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I hope it's going to be all right.

Why didn't you let us attend
the party, Grandma?

Because I'm worried about you.

I hope it's going to be all right.

-Go inside.
-Good evening, guys.

Season's greetings.

Today, we are celebrating
the most important day

of our family history.

The day we decided to sell this mansion.

It's not about the money we will gain.

It's about conquering our fear

and undoing the troubles this mansion
had caused us for so many years.

I'm defying it.

All of us are.

We will sell this mansion to you
and enjoy the money

and you won't be able to hurt any of us.



Please, no!



We will take a photo as a memento
of this glorious day.

Take the photo.

Wait. Let's hold hands.


Come back thou to thy Lord well pleased
and well-pleasing unto Him

Enter thou, then, among my devotees

Enter thou my Heaven

God Almighty has spoken the truth.

Good recitation!

Why was there no one from our family
came to offer their condolences?

Who else is there, Shaimaa?

They all stood there
to take the photograph.

Your late grandfather insisted
that they all attend the party.

No one cancelled. They all attended.

Are we the only ones left then?

Yes, Shahenda.

We are the only ones left.

I had a bad feeling.

I've advised him but he wouldn't listen.

Shouq, remove your earphones!

I want you to listen to me well.


This story started in 1903
when your great great great grandfather

went to buy this mansion
from El Hansh family.

After they signed the contract,
something awful happened

to El Hansh family.

Since then, the Hansh family tried
for ages to rebuy the mansion.

Because this mansion is cursed.
He who sells it will be cursed.

The one who decided to sell the mansion
first was your great great grandfather.

It was during the Al-Adha feast
and something horrible happened to him.

No one found an explanation for it.
He saw everyone around him as a sheep.

The second one who tried to sell it
was your great grandfather.

He was sitting on this chair
and something horrible happened too.

Okay, I'll be waiting for you next week
to sign the contract.

He put the telephone on his ear
and he couldn't remove it.

It was stuck! You know why?
He was turned into a magnet.

-A magnet?

Any metals inside the mansion
got stuck to him.

It was easy to handle
as long as he was inside,

but it's not the case outside.

After only two bus stations,

he canceled the sale.

-Why did my grandfather die then?
-He defied the mansion.

He stood in front of it and defied it.

What are we going to do Grandma?
We are entitled to sell the mansion.

Shut your mouth!

Shaimaa, Shahenda, Shouq, listen to me.

This mansion is our only inheritance.

We will live inside it in thick and thin.

We should just control our expenses.

We will do the cleaning
and cooking ourselves.

As for me, I'll sell my jewelry.

I'll support you till you grow up

and you all need to help me.

God, help me to raise them properly

and to make all the Shanab family proud.

Now, the belly dancer Shouq Shanab!

Turn the camera on please. Just this once!

We have been talking for a month.
I want to see you badly.

Listen Sameh, you are pressuring me.
I'm not in a hurry.

Why are you in such a hurry?

Let's just be friends and take our time.

I won't deny that I was attracted to you
since we started chatting on Facebook.

Actually Shaimaa, I don't like
hearing you without seeing you.

All your photos on Facebook
are Ahmed Fahmy's photos.


Don't insult Ahmed Fahmy.

You don't know how much I love him.

His songs touch my heart.
I love his tenderness.

Be tender with me as well
and turn the camera on.

You are so annoying! You changed my mood.

I'll turn it on.
But don't cross the limits.

-You know that cameras

make us look way heavier.

-I know. Do it.
-Wait till I put my scarf on.

Why would you put it on Shosho?
I'm your beloved Sameh.

-Watch your language. Close your eyes.

Open your eyes.

What the hell?
Are you joking? Shaimaa's mother?

Ask Shaimaa to come over
and stop fooling around.

-I'm Shaimaa.
-You are a liar!


-Baseet, I need you.
-Who? Me?

Yes, you Baseet.

Listen, I thought things through
before coming to you.

Please, if you won't be able to help me,
just be honest.

I can't bare any more traumas.

I face a huge problem.
I need someone to be on my side.

-I need someone to help me.
-But, from what I know, you are...

Come closer.

You are Karim El Toubgy's girlfriend.

The one who is well built.
The college's champion in all sports.

-Why are you whispering Baseet?
-I'm afraid he will hear us.


He is everywhere.

-It's only photos. So?
-So, he will beat me up.

-And I don't like that!
-Karim. He wasn't like any boyfriend.

Although he gave up on me
when I needed him the most.

-Do you know when we got together?

-Since Secomdary school!
-You mean, secondary?


Baseet, what I'm about to tell you
may shock you of course

but I discovered
that you are way better than Karim.

Baseet, I lost my pen in the fountain.

Everybody refused to help me, even Karim!

All this trouble for a pen?
I'll get it for you.

Hold on, Baseet. What are you doing?
You will get your clothes wet.

-Take it off.
-In front of everybody?

-You are just like Karim!

-Hello, baby.
-Hi, baby.

-Are you having fun?
-Yes. I was really bored.

-You can't imagine.
-Let's go before I get bored.

Let's go.

-Are you always like this?
-I found the pen!

It doesn't work.

-Peace be upon you.
-And upon you.

-Mom, where were you?
-I was at the doctor's, dear.

-How are you?
-What were you doing there?

-I was--
-She was taking an injection.

Go to your room, Bosbos.
I want to talk to your dad.

What's wrong with you, Atef?

Why are you like this
in front of our daughter?

How can I not?

I got fed up Shouq!

How do you think I should feel
about waiting for you

every night till dawn when you get back?

-Don't you consider me a man?
-Of course I consider you as a man.

But you know Atef that all these nights
out don't evolve to anything.

No one can touch me except you, honey.

I trust you Shouq. But I can't accept
you working as a belly dancer anymore.

I want you to be a housewife.

So we can have a baby boy.
That's what I really want Shouq.

I want him to be proud of his parents.
My work at the shop can sustain us.

Of course, dear.

It can sustain me and you,
and our daughter.

But what about my cousins and grandmother?

-Will you support them?
-No, it's not my obligation.

I told you what you should do.
Sell the mansion.

Aziz El Hansh, the owner of El Hansh
Group for toys calls me every day.

He raised the price to 30 million pounds.

What? 30 million pounds?
Are you kidding? Where should I sign?

