Bangkok Haunted (2001) - full transcript

Three young women gathered in a coffee bar in Bangkok tell and discuss three original ghost stories with each other. The first tale: In Bangkok, the young Jieb receives an ancient drum not ...

Hey! What's going on?

Slowdown, man.

No rush.

Oh My god!

Your stuff's here.

Her truck just arrived
from Phisanulok.

It had a problem.

Really? That's OK.

Hello. Is that Mr. Anake.

Yes, That's right.

Today I received one item,
not listed in the order.

It is an antique drum inside the box.

Please check it for me.

Yes...I'll get a hold of you later.


Arkorn, speaking...

Yes...What's happening, Jieb?

How are you?

Did you have your baby yet?

Uhh, Professor....different Jieb

Whoops! Sorry!

Uhh, Jieb...Ahh..hmmm
I'll remember

I'm getting so darn old

So what's up? What can I do for you?

Well, Jieb received
an antique drum from someone.

It is around 70-80 years of age.

An antique drum....

there are many old books

that talk about such instruments.

If it had some markings

it would be easy to find the origin.

teachers put such markings

on instruments for good luck.

what does "Ch" written on the side

of An antique drum means?


I'm not quite sure.

Hmm...It is the same "Ch"

used by Master "Jangwang Chuem"

a renowned music teacher

before the world war II

How's it going, Pad?

Dear Master,
Please look after Paga, sir.

You don't have to mention it.

Don't worry.

I'll take care of her
as if she was my daughter.

We're here!

Raise your hands higher...higher.

Stretch you back


Raise your hands higher

Gnod, stop!

Jeez, why are you banging?

Just go...get out of here.

I don't want to see you now.


No eating this evening.

I'm really tired of him.

He can't be taught.

Gnod, Gnod...

Gnod, Gnod...

I've brought you some food, Gnod.

Don't you want to eat?

It's good.

Why don't you want to eat? Gnod.

I thought you weren't interested.

Is it good?


Hold your hands higher...


Keep your back straight...release...

now make a circle


Oh god, why is it so big?

We don't know where it came from.

It belongs to Jangwang-chuem, sir.

So it's from somewhere around here?

Not very far away, sir.


Why don't you get ready outside?

What do you want to say Gnod?

If you have something to say...
please say it!


I want to give this to you.

You want to give this to me...

It's so beautiful!


Please dance well

Don't be foolish.


Thank you very much Gnod.

Please come here, sir.

What is it?

I've brought Professor Jangwang
to see you, sir.

It's nice to finally meet you.

Hello! Nice to meet you.

Thank you very much

for bringing your group here.

It's an honor for my family, sir.

Thank you. Thank you so very much.

This is an excellent dance troupe,

Mother Pleng, please wait here.

I want to greet Khun Leung.

At our next show,

I'd like your Band
to be our major attraction.

Great! Thank you very much, sir.

You're very welcome.

Master, thank you very much.

It's an excellent show.

Khun Chai compliments you.


When I have the opportunity

to perform at the Palace.

I shall be fully prepared.

- Oh, Very beautiful!
- Mom, this is quite extravagant.

May I please be one of
your students, sir?

Having seen your show,

I know I must practice
longer and harder.

Yes, ...Fond

Actually, you're quite a pro yourself.

You are as good as I am.

Thank you, sir!

"Dear Vin...Will be right back.

Just letting you know...

"Chut...please let me know

when you get back...

so I can pick you up...Jieb

Next time we'll be able
to perform in front of the boss.

If we're lucky he'll sponsor us.

Then for the rest of my life
I would be happy.

Mr. Fond...Mr. Fond, sir!

We have a big problem here.

Do you believe in spirits?

You mean ghosts?


I've never met one.

But if you really want to know...

Yes, I do.

My best friend experienced once.

And he never lies.

Why do you ask me?

Oh, I was just asking.

So what happened to Paga and Fond?

Love is a dangerous thing, Jieb.

