Banjo on My Knee (1936) - full transcript

Believing he has killed a guest, a groom flees on his wedding night.

Subtitles: Lu?s Filipe Bernardes

Party of the first part...

do you take this party of the second part

to be your lawful wedded husband

till death do you part, amen?

I do.

Do you, party of the second part,

Will somebody kindly tell Brother Holley
he can...

quit playing now?

Uncle Newt!

The judge says do you wanna quit
during the ceremony?

No, no. You tell him to go right ahead.
He ain't bothering me at all.

Do you take this party of the first part

to be your lawful wedded wife...

under the same condition...

thereunto pertaining, amen?

I do.

Then I pronounce you man and wife.

Wasn't that beautiful?

Why don't you go on? Kiss her.

What's the matter?
You ain't scared, are you?

Gee, honey, I do love you.

Has the judge fell in the river yet?

How could he?

He just finished marrying them.

He will. Just give him time, that's all I ask.

Just give him time.
He'll fall in.

I never done a lick of work
I never even tried.

My pappy got so sick of work
that he just up and died.

Oh, let it rain, let it pour.
Nothing bothers me.

Cause I go right on singing
with my banjo on my knee.

My skinny sister Eph she's gone,
it gives me awful pain.

The doggone fool she took a bath
and fell right through the drain.

Oh, let it rain, let it pour.
Nothing bothers me.

Cause I go right on singing
with my banjo on my knee.

Ol' Jeff went in a pigsty once
his favorite hog to see.

The pig got up and left,
he couldn't stand his company.

Oh, let it rain, let it pour.
Nothing bothers me.

Cause I go right on singing
with my banjo on my knee.

Ol' Abner Jones came home so drunk
it really was a fright.

He put his poor old wife out
and then he kissed the cat good night.

Oh, let it rain, let it pour.
Nothing bothers me.

Cause I go right on singing
with my banjo on my knee.

Just a minute, folks.

Now that the ceremony's over
and the bride and groom is one,

I got a toast I want you to drink for me.

Pour us some more corn, Buddy.

Who is it to, Newt? To the bride?

Naw, it ain't to her.
It's to Ernie, ain't it?

Naw, it ain't to the groom either.

Who is it then?

It's to a tune. A piece of sweet music.

Know what it is?
Saint Louis Blues!

That's what it is.
Ol' Saint Louis Blues.

I want you to drink a toast to it.

Sweetest music there ever was.

And time's almost here for me to play it.

What in the world are you talking about, Newt?

I'm getting to be a pretty old rooster, you know.

Near on 70 year old.

But there ain't but one more thing in this earth that...

deep down in my heart I really wish
I could have before I go.

And that I've been wishing I had
for a long long time.

And that's a...

a grandbaby.

A little fellow to carry on my name.

Once I had six children of my own.

Ernie's the last of 'em.

All the rest of them got drowned in the river.

The way my pa went, and his pa,
and the way I'm gonna go when my time comes.

But right now I don't care.

Outside this old boat

I ain't got thing in the world to pass on
down to my grandbaby.

Except the sweetest piece of music I know.

That's what I've been saving the Saint Louis Blues for.

That's why I want you to drink a toast to it.

Cause when you drink to it, why...

you're drinking to my grandbaby.

Uncle Newt.

Looks like Judge Tope is just about ready
to fall in the river.

Does look that way, don't it?

Guess you better fish him out, Buddy.

Well, for a land girl she's right sweet.
For a land girl she is.

Well, forever more, Leota,
why ain't you outside with the young folks?

That's my business.
Listen, Leota...

I hope you ain't aiming to make trouble about Ernie.

What's it to me who Ernie Holley marries?

I mean it's gonna be hard enough on her
getting used to the river

and the river folks without having
someone to pick on her too.

If that ain't the truth.

You're both crazy.

Then why didn't you wish her well?

Why didn't you welcome her
when Newt brought her across from the land?

Why don't you go do it now, Leota?

Sure. I can just see myself.

Just plain mean, that's all.

The trouble with Leota is Ernie didn't want her.

That just goes to show how much
you know about us.

There never was a time I couldn't have
Ernie Holley if I wanted him.

All I had to do was that,
and he'd have come a-runnin'.

What's more, I could have him now this minute,
any time I want to say the word.

What makes me sick is the kind of wife he got.

Sniveling little white trash.

So sweet butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

I do, yes, sir, yes, mam...

But you can't fool me.
I know her kind.

There's just as much meanness in her than...
There certainly is.

But I wasn't aiming for it to come out just yet.

I came to help.

Why, land girl, you're the bride.
The party's for you.

What was you doing, listening?

A little.
If you'll lend me an apron, I'll...

Why don't you ask her what she can do?
Why don't you ask me?

Well, what can you?
Oh, anything you can.

And be polite besides.

That's telling her, Pearl, that's telling her.

And why not? You was a hired girl,
wasn't you?


Listen, Miss Leota,

I came here wanting to be friendly.

I was aiming to make Ernie's folks my folks.

But I'm gonna be honest with you.

I was a hired girl.

More than that I never got beyond
the fourth reader in school and I...

I can't do much more than
read and write my own name.

But I'm here to tell you
that I can cook better than you

I can love better than you
and I can fight better than you.

Any time you don't think so

just let me know because I'm still gonna be here
right on my husband's boat.

I'm sorry, ladies.

Where were you?
Don't ask me anything, just tell me you love me.

Tell me truly, do you?

I love you more than anything on earth.

And it don't matter to you
if I was a hired girl, does it?

Did Leota...
No, don't say anything.

Just tell me, it don't matter, does it?

Come over here where they can't see us.

