Ban wo zong heng (1992) - full transcript

Two brothers Ah B and Dee live in two different worlds. Ah B decides to quit his smuggling business for a new life, but accidentally involves the innocent Dee into the smuggling case.

You may go now

Thank you

Brother Bee

Let's talk outside

That way

Where'll we meet?

Hotel Loy Loy

This is Ah Bee

Come, try it

It seems to be heavy

These diamonds are quite nice,
where are they from?

It's none of your business


Actually, it's not wise for you
to smuggle diamonds

Why not smuggle Cocaine?

We can earn 1 billion per year

I won't deal with drugs

Kidding! What's that difference?

Diamond smuggling is just the same

Both are smuggling! Why not... -

Do some big business?

I've said, I won't deal with drugs

OK, Let's treat it as your investment

I've said, I won't deal with drugs

Give me money

Or I'll take the diamond away

What's that mean?

I hate people point at my head with gun

Give him money

Don't be that cocky

The world will change, we'll meet later

Kwan, are you going?

Yes, why not?

Thank you



Damn you! I'll teach you a lesson, boy

I have been in Taiwan for 3 years

this is the first time I see someone
to argue with him

This kind of life is very hard to lead

I have decided

I will quit after this deal

I go back to have some small business

Of course you can

You have earned quite a lot these years

This is my luck that I've less mistakes

I've been outside home
for so many years

I wonder how my family's going on now

Don't you know
I am longing to return to HK?

We can return back together

Kidding! I am still on my way now

You have broken one's head

So many years already

It cannot be counted like this

What should I do if I was arrested
once I reached the airport?

Don't you really want to return

Of course

You can hide in a ship in Kilung
to go back

Remember to give me a call
when arriving HK

See what we can do

Thank you, Bee

OK! Stop

Ka Wah, come out please

Demonstrate for them

Watch how he dances

Got it?

Follow him, understand?

Who's that?

Damn, are you deaf?
Why don't you open the door?

Who are you looking for?

Don't you know me?

Are you Bee?

Your memory is fantastic

For what are you coming back?

Can I?


Why do you have to shout
and yell once coming back



Everyone knows brother's come back
when seeing money

Who say so?

Brother, where have you been
for these years?

Doing business
one should wander around

Have a drink


Where is mom?

To deliver the clothes

She's still tailoring?


No more beer
may be have some soft drinks

Thank you

How's her health

Always feeling not good

I always ask her to quit
but she want to wait for my graduation

Old people are like this

You have grown stronger these years


But still so short

Yeah, what grade are you now?

I'm attending the performing art school

Performing art school? What's that?

For learning music, dancing & singing


Is that like the one

in American Gigolos?

Of course no, crazy minded

Mine is the formal one

We've to study the history & the theory

There are many things to learn

Why don't you try to be a doctor or
a lawyer?

Those can really earn money

Who support me?
And I have no interest as well

Now I an here, money is no problem

I will be responsible for you onwards

Take this, this is for you

Where does these money come from?

Earn from business


No, I have a part time job as a singer
at night time

It's enough for me

What? It's very complicated in a lounge

Did anyone disturb you?


Show my name if anything happens

I've still some power outside nowadays

Mom, guess who has come back?



Finally, you have come back

Which jail have you been for these days

I haven't been in jail,
I just have been trading overseas

Mom. I have something for you

Mom, let me unwrapped it for you

Wait, I will do it

Mom. It's a gold cross

Mom, if you don't like it,
I will give you money instead

Where do you get so much money?

From trading

Not from robbing?

What robbing? It's clean


You're only 30 something
but you passed 10 more years in jail

Mom, no more in jail

Tell Holy Mother what you have been

doing for these few years



Come confess to Holy Mother

Brother, just tell what you have done

Don't lie! Beware God will punish you

To the hell

In the name of the Father, the son and

the Holy Spirit & Holy Mary

I haven't committed
the 10 commandments for these years

I have just some tax evasion

Tax evasion! For what?

Mom, I have brought diamonds
and sold in S.E. Asia

You have smuggled diamonds

What smuggle? Just tax evasion

You still said that it's clean money

Your evil mind can't really changed

Take it back, I don't want this
dirty money


Mrs Lee. I rent you this house only if

Bee doesn't live there
But now he has returned

You're not more welcome,
Please move out right away

What are talking about? Madam Mui

Beware, I will kill you

Shut up, What are you talking about?

Mom... -

Don't you think that you're so powerful

I will call for the police

You try

I am not afraid of him... -

Mom. Let us move out here

Enough, I don't want to listen to you

It's better that you didn't return

Get out... -

Talking about killing & fighting
once you come back

Get away, we don't welcome you


Don't be so angry

I don't want the police to come

to my house daily asking for you

Go! Go now!


