Bangkok 13 Muang Kon Tai (2016) - full transcript

Pia has a sixth sense which enables her to see the supernatural. She joins a paranormal TV show to know more about her "gift" and the team works with her to unlock the 13 haunted secrets in Bangkok.

"The story has to be changed to
account for its relevance"

"We apologize for that."

"May each soul rest in peace."


I have to go and see the doctor.
I'll be back, okay?


Come with me.
You have to come and live with me.


Here's your lunch, Uncle.

And you forgot your phone
in your bedroom.

Oh, my phone. Totally forgot that.

What if my masseuse calls?

You have 3 missed calls.

Why do you order so little today?

My grandchildren aren't here.

My, my. Who could still buy stuff like this?

Better go to one of those 24-hour minimarts.

A minimarfl? I wouldn't sell them anything

even if they're trying to buy a franchise.

I'll be going now. Bye, Uncle.

Go where you must.
- Bye.

There it is, beloved audiences.

Whether you can or can't see it,

it doesn't mean this ain't real.

It's as the saying goes,

Don't show your contempt
even though you don't believe it.

Ryo the Ghost Hunter
must bid you farewell now.

Bye, everyone.

Cut! That's a wrap!

Cool. We're done.

Dave, you fucker!

Why is the script
always about this?

Don't believe?
Don't show your contempt?

This is so cliché
for ghost shows.

It's been said for 2,000 years!

What kind of a creative director are you?
You're not doing your homework.

This shit is not getting
better at all! Damn it!

Calm down, Ryo. Here is water.


This is Pia.

She's my junior from college
that I told you about.

Oh, hello.

Ryo, you don't like the script?
I can fix it.

Fix whatl? We're
done with shooting.

Kungfu, it's been
many times now.

I'm so tired of saying it.

Let's go talk somewhere else.

Hey, Dave. -Yes?

Can I check the footage?
Is this the latest one?


should we clean up the shrine now?

What clean up? This shit is real.

You're joking.

Yeah, right.
You think we have that kind of budget?


If it's real, that's the more
why we should clean it up.

Pam, let's take some videos.

Come. Hold on for a sec.

You got it?

This kind of shit is my thing.
Here. One, two, three.

Come and see this.


Fuck! That's a real deal.
I'm outta here.

There's a section in my show

calls Ryo the Ghost Hunter.

Mystery is my area of expertise.

Koi told me about it.


Which one did you study?
Film or television?

Accounting, actually.

But I've talked to her.

She can be out on the field.
You don't have to worry.

The pay is low.

If you can take it, then come on board.

But I'm not taking her in
if she's not good, Koi.


She's never even been out on the field.

Well. You brought her here.
You take care of her.

You're not afraid of ghosts, are you?


We need so many things
for outdoor shootings.


Oh, Darm.

Pia. This is Darm, our cameraman.


You gonna dress like this for the field?

By the way, is Dave busy?

He caused problems in our previous outing.
So, Ryo is not letting him back in.

Oh, okay.

Are you ready? Let's go.
- Sure.

Koi is overseeing the editing today.

We'll just shoot bits and
pieces so we can hurry back.

Where are we going today?

You'll know soon enough.

“An Abandoned Ponce Station,“
“Rat Butane, Bangkok“

People say 4 or 5 inmates
hanged themselves here.

Have you heard?

Kai's been here once

but we didn't get enough footage.

So, Ryo got us to come back
for a reshoot. Not a big deal.


Hey, Darm. I think
we should start from the stairs.

O k3)'-

God, this place smells awful.

This is the room.

One inmate hanged himself here.

And the rest started to
experience strange things.

When nobody helped them
in time, they all died.


Okay, bro.

This looks to be a solitary confinement.

Can you hear that?

What is it?


That is...

Pia! Hey, Pia!

This isn't going to work
if she's scared shitless.

Koi. You heard it.

Talk to her.

If it's not gonna work
then let's not waste our time.

Yes, I understand.

That shrine in Ratchada.
Go and film it, too.

O k3)'-

They want a professional
so it'll be easy for work.

But, you really did
see something, didn't you?