Pearl, honey, if you love me like I love you...
I do, Ernie.

Then there ain't another thing in the whole wide world
that matters cause...

you're all I want.

You're gonna want me always?
Till the day I die.

Then hug me tight.

Kiss me.



Everybody knows that it's just a muddy river

But it seems like heaven on high.

When the moon is shining bright

let me dream away the night

where the lazy river goes by.

Go away, let us be.

Just the river you and me.

Everything is still all along the Mississippi.

Ain't no one as happy as I.

Oh, I never want to roam.

Let me live and make my home

where the lazy river goes by.

Where the lazy, lazy river

goes by.

Kind of scared you river folks, didn't I?

Well, I wasn't aimin' at ya.

Just shooting up in the air.

But the way you all jumped sure was funny.

We ain't used to gunfire.

What kind of a shindig is this, anyhow?

Ernie's got married.

Well, I'll be dab blame.

And didn't anyone invited me.

On my land, Mr. Slade?

Who'd ever thought in you city folks
would wanna come to a shanty boat wedding?

Well, as a fellow says,

better late than never.

How about a little drink of that corn?

Oh, Buddy.

Who did Ernie marry?
A land girl from Tennessee.


She is to us.

Well, I guess I'll have to congratulate Ernie
and kiss the bride.

Where are they?
They're here, but, Mr. Slade...

I advise you I wouldn't.

Wouldn't what?

Well, on the river, why...

no one kisses the bride excepting
the groom and, well...

we ain't used to it and if I was you I...

I don't think Ernie's gonna mind.

So long as it's me.

No, no, we don't want no trouble with him.

Maybe we should let Ernie handle it his way.

This your new wife, Ernie?
Yes, sir.

Pearl, this is Mr. Slade.
The man that buys all out fish.

Howdy, Mr. Slade.

You sure picked yourself a pretty one, Ernie.

Yeah, I guess I did at that.

Am I gonna have the pleasure
of kissing the blushing bride?

That's up to her.

She surely ain't gonna stand off
her husband's big customer, is she?

It's alright, Ernie.

Hmm.. smart too, ain't she?

Just a minute.

I changed my mind.

Why, she said alright, didn't she?
She said it.

I didn't.

Ernie, if it's liable to cause trouble, I...

If Ernie wants to make a living on this river,
it ain't likely to cause any trouble.

You just ain't gonna kiss her, that's all.

So you better go.

You said alright, didn't ya?

Where are ya, Mr. Slade?

Where are ya?

Buddy, get the hook quick.

We'll get ya, Mr. Slade.

Holy jumping cats!

Well, if you ain't the dumbest man...
He couldn't help it.

He could have knocked somebody else in,
couldn't he?

Buddy, get the skiff out quick.

Ernie, I'm afraid.

If he's unconscious, he'd be drownded sure.

Hey, where are you going with that skiff?

None of your business.

Mr. Slade! Mr. Slade!

Where are you?

Oh, Mr. Slade!

He ain't here.

I've heard of a lot of wedding nights,

but I'll be dogged if I ever heard
of any one like this.

Did you hear what Judge Tope said?

What was that?

He said if they don't find him,
it's murder.

What did I tell ya?

A dozen river men on board the boat
and Ernie had to knock a land man overboard.

What on earth ails him?

My gosh.

In the last ten years we must have had
forty fights and at least two killings...

on these boats and not ever
getting mixed up with the law.

Now along comes Ernie and..
Here they come now.

We've been a half mile downstream
and he ain't nowhere.

Did you look on the jetty?
He ain't there neither. He's clean gone.

Party broke up already?

What are we gonna do, Ernie?

Listen, honey, I gotta get out of here.
I gotta go away.

I'm scared of that land court.
I don't trust it.

From what I hear they'd just as soon hang you
as look at you.

I'll get packed.
No, wait a minute, honey.

I gotta go alone.
I gotta hide out.

But I'll send for you just as soon
as I get some money, do you understand?

No, no, I don't understand.

I don't understand anything
that takes you away from me.

We're married, you're my husband.
Whatever happens to you happens to me

and wherever you go, I go.

But, Pearl.

What're you gonna do, son?

Can't take her with me, Pa.
She's gotta stay here.

You ain't figuring on leaving right now
tonight, are you?

I've got to.
Listen, son.

The night your ma and me was married...

that was the serenade the folks give us.

Saint Louis Blues.

I've been waiting all these years
to play that tune for you.

You ain't gotta go now.
They ain't gonna miss him before morning.

And there ain't no other reason on earth
why you can't stay here tonight.

I'll watch for you. I'll sit up all night on guard.
I won't shut my eyes.

Doggone it, son. You're my last chance.

Alright, pa.

Thank you, son.

Thank you.

Where will you go?
I don't know.

Get on a boat maybe.

But I'll find a place for us.

I'll wait, Ernie. It don't matter how long.
I know you will, honey.

We ain't only just married,
we love each other too

and the way I feel about it,
there ain't anything in heaven and earth

that will ever be able to do anything about that.

We're just that way.
I'm sorry for what happened, you know?

Oh, hush. I know you are.

Nothing matters now but just us.

Uncle Newt.

The police, Uncle Newt.

I'll be dogged and be danged.

Hold 'em, Buddy.
Hold 'em!

Hold 'em, Buddy!

Excuse me, it's too late now.

The police are here. Go through that window
while I hold the door.

Let me go, honey.
Say you love me, just once more.

Till the day I die.

Open that door!

In the name of the law!

Goodbye, honey. I'll write.

Might just as well shoot at a catfish.

Hurry up or he'll get away.

Ernie can swim underwater from here to Memphis.

