Bangarraju (2022) - full transcript

Bangarraju and Satyabhama come down to settle the life of their grandson Chinna Bangarraju and to save the treasure of temple.

'There are so many
things in the universe'

'that is beyond our understanding.'

'Life and death are for bodies,
but not for souls.'

'Every soul that comes to earth
has to go back from where it came'

'after performing its karma.'

'In the same way,
our Bangar Raju's soul too'

'who came to earth
fulfilled his karma,'

'gave up all the relationships
and is returning.'

Hello, how is your Yama?

Do you know him?
- I know him very well.

This is not the first time that
I am coming, it's the second time.

Second time? How come?

That's a long story.

What is this,
hell has changed so much?

This is heaven.

Our Yama Dharmaraja ordered
us to send you to heaven.

Heaven means Ramba,
Urvasi and Menaka will be there.

Am I right?
- Yes.

You leave. I will go inside.

Bangar Raju

A few years back, Siripura Village

"Nama Shivaya,
Nama Shivaya, Shiva, Shiva."

"Nama Shivaya,
Nama Shivaya, Shiva, Shiva."

"Om Namashivaya,
Namashivaya, Namashivaya..."

"Namashivaya, Namashivaya,

"Namashivaya! Namashivaya!"

"Om Namashivaya,
Namashivaya, Namashivaya..."

"Om Namashivaya,
Namashivaya, Namashivaya..."

"Rudra, Namashivaya, Namashivaya."

"Rudra, Namashivaya, Namashivaya."

"Nagabhooshana, Nandivahana."


"Show us that you are
there everywhere"

"who is omnipotent and omnipresent."

"Do prove all of us that
you are always present amongst us."

"Namashivaya, Namashivaya,
Namashivaya, Namashivaya."

There is a disturbance
in Lord Shiva's temple.

It will not end there.

All evil things won't go unnoticed

by Rudra without being burnt
by the flames of his third eye.

- History will repeat itself.

God of preaching.

A problem has taken birth.

What is the solution
for that, Lord?

The solution is born.

What is the connection between
that mishap and this birth?

It's there.

These births and deaths,
love and mishaps are all His games.

'Ramu who took care
of his son and Satyamma'

'who took care of her
grandson were very happy...'

Sita madam's condition is
not good, ma'am. - What happened?

'but their happiness did not
last long. Ramu's wife, Sita died.'

'After three months,
they named Ramu and Sita's child's'

'name after their grandfather.'

Bangar Raju.

Bangar Raju.

'On the same day,
Ramu's brother-in-law'

'Ramesh's daughter
was named Nagalakshmi.'


Both these children have
the horoscope of Shiva and Parvathi.

If they both get married, it
is as good as Shiva and Parvathi's

divine dance, madam.

Is it?
- Yes, madam.

- Sister.

Bangar Raju and Nagalakshmi's
horoscope is that of

Shiva and Parvati's horoscope,
it seems.

We will get them married.

Let us do it, sister. But we
have named them just now, right?


You spoke about their marriage, but
you didn't tell about the dangers.

Don't you know how many obstacles
they have to overcome to get married?

It's not in the horoscope, swami.

Horoscope is Naruda's writing.

Fate is God's writing.

There are dangers, priest.

- Ramu.

I don't feel like staying here.

If I do some work,
I will get diverted.

I will go back to US.
It's better if he is with you.

I will come and see
him whenever possible.

Okay, dear.

I will get you married very soon.

Sita's memories are
enough to accompany me.

Speaking about a mother for him,
you are there.

Don't repeat this topic again.

'From then,
he was the apple of her eye.'

'Satyamma was very upset
to even send Bangar Raju to school.'

Why are there tears, sister?

Look at my bad luck,
why should I send him to school?

Look at my daughter, see how
she is jumping and going to school?

She is a girl,
she will somehow manage.

Come, Bangar Raju, go and sit there.

I will remove this, wait, dear.

Go, dear, go there.

- Hi.

"Little, little hero,
mischievous, mischievous hero."

I feel like seeing our Bangar Raju.

I mean that is...

"Cute, cute hero,
he will tell many cute things."

Hey Adhi, we have joined Bangar
Raju in school. - Okay, uncle.

Take care of him carefully, Adhi.
- Okay.

'Every year on Bangar
Raju's birthday'

'Satyamma used to give
him head bath with soap nut.'

'She used to celebrate
it like a festival.'

Eat, sweetheart.

'Along with age, Bangar
Raju's mischiefs also grew up.'

Yes, right?

Children, we are choosing
our class leader tomorrow.

Those who are interested
can give your names.

With these words, the intelligent
girl, Nagalakshmi got an idea.

What are all these, Nagalakshmi?

Cheese, milk, vegetables, soap nuts,
these are all for you, master.

Master, we need to fix the class
leader today, right?

Yes, dear.
- Okay, master.

So, our village head's
daughter Nagalakshmi

alone has the potential
to become the class leader.

Nagalakshmi is the class leader.

Thank you, master.

Thank you, thank you.

Hey, Bangar Raju.

Why are you sitting among the girls?
Go and sit there.

Who are you to tell me?

I am the class leader.

Get away, cheese leader.

Do you call me cheese leader?

You dare hit me?

You call me cheese?

'In the school, Bangar Raju and
Nagalakshmi used to fight daily.'

'Satyamma and Ramesh used to have
a tough time with both of them.'

Leave me.
- We thought of getting them married,

but why are they fighting like this?

Maybe, they are
practicing for marriage.

Adhi, where is Bangar Raju?

He went there with Geetha.

'One day, Satyamma saw something
that she was not supposed to see.'

Bangar Raju.

"Hey, Tabla."

"Hey, Harmony."

Sir, what is the meaning of...

Hey you, what have you been doing
without knowing for such a long time?

You should ask, right?

We will teach, right?

Golden girls.

Girls, shall we start kabaddi?

We are ready.

"Rice in the sugarcane field."

"Sister-in-law in
the brinjal garden."

"When I hit her with a stick,
is laddu there, is laddu there?"

"Jasmine bouquet in your song."

"Mischievousness in your look."

"We will show this to Bangar Raju,
show this to Bangar Raju."

"We will show it, we will show it..."

"Here at your shoulders."

"When the eyes meet."

"Near the pump shed."

"When the sari touches."

"Is laddu there, is laddu there?"

"We will show it, we will show it."

"Don't twirl your moustache."

"Enough of your nonsense."

"Your smile is attractive, your look
is alluring, don't kill us with it."

"Reelu reelu reelu reelu,
I know you are lying too much."

"There seems to be golden sparks,
they all look very sweet."

"Is laddu there?"

"Show it to us."

"Is laddu there?"

"Show it to us."

"On the grass fields."

"In the fire stick."

"In the brinjal garden."

"Without anyone's notice."

"When I see the eyes,
there are beautiful flowers."

"When I see the beauty,
there are attractive mountains."

"When I see the girl,
is there laddu, is there laddu?"

"Show it to us."

"Is laddu there?"

"Show it to us."

"Is laddu there?"

"Show it to us."

"Is laddu there?"

"Show it to us."

"Is laddu there?"

Get up, get up, get up.

Why this sudden change?

My wife has come, get up.

Satya, why are you here?

First of all, how did you die?

Are you sad that I have
died or because I have come?

What is this?

You seem to be playing
with them in different positions.

As far as these positions,
there's no mistake from his end.

Greatness lies in bringing
out the best notes that is within.

Thanks a lot.
You said a good thing.

Is this what you desired?
- God, I am caught.

You like chairs, right?

If you wish it in your heart, without
your knowledge, it will appear.

You will have nothing to do with it.

Is it?
- Okay, fine. Who are they?

They are our Ramba,
Urvasi and Menaka.

She is my beautiful wife, Satyamma.

She is like your elder sister.

Is it?

Hello to Satyamma sister.

Until now, they were hugging and
holding him and now hello, it seems.

Whatever said and done,

Bangar Raju mesmerizes
everyone with his looks, sister.

If you call me sister and visitor,
I will kill you all.

What is this, dear?

You have forgotten
me after seeing them.

I am upset.

When you are upset,
you look double beautiful, fatsy.

What does fatsy mean?

My wife is a little stout, right?

That's why I call
her fatsy with love.

She loves it when I call her so.

You say she loves it,

but there is no smile
or happiness in sister's face.

She is upset, right?

She won't show it outside.

Even in anger,
a small smile is seen.

Look, she is trying
hard to cover it up.

My Satyamma's smile is seen
in her eyes, that's her beauty.

In some time,
smile and shyness will get mixed up.

After it's mixed, my Satyamma
becomes happier and more beautiful.

Go, Bangaram,
you are mischievous, Bangaram.

However angry I am,
you turn my heart into ice cubes.


Okay, how did you die?

Due to my ill fate,
a grandson was born.

Does our Appachi have a son?

Did you make him Appachi too?

No, he is exactly like you.

He has started romancing
at a very young age.

Seeing his activities,
my heart stopped and I died.

Wow, my dear grandson,
he has kept up my prestige.

We should see him now, how?

Go to the right place and see, you
can see the one who you want to see.

Why didn't you tell
this earlier, sir?

You wouldn't have asked.

You come, come, come...


He looks just like me.

He is the exact carbon copy.

I came just now, right?

How come he has become so big?

It's minutes here
and there it's years.

Let me see him, dear.

What's up?
- Raju.

Bangar Raju,
how is the flower decoration?

Contract is ours.

It's beautiful, come.

We got two deals and
we got our 25000, that's it.

Hey, watch out.

Let me see.

What happened?

Nothing happened, right?

It's twisted.

If you are beautiful like this,
your leg will get hurt and twisted.

Ask you grandma to
ward off the evil eyes.


Otherwise, shall I do it?


Dear Bangar Raju.
- Yes.

Do you floor all
the girls like this?

Oh God, don't ever think so.
- Why?

Nobody is born until
now to floor the girls.

If a girl's heart likes us,
they will like us.

So, you should not say flooring,
but liking, okay?

The same goes with you.
- Over action.

Okay, we will have a bet.

I will pull the rope,
you should hit it.

If you hit it, I won't be floored,
but will like you.

Okay, come, let's try.

The girl herself has come,
we cannot do anything.

Come, let's do the arrangements.

Come on.

Why have you stopped?
Can't you hit it?

I won't hit it,
I will make that girl hit it.


