone lines must be down.

You didn't happen to see Julianna
on the way up, did you?

Think you can fix it?

Well the thing breaks all the time.
Usually I can get it up and running again.

Hm. Hope you have better luck with that
than I had with this piece of shit.

Well I didn't have my tools there, though.

- Thank you.
- Not a problem.

Well, let's give it a try.

That's it!
You got it!

Ahh... hopefully
someone's listening out there.

- 42-2
- -ple- -ency


I haven't seen anybody!

Come in. This is an emergency!

Badge 422. This is badge 90. What's your

Oh, Harry, yes. Thank God!
We're up at Jack Gorman's place.

...end help... elp...

- Oh shit!
- Think he heard you?

Who knows?
We have to assume not.

- We need to come up with a plan.
- Fucking A.

I told you!
I told you those cries were for real!

Mh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We need to come up
with a strategy

to get the hell out of here
is what we need.

Well, I made it here by foot.

We could go out to the road
and flag someone down.

- No no no!
- I don't recommend that.

Jack, where's your truck?
- It's in the barn.

- So we distract it and make a run for it.
- Ok. Yeah.

I don't know. It's been giving me
a lot of trouble lately

I don't even know if
it's gonna start!

- But it's worth a try, right?
- Yeah!

Ahhh... I suppose if we have
no other choice--

Oh. I've got an idea.



- Oh shit! Just what we needed.
- Perfect.


Listen. I'm gonna run out
and kickstart that generator.

Get the power back here.

Uncle Jack, no.

Listen, you're a
better shot than I am.

You're gonna cover me.
I'm making the run.


Alright. Sounds good.

Hurry up!

Come on Rocker!

Hhh! Uncle Jack!
You scared the fuck out of me!

Oh my God.


- You alright?
- What happened?


Where's Jack?

Jul, what's going on?


- Hhh!
- Is he--

They're here.


What the hell?

Turn the sirens back on!

The sirens!
Turn the sirens back on!

Oh my Christ!

Uh, Harry?

What do you suggest we do?
Arrest it?

I suggest we just start shooting!

What in the hell was that?

It's a Banshee!

I told you so! I told you so!
- Guys,

quick! In the house!
- I told you so!

It's really me!

I knew you were real.
After all these years... I'm not crazy!

Alan, get your ass in the house!

I knew you were real!
Ha ha ha! I'm not crazy!

Alan, will you get back
in the God--

You hold it right there
you son of a bitch!

Damn it!

Oooo. Ooo.

- Ok. I'm...
- Oh God! Get it out!

Just take it out!

- Please do it.

- No I'm-- Oh shit!

- Hurry up! Come on!
- No no no no! Okay okay!

Okay... okay, I'm gonna...
- Ow!

I'll just... um...

Ow! Ahh!

Hold still okay?
- Oh shit! Mmm!

Oh my God!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

- I just can't do this!
- Just take the fucking thing out already!

No! No really.
I just can't do that! I'm sorry!

Maybe you could just leave it
in there for a couple of minutes...

I'll go get Jack.
It'll be ok.

Screw it! Screw it! Just screw it.

- You're seriously gonna-- - Ahh!
- Oh my God!


Oh my God.
Oh my God. Oh my...

Okay. Okay.

Okay, this is gonna hurt. A lot.
Oh my God...


That's so gross.

Julianna... are you...


For when you wake up.

So, how is she?

She's not good.

She passed out.

Look, we have to
get to that truck now.

Connelly's car.

What about it?

Well, we don't have to go to the barn,
Connelly's car is right out front.

- Where are the keys?
- In his pocket I guess.

Alright. I'll make a run for it.
I'll bring the car right to the door.

- Oh my God, what was that?
- Holy shit!

We got to get out of here now!
Come on!

Give me the keys, Jack.
- No.

No. Ronnie I'm going.

You got this whole badass,
independent woman thing going on

and trust me,
it really does work for you.

But I'm not going
to stand here and do nothing.

I'm not going to sit
and watch my friends die.

I'm going...
I'm going.

This is it.

Let's rock.

Rocker. Hit it!

Kerry, now!

Nice truck, Jack.

Come on you piece of shit!
Please start. Please start!


Oh! Ok. Ok great!

- Fuck!
- No! NOOOO!

They're all dead.

I know how it feels.

We're going to die here tonight.
Aren't we?

Chances are
we'll be dead by dawn.

Is it out there?

It's planning something.
I know it.

Listen. if I don't get a chance
to tell you this later...

I just... I want to say thank you.
For everything.

Alright Uncle Jack,
what are our options?

We kill it before it kills us.

Grab the rest of the gasoline
and the dynamite.

We're going out that front door.

Jul? Jul.
Wake up. Jul!

You alright?

Come and get it mother f-- Aah!


Fucking die!

Get down!

Here. You throw.
I'll shoot.

Hey everybody! We are uh...
heading out to a concert tonight.

Local group called
'City Monster Death Squad'.

Haha. The guy on the poster
looks like a complete fucking tool.

It's gonna be hilarious.

Do you have to bring that fucking camera
every time we go out?

I mean does anyone
even watch your videos?

Hey. My videos get almost
as many hits as your mom.

Yo, dude, you think Danielle Incarnato's
going to be there tonight?

What a piece of ass!

If a girl like that gives you
the time of day,

you'd better
send a thank you card.

Oh oh oh. Just tell her you're
like a fine wine, ok?

Just hear me out.

Full bodied,
but smooth and goes down easy.

- That was awesome!
- Hey hey hey! Watch the road,

you're going all
outside the lines.

Yeah. I always
sucked at coloring.

What the fuck was that?!

I don't know!
Did you see it on camera?

No. No it was too fast.

- Oh.. shit.
- Shit. God damn!

Shit! Shit!

- Sorry. Sorry.
- Oh my God.

- We got to get her to a hospital.
- Put the camera away!

What the fuck
did you do, man!

Move over. Let her in.
- It's alright. It's alright.


Hey. Uh... are you okay?
Are you... are you alright?

What are you...
what are you looking at?

Is there somebody out there?
ls someone following you?

It's alright, it's alright.
Um... What's--whats your name?

Do you live around here?

So what were you
doing out there all by yourself?