Banger (2016) - full transcript

When a turf war between two street gangs leads to the death of a young Haitian immigrant, his mother conjures up a spell to bring her son back from the grave to exact revenge on those responsible. The code of the street is simple; stay loyal to the gang, stay focused on the money and most importantly, stay ALIVE

[engine sounds]

- These streets
are unforgiving.

If you guys don't got it, get
back on the fucking porch now.

They call me Circus.

But I ain't here
for entertainment.

Now when you cross
this fucking bridge,

it's a whole different world.

A world we're fucking
renegade thugs.

prey on the weak.

Take advantage of the helpless

and hurt their own.

And make no mistake,

anyone that sees this cut,

and hears the sound
of that harley,

know the Skulls run
this fucking town.

- They call me Hip Hop.

And I shot call everything,
from 10th to 29th.

I and I alone say what
shake and what don't.

Whatever happen on the West
side, shit don't matter to me.

They can ride them bikes up
and down Detroit all they want.

As long as I don't see
them shits on the 12.

But the minute they forget,

the second they
get out of pocket,

we let em know
what the 12 about.

Anybody who don't
understand peace,

gon' have to
understand violence.

[elegant music]

- What's happeining.

- O.G,

- What's good with it.

- What's up dawg?

- Shit, just out here grinding.

- Right, right.

- It's cool man

It's only a year and I'm
back out on the street.

Shit, half the homies
up there anyway

so it ain't gonna be no problem.

- I know that.

But we finally got
the block on lock

got this money coming in right,
you gotta go lay it down.

- I feel you man.

That's why I got you and Greasy,

the hold it down
till I get back.

And when I do, I'm telling you,

we gon' run this town.

Not just the East side
either, the whole thing.

- Yeah, I can't wait.

I'm ready to get
up out these slums,

take this shit down town,

get some of that white
boy corporate money.

- Our time is
definitely coming man.

But meanwhile, it's
business as usual.

I'm serious Fazon.

I need you to move it the
same way we've been doing

for the last three years.

No new customers,
no new connections.

- Alright man.

Them country boys saying
they can get twice as much

as we getting now, and cheaper.

- Stall that shit man.

We ain't in a position to be
switching teams right now.

Plus the deal we got with the
Skulls is keeping us good.

Take this money to the Skulls,

and bring the work
straight to Greasy.

- bet.

- Straight to Greasy Fazon.

- Alright.

Real talk.

I hate working with them
backstabbing motherfuckers.

- Shit me too man.

For right now, they're
keeping it coming.

We can't afford to slow up.

Like I said, things gon' be
different when I get out.

I promise you that.

- Alright.

Alright well I'mma get
this over to the pinkies.

Get back to Greasy by four.

- Yup

- alright bet.

Take care man.

I love you dawg.

- I love you too.

See you in a year.

I'm headed to the spot now.

Y'all got that work? Cool.

My brothers, my brothers.

Good day for a drug
deal wouldn't you say?

- Look Razor.

- My name is Fazon.

- Yeah whatever.

Look we ain't here
for the bullshit.

Let's just take care of business

so we can get the
fuck out of here.

Now show me the fucking money.

- Oh, alright, alright,
easy Hill Billy Jack.

- We got it for ya.

Just like we promised.

One pound of 96%
pure Methamphetamine

This here's class 'A' chip.

The best glass in Tennessee

- Well give me the
fucking product

so I can get out
of this damn truck.

Fuck are y'all, pig
farmers or something.

- [Toothpick Man]
It's all there.

I told you it's all there.

- You think I'mma trust
you inbred motherfuckers?

That's what I thought.

- Look Razor.

- My name is Fazon, I
told you that already.

- Yeah right.

Let's just finish this
deal and both of us

be on our merry fucking way.

I'm not gonna tell you what's
gonna happen to either of us,

when he finds out that A,
we was hustling on his turf

and B, somebody from Twelve
Block's been buying from us.

- Look, y'all can worry
about whoever the fuck

y'all need to worry about.

Let me worry about
little ol' me.

Twelve Block don't bar
nobody, not even him.

- I hate those fucking bangers.

- Wait, wait oh wait.

Wait let me explain
and make this right.

No, no, look, I was just
about to come see you.

I got this package for you man?

- Is that right?

- Yeah.

Look, that's all you.

You can keep it, all of it.

- Yeah.

- Yeah. That's all you home boy.

- Thank you.

Home boy.

- Wait, wait.

[gun fires]

- It better be that good shit.

-it's Good enough.

Now get the hell outta here boy.

- Yeah, alright.

- Here, break this down,

give it to Eddy and
what's his face.

- Who, Scottie?

- Scottie, that's it.

Give it to those two dip
shits, an eigth apiece.

- I got ya.

[phone rings]


- Who was that?

- Me.

[gun fires]

- [Man] Mr. Costanzo.
- Mr. Costanzo.

- [Man] Mr. Costanzo.
- Mr. Costanzo.

- [Woman] Mayor
- Mayor

- Mayor Costanzo any
comments on the recent rash

of gang murders
here in the city?

- Look, myself along with
the state and local officials

are doing everything we possibly
can, to once and for all

bring down the
mobs in this city.

And the street gangs that aid
in their illegal activity.

- But do you think there will
be a significant impact made

against the Lione Crime
family who's operated

for nearly 30 years, under
your watch might I add.

- Myself and everybody
I employ at City Hall

are doing the best we can
to make this a safer city.