Let's see.

"Colours, it's the colours
that brings in joy to celebration."

"Colours, it's the colours..."

"Lord Krishna dances his
favourite dance with these sticks."

"Our mischievous Krishna floors
all the girls with his mischief."

"Colours, it's the colours..."

"Colours, it's the colours..."

"Colours, it's the colours..."

"Hey, be it the fair
skin or the bangles,"

"seeing the girl feels like laddu."

"How beautiful she looks,
how very beautiful she looks."

"Mischievous look,
when I see her beautiful waist"

"it feels like laddu."

"How beautiful she looks,
how very beautiful she looks."

"When I see the pretty anklets,
my heart races along with it."

"While she walks around,
she looks attractive."

"How beautiful she looks,
how very beautiful she looks."

"Is laddu there, is laddu there,
is laddu there, is laddu there?"

"Hey, be it the fair
skin or the bangles"

"seeing the girl feels like laddu."

"How well, he has said it,
how very well, he has said it."

"We should live like qawwali, like
the new beginning Ugadi every day."

"Like Diwali in the eyes,
like celebration every moment."

"If you are near us, everything
will be joyful and gleeful."

"If you want us to appreciate,
we can do it more and more."

"Like the cloth for
a particular bird,"

"like the rhythm of the mountain."

"Like the earring for the moon,
my heart flutters."

"How beautiful she looks,
how very beautiful she looks."

"How beautiful she looks,
how very beautiful she looks."

"She looks beautiful,
she looks beautiful..."

What a style and grace?

He seems to be in great speed.

Dear parents, the reason for all the
girls' parents meeting is because

our common enemy is Bangar Raju.

Yes, yes, yes.

When he comes for vacation, it's
terrifying like Tsunami. - Yes, yes.

If he is coming here once

and for all with all his things
packed, we are all in great danger.

We should be careful and keep
our daughters within our control.

Yes, yes.

We should take care of our
girls very carefully especially

in places like temples, schools
and marriage halls. - Yes.

This is not enough,
we should complain

about him to Bangar Raju's uncles.

Hey, look there.

He has roamed all around and come.

We feel very happy to see you.
- Why, uncle?

All the girls' parents are conducting
a meeting on account of you.

Well, don't joke, uncle.

You are happy for everything.
- Happy?

I will tell him.
- Bangar Raju.

You are calling yourself playboy
stylishly for what you are doing.

But the village thinks otherwise,
do you know?

Is it? Come on, let's talk.

Think once and get married,
Bangar Raju.

I will get you married, Bangar Raju.
- No, aunt.

I don't have the thought
of marrying at all.

Anyways, for whose happiness
should I get married, uncle?

That is...
- Okay, you tell me.

It's not like that, dear.
- At least, if grandma was there,

she would have felt
happy seeing my marriage.

Because grandma is not there,
there is no such thought.

But once...

Bangar Raju, leave the argument.

You first have your food.

Latha dear, your share is over.

This week, it is our share.
- Bangar Raju, you come, dear.

Go, go.

You know what all
I have done for you?

Raw mango fish curry, fresh prawns,
and other favourites too.

You go quickly and
change your dress and come.

It's been a week since
I prepared food for you, dear.

You mean you need to
cook so many varieties.

I mean, unnecessary expense, right?

How many times should I tell you?
Do you think I am a mad woman?

If we cook and give him
good food this week, tomorrow,

he will be under our control.

You mean, he will get
married to the girl we suggest?

Then, we will get
grip over the house.

We will have control
over the property.

It's so sad to see him suffering,

We should somehow get him married.

You saw grandson in him.

The village is seeing
a playboy in him.

It is quite difficult
to get him married.

I will kill you if
you talk negatively.

It's not like that.

For me, I got you who
is like a beautiful moon.

Enough of this buttering,
tell me the truth now.

I got you to control me.

Where will we get a
girl to control his speed?

She's there.

I spoke when she was young.
- Who?

Remember president
Surya Rao's son, Ramesh?

His daughter, Nagalakshmi.

Long live Nagalakshmi,
long live Nagalakshmi.

Long live village head, Nagalakshmi.

Long live Nagalakshmi,
long live Nagalakshmi.




Long live Nagalakshmi.

Long live village head, Nagalakshmi.

"Hey, Nagalakshmi."

For this village,
my grandfather served for 25 years,

my father for 25 years and
I was the village head for 25 years.

Now the elections are coming again.

- Long live Nagalakshmi.

Long live village head, Nagalakshmi.

Long live village head, Nagalakshmi.
- Stop, stop, stop.

What and why is this commotion?
- Nobody needs to get up,

don't get up, don't get up.

I will become the village head, dad.
- What, what is all this?

You becoming village head?

I don't know, grandpa.

There's no girl in this village
who is educated than me, it seems.

There's no intelligent girl than me,
it seems. - Yeah.

There's no smart girl than me,
it seems.

They are all saying this.
- No, no, no, it's all lies

Don't believe them.
Hey, why are you all spoiling her?

Nagalakshmi is really
intelligent, uncle.

Really, I never knew that.
- Stop it, dad.

What, Nagalakshmi?

Why did he come?


What, Bangar Raju?

I heard there's no one stupid,

idiotic and dimwitted
in this village than you.

What, uncle, am I right?

Tell, dad.

What he says seems to be quite true,
better think, dear.

That's correct.

you are yourself a useless batch.

You want to be a village head?

Even I have a lot of exposure.

Don't talk about exposing.
It won't be nice.

Hey, pathetic, not that.
- Exposing?

Hey, exposure means
general knowledge.

He doesn't even know that.

What knowledge?
- General knowledge.

[Sanskrit chants]

Hello, tell me.

Adhi, Nagalakshmi and
Bangar Raju are fighting again.

Come to the panchayat
office urgently.

Have they started again?
I am coming.

I will leave, priest.
- Namashivaya.

Actually, what are you thinking
about me? - Yes, tell me.

I will post all the
problems in twitter.

I will find the solutions in insta.

I will show the development
in facebook. That's me.

All the rooms in google map too?

You and your buildup.

Come, come.
- What?

Stop, stop.
- What is it?

What is your problem? - I won't agree
her to become the village head.

I will myself stand.

Long live Bangar Raju.

Long live Bangar Raju.

Hey, that is ladies reservation.
If you want, compete for it.

Dear, don't say like that. He will
bring someone and make her stand

That is also correct.

Don't give him a hint, dad.

Long live Mukta.

I got it in a flow, don't mistake me.
- Dear.

What is it, dear?

Dear, what is it?
- Tell me.

Listen to my words.
- Go.

There hasn't been
elections in our village.

If elections come, groups will come.

If groups come, problems will come.

Is it necessary?

It's our Nagalakshmi, right?
- Stop it.

If you or I have a problem,
let's tell uncle. - Well said.

Listen to my words.

What Adhi is telling is good,
Bangar Raju.

Accept for the sake
of the village, dear.


I am accepting because Adhi said.
- Yes.

Look, if you overact after becoming
president, I will break your teeth.

Hey, go, go.

Why are they like enemies?

They are fighting without swords.

What marriage for them?
Come, come, come.

It's not that, Bangaram.
- Hey, come, let's talk.

It will be over.


I got it in the sand.

Siddhant sir.

Give me the value of it.


It's not an ordinary
gem as you think.

It's an invaluable
expensive diamond.

We should immediately inform
the Archaeology Department.

I will talk immediately.

Hello sir, unbelievable sir.

Om Shuklam Baradaram Vishnum
Shashivarnam Chathurbhujam.

Hey Adhi, started the
prayer in the morning itself?

Bought a new tractor,
that's why prayer.

It's nice.

Hey, did God give loan.

You won't change.

Anyways, why did you come to temple?

Have you developed devotion?

Don't imagine,
I am going to play cards.

That Ram Babu is praying God

to get more jokers in his game,
so I came to take him.

[Sanskrit chant]

Hey, enough of it, come.

You have somehow come, right?
Pray once and go.

Impossible, you know very
well that it's not possible.

I lost my mother, grandmother
died and father went far away.

I definitely don't
want that helpful God.

I won't step the
temple entrance too.

You need not have any doubt.

"It's saying he won't come,

"The bird won't be without coming,

"Nandhi though it's outside, it
is always with you, right Shankara?"

Swami, your voice
culture is excellent.

Shall we try a private album?

It will definitely work out.

What Adhi? What do you say?

Hey, what happened?

Why is uncle dull?


Uncle, what happened?



He was badly insulted because of me.

My aunt's village
is the next village.

I have two acres of farm there.

Somebody has forged
and created new papers.

Ramesh sir came to speak
for me and solve the issue.

But they said

things like send your daughter,
if not send a man who has guts,

not an old man like you,
they insulted him.



I don't want fights.

God will take care of
everything, leave.

What? If you break the coconuts,
will God break them all?

Come, tell me where he will be?

Come, I will also come.

No need, you are also uncle's type.

If I go there and help him, you will
put the credit in God's account.

You are in the midst of prayer,
go and continue it.

Uncle, come.

"When he begins to
go to solve a problem."

"When he begins to
go to solve a problem."

"Nobody can win this Bangar Raju."
- You stay here, uncle.

"He will win everyone single
handedly." - Hey, don't fight.

Take it.
- What card did you put?

Put cards for me too.

We are in the midst of the game.

First of all, who are you?

I am a lover of cards.

When I am asking
you to put the cards,

why are you
unnecessarily discussing?

Just now, I got a joker
and got a hope that I would win.

You yourself look like a joker.

Why another joker?
Put it from the beginning.

Hey, I don't like your attitude.

I don't like you all.

Hey, why are you fighting?

We don't know who he is, brother.
He came in the midst to play cards.

He is a lover of cards, it seems.

Why such a big fight for cards?

This problem?

Yes, that problem.

It seems you gave an offer to either
play with a girl or fight with a boy.

That's why, I came.

Hey, play with him.

He is hitting here and there,
let's hide.

We did a wise thing
by hiding under the cot.

Say sorry.

Hey, do you think it's
enough if you hold his hands now?

Hold his legs.

Come, start the vehicle.

It's done, start the vehicle.

Only those who have will power and
determination become village head.

Clap, clap.

"Village head."

"Village head."

Daring, dashing,
dynamic village head, Nagalakshmi?

Bangar Raju, what nonsense is this?

