Bank Holiday (1938) - full transcript

A 1930s British summer Bank Holiday starts at midday on Saturday with a rush for the trains to the sea-side. Doreen Richards under the name Miss Fulham is off with friend Milly to a beauty contest. Geoffrey and nurse Catherine Lawrence have decided to spend an illicit week-end in the Grand Hotel, although Catherine's mind keeps turning back to the hospital case she was working on. Arthur, May and the children are set on a more straight-forward excursion of sea, sand, and pub. Meanwhile, the manager and performers of the "Follies" on the pier pray for rain.

Subtitles by Nostromo

Mr. Howard?

Wouldn't it be better
if you went home?

No I'd rather wait.

There's no further news yet

- How long will it be?
- Not for some time, I'm afraid.

I'd rather wait.

-Can I get you a cup of tea?
-No thanks.


Would you..

Would you give my wife a message?

Of course.
What do you want me to say?

Would you tell her that...

Just give her my love

That's all

I suppose you have fellows like me often

Making exactly the same fuss

- It must happen every day.
- Yes

But they don't all try to
burn down the hospital

I am terribly sorry!
I do hope it hasn't left a mark.

You know,Mr Howard,
I love nursing your wife

And she's told me such a lot about you

I hope it hasn't been too bad.

- Well, not too bad.
- What did she say?

That you work too hard
and you smoke too much.

But you never know which
is your own toothbrush

You must come and see
us when it's all over.

You'll be able to laugh at me
of making such a fool of myself

I shan't laugh at you.
I can just imagine how you feel

Are you married?


- Engaged?
- Yes. At least...

- So you know all about being in love?
- Oh yes.

I suppose I'm old-fashioned

I still think it's the most
important thing in life.

And the only sane thing

I mean when it's real,not that
sort of thing you read about.

Yes, I think that too

But perhaps we are not old enough to know.

Perhaps when we're old and Grey,
we'll be disillusioned.

No,I don't think so.

Besides, I feel old and Grey now

And you soon will be if you
go on worrying like this.

We'll need Dr. Connor.

-Will you get him at once,do you?

Nurse,will you roll the patient to
the theater,we have to operate.


He brought you some flowers.

And he asked me to give you his love.

I'm glad you expected anything

I mean,you weren't disappointed?

Not a bit.He's awfully nice, isn't he?

Perhaps I exaggerated by telling
you he was so good looking

But well

I think he's pretty good looking

- Don't you?
- Yes, quite good looking

Now, Mrs. Howard, come on.
It's not so bad really

-What chances she's got Doctor?
- Very little I'm afraid

Child will be all right though.

I'm sorry for the husband.

Yes,why do not you knock off?
You want to get away,don't you?

Yes, but I must see the case through.

Where are you
going for the holiday?

Oh,only to Bexborough.

- With the family?
- No, just with friends.

Oh,the same friend that waits
for you every evening?

Yes, doctor, exactly the same.

I don't understand you
young people nowadays.

- Why do not you get married?
- It's not easy you know what my salary is.

- Sure that's the young man's worry
- His isn't much better.

- What does he do?
- He works in an office.

Besides we both have to help at home.

Well I suppose you know
your own business best

After all, we can't
wait forever.

Besides you never know what is going
to happen in the world nowadays

You got to try to be
happy while you can.

I'm afraid we were born
20 years too early, sister.

Speak for yourself, Doctor. The conductor
still calls me "Miss" on the bus.


Please, let us pass!
My Package!

- The paper is torn.
- I'm awfully sorry.

You'll be you
spoiled my new sun suit!

Why don't you look
where you're going clumsy thing?

Do not worry dear.
I have got a new ?. I'll fix it...

Doreen, don't worry.
There's that man again.

Woman's World, Peg's Paper,
Betty's Own and Woman's Weekly.

- I will never be able to wear it.
-Doreen,don't it's torn ever so little

-Yes, but just where it matters.
-Come on

Direct train to Bexborough!
Have your tickets ready, please.

Come on.
Easy, easy.

What do you want, Peg's
Paper or Betty's Own?

Aunt Mabel let me answers
by correspondence to that one

Yes I knew your dame

I once wrote to ask how to stop my
fiance going out with with another girl.

I didn't get an answer for three weeks
and by that time he's gone.

Doreen, look, there's that
awful Miss Mayfair!

- A little to the right, Miss Mayfair.
- Hold it! Fine thank you

Can you think that?
Photographing of her for the papers.

- Thank you, Miss Mayfair.
- A little higher, please.

A little bit to the right.

It's awful!