Mom, don't get angry

Mom... -

He wants to kill once he reached home
Isn't it ridiculous



Am I smart? I know you are here

Don't get angry with mom

Idiot! I won't

I'm used to be kicked out by her

Why don't you be kicked out?

Are you dealing with smuggling?

Do you believe in her?


What a women

I bought the diamonds and then sold it
to others

I won't do illegal things

I'll persuade mom, but you'd promise me

Don't make mom angry again

I've never! She just misunderstands me

Keep your promise

l... -

I don't care, you'd keep your word!

Come on, meal time

I'm coming!

Remember! Don't make her angry again


You want me to beg you for dinner?

Abalone! Brother loves it very much

I'm afraid it has been expired

In the name of the father & the Son
& the Holy Spirit, Amen

Our father in heaven, holy is your name

Your kingdom's come

your will be done on earth as in heaven

I beg you to give us our daily meal

Don't let us fall in temptation

In the name of the father & the Son
& the Holy Spirit, Amen

Mom, eat now

Mom, eat now

Have the vegetable

Thank you

Mom, I've bought a flat

I wish you two to move in too

Yes, mom

The flat is beautiful, with fresh air

Also there is lift

Any lift?


I won't move in with you

I don't want to live a scaring life

The police will come anytime to arrest you

The rascals will come anytime to mess up

We may be kicked out

In case you can't pay the bank

Don't worry

I bought it in full payment

Mom, look, the house we're living
is dangerous

If it collapses when we are sleeping

We can't sleep then

Bull shit

God, please forgive his sin

What are you two doing?

If you don't move in, I'm not eating


Yes, mom. God has forgiven me

Why don't you forgive me?

Mom, promise

She did promise, let's eat

I can move in your flat, provided that

You'd listen to me


Well, I'll move in


Mom always keeps her promise

I won't be big mouth

Mom is always right

Mom, let's eat

The abalone, mom

It's decorated

Mom, here is the kitchen, isn't it spacious

If the kitchen utensils are not enough,

A big bed
we can buy some later

Like it? Mom

It's a master bedroom

Mom, the healthy match

Brother is caring for your health

Your room is over there,

The flat is of 40 sq. Kms
go & have a look

How much?

About 4 million

How expensive

It's not exactly!

If anything lacks
The one facing the sea costs 5 million

Take it & buy anything you want

Don't waste one like this

You'd be economical! Understand


Brother, mom, my room is really beautiful

You are so good to me

Sure I am

You are grown-up now

We moved in here

You'd not do anything illegal,

you know?

It'd be a shame if our neighbors know

Mom, he won't do bad thing anymore
you are doing bad things

I'm going to school

Mom, I've to work.

I'll watch your show tonight
I won't come back for dinner



Mom, buy anything you think is necessary

Don't save my money

What? None of my business?

She is my girl

She owes you money? On my account,

that's it

Siu Hung

You are still alive?

Not yet married?

You still have to work?

Married? There's old man who wants

to take me to Canada

Anything wrong with him

Do I need to marry such old man?

Well done

And there's a playboy wants to take care

But I can support myself,
of me

You are my heir
why should I care for him

You are crazy fucking guy

Three years already,

You'd inform me if you are dead
you haven't given me a call

so that I can do something

Don't you know that I have been

Don't cry, be good and cry no more
waiting for you hardly

Let me set up a celebration arch for you

I just want you

Siu Hung


Bee, aren't you rich now?

Look at your dressing

What? You don't even come to visit us

Damn it
when you return

Hubby they always bully me

How come he will bully you,

Yeah, Hung, only you will bully me
he's my good brother

You still deny?

Give me back the money


Where's Kwan?

Kwan? He tells us that you are No.1

Is it true?
In Taiwan

Where is he now?

He's sleeping at home

Call him out

OK, I will call him now

Don't go to work for these few days!

Go to change

Hubby fantastic

I plan to look for my ex-boss right

when I return

God knows that they had all run away

Now I am the only fool left behind

All your bosses are dealers of drugs

Of course they have to run away
or owners of brothels

Can you lend me some money

We can have several deals per week
to buy a yacht?

At least I can earn a few thousands

What yacht? They have all been arrested

You should buy a helicopter indeed fools

Bee, trust me, and give me three million

I guarantee that you can earn

Crazy! Trust you?
Fifteen million within half year.

We will have to eat the air

Hubby, I know a boss

He will immigrate next month,

why don't you take his place?

