Bamfaad (2020) - full transcript

A passionate love story set in Allahabad between Naate and Neelam who meet accidentally and fall in love. They make brave choices and go through a path of love and loss to be with each other.

'Work is worship'

Bro, this is the chloroform diagram.

This is Chemistry.

Are you guys drunk?
Give me the one from Botany.

We need chlorophyll, Naate,
not chloroform!

Heard him, didn't you?

Yes, we need chlorophyll...

What? Chloro... Chlorophyll?


Okay. But what exactly happened?

Sir, come and see for yourself,
what's happening on campus.

I warned you, didn't I?

This boy isn't helping
the reputation of this college.

Hey! Get down!
- Get them all!

Get them!

Get all of them!

Darn you!
- Get him!

Get all of them!

Oh my!

Get down.

No! I'm fine here.

Get down, will you?
- You have to get down.

Get down right now!

What's the matter?
Why you walking around with a long face?

My flower was nipped in the bud
before it could blossom.

I don't understand poetry,
tell me what happened in detail.

Walia has already taken two extra sheets.

Looks like she'll get into the final year
while I'm going to stay where I am!

Bro! Don't worry.

I won't let that happen.

This is Nasir Jamal's promise to you!

"They can kick up a storm.
The boys are ruffians."

"They spit venom,
you ought to be careful of them."

"They can kick up a storm.
The boys are ruffians."

"They spit venom,
you ought to be careful of them."

"Each one of them wastrels,
yet they are unconquerable."

"They live life on their own terms."

"They will put you in your place
with their words and actions."

"They will beat you at your own game..."

"Meet the gutsy boys!"

"The boys are hooligans and gutsy!"

"They have a fire raging within.
They are gutsy!"

"They know how to love
and are plain gutsy!"


Give me some flavoured tobacco.

Don't say the name aloud.

The ban has made its way
from Maharashtra into Bihar now.

What's up, Zahid?
Where are you off to, man?

To catch the 9pm show of 'Safed Chadar'.

Wow! That's great, man.

Did you know, the heroine in that film...
- Yes?

She's the murderer.

That's a spoiler!
You ruined the movie for me!

Watch it. It has steamy scenes.
- Really?

Even more than the last one?
- Of course.

Hurry up. There's one
right after the opening credits.

Is it uncensored?


Listen. Wait!

Could you do me a favour?

Hand this parcel over
to Sanam, the music guy.

What's in this? RDX?

This belongs to Jigar Bhai.
Tell Sanam, Zahid sent it.

You're always boasting
about working for Jigar Bhai.

When will you introduce me to him?

When the time is right to meet
Jigar Fareedi, you'll know.

He's a close friend!

That's fine, but he's bought cigarettes
worth Rs 2000 against your account.

You damned freeloader!
Stop using my name to buy stuff.



- 'Sanam Music'


Sanam isn't here,
he stepped out for something.

I need to give him this parcel.

You can leave it with me.

How do you suppose I do that?
I don't know you.

Have some faith.

I don't trust people
in my first meeting with them.

Well, that's up to you.


What now?

You found a reason to trust me already!

It's our second meeting if you ask me.

May I come in?

Permission is sought before you enter.

May I get some water?

Here you go.

Done? Now, leave.

You didn't introduce yourself.

It's not worth your while.

Let me be the judge of that.

I'm Neelam.


We both share the initial N.

I'll get going.

You have money for booze...

Where were you, Sanam?
- I got you nice CDs.

But you can't pay for CDs.

I left a parcel for you upstairs.
- I see.

Collect it.
- Okay.

Just look at him!
The things I have to do for money!

Spend some money and get
the balance fixed on this bike.

Yes, I will. But there's one more thing.

You need brains more than anything else
to ride this. Get it?

You keep concentrating on riding,
Rajib will whisk your Walia away.

I'll ensure that classes
and exams are conducted on time.

And the ladies bathroom
will be spick and span.

Two of my boys will escort
every one of you girls home.

As for you, I can even send four!

Hey! Hold on!

At least, park it properly.

If it is so dear to you,
then leave it at home!

Listen up, wimp!

You think you're a big shot just
because you're contesting the seat!

Listen, Naate.

I'm just here canvassing.

It would be better if you leave.

Sonny boy, don't teach me politics!

I suspect a closer examination will
reveal you're a female specimen.

Tell me something.

Your father sells henna
and bought you a motorcycle.

And you're taking the bus
so that you can hit on girls!

- This isn't your father's bus!

But the road we are on

is named after my father. Understood?

To hell with your father!

Shut your mouth!
- You... Don't touch me!

How dare you touch me!
- Come on!

How dare you touch me!
- In front of girls...

Get your hands off me.
- Hey! What's happening?

What is happening?

Focus on driving,
or the bus might ram into the court!

Come on.

Don't touch me!
- Take him away!

I come and go as I please. Do you get it?

I'm leaving...
- Hi.

Hey, look here!

Knock some sense into him!
- Let's go.

This is not Sola Market!
- Listen!

From now on, your dare not hang around
the bus she takes. Get it?

Okay, mister. Come on.

Will Shafiq Ahmed be allowed
to contest the elections?

