Bangali Babu English Mem (2014) - full transcript

Hate turns to love as a man begins to appreciate living in forced proximity with a lovely Canadian-Indian woman.

Cigarette smoking and consumption
of alcohol is injurious to health.

Cigarette smoking and consumption
of alcohol is injurious to health.

"Your signals are giving me signs."

"My poor heart doesn't
listen to signals."

"Go carefully on the road, ladies."

"Save me before the brake fails."

"They wear mini-skirts."

"I want to go with her."

"My heart is mad. It is dancing in joy."

"Tell me, colorful one."

"Where were you all this while?"

"Don't give me a lecture."

"Don't bore me uselessly."

"My darling honey."

"I know you. You are my lover."

"My darling honey."

"Tell me. You are my lover."

"My darling honey."

"I know you. You are my lover."

"My darling honey."

"Tell me. You are my lover."

"Hey, hey. You are my sugar baby."

"You are my cutie pie."

"All I want to do now is.."

"go out with you and make you mine."

"Won't you be my sweetie?"

"You are a cutie pie."

"Oh my honey, bunny."

"I will you mine and take you aside."

"You will understand my magic now."

"I am Bengali man where my
style and way of life is concerned."

"I will control you in
a way used by foreigners."

"I will come close to you and ask.
How do you do?"

"Hey, my foreigner lover.
I know you. I do."

"My heart is mad. It is dancing in joy."

"Tell me, colorful one."

"Where were you all this while?"

"I will love you a lot."

"Come close to me."

"My darling honey."

"I know you. You are my lover."

"My darling honey."

"Tell me. You are my lover."

"My darling honey."

"I know you. You are my lover."

"My darling honey."

"Tell me. You are my lover."

Hey, fool. - Hey, hey, hey.

You want to kiss your father
even without washing your mouth?

Fool. - Where did you come from?

Hey, couldn't you
wake me after some time?

After how long should I have called you?
It way past noon.

So does that mean
you can sit on my head?

Someone has written.

There is a hole in the tea cups.

And someone puts a stick in that hole.

I think that writer must
have written on seeing you.

Just because your father is alive.. could afford to sleep for so long.

Or else, with your capability.. wouldn't get a job
for 100 days from the government.

Oh my darling. My sweet son.

My darling son.
Are you awake, dear?

My darling son.
Here you are. Have this health drink.

What is this?
He hasn't brushed or washed his mouth.

How can he have health drink?

If the company would
have known about this..

..they would have mentioned that it
wasn't meant for sale to lowly people.

Hey, keep quiet. All your life,
you have had a closed mentality.

You don't know anything. - Yes.

In other countries,
no one wakes up and brushes their teeth.

Or washy their mouth.
They have tea first.

Hey, what is it called?
- Bed tea. Bed tea.

Bed tea. This is bed plan.
Have it, dear. - Yes.

Someone had written that
a boy with his mother's face..

..has his mother's
size and brain too.

I think they saw a sample
like you and wrote it.

Thank God he isn't like you.

Or else, I would have had
to leave him back in the hospital.

My darling son. He is my son.

He will go to Canada and amaze everyone.

I am amazed before everyone else.

Hey, fool, why will you do in Canada?

I will marry a girl
there and settle down there.

Why? Why? Why?

Is there a lack of men there?

Why would they make you, a person who
has failed his tenth standard exams.. a son-in-law?

When I come home with my wife.. one would look at my certificate.

All of them will look at my wife.

And salute her.

Salute, madam.

Stop. Stop. Stop.

Stop, dear.

Will you take me to
the corporation office?

I am going to immigration office,

I am already late.

Okay, dear.

Wait for sometime.
I will arrange for something.

Okay. Okay.

But with more speed..
Ride with greater speed.

Keep quiet.

Ride with greater speed.

Hey, look.
They have passed by. - They passed by.

Hey. Everyone is passing by..
- What is this?

Hey, even cycle..
- Hey, even cycle has passed by.

Ride with greater speed.
Ride with greater speed.

Madna. Ride with greater speed.
- Keep quiet.


What happened?

Cannot you see the vehicle?
It is not mine. It is father's.

Hey, get lost.

You are asking me to ride faster.
Everyone is looking here.

How can I ride this faster? - Hey.

What happened? Why did you stop?

I got her.. - What?

My father-in-law's daughter. - What?

Father. Make the seat empty.
Your daughter-in-law will sit.

Fool. - Hey..

You want your father to
get down to make a girl sit here.

How will I go? - Take a bus.

What? - The bus stand is right ahead.

Take the bus. And go home straight.

I am coming.

Okay, Madna.

It is okay if you are giving a lift
to a girl. But don't do it for free.

Take rupees 500.

Hello. - Hello.

Can you give a lift
till corporation office?

Yes. Actually I was
going to immigration office.

Okay. Since you are saying it,
I will go via corporation office.

So what if I don't have the means?

I am always with people.

Yes. - Thank you.

Grandma. - Grandma.

What is this?

May God bless you, dear.

Don't give me blessings. Bless him.

He is the one taking you.

And I will give this bag to him.

Here you are. Hold this.

Go carefully, grandma.
Thank you, brother.


Hey, I stopped because of you.

But you gave grandma to me?

Hey, you made a fool out of me.

Did you see? Did you see that?

You cheated me and went away, right?

Okay. I will remember this.

You had bad luck, Madna.

Let us go, dear.

Yes, I am going.

You are making me hurry...

as if your auspicious time
for marriage is running out.

Here you are. Have tea. - No.

What is this?

You haven't filled the form yet?
The office will close shortly.

Everything is written in English.

I don't know where to write my name.

There is a kindergarten
school beside this.

Let us go there. You can give
chocolate to a kid and get this done.

Keep quiet.

Do you want me to put my respect
at stake in front of small kids?

Oh God. And you are scared
on seeing English letters.

That is right. What should I do?

Hey, Kali.. - Yes?

Look at her.

Can you see how quickly
she is filling the form?

I am sure she lives in Park street.

Come on.
Let us go and tell her. Come on.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Stop. Stop.

What will you tell her?

I don't know English.
Can you please fill up my form?

You will lose respect and so will I.

Look. I will manage it.

Hey, give chocolates to kids.

And give sentimental dialogues to girls.

Oh my God. - Hey..

I have such a lot of pain.. - Hey..


Are you fine?

Have we met before?

- Are you on my facebook friend list?
- No..

So what is the point
of knowing how I am doing?

No, I mean..

I needed some help from you.

Can you fill this form of mine?

I see.


You cannot understand it, right?

So what will you do in the foreign
country if you don't know English?

No, no.

I mean I know English.

Actually the matter
is that I have hurt my hand.

I have a lot of pain.

I cannot hold a pen. - I see.

That is why I needed some help from you.

Give it. No problem.

Actually what happened is
that when I was traveling by bus..

..a boy was teasing a girl.

When I see all this,
I cannot control myself.

I punched him hard on his face.

He ducked down and
I hit the rod instead.

Is the girl related to you?

Is the girl related to you?


Then why did you want to hit him?

What is the name?

I didn't ask her.
She got down at the next stop.

Your name.

What is your name?

Everyone in the colony
calls me Madu with love.

You can write that too..
- No one here is in love with you.

Tell me the name that
is written in your certificate.

I don't have a certificate.
Forget about a name on that.

What happened?
It takes so long to tell your name?

Yes. Madhusudan Dutta.

Yes. Madhusudan Dutta.

Father is Vibhuti Bose.

And mother is Asha.

The whole family is made of writers.

Wonder if he is getting his
form filled or horoscope written.


I am Madan Das. - I am Kali Das.

Can you help me? Please.

What help do you need?

Can you fill my form?

I will take rupees 500.

How much? 500. Wouldn't 100 do?

Okay. 400.

Just because I am in a desperate
condition, you are saying this?

I will give 200.

Last is 350.

Okay. - Yes.

Consider me as your
brother and take 250.

Oh God. Your hands are
shaking to give 250 to me.

What shall I do?

Till now, I was in the habit
of begging and taking money.

I didn't have the
habit of giving anything.

This is the first time.
That is why my hands are shaking.

Okay. Give it. - Oh no.


Oh yes. There she is.

Your sister-in-law is filling
the form of someone there.

Go and ask her to do it for you.

Thank you, brother. - Brother Kali.

Here you are. Sign it here. - Okay.

I will sign it outside.

What should I say to you.. - Let it be.

No need to say anything.

Are you blind?
Can't you watch it while walking?

Don't be rude and talk politely.

Or else, I will give you one..
- What will you give?

I will plant. I will plant
a flag in front of the house.

The people of your house
wouldn't be able to go out

Hey, you slapped me so hard?

Hey, you have an injured hand, right?

And it is paining a lot?

You cannot hold a pen.

It hurts when I am about to write.
Not when I have to thrash.

Get lost.

He has slapped me twice?

Where are you going?

Earlier, you gave the responsibility
of an old woman to me.

And that took away
half a liter of my petrol.

I gave 250 outside
for you to fill my form.

You are leaving without doing that?

Who did you give 250 to?

Why? That man is standing there.
Your agent. -What?

Hey.. - Idiot!

Three slaps on the cheeks of Madan Das?

Just because I don't have the means..

..everyone is thrashing me.

Oh my God. It seems like a photo to me.
I am sure it is my photo.

He is darling son. My darling son.


Oh my God. Hey, come here and see this.

My son has got into a
relationship with some girl.

I am worried about the girl.

Let me see.
Which girl has he ruined? Let me see.


Hey, she is our Bipasha. - Who is that?

Bipasha Basu.

Hey, is she the thin daughter
of Nagen Basu from the other colony?

She wears small clothes and
roams around the whole country?

Hey, no. She is a film star.

How did you know? - Hey..

I saw her on T.V.

You told me that you watch
religious channels on T.V all day.

Now.. - I got it.

You watch religious channels all day.

And when I am asleep,
you watch lowly channels.

That is what I was wondering about.
My son isn't like this.

You have got this picture.


The son has committed a mistake
and I have to suffer the result.

Even God would have
to suffer if he is with you.

She is too much!


He is doing all this at such an old age?

What should I tell the girl?
She is taking such weird clothes.

What are you doing, mother? Why
are you taking out my jeans and tops?

Look, father.

Will you wear all
this when you go abroad?

Mother. Everyone there wears all this.

Let everyone wear whatever
they want to wear. But you won't.

Always wear Salwar Kameez
and cover your head with a veil.

So that people can understand...

on seeing you that you haven't
gone to Canada to study.

But to choose a husband.

Okay? - Perfect.

You can only take a Bangladesh
flight instead of Canada flight.

Are you laughing?

Because of you,
the girl is going out of our control.

What is the need to go abroad and study?

Aren't there good schools
and colleges here?

Apart from that, only ten
months are left for her marriage.


The one I am getting married to
doesn't have a problem if I go abroad.

Why are you getting
worried without a reason?

Look, it is a matter
of seven to eight months.

It isn't mean feat to get a
diploma from such a famous institute.

And apart from that, you will
gain if Ria becomes a fashion designer.

You are the one that says your blouses
are loose. And they don't fit well.

Do it. Do it.

Father and daughter can make fun of me.

But do remember something.

If you go there and complain to me..

..that the food isn't good
or the accommodation isn't good..

..I will not listen to anything.

I will get you back immediately.

Mother. Nothing of
that sort will happen.

I will complete the course and return.

And apart from that,
Canada is a very cultured country.

Only cultured people go there.

Come on. Come on.
Get down.. -Come down. Get down.

Father. I am leaving, father.
- Go carefully.

Brother, don't forget
us when you go abroad.

Hey, give me the garland. - Hey, no way.

Never ever. -Here you are.

Are we getting late?

Look, you are wearing a
garland made of orange flowers.

But while coming back, wear a
garland made of fragrant, white flowers.

And as a couple.

Listen. Do offer veneration
to Lord on my behalf. - Yes.

Do tell the Lord that the
garland should be made of pearls.

A monkey will wear a garland
made of pearls. It will shine.

Hey, keep quiet now.

Father. Father! - Madna.

Father, don't worry.

Your son will do something
for sure in Canada.

I will get married to a girl from there.

And I will start a business right there.

I love you, Madna. - I love you, father.

I love you. - I love you, father.

