Bannister DollHouse (2019) - full transcript

[Kenneth] I don't understand.

It's not working.

[Dotty] You've got the thing on.

[Kenneth] What?

[Dotty] The lens cap.

Oh, oh yeah.

Why don't you just use your
phone like a normal person?

[Kenneth] I like it old school.

Just ask your Mom.


[Kenneth] They don't
know what it means.

I'm 18, not a moron.


[Kenneth] Okay everybody,
Merry Christmas!

[Mary] Merry Christmas!

[Kenneth] Let's get
some presents opened!


Thank you.

And Sherry.

[Kenneth] What'd you get Sherry?

Yeah, thanks guys.

[Mary] What is it Molly?

It's me!

Where did you get that from?

[Kenneth] Don't look at
me, I thought that was you.

[Mary] Where did it come from?

I asked Santa for her.

[Mary] Yeah, that must be it.

[Kenneth] Sherr, you okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna
go check on the turkey.

[Kenneth] Don't worry,
Mom will get it.

No, it's fine.

Go away.

[Kenneth] So, what are
you gonna call her?


[Kenneth] Don't
you think that'll

be a little bit confusing?

Little Molly.

[Kenneth] All right,
yeah, I like that.

[Mary] Dinner!

[Kenneth] Molly,
why don't you leave

little Molly to look
after the presents, yeah?

And you can play with
her after dinner?


[eerie music]

[slow paced music]

[footsteps approaching]

[footsteps running]

[ominous music]

[door creaking]


I need to speak to Dr. Richards.

What's the name?

Banister, Sherry.

You're not on here.

Look, I know I don't
have an appointment,

I just really need
to speak to him.

We're only doing
appointments this evening.

You can fill out a card
and come back tomorrow.

No, I need to speak to him now.

It's a family matter,
it's my sister.

Look, he's been my
doctor since I was little

and I just really...

We don't have anymore
appointments until tomorrow.

You can come to our walk-in
session at eight a.m.

Please, this is really
important, I need to speak...

I can't help you
without an appointment.

Would you like a
card for tomorrow?

I'll get you a card.

Would nine a.m. be okay?

[slow paced music]

[slow eerie music]

[Kenneth] Hey, this is Kenny B.,

catch me after the
[voicemail beeps].

Dad, I need you to call me now.

Dad, please, I need
to talk to you.

- [running footsteps]
- [leaves rustling]

[ominous music]

[metal clanks]

[footsteps running]


[footsteps running]


Here puss.

[phone ringing]


[Kenneth] Sherry, what
the hell are you doing?

Why are you back at your place?

We just got back...

Dad, you don't understand.

[Kenneth] Supposed to be
babysitting your sister.

- Dad, please listen to me.
- We came home,

- Something's happened.
- the door was wide open!

[Kenneth] Anything
could've happened.

Can't of been important
enough for you to leave

- your sister alone.
- Please listen to me.

[Sherry] I did,
Molly was sleeping.

I checked on her
and on the landing,

something was watching me.

Staring at me,
looking right at me.

Then I swear it moved.

[Kenneth] You're not
making any sense,

what did you see?

What moved?

[Sherry] The doll.

- [Kenneth] Sherry?
- [tense music]

Sherry, what's going on?

What's happening?

[paper rustling]

- [dramatic music]
- [Sherry screaming]

Sherry wait there, I'm coming.

Sherry wait there, I'm coming!

[eerie dramatic music]

[car approaching]

Oh God!

No, no, no!

What have you done?

- Oh God, what have you done?
- [sirens wailing]

Who did this to you?

[Officer] Don't move!

Stay where you are.

Put the weapon down.

You don't understand.

You don't understand.

You don't understand,

there's something
wrong with my daughter.

Yes, I know that.

The tablets aren't working

and she's getting worse.

[Molly laughing]

I'm going to have
to call you back.

Please just tell him I rang.

Her name?

Molly, Molly Banister.

[Molly laughing]

[faint whispering]

[Molly] I don't know, I can ask,

but I don't know
what they'll say.

- [man whispering]
- Molly?

Who are you talking to darling?

- Molly.
- [eerie dramatic music]

Maybe you should go to bed,

it is getting late.

[Molly] We're not tired.

How about you get into bed

and I'll bring you
some hot chocolate?


[door creaking]

[teapot whistling]

[spoon clanking]

- [mother screams]
- [cup shatters]

[eerie music]

[door closes]


What's going on?