Anybody would think
the competition was over

and she was the thing already
being there she's giving herself

Don't be upset,yourself,dear.
They don't realize who you are

Otherwise they'd be photographing you

- Go and tell them who I am.
- I don't like to

I'd do anything for
you, but I should laugh.

You are a stroppy thing

Doreen, I know. You stand here
and look casual,

Put one foot on the step and
show your leg,so you're waiting

Come on Doreen

you will have to show more than
that in the competition tomorrow

- Thank you.
- Many thanks.

This is Miss Fulham.
Look, Miss Fulham!

Watch you Fulham!

- No good for you.Pull your skirt down
- Brutes!

They'll will bring the other side
of their silly faces tomorrow

when you're Miss England.

- Come on,dear,we'll lose our place
- Where's my sun-suit?

Non stop Bexborough!
Non stop Bexborough!

- Porter, put my luggage in here.
- Next train non stop!


Did you see that?

Women like that ought to be
whipped through the streets.

- Bexborough?
- 253, platform no. 5.

- What time?
- Join the queue over there.

- Art...
- Do not argue, come on.

Go on,go on

- Watch out.
- My hat!

-Go on dear follow your dad.
- All right, Mammy

- Where's Marina?
- Why ask me?I thought she was with you.

- Why did you let her go for?
- Marina!




Marina, come here this instance!

Arthur,Arthur,Marina gone down
the convenience

What do you mean?

I can't be in two places at once.Why
don't you hang on to the blooming kids?

Look after the place in the queue.

Mom, Ken is mucking about
the chocolate machine!

Ken boy

Ken! Come here this instance

You keep the place in the queue now

Leave that beast

Spending your own
ready money!

Give me that chocolate!
Give it to me

Come here! You come

You come here

Thank you,Sir,you know what children are.

You knocking the gentleman almost off

Just do behave yourself,you see!

Who,not at all? What do you think you are?
Lady Mac?

I was only pleased finding
a young man being so polite

Oh my hairs! Coming down He must have
thought I looked as scarecrow.

Shut it. He has got something better to do
than to look at you. Come on kids.

One of these days...
You wait!

- Push over,mate.
- What's your game!

You can see that this stuff there is ours.
Anyone with one eye could.

- Go to the tail end, will you?
- Hey, come on, Arthur.

- Get out of it, will you?
- You'll see the sort of people we're mixing with

We ought to have gone to Southend.

Attention please.
Next train to Bexborough,

Number 2 platform

Art! Art! Here!


One moment, she's just coming now

Hello, Geoffrey.

Look I'm sorry, I'm still here.
I'm afraid I can't come yet.

Cath, you said you'd
be here at two o'clock.

I mean I've been hanging
around the station for ages

Poor little Geoff, do forgive me.
But you see I...

Surely those selfish blighters
at the hospital

will let you off an August Bank holiday?

It'll soon be over this way


Dr. Nichols said I could go if I like

And why haven’t you then?

Geoff,would you walk out in the
middle of an important job?

Only if it meant keeping a chap
hanging about for hours I would.

It is a matter of life and death.

Geoff,they operated this afternoon and
the patient hasn't come round yet

All right,but try to get move on

Wait a minute

I see Cath

What about the Grand?It is
the best hotel in Bexborough.

Shall we go there?

But, Geoff, won't it be rather expensive?

Hung the expenses!

I've been saving up for this, I'm going
to blow the line.

No, Geoff. Listen, I...
I've got to go now.

Will you ring me back later?
Perhaps I'll be through then

All right darling.Good Bye.

- How soon?
- In an hour.


I assure you that we did
everything we could

Will you see the baby now, Mr.Howard?

The baby, Mr. Howard.

Won't you come and see him?

No,I never want to see him

I'd like to see her now.

Could I?

Of course.

I poured out some water for you

I'm all right,nurse.

Don't worry.

Mr. Howard, isn't there
something I can do for you?

No thanks.
I'll go now.

There's nothing to wait for is it?

Can I get you a taxi?

Would you like me to come with you?

I mean, shouldn't someone
see you home?


I thought you might not
liked to be alone.


Don't mind my asking, but at your home

there's no one there,is there?

No, there is no one there.

Don't you think you should have
someone to see you all right?

- I think you should.
- No, thank you, nurse. Don't worry.

I told you I shall be all right.

- Stephen!
- Ann!

- Where have you been all this time?
- And where have you?

The last time I saw you,
you got your first job...

and trying to grow a mustache

Was it as long ago as that!

Oh yes,I remember, you just made
your hair up or something.

Anyway, we found each other again

We are not going to lose
each other this time

Listen come on

Stephen I'm sorry I can't I'm
on my way home now

Mother is expecting me.

