Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story (2009) - full transcript

An urban love story set in the center of Bangkok where thirty-year-old Mei Li struggling to find true love. When Mei Li accidentally meets a handsome BTS engineer whom she considers as the right man, she plans to make her first move. Though too many obstacles keep popping up, Mei Li will never give up.

- Are they back?
- Yes.

Back and really drunk.

Who? The bride or the groom?

The maid of honor.

Oh, my God!

- We are almost there.
- Keep going.

Be careful.

What the hell happened to her?


- How many?
- Four.

- Glasses?
- Bottles!

Let’s get her inside.
This is so embarrassing.


- Li, get up.
- Li.

- My carpet!
- Oh, my God.

- Is she all right?
- I guess so.

I'm okay.

Let’s party on.

Hey, you.

Take a picture of us.

Be creative.
I want to look good. Hurry up.

Right here is good.

- Ped.
- Yes?

- Come on.
- Okay.

Li, let’s go home.

We want to celebrate Valentine’s day
with our husbands too.

You can celebrate Valentine’s day anytime.

Our friend just got married.
Why are you in such a hurry to leave?

You never had a boyfriend.
You don't understand how we feel.

It’s because I'm always with you girls.
That's why I have nobody.

Please look towards the camera.


Let's do a sexy pose.

All right. One, two, three.

You guys go home. I'll take care of Li.

- Okay. Take care.
- Bye.

Ped, what do you want?

Let’s mix them together, then.

Come on. Sit down.


- Ped.
- Yes?

Do you remember...

how we practically grew up together?

We always had the same group of friends.

We went to the same school.

We graduated together
and work at the same company.

So, if you have a husband,

we should also have--




I am so happy for you, Ped.


I better go now.

I shouldn’t bother you any longer.

You're going home?

Are you all right? Let me drive you.

I’m okay. Don’t worry.
Just stay where you are.

What should we do?

On the sofa?

That should be interesting.

Good luck

You will find all the good things

That you have dreamed of

I will never forget today
even until the day I die

And I will see you again, my friend

Friends never leave each other

No matter how far our dreams take us

Whenever you fall,
friends will be there for you

No one can understand

No one to love or give
like true friends can




He’s so heavenly handsome.


You are safe now.

You’re as drunk as a skunk.

Are you okay?

I'm usually in better shape than this.

Let me have a look.

Let me check under the hood.

I mean your car’s hood, not yours.

Here’s your wing mirror.

You can keep it. Consider it a gift.

Thank you for helping me.


Why didn’t you pick up your phone?

I called over ten times!
I almost called the police!

My cell battery died.

Were you drinking and driving?

I slept to sober up before driving here.

If you weren’t drunk,
why is your car all wrecked?

You know Grandma was so worried
that she couldn’t sleep?


What did Grandma say?

She said you hardly have any boobs,
yet you still dress provocatively.

Shame on you.

Give me your car key.

Are you getting my car fixed for me?

Then, can I borrow your car?

Dad, my office is very far away.

How am I going to get to work?




We’re here.

That sure woke me up.

Ms. Jongjit, why are you sitting here?

Aren’t you supposed to be meeting
with a client?

Oh, my God. I forgot.

He has been standing in the sun waiting
for the solar cells.

His skin turned so dark
that his wife can’t remember him anymore.

Well, he should've waited in the shade.

You're still talking?

Please be careful of my knees!

How lucky. At least this pair
only costs 199 Baht.


Araya, since when did you come back?

How come nobody told me?

It’s so exhausting not having a car.

I had to transfer
to five different buses to get home.

Araya, why didn’t you tell me
so I can pick you up?

I didn’t want to bother you, Mr. Chawee.

Mom, Dad's still mad at me, right?

Of course, I am!

Because what you’ve done is so bad
that I can’t forgive you.

Mom, what's wrong with her?

Please let me explain.

After that, you can hate me all you want.

Well, the leading actor
and actress used to be in love

when they were studying in England.

Then, the lead actor came back
to Thailand without telling her,

so she thought he dumped her.

But he actually came back
because his dad died.

He came to get his inheritance.

Stop rambling. It’s so annoying!

Deedee! She is your big sister!

Hello, Ped. Are you sleeping?

Not yet.

What about your husband?

Is he sleeping?

