Bank Robber (1993) - full transcript

After robbing a bank, the robber hides out from the police in a seedy hotel where he is forced to bribe various tennants for protection as well as their silence which becomes more difficult as greed takes over and the people demand more exuberant bribes from the bank robber to shelter and hide him.

(Multicom Jingle)

(waves crashing)

(subdued music)

(singing in foreign language)

- Oh, shit.

- What?

- Nothing.

Just saying hello to the day.

- [Woman] What time is it?

- It's two.

- A.m.?

- No, p.m.

- Shit, Billy.

It's kind of early, you know.

- I know.

But there's things I gotta do.

I gotta get some money
before the banks close.

- That'd be nice.

- You sure are beautiful, Selina.

Real beautiful.

(upbeat music)

(paper rustling)

- Is everything gonna be okay?

- Everything's gonna be just fine.

I'm gonna walk in there, I'm
gonna talk to the manager,

I'm gonna sort everything out.

- That's what you said the last time.

Maybe even the time before that.

- One last time, one last chance.

Once last dance, one last romance.

I'm gonna wear a suit.

I'm gonna make the right impression

'cause you don't get a second chance.

- Gonna wear a suit, gonna do a dance.

One last chance, one last romance.

Yeah right, sugar.

A lot of talking.

- Not in this dance.

Not in this dance.

(uptempo music)

♪ Another smile, the pain inside ♪

♪ The holding hat when I was high ♪

♪ The music ♪

- Hey, Billy.

A little early, ain't it?

- Yeah, tell me about it.

- Ted, you want another beer?

- When you got a moment.

- Yeah, I'll be right there, man.

Uh, two bucks.

I'm gonna take 20 for the beer, huh?

- Of course.

- And leave a tip.

(cash register dings)

Bob, what do you need, two Jacks?

It's four bucks.

(phone dial spinning)

- Hey, Nick.

How you doing?

Yeah, it's Billy.

Well, it's that time of the month.

Yeah, I need a little assistance.

Yeah, you could sort out
a little equipment for me?

Exactly, yeah.

You ain't got the tools,
you can't work the trade.

(uptempo music)

(gun firing)

Come on, keep 'em up.

All right, everybody on the floor, please.

This is my day.

Let's not do anything stupid
and make it historical.

You know what I mean?


Bank robber slays entire
bank and all that shit.

Kid from broken home kills
entire city, you know.

Hey, lady, it's okay.

Stay up there.

Just turn away.

Yo, girl, here, here.

All right?

Fill this up.

Great, perfect.

- Candy, don't cause a fuss.

Follow procedure.

Just give him the money.

- Shut up!

Put your hands over your head.

Don't say anything else.

She's very good, you know what I mean?

You're very, very good.

(gun fires)
(people scream)

This is a gun, right?

You hear it go bang, right?

Bang fucking bang.

It's real.

You stay down, you stay alive.

(camera clicks)

Oh, shit.

Oh, fuck.


(alarm bell ringing)

Oh, God.

You stupid shit.

- Made in America.

Better than Rolex.

Only 9.95.

- It's okay, it's okay.



(breathing heavily)

(siren wailing)

A man with money has gotta have class.

Dress for success, dress to impress.

- To robberies.

I love 'em.


- So, what kind of car
are you gonna be getting?

- Well, it's my daughter's 17th.

- Uh-huh.

- I thought I'd get a BMW.

- A BMW.

- You know, top of the line,
five speed manual transmission.

- That sounds like a hell of a choice.

I was thinking of a nice
little RV for myself.

- Whoa.

Why not a big one?


- Nothing like a good cash
robbery to close the day, huh?

- Yes!

- In other news, the
Metro RTD System was again

declared unsafe as the
amount of aggravated assaults

reached a record high.

Earlier news, a major
robbery took place today

at downtown Central Bank.

Staff were terrorized and held at gunpoint

by a masked gunman until
his demands were met.

Bank sources say the
loss was considerable.

The bank's security camera
managed to take this picture

and this desperado has now been identified

as William James Elliott, a
legend in his own neighborhood.

Also know as Billy the Kid.

- That face.

Ain't that the face of
the face in room 222?

- I don't know.

- Well then, take a look.

- [Reporter] Described as six
foot tall, weighs 170 pounds.

Very good-looking with

a romantic glint in his eye.
- Yeah, maybe.

- I'm Marissa Benoit, Channel 17.

- I think the face in 222
needs some fresh towels.

- At 2:30 in the morning?

He'll get them in the
a.m., the proper a.m.

Fresh towels for all in the a.m.

- He just called down.

You're absorbed, that's your problem.

You're absorbed in those magazines.

You don't hear nothing.

He just called down and
he asked for fresh towels.

Now, go do your job.

And when he answers the
door, you check his face.

- Acapulco, Rio, Tahiti, Paris, Rome.

Yeah, we'll travel the world.

We'll see the sights.

Ah, passport to the world.

(knocking on door)

Who is it?

- [Clerk] Fresh towels.

- [Billy] Fresh what?

- Fresh towels.

- I didn't ask for no fresh towels.

I don't need no fresh towels.

- Fresh towels.

- [Billy] You got a problem?

- No, just fresh towels.

- It's three a.m.

What's the deal with fresh towels

at three o'clock in the goddamn morning?

(helicopter whirring)

- Is it him?

- I think so.

- What's he like?

- Like on the TV.

- I mean, what's he like as a person?

- Oh, deep, man.

Really heavily into psyche and all that.

How the fuck do I know what he's like?

All I gave him was fresh towels.