It will surely earn

Right, Bee, I am responsible for the place

Perfect match, sure win

My little brother

My younger brother, Kwan

Superman, Kwan

Sister Hung


Bee, he's a new comer?

Go, he is my brother!

Come, be with me,
you'll sure have a good future

Shut up

You are handsome

Why don't your brother look like you?

Brother, I will prepare myself,

Bee, your brother is really handsome

Of course, he's university student

& still attending the performing art school

Listen to the song

Don't disturb

Not bad

Of course

Fifteen... -

Twenty... - you lose

Will you mind to lower your voice?

How's it?

Why should I lower my voice for?

Who are you damning?

Damn you

Bull shit!

Are you dare to repeat what you have said?

Do you want to stay alive still?

Can you do me a favor & shut up

Bull shit!

Get out!

Brother, it's just misunderstanding

Fuck you

You dare to hit my younger brother?

So what?

You really want to get into trouble

Are you OK


Are you alight?

Brother, please ask them to stop fighting

Be quick! It will be very trouble
if the police comes

Get away quickly

Be quick! It's not suitable for children

Be quick, Go

You son of the bitch

Damn you

You don't want to stay alive!
Let me beat you

I am Chan Kwan, come to me
if you want to take revenge

Bastard, you dare to beat my hubby,
do you want to stay alive?

God damn it

Will you go?

What so funny? Get away

Have you ever seen others fighting?

Get out!

How come you just act like a dummy
when something happened

I have been scolding them all the time,
don't you know that?

The car is coming, will you like to leave?

Mom, don't be so tough


Have you been fighting with others

No, I just bumped it by mistake

I'm afraid that you learned to be bad
from your elder brother

I will jump down and kill myself

if I found you to be bad

Mom, what are you talking about?

I am a kid no more,

I know what's good and bad

And this time brother has returned

He sure will not be as frightful as before

Mom, go to sleep, it's late

I can manage it myself


It's OK! Go to sleep

Go to bed earlier

Dear followers, let's confess

And have the holy sacrifice sincerely

I confess to the Lord and his followers

That I've committed some mistakes
in my daily behavior

I am sin. My sin is deep

May the love of the Father, the Christ

and the Holy Spirit

To be with you

And with your hearts as well


Holy Body of Jesus Christ.


Good bye, Father

Father Koh

Mrs. Lee, is that Bee?


How are you, Father Koh?

Where have you been for these years?

Travelling around for business

What sort of business?

Trading! Import and export

Father Koh's memory is good

for remembering me

Of course! You always stole my thing

in the chapel when young

Of course, I can remember

Father, Bee hasn't confessed for years

Will you please help him


Don't chew gum when confess

Tell me all your sins for these years

Father, that will take years

I haven't confessed for more than ten years

Just tell me what's in your mind

I have been in jail for six times

Oh my God

Someone wanted to cheat me

Then I cut him with a knife

My God

And there's a time
I was trading diamonds in Philippines

Someone wanted to rob it from me

I surely hold it

Then I cut down four fingers from him

Oh my God

You have to pray one hundred Rosary
two hundred times

Five hundred times Our father

Oh my God

It's for you

Regional singing campaign entry form?
What for?

To join the singing campaign

We have joined it already,
just wait for you

Remember it, Bye

Do you like to go shopping?




Hi! Waiting for someone?

No, maybe I can accompany you home

It's yours?

No... - Yes!

I've fixed it already, just a wine is loosen

Lee Ka Wu, let me take you home

I think you have left

Bee, there are sixty tables and
8 VIP rooms here

It costs only 3 million, it's cheap, Bee

Can you lower the price a bit more?

I'll not sell it for such price

if not for immigration

See the setting is quite luxurious... -


Take a look over there

Check whether he's owed others money

Don't worry, my hubby

You check the condition of the lighting

Where are you now, Uncle Kau?

Right at your entrance

I see


Uncle Kau, if I buy this place

How much do you think you can loan me

Frankly speaking, for others
three hundred thousand

For you, since we are old friends

Five hundred thousand

What can I do with only 500,000

What I can do if the place closed?

The rent is 200,000 more,

and the fittings is worthless

Yeah, I still have a block

If I pledge it to you, see how much
can I loan?

How many acres?

40 acres

3 million, we'll have the procedure in the
lawyer's office

& your have to pay back the interest first

OK, Let's do it quick & start the business


You have come?



Brother, you have come home?

How's it?

Composing songs to court girls?

How's it? Why so excited?

I can do it surely

Do what?

Sure win

Sure win for what?

Sure win is sure earn!

I have done a big business today,
sure win, sure earn

Bee, what's the matter?


Who are you looking for?

Where's Bee?


Will you mind to excuse me

Bee, I've been looking for you madly

Why are you here?