Why not?

He will contest the elections
and win it too.

What am I hearing?

Has the cat got your tongue?

How would I know what you've heard?

What are they doing here at this hour?

Have you ever come back home
during the day?


Come and stand here.

Did you disrupt the beehive?

Look what's become of his face!

This is not about my face.

It concerns the future of the country.

Really! Do you think

the boys want to join the army
after they graduate from college?

I had to cancel the exam.
Now, I'll have to reschedule it.

Well, the students have
more time to study now.

That will improve the results.

You got into a fight in the bus!

So give me the keys of the motorcycle.
I won't take the bus again.

Why don't you wear the talisman?

I don't want to wear it.

But you just love to embarrass us!

Will you say something?

He is your son too.

Why don't you finish?
I will speak after you're done.

Do me a favour.
Expel him from the college!

That will bring him to his senses!

That would be the apt thing to do, but...

I hold Mr Jamal in high regard...

Please look after your health.

Have this, please.

Look, headmaster.

I'll send 25,000 bricks over to lay
the brickwork for the new block.

I see!
- Please do not expel him this time.

But if you get one more complaint,
you may do as you please.


Sir, please help me get the permit
for the high court road.

Okay. Send the documents
to the office. It'll be done.

Alright, sir.
- You may go.

Your pampering has spoiled this boy.

You better warn him.

I am not against you having fun.

But do not create problems for us.

Today, the bus conductor
and your headmaster came home.

It's embarrassing.

Dad, I had sorted out everything.

But what can I do
if people like coming to you?

Anyway, dad...
May I borrow your rifle for a day?


I'm going to the secretariat's office
in Lucknow for a few days.

Okay, dad.

Come home on time
and tend to your mother. - Yes.

Her health is deteriorating.
- Yes, dad.


He's climbing up. Tell him!
- It's Holi.

It's great.

Great! Chunnat, listen up!

How much do I wager? Tell me!
- You shouldn't.

He won't get to the top.
- What's up?


Happy Holi!

Turn off the music.

What's the matter, Sufi?

Who is Nasir Jamal?

Naate! He's up there climbing
the grid! He's half way through.

Was he the one who hit the beehive?

That's right,
unless it was you who did it!

Jigar Fareedi has called you
to Rani Mandi

for the Holi celebrations.


Weren't you eager to meet him?
Here's your chance!

You must have impressed him
with the beehive stunt you pulled.

Maybe that's why he wants to see you.

Come on.

This is splendid! It looks like a fort!

Jigar Bhai is into a lot of things.

He holds pigeon fights too.
- Does he?

How's it going, Master?

Whoa! Let me take a look.

It's quite heavy! How much is it?


Rs 12,000?

It's 12 bore, you idiot.

It's a type of gun.
- 12...

Master, lend it to me for a few days.

I could take it out of my pocket
and threaten people. - Boss is here.

The dates for the college elections
and Lok Sabha are coinciding.

That's why I'm caught up.
- I see.

A new inspector has been
posted here. - Okay.

If you could meet him...

Sure. Invite him over to tea.

Sir, he's a different type.

He prefers homemade tea.

What's his name?
- Mr Janardan.

He's a Punjabi from the UP cadre.
- I see.

I will return it in a few days.

He has quite a personality.

Of course!

There is only one Jigar Fareedi
in the whole of Allahabad.

That's him.


How's everything?
- Great.

Take care of your health.
- Thank you.

Happy Holi.

Sir, the customs have seized my goods.
Please help me.

Who is the customs officer?
- Inspector Verma.

I'll sort it out.
- Thank you, sir.

Happy Holi.

Boss, Nasir from David College.

Nasir Jamal.

Have a seat.

Where do you live?


Kareli in Sola Market.

Rajib Mehendi is my candidate.

You will apologise to him publicly
in the college auditorium

for what happened.

So, this is why you wanted to see me!

If you want me to befriend him,
I'll do it.

But I will not apologise.

Hey! Do you know who you're talking to?

No problem.

Just don't be seen in the college again.

Wait, I'll talk to him on your behalf.

Forget it! I haven't apologised
to Shahid Jamal to this day!

Jigar has the support
of our local legislator.

They are dangerous people.
Don't mess with them.

I don't care who they are!

I'm not scared of anyone!

That's not...

You're pathetic!

You're missing the point, Naate!

Why do you even entertain Laxman?

He's not even from our community!

How can you say that? He's our friend.

What if he had failed?

So what?

I promised I would help him
pursue Walia! Get it?

He's a friend!
- Yes!

You're a man of your word, aren't you?

Take this, you!

Come on! I dare you!
- Rascal!

If I see you again,
I'll beat you to a pulp!

Listen! You dropped
my moped the other day.

The wire of the accelerator is broken.
Go get it fixed.

Come on, I'll get you a sports bike.

Which one do you want?

I want the red one.

If you want the red one, you'll
have to shoot the red balloon.

Hit the red one.
- Fine, watch me.

Do you have three rupees in change?

What for?

I want to buy something.

It's a big place!
You didn't find anyone else to ask.

You're the only one I know.
Besides, he insists on the change.

I'll repay you.

