Bangkok Love Stories: Plead (2019) - full transcript


Here you go.

Yuck. What is that, Dad? I don't want it.

This is called "Heng Ying Tae."

It's made with fresh almonds.

He ground them himself.

It will strengthen your lungs.

You will win your running race
and become the champion.

How does that sound? Try some.

-Is it good?
-Wow. It tastes so good.

It tastes better than iced milk.

Can we have two bags to go, please?

Really? Will you drink all of it?

-It's for my mom.
-I see.

When this kid grows up,

he will bring prosperity to your family.

Do you know why? He has outstanding
physiognomy. Look at his forehead.

He has a wide forehead
and high cheekbones.

He's capable of great ideas.

And his cheekbones

are at the same level with his nose.

He will become a powerful man.

Your followers will obey
and be afraid of you.


Next time, I'll give you his birth details

so you can analyze it.

-By the way,

do you read fortunes at the same place?

Give me a call if you're going there,

because I barely go anymore.

I will.


Thank you.

Tell your mom to enjoy it.

People don't make it like this anymore.

Most of the stores
just use those instant packets.

It doesn't taste good.

In that case, don't stop selling yours
anytime soon.

What's wrong?

Are you closing down?

His son

has glaucoma.

Nobody knows when he will go blind.

Liu might have no time to work.


Is your son going blind?

Maybe he won't go blind.

You are a fortune teller.

You may be able to change destiny.

No one can change destiny.

What is destiny?


is something that is already determined

even before someone is born.

Why can't it be changed?

Let's see.

If destiny could be changed,

it would be a lot of work
for the people in heaven.

Don't you agree?

I think it's time to go.


Let's go.

Tee. When will you be done?
I can't wait to watch the video.

Come on. Don't rush me.

If you're in a hurry, watch it alone.

Come on, Tee.

It's not fun to watch it alone.

Isn't it fun when you watch it
alone at home?

Tee, there are so many people
at my house today.

What would I do

-if I get horny?

What will you do
if you get horny here, then?

I'll just go with the flow.
That won't be a problem, right?

Of course, it will be a problem.

All right. I'm done.

Start the video.


Can you really not see?

Of course, I can.

It's just a bit blurry.

I'll tell you everything that happens.

Okay. Start already.

-You're back.
-Yes. Are you going shopping?

-The main girl is here.

-What is she like?
-Gosh. Her skin is so fair.

Her school uniform is really tight.

She looks like Miyabi.

Really? Continue.

How big are her boobs?

They're bigger than my head.


There's another girl now.

-How is she?

She is better than the first one.


Ong, you stopped narrating.


Are you nuts?


Tee told me

to put it on for him.


How can you watch that stuff?

You're disgusting.

Don't you know that those videos...

are outdated?

Listen. If you really have to watch it,

watch the new ones.

This is so old that the actress' son

is already a teenager.


You said it was new.

I'm sorry.

-It's old.
-My friend forwarded it to me.

You should stay up to date.

How about this?

I'll send you the link.

You can download it from there.

I can guarantee that my videos are better.

Wow. You're so cool!

Dad, if you're going to surprise us
like this again,

you should just join us.

You can take Ong's job
and narrate it for me.

Let me think about it.

Are you actually considering it?

By the way,

I'm going to a gathering
at the Chinese Association.

I might be home late.

Okay, Dad.

Don't go anywhere.

Today is the fourth.

Luck hasn't been on your side lately,

and Rahu recently aligned with the zodiac.

You must be extra careful.


I haven't had dinner though.

That's not a problem.
Get Ong to buy you some food.

We're done talking.

What do you want to eat?


If my dad is going
to the association today,

that means no one

will be fortune-telling.

What are you saying?

I just thought that

once he goes out,

I might do some fortune-telling
instead of him.



Your dad just told you
not to leave the house.

You'll make him worry again.


How can he worry
if he doesn't find out about it?

You're so bad.

-That is why you're my idol.
-Oh, my god. Your hands...

You're disgusting.

I don't know where they've been.


Please rest in peace.

There's nothing to worry about.

Even if Tee goes completely blind,

I will take care of him.

I promise.

Are you guys moles?

You're quite fast.

Anyway, I'm leaving now.

Don't go anywhere.

We definitely won't go anywhere.

We won't tell fortune--

Fuck you.

What the hell?

I forgot. I'm sorry.

Tee, where are you going?

Wait for me!

Tee, can you talk to him for me?

Sure. Hello.

Why is the price double
of what it was yesterday?

-I see.
-What did he say?

He asked why the price has doubled
since yesterday.

