Banjo (2016) - full transcript

Mickey a sound Recordist records a tune during Mumbai Ganpati festival and sends it to her friend Chritina in the US, Christina comes to Mumbai in search of the band.Christina along with Mickey audition many band but they don't find the band which originally played the tune.Taraat who extorts money for local politician had played the tune with his band for the festive season he is given a job of showing Chritina the whole Mumbai but doesn't disclose him self of being a Banjo player as he feels that as a Banjo player he and his band haven received the required respect.


'A city of uproar and clamor.'

'And amongst all this clamor...'

'...Sound-Recordist Mickey was trying to find a unique sound.'

'And while searching he found a tune...'

'A tune that was going to make everyone dance to its... tune.'

Come friend, come...

Look, a foreigner... to watch.

See... India-festival.

Stop trying to enlighten me.

I know it too..

- Thank you. Thank you.
- He speaks Marathi.

Stop being such a show-off.

Are you going to play already...

...or should I do the honors?

'And this tune was going to rock the one...'

'...that makes everyone rock.'

'Chris... A DJ in New York.

Chris, come here.

- Hey... where have you been?
- Later.

First, watch this.

Limitless Music Festival.

The winner gets to open the show.

You always keep saying that you want to make your own music.

This is your opportunity.

See... all you need to do is make two songs...

...and submit it in three months.

"O Destroyer of evil."

"O Lord... Destroyer of all evil."

"You're the benefactor of all your followers."

"The heart You dwell in... is rid of all conflicts."

"And that's why we always say Hail Lord Ganesha... first."

"O Destroyer of evil."

"O Lord... Destroyer of all evil."

"He who's blessed by you, his destiny is uplifted."

"And passes every trial in life."

"And that's why we always say Hail Lord Ganesha... first."

"O Lord You...
- Run this universe."

"O Lord You...
- Are the Lord of benevolence."

"O Lord You...
- Are the One that controls destinies."

"Glory to Thee."

"He who calls out to you... from his heart..."

" sure to rid of all troubles."

"O Lord... whenever your name's taken..."

"...Lord... whenever your name's taken..."

"You eradicate problems of your followers."

"O Destroyer of evil."

"O Lord... Destroyer of all evil."

"O Destroyer of evil."

"O Lord... Destroyer of all evil."

"Wherever you set foot... all evil is decimated."

"You eliminate the darkness with Your light."

"And that's why we always say Hail Lord Ganesha... first."

"O Lord You...
- Run this universe."

"O Lord You...
- Are the Lord of benevolence."

"O Lord You...
- Are the One that controls destinies."

"Glory to Thee."

- Glory to...
- Lord Ganesha!


This is like...

There's so much...

It's something like...

- You really like it?
- Yeah.

You know what, the two songs I'm supposed to make...

...for the Limitless Fest, I'll be making it with them.

Together I think we'll make a great band.

But... do you know them?

You're here, and they are in Mumbai.

So we'll have to find them.

What do you mean "Find them"?

You want me to go looking for them.

I sent you one sound clip...

...and now you're after me.

And listen, I don't know them.

- So is there a problem?
- No. No... no problem at all.

Let's do this. Why don't you come here...

...and we'll look for them together?


- Fine... I am coming.
- What do you mean?


Chris! Chris!

Fine then, you go.

But how will you find them?

I've a friend, whose uncle knows Mumbai inside-and-out.

- Which friend?
- The same friend who showed me the poster.

Hang on... No!

No.. No..No!

- Not Pandit uncle!
- Yeah!

You're completely insane.

Please... not him, okay Chris.

Relax, nothing's going to happen.

Just tell him I am coming to Mumbai. Period!

You have to help me.



'Now let's meet those guys...'

'...who don't have the slightest clue...'

' much they are in demand abroad.'

'The first member of our band...'


'He delivers 'Newspaper' because it pays.'

'And plays for the band... because he loves to.'

'Actually... even Paper's father loves to play.'

'And his favorite instrument is... Paper!'

'Paper's mother... Drama Queen.'

'She has just one demand.'

'Like a pin.'

'Small in size... but believe me, hurts a lot.'

Son... go, get water.

'Whether it's day or night...'

Hey handsome!

'Under the scorching sun... or the thundering rains..'

'..whether he's got the loose motions or fever...'

' mourning or in celebrations...'

'...independence Day..' - 'Long Live Mother India!

'...or Love Day.'

'There's only one place you can find Paper.'

'The queue for water.'

'And so Paper has only one dream.'

- Doctor...
- Sub-Inspector!

TV Anchor.


- Grease.
- Yeah.



- Where are you?
- Right here!

Are you teasing me?

'Grease... Second member of the gang.'

'He can speak English.

A to M.

To Stop the Train Pull the Chain!

Object in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear.

'There are two things Grease is perfectly tuned with.'

'First is the Engine.'

'Second... Drum.'

'But Grease is ashamed of his other talent.'

'Covered all over with grease, he has only one dream.'


'White walls. White sofa.'

'White table... white cupboard.'

'Lamp... photo... chair...'

'...pant, shirt and white goggles.'

Let's get going.

How are you doing, Grease?

Let's go.

'The trumpet is called 'Vajantri' in Marathi.'

'That's why he was named Vaja.'

'The third member.'

'Normally the saddest person in a wedding is the bride's father.'

'Then the mother... then the ex-lover.'

'And then the... bride herself.'

'But the saddest of all is... Vaja.'

Hey... Vaja... let's go. Come on.

'But Vaja's face is worth watching...'

'...when he's playing the clarinet.'

'By the way, even Vaja has a dream.'

'He's heard that in the airplane...'

'...there's a button above the seat.'

'And when it's pressed... a woman appears.'

'And she gives you anything you want.'

Sir, how can I help you?

Taraat! Taraat!


Did he fall in again?

Taraat! Taraat! Taraat!

'And this... is the most important member of our band.'

'When he punches someone... he gets shaken.'

'And when he strums the Banjo, people still get shaken.'

'The Big B of Banjo world.'


'Extorts money for Corporator Patil.'

'But he couldn't earn his share of respect yet.'

Man, you guys play so well.

Everyone in our area said...

"No one will bother to come down..."

"...if you guys don't play at Navratri".

That song you guys played on Ganpati festival.

Absolutely wonderful.

People are just dying to shower money on you.

And now you demand double the fee.

I mean... you guys charge double if the client comes himself.

This isn't right.

Life gives you two choices.

'Either take whatever you get...'

'...or... snatch what you like.'

Now, you decide.

I want double.

It's fine.

See you.

How are you?

Please talk to him.

He's asking for double the fees.

Why double?

We're just getting in demand.

That's exactly why we can demand double.

Say what?

You won't understand just yet.

I will when you're old enough to understand.

Unbelievable, Taraat. Amazing.

