Balwaan (1992) - full transcript

Arjun Singh lives with his mother and sister; he takes it upon himself to fight injustice. This gets notice by the police commissioner who decides to enlist Arjun into the police force and thus his war against injustice continues. His life changes when he cross path with a notorious gangster, Bhai who frames him for murder and has him sent to jail. While Arjun is away Bhai tortures his family and eventually kill them; this then force Arjun to escape from jail in order to settle scores with Bhai.

Come on friends,
win two times in one go!

You have lost again!

Come on, play again,
you will win double!

Oh! You have lost this one too!

Do you have more?
- Why are you spoiling the child?

Hey! Old man.
Why are you ruining my business?

Get lost!

Hey! Why are you hitting him?

Hey! Why did you hit him?

Hey! Whose kid is he?

You go to school!

You can watch
an old man being thrashed?

But, I cannot see it!
-Will you give him justice?

Get away!

Go away...and what are
you all seeing, go away!

Go away.



What have you got, Shankar?
- Sir, my mother has sent rice.

That's all? Keep it aside!

Hey, Rahim!
- Yes, sir?

Wasn't your father supposed to
get sugar and butter for me?

My father is ill, sir.
- But, he isn't dead!

- Shut up!


I'll teach you a lesson.
- Don't hit me, sir!

Uncle, please don't sell me,
please stop them!

My mother made you
my guardian, please help me!

Leave me, you rascal!

Don't act smart, I am Mamia Bhangetevas.
I am not taking you for free!

I have paid money to your uncle,
come on!

No, I will not!

Leave me!

Leave me!

Leave me!
- Nobody will save you.

I'll not go.

Please leave me for God's sake!

Leave her, you rascals!

Don't you dare come in our way!

Hey! What are you doing?

Hey! Which jerk dared to call me out?

Who is it?
-It's me!

Go away from here!

Is she your mother,
or your sister?

Yes, she is. Leave her!

Ask these cowards here, who I am?
- Leave me!

I am Mamia Bhangetevas.
I can beat everyone here, single handed!

Go away from here
or I will take away your sister too!

Get lost, coward!!

Hey, look! He ran away!
The chicken ran away!

Who were those girls for whom you
fought such dangerous criminals?

How were they related to you?

Mother, he must have thought
of them as his sisters.

Isn't it, brother?
- Shut up! You always side him.

Mother, instead of them,
if someone would drag my sister...

...and nobody would come
forward to help her...

...then what would she go through?

But if something would happen to you
then what would we go through?

Have you ever thought of that?

I didn't think of anything
when I heard those hapless girls crying!

Mother, have faith in your son.

Nothing will happen to me!

"I've loved only you.
I've given my heart to you."

"No matter what happens.."
- Hi, baby.

Why did you slap me?
I did not tease you!

Then who teased me?
- He did!

You midget!

You fool.

The day I lay my hands on you,
I will thrash you!

I don't mind, actually, we both would
have been married long back!

And by now, you would have
a child as old as me!

You have been failing in the same
class since past 10 years...

I suggest that you
should leave studies...

at this age,
you won't even get a job anywhere.

I work for a girl, not for a job!

Who will marry you?
-Atleast, you will marry me!

Kiddo! First grow up!

What happened?
- Arjun...

you better talk
to your idiot friends...

they keep teasing us all the time!
- Arjun!

And this mosquito!
- Hey! Why do I get complains everyday?

Arjun, look there,
the Minister's lad is coming!

Hi, Pinky, Radha, Mona, Mukesh.
How are you?

How are you, Khulla Ramani?
And sir, how are you?

I am fine with your mercy!

Sure, be happy!

Rascal!...Let's go, Professor
Mistry must be taking attendance.

Let's go.
- Yes, let's go!

Number 8?

Number 8?

Number 8?
- Sorry, sir.

It's you? I shake up seeing you.
Sit, dear.

Why do you come like imps in
the class, sit down quickly!

Sit down!

What a classroom! Number 9?

I'm fine.

Number 10?

Sleeping in the den.

Wake up! This ass was my classmate
and now he is my student.

And yet he has not improved!

Number twelve?

Please support me.
-I will die!

She utters nonsense.

Number thirteen.
- Beautiful teen!

I know it!

Number 14?

Number 14?

Sir, I am fourteen.
-Why don't you stand up and say?

Roll number 15?


Where is roll number fifteen?
-She won't come that easily!

Because, roll number fifteen has
been upgraded to sixteen today.

Who is this roll number fifteen?

"I am sweet sixteen"

"I am hot as fire"

"I am sixteen, I am hot as fire,
I have come to inflame everyone"

"I am sixteen, I am hot as fire,
I have come to inflame everyone"

"Whoever has seen me, says..."

"I take away their senses"
- "I take away their senses"

"I am sweet sixteen"

"I am hot as fire"

"She is sixteen, she is hot,
she has come to inflame everyone"

"Whoever has seen her said,
she takes away senses"

"You all feel stifled inside..."

"come out and enjoy the weather"

"come out and enjoy the weather"

"The cheerful ones say..."
- "The cheerful ones say..."

"she will create a sensation"
- "she will create a sensation"

"I am sweet sixteen"

"I am hot as fire"

"I am sixteen, I am hot as fire,
I have come to inflame everyone"

"Whoever has seen me, says..."