But what'll he do, Newt?
Where'll he go?

He'll swim over to the Tennessee banks
and catch that down train to New Orleans.

It'll be due along under the spell.
Do you think he'll make it?

Sure. It ain't far.

But it ain't Ernie that's worrying me.

What makes me mad is the way I've been looking forward
to this day and now look at it.

You here on the boat and Ernie
swimming down the Mississippi Ri...

Well I'll be double danged and I'll be dogged.

Where is he? Where's Ernie?

Is it really you, Mr. Slade?

Who does it look like?
Where's that son of yours?

And you wasn't drownded?

No. But it ain't his fault that I wasn't.

If it hadn't been for that little air
that sucked me upstream to that north jetty...


Are you aiming to tell me
you floated upstream?


What ails her now?

Mr. Slade, I hate to do what I'm gonna do now...

because you know it just means more trouble.

But when I think of the misery
you brought on the boat tonight

and on top of that you floated upstream.
I just ain't got no choice in the matter.

Hello... look out...

coming home... soon.




Marseilles is in France, you know.

That's where the war was.

Ernie better keep his nose out of that war.

He ain't in it. It's over.

That one's finished.
Ain't quite started a new one yet.

Think a little sip of this corn might help ya?

Wouldn't be at all surprised.

You write him that trouble
with Mr. Slade's all over?

Judge Tobe did.
Climb up now.

There ain't a thing in the world
like corn for putting oil in your joints.

Well, if there is I ain't found it.

Guess you don't know you got
a caller on your boat.

Well who on earth?

Whose is it?
A caller's.

Calling on me?


You gotta remember this, Newt.

Six months is a long time for a husband
to be away from home.

Specially when the husband's a groom.

Mrs. Holley, I've been selling these enlargements
up and down the river for the last five years

and if that ain't a genuine work of art,
then I've never seen one.

I don't know if it's art, but...

it sure is the prettiest thing I ever did see.

Well, of course you oughta know better
about that.

Well? Where will we hang it?

The nail's up there.
I'm making that corner the sitting room.

Sitting room?

Sitting room, that's clever, yes...

That's very clever indeed.

Sitting room, huh?

That's very clever.

When did you say he was coming back?

Oh, I don't know.
We ain't heard lately.

Oh, just a minute.

Well, that's about the first thing
we ever had on this boat

that looked like it was worth six dollars.

Look, lady. You don't have to pay cash
for that picture unless you don't wanna.

What do you mean?

Where did you say the old man was?

He's over on the Tennessee side,
Pecan Point.

Now, uh, look, here's the idea.

I got a little art studio down in New Orleans,

sometimes when business is good, I...

I can use a retoucher to help out.

A retoucher?

I don't even know what that is.

Retoucher, you know,
a retoucher is one who er...

who retouches, that's all.

It's easy to learn.
All you have to do is just put...

color in the enlargements, you know.

Pink in the cheeks and blue in the eyes and...

gold in the hair, you know, gold like yours.

You really think it's golden?

Hey, listen, little girl, you could be in the Follies
right now and nobody'd know the difference.

Take it from me, you're the slickest article
on this river

and I've seen them all from Memphis
to New Orleans.

With your looks you could pose for pictures
for art galleries and museums.

Baby, you're alright.

You could work out the cost of the picture.

Besides, what have you got to lose anyway?

How do you know if your husband's
ever coming back?

You don't want to spend
the rest of your life in this shack, do you?

Give him his money, Pearl, and let him get.

Before I beat his brains in.

It's alright, Newt. I wasn't gonna go.

Now don't get me wrong, Mr. Holley.
I was offering the young lady...

a strictly legitimate proposition.

I'm strictly on the level, yessir.

That's eighty-five, not ninety-five.


Now, wait a minute.
Now, now, wait a minute, I'm going.

But don't get the idea for one moment
that anything that you've said...

Go on, say it.

You hadn't oughta do that, Pearl.
What was I doing? Nothing.

I told you I wasn't gonna go to New Orleans.

Then what was you listening to him for?
I'll tell you why I was listening to him.

I was listening to him because
I wanted to hear what he was saying.

About my cheeks, and my eyes, and my hair.

Nice things about them.

It had got so...

It didn't matter to me who said it
just so somebody did.

I wasn't even thinking
about going away with him.

I don't hardly remember what he looks like, but...

what he was saying was

was what I've been wanting to hear.

But you're Ernie's wife, Pearl.
You love him.

Yeah, who says so?

Maybe I'm sick of waiting for him,
sick of getting postcards from him.

Maybe I will go to New Orleans after all.
Why not?

But, Pearl...
Why not, I say?

Do you think I've been happy here
with everybody laughing at me?

Land girl, land girl, can't keep a husband!

Maybe I don't want to keep him anymore.

I've done without him for six months,
maybe I'll make it six years or sixty!

He's heading home now...
I can do without him forever.

What did you say?
Ernie's coming home.

Ernie's coming home?

You see? He ain't forgot us.

We're still his folks and the river's his home.

Oh, Newt.

There, there, honey. Hush up now.

I'm sorry for what I said, Newt.
I didn't mean it.

I'm willing to wait.

It's alright. I know how it is.

Gets kinda hard for me too,
waitin' and waitin'.

But then I've been at it so long
I guess I'm almost used to it.

I ain't playing, you understand. Just practicing.

Ole Saint Louis Blues.


Great day in the mornin'. It's him.

It's Ernie home.

Run, tell everybody it's Ernie!

Ernie! Ernie!

He's back.


Ernie, my darling.

How do you like that?

Ernie, it's the prettiest thing
I ever did see in my whole life.

Is it genuine silk?