- What did you understand?
- I didn't...

But if Taraat is saying it, it must be right.


I've been trying to explain you for three days, do I look crazy to

Can't you listen... or you don't want to listen?

You go... you must be getting late.

Don't forget to call after you reach, please.

Don't worry, mom. It's only for a few days...

...and everything's been taken care of.

But be careful,

Mumbai is a really nice place, and so are its people.

But not everyone's too nice.

- Gotya.
- Yeah.

How did I play?

Simply amazing.

But if you could play a little better, then...

Then what?

You think Taraat plays better than me.

That's not what I meant, but...

He took the Ganpati gig as well.

It's just his good luck.

But soon our time will change.

The biggest 'Navratri' gig is ours after all.

Where will they go?

- Pakya...
- Yeah.

We lost the 'Navratri' gig as well.

They booked Taraat and his band for double the rate.


Boss... Double!

Taraat! Taraat! Taraat!

Bloody rascal's been s**** me all the time.

I feel like strangling the life out of him.

This time... I'm going to play like no one's seen or heard before.

Just let the festivals begin.

Mom, I've reached Mumbai.

It's so colorful.


How many times have I told you...

...not to pickup money with your mouth.

'Shame, don't come.'

This is exactly why people think we're beggars.

Does anyone tell the drum player to pickup money from the mouth?

Does anyone tell a Harmonium player to do it?

This is why I am ashamed to tell anyone that I play the Banjo.

Sir... your order?

Wasn't one enough?

- Give it to him.
- Thank you.

Remember why you asked double charge?

So listen...

Half for playing the banjo...

...and the other half for the humiliation.

We're not going to get any respect in this lifetime.

So why don't we charge double and make some extra money.

What say...

You're right, Taraat.

I didn't understand, but since Taraat's saying.. must be right...

Hey wise-guy... trying to show-off because you are paid double.

Life gives you two choices.

Either you punch him in the face,...

...or you earn double of what he does and punch him in the guts.

Come on.

"Round... round... The world's round."

"Carefree... carefree... Our heart's carefree."

"Round... round... The world's round."

"Carefree... carefree... Our heart's carefree."

"Abuses... abuses... Vile abuses is what we like."

"We have all the fun we want."

"We get drunk and dance around."

"We get drunk and dance around."

"We dupe the world..."

"...and show them where it stands."

"We get drunk and dance around."

"We get drunk and dance around."

"We're a bit crooked... and a bit different."

"We wander around on deserted streets leaving our homes."

"We're a bit crooked... and a bit different."

"We wander around on deserted streets leaving our homes."

"Whoever tries to act smart..."

"We smack him..."

"We smack him... good."

"But whenever people clap... for us."

"We give a big smile."

"We get drunk and dance around."

"We get drunk and dance around."

"We dupe the world..."

"...and show him where it stands."

"We get drunk and dance around."

"We get drunk and dance around."

5000 rupees... from airport to here.

It happens.

This usually happens with foreigners here.

Happened with me, too.

By the way, the thing you were looking for.

- The posters.
- Thank you very much.


Well... at least there was one good thing about your trip.

Thank you very much.

- Now can we discuss the plan?
- Ah, plan.

So basically, this Banjo is a very unorganized sector.

There's no concept as a professional 'Banjo' player.

Slums... hutments... you will find these people over there.

Basically, amidst 40% of Mumbai's public.

Like finding coal in the dark.

Are you prepared?


Slums in the city...

...are just like disease in our body.

And even if that's not true...

...then you must show it that way.


What happened?


No need to get so emotional.

After all we're running a Research Agency.

We need to do these things.

You know..

Switch that off.

Lights, please.


So... the Bulani Builders...

Who's going to say 'no' to them?

They need a report against these slums... we'll give them one.


Excuse me.

I am Chris.


That's just wonderful.

So... you all can leave.

Leave... go..go..go...



Come on...


- I am Meera's friend.
- Meera who?

Your niece from New York.

I was supposed to meet you today.


How's Meera? How's she?


Oh... you were supposed to meet me at 10.

Yeah, actually what happen is that...

I don't know what Meera said to you...

...but you won't get any free help here.

You will have to give something in return.

No.. no... it's not what you think.

You're like my daughter..

..but you're not my daughter.

Meera said... you want to find the Banjo guys.

Fine... you can do your job... long as you work for us, too.

But... what must I do?

Hello, sir. Can I come in?

Welcome... Welcome...

Come in, madam.

How are you?

Come in. Come in.


- I hope you don't have any jetlag or any of that stuff.
- No...

Well... what would you like to have?

Water... lime-juice, tea-coffee, cold-drink...

..yours, mine... anything you want.

No thanks.

Be comfortable.

Switch on the AC.

I've arranged for a special guide.


Why so many people on one poster?

Equal Opportunity!

Why isn't he here yet?

Hello, sir.

Sorry, I am late.

- That bloody builder...
- Leave that.

Leave it... leave it... Come, sit... come...

Let me introduce you... this is Chris, madam.

Show her whatever she wants to see.


You see... our area's really neat and clean.

But that won't do for you guys.

And that's why we haven't cleaned the place for a week.

Listen... show her Ashok Nagar's public toilet...

...Jaadu Pada's gutter... and the pigs at Azad Nagar.

And don't forget to take her... the area full of with beggars and saints at Ganesh Nagar.

Are you listening?

Yes... I am listening.

I don't want any complaints, get it.

Shall we go?

"She stole my peace..."

Who is it?

- Tarat bhai, hello.
- Hello, Tarat bhai.

Tarat bhai, hello.

- Hello, Tarat bhai.
- Hello.

Should I call you 'bhai' (brother) too?

Nandkishore. My real name.

Everyone calls me 'bhai' out of respect.

And politely... they call me Taraat'.

'Taraat' means.
- Taraat means drunkard.




Someone that consumes others pain.

The sorrows of his friends.

And the blood of his enemy.



I'll call you Tarat.

Okay. Okay.

- So... you know everything about the slums.
- Huh!

- You know everything.
- Everything.

Yes... Yes...

Do you know anyone who plays Banjo?

No... I don't play the Banjo.

I mean I don't know anyone who plays Banjo.

Why Banjo?

Bad Banjo.

No Banjo.

You come... I...

- After you.
- Okay.

Small lanes... but their hopes are big.

Those big buildings took our share of water, land and the sky.

- Can I get some cold water?
- Sir, just half an hour.


What happened? Find anyone?

I searched 4 slums, looked in 4 settlements...

...but no one knows who owns that 4 stars Red Banjo.

They are absolute part timers.

Can be anyone.

Tailors... carpenters... mechanics... paper-guy.

They can be right in front of you and you won't know it.


Come... Come...


Come... Come...

Come... eat...





Oh my... I'm washing this after a long time.

Needs a nice scrub.

Wow... now it's shining like new.