Think for a moment, Shahenda.
Did you forget about the curse?

Did you forget what happened
to our grandfather?

Listen, your grandfather was dumb.
He got shocked by electricity.

I thought about selling the mansion.
I don't see you as sheep or goats.

What do you say?

Listen to me, I can't keep supporting you.

I'll sell it.
The contract is in front of you.

We should all sign with Mama Batta.

What do you say?

I don't care. I'll sell it.

Here is my signature.

Fine. I'll sign.

Even if I singed, how are we going to
force Mama Batta to sign?

Don't worry about her.
I'll take care of it.

I'll make her sign unknowingly. Just sign!

Peace be upon you. Are you Hajja Batta?

Hajja? I wish dear.

-Who are you? How can I help you?
-I work for the religious radio program,

"Our town won't shut its doors,
I'll go to pray".

Congratulations! You'll go on Pilgrimage.


Will I go on Pilgrimage?

All prayers and blessings of Allah
be upon our prophet, Mohamed!

-I have always prayed for this day!
-Thank God!

If you will, sign right here.

-Of course, dear!
-The signature.

Excuse me, dear!
Didn't the Pilgrimage start a week ago?

What? Yes, you are right.

But, I didn't get a chance to tell you.
You will go on Pilgrimage or Umrah.

-Whatever is possible.
-Thank God!

What happened, Mama Batta?

Hurry up, girls!
Bring my reading glasses and a pen.

I'll go on Umrah!

Quickly. Bring the pen and the glasses.

I found it Shaimaa.

Oh my God! Hurry up!

-The pen, Shouq.
-You are so clumsy! What's wrong?

-What's going on?
-Nothing. Here you go.

Sign so that you won't lose
your chance to go on Umrah.

-Where are my reading glasses?
-Forget about it!

-I'll read whatever you want.
-I can't see.

-Where should I sign?
-Sign it already. We are going to die!

Oh my God!

Sign before you lose Umrah!

Didn't he ask you to hurry up? Hurry up!

-El Sayed...

-I love you.

She finally signed!


They are signed, sir.
I gave Shouq the check

that is dated for the day after tomorrow.

I'm Atef sir. Your loyal servant.




You removed a big burden Atef!

I see this burden, I saw it miles away.

I'll take care of it.
Here you go. The contract.

What is this?

I have one thing to say.

Your suit

is amazing.




You son of a bitch!

I used to fancy her!

Good morning, my beloved.

I just shaved three days ago!

What is it?

What is it?

Hello, baby.

No, I was sleeping.

That's my sleepy voice.


I'll call you later.

I love you. Bye.

He is so sexy.

Good morning Shahenda.

Where did they go?

My dear, Shahenda!

-Oh my God!
-How can I get them back?

Poor me!

It's so weird.

Some parts were added
and some disappeared.

Poor me!

See how big they were!

I could have cooked food in my bras.

I peed standing up.

I don't know
what you are complaining about.

At least you became handsome men.

I was a fat girl. I became a fat boy.
That is normal and fair.

But why did I become bald? Why?

-Stop it, Shaimaa. It will be all right.
-It's all because of you slutty Shouq!

Don't you dare disrespecting me.
You became a bald man.

I got a moustache. Look!
I became Hamdy El Wazir.

-She is right. It's all because of you!

Yes. You told us there is no curse.
And you encouraged us to sell the mansion.

-Your ducks were swans.

-You are blaming me now?

This cow went to medical school
because of my hard work.

I support everyone in this house,

and I bought you your purses,
clothes and car--

-Keep it down.
-Everything you have--

-Talk to the hand!
-Put your hand down!

Stop it. If Mama Batta saw us,
she would have a heart attack. Hide!

Girls, Haven't you gotten up yet?

I can't stand wearing my
grandfather's old rags!

I can't understand.
How did he buy these awful outfits?

It's only clothes.

I can't believe you two.

What are you talking about?
We need to make sure Mama Batta is okay.

-It's the doctor.
-Call me if anything happened.

Please doctor,
what's wrong with our grandmother?

-Sorry, doctor.

She means, what's wrong
with Grandfather? Grandmother?

What's wrong with the creature inside?

He is stable.

Apparently, he suffered
high blood pressure

-caused by a prostate inflammation.

A prostate inflammation.
Don't worry, it's not dangerous.

It's common in his age.
Apparently, it was an old inflammation

-but he neglected it.
-How come doctor?

-It only grew two hours ago.

Sorry doctor. We are so nervous
and confused because of worry.

Can we see her?

See him?

-No, it's not allowed.
-Sorry doctor. Shouq is so nervous.



Shauqi lost her temper. His temper.

Can you we check on her? Him? Anyone?

Fine. No problem.

If you need anything,

I'll be in my office.

I'll be here.

Speedy recovery Haj.


Take this. I want you to look after him.

Don't call him Haj, call him Batta.


What is this crazy house?

The doctor said,
"You will be fine, mister."

And the nurse said,
"Speedy recovery, Haj".

What's wrong with these crazy people?

What happened to my voice?

What happened to my voice?

What happened to my voice?

It's okay, Mama Batta. The doctor said
you are suffering a sore throat.


Having sore throat is fine.

Look at yourselves.

You didn't listen to me.

I already said that you will be cursed
if you sell the mansion.

You listened to this slut! Shame on you!

No, grandma, I'm Shahenda.
She is the slut.

-Are you the slut?
-Yes, Hajja.

Pardon me! Shame on you!

I'm Shaimaa, Mama Batta.

Shaimaa? It's clear.

We didn't even sell it, Hajja.
We just thought about it.

Could we have finished the sale
without your signature?

Did you want to sell it?
You deserve it! All of you!

God shifted your bodies
and kept me unchanged.

Because my intensions are pure.
I remained Batta, the lovely lady.

It's only my voice.
It became a little hoarse.

I'll be fine soon.

Easy! Listen, you lovely lady!

Taste the chocolate Shahenda brought you.

Yes, sure. I really need chocolate.

Gosh. It's so good. It's really delicious.

Who is this silly man in the photo?

Is he the owner of the chocolate store?

Did he put his photo?
It's not a photo. It's a video.

-See you slut?
-Let me see.

It's not a video, Grandma. It's a mirror.

It reflects your image.

-Shame on you slut!