I miss you.. - Father, leave me.

I miss you.. - Father, let go.

Leave me. The flight
for Canada will leave. - What?

I am leaving, father. - Yes.

I have arranged for a menu
for nice food for you. - Manu?

Hey, not Manu. Recipe. Recipe.

I see. - Look.

Hey, this is the rose dessert.

This is Sutapa Rai's vegetable dish.

This is Sanjeev Kapoor's
fish fried rice.

Sadhna Mukhopadhya's raw banana dish.

- There is more.

This is sweet. Look.

Sweets from Balram.

Deshbandhu Mishtan Bhandar.. - That is
it. That is it. That is it. That is it.

That is enough.

This will be more than enough
to impress prospective in-laws.

Oh yes. Good point.

When you go inside,
be aware of your surrounding.

Who knows?

You might get a Canadian
girl inside the airport itself.

That is it!

You will have someone ready
for you on your way there.

There is one.


I think your destiny
will change right here.

Give me two cups of coffee.

Rupees 200.

How much? 200?

Yes, sir.

But it is sold for rupees 10 at Banipur.

So you should have taken
the flight from Banipur.

Hey, you will sit in the airport
all your life and sell tea and coffee.

You will never be able
to go to Canada ever in life.

Now take this. Come on.


How sweet! Greeting.

How did you know I am sweet?

I came back to Kolkata
after many years in Canada.

And since the time I have come here..

..I have heard only hi
or hello as greetings. - Yes.

Kolkata has become like Canada.

I have heard this sweet
word from you for the first time.


What do you mean by 'after many years'?

You have been staying
in Canada since a long time?

Yes, of course.

Oh, very good.
I am going to Canada for the first time.

We will go together. Okay? - Yes, yes.

Here you are. Here you are.
Have tea for this celebration.

Take it. Take it. - Hey, hey, hey.

Leave tea. Have coffee.

Greetings.. - Hey, hey, hey.

What are you doing here?

I am going to Canada.

I haven't come to jump
around in the airport like you.

What? - Coffee.

Hey, even Madan is going to Canada. Yes.

Keep it in the pocket.

What is your seat number?

Yes. I am telling you.
- Hey. Why would she tell you?

She will tell me if she has to.

I am always with people.

So stay with people.

What are you doing here?

If you talk too much with this coffee..

..I will give you..
- Hey. What will you give? Yes?

What will you give?

I will get you punished.

Security. Security.

Security. Come here..
- One minute. One minute. One minute.

There is no need to call anyone.

I will have the coffee. - Yes.

And the tea.. - Yes?

Will be consumed by my son!


Yes. That is my son.

Hey, are you married?

Yes, of course.

Is he your..

No, no, no. My husband is a
software engineer in Canada. - I see.

Okay. Have tea. -What?

One mustn't have too much of coffee
after marriage. Got it? - Meaning?

Give me the tea. - Too much!

Let the small kid have tea
at the expense of his father. Okay?

If he has tea at the expense
of uncles at this age..

..he will have a lot of expenses
in the future...

..and you would have
to find a lot of uncles.

Right? She is too much. - Strange.

Sorry, sir. I cannot take the tea back.

Why? Why cannot you take it back?
It is just as you had given it.

I haven't even tasted it.

I took it for a girl.
But I heard she is married.

I took it for no reason.

I am telling you.
Give me rupees 80 back.

Or else, you will be in a problem.

If I call my people,
20 to 25 boys will come just like that.

They will come here and
teach you a good lesson. Okay?

Even the plane wouldn't fly in the sky.

The plane will fly for sure.

Let me see if you can fly too.

Come on, Madhusudan Dutta. I
have to look for another Canadian girl.

Come inside.

Morning. - Morning.

I am going to Canada. Canada!

Your passport and boarding pass.

Boss. I have everything.
I have everything.

I have kept it together.

What? I had kept it in the pocket.

Where did it go?

Go back or come to the side.

Hey.. - Please.

Hey, it was there.

If I didn't have it, why would
I come inside? To clean the place?

You cannot go inside without passport.

You speak rubbish!
Hey, if I call my people here.. will get into trouble right here.

The plane wouldn't fly in the air.

Keep quiet.

You dared to slap Madan Das?

You dared to slap Madan Das twice?

We still have support.

I will rebel right away.

"We shall overcome."
- Get lost!

Listen. Can you move the bag?

My hand is injured.
I am in a lot of pain.

Actually what happened
is that while coming by bus..

..a boy was teasing a girl.

And you cannot tolerate all that.

You wanted to punch that boy.

But he ducked his head.
And you hit the rod instead.

You can say whatever you want. - Hey.

I don't really mind about that.

From right now,
you and I will be together.

As you and I are going to Canada.

It is a journey of 20 hours.. - Oh no.

If both of us are together..

..we can spend the time nicely. Got it?

Just keep in mind that the people
make the allowancecement properly.

Not allowancement. Announcement.

Whatever it is.
We must hear it. Just be careful.

Go to hell.

Hey, where are you going?

Forget about 20 hours.

One cannot be with
you even for 20 seconds.


Get lost.

Hey, at the end,
you had to sit next to me.

Right? This is called
destiny's collection.

Not collection. Connection.

Oh no, whatever it is.

It is already made. That is why I was
saying that without knowing anything.. shouldn't give a step pant.
- Not step pant. Statement.

One shouldn't give it.

Oh no. How will I sit with him?
I will go mad.

Yes, ma'am.

Excuse me.
Can you please change my seat?

Sorry, ma'am.
All the seats are occupied.

I see.

Anything else? - No. Thank you.

What did she say? When will we reach?

Oh God.

I am talking to you so that
we can cover the long journey easily.

And you are wearing this in your ears?

Hey, get lost. - Hey!

Hey, a Bengali hit another
Bengali in the plane?


Don't talk to me if you
don't feel like talking to me.

Even I have no wish to talk to you.

Now I will put oil in my nose and sleep.

Hey.. - Hey, you..

Ask them if oil is available.

Get lost. Get lost.

Too much!

Daddy. - Daddy.

Can we kiss, baby?

Oh sure, darling.

Hey, hey.. -Hey, hey!

What are you doing?

Oh God, where did you come from?

I was kissing my Canadian wife.

Trying to act smart, right?

Do you think I don't
know about your intentions?

Since the time you have come,
you have been chasing me around.

What? I have been chasing you around?

Listen, if I have to chase,
I will chase a Canadian girl.

I will not chase a rural girl like you.

What did you call me? -Rural.

Have you seen yourself in the mirror?
You monkey!

The plane will be shortly landing
at Vancouver international airport.

Passengers are requested
to fasten their seat belts.

Close the tray tables.
And keep the seats upright.

She is speaking such impeccable English.

I am sure she stays in Canada.

Hope you enjoyed the flight.

We will be reaching Canada soon.


Yes, sir? -What?

How can I help you?
- Have we reached Canada?

Yes, sir.

Can you open my belt?

Sorry, sir.

No, fine.


It is settled. We will meet again.

Thank God we were together.

The time just flew by and
we didn't even come to know.

We flew in a jiffy
and landed in a jiffy.

This was the longest and
the worst journey of my life.

Oh my God.

The rural girl has stepped
on foreign soil..

And has started
speaking in English.

She is speaking fluent English.

You are crossing your limit.

Hey.. - Give me the phone.

The phone.. -From the front?
Where does one click a picture?

Give me the phone.. - Yes.

Here you are.
Your mobile has my picture.

Show my picture to a girl who
has a ration card of this country.

Tell them that I am nice boy.

And if she gets married to me,
her life will be bliss.

Any girl will do.

And if you think everything is right.. finalize the alliance.

Hey, only a Bengali can take care
of another Bengali in an unknown land.

What do you say?

Sure. I will show your picture
and warn each and every girl.

They shouldn't get into a relation
with this boy even by mistake.

Or else, her life will turn into hell.

Here you are.

Bengalis are the same
in Kolkata and Canada too.

A Bengali will never lose
his habit of bothering others.

Rural girl. - Monkey!

You have saved me.

I don't want to meet
this girl ever again.

She might come to my wedding
altar anytime and break off my marriage.

Oh God. Thank you for
doing away with this trouble.

I don't want to meet him ever again.

Or else, I will go mad.

Oh my God.

"I am crazy. I am going."

"To look for her. With a lot of love."

"I am crazy. I am going."

"To look for her." Oh no.


Kali here.

Have you reached abroad?

Listen. Tell me.
Did you impress a girl yet?

No. The one I got is from our country.

She is not original.
Only with a stamp of Canada.

But I have my ears and eyes open.

I will impress one for sure.

Watch where you are going, idiot!

Wish you the same.

Hey. Who are you speaking to in English?

What? Now..

Look. I have kept someone
for doing the chores.

I have kept help.

What? You have employed
a foreigner as help?

So would I have a person
from our country to help me..

..if not a foreigner in Canada?

Hang up now. I am in a foreign country.
My bill is shooting up.


One can get help on contractual
basis even in Canada?

Why did he employ a foreigner as help?

He could have taken one of us.

I have heard the help there don't
talk in any language except English.

And they don't walk around
or move except in their own cars

And do you know?

The cleaners there
come in their own cars..

..and clean the toilets
and give a bill and leave.

Why wouldn't they drive cars?

Whatever we earn in one
month is their earning per hour.

What? - Yes.

Hara Parbati Rannaghar.

Yes. The address is correct.

But it shows two boards here.

Oh no.

Before the fighter woman poaches him..

..I have to get him inside.

So let me go.

I will go inside and ask.

Hail Lord. - Hail Lord.

Brother. Tell me.
Is this Hara Parbati Rannaghar?

It is right.
If you have to eat good Bengali food..

..Hara Parbati Ranna
ghar is the place to come to.

The dish starts with the vegetable
dish and ends with mango chutney.

When you wash your hands,
I make betel leaf with true tobacco.

Welcome. - Yes.

Hey, Bhola. A family member
has come from our country.

Give him some drink.

Family? I saw you today. And you turned
me into a family member right now?

Every Bengali here
is a family member of mine.

Do you love everyone, brother?

Hey, it is the actual menu of Haranath.

I don't do business for money.

I do business for love. - Yes.

Money is like dirt on the hand.

Thanks to God's blessings, I am
smeared with that dirt all over my body.

What? - It snows a lot here in winter.

That is why I don't
bathe more than once a week.

Now look at you. Even I
am in the same condition, brother.

It doesn't snow in Banipur
but even I bathe only once in a week.

What? - Yes. Tell me, family member.
What will you have?

Non-vegetarian or vegetarian?

I am very hungry.
Since the time I have taken the plane..

..I have been having
bread and feeling constipated.

I told the girls to get
some curry and rice for me.

But they could only say sorry.

I am a Bengali.
If I don't eat some meat and rice..

..will the system get cleared? Tell me.

Don't talk about those girls,
family member.

They don't speak a word apart from what
they have been taught in the training.


When they come close,
they say, yes, sir.

And when we ask for something,
they say, sorry, sir.

Brother. Get some meat and rice for me.

Sorry, sir.

This isn't a plane, brother.
Then why are you saying sorry?

No, actually what has happened,
family member..

We are not getting
a proper supply of meat.

That is why we have
to serve soya bean. Yes.

Say this to cheat everyone.

Hey.. -Hey!

Go and get a vegetarian dish.

Everything is available
in our vegetarian dish.

Rice, pulses, vegetable. Chutney. Fries.

Brother Hara. I wanted to ask
if we could finalize before I ate.

Now look at this.

You have stepped here. Now the matter
has been finalized because of that.


You are my permanent family member.
Hail Lord.

Start eating.
Pure Bengali dish. Eat. -Yes, eat.

Eat. - Yes.

What is the matter? It is three.
But the boy hasn't come yet.

Where did he go?

Wow. Really, brother Hara.

Your cooking is too good.

Hey, this is nothing. 420. - Yes.


What happened, family member?

Was there something
lacking in us as hosts?

You used abusive language.

Hey, not you.

People curse Bengalis.

About Bengalis changing
when they go abroad.

They should be taken by their
ears and brought here and shown. Look.

Bengalis do take care of Bengalis.

Hey, I do as much as I can.

Really, brother Hara.
You are taking care of me like a father.