Grease, wake up.

Taraat is awake.

- Taraat is awake.
- So early.

And he also took a really long bath.

What... bucket instead of bottle!

Sorry..Sorry..Sorry.. Sorry!

But just.. just one minute.

Just one.

You look like a typical foreigner!

- Where did you get this?
- Patil sir...

...your special tea?

Where's that Taraat?

- Tea for sir?

What were you saying about Taraat?

He's such a show-off otherwise.

But the other day... he was following that lady around.

You're absolutely right.

See... he hasn't showed up yet.

- Right...
- See... he's even make you stand.


Sir... why do you sound like Taraat?

Taraat will sound like Taraat, right.



Stop you.




What are you wearing?

English style.

For you.

I like the Indian better.




I love it.

'I love it.'

"Your gaze pierced right through my heart."

"Pretended to be naïve and struck right at my heart."

"Since you touched me gently..."

"I lost..."

"My peace of mind is lost."

"It flew..."

"My slumber is lost."

"It flew..."

"My peace of mind is lost."

"It is lost..."

"My slumber is lost."

"As you got me indebted in love."

"I was the best... but you made me useless."

"As you made me dance to your tunes..."

"It is lost..."

"My peace of mind is lost."

"It is lost..."

"My slumber is lost."

"It is lost..."

"My peace of mind is lost."

"It is lost..."

"My slumber is lost."

"My heart's turned insane..."

"...since you set your sights on it."

"Your lover's stunned."

"The Lord's created you... with finesse."

"Give me... a chance to be together."

"Don't... deceive your beloved."

"The few days that you spent with me."

"Gave me dreams beyond my imaginations."

"You left an anguish burning in my heart..."

"It is lost..."

"My peace of mind is lost."

"It is lost..."

"My slumber is lost."

"It is lost..."

"My peace of mind is lost."

"It is lost..."

"My slumber is lost."

"Your gaze pierced right through my heart."

"It is lost..."

"My peace of mind is lost."

"It is lost..."

"My slumber is lost."

Did you say something? Huh!

"It is lost..."

Hey Cutting, did you ask something?

- Why would I ask you tea at night?
- Yeah...

Tea... at night... Correct.


Aunty... did you ask something?

Did you pour some of that alcohol in your ear too?





What did you say?

I am crazy about her?

Whenever I see her... there's a smile on my face.

I am still smiling.

I am the kite... and she's the string.

She's the peacock... and I am her beloved.

Is that what you're saying?

Say it slowly... someone might hear you.

You see... life gives you two choices.

Either you marry a girl like Chris immediately...

...or... you marry a girl like Chris right away.

Do you like her? Chris?

What? You like her a lot?

You want her as your daughter-in-law.

You won't talk to me if I don't marry her.

Fine... fine.. fine.


Don't tell anyone else.

But listen, you must do one thing for me.

You must play the Banjo.. the wedding of your disciple.

And you won't just play... you'll sing too.


You must sing, father.

I am really sleepy, father.


Just like you used to sing when I was a kid.

I am really sleepy, father.


- Madam, this is our area's Marine Drive.
- I see.

And he... makes amazing snacks.

How are you?

And this is 'Cuffe Parade'.

And that's the garbage.

This is where it's all collected. Fresh every-day.

She's gorgeous.

Very gorgeous.

Hey... she's mine.

Yeah... but she's gorgeous.

She's just right for me.

I want someone fair-looking like her.

Hey... look somewhere else.

And I did just like you said.

I didn't tell her that I play Banjo.

Ruins the impression.

I said 'Production'.

Smart boy.

- Bro... introduce us, too.
- Please.

Madam... Madam.


- Hi, I am Grease.
- Hello, Grease.

- And who are you?
- Taraat's friend.

- Oh...
- In need.. in deed.

- Cool... what do you do?
- I am mechanical engineer.

- Mechanical engineer.
- Oh, cool, mechanical engineer.

Another friend. Paper.

Hi, Paper...


I mean hello.

- So... what do you do?
- Yeah...


What is that actually?

One more friend... always frustration.

- Please go on, please...
- Okay.

- Get lost... come on...
- Tarat.

Yes, madam.

She called you 'Parrot'.


Taraat bhai, parrots are smart. They even eat guavas.

- Tarat.
- Yes, madam.

And they do exactly as their master's say.

Let's go, we're not allowed to loiter here.

Bye, Tarat.
- Tarat... - You...

- Tarat...
- Madam!

Madam... nowadays you come only for half a day.

It's hard to explain how I spend the rest of my day.

- Sorry?
- I mean... I've nothing to do for the rest of the day.

So it's hard to pass the time.

What do you do?

The rest of the day I look for Banjo bands...

Vaja... railway track... matter!

What are you saying?

- Come on, show me. Let's go.
- Hey... what's happening?

I'll be... right back.

Why are you laughing?

Because now it's your time to cry.

Leave him.

Stop... Leave him.

Thankfully the cops are never on time.

But you got lucky today.

You won't be this lucky next time, understand...

Get lost... come on...


What did you say?

The cops are always late.

If the cops are on time...'s the beginning of your bad luck.


What are you staring at?

Come on... get lost.

Give the stick.


You let them beat you...

Couldn't you punch them once?

- Boss... remember Jagdish, the electrician.
- Yeah.

- He wants to meet you.
- Send him.

Jagdish. Come on.

Pakya... I've breaking news for you.

Is your mother getting married again?

You need a Banjo player.

A foreigner lady's looking for Banjo player all over the city.

A contract this big...

- Banjo?
- Girl?

That's the problem!

That's the problem!

Whenever it's time to play the Banjo...

...your head's in something else.

That's why Taraat's doing better than us.

He doesn't hit his own kids.


You know better.

- Did you tell anyone?
- No... not yet.

- Don't tell anyone.
- Yes.

Keep your mouth shut.


Go... fix a meeting with the girl.

Get lost.


What are you all staring at?

Let's practice.

Chris, I am telling you.

Let's settle for them instead.

They are as good as them.

Think about it for a few days.

You still have a day or two.

- Hey... I saw that, okay!
- What?

Just put it back.

What happen?

He flicked the plectrum.

Hey, madam... don't get too hot-headed.

This is a piece of garbage.

I can buy it too.

Just name your price... I'll pay cash.

You can't buy everything...

Some things need to be earned!

- You won't understand. Just get out.
- Lower your voice!

Lower your voice when you talk to me, understand?

Okay... okay, guys.


- Come on, let's go.
- You tell her! Show off.

Let's go.

She will come back to us... there is no place she can go.

- Okay..
- Come on, pack everything up.

Why is she looking so happy?


Be.. Because she is happy.

She loves going to school.

Don't argue with me.

And don't try to be the justice here.

Just close your eyes and do the job you've been given.

Don't you want to find those Banjo guys?