Uncle Kau asked me to give you
this document to sign

Not today


My friend, uneducated person

Isn't it fun for the last fight?

I'll bring you to see a fierce fight later

I've bought a great knife

What are you kidding?

What kidding? I am teaching him

Damn it! Go away at once... -

Why? I haven't finished

Hung wants me to ask you

How many invitation cards do you want
for the opening

No invitation cards! Can you just stop
kidding in front of my mom?

No invitation cards! Get out

Excuse me, anti, it's the first time
Bee to be the boss

Ask all your relatives

to attend the opening at that day.

You have to come earlier

I will kill you if you don't get out now

Alright! I am leaving

Bye, auntie

Get out! Bastard

Mom, this kind of person has less
education than me

Brother, you really operate a nightclub?

Mom, actually I want to tell you earlier

But, I just want to start it first

It's OK, don't you think that
I'll long you to operate a school?

Since it has already been done

Do it well

Sure! Mom don't worry

Thanks God, Thanks

Brother, you will get in trouble
some days later

By that time, mom will... -

Don't worry, I just invest my money

I will not care,
and I won't go to work there


Have a drink... - come on

Uncle Kau, welcome

Uncle Kau, it's free. Cheers... -

What are you looking for?

Brother, for you

What? For me? With this orange juice?

As you wish

Let me tell you just admire
with your eyes and not your hands

Or else, you will sure get hurt

Am I such kind of person?

I've some goods, don't care it's origin

Find a buyer for me
I'll give you advantage

The standard of the girls here
are quite well

Uncle Kau, choose one
and I will pay for you

Are you lonely? Let me accompany you

Stop fooling, go to serve the guests


What so good with orange juice?

Please don't!
I don't know how to drink

Tell me are you still a greenhead?

If yes, I will get you a better one

And ask her to give you
a big red pocket, how's it?

Don't fool me Hung

What so scared?

Brother Bee

Are you coming to make troubles?

He said let's forget the past

Sister Hung! Trouble

Damn you

That singer has gone after being scolded
by me

Then who will sing?

How can you manage all these in a mess

If I see her again

I sure will kill her

So what to do now?

Then how?

Bee, who's singing right now?

My brother

He sings quite well


Honey, where's the singer?

He sings better than her

Of course! He's my brother

Hubby, have a dance


Come on

What for?

Come on

Bee dances quite well


Brother... - can you drive properly?

This is very dangerous

What to be afraid?

I drove the motor bike long before
you were born

I know it!

But by this you will harm my bike

Be care... -

How's it? Have you been hurt?

I've already told you to drive properly

Oh! My motor bike... -

Shit! It's raining, let's go

My dear motor bike

Go, I will get you a new one

Brother, quick, come this way

Why so coincidence

Brother, no smoking in the church

It's so late even the God has slept

Why you've to commit sin in the church
every time?

God will sure forgive me for so little thing

Do you still remember when we're young

You brought me some biscuits

on time

You told me after I have finished

They are the holy bodies

Don't you know

I felt very uneasy afterwards

You still say so?

If not I stole those holy bodies for you

You ought to have died for starvation

How can you be so strong?

Don't you know that those holy bodies

Is the holy bodies for the church
for a year

I wonder how you can still laugh for that

May the Lord forgive him

I'll donate some money to ask for

Brother, how much will you donate?

Who's that?

They are looking for you

Oh! Father Koh

Why are you two here

Want to steal my money?

No, Father Koh, my brother wants
to donate some money

Father Koh there's one thing
I kept in my heart

I stole twenty dollars in the box
when I was young

Oh, My God

But I will pay it back

I'll donate ten thousand.
Lord will sure forgive me

I'll donate ten thousand for that $20

No smoking inside the church

Not next time


Wow! Harley

I've promised to give you a brand new

You've to invest something to court a girl

Thank you, bother

Hubby, why are so good to your brother

He's my only brother,

So I've to treat him good

How about me?

Are we the same?

We are like hands and foot,
but spouse are like costumes

Don't move

Leave me alone


The result depends on your own self

Work hard


Hello Donna


I am Ka Wa

Hi! How are you?

I have written a song


May I sing to you?


See how romantic

You never sung for me

for so many years

You want to hear my singing?

Come over if you've money
or else stay away

If you have no money, please get away

Damn it

Have I asked you for that?

I don't ask you for it as well

I will beat you

Go ahead

It's nice


This motorbike is nice

My brother bought it to me

Can you take me a ride?


How's it

Are you going out?

Yes! I haven't been to the office
for a few days already

Hello... - I am

12:00 fine, thanks

It's fantastic

What so happy?