I am forgetting my father's
name in this condition.

Don't be so emotional, family member.

One minute.

Oh my God, this is a call from you.

Hey, it isn't my phone.
It is your phone.

Yes. The phone is mine.
But the call is yours.

Now look at you.

How can I call on your phone? -Yes.

I think you are still on the plane.

And your head is feeling dizzy.

But the number is of your hotel.



Hello. Where are you? Parbati here.
From Hara Parbati Ranna Ghar.

Parbati? - Oh my God.

Hello. Do bless me.

Brother, forget about blessing you.
It is three. Where are you?

Oh my God. I have been sitting
since a long time. Now here I am.

I have had my meal.

Now I am having betel. 420.

What? Where?

I cannot see you.

What will happen now?
- Now listen to me.

Hey, I am here.

I have to get rid of
him before trouble comes here.

Trust me.
- Or else, we will not be forgiven.

I am telling the truth. - Hey.

I am right here.
Sitting in Hara Parbati Ranna Ghar.

Here he is.
Brother Hara is standing here.


Hara? Hey, that means you
have fallen into the trap of a cheat.

Cheat? Brother Hara?

No, no, Parbati.

You are making a mistake.

Brother Hara is very simple.

He treated me like his own son and
made me eat food with so much of love.

He gave me betel leaf number 420 to me.

I think I have come to
the hotel of my own father.

Hey, get lost.

May your father get ruined.

Oh no.

Five dollars.

Five dollars? Why?

Now you ate so much of food here.

Oh God. You fed me with so
much love like a father for his son.

Why should I pay for that?

You have to pay if you
want love from a bachelor father.

What? I have come to Canada
to earn money. Not to spend it.

I will not pay even a penny.

Hey.. - That is great!
This is a true Bengali's son.

Don't give him even a torn note.

Hey, who wants a torn note?
I want a crisp note of five dollars.

If you want to work at my hotel,
don't give him even a penny.

Hey, listen. - Go and close the door.

How will he leave without paying up?

I will decide about that.
- Great, Bhola.

Hey.. - Come on, fight.

Hey, do you want to take money from me?

Yes, I will..
- I will thrash you so hard that.. and roasted chicken will
look alike.. - I will thrash you hard.

Get lost.. - Hey!

Hey, don't hit him. - That is true.

Don't hit him at all.

I have taught a lesson
to a lot of Bengalis here.

If you don't pay five dollars...

I will make you wash utensils
for the rest of the week.

Come on.. - Hey!

Here you are. For you,
money is like dirt on the body. Come on.

Take it off my body.

Come on, buddy.

Don't mess with these cheats.
- What is she saying?

What? - I will give
you a cleansing juice.

Everything that you
have eaten will come out.

Come on. - Hey!

Hey, hey, hey.. - What happened?

Hey, get it. Get it.
He will steal it. He is a big cheat.

He went away. - He is a super cheat.

You can only dominate me.

When Parbati comes here,
you shrink like a worm.


Haven't I told you?
Don't take that name in front of me.

Abani had given me
rave reviews about you.

Wouldn't he? He has taken
a lakh to give a false certificate.

What? What did you say?

I mean, I cooked in the ceremony of last
rites of the brother-in-law of Abani.

I see.

Everyone was happy
after eating the meal.

Everyone told me to cook for
the ceremony of last rites of Abani too.

So what can you cook?

Whatever you ask me.

Vegetables to chutney.

And flat bread to fried rice.


Just give me the order and turn around.
And the dish will be ready.


You seem like a different
person from the exterior.

But I cannot understand
what you are really like.

Test me. - Okay.
I will give you the spices.

Make bottle gourd for me.

Bottle gourd?

Haven't you heard of it?

What? What are you saying it?

Even kids of my colony can cook it.

Every house has a dish like this.

That is why, half of the boys
in my colony are called as Potol(gourd).

Okay. Mr. Potol. - What?

The kitchen is that side.

Unripe bananas dish.
Chicken with two onions.

Vegetable dish. And potato..

Oh no.

Everything is here except
the dish of bottle gourd.

Now I will be in trouble.

What should I do? I will call mother.

Son has called me. From Canada.

Hey, son, how are you?

I am fine.
I was missing you. Hence I called.

Even I am missing you.

Do you know, mother?

As soon as I sit down to eat, I remember
the dish of bottle gourd that you make.

How do you make it? Tell me.

Hey, son. Have you gone to
Canada to make bottle gourd dish?

No, no, I will not make it.
I have kept an aunt to cook for me.

She is a foreigner. And she
doesn't know how to make that dish.

I will teach her.

My son has kept a foreigner
to cook food. - Really?

He will teach her to
make bottle gourd dish to her.

Hey, son. Tell aunt to
wash the bottle gourd well.

Isn't it great? Didn't I tell you
even kids from my colony can make it?

It has been made like kids.
You need to make this better.

Remain in my training.
Everything will be fine.

If you want to stay here,
keep two things in mind like a pillar.

Yes, tell me.

None of the customers
should go to the cheat's hotel.

Don't worry.

I will pull everyone and get them here.

Yes. Great.
- Tell me about pillar number two.

We have to think of a way
where the servant, Bhola, leaves him.

And he has to sit idle
in his hotel and kill flies.

Keep the flies ready. I will
make sure he goes away right away.

Just give me a permanent job.

Sure. - What?

Just do something.

Do away with the
Kolkata Sim card. - Yes.

I will give you a local sim card. - Yes.

Or else, everything that you earn
will be blown off in the phone usage.

Great. Great.
I knew it that you would do this for me.

Hey, only a Bengali will take
care of a Bengali in an unknown land.


Come on time tomorrow.

Where will I go? -To your house.


I have given you a job.
Not a daughter where you can stay.. my place as a live in son-in-law.

When given a little,
they want everything. He is too much.

I am sure she has been
cheated by a Bengali.

Or else, she gave me a job.
But not a place to stay?

Let me go.
I will have to find a place to stay.

So Miss Ria? How do you like the house?

It is good.

And very close to my college as well.

But isn't the rent a bit high?
I mean isn't the rent a bit high?

Six months rent weekly.

And an advance rent of 4 months.

Look, the offer is 1000 dollars.

But since you are a student,
I am offering it cheap.

Okay. I will take it.

So you will have to
get the rent by evening.

Or the house goes to someone else.

No issues.
I will withdraw the money and meet you.

I will meet you in the evening then.
- No problem.

Thank you. Bye, bye. - Bye.

Hey, hey.. - Get back.
- Help! Help!

I just have 160 dollars.
I have to pay the man by evening.

How will I arrange
for so much of money? Crap.

If I call at home, mother
will ask me to come back right away.

Let me find some other accommodation.

Hi, I am Ria.
I saw your ad in the paper.

Hello, Ria.
From which part of India are you?

I am from Kolkata.

Kolkata? Bengali?

I see.

So we can talk in Bengali.

Do you know Bengali?

Hey, even I am from Kolkata.

I have studied in Presidency.
I am a true Bengali.

Oh God.

I saw your name as Kathy in the
ad and hence, didn't understand at all.

I was Kathakali before marriage.

Kathakali Basu.
After I got married to Roger here.. name was shortened
to Kathy from Kathakali.

I see.

Roger passed away two years back.

Now it is only me
and this house of mine.

Of course, Jennifer, daughter
of Roger from his first marriage..

..comes to meet me at times.


Can you give me a room to stay here?

I see. You got a bit delayed, Ria.

I gave that space
to someone on rent today.

I see. My bad luck.

No, no, wait. I can make an arrangement.

If you want,
you can share the space with that boy.

He is the one I am talking about.
- No, ma'am.

I am not sure. I mean..

.. I don't know him at all.
How would he be?

I don't think there should be a problem.
The boy is decent.


Yes. Come on, Bips.
I have made space for you.

I am sure you are wondering
about my weirdness, right?

I am looking for a Canadian
wife and yet, I am in love with you.

Hey, let me clear something, dear.

I don't care who comes to my life.

You will always remain in
my life like you are right now.

Excuse me.

- Yes, aunt.

Sorry. I have forgotten your name.

It is Madhusudan Dutta in the passport.

But everyone calls me Madhu with love.

But he isn't like Madhu(honey) at all.
- What is this?

He is like poison.

Hey, rural girl? You are here?

Oh God.

So you both know each other?

Then there is no problem.
Both of you can share and stay here.

Share? With a monkey like him? - What?

If need be, I will sleep on the streets.
- Do that.

Or go back to Kolkata. -Go back.

I will not stay a kilometer
within where he is staying.

Hey, get lost.
It seems I have invited you.

Ma'am. Let me warn you. You have
given this place to a very lowly person.

You will repent later.
- Hey, rural girl.

One mustn't give a statement
like that without knowing a person.

Not that! Statement!

Yes, whatever it is.
One mustn't give it.

Now go. Go and look
for another place. Go.

Get lost. - Get lost.


Hey, aunt. -Yes?

Don't give me such lowly
girls to stay with me.

You can tell me if
it is a local girl. Okay?

Hey, rural girl. One minute.

You mustn't jump and leave.

Firstly, it is a foreign country.
Secondly, you are alone.

And thirdly,
you don't have a place to stay.

And then, it is very cold here.

I know you don't like me at all.

But yet, knowing there
are so many problems..

..can I leave you alone?

Do something.
Take this blanket. Wrap this up.

And go and sleep in the park. Go.

Don't say thank you.

A Bengali will look after a
Bengali in a foreign country, right?


Oh no. These times are not
apt for people trying to do good.

Indo Canadian marriage bureau.

125, main street, Vancouver.

Shabari Williams.

Life safety insurance.

Let me do something in life.
After that, I will think about safety.

Let me write this as well.

Hey, rural girl.

What are you doing here?

You were hiding in the
bathroom all night, right?

The way of escaping from paying rent.

Don't talk rubbish.

What rubbish did I say?

You are staying in my
house and answering back?

Have you bought this place?
You are a tenant and so am I.

Tenant? Who kept you as one?

Aunt.. - I. I did.


She came very late at night yesterday.
I couldn't tell you.

I have some status in life.

I have connections with very
high profile people in the share market.

How can I stay with
just any lowly person?

Hey. Who did you call as lowly?

Calm down. Calm down.

Okay. She is a girl who is alone.
Where would she go?

There are so many rooms.

You can stay in one.
And she can stay in one.

It is your house. Everything
will happen according to your wish.

Apart from that, Bengalis have to take
care of Bengalis in a foreign country.

Or else, will Chinese look after us?

Let it be. Don't try to act great.

I have some conditions.

Tell me. Tell me.

First. Don't enter
my room even by mistake.

Now look at her. Don't I have my
own room? Why would I enter your room?

Go ahead.

Don't drink and come home.

She is talking like kids.

Why would I drink outside and come home?
I will drink at home. Right?

In your own room. - Okay.


Not lext.. Anyway. Third.

I will use the bathroom
in the morning first.

Oh my God. Is that so? Use it.

I don't have a habit
of waking up in the morning.

Paper man and milk
man wake up in the morning.

I have some high tastes.

Completely different style of landlord.

When the Sun is high in the sky,
I wake up.

So landlord. -Yes?

Do you have some conditions?

I just have one condition.

What is it? Tell me.


When it rains in the night
and there is lightening..

..heroines of Hindi films hug the hero.

She mustn't hug me and all.

My body and my soul.

I have saved everything
for my true love.

Hey, hello.

If need be,
I will hug an electric wire but not you.

Get rid of these misconceptions.
Or else, you will be in trouble.

Did you see? She has started troubling
me since the time she has come.

How will she stay with me all my life?

Hey, what rubbish are you saying?

What rubbish are you saying?

Oh my God.

I cannot tolerate these two anymore.

Listen. If you have to live in Canada..

..stay peacefully with each other.


You didn't get any girl?

You have made her stick
to me since the airport?

I don't what was the evil
moment when I met him at the airport.

I have heard that your company
is very famous, Mr. Banerjee.

Canada girls are crazy about Mr.


I have draped saris on
so many white skinned girls..

..and made them sit
on the wedding altar.

I have come to you with that hope.

Just do me a favor.

Just get me a girl who
has a proper ration card.

I will give you the fees.

Okay, what kind of girl would you like?
Used or unused?