Listen,telephone me tomorrow
and we'll arrange something then.

Why tomorrow?You know it never comes.

Don't be silly. There is no hurry.
We have all our lives.

- Hello, Geoff.
- Cath, at last!

That's not much for
kiss to wait two hours for.

Poor little Geoff.It must have
been miserably for you

- That's better.
- Let's not waste any more time.

-Where's train going?
-Over there,come on,I got a ticket

I say,Cath, I wish you
stop calling me little Geoff


Sounds so stupid. I'm five nine and a half

That's not the height.That's how I
always think of you darling,a little chap

You got to stop thinking about me like that

All right, my studious Geoff.

Just because
we're going to the Grand?

That's nothing!

I've never been to a big
hotel before. Have you?

Oh Cath, don't be silly! Of course I have!

- Geoff,when?
- Several times

- You never told me before.
- Haven't I?

Come on.Here is an empty one.

Hey, what's the idea?

Oh, Cath!
Come on, Cath.

Come on stand in the window
and look like a crowd.

No, I got a better idea let's sit in
a corner like a honeymoon couple.

We're a honeymoon couple, aren't wet?

Geoff, don't.People will see us

- Here's one except them
- Come on stand by the window.

Come on there is only two in here.
Make room for others.

- It's first class, Phyllis!
- Why did you say so?

Some people seem to believe
they bought the blooming train!

Geoff,didn't you notice that
we were in first class?

We'll stay right where we are

But you'll be caught if
the inspector comes round


Do you think I would take you a
third on an occasion like this?

Darling, I wish you would inform
me and not pushing me about


Did you actually get first
class tickets,darling?

I thought it would be please you

- I don't know wherever I do any wrong
- No,Geoff,it was sweet of you.

- Don't be bad tempered. What's the matter?
- It's not me,Cath,it's you.

You have not been the bit of yourselves
since the moment we first met

And I thought after hanging
about all that time for you

You would not even kiss me
properly,until I asked you too.

Oh, Geoff, I did it.

It's all turning out so
different from what I expected.

You don't seem a bit thrilled or pleased
that we are going together at last

I know,Geoff, but the case upset me.

The girl died.

I am sorry.

I ought to caught knowledge
about something like that

I suppose I'm selfish, but
you know how it is, Cath.

I've been looking forward
for this for months now

I don't know about you but I have
thought of anything else for weeks past

I saved up every penny so
we could stay somewhere decent,

because I want to give
you a really grand time, Cath.

Gosh,I'm happy to be
alone with you.

Just think

The whole weekend to forget the
hospital, the office and everything.

Just to think of our two souls

Now it worries me that the work at
the hospital is so hard for you.

I think it's marvelous the
way you stick it.But I promise...

Cath, you're not listening.

Just only in my world.
I heard every word you said.

You were thinking of something else.

No I wasn't

I didn't half had a business
with mother and dad.

I told them that I was going camping
with a chap from the office.

They believed you?

I think so. Except just
as I was at the door

dad said it was funny to go
camping with these clothes

- You think they suspected?
- Who cares anyway?

Would they get a shock

if they could see me at that
biggest hotel in Bexborough tonight.

Geoff,you haven't yet told me when you
stayed in a big hotel before?

Are you sure it wasn't with some
girl I haven't heard about?

My word of honor.

I might be the only chap in the
office who has done etcetera


Cath, I did not mean it like that.

It's just that I'm so
worked up about everything

Do you think that you
are doing this for me?

Geoff,what on earth are you talking about?

- I wouldn't come if I didn't want to.
- I know.

But when I think what
people would say about you...

Do you mind what they say?

It's not for me to mind if you don't

Geoff,we been over these scores of times.

You know my opinion.
You know I think we're justified

Of course, when... when
two people love each other

Cath, you do love me?

What's that?

Is Nurse Catherine there?

Just a minute

- Hello.
- Nurse Catherine.

I want to accept your
offer after all.

You're right. It is impossible
for me to stay in the flat alone

Nurse Catherine left
some time ago.

I am sorry.

And so you see, he left it on the table.

You never told me anything
about the husband before

- Yes, I did.
- You didn't

You said it was a difficult
case and the girl died.

Don't be silly,Geoff.Of course I told you.

- What do you want to keep the lighter for?
- I don't want to keep it.

I just put it in my bag
so I can give it back to him

So that you could meet him again?

Send it back then

You really are being ridiculous,Geoff.

Don't spoil everything by quarreling,please

Now you've got to stop thinking
about this darn case.