What's going on?

Feeling angry?

Feel like abusing me?

But you can't...

Because I've contacts.

And you need them.

Take them and leave.

Go! Get out!


Hey, Madam...



But this is just an audition?

We don't care.

We came here... we played... so we ought to be paid.

Let's go.

Let's go play at Deshmukh's ceremony.

We'll get paid better.

This is our situation.

We just made it to the 'base-camp'.

And we still need to climb the mountain.

Are you going to gobble up tomorrow's meal too?

What... you left it.

You think it comes for free!

Some day you will gobble all of us.

What are you looking at?

How dare you look your father in the eye?

How dare you stare at your father?


- Why did you say that?
- Did I say anything wrong?

Did I say anything wrong?

Vaja... come on.

Some rich guy's getting married.

Father's a plumber in Dubai.

They even have a fridge at home.

There's 'Biryani' on the menu.

- Pakya...
- Yeah.

- That foreigner...
- Yeah.

She's been going around a lot with Taraat.

He took the Ganesha gig.

Then the Navratri gig.

Now he will take the girl as well.

Whose side are you on? Pakya...

Leave him... look...

Hey wise-guy... where are you going?

Come on.


Come on... Come on...

Hot's office, do not touch!

Showing off your English.

I am going to whack you local style.


Grease... Railway track... Matter.

- Lets go.
- Hey... where are you going?

I'll be right back.
- I'm coming with you. - Wait.

We'll come here every day, right?

Vaja bhai... Paper bhai...

- Matter?
- Yes..

Hello, ma'am.

That's the guy who stole my plectrum.

Yes, exactly... that's why he's beating him up.

What did he just say?

It's a foul thing, madam.

Come with us, please.

- Madam.
- No, it's okay.

No, wait. I want to see this.

One chicken chilly.

Taraat bhai, she saw you... fighting... abusing.

You just ruined everything for yourself.

I think... I'll have to handle sister-in-law now.

I am ready.

First handle your soup.


Madam... you're getting it all wrong.

I always stay away from problems.

But this time it walked up to me.

Otherwise... fighting... abusing...

Not me.

No.. no... ask.

- Tell her.
- No... it's nice. I like it.

What were you telling him?

That I stay away from fighting and abusing!

No, no, no, not that...

The things you were saying there.


That... abuses.

Will you teach me?

But why do you want to learn abuses?

Bloody burnt out cracker.

You still have some spark left in you, huh?

False ceiling.

What do you think?

This revamp will make you look like new.

Bloody baldy.


- You dog...
- Dog!

Why do you start fuming over everything?

Someday I'll make you sit on the hot stove... will burn right through you're a***

And you'll never be able to sit anywhere ago.

All day yap..yap..yap... bloody rascal!

One tight slap... and you'll stop giving me a headache.

You... you...



Ohh... so you said that to your boss.

Not me... to her boss.

Calm down everyone.

Take this...

Hurry up,..
- come on.

- Yes, Tarat.
- Yeah, ma'am.

I am going out of town... for work.

- Do you need me?
- No... I've no work now, you carry on.

No... if you want... I can stay back. I'll manage.

You carry on, bye, - Bye. Thank you.

Where are you going?

Father, see you soon.

- Cutting, look after father.
- You don't need to tell me twice.

I will.

Look Chris, leave all this.

Just forget what happened.

We still have time.

Let's try one last time.

- Yeah?
- Cool!

"Your memories will haunt me..."

Chilled beer.

It's been a long day, let's go home.

Yeah... right, I'll go home too.

New York.

What are you saying?

Back then I thought I should find these guys... I came here.

Now I feel I'll never find them.

So I want to go home.

- Chris, don't get so emotional.
- Actually, I am not.

I am being practical.

If I go now, I can still submit the album... try something else.

What's wrong with you all of sudden?

I even came here all of a sudden.

I've made up my mind.

- You're always ready, aren't you?
- Yes, I am..

Come on... unload the stuff.

Come on.

Unload all of it.



Hello, madam.

Yeah... I am back.

Where are you coming?

Well bro... I am getting out of here.

I am going to lie flat on my bed.

Stay... Let's play.

I am tired.

Taraat bhai, let's play tomorrow.

But... I'm in the mood to play today.

- Uncle, do you know Tarat?
- Why Taraat?

Don't take his name on such an auspicious day.


"Lord... You..."

"Lord... You..."

"Lord... You..."

"O Lord... Yes Lord..."

But why didn't you ask us about the Banjo earlier?

I asked Tarat... but he didn't tell me.

- What?
- I... I...

He told me that I shouldn't say that I am a Banjo player.

He said it's not a good thing.

- He said if you tell her, she will never like...
- Yeah like...

Like what? What like?

- What? What?
- Tell her.

Tell what? - Like what?
- I said shut up.

- What did I say?
- I said shut up.

Guys! Guys! Let it be.

Thankfully I found you guys.

You guys are the best in Mumbai.

There's no one like you guys.

- Yes, we've no branch.
- Sorry.

You shut up.

Madam, you say.

I want to quickly do something with all of you.

- All of us?
- Yes. All of you.

How nice.

- So... let's meet tomorrow at 11?
- Yes, 11 o'clock tomorrow.

- Taraat bhai.
- Yes.

She means 11 am...

We'll be there, madam.

They won't get here on time if you keep looking at the watch.

Well... at least they have an attitude of a rockstar.

And how do you know these guys are the same guys.

You haven't seen them.

I've seen them... with my ears.

Chris... keep seeing with your ears.

Guys, I want to join your band.

Don't we have enough problems already...

...that she wants to join in too?

No, I am serious.

Are you having trouble making ends meet?

We play to make money.

When the money we earn isn't enough...

...we play to make more money.

Okay... maybe you played till now to make money.

But now... play it for your heart.

The distance from your stomach to the heart is very short.

Chris, let's not complicate it.

We simply have to...

Seems like they got separated when they were kids...

...and finally reunited here.

- Which country bro?
- Thane... bro.


The difference between you and me... the color of my skin and the clothes.

Otherwise... even I was a 'dude' like you.

What are you saying?

- Can I continue?
- Of course.

Guys, we don't want to join any circus.

We just need to record two singles with her.

'Singal' mean that red-green lights at the crossroads,

You fool... we need to record two songs.


- Then?
- Then we'll enter that at the New York Music festival.

- Competition...
- We know what competition means.


- And then if we win, then...
- Then you guys will be rolling in money.

What about us?

A new life.

Look at him...

50 Cent.

50 cent means.

Half a Dollar.

Does he play at the Ganpati gig?

No... he doesn't play at the 'Ganpati' gig.

But he was like you guys.

And today he's a huge star.

Jimmy Hendrix, famous guitarist.

Vajya... he looks just like you.

His father went there to play the trumpet...

Guess he played a different tune all together.

