Bangkitnya Mayit: The Dark Soul (2019) - full transcript

For the sake of
the ruler of Ringin Lawang.

I swear... avenge them.

Hey, human.

Wait for our arrival.

If you want all
your wishes to come true,...

...make me your God.

Despicable being!
Hurry up and worship me!

From 1965 to 1966,
a mysterious pandemic killed...

...people of Desa Pasir Beureum.
Leman and his wife Erni survived...

...the pandemic after
they isolated themselves... a plain in
a valley of Gunung Kambang.

The place was eventually
inherited by their three children.

Didin, Nengsih dan Gugun.
A place deep in the woods...

...named Dusun Anyelir.

I don't understand you.
You still like to live there.

Why not?
-It's far away, isolated,...

...and the road is bad.
-That house belongs to my family.

As long as the place is
comfortable, I have no problems.

What if there is an earthquake?
-No, there isn't.

Fredy, please ask for
permission before peeing.

What for? Who should
I get the permission from?

From ghosts?
You don't have to worry.

I have a charm. Even the king
of ghosts is scared of me.

So arrogant.
It's up to you then.

-Oh my God! This old man.

Fortunately my heart
is still intact.

What are you doing here, Fred?

Uncle Yayat.

Your bike broke down?
-As usual, uncle. It sulks.

Fred! Hurry up.

Let's go.

We're here at last.
I can't hold it in any longer.

Don't be a stranger.
You can go right in.



I've missed you so much.

Fredy is here too.
-May I use your toilet please?

I told you already,
please go right in.

I thought you'll arrive tonight.
-The earlier the better, right?

Did you miss me?
-Of course I do.

Imas, are you in the kitchen?

Kill them.

What is that?

The weather is not so good.

It is just cloudy.
Maybe it's going to rain.

They are welcoming us.
It's good if it rains,...

...we can focus better.


I feel like something is
going to happen here, dear.

What makes you say that?
-I can't explain it, dear.

I can only see it.

Let's just go inside, dear.


Let's go and see.



Oh my God! Sumi!


Peace be upon you.
-Peace be upon you too.

From God we came,
to God we shall return.

No way! Sum! Sumi!

Kos, come on.
She is gone.

It's not possible, Jang!
Sum! Sumi!

So rude!
-Be patient.

They forced me.

No. It wasn't me.
-She may look innocent,...

...but there is
evil inside of her.

She is just a child.
There's no way she can kill.

This is the proof.
Do you think I would kill... own wife?
-Kos, please be patient.

Control yourself.
We better take care of...

...Sumi's body now.
Be patient.


It wasn't me.


Why don't we report
this death to the police?

Shut up,
don't ask so many questions.

Just help us carry her.

Fred, be careful.
The path is very steep.

You should just accept it.

It's not that easy.

Imagine this.
How would you feel if...

...your own child
killed your wife?

Use your brain.
-Jang, no.

What's wrong with Fredy?
-Maybe he touched a caterpillar.

There are Pulus leaves there.
Maybe Fredy rubbed against...

...the Pulus leaves.
Please go to my house now.

Get him some medicine.
-Right away.

Hey! Who's there?
I am not scared!

I have a charm.

I have always known that...

...Imas will be a problem...

...after we brought her
home from Ringin Lawang.

One thing you two must remember.

Take good care of that child.

When she comes of age,
someone will come... collect what you promised.

Ringin Lawang is a place
of heresy in Gunung Kambang.

We made a mistake.

We were tired of being poor.

Sumi was very happy
back then because...

...we got ourselves a child.

One month later,
our house was burnt in a fire.

After that incident,
we moved to this grove.

Fredy! Where are you?




Fredy! Where are you?


Oh my God!

From God we came,
to God we shall return.

I have heard stories
from people of the nearby grove.

It was said that if someone
has been to Ringin Lawang,...

...and if they died, it will
be followed by another death.


Sumi didn't die
because a ghost killed her,...

...but it was her time.
-I was just telling you...

...what I heard and
that doesn't mean that...

...I agree with it.
Plus, we don't know the cause...

...of Sumi's death.
Was it because of heresy,...

...or because of Imas.
-Yes, if Imas was the killer,...

...why don't we just
expel her from this grove?

What are you saying?
Imas is my villager.

How could you say that?
-Fredy said it earlier.

So you agreed?
You agreed with Fredy,...

...the city man? Do you?

He is right.

-What is it, Gun?

-What happened to Fredy?

Fredy is dead.

From God we came,
to God we shall return.

Two dead bodies in one day.

Who's next?

Who's next, Didin?
-That's enough! Don't jinx it!