You'll never make a good nurse

until you realize you got to take
these things as all part of the business

I'm not going to spoil
the holiday by quarreling

All right, I'll try not to
think of it any more

- No,not try, promise.
- Promised, then.

That's the girl,Cath

Now everything is going to go to be OK
and we are going to have a marvelous time

- Geoff,did you book at the hotel ?
- No

- Aren't you to have?
- Oh,no,not at a place like the Grand.

Besides, Bexborough won't
be as full as all that

Aren't we not to unpack and walk down to
the hall(?) and listen to the band shall we?

Look, Geoff!There's the Grand.

It's all right, is it?

No no.Wait for the commissioner

- How much is that?
- Half crown, sir.

Thank you.

Do I call you over?

I don't know. You said you've
been to a big hotel before.


We ought to
pretend we're married.

Geoff, I haven't got a ring.

I've got one.The third finger
of the left hand,isn't it?

Little Geoff certainly
thinks of everything.

- Don't call me that.
- What?

- I told you... I asked you not to before.
- I'm sorry I forgot

You've been nervous, Geoff.

Cath, I wish...

Hey,here Mr. Thorock

Got the ring on properly?

I hope I don't see anybody I know.

Hey,here Mr. Thorock!

Hey Mr. Thorock!

Wait here

Oh dear, it's all early

I'll see if I can find you a later one.

- Let's talk about something.
- I can't think of anything.

- What?
- No, nothing.

- He...
- When...

Does the charge include breakfast?

I do not know. I think so.
I never eat breakfast.

You mean you never eat breakfast?
I never knew that.

- Thank you very much
- Thank you Madam

- I want a double room and...
- Just a moment,Sir, please.

Now, sir.

I want a double room for
myself and my wife.

We want a room facing the sea.

With a private bathroom.
18 6?

Does that include breakfast?

I'm sorry,we're all booked up.

What's your next price?

I'm afraid we have
nothing at all.

But surely...Absolutely, nothing at all?

I'm afraid not, sir.
One moment.

I've got a small single
room,that'll do you?

What do you think?

No,I do not think it'll do at all

- I'm afraid it's no good then.
- I'm sorry.

Wait a minute.

Doreen, we can't come in here.

Of course we can.If I don't sit
down soon my feet will burst.

- Suppose they ask what we want.
- We can order some tea.

I'm not going to
head for any more rooms

until I have had my feet off the floor

Doreen, look!

It's my turn,my dear

Let's get your name.

Miss Fulham, Doreen Richards.
Are not you proud?

- It's in quite big letters too
- As big as Miss Mayfair's anyway!

That's right,dear.

Doreen, come away. That man behind
the counter is looking at us.

Milly, you're a floppy thing! There is
nothing to be frightened of. Come on let...

There's that awful
Miss Mayfair!

Did you see that?
Common thing

It is absolutely disgusting.
Stuck up beast

Stuck out you mean.
Did you see those hips?

Did you see the way she was made up?

Actually going into the the bar by herself!

I expect she's always drinking cocktails.

Cocktails or cocktails! Nothing
I've had plenty. Haven't you?

I know.Let's go and have some now.
I'll treat you.

Doreen, you 're...

You're an unsophisticated
thing. Come on...

Excuse me, but you're sitting
on my Woman's World.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

-What do you have,dear?
-Well, what do they got?

I think some cocktails.

Martini, Manhattan, Bronx,
Sidecar, Old-Fashioned,

Mountain Climber,
Wild Jig, White Lady,

Maiden's Prayer, Satan's Whiskers,
Red Devil Special, Donkey Kick.

I don't really know what to choose.
You choose,dear.

- Two Benedictines, please.
- Just a minute,Sir.

-What about some Benedictines?
- Oh,yes that would be lovely

- Yes,we'll try some Benedictines please.
- Very good.

It's only crisps

What teeny glasses.

It's just to taste and just
to see if we like it.

Yes, we'll have some of that.

Say when.

I've never seen so many people
in the water in my life.

There were thousands of them!

Hey, take your hand off that bell mate.

No use to hiring here sleeping
three in a bed already

They will never get in anywhere.

Well,we made a mistake in turning down
that single room at the Grand.

- What are we trying next? The El Morocco?
- We've been there.

Come on,we'll try the Mon Repos.

Look, Art. There's that
chap that acted so nice

You can see that he is a college
boy.I love college boys

College boys?Shut it,you ought to
be ashamed of yourself.At your age

Art,do you remember when you used to
meet me at the Hammersmith Palais?

A college boy once
asked me to dance with me

How do you know he was
a college boy?

I could tell ,got on them plus fours

- Hey, Arthur...
- Shall be off for half a jiff

Arthur,don't make it late.
We haven't got accommodation yet.