I'm not so sure.

It must've been the atmosphere, too.

Okay. Can you stop here?

I'll just film this for Ryo for a sec.

"Curve of 100 Corpses,"
"Ratchadaphisek, Bangkok"

Come here, Pia.
Just stick your hand inside.

It's already on. It's all automatic.

O k3)'-

When do I press the button?

I'll tell you when. Do it, now.

Yes, Ryo. I'm on a shooting for you.

Do you want me to be your new host,

or you wanna give me a raise, too?
I wouldn't mind that.

Here we are at the Curve of 100 Corpses.

As we've researched,

countless accidents have happened here.

Most people got into an accident
from driving at high speed.

Most perished onsite.

Some died at the hospital.

Hey, Pia. Pia!
What's wrong? Are you okay?

Say something.

It's... their place.

Do you guys hear that?



What should we do?

Ryo. Are you free?

What do you say, Darm?

I don't know.

I've got no comment.

But if this is acting,
then she's pretty convincing.

I also don't know what it is.

But I think our audiences would
wanna see something like this.

Why are you home so late?

Aren't you just an accountant?

I have lots of work I need to finish.

And the people at my office
are not free in the afternoon.

Chien, are you free?

Can you dig up a hole
so I can bury Tam?

He's in a bad shape.

Sure. But you have to make sure
he's dead, though.

I don't wanna kill an animal.

Let's go,

Pia. And don't forget to tell your mother
what sort of work you're doing now.

You're a girl.
Don't do anything too dangerous.

Your mother would be worried.

Many accidents have occurred
at this intersection.

Many died from hesitation
while driving at high speed.

They didn't know which way to go,

and that's caused endless tragedy.

"Y intersection,"
"Ratchawipha Interchange, Bangkok"

Here. Where I'm standing right now is the
spot most cars crash into the ground.

Most died onsite.

I can feel it.

And the locals believe that anyone
who died here would turn into evil spirits.

If there's no one to replace them,

then they can't be reincarnated.

Hence, they're always
looking for a replacement.

This creates an evil cycle.

So very despicable it's hard to imagine.

Video by Wong Kat Wai.

Hosted by Ryo the Ghost Hunter.
We bid farewell today.

Good bye.

Cut! Alright, bro.

Here, catch this.

Darm, you got it?

Got it.

What's wrong?

You acted like you saw something.

It's nothing.

Bring us some water, Pia.
- Yes.


You're welcome.

I think I'll go get some shots up top.

-It's better.

Ryo, we'll film some stock shots up there.

Go ahead. Pia, go and help them.


Koi. Did she see anything?

Right in the afternoon?
If anything shows up, it'll burn up.

What burning up? By the way,
I won't be going to the shootings tonight.


Just go and shoot according to the script.
They're all checked.

We'll do the hosting parts some other times.

Fully booked for events tonight, aren't we?

Shut up.

Just take care of things.

Don't forget.
- Yes.

Watch out for Pia, too.
- Yes.

I'm off.
- Yes.

"The House of 4 Bodies,"
"Khlong Sam Wa, Bangkok"

O k3)'-

Be careful. It'll hit the camera.

Darm, you go ahead.

Pia, if you see or hear anything,
just say it out loud.

For this house, it belongs to an owner
of a furniture company.

The factory got damaged
during the great flood.

They lost all their money.

Our mission today

is to get some shots around the house.

Hey! Pia!

Hey! Be careful!

Are you okay?

Make sure you get everything.

Go on, Pia.

The fourth body.

There aren't just 4 bodies.

Damn it!


How are we doing, Koi?

I really saw it.

Did you, really?
Have you watched too many scary movies?

If this goes on,
we're not gonna finish our shoot tonight.

We're not following the script at all.

Koi, what are we going to do?
You're the producer.

We're getting something different tonight.

Why don't we edit it first?

We still have to go to
another location tonight.

Are you up for it, Pia?
Wanna go home first?

Jeez. Workers like us can take it easy, too?

If anyone's up for it, follow me.

I'm up for it, Koi.

Let me come with you.
I don't want to leave like this.

Alright. Let's go.

