Bangkok Love Stories: Objects of Affection (2019) - full transcript


you've changed a lot.

Do you like her?

I think that lady
is interested in you, too.

Otherwise, she wouldn't dress up
to get your attention.

Why is she seeking attention?

Why would she do that?


I'm sorry.

All right.

I'll uncover your eyes now.





Try it. Turn it like this.

Over there, too.

Oh, my.

Turn it.

Mom got food on her face.

It almost got in your ear.

Where are you going, Dad?

I'm going to work.

It's important.

Be good, honey.




I'm really sorry.

I can't hire you anymore.

It's okay. I understand.

But how are you and Jess going to manage?

I don't know.


I'm leaving now.

Can't you stay, Toiting?

I really have to go.


Be good, dear.

Be obedient to your mom.
I'll visit you often, okay?

Don't leave me, Toiting.


I am Joey.

Here you go, sir.

Bring it back if there's any problem.

Sure. Thanks a lot.

Be careful with it.


Have you fixed the laptop?

Not yet.

The client will get it this evening.

You won't make it.


call him and tell him to come another day
because we're waiting for spare parts.


Can we do that?

What's with him?

I'll play my game.


-Did you change your mind? Get on it.

I'm going to say that

if Jess stops by,

call me.

Wait one second.

-Hello, police.

There's a man guilty of being in love.

He's running away.


Let me call you back.


Damn you, Jeng. You scared me.

-I was deep in thought.
-I know.

You were spacing out.

Can you tell me
what you're thinking about?

I'm thinking of a way

to get rid of that devilish cat.

It's a cat!

-A cat?

Which cat?

Qten's cat. I hate cats.

Come on. You hate his cat,

but you want to be with him?

Haven't you ever heard of the phrase...

No, that's wrong.

Now, that's correct.

You don't find it funny?

I'm not in the mood for jokes!

Your joke is so old.

I just want to say that
this is how you must think.

If you love him,

you have to love his cat too.


Speaking of cats, the cat's owner is here.

I'll go greet him now.


My darling.

Come on in.

Damn. She's seriously lovestruck.

My darling, I'll prepare
a very big meal for you.

Is there anything you want to eat?


It's up to you. Anything is fine.


What's wrong?

Are you sick?

I don't know.

I've been sneezing since last night.

I think I'm allergic to cats.

You mean Mhooping?

But I don't think

it's Mhooping's fault.

Mhooping is your cat.

Whatever you love,

whether it's a cat or a dog,

I'll love it too.

That's because I love...

I can't take it anymore.

No, I can.

I can take it. I'm fine.

I'll go make jjajangmyeon for you.

-One moment, please.
-I think

you should take a pill first.

My darling.

I'm fine, really.

Don't worry.

I'm okay. I can bear it.

Just one moment.

Tae-hee, come here.

Come here.


-What's up with you?

You were fine earlier.

Once he got here, you started sneezing.

I got the flu from love. Don't you get it?


Do you mean to say you're lovesick?

-That's right.
-Why did you hit me, then?

It's like you said.

I will follow your advice.
What was it again?

I will behave
and make Qten feel bad for me.

Once he is mine,

I will chase Mhooping,

that devilish cat,




-Away from Qten's home.
-Take it easy.

This is my head, not Mhooping's.


I'll go make jjajangmyeon now.

She's so good at being two-faced.

-All done.

-Thank you so much.
-Thank you.

Please come back again.


Mister, I'm here to collect my phone.



Are you full?

Yes, I am.

Mr. Jeng.

Durian bingsu is served.


My darling, this is durian bingsu,

-topped with lots of milk,

and big chunks of durian

to win your heart.

Aren't they too big?

Too big?

Are they too big?

Why didn't you tell me
you don't like big ones?

I'll reduce them to a regular size.

-How about that?
-I meant the durian.

I meant my boobs.

I was talking about the durian.

My darling.

Do you remember that day?

I am where I am today because of you.

We have free food.

-Take it.
-We have Ayutthaya boat noodles.

-Come on.
-It's free.

-Here, sir.
-Come on.

-Take this whole pile.

-He doesn't want it.

-It's free.
-Free food.

-Boat noodles.

-It's free.
-Try it.

-It's free, ma'am.
-It's free.

Damn it.

-No one wanted it.
-Come on.

How come?