I've entered the final contest
of the singing campaign

Fine, Try your very best

If you win the champion like Alan Tam

We will be rich

It's just the beginning

Yeah! 30% on your own self
and 70% on luck

Then give that 70% to your brother

Brother, don't play any tricks

This has to depend on power

don't you know it?

I don't care but don't play any tricks

Are you at home?

Come, give me a kiss

Why? I am not devil

Hubby, where have you been
for the whole days

I've been looking for you
for the whole days

This is my mother

Your mother?

What are you talking about?

Your mom. - Anti, how are you?
My name is Hung

Do you want to read the newspaper

Let me see, Miss ABCDE, I know them

Let me tell you this Miss A, long ago... -

Mom, excuse us

Come out with me,
what are you talking about?

Why? I just want to chat with her

I will go with you

Hubby, don't trust in Jesus Christ,
have you ever seen him?

Shut up

What's wrong?

Stop it or else I will beat you

What is so fantastic?

Why are you here?

Me? Your fellows Kwan

has played tricks

He owed the nightclub for more than
hundred thousand

and that Superman,

has been loan shark in the nightclub

And scare all my girls to run away

Tell me what to do?

Mom, we will go out for a while

Let's go

Bye, Mom... -

No, auntie

Bye! Bye

Crazy woman

Do you know her?

Just seen her for one or two times

What's her profession?

She works in nightclub

Two of a kind

Who's Yip Hon Leung?

What's the matter?

Are you Mr. Yip?
My boss wants to see you

Anything I can help you?

Are you one of the judges
of the singing campaign?


Don't you know the participant of
region 12?


OK! Let me introduce him to you now

Let me tell you, that guy is under us

He sings quite well

I hope that he will have some result
in this campaign

You may have some benefit if he wins

I'm not the one who makes the conclusion

Is it true?

Kwan, call Dragon here
to make some damage


Wait, we may discuss it over

We intend not to make trouble,

we just want you to help

If you can help us this time

may be we may help you as well

It's a fair deal

And if anyone comes for any confusion

Tell them Superman is the guard
sure you'll be OK

Think it over

Let's go

Think it over

Nine to five has no good prospect

but five to nine is good

I may help you, call me sometime

Have you fixed it well?

It's fixed

Then, go ahead

I already said it will be no problem, see

I have seen it, not bad

Of course, who's the one who did it

Win... - sure win

Let's go

Thanks for joining the Regional
Singing Campaign

All the contest will have judge

We're very happy to have these 4 judges

Mr. Philip Chan - the famous composer

Mr. Yip Hon Leung -
the well known lyric writer

and Mr. Peter Lai, the lyric writer

& Mr. Nam Ching, the famous composer

Now, let's welcome the first participant,
Mr Lee Shan

Can you make it quicker?

What have you done last night?

Come down. Stop singing

Sit down

What are you looking for?

You haven't been in such big field

Yeah, this is my first time

Have you ever been here before?

Do you know how to sing? It's out of key

That's it, Out of key

These few men came to my office

Why you sing like making love?

Do you want me to demonstrate it to you

Here comes our last participant
Mr. Lee Ka Wah

He's so smart

He's really smart

Of course


Fine... -

OK, the result is now in my hand

May we invited our judge.

MR Yip Ho Leung to present the prize

Long time no see

Thank you

The second runner up of the contest is... -

Lee Ka Wah... -

Shit, what's the use of being
second runner-up?


NO 8 Chan Hai Lai


The one who sings out of key


Someone must be behind her

The first runner-up in No. 1 Wong Dit


What kind of game?
He can gain a prize either


And then finally comes our champion

The Champion is... -

No. 12... -

You will surely win

Not yet confirmed

No. 7 Fong Lai Kit

The judge had indulged in corrupt practice

Are you kidding?

What happen?
We've already made a deal before!

What do you want?

Come over and beat him

No, come back

Come back! Superman

Stay here

Superman, please don't

But you have promised me, right?



Call the police

Are you OK

Stay here

Are you out of your mind?

Beat him. He has ruined him

Stop it

You better stand here straight

What do you want?

Don't fight

Get out... -

You fall down yourself

Go to the hospital

Stop beating me

Brother, why do you start fighting?

Are you OK?

Let's go

Why are you so angry?

Try harder next time

I'm not afraid of lose, I'm afraid of you

What are you talking about?

I beg you not to interfere
with my affairs any more

I don't need you help

and I don't want you to fight

When did I fight?

You haven't?

Then why the judge hurt?

He just fell sown himself

Don't you think that by force, I can win?

Fighting can't solve any problem

I'll not like to have it even if
It's granted to me

I haven't... -

What are you arguing?