If he hears us talking,
will it disturb him?

It's fine. Tor is not sleeping either.

I see. And where is he now?

He is upstairs.

- And where are you?
- I am downstairs.

But I think I'll go up soon.


- Why are you moaning?
- Are you nuts?

I am talking to you. How can I be moaning?

Ped, I will call you right back.

My God!

Holy shit!

Where are your parents?

I don’t want to wait anymore.

Let’s just call the cops to settle this.

Please stay calm.

I already called Uncle.

He left his office a while ago.

That must be him.

Hey. What are you doing here?

Juen called me to come here.

Are you his relative?

Juen is the bellboy
at the guest house I'm renting.

I thought you were
his father’s older brother.

No, my name is Loong. It means "Uncle".

What kind of person
whose name means "Uncle"?

Have you been drinking again?

Is your nephew a lizard or something?

He snuck upstairs and...

did it on the roof.

And he even brought beer too.

I really hate drunkards.

- No, sir. That's not mine.
- Don’t you dare argue with me!

Dad, that’s enough.
He looks really ashamed of himself.

How could you two do it?

We just did it in
missionary position, ma’am.

Hey! Don’t talk dirty in my house.

You want to settle this
at the police station?

Calm down, dad.
Don’t make a big deal out of this.

Your blood pressure will go up.

Mei Li, please sort this out.

So, did the two of you...

do it?

Well, the reason you called me here

is because you saw these two doing it,
isn't that right?

Well, I saw...

Juen lying on top of Fah
and he looked like...

he was moving up and down.

So, did you guys do it?

Did we really do it?

Of course, we did, you idiot.

Okay. Then, this Songkran festival,

Juen will go back home
to talk to his parents about the wedding

and he will come back to marry Fah.

Are you okay with this?

That’s fine.

Why don’t you turn on the lights?

My dad likes to save electricity.


Juen. These are yours. Pick them up.

Seeing this with my own eyes,

makes me even more impressed
with how advanced these solar cells are.

Go ahead and confirm that I will order
these cells to install at my new resort.

I’m willing to support clean energy
like this a hundred percent.

We have been torturing our Earth
way too much.

This is a solar bra,

or a bra for collecting solar energy.

Last time you missed your appointment.

And yesterday you fell asleep at the site.

What is this for, sir?

This is for charging a mobile phone.

It also works with an iPod.

If you keep acting like this--

And what is the bag of water for?

Oh, this?

This is for drinking water.

Like this.

If you keep acting like this,

I will transfer you
to solar bra sales department!

Is that what you want?

It's a good thing that I already quit.

If I had to go selling that stupid bra,

I'd definitely want to kill myself.

I know. If I had to sell that,
I would want to quit too.

It's so ridiculous, right?


Since I am leaving,
who are you going to have lunch with?

I’ll just eat by myself.

It's better this way
because I don’t have to wait for anyone.

But if there’s anything you need,
you can call me anytime, okay?

Come on, Ped. Don’t be so dramatic.

You're leaving to be with your hubby.

It’s not like you’re leaving for good.

I am sorry.

Hey, Ped!

You want to go shopping
at the Central midnight sale tonight?

I really want to go but...

Tor and I made an appointment
to take my dog to the breeder.

We have to because the stud

is flying back abroad tonight. So...

this is her last chance
to make babies, you know.

You understand, right? You're not mad?

My God. All the women
around me are all getting married?

What about me?


All eyes are watching

the hottest couple from
the hottest soap opera, The Cupid's Tears.

Kob, Kavita Kanyanon and Stephen Jamrus.

People say there might be something more
between them off-screen.

Since there has been gossip about this,

- both Kob and Stephen
- Mom.

have denied their romance,
insisting that they are just friends.

How did you and Dad fall in love?

It was arranged by our parents.

No one ever showed interest in you?


I hit on them first.

But they didn’t like me.


didn’t you say
that hitting on men first isn’t proper?


Did I say that?

This guy is the hottest
I don’t think my eyes are lying

Joe Nuvo!

Mei Li!

If your dad ever finds out
you're this crazy about men,

I guarantee you all hell will break loose!

Mom, you once said...

never flirt with a man first. Remember?

I didn't say that.

You thought I meant that?


How long have you been thinking that?

Seventeen years.