If it ain't, then I've been gypped
out of two bucks.

That's really Italian silk.
I bought it in Genoa, Italy.

That's where Christopho Colombo come from.

He's the man that discovered this country,
you know.

Reckon he thought he'd done something big, too.

Oh, but you don't think so, huh?

Great big place like this,
how could he have missed it?

Hey, who's that for?

For you, Judge. Cognac.

From la belle France.

Ernie, you oughtn't to...

This is for you, Buddy, from Havana.

Look, a handkerchief.

And get a load of this.

Oh, ain't that pretty?

But didn't it hurt?

I hope to tell you it hurt.
My whole arm swole up like a balloon.

And get this one.

My, Oh my!

Pearl in blue and green.

Surrounded by bleeding hearts in red.

And all for me.

And they speak a different language
in every country. No two alike.

No two alike?
No two alike

In France they speak French.
In Portugal they speak Portuguese.

In Italy all you hear is Italian.
They all speak at the same time, blah blah blah.

Nobody listens.
And do you speak any of them?

S?, se?ora.

Well, I'll be dab blame, Ernie.

If you don't beat everything
I've seen in my whole life.

Oh, you pick it up.


Alright, we're going.

That's getting shed of them, ain't it?

Pa, you ain't changed a speck.

You're just like the river,
looks just the same all the time.

We growed up together, me and the river.

He's getting so he looks like the river sometimes.

It's my home. I was borned on it
and I'm gonna die on it

like all the Holleys.

Guess I wouldn't be able to sleep nights

if I thought I had to end up my days
in a grave on land.

What are you talking about dying for?
You're good for twenty years yet.

Why, I'm good for forty.

Well, good night, son.

Good night, Pa.

Good night, Pearl.
Good night.


Good night.

That was a long way around, wasn't it?

To this.

Never apart again?
Never again.

Listen at her.
Balling the jack.


There ain't been a minute since you left
I wasn't lonely in my heart.


I seemed like just half a person and I...

I couldn't live without you.

I feel it too.

Like I was just beginning to live again.

Don't change, Ernie.
I won't.

I can't.

I love you too much.


I've been so afraid that all this travelling
might do something to you and...

maybe you wouldn't be happy at home anymore.

Never again, honey.
I've had all the travelling I want.

I've been in six different foreign countries,
not counting the United States.

All I wanna do now is settle down

and make myself a home for the rest of my life.

In the West Indies.
The West Indies?

Yeah, a place named Aruba.


You ain't thinking of going away again,
are you?

But this is a new colony development.
I don't care what it is.

I ain't gonna let you go away,
not again.

I'm talking about all of us, not just me.

All of us, the whole family, don't you understand?


I'm sorry, but you scared me.

Oh, no, no...

This place, Aruba, is building up, see,
like real estate.

And they need workmen.


Take a look at this picture.

How do you like them palm trees?

I already tore off the coupon
and sent for a book about it.


It's a pretty name.

I got it figured out this way.

I'd go on down there and get settled
and draw, say...

about a month's wages
and then I'd send for you and Pa...

Just a minute? What was that last?

I'd go down there first and take a look around.

You won't either.
But I figured on sending for you.

You ain't gonna send for me cause
you ain't gonna go away and leave me, not again.

For one short month?
Not one month, one week or one day.

Pearl, you gotta be reasonable.
I gotta be, but you ain't.

Now listen, you ain't gotta take that attitude.

But Ernie, I can't let you go away again.

Don't you understand? I've got
to have you here with me.

I can't stay here by myself anymore,
I just can't.

I'm sorry, honey.

I guess I know how it's been
and it ain't ever gonna happen again.

From the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry.


I didn't mean to be mad, Ernie.

I understand, honey.

I understand.

But my idea is this.

I oughta go down there first, in case...

Are you gonna let me tell you
the whole idea or not?

You don't have to tell me any more

cause I've heard enough to know
that I ain't gonna stand for it.

Oh, you ain't gonna stand for it?

That's what I said and I'm tired of arguing.

And if you leave, I leave.
Have you gone plumb out of your head?

I mean it just like I said.

I'll be dogged and be danged.

Who's supposed to be the husband
around here, me or you?

It don't matter to me which is which?

I'm sick of being left.
I'm sick of the whole caboodle of you.

I've waited six months and the first thing
that pops into your head

when you get back is bang, where will I go next?

Jumpin' catfish,
can't we have no peace around here?

You keep out of this!

I know, Ernie, but doggone, I gotta...

If you take one step off this boat, just one,

I'm gone for good.
Is that so? Well, we'll just see about that.

Ain't no woman gonna get bullheaded with me!

I warned you, Ernie.

Doggone it, Ernie, now you listen to me.

I wasn't aiming to leave till right now,
but now I am.

I'm ordering you to stay here
till I get back or send for you, do you understand?

I told you what I was gonna do.

I ain't gonna let you go, Ernie.

Get out of my way, Pa.
Oh, let him go.

Bullheaded with me, eh?

Ernie, stop, wait. Ernie!


We never will have no family at this rate.

Sorry, Pa. As soon as she learns who's the husband
the better it will be for all of us.

Two beatless people.

Runnin' around every which way.

I'll be dogged and I'll be danged.

It's what you call retouching.

You know, you put a little pink in the cheeks
and a little blue in the eyes.

That job you offered me, was it real?

Huh? Oh, sure.
Alright, I'm taking it. Come on.

But you can't, your husband.
I ain't got a husband anymore. Come on!

Hey, just a minute!

Come on, hurry up.

Mrs. Holley, are you sure you don't want
to give this idea a second thought?