What do you think I'm
going in there for?

If the blokes in the local pub don't
know which are full up and which aren't

who does?

All right but don't get full up yourself

Hector, leave that
dirty stuff alone.

Sorry.I have nothing.

I do wish I could get
these shoes off.

What of trying the back of town.

What's the use,Geoff,they'd be full too.


- What about the beach?
- Oh, Geoff.

Well, it will be nice and quite there

- Right
- Come on then.

- Gentlemen, the bar is closed!
- Dad! Daddy is coming!

What I say is,dear,you should never
have let your fiance know that you cared.

Don't be silly, Milly.
What are you talking about?

It's what Aunt Mabel
advises in Betty's Own.

A girl should never let a man
know she cares for him...

until after the marriage.
It is a cheat,isn't it?

You wait until Jack sees my
picture in the papers.

"Miss England, Doreen Richards."

He'd wish he hadn't left
me in such a hurry then.

That's right. You just you show him

If I do win, Mill...,oh but I must

I feel like somebody.

I now think Jack has made
me feel like nobody.

Doreen, you? Nobody?

Well,if you are a nobody,
every ? can not be

Thank you dear

You know, Mill, when he sent me
that letter saying everything was over

I said to myself,I said

"There's only one thing to be done."

"I must pretend I never met him."

Doreen, you're wonderful!

You are much to good for any man,
that's what it is

Still I think I'd rather
be jilted by a nice boy...

than never to
had a nice boy at all

Poor old Mill, haven't you ever had
a man's arms around you?

Well,dear,don't tell
anyone,I'm telling you

I haven't. Of course I'd thought
about it a lot and imagined it.

I don't suppose I ever shall,no really

Poor old Mill.

Phew!It's hot.

I think we'd better go. They want to
close and we haven't got our rooms yet.

Our parcels!

I'm terrified I leave
my swimming suit somewhere.

- I could not compete without it.
- Supposing you did!

- How are your feet now,dear?
-Lovely, I can't feel them at all.

I think it will be romantic,
don't you Cath? Just you and I.

What are you laughing at?

I am so sorry.

Cheer up, Geoff

It may not be a room in the Grand,
but at least it is facing the sea.

- Hey, what's the idea?
- What's the matter?

- That man insulted me.
- Who did ?

- He did
- What him?

I wouldn't touch her
with a barge pole

Oh you wouldn't? Get up, come on!

- Say me?
- Yes come on.

I said I wouldn't touch her
with a bargepole no I wouldn't.

Hey, do you want a fight?

- You've been so bloody
- Who me?

Leave him alone!
Lay down.

He'll only shivering
your gallstones.

What are you laughing about? I'll give
you something worse than gallstones.

Leave it to me!
Where did they educate you?

- Oh, me?
- Yeah. Balliol?

- You shut up!
- I'll show you!

-What's that all about,Geoff?
-I don't know.

I will see to you in the morning.
That's if you're still there.

I shall be there. Number one.
That is my address.

-Number one.
-That's where I shall be.

Pleasant dreams I hope
you get run over in them

To you...Touch you?

Doreen, did you dream
anything last night? I did.


I dreamt that I woke up

and such a good looking soldier
got his arms right behind me.

And I've always wondered
what it felt like.

What was it like?

Oh,darling,it was like being
in a lovely hot bath

with cold water running
down your back.

That's nothing.

Doreen, don't say anything.

I've got the funny feeling
that it really did happen

Do you think so? No, it must have been
that Benedictine we had last night.

No, Doreen. I'm sure he's
lying still next to me.

Go on, Mill.Don't be so soft

- We'll have a look and see
- No you.

- No you.
- No you.

It's your business?Have a look

All right.I will.

You're quite right,dear.
It was a dream!

I hope so!

All right, dear

Put on your bathing trunk and
run down to the sea.



Give me a hand with the kiddies while
I get into my beach pajamas,will you?

-Hello, where has he gone?
-I've gone to breakfast at McCarter's.

"If not there, I'll
be at the bank stand"

"If not there,
I'll be at the pier."

"After that, I'll probably be
in the Queen's Arms."

Just like him. You'll have to give
me a hand to pack this all up.

Come on now, hurry up!

That was good!

In five more minutes then I'll go see if I
can get a room for tonight.

- I'm going in again,are you coming?
- No I just got out-All right

- How was that, Cath?
- Marvelous!

Come on let's see how you do it

Come on Cath

What's the matter?
What are you afraid of?

- I never knew you were such a coward.
- Yeah, Geoff. I'm a coward.