It's not nonsense, it's all money.

I request such a great woman like
Nagalakshmi madam

to come to the dais.

Clap, clap.

Nagalakshmi, dear, come.

Hey, why are you settled
here in the front seat?

Why did you come?

Master called me.

It won't be nice if I don't come.

Hey, stop it.
You and your noise pollution.

I don't like all these.

I became a village head.

I am in a great position.

But I don't have that arrogance.

Did you see this dress?
- Is it fancy dress?

Hey, stop it.
- I am always a student.

Really? - Though I have
become the village head,

to prove that there is
a lot to learn, this dress.

- It's my simplicity.

Hey, it's not simplicity,
it's publicity. - Correct.

Certificate of Honour.
You read it master.

Oh, is that also there?

Lakshmi, oh Lakshmi.

Though there are
already eight lakshmis,

ninth lakshmi is the
village head Nagalakshmi.


What is this master?
You have given so much of buildup?

She wrote it and gave.

Along with it,
she gave cheese, milk,

vegetables and soap
nut for all of us.

The new rays of hope to
our village is our Nagalakshmi.

Oh God, my daughter
is not to be seen, my God.

I don't know what happened to her.

She should be somewhere here,
search for her.

Oh God, Bangar Raju
is also not to be found.

Please see.

After putting the leaf,

dal, vegetable and ghee,
the thief came,

the thief came, the thief came.

It's my duty to take care
of you all as a village head.

Yes, dear,
we are coming because we trust you.

The thief came,
the thief came, the thief came.

That fellow is a good for nothing,
useless guy.

There is no contribution from our
part, all credit goes to Satyamma.

Move aside. - Whatever it is,
that Bangaru is a rogue.

It was Satyamma who spoilt
him by showering too much of love.

The thief came,
the thief came, the thief came...

Oh! you thief.

I will catch that
Bangar Raju red-handed...

I think he will be caught.
- ...prove him to be guilty

and show who
this village head Nagalakshmi is.

Bangar Raju.

What happened, sweetheart?

You called me so sweetly.
- Look there.

The thief came...


It looks so sweet
to see his actions.

The thief came...

They are coming.

If my grandson gets caught,
our prestige will be gone, Bangaram.

He won't be caught.

Maybe, he will be caught.

He won't be caught.

The thief came, the thief came...

My father.

Maybe, he will be caught,

He won't be caught, fatsy.

Oh! My father.

Bangaru, what shall we do now?
- Wait, I will tell.

Go inside.
- Okay.

My God.

How were you so sure that
he won't be caught, Bangaram?

How many times I
would have done this?


I meant seen.

Hey, put this.

Bangar Raju.

Joker has come.

Hey, Bangar Raju.

Yes, what?

It seems you brought
Subba Rao's daughter.

Where is she?
- Where is she?

I didn't bring her.

Hey, say respectfully,

otherwise, I will show
the power of a village head.

If you have the patience,
search for her, if not, leave.

Other than that, don't give
this social media buildup, go.

You say this to the village head?

He said, right?
Then, why are you asking?

Did he say?
- It's like he said.

I will see you once you are caught.

Go, go, go.
- Joker.

You are done.

You search.

Where would he have hidden her?

That's it.
- What?

See if she has climbed
the coconut tree?

Shut up.
- She won't get her.

Let us give the finishing touch.

Hey, Nagalakshmi,
didn't you get her?

- Yes.

Say long live to our village head,

Keeping aside the eight Lakshmis,

our ninth Lakshmi,
our trump Lakshmi,

long live Nagalakshmi,
long live, long live.

Hey, Bangar Raju.
- Oh God.

You insulted me in front
of so many, right? - Okay.

I am challenging you as a
village head in front of everyone.


Hey, Bangar Raju.
- Yes.

I will make you stand
in the middle of the road.

I am scared. Tell her not to do that.
- No, dear, please.

If not, I will give up my
post as village head that has been

our family prestige for generations.
- Oh, please, please, no.

This is this village head
Nagalakshmi's challenge. - That's it.

You and your challenge.

The village head Nagalakshmi
has challenged. - Go.

Go, go.


We should somehow get them married,

Hey, how should husband
and wife matching be?

Like a canopy bed
and a glass of milk.

They are not meant to be.

Listen to my words...

You say whatever you want to.

Their horoscope is that
of Shiva and Parvathi's.

The priest said that
if they get married,

they will be very happy for years.

I spoke with Ramesh about their
marriage while they were young.

Only if I had been alive...
- Yes.

I would have spoken
to him and said, Ramesh...

Yes, aunt.

What, aunt?

Why is he talking while sleeping?

What is it, Ramesh?

You came in my dream
after such a long time, aunt.

Came in your dreams?


Will you have coffee or tea, aunt?

What is this, he and his courtesy?

For a dream, he is overacting
as if you have gone home.

Hey, Ramesh, you should give your
daughter in marriage to my grandson.

Will I say no if you ask, aunt?

But, aunt...
- What is it?

He is just like uncle
who is after girls, aunt.

Idiotic fellow,
why are you dragging me into this?

Uncle seems to be next to you,
ask him not to feel, aunt.


Ignore him.

Hey, Ramesh, please.

Give your daughter
in marriage to my grandson.

You know, right aunt?

From childhood,
they are like salt and fire.

Now it has increased

and they have come to the
extent of burning everything.

If she changes her mind and accepts,
I have no problem.


Anyhow, I will definitely
try to tell her, aunt.

I will sleep, aunt. I should
go to the fields in the morning.



What are you dreaming?

Satyamma aunt came in my dream.

Did Satyamma come in your dream?
What did she say?

She asked me to get Bangar
Raju and Nagalakshmi married.

Enough, you and your bad dreams.

Drink water and sleep.

He said he will get her married if
she changes her mind, right? - Yes.

You go to earth immediately,

change her mind and get
her married to our grandson.

This is not Palakollu Narasapuram
to go whenever you want to.

If you don't go,
it's like I am dead.

Like dead?

'She's already gone, right?'

It's just for joke, my fatsy.

You cannot see Indra always.

He will come on full moon day.

Let us ask him when he comes.

Come, come.

Greetings to Dharmaraja.

What is the reason
for you to come here?

In Sivapuram village, there
seems to be an obstacle appearing

before the Maha Rudraabishekam
is done to the rivers.

To stop it, it becomes a necessity

to send a soul down who
has the blessings of Lord Shiva.

It is God's work.

It's time to send Bangar Raju's
soul to the earth.

Sending soul to the earth?

What duty?
- Shiva's order.

Shiva's order.

We will definitely do it.

you should somehow convince Indra.

Hello, Yama, why have you come here?

It's been a long
time since I saw you.

How are our babies in the hell?

You are talking as if
you are talking with friends.

Lord, please send him to earth.

Yes, I have been telling her

that it's not possible to go
whenever we feel like going there.

Why should he go?

To set my grandson's life.

Please send him.

She is not listening when I
say it's not Palakollu Narasapuram.

I am not new to your tricky talks,
Bangar Raju.

Listen to her words, go down,
set your grandson's life and come.

Think again once more.

We are saying after
thinking everything.

Go, set your grandson's
life and come.

Your grandson's happiness is
world's happiness. - Okay, Lord.


You can convince anyone, fatsy.

Well, you go, Bangaram.

Go and unite them together and come.

Okay, I will go.
- What?

What, what?

I don't know when
I will come if I go.

Let's dance before I go.

God, what a beautiful smile?

You know how I feel when
you smile mixed with blushing?

How do you feel?

I feel a sort of tickling
with peacock feather.

I feel like current passing.

"When you blush, when you blush."

"You look beautiful when you blush."

"Oh, Satyabama,
it has a beauty with it."

"Even if you say no,
you look so cute."

"My moon, you play with
me with your stern looks."

"You bowl me with your words."

"Oh, Bangar Raju,
you floor me with your smile."

"You conquer me with your looks."

"My colourful king, you make me
surrender with your charming looks."

"I feel as if I have born again."

"Whenever you are along with me."

"Oh! I will be the
same wherever I am."

"You will be mine forever
even in my dream."

"Oh! I will be the
same wherever I am."

"You will be mine forever
even in my dream."

"Oh handsome, handsome."

"My handsome with a moustache."

"You are someone to be desired for."

"Am I the lucky one
to be along with you?"

"I will be waiting for you here."

"You are mine,
he is mine, he is always mine."

"You showed your
charm with your words."

"Oh beauty queen, attractive girl,
I am so lucky I am here."

"Let us dance and
sing and enjoy together."

"When the morning is good,
there's nothing more we need."

"We always want to sing
and dance like this with you."

"I will be the same wherever I am."

"You will be mine forever
even in my dream."

"I will be the same wherever I am."

"You will be mine forever
even in my dream."

Stop, stop, stop.
- Listen, stop, stop.

Hey, eat something or the other.

You never listen to anything.

Eat a little.

Come, Bangar Raju, come.

We don't have time to
explain about the accounts.

Hey, Bangar Raju,
since grandma left,

we are taking care
of you and your property.

We are suffering,
but explaining the accounts to you.

What to do, we should say,
that's our responsibility.

Why do I need these accounts, uncle?
You take care of it.

Hey, don't say such things.

Even if life goes, it's okay,

but your grandpa said there
shouldn't be any mistake in accounts.

To whom did he say?

To him.
- To me?

It's for you. You should
listen to the accounts now.

No other go.

Okay, come, let's see.
- Come.

We have 50 acres of coconut garden.

2000 coconuts for each acre.

'6000 for each acre, right?'

So totally one lakh bunches.

So, two rupees for one bunch.

That means two lakhs.

Here, two lakhs.

In this, one lakh is for pesticides.

One lakh means big insects.
- Okay.

- You start.

Prawns pond is 50 acres.

I tried for a count of 100,
but it's very difficult.

But still I tried for a count of 12,
but the rate has decreased.

One kg is twenty rupees.
- Only twenty rupees?

It is a good rate in a way.

'Cheater cock.'

Here, this is the total.

This is the expenditure.

So, what is left is 100
acres of sugarcane field.

If we sell the jaggery from
the sugarcane, kilo is five rupees.

- Yes.

You have increased compared to last
year, of course, it has increased.

Okay, you start.

'What acting?'

Both of you are criminals.

Fish 50 acres.

Katrana 50 rupees.