No, give her a twist.
Great day in the morning, Pearl,

where are you fixin' to go?
New Orleans.

I'm gonna be a retoucher,
and a good one too.

Jumpin' catfish. A retoucher.

Where'd she say she was goin'?
New Orleans.

That's a-far away.

You're back.
I'm sorry, Pa. I guess I lost my temper.

I ain't gonna leave Pearl, I can't.

I love her too much.

You're dab blame right you can't,
cause she ain't here for you to leave.

She gone.

Gone where?
Hear that kicker?

That's her.

Her and that New Orleans feller,
Warfield Scott,

headed for the Tennessee bank
to take the down train.

You mean she's run away and left me?

Where are you going now?
After 'em.

To New Orleans?

Wherever they are. I'm gonna catch 'em
and break both of their dab blame necks.

Now where's he goin'?

New Orleans.

It's quite a distance.

Goin' to New Orleans?

Goin' to get my family back together somehow.

Dab blame people running every which way.

A man waits twenty years for a grandbaby

You gonna row down there?
There's water all the way, ain't it?

There ain't but 500 miles at that.

Yessir, this is the Latin Quarter,
the nearest thing in this country to Paris.

Strictly bohemian.

Well, here we are.

A little bit different from that river shack, huh?

Of course most of these furnishings are my own.

You know, little things I picked up here and there.


The place needs cleaning,
I'll have to see about that.

Like it?

Oh, I guess it kind of takes your breath away at first.

What I mean is it's kind of different.

Not very formal, of course.

But it represents my taste.

It sort of expresses my personality,
if you know what I mean.

Of course you'll have to get used to it
but it'll grow on you so...

don't worry.

if you wanna wash up.

This is my room.

You'll find a sink right around there.

Let it rain, let it pour,
nothing bothers me.

for I go right on singing
with a banjo on my knee.

What's the matter?

Mr. Scott.

I'm afraid I've got a confession to make.


I've deceived you, I've misled you.

Misled me?

I'm sorry, Mr. Scott, honest I am.

I didn't mean to do it.
I was so mad with Ernie.

He was so bullheaded,
I didn't know what I was doing.

I can't go through with this.

I'm sorry. Honest to goodness, I am.

You mean you're not gonna stay?
I can't, I just can't.

But this is terrible, this is unfair.

I know it is, but I can't help it, I've got to go.

Wait a minute, won't you reconsider?
No, I couldn't, please.

Well this is a pretty howdy-do, I must say.

I suppose it doesn't matter to you
about the position you put me in

or the amount of kale I laid out.

That's what's been worrying me,
all the money I cost you

and it's all my fault too.
You know how much I've sunk already?

Ten dollars?
Ten dollars? it's nearer of twelve.

Cost me seven bucks for the railroad ticket alone.

That's terrible.
A cool $11.80 just shot.

Listen, Mr. Scott, if you'll just let me go.

If you won't try and stop me or anything

I'll pay it all back to you, honest I will.

It's the first thing I'll do.

Well then I guess it'll have to be alright.
Thank you, thank you so much, and I...

I'm awful sorry, honest.


Eighteen, nineteen and twenty.

How long will it take me to make $11.80?

You mean washing dishes?

Eleven day and eight hours.

Where are they?
Come on.

Come in.

Just a minute stranger, I'll be right with you.

Where is she?

Just a minute, my friend.
Where is she, I said.

I don't know.
I don't know where she is.

Oh, you don't.
Then suppose I just have a look around.

Now look here, Mr. Holley, this has been
a very unfortunate misunderstanding.

I'm a perfect gentleman, I hope,
and I've been strictly on the level with everybody.

The fact that somebody mistook my idea
and got the wrong impression

places me in a very embarrassing position.

However, I'm broadminded and I'm willing
to let the whole thing drop

just as though it never happened at all.

What did you do with her?
I don't know. She ran away.

I'm sorry, buddy, but I'm just gonna have
to beat the stuffing out of you.

Don't do that. Give me a chance to explain.

I don't deserve this...

I never cared to share my devotion

Two sirloins medium with French fries.

I knew nothing of the thrill in store.

I never dared to show my emotion

Now I'm about to start

Honey, I have never felt this way before.


There's something in the air

that warns me to beware tonight.

There's something in the air.


there's music in the breeze.

I never saw the stars so bright.

There's something in the air.

Though I find there's danger in your eyes

the thrill is new.

I've been blind but now I realize
what love...

Have you got any corn?
Don't carry it, sailor.

Give me the next thing to it.
The next thing to corn liquor is dynamite.

Alright, give me some of that
and a beer chaser.

So whisper you'll be mine tonight

There's something in the air.

There's something in the air

that warns me to beware tonight.

There's something in the air.

There's music in the breeze.

I never saw the stars so bright.

There's something in the air.

Though I find there's danger in your eyes

the thrill is new.

I've been blind but now I realize

what love can do.


I feel it everywhere

so whisper you'll be mine tonight.

There's something in...

the air.

What's the matter, sailor?
Afraid some of it's gonna evaporate?

Oh, beat it, will ya?
Now, is that nice?

Especially since me and my husband own the joint.

Sorry. I ain't feeling good.

She run out on you?

Wish the heck I knew.
Can't make up my mind.

I can't even decide whether
I wanna hug her and kiss her...

or break her doll darn neck.

All I know is I feel terrible.

Throw her up this time, will you, Jack?

Ain't but one trouble in the world
with my wife, she's bullheaded.

Just plain bullheaded.

Why, she's the most bullheaded woman...

Well, if it ain't the Mississippi River catfish.

How are you, catfish?

Why, you're the very man I've been looking for.
You want a ship again, eh?