Let's go.

Koi, I think she could stay here
to keep an eye on our stuff.

She'll just get in our way
when we go inside.

Let's go.

You wait here first.

Get some rest.

Make sure everything is all locked up.
We'll be out soon.

You can do that, yeah?

Of course.
You go on.

Are we really gonna leave her here alone?

We're not ditching her or anything.

In this business,
you gotta be tough or you won't make it.

Look at me.

I'm a creative director and also a driver.

She'll get tougher this way.

This is how you go
about making a ghost show.

Gotta be brave.

"Wat Mahabut, Suan Luang, Bangkok"

“Mae News Shrine“


I was getting the battery
and I didn't see you in the car.

What are you doing here?

Who are you looking at?

Don't tell me you saw it again.

The fifth body.

This is ruining the script.

But I think this is pretty exciting.

Perhaps we need to change our concept.

Let me think about that for a bit.



Suit yourself. It's your show.

Pia, let me ask you this.

Have you been
in a near-death experience or something?

I... I don't know if it's related to this.

I was very young back then...


Come with me.

I'm taking you with me.

Ryo, are you sure
it's gonna be interesting enough?

This girl is a nobody.

No one knows her. Isn't this too risky?

I'm sure she has something.
I want to try it. Just for an episode.

You know the show's rating
has been going down each season, right?

You can try whatever you want.

But you have to understand that this
could very well be your last season.

Why is he in such a rush?

Hello, Ryo.

Koi, what's that noise?
Why aren't you sleeping?

I'm working on a shooting for you.

My, aren't you hardworking?

By the way, did you hand out the script
for tomorrow's shoot yet?

I did. What's the matter?

I want to change a location.
I want somewhere totally new.

You mean... the arts theatre?

Yes. Koi, listen to me.

I don't want a script for this one.
We'll do it unscripted.

We'll just go along with what we find.
Tell Kungfu, too.

Woah. Kungfu will be mad...

Damn it.

Is he really going for it?

Then why the hell did I spend the whole night
writng the damn script?

You guys go and film it on your own.

For real?


If you don't want my script,
you don't have to hire me.


Tell Ryo not to hire me next time.

And find a new driver, too.

Are you serious?


Here, Pia. Try and say something.

Say what?

Say 'Darm is handsome.'

Can you repeat that? What?

Uh... nothing.

What do we do, Koi?

Fatty is mad. Never mind.

I'll handle today's shoot myself.

"An Abandoned School,"
"Thung Khru, Bangkok"

In the cupboard...

She's over there.
Second row from the bottom.

Please don't do anything to us.
We're here in peace.

She's gone.

But she's still around here.

How was it, Koi?

It was awesome. Totally perfect.

Oh yeah? Listen.

You remember that
House of Four Bodies that we went to?

They've just found another body.
The police confirmed it.

So there are 5 bodies in total.

The rumours said only 4.

Pia is a real deal, Koi.

I'll talk to the chief investigator.

You make sure we get him for an interview.

Somlek said we could build this up

and he'll help promote it as well.

Prepare to be famous, Koi.

I'm off now.


Please come inside.

They called already?
- Yes.

Well, hello.

"Ratanavadee Village, Sapansung, Bangkok"

In House 178, there's a statue inside.

The story goes that the wife
was waiting for her husband.

But as he's already left her,
she ended up committing suicide.

Don't go in there, Koi.

When you applied for a job here,

didn't you know
what kind of show we're making?

If you want a nice and pretty travel show,

and stay in nice places and eat good food,
you don't have to go inside.

Uncle Chuay, prepare the monitor

for her to watch it out here comfortably.

You don't have to go in.

Hey. Can you ask them?

We really have to go inside.
We won't disturb them for long.

Are you sure?


Pia, come and sit here.

Can we have some light here?

Koi, it's 178, isn't it? This is the one.

Darm, I think we can start
from the front of the house.


And then we'll just walk in.

Koi, there's nothing out the front.

I'll go inside now.

Light, please. Why is it so dark?

Pia. Can you see anything?

Anything at all?

No. Not yet.

We're going up another floor.