And any notion that I'm in
bed with this, Lione family,

is disrespectful and incorrect.

- Mayor, the bodies are piling
up from escalating gang wars,

what can you tell the
citizens of Cleveland

to calm their fears?

- I am doing the
absolute best that I can.

Now excuse me, your
mayor has to go to work.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you.

- That's all the questions
for today thank you.

- Thank you, thank
you very much.

[phone rings]

- Chief Crans.

- Chief, chief
this is your mayor.

Listen, I want a show of force
in every gang neighborhood

in this city and I want
it now, you understand,

I want it now.

- I got enough shit
on my plate already.

- I don't give a damn what
you got on your plate.

You pile some more on your plate

and then you get it
done, you understand.

- Fucking politicians.

♪Rap Music

- Dawg them niggas ain't
getting no money.

- Bullshit, them niggas
getting money for years.

- Dawg, them niggas ain't
getting no money man.

- Now how do you
know that though?

- Fuck y'all got on Fazon?

- Not much dawg.

No witnesses, no prints,
whoever did it, is a ghost bro.

- Oh we know who did it.

He was supposed to meet up with
Circus to pick up that work.

It had to be the Skulls man.

- Man ain't no
doubt it was them.

We did just like you said.

Stayed off their ass
till you got out of jail.

- Well, now I'm here.

My first day out and I
already got to put in work.

- Chill.

Me and Rico can handle this men.

- Nah man.

Fazon wasn't just Twelve man,

he was blood.

I'mma deal with this one myself.

- Yo but Hop, how you know
it was the Skulls though?

Ain't the only crew we
beefing with out there.

- Man no other gang in
the city got the nuts

to turn up like that.

- But you had to know
that shit was gonna happen

sooner or later
though right dog?

- I don't care about
none of that shit man.

My nigga dead and somebody
gon' answer for that.

- So you blame it on the Skulls
without concrete proof huh?


- Nigga is you a Skull?

Cause if you are
I'mma bleed your

ass out right here and now.

Mail your heart back to
your mom and little brother

back in Oakland nigga.

- Look men, Hop,
I'm just saying.

- Nigga, don't just say shit.

Keep your thoughts
to yourself, please.

This shit done popped off man.

And nobody, I don't care
how motherfucking deep

their crew is or who
they connected with,

ain't nobody getting away
with killing a Twelve.

- Well it's up to you my nigga.

I could round up
the crew right now

and start trimming them niggas.

- [laughs] man you ain't gon'
start trimming no damn body.

How the fuck you gon' go to war
in some damn dress shoes huh?

Tell me that you
pretty ass nigga.

- Keep on joking.

I'mma start with you.

- Ooh, I'm scared.

Im shaking

Boy I'll come on over
there and slap that S curl

out yo' damn head

- look, both of y'all calm down.

This ain't a motherfucking game.

- Man them boys deep.

And that fool Circus, he stay
guarded at all times man.

I mean, yeah, you may get a
few of him here and there but,

it's gon' be tough for us to
win an all out street war man.

They got numbers on their side.

- I know that man.

But we can still make it work.

- [Greasy] How?

- By catching em all in
one place at one time.

Talk about Circus, Tommy
Boy, Cassie, all em'.

Even their supplier
Mr. Calvetti.

- No no, that ain't
gon' be easy thing men.

I mean, it's one matter
waring with another gang man,

but you're talking
about taking on the mob.

Nigga they got
police on payroll.

So we gotta take it to the
mattresses as shit get thick,

it's definitely gonna
blow back on us man.

- You're right.

But I got a plan.

We lure em all out, deal
with em all at once.

Let me worry about that.

- [Ishmel] Alright
mama I'm going.

- Okay you go now.

- [Ishmel] Hmm hm.

- Ohh look at me boy,

you just look so handsome today.

- Oh come on mama, why
do you have to make it

such a big deal, I'm
just going to work.

- Me just so proud of me boy,

there's no harm in that.

I baked you some cookies.

- Mama, you have to stop with
the cookies and the pies,

you really do.

- You just don't understand.

I'm just so thankful that
they found my son a job.

It's not everyday that you
bump into a complete stranger

and he helps us find a home

and gives us both jobs.
- And gives us both jobs.

- Mama, do you know
you say this everyday?

- Listen, me can fuss
over me boy as me want,

now you go.

Aren't you forgetting something?

- I love you mama.

- I love you too.

- And I thank you.

- You're welcome baby.

[slow lively music]

- alrighgt I'll
talk to you later.

What are you doing here?

- I came to talk to you.

- About what?

- Getting put on the Twelve.

- It's just that simple Ish.

I mean you've been wanting
to get put on the hood

since you moved in man.

Well here's your chance

But first, you gotta show
us you Twelve Block material

and you're worthy of
wearing these colors.

I mean you do want to wear
these colors don't you?

Then all you gotta do, is
get your boss to the meeting.

I know you're surprised
that Mr. Calvetti

is really a capo in the mob.

- But he's been so
good to my family.

- Dawg, that cock socking
cracker been bleeding

this neighborhood
dry for years man.

You think you really
matter to him?

To him, you're
just another nigga

willing to work
for damn near free.

Look Ish all you gotta
do is what I ask.

Approach him with an opportunity
to get in on the drug trade

back in Haiti.

Tell him your people got
it locked up down there.

They just need a
steady connect to move.