I want my 17 years back!


Wait. Will he think that I’m stalking him?

Next station, Siam.

Passengers can change to Sukhumvit line
at this station.

Please mind the gap between train
and platform. Thank you.

Shit. He already saw me for sure.
What should I do?

Should I put on more makeup
so he won’t recognize me?

Hey, there.

You're Li, right?

I almost didn’t recognize you.

Where are you going?

Central mall.

What about you?

I’m going to work.

My office is here in the BTS building.

Just a second.

I can’t pick it up.

Let me help.

I got it!

I am sorry.

It's okay.

It was an accident.

- I saw it.
- You never listen. Damn it!

Saw what? Who told you?

Can you try to make more sense?

- Why do you have to be so stupid?
- How am I stupid?

What the hell?

What’s up?


Where are all the nice guys?
Did they all die?

What’s wrong, Plern?

I caught him with another girl.

And who is that?

That's Suthep.

We met yesterday.
He came to order stickers at my shop.

So, I gave him a sticker
with my number on it as well.

He called me in a heartbeat.

And what’s wrong with him?

His jeans are a bit too tight.
So it's kind of hard for him to get down.


is it that simple?
Just giving out your phone number?

It’s just a phone number.

It’s not like you're taking
an entrance examination.

See you later.

Let’s go.

Let’s go.

Is this the price or the product number?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Li, did you just get off work?

Yes, I did.

I bought this for you.

No, it’s okay. I can’t accept that.

But if you insist,

I will take it.

I have to go now.

Great advice, Plern!

I should have done this since I was 18!



We're eating out tonight?

Grandma won the lottery?


You're here, Mei Li? Come and sit.

Come on. You don’t remember him?

You two used to play tag
when you were little.

You probably can’t remember.
Chai has changed a lot.

Everyone says he looks like
that Korean singer.

Mom, come on.

- Come on.
- It's Rain.

- Yes, very much.
- We don’t look that similar, Mom.

But a lot of people do tease me about it.

You do look like him. Who says you don't?

Chai, show everyone your dance move.

No, Mom.

- Come on. Just a little bit.
- There are lots of people here.

- Come on. Show us a little.
- Are you going to dance?

If he is going to try that hard,

he might as well
change his name to Rain, too.

Mom, I'm leaving now.

Don’t leave yet.

Stay and talk to him first.

So you guys can get to know
each other better.

Mom, what did her grandma say?

She said just take Li to be your wife.

She's 30 and still a virgin.

It’s hard to find someone like her
these days.

Your figure is not too bad
but your boobs are a bit small.

You don’t look very fertile.

But that’s okay.
Chai has strong sperm like me.

A little bit of banging would do it.

You'll make plenty of babies in no time.

Small boobs aren’t a problem.
You got a big butt?

I am a person, not a puppy.

There’s no need
for this kind of arrangement.

Hey, I’m buying a tour package
to China during the Songkran holiday.

- All right.
- Good idea.

Chai, let’s go together, okay?
Come and take a trip with my family.

I’m not going.
I want to stay home this year.

Come on, Li. Don’t be shy.

I'm not shy. I don’t want to go.

I’m not going to China!


You're not going to bed yet, Li?

I’m waiting for a phone call.

Watching TV in the dark
will ruin your eyesight.

Wait. Did I give him the house number?

Here you go. 120 Baht, please.

Thank you.

Hey, Li.

It didn’t work, Plern.

Men these days play hard to get like this.

You should give up on him.

Wait a minute.
Maybe he is not interested in women?

You’ve flirted so hard
and he still doesn’t care.

Hey. Don’t talk about him like that.
He’s a good man.

Good personality or good-looking?


He's so good that I can hardly believe
I found him.

I’m so lucky.

Really? How come you got so lucky?

Who knows?

Then, just ask him
whether he has a girlfriend or not.


If I was that brave,

why would I be sitting here with you?

Okay. If you aren’t brave enough,
I can be your spy.

But you have to show me who he is first.
I got my ways.

Are you crazy? How can I do that?


Which one?

I don’t see him.
He probably hasn’t arrived.

Will he be here for sure?

Of course! He’s s a regular customer
of this shop.

How do you know this is the branch
he often goes to?

There are many branches?

Excuse me, can I grab a movie?

