Bangkok Robbery (2004) - full transcript

When the Thai government announces a plan to empty its vaults to repay its IMF loans, a gang of local Mafia cook up a scheme for a mega-heist: they will steal the country's gold reserves. They hire the notorious Navin, a former military assassin, to lead an operation involving all of the top thieves in the country. The government sends Lieutenant Pakorn, head of the Counter-Terrorism Bureau, to track down Navin. As the two men try to outwit each other, the robbers race against the clock to pull off the biggest heist in the Thai history.

A reliable source reported,
a very large shipment...

of ecstasy being sent to the country.

The producer is located
on the border near its location.

Send an elite unit to intercept...

before arriving in Thailand.

Okay, my son. is a warrior!


Fast fast! Let's go.

Go, go, quick. Fast!
Over there, over there!

407 call base, please respond.

407 call 502, please answer.

407 call base.

502 please respond.

502 please respond.



What the hell are they doing?

What should we do?

Fighting in Yaowarat between the police
and the pins of the ecstasy king...

broke out after
the attack by the police.

Now an update of the story.

Commander General...

What are the details
of the outbreak?

What is the situation current, sir?

No comments now.

All information must be
released by my office first.

Can you give us some data?

Run! Run! Run!



Wat! Wat!

Wat! Wat!


Wat! My son is the
leader of the troop

and I want him to help.

And also for your trop!

I'm sorry.

That's not enough Your Honor.

You're not listening!

Tell Boonsak to pick up
My son at the border...

dead or alive.

I will reconsider the question
about which we speak.

Lord, General, remember your son.

Search the area.
To move!

Captain! What does that mean?

Where's the support team?

Did you know how many people die?

The mission has an agreement.

With what you agreed
with those from outside?

Where's the support team?

Wing, Ong...

Did you know that the northern
divide cut our labor?

I was exhausted like
the rest of you.

Wing, if you have no way
out, stay with me here





Civil unrest is mounting.

More recently,the poor assembly...

held a strike in front of to
the House of Government...

demanding solutions,
for many problems.

Statistics show,
which government income...

increased by 30% from, last year.

Due to the so-called Crisis
of "Tom Yum Goong"...

and the devaluation,
from thai baht...

every Thai citizen is affected.
As a result...

General Chavalit Yongchaiyuth,
the prime minister

Parliament dissolved.

The new government, led by
Prime-Minister Chuan Leekpai...

ensured that policy
and economy of Thailand...

would be better in
the near future.

Statistics and facts
are totally different.

Now, industries need to revive.

Agriculture is outdated.

The standard of living between,
the people in the capital...

and other provinces,
is obviously patchy.

The Chuan Leekpai government
agreed to borrow...

580 billion baht from the Fund
International Monetary...

or the IMF to solve
the economic crisis.

After the failure, of the
Government Chuan Leekpai...

new elections were called.

Thaksin Shinawatra,
was elected prime minister.

He promised to revive the all
areas as soon as possible.

He expects Thailand to pay its
debt to the IMF within 2 years.

So it seems that we are capable
to pay the debt to the IMF.

This is not only a political game.

Please do not just think
in the next election...

because trade and politics,
can not be merged.

It is not possible that the
country simply play money,

in this problem, Chanchai.
I know the figures well.

Tax revenue and exports
substantially increased this year.

Hello! Yes, I have decided, sir.

If the government insists
in paying the debt to the IMF...

while the situation
economic is terrible...

Please tell him I'll be ready.
to help as much as you can.

I will not leave my
factory close again.

I will not let them sell
any government company.

It is in the country's interest.

If you want to
shuffle the cards...

All unions will support you.

If we lose...

You will lose too, General.

Why did not we shuffle the cards?

Payment should not happen.

The government should
announce his resignation.

Are you sure we have
the numbers in the cabinet...

overthrow the government?

They are all opening the way.

Frankly speaking, the only
The number I need is yours.

Make sure that all the
orders come from me.

It's time for you
return my favors.

Your job is to convince
Nawin to steal.

And I'll have a great
job for you later.

Yes sir.

What will you do?

I can not take it anymore!

I want money.

I carried a gun all my life...

I dont know how do nothing else.

We abandon everything,
our titles, names...

and citizenship, and for what?

I'm better dead than
working at the border.

Everything we did
went to the country

And what do we have
to show for this?

Are we heroes or beggars?


Shut up! You're leaving
me in the snow!

With the!

There may be nothing
to eat tomorrow.

Let's steal, right?

Let's go!

Lower the knife.

Why did not you die?

I'm warning you,
put your knife down.

Why did you come back?

To look at a bitch like you.

How could I raise our son?