- What's psyche mean?

- That's a bad photo opportunity.

Undisclosed amount.

Assessing the losses?


What's it take to count to 10?

- Cheers to you.

- Candy, darling.

Thanks for waiting.

Why the concerned look?

Candy, don't you like champagne?

- We've just been robbed,
the guy had a gun,

and you're here celebrating.

- Let me explain.

The stress factor, the inner
pain that we all went through.

Especially you.

Come here, come here.

Now, take this little undeclared cash

bonus to get you over the trauma.

- There must be $5,000 here.

- Well, you want some more?

- No, I...

I don't know.

- Here, take it.

Enjoy it.

God knows you've suffered enough for it.

Just agree with the figure
that we say was taken

when our insurers investigate.

(subdued music)

- Pizza man.

- [Billy] Okay, just a minute.

How you doing?
- Hey, good.

- [Billy] How much do I owe you?

- It's nine for the pizza
and 20 for the beer.

- Okay, hang on just a second.

- [Pizza Man] Okay.

- Here you go.

Just twist it, the box.

Yeah, just slide it this way.

Let go of it.

Let go of it.

- What's wrong with you, man?

You crippled?

You only got one hand or what?

- No, you stupid fuck.

Other hand's holding a gun.

So if you see the gun
then you see too much.

So then I gotta kill you.

Give me the beer.

Squeeze it through here.

Just push it through, will ya?

Just shove it.

No, wait, hold on.

Will you wait?

- You're crazy, man.

- Wait.

Just push it under the knob.

Wait, all right, hold on.

Just push it out.

(chain rattling)

Give me my beer.

Thank you.

Just give me the fucking beer.

- Hey, I know you, huh?
- Give me the beer.

- You're on the TV or what, man?

Yeah, you're on the TV, right?

- Fuck off.

(uptempo dance music)

(man grunting)


- Shots were fired as he
terrorized the staff and customers.

Getting away with a, so
far, undisclosed amount.

Bank sources say the
loss was considerable.

- Considerable?

Considerable bullshit, man.

The money in the drawer
was the money in my hand.

No more than any other time.


Consider this.

- [Woman] And for the one you
love, we have a unique item.

An antique effect gold colored cross.

- The one I love.

- [Woman] From The One
You Love collection.

- The one I love.


That's right.

The one I love.

- [Woman] Yours for the
discounted price of just $200.

Yes, $200 will get you this
gift for the one you love.

♪ Selina ♪

♪ Selina ♪

♪ Selina ♪

- Who is it?

- From The One You Love.

♪ Selina ♪

♪ Selina ♪

♪ Selina ♪

- For The One You Love.


- Right, right.

- I'm sorry, man.

For the one you love is $600.

- 600?

- Yeah.

For you, it's a special
price, Billy the Kid.

- Shit.

You know me.

They all know me.

That's it.

They know me and they're gonna screw me.

- [Man] All right, so this is Billy.

Billy the Kid to his friends.

The world's most famous
bank robber, they say.

Comes from a long line of bank robbers.

They're all dead, they're all losers.

Billy was born into the wrong family

in the wrong neighborhood

and he's suffered for it ever since.

The last of the true romantics, they say.

- Was it trouble at home?

Was it no secure family base, sir?

- I guess not.

Real tragic world, isn't it?

- It really is.

- All right, now we know
he's gonna be laying low

so the heat dies down,

so we're gonna put a tap on the phone

he shares with his girlfriend.

She's a real beauty.

It won't be long before he contacts her.

He's real insecure like that.

- Selina, is that you?

- Hey, Billy.

I just saw you on the TV.

- Hello?

(phone clicking)

- [Selina] Hello?

- We better wait till they're finished.

We could be heard.

- No, no, no.

The system's foolproof.

It's a parallel line.

We can hear them, but they can't hear us.

- Hello, what's a parallel line?

Is this like drug talk or something

because you should really
be careful what you say.

You never know who's listening.

- Selina, it's the cops.

Hang up.

- So, what do we do if we catch him?

How do we handle it, sir?

- Well, we take it real easy.

He'll have a gun, but he aims it high.

He fires it for effect.

The only damage he's ever done is to the

pants of the security guards at the banks.

- Has he tried therapy?

- Oh, yes.

We tried therapy, several occasions.

Sometimes voluntary, but
he's a sucker for romance.

He meets a girl and love
hearts cloud his vision.

Everything has a romantic glow around it.

Sad thing is is that all
the love he gives out

is seldom returned, huh?

All right, now I want
you to hit the streets.

And listen to me.

God knows I know it's tough,

but you just gotta not let it get to you.

(uptempo rock music)

(subdued music)

- Chris, do you like me?

- I love you, baby.


- Do you think Billy will mind?

- Billy?

We're best friends.

We share everything.

- I know she's gonna wait for me.

Our love is like that.

(breathing heavily)

Chris is my best friend, man.

He's gonna look out for her
until I'm clear of this shit.

(breathing heavily)

And we'll take it on a
little beach in Mexico.


Me and Selina.

Selina and me.

(singing in foreign language)

(waves crashing)

- It's so good, Billy.

It's all just so good.

- It's all for you, Selina.

Everything and anything.

For you.

- I hope so, Billy.

- It'll always be that way.

(subdued music)

(electricity zaps)




- You mean this bulb?

- Yeah.

- It's a very special bulb.

I mean, it cost at least a
hundred dollars to get a new one.

- For a bulb?

- Well, also covers my expenses.

I mean, I don't want to have to

fill out a broken bulb report.

