Bangalore Days (2014) - full transcript

Bangalore Days begins with an intro from Kuttan (Nivin Pauly) introducing himself and his cousins namely Divya (Nazriya) and Aju (Dulquer) who share a very friendly relationship right from the childhood.They get separated after their schooling but are reunited at Bangalore after the marriage of Divya to Das. The story revolves around how their life turns at Bangalore.

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Are you sure?

This is the only option we have.

'Trespassers will be
chased & beaten up'


Don't be scared.

lt's too tall.
l'll fall down.

Akshay, don't be scared.
Just jump!

Come down, l say!

lt's okay Akshay, justjump!
l'll catch you!

Hold me! Hold me!
l'll fall down!

Give me your hand!

Shall we ask him
where the bus is?

Keep quiet!

Varun, what's the number?

KL 7 AK 47.

Dude, it's over there.

Don't run.

Bro, this is the one.

This is it!

Gautham, pull me up.

Make it fast!

Climb up, my boy!

Hey, here's the hammer.

Push! Push!

Give me the bag.

Me too..

- You wait here.
- Here. Hold this.

- l heard the sound overthere!

Gautham, ask them
to make it fast.



He woke up. Make it fast!

You guys leave! l'll
take care of this.

Don't pull off your
cinema-style heroism here.

- Come down, you schmuck!
- l will surrenderfor your guys!

l shall sacrifice!

- Come down!
- No!

Hey, l will come with him.
You guys leave.

Leave. l'll come.

Varun, Akshay will take care of him.

- Then go back in.

Dude, the light!

Dude, the stuff!

Get down fast!

Come quickly!
- Leave. l'll come.

Josetta, catch him!

Josetta, don't leave him.

Who are you?


An innocent guy who doesn't have the
courage to do anything by himself,

but will do anything if
his friends are with him!'


Molly Chechi!


What's up?
All good?

Where are you barging into?

For your dad's wedding!

Chechi, 4 meals.

200 Rupees.

200 Rupees?

Wasn't it 40 Rupees for
one meal till yesterday?

lf you keep raising the price,
we'll have to take loans for this.

'This is Kuppi. He's the most
enthusiastic one in the group.'

Module 5!!

lt's ready!!

Fresh notes!

Just 10 Rupees!

One for the silent girl.

l mean, one for Darshana.


'Even though he's a prankster,
his heart is pure.'

'This is Rockstar Gautham.'

'And his guru, Austin.'

What happened to him?
- l think his house was seized.

He might be sad about that.
Come, buy me a juice.

'Even though most girls in
college are behind Gautham,

Gautham's rockstar is Devutty.'

- What did you find after
opening the ballot box?

That's Kochi Metro.
This is Smart City.

We can make this happen somehow.

But that one.

l don't see any chance.

'Varun is furious.

Everyone else is scared of Varun, who's
more disciplined than soldiers;

and is more short-tempered
than policemen.'


C++ Module 5 is out now.

Shall l get you a copy?
- How much is it?

lt actually costs Rs.4.
But l sell it for 10.

But you can have it for 4 Rupees.
That's fine.

- No. You can keep 10.

- He comes even before the bell rings.
Silly baldie!

lndustrial Revolution?
ls he a Communist?

How is lndustrial Revolution
& Communism related?



Bro, trip!! The first
trip in our college life.

Your l.V. has been approved.

The dates are from 28th to
31st of this month.

Dude, 28th to 31st!

So the last day is new year's eve.
This will be awesome.

Four days.
Only South lndia.

You must visit at least one industry.

Who is the organizer
among you guys?


'Now the picture is clear, right?'

'Varun is tensed about the
planning for the l.V trip.'

Washington DC via Miami Beach.

Haven't these guys had enough of this?
What is this?

Arunachal Pradesh.
That is closeby.

That's Andhra Pradesh, dude!

Hey, it's time. Eat quickly.

l have to feed you all the time!

lsn't this mine?

How did it reach here?

What's wrong with Himalayas?
-Are Himalayas in South lndia?

lsn't it?
-And do Himalayas have industries?


Can we go to Himalayas
and come back in 4 days?

Can't we?

Very nice!

Click over there.

Dude, Kuppi is behind you!

How come you're not
interested today?

Usually you don't let Kuppi
anywhere near you, right?

For the past 3 days,
she has been absent.

- That's why.
- Ya right!

As if they are best friends!

Dude, it has been 3 semesters
since we joined this college.

And he hasn't even
spoken to her so far.

l never got a good chance.

That's why.


l would've killed him now.

lt was fine if she was a
girl who shows attitude.

ln spite of looking so great,

she's such a sweet girl who
doesn't show any attitude.

Here. Take my phone. l have her number.
Just call her!

Message her, at least.

That cheap trick of getting the number
of the girl you like from somewhere

and keep disturbing her?

Well, l'm not gonna
do any of that!

Her number..

She will give it to me herself.

Wait & watch!

- Who is he talking about?
- Your dad!

Dude, Diya!

Great! Didn't he
find anyone better?

Dude, who are the most famous
couple in our college?

Boban Sir & Molly Chechi!

Do you know how
they got together?

During the first year l.V.

Notjust them,

most couples of our college
got together first during their l.Vs.

l'm saying this with the
experience of being your senior..

When you're in class,

you'll be stuck with attendance,
seminar, lab, exam..

You won't get time
for anything else.

But those 4-5 days
when you go on tour..

lf you're looking for a
chance to talk to Diya,

you won't find a better
chance than the l.V.

Wherever we're going, there
should be enough sights to see.

A fort, a palace, a museum..

lt should be colourful, right?

But it would be great if
there's a beach as well.

Campfire, music, sunset..


lf you want all that, why don't you sit
& watch Discovery channel at home?

While every respectable college
gives 10-15 days for l.V,

our lousy college has given
us only 4 days! Just 4!

Dude, we should go to party spots!



Palace, Rave, Beach...

All of this in one place..
That's not possible!

That's true.

But if we go to two places,

it's possible.

So friends,

l'm here before you to
present the tour plan

for the first l.V in
our college life.

The most beautiful visuals..

Dude, it's us!

You don't want that?


Even better visuals,

World famous palaces,

Historical forts,

The first destination of our l.V.

The capital of the
Vijayanagara empire

which we all know from
our History textbooks - Hampi.

- Humping?
- Not humping. Hampi!

Will this end up
being a pilgrimage?

l'm just back from
Sabarimala temple.

And ya,

we aren't going to Hampi alone.

After a tour of Hampi for 2
days, we go directly to..

lndia's party capital.


That's not possible!

How is Goa part of South lndia?

Technically speaking, there's no division
between North lndia & South lndia.

Even if it exists, Goa would still
be part of South lndia, Sir.