That's it. How about it?

Who done this?
Don't argue. Get a mop.

But look!
Get a mop, will you, dear?

You got a berth for me?
You sure you want one, catfish?

You got one?
Shoving off tonight for Havana.

Let me think.

Stand back, boys,
and give the man room to think.

Hey you, new girl. Get the mop. Quick!

Hey, call that fella back. He forgot his cap.

Here, I'll take it to him.
He don't feel much like walking.

Ho, ho, get a load of that.

Are you sure that's what it says,
Warfield Scott?

That's it.

Thank you very kindly, sir.

Alright, kids, beat it. Come on.

Now the head a little bit to the left.

That's it. Not too much.

Hm... Now don't forget to smile.

Hold that, just a minute.

Just a minute.

Just a dite.

There. Hold it.

Come in.

What do you want?

I want my daughter-in-law.
She ain't here. She's gone.

She's been gone for two weeks.

Guess I better take a look around anyhow.

Now listen here, Mr. Holley, this is becoming
very embarrassing to a man of my instinct.

Excuse me.
And I'd like to have you to bear in mind...

that I'm every inch a gentleman
and strictly on the level with everybody.

I'm willing to let the whole thing drop
and no hard feelings from either side, I hope.

The fact of the matter is your whole family's
got me a little mixed up in this affair.

Have they, son?

From the very beginning
I've been terribly misunderstood

I guess you have at that.
But I'm broadminded...

and I've been very patient too.

Yeah, son, but you hadn't oughta took
my daughter-in-law away like that.

What are you gonna do?

I hate to do it but I just gotta kick
the livin' daylights out of you.

No, wait, your son already did that.

Good for Ernie.
You wouldn't hit a man with glasses.

No, I never have yet.

Not twice!

Be careful of my camera.

This is a restaurant, ain't it?

Haven't you ever been in one before?

Been eating at home all my life.

Oh, wait a minute, Pappy.
I'll look after you.

Well, don't you want to park that er...
This is a contraption.

Oh, is that what you call it?

Well, don't you want to park it?

Wouldn't want nothin' to happen to it.

I don't think anything could...


Here you are.

Yes, mam.

Just whipped a man. Give me an appetite.

Whipped him? What for?

Didn't like him.

Oh, I see.

I'll have some meat and potatoes.

Anything to drink?

Just some corn liquor, that's all.


Howdy, son.
What do you call that?

It's my contraption.

Like music?
Some of it.

Well, if you wanna wait around a few minutes

till I get some of the wrinkles out of my belly,
I'm gonna play some.

Cause I'm feelin' mighty low.
And when I'm low it's music I need.

River music.

Fix him up the thickest steak in the house.

Some French fries, sliced cucumbers
and plenty of biscuits.

Si, patrona.

Goodbye, Miss Ruby.
You're not quitting?

Well, I was only staying down here
till I paid off a debt I owed.

Oh, well what are you gonna do?
Go back to the country?

Back to the river.

Gee, Pearl, I'm sorry to see you go.

But I guess your folks will be glad
to have you back again.

That, mam, is something I won't know
till I get there.

I hate to see

that evening sun go down.

Hate to see

that evening sun go down.

Cause my baby, he done left this town.

Saint Louis woman

with a diamond ring...
Saint Louis woman with a diamond ring

Who's that man around by her apron string?

If it weren't for powder

and for store bought hair

If it weren't for powder
and for store bought hair

That man I love he wouldn't have gone nowhere.


Got the Saint Louis Blues

just as blue as I can be.

That man's got a heart
like a rock cast in the sea.

I'll love my baby, Lord till I die.

I'll love my baby till the day I die.

Lord, Lord, Lordee Lord...

Oh, Lord

My Lord...

I'll love my baby, Lord, till I die.

Lordee Lord, you know I got them Saint Louis Blues.

I got them blues.

I got those Saint Louis Blues...

That man's got a heart like a rock
cast in the sea.

Like a rock cast in the sea.

Or he wouldn't have gone from me.

I've got them blues.

I've got them blues.

Well, looks like you feel worse than I do.

Hello, Mr. Bean.
I didn't know it was you, Pearl.

What's the matter?

It's that song.

Anything I can do?

Nothing anybody can do.

My whole life's messed up, that's all.

It is?

Move over.

I don't feel so good myself.

I feel awful.

Cause I got a hunch I'm gonna be out of a job
before the night's over.

That's terrible.

I just can't figure out the American public.

Don't seem to know what it wants.

When I came to the Creole two months ago
I was terrific, I killed them.


The trouble with Ernie and me
is we're both bullheaded, both of us.

There's no other word for it, terrific.

Just plain bullheaded, that's all.

Just during the last two or three weeks
I can't figure it out.

The only possible way is...

Listen, do you think I ain't as good
as I think I am? Is that possible?

Hmm... I don't know.

That would be awful.

There's no other way to figure it.

I mean about this evening.

An old fellow comes in the caf?
with a daffy kind of contraption.

Even if I knew where he was
I don't know what I'd tell him.


I said I don't know what I'd tell him...

Well, he probably wouldn't have me now anyway.


But I mean, if they like him
better than they like me, then...

I ain't as good as I thought I was.

Cause he's nothing but an old river rat
with one of those homemade contraptions.

Nothing but a bass drum and a lot of stuff
from cowbells to bottles.

Did you say a contraption?

If I ain't as good as that.


Play away, Pappy!
Listen to that. Maybe we could hire him.

Let him stay here.

Folks, my next...

Hey, you're on your knickers here, miss,

My next one's gonna be my last one,
cause it's gettin' way past my bedtime.

Great day in the mornin', if it ain't her!