She was hitting on you.
You should go after her.

Shut up! Focus on your moped!

Come on.

It's too windy, man.

Yes, of course. It happens.

Aim. Shoot it. I want the motorbike.

Wow! How did you...


I don't like being indebted to anyone.

She's feisty!

"I am new to your world."

I've kept the tea leaves there.

"I do not know all the rules,
but give me some time."

Listen, Sanam!

Tell me something about the girl
who stays upstairs.

You're digging your own grave.

That's why I'm asking you.

Do you know how many others
like you have tried to pursue her?

Get lost.
- Naate, listen! Wait!

You got upset!

"Your love has got me losing my senses."

"My heart yearns for you, beloved."

"Your love has got me losing my senses."

"My heart yearns for you, beloved."

Do you know her name?

You'll get beaten up
if you chase a girl around here!

Get lost!

You've got a type!
On this note, come to the roof.


I want to say hi.


I'm grateful to you.

You can thank me later.
First, give me the money.

Here you go.

Get going now.
- Yes, I'm going.

- This...

It's mine. Give it back to her.

Take the secret route.
- Yes, I will!

"Paint me in your love."

"I live in a bubble,
and you are my whole world."

'A love letter can do the trick.'

"I write your name on all the pages
hoping to find myself in you."

"Your love has got me losing my senses."

"My heart yearns for you, beloved."

"Your love has got me losing my senses."

When you are in love,

you realise virtues
like patience and restraint.

Do you also teach philosophy?

I know everything!
Just wait and watch! - Shut up!

"I never asked the Almighty for you."

"I do not know how I was blessed
with a love so divine."

"Can someone tell me?"

"Your love is driving me crazy..."

"Love is a blissful feeling."

"You will always find me
wherever you go."

"I write your name on all the pages
hoping to find myself in you."

"Your love has got me losing my senses."

"My heart yearns for you, beloved."

"My heart yearns for you, beloved."

Do you know
what you're getting yourself into?

Don't act like my mom!

Just do as I tell you.

Naate has sent this.

He's a thousand times worse
than all the other ruffians.

Think twice before you get into it.

He gave me the key too. Wait.

It's in this pocket.


You should smile more often.
It suits you.

I'll get going.

"Such a lovely pair of eyes.
And there is intoxication in..."

By the way, pimples suit you!

- Yes.

'My dear, Walia. I love you.'

'Do you love me? Laxman Mishra...'

I've asked you out a hundred times.

Just give me an answer already.
Why are you making me chase you?

Okay, listen.

I'll write my answer
on the secret wall on Friday night.

You can read it then.


I have to go.

I have to visit the tailor's with my mom
to get a new dress stitched.

- Bye.


Make sure it's skin-tight.

Will you speak up,
or should I just read your eyes?

If you have understood,
why don't you just give it to me?

You show up time and again, freeloader...

This will cost you twice as much.

- Naate!

You've been making rounds
in Thateri Bazaar quite often lately!

Rascal, get out of here,
or I'll whack you!

So, Sanam, has she replied?

You're as useless as dog shit,
you know that!

Why don't you go ask her yourself?

She's gone to the medical store.

Give me the sanitary pads!
- What do you want?

I'm with her.

Give this to him.
And give him a Bournvita too.

- I'll send the money with Sanam.

I'll throw it on your face!


May I?

What is it?

I want an answer to my love letter.

I like your handwriting.
- 'Neelam...'

Is it calligraphy?

I wrote what was on my mind.

I'm confused about my feelings.

What do you feel?

What's the confusion?

- Yes?

We're thirsty!
Get us another round of drinks!

Have you cleared your debt?
- What's going on?

You'll just leech off the poor guy!

Stop talking about money.

Just love with all your heart.

Not everyone has the guts
to wear their heart on their sleeves.


I need to take a leak.

Damn it! This is the problem
with drinking beer.

You have to pee often!

Don't come back
till you're fully done, bro.

I'm leaving this here, drink it up.

Long live, Chunni! I love you, darling!

I love Walia. Simple!

- Yes?

Are you and Walia together?

No. I mean... I've asked her out.

But she'll write her final answer
on the secret wall,

on Friday night.
- Wow.

Way to go, buddy.

Listen, you still have to pay me
for the last two rendezvous.

I'll give it to you soon.

I'll clear your debt the moment
I procure money for the fees.

You know what? I'll forgo it.

Tell me seriously.
- I forgo it.

- Yes.

You're my true friend.

You call me a friend.

Will you do me a favour?

Sure, I will.

When you and Walia start dating...
- Yes?

Will you let me have the first kiss?

Stay in your limits! Understand?

Come on...
- What's the matter?

- Tell me.

I was testing the lad.

He passed! How about a handshake?
- This rascal Zahid...

He made a derogatory remark about Walia.

No! He misunderstood me.

I was just joking.

Listen up, Zahid!

If you overstep your mark,
I'll beat you black and blue.

I see!

All the romance happens on my roof.

And I'm the one who gets cursed!

Are you the Prime Minister
that you deserve so much respect?


If you want to get angry
and be petty over a girl,

don't drink with me henceforth!

I have self-respect too!
You can't talk to me like that!