I mean, that way it
has to go to management

and management says I have to write down

everything I see in that report.

And that means everything I see, sucker.

- [Billy] Well, I can appreciate

expensive pieces of engineering.

- Mm-hmm.


- What?

- Look, this way it doesn't
have to be replaced for a while.

And you don't have to be bothered no more.

- [Policeman] I just
wish I could get to him.

There's so many things I'd like to say.

- I know.

It's a tragedy that the system hasn't got

a safety net to catch Billy's fall.

- That's true.

That's so true.

- Ah, Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy.

- [Billy] Hey, I didn't order no pizza.

- [Pizza Man] You didn't?

Shit, somebody did.

- Well, I didn't.

- You know, I don't know
what you're problem is, huh?

But I do know it's against the
law for you to order a pizza,

make me make it and deliver the sucker,

then for you to say you don't
want it when I bring it.

- What law?

(chain rattling)

There ain't no pizza law.

- I'm sure there's a law about it.


- [Billy] You're crazy.

- Okay, okay.

I'll be fair now, okay?

- [Billy] Okay.

- I say there is a law

and you say such a law
doesn't exist, right?

- Right.

- Well, seems to me,

the best solution is to
call the cop, you know?

Whose job it is to know about such shit.

Let him sort it out.

Yeah, maybe a cop can tell me

who ordered the motherfucking pizza.

- No, man.

My mistake.

You know, maybe I did order a pizza.

How much for the pizza?

- Special pizza, special price.

- How much?

- $500.

- For a pizza?

- For your pizza.

You know, you're getting
a very special rate.

Thank you.

- It's a sad day for Central Bank.

Our loss, which we can
now confirm at $178,000,

has hit us hard.

- What?

$178,000 down to me.

Goddamn it.

Oh, that ain't fair, man.

That ain't fair to blame me for that.

It's 10, damn it, if that.


(whip cracking)


- The night can really get to you.

- Tell me about it.

The night can really screw you up.

- Make you real screwy.

- Make you believe things
that just aren't there.

- At night, your fears
are magnified, you know?

Knock at the window, bam!


In the light of day it's
just the branch of a tree.

- But at night, it's the Predator.

- Too right.

That's why I like to work at night.

- So you can sleep during the day.

So when you hear that knocking,
(mouthing knocking sound),

you know it's just a tree.

- That's right.

- Let's pray that the
night doesn't get to Billy.

- Amen.

- It's Miller time, boys.

This Bud's for you.

Need company?

Elegance Escorts.

24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Yeah, you think about that.

I do need a little more company.

A little more elegance in my life.

I do need more beer.

(phone dial spinning)

Hey, baby.

I'm kinda rich and kinda lonely.

You think you can help?



(man laughing)

(woman shouting)

(electricity humming)

- [Man] Can you hear me?


The pain, the pain, the pain.

(woman moaning)

(gate rattling)

(subdued music)

(knocking on door)

- Yeah, just a minute.

Hang on.


Oh, my god.


- Hi.

You called for a service?

- Yeah.

You're kinda early.

That's okay.

- Are you sure?

'Cause I can come back later.

It's no problem.

- [Billy] No, no, really.

Thank you.

- You're welcome.

I'm Priscilla.

- I'm Billy.

That's a really nice dress.

- Thanks.

Do you like pain?

- [Billy] What?

- Pain as a prelude to
pleasure, of course.

- Wait, I'm sorry.

I don't understand.

- The connection between
pain and pleasure.

One thing leading to the other.

Ultimately, pain is a
pleasurable experience

once you get used to it.

- I'm sorry, but you lost me.

- [Priscilla] Nevermind.

What, are you an artist?

- Yeah, I sculpt.

Do you want one?

- [Priscilla] Nice room.

- Yeah?

It's their premiere room, you know.

They give this room to all
their important clientele.

It's not that I'm that important,

it's just I pay the
same as everybody else,

but I get a nicer room.

I don't know why.

- [Priscilla] Maybe it's your face.

- What about my face?

- [Priscilla] I think you've
got a really nice face.

I like your eyes.

- Thank you.

- Maybe that's why you get a nicer room.

You've got a nicer face.

Jesus, you should see some of the men

I've met through this job.

They should get a stable, not a room.

But you, you're okay.

Yeah, you're nice.

- So, what's the deal?

What happens?

- [Priscilla] What happens?

- Yeah.

I've never done this before.

- Oh.

How sweet.

You're a virgin?

- No, I'm not a virgin.

I just have never done this before.

- Well, first you tell me
you're not a cop, right?

Then, you give me the cash
and then I get undressed.

And then we get to fool
around with an hourly rate.

- That sounds good to me.

I'm not a cop.

No way.

No fucking way am I a cop.

Are you a cop?

- I'm not a cop.

Get your dick out.

- What?

- Your dick, sweetie.

If you're a cop you
can't get your dick out.

That's entrapment.

I think.

- Okay.

Okay, good enough?

- It's a start.

- [Billy] How much is this again?

- Well, the agent's fee is 50
and my fee's a hundred and 50.

So that would be 200.

- Fine.

(money rustling)

It's real.

- Why don't you take a shower?

(explosion booms)

(waves crashing)

- It wouldn't be fair to you, baby.

I'd never let you down.

- No, no, baby.

It wouldn't be like letting me down.

You know, it would be, you
know, like a natural need.

And I just want you to
know that if you did it,

it wouldn't hurt me.

You know what I mean?

I wouldn't get upset.

I'd understand.

I'd want you to do it.