Just having a senior
moment I guess.

Come on, you're not
over the hill yet.

You know, I was actually reading
an article online earlier

that said that 40 is the new,


Do you want me to get that?

It's fine Dot.

Just grab the hot
chocolate back out.

Who are you making
hot chocolate for?

[Mary] Your sister.

[Dot] How is she feeling?

Oh, she's still in bed.

Still acting...

I called the doctor again today.

I think at this point,
even they've given up.

You need to relax.

She's only been on the new
medication for three days.

Maybe she just needs
some time, you know.


I'm just so tired.

I feel like I haven't
slept in days.

I'm starting to imagine things.

You're doing too much.

Why don't you just
go and sit down,

I'll take this up.

I don't know Dotty.

Today she's been
really, you know?

It's okay, she's
still my sister.

Maybe she just needs
a big sister chat.


Just try not to worry, yeah?

[door creaking]

Goodnight kiddo.

[floor thuds]

[rocking chair creaking]

[eerie music]

Brink of time in
killing each one of us

over and over and over again.

He's pulling the most evil

murderers in history
from the time stream.


Jack the Ripper.

Oi, who's there?

John Wayne.

[phone buzzing]

[tense music]

[slow gentle music]

[eerie music]

[man whispering]

[door creaking]

[Molly giggling]


It's 8:30, you're gonna be late!

[Dotty groans]

Why didn't you wake me up!

Sorry, I must've slept in.

You want breakfast?


I'm already late, I'll
get some on the way.

Can you see if your
sister's up please?

Are you listening to me?

I'm late as shit Mom!

Hey, language.


When are you gonna be back?


What time?

I was gonna go and...

[door slams]

- Never mind.
- [teapot whistling]

[eerie music]

[TV static]

[Man] Asleep right
this here minute.

[animal roaring]

[ominous music]


You feeling better?

Molly, I'm talking to you.

[Molly] I just wanted
to watch some cartoons.

Hey, who are you and
what are you doing here?

[Ghost] I'm a lost
sling, that's who.

And I missed the last boat
to dreamland, that's what!

[ominous music]

Where's Molly?

[Molly] I thought I was Molly?

I mean little Molly, your doll?

[Molly] She's tired, she
was up all night last night.

She's sleeping.

Why don't you snuggle up down
here and watch television

and I'll go and give
your room a clean.


Be careful.

[Woman] Well, you see sir,

he was my dream and I
didn't know he was so late.

[Woman] And if it
wasn't for her.

[tense music]

- [fabric rustling]
- [Mary gasps]

- [footsteps running]
- [rocker creaking]

- [Mary gasps]
- [eerie music]


Did you just move?

- [eerie music]
- [heart beating]

Get a grip, it's just a doll.

It's just a doll.

[eerie music]

[ominous music]

[water running]

[eerie music]

You shouldn't

- put me in the dark.
- [Mary gasps]


Where did you get that from?

You shouldn't put
her in the dark.

She doesn't like the dark.

I, I...

She stays in my
room, you know that.

Why don't you and little Molly

go and watch some television.

I'll bring you some chocolate.

We would like that.


I'll make it now.

Okay Mommy, but don't
let it happen again.

[teapot whistling]

[Dotty] I thought you'd be here.

[Kenneth] I waited at the
library, you didn't show up.

I had photography class.

[Kenneth] How was it?

Stress, lack of sleep,

I guess you could say I've
got zero attention span

for Italian neorealism.

It's getting worse.

You tell me Dad.

I saw you last
night at the house.

What were you doing?

I just wanted to check...

If she saw you, what do
you think would happen?

Everything that we've
been working towards!

Not to mention your
restraining order!

You don't understand Dorothy!

What it's like, knowing
that your family's in danger

and not being able to
do anything about it!

I'm trying so hard
not to feel, helpless.

We need to be careful.

Do you think it knows?

I've been doing my best
to be normal around it.

And Mom.

So no, I don't think so.

I'll stay away until
the time's right.

I need to go, I have class.


How long do you think we have?

I don't know.

But we need to do
something soon.

Whatever it is,

could take over your sister,

- forever.
- [perky cartoon music]

Where are you going Mary?

I'm just going to
the bathroom darling,

do you need something?

Not just now.

Hello, it's Mary Bannister.

I called yesterday
about my daughter.

Yes, Molly.

I need to speak to Dr. Richards.

Yes, it's urgent.