You are shameless, Shahenda!
Mama Batta is in the hospital.

-It's not the time to go shopping.
-Why spend all this money?

We could have gone to a cheap store
to buy a few clothes.

Are you crazy? Do you expect Shahenda
Shanab to wear your these rags?

Why didn't they leave
enough space to park?

-To the left!

-Can't you see how he parked?
-To the left, Shahenda! You went right!

-The space is more than enough Shahenda!
-Hold on Shouq!

-What's wrong?
-You stopped the traffic.

You are blocking the road.

Get off. I'll park it for you.

-You are driving like a woman!
-Hey, I heard that.

-I don't care!
-The same to you!

Let me see.

That's what I was going to do.

No, they are women shoes.

Thanks for the information.

It's for women.

What do you want?

These are women shoes.
How can you wear them?

You are right. How? They are so cute.


Are there cute shoes in the men's section?

-Yes, of course. It's over there.

-Are there any men lingerie?
-Yes and they are cute also.

-It can't be.
-Can't you understand?

I like the bathing suit
but I only need the bottom piece.

-What will I do with the top piece?
-What will I do with it?

What's happening today? It can't be, sir!

Stop calling me sir or else
you are going to get it from me.

-Why are you threatening me?
-That's it. I'll only take the panties.

-It's a decent store.
-I don't care!

-What's wrong?

What are you wearing
on your head, Shaimaa?

I have to Shouq! I wear the hijab.

I want to ask if it's okay
to uncover my hair.

-You should ask.
-Listen, is this shirt suitable?

I was going to tell you.
It's showing your breasts!

-Cover up.
-Listen, do you have women undershirts?


Shahenda, look who is standing over there.

Pousy, aunt Soad's daughter.

-Where is she?
-Over there.

-Yes. She is Pousy.
-Let's go to say hi.

No, she must be upset
because I didn't attend her wedding.

-Go on. Don't tell her I'm with you.

Pousy. Look at you!
You became prettier after marriage.

-I didn't even know you.

You lost a lot of weight around your hips.

-And from above too!
-Essam! What a surprise!

I'm glad you are here. Do you agree
that she didn't visit me even once

-since your weeding?

She won't deny it.
We used to sleep in the same bed.

Pousy my wife used to sleep
with you on the same bed?


Shut up! I'll divorce you!

You see me as a man not a woman?

-I swear--

-Admit being gay!
-I'm really a woman!

-I won't let you go.
-Don't let him go!

There are also two men who are even worse!

I'll bring them over.

Shaimaa, I failed.
This beard can't be waxed.

Shouq is right.

Shouq isn't right.

I don't like how I look like but I won't
have surgery to change my sex.

-These surgeries are forbidden!
-Peace be upon you.

Let's say we bought a red car,
then the next day it became black.

So we go to the mechanic to
restore it's red color.

-Is it forbidden?
-Of course, not.

Even if it wasn't red
and we wanted it to be red,

it is not forbidden.

You are joking Shahenda!

Believe me.
I watched a program for Amr Khaled

where he said that plastic surgeries
are not forbidden.

What did Amr Khaled say?

Hold on!

I'm not sure if it was Amr Khaled.
He must be Amr Diab.


Naeem El Sayed, employee at the railways.

After the surgery

he became Naeema El Sayed, a housewife.

Sherif Magdy, microbus driver.

After the surgery,

he became Sherine Magdy,
the famous singer.

Wessam Fathy El Sayed,
employee at the textile company.

After surgery

she became Wessam Fathy El Sayed also.

-Plastic surgeon. Me.

Hello, there are catalogues
to choose from.

We can offer you a package.
Two raised eyebrows

plus one injected lip.

You can also have breast
or bottom augmentation.

Don't bother yourself.
Turn us into these three images.

Yes, you are right.
I'm the cutest one among them.

I want this exact look plus the
injected lip. I want it huge.

I want the same face
but with a bronze skin tone.

It looks amazing.

-Bronze, yes! We have metallic bronze.
-Yes, I love it.

I don't care about the top part at all.
What's important is my waist.

-It's my source of income.
-Waist? I understand.

Are you finished?

-Can you listen to me?

-Do you see this image?

Forget it. It doesn't exist.


do you see

this image?

I want this body.

Okay, no problem. We can fix the body.

It will take some effort. No problem.

-What about the face?
-You can decide it.

You are right. Anything other than
this face will look nice.

Thanks doctor.

For the two petite ones, we will take
50 thousand pounds as a down payment.

For you, we will take 200 thousand pounds
as a down payment

because it's a total loss for us.

-Shouq, why did you make us leave?
-Make her shut her mouth, Shaimaa.

-We don't understand.
-We sold the mansion for 30 million.

Let's do the surgeries.
Where are the 30 million?

-In my pocket.
-I'm not kidding. Where are they?

I swear. A check for 30 million pounds
payable to Shouq Adel Shanab.

-May she rest in peace.
-May she burn in hell.

-The tire is deflated!

-How can I help you?
-Can help us change the tire?

We are alone without a man.

I won't forgive you, Shouq.

We can't have the surgeries
and turn back to women

and we can't cash the check!

You particularly shouldn't be upset
from what happened.


-you are prettier as a man.
-Both are horrible.

For your information, when I was a girl,
a lot of guys wanted me as a girlfriend.

Because I'm not convinced by that!
The word in itself is weird.

What does a girlfriend
or a boyfriend mean?

Mama Batta used to say that I'm kind
and cute and prettier than you two.

You know who she used to say
I look like when I was young?

-Who? El Armoty?
-El Armoty!

-You are both so silly.
-Fine. Listen, girls!

-I'll go to Aziz El Hansh.
-Why will you go to Aziz El Hansh?

I'll try anything
to get the mansion back, Shahenda.

-Even if I had to dance for him.
-I ask forgiveness God!

Give me strength God!

Shouq, you must be crazy if you think
he would let go of the mansion easily.

His family tried for more than 100 years
to buy it. It means a Sentury!

-You mean century!

Shouq, Shahenda is right.

-Look out!
-Why are you screaming?

-I almost lost my leg!
-Calm down, Shahenda.

He is only trying to help us.

I'm so sorry. He is irritated nowadays
because of his period.

-Thank you so much for helping us.

Here you go.

I don't want anything from you!

-What about the tire?
-I don't care!