Which industry are you going
to visit in Hampi & Goa?

Sir, lnfosys, Cognizant,
Excelsoft, Aabasoft, L&T...

There are 50 such
industries in Mysore, Sir.

Mysore is on the way.

Trust me, Sir! For us
Computer Science students,

- this is a perfect l.V.

How will you cover all these
places & come back in 4 days?

We have Christmas
holidays till the 27th.

We will take leave for the l.V. from
28th to 31st, and 1st is a Sunday.

So basically, if we take 4 days
off, we would get 6 days in total.

Boban Sir,

'Cute DP'

H.O.D. Sir,

is everything okay?

Sir, we can't send them to Goa!

- Don't approve it, Sir.

Shall l tell them?

On the last day of the l.V,
31st night,

to celebrate New Year's
eve, we're going to

the biggest party in lndia!

Sundown Party!!


- What is it, dude?

Wouldn't the tickets for Sundown
be sold out months in advance?

Then how are we going to arrange
it in this last minute?

Do you think l'll promise that
without finding some way?

l shall arrange the tickets.


You are the man! The lightning!
The thunderstorm!


l'll be right back!

See how you're walking!

ls this how you dress?
Tuck in your shirt!

We can dress like this too!

What is this?
- Not what. Who!


Why are you hiding it?

ls your face so ugly or what?

Oh! This is why?

Go to the office, pay Rs. 1000
as fine and then enter this lab.

Do you have Rs.1000 on you?
As a loan?

You know how difficult it
is to write a love letter?

What's special today?

l will be the female staff who's
coming along with you for your l.V.

l will be the male staff accompanying
you forthe l.V. from tomorrow.

Move! l want one!

Don't take all of them!

All this is okay.

Girlfriends & boyfriends will
not be allowed to sit together.

There are strict orders
from the department.

- Phew! l'm relieved now.

lt's really bad that they won't
allow us to sit as couples.

Get lost man!

First, you go talk to her, and then you can
think of sitting together as a couple.

lf Pristu was the one
saying this, it was fine

Come, come closer.
l'll show you something!

lf you have any plans of
smoking & drinking, forget it.

l will be checking all
your bags tomorrow.

What do we do with all
the bottles we bought?

Notjust one or two bottles, but 5 litres.
That too, hard drinks.

lf he catches us, our l.V
will be over then & there!

l can think of only one option.

lt's a little risky!


Son, you?

Aren't you the one who came to
book the bus the other day?

Yes brother.

This is my friend.


Sir will be checking our bags.

So we thought we'll hide
the bottles in the bus.

-And where did you hide them?

- Below the seat where
Sir is going to sit.

Nice! The perfect place to
hide from yourteacher.

Under his ass!

Carry on guys!

Okay! Good night!

Hey kids!

My heart tells me..

this will be one helluva trip.

Have a blast!

So good night!

Go take bath, man!

'Long ago, there was a
veteran teacher in a town'

'He was very clever, but
could not draw a picture'

'That became a problem! The kids
couldn't understand anything!'

'And they failed in all their exams!'

'That fellow was hellbent
on finding a way,'

'He took his disciples
to a place far away'

'To see all that they
hadn't seen before'

'The story got reversed & they
passed in all the exams!'

Get lost!

'As time went by, this story
became the talk of the town'

'And gradually, it
became a routine'

'To roam around the world easily;

l.V became a synonym forthat'.

'This routine is still going on,

and here goes some more
people for the same'.




34 and a half,


Get lost!


Smile! You're my sweetheart!

- Did you bring the portable charger?


Why isn't this getting over?

- There are no bottles in them, right?

l wanted to check your bags.

Why not? Please check them, Sir.

You can start with mine!

There are no bottles, Sir.

Such a grumpy guy!

Make it fast.

Has everyone boarded?

Everyone has boarded.


Let's head to Hampi.

One person is yet to come!

Who? What?


- What's your name?

- And yours?

What are you staring at?

- Did you like her?

- You didn't like her?.

So you like her?.

Then do one thing.

Propose to her.

Why are you laughing?

She's acting smart! So
you don't have to propose.

- You propose to him.


Say yes, Akshay!

l can't live without you, Akshay!

Say yes, Akshay.
Please Akshay!

That's enough!

Why aren't you saying yes?

Say yes!

Say it, Akshay. Say yes!

- One second. He will say yes now.


Where were you all this while?

You don't have any luggage?

Yes. There it is.

Has she run away from
her house or what?


'lt's a gleaming path ahead'

'The heart is getting prepared'

'While eyes are opened,'

to all the happiness up ahead'

Get into the bus!

That Dosa wasn't good.

Do you read the newspaper?

The sports page alone.

On the front page, there's only
murder & corruption.

But on the sports page -
lndia won, Messi's comeback..

Aren't you ashamed to read & enjoy
about all this murder & corruption?

Read the sports page man!


'The world is going backwards'

'Let's go forward right away'

Sir, where is this 'Mysore park'?

'Far away'

'To a place unknown'

ls it an earthquake?

'Searching for ourselves
in the darkness we tread'

'Hand in hand, as friends we travel'

'Though we have different desires

and different dreams,

let's keep them aside for later,

and together, we shall go right away'

'Far away,

To a place unknown'

'Spreading love in this dreamy night'

'Lights shine all over,
calling for celebration'

'Before going across these times,

and embracing the future,

let's go ahead together right away'

'Far away'

'To a place unknown'

'So after a lot of singing & dancing and
a namesake industrial visit in Mysore,

the kids reached theirfirst location.'


This place has a specialty.

You know what that is?


Even l don't know.
lt's written over there.

500 steps..

and a lot of monkeys..

That's the specialty
of this temple!

Dude, we'll enjoy this
view and go up slowly.


Move aside! Give way!


What is this?

Or shall we go up quickly?

- We won't miss the sunrise then.
- No. l'll stay here enjoying the view.

- You go!
- Then shall l?

Go! Go!

Looking at his excitement!

Such a loser, right?

Guys should have a spine!

Some sort of strength..

We should always stand straight
and never bend for anything.

Hey. Aren't you coming?
Come fast!

Well.. then..

l'll also go with her, right?


- Devutty, go slow!
- l've been trying for so long!

There's no signal at all!

What the hell are you doing there, man?

l have to make a couple of calls.
You go. l'll join you soon.

Her stamina is unbelievable, man!

Like that.

Hey doggie, chin up!
Like that!


Such a spectacular view up here
and you want to click this?

What do you know about
wildlife photography?

ls this dog your
wildlife photography?


lsn't a dog's life wild?

Mock me!

But wait & watch!

One day l'll also become
a famous photographer.

Like Michael Schumacher!



This is why she said 'No' to you!

- Get lost!
- You get lost!



l want to talk to her.