No, we can't come
there, she's very ill.

Can I speak to him?

I understand.

Listen, I.

Can you ask him to come
to us anytime today?

There is something wrong
with my daughter, I...

- [doorknob rattling]
- [Mary gasps]

Just a minute.

Please just ask him to come.


Moll darling, what
are you doing?

- [eerie dramatic music]
- [Mary gasps]

[Mary crying]

[door creaking]

- [Mary gasps]
- [eerie dramatic music]

Oh Jesus Mom, what
are you doing?

Dotty, what the hell?

What time is it?

It's lunchtime, my classes
got canceled this afternoon

so I'm just getting some stuff

and then going to town.

How long were you in there?

I'm not sure.


are you okay?

What's going on with you?

I think I'm just so
tired I'm seeing things.

What things?


it's nothing.

Just the last few
months, your father,

what happened to Sherry.

And now Molly being
the way she is,

it's all just
catching up with me.

Maybe we should call
the doctor again.

[Mary] No, I did.


What did he say?

Is he coming out?

Maybe, I don't know.

I think they're starting
to think I'm crazy.

Maybe they're right.

No, no, you're not
getting enough sleep.

You're doing too much.

Why don't you just take a nap?

I'll watch Molly this afternoon.

Well don't you have plans?

They can wait.

[slow dramatic music]

[TV] Oh boy, we're here!

Come on Audrey.

[muffled cartoon speaking]

How you holding up kiddo?

We're fine, thank you.

Good to hear.

So you're feeling better?

Yes, we're fine.


Me and Molly.

Mary's been in the bathroom
an awful long time.


You mean Mom, why are
you calling her that?

That's what Molly called her.

Yeah, well you're not
her, you'll call her Mom.



Where is she?



she's taking a nap,
she's feeling tired.

I feel tired.

Well you can take a
nap too if you'd like.

Here, why don't
you just cuddle up?

Here, you can look
after little Molly.

I'll make sure she
stays right here.

[eerie music]

[upbeat TV music]

[TV birds chirping]

[Woman] Now you is gonna
stay right in your room

til you is ready to eat food!

[tense TV music]

You gonna stay here for the
whole weekend if necessary!

[door slams]

[eerie music]


Mom, are you up?

[floor creaking]

[door creaking]


- Dorothy.
- [door creaking]




What are you doing?

[dramatic music]

[people whisperings]

[monster moaning]

[rocking chair creaking]

- Dorothy.
- [eerie dramatic music]

[dramatic cartoon music]

[door creaking]

[ominous music]

[man whispering]

[Mary gasps]

[footsteps running]

[Mary screams]

[Mary screams]

What the hell, Mom!

That's it, I've had
enough of this thing!

Mom, calm down, listen to me...

Don't you tell me to calm down!

It's this bloody doll!

- What's Molly done now,
- [eerie dramatic music]


I should've got
rid of this thing

after your bloody father left!

This doll is going in the bin!

Go to your room now!

I said now!

Make me.

- [Mary screaming]
- [Molly growling]

- Molly!
- Molly, get off of her!

[Mary] Molly, no!

Stop it!



[Dotty] Mom, calm down, listen!

I have something I need...

It's this thing!

Ever since it appeared, our
lives have been miserable!

I've had enough!

This thing goes!

What about Molly?

Leave her in her
room to calm down!

Fuck you, you little bitch.


We need to talk.

Your sister is very ill.

She needs to see a doctor
as soon as possible.

We can't take her anywhere
like this, she's going crazy.

Well then we'll have to
take her in the morning.

Hopefully she'll have
calmed down by then.

Mom, I don't think any
doctor is going to help her.

What are you talking about?

You're not going
crazy Mom, okay.

What do you mean?

I've been watching
it for months.

Since Sherry, since she died.

Okay, that thing has.

That thing is alive,
like what he said it is!

That's not possible Dotty.

You know that.

I know that.

Come on Mom, you've
seen it, moving!

Following us
around, watching us!

You know it is!

I know it is!

I don't feel safe here, Mom!

Why do you think
I've not been around?

Okay, I want to
protect you guys, I do,

but I'm scared.

There's something
wrong with Molly

and it's because of that doll.

That's insane!

Do you know what you sound like?

Do you know who you sound like?

I sound like Dad.

Your father,

your father killed your sister

and he tried to blame
it on a fantasy!

I will not stand here
and listen to you...

Mom, I understand okay!