That's no excuse!

My wife was a bitch!

What the hell?
I did it for huh?

To your country, huh?

We were dying of hunger here!

Female dog!

You want to kill me?

Get out of me!



Calm down!
Leave me alone!

To relax!

To relax!

To relax!

Calm down!

Here's some money.
It is not much...

but you can build on it.

Think twice, Ong.

At least you have a family.

Take good care of them.


I'll do what you say.
At where? When?

A bank on Ratchada Road.

The day after tomorrow.

Pol, get us a car
and get us some guns.

What about the Ngo?

We may not have to use explosives.

Is it still tomorrow?

No, I've changed my mind today!

Come on.

Delivery! The police
have you surrounded!


Check your ammo.

Breaking news!
In this exact moment...

the bank of the Ratchada
Road is being stolen.

The police arrested the thieves...

inside the Ratchada tunnel.

The thieves took a hostage

Let's surrender!

There's no way out!

To relax!
Think twice!

There is no way out.

Just surrender!

I hear! I'll count to 10.

Clear all cars and people,
otherwise the hostage dies!

I'm serious.


Like this?

No one moves until
I give the signal.

The hostage is in danger.

We're going to die.

No matter what happens, we should render.
We have to surrender.

Why surrender?

Shooter ready?




This just in. The police now has
the situation under control.

The hostage was unharmed...

while three thieves were
shot dead by the police.

A thief survived the incident
and is in police custody.

Do you know why you survived?

They want you to work for them.

The record shows that
they are all dead!

There is a report that
Nawin who was accused...

with theft escaped.

The escape happened while the prisoner
was being transferred to prison.

The police are looking for him.

I was ordered to take you
to the meeting point.



How are you?

What are you doing here, Song?

There are many bombs, sir.

Our country has lost a lot
interest for foreigners.

I do not think the government
lends attention to our requests.

Although we have men
and firepower...

violence can not
solving the problems.

But the economic failure
in mass is likely.

If the government pay the IMF.

Let's start our plan.

Nawin's here, sir. Send him in.

Yes sir.

Everything is ready.

We just need word from the top...

and my boys will jump at it.

The government
announced clearly...

whereas payments
they would continue.

What are we waiting for?

The forces of the general
they are ready too.


Go ahead as planned.


Firefighters are extinguishing
the fire in the Thai oil refinery...

What is burning since last night.

The official confirms that the fire...

It was an accident it's
not an act of terrorism

Not yet.

Prime Minister Taksin announced
a press conference...

on debt repayment of the
IMF will be held...

at some point in
the next two days.

Speculation is that Thailand
be free of IMF debt.

Everyone should
understand the situation.

There is a group
of people who disagree...

with the payment of the debt
and manifested themselves.

They are the likely culprits for
behind the two recent attacks.

Police found C-4 explosives.

I think we should postpone
payment for security reasons.

We have no clue about
the lack of the C-4 yet.

Lord, and if there is a
bomb at the ceremony?

It's all up to you, sir.

The Thai baht is quite loud.

If anything happens now...

I am afraid that the government can
not deal with the situation, sir.

The current situation should
be controlled by the military.

The C-4 is missing...

suspected to be the job
of the military as well?

The prime minister wants to not
to comment on this matter.

The police must find
the terrorists...

and the missing C-4
and return them.

If you exceed your abilities...

you can not refuse the
help of a soldier.

Hey! Wake up!

Where have you been?

Our Northern Spy reported
that it was not...

involved with
the lack of C-4, sir.

Commander, the movements
of Hia Por are normal.

What is happening then?

If such amount of C-4 were stolen
to be used in this event...

I think there should
be some movement, sir.

I only have 24 hours.

We should know who they are
they are and what they want.

Sir, here's the team photo
elite that has some movement.

We're eyeballing in them, sir.

Seize everyone and investigate
for whom they are working.

We need to stop them until
may the ceremony be over.

The rest of you are going
search for information...

and report back to me.

Did you see my cat?

Did you see my cat?

Did you see my cat?

Hey! Freeze!

Hey! Stop!

Stop! Stop!

D1 calls each section to stop it.

Checks inside!
Where is Nawin?

I do not know. They paid me to
dress like that and sit here.


We look everywhere,
but we can not find him, sir.

For who you work?

I do not know.

Do not lie to me!

Here it is Sir.

Tell her face, you're
going to get hurt.

I do not know.

Do not push me imbecile.


Please, Come out, sir.


What shall we do, sir?

Shit! He continues
saying he does not know.

I think he is telling the truth.

Let him go.

After being in debt with the
IMF for 580 billion Baht...

the Thai government led by Prime
Minister Thaksin Shinawatra...

will pay all debts
to the IMF tomorrow.