She's standing right there.
Go talk!

This guy!

- Shall we go there?

You've fallen hard for her, eh?

l don't know how to
make you understand.

Her crooked teeth,

croaky voice,

how she comes to class
without even taking a bath..

With every imperfection
of hers that l see,

l find herto be even
more perfect!

When everyone else talk about her
looks, dressing sense and hairstyle,

l've never looked at all that.

Then what do you look at?


Dude, what is she going to do
to you; to be so scared of her?

Not her, l'm scared of
what l'm going to do.

You guys are her friends. Your
girlfriend is her best friend.

lf l propose to her and she says 'No',

everything will be spoiled, right?

Right now she is at least
smiling at me when she sees me.

lf that's also gone...

We have three years left.

How will l face her?

All this is if she
says 'No', right?

What if she says 'Yes'?

Me and you are friends.

Our girlfriends will also be friends.

We have three years left.

Whatever you said right
now, will be flipped!

Why don't you think like that?


lt's time for breakfast!


- Rest we can talk after
having an awesome Hampi Dosa.

(Playing Antakshri)

Sing a song that
starts with 'T'.

'Thamarappoovil' (Popular
Malayalam song starting with T)

So apart from your growling,

you know songs that normal
humans sing as well?

Austin had called me.

Don't forget to practice.
- l won't!

What are you listening to?

- lron Maiden.
- Okay!

ls Yesudas the lead
singer of lron Maiden?

You dumbo!
Look over there!

- Nice.
- Okay okay. l'll be right back.

-Are you busy?
- Yes.

Dude, you'll get a chance to
spend a full day with Diya now.


l don't have time to explain. Those
Northies are getting impatient.


Enough, brother.

Long back, during Dussehra festivals,

the King used to stand on top of this and
watch dances, songs and military marches.

Stop your history class, man!

Show us the next place.

Hampi is not a place to
be shown by someone.

lt should be explored
on your own.


for ourfirst day in Hampi,

4 clues,

4 locations,

4 hours.

Spread all over Hampi,

a massive treasure hunt!

l'll give you a clue right now.

When you solve it, you'll
reach the next location.

And there, you'll get the next clue.

So the first person who reaches the
finish line by solving all 4 clues,

will get a special surprise!

What's the surprise?

l'll you what it is.
But first, form teams.

Play it!

- Can l join you guys?
- No.You can't be on our team.

They are all already..


Go ask Diya!

Dude, ask her.

You want her on our team?

Shall we fight this war together?

Of course!

Not me. Me and Gautham, please?


Okay. That's enough.

Are all of you ready?

l'm going to say the first clue.

'The sinner always goes to hell'

So all the best!

Play it!

Shall we also try?

- Should we?
- Why not?


See if something is buried here.

What does 'Paapi' (sinner) mean?

What is this, man?

l'll search online.
You check the book.

- Where do we look?

Gautham, l found the answer.

lt's not fun being alone.

Shall l also join you guys?

You found it?

No one has figured it out.
We're the first ones.

We found it!

We got it!
We also got it!


where do people who sin go to?

Either ajail,

or hell.

People who sin will go to a
church to make a confession!

Got it!

- Diya, wait!
- Didn't l tell you that she'll solve it?



lf you sin,

you ask forforgiveness at..

a temple.

And hell,

is underground.

So what?

So beautiful.

True. Just like my house!

No one else has reached.
l think we're first.

Not first.
We're the last.

No one else is around. This
is the best chance. Go!

- Have the results come?

- Go!

- One minute.


You guys search inside.
l'll search outside, okay?

She's gone!


we need to talk.

- What's there to talk?
- Varun, please.

The clue is in there.
But it's water all around.

l'll set you right.

Go take it, man!

You scumbag!

Varun, you were the first person
l met afterjoining college.

Of course, we became really close.

But l thought you would understand.

l am like this.

l'll become friends
with everyone easily.

A haunted house in Hampi?

Oh my God!

You said a lot of things that day.

But l forgot all of
that immediately.

Even afterthat, l've always
behaved normally to you.

But you..

l hope there are
sweets in the box!

Sheesh! Clue!

We are in the same class.

We have the same friends.

How long will you
avoid me like this?

l got the clue.

Come dear!

We have to solve the next clue
quickly, overtake everyone,

and finish first.
- Go slowly man! Your bag!

From here, you should
go to 'Queen's bath'.

Once you get there,

'Don't worry. Be Hampi'

This is the place.

Come fast!


Devutty, look.

Was this a bathroom?
Looks like a palace.

lf l had such a huge bathroom, l
would be bathing all the time!

First you bathe at
least once a day,

the rest you can do after that..

Shwetha, just search for
the clue over there.

- What happened, Devutty?
- Nothing!

What is it? Tell me!

- l said nothing.
- Don't get angry! Tell me the matter.

How many times have l told herthat her
behaviourtowards you is not right?

She is just being friendly..

Friendly! You are an idiot!
You don't know how girls are.

You do whatever you want.
l'm leaving.

Why should l care
about her behaviour?

l have my Devutty, right?

Stop kidding!

Your eyes..

-And it's so beautiful when you eat
mangoes & it gets stuck on your teeth!

- Get lost!
- l swear!

l didn't see anything!

l saw everything!

l saw a little!

We were just..

Nice place!

l wish l was born
as a soldier here.


See.. The walls are full of holes.

l could've seen the queens
bathing every morning for free!

- Sheesh! Pervert!
- Pervert?

Hey! Stop there!


You chose the best
guy to help you out!

l won't give it!

10 Rupees for postcards!

Jagannath + 7.

lsn't that a temple?

That's in Puri, man.


ls this the one?

- These kids' clues are so difficult.
- l told you that we'll stay away!

Who is this Jagannathan?

lt's been so long.

[Dialogue excerpt from a Mohanlal movie
'Aaram Thampuran' (Sixth Emperor)]


Not Jagannath.

lt's Jagannathan.


Emperor Jagannathan from
Kanimangalam Palace.

- Sixth Emperor.
- Plus Seven.


13th Emperor.

Sri Krishna Deva Raya.

The statue looks nice!

But he doesn't have the
looks to be an emperor.

- But our Mohanlal has it!
- That's true!

You know what?

There was a Portuguese traveller
in the 15th century.

He came to Hampi after visiting
London, Paris, Rome, etc.

He said that Hampi was the most
beautiful city in the world.

And this is the man who
built this whole city.

Back then, the population
here was around 5 lakhs.

But now there are only
3000 people here.


Religion, caste, riots, quarrels..

Same old story.

Even after 600 years, we
are still the same, right?


This is not a tower.
This is something else.

What else can it be?

- l have seen this somewhere.
- l know. l've seen it too.

But l don't remember
where l saw it.

lsn't this that temple?

l've seen it somewhere!