Nothing, mom

What has happened?


What are you arguing with your brother?

Who's at the door?

We are police

Is there anyone named Lee Ka Wah here

I am, What's the matter?

Are you Lee Ka Wah?


You're suspected for a threatened
and injured case

Please come to the police headquarters
to assist us

I think you have mixed up

My son won't do anything like this

Are you... -

Be co-operated or else you'll charged
to hinder our duties

Cuff him


No, You can't cuff my son


Please don't cuff him

Sir, please don't touch my mom

This case is done by me
no connection with my brother

You have to arrest me

Mom, it will be fine, don't worry

What's your name?

Yip Hon Leung

Don't you know this guy?

Yes! He used to wear in suit, but he has

a tattoo of dragon on his left hand

Sir, it's he who beat me like this

Damn it, I don't even touch you,

you said I beat you?

Stop fussing! Here is the police station

I know it, or else isn't a funeral house?

Take him out first

You this fool

Be careful of what you said

Ask this woman to wait outside

Wait outside

Mom, wait for me out there, I'll be fine

Mr. Leung

What's the matter, Sir Wong?

What case?

Threaten & injured

Give me a detailed report

Yes sir

Now you are charged to have injured

You better tell us the other two guys

You are fool! For what should I betray
my friends?

They're some what temporary performer

Now you are charged threatened
and injured, do you agree?


Is this responsible goes to you?

For us, the most important is loyalty

I'm the one who set this plan

But I must say that the kid outside

has no connection with us

I am the only one who should be charged

To be co-operated, right, write it down

Thank you! Sir

Take him out for bail

Are you the police?

More or less the same

Let him bail

Yes sir

Sign here

Don't be afraid, brother

Come on, take this two thousand for bail

And go home with mom


See, I have not made any trouble

Is it OK?



How's it?

They asked me to bail

Where are you going to?

Sir, I want to talk to my mom

Follow me



Are you OK?

Fine, don't worry

I'm familiar with the police here

Accompanies mom to go home first

I will be back soon


Take good care of mom


Fine, Sir, let's go to the procedure

I know it well

Wong Sir, this is the sentence of this guy

and he has quite a bad record before

That's it

Why's he an owner of a night club now

Take someone there to investigate

and check anything wrong

Yes Sir

Holy Mother, please bless Bee safe

Guard all the exits

What's the matter?

Police, this is the investigation warrant


Kwan, the police's come for investigation

Delay him first

Sir, this way please

This is the manager's office

Char, get in and search

Yes Sir

You both go over there

Yes Sir

Sir, we've found this pack inside
the manager office


Stand over there

Hubby... -

Small matter, everything will be fine


The accused Lee Ka Yin

Nicknamed Bee, Chinese, aged 33

Is charged for two cases

First, threatened a Chinese

named Yip Hon Leung on 25/9

Judge, I just wanted to chat with him

Not your turn

Second, he is charged to have injured

the same man on 8/10

He just hurt himself, none of my business

Are you agreed?

Just as you like it

Then do you agree?

OK! Just to save our time


Your Honor, the accused has quite
a bad record

When he was twelve

He's been to the boy's home for 9 months

And when he was 16,
because of threatened & injured

he was sent to the labor centre
for 18 months

When he grew up, being a member
of the triad society

was sent to jail for blackmailed

The last record is a fighting case

took place 5 years ago

He has chopped down
3 fingers of the injured

And assaulted the police
who intended to arrest him

He was sentenced to jail for 3 years

I was present by that time

We had found 2000gms cocaine
in his night club

The police has discovered it
in the accused night club

Two thousand grams of cocaine

We sincerely hope to have a further
detailed investigation

You this bullshit foreigner,
don't try to accused somebody

Police, take him out

Not me. I haven't

Don't bullshit, mind your dirty mouth

Right, don't try to bull shit... -


Auntie... - are you OK?

Damn you this bastard, be careful

This case's to be postponed for sentence

I should be responsible for your brother

Mom, what kind of responsibilities
should you take?

If he didn't come back,
you shouldn’t be like this

Ka Wah

If I leave you... -


Remember he's your brother,
you can't be separated

Mom, everything will be fine

Don't separate. Remember
don't separate

Mom, how are you?


I am dying


Nurse, quick come

I don't want to leave you... -

How's it?

Sir, please go out first

I really don't want to leave you

Son... -

Nurse, bring in the oxygen, quick

Be quick

Where does the drug come from? Tell me

I don't know

To whom it is intended to sell to?

Tell us quickly

I really don't know

What's the matter?

Wong Sir

What's happening in there?

