Bamboo Gods and Iron Men (1974) - full transcript

The Jefferson's honeymoon night in Hong Kong will be troubled by a number of people wishing to get hold of a Buddha statuette that the husband offered her when window-shopping that day. When the going gets rough, it helps that Cal Jefferson is a top American boxer.

[music playing]


[music playing]


[wolf howl]

[digging sounds]

[wolf howl]


[wolf howl]


[music playing]

[water spraying]

The personal diary of an
obscure Chinese scientist

who lived in the 10th century
during the Tang Dynasty.

Let me read you an excerpt.

"I ran a test on my
new discovery today.

It is more powerful than
I ever dreamed it to be.

I can't envision that
a man with such power

could rule the world,
for if misused,

it is capable of
destroying all of China,

perhaps the entire world.

Therefore, no one must ever
learn of my discovery."

What I have just read you was
the last entry into this diary.

According to my
research, he committed

suicide shortly thereafter.

He never really his
discovery to anyone.

And I was convinced that the
secret was buried with him.

So convinced, in fact,
that I spent five years

in locating his grave site.

I sent an excavating party into
Red China to dig up that grave.

By now, all but one
person of that expedition

has been eliminated.

He organized and
led the expedition

and arrived back
in Hong Kong today

in possession of
a leather pouch,

which he believes contains
the secret of that discovery.

Once he has that pouch on its
way, I want him eliminated.

You could have skipped the
history lesson, Mr. King.

A name was all you
had to give me.

Ivan Soroka.

[music playing]

ARLENE: Now, let's
see, five days, six

hours, and exactly 15 seconds.

CALVIN: How dumb can we be?

ARLENE: Don't tell me
you want out already.

I'm hungry.

CALVIN: So am I.

[music playing]

[traffic sounds]

Castor Street, bargain
hunters paradise

where almost any kind of
merchandise can be found

and had for at the right price.

I didn't hear that.

But honey, we just can't visit
Hong Kong and not buy anything.

I promise to make it up to you.

You won't be sorry.

Martha, that's
Calvin Jefferson.

Cal, don't look now,
but you've been spotted.

By god, I was right.

Hey, Martha, it is him.

Calvin Jefferson.

I knew it was you.

Why, I saw you fight Jack
Foster at the Garden.

Man, what a fight that was.

Hey, what a punch you got.

Yes, sir.

You mark my words.

You're going to be the
next world's champ.

Hey, maybe I can
get your autograph.

I got a book here, no pen.

You got a pen?

[piano playing]

Hey, uh, you must
be the new bride.

Boy, you're a mighty
lucky girl being married

to the future world champ.

Hey, that's just great.

Uh, I'm Marvin.

You can call me Marv, huh?

That's my wife Martha.

Hey, Martha, come
over here a minute.

I want you to meet the
next world's champ.

Hey, he's kind of cute.

Don't you think so?


Well, it doesn't do much for
me if that's what you mean.

That's not what I mean.

How much?

For you, special price,
very cheap, only $50.


Shi-- are you kidding?

I'll take it.

Thank you.

Hey, hold on a minute.

I'm not paying $50 for
that piece of junk.

How much you pay?

How much?


Not a cent more.


Thanks, honey.

It's the only way I know
to get you out of here

and back to the hotel.

Oh, what about
the Aberdeen tour?

Thank you.

You don't really expect
me to lug that thing

all over Hong Kong, do you?

Uh-huh, I get it.

But I'm not licked yet.

There has got to be a way
to solve this problem.

Excuse, please, but
problem is no problem.

I deliver problem for you to
your hotel, for a little fee,

of course.

Of course.

How much?

And for you, very cheap,
special price, only $2.


Shangri-La Hotel.

Room 831.

Thank you.

[speaking chinese].

Shangri-La Hotel, room 831.

[crowd sounds]

[music playing]


[speaking chinese]




[fighting sounds]

[knife slashing]

[fighting sounds]




[music playing]

[crowd yelling]

Cal, in the water, look.



[crowd yelling]

I can't read Chinese.

You speak English?

Anybody here speak English?

Oh, yeah, sure, um,
glad to be of help.

Yeah, you're welcome.