- Virupaksha temple.
- Ya. Come. Let's go.

Virupaksha temple!
Come! Let's go!

Dude, that one...

Virupaksha temple.


Aren't you coming?

This is the last clue, man.
Varun won't make it so simple.



This should be seen like this.
lt's not a tower!

lt's a floor plan!

Vithila temple.

Climb up!


Varun, give us our first prize.

You are first?

l knew it! We came first!

You aren't first either!

Then who won?

Him. He's been here for 3 hours
after solving all the clues.


- You wanna know what's the first prize?
- What is it?

Bring all the others.

Musical pillars.

This place is really
famous forthem.

These people don't come
here & perform every day.

l thought this experience would be
the best gift you could get in Hampi.


'Through these open paths,

with strong footsteps,

keep travelling ahead'

'With open eyes,

with new desires,

search for the hidden
thoughts inside you.'

'lf you want to go far,

you have to go together, friends'

'Through these open paths,

with strong footsteps,

keep travelling ahead'

Day 1 is over, right?

Now we can go back to the
room & open the bottles!


You are the man! The lightning!
The thunderstorm!

Move, man!

'While everyone else was
looking at the camera,

one guy alone was focusing elsewhere.'

- Come, come!
- Fast!

Keep quiet, man!

Go fast. Before someone comes.

Get in!
Come on!


We're screwed!

- Did someone kidnap our bottles?
- No dude!

This is some loser classmate of
ours trying to mess with us.

- This is no child's play!
- No!

Those bottles were bought with
the money we collected for l.V.

- l'm fed up of making false accounts!
- Fed up!

lf l find the guy who did this..



l found this underthe seat.

Let me see.

'Answers on the other side'

Our classmates used to talk
normally to each other so far.

But now they talk only in clues.

Suffer now!

Who is in the room
opposite ours?


He would faint even if he gets a
slight smell of alcohol. No chance!

Kuppi, opposite yours?

Chacko Sir.

lt's really likely that
he would've done this.

From his eyes, we can figure
out that he's a huge tank.

Dude, if it was Sir, this l.V
would've been finished by now!

You guys keep playing
these riddles!

Why is he getting
angry for that?

- Lovely Miss.
- Shut up, man!

- She's from Kanjirappally.
- One tight slap!

Hey, come here!

What is it?


on the other side.

So many steps!

l don't see any boat
or bridge here.

The closest bridge is
40 kilometers away.

What do we do now?

There's one way.

Pick it up!

Come on!

- Get in!
- Come on!

Hey! Aren't you coming?

No way!

The undercurrents would
be really strong.

8-10 people travel by
this everyday, man!

There's no problem!
Just come!

- That's when the driver is there, right?
- Driver?

Come here, you!

How're you so sure that the
bottles would be there?

l'll search in the hotel.

Call me if you find them.


Let's head south, guys!

Why aren't we reaching anywhere?

Dude, careful!

- Argh! The key is with Gautham!
- Cheers!

- Pour it.
- Open the Lays packet.

- lt's overthere.

Hey Varun,

l am scared.

Shall we go back?

lf you're scared,
you can go back!

l'm not coming anywhere without giving
a dose to the guy who took this.

Dude, go slowly.
We're also coming!

Gautham, hold my hand!


- Open the door!
- Someone's knocking!

Who is it?

l see!

So you guys stole our bottles?

Tell me the truth! Where are
the rest of the bottles?

You gave just one bottle & now
you're asking forthe rest?

- What is this, man?
- One bottle?

Who gave it to you?

Oh Varun!

After coming to Hampi, is it enough if
we see some broken down palaces alone?

A side of Hampi which is not
exposed to the outside world.

There are no lndians here.

And ya, it becomes active
only in the night!

You guys were not
going allow that anyway.

That's why we did this..


Yes Sir!

Hey, what did he say?

We are his first lndian
customers today.

That's nice!

You guys sit here.
We will bring them. Come!

- l'll be right back!
- Good set up!

Dude, come here!
Are we going to drink?

- That won't be right!
- Why?

Will hell break loose
if girls drink?

Their lives shouldn't be constrained
to the four walls of our classroom.

- But l didn't mean that..

Aren't you both fed up of making them
suppress their desires & feelings?

- What did l do?
- l didn't know that you guys were so..


- Sexist!
- Case closed!

What's she talking about?

She has traveled all around lndia.
Even Kerala.

Selfie with foreigner madam!

'You scaredy cat! We're
having fun here!'

Shucks! No signal here!

So strange!

These guys are the ones who've
seen more of lndia than us.

lt's very nice to hear all this.

But to roam around like this, you
need a lot of money! - Ya right!

You can go to Bekal Fort if you pay
just 7.50 for a ticket from your house.

How many times have
you gone there?

He hasn't gone!

-Are you drunk?
- Quite a bit!

Saw that?

These guys are really
enjoying their lives!

These guys live for themselves.

What does that mean?

That means..

Our parents lived for us.

Now after some time, we
will live for our kids.

And this will keep
going on like a cycle.

lf we live for ourselves,
who will live for our kids?

Let them live their
lives for themselves!

After 20 years,

at this same place,

on this same day,

at this same time,

all of us will reach here.

Give me your hand!

Come on!

You remember, back then
at the electrical lab,

that schmuck Chacko Sir
asking for my l.D. card?

He asked me to pay 1000 Rupees fine, man!
1000 Rupees!

That idiot missed
all of this, right?

What to do?

lt is his own fault.

He is scared of water, he is scared to
sit, scared to walk, scared of heights..

How can someone be so
scared of everything?


can't you recognize
me from my face?

You will!

She will!

Does Gandhiji have an lD card? No!

You gave me 1000 bucks!
l love you!

l've planned a surprise
for you in Goa.


Like this...

- Shall l tell you something?
- Move!

l want to see him right now!

And tell him that l'll finish him!

l'm Kabali,

l say!

Oh God!

How did they...

You too.

The l.V. is over with this.

All of you pack your bags.
We're going back to Kerala tomorrow.

Spineless, scaredy-cat,
what all did you call me?

Didn't l warn you
not to do any of this?

And see what happened!

By the way,

what are you going
to tell the others?

That the l.V. got cancelled because
you went to random bars with girls?

- Not bar. lt was a shack.
- Shut up!


l thought at least you would
show some responsibility. But why!

People have come to enquire.

l don't have anything
to do with this!

What to do?
Should l sit like this?

Dude, taking the bottles away, that clue &
going to the bar; all of it was their plan.

So? You should allow that?

You should have made
them understand

that it's not right for girls to
drink & roam around at night,

and brought them
back to their rooms!

lnstead of hanging out the
whole night with them,

and having fun..