Hey, Li. You also rent DVDs here?

Renting? Yes.

This guy, right?

This is my neighbor.

Plern, this is Loong.


Let’s go check out these DVDs.
Loong has to get to work.

We have to go now.

What do you do?
Why do you have to work late?

I’m an engineer.

Wow. An engineer.
So you must be good at mathematics.

When you’re free, can you help me
with my homework?

Plern, I majored in accounting.
I can teach you.

Will you excuse us? Let's go.

Don't your wife and kids mind
that you have to work late?

I don’t have a girlfriend.

I don't believe you.
When men see cute girls,

they always say that.

I still say that when I meet an ugly girl.

Who are you talking about?

Will your skinny-legged boyfriend
pick you up today?

That’s right.
I wonder why he isn't here yet.

Wait. Where’s my phone?


Where’s my phone?

Excuse me, can I borrow your cell phone?

I'll use it to call my phone.

Thank you.

It’s here. I thought I lost it.

Jesus. It’s as big as a funeral wreath.
How could she not find it?

Excuse me, I have to go to work now.


Li, how do you spell "Loong"?

I want to save it on my phone.


There’s no way you can beat me.

Araya, please don’t do this.

Araya, please don’t do this. Please stop.

Please help me. Chawee, please help me.

Chawee, please help me.

Araya, how can you be so cruel?

You're such a heartless person.

I am really disappointed in you.

She is such a snake.

Grandma said if that girl ever walks
past our house,

just tell her and she will throw
a spark plug at her!

She is such a bitch.

She would even snatch her sister’s

And the leading lady just lets her do it.
Slap the bitch!

You are so evil.
That’s why no one ever loves you.

You’re not the only one that has hands.

Good. So the neighbors will know
that we're fighting over the same man.

Good. Learn to fight back.

Don't let anyone take what is yours.

Araya Wiwattananon will not be your
victim anymore.



Hey, Li.

- What are you doing here?
- This is my side job.

Why do you choose this branch?



What are you doing?


I lost my phone.
I don’t know where I dropped it.

Can I borrow yours?

Sure. Go ahead.

But Loong’s number is in this phone.





Plern, I need to use the restroom.


Please come in.

Hey, babe. Why didn't you tell me
you're working today?

Didn’t you promise me
you would tell me everything?

Are you done with work yet, Plern?

Today, I drove a Z3 to pick you up.


Your car is so dope!

Can I go with you too?

Who the hell are you?
It's a two-seater car.

Hey, babe. How are you doing?

How did you all get here?

Well, didn't you send me a message?

Hey, what’s your problem?

Shut up, boy!

What’s going on here, Plern?
Let’s discuss this outside.

What the hell do you have to discuss
with my lady?

Hey, what's up?

Beat it! One at a time, all right?

This is my girlfriend. Don’t mess with me.

You skinny lizard pants!

You can call me whatever you want

but don’t you dare insult my jeans.

I'll smash your mouth with this!

Damn it, man. Come on!

Stop, Nguan!

- Nguan.
- Hip hop my ass!

- Nguan. That's enough. Stop!
- Hip hop my ass!

- Yes, kick him!
- Nguan!

You too, huh?


Loong, please help me!

You want some too?

Wichai, do you still have the file

that we need for tonight?

I have a problem with my laptop.


it has a virus.

And all the data is gone.



Shall I get it fixed for you?

It’s okay. I will take care of it myself.

It’s already late.
Where are you going to get it fixed?

Let me handle this.

My friend’s husband is a computer expert.

You'd better go to work.
I will bring it to your office.

- No, that’s okay.
- Don’t worry.

I will get it fixed.
Seriously, I want to do this.

- It’s okay. I can do it myself.
- No, I’ll have it fixed for you.

Great! Can it get any worse?

Li, what’s up?

Why don’t you put some clothes on
before you open the door?

I don’t see anything wrong with it.
You’re crazy. Come in.


Oh, crap!

What are you guys doing?

You can fix anything, right?

Yes, if it's computer related.

Hey, Li. This isn’t your laptop, right?

It’s my client’s.


Oh my.

No one is picking up the phone.
I guess Mr. Loong is still on the site

and has not come back yet.

Why don’t you call his cell phone?

I don’t have his number.