What's wrong with our boat noodles?

How come nobody is interested?

It's not about the food.

It's about your look.


What's wrong with my look?

Who would want to buy boat noodles
from a girl who looks like that?

Do I look like I should be making
European food instead?

It has to be Korean food.

I was joking.

Then I'll go buy a jar today.

-A jar?


What for?

To ferment kimchi.

That's like making fermented fish.
If that's your plan,

-I'm out.
-Go ahead.


-Aren't you going to stop me?

Come here.

-Help me think.
-Come on.

What should I sell?

-Let me think.
-Can I see that?

If you hadn't seen
my Korean beauty that day,

I wouldn't have opened this restaurant.

-I would have been broke.

She would be pole-dancing in Ratchada now.

Like this?

Come on, Tae-hee.


This is embarrassing. Stop.

What's this? This pillar is great.

-Excuse me.

My darling, where are you going?

-You're not dancing with me.
-What's up, Kang?

-Is she there?
-She is.

But she's not here as Jess.

Then who is she this time?

Is it Joey or Pinky?

Just come and see for yourself.

I don't want to spoil it.


I'll be right there.


Qten is gone.


My darling!

My darling!

We didn't even kiss goodbye.

Qten, come here.


Where is Jess?

Jess asked me to collect her phone.


I'm not Jess.

My name is Jenny.

I'm here for the phone.

Didn't Jess tell you that

the phone is not fixed yet?

Then I don't want it fixed.

-I'll take it now.
-How can you do that?

Let me fix it first.

Once I'm done,

Jess can come and collect it.


This phone is really important to me.

I don't want it fixed anymore.
I want it back.


Give it back to me.

Please give it to me.

-Please give it back.
-All right. Hold on.


Why are you throwing a tantrum?

I told you it's not fixed yet.

Just go home.


I won't leave until I get my phone.

Just give it back.
I don't want it fixed now. Give it to me.

Please, I'm begging you.

Let me try fixing it first,

in case I can get it fixed today.


Have a seat.

I'll be waiting here.

All right.




-You got it.

You got it.

-Go right.
-Go right.




-You got it.

Right and left.

-Spin and go left.

-Go up.
-Go right.

Go right.



Come on.

You got a perfect score.

You're so good.

Come on.

She's like a different person again.



Do you see that?

-Do you see that?
-Not bad.



Do you want ice cream? It's on me.

-I want ice cream.
-Come on.

Can I eat it now?

Yes, go ahead.

You're making a mess.

Once I'm finished,
can I have my phone back?

I don't want it fixed now.

Are you sure?



you need to answer my question first.

What question?

Do you know

Joey and Pinky?


I only know Jess.

Then can you tell me about Jess?

I can't.

Jess doesn't like people
prying into her affairs.

If she knew that I told you about her,

she would be furious with me.

If you don't tell me,
I won't give you the phone.

You're mean.






This can't be true!

Damn it.

Keep it down.
You're scaring the customers.

Qten has to be mine.

No one can have him but me!


-Calm down.
-Let me go.

I want to go home. Let go.

-Okay, Jenny.
-Let me go.

I'll take you home.

Do you live with Jess?

-Don't trick me.

I won't tell you anything.

Let go. I want to go home.

-I'm begging you.

Jenny, calm down.

I'll give you the phone.

-Let me go. I'm going home.

Let's talk calmly.

I'll give you the phone.

All right?

I don't want it now.
I don't want the phone. I'm going home.

Let me go.

-No, I won't listen.
-I won't hurt you.

-Leave my man alone.

Stop it, Tae-hee. Stop.

Are you okay, Jenny?

Are you hurt?

Stop acting innocent.

Are you possessed by a child ghost?

Are you okay? No, Tae-hee.

What are you doing here?

I want to see the girl
who's stealing you from me.

Leave Qten alone

because he has a girlfriend,

and that's me.

I'm not trying to steal
anyone's boyfriend.

-Drop the innocent act.
-Enough, Tae-hee.


-My darling, don't go!
-Just stop.



My darling.

Come back with me.

Don't waste time looking for her. Come on.


If someone has to go,

then it should be you.

Are you chasing me away?



We need to clear things up.

You don't get to do this to me
because we're not a couple,

and we never will be.

You've never loved me?

I can only be friends with you.