Boys can drink, smoke..

watch blue films..

watch blue films, and
roam around all night!

lf a girl does this,
it become an issue?

l didn't think that you
guys were so sexist.


That's true.

We are really sexist.

- Didn't l tell you that it's 'Racist'?
- Shut up! l'll kill you!

The fault is not yours.

We're the ones who
took you there.

There's no point arguing
about all this anymore.

We should figure out
what to do next.

lf Akshay helps us,

this can be solved.

lf Sir is impressed by anyone at
all in class, that would be him.

- ls it?
- Of course!

(Morning prayer song)

Your bloody hippie village trip!

And you had to go there
in that basket itself!

Going out from the hotel
without our knowledge,

drinking; that too with girls,

do you know how huge this issue
will be if we inform your parents?

Ask all the students to pack their
bags & come to the restaurant.

We have to leave before noon.

Before the l.V. started, we
had only very few conditions.


last night,

some of you..

broke all those
conditions together.

He has begun his counseling.

What all did we plan!


l can't imagine facing
the rest of the class.


leave it!


Such a situation shouldn't
happen hereafter. Okay?

A doctorfrom America.

Mom's choice.

Dad has also approved.

l came for this l.V. to
escape from meeting him.

But now the l.V. is
cancelled, right?

Now l have no other
option than meeting him.

How will l make her
fall for me then?

l feel sad when l
see all yourfaces.


Let the American go back
to America, Lovely.

We shall go to Goa.

This thing was waiting forthe l.V.
to start to break down!

Dude, how did Sir change his mind?

Simple! Sir is behind Miss!
Strong love!

How do you know that?

You should go to the staff
room at least once in a while!

But how! You don't even
come to the classroom!

Then we should go say thanks to Sir.
What say?

Before thanks,

let's tell him sorry first.

No need for an apology.

Even otherwise, it's not right
to punish all the others

for a problem created
by the few of you.

Just see that you don't
create anymore problems.

- Let's go.

You want to say something
to someone, right?

Nothing happens in the classroom
without the teachers' knowledge.


l'm saying this to you too!

You're standing here?
Aren't you coming?

Come fast, Sir.

Err.. l.. l'll come right now.

l'm right behind you.

What? What's the joke?
Tell me!

Let me also have a laugh.

Without the students' knowledge,

nothing happens in the
staff room as well!


Nothing like that.

Watch it & come!

'So after a beautiful sunset in Hampi,

all of them started from there
to watch the sunrise, to Goa'.


Shall we play a movie?

Everyone sit down please!

- We're going to play a movie.
- Diya.

Please come here.

Can you play this movie?

Go ahead!


Don't stand like a pillar in front
of the TV & go sit somewhere!

You stole my seat!
Get lost!

You get lost!

Just this once.

Both of us.

Carry on!

Who is it?

Are you particular about
sitting in the window seat?


Are you particular about
sitting in the window seat?

Err.. No.

But l am!

Aren't you sitting?

When l was insisting on
sitting in the window seat,

you would've thought
that l am crazy, right?

A little bit.

lf you look outside from here,

you can dream with
your eyes open.

Who is it?


l won't be relieved until l tell
him what happened everyday.

- He calls you everyday?
- Earlier he used to.

But now we've
switched to WhatsApp.


yesterday you were texting?

Who else?

Dad only!


'Has my world blended into
the moonlight unknowingly?'

'Have l forgotten what l
always yearned to tell you?'

- Narasimham (Action)
- Thattathin Marayathu (Romance)

'Traveling through the narrow
paths of this silent night'

You're scared of
the dark, right?

Shall l tell you a secret?


l was even more scared of
the dark than you are.

Long back, during power cuts,

l used to cry and
create a ruckus!

l mean.. l didn't cry..
l used to create a small ruckus.

So one fine day,

Dad made me sit on his lap,

and showed me the
stars in the sky.

You don't have to be scared
of what you can't see.

You just have to enjoy the
beauty of what you can see.

'Have l forgotten what l
always yearned to tell you?'




Dude, go!

She's moving.

Did you kiss her?

Get lost!

You little devil!

lsn't it so beautiful just to watch the
girl we love even while she's sleeping?

lt'll be like that for
the first week alone!

Why are you sitting here?

When was the last time
you watched a sunrise?

The sun rises and sets everyday.

But no one is really
bothered about it.

Sometimes l think that..

lf everyone just paused to watch the
sunrise at least once in a while,

there wouldn't have been so
many problems in this world.

Diya means 'Light'.

You loser!

So you bored her by being
so cheesy last night?

Sheesh! Get lost man!

Hey. Varun is here. Look!

The stay is good man!
Great place!

- Dude, come!
- Coming. We'll eat something & come!

- What are you doing?
- l'm making tea.

- l know.
- l'll teach you. One second.

- Eat Devu.
- l don't want.

- Have at least little.
- l ate a lot last night. l'm not hungry.

- That was dinner. And this is breakfast.
Come on. Eat it properly.

lf this causes some problem,
l'll take care of that.

So this is your full-time job?

Now try it!

l forgot.
l'm sorry.

Hey! Hey! What
happened last night?

Didn't you guys tell me..

that you've to make a girl smile
to make her fall for you?

Last night she was
smiling a lot, bro!

But every time she smiled,

l was the one who was
falling harder for her.

He's a really sweet guy.

Very decent!

l haven't seen him looking
at any girl so far.

But l think he has some
soft cornerfor you.

Don't talk rubbish.
He seems to be a nice guy.

Did l say that he is not?

But such nice guys have a greater
chance of falling for you.

- Dude, aren't you coming?
- No! You guys carry on.

One minute. l'll just come.

- l heard something about you.
- What?

That you're deeply in love with me?

Sheesh! Nothing like that!

These guys are just
making false rumours.

When college starts,

we would discuss about the
girls in class, right?

So l said that you looked cute.

Since then they've
been going on..

So you admit that l'm cute?

l thought so back then..

But now, not at all!

Dude, wait! Wait!

Ever since l can remember,

l have had many boys as friends.


there's just one problem.

Everyone ends up coming behind
me saying 'l love you'.

With that, the friendship
would be closed!

Why are you looking like that?

You think that l'll also
come behind you like that?

No, no, no!

By the way, you were the one who
came and sat near me by yourself.

My fear is whether
you are behind me!

Get lost!

Don't push me!

'Like the sweet talks of little
waves in the gentle breeze,'

'My heart talks on its own,
on seeing you, my darling'

'The distances our
hearts are traveling',

'Distances hitherto unseen'

This is my father.

This is my mom.

This was taken when l went to meet my
cousin's gang studying in Christ College.

This is some distant
cousin of my dad's.

And ya, this is my
favourite teacher.

lsn't it cruel to make
the kids sit separately?

- Shall we set an example?
- How?