Well, that's that.

What do we do now?

Back to the hotel to get
you out of those wet clothes.

Now, see, if I'd
known it was that easy,

I'd have jumped in that
water a long time ago.

Come on.

What are you waiting on?

[boat horn]

Look, um, I know
you're grateful.

But believe me, it's OK.

Enough is enough.

Maybe he wants something.


Ask him what he wants.

Says here his name is Chao Li.

He's going to talk.

He has no voice.

Chao Li, huh?

Well, could you ask,
uh, Charley here

what is it he wants from me?

[speaking chinese].

Please tell him
that we're sorry.

But he can't come with us.

We're in a hurry.

And we got a boat to catch.

[speaking chinese].

Let's go.

[music playing]

Yes, sir.

Key, please.

The box arrived for you, sir.


Um, how did he get here?

I don't know.

But he's here.

N-- now, wait a minute,
Charley, wait a minute.

Wait a minute.

You tell him.

I don't know what to tell him.

Problem, Mr. Jefferson?


Maybe you can help.

He keeps following me.

And I don't know what he wants.

Perhaps I can speak for you.

[speaking chinese]

He's a mute.

He can't answer you.

Perhaps he can write.

[speaking chinese]

He says, his life
belongs to you.


What the hell is that
supposed to mean?

He says, you saved his life.

Yeah, well, he was drowning.

And I pulled him
out of the drink.

That's all.

But of course.

It is an old Chinese adage.

If one saves a life, then
he owns the life he saves.

Looks like you got
yourself a slave.

That's not funny.

Look, could you explain
to him that I'm grateful.

But I don't want
to own his life.

Tell him that I'm going
to give it back to him.

[speaking chinese].

Tell him I can't own him.

I'm leaving Hong Kong
tonight for Manila.

[speaking chinese].

Thanks, and now if
you prepare my bill

and arrange for transportation
to the ocean terminal

because our boat
sails at midnight.

Yes, sir.

And, uh, one more thing.

We don't want to be disturbed
for the next two hours.

Yes, sir.

I'll inform the operator.

Well, what are you waiting on?

[crane sound]

[boat horn]

[boat horn]

[boat horn]

[phone ringing]



Uh, just a minute.

Oh, Leo, Leo, long distance.

Who is it?

Hong Kong.


Mr. King, the
merchandise is on the way.


There's something

else I want to tell you about.


What's that?

An acquaintance
is visiting Manila,

Calvin Jefferson, the black
American prize fighter.

He and his wife will be
arriving by boat, the SS

Oriental Queen on the 23rd.

He'll be bringing with
him a gift from me to you.

It's that carved wooden
Buddha you were asking about.


Thank you, my friend.

I guess you might say that
our transaction is complete.

Yes, Mr. King.

But there is one other thing.

But of course,
your final payment.

I made some other arrangements.

But don't worry.

I'll see to it that
you will get everything

that's coming to you.

What other arrangements?

[door knock]

Why your funeral
arrangements, Mr. Soroka.

You're dead.

Goddammit King, you
can't do this to me.

You rotten bastard, you think
of everything, don't you?

[door knock]

You better answer the door.

You bet your ass
I'll answer it.






Mr. King, I'm
all finished here.

[music playing]


[boat horn]

Anything to declare?

No, nothing that I know of.

What's this?

That's, um, honey what
would you call this?

Well, I guess you might
say that's a genuine, fake,

antique, hand-carved,
wooden Buddha.

Mind if I see it?

No, go right ahead.

Thank you.


Mr. Jefferson?


I'm Tony, your man's driver.

He couldn't make it.

So he sent me to bring you home.

Lead on.

How do you like Manila?


Other than that, it's OK.

Oh, no, it can't be.

It is.

But how?

I don't know.

No, it's all right.

We know him.

Man, this is weird.

I mean, this is really weird.

And what are we supposed to do?

Honey, I don't know.

You are the one who
saved his life, not me.

Look, I'm just asking
for a little help.

That's all.
-Are you ready, Mr. Jefferson?

No, just a minute.

Charley, you can't come with us.
I'm sorry.

But that's just the way
it's going to have to be.