- But he knows I'm not a dealer.

- Yeah, just like you knew
he wasn't a gangster right?

Look, when you
first approach him,

he'll be caught off guard.

But if you speak
strong and direct,

lock in on his eyes,

speak confident,
he'll go for it.

- So I just have to
get him to the meeting.

- That's it Ish.

- You get him to the meet,

and we'll convince him
to do business with us.

Nobody gets hurt,
everybody goes home happy.

And most importantly, you
get put on the Twelve.

- When?

- And you believe this kid?

- I mean what are you gonna do?

Kid comes up to me, says
he's got a connection,

wants to do some
serious business.

I gotta listen.

- Is this a street kid?

- [Calvetti] Not at all.

- A cop?

- No way, he's a good kid.

Matter of fact I think
he's trying to impress me.

Or maybe he's trying to
make a few extra dollars.

But either way, I do
think he has the connect.

- Okay.

Alright, let's meet
with these Hiatians

and see what they got.

And you take Circus and his
crew with you for protection.

I don't want this
shit going South.

- I'll take care of it.

[upbeat music]

- Alright mamma, I'm just
gonna go out with some friends,

I'll be back a little later.

- Son, who are these
friends of yours

and where did you meet em?

- Mother what difference
does that make?

- Ishmel.

- Mom, look you have to stop
treating me like a baby.

- Ishmel listen to me.

These boys are bad.

You really don't want--

- Don't what?

Don't want to have friends?

Mom do you know all I do is
go to work or I come here

at home, up under you all day.

And that's no way to live.

I have to start hanging
out with people my own age.

- Son, me just don't
want you to go and do

exactly what we left
behind in Haiti.

- What we left behind in
Haiti, that is not my life.

Look ma, I know you love me, O'k

But I am old enough
and strong enough

to make my own decisions.

Now look, I have to
go, I'll be back later.

- Ishmel.

- Mom, I have to go.
- Ishmel.

♪ [rap music]

Look lil bro, run it
just like we talked about

everything will be good, alright

[soft piano music]

Well now Dorothy, ain't
you a long way from Kansas?

So, where's your posse at?

Where's the mighty
Hiatian cartel?

- They'll be here any minute.

- So where's your friends?

- They'll be here in a second.

- I'm a busy man Ishmel.

Now exactly who are we
meeting up with again?

- Some friends, from back home.

- Well it just turns out,
I actually know some people

from back home, who knows,
it might be one of them.

It's about time.

- Hello Mr. Calvetti.

- Oh you done fucked
up now Dorothy.

- I wouldn't do
that if I was you.

Put it down.

Or my boys will put a slug
right through your boss'

pretty blue eyeball.

- What the fuck do you want?

- I came here for your life?

- Excuse me?

- I said I came
here for your life.

But I'll take an understanding.

All I want is the East side.

Your family can keep the West
side and anything downtown,

plus the no man's
land in the middle.

I think that's fair.

- You think that's fair.

Listen here you little punk,

I was pushing dope
in these streets

when you and your fairy
ass crew were playing

hop scotch in the projects.

So don't you dare try
telling me what's fair.

- Well I really don't see you

having a choice
right now do you?

- Uhhn, you got it
all figured out.

You know all the angles.

Young man, it doesn't
work out that way.

You cut us out, you're
cutting out the Donatos,

the Merlinos and a few
other families back East

who aren't particularly looking
for a pay cut, you get it?

- Like I said, I think
it's more than fair

given the circumstances.

- [italian talk] fuck you.

[gun fires]

[gun fires]

[gun fires]

- I want everybody on standby.

If they're big enough
to hold a fucking gun,

put them on alert,

the shit just got real.

What the fuck,

is that Ishmel's mother?

- Oh no.


I brought me boy to America

to escape the violence of Hiati.

For a better life.

Me wanted to start over.

But you all have
taken that away.

And now, there must be payment.

And you must pay in
trade, a life for a life.

[speaks foreign language]

[siren sounds]

- [Pretty] Let's roll

- Ma'am, we have been here
for two hours, two hours.

Now I'm starting to loose
my fucking patience.

Now we are trying to find
the men who killed your son.

Now come on, you
want me to believe

that you walked into
an alley by accident,

right into a triple homicide.

You want me to believe that.

I can't buy that.

Now tell me what happened.

- Boy left home that night
with that rowdy bunch.

And yes I did, I followed him.

I tried to make sure there'll
be no harm to me boy.

Cause he's a good boy, he's
not at all like those men

he was with tonight.

- Did you know any of
the men he was with?

- No, I don't.

- Ma'am I've got
dead gang bangers.

I've got another man who's
a high ranking member

of the biggest mob
family in this city.

Ma'am, they killed your son.

Help us find these
bastards please.

Come on! Help us out here!

Jesus Christ!

- Mrs. Babbitt, help us identify

the men that were in that alley.

- Ma'am, can you give
me and my partner

a moment to speak in private?

- We got nothing to
hold her on really.

We got to cut her loose
and hope that she has maybe

a change of heart and
gives us something.

- It's just one thing
that bothers me.

- What's that?

- How does someone like Ishmel
Babbitt connect to somebody

like Charles Calvetti?

- We still gotta cut her loose.

- Miss Babbitt if you think
of anything that can help us

with this investigation,
we'd appreciate it.

- Miss Babbitt, I'm sorry
I had to be so hard on you.

I was trying to find the
men who killed your son.