When Aziz gives an order,
it should be executed without hesitation.

I fired this boy. Get out, Misho!

Why, Mr. Aziz? Did I do anything wrong?

-I worked with you since KG 2.

What did I say the kids that
work for me should look like?

They shouldn't have a moustache Mr. Aziz.

And when that ugly puberty moustache
appears, what should happen?

-They take their wages and leave.
-So he should take his wages and leave.

It's not fair. I support my parents
and siblings. You are not humane!

I'm not a human, I'm Aziz!

-Kick him out.
-It's not fair!

Mr. Aziz, it's not fair!

-Who is this?
-I'm Shauqi Sanad.

The Shanab family lawyer.

-What? What are you saying?
-Shauqi Sanad, the Shanab family lawyer.

Don't dare mention the name
of this family in front of me!

I didn't mean to offend you.
That's why I'm here for.

The girls were hoping

you would take the check back
so that they get the mansion.

-Come in, advocate.
-By the name of God!

This is...

the memory room.

Come on in.

Is it a bath tub?

A bath tub?

It's my toilet bowl
before buying the mansion back.

It's clearly a toilet.

It's a special order.

It was custom made for my size
in South Africa.

-The bidet has two nozzles.
-They weren't even enough!

I ordered other two in the middle.

This is my photo in prep school.

I had a dream like every child of my age.

To ride a bicycle.

Poor you! Why didn't you?

You think I'm laughing in the photo.

Yes. Obviously, you were delighted.


I was split!

And that's because I rode the bike.

Can you imagine?
The whole bike penetrated--

Enough, sir! It's making me sick.

Who are those?
I feel like I had seen them before.

They are Samir, Shaheer and Baheer.

They were my best friends at high school.


-Look at the photo so I can tell you.
-I'm sorry. I was distracted.

Start over.


The 70s. The best time of my life.

It was the test of National Education
in our high school.


Samir, Shaheer and Baheer sat behind me.

I had eaten fried cauliflower
with pastrami for breakfast.

Suddenly, I had a stomach ache.
I couldn't hold it.

So, Samir, Shaheer and Baheer died.

My answer is no.
I'll never give that mansion up!

And the contract you are looking for
won't leave this safe.

-It's nothing but a wall, sir.
-A wall?

Ghada Abdel Razek.

Oh my God!

-What is it, sir?
-It's the safe.

Open it and give me the contract
and take the check and congratulate me.

I won't say except one thing,
you are a fool!

You are the fool! Listen up, Mr. Aziz.

I won't leave this place
until I get that contract.

Remember this. No pain, no gain, dear!

No pain, no gain?

-What else?

Kick this nobody out!

He is a cockroach!

El Sobky.


Shaimaa Mahmoud El Essawy.

Shaimaa Emad Shanab.

Can I see your ID card, doctor?

No? Your ID card, doctor!

But you are not wearing a face veil
in the photo.


Sure. I just need you to remove
the face veil to confirm your identity.

It's a normal procedure in the exams.


Why are you writing? Just talk to me.


Shouldn't be heard?

No problem.

Dr. Mona!


-Dr. Mona is a woman like you.

We want to see her face.

Can you please show me your face?


Yes, it's necessary. Unveil your face.

Unveil your face, please!



Catch him before he runs away!


I missed you so much since yesterday.

Will you recognize me if I talked to you?

I'm sure you will.

So much, I swear.

Is Karim still with that dull girl
named Shahenda?

Gosh! She is so boring! But she is so hot!

That doesn't matter because of her
dull personality.

She is the most boring girl
in the whole university.

-She is the dullest one in university!
-Shut up!

How dare you speak about Shahenda Shanab?

It's none of your business.
Why are you interfering?

The entire university knows
that she is the dullest one here.

It's not true. Shahenda is the classiest,
most stylish and cutest girl here.

Really? It seems you are trying to
win her heart. Don't be mad--

-Are you crazy?
-Come here!

Hold on! What's wrong?

-Is what he did acceptable?
-Beat him up. He touched me.

Calm down. Beat him up yourself,
can't you? Do you know me?

Yes! No!

I was standing over there and I heard him
insulting you and your girl Shahenda.

I swear I didn't insult Shahenda!

Did you insult me?
Do you even know me to insult me?

I'll tell you, what happened was...

I'll find you. Prepare for revenge.

-Anytime, baby.

-Baby? I'm Karim El Toubgy.
-I'm Shahendy.


What does it mean?

It's an Iranian word for "antenna".

Shahendy means antenna? Step back,
antenna. Let's see who is coming.

-What's up?
-What a nice red color!

You won't even talk to me!

-What is this mess?
-Is she your girlfriend?

No. But it's not respectable to check
some woman out while talking to a man.

Yes. We always do it.
I wonder why she isn't talking to me.

She is so tasteless. She is wearing
the same top from last week.

That's what you deserve!
Enjoy her company asshole!

What's wrong with that boy?
Don't you ignore me!

What are you talking about? Shouq? Check?

What do you mean by saying Aziz
won't give the mansion back?

Listen! I'll warn you for the last time!
Don't talk about my wife!

-Or else I'll punish you!
-I swear Atef that's what happened.

They all saw me yesterday transforming
into a man in the night club.

Transforming in the night club? Get out!

Remember the two joints
we smoked on our wedding night.

Go away!

Forget it. I can tell
you about the mark on your back.

No, you might have seen it
when I was changing clothes or swimming.

Forget about both. I can tell you
about the red night gown

that you love to see me in.

Red night gown!

-Where did we meet for the first time?
-Night club's parking lot.

-First kiss?
-Night club's restroom.

Where did we put our marriage certificate?

-Under the mattress inside.
-Where did I purpose to you?

-On the bed.
-Oh my God!

Are you really Shouq
or are you deceiving me?

I swear, my dear Atef.
I'm Shouq your wife.

Okay. I get it now.

I get the dirty game you and Shouq
are playing.

She wants to take her share of the sale
and leave her daughter with me.

I won't buy it. Tell her I'll make
her pay for revealing our secrets

and letting a fool like you
deceive me by using them!

I beg you, Atef! Don't think like that.

Aziz will kick us out of the mansion.
You are our only family.

-I believe her, Dad.
-Abeer! My daughter! I missed you.

I missed you too, Mom.