Indian eel 20 rupees.

20 rupees?
- Each one is this much.

Oh God.
- They are cheating our fellow.

If you count everything,

it is two lakhs and
this is expenditure.


Can we eat mango?

Hey, are you mad?

You should ask permission
from Bangaram for everything.

Give me, give me.
- My God.

If you want, eat the leaves, go.

Go, grandpa,
you are always like this.

So, this year's accounts are
done, right? - Yes, it's done.

Okay, have this 50,000
for your expenses.

I will put the balance amount
in the fixed deposit. - Okay.

These fruits,
will you eat the mangoes?

No need, it is hot,
I will keep it in the fridge.

Okay, fine.

My God, these responsibilities
are killing us. - Let's go.


Come, let me look into everything.

What is he saying?

What happened to him?

Come, Pramo.

- What is going on?

First, let me check
your accounts, come.

Why has the language changed?

Okay, how many bunches for 50 acres?

One lakh.

Don't give me false stories.

For one acre, 6000 bunches come.

For 100 acres, six lakhs.

Ten rupees for one bunch,
so six million.

Where is it?

He is asking, right? Tell him.

Hundred acres for the sugarcane.
40 tonnes for one acre.

One ton is 10,000.

That is 4 million.

Where is it?

To get pesticides, Bangar Raju.

You wait, I will come to you.

What fish pond calculations
are those? - Nothing, nothing.

Katrana and eel, you are
giving some new calculations.

It's because the katrana are very...

I will take away the thorns,
you rascal.

After stealing everything, why are
you taking permission for mangoes?

For ethics sake,
we should ask something, right?

Hey, hereafter,
don't do such cheap things.

If you want money, ask and take.

It's okay even if you
don't give the accounts,

but don't cheat people.

- Okay.

Hey, stop.

Do you want the fruit?

Where is my bullet?
- It's there.

"He has come, he has come,
our hero has at last come."

"He has come to play his come,
all alone, he has come."

"Bangar Raju."

"Bangar Raju."

"Bangar Raju."

"Bangar Raju."

Our young heroine,

president Nagalakshmi
who is bringing prosperity

to this village will now
talk about the farmers. - Father.

"Village head..."

Thank you, thank you.

Are you thinking why this getup?

To tell you that I
am one among you farmers.

Oh God.

Because of the incapability
of our earlier village heads,

our village had to face many losses.

Here, dear, dear.

The village heads of this
village before you were your father,

my father and my father's father.

For the sake of your publicity
stunt, don't spoil our names.

If you want, you praise yourself.

Loss means actually a very little.
- Thank you.


Because I am educated,
I will change your lives.

You will change, Nagalakshmi.

I know, you will change.

Come on, clap.

If you tell about your problems
to our agriculture officer

and veterinary doctor,
they will give you solutions.

Sir, crops are infested with pests,

whatever medicines we put,
it's not dying, what to do?


Wait, why should you answer for
such a simple one, officer? You sit.

I am here, right?

Look, it's common for
pests to infest the crops.

It comes for its
food and eats the crops.

Only during such times,
we should use our brains.

Because I am intelligent,
I will give you an idea.

What is it, dear?
- Stop harvesting for four years.

What she means is crop holiday.

Oh! Stupid girl.

Half of the pests
will die without food.

The rest will go
to the next village.

After it goes,
you can start again calmly, simple.

How is the plan?

Pests will not go,
our lives will go without food.

Nagalakshmi, excellent, that's it.

You are a Goddess who has
come to save our village farmers.

Come on, clap.

Next. Who is next?

Our female buffalo is not allowing
the male buffalo to come near it.

Actually, that is...

You know everything.

Will you give the mic?
- Doctor, why should you answer?

I am here, right?
Sit, sit.

Those are all family issues.

It is common to fight
between husband and wife.

'What is she saying?'

We don't know what misunderstanding
is between them.

Sit with them once and talk.

Everything will be solved.

How can you make the
buffaloes sit and talk?

What are you talking?
Ramesh sir, what is this?

Have you made her the president
out of any enmity towards us?

Hey, get up.

We unnecessarily came.

Waste of time.

Hey, you...

Why is everyone leaving
like that, father?

What happened now?

Oh God.

Did I say something wrong now?

Not now, dear. From the beginning,
you have been doing that.

Officer, come,

let's plan something, come.
- Bangar Raju clapped his hands.

I don't know why?

Wow, super,

you said excellently,
Nagalakshmi, you said excellently.

Nagalakshmi, I didn't understand
you for such a long time.

Forgive me, please.
- What?

You are a great leader, Nagalakshmi.

Yes, I saw Indra Gandhi then,
now it's you.

- Yes, isn't it?

Yes, yes, yes.

Nagalakshmi, you are not
just a head to this village,

you should be the
head to this state.

You should be the
head to this nation.

For me, Nagalakshmi, for me.

Please, give me a word.
Give, Nagalakshmi, give.

Don't say no, Nagalakshmi, please.
Give a word. - Okay, okay.

Don't give a word.
- It's like given, right?

Yes, okay, okay.
- Okay.

Okay, say victory to Nagalakshmi.

Victory to Nagalakshmi. You say.

Victory to Nagalakshmi.
- Victory to Nagalakshmi.

He seems to be a good man.

What does he mean by head
of the nation? He is an idiot.

He seems to be in some plan.

Head of the nation
means president of India. - Yes.

You mean you alone understood.

You should understand
the feeling, not the wording.

Bangar Raju,
you supported Nagalakshmi, it seems.

She is very good, marry her.

- My niece, Nagalakshmi, president.

She looks nice too, marry her.

Does she look nice?
Do you want me to marry her?

You... Where is the stick?

Sorry, it seems you praised her,
that's why I...

Bangar Raju,
you have got a call from America.

You got a call, it seems.
- What is it?

Ramu grandpa has called.

He is on line, come quickly.
- My God.

Hi dear.
- Hi dad.

Did you eat?
- I ate.


I am taking care of my health.

I am eating on time. I sleep
on time. - Good. Good.

Now your phone duty is over.

Go and do your hospital duty.
- Yes, right?

I am in the hospital
from early morning.

Oh, super.

Okay, I will see you.

Okay, bye.

Okay, bye.
- Dad, dad, stop, stop, one minute.

What? - It's been a long
time since I saw you, right?

How are you?
- I am okay.

We are talking daily, right?

Yes, but it's been a long
time since we met directly, right?

Oh yes.
- Is your health fine, dad?

I am fine, dear.

That's enough.

What else is happening?
Talk something, dad.

Actually, the patients are waiting,
dear. I have to go.

Okay fine.

Eat food at the right time, okay?

As it is, I don't know
how you are without Sitamma.


I mean, I asked you to eat
food at the right time. That's it.

Generally, I tell all these things.

Now, you are telling me.

I felt like telling, dad.


Okay, dear. Bye.

Bye, dad.

"Bangar Raju."

"Bangar Raju."

You should all vacate this place,
give it to him and go away.

What are you saying?

We have been here
from our ancestors' time.

What will we do if
you ask us to vacate?

You should do.

He came with the documents
and asked for my help.

I felt he is right from his end.

It seems she has come
up with some problem.

So it's my duty as a village
head to give back his place.

If you want,
I will give you another place.

That is also my responsibility.

We have been here since our birth.

How is it possible if you
ask us to go? - President.

Our family will come
to roads if you don't help us.

I am there, right?

It will come to roads?

Wait, I will show him.

Move, move.

I will solve, right?


What, dear?

To whom will you give this place?

Yesterday, he praised so much.

Why is he talking
so differently today?

He is always different.

Hey, how are you related?

This is the place given by our
grandfathers to their grandfathers.

The land from the temple to Godavari
which is 500 acres is only ours.

From that, we gave 50 acres to them.
- Please tell her that way, son.

You wait, elderly man.
What is the evidence?

Do you want evidence?


Hey, you.
- Yes.

Take the motorcycle, ask Brahmam,

ask him to check the iron suitcase

and bring the documents
of this land, get it.

Why are you still seeing, go?
- Okay.

Wait, girl, evidence will come.

If somebody says the place is his,
you cannot give away.

Here the documents are coming.

Yes, you come.

Read it.

You always say you are
intelligent and educated, right?

Because Bangar Raju is here,
everything is fine.

If not, what would
have happened to our lives?

You were about to kill our lives,
you mad president.

What do you mean by mad president?
I will kill you. I will kill you.

Hey. Hey.
- Hey, stop, stop.

What killing?

Won't you see first?

If you listen to the words
of everyone who comes and goes,

people will start questioning you.

Bangaru, don't say anything to her.

You should be careful
with the public, remember that.

What happened to you, Bangaram?

It's not enough if you say
I am intelligent and smart here.

- Go, go, go away.

Hereafter, start working properly.

Bangar Raju.

Bangar Raju.
- Hey, how did you come here?

Do you have any brains?

What are you doing? She is crying.

Why are you insulting
her in front of everyone?

It's not like that.

I was angry that she is
doing injustice to the poor,

that's why I said like that.

Because of your anger, my grandson

and his future wife
seem to get separated.

Go and do something.



Nagalakshmi, one minute.

It is our village head,

Nagalakshmi who planned
everything purposely and did this.

It's wrong on his part
to bring false documents

and it's our mistake
to keep the documents at home.

Just with one intelligent move,
she highlighted both our mistakes

and came to do justice for you all,
our village head, Nagalakshmi.

Did you plan?


Yes, it's me, it's me.

Good, good.

Whatever you said, she
didn't open her mouth and defend.

Understand her.

I know your heart, Nagalakshmi.

I have understood my mistake

and I am requesting Nagalakshmi
to give the documents to everyone.

Go, go, we will take photos.

Distribute, Nagalakshmi.

"Village head..."
- Go and take it.

"Village head..."

Take care of it.
- Okay, dear.

"Village head..."

Everyone say long live
village head Nagalakshmi.

Long live Nagalakshmi.

Long live Nagalakshmi.

Long live Nagalakshmi.

Long live Nagalakshmi.

Go, go, go...

Go and do your work, go, go.

Long live Nagalakshmi.

I will leave.

Long live Nagalakshmi.

We will also give.

Though his words are harsh,

Bangar Raju is good.

I like him.
- You like him?

We are done, I think.

Madam, madam, president madam.

What will happen
if you too believe his words?

Who is left in the village now?