You think he understands.

I hope so.
So long, Charley.

Get in the car.

[running sound]

[music playing]

The key to the trunk.

Give it to him.



[fighting sounds]



Honey, are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You see my man Charley here?

Yeah, you know something?

I think we're stuck with him.

Come on, Charley.

No, they didn't get
the license number.

But it was one of those
old style MacArthur jeeps.

Yes, they'll be staying
here as my guests.

Ah, feel free to call anytime
you need any more information.


Thanks again, later.

He seems to think that it was
just an armed robbery attempt.

But based on your information,
we believe there's

a good chance of finding them.

Well, let's forget
about that for now.

How long is your expedition
tour going to last?

I was thinking of
canceling it altogether.

After all, I haven't
seen you in two years.

How long do you intend to stay?

We've got a week
here, then Hawaii.

Good, I'll be out of
town for three days.

Then we'll have four
days to catch up.

After all, you're supposed
to be on your honeymoon.

I'm sure Marlene will
understand listening

to all our boxing talk.

Nothing bores a dame
more than a fight game.

That's right.

I can take a hint.

Besides, I have
a plane to catch.

Don't mind her.

She's just the help around here.

Oh, speaking of help, what
about the Chinese fellow?

He's in the country
illegally, you know?

Hmm, any ideas?

Not right offhand.

We'll work it out
when I get back.

In the meantime, you
can stay with my driver.

Well, feel free, a
full run of the place.

Wish I had time to
show my gym out back.

He can find his way
around any gym blindfolded.

With you around, he'd be crazy
to even think about the gym.

Go on.

Get out of here while
you still got a chance.

Ah, I may only be
a fight promoter.

But I've learned
to defend myself.

Hold it.

I don't want nobody
messing up my honeymoon.

Well, it looks
like Charley decided

not to stay with the driver.

We'll figure out some
other arrangement.

You go on.

Don't worry about that.

We'll work it out.

OK, I'll see you in a few days.


Well, what now?

[MOCKING] Oh, well, now
don't worry about thing.

We'll work something out.


[music playing]

[car horn]

Well, where is it?

Sir, we were unable to get it.

Well, then why are you here?

There was unexpected trouble--

Look, I don't want
to hear excuses.

You get that Buddha, or I'll
show you what real trouble is.

Yes, Mr. King.


[door knock]

Hold your horses.

I'll be there in a second.

You've got just three
seconds to open up.

I'm going to break
down the door.

All right, all
right, I'm coming.

[door knock]

Now, what's so all-mighty
important that you have

to crash the door down for?


Sometimes I just don't know
what I'm going to do with you.

Oh, that's easy.

You just do whatever
comes natural to you.


Wait a minute.

My mama says that the honeymoon
is over when a man and woman

shares the same bathroom.

Your mama's got nothing
to do with this.

And furthermore, the bathroom
should be a place of privacy.


What kind of jive is this?

MARLENE: That's not jive.

That's just the way it is.

I'm coming in.

Calvin Jefferson--

You got anything else
you want to teach me?

Yeah, why don't you dry up and
go put back those bedsheets.

Ooh, yes, master.

Don't scrub too hard.

It might wash off.

[music playing]


I leave you alone for
only a few minutes.

And already, you're carrying
on with another man.


But baby, I thought it would
be more fun if we had an orgy.

An orgy?

With him?

He doesn't look too capable.

No, he doesn't, does he?

What about you?

Oh, I don't know.

I need about two or
three more women.

After me, you wouldn't
even be interested.

What are you waiting for?


CALVIN: Where are you?

Ah, there.

I can feel you.

God, it's really dark in here.

What's so funny?

MARLENE: All that talk
about black being beautiful.

CALVIN: Yeah, but you got
to see it to appreciate it.

[music playing]


What's that?

I don't know.

A buzzing sound.

Yeah, it sounds sort of
like uh-- like, uh, ouch!

What's the matter?

Something stung me.













[fighting sounds]


[non-english speech]

Open it up.


It's got to be there.











Get out.

Get me Ambrose.

[boxing sounds]

Oh, it's all right, I'm
not going to hurt you.

Come on.

Come one.

That's it.