Can you check that there's really
the statue people've talked about?

And the body should be on either
the second or the third floor.

Koi. Koi, I have to be there as well.

Kungfu, stop.

Can you send Uncle Chuay to escort Pia?

She has to be there, too.

Go and get Pia.

Kungfu, can you ask Darm to turn the
camera back to the left?

Left, please.

Darm. To the left.

I don't see anything.

Sorry. I can't see anything now.

Kungfu! In front of you! It's there!

In front of the camera!

Pia, there's nothing.

Kungfu, get out now! Everyone, out!

Tell everyone to come out. I have to go!


Uncle, we've got a problem.

Darm! Kungfu!

We're sorry to trespass into your place.

Please let him go.
I'm very sorry. Please let him go.

I'm begging you. Just let them go.

Please don't hurt us.

Please let us go. Let us go.

He dislocated his neck.

Yes. It'll take time to see
how his bones mend together.

Next time, if you're unsure
then just say it, okay?

You can't just guess.


"Ryu the Sixth Sense "

has collaborated with the police and media

to search for the fifth body.

After we went to the House of Four Bodies,

some mysterious spirits asked for our help.

Ryo the Ghost Hunter is real.

We don't make things up.

And we don't disappoint our audiences.

Oh, hello. Yes.

An insurance? No, I don't think so.
He's just a freelancer.

And he also works with others,
not just me.

Yes, yes. We don't have
an insurance arranged for him.

For his hospital stay?
Well, we'll do what we can.

Well, if he can't pay for it,
why don't you just move him?

To any hospital!
A public one, perhaps. Jeez!

This is your problem. Not mine.

Yes, well...

Let's do this, shall we?

Don't ever call me again.
This has nothing to do with me.

Dame it.

Pia. Coffee?


Don't worry too much.

Mistakes happen.

Making a TV show is like this.

People want something entertaining.

It's like when you watch a car race.

Really, everyone just wanna see cars
crashing into one another.

People want to see ghosts on a ghost show.

If they don't see any ghosts,
then where's the fun in it?

But we're risking the lives of our staffs.


Living is all about taking risks.

People who work here know what
they're dealing with.

And if anything happens,
I'd take care of them.

Pia. Listen to me.

I'll be honest with you.

You have a gift that others don't.

Even I wish I could have it.

And this special talent of yours,

it's right for our show.

And if you're worried about the risks,
then look at this from another angle.

With you here,

it means less risks for everyone.

Won't people say that we're
making money from dead people?

Gosh, Pia.

Our show is just for entertainment.

It's not news or some ridiculous shows.

Nobody is going to
scrutinise our every move.

And even if there is, then we just don't
give a shit. I don't care.

Fuck it.

Here's the money I told you.

Pia. Everyone works for money.

Everyone has a price.
Koi has one. Darm, too.

Kungfu is sick now, so I take care of him.

And here's your paycheck.

Stop worrying.


Just take it. And if you do your job well,

this envelope will be thicker.

I only ask you one thing.

Don't mention this to anybody.

Not even Koi. Do you understand?


Ryo is going to oversee the shooting
in Kungfu's place today.

Do your best.

- O kay?

Have you read it?

Yes, I'll finish it soon.

Pia, are you ready?

Ah... Yes.

I'll get myself ready.

Let's go, Koi.
- Yes.

Carry this for me. Hurry up.



I'm sorry about what I said.
That was too harsh.

It's okay.

You were right. I was really careless.

I'll be more careful from now on.

Today, Ryo the Ghost Hunter
is here to prove

how haunted this place is.

And we're proud to present
our special guest,


Hello, Pia. Please introduce
yourself to the camera.

Hi. My name is Pia.

That's right. Pia is no ordinary girl.

And we have proven that
she can communicate with spirits.

Can't you, Pia?


Prepare to be amazed.

"An Abandoned Hospital,"
"Nongkham, Bangkok"

Pia. Say something.
Don't leave a dead air.

Just describe what you see.
Anything. Just say it.

O... Okay.

So, what we see here is probably
a counter they used to hand out medicines.

This is a room for diagnosis.
And, over at the front...