No, look.
If you need a divorcee or widow..

..then it would be five hundred dollars.

Otherwise, if she is unmarried,
it would be 1500 dollars.

Unmarried. Unmarried.

Okay, fine.

Keep this with me. - Okay.

I will call you next week.


Hello. I am from Indo
Canadian marriage bureau.

Mr. Banerjee here. Tell me.

Oh my God.

Even you are in the
queue to get married?

I will teach you a lesson.

These boys are from rich families.
What can I say?

Come and see the bio date
of people here. You can understand.

Yes, yes, yes. That is right.

Trust me. It will be done.

Canadian girls are crazy about Mr.


Hello. - May I have a seat?

Please. - Thanks.



And you? - Same.



Yes. - So is that name shortened
from Suchitra or Sumona?


Actually no one could
pronounce my name here.

It would sound horrible.

So I asked them to call me Suzie.

By the way, I am Ria.

I see.

What after that?

I was under a compulsion and
had to share the place with someone.

But I think you should have told your
parents about your financial crisis.

Then I wouldn't be
able to stay here anymore.

Mother is always tensed about me anyway.

If she comes to know about all this,
she will ask me to come back right away.

Then how are you managing?

I have already paid the college fees.

If I can manage for sometime,
the problem will be solved.

By the way, what does your room mate do?

My room mate?

It would be better
if you don't ask about him.

He says he works in the share market.

But I do have a doubt if
he knows where the share market is.

Hey.. - What is this?

How did you come here?

Internal connection. The kitchen.

So why are there dirty dishes
lying around? Go on. Come on, get lost.

Hello, look at me.

I did.

I need salad.

Right. Is this your uncle's house?

He needs salad.

You have cheated us of five dollars.
Give me salad.

I will do away with the bill.

Forget about the money.
Think of how to save your job first.

I am not scared of losing the job.

If you are not, I will make you scared.

Haven't you given your photo at Mr.
Banerjee's marriage bureau?

If Hara comes to know about this..

..he will make you stand
in front of the door..

..and kick you twice on your backside.

What did you go there for?
To sell wedding finery?

Even you went there to look for a girl.

If Parbati comes to know this...

she will kick you on your
backside once. That is it.

Not anymore.

Okay, Bhola.

Why is the condition of
Hara Parbati Rannaghar so bad?

The condition was very good earlier.

When both of them had an affair. - What?

Meaning Hara and Parbati had an affair?


Hara and Parbati had eloped
from their house and come here.

They came here and
opened a small restaurant.

And they named it as
Hara Parbati Ranna ghar.

The customers started coming in slowly.

They took a bank loan
and enlarged the restaurant.

Look. Look. Those were such nice days.

At night, when the restaurant
used to close down..

..both of them used to go
for late night shows of cinema.

At times, even I did.

What happened? - What?

What went wrong between them?

The same one.
Dirt. Hara liked a foreigner.

That foreigner used to supply
vegetables to this restaurant.

And Hara used to feed her for free.

Hara used to put sweet betel
into her mouth at times on sly.

Parbati saw it one day.

That is it. The mess started.

Hara and Parbati separated. - I see.

Just as alcohol is bad for liver.

True. - Yes.

Brother, give me some. - No. Never.


You are a Bengali and being one,
I will not let your liver get damaged.

That is why I will have
the entire bottle on my own.

Now look at you.

Now look, dear.

In a foreign country.. - I know. I know.

Only a Bengali can
take care of a Bengali.



A drunkard looks after another.


That was a lovely line.
My heart feels happier.

Come, brother.
Come and give me a hug now. Come on.

Come on. - Come on, brother.

Now look at this.
Where did he go? Come here.

Now I will have the whole thing.


Hail Lord.

Did you have alcohol?

No. Never.

Hey, don't lie at all.
Your mouth is stinking of alcohol.

Don't you remember my condition?

I do, rural girl.

I saw foreign brand of liquor
and couldn't control my greed.

I did drink. But I am absolutely fine.

Now you will get a girl

and say that you couldn't control
your greed on seeing a foreigner.

Yes, correct.

Hey, I have come to
Canada for that very reason.

I will get her as soon as I get one.

I feel like holding you by
the shoulders and throwing you out.

No, never. You cannot do that with me.

Rural girl.

Because only a Bengali will
care for a Bengali in a foreign country.

Get lost.

Will you go to your room
or should I call aunt Kathy?

Call aunt Kathy? Do you think
this is your father's property?

I don't have time for your nonsense.

I am going inside my room to study.
Don't bother me at all.

She is going to study!



"Hey, the moon has risen.
And the flowers have bloomed."

"Who is it at the wedding altar?"

"All the birds are peeking
out of their nests."

"On this moonlit night, my
heart has been lost to you, mad girl."

"I am yearning. I am drunk at midnight."

"Now I will flirt with you."

"You are my Valentine."

"I am a mad person but I am super fine."

"You are my mad darling
madly in love with me."

"Swinging in the cradle.
You are feeling sleepy."

"Leave the aunt's house."

"There is a tide in a closed room."

"The water is frozen."

"Swinging in the cradle.
You are feeling sleepy."

"Leave the aunt's house."

"There is a tide in a closed room."

"The water is frozen."

"Hey, come close to me."

"My heart is calling you."

"I am a beggar without you."

"My darling.
Please tell me before you leave."

"You have lost your
mind in your love for me."

"Hey, come close to me."

"My heart is calling you."

"I am a beggar without you."

"My darling.
Please tell me before you leave."

"You have lost your
mind in your love for me."

"You have lost your mind."

"Swinging in the cradle.
You are feeling sleepy."

"Leave the aunt's house."

"There is a tide in a closed room."

"The water is frozen."

"Swinging in the cradle.
You are feeling sleepy."

"Leave the aunt's house."

"There is a tide in a closed room."

"The water is frozen."

"In your love."

"I will hit the beehive with a stone."

"And become colored."

"Your love."

"Will be measured by my heart today."

"And all night, I will become free."

"In your love."

"I will hit the beehive with a stone."

"And become colored."

"Your love."

"Will be measured by my heart today."

"And all night, I will become free."

"I will become free."

"Swinging in the cradle.
You are feeling sleepy."

"Leave the aunt's house."

"There is a tide in a closed room."

"The water is frozen."

"Swinging in the cradle.
You are feeling sleepy."

"Leave the aunt's house."

"There is a tide in a closed room."

"The water is frozen."

"Who is it at the wedding altar?"

"All the birds are peeking
out of their nests."

"On this moonlit night, my
heart has been lost to you, mad girl."

"I am yearning. I am drunk at midnight."

"Now I will flirt with you."

"You are my Valentine."

"I am a mad person but I am super fine."

"You are my mad darling
madly in love with me."

"Swinging in the cradle.
You are feeling sleepy."

"Leave the aunt's house."

"There is a tide in a closed room."

"The water is frozen."

"Swinging in the cradle.
You are feeling sleepy."

"Leave the aunt's house."

"There is a tide in a closed room."

"The water is frozen."

Come on, I will take you to
the best Bengali restaurant of Canada.

True. I am bored of having
pizza and burger everyday.

I know.

You will love the food here.

"I am Mr. Bhojo Hori Manna."


I have got two customers.

Make these ready quickly.
I will serve it.

Girl or boy?

Girl. - Hey.

Absolutely young!

Hail Lord.

Listen, darling. Listen, my sweet one.

A pair of fish is looking at me.

I will make such a nice
dish that they will get up..

..and say that they will marry
the cook and keep him with them.

Really. I had such nice and tasty food.

It seems I am sitting in Kolkata.

You will see. The one to
marry this cook will be very happy.

20. 30. And 10 for the tip.

That is settled. Come on, let us go.

Hey, hey,
why did you leave such a large tip?

Oh never mind.

I don't have change.
And you liked the food.

That is it.

Listen, I didn't like it that much.

I have change. I will give it.

Now keep this.

Don't mess with my business.

You? What are you doing here, monkey?

I am taking my hard earned money,
rural girl.

Who is he?

He is my room mate.

You said he works in the share market.

Today, I know of your real identity.

You are a liar of the first order.

You work as a cook in the restaurant.

And say that you work
in the share market?

Very good.

So what?

Listen. Boys do lie a bit
to get attention from girls.

There is leverage for 25%.

100% of what you say is a lie.

You are not made of virtues as well.
You were trying to steal my money.

Thief. -Hey, did you call me a thief?

Not a thief. A female thief.

Meaning female thief.

Just because you are angry,
one cannot change his gender.

A lot of paperwork is needed for that.

I cannot stay with you at all.

So go away. - Hey.

I have not kept you
as a joint account with me.

Get out of here. Get out. - I..

I will not anywhere from here. You go.

I will not move even an inch from here.
That is it.

Even I wouldn't go away from here.
Monkey. - Get out of here.

You go. - You have to leave.

Rural girl. - Monkey!

Is this your father's house?
- Don't talk about my father at all.

Excuse me.

I think both of you
have to vacate the house.

Both of you are supposed to
give the rent every week. - Sorry.

This is the third week.

Aunt. Aunt, I am very sorry.

I promise.
I will give all the money within 6..

I will pay the entire
amount within 7 days.

Even I will do the same.

I mean even I will
take seven days to pay.

And apart from that..

..only a Bengali can take care of
a Bengali in a foreign country. Right?

No, that is right.

But you have should take care of me too.

Even I have some compulsions. Right?

If both of you cannot
pay the rent within this week.. will have to leave the house.


Kathy? Hi.

Oh Jenny, my dear.

How are you? - Good.

Okay, meet my new tenants. She is Ria.

Hi. - Hi.

And that is Madhusudan.

Greetings. Are you fine?

Oh my God. You are Bengali?

I don't know.

I am sorry but I really like Bengalis.


Like means she likes me.

That means she has liked me for sure.

Hey, even we Bengalis
like girls like you a lot.

I have done some research
on Bengali culture.

And I think they
are really great people.


Now she has gone overboard.

Even our English teacher
cannot speak English like that.

She says she has done
research on Bengalis.

She feels that Bengalis are great.

Yes, that is right. She is right.

Hail Lord. - Yes, Hail Lord.

Hail Lord. - By the way, I am Jennifer.

Yes. I am Madhusudan.

Madhu.. - Sudan.



Oh no. No. No.


M. Dhu. Su. Dan.

Madhusudan? - Yes.

Did you see?
Here she is. She has learnt Bengali.

Okay. Enough of introduction.
Jenny, let us go.

By the way, hope both of
you will remember about the rent.


Come, dear. - Bye.

Bye. - Yes. See you.

She said see you.
Meaning she wants to see me again?


Want to have coffee?

I am telling you.

So? Did you like a foreigner?

It is something expensive.
That is why it takes time.

But I haven't left anything lacking.

I have gone to Indo Canada
marriage bureau and given my picture.

Let me see. Which girl might get lucky?

I have someone in mind.


She is from here. - Here?

Meaning she is white skinned?

Who? - Jenny.


Will it happen? - Why not?

How will it happen?

I fumble so many times
when I have to speak in English.

And she speaks English
fluently like a train.

Between moon and.. - Oh no.
So what if you don't know English?

You have a lot of good qualities.
- Good qualities?




Like you are very humorous.
You can make people laugh. - Yes.

That is right.

I am always Bidhan Das.

Not Bidhan Das. Bindaas(full of life).

Whatever it is. As long as it is Das.

You have a lot of other
qualities like.. - Hey.

Forget about good qualities.

Tell me. How do I look?

My physique. My personality. - Not bad.

Not bad?

Hey, are you encouraging
me or discouraging me?

Look at me nicely and tell me.

I have seen you properly and
telling you thus. You are very handsome.

I knew it.
But I didn't know I am very handsome.

Since you are saying it, I am sure I am.

And my style?


And my brain?

Your brain is just great.

Yes. Then why are you fooling me?


Listen, I know I couldn't
pass my board exams.

But I am not dumb enough
for just anyone to come and fool me.

Now tell me. What is the secret?

What can it be? You are my friend.
Hence I was helping you.

Friends? Rural girl and I.

How did the world change so quickly?

This is the reason
one mustn't help anyone.

You are the one that says...

Bengali can help another
Bengali in a foreign country.

That is right but what is your profit?