I'll clear your debt.
Don't you dare yell at me again!

You deserve that!

What's wrong? Where are you going?
- Right!

Forget it!

Are you really leaving?

Come on, Zahid! You can't be upset!

The damage is done!

Wait, Zahid!
- That's for cursing me!


Hey, Tota! Am I that drunk,
or do you see her too?

No. It's the bombshell from the market!

That's good.

But watch your mouth, buddy!

You're different
from all the boys I've met.

Let's go, mister.

'Navrang Theatre tomorrow.
Late-night show'

There's something about you too!

What are you looking at, it's so dark.
Look at the screen.

You shine brighter than Alia Bhatt
despite how dark it is.

You looked like you would jump
into the screen at any minute there.

Come to my right.

If I switch sides,
I'd have to let go of your hand.

I've had to muster a lot of courage
to hold it.

This is Khusro Bagh, the symbol of love.

Have you been here before?

Guess, I've never been in love before.

"My heart is overwhelmed with love."

"I don't know what is happening."

"I feel like the sky
and the earth have united."

"Is this real,
or is there magic in the air?"

"I had nothing worth living for."

"But with you,
every day feels like a blessing."

"When I met you, it felt like..."

"We were meant to fall in love."

"We were meant to fall in love..."


Here, eat it.

You're quite tall.

Then why do people
call you Naate (shorty)?

I was short until the tenth grade.
Then I shot up!

My friends had started
to call me Naate by then.

Can I ask you something?

You live all by yourself.

Sanam calls you sweet potato.

Who are you?

Tell me.

Neelam! Neelam...

Do you really want to know?

No, never mind. Forget I said anything.

"I do not know what is right
or wrong anymore."

"All I know is this hunger for love."

"I am overcome with desire.
I have lost all control."

"I am drawn to you all the time."

"When you look at me lovingly,"

"everything seems right."

"When I met you, it felt like..."

"We were meant to fall in love.
- We were meant to fall in love."


'Sakina... 786...'


Oh no! Uncle!
- Caught you!

Hunker down!
- What are you doing?

Hunker down!
- But...

Hunker down!
- What are you doing?

Sir, let him go.
- I won't spare you!

One of my doves flew out of the cage.

I sent him here to find it.

If I ever see you
near Madina Maidan again,

I'll have you arrested!

Sir, he won't come here again.
Be on your way.

I'll make sure...
- Take him away!

Yes, I'll ensure it. Please go.

Get him out of my sight.
- Sure, you go on.

Are you out of your mind?

Thank God I got here in time.
Or he'd have had you arrested!

Come on! Let's go!

Believe it or not,
but I consider you guys my true friends.

Do you have that?
- What?

That one.
- Which one?

That one.

You want to watch porn
but can't ask for it openly!

Did the doctor prescribe this?
Do you have money? - Yes.

Show me. You can take it for now.
But don't get scratches on the CD.

Get it?
- Sanam.

- Where is she?

With her man.

Who's this man she's with
when I'm standing right here?

It's our government and our people.
We'll get him a transfer.

Meet me in the evening.

What's he doing here?

Hold on!


Sir, I have got the pump repaired.

And the refrigerator too.

If you could give me Rs 10,000...

Who's he to you?

I see you walked him to his car!

He's important!

Look at me when I'm talking to you.

Make a choice now.

It's either him or me.

You both mean different things
to me, Nasir.

I love you. Do you understand that?

I know.

He meets my needs. You...

At least, have some self-respect.
I don't care what others say!

You won't...

You won't understand...
- Don't touch me!

Nasir, you need to hear me out.

I'm going to tell you the truth.

It's important that you know.
- I see!

I get it! I understood what I had to.

Nasir. Nasir! Nasir!

I cannot bear to see you with
another man, and that's it!

I'm able to live here because of him.

Then don't stay in Thateri Bazaar!
That's no excuse!

Fine. I won't stay here.

Take me home.

Can you?


Jigar Fareedi!

Sufi! Who is it?

It's me, Nasir Jamal.

Come out. I want to talk to you.

Sufi! Bring him upstairs.

And change that bulb.

So, Neelam and you have been
seeing each other a lot lately.

That better change.

If not, what will you do?

You're a nobody! I'd be foolish
to waste resources on you.


The way I see it,
you cannot harm a hair on my head!

I hope you know
that Kareli is not a fort.

I'll have you cornered and shot.
You Jamals will have nowhere to run!

Forget Kareli, I dare you to step
foot in Neelam's lane again.

You'll be leaving there on a bier!

That's Nasir Jamal's promise to you.

Sufi, throw him out.

And don't let him in again.

Darn you!
- Get out! Out!

To hell with you! - Junkies like you
think you own the place!


- Yes?

Where is Neelu?

Let me check.

You're here planting saplings!
Jigar's waiting for you downstairs.

Hurry up.

Can't you see my hands are full?

Wash your hands and make him tea.
He'll leave soon after.

You can do this later. Get going.

He's kicking up a fuss! You have no idea.

Come on, hurry up.


Come here.

What are you doing?

I was making tea.

I don't have time to drink tea.
Come here.

'Sufi Calling'

What is it?