I beg you, Atef! Let me be
with my daughter even as a maid.

-Stop this foolishness!
-Mom! Don't leave me, Mom!

-My daughter!
-Go inside!

-Get out!

My daughter!

I believe you, my daughter.
Cover your body.

Thanks a lot, Om Nabil.

-This is not fair!
-I told you I would pay!

-I want my money now!
-Calm down. I'll pay.

If you stopped screaming, I would pay you.

What would you pay? I want cash right now!

-Did I run away? I said I would pay.
-The judge will decide.

Your honor, help us please.

She hit my car
and she doesn't want to pay.

Wait a minute please. Aren't you the model
from Ahmed Fahmy's latest video?


It's my fault that I stopped.
I could have hit you and run away.

It's not fair. I need the cost
of repairs right now!

Just a second! The video is amazing
and you are so pretty.

I'm a huge fan.
I can't believe I'm standing next to you.

I watch the music video every day.
Is Ahmed Fahmy nice in person?

Yes, he is nice. I'll withdraw
money from the ATM to give it to you.

-I want it cash!
-I don't have cash on me!

-Are you shooting here?
-What are you talking about?

-Let me see how I'll pay him.
-Do you really need money?

-How much do you want?
-If you are the one who will pay

-then it's fine. I won't take money.
-Yes, she is with me.

-I can't accept it sir.

-Don't worry about it.
-Take this.

Peace be upon you, sir!
Thanks a lot! God bless you!

It's over. Go away, everybody!

I don't know how to thank you.
You are so kind.

Don't mention it. You don't know
how much I love Ahmed Fahmy.

It's a situation any girls can face.

I can't believe I met you!
I like you very much. Bye.

Wait! Would you mind
if I have your number?

Me? Not at all! I'll insert it.

I'm a huge fan.
I like your page on Facebook.

-I swear.

-I like you very much.

-Here you go.
-What name will I save?

Shaimaa or Shimo.

-Shamy. Shamy Shanab.

I'm sorry. Isn't it a very strange name?
Can you give me Ahmed Fahmy's number?


What are you doing here?

Why are you surprised?

Do you have any guests?

No. But you are making yourself at home.

-So, what? It's not the first time.
-Yes, it's the first time.

Yes, right. Anyway, I came to apologize
for what happened earlier.

-But you provoked me.
-I'm not upset. I'm not mad.

-Go away. I'm expecting somebody.

-A girl.
-What? Are you cheating on Shahenda?

It's none of your business!
I can do whatever I like. Get out.

Can you leave?

Leave? I'll leave.

But before I leave,
I want you to answer one question.

-Go ahead.
-How do you feel about Shahenda?



Her breasts.


She has nice breasts.

She's a walking breast!

-You are such a dirty bastard!
-Are you insulting me--

See? She's arrived.
Say hi and leave right away.




We lost the mansion, Shaimaa.

Atef beat me up and kicked me out.

He won't let me see my daughter.

It's okay, Shouq.

Don't take it so hard, dear.

Shouq, give me your hands.

Shouq, give me your hands!

Look at me.

Shouq, look at me!

You are strong.

You are strong.

I don't understand a word
you are saying, Shaimaa.

I feel like I'm going to die.

-I feel so tired Shaimaa.
-What's wrong Shouq?

It's okay, dear. Stop crying.
I feel so bad for you.

It's his loss.
Thank God that he was exposed.

You deserve better.

I'll find you a great husband.
Actually, I'll find you a great wife.

I'll find whoever suitable.

Grandma, I'm not upset because he is
cheating on me with my friend.

I don't care! What upsets me
is his awful taste.

You don't know how awful Hend looks.
She wears opaque socks with a long skirt!

-What does she wear?
-Opaque socks.

-With what?
-A long skirt.

Oh my God! Is she insane?
She sounds like your slutty cousin.

Don't cry.
Be grateful that you got rid of him.

When I go back to the mansion
and sort our problems out

I'll make it up for you God's willing.

-You would never make it up for me.

-Because we sold the mansion.

You sons of bitches!
Bring me the chocolate box! Hurry!


-Does it hurt?
-No, upward.

-What about here?
-Not very much.


-What about here?
-It tickles.

Stop it, Shouq!
I need to make sure of something.

-What about here?

-It hurts a little.

I did...

-something awful.
-What did you do?

I accidently told Grandma
that we sold the mansion.

It was intentional to be honest.

Do you think it's a disaster? Not at all.

Your cousin,

-Shouq, is pregnant.

This is cute.


Do you know, Shahenda?
I miss being a girl.

I miss my online friends very much.
Sameh, Tarek and Adel.

I can't even turn the camera on.
It's all because of Shouq.

I won't forgive her.
She made us sell the mansion.

Now she is pregnant. It's so bad!

Do you remember when we were small?
We felt she wouldn't be a good person.

I won't forgive you, Shouq!
You are the reason--

Shut up! Your voice is horrible!
I can't hear the TV.

What about your own voice?
Can't you hear yourself?

It's Dolly. What does she want?

-Hi Shamy! How are you?

Hi Dolly. I'm fine. Do you need anything?

I was bored and thought that I would
like to go out. I was checking with you.

No, Dolly. I'll stay at home.
My grandma is in the hospital.

And we are selling our mansion
and my cousin is pregnant.

I have some family issues. I can't go out.

I'm sorry.

I have VIP tickets
to Ahmed Fahmy's concert.

Come pick me up right now!

-Didn't you just say--
-Right now!

What about your grandma and cousin?
Will you leave them?

I'll leave them! They are not
going anywhere. Now! Bye!

Shahenda, I'll go to Dolly's.
Her car ran out of fuel

on Cairo-Ismaileya high way,
and she is all alone.

She will come to pick me up.
I'll get dressed.

Shaimaa, don't you have any sense
of responsibility?

Will you leave her in these circumstances?

-Shouq won't be alone. You are with her.
-I don't care about Shouq!

Will you miss today's episode
of Forbidden Love?

Do you know that Mr. Adnan knew that
Samar is cheating on him with Mowafak?

-Whatever! She is cheating on him.

-Are you serious?

I'll get dressed then.

What is this sound?

Shouq, open the door!


-Shouq, my dear! Easy!

-Help me, Shaimaa.
-Get her up.

Sit him up.