Watch your mouth.
-What do we do now, Didin?

You just keep quiet.
If you can't help to solve...

...the problem,
you better keep quiet.

Your raised voice
and your rough attitude...

...will not be able
to solve the problem.

Let us take care
of Fredy's body now.

We give him a proper burial.
Gun, please contact Fredy's family.

There is only one problem.
Imas! Let's lock her up.

Imas is just a child.

You want to be the next victim?

Imas is your daughter.

If you want to lock her up,
go ahead, but she is my villager.

So please treat her well.

I don't want to!
-Shut up!

Dear, I feel sorry for Imas.

I don't want to.

I don't want to!
-Shut up!

This is for what you have done!


Imas, this is Nengsih.
Are you okay?

Imas, what's the matter?


Don't bite it. Why?

Tonight is the night.

-Yes, Jang.

Maybe it is best that
we report Sumi's death... the police.

I thought about that,
but you know it yourself.

The police station is far away.
-Yes, just ask someone else to go.

No, let me go,
but please be patient.

I need some time.

Nengsih saw the word
sacrifice in the store... the back.

I worry what people
in the next grove were saying...

...about the sacrifice
for the heresy exercise is true.

I am scared.
-I admit that I've heard...

...about it before.
I also admit that I was the one...

...who told you about it,
but as I've told you before,...

...that doesn't mean
I believe it and you should...

...not believe it too.

I am sorry.


No one in Dusun Anyelir
deserves to be the next...

...victim or
anything of that sort.

No one, Jang.

I don't want to be a sacrifice.

I don't want to die.
I don't want to be a sacrifice.

She has to die.

Yes. She has to die tonight.

Shut up!

Shut up!



We have to kill Imas now.

No, Jang. No.
-What else are we waiting for?

We don't know
if Imas did all this.

Three people died here,
and you still don't believe it?

Ujang! Are we capable
of killing Imas?

Imas is a child.
I know I couldn't do it.

Gun, how many more people
has to die in our grove?

Let's just return Imas
to her origin in Ringin Lawang.


Maybe it will be good for...

...Dusun Anyelir.

What is this place, uncle?

This is where you came from.
Your parents took you...

...from here before.

You have to stay here
for the good of Dusun Anyelir.

No, I don't want to.
I don't want to, uncle.

Imas, this is for greater good.
-No! I don't want to.

No, just stay here.
-I don't want to, uncle.

-I don't want to!

Don't make me be rough with you.
-Be careful, Ujang.

Imas! Ujang!
Can you not be so rough...

...just for once please?
-She bit my hand.

So many excuses.
You have never really...

...liked Imas, do you?
-Everyone in Dusun Anyelir...

...doesn't like her.
She is the bearer of bad news.

Shut up!

This was really
your decision to begin with.

Yes, but I never told him
to slap Imas, Gugun.

I saw it myself.
Imas was biting Ujang's hand.

I was standing right here.
That's enough, Didin,...

...most importantly, we have
returned Imas to her birth place.

I am sorry.
You are the head in this grove.

I was just helping.

We better make a move now.

We can think about it later.

Imas, this is Wak.

Where are you, Imas?


I am sorry, Imas.

Please don't leave me
alone again, Wak.

I will never leave you
alone ever again, Imas.

I am sorry.
This is my fault, Imas.




The devil!


Imas. Imas!

It wasn't me.
I saw a ghost earlier.

It wasn't me who hit her.
You saw it, right Gun?

It wasn't me.

It wasn't me, Didin.
-That's enough, Jang. Enough.


Imas is still alive.

Go to Erlin and
get some medicine. Hurry up.


Make sure Erlin doesn't know
why Imas is injured like this.


Make sure Nengsih
doesn't know it too.

Neng, are you still keeping
the traditional medicine...

...for wounds?
-I think it's finished.

Who is wounded?
-Imas, Neng.


What happened?

What happened to Imas?
-Imas fell into a ravine.

She hit her head on a rock.

Is she okay?
-Oh my God, Imas!


Imas is gone.


What is it?

I am sorry.

I am afraid if anything
happens to the both of you.

Are you okay?
-Yes, I am okay.


We have laid Imas' body down
and covered it with cloth,...

...but we still need
to bathe her tomorrow.

Yes, now you two
can go home and rest.

I'll watch the body.
-Very well.

No, Didin.
You go home and rest.

Gugun can take care of it.
Right, dear?


In that case,
I am leaving now.

Peace be upon you.
-Peace be upon you too.

What's the matter with you?

Why did you send
Didin home earlier?

Good night, Neng.
Good night, Gugun.