Can you hear that she's crying?

Ryo, can you hear that someone is crying?

What noise, Koi?

I can't hear any.

Try going upstairs.
Are you just imagining things?

Yes, we're going up.

You'll definitely see it when you go up.


Don't go.


Okay. We'll go up ourselves.

Pia, you head outside first.
Just through that door.

- Yes.

The noise probably came from there.
Can you hear it?

Ryo, I think the noise is from the ICU.

Open it, then.

I think it's from this way.

Open it.

Koi. Don't open it!

Gosh, Pia!

See ya, bro.


Sure, sure.
- Take care.

It's okay, Uncle.


Uncle, just let her go

or she'll forget us once she gets famous.

There's another piece by the car.
Go and get it.

Make it quick.


Pia, our previous outing
was just broadcasted.

You're all over the internet now.

I heard the rating was really high.

The minute it went on air,
people got so caught up in it.

Oh, Ryo said Somlek called him.

Who is Somlek?

Let's just say he's important.

Yes, he's a big one.

I can guarantee it.

Wait. I'm getting tired.
We have to keep the rest now.

We won't be able to use you anymore
when you get famous. Right?

Um... Yeah.

Pack it all up. Do it yourself.

- Yes.

Uncle, let's get into the car.

Let's g0, GUYS-

Get in. Have fun.

Make sure you get everything.

She won't do it when she becomes famous.

What? You're getting me to do this alone?

Yes. Totally alone.

We've found 250,000 sacks of rice.

It led to an investigation to see

how much rice in the warehouse
has been damaged by moths.

Now, the locals are preventing moths by
lighting dried coconut skin on fire.


Before, there used to be a lot of moths, too.

I think he's being possessed.



I don't know what's wrong with Chien.
He climbed down the balcony.

He was screaming behind the flats.
We only caught him this morning.

The police is going to take him.
But they pled for him.

The police is going to take him away.

The car is here.

Take him there. Take him. Take him.

Pia. Pia,

have you read the script?
I sent it last night.

I'm sorry.

Oh, it's okay. I'll just tell you about it.

So, the owner of this place is an old grandma.
She's very possessive of her belongings.

One night, a thief broke in and killed her.

Once this is out, our rating will skyrocket.

Other shows have been
searching for her like crazy.

So, I've decided to talk to her.

We could do a 2-year contract
and give her some extra money.

She's quite happy with the offer.

I'll leave the rest to you.

Please continue my contract
for another 2 years.

And increase our budget for production
by half as well. Please.

Oi! What the hell?

And so the house was left deserted.

O k3)'-

Pia, if you're not up for it,

just pretend you see things
according to the script.

Nobody will know
if you actually see it or not.

"Grandma Lumjiad's House,"
"Min Buri, Bangkok"

Koi, let's do this.

I'll give you an order via this walkie-talkie.

Then you tell Pia what to do.

Pia, just describe what you see.

We're here in our first room.

This could be where
the bed was located before.

It's quite clear

that there's dust and cobwebs everywhere.

It's very possible
that no one has been in here before.

Let's go to our next room.

Let's go and see where the owner's room is.

This is another empty room.

There's only a painting easel.

Should we continue? The owner is
very possessive of her house and...

Koi, open the door and go inside.


Open the damn door!

What the hell are you waiting for?

Uncle, go and help them.

I can't feel anything here.
There's no sign of it.

Can you see anything?

What should we do, Ryo?

Let's do this. Koi, open the coffin.

Is that a good idea?

Yes. Just open it.

Don't be afraid.

Hey! This is too much.

I think we're crossing the line.

What line, Darm?
You're such a pussy.

Pia said there's nothing.
Just open that goddamn coffin.

Koi, are you there?
Take the walkie-talkie back.


There's someone inside the coffin.

There's no one, Pia.



Hurry up. Are you okay?

Where is Uncle Chuay?

Darm, where is Uncle Chuay?

He's in the room. Darm!


Uncle Chuay!


So you guys are here. How was it?


Pia, how is Uncle Chuay?

Do you really care how he is?

How could you say that?