Listen uhm, one of my officers
will escort you home okay.

- Thank you.

- And again Miss Babbitt, if
you can think of anything,

it will be a great help in
finding your son's killer.

- Sorry about your son.

- May vengeance be taken by
the blood of the first child.

May the dead be risen
to judge his oppressor.

And to those who would harm
me, may they be taken away.

Bring him who
punishes to the light.

- Shit.



- Hey, I'm single,
what about you?

- Just finish prepping
your damn area

so we can get out of here.

- Fine.

I say we cut it short.

This thing's already tagged.

Let the next shift deal with it.

- I agree.

Besides, I have a
date with Michelle.

- Oh, you mean, long
hair, tight ass,

I wanna fuck her
so bad, Michelle?

- That'd be the one.

- Lucky you man.

- No, lucky her.

I have a fifth of vodka
and a 100 milligram Viagra.

Tonight is gonna be
the night of her life.

- I can't believe
you bagged Michelle.

- Well you better
believe it my friend.

And in a couple hours,
I'm gonna be knee deep

in ass and tities, while you're
at home touching yourself

you frigin' perv.

- Let's just get out of here.

Hey does Michelle
have any fat sisters?

- Nah.

She's got a brother.

Fresh out of prison
you damnn looser.

- Whatever works.

Is he fat too?

[spooky music]

[zip sounds]

- We all know there must
be swift retribution

for what happened.

Anyone and I repeat
anyone involved

must be held accountable
for his death.

- Mr. Lione I promise
you, I will personally cut

out the heart of every member

of that fucking Twelve Block
gang and I will hand deliver

them to you on a plate.

- And so we're clear.

The Skulls were to
be the protection

of Mr. Calvetti and as we
know that did not happen.

- But Mr. Lione--

- Bitch, shut the fuck up.

- Look, we've always
done good business

but we both know there's
no room for mistakes

especially the kind that
cost me my best earner.

- Mr. Lione just give me a
minute let me just explain.

- No no no no, you
may not take anything.

The only thing I want you
to take is a few seconds

to fix this situation.

I mean come on, I always thought

the Skulls were a
formidable crew.

Not a bunch of
mamma looka idiots.

- Look sir, those are my
guys out in the street

every fucking day keeping
shit in line for you guys.

Now look I understand what
kind of power you hold.

But make no mistake, I've got
killers on my payroll too.

But you knew that
already didn't ya?

- I think you and your crew

are forgetting the
chain of command here.

I'd watch that silver
tongue of yours

if I were you, before
you find it missing.

- Consider my tongue watched.

And like I said,
we'll handle it.

- I'm sure you will.

Now see yourselves out.

- Let's go.

- Make plans to be
here in the city

within the next few hours.

I'll send the information
via our usual manner

in the next 10.

A driver will be at your
door in 15 minutes, be ready.

- So we go to war with
the Skulls and the mob.

Shit that ain't no fair to me.

Hell, Leonidas and the Spartans
almost came out on top

with just 300 soldiers.

And they was up
against millions.

- We gotta be smart about this.

look, I'm down for whatever
gon' take the Twelve

to the next level man.

And if warring with
the mob gon' do it

then I'm all in.

But we gotta have a plan bro.

We can't just go jumping off
up into this shit half cocked.

Cause if we do, we ain't
gon' make it out bro.

- Alright, you right.

So what we do is, we get
the soldiers together.

Arm em up, post em up
throughout the hood

and it's kill on sight.

A Skull show his head, shoot.

Shit if the mob wants
some, they can get it too.

Men we can't afford to
be out here looking weak,

trying to talk it out.

We gotta stand up right
now to claim what's ours.

- Yeah that's what I'm
talking about my nigga.

But first things first though,

we gotta take care
of that bitch.

She can link us to the killings.

- You're right.

- Word.

♪ What you gon' do

♪ What you gon' do

♪ Come on, come on,
come on, come on

♪ What you all gon' do

♪ What you all gon' do

♪ What you all gon' do

♪ tell me what you all gon' do

♪ What you all gon' do

♪ What you all gon' do

♪ What you all gon' do

♪ tell me what you gon' do

[spooky music]

- [Hop] Still no word from Rico?

- No dawg.

I'mma hit him up man,
see if this shit done.

- Damn I should have
went with that nigga.

- Relax y'all.

We don't even know
if it's a problem.

- Dawg, Rico going in
and do his business,

won't take him more than a few
minutes to do this job man.

He definitely would
have texted me by now.

- Look, you and
Pretty roll past there

and see what's going on.

- Alright bet.

- Come on Hop, send
Greasy with me.

Shit, send your little
sist for that matter.

Anybody but this fashion
matter motherfucker.

What if he gotta
run up out of there?

Won't get 10 feet with his
nigga to down tap shoes.

- yo man fuck you alright.

Just make sure you keep
up with your scrawny ass.

- Oh I will.

Just leave your makeup in
the car when we get there,

P Diddy looking mother fucker.

- That's enough both of y'all.

Both of y'all niggas run
past there and see what

the fuck's going on.

Greasy you're
staying on this jack.

Something ain't right.

- This the house?

- Yep.

- Let's work.

- Hey yo Circus, I just
followed Freddy and Pretty

over to this house
on the West side.

Those motherfuckers think
they want to cross us,

we're gon' take em out,
call you when I'm done.

- Yo, I'm going in quiet.

- You can go in with that
shaving kit if you want to.