Put them up.


Like that.


No, no, Charley.

No, no, no.

Like this.


OK, now.

Do what I do.


Like that.


Yeah, like that.


Look at me.

No, no, no.

We don't do that in boxing.

Like that.


Now, like that.

Like that.

[music playing]


Hey, Charley.
I'm sorry.

Come on.
Sorry, Charley.


Sorry, really.


OK, Charley, have it your way.



Wait a minute.

Maybe you can teach
me some of that stuff.

Oh, no, you read some of that.

No, no.

No, wait, you teach me.


Yeah, right.





Time out.

I've got a man here who
wants to ask a few questions.

Captain Gonzalez,
I'd like you to meet

my husband, Calvin Jefferson.

Yes, Captain, what
can I do for you.

I'm investigating the robbery
that happened last night.


Don't you think it's
strange that someone

should go to all
that trouble just

to steal a worthless
wooden Buddha?


You do?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.

Well, uh, Mr. Jefferson, uh,
why do you find it strange?

Probably for the
same reason you do.

Well, yes, but uh,
but then why is that?

I don't know.

Suppose you tell me.

Well, because it's uh, uh,
well, because it's strange,

that's all.

Yes, well, we
both agree on that.

We do?

Look, Captain, what
are you trying to say?

Oh, nothing.

Nothing at all, unless of
course, you don't mind.

Mind what?

Well, I'm not saying anything.

But uh, do you mind if we just
pretend for a few minutes.


No, I don't mind.


So whatever I say doesn't
mean that it's so, OK?

OK, I'll bite.

What isn't so?

Now, what if the Buddha
was more than just a Buddha?


What if it only looked like
a Buddha from the outside

and, in fact, was not a
Buddha from the inside?

What would you have then?

I don't know.

Suppose you tell me.

All right, I will.

You have a perfect
smuggling device.

Hey, this is
getting interesting.

A smuggling device for what?

I don't know.

I haven't figured
that one out yet.

I was hoping that since it was
your Buddha, you might tell me.

Look, Captain, my wife and I
bought a Buddha in Hong Kong.

It was just a plain, ordinary,
hand-carved, wooden Buddha

not even worth $20 that
somebody stole last night.

Yeah, but doesn't that
seem strange to you?

Yes, it does.

Then we do agree.

Thank you very
much, Mr. Jefferson.

You've been very helpful.

I'll be in touch.

I can find my way out.

Good day.

Good day.

Why did you do it?

I didn't.


Somebody pulled a double cross.

If it wasn't you, then who?




[barrel spin]

He had too much at
stake to risk it.

It had to be you.

No one else knew about it.

It wasn't me.


How do I know that?

You don't.

You just have to believe me.

I'm not in the habit
of repeating myself.


Is it possible
that the black man

discovered the contents of
the Buddha and made a switch?

It's possible.

There's a Chinaman who
seems to be close by wherever

the black goes.

It might be a link.

Look into it.

How do you want
me to handle it?

No rough stuff.

Use a subtle approach.

I don't want to arouse any
more suspicion than necessary.

I'll see what
they can find out.

I may need Pandora's help.

[running sounds]

[kids playing]

[boat horns]

[boat horns]

Cal Jefferson, right?


Johnny Galvez,
freelance writer.

What are you doing in Asia?



You mean you've got to
work out on your honeymoon.

Got to keep in shape.

My little buddy Charley.

He keeps me company.

Hi, Charley.

I'm Johnny.

You, uh, you in pretty
good shape for a writer.

I usually work
out in the mornings

then grab a quick massage
before I pound the typewriter.

Hey, maybe I can
do a story on you.

How about it?

Uh, on one condition.

You name it.

That I have final approval
on anything that you write.

Fair enough, you've got a deal.

Come on, now, I'll interview
you over a massage.

Come on.

Hey, Charley.

"King's Massage Clinic."

Looks like a massage
parlor, Captain.

Here, let me see.

"King's Massage Clinic."

You're right, it does look
like a massage parlor.

That's what I said.

Look, I know that's
what you said, Ricardo.

But are you willing
to let it go at that?


Look, just because it
looks like a massage

parlor doesn't
necessarily mean that it's

a massage parlor, huh?