Then, can you please give...

this bag to Mr. Loong for me?

Okay, no problem.

Can I leave a message for him as well?

Yes, of course.

I’d like to say...

To Loong,

"To Loong,"

it is all my fault.

"it is all my fault."

It cannot be fixed.

"It cannot be fixed."

I am really sorry.

"I am really sorry."

Please forgive me for what I have done.

"Please forgive me for what I have done."

From now on,

"From now on,"

I will not get in your way.

"I will not get in your way."

From now on,

"From now on,"

I won't cause you any trouble.

"I won't cause you any trouble."

I won’t cause you any more pain.

"I won’t cause you any more pain."

I'll be out of your way.

This must be the right thing to do--

Mister. No. I only want the chorus part.

I was really feeling it. Darn it.

Please give it to him for me.

Yes, I will.

Thank you.

Actually, Mr. Loong will be out in a bit.

See you later. Bye.

Excuse me.
There’s someone waiting for you in there.



I’m at Ped’s.

No, I'll be back later.


I’m sorry for breaking your laptop.

It really can’t be fixed.

Don’t worry about it.

My laptop is so old
that it's almost broken anyway.


I’ve been using it since college.

It's a good thing,
because now I can throw it away.

It’s getting too quiet.
What should I talk about next?

What should it be?

Look at the stars.

Aren't they beautiful?

Stars? Those are the lights
at the top of the buildings.

Bangkok is too bright
for you to see any stars.

If you want to see the stars clearly,

you have to go to Bangkok Planetarium.

You can see the whole universe there.

I don’t think I can go.

I can't stay up late at night.
I get sleepy early.

It opens during the daytime.

Where do you think it was?

Don’t tell me you have never been there.

I drive past it quite often.


Does your school never had school trips?

Yes, but we only went to Siam Park.

You know,

I haven’t been there in a long time.

The Planetarium or Siam Park?


They don’t open at night.

Why don’t you wake up a little early?

I work all night.
How can I get up that early?

My ID card is already expired
and I don’t even have time to renew it.

Then, take a day off.

I can’t. I don’t have any days off.

What? No holidays or weekends? None?

I can’t. The BTS operates 365 days a year.

Why do you like to work at night?

It’s quite peaceful.
There's no traffic jams or big crowds.

Why do you like working during the day?

I sell solar cells. They need sunlight.

But I actually like nighttime too.

It’s not hot and I won’t get sunburned.

Plus, I won't sweat.

I see, you always forget to greet me now,

Well, if I say "hi" to you every day,
I’m afraid you will get bored.

Fine. I’ll greet you tomorrow, all right?




Ma’am, do you need a taxi?

Please go ahead.
Let me help you carry your bags.

Here you go. Just get in.
Don’t forget your bags.

Have a good ride.

Jesus. Why is the traffic so bad?

The more the merrier, mister.

I won't be able
to return the car on time, then.

Why didn’t you tell me?

You go return your car.
There’s no need to take me anymore.





We are already closed. No one is here.

It was you, right? You're the one
who gave the photos to the press!

I didn’t give them to the press.

I just uploaded them on Hi5.

Don't you know you're hurting people?

And what is it to you?

Are you Kob Kavita?

So you used to be his girlfriend?

I admit that we used to be together.

But, we broke up a long time ago.

Why did you guys break up?

We didn’t have time for each other.

Is there a chance
that you might get back together?

How can that be?
We haven’t seen each other in years.

If there aren’t any more questions,
then will you excuse me?

Here. Go bail your dad out.

For drinking and driving.

He went out dining with his friends.

He probably drank too much beer again.

I was drunk like a dog.

Did you drink a lot, Dad?

I drank so many bottles
I have enough caps to play chess.

The reason I don’t let you drive
is because I'm worried about you.

You are my only daughter.

If anything happens to you,
what would I do?

So, Dad?

When you called Mom, did she scold you?

Your mom is nothing compared to my mom.

Don’t let your grandma know,
or else I’m dead.

- Dad.
- Yes?

If we do something wrong...

and confess what we’ve done,

will our guilt be reduced by half?

That’s not always true.

If it's really bad, it might be good
to keep it to yourself sometimes.



For Songkran this year,

can I go to China with you?

Yes, I'm bringing you the designs
right now.