I can't believe it, Shouq!
Do you want to have an abortion?

What can I do, Shaimaa?

At first, I made you sell the mansion
and I can't get it back.

And now, I'm pregnant.

If I were you,
I would consider myself a disgrace.

Don't say so, dear. We always
thought of you as a disgrace.

Do you know that I told my friends
that you are our maid?

You have always been mean.

Poor Atef! Even the child you want,
I won't be able to deliver.

-You should tell him.

If he really loves you,
he wouldn't care how you look like.

He who loves easily, forgives easily.


Amazing finishing!

-Are you finally back, Shouq?
-Yes, I'm back, my love.

It's you again! What drugs are you taking?

I knew it. It's weed.

-I didn't smoke since I transformed.
-You must have finished smoking now.

And it drives you crazy. Once it happens,
you come to my shop saying,

"Atef, I'm your wife."

-Listen to me please and be fair!
-Go ahead.

Don't look at me with your eyes,
but with your heart.

You will know for sure that
I'm Shouq. Your wife.

I'll not look at you with my eyes.
I'll use my shoes!

-Do you hit women, Atef?
-Surround him!

He is besieged!

-Hit me, Atef, but it will be your loss.
-I don't care. I'll punish you!

Even if I tell you that...

I'm pregnant?

Shosho, my love! The sandwiches!
Romano cheese!

You shouldn't eat sausage, honey.
You should eat all these sandwiches.

Well done! Stay where you are.
I don't want you to do anything.

Don't cook or clean.

Whatever you want, just tell me
and I'll send it to you in bed.

-Whatever you say, my love!
-Oh my, God! You are amazing.

Form this day on,
you won't dance at the night club.

I'll support this house.
Even if I had to work day and night.

I should support my son myself.

-Can I listen to him?
-Come close, dear.

Be careful, Atef! My body has changed.

I'm sorry, man. It's obvious.

-Listen, Atef.
-Yes, honey.

-Do you love me?

It's like a fire in my heart.

Do you still love me even after
I became a man?

Even if you became a rabbit,
I'll always love you.

-I have a tiny comment.
-Is it the moustache?

Let's shave it. Even Essam El Hadary
shaved his moustache. So should my wife.

Hadary? Okay. I won't dance to you.

-Dance? Who will be the goalkeeper?
-Don't talk to me, Atef.

-I'm kidding my love, Shosho.
-You will sleep on the couch.

I'll sleep on the couch anyway.

-Listen to me.
-Don't touch me.

Even if you kept your moustache
and grew a beard,

I would still love you.

Thanks a lot Atef. Pray that I'll
be a woman again before the 9th month

or else the child will be stuck inside.

No way! I'll slash your stomach
to get him out!


-Listen, Atef.

I have been craving guava for two days.

Oh my, God! Is it pregnancy cravings?
Listen everyone! She has cravings!

She is pregnant with my child!
Right away Shouq.

I'll bring you all the guava available.

Eat the sandwiches and the proteins.


I can't believe I see Fahmy! I swear!

I'm preparing my new album.
I hope it will be successful.

-Should I go to him?

-I'll go.


I can't believe I'm hugging you!

-Thanks a lot.
-Keep me in your arms forever!

-I love you so much!
-We are shooting, sir.

No! Don't call me, sir. Call me Shaimaa.

Just say, "I love you, Shaimaa".

-"I love you, Shaimaa".
-I love you, Shaimaa.

No! Say it closer to the mic.
Tell me that you love me.

-Tell the whole world.
-I love you, Shaimaa.

I love you too, Fahmy.
Take the teddy bear.

It's obvious how much your fans love you.

Yes. Thank God.

You are the one

who sends flowers to my sister,
Shahenda, everyday.

Yes, but my intentions are pure.

Yes, but we are a conservative family
and don't allow such behavior.

What do you mean? Are you fooling me?

Your sister fools around in university.
She kisses all men--

-Shut up!

Are you insane? Answer my questions only.

-Why do you send her flowers?
-Because I love her.

You love her?

Even after she made fun of you
in front of everybody?

-Yes, I love her.

And I know that no one else loves her.
They say she is arrogant.

-But she is a good person on the inside.
-That's true.

She is an orphan,
and she had no guidance in life.


I mean no one told her
what's right and what's wrong.

Yes, Baseet.

Do you know that Shahenda thought
that Karim was the one sending flowers?

Of course, I know. I write down
Karim's name on the card.

Because I knew that if she saw my name
on it, she would throw it away.

Baseet, did anyone tell you
that you are a moron?

Yes, a lot of people. I don't care.

All I want is for Shahenda,
your sister, to be happy.

Basset, did anyone tell you
before that you are cute?

I can't believe that we attended
Ahmed Fahmy's concert.

I can't also believe that we stayed
out till this hour.

Do you know? It's the first time
for me to spend the night outside.

Really? What matters is that you had fun.

-I had so much fun. You can't imagine.
-Me too.

I laughed so hard, and I never knew how
it felt being with a great man like you.

Dolly, tell me more about the interior
designing job. I thought you were a model.

Acting is a side job. I'm an interior
designer and I have my own shop.

Listen, I'll decorate your house
when you get married.

Can you stop looking at me?

Do you know that you have a baby face?

-Do you love babies?
-A lot. I feel that they are so pure.

Just like you.

Shamy, do you have a girlfriend?

Do you have one?

You can just guess it.
It's so hot in here. I going to go.

-Bye, Dolly. I'll see you soon.
-God willing.

Peace be upon you.

What's happening, Shahenda?

What's wrong with you?
You both left me alone.

We are being evicted.

Enough, you two!
What did we do to deserve all this?

-We became homeless.
-Don't say so.

This is your house. I talked to Atef.
He was amazing. He is totally welcoming.

-It's very nice of him.
-How cute!

Atef! The girls and I are hanging out,
you should knock on the door.

-You are so rude.
-I'm sorry. I forgot.

-Take your time.
-Come and say hi to my cousins.


-Peace be upon you.
-And upon you.

-What is it? Who are these men?
-They are my female cousins Atef.

Yes, they suffered the same fate.
Speedy recovery!

-This is Shahenda, the spoiled one.
-Hello, Ashenda.

She is wearing my new pajamas.
It suits you.

Do you raise flees in your pajamas?

Nice one!

You look like you were really hot.

