Bangkok Dangerous (2008) - full transcript

Joe is a professional hit man who picks someone off the street to do his errands, and after he is finished kills that person. His next assignment takes him to Bangkok, and as usual, he finds a street-wise guy named Kong to help him. After Kong has a close call and learns who Joe is, Kong asks him to train him and he does. Joe also meets a local girl who is deaf and spends time with her. However, Joe has a hard time keeping his other life from her. It also appears that the person who hired Joe, breaks his rule of complete anonymity and tries to find him.

My job takes me to a lot of places.

It's got its down sides.

I sleep alone. I eat alone.

I'm used to it,

I'd like to meet someone.

But it's tough when you live
out of a suitcase.

I go where I'm told...
do what I'm told.

I shouldn't complain.
The work is steady.

The money's good,
but it's not for everyone.

My name's Joe.

This is what I do.

You're late.

Sorry, Mr. London.
They closed Chechov bridge.

You're leaving?

I need the phone.

I can help with the bags.

No, I can handle it.

If you ever come back,
I can, I can use the money.

Thank you.


I was taught four rules...

One, "Don't ask questions".

There is no such thing
as right and wrong.

Two, " don't take an interest in people
outside of work".

There is no such thing as trust.

Three, "Erase every trace".

Come anonymous
and leave nothing behind.

Four, "Know when to get out".

Just thinking about it.
Means it's time

before you lose your edge,
before you become a target.

So you look for the right opportunity.

Nothing too risky.

Get the money
and disappear forever.

This is it.

Four hits, one location.

The lastjob.

Purpose of your visit to Bangkok,
Mr. Vincent?



It's corrupt,
dirty and dense.

All my clients have one thing
in common.

They feed off the people.

There's big money in misery.

Where there's money,
there's competition.

and the guy paying me
usually wins.

How will we know when he's arrived?

We'll know when he arranges the pick-up.

You're sure he's reliable?

The Russians swear by him.

How do you swear by...

a man you've never met?

We don't know him. He doesn't know us.

It's better for us that way.

It always starts the same way.

Just like I was taught.

Secure a safe location.

Somewhere off the beaten path
where you have privacy.

But you stay invisible too long, the human race
starts to look like another species,

so you venture out, you observe,

and then you return to
your invisible world,

like a ghost.

Hey, Larry Check out the pussy here.

- Check out these girls.
- Hey, girls, what's up?

Hello, gentlemen, ah.
How are you?

- First time in Bangkok?
- Yeah.

Rolex? Good one if you want. Yeah, yeah,
Look. Good. Rolex.

Watch out, Larry. How much you want
to bet it's counterfeit.

Two thousand Baht only. Two thousand.
It looks good. Good.

- No. thanks. No, thanks.
- No, no. No Rolex?

Never mind. Never mind.
You want girls?

- I can get you girls.
- No.

No girls?
How about boys?

- You like boys?
- Nooo!

- You don't like boys, no?
- No. Hey,

Hey, how about you,
huh, cowboy?

Five thousand Baht, new car
smell satisfaction money back.

Super-rubber-pussy-guarantee, huh?

Whatever happens in Bangkok
stays in Bangkok.

You wanna find garbage?
Go to a garbage dump.

I look for three qualifications.

They have to speak a little English,
they have to want to make money,

and, above all they have
to be disposable.

Do you wanna make some money?

I have work in town.
I need some help.

What work?

Pick things up,
drop things off.

Maybe some translation.

About a month's work.
Two thousand a day.

- Dollars.
- Baht.

Bullshit. Huh.

Five thousand, huh?
Forty five hundred.

Four thousand.

Two thousand, nine hundred
and fifty-two fifty, heh?

What you, what you say?
Come on!

We'll round up.
Three thousand.

You get paid at the end of the week.

No deal.

Ah, oh, okay, okay.

How about half, half now,
half at end of the week.

What's your name?



You can keep that in the wallet
you stole.

You come alone,
or you don't get paid.

Yes boss.

- Take off the shades.
- Huh?

Glasses. Off.

Keep that with you at all times.

- I have good phone.
- Now you have two.

You answer whenever it rings.

If I call and you don't answer,
you don't get paid.

Time is very important.

If I tell you to be somewhere

and you are a minute late...

you don't get paid.

Do you understand?

Birdshit foreigner

- In English.
- I understand!

You know the Caribbean club?

High class ass.

Ask for a dancer named Aom.
You give her this.

You make sure the X is
facing up like this.

She's gonna give you a package.

Don't open it.

What's in it?

It doesn't concern you.

Then you go pick it up.

I'll find someone else.

Okay, okay, okay, okay,
I, I do it. I do it. I do it.

You come straight back here.

You don't stop for anything.

What if I have to piss?

If you ask me one more question...

Then I won't get paid.
I know that.

- Okay, I go now, ah?
- Hey!

Take the cell phone.

Duck fucker.

Excuse me.
Which dancer is Aom?

That one right there.

Thank you very much.

What do you want?

Fuck a Duck!

- You late, huh?
- Gimme the case.

You don't get paid for today.

- Why not?
- You ran from the police.

You told me not to stop.
I, I do what you said.

Don't stop, no stop for nothing,
not even for piss!

From now on,
I don't want anymore police.

You understand?

The human face can mislead
in a thousand different ways.

But the eyes never change.

I was taught to start with the eyes.

I'm Kong.


Give him what he needs.

No, wait, wait, wait.

The elephant.

The ah, the nose, you see?

Pointing down... bad luck.
No good.

Bad luck for you.


Yeah, I'm checking on
a wire transfer.