I have no gain to make.

There is.

Try to find out nicely.
I am sure the secret will spill out.

Look. If Jenny and you get close..

..then aunt Kathy will
not bother us for the rent.

Maybe she will do away
with the rent completely.

That is what I was wondering about.

How did a bitter person like you start
speaking so sweetly all of a sudden?

What is the loss if this
gives benefit to both of us?

No, there is no loss. - No, right?

In that case, friends.

- Good.

So friend.. - I have become your friend.

Not your girlfriend.

That is fine.
But I cannot understand something.

How will two people speaking
different languages unite?

Leave all that to me.

Just do whatever I ask you
to do from tomorrow. That is it.

I am going.
I will go and out in the gym properly.

He has lost it.

She is lying.

She thinks I have lost it.

Good morning, Jenny. - Good morning.

It is a nice surprise. - Yes.

So you exercise everyday?

Yes, yes.
I cannot speak too much of English.

I will fall on my
face before I speak more.

So you want to go for a jog now?


Why would she want a mug?

I see.

So while running,
if she feels like doing..

..she will sit on the
field and start doing it?

What? - What?

One minute.

I will explain.

She is asking if you
want to go for a jog with her.


I will jog with her?

Till now, I have just run after girls.

For the first time,
I will jog with someone.

And then, she is a Canadian.

Yes, yes. Yes. Yes.

So let us go then.
- Yes. Hey, come with us.

Or else, she will speak
English and make me go mad.

Come on, come on. Jenny.

Oh my God. Oh my God.

I think you have become so
good looking after running so much.

Run. Run. - You guys carry on.

I am tired. I will take a break.

Hey. I think she will get impressed.

She is looking at me
and smiling all the time.


I think I will talk
to her about marriage now.

Right now? - Yes.

What if she starts liking someone else?

All these good girls
keep their options open.

Hey. What do you think about girls?

Speak English properly first.

After that,
you can talk to her about marriage.

Hey, don't worry about that.

A lot of rustic people
have started speaking English..

..after getting married
to English people.

And I wouldn't be able to learn English
by having an affair with a foreigner?

You will see. From tomorrow, I
will start speaking English so fluently.

You want to go for a jog?
Want to run with me?

Jog means running.

Good morning, Jenny.
- Good morning, Madhu.

Let us go for a jog.

Actually I am not in a mood for a jog.
Let us go for a walk.

Walk? Oh my God.

She wants to puke right in the morning?


Oh God. I cannot understand
what this foreigner is saying.

I have to learn this now?

Let us go for a walk.

Let us go for a walk.

Not falk. Walk.


Let us go for a walk.

Come on, we will go for a walk.

Let us go for a walk.

Walk. Walk.

Come on, we will go for a walk.

Very good. Say that again.

Let us go for a walk.

Come on, we will go for a walk.

Disgusting. Madhu!

Did God give you fingers
to dig into your nose?

Yes. Or else, why would
each finger have a different size?

You cannot ever get cultured.

Okay, why do girls
always want to take...

..the responsibility of
making boys cultured?

They don't have any other work.
- Hey, disgusting. Disgusting!

Yuck! - What was that word?

Let us go for a walk.

Good morning, Jenny.

Good morning, Madhu.

Yes, let us go for a walk.

Actually I am not in
a mood for a walk. - What?

Let us sit and enjoy the morning.


Oh no. She says
different lines each day.

Oh rural girl.

Come here quickly.

She has tortured me
with a new line today.

Hey rural girl.

Hey, this side.

What happened?
She isn't talking. She is quiet.

Will she talk to me?

Hey, say something which
will make her very happy.

I am telling the truth.
Not everyone can be like her.

No one in Banipur or
Canning can come close to her.

Hey, not all this. Praise her.

And I will translate that
for her in English. - Okay. Fine.

Jenny. - Yes, Madhu.

Your skin glows.

I feel like running
my hands all over it.


Say something apart from touching.

I see.


Jenny. I like you so much.

I feel like making you sit
on my bike and pressing the brakes.

Oh no.

What is he saying, Ria?

One minute.

Lowly and uncouth monkey!

You wouldn't reform, right?

If I translate that for her in English..

..she will hit you with her shoes.

I see.

I thought since she is a foreigner,
she will like it.

Well, Jenny,
he said that your voice is like honey.

And so are you.

Oh! No, Madhu. You are a sweetheart.

What? Sweet?

Hey, ask her not to say all this.
Something will happen tonight for sure.

You are such a darling.
Come. Let us go and have some tea.

What? Darling?

Hey, tell me. What did you tell her?

She has opened all the vistas
for me and asking me to come to her.

I told her that.. - Yes?

That her voice is like honey.

And so is she.

I see.

So she likes this more
than sitting behind on the bike?

Do whatever you feel like.
Leave me alone.

Hey, no, no, rural girl. -Hey!

Don't go anywhere. She has
called me as a darling because of you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Hey, Jenny. Where have you gone?

God knows where is he lying as a corpse?

He has not been coming
to work for three days.

He is not taking the call too.

If I have to do all the work..

..why do I need to
employ people for work?

"My heart is mad."

"My heart is crazy."

So you have come? Where were you?

Mind your language.

Give those abuses to your employees.

Hey, Madhu. - Excuse me.

Mr. Madhusudan Dutta. Care of Canada.

Hey, you.. - Talk to me with respect.

Listen, give me my pending money.

I don't want to work in
this lowly restaurant of yours.

I see.

Where did you get
a job in the meanwhile?

At the petrol pump?

Or else, as a bodyguard
of a white skinned person?


Small people. Small views.

You couldn't prosper in life.

Hey, a gem like me should rot
in this lowly restaurant of yours?

High flying.

By spreading my wings in the sky..
- Hey, you..

Hey, stupid! What have you done?

It is broken? Don't worry. It
is a simple glass. And I am a rich man.

What is the price? What is the price?

10 dollars.

Ten dollars?


Hey. - 20. 30.


Hey, what are you doing?

Which father of yours will pay
for the price of the glasses? Tell me.

Why would my father give it? I will pay.

Mr. Madhusudan Dutta. Care of Canada.

Write down the accounts.

100 or 200 dollars are like..

Dirt on my hands.

Because I am going to buy the Frenchie
of around 30 restaurants very soon.


It is not Frenchie. Franchisee.


Hey, whatever it might be.
But I am taking it.

Hey, have you invested in gambling?

No, never.

Mr. Madhusudan Dutta. Care of Canada.

I have chosen a girl from here.
And I will marry her.

Has anyone in your family got
married to someone from Canada? - Hey.

I see.

I am going to feed some
poor beggars in my wedding.

You can come as well.


Think about that and call on my number.


"My heart is mad."


Even this is broken. No problem.

You will get your price
for this as well. Who will pay?

Mr. Madhusudan Dutta. Care of Canada.

Bye, bye.

"My heart is mad."

"My heart is crazy."

God knows where he has gone.

Hey, rural girl, what is the matter?

You are cooking?

You want to cook for my
bachelor's party so early on?

Where were you?


I have told Jenny that you
will cook Bengali food for her.

Okay. You can cook it.
And I will use my hands to feed her.

Hey, a Bengali can take care
of a Bengali in a foreign land.

Very funny. Here you are. Hold this.

Cook for your own wife.

Don't want to live in
this country permanently?

Come on. Come on. Come on. Cook.
Come on, start. Come on.

I will become permanent anyway,
rural girl.

Hail Lord.

Hail Lord.

How did they start showing Bengali
serial on the music channel...

all of a sudden?

What are you saying?

She will not let me stay good now.
Come in, come inside now.

Come. Sit. Sit.

I will get a heart attack
because of happiness.

You are wearing this
dress and speaking in Bengali.

How did all this happen?

The dress is mine.
And I have taught her Bengali as well.

I thought rather than
teaching you English..

..I can teach her Bengali.

Wow. That was a great thing to do.

I have been speaking English
for some days...

..and can sense
an indigestion of sorts.

Madhu. I have something
to tell you in Bengali.

About how I feel.

She wants to tell you
about her feelings in Bengali.

I want to hear that.

Tell me. Tell me.

Madhu. - Tell me, sweet one.

When I see you, I feel.. - Tell
me quickly. I cannot take this anymore.

I feel you are a fool.

Very good, Jenny.

Couldn't you teach her something nice?

I thought if she has to have
an affair with a Bengali boy..

..she needs to know a few
Bengali abusive words as well.

I am sorry. Don't be angry.

What I really wanted to say is that..

..I like you.

Like? Really?

Meaning you are impressed?

And I think I am
falling for you. - What?



Hey, when I saw you for the first time..

..I fell flat on my face.


Oh my darling.

"You are the only one that I want."

"The only place where I belong."

"And this I know for sure."

"I never want to let you go."

"God knows what happens to me at times."

"My heart feels lonely."

"It gets lost in your thoughts."

"Without any sense of timing."

"My heart becomes intoxicated."

"It is in your
intoxication all the time."

"The breeze told
me secretly in my ears."

"You are mine."

"The wanderer heart tells me."

"You are mine."

"The breeze told
me secretly in my ears."

"You are mine."

"The wanderer heart tells me."

"You are mine."

"I wait for you. Through all day."

"You are never far away."

"And this I know for sure."

"I never want let you go."

"My sleep breaks off at midnight."

"At the sign of the stars."

"I keep on drawing your pictures."

"On a known and unknown path."

"Let us float away on an unknown path."

"Where will the world hide you?"

"I don't know when this
happened to the heart."

"It gets attracted to you."

"I look for your address."

"And both of us will
pass that horizon together."

"The breeze told
me secretly in my ears."

"You are mine."

"The wanderer heart tells me."

"You are mine."

"The breeze told
me secretly in my ears."

"You are mine."

"The wanderer heart tells me."

"You are mine."

"Why do you look so nice?"

"When I look at you,
the world around me stops."

"I stay awake for you every day."

"I will find you slowly."

"I will bind you by my signs."

"Try to understand my condition."

"These days, my heart runs."

"According to your signs."

"When you smile,
I die or lose my senses."

"I cannot explain to you."

"The breeze told
me secretly in my ears."

"You are mine."

"The wanderer heart tells me."

"You are mine."

"The breeze told
me secretly in my ears."

"You are mine."

"The wanderer heart tells me."

"You are mine."

"God knows what happens to me at times."

"My heart feels lonely."

"It gets lost in your thoughts."

"Without any sense of timing."

"My heart becomes intoxicated."

"It is in your
intoxication all the time."

"The breeze told
me secretly in my ears."

"You are mine."

"The wanderer heart tells me."

"You are mine."

"The breeze told
me secretly in my ears."

"You are mine."

"The wanderer heart tells me."

"You are mine."

"You are the only one that I want."

"The only place where I belong."

"And this I know for sure."

"I never want to let you go."

I can say this much, aunt.

There cannot be a boy like Madhu.

He is decent. And is good
by behavior and character too.

Even you know that.

And apart from that,
he will even cook for his wife.

Your skin is so white.

He will keep Jenny very happy, aunt.
- I know.

If he has to marry Jenny,
he has to adjust with Jenny. - Yes.

No local Canadian
boy will agree to that.

Aunt. I agree with everything.

I will say yes to
everything that you say.

I will say yes to your proposal
of live in son-in-law as well.


Very good.

So let us fix a date
before the 20th of next month.


After marriage,
both of you can go to Africa.

No, aunt. I don't want to go to America.

No, no, not America.

Africa. - What?


Why? Jenny is going to
Africa on the 20th of next month.

Didn't she tell you?

Hail lord.

Yes. Hail lord.


She has a wish. She wants
to serve poor people of Africa.

Now only a week back,
she has taken a project of UNO.

She has taken Nigerian
citizenship as well.


No. No.

I cannot marry her.

I have come to Canada from Kolkata
to get permanent residence here.

No. Never. Ria. I will not marry her.

Marriage is cancelled.

What? - What did you say?

Marriage is cancelled.

Fool. Lowly person.
You are such an idiot. - Hey!

You can rot on the streets.

Get lost. I don't want
to see your face ever again.

Aunt.. - If I see you
in this area ever again..

..I will call the police
and get you arrested.

I am telling you. Get out.

Oh no.

I thought of something and something
completely different happened.

Madhu. One minute.