In fact, I'd be pretty
upset if you didn't.

- You're a dream, Selina.

You really are.

- [Priscilla] You're
the bank robber, right?

- What?

- The bank robber.

You know, my mother loves you.

You know that bank that you robbed?

They foreclosed on her
mortgage a few years back.

She always swore she
was gonna firebomb it.

So, in a way you did it for her.

- Bank?

I never firebombed a bank.

- No, I know, but you
pissed them off, right?

I mean, if you firebomb them
they'd be pretty pissed.

So, it's pretty similar.

- Look, I'm not who you think I am.

(water rushing)

- [Priscilla] And I'll be
anyone you wanna think I am.

(subdued music)

Hey, I could tell you your fortune.

Tell you what's gonna happen if you want.

- My fortune?

What do they say?

- Um...

Can you do it again for me?

- Why, what's wrong?

- Nothing, nothing.

These just don't make sense.

You should do it again.

- No, no, no.

I don't wanna keep throwing them

until they tell me what I wanna hear.

What do they say?

- [Priscilla] They say
that you don't exist.

- Really?

- And that you don't have a future.

Not on this plane anyways.

And that your spirit's strong.

And that'll last forever.

I gotta go.

Oh, are you done with me?

- Yeah, sure.

I guess so.

Look, is there a problem?

- No.

You're a really nice guy, Billy.

Hey, do you want my dress?

- Why?

- For your girlfriend.

You're a man who makes
love like he's in love.

You can give it to her and think of me.

Might brighten things
up a little bit, huh?

- You know, you confuse me.

- Be a friend.

Can we settle my bill, please?

- Sure.

What is it, 200 times 12 hours?

What is that?

- You know, Billy.

There's extras involved above
and beyond that sex stuff.

- Extras?

- [Priscilla] Mm-hmm.

- What?

The fortune telling?

I never asked for that.

- No, Billy.

We're talking penetration, French kissing.

Yeah, that could be one.

You definitely had your
tongue deep inside my throat.

And ear licking.

I think there was a tongue
in my ear at some point.

And did you go down on me?

No, that's free.

I kind of liked that.

- All right, so what are we talking about?

Two grand, will that cover it?

- Billy, no.

- No?

- $200.

I came for an hour and I stayed all night.

You're a really nice guy and,
well, I'm an honest girl.

Truth is best.

I had a really nice time.

I was only kidding about penetration.

Billy, you gotta have a
sense of humor in this world,

otherwise you'll go crazy.

An honest pay for an honest day.

It's the only way.

- Now, if you grow up
in a tough neighborhood

that's one thing.

You don't have to turn out like Billy.

I had a real tough time.

I had an even tougher time
in college, but I did okay.

- Yeah, but maybe you had a vision

beyond the freeway, you know?

You know?

I mean, you could see the ocean.

Whereas guys like Billy
could only see the walls.

- I guess I never thought
about it like that before.

I could always dream there was more

than was just there, you know?

I could dream out into the future.

I knew I just wanted to
get out and touch it.

Make it real.

- Maybe Billy's dreams
were only nightmares.



Dark dreams.

Black dreams full of
despair and frustration.

I mean, we don't know how lucky we are.

I mean, we're the guys who have made it.

We cracked it.

We made a little something
for ourselves, you know?

- We shouldn't think bad about those

that don't believe in themselves.

Those that can't see.

- No, we should never do that.

That is something that we should never do.

- Jeez, I hope we find this guy.

- Billy!

(subdued music)

(helicopter whirring)

- With your help and God's
love, we can save them.

So send me your drug addicts.

Send me your prostitutes.

Send me your drug dealers.

Send me your murderers.

Send me your bank robbers.

Send me your Billies.

Send me your dollars.

Here, child, come to me.

This poor, poor child.

- [Man] Send me your love.

Send me your passion.

Oh, you spend me. (laughs)

(woman moaning)
(whip cracking)

- Oh.


No, it's 2-2-2.

- Who is it?

- Who is it?

Hello, how are you?

- [Billy] Who is it?

- I'm fine, thanks.

Hi, how are you?

Nice to meet you.

I heard that you're looking to score,

so, you know, I've got
everything you want.

What do you want?

- [Billy] Nothing, I
didn't ask for anything.


- No?

Well, fuck.

Someone's giving me the
fucking runaround here.

I'll tell you something.

There's nothing more that
pisses off a drug dealer,

drug dealer here, than
getting the fucking runaround.

- Will you calm down?

Will you just be a little cool?

Lower your fucking voice.

- Could I come in a
second and use the towel?

- Just get the fuck
out of here, all right?

I don't do drugs.

- [Dealer] Do I look stupid to you?

- No.

- I'm a drug dealer, okay?

I'm in business like
any other fucker here.

When my time gets wasted, I get pissed.

Drugs, you know.

They only got so long, you know.

Chemical imbalance.

It's not your fault, but, you know.

Makes it really risky.

So, the more time-wasters like you I get,

the more I stand to lose drugs
that I just gotta throw away.

- Why?

- [Dealer] Expiration date.


- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Oh, now it all come back to you, huh?

Now the little bell in your head

hit the right hammer, didn't it?

- Why don't you tell me?

No, no.

Remind me.

What drugs did I ask for?

(car alarm blaring)

- Well, you asked me to bring a selection.


Nah, that's cheap shit.

You look like a coke boy to me.


Cocktails, speedball.

- No, no.

- [Dealer] Smack, coke.

Yeah, yeah.

That's what we're gonna
start you with, speedball.

- I don't do drugs, man.