I got me a motherfucking gun.

- Well just watch
the fucking door.




Na'll man it can't be

Man we watched you die man.

I watched you die.

[phone rings]

[phone rings]

- God dammit.

- If I didn't know any better
I'd swear you and Tommy

was butt buddies.

- Shut the fuck up,
you fucking skank.

Tommy, talk to me is it done?

- Yeah, but.

- But what?


- I got Freddy G.
In the backyard.

And then when I went inside,
Pretty was already dead.

- Wait, wait, wait, what do
you mean he was already dead?

- I mean he took a knife
to the fucking stomach.

- [Circus] Who did it?
Did you see who did it?


- Yeah.

- [Circus] Who the
fuck took him out.

- [Tommy] It was Ishmel.

- Uhhh, come again.

- [Tommy] Ishmel killed the guy.

- Bullshit, Tommy
that's fucking bullshit.

Ishmel's fucking warm food.

Look I watched the guy
take bullets to the chest,

he's not gonna live
through that, let alone

come back and kill somebody.

- I know Circus but I'm
telling you it was him,

I looked him dead in the eyes.

- Now he's saying he
saw fucking Ishmel.

- There's no way, you
seen what I did to him.

- [Tommy] I'm telling
ya Circus, it was him.

- Alright look,
meet me at the bar

first thing in the morning.

What the fuck.

[Police radio chatter]

- Hey Miles.

What do you got?

- We got a triple.

Vic number one is Edward
Johnson, street name, Pretty.

It seems he took a big
knife to the stomach.

- Same pretty from Twelve block?

- [Miles] Exactly.

- What of the other
two, where they at?

- The other one's
in the back room,

he was stuffed in a closet.

One Rico Caine, and who
do you think he runs with?

- Let me guess, Twelve Block

- Bingo.

Number three is Frederick
Gaines, A.K.A Freddy G.

He got it at the back door.

All three were top
brass for Twelve Block.

- And who found em?

- Get this, the
home owner comes home,

she finds the
bodies in the house,

she calls 911, guess
what her name is?

- [Lance] Who?

- Old friend of you two.

Ayida Babet.

Well, that's all I've
got for now, you two

can take it from here.

- Alright, good
job Miles, thanks.

- [Miles] I'm good.

- So first her son
gets found murdered

with Mr. Mafia himself
and just a few days later,

three bangers get
offed at her house?

What's the connection?

- Revenge maybe.

- Maybe.

Doesn't make any
sense though I mean,

you got this made guy,
three hard core bangers

and then this Hiatian
immigrant kid.

Tell you what I'd be willing
to be the Skulls were involved

in this somehow too.

- How so?

- Well, we know they do

all the real dirty
work for the mob right?

And they been at it with
Twelve Block for years.

I'll be shocked if
they're not involved.

- You know what, and
that could be it.

Twelve Block murders
Calvetti so now,

somebody's hunting
them down but,

where does this kid
fit into all of this?

- That's a good question.

Hey do me a favor.

- Yeah.

- Give Jonsi a call down
at the county morgue.

See if he can send me
over a copy of the autopsy

and notes on the Babet kid,

I want to take a look at those.

- On it.

- Thanks.

Hey what's up?

- This case is getting
crazier by the minute.

- What do you mean?

- I just got off the phone
with Bill from County

and he says that
our body took a walk

a couple of nights ago.

- What do you mean took a walk?

- I mean Ishmel Babbitt's
corpse is missing.

- Check this out.

Symbols and these
half burned candles.

You make anything out of that?

- I mean I know that Voodoo
spells can protect people

or harm them.

- What about, bringing
people back from the dead?

People believe in that kind
of stuff too don't they?

- You're kidding right?

- I'm just saying.

[electronic music]

♪ I wear the face of disbelief

♪ I've been tempted to proceed

♪ And got away from my beliefs

♪ To succeed

- So we keep things going right?

- drop that price and
we'll keep things going.

Otherwise I might have to
take my club's business

somewhere else.

- Come on DJ, don't
be a fucking idiot.

Who else is gonna give you
the quality that we do huh?

You can't trust the Pirates,
you can't trust those Cowboys

from the West End.

We got a good thing
going here bro.

- Well I'm not interested
in a good thing.

Only a good price.

And the ticket you're
giving me right now,

it is way too high.

- Too high?

We're already a thousand
dollars under anybody else.

Let's not even
mention the quality.

- Like I said, drop that ticket,

and we can keep doing business.

Otherwise, the Hell Riders no
longer work with the Skulls.

- Look, I know it sounds
crazy but I'm telling you,

it was Ishmel, I looked
him dead in the eyes.

- Tommy it was dark--

- No, it was him,
I'm sure of it.

- Or maybe it's from
all the freaking pills

you've been popping Tommy.

- Fuck you.

- You know fuck you.

You want us to believe that
some dead kid is walking around.

Bull shit.

You need to leave the
fucking dope alone.

- Look, I've been
hearing things lately.

- Oh now you're
hearing shit too.

- No, I don't mean like that.

- Look.

- I've been hearing in the
streets that this kid's mom

is into some serious
wicked Voodoo shit.

- Unfucking-Believable.

Do you even hear yourself Tommy?

You need to get
your shit together,

you're starting to
scare me over here.

- Right.

That bitch can boil chickens
and old bones all she wants.

He ain't coming back.

- Look dude you need to relax.