It is a foreign country.
And secondly, you are alone.

Thirdly, you don't have a place to stay.

And fourth, it is very cold.
I know you cannot stand me.

But I cannot leave you
alone in such a huge world.

Thank you.

Here you are.

Wrap this up and
sleep in the park. Okay?

All the best.

No, no, don't say thank you.

Only a Bengali can take care of
a Bengali in a foreign country, right?


Hey, rural girl.

I climbed up the tree
and plucked the mangoes.

But you were at the root of the tree.

You will have the mangoes and
want me to lick the seed sitting alone?

You could have told aunt that
both of us were in this together.

Keep quiet.

Listen, if you stand
here for a long time..

..aunt will call the police.

Get lost. - Hey.

Before that,
I will go and tell the old woman.

Madhu. - Aunt!

Madhu! - Aunt.


Don't worry. - Madhu.
- Aunt.


You have come here again?


You have thrown me out of the house.


But the truth is that
I have not done anything alone.

Ria has asked me to do this.

No, no, aunt.
- Why are you lying to aunt?

I am simple man.
I cannot even speak English properly.

Actually she gave me the idea.

Flirt with Jenny. Cook for Jenny.

And then, she made me jog, walk and
everything. She made me do everything.

And she has also told me
that if Jenny gets impressed..

..we can stay here for free.

No, no, aunt, I have not
sad anything like that. He is lying.


Then who taught me English and made
me go for a run everyday in the morning?

Jog? Candlelight dinner.

Will you keep quiet?

Why are you laughing? Have you gone mad?

Not mad.

I have seen a lot
of people get thrashed.

But this is the first time
I saw someone going ahead... stand to get a thrashing.

Hey. - Shut up.

Hey, rural girl. Where are you going?

Firstly, it is a foreign land.
Secondly, you are alone.

Thirdly, you don't have a place to stay.

And fourth, it is very cold.

Do something. Take this blanket.

Wrap this up and sleep in the park.

I.. - Don't thank me.

Only a Bengali can help
a Bengali in a foreign land.

Listen, I don't need your sympathy.

I will find a place to stay.

Worry about yourself.

No, I am fine.

I will stretch my legs
and sleep on this bench.

I will sleep. And Bipasha along with me.

Crap, get lost. - You get lost.

I don't trust you at all.

Then I will see that you will
come back at night..

And tell me to share
this bench with you.

Hey, listen. I would rather
get crushed by a car than come to you.

And die. - What? So die. Idiot. Monkey.

Rural girl!

Hey, what are you doing?
- Leave it. Leave it.

Leave it. - Leave it.

Thank God. I don't have to suffer
the torture of this rural girl anymore.

Thank God.
The monkey has left me alone at the end.

Now you didn't come for work
for so long. And I incurred a loss.

Who will pay for that?

I will pay it.

Say it with respect.

Say it with a little bit of respect.

Who will pay it?

Mr. Madhusudan Dutta,
care of Canada, will pay.



And my glasses were broken.

Who will pay for it?

Even that will be paid by..

..Mr. Madhusudan Dutta, care of Canada.


Should I give some juice to you?

It fell down and broke.

Never mind.

The price for this too will be paid
by Mr. Madhusudan Dutta, care of Canada.

What? Why should I pay for this?

I didn't break it.

It is a simple glass. Rich man.

Now 100 or 200 dollars
are like dirt on your hand.

Sister. I will pay
for everything gradually.

Please give me work.

I have a condition.

You have to get rid of Bhola
from Hara's kitchen within 2 days.

Or else, you will have
to run away from here.



Should I put this nail
flower on your finger?

Not nail flower. Nail polish.

Whatever it is. Should I apply it?


Oh no.

Couldn't you apply it even on one nail?

You are useless.

And want to marry a white skinned girl?

Get lost. Go and do your work. Go.


Fool. I have got into trouble.

Who knows when I will get out of this?

You have come back, brother?
To clean glass and utensils?

Now you look like my brother-in-law.

Good morning.

Good morning.

So? Did you sleep? - Very well.

Thanks a lot, Suzie.
I was really tensed yesterday.

If you had not given me a place to stay,
I would have.. - Come on.

My parents have gone out for four days.

You can stay with me in the meanwhile.

When they come back,
I can shift you to my aunt's apartment.

And don't worry about it.

It is all sorted out. - Thanks a lot.

Suzie. I..

I was thinking of something else.

If I get a part time job,
I can pay the house rent.

That is not a bad idea. Let me see.

Yes? Hara Parbati Ranna ghar.

Mr. Bhola Das speaking.

Hey, son. This is Mr. Banerjee
from Indo Canadian marriage bureau.

Did you give a picture in my office?

Yes, I did.

So a Canadian girl liked you
a lot on seeing that picture of yours.

What? She liked me picture?

But there is nothing to be happy about.

There is a problem.


Is the girl blind?

No, no, she is fine where
that is concerned. - I see. Fine.

Then there is no problem.

But she has three conditions.

Three conditions?

What are they?

The first one is that you
have to be live in son-in-law.

Live in son-in-law?

As soon as the alliance is finalized,
I can stay at the girl's house.

But the second condition is very tough.

Second condition is very tough?

What is it?

Actually she is the only
daughter of her parents.

That is why she likes traveling.

You have to take her to the
night club for dancing everyday.

Never mind. If she so wishes,
I will take her to nightclub everyday.

Wow. And third condition is..
- Let it be.

Third or fourth.
Whatever her conditions might be.

I am ready for her conditions.

Ready? Wow. - Yes.

This is great. Do something.

Pack your bag and take tonight's
train and reach Toronto tomorrow.


She will wait for you at
the station tomorrow in the morning.

Do reach at ten in the morning for sure.

Yes. Okay. - Don't be late at all.

Tell me. What is the name of the girl?



Yes. Latika.

Latika? But this is a Bengali name.

Oh wow. She liked your photo so much..

..that she changed
her name before marriage.

From Lilantica to Latika.

From Lilantica to Latika.

From Latika to Lilantika.

I have trapped the fool.

Hey, fool.

You are dancing here? And the
pulses are burning on the other side.

Yes, now your fortune will burn.

And then,
your restaurant will close down.

Because the doors of
my fortune have opened up.

I will give you one slap. - Hey, Hara.

I am not Bhola from Canning anymore.
I am Mr. Bhola Das from Canada.

Talk with respect.

Your restaurant can go to hell.

I am leaving. Yes.

Hey, where are you going?

I will not tell you.
But if you trouble me.. - Hey.

I am sure this is the
deed of that fighter woman.

Excuse me. - Yes?

Can I have chicken please?

Yes, yes, yes.

Here you are. Take this.

If you use such a lot
of saliva to count money..

..your tongue will dry up.

Hey, don't cast an evil eye.

Here you are. Keep five dollars.

Oh God, it is wet with spit.

Give it. Don't take it. - No, no.

I will keep it covered with
a stone on the terrace. It will dry up.

Listen, Madhu. - Yes?

We have played a good move.

Wait and watch.

He wouldn't get a cook
in the whole of Canada.

If he does,
I will get rid of the cook. - Yes.

I think the food is good..
- Let us go there.

Sir. Hello.. - Hello!

Please come here.. - That is nice.

What is the matter?
Why is everyone going that side today?

And we have been casting
away flies since morning.


We have to get her inside.

Madam. - Madam.

Madam. Come to the next one.

We have made special menu today. -Yes.

There is special pulses.
Raw banana dish.

Yes. - The fried rice with nine herbs.

Mango chutney.

Yes. Chutney. - Please do come in.
You will get whatever you want.

Come inside.
- Come inside.

Madam. - Yes?

Why are you going that side?

Good food is this side.

I have made prawns with cream today.

Come inside and check.
Everyone is relishing it.

It is stale food kept for three days,
madam. - What?

He is heating it and
feeding to customers.

Oh my God.
What is it that she is saying?

Why are you listening to her?

I don't behave like her
and give leftovers...

..with a new garnish
to new customers.

Disgusting. Is that true?

What do you do? Yes?

He gives stale food to customers.
And sprays fragrance on the food.

So that they cannot get
the stale stench of the food.

Oh my God.

Call someone and ask as to why
she doesn't have customers in her shop.

Two days back,
there was a strand of hair in curd fish.

Forget about asking for
forgiveness from the customer.

Do you know what he said?

I have to tear off my hair
while looking for Hilsa fish. - What?

Let it be. Let it be.

I don't want to eat at anyone's
restaurant. - What? What is she saying?

I would rather go home
and boil pulses and rice at home.

No. - Madam, listen to me. Listen to me.

This happened because of you..

If you say another word,
I will strangle you..

Come on, teach him a lesson.

Hey, give him one good thrashing.
- Hey, leave me.

Come on, come on, shout. Shout more.

Hey, hey, hey.. - Keep quiet.

Leave him right now..
- Hey, who is this girl?

Who is this? - Lowly goon.

Don't you feel ashamed?

Just because he is alone, you
are hitting a man of your father's age?

Look at him.
I am in such a huge problem.

He would have killed me if
you weren't there..- He should have.

Don't worry about it.
I will take care of this monkey.

I can see a lot of attitude in you.

I thought you have packed
your bags and gone home.

Why would I go home?

The one who doesn't have a place to stay
and lives on the street has to go home.

Hey, rural girl.
I don't stay on the streets.

I live in a big compartment.

Not compartment. Apartment.

Hey, forget your English.

Listen, if you are hungry,
have food here and leave.

She will not go anywhere.

In fact, both of you should
pack your things and leave.

Why? Why?

For your kind information,
she is my new family member. New cook.

Cookie instead of cook?

Hey, fool. A cookie means a biscuit.

Hey, I know. I know.
I know everything.

What do you know?

Listen.. - Leave it, Hara. Leave it.
Come on. Let us go inside.

Don't fight with these
lowly people.. - What?

And ruin our goodwill.. - Yes.

And in any case,
customers are waiting for us.

Hey, hey.. - Hey, get lost. Get lost.

..I am falling into
one trouble after the other.

Firstly, I lost all my money.

And then, I even lost the
house I used to stay on rent.

I don't have a place to stay now.

What shall I do?
I cannot understand anything.

Lord has made a way for everyone.

And there are moments of
sadness and happiness on the way.

Serve Lord with all your heart, dear.
Everything will be fine.

Oh yes. Did you get offerings?

No. - I will give it.

Hey, who is it? Come here.

What? - Even he was
in a condition like yours.

He didn't have a place to stay.
He slept all night on the street.

I let him stay here.

He works.
And serves Lord in his spare time.

Madhu, take her. Give her offerings.

Where is it? Your compartment.

One where you stayed alone?

It isn't a compartment.
It is an apartment.

It will take some time.
It is getting painted.


Come on, I will give you offerings.

Oh no, I found a place for me.
And she has come here too.

- How are you? Tell me.

Don't ask me. I have to cook all day.

Now I have to go to take
care of the restaurant now.

What is it?

You are still in the restaurant?

No, no, I have left it long back.

Now I will go to eat at the restaurant.

Excuse me.

Do you know where the train station is?


Do you have your girlfriend with you?

Where is it?

Yes, yes.

What a weirdo!

What are you saying, brother?


Now girls have such a lot of demands.

She said she wants to watch
a movie and then, have food.

Yes, yes, Madhu. Come on, go for it.

Okay, okay, hang up now.
My driver has come with the car.

I will talk later.

Listen. - What?

Madhu has gone there and
seeing a foreigner woman there.


He wasn't getting a job here
because he had failed his tenth exams.

And there, he has got a foreigner woman.

How did he do it?

Hey, he had a lot
of internal connections.

I see.
- His father knows a lot of people.

He made some recommendations and.. his son to have an
affair with a foreigner's daughter.

You are right.

I need salt.

Oh no. Salt is over.

Rural girl.

What do you want?

I don't want anything.

I came to find out about you.

Hey, dear. Only a Bengali will take
care of a Bengali in a foreign land.

And then, we are neighbors.

Now we will continue fighting.

Now I wanted to say..

Meaning if you ever need something.. ask me for it.

Okay? Now it could be oil,
rice or pulses.

Vegetables. And yes, even salt.

If you need salt, do ask me for it.
Don't hesitate.

I don't want anything. - Not even salt?