Never done 'em.

- That's good.

It's lucky you called me.

I'm a hell of a good teacher.

- I'm not interested.

- [Dealer] Yeah, I know that fucking one.

Call me here, get yourself a little taste

and say you got no money.

I've been around.

I know that one.

- No, man.

I got the money.

- Oh, yeah?

Well, that's good, that's good.

'Cause one hit of this,

you know you're onto a good thing, buddy.

I don't deal bad shit.

- I'm not interested.

I do not do drugs.

- Don't mess me around.

- I never called you.

- No?
- No.

The only reason you're in
here in the first place

is because you were making so much fucking

drug noise out in the hall,

I was afraid we were gonna get busted.

- Oh, busted.


What, are you a criminal
or something, man?

Is that what you are?

What, are you on the run?

I wanna tell you something.

You're treating me very,
very rudely for someone

that's trying to keep a low profile.

- Is it a question of money?


- You know what?

I'm gonna tell you something.

It's not as simple as that.

It's not as simple as that.

My business relies upon
getting on with people.

Being friendly.

- Let's be friendly.

- Being warm.

I'm a bit like a salesman, you know?

Wouldn't you say?

Wouldn't leave till I get
another thing, a lead,

someone that might be interested.

- How about Ben?

- Times two?

- Ben and a friend.

- Now, if I take your money and leave.

- Yeah?

- And I do have your money
and you've not done this drug,

then I don't know if you've
liked that or not, right?

That's not fair.

For me, that's bad business.

But if you do it, don't like
it, that's another thing.

That's fair.


♪ Little Bunny Foo Foo ♪

- All right, so let me get this straight.

If I do the drugs, you leave.


- Right, I'll go.

Let's go.

- I think I can relate to this guy.

- With what?

- Man driven by love.

That's a noble drive.

- Uh-huh, for sure.

Man, I'd do anything for my wife.

- And me.

Difference is we can provide.

We can go out and create
the ability to provide.

People like Billy can't.

They never saw life the way we saw it.

- That's not necessarily a bad thing.

I mean, we run our lives based around

order and existing principles.

Whereas guys like Billy, others...

Others may choose,

and it's their legitimate right to choose,

another way of life.

A life that's not orderly and regularly.

- Like the hippie way of life.

- For sure.

Very good example.

And that..

Some of that alternative
living's paid off.

- Yeah, peace and love.


- Tune in, turn on, and drop out.

Is that what they were saying?

- No, I think it was drop
out, turn on, and tune in.

- No, it was turn on,
drop out, and tune in.

- Shit.

Well, whatever it was it
was a damn good philosophy.

- Hey!

Watch yourself.

(subdued music)

- Must be dreaming.

- Can't see nothing.

(breathing heavily)

- Billy?

Oh, my god.

I think I'm dreaming.

- [Billy] Selina.

- I was so worried about you, baby.

- [Billy] I love you, Selina.

- Oh, Billy.

Are you all right?

- Yeah.

I was holed up in a hotel for a while.

I thought I'd never break free.

It's no way to live.

Look at this, Selina.

Look, for you.

- Oh, my god, Billy.

I can't believe it.

Is this for me?

- Yes.

It's dream come true time, baby.

- I love it.

It's wonderful.

I never ever thought I'd own anything

so pretty in my whole life.

- Pretty girls deserve pretty things.

- I love you so much.

Kiss me.

Love me.

- It seems the case of Billy the Kid

was also a case of mistaken identity.

Billy, it seems, was not the
one who robbed Central Bank

in a spectacular raid last Thursday.

The real villain has been apprehended

and not only confessed to this robbery,

but 15 others in the state
during the last three months.

The police department
had this to say earlier.

- Look, mistakes don't
happen that often, okay?

But when they do, we're
not too proud to admit it.

A mistake was made in Billy's case

and I just want to say on behalf

of the police department, we're sorry.

I mean, sorry.

- Billy, did I hear right?

This whole thing was a big mistake?

That you're not wanted after all?

- Seems to be the case, Selina.

- That's great.

I mean, now we can do anything.

We can go anywhere because we're free.

- We're more free than you think, baby.

Money can't buy us love, but
it can buy us a Ford Mustang.

(uptempo music)

(engine roaring)

(seagulls cawing)

- Billy, this is the boat of your dreams.

How did you know it was here?

(subdued music)

(knocking on door)

- Hello?

Is that Billy the bank robber?

- [Billy] Selina?

- Hello?

- [Billy] Selina, is that you?

Oh, shit.

Just a minute.

- It's okay.

Just take your time.

Got a lot of time.

- Okay.

- Hi, Billy.

I'm Marissa Benoit from Channel 17.

Could I get an interview?

- Who do you want to interview?

- You.

You're a high-profile guy
and my show is interested

in anything that's high profile.

- Excuse me?

- Well, that's why it's
called High Profile,

because the people, the
celebrities, that we feature

are all of a very high
high profile nature.

- I'm a bank robber, I'm not a celebrity.

- Well, the lines between crime and fame

are pretty blurred when you're talking TV.

So you don't mind if
we come in then, right?

- We?

Excuse me.

(people chattering)

- Okay, camera here, yes.

Thank you.

Chair here.

His can be here.

That's fine.

I need a Redhead here.

Sort of like light up my
eyes with that special.

Let's go, move it.

Okay, mess is here.

Oh, my god.

Is this the first time we've done this?

I mean...

Okay, two years I'm on prime time TV.

You'd think that I have a crew

that maybe knows what
they're talking about.

What are you doing?