That too you are
the village head, madam.

Above all,
you are educated and intelligent

and smart and have a unique style.

- Yes.

I am sure Bangar Raju is a good man.

Good man means good man.

Nagalakshmi likes him.

Hey, how did you come down?



What Satyamma?

Lord, what is this?

I sent him to unite them,
but he seems to separate them.

Call him immediately.

It's impossible to call
back those who have been sent.

In that case, send me.

It is not at all possible.

Either call him
back or send me there.

Do something.

My fate.

So even Indra had to agree.

You are a fighter cock, fatsy.

[Sanskrit chants]

Madam, tomorrow is your
father's 60th birthday.

It is good to do Mrityunjaya
Homam as per his horoscope. - Okay.

No need,
we can do it sometime later.

Listen to my words,
it's very important to do.

Priest, we are doing it tomorrow.

I will do all the arrangements.

What grandma?

I wanted to tell you
something for a long time.

There's a good alliance
for Nagalakshmi.

No, Sharma sir.

I have someone in
my heart from our side.

I am waiting for the right time,
that's it.

After the homam is done tomorrow,
I am planning to talk to him.

- Okay. Good.

Ramesh seems to have
taken the dream seriously.

Yes, he respects me a lot.

Hey, fatsy, as you said, this
girl is a good match for our boy.

How will they be if they
are together without fighting?

How will they be?

They will be like us.

"Applying kajal to the eyes."

"Wearing anklets to the legs."

"Wearing earrings to the ears."

"Wearing bangles to the hands."

"Wearing a silk sari."

"Applying scent to my body."

"Here is the new fellow."

"When will you come here?"

"My heart is pounding
without seeing you."

"Bangara, Bangara,
get on the bullet and come."

"Bangara, Bangara,
everyone seems to fall for you."

"Bangara, Bangara,
get on the bullet and come."

"Bangara, Bangara,
everyone seems to fall for you."

"Like the pleats of the sari."

"Like the ribbon for the hair."

"Will you be like that,
will you be like that?"

"Will you be supportive?"

"Like the cheeks in the face."

"Like the fold in the waist."

"I will be with you,
I won't leave you."

"I will stick to you forever,
come close to my body."

"Will you come and keep
your cheeks next to mine?"

"Tell me what more, what more,
what more is that you want?"

"We should be born like
husband and wife again and again."

"Bangara, Bangara,
get on the bullet and come."

"Bangara, Bangara,
everyone seems to fall for you."

"Bangara, Bangara,
get on the bullet and come."

"Bangara, Bangara,
everyone seems to fall for you."

[Sanskrit chants]

Dear, the girl looks very beautiful.

A girl should be like a rose.

Her heart should
be like champak flower.

Both are there in this girl.

Your selection is superb.

Yes, Bangaram.

The girl is like gold.
- Very true.

If she comes to our house,
our boy's life will change entirely.

Go, you go immediately
and bring him wherever he is.

I will bring him, wait.

Sit, dear.

Tails! First cash.

Head, head.

- I got it.

- Hello, Bangar Raju.

Yes, Padma. - I should
talk to you once, won't you come?

Where are you?

Mutyalu's coconut farm.

Okay, I am coming.

Bangar Raju.

- Hi.

What? You said you
need to talk something.

Hey, tell me what is it?
- That is...

That is...
- Hey, what is it? Tell me.

Hey, come.

Hey, this side.

Hey, karate is okay,
but what is this?

Come, you useless fellows.

Bangar Raju, hey, stop.

You leave me, uncle.
- What is this?

What is all this?
- You leave me, uncle.

This is a bad sign, dear.

There seems to be
danger for your father

as this is happening during the
Mrityunjaya 'Homam' (fire ritual).

You leave me, uncle.
- What is this?


- You are disturbing the holy fire.

Don't you have sense?
- It is you who doesn't have sense.

Do you know it is bad luck?
- You did a mistake.

Listen, take her, go, take her.

You won't change.
Don't come before me.

Hey, go.

No shame to get beaten up again, go.

Don't mind, dear.

There was a fight
between him and me.

Knowing that, Bangar Raju hit him.

Keeping that in mind,
he is doing all this.

You don't mind.

Because the homam is stopped,

she is worried and due
to that she did such a thing.

Because you are my friend,
I am keeping quiet.

Otherwise, I would have killed you.

I asked you to kill one
with the help of 20 people.

But you are having running race
with him and will you get caught

in front of everyone in the village?

If I hadn't gone at the right time,

all the efforts that we had taken
for years would have been wasted.

Why did I kill that gemologist,
tell me?

For the money that
is under the temple.

Then, did I ask you to kill
that Bangar Raju for time pass?

Did I ask you to
kill him for time pass?

Do you remember what
he said on that day?

'We should immediately inform
the Archaeology Department.'

'Unbelievable sir. Hey.'

What that gemologist said is true.

They are not ordinary coloured gems.

Like in Kerala's Anantha
Padmanabhaswamy's temple,

even beneath our temple,
there are some precious stones.

There is some power that
keeps working as a protection to it.

If we have to go
to the temple to get it,

we need to get rid of that power.

What is it?
- Little Bangar Raju.

Bangar Raju?
- Yes.

Their generation is
there to protect the temple.

You first kill that Bangar
Raju and then go to the temple.

you will also die by vomiting blood.

Tell me now, what should
I do to get the temple money?

You should kill Bangar Raju.

Yes, we should kill
that Bangar Raju.

We should kill that Bangar Raju.

Because of me,

those who were supposed
to unite got separated, Satyamma.

My grandson was
insulted because of me.

Everything is because of me.

What's your mistake in this,

Don't feel sad.

When there are tears in your eyes,

I can't see, Bangaram.

"Yama, yama..."

"Yama, yama..."

Poor souls, why this difficulty
for these souls, Prabhu?

Very soon, these two
souls will be united into one.

After that,
there will not be any disturbance.

For them to become
the eternal souls,

they need to suffer certain karmas.

They need to experience
certain joys and sorrows,

happiness and difficulties.

Keep seeing.


He won again.

Destiny writing


You are a waste batch.

You always keep losing.

It's been a long
time since we partied.

- We need to plan a good party.

Not like this.
- What is this?

He is also talking like
Nagalakshmi about party.


This time, I think you will give in.


Why are you drinking so fast?
- Oh God.

Did you see how he is drinking

because of the frustration
caused by Nagalakshmi?

He is done.

Hey, don't drink this much.

This is the counting.

Hey, how much is it?

Have you lost your mind?

Why are you going
inside him and drinking?

My mind is not okay.

God, I have headache.

Hey, just because
Nagalakshmi hit you,

what will happen to your
health if you drink raw like this?

What do you mean by
Nagalakshmi hitting me?

You idiot, did you see?
Who told you?

She hit you in the temple, right?

When did I come to the temple?

You are also blabbering
the same thing. I will kill you.

If you drink,
it has gotten over him.

Hey, keep quiet, fatsy.
I feel a tickling sensation.

Hey, leave, leave.

What is it?
- It seems Nagalakshmi hit you?

Hey, stop.
- I will not spare you.

Will he understand anything?

She got angry,
hit him and went away.

Listening to these idiots' words, he
is getting frustrated and fighting.

Leave me, leave me.
- Hold him tight.

You first unite all of them, hubby.

Who said that?
- What happened?

You idiotic fellows.

You idiotic fellows?

You all do what I say
for the next one hour. Come.

You come.

There will be a long list if you
have to do baby shower. - Tell me.

Turmeric 4 kg.
- Won't 2 be enough?

Kumkum 4 kg.
- Won't 2 be enough?

Science won't accept it.

Is it science or someone else?
- You are too much, sir.

- Yes.

When everyone in the village
is talking cheaply about you,

you are sitting here and
calculating about baby shower.

My blood is boiling.
- It is boiling.

Cheaply? What is it?

You tell. I cannot tell
it with my mouth. Tell.

You are a dumma bus, it seems.

Dumma bus?

What does it mean?
- It's something.

It seems you are worth nothing

if you hadn't been sitting
in your mother-in-law's house.

Worth nothing?
- Who said that?

- It seems you are a stingy fellow.

Stingy fellow?
- Yes.

It seems you don't
have any self-respect

and even if your relatives or
neighbours beat you with broomstick,

you would stay where you are.

They spat.
- Why did he say so?

Nagalakshmi is village head, right?

Has she come to our house even once?

Did she come?
- She didn't come, right?

- Why?

- Not busy,

she felt why she should
visit the waste fellow Brahmam.

Waste fellow, Brahmam?
- Yes, waste fellow, Brahmam.

It seems uncle and
sister look at you as

if you are a slave
and a stupid fellow.

- Yes.

Hey, Bangar Raju, you know, right?
They all take care of me so well.

You can tell them, right?
- I know uncle, I know.

But you should shut the
mouths of the villagers, right?

You should shut their mouths, right?
- How?

I will tell.

For the baby shower that
is happening in our house,

all the members of that
family should come before a week.

You mean everyone should come?

At least,
bring that village head Nagalakshmi.

whatever they said will become true

and you will become a fool.
Take care.

I won't become a fool.
I will bring her. You see.

That's it.

Go, go.

Uncle, you go boldly
and come with Nagalakshmi.

Create history, uncle.

What nonsense are you talking?

You foolish fellow.

Everyone in the village feel
that my sister and brother-in-law

don't care for me and that
despite her being the village head,

she hasn't stepped into our house.

Because I am the village head,
I am busy, uncle.

Keep quiet. Busy?

You have time to roam
with this buffoon batch,

but have no time to
come to this uncle's house.

What are you saying? Am I a buffoon?
- Not you, aunty.

Here, this friends batch.

Not me, you people, it seems, come.

I have become no one for my people.

I have no respect in the village.

When I think of that, my heart is
broken into pieces, brother-in-law.

Waste life, waste life.

Why are you talking such big words?

We will come before two days.

If you want,
Nagalakshmi will come, take her.

Mom, I won't go.
- Why?

That Bangar Raju is not a good guy.

He disturbed the homam.

I won't step into his house.

Is that your problem?

you said in the temple

that there is no connection
between him and the fight, right?

Tell that to Nagalakshmi
so that she understands.

That Bangar Raju hit them because

he came to help me in
some other thing.

Only because of that fight,

they wanted to avenge him
and so attacked him.