Not even salt.
- But I do want it, rural girl.

The left one is 18. And the right is 17.

Hey, has it become less?

You were right.

Only a Bengali can take care
of a Bengali in a foreign land.

Now suppose if you need something.

Like corn flour is over.

Or while going to lock
the door of the restaurant.. saw that the key isn't working.

You can tell me in that case.

Wow, wow, wow, wow.

I saw something.

You girls are very smart.

You can tell me directly
that you cannot lock the door.

Why are you beating around the bush,
rural girl?

So even you could have
said directly that you need salt.

Why did you beat
around the bush, monkey?

Here you are.

I was thinking that there could
be differences between Hara and Parbati.

Let us not fight anymore.


Yes. I mean both of
us can help each other.

Yes. You are right.

Ria. - Yes?

I wanted to say that
if I say good night to you..

..would you have a problem?


Good night.

Good night.

Good night. Okay?

Good night. - Yes.

I don't think the bus will come today.

If the bus doesn't come,
you will get late.

If the bus doesn't come,
even you will get late.

Yes. That is right.

Hey, do you want to go by taxi?
By sharing?

If they see us getting down together..

..both of us will lose our jobs.


We will get down a little ahead.

Okay. Miss Ria. Tell me something.

I agree I am in a bad condition.

That is why I am compelled
to cook in a hotel.

But why did you have
to take up a job of a cook?

Even I am not in a good condition.
Or else.. one would work as
a cook in a foreign country..

..when one has come to study.

Okay, Madhu. Tell me something.

Have you spoken to Jenny lately?
- Have you lost your mind?

I don't go that way even by mistake.

You haven't behaved well with her.

You should ask for
forgiveness from Jenny.


Why would I ask for forgiveness?

Now the entire fault is mine, right?

You didn't do anything.
Who was the one to instigate me? - What?

Who told me?

Madhu, get married to Jenny.
You will get a permanent ration card.

You are good looking.

I told you and you agreed with me.

Haven't you seen yourself in the mirror?
Good looking.

God made you with his left hand.

You look like a lowly person.

So even you are not good looking either.

You will never get married ever.
No girl would ever marry you.

Wait and watch. - Are you cursing me?

Yes. I am.


Stop the car.
- No. The car wouldn't stop.

Keep driving, driver.

Didn't you hear what I said?
- No, don't stop.

You keep driving.
- I don't want to go with her.

Why are you fighting with each other?
- Just keep driving.

Stop. - Monkey.

Don't go. -Go.

I am asking you to stop.
- Get out of the car.

She is a lowly person. You follow
me everywhere. - I didn't do anything.

You did it too. Got it?

Don't talk too much. - I was right
in doing so. Get lost. - Ten dollars.

I am giving it. Wait.

Here you are. Give him the rest.

I am giving it.

Rice tastes really nice.

What did you say?

I didn't understand.

The job profile of a boy doesn't matter.
His heart should be good.

Just like yours.


No, no, no, never.

I am not falling for your lies again.

Tell me the truth. I cannot be cheated
of five dollars right in the morning.

Not five dollars. One dollar.

I am short of one dollar.

Please. Give it.

After all..

..if a Bengali doesn't look after a
Bengali in a foreign country, who will?

Tell me.

You mean to say that I have
to give a loan of one dollar, right?

Okay, I can pay. But on one condition.

You have to make a promise
of giving it back to me.

Yes, yes. I will give.
I will give everything back.

I swear on you.

Will you remember?

Here you are, uncle.

Thank you. - Welcome.

Okay. You told me in the taxi
that I look like over boiled rice.

Did you say that in a fit of anger?

That means the real truth
is what you said earlier.


Wow. Meaning I look great.


It will do. - Monkey.


She is still lying to me.

Hey, there is a customer.
- There is a customer.

Let me go and get hold of him.
- Come on. Get hold of him.

I am not here to eat, guys.

Sir. We have made flat
bread with filling today. -Yes.

Yes, delicious potato curry. - Yes, yes.

Well, I am looking for Haranath Das.

Myself Haranath, sir.

Good food.

Parbati Shashmal. - Yes, sir.
I am the one, sir. Present, please.

Well, guys, I am here to
inform you on the behalf of my bank.

The bank loan is pending
for the last six months.

Now if you don't pay in 30 days..

..I am sorry to say that
we have to cease your property.

Is that clear to both of you?

Now sir, I want your signature here.

Right here, sir.

What does he want to eat?

Thank you.

Ma'am. Yours.

Right here.

Thank you. Now here is the notice.

Have a good day.

What is this?

Did he ask to send the food to him?

What is the case?

Now there is another trouble brewing.

I had thought that I will
come to Canada and get married.

And now, forget about marrying. I am
tired of getting rid of these troubles.

When they had taken the loan..

..both of them had an affair.

Both of them had one restaurant.

And now, both of them
are always at loggerheads.

It has been six months
since they paid any installment.

Now within a month,
if they cannot pay the bank loan..

..this hotel will close down.

And we will lose our jobs too.



Whenever we are in trouble,
we get into it together.

You are laughing?

Have you thought of what
will happen if we lose our jobs?

That is also true. Okay.

In order to save our jobs,
they have to pay off the loan.

But one person cannot pay it off alone.

Both of them have to be reunited. Yes.

Right. Great idea!

Isn't it? - Absolutely.

That is why I say that only
a Bengali...

can take care of
a Bengali in a foreign country.

If people see us sitting
together like this..

..people will think that two beggars
are sitting here to beg for alms.


I wanted to say something to you.

Both of us shook hands normally.
I mean like friends.

Yes. Yes.

Meaning even I was thinking of that.

We will not think of
these small matters seriously.


As I will get married
and stay back here.

You will go back to the country.


I owe you a dollar.

I see. Yes. That is right.

I was thinking that I have
forgotten to say something to you.

Do remember to give it. Okay?
Don't forget. Okay.

I am leaving.

Good night.
- Good night.

Good night.

You saved me. In some more time,
I would have been afflicted.

Thank God the matter
was done away with right here.

Or else, I would have been in a problem.

Couldn't you think of something else?

You have come to give me an advice?

You want to me to unite
with that fighter woman.

And hug her. When she crosses my path,
I feel a cat has crossed my path.

I know that Parbati is a bit like a cat.
She isn't that beauty fall.

Not beauty fall. Beautiful.

Hey, whatever it is.

But don't you think it is better
to have a fighter cat at the door..

..than a bank notice at home?

Isn't it? - No.

Bank notice is way better than a cat.

Has the bank sent a notice to me alone?
The notice has gone to him too.

I would prefer to
remain mute all my life..

..than to talk to a person like him.

But what happened between the two
of you? Why did the two of you separate?

That fool fell for a foreigner woman.

The girl used to supply vegetables here.

She came and spoke to
him with a smile for two days.

And God. He fell head
over heels in love with her.

And then, he used to
let that fool eat for free.

That is it. Even I caught hold of him.

And not just feeding her.
- What else did he do?

I did give her 420 betel leaf to her.

So what was the big deal about it?

Oh no. This was a very sad case.

But there is something
that is making me confused, Hara.

Oh no, that is not the correct word.

Hey, whatever it is.

I do lose my mind when it
comes to understanding English.

But you fell for that English woman's
English and gave her a betel leaf?

Hey, the problem was
because I didn't understand.

She used to come and tell me.
I love my hubby.

I love my hubby.

I didn't know that hubby means husband.

I thought she is
heavily in love with me.

That is it.
I made separate hotels since that day.


All men are the same.

As long as their women
for home are fixed..

..they look for their options elsewhere.

But it is our responsibility
to take care of men.

Don't keep your possessions
lying outside for a long time.

Take it up.

Forgive Hara and.. - Never.

I cannot forgive a
characterless man like him ever.

It would be better
for you to forgive him.

Or else, your prized
hotel will go to the bank.

And Hara will go to the foreigner woman.

Look, Hara.
This isn't going to benefit me.

But if you don't unite with Parbati.. will be in trouble. Pig.

Not that. The word is sure.

Hey, whatever it is.
But you will be in trouble for sure.


Whatever you say.

Come on. - No, I will not go.

Come on. I am telling you.
- Come on. Come with me.

No. Leave me.
I don't want to go. -Come with me.

Tell me.

Say sorry.

Sorry. - Okay.

Yes. - That is great.

Hara Parbati be.. - Hailed.

"Hey, Babu(sir). Babu."

"Hey, Babu(sir). Babu."

"Bengali Babu."

"Hey, Babu(sir). Babu."

"Bengali Babu."

"Hey, Babu(sir). Babu."

"Bengali Babu."

"Hey, Babu(sir). Babu."

"Bengali Babu."

"Hey, Babu(sir). Babu."

- Ria.

Where did you get hurt? Yes?


One minute.

Here you are.

I am leaving. - Go carefully.

Yes. - Ria.

I was saying that this is a
foreign country. And you are a girl.

Thirdly, it is night.
And fourth, you are hurt.

Come on, I will drop you.

No, no, I will be able to go.

In any case, you have done a lot for me.

Who will do if not me?

And who else do you have here?

Hey, only a Bengali can take care
of a Bengali in a foreign land. Right?

Come on, I will drop you.
Come on.. - No, no.

I will go.


Okay. Call me when you reach. - Okay.

Hey. Ria.

Did you get hurt?


I told you I will drop you.

Here you are. Come on. Come on.

Careful. - Yes.

Thank you. - Don't worry.

"We meet time and again."

"Why does she turn
around and look at me?"

"I don't get sleep.
And the day doesn't go by."

"I am listening to it all day."

"I can hear her words all of a sudden."

"My heart cannot take it.
I cannot wake up from sleep."

"Why do I feel this
restlessness in my heart?"

"What is the reason because
of which there is sadness in my heart?"

"Is this love?"

"Or is it a time for
getting nothing in return?"

"Is this love?"

"Or is it a time to
spend nights without sleep?"

"Is this love?"

"Or is it a time for
getting nothing in return?"

"Is this love?"

"Or is it a time to
spend nights without sleep?"

"Why do I feel this
restlessness in my heart?"

"What is the reason because
of which there is sadness in my heart?"

"Is this love?"

"Or is it a time for
getting nothing in return?"

"Is this love?"

"Or is it a time to
spend nights without sleep?"

"When you are with me or close to me."

"I am incapable of
thinking anything else."

"I don't care about people.
Or about anyone."

"I have so many secret words to say."

"There are so many signs
that come out of your eyes."

"Your look is wounding my
heart and meting out injustice."

"Why do I have this intoxication now?"

"Why is the heart thinking
of a future with you?"

"Is this love?"

"Or is it a time for
getting nothing in return?"

"Is this love?"

"Or is it a time to
spend nights without sleep?"

Be careful.

Watch your step.

Yes, be careful.


Isn't this a surprise for you?


You are here?

I took a flight to Vancouver.

I thought of meeting you once.

Did I trouble you?

No, no. Not at all.

He is Madhu.

He is my friend.

And he is Bikram.

My fianc´┐Ż.

Hi. Captain Bikram Sen.

I am only Madhusudan Dutta.


What happened to your foot?

I got hurt at work.

That is why Madhu came to drop me.

You have changed so much, Ria.

You have been in such a lot of problem.

And yet,
you didn't let me know even once?


What else?

I followed the address of
the earlier place...

you were staying at and went there.

I heard you were sharing
a room with a boy.

No, I mean.. - I mean..
- No, no, captain sir.

That boy is no one else. It is me.

We were like enemies there.

Don't think otherwise about it.

I am not thinking anyway, Mr.
Only Madhusudan Dutta.


And apart from that,
Ria is my childhood friend.

I know her very well.

Childhood friend?
And yet, you are marrying her?

Hey, will you keep quiet? - Oh no.

When two intelligent
people are talking..

..a fool shouldn't interrupt.

Captain sir. - Yes?

I have come here to
marry a Canadian girl.

If you want to get married
to a foreigner woman.. tell me. It isn't a big
deal to get a white skinned girl here.

Why just white?
Black, white, blue, green, yellow.

No girl would marry you.

Your face is so ugly.

Cannot you speak nicely, rural girl?

Keep quiet now.

You keep quiet. - Okay, one minute.
One minute. One minute.