I understand, it's
easier for you to

accept that he killed her
than what's actually going on!

Okay I get it, I do!

I understand why you felt
like you had to throw him out!


Mom, but we have
to face the facts!

Okay, we need to call
him, there's no one else!

Call who?


[tense music]


[door creaking]


Molly, I've called Dad.

He's gonna come take
care of this, okay?

[ominous music]

- Molly.
- [bones cracking]

Where is my dolly?

She's been put away until
we can get you better.

Where is my dolly?

Look, Dad's coming,
he's gonna help

us figure all of this out, okay.

- Where is my dolly!
- [tense music]

[glass shattering]

You're all going to die.

[dramatic music]


be back to check on you later.

[door knocking]

Hey kiddo.


Thanks for coming.

I might say the
pleasure's mine, but,

we got a lot of stuff
to get through yet.

[eerie music]

Is it okay?

Milk, three sugars,
you remembered.

I've been making you
tea for 22 years,

I didn't delete
it from my memory.

Not like how you
forgot who I was.

That you could think I...

What was I supposed to think?

They found you over her
body, covered in her blood.

But you know,

you knew me.

They let me off without
charge for Christ sake!

From lack of evidence.

And your defense was...


Is this really
important right now?

Molly needs us together.

Dad, show her.

Are you sure?

After I left,

I found my camera.

I'd taken a bunch of
pictures at Christmas

and after I got,

after I left I
had them developed

so I could remember my family.

So you came here to
guilt trip me now.

No, I should.

I lost everything!


After I spoke to Dotty, I
started to notice something.

I took these
pictures at Christmas

after Molly got the doll.

In every picture there
is something else there.

Take a look.

That could be anything.

A smudge,

a problem with developing.


In every photo?

If you're right,

what can we do?


What, what's that?

I think our daughter is

possessed by something.

Something that
came in that thing.

Like a ghost?

Something like that, yeah.

We've been researching
it for weeks.

We think that thing brought
something into the house.

Do you know what
that sounds like?

Well it doesn't sound
like a huge leap

from the "Bride of Chucky"
going on out there, does it?

I suppose so.

This is just a lot to take in.

So what now?

We destroy the doll.

Don't you think I
haven't tried that?

I've thrown it in the bin,

I've taken it to the tip,

I've even left it in the park.

Every time, somehow,
it ends up back here.

Where is it now?

[eerie music]

[rustling winds]

It's gone.

[eerie music]

[door creaking]


[tense music]


It's me Moll.

How are you feeling?

I feel fine Daddy.

Mom said you weren't
feeling well.

I feel fine Daddy, I feel fine.

I feel fine.

Molly, where's the doll?

I feel fine, I feel fine.

Stop it Moll,

- where's the doll?
- I feel fine.

[Molly] I feel
fine, I feel fine.

I feel fine, I feel fine!

- I feel fine, I feel fine!
- Oh God, what's happening?

- [Molly] I feel fine!
- [glass shattering]

I feel fine, I feel fine!

- I feel fine!
- Molly, Molly stop!

[Molly] I feel
fine, I feel fine!

I feel fine, I feel fine!

- I feel fine, I feel fine!
- Molly stop it!

[Molly] I feel
fine, I feel fine!

- I feel fine!
- Stop it Molly!

- I feel fine!
- Where's the doll!

[Molly] She's here.

- [eerie dramatic music]
- Oh God!

[lights thud]

Where's Molly?

What are you doing?

Dad, the doll, it's gone.

Where's it gone?

Where's Molly?

We have to destroy it before...

Before what?

Just go and get
these lights back on.

[Mary] So which one is it?

[Kenneth] Any that tripped.

[switches clicking]

[Mary] I can't see anything,

it's pitch black in here.

[Kenneth] Well there used to
be a torch in here before.

[Mary] I think it's down
there on the bottom shelf.

[Kenneth] Got it!

It's up here.

[Mary] I know where
it is Kenneth.

It's not like I don't
do this all the time.

[Kenneth] You just flip back up

and you did a flip down.

[Mary] I am, it's not working.

Are you sure you're
doing it right?

[Mary] I can flip
switches just fine.

I've been doing it
just fine for months!

Here, let me do it.

[Mary screams]

I didn't want this, okay.

Do we have to do this now?

- I just wanted to be here.
- Please.

[Kenneth] For my
family, for you,

for Molly, for Dotty.