Sir, please.

Yours, sir.

Yours is over there.

[music playing]

Don't you worry
about the thing.

Just come with me.

It's OK, Charley.

Just do what the lady wants.

Come on.

It looks like
your little friend

doesn't know what he's in for.


What about me?

Man, if my little
bride could see me now.

It's OK.

I'll hang it right here
where you can see it.

You can go.

I'll handle this one myself.

Where is he from?


Oh, Charley?

That's a long story.

The strong, silent type, huh?

You don't trust anybody, do you?

Whatever it is you've
got in that bag,

it must be very valuable.

No comment?


You can trust me.

You know, I think you're
interviewing the wrong man.

How's that?

Well, your line of
questioning-- it all

relates to Charley.

I was just curious.

I mean, it does seem a bit
odd for a prize fighter

on his honeymoon to be traveling
with a Chinese bodyguard.

Your writers take a lot
for granted, don't you?

I'm not sure I read you.

Well, for one thing,
he's not my bodyguard.


Then what is he?

Let's just say he's
a buddy of mine.

And we'll leave it that, OK?

You sound like a man who's
trying to hide something.

You never know,
I just might be.

Don't you think it's
about time we got to know

each other a little better.

I don't get it.

What kind of a deal
are you talking about?

It's simple.

I know all about it.

So I can cut this,
gee, I don't know crap.

But if you know all about
it, suppose you fill me in.

I'm afraid you don't
quite understand me.

Name your price.

My price?

My price for what?

Don't be a smartass, Jefferson.

There was nothing in the Buddha.

What the hell is
the matter with you?

Don't you understand?

[music playing]

Look, you get me now.

Me, for that.

[fighting sounds]



Hold it.

It's in that bag.



It's not here.

I'll give you an easy choice.

You can tell me where it
is now, or if you want,

after I work your
little friend over.

You're wasting your time.

I told you I don't know.



[fighting sounds]


Here, Charley, let's go.

Hold it!

Hold it right there.

All right, put your hands up.



Look, baby, we got to
be reasonable about this.

You're darn right.

The way I see it, the only
decent most thing to do

is to get on out of
this filthy hotel.

But there's got to
be a logical answer.

Logic doesn't mean a
thing when the question

comes up at gunpoint.

But if we leave
now, we'll never find

out what this is all about.

Are you crazy?

Hey, I don't want to know.

[door knock]

Oh, it's you, Captain.

Come on in.

You ran off and left
these things behind.

I thought, you might
be needing them.

Well, where are you going?

We're leaving on the
first available plane.

Well, you just can't do that.

Why not?

Because your husband
and his accomplice

here are under arrest.

Under arrest for what?

The charges are as follows--
creating a public disturbance,

visiting a place of ill
repute, assaulting an officer,

resisting arrest, and
indecent exposure.

You can't be serious.

I want to inform
you that you have

the right to remain silent.

Anything you say may
be used against you.

Hey, wait just a minute there.

Look, I was fighting
for my life.

And since when can you arrest a
man for getting a massage, huh?

I did not assault any officer.

And another thing, I was
not indecently exposed

because I was wearing a towel.

But besides all that, you
know, why do you think

I called you to come out here?

Just so you could,
uh, arrest me?

Uh, why did you call?

To try and explain
to you what happened

and to tell you that your theory
about the Buddha was correct.

What about the Buddha?

I don't know.

But apparently, there
was something inside it.

would that something be?

Oh, man I haven't
got the faintest idea.

Well, then, it
looks like you're

not under arrest after all.

What do you intend to do?

Well, as far as I'm
concerned, the case is closed.

Look, mister, you
don't understand.

They tried to rough him up.

And they may try it again.

Now, I want to know what
you intend to do about it.

As far as I'm concerned, the
case is far from being closed.

Who said the case is closed?

You did.

I did?


Oh, that.

Well, I was talking about the
charges against your husband.

The case of the missing
is still unresolved.

And I must ask you to delay
your departure until after I

complete my investigation.

Thank you, and good day.

Good day.

He can't do that, can he?

Looks like he just did.

So you failed.