Ah!...Is the professor here?

How was it, Fond?...

Any good?

Very pretty.

You made this, Gnod?

If you make more

we can sell them and make money.

If you like it,

I'll make more.

You can make a lot of money.

Buy many beautiful dresses.

Are you sure it's OK, Gnod?

Is this for real? Please make a lot.

- Thank you very much.
- Paga!

What are you doing?

The Professor wants you

to practice some dance steps.

Wait a minute...

just a minute, Sang.

I am watching
Gnod make some cute dolls.

You know,
Fond is visiting your principal.

He is asking about you.

Don't you want to be there?

What's wrong with him?

Ahh...Mother Pleng.

What do you think of Fond?

He is quite handsome.

Very talented but he flirts a lot.

Do you want him as a relative?

Mother Pleng...

Paga's an adult.

I want her to find a good man

so she has a good life.

But we only recently met Fond.

We don't know him.

If we rush into this.

Something bad may happen.

Your daughter Paga

will be the one that's hurt.

Please think twice.

Haven't you seen enough land, Fond?

It's quite late now.

If you keep roving,
we'll reach Chiang Mai.

Paga, you kid too much.

You doing anything this afternoon?

If not, I'd like to continue roving.

This place is so beautiful. OK?



Soi told me
you haven't gone out all day.

Do you have a cold?


I bring you some hot soup.

I don't want any.



you can't even look
at my face anymore.

Are you teasing me?

I know you're engaged
to that dummy, right?

Gnod, don't call him a dummy.

What's wrong with you?

Has anyone done anything to you?

I don't want you to be my sister...





It's late. Why aren't you sleeping?

I have something to tell you.

Wait until tomorrow.

It's late. My mother will worry.

I want my bracelet back.


If you want it...

Just remember that

I don't hate you.

I want to be your sister forever.

After that night.

no one ever saw Paga and Gnod again.

There were lots of rumors.

Maybe Gnod kidnapped Paga...

maybe Gnod killed Paga

Hey...C'mon in...See for yourself attention!

Master! ...Gnod is not here too.

Oh my god...Paga!

Pull yourself together.

I believe
Gnod must know about vanished.

And must be involved with this drum.

What if it's not what we think.

I don't really know.

If it were me.

I wouldn't keep it
in the house anymore.

Jieb, I'm back.



if you're not home.
don't keep the lights on

That's not good!

I thought you weren't home.

Why are you dressed like this?

Very strange!


Vin...Vin! that you?

Yes, it's me.

Why did you jump in there?

Dance...and then drum...

dance...and then drum...

Dance...and then drum...

Just wait right here!

I want my bracelet back.


if you want it back.

Just remember that

I don't hate you.

I'll to be your sister forever.

This time we'll be able

to perform in front of the boss.

If we're lucky he'll sponsor us.

I'd be happy the rest of my life.

Mr. Fond...

Something bad may happen, sir.

Search everywhere, quickly.

Quick look everywhere.



Search everywhere, quickly.

Quick look everywhere.

I've waited and searched

for you for a long time.

From now on,

I will not let anyone
separate us again.

You have to come and live with me.

You don't love me anymore, Fond.

Is that it?

Your story ends too easy.

Yes, it's too short.

What kind of ending you would like?

Ghost and human go separate way.

- No connection.
- Something like that.

Think about it
Paga gave up so easily.

Let Fond go,

and end, Just like that.

If I were her, I wouldn't do that.

OK, I get it.

You guys think Paga was too kind?

she's been looking for her lover,
For 10 years.

But the moment they come face to face…

she turns soft.

Yeah, that makes no sense.

Okay, okay, okay.

So, which story next?

What would you like to hear about?

Do you want nude or really brutal?

Hey! Mine wasn't brutal at all.
Your's was way more brutal.

- Brutal…
- Alright, don't argue.

- Whoever wants to go first, can go.
- Who?

Fine, it's no big deal. Darn it.

I'll go first.