I see. They are different species.
This one is sweeter.

I see.

This is a different type of mango
from yesterday. It's sweeter.


Thank you.

You can try some.

-How is it?

It's great. I'll take ten boxes.

-Ten boxes.
-He wants ten boxes.

Gosh. Thank you so much.

-Thank you so much, Tee.
-You're welcome.


Here you go.

Gosh. It smells good as usual.

Do you mean me or the rice noodle rolls?

Both you and the rolls.

You're still a sweet talker.

See you later.







Are you all right?

I can't find my mom.


Are you all right?

Thank you so much.

-Thank you.
-No problem.

Where were you?



Ginkgo nut soup

is the perfect hangover cure.

Let's have some.

Mister, please drive slowly
or we'll miss the ginkgo nut stall.


Are you really getting out of
the car in that dress?

Aren't you scared of bulls?

Mister, I have checked my birthday color.

I was born on a Wednesday night.

They say the color orange
will give me power.

Wow. Do youngsters like you

believe in that stuff?


I never believe those things,
but my friend here is obsessed.

She even wears panties
the same color as her shirt.



My gosh, Mister.

We almost went past the ginkgo nut shop.

We're here.

Hurry up, Elle.

A car hit me!

A car hit me!

Did you get its license plate?

I got hit by a car.

Why am I so unlucky?

-I thought orange was your color.
-It hurts.

Why are you still having bad luck?

I guess I looked at the wrong chart.

Could it be that he is your soulmate?


Dear God,

please do not let that man be my soulmate.

-Let's go after your soulmate.

-Let's go after your soulmate.
-He's not my soulmate.


Are you looking for a chair?


What are you doing here?

Don't you have work today?

Ong told me
you were fortune-telling today.

So, I'm here to help.

There's no need to help, Pai.

Doesn't your massage shop have customers?

It does.

But I snuck out to help you.

Pai, you shouldn't have.

Go home.


Pai. I said go home.

Tee. You can barely see.
Why won't you let me help you?

I've been blind my whole life.

I know what to do.

Please let me help you.

-All right?

I said no.

Go home. Go and do your own job.

Why are you getting upset?

Tee, did Pai go home?

I asked her to help us.

You invited her here?

Of course.

Ong, you meddler. Why did you invite her?

-You should go home, too.

Don't you remember what your dad said?
Today is an unlucky day for you.

I know.

-Nothing will happen.
-What if something does happen?

Stay if you want.

Excuse me. Is our ginkgo nut soup
ready yet?

Look, it's here. Thank you.

Let me try.

Gosh. I feel a lot smarter already.

It helps with your blood circulation,
and it also nourishes your brain.


Try it if you don't believe me. Eat up.

You will be as smart as Zhuge Liang.

Let's get some for Peak, too.

-Why should we?


It will not only help
with his blood circulation,

but it will also make him


He will definitely satisfy you.

Great, right?

-We broke up.

You broke up with Peak?

When did this happen?

This is Peak we are talking about.

He's handsome, rich, classy,

good-looking, and well-educated.

Where will you find another man like him?

I agree. It's not easy
to find a decent guy these days.

I'm an expert on love.

Could you give me his number?

Finish your sad longan juice
and get out of here.

I see. You want him.


Why start a fight in Chinatown?


Just sit.

My gosh.

So, why did you break up with Peak?

You know, you and Peak

are perfect for each other.

You were born in the Year of the Rat.
Your element is water. Peak's is gold.

You are perfect for each other.

If you end up with him, I can guarantee

that you will grow old together.

Your life will be happy.

And if we compare
your birthday to your fate,

it will be...

He cheated on me.


He's a dick. You did the right thing.

I mean...

When did he become a dick?

I borrowed his phone the other day.

I saw his texts.

It could have been a misunderstanding.

-With pictures.
-Never mind, then.

You caught him red handed. Disgusting!


I guess we have something in common now.

What is it?

We are two lonely birds.

Let's have fun. Chirp.

Try saying it. Chirp.

Let's finish eating.

Once we're done here,
I have a surprise for you.

What is it?

Hurry up and eat.

Tee, let's go home. No one is coming.

Let's go back and watch a movie.

What kind of movie?

An adult movie.

Which one?

The one we were watching earlier.

Do you want a new one?

Just shut up, Ong.



Did you run into someone earlier?


You have the wrong guy.

I have never run into anyone.


Is the regular fortune teller
not here today?

No, he's not.

I'm standing in for him.

-I see.
-What would you like to know?


If it's you,

I want you to find out all about myself,
from head to toe.