Only because of that,
the homam got stopped.

Actually, there is no connection
between them and him, dear.

Everything happened because of me.

Is it true, dad?
- Yes, dear.

Poor thing,
he is a very good fellow.

Okay, dad.

Since you are saying, I believe you.

She has come.

You do a lot of mischiefs, Bangaram.

Come, come, village head.
- Why all these?

Just for the sake of our happiness.

What is this uncle?
So what if I am a village head?

Too much of attitude
for your granddaughter.

Obviously, then.

Come inside.
- Come.

She came to fight there in the grass
fields and now she has come home.

I wonder what fights she will do.

He remembers the fight
that happened in the grass fields

and now he is talking
about her coming home matter.

But he is forgetting the temple
matter where he was hit by her.

What's the calculation?


Actually, I need to say thanks.

Thanks? For what?

It seems you helped my father.
For that.

Thank you.
- When was it?

That one when I went out
of the village for uncle and fought.

She is thanking me now.

Nagalakshmi, come.

Bangar Raju, shall I go inside?

- Why did she smile?

Will she fall for him?
- I won't allow that to happen. Come.

Why are you staring at her?
You don't like her, right?

She smiled, right?

- Okay.

Thank God, it looks like
they are united a little, Bangaram.

They will get united completely.

Grandpa, I will kill you.
- One minute, stop.

Listen to my words once.
- Grandpa, I will kill you.

Grandpa, I will kill you.

Is it a house or hostel?

If you want to kill,
kill your grandpa Brahmam. Go, go.

Because you are a girl,
I am warning you.

He won't be caught or
leave anyone who comes his way.

When he was young, while he was
playing, we thought it's just a game.

Elders like me say that
such people cannot be changed.

Tell me what you
want to say directly.

Don't waste the village head's time.

If she asks me to say suddenly,
how to say?

Let me tell. Look, he will
catch all the girls just like that.

If he gets her single,
that's all, very dangerous.

Look, he will take you
to some room and close it.

After that,
anything can happen, understand?

Oh God, bank uncle.
You don't know about me.

Only till you are good,
I am village head, Nagalakshmi.

If there is any difference,
I am a different Nagalakshmi.

I will ruin his life.

Remember this always, okay?
All the best.

Do you want my blessings?

It's okay, I am not so old.

[Devotional song]

[Devotional song]

Where is Nagalakshmi?

He is searching for
her in the morning.

Looks beautiful.

Because of fighting always,
I think I missed this angle.

Hi Bangar Raju.
- Hi.

The sari is beautiful.

Thank you.

You look beautiful in sari too,

Yes, right? Thank you.

What, are you free today?

Bangar Raju is always free,
he doesn't have any work.

You imp, I have a lot of work to do.

Oh! okay, okay.
- I will leave, bye.

Bye, bye.

Hey, why are you always
with the phone? Come here.

What sister?
- Come.

Shall we play a game?

What game, sister?

Different, different pumpkin.

Different, different pumpkin?

Meaning we need to hold
hands or something like that.

Hey, Nagalakshmi,
different, different pumpkin?

You know how much I like it.
I will also play.

Didn't I say?
He won't go anywhere.

Okay, you also play Bangar Raju.

You don't play, right?

She said different,
different pumpkin.

I like that, yes.

I know your overaction.
You are trying to woo her, right?

One, two, three.

You are gone, you are also gone.

He has some plan.

One, two, three.

You are gone.

It's his age,
that's why he is like this.

You are the thief.

Yes, come, come.

Come, all come.
- Hello, come here.

What is it?
- How did you put it?

Like this.


Like this.

Then, who is the thief?
- God, he caught me.

Hey, Bangar Raju, he is the thief.

Is it?
- Why are you getting confused?

Oh, I did a mistake.
You come, come.

He is fully focused.

Isn't it?
- Look there.

Latha. You start.

separate pumpkin, what is it's name?


Roshan, go and hide.

He is clearing the field.

Hope he is not caught out.

separate pumpkin, what is it's name?

Bangar Raju.

Bangar Raju, go and hide.
- Bangar Raju is going.

Oh, I am feeling shy.
- Look there.

separate pumpkin, what is it's name?

- Nagalakshmi, go and hide.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen,

He has a good plan.


Let's go and see.

Hey, Nagalakshmi, not there,
come here, come here, come here.

Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, hundred.

Wherever the thieves are,
stay there, keep quiet.

See if he is coming.

See if he is coming.

Move back, he is coming.

Is he coming?

Is he coming?

See if he is coming.

Yes, he is here, don't move.

Ravi out.

You said he is there?

He is very fast.

Okay, we will go there, come.
- Okay, okay, come.

Little imp.

Move, move, move.

- There.

Go and see there, go.
- Okay, okay.

Hari, out.

Bangar Raju,
you will be out if you are there.

Come near me.

Near you?

There is place near me.
Come here.

You will be caught
if you are there, come.

There is little
place near you, right?

It's okay, go.
- Uncle.

Yes, it's me.

Bangar Raju.
- Go.

Is it okay?
- When that girl is asking to come...


If you keep the hand near the
belly button for such a long time,

reaction will be like that only.

Did you see?
- I saw everything.

- Bangar Raju.

- Why are you not coming?

Go. A girl is calling
you showing her beautiful waist

and calling you again and again,
it's that.

- Don't think, go, all the best.

Hey, close the door
before going there.


'Look, he will take you
to a room and close the door.'

'After that,
anything can happen, understood.'

Why did he close the door?

Were bank bomb's words true?

If that happens,
I will show who Nagalakshmi is.

What happened?
- See, he will go now.

He will pinch her waist.

Then, Nagalakshmi
will become very angry.

She will shout, scold, cry
and go away to her parents' house.

Firecrackers before marriage.

He is holding, he is holding.

He is coming.

Thank God.
- I will show who Nagalakshmi is.

Nagalakshmi, you are our guest.

Guests are equivalent to God.

If he says Nagalakshmi is a thief,

my heart will be broken.

I will be out for your sake, okay?

Hari out.

He is coming.

Bangar Raju out, Bangar Raju out...

Bangar Raju out, Bangar Raju out...

Bangar Raju.

He is a good guy,
but I thought ill of him.

Is he a small boy or a big one?

He is so innocent.

I wonder how he will live.

What did you say
and what is happening?

That was an unexpected twist.
- Keep quiet.

[Sanskrit chants]

[Sanskrit chants]

This is a prayer for
the death of Bangar Raju.

[Sanskrit chants]

[Sanskrit chants]

Anger destroys self.

Don't show your intelligence
by saying these quotations.

Do whatever is told.

I am very much into
fixing the date to kill him,

but the stars are not cooperating.

We don't need to see
the auspicious time as

we are not doing something good.

We are killing him.

Bangar Raju should be killed
within the next four days.

Hey, Adhi,
why should you kill Bangar Raju?

Did you hear?

I heard.
- Did you hear everything?

Yes, what happened?

"The enemy has come now,
the enemy is here now, here now."

"The enemy has come now,
the enemy is here now, here now."

Adhi, this is an enmity that has
been burning for the last 24 years.

If possible,
pour ghee, it should burn.

The time is nearing,
no more mistakes should happen.

Come, brother-in-law.

How are you?

How are you, son?

Are you fine?

We are fine.
- Come, sister-in-law.

Are you fine?
- We are fine.

Who are they?

Brahmam's relatives.

Is everyone fine?
- Latha, come,

your mother-in-law has come.

Are you fine?

How are you, dear?

Go inside.

Come, come, come inside.

Why are you talking like that?
Isn't it wrong?

How do you want
me to talk with them?

What happened to you?
What are you talking?

Only because I didn't
want to see their dirty faces,

I came here before four
months in the name of baby shower.

Nothing, you come.
- One minute, wait.

What is this?
Why is she talking like this?

That's what,
even I don't understand.

Tell me what actually happened?

First of all, why did I get married?

To be happy or to
be a slave to them?

What did they do, dear?

Whatever I do is wrong.

If I don't get up in the morning,
it's wrong.

If I call my husband by his name,
it's wrong.

Wearing T-shirt is wrong.
Wearing nightie is wrong.

If cooking is delayed, it's wrong.

If there is more salt in the food,
it's wrong.

At last, if water is not
kept in the fridge, it's wrong.

Whatever I do is
wrong and only wrong.

I have completely lost my freedom.

I feel like I have gone
to jail after marriage.

Hey, they will hear, stop it.
- Let them hear.

That's why,
we shouldn't have any such tensions.

We should be happy
and single like me.


Hey, you always stay here,
don't you have any other work?

What is this?

Why are you talking stupidly?

Isn't there difference
between elders and youngsters?

Tell me one thing, Latha.

Your mom and dad would have asked
you to get up early in the morning,

study properly, dress properly,
not call elders by their name,

learn cooking and
other things, right?

Have you ever complained about them?

Everything depends
on how we take it.

They would have considered

daughter-in-law as daughter
and taken advantage.

Maybe, they were scared that
their son would go away from them.

You should earn their love

instead of spoiling your family
life with anger.

Uncle, aunty, come here.

Days are changing,
you should also change.

If a girl is leaving
her parents' house

and entering her in-law's house,
she will come with thousand dreams.

You should not order
with the name of authority

and try to keep your
daughter-in-law under your control.

Just because she is married,

she doesn't change all of a sudden.

For everything, it will take time.

What you all need to understand
is that after everything is over

and getting stuck to the bed,

there is no use thinking I could have
taken care of my daughter-in-law.

In the same way,
after your in-laws are gone,

if you think you could
have taken good care of them,

there is no use.

You should be together while alive.

Marriage is not a game.

It is a bond. It is like a bond.

Then, you need to respect it, right?

Jerk again.

Come, dear.
- Sorry, father-in-law.

Hey, isn't that argument over?

That's why we should live
peacefully without marrying.

He is giving so many
variations one after another.

What Bangaram?

Why are you like this?

Look at these people.

They don't know the
value of life while alive.

Will they know only if it goes?

I know its value.

I loved you and married
but could not live.

I could not live with my son.

I could not live with my grandson.

I could not live in the
house which I built with love.

Why do they fight and
die for some small things?

This love is only
while alive, right?

What is left after
death except photos?

I thought Bangar
Raju is like a kite.

But if he has such a
good opinion about marriage,

my respect for him has increased.