Account code
six-five-one, four-three, four-six.

Thank you.


Uh... I have a a cut...

and I need some medicine...


Do you speak English?

How many?

Eh, one.

In, oh, in the morning?
In the morning.


Bef? before bed.

Two hundred and fifty Bath, sir.

Thank you.

Oh, I have it.

Excuse me.

How much are these?

Those are 20,000 Bath.


I really love it

Where's my money damn it?

You're late.

I'm sorry, boss.

Don't be sorry.
Be on time.

What happened to your face?

Some ass holes tried,
tried to mug me.

Like twenty of them.

But I kicked their asses.

I'm so sorry, boss.

So sorry.

They... they take...

It's been opened.

Not me. It's them.
They broke it.

But I wouldn't let them have it.
I got it back for you.

I don't let them have it.

There's a beer in the refrigerator.

It'll take down the swelling.

Yes, boss.

He's a bad man.


The man in the case.

You're going to kill him?

Can you teach me?

- Teach you what?
- Everything.

I could help you.


Show, show me.








That was your first lesson.

Why didn't I kill him?

Maybe it's because,

and this is strange,

when I looked into his eyes,

I saw myself,

so I became his teacher.

The best way to defend yourself is to know
when something's about to happen.

So, you have to learn
to read your surroundings.

See that man in the red jacket?

What man?

You're living in a city of mirrors.

Store windows, glass office buildings,
polished steel,

eyes in the back of your head.


Eyes in the back of my head, huh,
boss, huh?

I got you now, boss.

I'm not your boss.
I'm your teacher.

So I call you

How is he bad?

This man?

He hurts many country girls.

From the north
He buys them from their parents?

Same thing like devil,
ah, this guy.


leader Pramod Juntasa was found dead
in his pool last night.

Mother fucker,
he got what he deserved.

How many people have you killed?

I don't think about that.

Do the police know who you are?

No one knows who I am.
No one knows where I am.

I know.

- How many jobs in Bangkok?
- Four.

Four. Two left.

Um, I...

Can you, can you help me?

Could you tell her that I wanna
take her to dinner?

Oh! Right.

It's ah... hot.

Tom Yam Kung

That's just...

Just eat it?

It's cooling it down.

It's hot again.
It's really hot.

Ha, the whole thing.

Yeah, that's better.


Now, you don't pull the trigger.
You squeeze it.

- It's yours.
- Oh!


It's best if he doesn't know us.

But we should know more about him.

Where? Where?


- Boss?
- Yeah.

I just left the club.
I think somebody's following me.

Be at the Chao Praya ferry station
in twenty minutes.

Okay, boss.

- Wait for my call.
- Done, boss.

Okay, listen carefully.

Open the case.
Sixty-five, thirty-two, fifteen.

You put the cell phone in the case,
and leave it.

Got it.

I found it first. Let go.

- Give it to me.
- Let go. I found it first.

I found it first.

The case has returned.


Put your boss on.


We had an arrangement.

If I see your people again,
I'll kill your wife.

We'll try again.

Thank you.

Ah, you, what, what is your work?

Oh... Ah... Ah, Banking.

Bank. Banker?

- Bank, banker, yes.
- Banker?

He said he's a banker



Is you?
Your, your name means rain?

This is your name.

- Bad man?
- Bad for somebody.

Floating Market?

Where's Damnoen Saduak?

Ratchaburi Province.
Hour and a half by car.

Get some sleep.

We leave early.

Dock the boat up on the right.

Hey, Mr... You buy something?
buy something?

Get us out of here!

Get us out!

Dock the boat on the left.

Come on. Faster. Hurry up!

Get me over there!


Take it to the club.

He's same like you, you know?

- Who?
- This guy, in TV.

He fight bad guys and helps the poor.

Thai people love him.

He's a very good man.

Samle like you.


I am happy together with you.

Four Know when it's time to get out.

Three. Erase every trace.


Two... Don't take an interest
in people outside of work.

One... Don't ask questions.

He's a very good man.

Same like you...

Political assassination wasn't in the contract.

So, there are two ways to go.

Refuse the job and walk away now,

or, do the job and walk away rich.

The truth is almost anyone one can take out a politician.

That's not the hard part.

The hard part is getting away with it.

He wants more money.

It's a big job. There's risk.

Yes. He knows who we are.

If he were caught,

it could lead back to us.

What about the messenger?

We should erase every link.

The girl too.

Just to be safe.

I'll take care of it.

- I'd better go.
- He can wait.

He's counting on me.


Be here tomorrow at six P.M.

Last job?


- Bad man?
- Bad for somebody.

See you tomorrow, boss.

Call him. Or we do to your sister...

what we did to you.




Where is he staying?


Tell me where he is staying.

Or I'll cut her tits off.

He fight bad guys and help the poor.

Thai people love him

When the nightmare becomes real,
you don't hesitate.

You don't think
You just run.

Anyone in the way goes down.

It's pretty simple.
You are the target now.

Leave the country,
or you are going to die.

Where is Kong?

Where is Kong?

Why the fuck you care?

He's my student.

Where is Kong?


He's with Surat.

...exactly which direction everybody's running
doesn't seem to be running away

Still no answer.

Maybe he killed them.

He's only one man.

This is taking too long. When will he show up.

There he is!

Let's go.

What's that noise?

Where is he? Do you see him?
I can't see anything.

Kong, where is he?

I had to tell them.

Take her to the street.

I cleared the way.

I got one more job.


He's very bad.

Don't wait. Just go.

Shoot him.

Shoot him.

Get off!
Go and fight!

Shoot him!