'Sorry for disturbing you.
We have a problem.'

Get to the point.

'Shahid Jamal's son beat up
Rajib Mehendi again.'

'Rajib's victory is not certain.
Boys don't have any confidence in him.'

'Counting has begun.
The result will be out on Monday.'

Can't you deal with one boy?

I'm coming there!

Stop it!

Do I have to focus on this
instead of the elections now?

What's up, Master?

My God! This is something!

What's the bore on this?

It's a pistol.

Short-barrelled. German made.

It'll bore a hole in the head!

Really? Let's take a look.

Go inside. Boss is waiting for you.

It's awesome, Master.

The green one is good.


Whose son is he?
- Ashraf's.

Oh, that lad!
- Yes.

Call him here.

- Hello, sir.

Zahid, welcome. Sit.
- Yes.

Sit on the cot. Pull it closer.

How's the pigeon-rearing coming alone?


You'll be competing
at state-level this time.

Yes, sir.

Do you smoke?

Yes, I do.

Which one?

Gold Flake Lights...
No, the big one, actually.

There was a guy
who used to hang out with you.

Shahid Jamal's son.

- Yes.

He is my friend.

Tell me about him.


He runs the show around
the Sola Market area.

He's a gutsy lad!

I'll rip him apart.

His father is close
to the local legislator.

That's why I don't intervene.

Yes... Uncle Jamal is strict with him.

So, it messes with his head.

But he is a nice guy nonetheless.

Keep it.

If you need some more, just come to me.

You're like a younger brother to me.


Incite a fight in a public place.

And have him arrested.

That's it.

Goodbye, sir. Bye.


Hope you won't refute my request today.

Don't use it.

Dad, I'll be back in two minutes.

Look, Rajib.

I don't have anything against you.

- But I've come to you today.

Boss has sent me.
- Who?



Falling in love is the bane
of every man's life, Samreen!

This is not going to help. Talk to her.

She needs to understand.

'Nasir! Someone's here to see you!'

What is it, Sanam?

'I met Jigar four years ago.
He's given me everything I have.'

'He never caused me much trouble,
but he didn't respect me either.'

'My heart turned to stone.'

'And I was getting used to it.'

'Until you came along and showered me with
love and respect. I felt alive again.'

'You are the first man ever
to make me feel special.'

'I need your help
to become worthy of you, Nasir.'

'Yours, Neelam.'

What else did she say?

She has a lot to say.

She'll be waiting for you
at Khusro Bagh at 9 pm.

I'm sure you'd like a beer for this!

Go, get your girl!
And I'll treat you to a beer this time,

right next to Mumtaz Mahal!
- Done!

Damn it, man. At least, let me swallow.


Greetings, aunt.
- Greetings.

Happy Shab-e-Barat.
- Thank you, dear.

Greetings, uncle. I...

Naate mentioned that he wanted
to feed some fakirs.

I came to pick him up.

And where do these fakirs sit?

Actually, Naate knows...

Zahid! What brings you here?


The shirt's damp!

It'll dry on the way.


What now?

I'm getting late.

Wear the talisman today at least!

I'm fine, mom.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks.


Hurry up, Puttan!

Wait for two minutes.

Give it to me.

- What is it?

I have some work. Wait.

Not today!

Hop on!

Look, there's a celebration today.
Don't worry. We'll meet up later.

Hear me out. Wait.
Let's grab a beer. Hop on.

No, not today.

Where are you going?
- I have work.

I'll drop you. Come on.

- Yes.

Drop me to Civil Lines.
- Sit.

"You are..."

"You are my solace.
I don't wish for anything else."

Why are you taking this route?

Let's go via the market. Come on.

Darn it! You're a pain in the neck!
Someone's waiting for me.

Let's offer prayers
to the Almighty first.

"You are my solace..."

"You are my solace.
I don't wish for anything else!"

What now?

Let's have some flavoured tobacco.

Come on.
- Hurry up.

Get down, it won't take long.

Come on.

Pintu, give us two Kamla Pasands
and two cigarettes.

Look who's here!

"I don't wish for anything else!"

I'm paying...

Like you've ever paid before, freeloader!

Just wait...

What the hell?

What's wrong with you, Rajib?

Are you out of your mind?

Look, you better leave.
Or I'll beat the living tar out of you!


I am going to put you
in your place today.

You're going to wish
you hadn't messed with me!

- Scoundrel!

I'll show you!

Get that rascal! Beat him up!

Get him! Hold him!

Beat him up!

Zahid, what are you looking at?
Do something, man!

Hey! Why are you hitting him? Stop it!

I'll kill him!

Leave me!
- Rajib, stop it!

You'll kill him! What're you doing?
You'll kill him!

Rajib, let him go.


Stop! You ***!

He has got a gun!

"My heart knows that he will not come."

"Two lovers come to your door,"


"but see where fate took them."

"See where fate took them."

"We tread the path of love..."

Hello, inspector?

Yes, sir. I'm at the market where
a huge celebration is taking place.

Shahid Jamal's son has shot someone.

What? No! Not Shahid Jamal.
His son shot someone.

It's utter chaos. Get here soon!