I'm going in again. You come when you
feel better.Don't bother to dive

Just coming down the steps

-What's the matter now?
- Nothing.

- Just leave me alone, Geoff.
- You don't seem to enjoy anything.

I've done my best to play the
holiday as decent as I could for you

It's not my fault we had to
sleep on the beach.

I know it wasn't

What is it then? Or don't
you know it yourself?

Women are all the same.
They don't know what they want.

No,nothing matters.
I'm really all right

Now,Cath,you stay here and rest.
I'm going to fix up the hotel.

I'll meet you at the same
place on the beach.-All right

- Mommy, where's Dad?
- I do not know,dear.

Hector.Go and have a
look if he is in that (?)

Come on, jump.

Mommy, where's dad?

Where is dad?

Mom, what's happening in there?

- Mom, I'm coming in there!
- You're not going into that nasty place.

That's all, ladies. Smile
where you put your feet.

Hercules has (?)

Gentlemen, just in time. Only two more
seats left.Two more seats left that's all

Come along now!

This way to the Follies!
Only a few seats left!

- Where are you in, Charlie?
- To church. To pray for the rain.

Good Luck

Ladies and gentlemen, one
or two nursery rhymes up to date.

- Got the time,mate?
- Ten past twelve

Blimey, they're open!

He is going to have a bath

How did you enjoy?
Not bad, huh?

If I told you, you would
sue me for libel!

- Hi, how are you?
- We've been looking for you everywhere.

I'll just have a quick one. See
you at the beach later.

Oh, Arthur!

- Let me see, Marina!
- Let me see, Hector!

Hey Hector, come out of that bit!
Put it down.Showing her that!

You naughty boy!

I've been staying in Paris with a friend
of mine,Count Ponchay.He's Hungarian.

Isn't he something
to do with films?


Doreen, look!

It's that Miss Mayfair again.

- Isn't she horrible?
- She ought to be ashamed of herself

They're coming!

Stephen, I can not see!
Lift me up!

Isn't it wonderful?

Oh, Stephen, Stephen!

Ann! Ann!

Cath, I fixed it.
I've booked a room!


Where do you think?
At the Grand Hotel after all-Fine

It's awful bit of luck,some
people moving out tonight

We can not have the room until
then, but it's absolutely fixed

I could do with a choc ice

Still fond of me?

- Happy now?
- Yes.

- Have a match, darling?

- How did you light yours?
- I had one left.

Of course, the lighter.I forgot

It's a funny thing to forget.

You didn't forget it you didn't
want me to use it

Why shouldn't I?

That's what I should like to know.

Now how many times
you did you met that man?

- Oh,Geoff,don't be silly.
- I'm sorry but...

You've broken your promise anyhow

I said that this would spoil the
vacation and now it had!


Listen, Geoff...

Come on.

Standing room should be perfect

No,no,no seats madam,standing
room for a moment,what a convenience!

What a show!What weather!

No!No!Standing room only!
Two shillings for a time!Come along now!

Here is the actor's best friend,
the English rain!

- How much is that, Joe?
-Fifteen shillings,Sir.

Fifteen what?

I left my money at the box office.
I must and go get it.

Bring some back for us.
We're all broke, aren't we?

Set them out again, Joe.
It's on me,I shan't be long


What are you going to have ducks

-a nice little plaice or a bit of haddock?
-I want a ginger pop!

We only serve dinner here,Sir

Your a bit late,aren't you?
We had ours at one o'clock,what's the idea?

We'll order in a minute,Sir
so you got time.

Never mind

If you're going to be that sharp
I could see it in his eye.

Did you or did you not ask me to
take you to a show?

Not a bathing parade.

It's entertainment,ain't it?
Don't be derogatory

Whenever you want to know it out

all you can think about
is the over led (?).

- I want a ginger pop!
- Manners, Ken.

You should have a smack your ear.

Can you tell us the way to the
contestants' room, please?

-Corridor to the left.

- Is my room ready for me?
- Name, sir?


- I booked it this morning.
- Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

- Porter,take Mr. and Mrs. Smith to 319.
- Very good,Sir.

I wonder whether

Here you are, my dear.

-With that be all,Sir?
- Yes thank you


Thank you

This is marvelous,isn't it, Cath?

You know it's worth the
extra six shillings,isn't it?

"Grand Hotel, Bexborough".
I could write home on that

Oh,I'm supposed to be camping.

- Hey, Cath, come along and look at this.
- Just a minute.

It's not a bit about breakfast.

We are just over to the winter garden.
They're dancing down there.

What's the matter?

You look as you've seen a ghost.

Geoff, let's go and dance,shall we?

All right

We have a look at the competition.