[ominous music]

[door creaking]

- [fast tense music]
- [Dotty screams]

- [Dotty grunting]
- [suspenseful music]

- Mom, Dad, help!
- [heavy breathing]

[Dotty screams]

[footsteps running]

- [fabric rustling]
- [suspenseful music]

[little Molly squealing]

[door creaking]

Dotty, what happened?

The doll.

It's here.


So what now?

We destroy it.

Just don't take your eye off it.

As long as we're watching
it, it won't move.

Is that...

[Kenneth] Holy water.

It's not a vampire Dad.

Well it's not like there's
a handbook for this.

[Dotty clears throat]

Okay, it's not an exact science.

If this thing is evil then,

this should elicit
some sort of response.

And what if it doesn't?

I have a backup plan.

Are you sure about this?


[tense music]


Well that didn't seem to work.

- [Kenneth grunts]
- [bones crack]

Jesus, Kenneth!

The doll's gone.

[glass shattering]

[Mary grunts and screams]

- [Dotty grunting]
- [glass shattering]

- [head thuds]
- [Dotty grunts]

- [rustling winds]
- [door creaking]

[monster growling]

Dotty, my bag!

The backup plan!

Is this it?

You were expecting a bazooka?

[glass shattering]

[little Molly squeals]

Play time's over bitch!

[doll squeals]


[fire crackling]

[Kenneth] That's my girl.

[Molly] Mommy!


Mommy, I had the most
horrible nightmare!

Oh, it's okay now honey!


Hey Moll.

What are you doing here?

I just wanted to check on you.

Are you coming to
live with us again?

One step at a time Moll.

You don't have to go right now.

It's been a tough night, you
guys should get some rest.

[Dotty] Where are you going?

Just for now.

[Dotty] You promise?

I promise.

Good, you should go and make
a start on that kitchen.

Just give us a moment.

Fine, it's not like I
saved the day or anything.

You know you don't have to go.

You could...

I shouldn't.

Just for tonight.

Why don't I go back
and get some things,

I'll come back in the morning.

Take you out for
breakfast, how 'bout that?

Sounds like a good first step.


This is mine from last year.

Just until you're back with us.

You're always with
me, you know that.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Let's get this
placed cleaned up.

[slow paced music]

[tense music]

Oh god!

[eerie music]

[Mary] Hi, it's Mary,
leave a message.

[voicemail beeps]

Mary, listen to me,

it wasn't the doll
that did this!

It had nothing to
do with the doll!

The photos before
she got the doll,

they're exactly the same!

This, all of this,

it's because of our daughter.

You okay kiddo?

Yeah, I'm feeling much better.

Why don't you go into bed,

been a hell of a night,
you must be tired?

Yeah, I am.

Why are you looking
at me like that?

It's just good to see
you feeling better.

I don't feel ill.

Does that mean the
medicine worked?

It looks like it did, yeah.

You never hug me.

I might start.

It's good to have you back.

Come on, get your head down,

Mom will be up in a minute
with some hot chocolate.

Where are you going?

I am gonna go and
have a nice long bath.

[Molly] Dotty?


What happened to my doll?

I'll tell you all
about it some day.


[eerie music]

[phone buzzing]

[eerie dramatic music]

[eerie dramatic music]

- [suspenseful music]
- [Mary groaning]


What are you doing?

Molly, no!

What are you doing?


No, Molly!

No, Molly!

- [Mary screams]
- [water dripping]

[Mary coughing]

[knife slicing]

[water running]

[ominous music]

[Dotty grunts]

[heavy breathing]

Molly, what are you doing?

I'm your sister!

[Dotty screams]

Please, why are you doing this?

You took my doll, just
like Sherry tried to do.

It was you.


That's what devil do.

[Dotty grunts]


- [water splashing]
- [heavy breathing]

[Molly gurgling]

[Dotty grunts]

Oh no.

It's all right, it's
all right, it's okay.


I know honey, I know.

[sirens wailing]

[Dotty grunting]

[Dotty screams]

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- [door banging]


Oh my God, Dotty!

Oh Dotty, please!

[footsteps approaching]

- Hold it right there,
- [gun clicks]

don't move!

You don't understand.

Drop the knife!

[knife clanks]

It's faint, but there's a pulse!

[water splashing]

- We need ambulance
- [slow eerie music]

assistance here right now!

No, you don't understand.

You don't understand!

Don't worry Molly, you're
where you belong now.

[tense eerie music]

[ghostly winds]