Taraat bhai...

They are the Bee Gees!


And this is... Led Zeplin.

They have their own airplane.

Don't you want a life like this?

Do they have those ladies too?


"May I Help You!"


Taraat bhai, let's do it. Please.

I am ready.

I am ready too.

Yes, let's celebrate


Foreign booze...

What is he doing... alcohol thrown.

These foreigners don't respect alcohol at all.

My local stuff is much better.

Bulani sir... especially for you.

Do you like it?

- Imported, huh!
- True.

- But... how about this?
- Nice. Nice.

Nice, huh!

- Even my life's at your service.
- Someday I'll take that too.

But this will do for now.

Should I make a small one for you?

- No...
- Small one...

Not yet.

I'll finish off the entire bottle.

But... first I need to get that Patil in the bottle.

He's a bloody rascal.

- Yeah, Bulani.
- Patil sir.

I saw the Lord's picture, and that reminded me of you.

How are you?

Stop buttering me, Bulani.

You won't get the ground.

- What happened?
- Can't be done!

That ground is a club for the wadi people.

Do you know what goes down there from dawn to dusk?

In the morning... people do their business there.

In the evening, children play out there.

Cricket coaching... couples coochi-cooing.

Singles... look to score.

Fights... compromises...

Musical chair...

Solo dance competition..

Snacks... fritters...

Folk dance...


...and everything else goes down there.

It's not a piece of cake.

I can't just hand it to you.

Listen... double... you can charge double.

Bulani, even I am a snake like you.

But I don't sting my own people.

That ground comes under my area.

You can forget that area.

- Patil sir...
- I said no, means no!

Okay Patil sir.

You're not a girl whose 'no' means 'yes'.

You want me to leave it. so I'll leave it.

Okay... take care.

Patil's too concerned about the people.

Someone go and explain him... that worries can kill.

Welcome, guys.

Today is our first day as a band.

So first we'll start with hearing something...

Stop! Stop!

She pulled the bucket before I could open the tap.

When I say start then you start.

Stop! Stop!

Guys, let's focus here. Pay attention.

I don't mind the rest...

...but this is the first time someone's screaming at me.

First something this big is happening.


It's not working.

The tempo is wrong.

Grease, can you start playing in 5-4?

M VO-4?

Tarat, you continue on my vocals.

- What's vocal?
- You understand?

What is understand?

Grease! What are you doing?

Can't you pay attention?

Is this a joke?

Madam... we play... and have fun too.

This is not a school... nor are you the teacher.

"Play this... play that... etcetera... etcetera..."

If you know how to play, then you play.

We don't know, so why come to us?

Did we go to her?

Come on, Grease. She's trying to help you too.

Hello, mom.

No, I am fine.

Yeah, everything's good.

Yeah, I found them.

Yeah... all's okay out here.

It's good, it's great.

They are all very nice.

No, I am not crying.

Don't worry... they look after me.

Yeah... I am learning more Hindi.

Love you, mom. Bye.

Madam... I want to say something.

We don't understand the language you use.

But we do understand the language of your heart.

One request.

You came so far for us... take a few steps more.

I agree.

Say something that we understand.

And then watch... what we do.


Sorry, madam.

Now that you've promised your mom...

Your promise is our promise.

We'll do as you say.


Let's start tomorrow at... 11 o'clock.

Yes, madam.

Taraat bhai... she still means 11 am.

Hey... relax.

There's no need to be so stressed.

Selection and rejection... it's all a part of the game.

You should know that.

What's important is one should be open to accepting both.

So... are you going to saying no?

Unfortunately love, I'll have to.

From where I stand...

This... 'Banjo'.

This is the street music.

And we don't allow street people here.

But they can get one chance.

They can... but only to her.

Look sunshine, its business.

You've credentials, which works for me.

You've a presence, works for me.

And you are... beautiful.

And that definitely works for me.

But this 'Banjo' doesn't work for me.

Come solo... then we'll give these guys a chance.

Sorry Mr. Nair, but we're a band.

- And we perform as a band.
- Then what can I say?

Hey what... I'll tell you what?

I'll let you all know, yeah.

But quite honestly... your chances are rare.

How much?
- 5 percent.

I came from New York to India on 0 percent.

So 5 percent... is not that bad. Thank you.


I guess your smile's missing.

There are other things in life other than music.

But this is the only thing I have.

In fact, it should be for you too.

Imagine... first time we won't be playing someone else's music.

It will be our song.

You need this stage.

Life... gives you two choices, madam.

Either you keep abusing life...

...or embrace the life that you have.



You know... I don't have a father.

So I got myself a father... who needed a son.

When I couldn't have a home...

...I made the sky my roof, and the footpath my bed.

When got....have a lunch.

Tell me something... do you have a girlfriend.


Who will say yes to me?

Why? You're so nice.

Who's going to say no?

What kind of a girl are you looking for?

Tell me.

We'll find you a girlfriend.

Tell me... what's your type?

Anyone... innocent and naïve...

Like you.

- Like me?
- Yeah...

A girl like me will never make a good girlfriend.

My dreams are more important than my relationships,

I don't know much, madam...

But I do know... when two lives become one...

...they even have the same dream.

If I ever have a situation like this with my girlfriend...

...I'll never interfere with her dreams.

In fact, I'll tell her...

"If you want to fly... I'll be your airplane."

"If you want to swim... I'll be your ship."

If she wants to fall... I will never stop her.

In fact...

You know that thing... like an umbrella.



I'll be her parachute.

If she's sleepy, I'll be her pillow...

If not... I'll be her lullaby.

Maybe I said too much.

But I am not exaggerating.

I'll tell her... "Just follow your dreams".

And whenever she looks back... she will find me standing there.



Ravi Nair refused.

God has answered our prayers.

You fool... he said 'no'.


- I'll be right back.
- Okay.

Maybe we can change his mind.

Tatya, send the boys with the stuff.

We've 10 days to decide.

- What can we say to him?
- I don't know... but, at least we can try.

- Let's wait for Tarat.
- You should have gone with him.

We'll have to get another taxi.


- He's gone... to Ravi Nair's office, to thrash him.
- What?

Like always.

I'll be right back means...

- Are you Ravi Nair?
- Yes.

Life gives you two choices, man.

Tarat... let's go from here, I'll talk to him.

Wait outside, madam.

I'll talk to him now.

Chris, what are you doing here?

And who is he?
- I will... - Mickey...

What is that they say...

- For...
- My sake...

My sake... Tarat. Stop.

- Bro... who's asking for it.
- Who?

Asking for what?

Who the hell are these people?

There's not much light in this room.

Do you need extra tube-lights?


Not needed... go.

Bro... what about this?

Does your cycle need a new chain? This one's brand new.

He doesn't... go.

What about the empty bottles?

No soda?

Go on.