Hold her! Hold her!

Don't let her get away!

Oh, please, mister, please...
Oh, no!

Hold her!

Why, what on earth, Pearl?

I just wanted to listen to the music
a little bit, Newt, that's all.

Come here, honey, let me hug ya.

You mean you...

you ain't gonna whip me?

Whip ya? Why, Pearl, I'm gonna keep you
right by my side

till I find the other half of this team.

You think I'd give up about them
Saint Louis Blues yet?

I'm gonna play that serenade
for you two or bust.


Day's ending and the sun's descending
in the west once more.

Night is falling, I can hear love calling

on the dear ole 'Sippi shore.

Everybody knows that it's just a muddy river

but it seems like heaven on high.

When the moon is shining bright

let me dream away the night

where the lazy river goes by.

Go away, let us be.

Just the river, you and me.

Everything is still all along the Mississippi

Ain't no one as happy as I

Oh, I never want to roam

let me live and make my home

where the lazy, lazy river goes by.

Everybody knows that it's just a muddy river

but it seems like heaven on high.

When the moon is shining bright

let me dream away the night

where the lazy river goes by.

Go away, let us be.

Just the river, you and me.

Everything is still all along the Mississippi

Ain't no one as happy as I

Oh, I never want to roam

let me live and make my home

where the lazy, lazy river goes by.

where the lazy, lazy river

goes by.

Came pretty near not getting in that sign,
didn't I?

They wouldn't dream of letting you go.

No, I might have thought that once but...


Aren't you tired of waiting here?

If you knew he was coming back...

even if you had any idea if he still cared for you,
I wouldn't say anything but...

Oh, what do I know,
what can I say?

Looks like when it comes to Ernie I...

I really haven't got good sense.

I don't have to tell you
how crazy I am about you.

You already know it.

Ever since that first night
we sat here and talked

it's grown on me until now it's all I can think of.

It wouldn't hurt him to write to Newt anyway.

I know I ain't got much to offer you, Pearl,

I wouldn't even have a job except Newt
put up such a holler about it.

Outside of loving you there ain't really
but one thing I can say for myself.

I'm here.

Maybe I ain't much when I'm here
but I'm here...

and always will be where you are.

You got more than that, Chick.

You've got all the things I wanted in him.

You love me, you're sweet to me and you...

you think about me.

You're the man I ought to be in love with.

Don't get the idea I'm gonna be a flop always.

With you...

Why can't we go away, Pearl, you and me?

You mean not wait for him?

They can't keep me down, honey.
I we went to Chicago, I could show them.

I'm not asking you to love me, you know,
till you want to yourself.

All I want now is to do things for you
that would make you happy.

That would make me happy too.

You mean that, don't you, Chick?

Will you come with me?



Will you?

Newt! Newt Holley!



Newt Holley!




Chick, it's Buddy from up home.


Gee, am I glad to see you.
Did you miss me?

Yeah, but not very much.

Chick, this is Buddy.


When are the rest of them coming?
There ain't no more.

I doubt that.

Gosh, I've been rowing up and down the river
for a week looking for you and Newt.

This sure is a mean place to locate anybody.

I never saw so many folks in all my life.

Buddy, it's good to see you.
Newt'll be crazy.

Well, if you ain't a sight.
Never mind about me.

What're you doin' here?
I come down to bring you the mail.

I wrote it down.

Quite a distance.

Here it is. It's from Ernie.


Yeah. It says, "Hello, having a fine time.

Docking at New Orleans the 16th,
steamship Yucat?n, goodbye, Ernie.

Great day in the morning, Buddy.

You ain't learned to read, have ya?

No, Leota read it to me.

Say, is the picture of him? Let me see it.

I'd like to get a look at this galloping ghost.

Is this him?

Why, I know that kid.
I remember the night he shipped out of here.

The 16th. That's tomorrow.

I'd be dogged if it ain't.
Okay, it's be a party for him.

A surprise party.

Now all we gotta do is not lose
any of the rest of you until then.

Give me a triple bourbon.

Time for your next number, Pappy.

I'm gonna give my new one
just a sort of celebrating.

It's been weeks since I heard that contraption.

There ain't nothin' like it.

Go on, Buddy. All us other Hollies have.

Say, can he do something, too?
Sure, he sings and dances.

Come on, son. You're elected.
Come on.

A man was on a shanty boat
the fish were swimming by.

A great big catfish came along
and zzzt right in his eye.

Oh, let it rain, let it pour,
nothing bothers me.

Cause I go right on singing with...

a banjo on my knee.

Everybody, join in the chorus.

It really was a pity what became of Suzy Gray

Here pappy had to shoot her
'cause she fell and broke her leg.

Oh, let it rain, let it pour,
nothing bothers me.

Cause I go right on singing with...

a banjo on my knee.

A cow stood on the railroad track,
the train was comin' fast.

The train got off the railroad track
to let the cow go past.

Oh, let it rain, let it pour,
nothing bothers me.

Cause I go right on singing with...

a banjo on my knee.

Hey, Pearl, come on, get over here.

Hey, can you play Swanee?

So long, mate.
So, long, Ernie.

Ernie Holley?

You remember me?
Oh, sure.

You're that lady that owns the Cave, ain't ya?
Yeah, that's right.

I got a surprise for you.

For me?
Yeah, over at the place.

Drop by with me, will you?
Just for a minute.

Sure. Why not?
Atta boy!

Hello there!
Oh, it's you.

I've been looking everywhere for you, lassie.

Very chic, a very chic ensemble.

You're on your way someplace else,
aren't you?

Well, nothing that can't wait
now that I've seen you again.

But I have an engagement.