I am here.
Uncle, Imas passed away.

There is no one
watching her body now.

Can you help look after
Imas' body, Uncle Yayat?

Here is some money
for your. Take it.

Yes, Gun.
-Thank you, Uncle Yayat.

You're welcome, Neng.
-Please excuse us, uncle.

Your eyes!



Come here.

Ranti! Ranti!

Come here. Look at this.

What are you doing there?
-There, mom. It's Imas.

Uncle, wake up!

A nightmare?
-A dead body! A dead body!

A dead body?

Oh my God.


Ujang! Wake up, Ujang!

Ujang! Wake up!

What is it, Gun?
-Jang, Imas' body is missing.

Maybe you looked wrongly.
-Come. See for yourself.

I am not lying.
I swear to God!

You are not scared
of ghosts, Ujang.

That's why I came here.
Come and take a look.

Yes, okay. Hold on.


What is it, dear?

Imas' body is missing.

I have to go
to Koswara's house now.

Don't be too long.
-Yes. Lock the door.

Come on.


What is missing?

There she is.
-It was not there earlier.

I am not lying.
I swear to God.


Who is it?

-That sounds like Nengsih.





What's wrong?
You look scared.

I saw that Imas' body
was missing at Koswara's house.

It's just your hallucination maybe.

Who is here
this time at night?

Neng, earlier
at Koswara's house,...

...I saw that
Imas' body was missing.

Let's just come in, dear.

As far as I know,...

...when a person dies,
their spirit has no more... in this world,...

...but I don't know why and how.
-So what is the solution?

Yes, Didin.
What is the solution?

All of us have been
terrorised like this.

As the head of the grove,
you must do something.

I am not even talking
about Koswara's house yet.

The house smells like Imas' corpse.

Yes, be patient.
I have been thinking about it...

...much earlier on and
I've asked Gugun to contact...

...his friend who understand
this matter much better...

...than us.
Have you called him, Gun?

Yes, I've called Ustaz Mukhti.
-So where is he now?

Be patient.

Whose motorbike is that?
-Maybe that is Ustaz Mukhti.

In that case, let's take
Ustaz Mukhti to Koswara's house.

I am leaving now.
-Yes. Be careful, dear.


This is my brother.
This is my brother too.

Let's go.

I need some coffee powder, Gun.

I want to scatter it
around this corpse.

Here you go.
-Thank you.

We have to quickly
bathe this dead body.

Let's lift her now.

-Yes, let's lift her now.

Something is wrong here.
Her body is so heavy.

Maybe our positions are wrong.
Ujang, you come to this side.

It's okay.
Try lifting it again.

What have you all really done?

The corpse you saw
earlier, her name was Imas.

She was the daughter
of Koswara and Sumi.

Not their biological daughter,
but the adopted daughter...

...they took from a place
of heresy called Ringin Lawang.

Oh dear God.
Maybe that is the reason.

I have to ask
someone I trust to help me...

...solve this problem.

No. That would be bad.
We might have to deal with...

...the police
because we killed Imas.

Killed Imas?
Who killed Imas?

I thought Imas fell
down the ravine?

It was me.

Yes, Neng.

I killed Imas.

How could you?
-Oh my God.

But it was all
because of that ghost, Neng.

The devil tricked him.
Most importantly, now we have... seek God's guidance
and pray that He gives us...

...the best solution.

I witnessed it myself.
The thing that Ujang hit...

...was not Imas,
but something that I can't...

...explain it myself.

In Islam, there are
no such thing as unrest souls.

So why is the devil
still taunting us, ustaz?


What's wrong?


It's me, your mother.

My mother is dead!

Help! Help!

Ujang! Help!


Ustaz, what should we do now?

Ujang! Nengsih!

Nengsih! Ujang!
-Be careful.


Sounds like Nengsih.
Let's check it out.

Be careful

Gun! Ranti, Gun.

Ustaz, let's go.

Help me with prayers.
-Of course.

Thank God.

Ranti, Ranti, Ranti.


What is it?
-Where is Ujang?

We can't find Ujang.
-So how now?

That's why I came back here
to get some flash lights.

It's very dark out there.

Give me one.
-Ustaz, Gugun. Come with me.

-God willing.

Peace be upon you.

The devil!

What's wrong, mom?

Why are you crying?

Dad is not home yet, is he?

Okay, let's wait
for him inside. Come on, mom.


-She is back.






Oh, God! Jang!
Didin! That's Ujang.

Be careful.
-Oh my God.

The wood pierced his leg.

Ujang, Ujang.

Look at that wood.
-Come here and help me!

Pull it! Pull it out!
-Look at that wood.