Even for me. Even I felt so.

I myself feel ashamed
of my behaviour.

He has changed my life.

What did he change?

Here, he says marriage is waste and
there, he says marriage is super.

He is playful.

No, my father said, he is good.

First of all,
your father is a foolish man.


Don't talk about my father
like that. I will scold you.

I am telling you the truth.

If your father thinks
that he is a good guy,

your father is not a normal man,
but a fool.

- Hey, stop.

On that day, when he closed the
door, I thought he would put a tick.

I still don't understand
why he stopped in the middle.

Don't talk stupid things.

Will you stab me with it?

Okay, I am sorry.

Okay, do one thing.

Tomorrow go to him and ask him to
come to the mango groove for talking.

Say you will go single,
just you and him,

he will come like a duck behind you.

After going there,
if he doesn't do anything with you,

I just won't accept
that you are right,

but I will wash your husband's feet
with santoor soap during kanyadhan.

Okay, it's a bet for you and me.

If he misbehaves,
I will agree that you are correct.

I will myself come
and say sorry to you.

But if he behaves like a gentleman,

you should go to
my father and say sorry.

To that foolish man?

I will tell.
- Bet?

It's quite uncomfortable,
but still, it's a bet.

But one condition.

You should not behave like a fool

and should act that
he doesn't doubt you.

I got many awards
in school for acting.

Just see.

I will see.

Bangar Raju.

What is this, she is
connecting a lot day after day?

What did you do?

I poured petrol, see how it burns.

Hope it doesn't rain.

Shall we both go to the mango
groove and talk for some time?

Mango groove?


Who all?

No need for anyone, just you and me.

You and me alone?

Will you come?

Then, tomorrow morning at 9.30.


Mango groove.
- Fixed.


Plan is working out.

Oh God.

Okay, mango groove, it seems.

Mango groove, it seems.

She is going alone,
I don't know what he will do.

- What is it?

I can understand your tension.
I will take care, leave it to me.

You are super.

You are super.

Hey, Bangar Raju.

Why are you here?
- Why, shouldn't I come?

Why did you both come?

We came just like that
as we had nothing to do.

Yes, yes. - Even I had
nothing to do, that's why I came.

Come here.

Shall we play a game?

What game?

Running race.

You can see the tree, right?

Whoever touches it among
three of us, they win. Okay?

- Come on, let's play.

I will be the winner, see.

One, two, three.



Bangar Raju.






Basava, he is our man.

Bangar Raju.

Chinna, nothing
happened to you, right?

Nothing happened to me.

Don't be scared.

Nothing happened, don't be scared.

How long will he sleep?

Wake him up.

Let him sleep for some time.

Hasn't he got up yet?

Hi dear, happy birthday.

Hi dad.
- Ramu.

Thanks, dad.

You said birthday wishes.

You sent the gift through courier.
- Yeah, yeah.

I will wear the new clothes.
- Of course.

As grandma said,
I will take my head bath.

You know everything, dear.
- Okay?

You said perfectly. Nice.

Have a nice birthday, okay?


Slowly. Hey, did you get up?
It's your birthday, right?

Go and take your head bath,

if not, your grandma will come
in the dreams and give us lecture.

Why did she tell and go away?
Won't she do it?

Do slowly, Seenu.

Okay, sir, I will do, sir.

I will shampoo, you pour.

Did you see how cutely
she is shampooing?

After bath, come to the prayer room.

Prayer room?
- Yes.

- I am telling you, right? Come.

Take it.

Take it.

I did sweet as it's your birthday.


Come to the temple by 12.


I am not used to it.
- I am telling you, right? Come.


- Greetings, come.


Village head, greetings.

Village head, greetings.

Greetings, madam.
- Greetings.

What is all this?

Come, I will tell you.

When you were young,
on your birthday,

Satyamma used to feed everyone
in the village and be happy.

Then, you used to
serve very happily.

I remember that very well.

Come, let's serve food for everyone.

"Something new has happened to me."

"Something strange
is happening to me."

"I don't understand that well."


"Your look is like lightning."

"It fell on me like a drizzle."

"My heart has turned towards you."

"I don't have another
or any other desire."

Bye, Nagalakshmi.

"You have pushed
me to a magic world."

Bangar Raju.
- Yes.

I didn't get my bike,
will you give me lift?

"Did you change for me?"

"Or did you change me?"

"Did you change for me?"

"Or did you change me?"

"Oh, your smile is so cool."

"You asked me to share it."

"You are my last hope."

"I got you by chance."

"You sparked like a colour."

"I see you everywhere around me."

"I am not there in
yesterday and day before."

"I will be happy if I am with you."

"You changed me and
my way of talking."

"I should change for you."

"I should live with
you for hundred years."

"I should change for you."

"I should live with
you for hundred years."

"Oh forgetting all the words,
silence is what is left."

"Did you call me with your heart?"

"Oh, the eyes asked even the
looks have become tired."

"As I keep watching you."

"I keep smiling outside
and you are my world."

"I have started liking myself
at this time because of you."

"If we don't talk,
it keeps distance between us."

"I am always with you."

"Will I be without you?"

"I am always with you."

"Will I be without you?"

This is the first time, Nagalakshmi.

You came only because
I insisted you.

It's because of you.

- Hello, dear.

Hi, dad.
- Did you eat?

I will eat on time,
sleep and be careful. Okay?

Now your phone duty is over.

Okay, thanks for calling.

Welcome, dear.
- Bye.


Will anybody talk like
this with the father?

'Dad, I feel like seeing you, dad.'

'Dad, I feel like talking to you.'

These are the letters
written to my father.

It's because he didn't
have time to read.

His world is a different one,

Even if I go to America,
he cannot spend time with me.

So, he can't even come to India.

He has love for me,

but he doesn't know how to show it.

But the love that he is
showing me is not enough for me.

If I expect love from him,
I will only be disappointed.

He won't come and
he won't take care of me

and to get that thought fixed,
I speak harshly.

Everyone think that
I keep laughing outside,

but I do that to cover
up the loneliness that is within.

But there is a lot of
loneliness within, Nagalakshmi.

What dear, is the baby shower
celebration over?

It's over, dad.
- Come, eat first.

Come, come.
- I will come, one minute.

Look at the phone.

Bangar Raju.

Switch it on.

Hello, uncle.

Yes, what is it? Tell me.

I should tell you one thing.

What is it?

I haven't told this
to Nagalakshmi too.

I am first telling you, uncle.

I love her.

If you are okay,
I am thinking of marrying her.

Until now, you might have
thought anything about me.

But I give you a word, uncle.

If my mom and grandma were alive,

the way I would have
taken care of them,

I will take better
care of your daughter.

Give your daughter to me, uncle.

I will talk with you again, dear.

Okay, uncle.

Cut it.

What do you say, dear?

Can you get someone who
loves me more than this, dad?

Go, go, come soon, let's eat.

- Okay.

First of all, how did you both love?

I am unable to believe.

I will talk to your
father right away.

Hello brother-in-law.


These two are giving
shocks as love and marriage.

You mean love?

We should get them married, then.
When is the marriage?

We should do it by
the 15th of coming month.

It's because both of them should
do the prayer together, right?

What? Next month 15th?


Maybe, they fell in love for that,
I don't know.

Then, when are you coming to India?

I can't come. Too many surgeries.

Do one thing, Ramesh.

Get them married and
send them to US for honeymoon.

They will be with
me for three months.

Okay, I have to do a procedure now,
okay, bye.

God, what sort of
a person is your father?

I asked him to come for marriage,
he says he has appointments.

He asked me to send you
both to America for honeymoon.

It's okay, uncle.

We know about father, right?

He is a cardiologist there, right?
He will be busy with surgeries.

You fix the date.
We will both go later and meet him.

That's better.

Are you sure?



If I had been alive, I would have
done this marriage grandly, Bangaram.

So what?

You go along with the women.
I will go along with the men.

All celebration is ours, come.

At last,
the marriage will be performed.

We are happy and our
children will also be happy.

Oh God, have they come?


Why are you in marriage getup?

Hey, move, move.

Why are you so happy
for this marriage?

Who will be happier than us?

We were living in fear
for such a long time.

With this day,
we can all be quite relaxed.

We will do it like
our marriage, sir.

Sir, whatever you want us to do,

we are here to help you
with everything for this marriage...

Stop, stop.
- Did you see?

How everyone wants
this marriage to be done?

In the same way,

their daughters are wishing that
this marriage should be stopped.

Until their bitchings are there,
the marriage will not stop.

It's not bitchings, it's blessings.

Even I said the same thing.

Okay, then, bitchings.

Thank you.

- Come, come.

We will take care
of the food section.

Go and eat nicely.

You will not get an opportunity
to eat like this in the future.


Come, come, come, bridegroom.
- Are you fine?

I am fine.

Are you fine?

Aunt, you should definitely
come for the marriage.

I will obviously come.

Hey, what's going on?

Hey, I have planned
a great party for all of us.

You should definitely come.

Hey, you should be with
me till my marriage is done, okay?


Okay, bye Adhi, bye.
- Bye.

Why are you looking like that?

Look at the dogs.

Why is its behaviour like that?

When I am talking
about his marriage,

why are you researching
about the dogs' behaviour?

Don't you have brains?

There is something behind it.

Some power is helping them.

Nothing is there.

You and your stupid beliefs.

You don't believe, right?

[Devotional song]

He came.

Bangar Raju's soul came.

I can feel it.

The result of the 24 years
wait has at last come today.

What are you saying dad?


A truth which nobody can believe.

Will you believe if a
soul comes once in 24 years

during the time of Rudraabishekam
that takes place in our village?

Will you believe if there is a power
for the soul to enter his son's body?

Will you believe
if it was that soul,

which killed my father
and grandfather?

Believe, I am the witness.

I saw that soul with my eyes.

I was the one who escaped death
in his hands at the last moment.

I am the one who avenged that

I would kill the whole family
mercilessly in front of his eyes.

I learnt tantra to
take revenge on the soul.

I will show you the soul, come.

[Devotional song]

"Hey, here comes
he in the form of soul."

"He has come to save something,
he is the protector of the good..."

"He has the power to come
again as a soul, it's him."

"Here is the witness
of the presence of the soul."

"Here is the witness
of the presence of the soul."

"Secrecy, hatred, resentment,
all the negative things..."

Is it good, father?