"You are my solace.
I don't wish for anything else."

Stop, Rajib!

"I feel intoxicated
although I don't drink."

"I feel pain
although my heart is not broken."

"I feel intoxicated
although I don't drink."

"I feel intoxicated
although I don't drink."

"I feel pain
although my heart is not broken."

"I feel pain
although my heart is not broken."

"But there will be light soon."

"But there will be light soon."

"I am not anxious,
still I wait patiently."

"I am not anxious,
still I wait patiently."

"I am not anxious..."

Spoilt rich brats are not
to be trusted, dear!

I've seen many people wait here.

"Did he go back on his promise?"

"But my heart will wait for him anyway."

"You are my solace.
I don't wish for anything else!"

"You are my solace.
I don't wish for anything else!"

"You are my solace.
I don't wish for anything else!"

"Even if you offer me heaven..."

"Even if you were to offer me
all the riches, I don't wish..."

"I don't wish for anything else!"

Did you take the body out?

Yes, sir. I've sent it for post-mortem.


Sir, he's the supervisor.
He witnessed the incident.

What did you see?

Sir, I saw a boy holding a gun

chasing Rajib.

When I threw a stone at him, he ran away.

Who was he?

Sir, I wear glasses. I have myopia.

That's where you goofed up, supervisor.

Had you thrown the stone before he fired,

I could've got you a bravery award!

Let's go.

Mr Jamal!

Mr Jamal!

What's the matter, inspector?

Your son fired shots
at the power house in Gaus Nagar.

I'm here to arrest him.


Come out!

What's the damage?

The power transformer stopped working.

Half the town has lost power supply.

He has vandalized government property.

And killed the henna dealer's son.


Send Nasir outside.

'He's not home, dad!'

May I search your house?

Since you don't have a warrant,
it's best you come tomorrow.

There are ladies in my house.

I won't force you.

But your son must not stay at home.

Sir, should I deploy two constables here?

Check the exit points out of the city.
- Okay, sir.

Oh no...


You were my pride.

But I will not give refuge to a criminal.

Let it go. It's the past.

Send him to Karachi for a few days.

Let him stay with his aunt for a while.

Did you forget?

I had asked you
not to bring your problems home.

Dad, this...
- Enough!

Go right away

and turn yourself in.

Or I will take you to the police myself.

Come on! You're unbelievable!

How can you do that to your son?




You should look after yourself.

I asked you to instigate a fight,
and you got my man killed!

Section 144 has been imposed
from today onwards.


You've already made arrangements
to ruin the elections!

And the gun?

Was it licensed?

Tell me.

Boss, it was registered in your name.

Who gave it to you?

Tell me. Who gave it?


I asked you to service the gun,
and you gave it to him!

Listen up, Zahid Ansari! Hurry up!

Retrieve the gun no matter where it is!

Get it?
- Yes, sir.

Get lost.

Wait a minute.

Give me your gun.

Don't kill me.
I won't make a mistake, sir!

I won't ask for a gun again.

Shut your mouth.
- Sir, forgive me...

If you return without the gun,
you'll shoot yourself. - Okay.

Do you understand?
- Yes.

Get lost!

Register a backdated FIR for
the gun that was stolen.

And hunt down Jamal's son!

'Neelam! Open the door, Neelam!'

Close the door!

Keep this away from me, lest I fire again.

I shot someone. I'm in big trouble.

I was on my way to see you.

You were gone by the time I reached there.

Mom was right. Guns don't suit me.

The police are after me.

'Jigar is here!'

That scoundrel...

'Forget the SP, I'll speak to the DIG...'

'I'll hang up now.'

You're awake!

Why is your hair wet?

Was your lover here?




Tell me if he comes here. Okay.

Did you hear me?

Come here for a minute.


What's the matter?

Are you in love?


Why get into it?

You know your place. Just stick to it.

Come here. I want to talk to you.


My house and my girl!
And you're pointing my gun at me!

Let go of her hand.


Nasir, get up. Get up!

Get out. Your father's waiting for you.

Go home.

Neelu! Where are you going?
Have you lost your mind?

Sir! What's the matter? Sir!

Sir, wait!

You cannot escape!

Stop right there, Neelam,
or I'll be your worst nightmare!

Get lost!
- No! Nasir!

What are you... Leave him! Come on!

Let's go!
- Loser!

What's the matter, sir?

This happened right under your nose!

You're a traitor, as suspected!

Bring the car around
to the crossroads at once.

Come on! Let's go!

Nasir, why did you shoot at him?

Didn't you see the way he spoke to you?

Don't worry about me. You leave.
- Listen.

Listen. Listen to me.
- He'll find us.

You don't know him.
- Listen. Listen to me!

I'm here.
The Jamals belong to Allahabad...

Let's go.


Look, don't worry.
I won't let any harm come your way.

Come on.


Didn't I tell you he'd find us?

And didn't I tell you, I wouldn't
let anything happen to you?

Ah... Nasir!

Come on.

There is no cure for love.

You have to be each other's salve.

Ticket? Ticket?

Your ticket?


- Sir, Jigar Fareedi is here.

I'll call you later.

Do you hate Rani Mandi so much
that you've called me here, inspector?