Turn the monitor on now, okay?

We don't have all day.

Thank you.

Fluff it out, please.

What is this on my lip?


That's great.

Fine, move.

I think I need a powder, I'm shining.

I'm shining again.

Is this your first time doing my face?

Then don't act like it.

Thank you.

Hold it.

There, stop.

Everyone stop, please.

That's it.

I'm perfect.

- Hi.

You're not gonna show my
face or nothing, right?

I'll be in the shadows, you know.

In silhouette?

- Oh, absolutely.

The High Profile show is known for

its discretion and its respect.

Billy, we just want
your side of the story.

- Great.

- [Woman] Rolling!

- Right, right, right.

So when you got nothing going for you,

you might as well try and make

a little something out
of nothing, you know.

- By theft by armed robbery?

- Well, you know.

Nobody got hurt or nothing.

I just aim high.

I shoot to scare, not to hurt.

- Ever killed a man, Billy?

- No.



You know what?

It's just all these things
are thrown at you, you know?

It's like buy this, get
this, go there, fly away.

You know, drive this.

You know, all of that.

You know what it is?

It's like they...

They dangle all these
dreams in front of you.

It's like a golden carrot, you know?

I guess...

I guess we all want it.

Maybe we just don't know
how to go out and get it.

- What about hard work?

- I work hard.

I don't know any other bank robber

that works as hard as I do.

You know, it ain't like
you just show up for work

with a gun, you know, you just wing it.

- So, you're saying that
you're entitled to what you rob

as regular guys are
entitled to what they earn.

- No.

No, I ain't saying what I do is right,

but it ain't all that wrong, you know.

But I guess as the little
guy with the high profile,

I get nailed for that.

Well, hell.

If you can't dream, then you can't live.

All I'm trying to do is make
a few little dreams come true.

- So, there you have it.

Billy the bank robber.

The little guy with the high profile.

Misguided and possibly retarded.

But he's news and that's
what Channel 17 is all about.

But what about the other side?

Whose dreams does Billy
really want to come true?

Police reports state that
he's a man driven by love.

We've located his girlfriend Selina

for her side of the story.

- I mean, after a while it gets like

there's nowhere left to run, you know.

You wake up in the middle of the night

and you're sleeping on a beach somewhere.

I don't much like sand.

It kinda gets between your
toes, in your clothes.

You know, messes up your radio

if you let the particles
get in underneath the cover.

And believe me, that can be expensive.

He's just so out of touch with reality.

All we really wanted...

I guess you could say
our biggest dream was

to make something, a little
something for ourselves.

You know, like moving
to a nicer neighborhood

or get a little car.

Maybe even get married.

I would love that with Billy,

but all his dreams were
just like movie dreams.

It's like his dream car
would be impractical

and his move to a nicer place

would be like Tahiti or something.

I still love him.

I guess...

I guess I'm just gonna have to...

Gonna have to find a way
to cut him out of my heart.

Move on.


I really love you, Billy.

I just...

I didn't ask for this.

This isn't my dream.

- Maybe under the circumstances

we should leave the last words to Billy.

- If you can't dream, then you can't live.

All I'm trying to do is make
a few little dreams come true.

- That was taken in his room, right?

- Right.

- Do we get a location fee or anything?

- What's a location fee?

- It's when they pay to use
the room and the facility.

I don't think they did.

Well, just have to
settle it up with Billy.

You know locations.

It's an expensive business.

I mean, what with all the trouble
we went to and everything.

(fly buzzing)

(fly buzzing)

(gun fires)

- Shit.



(knocking on door)

(chain rattling)


- Hi, Billy.

I was thinking about you.

I brought you some dinner.

- All this for me?

- Yeah.

- Come in.

(subdued music)

- It's like a medical profession.

I mean, it's part relief
worker, part analyst.

- Yeah, I guess so.

Whatever way you look at it, it's honest.

- Yeah, yeah.

It's a career.

You know, my plan is I should
save, and save, and save,

until I can open up my own agency.

- For what?

- [Priscilla] For the future.

- Yeah?

It's good to have a set career path.

You know, it's like...

It's like a blueprint to your life.

Yeah, a blueprint.

- Like you.

- No, see my...

My dreams kinda got lost along the way.

Somehow reality got
mixed in with my dreams.

- Oh.

Nothing wrong with dreaming, Billy.

- Yeah.

- Well, this won't last forever.

I mean, this room.

I mean, it's a premiere
one and everything.

It's got a TV, but you got me.

- I got you?

- That's right.

- You know, this is like a
dream that's gone all wrong.

- Hey, well, we're here together.

It's real.

Yeah, the heart doesn't lie.

And everyone has dreams.

It's just that some are
more realistic than others.

(uptempo music)

- Aw, shit.

It's really our fault.

I think it's better just
to be open about it.

- If we had been around when Billy

stole that first bag of candy.

When he stole that first hubcap.

Then we could've saved him.

Man, we could've slapped
him around a little bit.

Handcuffed him, talked to
him in the back of the car.

- Sure.

A drive around a block or two

would've saved him from a life of crime.

- There's no use kidding ourselves.

I mean, if we had caught Billy back then,

he wouldn't be in the
mess he's in right now.

- If you're really to blame,
you just gotta admit it.

You know the first thing I'm gonna

say to him when I see him?

- What's that?

- I'm sorry.

I'm gonna embrace him
and tell him I'm sorry.


- Look at that.