Like this.

'While the morning keeps following
your footsteps as a routine',

When was the first time we talked?

July 22nd 2015, Tuesday.

When we got a free period, you
asked me forthe textbook.

'When new paths
spread out before us'

'We'll merge as shadows
under the same shade'

'The distances our
hearts are traveling'

'Distances hitherto unseen'

That girl never talks
to anyone or what?

You know how many people
have asked me this?

She's always on her own
with that book of hers.

Can l see it?


Don't do all that!
She'll kill you!

How did you become friends?

Diya, Devika, Darshana.

When l heard that name,
l decided immediately,

that we will be thick friends
for the next four years!

Because of her name?

But to be frank, we are like a family now.

'These raindrops will shower
on me as your breezy smiles'

'Slowly embracing me as a
cool wave, my dear sunshine'

'Like the sweet talks of little
waves in the gentle breeze,'

'My heart talks on its own,
on seeing you, my darling'

'The distances our
hearts are traveling'

'Distances hitherto unseen'

- Hold this!
- This?

This is not how you should
be dressed in Goa! Take it off!

Come on!

Sheesh! You have nothing there?


Here you go!


So you also crack jokes, Lovely?

Hey, it's time for your surprise.
We'll escape at the next stop. Okay?

Just us?

Then what? Should we call
everyone else for all this?

For what?

Let that be. You just
have to come with me.

l.. l have to ask Varun.

You need Varun's permission
for everything or what?


Did she say where you are going?


- Diya, wait!

Shall l?

So you'll be singing
duets from now on?

Did she say what you are going to do?
- She told me not to call anyone else.

Look at you!

So you're going to turn into an adult?
- Sheesh!


This is what people say!

The bat should be given
to the guy who can hit with it!


- Does he want to be a celibate
growing all that hair & beard?

We don't want to be the
pricks in your paradise.

l'll see to it that the
teachers don't notice it.

But you have to be back on time.

Done! l'll do that!

No, no! Wait!

You're going as a boy.

Come back as a man!

Come. Let's go!

Got it?

You paid the money?
- Yea!

- You are slow!
- That's true!

Can't you go faster?
- Huh?

Just go fast!

Devutty, where are we going?

Just wait!

Don't let the map fly away!

This way! This way!

Ya! That one!

Devutty, what place is this?

This is the place.

Go slowly!

Come fast!

l can't. l'm going back.
This doesn't look good.


- lt's right here.
- Where are you taking me?

They'll reach now.

Who is this guy?


She is part of the
Russian Mafia or what?

What's the connection between
you & the Russian Mafia?

His organs are in place.

Tell me the truth! Why
did you bring him here?

Uri had designed a
couple tattoo for us.

Couple tattoo?

Take her away!

For both of us, a matching
couple tattoo like this.

Couple tattoo?

Dude, what is he saying?

l think he is really sad
about what happened.

- He's saying that he will give us guns!
- Guns?


you fainted seeing what?
- Needle.



l've been scared of
needles since childhood.

'So Rockstar Gautham came
to be known as Needle-boy,

and Devika as Tattoo-girl.'

What happened?

What happened?

- l can't see anything here.
- l thought a needle struck me.

Get lost!

'Tattoo-girl, who realized that the
journey forward won't be smooth,

became furious!'

Tattoo-girl! Needle-boy!
Tattoo-girl! Needle-boy!


how come you're coming with us?

You don't have anymore strange
rituals like couple tattoos?

Get lost!

Dude, happy?

Do you some otherfearthat l'm not aware
of? Like cockroaches or lizards?

lf there's something like
that, tell me right now.

l don't have the skill to
guess it from your mumbling.

We've reached the jungle.
Everybody get down.

This has 21 gears.

You're wearing a Sari
& riding a cycle?

There are coquets
in the jungle too?

l was the cycling champion
in MG University. Until 2002..


Why is it like this?

l think this is a new model.

See. This is my elder brother.

He's quite good looking!


My brother was really studious.

A real intellectual!

Soon after 10th standard,

he had decided..

Engineering from llT,
MBA from llM,

2 years job experience in some
leading international company.

And then to quit all that,
& start his own company!

And then?

Last month was his company's
one year success party.

At this age of mine,

my brother knew

what he wanted for
the next 10 years!

And me,

l don't even know which elective
to choose in the next semester.

Hey, stop!

There's something
wrong with my brake.

Ya. Brake.
Check the brake.

What happened?


- Come! Come!
- Where are you taking me?

You could've told her that you
were scared of needles, right?

You can't say that?


lf you see me, would you think that
l'd be scared of needles?

So you're not?

l am!

Then why couldn't you say that you
were not interested?

Dude, it's not as easy
as you think it is.

You will understand all that
only when you get a girlfriend.

He won't let me be in
peace for even 5 minutes!

Going on asking me to practice!

He thinks that the people over there will
be queuing up to listen to our songs!

Tell me the truth!

Do you like our songs?

Should l say the truth?
- Yea!

lt sucks to the core!

Dude, l also want to learn
Hindustani & Classical music.

They haven't tied you up, right?

lf you don't want it, quit it!

Dude, from the time Devika saw
me, l have been like this.


and all these black T-shirts!

One fine day if l say l don't
like any of these, she will..

What will she think?

What will she think?

She fell in love with you seeing
your black T-shirt or what?

lf you can't even talk openly
about such silly things,

what kind of a
relationship are you in?

Devika is a sweet girl.

We all know her.

All this won't be an issue for her!

You are over thinking!


-Aren't you coming?
- You carry on.

We will come.


Should l deliberately rip apart the
Tyre of a car which is riding smoothly?


right now, you just have
to change the Tyre alone.

lf you keep going like this, you'll
have to change the whole car itself.

Change the Tyre?


What's wrong with this Tyre?

Have you had a girlfriend?

l've always wanted one.
But no one wanted me.

What about you?

Even though l've had
many boys as friends,

l've never felt that l
need boyfriend until now.

There are chances that you might
feel so in the nearfuture, right?

We've reached!

Come. Let's go!

What are you looking at?


Over here?

Tell me.
Truth or dare?

Choose 'Dare', you scaredy-cat!

l will choose an adventure sport.

You will have to do it.

Para sailing!

lt's so scary to even hear that.

What is it?

You're scared of
anything & everything!

lf you only want to do things that you're
not scared of, why is it called a dare?

Whatever you say
next, l'll do that.

Got it!

Bungee jumping?


lt will be awesome!

All your fears will
be gone forever!

l'll also be gone forever!

You're breaking your
first promise itself?.


lf you're scared, don't do it.

Leave it. lt's okay.

l have avoided many things
in life because of my fear.

l want to do this.

Can you give me your phone?

That's my number.

l'll call you after
freshening up.