You don't have to find
a foreigner woman for me.

And you don't have
to fight with her either.

In any case, I am going
back to India with her day after.

Day after? - So soon?

Yes. Her course is complete.

And our wedding date has been
fixed which is one month from now.

I have been given the responsibility of
getting the bride back to the country.

Congratulations on the wedding.

Take care.

Thank you.

Will you excuse me for two minutes?

Let me freshen up.
We will have coffee after that.


Congress for the wedding.

Not Congress.

The word is congrats.

So I shall leave.

No, I mean..

I wanted to say..

Have coffee before leaving.

It will be very late.
We will meet tomorrow.

Are you coming for work tomorrow?


I think I cannot.

"My Lord."

I have to do the packing.


That means we wouldn't meet?


"Why does the day
to lose you come closer?"

"Why does the day to
lose sight of you come close?"

"Some people get it."

"And heart goes back."

"Into your dreams again."

"Hey, my heart is sad."

"Where will you leave it alone and go?"

"Hey, I am very sad."

"Hey, my friend. Come back."

She has gone back, Bipasha.

She will go.

She didn't come here to stay.

Let her go. It is good in one way.

I haven't dreamt of a
foreigner woman since so long.

From now on,
I will dream of one everyday.


But the problem is that..


There is no problem. Everything is fine.

But I cannot understand something.

Who will I address as
rural flower from now on?

"While smiling,
the flowers have gone dry today."

"They are gone. They have faded.
The colors of yesterday."

"I had so many things to say to you.
I didn't say them to you."

"The surroundings feel so lonely.
This isn't my country."

"Now. Let me go back
to your dreams again."

"Hey, my heart is sad."

"Where will you leave it alone and go?"

"Hey, I am very sad."

"Hey, my friend. Come back."

"With you,
there was a shower of happiness around."

"Why is there sadness today?"

"Both of us have picked
up kites in the evening."

"Come back. Come back.
Both of us will be together again."

"Come on.
Let us go back to your dreams again."

"Hey, my heart is sad."

"Where will you leave it alone and go?"

"Hey, I am very sad."

"Hey, my friend. Come back."

Okay, what is the name
of the son of your uncle?



I cannot remember this name.

Listen. - Yes?

Which sari should I
keep for Bikram's mother?

This one or this one?

You are showing a sari to me?

Ask me the brand of good liquor.
I will be able to tell you.

Show the sari to Ria.

See it, dear. Which one should I keep?

Keep the one that you like, mother.

What has happened to you?

I have noticed since the time
you have come back. You seem lost.

It is your wedding. And yet, you seem
to be away from all the preparations.

What has happened? Tell me.


It is nothing.

I am sure something has happened.

We have been buying things
for the marriage since so long.

You didn't fight with me
even once about choosing the saris.

Whatever you buy will be good.
Right, mother?

You will get married after some days.

If you are happy, you can
keep everyone happy at your in-laws'.

No, no, don't worry about the in-laws.

I just have something to tell you, dear.

Don't go away from your father
with any pain in your heart.



"Listen, my good son.
Come close. Come close. Come close."

"Come close."



Rural girl? You?

It is me.

How are you?

I am fine. How are you?


I thought of letting you know.

I am getting married on the next 15th.

Aren't you getting
married a little too soon?

You could have got
married after some time.


What would have happened if
I did get married after some days?

That is right.

What would have happened
if you did wait for some more time?

Why should one wait when
one has got a good choice..

..where a life partner is concerned?


Tell me something.
Aren't you missing me?

Why would I miss you?

I have Bipasha to talk to.

And then, I am dreaming
of new foreigner women everyday.

Why should I miss you?


You are missing me. Right?


A monkey like you?

Not at all.

Then why did you call me?

That was..

That was because I
remember all of a sudden..

..that I have to give one dollar to you.

That is why I thought I will
pay off all the debts before marriage.

I see.

So you have called to repay the debt.


Don't worry about that.

You are..

You always fight with me.

Please. At least don't
fight with me today.

I didn't start the fight.
You started it.

And I will finish it. Yes.

Come on. I write off all your debts.

Slacks and get married.

It isn't slack, monkey.

It is relax.

Whatever it is. You are getting married.

Yes. I am.

Okay, so hang up now.
I have a lot of work. I will call later.

Madhu. I..

Oh no. Okay.

When you cannot think about me..

..even I wouldn't think of you.

Madhu. You got a call.

From where?

From Indo Canadian marriage bureau.

They have seen a girl for you.

Foreigner girl. -Yes.

What is it? Aren't you happy?

Why wouldn't I be happy?

I have come to Canada
to marry a foreigner woman.

Can't you see me and
understand how happy I am?

Who are you trying to fool? Yes?

A wound. And a tummy that is
six months pregnant cannot be hidden.

It will show the pain for sure.

When is Ria's wedding?

Why would I know when her wedding is?

Am I going to do
catering at her wedding?

Hey, don't try to
cheat your heart, Madhu.

Do whatever your heart asks you to do.

Yes. - What should I do?

Should I have unshaven beard and
long hair and roam around on the roads?

Even she could have told me.

But what did she say?

She hasn't given me a dollar.

She wanted to pay off
the debts before marriage.

Hey, fool.

Wanted to pay the debts? Meaning she
wanted to tell you about her feelings.

She could have told me directly.

Girls cannot express their
feeling directly, Madhu. - Yes.

Here you are.

Call her.

Come on. - Call her.


What is it? Did you get through?

It says switched off.

Son, I think you have to go
back to Kolkata to take one dollar back.


The wedding date of Ria is coming close.

Don't delay. Go.



Let it be. Let it be.

I have scolded you a lot.

Don't forget us. Okay? - Never.


Hello. Kali Pada speaking.

Yes, Madhu here. Can you hear me?

Yes, tell me.

I am coming back to the country. Come
to the airport to pick me up tomorrow.

And we have to get
your sister-in-law as well.


He is here. Play it. - He is here.

Hey, what is this?
What are you doing? Hey.

Hey, what is happening here?

Yes? - Hey!

Where is daughter-in-law?

I have come to get her.

Have you kept sister-in-law inside?

Stop playing!

Hey, I have been telling them that
I have come to get their sister-in-law.

What is the meaning of this foolishness?

Father. Go home.

Go and tell mother to
decorate the veneration plate.

I am getting your daughter-in-law.

Come on. Let us go. - Hey.. - Hey!

Don't ask me anymore.
The market is in such a bad condition.


Where is the Ballygunge circular road?

When you go ahead, there is a signal.

And then, take a left from there.

How long will it take?

Now around ten minutes.


Thank you.

Yes. - Shall I leave?
- Take care, dear.


I am leaving. - Yes.

What happened?

Why are you walking
around here like this?

I am very worried.

I am very worried about our son.

Look, since the time he has come back,
he isn't eating.

Nor talking to anyone.

He is not saying anything.
He is sitting quietly.

I have never seen him
in such a sad state ever.

Go. Go and talk to him once.

If you have come to pacify me,
don't bother.

I have no wish to speak about her.

When a son becomes of
the same height as his father..

..he becomes like a friend.


I have not come to pacify you.

Do whatever you wish to do.

Just don't sit in
a closed room like this.

Forget about me.

But think about mother.

Come out of the house
and meet your friends and all.

Be happy.

Look. I had come to
tell you about this rest.

It is not rest, dad. It is request.

Whatever it is.

Do listen to me.

If fear is gone,
my name will go for a toss.

Close down Karachi.

What.. - Hey, sorry.

Hey, Mr. Only Madhusudan Dutta.

In India? How is everything?

Fine. I have come to the country.

How are you?


And Ria? - Even she is fine.

She is only waiting for someone.


I didn't understand anything.

What kind of a friend are you?

You remained so close and yet,
you didn't understand this much?

Actually what happened was that I called
Ria three days before the marriage.

Ria. We are childhood friends.

We mustn't hide things from
each other...

which will make us lose respect
for each other in the future.

We wouldn't hide, right?


Even I wouldn't hide. - Meaning?

Ria, our marriage was
fixed since a long time.

And we are childhood friends.
And we will be life partners.

I had thought that we will
fall in love for sure. I did love.

But I fell in love with Lisa.


Air hostess.

We have flown to
many countries together.

And then I understood that
we have fallen in love with each other.

Look, I know.

It is lowly to say these things
three days prior to the marriage.

But what should I do?

Before telling you,
I thought about it a lot.

And tried to explain myself as well.

But I couldn't.

Okay. You tell me.
Can love be controlled?

Anyone can fall in love
with anyone at any time.

Isn't it?

I don't know why but my heartbeat
becomes faster when I see her.

There is lightening in my body.

I mean there is a light of..
- Light of seven colors in a rainbow.

There are thousands and thousands
of stars in the sky at night.

And that light has fallen on you.

Yes, absolutely.

Hey, one minute.

How did you..

Did you experience the same?

Who did you see? Me?

Why? Isn't there any other
boy except you in this world?


On seeing someone else?

Your marriage is
fixed and someone else..

Disgusting. Didn't you feel ashamed?

Didn't you feel ashamed?

Lowly. Characterless man.

If we have to judge that,
both of us are characterless.

But seriously,
how should I explain to my family?

I cannot understand that.

Leave all that on me.

Just be ready to marry Lisa
after three days. That is it.

Thank you.

Come on. Characterless man.

That means Ria didn't
get married to you?

How can I?

Thank God Ria understood the situation.

And you did tell me not to marry her.

You are still standing here?

The show has started.

Let me introduce.
He is Madhu. Ria's friend.

And she is Lisa. My wife.


Bye. I don't have time to wait.
- Hey, listen.

Hey, do I look so bad?

He ran on seeing me.

I think he is the
one Ria is in love with.

And Ria is waiting for her. - I see.

Come on. - Come on.

Hey. Wait, wait.

Hey, hey, lift. Lift.

Hey, hey, lift. Lift.

Hey, hey, hey, wait, wait, wait.
- Hey, what is this?

Will you drop me at Ballygunge?

Hey, you?

My trip to foreign country
was cancelled because of you.

My life was ruined.
I will not take you at all.

I will give you 500. - How much? 500?

What will I do with 500?

No, no, Madna. 1000.

It will take 1000.
1000. - Yes, that is fine.

How will 1000 suffice? - What?

I can take you if you pay me 1500.
- Yes, yes, okay, okay.

I will give it. Yes. - Yes, okay.

Hey, hey, hey, how can you sit here?

There is no place.

Come on, come on. Quickly.

Hey, Madna.
Don't leave him. Take 1500 for sure.

Come on. Come on. - Yes.

Come on. Ride faster. - Yes, yes.

Ride faster. My lover is waiting for me.

Ride faster.
- Yes, I am going. I am going.

Brother. Come on, ride faster.
It is quite urgent.

Hey, ride faster

That is it.
That is it. Stop here. Stop here.

Yes, yes. Stop here. Stop here.

Here you are. Keep the rest, okay?

Hey, brother.


I have earned a lot of money in life.
But you really love her, right?

Go. I will not take money today.

This is your gift.

I am not married. But we are
with people who are really in love.

Go. Go to your Juliet.

Thank you. - I am leaving.

Aunt. - Yes?

Where is Ria?
- She is upstairs. Who are you?

Your son-in-law.








Madhu? - Ria. Where are you?





Ria. - Madhu.

Come here.

Yes, yes, I am coming. I am coming.


How did you go that side?

Hey, you have so many windows. I cannot
understand which one is the right door.

Wait, I am coming.

Hey, hey, you will fall down.

Come from that side.

Oh yes.

"Bengali Babu."

Ria. Where did you go now?


Where did you go?

Hey, if this a house or a puzzle?

I have reached the terrace.

Oh my God.

Should one have so
many stairs in the house?

Oh no.. - I don't know
where each one leads.

Wait, I am coming.

Wait there. I am coming.

Oh no. - Yes.

What was that for?

This is for fighting with me over
the phone and making me cry all night.

Do you know how sad I was?

Were you sad alone? Didn't it affect me?

Do you know how sad I was?

Then why did you say all
that to me on the phone that day?

You could have told
me about your feeling.


I am a monkey.
And have run around foreigner women.

I didn't understand that
I fell in love with you.

But you are educated.

You understood. So why did you
not tell me that you aren't married?