Hey, Pit…

Who's kicking tonight?

Tonights main event is between
Singhthong and Munphe at Lumpini.

Not sure if they'll kick, but I think
he'll use his knee to knock him out.


I was talking about soccer.

Oh, I thought you meant boxing.

Well, there's Spur…

Spur vs Manunited and Liverpool
vs Sunderland,who you betting on?

Same betting price?

- Price?
- Yeah.

I'm not sure, are you betting in the
morning or evening?

Hey, I'm begging you, can you not
be so annoying for one day?

Probably not. I'll call and check
for you at 9 pm.

- Call me when you find out.
- Okay.

Careful with Joy, it's right there
on the board… she's mine.

- Isn't Joy your 25th one already?
- Yeah.

I dare you to write down her number.

- Write her number down.
- Yes sir, Mr. Soot.

You'll find out, just write it down.

You're moving already?

Oh, yes dear.

I have a sponsor now, he's putting the
payment on a house in Rangsit for me.

You can visit me anytime, we'll cook.

Tuktik, leave it, please.
I don't want you to get tired.

It's alright, I want to help.
We'll be done faster.

I'll take care of this.

Let me help you carry that.

- It's alright, I can do it.
- It's fine.


I've been living here for so long,
and they just finished painting it.

Where's your boyfriend?
I haven't seen him in a while.

We broke up.

Oh, sorry to hear that.

Hey, what do you expect from men.

I've been through a lot of them.

But your current boyfriend,
seems to really love you.

I have a secret weapon.

You want to know what it is?

That guy you like is here.

- What?
- That guy you like is here.

Just go talk to him.

Hi! What's going on?

Wait… Am and Ann, right?
Who are you here with?

- This is Som… he's Manet.
- Hello.



You scared the daylights out of me.

It's called a charm oil.

Is this the real thing?
I've only read about it.

Real or not… believe what you want…

just look at all my boyfriends.

This is my secret weapon.

There's some left. Take it and try it.

So, what do I have to do?

Charm spell.

That cute guy is following you.

Excuse me…

would you like to have dinner with me?

What's wrong?

I don't know. I just feel so hot.

Go see a Doctor.

Don't you dare die in my room.

I'll be better tommorrow.

Please wait outside.

Family members, please wait outside.


What's wrong with my son, Doctor?

Right now, we still don't know
the real cause of his syptoms.

But we are doing everything we can
to find the cause.

He will have to stay and rest here
for a while.

How can you not know what's wrong
with my son?

How long will he have to stay here,
before he can go home?

I want to speak with the Chief
Doctor, immediately!


I'm sorry.

Charm tools for both men and women…
Genuine charm oils.


Can I talk to Ar. Monk please?

Yes...thank you.

Hi Pin.


Director is here.

He is? Where is he?

Came this morning

Oh! You...

Go're on duty

It's your shift.

Give me two minutes...

Yeah...going now.

What! Drinking with the bodies? Crazy!

Why is it so messy?

She's cute...

Maybe we just play some games here

Climbing a mountain...

going down south


Sir, please help me, sir.

Please help!




Hold it really tight.

Piek, Hold it really tight.

How are you son?

Grab him...

don't let anything happen to my son.



Please sir,

help my son...



Chai! Chai!

Thank you

I'll find it for you.

Ad, Hi!...

Pan. This is Ad.

Hi! Ad

Ad...this is Jae

This is Pan, Nook's friend.

- What's your name, again?
- It's Pan

Oh!...Please sit down.

What are you drinking...with soda?...

Ah...You! You!

How are you?

Is she your best friend?

- Oh! Oh! very close
- Yeah, really?

Do you have a number?

Wait a minute...One minute...

You forgot the number last time.

Calm down

- This time.
- Don't forget I won't


I take the small one


Here he is Ad.

The one I've been telling you about

the director.

Good looking and rich!

Isn't he handsome?

I'm not sure.