Have a seat.

The atmosphere has changed around here.

Well, so has the air in the city!

We no longer file backdated FIRs.

You think you have the power to change
how things work around here in Allahabad.

I don't know if things will change.

But I hope

the sanctity of the place where
the holy Ganga flows remains intact.

I see.

I suggest you take
the rest of your day off.

Take a dip in the sacred confluence.

You'll know just how impure
the Ganga gets at Devprayag!


That's a nice idea.


I have tea only with family.

We found a bullet.

We're waiting for a match.

You'll be sipping tea with
Shafiq Ahmed at Naini Central soon.

It was found on the other side
of Jamna. They've fled.

The fight is no more about the gun.

I'll show them
how to win this with brains.

Why did you call me here?


Do I need a reason to meet you?

May I take your order?
- Wait for a while.

You can't sit otherwise.

Can I get a breather here?
Or do you only care about money?

Calm down.

Get us two chow mein, please.

Where is Naate these days?

Why do you care?

Nothing, I was just asking.
- 'Zahid - call active'

You've become a stranger.

You ordered two plates of chow mein.

You don't even look at me.

You were leading me on.

Where are you going?

To the washroom! Do you want to join me?

I'd have never said yes
if I was leading you on!

'Are you and Walia together?'

'She will write her final answer
on the secret wall,'

'on Friday night.
- No.'

'Secret wall!'

'Way to go, buddy.'


Where is Naate?

You're a snake in the grass!

Just tell me where he is!

Tell me where he is! Tell me!

Where did he go?

Nothing happened here. Come on. Let's go.

'I am from Kaushambi.'

'I have four sisters.'

'My father owned a shop.'

'My parents had a hard time
bringing us up.'

So, they sent me to my aunt's house.

I wasn't very keen on studying.

My aunt would send me off
to these cultural programs.

I met Jigar at one such event.

He promised he would hold an event here
for me with the legislator's help

and crown me Miss Allahabad.

At first, I thought he liked me.

But once we were together,

he didn't care for his promises.

- 'Sir, open the door.'

- 'It's the police.'



Something must have happened.

It shouldn't look like we are together.

Yes, I am opening.

Back up.
- Sir!

Who's with you?

Get up!
- Sir, there's no need to use the stick.

What's your name?


Who is he to you?

He is my cousin.

Where are you from?

Where are you from?
- Allahabad.

What are you doing in Lucknow?

I brought her here for an exam,
for the post of bank PO.

Show me an ID card. Come on!

My purse was stolen.

Search her.

What about you?
- Sir!

Yes, I'm showing it to you.

'Nasir Jamal'

Cut them a ticket.

They were found naked.

What rubbish! We're not naked!

Of course, you are.

You're undressed,
and she's draped in a bedsheet!

What are you saying, sir?

Take them to the police station.

Sir, please don't do that.
We'll do whatever you say.

Pay the fine.

What's this?


Take them and lock them up.
- Sir.

Sir, that's all I have.

Mr Cousin!

Hunker down.

Sir, what is wrong with you?

Hunker down!

You do it.

Leave her out of it. I'll hunker down.

Don't tell me what to do!

Hunker down. Come on.

Do it!

Are you going to hunker down,
or should I make you run?

You think you own the city!

Give it back.

Come on, let's leave!

Alright, you start working.

I'll do what I can to help you.

You'll gradually start earning.

That's alright.
But can we get a place to stay?


Welcome, Jamal.

He would come visit with the boys.
- Okay.

I was busy with work.
I didn't pay much attention.

God knows when he came, took my gun
and shot the boy. - Okay.

Jamal, election code of conduct
is in place.

As it is, enrolment
is an issue right now.

If strangers get a hold of our guns,

the election commission
will have yet another excuse.

I have spent my life
listening to all this.

I believe I understand politics
quite well.

Let me be straightforward.
What do you want from me?

We want the gun back, simple.

If we take action,
there will be a lot of damage.

Look, you've got the chance
to meet me because of him.

That's why I put up with you
for as long as this tea lasted.

You're free to take
whatever action you see fit.

But don't you dare disrespect me again!

Jamal, this behaviour is unacceptable.

Your son

is out of control.

It's my responsibility to rein him in.


The son you take so much pride in has
gone through all this trouble for a girl.

Who is handling the case?

He's a new SP. He...

Tell the DIG
that I'd like the matter closed.

Take whatever action necessary.

Sir, may I have your documents?

'Earn Rs 30,000 in just 4 hours'

I would need your graduation marksheet.

I will get it photocopied.

I wonder where he's been all morning.

How did you two meet?

Just as everyone meets.
- I see.


Easy there.

Are you nuts?

You spent all the money we had!

Why? You don't think
these clothes look nice on me?

What's the matter with you?

Are you upset? - Do you expect me
to shower you with love?

We'll arrange for the money.
Stop being dramatic!

How, Nasir?

I dare you to go actually earn some money!

Shahid Jamal doesn't hold sway here!
Do you understand that? - Hey!

Don't you think you're crossing
the line here?

Look, I don't tolerate bad temperament.

So, stay within your limits around me!
Get it?