If you are all done with the shenanigans...

...will you please tell me what's going on here?

Mr. Nair, I wanted to know what happened.

Why did you refuse?

I don't believe you, Chris.

I already told you about it.

It would've happened if it was supposed to happen.

- But...
- Listen, Chris. Please.

Try and understand.

I can't lose my job over it.

If you guys fail... I lose my credibility over it.

My career is over.

So who would take a risk like that?

Risk... You've already taken a risk, Mr. Nair.

What's going to happen tomorrow... I'll tell you.

These boys, they are so good.

And they are going to be big.

Their names will be recorded in history.

But... there will be another name in history.

And that's you.

Now you decide whether... will be for selecting them, or for rejecting them.

Okay, given.

But just three minutes.

But only for you.

That's all we need.

And hey... I am not paying for this.

I don't get it...

We won't get paid.

Why won't we get paid?

Finally he said yes... and you want money!

What is wrong with you, Tarat?

Do it as an investment.

Madam... what's investment got to do with this?

If you want the fruit tomorrow... got to sow the seed today.

What did you say?

If you sow the seeds today... you'll reap the fruits tomorrow.

I don't want any fruits.

Taraat... that's what investment means.

- But...
- Look at me, Tarat.

Do you trust me?

So forget all this.

So practice... we've a big day coming up.

Shall we?


Two minutes... I'll be right back.

I told you it's an investment.

- Fine... but let me go.
- You'll reap the benefits later.

- But I got to go now.
- I'll come, too.

Madam... you go when you want to.

But let me go now.

No Tarat, you'll go fight with him again.

- Oh God, I really have to go pee...
- Oh...

Then go.

- Do you still want to come?
- No.

Lord... this is good news.

Guys... we've an opportunity to play at the club.

We're going to rock now.

Keep coming!

Keep coming!

Keep coming!

Keep coming!

But... we won't get paid for this job.


Go on.

Go on.

Go on.

Why did you come if you have no money?

- We won't get paid.
- Move.

Why not?

We get paid to play on the streets?

And this guy... he even gets paid to pick up with his mouth.

What a pathetic place you're taking us to.

Grease... investment.


Investment is subject to market risk.

Very big risk.

Look guys... try to understand.

First time a Banjo band's getting a chance to perform on stage.

Isn't this really respectable?

They are with us?

Are you here to listen?

To play.

"Let your heart soar high."

"Sing out loud and clear."

"Sing along this awesome song."

"The world's old school."

"Chew that bubblegum and spit it out."

"Sing along this awesome song."

"Let's all have a blast."

"We're all going to have a blast."

"Grungy guitar... throw that vest..."

"Let's all have a blast."

"Let's all have a blast."

"We're all going to have a blast."

"Grungy guitar... throw that vest..."

"Let's all have a blast."

"Let's all have a blast."

"We're all going to have a blast."

"Grungy guitar... throw that vest..."

"Let's all have a blast."

"Let's all have a blast."

"We're all going to have a blast."

"Grungy guitar... throw that vest..."

"Let's all have a blast."

Taraat bhai, I am thirsty.

- How about some water?
- Forget water.

Come on.

All of you have been invited inside.

Hey guys, come on in.

Come, join us for dinner.

- You sit, I'll sit there.
- No, sir. This is for you.

Taraat bhai, is he giving me a haircut?

I am not getting one.

We just played once already... why again?

What's this?

Fill her up.

- Can I get some takeaway?
- What?

For my father.

- Are you going to toss that in the air?
- No, sir.

- Learn to respect alcohol.
- Yes, sir.

So... today's performance was okay.

Are you all ready for your next performance?


I mean...

You'll get advance.

We're ready!

Cheers to that.

"Look at them... they are talented gems..."

"They are out of the streets..."

"...and now playing at this gig."

"Once they were under our feet..."

"...and now the sky's their limit..."

"There's a storm that's brewing inside my heart."

"It's saying..."

"It's saying... our destinies are changing."

"Let's all have a blast."

"Let's all have a blast."

"We're all going to have a blast."

"Grungy guitar... throw that vest..."

"Let's all have a blast."

"Let's all have a blast."

"We're all going to have a blast."

"Grungy guitar... throw that vest..."

"Let's all have a blast."

"Let your heart soar high."

"Sing out loud and clear."

"Sing along this awesome song."

"Let's all have a blast."

"We're all going to have a blast."

"Grungy guitar... throw that vest..."

"Let's all have a blast."

"Let's all have a blast."

"We're all going to have a blast."

"Grungy guitar... throw that vest..."

"Let's all have a blast."

"Let's all have a blast."

"We're all going to have a blast."

"Grungy guitar... throw that vest..."

"Let's all have a blast."

"Let's all have a blast."

"We're all going to have a blast."

"Grungy guitar... throw that vest..."

"Let's all have a blast."

Their pictures in the papers!

Their pictures in the papers!

Their pictures in the papers!

But this is in English.

But the picture isn't in English.


Bhai... look at the news.

What is it?

Taraat bhai performed in a club.


Seems like we Banjo guys we'll see better days.

We will. Play.

Wow! Our kids made the news.

Distribute 1 kg... onions to everyone.


If we didn't have the spat with that girl...

...then we would be featuring in the papers today.


Why didn't that girl come looking for us?

Boss... I think Taraat didn't let her.

Yes... he's right.

Look at where she took them.

And we're still rotting here.

Yeah... hello.


Boss... it's one of Bulani's guys.

He wants to meet you.

What does he want?

So... what do you think?

This will be good for the second song.

Yeah, totally.

One second.

- Hey, girl.
- How's your Tarat?

Did he do something new or not?

Come on, stop it. Right now the focus is our band.

We've found our sponsors.

And do you know, the Sobo Music festival has approached us.

I am so happy.

We'll go on tours...

We'll be famous.

It's going to be awesome.

Okay, cool. I'll talk to you later.


You've changed.

When you came here everything was "My dream... my music"...

You know "My songs". And look at you now.

"Our band... our music... our songs."

Not bad, huh!

Who could ask for anything more?

So... when do we make our band's next song?

23rd November, is my birthday.

You guys must play on that day.

It should be rocking... just like you guys play for that lady.

And you can charge me anything you like.

No, sir. I don't want money for this job.

Why not...

Consider it as an investment?

Is that how much you love me?

Then do one thing for me.

You guys go out.

Just one big extortion.

- But...
- I know... I know...

You want to quit this job... settle down.

Good... very good.

But... just do this one job.

It's a request.

Well..well..well... consider it a birthday gift for your father.

Do it.

Say yes..

Fine, sir.

But last time.


If I slap with the same hand with which I play the Banjo, would it
look nice?

He's waiting... Where's the money?

Come quickly.

You're a useful guy.

If you help me... I can help you too.

I've an offer.

White one... yeah...