I think he looks like an old doctor

Are you crazy? That's the style now

A little chubby...small mustache

Hello. Do you remember me?


We were in the same boat, weren't we?

In the same boat...

well...not quite.

My name's Tim.

What's yours?

Pan. Please remember it.

Who's this?

This is Pan.

We know one another from the dock

Can we go dancing? It's boring here.

Is there anything else you want?

Hm...Red other color

It's OK with me

Are you sure? son is...?

Mom, please keep cool. isn't true!






Is this Tim? Where have you been?

I'm sorry about last night.

Are you still waiting for me?

So, you want me to wait?


Are you there?

OK, I'll see you tonight.

And we can be together again.

Yes...I'll be waiting.

Pan... Pan...

Please open the door.

Help me!


Go away.

Go away.


we will be stayed together all time.

Are you glad?

May I give you the title for this one?

Let's just call it

Horror Sex on a Horrific night

Ugh! I don't like that.

Let's try

Put her in her grave with pleasure

Always picking on someone else.

You're not so
ordinary yourself, you know.

Well then,

just tell me this. Is it cruel?

I guarantee it, if you watch closely.

Can you feel the chill?


Have you ever seen

a corpse hanging with a rope
around its neck?


What ?

Mr. Nop,

What was the problem
With the body yesterday?

I believe this is a case of murder.

Have you seen my report?

I haven't seen anything.


at the crime scene, there is no chair

on which the victim
could climb to hang herself.


considering the condition of her body.

She didn't die right away.

She struggled and fought for her life.

Last, her house is quite far out.

Why did she have to come
all the way and die here?

You think too much.

I think she died

because she was strangled.

- And then her body was brought here.
- This is a suicide case.

The way you are analyzing
it is illogical.

But I think...

Think again...

This is not a murder case

believe me.

How much?

Small one 10 bath. Big one 20 baht.

Give me a big one.

What's going on?

Hope you're not bringing me
another one.


I'm here because of the girl
that was brought in yesterday.

Any updates on her case doctor?

This isn't a one hour film
processing lab you know.

I put her in number 8


can you put a rush on this one please?

I'm working on this one by myself

probably wouldn't have it much longer.


She must have been
very pretty before she died.

Yes, she was.

- Hello.
- Is that you Nop?

I found something.
The time of her death is correct,

on the 14th.

However the condition
of her body is very suspicious

no broken neck,

bruises around her neck

and blood clots

Have told us that she died because

a rope was tied around
her neck very slowly.

Is there any chance

this sort of death
was caused by suicide?

Very difficult.

If it were suicide,

there would be more damage
around the neck

because the weight of the body

would have put strain there.

Why don't you put this case on hold?

Because I told the Deputy

it was murder
and he doesn't believe me.

But the markings on the body
are quite suspicious.

I showed him the photograph…

but he said
a suicide can also be like that.

Nothing we can do anymore.

If we don't have a victim,
we don't have a crime.

No. I will carry on myself.

Here is the victim of the crime.

It is so pitiful.

Gunya's dad died
when she was quite young.

Here mother died ten years ago.

She did not want to live with us

and then she married.

To Vinai?

Where can I find him?

When his wife died,

he didn't ever show up.

Was there any problems between them?

Is there anyone else you can think of

that I can contact?

Ahh, IU remember.

If you want to find more
information on Gunya,

You must contact Paew.

She gave me her name card.

She lived around Nonburi.

Gunya called her quite often.


Are you Paew?

Yes, sir.

What can I do for you?

I'm a police officer.

I'm here on the Gunya case.

As far as I know,

Ever since she married,

Gunya and Vinai always had problems.

What kind of problems?

When she visited,
she was always crying.

I would always see bruises

When she took off her clothes

I don't know what Vinai did to her.

she had bruises all over her body.

Did Gunya ever tell you?

She only cried and cried
when she came over.

At first I was very suspicious…

after that I got used to seeing them.

Have you ever been to her house?