I have some Bidara leave's
powder and ZamZam water.

God willing, these can
be used to drive away those...

...other beings.
-Thank you.

May I ask
what are those for, ustaz?

That is just a part
of our efforts.

Let me remind you that
no one should go out...

...after Maghrib for now.
Please excuse me.

I'm going to see my teacher.
I hope, God willing,...

...I will get some guidance on
how to solve the problem here.


Please don't be too long.
-God willing, I will come back... as soon as I can.
Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you too.




Nengsih! Ouch!

What is it?

Imas, Neng.

Why are we here?
Ustaz Mukhti is working on...

...the solution
with his teacher, isn't he?

Yes, but we can't just
stay quiet and do nothing.

Yes, but why are we here?
We are just.....

Dear, if you are scared,
you can go home first.

What? Scared? Of ghosts?

In my whole life, I have
never been scared of ghosts.

I only fear God.

The problem is, Ustaz Mukhti
has already told us not... leave the house
after Maghrib.

That's after Maghrib.

This is still early.

Plus, I came here
to look for clues.

We should only be
asking God for clues.

Not here.

What is that?

Oh my God!

Don't be afraid.
I am right here.

Let's go.
I don't want anything bad... happen to you.


Let's play outside with me, dad.

Come on.

Don't disturb your father.
Let him rest for now, okay.

Okay, mom.

Gugun, there is a photo
of a woman in this pendant.

Why don't we go
to Ujang's house and...

...tell him
and Didin about this?

No. We can't go out at night.

Ustaz Mukhti has made it clear
that we should not leave...

...the house after Maghrib.

You are so stubborn.

Oh my God.

Please forgive me for
abandoning you for so long.

I have worn it already.


What is it?
-A ghost!

Suddenly that female ghost
appeared in front of me.


She's gone now.

I am sure this necklace
has something to do with Imas...

...and it is also related to...

...everything that is
happening in our grove, dear.

Erlin, don't take the risk.

What if we go
to Ujang's house and...


Imas, or whoever you are.

Please don't take Ranti.

Ranti has no sins,...

...but if you're Imas,
I'm sure you know me, right?

Since my wife died,
I have no one else, Imas.

I only had you.

You were the closest
person to me, Imas.

You are like my own daughter.


What is it, Imas?

I accidentally dropped
some laundry by the drying area.

Mom scolded me, Wak.

Dad slapped me.

Listen, Imas.

If an innocent person
was suddenly scolded,...

...or even slapped,... long as that
person can remain patient,...

...she will be
abundantly rewarded.

But Wak.....
-Imas, a good daughter...

...who can forgive her parents,...

...or even pray for them,...

...will be granted
with huge rewards,...

...much bigger than my body.

So don't cry, okay.
-Thank you, Wak.

I have nothing to give you.

I can only pray for you, Imas.

Come on, calm down.
-Yes, but why did she come...

...into this house?

Ustaz Mukhti has put
a barrier around this house.

Maybe someone has
ruined that barrier, dear.


It can't be Abang Didin.

-Where is Ranti?

Where is Ranti?



Ranti is fine.

Thank God.

Luckily Didin was there.

The body became so heavy,...

...and we couldn't lift it.

Apparently before I arrived
in that grove, there have been...

...three people who died
and Imas murdered...

...all of them.
That girl name was Imas, Kiai.

According to them,
Imas was possessed and she...

started killing people.

Only God has the right... take a human's life.

Go get a knife.
Stab me over and over again.

If God doesn't want me
to be dead yet,...

...I'll be just fine.

So, don't ask me if
a ghost can kill humans...

...or not.

If ghosts can kill
human beings as they please,...

...imagine this.

Half of the earth
will be public burial areas.

Mukhti, remember what Allah
said in Surah An-Mahal...

...verse 98 and 99.

When reading the Quran,
remember, ask God to protect... from being
seduced by the cursed devil.

Indeed the devil
has no power over those...

...who have faith and believe... God.

I am sorry, Kiai.
I admit I was wrong because...

...I was afraid of the devil.

What is the connection between
that necklace photo and Imas?

There's something
written on the back, Didin.

18th August 2004.

That is Imas' age.

Maybe that woman is...

...Imas' mother.
-Yes, but we can confirm...

...anything now
because we have no proof.

Excuse me, Didin.
I would like to send that photo... Ustaz Mukhti
for his further investigation.

I know this woman.
Her name was Marissa.

She used to work at
the restaurant across the street.

Marissa used to come here
delivering food to us... the school.

Peace be upon you.
Excuse me, sir.

Is this Mrs. Laras' house?