But if you get unreasonably jealous
and act like this again,

I might not be able to

even be your friend anymore.

You've never appreciated
anything I did for you, have you?

That's why you only see me as a friend.

I don't love you anymore.

Let's break up.

How can we break up?

We've never even dated.

My darling.



Come here.

Did that lady tell you

why she always comes to see you
as different girls?

Give me a second.


Come here.

Sit down.

Try to stay calm.

How are you feeling?

Tell me.

You're like my big brother.

I'm your wingman.

You can tell me anything.

Tae-hee went crazy and pushed Jess.

Jess got scared and ran off somewhere.

Seriously, was she that aggressive?

I guess it's because she was jealous.

Are you okay?

Just forget it.

I'll go buy you donuts.

Why am I here?

Well, how would I know?


your outfit is cute.

I also want to dress like that,

but I'm not gutsy enough.

I'm afraid people will say
I'm not acting my age.

Your outfit is cute.

My darling.




Did Qten finally admit

that he's her boyfriend?

They were holding hands
in the middle of the mall.

Do you call that hiding it?

Just calm down.

He is single, free-spirited,

and independent.

He's probably putting his sausage
in her muffin right now.

I'll smack your mouth.

I don't want to hear
that Qten is screwing someone.

I'm the only one he can screw.

But he never agrees to that.

There's no need anymore.

I already broke up with him.

-That's awesome.

-You are so resolute.

Wait a minute.

Let me ask you this.

Were you dating him
before you broke up with him?

I don't know. I just know we're through.

But don't you want to know
who that woman is?

I do.

I'm dying to know.

But from the looks of it,

Qten will never tell me.

If he won't tell you,

ask someone else.


Tell me.






Each time they come,

they all look alike,

but I believe they aren't the same girl.

Maybe she's a student
majoring in theater arts.

Is she dressing up as different girls

as research for her thesis?

If that was true,

I would give her an A plus.

Maybe they are quadruplets.

What do you mean?

Are you saying Jess hates my guts,

so she tells her three other siblings
to mess with me?

I see. You're crazy.

This is real life, not a movie.


All movies are based on real life.

There are even septuplets and octuplets.

Why can't there be quadruplets?

Am I right?

Use your head, man.

I like being offered free meals.

I'll be right there.

See you.


Jeng said there's a free food deal
at Tae-hee's restaurant.

Do you want to come?


And don't ask me to go there again.

Poor Tae-hee.

She tried so hard
to score points with him,

but her jealousy got the best of her.


I'll go and have free food now.

-You watch the shop.

Today, we have a free food deal

to celebrate my single life!

You can order anything you want,
as much as you want! Welcome!

Get a queue ticket.
Those who want free food, chant with me.

Ms. Kang Tae-hee will let you
eat for free.

Hello to everyone near and far

Get in line, boys and girls

Very good.

Come get free food.

Come on, everyone.

When I see girls, I say, "Hey."
When I see guys, I say, "Nay."


You're acting strange today.


Did you change your mind
about dating a kid like me?

You can't help yourself, right?

But let me tell you,
a kid like me isn't easy.

Stop dreaming.


Hey, Kang.


Are you hungry?

-Do you want food?
-I want everything.

-Really? Okay.
-Give me a hundred kilos of pork.

-Okay. Come in.
-Oh, hey.

-Give me fried chicken.

Come on. Get a queue ticket.

Please get in line.








I'm not playing.




Come on, Ping.

What are you doing here?

Come out.

How did you get in there?

I've been calling out to you.
Why weren't you answering?

Come on. You're always like this.

You're not even listening.


What will I do if you go missing again?

If I hadn't gone out to check that day,

you wouldn't have made it, Ping.

Am I right?



Come on.


Are you pretending to ignore me?
Why do you have to be grumpy?

What a nice life you have.

You never have to own up to your faults,

not even when you make me worry.

I'm sorry,

but I have to know why you're doing this.


He's such a player.

He won't change,
no matter how much you pray for him.

It's better to find a new guy.

Find someone hotter

and even bigger than him.

Let him see that
your new boyfriend is far better than him.

You're pretty enough to be picky.

You can choose whoever you want.

Do you understand?

Don't get serious with anyone again.

Guys are just toys.

You should enjoy your life.

Got it?

Subtitle translation by
Pannapat Tammarisawat