You're not trying to get rid of me, are you?

I know what you're sore about
and that's why I've been looking for you.

About that money. I was checking up on that later
and you know what I did?

I overcharged you. It was $10.80 not $11
so I owe you a dollar.

But never let it be said that a Scott
don't pay back.

Hold your horses, son.
You're gonna get a great kick out of this.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, I'll be...

Ernie, Ernie!

Ernie, Ernie!

Madona! Sono tutti pazzi!

Well, for heaven's sake!

Wait, Ernie!

Wait'll I get there!

Stop that. Hey, you!


Police! Police!

Police! Police!

Police, help, help!

Police, Police, help!



Ernie, stop it!
I'll attend to you later...

You touch that girl...

Speak to me, Chick, speak to me.

That's the main one.
Bring him along.

You big dumb lummox!

I'm glad you're going to jail.

I hope they keep you there
for the rest of your life.

I waited and waited and waited for you

and loved you all the time just waiting for you.

And now this!

Chick, we'll go to Chicago together,
do you understand?


Come on, let's go.

The judge gave him $20 or twenty days.
Do you want to pay it?

We ain't exactly in no position right now.

Can we see him?

Hey, Charlie, take them downstairs.

You got five minutes.

How you feeling, son?

What does it matter?

Did you see Pearl?
Guess she's plumb gone this time.

After the cops taking you away
the party sort of broke up.

What a dumbbell.

Well how was I to know how it was?

All I could see was that fella Scott.

If I ever run across that guy again
I'm gonna take him apart and...

and beat him to death with his own arms and legs.

Yeah, that'll fix things up just fine.

We ain't got any money
to get you outta here, you know.

It took all the money we had to pay
for what you busted.

I never seen a man as mad as that Mr. Jules was.

Pa, you and Buddy better go on back
up the river and forget me.

I ain't worth bothering about.

Aw, no, son, we just sorta figured
we'd grub around the waterfront

till you served out your time here
then we'd all go back together...

where we belong.

I made a mess of things.

Well, you can't blame Pearl this time.

I ain't blaming her.

I ain't blaming nobody but myself.

If you see her, tell her, will ya?

I'd just like for her to know.

You can take him with you too.

You're out, sonny.

But, who done it?

A lady paid your fine. She just walked in.

Great day in the morning.

I came over from the hotel
just as quick as I could.

Hotel? What are you doing in one of them things?
What are you doing in New Orleans anyhow?

Well, I read Ernie's card saying
he was coming back so I...

I just came over hoping to meet him.

A gentleman friend told me where he was.

Thanks, Leota, but you oughtn't have done that.

Twenty dollars is a lot of money.

Gee, Ernie, I'd do anything for you.


Leota L-O-N-G.

Leota Long.

She's all set.
Lettergo, calico!

It don't look so pretty.

But I don't see no reason why it won't work.

The way I look at the law

you got to meet peculiar situations
with peculiar methods.

You ready, Ernie?


Why not?

Come on, Leota, come on.

We're waiting for you.

Well, forever more.

How do you like this for a wedding gown?

Well, ain't it Pearl's?

Hm... it used to be Pearl's.

I don't think that's right, I mean...

wearing Pearl's kimono for a wedding dress.

Why not?

Well, I don't know exactly but...

What do you think, Judge?
Well, it's kind of a peculiar question too.

But I guess it ain't any more peculiar than

any other part of this mess.

How about it?
The river's kinda kicking up a bit.

Alright, Newt. Let her in.

Better hurry, mam. The river's rising.

Hey, Pearl, ain't you in Chicago?
Do I look it?

Where's that Chick fella?
He's on the bay. We're on our way.

Where's my kimono?

Your kimono...

Where is it? That's the one thing
that was dear to me and I'm gonna keep it.

Where is it?

Leota's got it.

Leota? Got my kimono?

She's gettin' married in it.

Why, that...

Party of the first part,
do you take this party of the second part

to be your lawful wedded husband
till death do you part, amen?

I do.

But not that kimono.

Pearl is home!

Shuck out of it.

Just a minute.
Listen, sister Pearl...

You gonna shuck out of it or not?

Are you gonna stand for this, Ernie?

Make up your mind.
Shuck or be shuck!

Everybody out! Get off the boat!

Yes, sir!

Get my contraption and take it on home!

Get away from that door and let me out of here.
No, not yet.

If it's the kimono you want...
And I'm gonna get it too, but that ain't all.

What do you mean?

Leota I was never so sick of anybody
in my whole life as I am of you.

She's a fighting pro, ain't she?


Are you crazy?
You'll wreck it if cuts loose.

It's loose.

Ernie! Oh...

Great day... who done this?

Come on, Ernie, we gotta pull her.

Newt! Newt! Our boat's loose.

Who's on her?

Pearl and Ernie.
So is Newt, I can see him now.

Pull her, Newt, pull her!
Pull her to the sandbar!

To the corner!

He's made it! He's made it!

That's the only sandbar between here and Memphis.

And you made it!

We're alright now.

We're gonna be here till morning, you know?

You and her...
Now listen, son.

Ain't no one in the world can say
I ain't been patient with you two.

I've been patient so doggone long that...

I don't care whether you love each other or not.

But I got a personal interest.

You can just leave me out of it.


I'm sorry for what I'm going to do now, but...

Newt, let me out of here!

Open up!
If you think for one minute I'll...

Come on, unloose this door.

Newt, open the door!

Newt, let me out of here!

Pa, open that door.

Let me out of here!

I won't stay here, Ernie, I won't!

Let us out of here!

So you won't stay here.

Subtitles: Lu?s Filipe Bernardes.