- Where were you?
- I went to see Bulani.

- Taraat bhai.
- Yeah.

What's that?

Patil sir's birthday surprise.

- Let's take a look.
- No.

You can see it later.

What's in it?

See it on his birthday.


- Call the police. - Leave.

You think you're too smart!

Did you start murdering people now?

Speak up... why did you shoot him?

I don't know, sir.

Patil sir was like my father.

You shot one father... and now deceiving the other one.

Where did a gun come from your box?

How? How?

That rascal who shot him, where did he go?

Tell me... Why are you quiet now?

Excuse me.

What are you doing? Stop?

Who said that?

Sir, that's her.

She's always going around with them.

How long have you known him? Huh?

You're an NRI, right?

So what are you doing here?

Show me your passport,

Passport... - Sir...
- Am I talking to you?

Don't interfere.

Do you just go around with them... or are you involved too?

- You think I am a criminal?
- Don't ask questions!

She's questioning me.

They have been charged for murder. Am I talking to you?

It's not a piece a cake.

And as long as the case is open...

...anyone close to the criminal is a criminal as well.

Get out... come on.

Why do you close the door?

This isn't over yet.

If Patil's dead... and...

Bloody criminal.

Excuse me. They are artists.




He's an artist.

More... did you hear?

They are artists.

Sir, lying is an art too.

Absolutely right.

Hey artist... did you tell her your real profession?

Do you know, ma'am... extortion specialist.


Just a few days ago he made an extortion!

Did you tell ma'am?

Madam, take him away...

Take him away now, if I lose my mind...

...I'll charge him again and throw him behind bars again.

Get lost...

Come on, get out.

There comes... your son.

Where are you going?

What am I saying?


You're going after him again?

The guy you're following has ruined all of your lives.


And you've finished our lives.

- Hey...
- Stop hitting him in the police station.

Stop advocating him.

- But..
- What did you do?

You wanted to play with Taraat, didn't you?

Now do.


If there's anything you want to say, then say it.

Of course I do, Tarat.

Why did that inspector say that you extort money?

I don't do that anymore... I used to.

Oh really... then when did you quit?

2 days ago.

Why did you do this, Tarat?

Everything was going well.

How much more money do you need?

Madam! Madam! Madam!

We never say no to our father.

And definitely not after what Patil sir has done for us.

I admit you want to shape our present.

But we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Patil sir.

Patil wanted money.

He said it and I did it, that's it.

You did it because Patil told you to.

You also did what Bulani told you.

Do you guys know... that Bulani is his new boss?

Hey... don't talk about what you don't know.

I am smarter than you think, don't try to teach me.

That day Bulani gave him an offer...

...and then a gun was found in his box.

Surprise! Surprise!

How much did you demand... for killing Patil?

- Another word... then this will get out of hand.
- So be it.

Taraat bhai...

Just shut up now.

What are you doing?

How dare you hit me?

How dare you hit me?

How dare you hit me?

Stop fighting...

Don't fight here.

Get lost.

What do you think?

I cannot survive without you!

You won't play with me...

I refuse to play with you.

Leave me.

What are you staring at? Come on...

Let's go.

All these problems is because of your Banjo.

You're only going to distribute papers from tomorrow.

Come on.

Let's go... come on.


I exchanged the boxes for you guys.

Thinking it will be filled with drugs.

And as soon as Taraat gives the box to Patil...

...the cops will raid the place and arrest those two.

Isn't that what you said?

Isn't that what you told me?

- So... how did it get exchanged with a gun?
- Magic.

Any problem?

Yes, I have a problem.

I didn't want all this to happen.

I only wanted Taraat to serve some time in jail.

I wanted him to lose face... so I can pick up this season.

By getting him involved in a murder case... guys murdered his entire Banjo band.

It's all your fault.

That day I missed my aim... but this time I won't.


I do.

I missed my aim, not you.

I made a mistake.

Can I see Vaja?

Listen... please...


Hello, sir. Where's Paper?

He's better off distributing papers.

Go away... go..go..go.

Did you try talking to Grease?

I don't think he's in any mood to listen.

S*** man, I really wanted our band to perform at the Sobo Music

I don't want to miss that.

And what about the two songs that we've to submit?

Chris, I know this album is your dream.

And we'll definitely perform at the Sobo Music Festival.

And if no one else is willing, then just you two will perform.

Speak to Taraat, he'll listen to you.


I went to see them... but they didn't want to meet me.

I am glad you came.

Everything was going smooth.

No one thought this will happen.

But this was destiny, I guess.

Right, madam. What's done is done.

Let it go.

Exactly... we should move on.

Can we make that other song?

I know that the others won't come.

But we can make this song too.

We'll hire another band. We'll find someone like Grease too.

I am not telling you to quit your band, but... just one song...

Without them.

Just one song.

You're wasting your time, madam.

You're talking about wasting time.

All my efforts will be wasted if I don't make the deadline.

Please... think practically Tarat.

You taught me to think from the heart.

And now you're asking me to forget that.

Leave this right here.

Honestly speaking... you should've never come here.

I was wondering... how can such good things happen with us?

How can our dreams be fulfilled so soon?

I was scared.

But... everything's fine now.

This... this is our life.

See... our bad luck has rubbed-off on you too.

Life doesn't always give two choices, madam.

This time there's just one.

Go back, madam.

Our Banjo band... has closed down.

Today you don't know what you're saying.

But one day you will realize...

...that you cannot live without music.


You see this...

A great musician once gave me this.

Because he saw a true artist inside me.

And today I am going to give it to you.

For the artist that I once saw inside you.

I hope you find him.

Bye, Tarat.

"Lord, why has my failed destiny..."

"...bound me in a chain."

"Lord, why has my failed destiny..."

"...bound me in a chain."

"There's darkness before my eyes."

"Why is the dawn upset with me?"

"Was that colorful rainbow just an illusion?"

"Lord... what kind of blessing in disguise is this?"

"Lord... what kind of blessing in disguise is this?"

"Lord... what kind of blessing in disguise is this?"

"Lord... what kind of blessing in disguise is this?"

"Lord... what kind of blessing in disguise is this?"

Taraat isn't involved.

He's my boy.

When he bent down to touch my feet...

...two unknown guys fired at me.

"Those dreams that we used to see..."

"...are now buried under tombs."

"Those dreams that we used to see..."

"...are now buried under tombs."

"Why my dreams have shattered to pieces?"

"Pain has sought refuge in my heart?"

"But your image hasn't faded away."

"How do I keep my promise with a broken heart?"

"Lord... what kind of blessing in disguise is this?"

"Lord... what kind of blessing in disguise is this?"

"Lord... what kind of blessing in disguise is this?"

"Lord... what kind of blessing in disguise is this?"
- Uncle, tea.