This is to mean independence
economic development of all Thais.

Today will mark one day.
history for the country...

all Thais they will
be free of debt.

Thailand will become
a economy again.


It is a pity that this
be the last trip.

Do you know about joy?
He was arrested.

Hey! You know, there were
so many police that day.

Damn joy!
Why are you here?

C'mon C'mon.


Stand still!


Lying on the floor, everyone
on the floor! Let's go...

Check all areas in detail.

Take all the suspects,
for research.


You're the justice!
Kill, kill, ah...

Come on!

Of course!


The suspect was shot.

We found 2 jeeps that
recently fought with us.

They were left at the roadside,
Mr. But there is no other evidence.

There is an interesting person though.
We should get some information from him.

He is Hia Song, owner of the port.

Great work?

I do not have much time. If you do
not talk, you will be in trouble.

Send the police to Hydron
Hotel and stop Hia Song.

Everyone should know Your jobs.

No screws lift.
We do not have much time!

Hey! Wait for me.

It's ok! Let's see
what the plan is like.

This is the place.

Let's split up into 4 teams.

Each team will assemble,
the base in these 4 buildings.

We should avoid call attention

of the police around
of the installations.

Do not forget that the
government posted many cops.

The pumps will be installed...

in the main structures
of each building.

This is for maximum destruction.

When you finish your work,
come to the marked point...

and wait for your next orders.

Any question?

Come on!

What you want?

The cops are blocking
all inputs and outputs.

All pay attention, to the
movement downstairs.

Chak, you give the orders.

Repeat! Gunmen...

wait for my orders

Sorry to keep You waiting, sir.

All is ready, sir.

The government will reimburse,
the IMF in an hour.

What else can you do?

Government thinks! I'm
making idle threats...

then the lives
of hundreds are at stake.

You still have time to abort.

We're going to do our job.
Sir. you make yours.

The pumps are located
in 4 buildings.

The first pump is in the
American Trading Tower.

Send some cops, to the
American Trading Tower.

Fast! Let's go!

The second pump is, in the
Credit Union Building.

The third in Asia Building tower.

The room is in the International
Bank of development...

Where are we now.

Holy shit!

Turn yourself in!

The police have already
blocked this building.

You can not escape.

This is not the problem.

Tell your men about this
building to keep quiet...

I do not want my men
to bury you too.

You have much to do.

Please inform all buildings that you
own the pumps. Evacuate calmly.

Keep me informed about progress.

Let's see!

Come on, quick.

Come on, let's go!

The representatives of the
IMF arrived at the airport.

They are being welcomed by many
senior officials and politicians.

Soon, they will move
to the press conference.

What happened?



Team 1, go upstairs.

Team 2, go down the stairs.

Go and check it out.
Yes sir.

Today, July 31, 2003...

is the day the thai government

under the leadership of the
Prime-Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

The next phase will begin.

You know what...

The IMF staff...

are arriving in the local press
of the conference as we speak.

We must finish all transactions
as soon as possible.

Let's review the positions.

Excuse me sir.

Now we know exactly,
where are the bombs.

If they explode, this area
will be seriously devastated.

We are making a false
fire evacuation.

Let's see if we can
change their position.

Is not it a bomb?
Not! Of course not!

I can enter?
Please, do not.


What is this thread?

What is this thread?
Shit! Condemned!

This line.

Come on.

All buildings They're clean, sir.

We're removing them
to a safe place.

Clean, sir. Ready to remove

It's ok! Divisions!
Clean the building!



They deceived us, sir!

D1 call O1.

Yeah, what's the big deal?

All buildings are safe.

Enter all units that
everything is safe and ok.

Please stay that way.

We can not cancel the conference.

It's for you, sir.


Yes, sir, there's another bomb.

They say they are not
joking right now.

Sir! Sir!
You forgot the files!

You're welcome!

You may be late, for work, sir.

What the hell!
My God!

Lord, the bombs were found
in 3 buildings in the area.

The fuses are connected to
the of each building, sir.

The pumps are connected,
to the energy network of buildings.

So we can not disarm
them one by one, sir.

We have to cut off all power in the area...
before disarming them, sir.

Including the conference area?
Yes sir.

At this stage,
do whatever you want.

How long will it take
to to disarm the bombs?

10 minutes, sir. After that, the
electricity will be back online.

The circuit is very complex, sir.

I think they are
Seriously this time.

What the fuck is he playing?

The situation is out of control.
We need the help of the army.

I'm ready sir.

But Sir...
Follow my orders.

Hurry up!

Fast goes...

How much time do we
have left, Chak?

About 11 minutes, Sir.