When the soul is outside,
we should kill his grandson.

When the soul is seeing, we
should avenge the next generation.

See where he is?

We have marriage party at night.

Then, kill him there.

Hey, come Adhi, come.

Hey, take it, drink, drink.

- Hey, nothing will happen, drink.

"What happened to you, Bujji?"

"I don't have the mood, master."

"What happened to your mood?"

"What do you want
me to say if you ask?"

Hey, Bangar Raju.


What is it?

"If you get married and go, then
who will get us sari and blouse?"

"If you get married and go, then
who will get us sari and blouse?"

"If you become Sri Rama, Bangar Raju"

"then who will look into our likes?"

"If you leave us halfway,
Bangar Raju"

"then what will happen
to our dress and bangles?"

"When I was young, Bangar Raju"

"you used to kill me with
your appreciation at that time."

"You are a real man, Bangar Raju"

"but you are becoming someone,
Bangar Raju."

"You keep counting numbers,
Bangar Raju"

"I fell for your charm then,
Bangar Raju."


"I got this girl's support."


"Hats off to her speed."

"If you get married and go, then
who will get us sari and blouse?"

"When you came, when you kissed,
my heart rate was 100."

"When you wore sari,
when I saw your waist"

"my heartbeat was faster,
what to do?"

"There's only one man,
when is your marriage,"

"what will we do, do, do...?"

"Girl's name is Gilludu, house name
is dookudu, what will I do, do..."

"I like this bridegroom, he
plays very well, he is very sweet."


"I like this girl's beauty."


"Hats off to her speed."

"If you are there, it's celebration"

"yours words are interesting,
I used to wait for you."

"You come, my beautiful,
your beauty is attractive"

"you keep coming in my dreams."

"The love which you gave me,
you are my hero"

"let's do tandoori with our eyes."

"You are no less,
you are like a tasty sweet"

"my heart slips when I see you."

I like this boy, he is a mass hero,
he is very sweet."


"I like this girl's beauty."


"Hats off to her speed."

"I like this girl's beauty."
- Bangar Raju.

"Hats off to her speed."

"Even if you get married and go,
Bangar Raju"

"you will remain in our heart,
Bangar Raju."

"You stay wherever you want,
Bangar Raju."

"You should be happy, Bangar Raju."

Vasivadithassa diyya.


The one who is fighting now is not

the junior Bangar
Raju that you can see.

It's the senior Bangar Raju
who is inside him.

[Devotional song continues]

What shall we do now?

I will tell what to do.

Hey, hey, who are you?

Tell me, who are you?

Why did you try to kill me?
- Why did you try to kill me?

Tell me, who is it?

Hey, hey, hey, get up.
- Get up.

Get up. Get up.

'What is happening here?'

'Who is trying to kill my grandson?'

The last moment should go smoothly.


They forced me to drink coffee.

- Bangaram, you also come with us.

You go, I will come.


Should I tell this to Satyamma
who is happy and make her unhappy?

[Mantras chants continues]

Hail Kaali.

Stop the soul from
entering his body.

It's a chain which has tantra.

Put this on Bangar Raju's neck.


Your attitudes have become too much.

[Sanskrit chant]

The bride has come.


Go and sit there.
- Uncle.

You sit, you sit, son-in-law.
Why are you standing? Sit.

we are making Nagalakshmi the bride.

You should all come.
- Definitely.

In our times,
I have never seen bride coming when

the bridegroom is dressed as one.

Go, you oldie.

I will fall down.

Here, dear.

Hey why so late.

Hi Adhi.

Hey, bridegroom.

They are both good friends
from childhood, Bangaram.

Hey, what is it, what is it?

Why so soon?

We can open it in the evening.


Tomorrow is Bangar Raju's marriage.

No, death.

Is it?
- He is there.

Hey, hey, Bangar Raju.

- We are going for Gowri prayer.

Come during the prayer, okay?

Should I come, father-in-law?

My God, how will it
look if you don't come?

I don't know if he will come or not.

Hey, Adhi.
- Yes.

Be beside him and bring him.
- I will bring him, uncle.

You should come.
- Don't worry, he will come.

I am going to the temple with them.

You also come.
- I will be with grandson, you go.


What did he tell.

[Sanskrit chant continues]

Ba, everything is going
the way as we planned.

'Cover him up.'

'My daughter says that
she loves that Bangar Raju.'

'I will kill that Bangar
Raju without anyone's notice.'

'Brother-in-law, if you kill
him immediately after knowing'

'that he loves your daughter,
everyone will doubt you.'

'You first agree for the marriage.'

'After the marriage preparations
are started, we will kill him.'

'Then, nobody will suspect us.'

If that junior Bangar Raju dies,

everything should
happen as we planned.

Bangar Raju.

Bangar Raju.

What? What happened?
- Look at him.

Don't spare him.

Leave him to me.

I will take care of him.

What will you do?

What did you do when I
myself brought him to your place?

At last, I had to stop it.

When I sent him to the coconut
garden with the help of a girl,

you came until the
temple by being beaten up.

Even then, I had to save you.

Just do what I say.

Is it Ramesh?

I am unable to believe, Bangaram.

he should not escape.

Do exactly as we planned.

I told you that senior
Bangar Raju's soul had come.

Whatever I suffered so long,
that generation should also suffer.

We should kill his
grandson mercilessly as

the soul keeps watching it.

I will be happy if I avenge
him who is responsible for my father

and grandfather's death.


The sufferings that I endured so
long for destroying my generation,

he will understand the pain
only if junior Bangar Raju dies.

My son should become
your son-in-law.

The money in the temple is yours,
enmity is mine.

I told Aadhi to bring
the bridegroom at prayer time.

You somehow go and save him,



If this is in junior
Bangar Raju's finger,

soul cannot enter him.

There will be suspicion
if someone gives.

Give it to your daughter
and ask her to put it.



Oh God!

Hey, stop.

He will die, do something, Bangaram.

Hey, stop it.

Hey, no.

Do you see what is happening there?

Is it for this that we
are serving you for generations?

Is it for this that
we are guarding you?

While alive, you killed
my husband and showed me hell.

After dying,
you are showing hell before my eyes

by killing my grandson.

Does our tears sound
like mantras to you, God?

Don't beat him, he will die.

Don't you think, this is unfair?

Are you inside the stone
or are you just a stone?

Are you there at all?

Hey, hey, stop.

No, leave him.

I can see that you
are somewhere here.

Hey, Bangar Raju, come outside.

Come outside, come outside.

Hey, Bangar Raju,
you come, you come outside.

You come outside.

Bangar Raju, come.

Look, your grandson
is under my feet, look.

- Hey, don't harm him, leave him.

Your next generation is
under my feet, see. - Leave him.

Hey, hey, Sampath, don't harm him.
- Look.

You killed my grandfather, right?

Hey, he is a young boy,
don't harm him.

Come, come, save him.
- Hey.

Hey, hey, leave him. He will die.
- Save him.

My son has come.


Hey, give me the knife,
I will kill this fellow.

- Hey.

[Devotional song continues]

Hey, can you see me now?

Will you stamp my grandson?

Will you stamp my bloodline?

You rascal, look, look.

Bangar Raju, I am here.

He wanted to kill your grandson.

Kill Bangaram, you should kill him.

Bangar Raju.

Get up, come.

Get up, Bangar Raju.
- Dad.

All of you come, rascals.


Bangar Raju.


Give him nicely.

He hit you so many times, hit him.

Don't spare anyone, beat them.

Hey, he put his foot on your heart,
stamp him.

Stamp him.

Stamp him.

Beat him, Bangaram.

Beat him.

He wanted to kill you.

Hey, hey, Bangar Raju.

What happened to your head?

Nothing, father-in-law.
- What happened?

What is it? What is it?

Nothing happened. - Father-in-law.
A small fight, that's all.

Bangaram, don't leave him.

Why are you still acting?

Are you trying to play
with my grandson's life?

I will kill you.

I will kill you. I won't leave you.

Dad, dad, leave him, dad, leave.
- I won't leave him.

You don't know about him.

Dad, dad, no.
Please listen to my words.

Dad, please leave him.

Hey, you don't know about him.
- Dad, dad, no, dad.

Dad, dad, no. Dad, Nagalakshmi, dad.
- Leave me.

Nagalakshmi is coming.

She will feel bad
if she gets to know, dad.

Bangar Raju.

- Bangar Raju, what happened?

Nothing happened to me.
- What's the problem?

It's a small problem, don't worry.

Nothing happened.

Don't worry.
- Nothing happened, right?


Dad, dad, what happened, dad?

Dad, Bangar Raju,
nothing happened, right dad?

Hey, hey, what happened to you?

Nothing happened, dad,
nothing happened, you don't worry.

I am okay.

Okay, how come you are here?

My daughter-in-law reminded
me the duty of a father.

So, I came.

You are okay?

Everything okay?
- Okay, dad.

[Sanskrit chant continues]


Satyamma, is this true?

How could you leave me and go,

You know how much I cried?

Don't go, Satyamma.

You both stay here.


He decides where one should be.

We should decide how we should be.

- What is it?

This is the first time
I am seeing you in my life.

I feel very confident now
when you are before me, dad.

Have you ever given
this confidence to your son?

You are old,
if you yourself feel so,

he is young, think of his situation.

We are going, Bangaram.

If we go now,
you can never see us again.

We can never see you again.

Be careful, both of you.

Hey, grandson,

how should Bangar Raju's grandson,
junior Bangar Raju be?

You should be like
a saviour to the village.

If somebody is in trouble,

they should feel the
need for Bangar Raju.

If anybody is happy, they should
think that Bangar Raju should come.

The whole village should love you.

Promise me that
you will be like that.

"It's like a dream,
which should be there forever."

"Whoever goes away,
they should live in the heart."

"We don't know what
is written for one."

"One day you might
meet who you want to see."

"Rice in the sugarcane field."

"Sister-in-law in
the brinjal garden."

"When I hit her with a stick,
is laddu there, is laddu there?"

"Jasmine boquet in your song."

"Mischievousness in your look."

"We will show this to Bangar Raju,
show this to Bangar Raju."

"We will show it,
we will show it..."

"Here at your shoulders."

"When the eyes meet."

"Near the pump shed."

"When the sari touches."

"Is laddu there, is laddu there?"

"We will show it, we will show it."