(tense music)

♪ Come with me, I've been given the key ♪

♪ Come right now, I'll show you how ♪

♪ With the power to
heal, the power to lead ♪

♪ The power to fulfill my every need ♪

♪ In return for the guidance,
I need your reliance ♪

♪ Follow my path with no questions asked ♪

♪ Be there for me 'cause
I'm here for you ♪

♪ Spread my word, that's
what I need you to do ♪

♪ So step in my car, let
me take you for a ride ♪

♪ Before it's all over I
will cleanse your mind ♪

♪ We will go to the hood
and the truth will spill ♪

♪ My mission is clear,
this is God's will ♪

♪ Will you do what I
ask, will you let me in ♪

♪ We've got a long way to
go and it's time to begin ♪

- Shit.

♪ We can heal together spiritually ♪

♪ So take my hand and follow me ♪

♪ Follow, follow, follow,
follow, follow me ♪

- I do a bank to get in here.

I gotta do a bank to get out.

(man moaning)

♪ Many different people, but
they're running the same game ♪

♪ One is undercover
with a tie and a shirt ♪

♪ One's dressed like a gangster ♪

♪ But they come from the same dirt ♪

♪ Money is the key and
the move for nine-three ♪

♪ When money comes around,
that's all that you need, G ♪

♪ Do what you got to 'cause everyone is ♪

♪ Collect your ends,
fuck making new friends ♪

♪ I used to play by the rules ♪

♪ But now there ain't none to play by ♪

♪ 'Cause if you're caught slipping ♪

♪ Bang-bang and it's goodbye ♪

♪ Can't even trust the ones
who preach from the Good Book ♪

♪ So open your eyes ♪
- Shit.

♪ It's time for a new look ♪

♪ The hustling politicians,
competition's getting mean ♪

♪ You gotta stay down
on a mission for green ♪

♪ That's the way it's always been ♪

♪ And ain't a damn thing changed ♪

♪ I used to be confused, but
I finally beat the game ♪

♪ Follow, follow, follow,
follow, follow me ♪

♪ Follow, follow, follow,
follow, follow me ♪

♪ Follow, follow, follow,
follow, follow me ♪

♪ Follow, follow, follow,
follow, follow me ♪

♪ Follow, follow, follow,
follow, follow me ♪

♪ Follow, follow, follow,
follow, follow me ♪

♪ Follow, follow, follow,
follow, follow me ♪

♪ Follow, follow, follow,
follow, follow me ♪

♪ Back to the plan at hand, understand ♪

♪ Did you make your decision ♪

♪ Do we continue our mission ♪

- [Man] I'll beat the devil out of you.

Beat the devil out of you.

You hear me?

- [Woman] Hey!

♪ Don't you see the light,
it's shining real bright ♪

♪ I saw it very clear,
it appeared in a vision ♪

♪ When you hear the Holy Voice ♪
(whip cracking)

♪ You've got no choice but to listen ♪

♪ I've heard the call
and the call must heed ♪

♪ So it's up to you if you stay or leave ♪

♪ We could do it together, spiritually ♪

♪ So take my hand and follow me ♪

♪ Follow, follow, follow,
follow, follow me ♪

- [Woman] Gems from the For
the One You Love collection.

These hand-crafted and plastic molded.

- I mean, this is nice,
but it doesn't feel right.

- What, am I too fast or too slow?

- No.

The timing's fine.

I just feel weird.

I mean, you being Chris' brother and all.

- [Man] Don't worry about that.

My kid brother and I, we share everything.

- I know, but I just feel
kind of bad for Billy.

- [Man] Who?

- Billy the bank robber.

The crazy fucker.

- Oh, yeah.

Babe, don't worry about that.

He's my best buddy, too.

- I'm having a hard time
believing anybody buys this shit.

(Selina laughs)

- [Selina] Oh, my god.

I wouldn't let my dog wear them.

- Dude, the advertised
merchandise always does well.

- Well, at $500 a throw,
I'm not surprised.

Now what's the markup when
you TV advertise for a hundred

and you charge me five?

- Hey, man, don't confuse me.

I never went to school or nothing.

- [Billy] It's 400%.

- Sounds good.

- You know, you should really
work on your percentages.

You'd feel a lot better about yourself.

I'd feel better if I could kill you.

I just know she'll be waiting.

- I'm getting just a little
fed up waiting, Andy.

- [Andy] Well.

- [Selina] Kiss me.

(tense music)

- [Policeman] How you doing, Billy?

- Shit.

- I'm Officer Ted and
I'm a motorcycle cop.

Now, Billy.


That's a serious business.

- All right, man.

That's fair enough.

I bought the drugs, I used them once.

I didn't mean to.

- [Ted] Like you didn't
mean to rob that bank.

Huh, Billy?

- No, I meant.

(gun cocks)

- Billy, I can trust you, right?

You're not gonna make any
kind of move on me, are you?

Now, I may be a cop, but
I believe in being fair.

I mean, fair to everybody.

White, red, brown, black, Democrat.

You name it and I'll be fair,

as long as they're fair in return.

You understand what I'm saying?

- Kind of.

- Yeah, well, it's all
about mutual respect.

I respect your wishes, you respect mine.

I guess the only difference
is that because I'm a cop,

you have to respect mine first.

- What the fuck?

- Billy, let me just guess
what your wish would be.

I bet that you wish that as a cop,

I'd just pretend like
I never even saw you.

Like I didn't know you were
wanted for armed robbery.

Like I never even saw, or tasted,

those controlled narcotics
there on that side table.

Would that be right?

- I guess so.

- I thought so.

Now, ask me.

- What?

- Ask me what my wish would be.

- What would your wish be?