I'm almost there. I’m at Siam station now.


So I should get off on the Emporium side
once I arrive at Phrompong station?


I will be there in a bit.



Next station, Chitlom.


I'm sorry.

See you in our next life.

Next station, On Nut terminal station.

Next station, On Nut terminal station.
Thank you.


Excuse me, sir. This is the last station.



Do you remember that bag
that you threw away?

There was stuff in there.

There was a Tylenol.

Botan candies.

Stamps from 7-Eleven.

Video rental coupons.

And also a roll of film negatives.

I think the photo must have leaked
from the negatives I took to develop

What was that?

I think the photo must have leaked
from the negatives I took to develop.

I’m sorry.

Forget it.

It’s both our fault.
I threw it away. You dug it up.


You dug it up from the trash?

Anyway, who dumped who?

What was that?

Actually, I don’t really care
about celebrity gossip, you know.


What’s the real story?

Kob and I were together.
Then, I went to study abroad.

I see. So you left her?

During that time, she got into
the entertainment business.

So she left you?

When I got back,

I worked night shifts.

That will do it.
You broke up because of this, right?

Kob asked me

if we don’t have time
to see each other at all,

how can we be in a relationship?

And are you okay now?

I’m okay, and so is Kob.

Luckily, Stephen also understands.


They are really a couple?

My grandma will be very happy
to hear this.

We are almost at Bangkok Planetarium.
Get ready, children.

Please get in line.

Watch your step, everyone.

You want to go?

My treat.


When the sun is about to set,
we'll speed up the time to go faster.

The sun will slowly set on the horizon
along with the musical score

as you enjoy the view of the evening sky
in Bangkok Planetarium. Here it goes.

Why are you so sleepy?
Aren’t you usually wide awake at night?

Who says it's nighttime?

It’s only three in the afternoon.

It’s so sunny outside.

But it is nighttime in here now.

That's the end of our program.

See you next time. Goodbye.

This is Bangkok’s map.
We can see the whole city.


When Halley’s comet passed by the Earth,

I was asleep.

Halley passes every 75 years.

But McBright might not pass us again.

Can we see it clearly?


This one passes closest to earth.

April the 16th.

How about we watch it together?

We'll see.

It’s right here.


What are you doing?

I'm looking for my house.


Yes, I am almost there!


I don’t need to go anymore?


Are you still free
this Songkran festival, Li?

I got days off
but I don't know where to go.


I want to invite you
to spend Songkran together.

Don’t you want to get wet?

Yes, I do. I want to get wet.

See you tomorrow, then.


Mei Li, call a cab now.
We might miss the flight.

Hey, wait!

Jesus. Why is the traffic so bad?
Are we going to make it?

Probably not. Let’s just not go.

Please let there be traffic.
Please let us miss the flight.

Excuse me,
there’s no need to drive that fast.

My grandma might go into shock.

Grandma said you can drive
like in Fast and Furious!

Oh, no!

I forgot something.


My underwear.

Grandma said it’s okay.

You can use hers.
Grandma brought more than enough.

Where is it?

Which one? Let's check.

What’s the flight number?
Where do we check in?


- There?
- I don't see it.

Dad, I really need to pee.
I’m going to the restroom.

Okay. Hurry back or we won’t be able
to check in on time.

Is it that one?



You dropped your passport.

Here she comes. Hurry, Li.
Let’s go, dad. Go.

What took you so long?

You almost didn’t make it in time
to check in.

Dad, I forgot my passport.


- Li!
- Did you look carefully?

Take everything in your purse out
and check again.

- I already checked. It's not in there.
- Check again.

Is it in your suitcase?
Check if it’s there, Li.

No, Mom. It's not there.
There’s no need to look anymore.

Why didn't you double check
before leaving the house?

It’s just three days. I will be okay.
You guys just go.

You guys should go now.
I will send you off.

You’re so careless.

- We got to go now.
- Let's go.

Mister. Where is a good place to go
this Songkran?


Li, can I go fill up my water gun?

Just like in my dream.

Here you go.

Let’s go.

Where are you going? Can I come too?

Where do you plan to go
for the water fight?

Shall we go
where there aren't too many people?

I don’t want to get wet.

No, I'm not playing. No, thank you.

I said I don’t want to play.
It’s okay. No!