Everything's gonna be fine.

- You sure?

- Yeah, I'm sure.

I think there's been an
explanation for everything.

I think maybe you're tired.

I think these last few days
have been rough on you.

I think you need
to get some rest.

- Or maybe you need to lay
off all the fucking oxi.

- Hey.

- Fucking serious.

- Look, go home, get some rest.

Cassie's right, lay
off dope for a while,

get your mind right.

- [Tommy] Alright, I'll do that.

- Good.

[electronic music]

- Mr. Mayor.

- Listen eh, the reason
why I asked you two

to meet me down here,

is because I think I got
somebody in my office

that is leaking information
to the Lione family.

- Sir.

- I know I mean somebody
is a leak in there.

I mean they're giving
him information.

But I trust you two.

-I mean you two are hardworking
cops that are loyal to the badge

I just, I just wish I could
say that about every body.

- [Stagnelli] Thank you sir.

- So what do you got?

- Well so far what we do
know is that the Skulls

and Twelve Block are locked up

in some kind of
a turf war again.

And as we've known
for quite some time,

the mob is backing the Skulls

and Carmine Lione's
calling all the shots.

- You got anything at all

that we can hold
Lione on for murder?

- Not yet sir.

- Slippery bastard.

Alright, okay, look, keep
working the streets alright.

And you find out anything,
you find out anything at all,

you bring it right back
to me, you understand.

- Yes sir.

- Right back to me.

Alright, okay, you
keep me posted.

- Yes sir.

Thank you sir.

- What the hell?

- Calm down, I'm not
here to hurt you.

- You know better than this,

we can't be seen together.

- Put your skirt down
you freaking sissy.

What do you got?

- I got nothing,

except off course what's
general knowledge.

Look, man you gotta
stop with the bodies.

- Yeah, I'm cleaning
all that up now.

Once I get it all
done, we'll proceed

with the distribution setup.

- Look, the feds, I
think they're onto me.

And things, things are
getting complicated.

- Yeah they are.

But you just gotta
un-complicate em.

Get your fucking
people lined up.

- So what are we thinking,
maybe one of these guys

swiped the body from County?

- But why?

- I don't know.

Maybe set some
kind of example or,

who knows maybe
they're trying to hide

evidence of some sort.

- Hey chief.
- Hey chief.

- So, we got two
dead gang bangers.

A mob hit, and now
you're telling me

we have a missing corpes.

Some body better tell
me something good

- Chief it's looking like
some type of turf war

between Twelve Block,
the Skulls and Lione Mob.

- You mean somebody's
tryna make a power play.

- Look like Twelve Block
is trying to make the move

for the Downtown section.

- That's no man's land
it don't make sense.

- There's a lot of unclaimed
money down there though.

- The mob and the Skulls
are already connected.

So that mean Twelve Block,
if they can shake things up,

they can make a real
play for the throne.

- Exactly.

- Any ideas?

- Well, I figured Stag
and I can put a tail

on their leader for a few days

and then we'll setup
outside the gangs' hangout,

see who's coming and going.

- If your lucky, you might
catch Ishmel crip walking,

if you're lucky.

- We just might.

- Listen, go get it.

- Alright, thank you chief.
- Alright, thank you.

- You told chief about

your back from the
dead Voodoo theory?

- I'm telling you Stag, some
people really do believe

that Voodoo can
bring back the dead.

- Then maybe they
can bring back Tupac.

- Tupac?

What about Biggy?

- So what you thinking bruh?

- I ain't thinking shit dawg.

You say we ride, then we ride.

But we got to do
something fast Hop.

Three of our tops are just gone

in just a couple of days man.

Word spread through the
hood, we might loose grip.

- We ain't loosing shit.

Now we arm these
streets block by block.

Hell if anybody
know that is you.

- I'm with you Hop
I'm just saying man,

our strength was in
our top tier man.

Three of em dead, chain broke,
the shit might get ugly.

- It's times like this
that tell if a man

even got the juice to
be running the crew.

Believe me niggas
gon' pay for this.

I'm personally gonna put
Circus on the ground.

Tool up nigga, let's ride.

- Let's ride.

- So uhm, I decided I'm gonna
do it this weekend Stag.

- Do what?

- I'm gonna ask
Linda to marry me.

- Wow, congratulations,
that's awesome.

And it's about time.

- What do you mean it's
about time, it's only been

what, not even eight years.

- Eight years, that's
six years too long.

- Maybe.

What happened last time around

I didn't want to go
there yet with her.

- That's bullshit.

- That's not bullshit.

- Yeah.

- Wait hold on.

Looks like the boss and
his boy are on the move.

Wait hold on a second.

It looks like they
locked the place up.

What do you say we
give it a few minutes.

Go in and have a look around.

- The club?

- Yeah,we go in there
we get a lead inside

of five minutes right.

- It's gon' take at
least a couple of hours

for us to get a search warrant.

Besides, we don't
have a probable cause.

- I'm talking more
off the books here.

You know what I mean, just
a quick sneak in a peak.

- You know this could
cost both of us our jobs.

- Nah that's not
gonna happen Stag.

Come on, we go in,
we're out of there

in five minutes alright.

- Alright.

Five minutes. Five minutes
and we're out of there.

- I promise you.

Let's go.
- Let's go.

- Stag, over here.

- What are we
looking for anyway?

- We'll know when we find it.

Stag, take a look at this.

Look at this.