For the campfire,

shall we go together?

Her number..

She will give it to me herself.
Wait & watch!

Where's my jacket?

- Dude, that..
- Dude, what?

l saw you draping her.

Next time when you feel so
affectionate, buy a raincoat for her!


What's up?

ls it time to change your 'single' status
on Facebook to 'in a relationship'?

Sheesh! No man!

We'rejust getting
to know each other.

Even otherwise, she is not
ready for a relationship now.

She can't be blamed for that. She
saw you just yesterday, right?

- Not that.
- Then what?

- Did someone dump her?
- No!

Did she dump someone?

No man!

ls she a lesbian?
- No dude!

- Then what?
- Her parents got divorced!


Even they haven't told me that so far.
And you're saying it?

They had a lot of
issues between them.


l never expected that
mom would walk out..

That's why l didn't come
for class last week.

l didn't want to come for the l.V.
as well.

But when l sit at home,

l'm reminded of so many things!

Dude, don't tell
this to anyone else.

Dude, don't tell anyone!

l won't.

This is nice!

Very romantic!

What's your intention?

lsn't this our first date?

So l thought it should
be a little romantic.


Where did you get this from?
- The shells were easy.

lt was a little tough
to get the Tyre though.

Why aren't you talking about
your parents to anyone?

l have 8 cousins.

All this while, we
were an unruly bunch.

But ever since they came
to know about mom & dad,

they have only sympathy for me.

l've had enough of that!

At least,

in front of these guys,

l'm still the old Diya, right?

Let it be like that only.

Diya, it's the song
we heard yesterday.

ln the bus, on the earphones!


'Has my world blended into
the moonlight unknowingly?'

'What l've always yearned to tell you'

- Devutty, please.
- Leave me.

- Don't say anything now, Devu!
- Diya!

Why didn't you tell us anything?

We are with you!

Devika, leave me!

Didn't l tell you
not to tell anyone else?

Am l just someone else?

l'm his girlfriend!

So you think he tells
you everything?

Akshay, don't!

First tell her what you have to say.
Then you can talk about others.

What's the problem?

What's he talking about?

What is it?

What's the problem here?

- Hey!
- Huh?

Did you smoke up?

Yes children, l smoked up!

Let me tell you some truths.

Gautham is really scared of you.

And because of that, he doesn't
say a lot of things to you,


and he'll always have a
mask when he's with you.

lsn't that bad?

And you!

When you spread your
light all around,

many have been
burnt by it.

And one among them,

is him.


-At least, don't do the same with Akshay.
- Kuppi, come with me!

- Go to your room.
- Varun, l'm not finished!

What is he talking about?

Why do you wanna know?
To say it to everyone else?

- Diya, l haven't said anything!
- Don't say that!


staying up during midnight
in the bus and talking to her,

telling her 'l love you';
- Dude, stop it!

almost kissing her
after the bungee jump;

Didn't you tell me about all this?

Leave me!

lt's not like what you think!

- l can't say it now!
- Why can't you?

- l can't say! That's it!
- Why can't you?

Did l create a problem here?

Get lost man!

Kuppi, open the door.

l can't.

l have a lot of things to do.
Open the door.

l won't.

l have to talk to you guys.
You can leave afterthat.


today is the last day of our l.V.

l've been behind all of you since
morning to solve this somehow.

lt's true that last night l said a
lot of things l shouldn't have said.

But what l said wasn't wrong!
lt was the truth, right?

lt's a problem between us.
We'll solve it ourselves.

- You don't have to interfere.
- But l will interfere.

l have no other option!

You just want Diya to
fall for you somehow,

you want to be with
Devika all the time,

and you think this l.V.
is some world cup.

Each one of you had your own
reasons to come for the l.V.

But have you guys thought about
why l came for this trip even once?

l just wanted to have some fun
with you guys, you douche bags!

lt might sound really silly.

But until now,

l haven't even been able to click a
single photo with all of us together.

l'm not telling that you guys
shouldn't be with Diya or Devika,

or that you shouldn't
do yourjob!

But this precious time
when we are together,

don't waste it by fighting
against each other.



'Dil Chahta Hai' (Movie)
was shot here, right?

Of course!

After coming to
such a famous spot,

isn't it really bad if we don't
take at least a single photo?

lt will be really bad.


we need a camera to
take a photo, right?

l don't have a camera.

l have a camera with me.

So now we just need someone
to click the photo.

l don't know how to take photos.

- Do you know?
- Not at all!

What about you?

Even l don't know.

Now who will do it for us?

Enough. Go stand there.
l'll click.


you were here?

l didn't see you, l swear!

Don't overact!

Go stand there.

Sorry dude.
- Give me the camera.

Sorry sweetheart. We
won't fight again!

Come here!

Sorry bro!


Go stand there.

Go stand there, you idiot.

That thing which Aamir Khan
leaned on is gone, dude!

lt's been 15 years, right?

Even otherwise, what's there that
will survive for so many years?

Devutty, don't cut the call.

What is it?

l'm not the kind of person you think l am.
l have anotherface.

Another face?

Who are you? A ripper?.
Or a gangster?

l'll make you understand all that.

There's a library right next to you.
Can you please come there?

Oh dear!

What is this?

What is this man?

l haven't seen it so far.

lt's nice, dude. Suits you.

Why the hell can't you pick up the phone?
How long have l been calling you?

Did you forget about
next weeks' competition?

We haven't practiced much.
And you..

What happened?

Why don't we stop this?

To be frank, our band's
songs are really pathetic.

They suck to the core!

Aren't you in your
final year now?

Study something, get a placement &
try to be settled in life, man!


Say something, Devutty.

You needn't have
shortened it so much.

'So, by solving the
problems one by one,

they reached the tour's last location
to celebrate New Year's eve.

Sundown party.'

Hey Gautham, can you come with me?
- One second.

lt has not even been
a year since we met.

There are a lot of things that we
need to know about each other.

'After planning
everything so carefully,

Varun never expected
such a setback.

All of them lost their money,

the New Year plans were ruined,

and Varun became really sad.'

'But there was something else
which Varun never expected.'

Dude, why are you saying sorry?

Leave it, man! l'll get
the money from you later.

Shut up you idiot!

'That his friends wouldn't stop
supporting him just like that'.

you don't have to worry at all!

l'm there for you!

l mean, we are all
there for you. All of us!

Did you hear that?
All of us, it seems!

All of them are openly saying
what they wanted to say,

do you have something
to say, teacher?. - No!


lf not Sundown party,
we'll find some other party!

You think it's difficult to
find a party in Goa?

'Even while everyone was
searching for a party,

Diya was still upset.

And because of that, Akshay wasn't really
interested in searching for a party.


- You're a Malayali?
- Yes.

There's a party
happening inside.