I'll kill you, you nasty kids!

You okay?

Wow. He's still hot
even with all that powder.

Can the two of us get on there?

Hop on.

Where are you guys going next?

What do you think, Li?

It's hard for me to think
when I'm all wet like this.

How about we go home to change
and then make plans from there?

Is your house around here?

Yes, I'm staying at the guest house
at the end of that road.

I'll pick you up later, okay?

You don't look like you had fun today, Li.

If you don’t like the water fight
on Songkran,

how about we go see a movie together?
It will be fun for the three of us.

Or if you don’t want to see a movie,
we can go shopping in Siam Square.

Or if you don’t want to go,
that’s good too.

Then, Loong and I will--

Enough, Plern!

He is mine, please!

That's cool.

Hey, where are you going?
We are not home yet.

Let’s split up here.

I will join my friends at Khaosarn road.

Good luck, Li.



Hey. You’re awake?

I already read your tour’s itinerary.
The only thing we can do now is...

take a scenic car ride
around Bangkok at night.

Did you write this yourself? Looks fun.

I already called a taxi.


Are you hungry?

Are you?

I'll make you some instant noodles, then.

- I guess the taxi is here.
- Okay.

Hey, the noodles are still hard.
Are they ready?

One minute is good enough.
I like my noodles to be firm.

But the instruction said
to boil for three minutes.

So, do you prefer wet or hard rice?

How hard is hard? Raw you mean?


Hard rice is kind of grainy.

And wet rice is kind of soggy.

Then, I'll go with hard rice.
It tastes better with curry.

Soft rice with curry tastes weird.

Do you like sour or raw mangoes?

I don’t like sour mangoes.

Why not?

Because it makes my face pucker.

Now it's your turn to choose.
Whiskey or beer?

I can’t decide.

It depends on the occasion.

I think if you want to puke,
go with whiskey.

And beer if you want to get drunk.

How many hours do you sleep?

- What?
- How many hours do you sleep?

Let's see...


And you?

How many cans of beer does it take
for you to get drunk?


And you?

How many porn videos do you watch a day?

I can’t even finish one before I...

fall asleep.

What were you thinking?

- It’s you who was thinking dirty.
- I’m the innocent one here.

You asked the question.

I wasn’t thinking anything.

How many girlfriends have you had?


Two? Just two? Did he include me as well?

What about you?

How old are you?

I don’t want to play this game anymore.
It’s no longer fun.

Where are we going next?

Should we call it a day?


I will take you
to tour our train repair garage.

You want to go?

I can go?

Of course. Tomorrow is family day.

They allow us to bring family
or close friends.

Hi, there.

- Name, say hi to my boss, Mr. Loong.
- Hello.


And Auntie too?


Uncle is supposed to come
with Auntie, right? Hello.

You’re so cute! What’s your name?

My name is "Name".

Wow. Even your name is cute.
How old are you now?


What are you doing?
You're taking pictures?

I wasn't ready. Can you take another one?

Wait a second.

- You took it already?
- Yes.

Oh, my God! I look super ugly!

Delete it, please.

Hey, it’s beautiful.

It’s very ugly. Let me delete it.

It’s broken.

I’m sorry.

It's all right.

It's an old camera, anyway.

Let’s go.

Okay, kids.

This is the SKL car.

Its main function is to cover the rails

after the sky train stops operating.

And this right here is the machine

that polishes the metal
on the train’s small rail.

Its duty is to polish

the rail of the train to make it smooth.

If you want to know
why the rail has to be smooth,

you have to ask that gentleman.

Please give him a warm welcome.

He is a guy who has polished 100,
if not 1,000 rails.

Unfortunately, he’s not going to work
here anymore.

He got a scholarship
to study in Germany for two years.

If you guys want to be as smart as him,

you have to study hard

and listen to your parents.

That way, you will be able
to study abroad like him.

So, have you finished packing?
Are you going with him too?


Hey, look. There's time for us to relax
as we please in today's itinerary.

How long have you already known

that you are going abroad?


about four or five months now.

And you’re going the day after tomorrow?


And when are you planning to tell me this?


You still want to go to other places?

I’m already tired for today.

You can relax as you please.




You’re home?


If you thought I wasn’t here,
why did you ring the bell?

- Ped.
- What?