Actually I really don't want
to talk about this anymore.

Actually Marissa was
a very good woman...

...before it happened.

What is going on?
What is it, dear?





Apparently Rengga,
the owner of the restaurant...

...where Marisaan working
and four of his friends...

...raped Marissa.

Since then, for months,
Marissa locked herself up... her room
and refused to come out.


What is it, dear?

-This is not my child!

No, dear.
Please don't do that.

You might kill the baby.
-I don't want this child!

No. No, Marissa.

No, dear.

I was shocked.

Marissa kept saying Ringin Lawang.

After that Marissa left.

She disappeared
and was never seen again.


Maybe she is dead now.

A few weeks later,
I read a news in the newspaper...

...about the murder of a family
who owned Warung Kondang.

Return this baby to Ringin Lawang.

I've returned the baby
to Ringin Lawang... many times,
but it kept coming back,... if it didn't want to leave.

Until one day a couple
came and took it away...

...from Ringin Lawang.

Dear, we have a child now.

She is beautiful, dear.

The baby never returns.

Maybe that man was Koswara.

They are both dead now.

How do we severe
the ties between...

...Imas and the ghost
of Ringin Lawang?

I don't know.

I was not the one
who made the deal with...

...the ghost of Ringin Lawang.

Please help me
severe that tie because...


...there will be
more deaths in the future.

You are my only hope, Mrs. Laras.

I don't want
to deal with the devil.

In that case,
I'll be leaving now, ma'am.

Peace be upon you.
-Peace be upon you too.


Take me to Ringin Lawang.

I am sorry.
I should be the one who goes... Ringin Lawang
but since Ujang is sick,...

...I have to take care
of his family.

It's okay.
Please pray for everything... go smoothly.
-I hope we can solve...

...this problem quickly.

Don't waste any more time.
You two should go now.

Peace be upon you.
-Peace be upon you too.

Let's go.

Dear God, please protect them.



She has to die.


All of you killed my child.

All of you must die.

Let go of my daughter!
Let her go!

We have never disturbed you.

Why is this happening?

I was born and raised here.
I am the oldest one here.

If you want to take someone,
take me! Take me!

Please just take me!

Wak. Wak.


Please don't torture me, Wak.


Didin, that is not Imas!


Didin, think of God!
That is not Imas.

Think of God, Didin.


Ranti. Ranti.

Dad. No!

Dad! I love you, dad!

Ranti. Ranti.



Ranti! Ranti!
-Oh, God.


I have the torches.
I brought seven of them.

Thank you, Gun.
-You're welcome.

The torches, ma'am.
-Erect the torches around me... form a circle.
-Yes, ma'am.

Pray for me, ustaz.
-God willing, I will help.

Let's do this, ustaz.
Untie everything first.


Please sit behind me...

...and help me
go into the unseen realm.

You have a gift.
I know you can do this.

When you see me slumped,...

...please light
all the seven torches...

...because that is the time
I have in the unseen realm.

Where is Marissa's necklace?
-Give her Marissa's necklace.

Here you go, ma'am.

Light the torches now.


Imas, where are you? Imas!


I am here.

One of the torches went out.
-What should we do, ustaz?

God willing, it'll be fine.

Let's help with prayers.
-Very well.


Who are you?
-I am Laras, your grandma.

Marissa my daughter is your mother.

I don't have a grandma.

I don't have a mother!



I don't have a father!

You are all mean!

You did this to me.

-Don't go, Imas.




I want all of you to die!

The torches went out
one after another. How now?

Let's continue to pray.
-Yes, come on.

Listen to me.

I was wrong.

Your mother was wrong too.
She threw you away in...

...this place.
I admit I was wrong.

Come back to me.
Come with me.

Leave this place, Imas.


Two of the torches went out.
What do we do now?

We continue praying, Gun.
We continue to pray to God.




Imas, come home.
Come with me.

This is not your place.
-But all of you don't care...

...about me anymore.


Come home with me.
I love you, Imas.

You can't take
Imas out of this place.

Go! Don't disturb my grandma!

Go! Go!

Please don't let me go.

Yes, Imas.

I don't want you to go too.

Mrs. Laras!

Erlin. What about
Mrs. Laras and Imas?

The door from
the unseen realm is closed now.

They are trapped in there forever.

From God we came,
to God we shall return.

It's the call for fajr prayer.

-Dear! Ujang!


Why do you have to dig up
all the bodies we buried?


Why do we have
to dig up all these graves?

It's for autopsy purposes.

Reporting, sir.

We have dug up
all the graves but...

...the three bodies
are not ini their graves.

The bodies are missing?

How come?