Ever since her husband
had a car accident…

she said he became strange.

She didn't want me
to come over at all.

Yesterday I went to visit Vinai.

No one was home.

I don't know anything about that.

What about Gunya,

did she have any other close friends?

As far as I know,

she never told me of any

Maybe you should talk
to her ex-boyfriend.


She got back together with him.

What's his name?


This morning I told you,

no MSG! And you still put it in.

You just don't understand

Who are you?

Hello, Mr.Vinai.

My name is Nop

Why are you here?

I'm a police officer.

I'm here investigating Gunya's death.

So it was you who inspected her body.

I believe your wife
didn't commit suicide.

It was murder.

What are you talking about?
You bastard!

You wife must have been
very beautiful.

So what?

There must have been
plenty of men interested in her.

You must have known.

Get out of here.

Calm down Mr. Vinai.

I'm just trying to see

how you two got along.

You beat her up, correct?

Why did you have to do that?

What right do you have
talking to me like that?

If you don't have anything to hide.

my question is easy to answer.

Bastard! Get out of here.

Before I leave,

I'd like to see Gunya's housewares

and her belongings. May I?

- Hey boy, can I ask you something?
- Yes, Sir?

You bring food to the guy
in that room all the time?

Everyday sir.

He doesn't go out at all?

I don't know. He's crazy.

He's afraid
a thief will rob his house.

- Something wrong?
- Not really.

I didn't find out anything

What? Why not?

I'm serious.
I asked everyone at the funeral

and around the neighborhood.

At the old office and the new one.

No one knows IN.

If there are any,
just a little familiar with her.

Just move quicker

What's going on?

While I was following your car,

I saw a woman next to you

trying to push open the door

and get out.

I thought something was wrong.

It was real!

It was alone.

But I saw it as well.

I've already checked wrong specs.


But I did everything
according to spec, sir.

I've just been up there myself.
I measured it myself.

Anyway, you should go up there again.

Yes, sir. I'll go up again.

Mr. Tongin, sir.

Yes, What can I do for you?

Do you know a girl named Gunya?

If you want
to know something just ask.

Excuse me

but I know she was your ex-girlfriend.

I'd like to find out
a bit more about her.

Was there something going on?

He's a cop

and he's here
just to ask for information.

I thought
Daddy told you already that….

Never mind Sri.

Relax, he's here for other things.

OK. Yes. Please excuse me.

At that time she was hurt because

some guy she slept with
lied to her and left.

All I did was console her.

Then she married that old solider

and I haven't seen her since.

After that

she would call me

complaining about fighting
with her husband.

Then as far as I know

she hung herself

and that's it.

Did she come to see you at all?

She just called you?

She only called

What did she tell you

about the fights With her husband?

I don't know.
She didn't tell me anything.

Did you know

her husband was hurting her?

I don't know.

- What do you think...
- Sir, I only know what I told you

Thank you

Hmm…which picture should I choose?

Doctor Jade…

Are you free?

Can I ask a favor of you?

It means Tongin
talked more than he should.

We can test him.

I am investing this case now.

We could get suspended…

You've ask me to be involved

Who would think that
someone like Tongin

would rob the daughter
of the Deputy of Interior?

Don't try to bring me into that one.

This is quite high.

If there wasn't a ladder.

it would be too difficult to climb.

Well the Deputy think it's possible.

Hey, doc… Can you read this?

It'll take some time.

Hello!… What can I do for you?

Has he been in there long?

Over ten minutes.

When he arrived he went straight in.

How do you know it was a hooker?

My wife was a hooker…
my mother was also a hooker.

I know about things like this.

If you want to know something,

this is the best time to do so.

Sweetheart, don't move.

I'll do it for you honey.

Why is this taking so long?

I thought you were good bitch.

I finally found something.

The hanger has blood on it,
human blood.

Strange thing is

blood belongs to two people.

one blood sample was Gunya for sure.

The other I don't know.

Does it belong to Vinai?