This is the problem with you boys!
You have no manners!

But walk around feeling entitled!
- Shut up!

Be quiet, or I'll whack you!

If I was a girl,
I'd have got a job in no time!

If you have such a problem with girls,
why did you run away with me?

I had no idea
you'd turn out to be like this!

Oh really! Please enlighten me.
How have I disappointed you?

I made a huge mistake
running away with you!

If I hadn't,
I wouldn't be in this situation today!

Sanam was right!
You really are a pain in the neck!

Do I have to mention
the complete address? - Yes.

We're not from around here.
Can I give you another address? - Okay.

Here you go.

Will I get medicines here?

You'll get it at the pharmacy outside.

Okay, I'll go get them.

- Yes?

You sit, I'll go.

You won't become less of a man
if you have the medicines I buy!

Lie down. I'll be back soon.

Hey, what are you doing? Let me go.

Let me go. What are you doing?

Where are you taking me?


Let me go.

Let me go. Nasir...

'Hello. Kareli Police Station,
Allahabad?' - Yes.

I'm calling from
Charbagh Police Station, Lucknow.

Is there a case of 'love jihad'
in your jurisdiction?

Nasir Jamal and Neelam?
- Yes.

The girl's in our custody.

When can you hand her over?

As soon as you observe the formalities.

He couldn't even look after you
for four days.

Is that all your lover capable of?

I gave you all the comfort you needed.
I never hurt you.

And yet, you played me.

You loved another man
while you were still with me.

Wasn't my love enough for you?

There's a difference between loving
someone and providing for them, Jigar.

You are arrogant about that two-bit boy!

He's better than you.

I'll set you straight.

Just wait and watch.

Five for you too.

Your son is back in town.

I can take him into custody
whenever I want.

The legislator wants your son dead.

You have to sacrifice one thing
or another before the elections,

whether it be your son,

or your association with the legislator.

Testify against Shafiq Ahmed for
the alleged murder of DCP Yadav.

And your son stays alive.

I'll take your leave.

I'll be waiting at the magistrate's office
to record your statement.

It's a direct order from the DIG.
Your son is running out of time.

'Sir, Shahid Jamal is going
to the magistrate's office'

'to testify against Mr Ahmed.'

Should I tell you what happened
after you were gone?

Will you go home?


Meet Tota. He's been admitted.

What happened?
- He's in the hospital.


The police are everywhere. Be careful.

Zahid deceived us.

He colluded with Jigar
and got you to kill Rajib.

He snatched Walia from me.

He changed her answer on the wall
from yes to no!

'Naate mentioned that he wanted
to feed some fakirs.'

'Let's go via the market. Come on.'

'Zahid, what are you looking at?'

'Hey! Why are you hitting him? Stop it!'

Your mother would not have been
able to see you like this.

That's why she passed away before I did.

'RIP Nasreen Jamal'

I didn't even get to say goodbye to her.

Please forgive me!

I'm the reason she is not with us anymore.

You're home safe and sound.

She'll be happy no matter where she is.

You should leave for Karachi tonight.

Stay strong.
You have to look after Samreen.

Dad... Dad...

Stop! Stop!





'Welcome To The Feast'


Sir, Shahid Jamal's son is here!
He is blindly firing at everyone!

You traitor!

Why did you do it?

You were a brother to me!

You colluded with Jigar
and turned on me! Why?

Why did you have the sudden urge
for Kamla Pasand the other day?

'Happy Shab-e-Barat, dear aunt.'

'We're going to feed the fakirs!'

Is this the testament of our friendship?

You even changed Walia's answer
on the wall. Backstabber!

Why did you do it?

Traitor! Look at me!

I like Walia.

I've loved her since we were kids.

That's the truth.

When did this happen?

You never said anything.
- How could I?

Would you have listened to me?

So, you conspired against me!

You were my brother!
We did everything together!

The faffing about, the dining,
the smoking and the drinking!

In spite of that, I was humiliated.

I was demeaned and cursed.

I was the scoundrel.

You promised Tota
you would get her Walia.

What about me? Who was I to you?

Look, I love Walia.

She is mine. That's it.

Naate is here! He's firing at everyone!

Jigar is here too!
- Where?

He's got a rifle. He is downstairs.


Are you out of your mind?

Are you stupid?

Your mother died.
You've lost your father as well.

Your sister is alone.

You've lost everything.
Do you want to lose your life too?

Stay in this city with humility,
keep your head down.

I have got nothing to do with you.

But I do.

I want to take your life.

You were never capable
of something like that.

Why don't you ask your mom
what I'm capable of?

Maybe, you'll find out your entire lineage
falls under my reign.

I'm trying to be nice,
and you're threatening me!

Sufi, leave me! Let go of me!

Nasir! Jigar, leave him!

Nasir! Let it go!

Sufi, let go of me!

Nasir! Let him go!



Jigar! Jigar...


The air is poisonous here.

Let this train take you
to a different place.

We won't be free here.

I have some responsibilities
to fulfil here,

but I want you to take care of yourself.

Don't get off this train,
no matter what happens.


You be happy.

I'll come to you, no matter where you are.

That's Nasir Jamal's promise to you.