Hopefully, you will get back
to your past self.

This is the youngest, Shaimaa.

Hello Shamiaa. Don't get back to
your old self. Stay as a man.

You are wearing my kaftan!
Does it fit you?

I can get you another one
from our neighbor Ali. He is huge.


I brought Guava darling.

-I missed you.
-And you too, Atef.

I want you so much.

-I'm hard to get.
-I'll get to you.

-What if you fall?
-I'll stand up again.

-What if you got dirty?
-Will clean myself and come to you!

Eat it, darling.

-I'll throw up.
-I'll throw up too!

Me too I swear. But I'm forced.

My sweet beloved!

-The case is getting worse.

The shock was heavy.

Let's not forget
the prostate problem he came with.

In fact, we have to resort
to surgery immediately.

-How much will it cost doctor?
-It's not about money.

He is diabetic and any surgery
would pose a danger to his life.

-What can we do doctor?
-There in nothing we can do.

It's all in God's hands. Pray for
her and him! Just pray. Excuse me.

-I want to see Mama Batta.
-Calm down, Shaimaa.

Hold on. It's Aziz.

I'm Aziz El Hansh, rejoice and celebrate.

I promise you all,
and you too and everyone

that I'll demolish this mansion
in spite of the Shanab family!

I'll start building the biggest kids mall
in a week from now.

-He will demolish the mansion in a week.
-What a disaster!

I can't take it anymore!


-We lost the mansion girls.
-It's all because of you Shouq.

We have no time for this nonsense.
I have an idea to get it back.

Shouq, you must bring us some money

Shaimaa, you will accompany me
tomorrow to run an errand.

Do exactly as I say.

Forget it, Misho! You can't beat, Aziz!

Hello? Who is talking?

Security? What happened?
Don't you know it's my sports day?

Who are insisting to meet me?

Pierre Cardin.
He is Pierre and I'm Cardin.

From the Egyptian French Art
Production company.

Pierre Khodair, Egyptian French director.

My dad is Egyptian and my mom is French.

Cardin El Dahan. Egyptian French producer.
My parents are both Egyptian.

We won't take long.
We are here to shoot a movie about

the living legend Aziz El Hansh.

I'm not sure. I didn't think about
this since I was a child.

If the movie conveys a good message
and has a good script,

why not?

You misunderstood us.
We are shooting a movie about your life.

When will it be released in the cinemas?

-It won't. It's a documentary.
-Wouldn't I act in it?

-Of course he will, Pierre!

We were thinking about the female lead.
What do you think of Haifa?

-What do you think, Pierre?
-I think Haifa is perfect, Cardin.

The problem is that
there is a kiss scene in the end.

-Mr. Aziz might be against that.
-Against what? I'm all in!

Since you agreed, our director, Rayan,
will shoot few scenes.

-What should we shoot first?
-The kiss.

I was sure you would be
the only one to believe me.

If it wasn't for my desperation,
I wouldn't have asked you.

But I'm willing to sign a promissory
note for the sum I'll borrow.

What is this nonsense?
I told you a million times before

you are my successor.
You are the best dancer after me

to dance on Enta Omry.
You combined the tunes. Did you forget?

I feel so sorry for you.

You could never imagine my suffering.

When I was waiting for you outside,
I napped for 15 minutes.

-I had this dream...

I dreamt that Ahmed Ezz was kissing me.

-Was he holding a metal rod?
-No miss! I mean the actor.

Yes. He must have been holding a script.

-Lucky you, he is so handsome.
-It's not the same when you are a man.

Ahmed Ezz himself was about to
get sick in the dream.

It's a bad sign in dreams.

Welcome to the movie.

-Mr. Aziz, who affected you the most?
-Scrooge McDuck.

-You must know him.
-Scrooge McDuck, the cheap?

Excuse me!

Research your information
before gossiping about people.

Scrooge McDuck isn't cheap. He is frugal.

It's all because he wanted to
build a future for his family.

Tell me why we are doing
all this, Shahendy?

Didn't I tell you that we are trying
to get Shahenda's mansion back?

-Don't you want to marry her?

-Yes, of course.
-Then do what I say.


He is lucky and responsible.
What about Donald Duck? What?

-He should toughen up.

-You got it?

Listen, why don't you go
to a successful doctor?

You might be suffering from the flu
or you ate something bad.

A microbe.
He'll prescribe you antibiotics.

What antibiotics?
I'm not suffering from diarrhea.

Go wash your face till I get you money.

-Hey girl...
-What's up, miss?

-Hey girl...
-What's wrong with you?

-What are you wearing?

Axe. It's so sexy. I'm so lonely.

-It's not my problem.
-I want you, girl!

Oh my, God!



This is my storage...

Shoot me, son!

It's the biggest warehouse
in the Middle East.

-Accompany them, Misho.
-Shoot the entire warehouse.

We are in the warehouse.
All we need is the cameras controls.

Here it is.

Mr. Misho, Aziz is calling for you.

Hold this.

I urge officials...

Where is the camera?

-We are using satellite.

I urge officials in The Duck Universe,
and tell them if they allowed chaos

and failed to arrest The Beagle Boys,
the Duck Universe would turn into

Egypt before January 25th. Shoot.

God bless you!

Stop it! What else you want to do?
Will you let ghosts haunt us?

-Shouq, where did you get money from?
-I took them from Shaimaa.

I don't believe you.

You went back to belly dancing, right?

How can I, Atef? With this hairy chest?

Shahenda, do I look nice?
Dolly is coming now.

I want to understand the reason
for bringing Dolly everywhere.

How will your relationship with her
end if we became girls again?

Can you tell me how your relationship
with Baseet will end if we didn't?

Are you jealous
because she is prettier than you?

What? This skinny girl?

-Hi Shauqi.

-Shamy, how are you?
-"Shamy, how are you?"

-What's wrong with him?
-Ignore him.

Dolly, thanks for everything
you did for us.

Don't mention it. I didn't do anything,
I wasn't using the warehouse anyway.

Don't distract me.
What do you think of the dress?

The dress is amazing. I have a similar
one in green. I wore it in Esraa's--

What am I saying?

Shamy, you are the best man I ever met.

-You must be mistaken.
-I'm not kidding.

You are the first one
who didn't try to deceive me.

You have a weird mind. I never met
a man who understands women like you.