- You.

- A gay cop.

Just my luck.


- That's it, Billy.

All I'm gonna do is massage
you all over, that's all.

- What?

- That's all.

I love skin, Billy.

Don't you love skin?

- Never really thought about it.

- I love skin.

Black leather, that's skin.

Don't you just love it?

(Billy grunting)


Oh, yes.

Oh, yeah.


(waves crashing)

(subdued music)

- Fuck.

It was a dream.

It was only a dream.

No cops, man.

No motorcycle cops.

It was just me and Selina,
and Priscilla and me.


Was it Selina?

God, what's happening to me?

(phone ringing)

- Wiretappers.

- Selina?

- Shit.

Connect it through.


- Fuck!

(air squeaking)

- Oh, my god.

(air squeaking)

What's so sweet about sweet corn?


You know what?

Leaves a goddamn bitter taste in my mouth.



You know what I mean?


It's not that I'm crazy or anything.

Or that I might be
getting a little paranoid.

This must be the fucking norm.


It must be.

It's just a very expensive city, you know.

You wanna play the rich man's game?

Well, you gotta have the
rich man's resources.

Yeah, life's like that.

It's fucking tough.

(upbeat music)

(tense music)

You gotta get some help up here.

Next door, there's a body and blood.

There's a cross.

A little girl.

It's the guy from the TV.

- There's nothing up there, mister.

- I saw it.

- You didn't see it because
there's nothing there to see.

You're hallucinating.

You done the drug thing again.

You're an addict and you're hallucinating.

Take a shower.

Calm it down and stop the noise.

I've been getting complaints.

(dial tone humming)

- I saw it.


(knocking on door)

No more pizza, man!

That's it!

You pushed me too far!

- [Man] I haven't got a pizza.

- Well, I'm all out of love, mister.

So if you're from The One You Love,

you can just fuck off
because I don't care!

- [Man] You called me, remember?

- For your fresh towels?

- [Man] Open the door and find out.

- No.

(tense music)

- Hi, I heard you're a good hard fuck.

- The more time passes, the more I worry.

- I hope to hell he's all right.

He's probably holed up
in some really bad place.

- Real bad.

- If only he'd come out to us.

Approach us.

Then we could really treat him good.

- Real good.

- Billy, Billy, Billy.

Oh, Billy boy.

♪ Oh, Billy boy ♪

♪ The pipes, the pipes, are calling ♪

♪ From glen to glen and
down the mountainside ♪

♪ The summer's gone and
all the roses fallen ♪

♪ 'Tis you, 'tis you
must go and I must bide ♪

- It's amazing how reality
falls back into place

once all passion is spent.

(door closes)

(uptempo music)

(water rushing)

- Billy, say hello to bank.

Bank, say hello to Billy.

- Hey, I got another pizza for you.

- [Billy] Same toppings?

- Yeah, same toppings.


- I wanna show you
something, you little shit.

You all think I'm some kind
of mean bad guy, don't you?

I'm gonna show you something
with God on your side.

(pizza man yelling)

Well, yeah.

You see?

You see how badly they
furnish this place here?

You don't get the same
value for your money,

that's for sure.

- You're fucking crazy!

They're gonna lock you up!

You're fucking crazy!

(phone ringing)

- Would you get that?

- [Clerk] Heartbreak Hotel.

- Yeah, hi.

Like, I know this is a long shot,

but is there a guy staying
with you, his name's Billy?

He's a bank robber.

The most famous in the world.

- He just checked out.

- Shit.

Is that Billy?

- [Policeman] He's got a gun.

- Cover him, cover him.

Freeze, motherfucker!

- Freeze!

Drop your weapon now!

(guns fire)

(dramatic music)

- [Selina] Billy, are you there?


(chatter on police radio)

- Shit.

I didn't mean to fire.

It was just a reaction.

I'm a cop.

- An honest pay for an honest day.

That's what I say.

You live, you die, by the rules you make.

- That's right.

It's the chance you take.

- An honest pay for an honest day.

It's the only way.

- That's what I say.


- [Pizza Man] Ah, shit.

You didn't kill him.

- [Policemen] Aw, shit.

- [Policeman] Okay, who saw anything, huh?

Did you?

Did you see anything?


Did you?

Did you see anything?


- [Officer] Let's cash him in.


- [Billy] I'm not gonna die.

I'm gonna die.

- You aim for the head
you usually hit the head.

- Does that mean you aim for his head?

- For sure.

- I could've killed him.

- For sure.

- I'm not gonna die.

I'm not gonna die.

(subdued music)

- [Priscilla] You shot him?

You fucking shot him?

- Be nice now.

- [Priscilla] Yeah, right.

Like you guys?


- [Policeman] Aw, jeez.

What a mess.

Look at this.

- [Priscilla] Hey, baby.

- [Officer] Priscilla,
the price didn't include

any kind of cleaning fee, you know that?

- [Policeman] A grand at least.

Look at the blood in here.

- [Priscilla] Oh, like
I haven't given you guys

enough money already?

- [Policeman] This car's
gotta be completely detailed.

- [Officer] Come on, this is a major

cleaning job here, you know?

- Can you guys just help
me get him to the car?

- Sure.

You don't care about your upholstery?


- Just get him to the fucking car.

(Billy grunts)

Ah honest day, huh?

- That's the only way.

- You fucks!

Don't worry, baby.

I'll get you fixed up.

(subdued music)

(engine starts)

(singing in foreign language)

(waves crashing)

(subdued music)

(subdued music)

(Multicom Jingle)