We can unpack until later.

- Oh,Geoff,I forgot my bag
- I'll go and get it.

No,no you don't know where
it is.You go and get a table.

All right

Have you a London directory?


- Budga-budga, you can not do it louder!
- Budga-budga!


- Come on, now do it again.
- Budga-budga-budga!

Your call, Madam.Box 7.

You are through!




No more let life divide what death can join together
(Shelley An elegy of the death of John Keats)

Hello,exchange, could you
try that number again?

I heard the bell ringing
and then there was silence.

Sure sorry a minute

I am sorry I cannot connect you.
The subscriber hasn't moved the receiver.

But couldn't you


No,it's all right

Thank you

- There was no answer,was it?
- No

It's all a mistake.

We shouldn't have come anyway

I'm sorry, Geoff.


What's this note?

What does it mean?

- It's all a mistake.
- What I say, Geoff.

-But what have I done to upset you?

It's only that I realized the
whole thing is a mistake.

We ought never to have come.

- We don't love each other.
- But how can you possibly say that?

Oh Geoff,can't you see
you're deceiving yourself?

You've been deceiving
yourself all along.

We've never been in love.We were
lonely and we liked each other

- What have I done?
- It's not your fault.

Simply that I'm the wrong person
for you,I always will be

But you're not, Cath.

I shall never want
anyone else,it's just that

Geoff, it's no good.Let me go.

So you've been lying to me.

It's you who never cared for me,
you've just be leading me on

Geoff,I thought it was real.
I know it isn't now. That's all.

You've found it out very suddenly!

You think I don't know what the trouble is.

It's that fellow at the hospital.

I suppose you're going to him now.

-Yes,Geoff,I am

I don't know,I can't explain but .

I feel that something terrible
is going to happen to him

And if I don't go now,
it will be too late.

That's lot of nonsense!
It's just an excuse.

Bye, Geoff.

- You didn't say you are in love with him?
- I only know I got to go.

- Geoff,let me go back
- No

-Let me go,please
-What?To somebody else

I'd be a fine sort of fellow,wouldn't I?

What do you think I am?

I got you away this weekend.
I saved up it for months.

I've done my best for you.
You try for him and let me down now!

Geoff, you're mad!

Why do you think you
couldn't (?) me up like this ?

Going out you with the first chap
you take a fancy to!

And think I let you get away
with it,now you stay here with me

I'm sorry, Cath.

It's nothing.

It's not your fault.

I am sorry. I have just found
I haven't any money.

I'm terribly sorry.

Yes,but I don't drive this
thing for my health,you know!

Please I want to hire a car to London.

I'm afraid I haven't any money, that's
why I couldn't go by train.

But I could leave my watch with you.
It is a very good one.

Jack, they young lady here
wants to go to London.

-Is Morris out?

I'm sorry,Miss, we can't help you.

- The gentleman here going to London.
- Why don't you ask him?

Excuse me.I understand
you're going to London.

- So you want a lift there?
- If you could possibly manage it.

- OK.Hop in.
- Thank you.

-This is what I call a service station.
-Good Night,Sir-Good Evening

We aren't going to turn it
up,it's too hot for dancing

- May I have the pleasure of this dance?
- I do not know, I'm not sure whether

I don't know,I'm not sure

- Would you like a drink?
- I don't think I will, thank you.

I think I really ought to be
getting back now.

- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.

Nice going on!What will the children think?

Their Ma dancing all with a
blooming college boy!

I don't know, and I don't care!

- He's gone. Scuppered with every bean
- What's that?

He's gone

- You're kidding
- I am not kidding.

The landlady said that he
left for London in his car.

-What are we going to do now?
-Send for the police that's the way

so they can catch him on the road back

- That's the idea.
- Now for the telephone.

Of course I may just be
making a fool of myself

I mean,suppose nothing is wrong

What he'll think of me
riding so late at night?

If I were in his shoes, I shouldn't
waste my time thinking.

Women are all the same

They get what they can under and
then they leave you.

They'll tell you they love you,
and then let you down.

Let me get this straight.You are
looking lovely, you're sure to win it.

They're all the same.
Blasted lot of them!


- I'll kill you! Yes I will! I'll kill you!
- All right, come with me. I'll fix it.

Now what's wrong?

- What's the matter?
- I don't know.

-Are you the owner of this car?

I have reason to believe you're in
possession of stolen property.

I must ask you both to accompany
me to the police station.

- Very well
-I'll get in the back and show you the way.

Thank you

It'll soon be me. Just stick it for me
Quick, hurry,hurry !

What's the matter your wife

why can't she wear dresses
that would fit people properly

Miss Dulwich.