They are making sentences

What are doing here?

we're of Int'l Drug Mop-Up Operation

We have taken this case

If you can take him out here, I don't care

But here is my place,

you can't just do as you wish

Yes Sir

You two get out

Yes Sir

Since you don't want to co-operated,

and don't answer

It's hard for us

Cocaine will not come to your office

by itself

Sir, I haven't been to my office
for a few days already

I don't know who wants to trap me

How can I just tell out a name?

If so, I've to pass you

to the Int’l Drug Mop-Up Operation

Yeah, we've a message from your family
just now

Your mom died in the hospital last night

Leung, take him sown for the necessary

& passed him
to the Int’l Drug Mop-Up Operation

Yes Sir


I have a request

I will be co-operated if you can
bring me to one place


Dear relatives

We are deeply sorry

for the passed away of Madam Lee

Please don't be too sad

Being a Christian, though we are dead

This is not the terminate of our life,
it's a start

We'll have everlasting life for this

You still dare to come

Wait, don't intend to make confusion

Uncuffed him

Hubby... -

Guard him

Why are you here?

You have killed mom

If you don't come,
I will be very happy with mom

Give me back my mom

Don't be like this

I don't want to see you any more

Stop quarrelling

Mom, trust me

I am innocent

I never gone with drugs

Lee Ka Yin, now I announce that
you are charged

First to have threatened

Second, purposely injured

Third, possession of drugs

Do you admit guilty?


For the 1st & 2nd sentence
you have to in jail for 3 months

and in jail for 2 years & 6 months
for the third charge

Don't you know what's law?
You this bastard judge

Don't worry, Bee

Hubby, don't scare,
I will get one lawyer for you

We will get you a lawyer

You will have bad result

by judging like this


Damn you

You will be charged to have insulted
the court

Charge me! I will hit you... -

Take her out!

Why do you hold me? Release me

Don't worry, hubby

Take some

Who are you looking for?

I am from the court,

Any relatives of Lee Ka Yin here?

What's the matter?

This house has to be sold by auction

To pay off the debt of Lee Ka Yin

This is the document from court

You have to move out by the end
of this month

I will go if it's clear

Who are you looking for?

I am looking for Lee Ka Wah

And what do you want still?

This is my name card

What you want to blockade, the TV
or refrigerator?

As you like it

You have misunderstood

I am the Director of Lai Recording Co

Take this, it's my card

What do you want?

Don't look down our recording co

It's bigger than Artis, and PolyGram

Much more

What is your intention?

Nothing, just want to chat with you

Don't beat around the bush

just say what you want

Your luck is not so good last time
But you have it now

You're invited to be our contracted singer

You may have three albums in a year

And promotion in the TV station

You will be very busy

This is a good chance

Right, don't let it go

How about have an audition right now?

Do you want to consider it first?

Don't think any more

Sign the contract right now

Let me think about it first

Sign it

Please take your seats here

Mind your head... - your feet

Is it good

You haven't paid for the instalment

Sorry... - the recording of last night
has delayed a bit

Have you said that your co is bigger
than PolyGram

I said it's going to be

Will be, future tense


Sam Hui, my old friend


Not familiar? I have the contacts on

Look over there. I have written

the Monica for Leslie Cheung

Come in and have a look first

Everything is High-Tec here

James Wong sets it for me

Have you said you have written a song?

May I have a look?

It's here


Excuse me


It's time for dinner

Ready one, two, three

Cut! Relax

Cut! Can you pronounce it a bit better?



Cut! Youngster come, take a seat

I work so hard for a chance

I just want to be a professional singer

Remember, you are entertaining other

You are not entertaining yourself

Ignore yourself

Look at the mic, and regard it as money

Imagine the money pour out continuously

Take some water first

Thank you

have some American ginseng tea

Don't think I am giving you a chance

May be you think
you are giving me a chance

And give your fans an opportunity

How's it?

Not bad

Congratulation! Your song has been
No.1 on this week billboard

Can you tell us how you happened
to be a singer?

Mr. Peter Lai took me into this field

Your brother has just had an album

It's really hard for me to get you one

He's very famous

You are right, sure win

He has grown

See how smart he is

If you have money, come over
if no, please don't


I miss you very much

Go home first

I have no other man ever since

Fine, will you like to have an award
for that?

Don't you trust me?

I want to pay a visit to mom's tomb


Mom, don't be angry! I'm out of jail now

Though I've been in there for 3 years
without any meaning

I felt happy to have seen you
for the last chance

Trust me, I never have done it

Brother is very famous now,
you don't have to worry

He hasn't disappointed you

The environment here is quite well
very quiet

May God bless you

In the name of the Father & of the son
& of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Hubby, let's go home

Right, go home first

Yeah, he's quite famous now

His songs has been released on the TV
and radio frequently

He may have a concert later

Remember, I want to be his manageress

Driver, stop the car

What's the matter?