A foam party organized by
a major Malayali shark!

Can you get me tickets
forthat one?

lt's not suitable for
your size & age.

Bro, please don't say that.
Somehow.. Please.

lt's almost over.

Anyway, you can go in & watch.

Wh.. Where?

Okay brother.


So you're brothers?



Missed a chance!

Yourfavourite, Sir.

lt was a New Year party l
threw for my colleagues.

l haven't told anyone at home.

lf l say that you were dancing
with foreign ladies covered in foam,

not just parents, even
friends won't believe it.

You know what?

l haven't gone for a single l.V.

l know that very well.

Dad had called me even today.

Because you ran around getting
first ranks everywhere,

it's hard for me to
survive at home.

l didn't run.
l was forced to run.

When the entire family is full of
engineers, doctors & civil servants,

we can't blame them for wanting
us to reach an llT at least.

There's something that
l have learned.

Our parents are always worried
about our well-being.

But we can make certain
decisions better than them.

From the day you realize
that, things will be smooth.

lt's easy to talk after
being so successful.

And me?

When l think about the future,

l'm really confused.

Who doesn't have
confusion in your age?

Do you think l wasn't confused?

Only if you are confused now,

you can be confident
in your future.

Don't break your head
over all these things,

and try to enjoy the small
moments in your campus life.

l.V, Arts Festival,


and college romance.

Whateverthat has to be
done during these days,

cannot be recreated later
however much we try.


Where were you all this while?

We've been searching for you everywhere!
- Dude, this is my brother.

This beard-o?



What about the party?

Like Chacko Sir said, there
are plenty of parties in Goa.

But there are tickets for none.

What's the problem?

l forgot to tell you.

The tickets we bought
for Sundown were fake.

All of us are looking
for another party.

By the way, is some
party happening here?

- This one just got over.
- What to do now?

Goa is really huge.

l don't have any
idea where to start.


This is the oldest shack here.

No party will happen in Goa
without being on this wall.

My flight is at 7.

l have a meeting early
in the morning itself.

Don't tell anyone at home
that you saw me here.

Okay then.

Find a party,

and enjoy new year's
eve with your friends.

What party!

l have given up!


don't be tensed about Diya.

People say that women
are really complicated,

and no one can understand
what they want, etc.


any woman's anger would be long gone
if you say a sorry from your heart.

Shall l go?

Dude, did you see a
poster called 'Red Dawn'?

All of you check for
the Red Dawn poster.

- lt was right here.
- Don't look for anything else.

Got it?

- Dude, what happened?
- Tickets are available.

They said it's happening
on a private island.

l don't think it would
fit in our budget.


we will arrange the money!

We will go there!

We're short of 9000 Rupees.

There's no one left to ask.

lf you tell this to the HOD,
teachers or other students,

you will know see this
Chacko's true face!

But we can say this
to Lovely Miss, right?

Say it!

Okay guys, our new year plans
are finally confirmed.

At 10.30 PM, everyone should
wait in front of the hotel.

From the hotel,
straight to the port.

From the port,
straight to the boat,

and from the boat, straight
to a private island!

Diya hasn't come?


ls this Diya's father?.

l'm her professor.

Chacko Sir, right?
l know.

l had taken your number
from her before she left.

Sir, l called you to
say something else.

l heard that you're
on strike over there?

Your friends are waiting
for you downstairs.

l'm not in a mood.

lt it because you're not in a mood or
because it's difficult to face them?


when l married your mother,
l was 30 years old,

and she was just 18.

That is your current age.

Even though we tried a lot,
our interests weren't mutual.

That's all!

Your mom will always be
a good friend to me,

and vice versa.

You're not going to lose
anyone like you fear.

These things which are making you sad right
now, will seem funny to you in the future.

So my dear, get ready quickly & enjoy
this new year's eve with your friends!


Hey! Our heroine is here!
Start the bus!

- Come, children!

Josetta, the boat will leave in 10 minutes.
So speed away!

Done! l'll take care of that!

The boat is just reaching.

Dude, it's not coming here. lt's
going in the other direction.

Can we get another boat?

l don't think there's any other boat.
That was the last one.

What the hell are you
looking for overthere?

See, finally you needed me!

- What for?
- Look!

Varun, you are nothing!

Dear, you are the real, the man,
the lightning, the thunderstorm!

Uri brother!

Russian mafia!



Watch out for those two.

Both don't know how to swim.

- Keep an eye on them.
- Where are you going?

- To book the boat's return tickets.
- Sit down!

Hold this.

Son, l'm not advising you.

lf we think that our happiness should
come only after our responsibilities,

we will have time only for
those responsibilities.

And before the bat of an eyelid,
our hair would've turned Grey.

See this!

l'll take care of yourtickets.

You also make one of these, son.

Hats off to you!

You're really fond of making things
with paper like this, right?

l knew it when Akshay was going on
stressing about this lantern festival.

l wasn't the one who
found this place,

and brought us all here.

lt was Akshay.

Even though you've had
many boys as friends,

do you still think that you
don't need a boyfriend?

'The distances our
hearts are traveling',

'Distances hitherto unseen'

'The distances our
hearts are traveling',

'Distances hitherto unseen'

From tomorrow, we're
back to the same old grind.

Lab, assignments, seminars,
the yucky hostel food..

Hey kids,

come fast!

At least something good happened
to you guys because you came;

when will my number come?


Tell her your name.

Pull up your shorts.

- Go ahead! Say it like l taught you!

Go on!

l think Kuppi just won a lottery!

Katthi (knife)?

The bus will leave now.

Hey, come let's take a photo.

Make it fast!

Let me focus!

- Got it?
- What the hell!

- He wouldn't have clicked anything.
- He didn't get it! ldiot!

l should move? You move first!

Very nice. Go that side!

Please move!

Even though it can't be said that
the trip changed everyone's lives,

certain small changes
happened to each one of them.

'Varun isn't always furious
alone like earlier.'

'He smiles once in a while now.'

'Gautham is not afraid
of needles anymore.'

'And Devika who used to listen
to English songs alone,

has gradually started listening
to Malayalam songs as well.'

What's your name?

'Even though Akshay isn't
the old Akshay,

Diya is still the
same old Diya.'

- Did you like her?
- You didn't like her?

So you liked her.

Then do something.
- Propose to him.

'As soon as Chacko Sir
opened his heart to her,

Lovely Miss said Yes.'

'Some love stories are like that'

'There won't be any
twist at all'.

'As boyfriend & girlfriend,

Kuppi & Kathy started a wedding
photography business together.'

'And they have a fair amount
of likes on Facebook'.

'And ya, now about me.'

'That new year selfie which
Kuppi couldn't capture;

l drew it for him as
well as l could.'

'So how did you like
our small family?'


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