- These are just addresses.

- Yeah but we know this
first one belongs to Ishmel

and his mother right.

- Hmm hm.

- We could belong that the
second one belongs somebody

who's in a shit load of trouble

when these boys catch up to him.

- I smell a hit.

- Exactly.

Let's go.

[spooky music]

- Hey yo Circus, it's Tommy.

I just got back
to your house so,

I just want to see you
whenever you get back here.


- Ahhhhhhh [scream]

[engine sounds]

- Jesus fucking Christ.
- Oh my God.

- Oh my God, oh my
God, what happened?

- How the fuck do you
think I'm supposed to know.

He fucking got a axe sticking
out his fucking side.

Alright look, shut the
fuck up for a minute,

let me think here for
a second, let me think.

- Men I can't believe the rap
sheet on some of these guys.

I thought we've put half of
these people away already.

- Definitely ain't
no boy scouts.

- What the hell.

I swear I just saw Ishmel Babet

walking the driveway
of that house.

- What?

- I just saw Ishmel Babet alive.

Stag it was him.

Alright, clear as
day it was him.

- If he did come back to
exact some Voodoo revenge,

then why are they still alive?

- Who says they are?

Let's get up there.

[door sounds]

- What do you two pigs want?

- Just relax.

We just want to ask you
a couple quick questions.

- What?

I'm pretty busy right
now, so you know.

- You mind if we come in?

Alright look, you guys see
anything around here today,

anything strange at all?

- Strange like what?

- Like, anything, like
maybe something that has

to do with this
beef that's going on

between Twelve Block
and the Skulls?

- What beef are
you talking about?

Look unless you
guys got a warrant,

I'm done answering questions.

[cassie screams]

Hey, hey, calm the fuck down.

Go get the car and bring
it out back right now.

I'mma bring the body
up there right now.

- [Cassie] Okay.

- That's the house
right there Hop.

What now?

- Slide around back and
get a gauge who up in there.

We're finishing this
shit, once and for all.

This clear.

We going in and killing
everything in that bitch.

- Let's do it.

- [Cassie] Oh what the
fuck are we gonna do,

he's fucking dead.

He's dead, he's fucking dead.

Fuck, Tommy's dead,
he's fucking dead.

Somebody killed him, what
the fuck are we gonna do,

we gotta get out of here.
- Shut the fuck up.

- Hey go bring the silencers.

- [Cassie] What the
fuck are we gonna do?

- [Circus] Shut the fuck
up and pull the car around.

- [Cassie] I'll go get the car.

I'll go get the car.

- Wait wait wait wait, no
wait, wait wait wait don't.

- Fuck.



[phone rings]

- Yes.

- Mr. Lione.

- I've been awaiting your
call, good news I hope.

- No, not quite but I
could really use your help.

- I'm listening.

- Look, I'm taking a
real beating over here.

My whole fucking crew is dead.

Cassie is dead, Tommy is dead

and someone left a fucking
dead banger from Twelve Block

out in front of
my fucking house.

Look, I'm gonna go
dump the bodies.

But we have got to get
this shit handled now.

Otherwise we both
might end up working

for some spook called Muhammed
or some shit, you know.

- I promise you I
will never be employed

by anyone named Muhammed,
nor will you cave in

to the pressure caused by
some rag tag group of thugs.

We hired you because
we were assured

you were good at what you do.

And now you're
cowering at the corner

because a few of your
soldiers have been killed.

I'll handle it from here.

Your contract is cancelled.

Good day.

- Fuck.

- Shit.

Fuck that.

Fuck, they got all my
niggas, all my niggas

- [Big Mike] This Big
Mike, I'm busy right now.

- Damn it.

[spooky music]

[door sounds]

- [Chief] Come in.

- [Lance] Hey chief.

- [Chief] how are you doing?

- [Lance] Good.
Take a look at that.

- [Chief] What's this?

- That's a case file.

- I know what it is.

What's in it?

- Mr. Rodney Hopper
was bludgened to death

in a social club owned by he
and a few of his associates.

- Who is Rodney Hopper?

- That's Hip Hop chief.

- [Chief] No way.

- Yes way, trust
me it gets better.

You know that house that

Stagnelli and I
staked out yesterday,

Circus' house.

This morning a neighbor
was knocking at the door,

she's knocking, knocking
and there's no answer.

She was marching on in,
there's blood everywhere

all in the inside of his house.

- Where's Circus,
can you find Circus?

- There is no sign of him.

But there is one more thing.

About an hour ago, a patrol cop

spotted a car parked down
by the dumps down there,

goes in for a closer look.

Three bodies in side.

Two of them are
Skulls and the other

was this Twelve Block
banger they called Greasy.

- What's your take?

- I'm not sure yet chief.

I mean it's definitely
crew on crew.

But I gotta think the
mobs are retaliating

for the Calvetti hit too.

- Yeah I agree.

I'll tell you what
you find Circus.

He's either the suspect,
or your next victim.

- [Lance] My thoughts
exactly chief.

- There you go.

Let's go to work.

- [Lance] Alright thanks chief.

- Cool, keep me posted.

- I will.

[upbeat music]

Alright keep your
eyes open Stag.

We gotta find this guy now.

- Well at least we know
he's behind all this.

- Maybe he is.

Not by himself though.

The other guys in
his crew or the mob,

there's something else
going on here too,

I don't know what
the hell it is.

[phone rings]



What the fuck, when?