I mean, we're here for my friend.

Please look at her fortune.

Hello, Dad. Okay. I'll be there soon.

Tee, I have to watch the store.

-Call me if you need anything.


I changed my mind. I want to go home.

Her name is Elle.

She was fat and wore size L shirts.
Hence, the name.

You talked too much.

Her full name is Arissara Rakapirom,

born on Thursday, November 21, 1996,

which was the waxing moon's 12th day
of the 12th month, the Year of the Rat.

-I didn't even know that.
-Your mom told me.



You are a determined person
who doesn't give up easily.

How do you know? Did you Google me?

Stop. He's hot--

I mean,

he's trustworthy.

Every word from his mouth was accurate.

Come on. Sit down.

He described you exactly.

You were right.

All right, then.

Can I see your palm, please?


I meant your friend's palm.

I see.

Elle, he wants to see your palm.

Just show it to him.

Please. Here you go.

It's all yours.

That's an old trick
to touch someone's hand.

Do you think I'm stupid?

What exact time was she born?

It was 6:13 p.m.

Your mom told me.

Hour of the Rooster.

Elle, could you do one thing for me?

It won't take long.

Please randomly choose a song
from this phone.

The song you choose
will act as your fortune card.

-What are you trying to pull?

I just want to check something.

Do it, please. Do it for me.

We came all the way here.
Just choose a song.

Is there something wrong?



I have bad news for you.


What's wrong?

Did Tee tell you to go away?

Please don't get mad at him.

He's been a bit cranky lately.

You know why.

I do.

That's why I want to spend time with him.

I feel sorry for him.

I wouldn't know what to do
if I was going blind.


Are blind people terrible or something?


I didn't mean it like that.


What do you see?


people don't see

the value in things or people
that are close to them.

What do you mean?

These past two or three months,

you have been a bit unlucky.

You will

lose something that you love.

I don't love anything.

So, I have nothing to lose.

What about a person you love?

Elle is single.

She had a boyfriend, but they broke up.

What about someone who loves you?
Is there anyone?

Are you putting a curse on me?

You're here telling me that I will lose
something I love. Now what?

Do you want money for an exorcism?

Just tell me how much.

Unfortunately, I will not give you
a single dime,

because I won't be deceived
by this mumbo jumbo.

Elle, wait.

Damn it.

She's just like that sometimes.

I won't accept it.

-Please take it.
-I said I won't accept it.

I'm so sorry.

Damn it, Elle.

Am I wearing the wrong color?
Why am I so unlucky today?

Come on. Cheers!

It's our 37th round.





I'm not Hua. It's me, Hong.

My dress reminds you of
your late wife, right?

Isn't this dress beautiful?

Hua and I were best friends
when we were young.

We even bought the same clothes.

If you want,

I could dig out my old clothes
and wear them,

so you won't miss Hua as much.
What do you think?



Why would you do that?

And look at your hair.

What's wrong with your hair?

Oh, my god. Elle.

Why are you home so late?

There was a small party.

Girls shouldn't party this late.

I work hard, Mom.
I have to party from time to time.

Oh, my god. It's almost 3:00 a.m. now.

How can you stay out so late?

I'm home now, and I'm safe.

All your friends are drunks.

There are a lot of ways to relax, Elle.

Such as getting back together with Peak,

so he can take me out to a fancy meal?


Why don't you give Peak another chance?

He may have cheated on you

because you had no time for him.

If you want me to forgive Peak
the same way you forgave Dad,

you can keep dreaming. I won't do it.


Elle, listen to me.

Mom, what are you doing?

I'm throwing this away.
I wasted my time cooking it.

Let me try some before you throw it away.

Gosh. This is good. Don't throw it away.

This isn't so good. Throw it away.

Do you mean it?

I'm joking.

Can you warm it up for me?

Sure. Give me a minute.

All right.



I'm sorry for saying those things to you.

Let's do this. The day after tomorrow,

I'll ask for a day off
and drive you to Chonburi

so you won't have to take the bus. Okay?

But can you take a day off?

Actually, I can't,

but I love you so much
that I would do anything for you.



Are you still awake?

Why are you sitting alone in the dark?



What's wrong?


I have a stomachache.

Is your stomachache so bad
that it's making you cry?

You know,

you were absolutely right.

Today was quite unlucky for me.

But please don't be sad.

Even though I can't see you anymore,

I'm lucky to have been able to see you
for the last 20 years.

I will never forget your face.


I will always remember your face, Dad.

Subtitle translation by
Pet-chompoo Sa-ngarmangkang