Do you think
couples should always eat together?

Why do you ask?

Just answer me.

Let's see.

Not always. When my husband is hungry,
he never waits for anyone.

And when you have to eat all by yourself,

do you get bored?

What’s wrong, Li?

I’m lonely.

I’ve been eating alone
for almost two months now.

I told you to find a boyfriend.

If I have a boyfriend,

but he is never free to eat with me

or have time to go anywhere with me,

then what’s the point of having one?


You don't get a boyfriend
just so you can be with him all the time.

You have him so you know
there is someone who loves you.

Sorry for answering the door so late.
I was in the restroom.

There’s no need to be sorry.
I'm the one who should be

for ditching you today.

Come in.


What time is your flight tomorrow?

At 8 a.m.

I’m glad

that we went out together on Songkran.

When you asked me out,

did you think...

Did you think of me

more than just a friend?

At first, I didn’t want to.

But I couldn’t resist my feelings.

You feel this way
even though you know you're leaving?

I think

even though we are not together,

we can make this relationship work.


Let's say once you come back,

will you ever consider switching
to working the day shift?

I used to think that

any girl who left a man like you

must be crazy.

But now,

I understand.

Kob was right.

If we can’t be together,

how can we be a couple?

I think,

if we really have to part ways,

it’s better if we part as friends.

Good luck.


Hey, you’re back already?

- How was it?
- Too many people and bad traffic.

There were people everywhere
trying to have fun.

It’s best to be in Bangkok
during Songkran.


I stopped by the guest house earlier.

Loong left this box for you.


Last Valentine’s day,

if this hit me in the head,
we would not have met each other.

Because I would probably
be in the hospital instead.

And if this did not break,

then I wouldn’t have seen this.


I wasn’t brave enough to call you.

And to call now...

is probably too late.


I want to hear you sing this song for me.





Most couples go to the movies
on their first date.

But we got to see the stars
during the day time.

Romantic, right?

Even though the camera is broken,
we still have our memories.

Yes. Sure. No problem.

Okay. Have a nice day.

Did the flight to Munich depart yet?

The flight already departed at 8 a.m.

It's now past ten.
The plane should be in India now.


How are you? Is everything cool?

When are you getting married?
Don’t forget to send me an invitation.

If this was a romantic movie,

I should have made it on time.

Goodness, my legs are so sore.

Grandma is a shopaholic.
She was on a shopping spree.

We got a lot of stuff for you, Li.


Did you have fun?

She missed your grandpa.

Everywhere she went,
everybody looked like your grandpa.

Right now, I am at Bangkok Planetarium.

And behind me are all the people

who are waiting
to see the McBright’s comet tonight.

Hey, dear. Where’s the camera?

I’ll take a picture
of the McBright’s comet.

I forgot which bag I put it in.
Li, can you find it for your dad?


Yeah, it's almost 6 p.m. in New York.

And their stock market is closing soon.

We have sent you the report of the four
Asian stocks you advised already.



You always get home in the morning.

Now, everybody's saying
that you’re one of those night women.

Just quit your job.
And come help me sell motorcycles.

Come on, Dad.
Working at night is convenient.

See you later. I’m sleepy.

Sala Daeng station.

Since when did you get back?

About a couple of months.


How are you doing?

I’m good.

Where are you going?

I just got out of a meeting.
I’m going home.

And you?

I’m heading to work.

Next station, Siam.

I'm getting off here.

Me too.

I'll get going now.

Attention, please.

There are some technical problems
with the train system

- which are currently being checked.
- Hello, Mo.

The BTS electricity went out.
What should I do?

I’ll tell you about it later.
You should have come with me today...



Hello. Is this Li?

It’s me. Loong.


Yes. Hello?

The BTS electricity went out.

And where are you now?

We haven’t reached Asoke station yet.

Don't be scared.

There's a technical problem
with the train's system.

They're fixing it now.
It'll be able to run as usual very soon.



This Songkran, are you still available?

I am available.

I am available.


This is my number.

Don’t forget to save it.

Millions of stars that are floating
in the sky

Is there any that's floating alone

And not orbiting anywhere?

I've never seen a star like that

You tell me my star is so distant

But aren’t all stars far away?

I think your star must be the same

There's no need to count
how many light years apart