I think you overdid it this time.
That was dangerous.

Darm. I overdid it?

It's not like you've
never been in this industry before.

This TV industry?
You just force people to do things!

And you say the audiences love it.

See this? Look at his condition.

See how he is?

If anything's happened to him, or to us,

how are you going
to take responsibility for it?

Of course, I think about it.

Darm, what do you know?

Let me tell you.

That coffin was a set up.

Yes, I set it up.

Uncle Chuay and I set it up.

I don't know if Koi knows about it.

But Chuay and I set it up.

We checked this place
in the morning and it was empty.

There's nothing in it.
You want me to use an empty house?

I'm making a TV show.

Damn it!
I asked Uncle Chuay to set it all up.

The easel. The coffin.

Even the pot for joss sticks was fake!

What did Pia see then?

How would I know?
If you want to know, then ask her yourself.

Pia. Did you really see something?

Well, you want me to see things, don't you?
I'm seeing things for you.

Don't worry about it.
He'll come around soon.


Bless you.

To feel it, the encounter has to
be willing from both sides.

If one is ready, but the other is not,

then it won't work.

It's natural for both worlds to be apart.

If you don't mess with them first,

then they don't mess with you.

We're still lucky. If they went for a kill,

then even I wouldn't be able to
save your uncle.

Back then,
something could've been following you.

Maybe they're still around.

But they won't do anything to you.

Just keep on praying
and wish well upon them.

When they're ready,
they'll leave on their own accord.

Keep this amulet and pray with it daily.

If you don't want to see things anymore,

then put it around your neck.

Yes, I'll get his relatives. Yes.
Thank you very much.


Koi, have you heard about Uncle Chuay?

Did you know that he had a heart condition?

Well, do check next time
before you hire anyone.

Yeah...Alright, alright.
Get his relatives, will you?

They have to arrange for his funeral.

And don't tell them
what happened to the man.

Just tell them that he had a
heart attack before he went onto the field.

Don't say he ran inside the place.

Are you following me? Good.

Hey! Hold on, Koi.
One more thing.

Pia can't know about this.

Let her finish working for us first.

And check up on her, too.

You better make sure
that she'll show up.

Always a problem...

- Yes?

What should we do today?
It's the last day, Pia.

Are you coming?

If I don't, you'll be in trouble, right?

Think about it, and call me later

We are shooting at
the abandoned factory around Midnight

I already send the location via email


A decade ago,

there was a big explosion
that caused 18 men to perish.

Their limbs scattered all over the factory.

The owner, Mrs. Ladda, survived.

But she wasn't able to bear
such economical collapse and debt.

She hanged herself in the end.


Pia, this is Dave and Pam.

Hello. Hi.

So this is Pia,
the girl with a sixth sense?

Prepare for tonight.

Your senses will definitely get tickling.

These two are here to replace...

well...Darm left last night.

But don't worry about it.
Just get youself fed.

I'll go talk to Ryo.

O k3)'-


So, Mrs. Ladda is an owner of this place?


She hanged herself here?

No, she did it at the hospital.

Why do you ask?

Have you been in here before?

No one's been in here.

It's been deserted for 10 years.

We actually sneaked in.



Pia said this place is

unlike other places we've been to.

They don't want us in here.

Yeah? And did anyone actually want
us in our previous locations?

It's not like that.

I mean there are people who
died of unnatural causes here.

This place is possessed by evil spirits.

- Yes.

Well, that's why I'm here.

Evil spirits!

You all better come out here.
The more, the better!

anything else?

Ryo, you shouldn't do this.

In each place, there are still people
holding grudges and hate.

Especially in this unblessed area.

There's no one to set them free.

That's even better.
Our show is getting something great here.

You should know that
your job is to communicate

and ask for their permission to go in.

Hey! I think it's time.

Pam! Dave!
Prepare for the shoot. Make it quick.

Sure, boss.
- Good.

Ryo, I really can't go in this time.

Do you remember what I told you...
about the hospital?

That's even better.
So you can talk things out this time.


You don't care at all, do you?

You don't care about us at all!

What are you saying, bitch?

Ryo! Let's do this.