Alright, yeah, we'll
get over there.

- What's going on?

- They found Constanzo dead.

- [Stag] What?

- Mayor Constanzo is dead,
they found him in his car,

somebody shot him
in the fucking head.

We gotta go.

- But if we leave now, we
won't get another chance

to get Circus.

- Shit.

That's our boy right there.


- What you want to do?

- We gotta take him Stag.

You know what, it's almost dark,

let's wait till then and
we'll go inside alright.

- Alright.

[gun fires]

- [Circus] Stay back.

- Drop the weapon.

- Stay back.

Stay the fuck back.

- Put the weapon down Circus.

[gun fires]


[gun fires]

- The city of Cleveland
is still recovering

after two of its own
were buried today

after being found
murdered only hours apart.

Mayor Peter Constanzo
and Detective Lance Cobin

were both found murdered
in separate incidents,

each believed to be linked to
the city's ongoing gang war.

Police are saying they will
use the full weight of the law

to find those responsible
and bring them to justice.

♪ Why did you have to go

♪ Go away from me

♪ And it feels like a
nightmare and not reality

♪ Yeah

♪ And you told me you
would never leave me

♪ Never leave my side

♪ And now you're gone

♪ Yeah

♪ Can you tell me why
you're gone from me

♪ Can you tell me why
you're gone from me

♪ Gone from me

♪ We had so many years

♪ Now there's so many tears

♪ And now I'm just
living my worst fears

♪ Can you tell me why
you're gone from me

♪ Tell me

- [Miles] Hey Stag,
how are you doing?

- I'm okay, what you got for me?

- I was just down at forensics.

The sample we took from
the door of the crime scene

came back inconclusive.

But, they did get a hit
on a latent we pulled

from the door knob.

Came back to a Tamar Babbitt.

They had him for a mob
murder a few years ago,

but couldn't stick it.

He fled back to
his native country.

- And let me guess, Haiti.

- Yeah, how'd you know?

[door sounds]

- Detective Stagnelli
how can I help you?

- When is the last
time you seen Tamar?

- Me don't know what
you're saying, bull shit.

- Is he here now?

- No.

- I know all about Tamar and
the mafia here in this city.

I know your son's
a contract killer.

- Me don't know what
you're talking about.

- You don't care that
your son is responsible

for over a dozen murders.

- I haven't seen Tamar since
me and Ishmel left Haiti.

I have no knowledge of what
he does here or over there.

- I ran his name
against airport customs

and they have no record of
him entering this country.

I enter Ishmel's
and I got a hit.

Looks like he entered
several days ago,

but Ishmel's dead.

- What do you want from me?

- I'll ask you again,
when is the last time

you seen your son?

Get down.

Get on the ground now.

- I know this had been
difficult considering

your recent family matters.

But as usual you've delivered.

The family won't forget this.

As agreed, 15k per head.

All you need to do
now is handle Circus,

and we're finished here.

Tamar, after you're
finished with Circus,

my driver can have you on
a plane and back in Haiti

in less than four hours.

- I will take care of Circus,

then I have to go see my mother.

- You have been a loyal
business partner to this family.

Now take care of your own.

But be careful, everything
is hot right now.

The bodies have piled up and
the police need an arrest.

- I will take care of Circus.

- Don't worry, he's on our side.

- You made a hell of
a mess in my town kid.

It will take me years
to clean this up.

I think you ought
to get out of town

until things cool off.

- Yeah Tamar go home
and lay low for a while.

- I'm going to call the airport.

I want you to get out
there, get on a plane

and get out of town.

- Uh yeah, this is the mayor.

Look, I just had a
credible threat on my life.

I want you to draw all the
police from the airport

and get into my
office immediately

to protect me, my
staff and my family.


Fuckin' psycho.

- That kid is as loyal
to me as any Italian

in little Italy.

I trust him with my life.

- That kid is a fucking animal.

And I don't trust him at all.

And you know what, I don't
trust you much either.

I mean can't you do business

at all without
killing everybody.

- I'll call you when
everything's done.

- Whatever

Yeah this is the mayor, listen,

I want a SWAT team sent to
the airport immediately.

I want you to pick up a suspect

by the name of Tamar Babet.

He is armed and he is dangerous.

He's black male,
he's about six two,

wearing all black clothing.


[gun fires]

- Mr. Lione, your
friend is dead.

I feared that he would betray us

and my instincts were right.

There's nothing I can
do, it had to be done.

Now look, I'm going to
go take care of Circus

and then I have to
go see my mother.

Once I am done, I
need to disappear.

I can't go back to prison.

- I don't wanna
have to shoot you.

- I'm sorry mamma.

[gun fires]

- I think I always knew
he would follow us here.

- Hey.

You take care of
yourself over there.

Don't sleep,

alright, I've been over there.

It can be a real cut throat.

- It can't be any worse
than what it is over here.

- Go into the car,
let me talk to mamma.


I love you


- No need Tamar, no need.

That boy there, he
deserves a chance.

A chance I tried
to give you both.

But the right ways
was never your ways.

You don't think I
heard the rumors

of you killing
people for monies?

And this mafia
business in the U.S.

The police here,
every other day,

I have to give him a chance.

A chance you never wanted.

I am so sorry for the pain
and destruction he has caused.

- It's not your fault.

It's not your fault Miss Babet.

- [Ishmel] Mamma,
I've come home.

♪ [rap music]