Why you have turned to be like this?
Washing the car

Shut up

When do you come out?

Just now

My boss's car

Superman, dine with us?


Ok, let me finished washing it first

I wonder how I be loan shard

I have to borrow from others as well

Bee, you are even worse

Kwan even betrayed you though
you are so nice to him

Yeah, where has this bastard gone?

Where? Taiwan of course

Bee, will you go to Taiwan for this bastard

What for?

Shall I beat him?

Hubby, you shouldn't be so kind

I sure will chop him

if I see him

With what?


Superman, do you want to clean the car

for the rest of your life?

Hung, if not, then how?

No one is willing to be like this

Bee, you don't have to worry

At least you still have a younger brother

He earns much in singing

He has his own life, I have mine

I hope that he can have a better life

Go for your younger brother now

Come, let's cheers

Gone with all your bad luck

Thank you

Work hard

Am I good to you?

Thank you

Thank you

Happy Birthday

Sorry, we have a private gathering here

I'm looking for Lee Ka Wah

Have you any invitation card?

Miss, He's his elder brother

Stop playing

Let me handle it

You are Mr Lee?

I'm Peter Lai, your brother's manager

You are his manager? It'd have been me

You've picked it by luck

You've to be clear
this field id very complicated

Your brother is getting to be famous
and you just came out from jail

Mind your tongue

You dare to talk to my hubby like this

Lee Ka Wah, you'll have concert
in Taiwan tomorrow

How many rounds?

I'll have 3 rounds in Taipei and Tainan

and then I will go to Singapore and

When will you come back to HK?

See how many reporters are in there

If you two meet now
everything will be useless

You mean, I shouldn't see him now


I will arrange for a meeting for you later

OK, please give him this gift


For sure to tell him that I have come

Sure, trust me

What hubby, We are leaving now

No, let's get in now

He will see us

Shut up

Excuse me... -

Let' go

Will you go to Taiwan with me tomorrow



The New York Art School
has accepted me

I will be leaving for the States next week

I want to get ready

Have you decided yet?


This is my will, don't you know that?

I just want to be like you,
to do what I want to

I see, work hard

You will be on the press tomorrow

Your brother has brought you
this gift just now

See Ka Wah

Keep it


Hubby, take one for me

Come, take one

You play it yourself

Play it yourself
Your husband wants to think over now

Your hubby is thinking of someone else

Be quick, what so nonsense

How's it? Something in your heart?

Don't think too much
it's harmful to your career

Kid, your road is still very long

Hubby, you are at home again?

Let's go out for a walk

No mood

Hubby, I have something to give you

This is a ticket to Taiwan
to see your brother's concert

And money as well

Where does the money come from?

I loan it from Uncle Kau, take it first

Do you know him?

Let me tell you
we used to be good friends

He's my younger brother

Take him to come for a drink

How? You don't trust me?

Damn it


Where have you been?

I an fooling round in Taiwan

Damn you

No... -

When'll you pay me?

I don't have any money to pay back
I am poor


No more

Chop it

Even if you chop down my fingers
I don't have money

Yes, I've it

Yeah... -

Brother, look at the youngster in MTV
we are very good friends

He's well known now

Let's force him to have few movie with us

Everything will be OK then?

Is it a good idea?

That's it

For sure, no problem

Have you been waiting long

It's luxurious and pretty

You are my chocolate

This is my first birthday

I have so many people with me

I really have to thank you all

I am happy to share my song with you

Thank you

I want to sing a special song here

For my beloved brother

Though, I don't know where's he now... -

But I sincerely hope

He can hear this



The reaction is good


Get change


Where are you going to?

I am looking for Lee Ka Wah

For Ka Wah again

I am his brother

Long time no see

Don't scare!
I've something to discuss with you

Get away

It's dangerous, don't go over

Bee, stay calm

What calm?


You still want to harm my younger brother

I haven't

I don't mean so, it's Hark's plan

I'm really blind to treat you as my buddy

You are not a human being

I chop you, bastard

No, brother

You are a bastard

Don't kill me

You're the one who kept the cocaine
in my office

And I was in jail just because of you

Do you know my mom died
because of that

Bee! I don't mean so

Why do you have to hurt my brother?

Tell me

You bastard

Brother, it's OK

Shit, let me free

Damn you

Come on, Kill him

Brother... -



Don't be angry, I always give you trouble

No more further

Trust me

I miss you... - Really miss you

Brother... -

Brother... -

Brother... -