Uncle... - "Lord... what kind of blessing in disguise is this?" -
Taraat bhai!

"Hail Ram! Hail Ram! Hail Ram!"

"Hail Ram! Hail Ram!

Taraat... a man that taught you to play...

...are you going to let him go like this?

So silently?

Forgive me.

I made a big mistake.

How can I forget everything?

You tolerated a madman like me.

You did so much for me.

And the things I said to you in a fit of rage.

And I hit you too.

'I shall not give horn... and direct do accident with you.'

And all these problems.


Chris... quit India.

Forgive me.


You can apologies if you like.

But enough with your English.

I am so happy... so happy...

Like someone kept 8 buckets full of water outside my house.

Taraat bhai... Taraat bhai...

Manik sir... Pakya... Police Station.


Come on.

You must speak up...

Who those guys were?

Where can we find them?

Speak up and..

Sir, can I speak for a minute?

Sorry. I exchanged those boxes.

I wished you ill... I wanted to exceed you.

I got one chance to do it and pounced on it without thinking.

But honestly... I didn't want such bad things for you.

Whenever I used to see you play the Banjo... would make me jealous, it would be painful for me.

But... now when you don't play the Banjo... it pains even more.

Then I understood.

My victory isn't in taking your Banjo away.

It's in defeating you like a true Banjo player.

So I returned your Banjo.

Go on, play.

If you stop play, who is going to be my competitor?

I will be back soon.

I will be back soon.

And I will come prepared.

And I swear... I will defeat you.

See you.

If that's true, then...

Take this with you.

Someone gave this to me once.

She said there's a true Banjo player in me.

For the first time I saw a Banjo player in you.

This is for that.

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

Chris was right.

We earned more money with her.

And we never played for money.

She wanted to make one more song.

And she thought we could make a song on our own.

And we will make that song.

Bro... I am ready.

- Hi.
- Hi Chris.

You changed the number?

Anyways. How are you?

I am good. I am good.

Can't complain.

How are the others?

I am sure they are fine.

- And anyway, since that day...
- Leave it...

You tell me, how are you doing?

Same... where there's 'mike'...there's 'Mickey'.

Anyway, I called to tell you that I am shifting base to Bangalore.

I came to Mumbai to get the rest of my stuff.

Did you take the poster?

Which poster?

Oh s***

I am going to call you back, Okay.

Bye.. bye.

Boss, take it to Colaba.


Sir, where are you?

- Four guys...
- Leave that.

Get my posters.

- Did you keep it safely?
- Of course I did...

- Hurry up, I need to catch a flight.
- Yeah.


- Isn't this awesome?
- I didn't take a look.

Sir, it's them.

Do you know them?

They keep asking about you every day.

Can we record this song?

Chris would first perform this, and then record.

It was her dream to perform on this at the Sobo Music Festival.

Then consider that Chris madam's still with us.

So what should I do?

You're facing criminal charges.

If you represent us at the Sobo Musical Festival...

...can you imagine our reputation?

Mr. Nair, they were facing criminal charges...

...but now they've come clean.

Yeah. There are no such issues.

This performance is really important for them.

Oh sure...

Think about Chris madam.

I gave you a chance because of her.

But she left without giving anything in return.

Sir... show some respect.

Who do you think you're talking to?

I can speak anyway I want.

Who do you think you are?

You've no stature to stand before me!

No just Sobo Music Fest, you won't get a single stage in Mumbai.

You came from the streets, didn't you?

Go back.

Play your Banjo and beg for alms, you dog.

- Why you...
- Security!

I won't hurt you... but I will sc*** you.

Same day... same place.

Try and stop me.

"Wake up... Don't go."

"Forget about what the world will think."

"Wake up..."

"Wake up... Don't go."

"Forget about what the world will think."

"Wake up..."

"All hail..."

"All hail..."

"All hail Lord Ganesha."

"All hail..."

"All hail..."

"All hail Lord Ganesha."

"All hail..."

"All hail..."

"All hail Lord Ganesha."

"All hail..."

"All hail..."

"All hail Lord Ganesha."

"The world will turn around and listen..."

"...say what you want today."

"All hail..."

"All hail..."

"All hail Lord Ganesha."

"Strike a chord... no one's ever heard before."

"All hail..."

"All hail..."

"All hail Lord Ganesha."

"You're indebted to your own pain."

"Believe it or not, it's your duty."

"You've to write your name in the sky, say that out aloud."

"Say what you want, Say what you want."

"Say what you want, Say what you breathe."

"Say what you want, Say what you want."

"Say what you want, Say what you love."

"Your grace... Your grace..."

"Your grace... your existence..."

"Wherever's Your existence..."

"Victory is guaranteed."

"Someone was benevolent on me."

"A single appreciator sent by God."

"She was upset and left me... left me."

"She left me."

"But she gave a direction to my tunes."

"Say what you want, Say what you want."

"Say what you want, Say what you breathe."

"Say what you want, Say what you want."

"Say what you want, Say what you love."

"Your grace... Your grace..."

"Your grace... your existence..."

"Wherever's Your existence..."

"Victory is guaranteed."

"All hail..."

"All hail..."

"All hail Lord Ganesha."

"All hail..."

"All hail..."

"All hail Lord Ganesha."

"Sing out loud..."

"...and brew up a storm of melodies."

"All hail..."

"All hail..."

"All hail Lord Ganesha."

"Spread the spell in the air..."

"...and make the moon melt."

"All hail..."

"All hail..."

"All hail Lord Ganesha."

"This is your day... Your time."

"The feeling in your heart's strong too.

"Cross all barriers... and surprise everyone."

"Your grace..."

"Your grace..."

"Your existence..."

"Victory is guaranteed."

"Spread your magic."

"...Long and wide."

"Your attitude... which is different."

"And let the world be stunned."

"Let every nook and corner... talk about you."

"Let's rule the headlines."

"Say what you want, Say what you want."

"Say what you want, Say what you breathe."

"Say what you want, Say what you want."

"Say what you want, Say what you love."

"Your grace... Your grace..."

"Your grace... your existence..."

"Wherever's Your existence..."

"Victory is guaranteed."

I never thought we'll talk again.

- Did you see that video, madam?
- Yes, I did.

It was rocking.

I wish I was there with you guys.

For the first time it felt like...

...something's getting fulfilled.

We've all learnt our lesson.

We know that one's true worth is known...

...only when that things taken from us.

You guys are talking about Banjo, right?

Come back, madam.

Actually, why don't you guys come here?

Say what?

Where have you travelled before?

Latur. Penn. Pune. Kolhapur. Pimpri-Chinchod.

Bhai Shirdi.


Where will you be travelling in the US?

White House!

White House!

Where are your papers?

Yeah..yeah..yeah... I am the Paper.


What's your purpose of your visit to the US?

Meeting air-hostess.

No overseas?


Madh Island!