Do you definitely feel
the black man is involved?

AMBROSE: I'm sure of it.

Are you aware of the
significance of that pouch?

Yes, Mr. King, I am.

Then you realize
we must succeed.

We cannot fail.

We must not take
any more chances.

I want you to arrange a
meeting with the prize fighter.

AMBROSE: Any particular
way you want this done?

Or can I choose my own methods?

Ambrose, I don't give
a damn how you do it,

just so long as
I get that pouch.



[fighting sounds]

It serves you right.

What's that supposed to mean?

It's something wrong when
a girl on her honeymoon

feels neglected and lonely.

I got to keep in shape.

What I had in mind wouldn't
exactly put you out of shape.

Well, there's never a day a guy
gets another crack at Kung Fu.

Come here, and
I'll Kung Fu you.

[fighting sounds]

I think she's going
into the house, sir.

What do you mean you think
she's going into the house?

Is she going into the house?

Or is she not going
into the house?

RICARDO: Neither.

ten what is she doing?

RICARDO: I don't know.

you mean you don't know?


Give me that.

Where is she?

Uh, I think she is
in the house, sir.

How come you always
think when you should see

and see when you should think?


Look, from now on,
no more thinking.

Just what you see, OK?

OK, sir.

Hmm, she's coming
out of the house, sir.

All right, you've
had your chance.

Now, it's going to cost you.

Where do you
think you're going?

I know where I'm going--
out to spend some money.

Well, promise me one thing.

What's that?

You won't buy any more Buddhas.

You mean to say you're
going to actually let me go?




Why not?

Well, what about the gangsters?

What if the decide to attack me?

Maybe you can hit
him with your purse?


The car is coming
this way, sir.

All right, get with her
tail and stay on her.


I mean follow her.

Follow her.

Oh, yes, sir.

[music playing]

What the--

Shut up.

Just do as I say.

And you won't get hurt.

Get dressed.

We're going to walk out of here
through the rear of the store.

I'm warning you,
don't try anything.


Get out!

Get out!



What's going on here?

What is this?

[phone ringing]


Calvin Jefferson.


Hello, Cal, I don't know
why they brought me here.

They just forced me
to come with them--


Mr. Jefferson,
I've got your wife.

And you've got
something that I want.

Now, I'm willing to make a deal.

But I don't know what you want.

Mr. Jefferson, you're
gambling with your wife's life.

You got to believe me.

I don't have anything.

I've sent a car
pick to pick you up.

And I would advise that
you bring it with you.

And one more thing,
if you tip the police

or mention this to anyone,
your wife is as good as dead.




Now, hold it, Charley.

This is one time you're
definitely not coming along.

Look, you don't understand,
Charley, you're not going.


[car starting]

[music playing]

[tires squealing]

No, you better stay here.

I don't know whose
side you're on.


LEO: Yes, Mr. Jefferson, your
wife is OK and will continue

to be so, providing,
of course, that you

brought the pouch with you.

Look, you don't understand.

I don't know anything
about any pouch.

There's got to be some
kind of a mistake.

Well, perhaps you can be
persuaded to speak the truth.


[fighting sounds]





Where is it?



All right.

Everybody with their hands up.

That includes you,
Mr. Jefferson.


Hold it!

That's it.

That's the pouch.

Back up against the wall.

Untie her.


Ambrose, out the back door.


[fighting sounds]





[fighting sounds]


[fighting sounds]


[fighting sounds]

B125, B125, this is Eagle 4.

Come in, over.

Come in, Eagle 4.

Come in, Eagle 4.

Need immediate assistance.

Repeat, immediate assistance.

Location, King's Enterprises
factory compound.

Repeat, King's Enterprises
factory compound.

MAN [ON RADIO]: 10-4.


[music playing]





[fighting sounds]



[water spraying]

[fighting sounds]

[fighting sounds]









MARLENE: Cal, Calvin!

Oh, Cal!

Oh, Cal.







Give me that.

Hold it!

Hold it!



Does this mean anything to you?


What is this?

I don't know.

But its supposed to
be powerful enough

to control the whole world.

You must be kidding.




It's gunpowder.


[speaking chinese]

[music playing]