Miss Clacton.

Hurry !

Thank you.Thank's awfully!

Miss Islington!

Oh your poor thing.

What's the matter for you?
Why don't you go?

I'm going in a minute.

I just saw that letter.

- Don't worry about her.
- Miss Mayfair!

Miss Fulham!

Miss Fulham!

Go on.

Why don't you go?

Miss Fulham!

Why don't you go?
You'll miss your turn.

Because I don't want to.

Miss Leeds!

You are (?)

You take my advice, it isn't worth it.

Love still is rarely

I've been through it,so I know

Love is nothing.

What do you mean,
you've been through it?

I thought someone was in love with
me until I found out he wasn't.

Just like you.

Please,no way to trouble about me but

You can't do any good.

I can give you some advice.

I've been through it all
so I know what is all like

- Have you really?
- Well, I...

When my fiance left me

I said, "I don't love him."

I said, "I don't love him, I never met
him and I don't love him, so there!"

And now I am absolutely sure know

that I don't love him.

At least I

I did love him a little bit

He was ever such a nice boy really

Horrible beast!

We are conducting an inquiry
into a report about an amount of money...

alleged to have been stolen from
the box office of the Bexborough "Follies"

between 19:00 and
20:30 this evening

- Would you like a cup of tea,Miss?
- No thanks.

Now look here

Just because I haven't got
my driving license with me

that doesn't make me the man you are after

Did I say it did?

Just tell me where you were
between the hours stated

I told you

I was out on the roads somewhere

just taking the wife in a
little run in the country

I'm not his wife I've never
seen this man before!

-You'll get your turn,young lady.
-Look, I've got to get to London.

All right, all right.It won't run away

Let's have those cases over there.

- Is this your case?
- I never so it before in my life.

Shut that door, Charlie.

Let's have a look inside.

Funny place to keep your lose change

I wasn't the only person
inside that car, you know.

Oh I see.

It's your wife's case?

- I'll tell you I'm not his wife.
- As a matter of fact she's not my wife.

I only said that to
keep her out of trouble.

I don't know about this then. I picked
her up on the front, Bexborough.

- Is that true?
- Yes, but...

Let's have your story then.

- You see it's like this....
- Name first?

Catherine Lawrence.

-Do you live in Bexborough?
-No, I've been staying at the Grand.

Nice place the Grand.

We had a case there once.

Had his pocket picked

Give me the Grand, Bexborough.

What's the matter?

They wouldn't know me under that name.

You have two names,have you?

No, but I've been staying
there with someone

A friend

- Let's have his name then.
- Smith.

Didn't show much
imagination, did he?

Jim, give me a glass of water.

Everybody lets you down.
That's what I think.

They're not worth it.
Not one of them.


- Hello?
- Were you staying there...

with a young lady by the
name of Catherine Lawrence?

- Who's speaking please?
- It's Sussex County Police.

The Sussex County Police?

Were you staying there
as Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

With a young lady by the name of
Catherine Lawrence?


I see.

All right. Thank you.

He says he doesn't
know anything about you.

- Let me speak to him!
- No no no.

I've got to to London! Something terrible
is going to happen to somebody I know.

You don't understand.

I telephoned him and the receiver
had been left off the other end.

Look,if you don't think I'm telling the
truth, please ring Tulse Hill, 3980.

You must believe me!
His name is Stephen Howard.

I met him at the hospital where I work.
I'm a nurse there

His wife died yesterday and I
had to break the news to him.

Please,won't you just try?

Tulse Hill 3980.

You see,in the mortuary he was desperate
I shouldn't have left him.

If anything happens to him
now, you'll be responsible!

You'll be the blame for
not letting me go,do you hear!

You will have murdered him!

She's telling the truth.I took the
money,then I have every right

I'm the manager.I'll be sending
them their share by check.

You should let her go.She
knows nothing whatever about it.

I see Jim!

Never mind I'll open it.

His flat

This door is locked.

Mr. Howard!

Stop it!

Come here!

And never mind not more with that ?

I have had it for ten years and
I stand it no longer.

- You can not hit him,you can't do that
- Can't I? I haven't started yet!

Go on.Behave yourself

- Had a good time mate?
- Best time in my life.

Me too.

- You have it all?

Yes, I have everything.

Doreen,forgive me for making
you lose the competition.

Of course.I got over it absolutely

- You got over your troubles too?
- What?

You know what I mean.Have you?

You bet!

Hello.I thought you were on a holiday.

Bank Holiday,wasn't it?


But I've been and come back again

- Come back?
- Everybody coming back.

The holiday is over.

Subtitles by Nostromo