Chances are 99 %
that it is a woman's blood.

But you told me Gunya's body
had no open wounds.

I may have mis-tested.

You rushed me.

If you want to be sure
you have to bring her in again.

Can you come with me doctor?

It's very clear

What's that doctor?

Looks like she was 3 months Pregnant

but miscarried.

From the wounds here…

here and there…

it looks like

her vagina was cut through

to her womb.

Do you see that?


What doctor?

Four or five days before she died,

someone used a solid object
to make her miscarry.

The suspicious blood

no doubt belonged to her baby.

Why so weird?

He may have been mentally deranged?

My friend is checking Vinai's history,

we will know soon.

Hello, what's up?

He's in the bedroom, fixing his bag

Hey! I'm coming.

If he wants to leave
before I get there,

please hold him for a while

Be careful. He's got a gun.

Yes, sir.


The letter you want me to read.
I Can do it now.

A moment ago
there was a fax from the hospital.

Thank you very much.

Where are you going?

Where can I go?

You are watching me all the time.

That's right!

None of your business

It was you that killed Gunya
and try to cover up.

It was I that killed her?


Just like when you used
the hanger to hurt her.

You know?

Why did you do that you bastard?

She was pregnant. Son of a bitch!

Ahh… I remember you now.

It was you.


Is that Nop?

Where are you?

I'm at Vinai's house.

Vinai is not the murderer.

I've just received a fax.

Vinai is paralyzed from
the waist down.

He can't walk.

Since when?

Half a year ago.

I can read the letter now

In impregnated Gunya.


In impregnated Gunya.

In told her to get rid of the baby

or he would kill both of them.

She wanted to keep the baby.

This letter is proof
and tied In to her.

Tongin, stop

What do you want?

More accusations?

You murdered Gunya.


I know the whole story now.

You were afraid that
Gunya would tell everything.

So you killed her.

That's funny. Any more evidence?


Gunya wrote you a letter
but you didn't know it.


- You hold me responsible for that?
- This is your baby.

A woman like you sleep around.

- How could you say such a thing?
- It could be anyone's baby.

Go away. Get out!

Don't come back.

If anyone had read that,

they would know right away
you were the killer.

You killed her

not knowing she had miscarried.

You killed her.

Are you crazy, the murderer.

You're the murderer.

Gunya used to tell me that

if anyone tried to hurt her,

she'd get revenge.

Otherwise she would never be happy

You bastard! Goddamn bastard!

I'll take this one. I like this one.

Yes, it's me.

I'll seek revenge.

Hey Nop…

never leave a crime scene.

It is my responsibility to Gunya.

Dead on the spot

He shot back…

Dead on the spot.


You can rest now Gunya.

You have your revenge

Next is the breaking news.

The announcement from Thun Thai party

Regarding the involvement
in the corruption

of the Airport construction

of Tongin and the followers.

Mr. Wiroon Kedklao,
the spokesman of the party

announced to correspondents
this afternoon.

The police shot Thongin

but actually he was murdered.

This is a videotape received

from a clerk at the hotel

Tongin was a go between for Sae Yoon

the ex father in law and a contractor.

There was corruption and pay offs.

On the 14th,
the day Gunya was murdered

they had talked all night.

he could not have killed her.

They wanted him to hide abroad

but he was "dead on the spot".

Are you seeing someone else?

You said you love me?

I really loved you.

Don't say things like that.

Just go. Just go.

Don't ever come back.

Don't even come to see me again.

It's over.

Don't you get it?

How come?

I told you to go back.

Never let it loose

This is my responsibility for Gunya.

Lieutenant, sir.
Can you please come to the station?


That is quite a story.
Really hurt you.

I think of all three stories,

yours was the most unbelievable.

Yes…yes..but for me…

I have problem with Jieb's ending.

Was Ghost Paga reborn or not?

Anyway, where has she been?

Hmm…or Fond in Jieb's body

which was hidden

Excuse me. Check please.