What building is this?

It is the Central Bank,
from Thailand, sir.

The Central Bank!


Released, soon!

It is clean!

Everything is great!
Shit, what happened?

You want to kill me?
You wanted to kill me, eh?

To relax! We're on the same team.

I'll be back later.

What happened?

Hi, Pakorn.

From now on! I'll be
calling the shots.

Soldiers are coming,
to fix the situation.

After the problem is solved...

I will return the
authority for you.

Report to me quickly.


What is your name?

I am Pol. Sen.
Sgt. Maj Chakpong.

I'm with the Transnational Division
of Suppression of Sabotage, sir.

Tell me about the bombs.

The pumps have 2 levels of fuses.

They are connected
to the power grid.

We must cut off the power
before proceeding...

in order to spread them, Sir.

Troops! Cut the power now!

Not now!

Chakpong, cut the
main electricity.

Not yet!

Why the delay?

Electricity for the Bank
Central will also be cut.

The gold in the bank
you are at risk.

I dont care, what are
you thinking about?

If they get the gold, they
no chance to pay the debt!

I understand?

They are smarter,
of what we think.

Check the time, Chak.

How long will it take later
to cut off electricity?

No more than 10 minutes, Sir.

Do not cut off the electricity
until I give the order.

Sir! The pump is manipulated,
to detonate with a telephone signal.

Cut the electricity.

Call Center D1.

Cut the main electricity.

Sir, please confirm cut the
electricity in the area.

Commander General Pakorn is
leaving the Central Bank, sir.

What is he thinking?

Do you have contact with the bank?

Yes Sir.
But there is no answer.

Send forces to the bank,

I do not want our plans failed.


Call center.

The security system does not work.

Call center, call center.


Check the system.

The police are starting
to move around.

No matter what happens,
our plan must be successful.

It's time to switch now.

As soon as our men get the gold,
Nawin and his team will be...

This is what we are
negotiating, Nipon.

Connect the backup generator now!


Unused! Just one scan
Iris can open the safe.

We have 5 minutes.


May come!

Go Go!

Hey, did something happen?

We are ready to connect
the power, sir.

Send support staff to
the Bank immediately.

Yes Sir.

Pakorn called for forces,
to go to the bank, sir.

We found a bomb, Sir.

Yes, your excellency.

The prime minister confirmed...

we will not negotiate we will
surrender to these criminals.

The IMF payment is still
in progress as planned.

Even though gold was taken back

I will not leave end so easily.

Debts will not be paid.

The pump must solve
all our problems.

You're talking about the
bombardment of the conference?

It's too late, General.
Your time is almost over.

It is not in the agreement.

I am a soldier, not a murderer.

I refuse to go any further!

What you want?

Nothing of you.
I am just obeying my orders.

You are to be finished here.
Do not blame me...

I'm under orders,
of General Anusorn.

I know you do not understand
He gave the orders.

I hope everyone is
thinking the same thing.

What about General Anusorn?
He is behind me?

Dead men can not go after nobody.

They are not after gold! They
will bombard the conference!

What's up, dude?

General Anusorn and
you're trying...

persuade the government
to cancel the debt repayment?

They will bomb,
the location of the event.

The range of explosion
is more than 2 kms.

The surrounding area will
be destroyed, right?

You know who it takes
This job, right?

Get ready!

Spread and look around.


We're in the shit, for sure.

But I decided not
to follow their rules.

No matter what happens.

If I decided...

If any of you want to leave...

I'm going to stop the car now.

Giving up is for cowards!
I'll stay with you.

I do not give up.

Follow the terrorist movements
and keep me informed.

Send the support team,
to the crossing of Patumwan.

G9, protect the area of
intersection of Patumwan.

Repeat! Protect the area
of intersection of Patumwan.


You can not get out!

The police have you surrounded.
Surrender now!

Just surrender!
What are we going to do, sir?

Are you afraid of death?

Not! But I want to know
how is this going to end?

I do not know!

We can all die,
but What we do in life...

is the most important thing!

They understood!

Now go!

I'm crazy!



Fast fast!

9am from Siam Discovery,
that's where the target is.

Back me up!

Sir, Chak is dead.

We found a remote detonator
for the bomb in it, sir.

Citizens of Thailand, today,
the Central Bank of Thailand...

paid the last to the IMF.

We refund, the Bank
of Japan at noon.

And he paid the last
installment, to the IMF today...

In the amount of...

Boonsak was arrested by
police in your home today.

He is accused of being affiliated
to the terrorist group...

responsible for trying to
prevent the IMF conference.

Mr Boonsak denied that all charges

and discuss all the details
in a later date at the trial.