As if you have a woman inside you
or you were a woman before.

Dolly, did anyone tell you anything?

Like what?

I want to go out.
Won't you take me to the movies?

-What English movies are showing?
-English films. I read it this morning.

I think The Toursit,
The Game and Alzheimer.

-Play Atef!

What are you doing? Will you throw a bomb?

Shaimaa, why are you standing here?
Why didn't you do what I asked?

Atef, don't talk to me like this.
I hate this!

-Leave the ladder alone.
-Stay away!


Boy? I'll accept God's gift.
But hopefully, it's a boy.

Congratulations! It's a beautiful
girl that looks like her late mother.

No, not a girl! I asked for a boy. Shouq?

Look carefully. It might be a boy
with his back to us.

It's a girl. I'm sure. It's obvious.

-It's a boy.
-It's a girl.

It's a boy, Shaimaa.

He is ignorant and trashy and he might
destroy this ultrasount machine.

-Whatever! It's a boy.

It looks exactly like you.

-You are cheating, Youssef.
-Peace be upon you.

-Peace be upon you.
-Peace be upon you.


-Why are so violent, Shahenda?
-I'm sorry.

Wake up, Shaimaa.

Did you sleep?

-I'm here.
-Why did you put that on?

-This one didn't fit me.
-Stop it you two.

Let's go before they notice us.

Wait girls. It's the laser. Shaimaa,
remember our training.

Hold the headphones.

Hurry up!

Do it already!

Enough Shaimaa!

-The kids must be on their way.
-Great. Distract them.

I'll be right back. Go.

-Yes, sir.

-Who is talking?
-I'm Atef.

Who is Atef?

Yes! What do you want?

Didn't we once agree that
if I had news about the Shanab family

I should bring it to you
to give me a reward?

I'll reward you.

I want to tell you that Shouq
and her two cousins

have been training for a week
to break through your company

and steal the contract.

They are at your office right now
stealing the contract.

-Stealing the contract?
-Yes, sir.

But I couldn't just accept it.
I called the police.

They must be on their way.

So you called the police!
What do you want from me?

You should go to reclaim your contract
and defend your company and factory.

-And Atef will get a big reward.
-Hang up!

-I can't take it anymore.
-If you were training regularly--

-Look who's talking--
-Shut up! This is not the right time

Did you get the things Shaimaa?

Show me.

-Are you ready, girls?


Are you okay Shaimaa?

I was hit by an arrow
on my shoulder, Shahenda!

It stings badly!

Don't worry, Shaimaa.
You will live for Shouq and Shahenda.

I can't take it anymore.
Continue without me.

No, Shaimaa! We came together
and we will leave together!


Speed up!

What's wrong, Mr. Aziz? What happened?

A disaster happened. Follow me.

-It's not the time.

The warehouse is safe, Misho.
Nothing happened.

-Nothing was stolen sir.
-What do you mean?

Did I come all the way to tell
me nothing was stolen?

How come? Let's search again.

Shut up!

-Can I help you?
-Aziz El Hansh. The owner.

Did you see? This is the contract
that was supposedly stolen.

Great! We will charge you with
disturbing the police.

-What charge? Who reported the robbery?
-This person.

Then take him!
It has nothing to do with me.

Do you turn me in? Do I deserve this?

-Shut up!

You are right. But you have a big problem
of hiring children under the legal age.

Children? They are demons.
My lawyers will take care of it.

Fine. Bring the report over.
I need you to sign this report.

Then bring your dumbest lawyer
to take care of it.

-Where should I sign?
-Right here.

There you go.

Dear Hansh, no one entered
your office or went out.

The producer and director are Shaimaa
and Shahenda after they were cursed.

They wanted to shoot every inch
of your office.

We made a duplicate of your office keys
in Dolly's warehouse.

The reason they visited your company
wasn't for the shooting only.

We adjusted the cameras controls
so that we operate it.

And before the execution,
we shut down your cameras

and turned on our cameras.

What you saw on the screen was real
but not in your office.

It was in our warehouse.

Even the kids weren't your workers.

We hired other kids and dressed them
in the same uniforms.

Mr. Mustafa El Toukhy himself
trained them.

Atef called you and said he reported
the police and escorted them.

The policeman who came to you
was the only real thing.

He is the best drummer in my band.

Of course, you must have guessed by now
that the report you signed

was a contract to sell the mansion.



It's how dancers plot.

Damn you, Hansh!

Damn me!

-Did you all sign?
-Shaimaa doesn't want to sign.

-Why Dr. Shamiaa?

I don't want to be a girl again.
I want to stay with Dolly.

This way, we won't be able to change.

I won't listen to anyone but my heart.

You can sign instead of me.
It would still be valid.

Then the mansion will be ours again,
and you will be girls again

and I'll stay with Dolly and marry her.

Okay, let her be.
Each of us can do whatever we like.

I'll sign instead of her.

-Sign here, Shouq.


While you make grandma sign,
I'll go to get ready to meet Baseet.

-Shaimaa, I'll miss you.
-You too so much!

I'll see you a lot Shouq.
I don't want to see you ever again.

-Go away.
-Good luck, Shahenda.

While you get ready to meet Baseet,
I'll take it to Mama Batta to sign

-with Shouq.
-No way Dr. Shamiaa!

Shouq will be with me today.
She will be a woman again.

I sent our daughter to my mother.
And I put some beer in the fridge.

-It will be a great night.
-Stop it. You will embarrass the girl.

-Which girl?

-Okay, Atef. Take your wife and go.

Let's go.

I'll miss you girls but Dolly is worth it.

I sprayed the spray she likes.
She won't be able to resist.

I'll destroy her.

What a lovely night!

Is this how it will be!

The beer won't work.
I'll go get you some bones.


Go away!

Are you, Shahenda?

Are you making fun of me again?

I scarified a lot of things to be
with you. I hurt my family.

How? I think you love the dogs
more than me.

Don't call them dogs!

I'm usually scared of the dogs.

Shouq and Shahenda are different.
They are my cousins.

Actually, they are more like my sisters.

I want you to take care of them.

Why did you name them Shouq and Shahenda?

It wasn't me. It's Mama Batta.

Won't you introduce me to Mama Batta?

You won't meet Mama Batta.

Grandma! Sit!

Sit! Sit here.