Pia can just wait here.

She could stay here by the monitor.

And if she sees or feels anything.
She can say it.

I'll go in myself.

Koi, how could you go in?

Like you can communicate with them.

Well, then we can...


We can just interview her later or something.
We'll just mix things together during editing.

No, Koi.

Pia, this is how we'll do it.

We gotta meet half way or this won't end.

Believe me. I'll go in. It'll be fine.

You stay here.
Tell me if you see anything. Okay?

Koi, please don't...

Pia, we have to go in.
This is best for everyone.

Go, Dave.

"An Abandoned Weaving Factory,"
"Lat Lat Krabang, Bangkok"

Ryo, there's an exit here.

Koi, listen to me.

Find Mrs. Ladda's shrine.

This place stinks.

Ryo, the smell here is overwhelming.

It's worse than the last one.

This seems to be another hallway.

It's leading us to the centre.

Ryo, we're at the centre of the hall.
We can't see anything.

Tell me, Koi. What's ahead of you?

Look around.

Enough. That hurts.


I saw it!

Good, good.

Now, hit that red pole 3 times.
Make it loud.

Ryo, you're challenging them.


You hit it.

Hit that red pole 3 times.

I think we better not. Don't do it.

Scared, aren't you?


Pam. Just hit it.
Then we can go home.

- Yes.

Anyone? Just hit that thing 3 times. Do it!

Damn you. Here. Film me.

I'll hit that shit myself
and get this over with.

Make sure you get my face,
not just my hands.

I'll show you.

One. Two.

Koi! Koi, come out now.
Everyone, out!



There's nothing.
You can't even do this right.

Please let them out.

Koi. Pan the camera from left to right.

Find where that noise came from.
You better find it.

Can you hear that?


What's wrong?

Dave! Stop joking around.



Koi, don't you come out.

Get the camera and walk inside that hall.

No, Koi! You have to come out now!

Everyone has to!

Dave! Pam! Get out!

I'll fire whoever taking a step outside.

You get in there. I'm your boss.

You don't listen to others.

I think the noise is from here.

Walk on, then.

Where are you going?

KOi! Koi!





Koi, can you hear me? Koi!

Don't go in there! Koi!





I don't know...


Dave. I don't know...

KOi! Koi!


KOi! Koi!






Koi! Please be okay, Koi.


Answer me. Koi! Are you okay?

Where are you, bitch?

You wanna see me, right? I'm out here!

It's me you want! Come to me.

Get the fuck out!

Come out if you dare!

Everything is a work of karma.
It's all a cycle.

When you're alive,
you don't want to die.

And when you die,
then it's natural that some still hold on.

They still long for something.

And when they find people
they can communicate with,

then they show themselves.

We have to see
if they're our friends or foes.

Or they could be random evil spirits.

Sometimes they just want our blessings.

We can offer our prayer or ask them back...

See what they want.

If it's not too much, then do it for them.

So they won't follow us
into the next lives, too.

- Hello.

Pia, this is Somlek.

Make yourself comfortable.
Give her the paper.



Sorry to keep you waiting.

I think it's a very generous offer.

And it's also a good opportunity
for your second season and even further.

What about Ryo's company?

To be honest with you.

If you sign this,

we won't let
Ryo's company back in anymore.

Well, don't worry about him.

We already have other things
arranged for him.

What will be the format of this show?

Well, the last episode
on the factory wasn't too bad.

We got a great rating from that.

Or, if you have new ideas,
then we can talk about it.

You can talk to Koi, too,
how you want it to be.

If I have you... I mean
if my show has you in it,

then I'm not worried.

And if you sign the contract,
there'll be many more to come in the future.

Let me tell you.

There are gameshows, events, talk shows,

pocketbooks, interviews and more.

There'll be so much benefits going your way.

But you don't have to worry about that.
We'll manage it for you.


this is a number that we offer
especially for you.

Should we sign it now?

Feeling better?

Well. I'm quite relieved.

That's good.
You don't have to worry anymore.

Let's go.


What if there are more shows like Ryo's.

Would you like to do it?

Shows like that?

Never again.