"I take away their senses"

"I take away their senses"

"I am sweet sixteen"

"I am hot as fire"

"Shut this college"

"Shut .. "
- "this college"

"Dance, sing,
be merry and enjoy life"

"Dance, sing,
be merry and enjoy life"

"Shut this college"

"Shut this college"

Silence! In the honor
of my birthday today...

everyone gets a treat
in the canteen.

Eat whatever you want but,
in limit and especially you!

Hey, stingy! Being a Commissioner's
daughter, you are such a miser?

I will eat a lot!

I may be the Commissioner's
daughter but, I am helpless...

my father is not corrupt or,
I would treat you as much as you want!

Forget it, you are a miser!

Happy birthday!
- Cake is here.

Chocolate cake.

Happy birthday.
- Thank you.

Hey! You are really heartless.

Will you cut a heart?
- What do I do? Nobody takes my heart!

Okay, cut it.

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to Deepa.

Happy birthday to you!

Deepa, whom will you give this
first piece of your heart?

-No, she will give it to me!

Forget it, Deepa,
you give this piece to me.

No Deepa, give this piece to me.

- Me.

Stop it!

Let's do one thing,
you all keep your mouth open...

and I will close my eyes and walk...

whoever is destined will get
the first piece of my heart.

All right.

In line.

Oh no. Why did you give a piece of your
heart to a man who can never love?

- Sorry. - Ok.

I cannot help it! Arjun,
I hope you will take care of my heart?

I am not the kind to get
involved in such things.

But, I do get involved,
you give this piece to me!

Stop it, Pankaj.
- Stupid!

Stop fighting like kids!

Today is Deepa's birthday,
we have the whole day...

Let's freak out, let's have fun.

Let's go to see a film.

Forget films, come with me,
I will show you something rare!

-A well of fire!

Come my friends and witness
the most dangerous game...

- Watch this unique game.

Friends, this is not a mere game,
this is a game of people with guts.

Our fearless player will show
his marvels in a few minutes.

He will light fire on his body
and jump in this water.

This world has many fearless players...

so, let's applaud for today's player.


Look, Deepa.

Hey! You charge 100 rupees ticket
for such a cheap item?

You are looting us?
You think we are fools?

It's this special dress
which protects this man!

Wearing this dress,
anyone can jump from a height.

Even I can.
- Madam, women cannot play this game.

And sir, if you are talking so
much then why don't you jump?

The company will give you
a very big reward.

Come on, go and jump!

Now you are scared?
Why did you talk so much?

It's the company's challenge,
not a joke.

But, if you lose your life,
the company will not be responsible.

Only we have the person
who can do this stunt.

Nobody else can perform this act!

I will do it!

What happened?

Let's see.
- I don't think he will survive.

Is he dead?
- Is he dead?

We came to know of the story of
that guy who died the other day.

What happened?

He promised
his girlfriend an expensive gift.

Is it?
-What a man! He gave his life for his love!

- Hi, Arjun!

Love is such!

I think a man who has never loved
or has no girlfriend is incomplete.

What is the connection in being
a man and having a girlfriend?

There is a connection.
When there is a girl in a man's life...

then his obsession and
strength is doubled.

And not only that, when this
same man falls weak in life...

his girlfriend gives him inspiration.

Do you know.

A man who gets a woman who truly
loves him, is really very lucky!

Someone like me!
-Enough, now let's go.

When there is a girl in a man's life,...

his strength and obsession is doubled.

And not only that,
when this man fall weak in life...

his girlfriend gives him inspiration.

Arjun, will you take care
of this piece of my heart?

"Tell me, Radha.
Will we unite or not?"


She doesn't listen,
but it will happen.

Hey! What are you doing?

How are you, chief?
- Where is Deepa?

You too? There she is!

Gold spot.
- Thumbs up.

- Hi.

- Hi, Arjun.

I want to tell you
something important.

So, tell me.
-Not here, come there.


Now tell me what is it?

Deepa, I have realized that...

What have you realized?
-I have realized that...

Will you only keep realizing
or will you speak further?

I love you, Deepa.

-Yes Deepa, I love you!

But I don't love you.

I know that not only you love me but,
you are crazy about me!

Who told you this?
-The first piece of your heart.

Which you gave only to me inspite of
the presence of several other boys.

My eyes were closed that is why,
that cake went in your mouth.

I understand everything,
you wanted to surprise me.

You think that when I will
get upset and go away...

then suddenly,
you will come running to me...

and hug me, now tell me,
haven't I spoken your feelings?

Have you gone mad?
-I have gone mad in your love.

Then I think I will have
to cure your madness.

Radha, Mukesh, Pankaj, Lambu come fast.
- Deepa, please.

Come here everyone!
-What is it?

Don't ridicule my love.

He says tell them.
-Why don't you tell us?

He says that he loves me.

Arjun and love?
- Forget it. You surely have misunderstood.

He must have said something else!

Don't ever claim your love or you
will be thrashed by me. You bull!

Don't you dare call me a bull!
-I will, what will you do?

Mark my words, one day,
you will accept me in front of everyone.

Forget it.

C'mon, baby.
- Love!



What is the matter?
-My mother is very serious, Arjun.

If the operation is not done,
she will not live.

The doctor has asked for seventy
thousand rupees for the operation.

Seventy thousand?
-Yes, Arjun.

You go to your mother,
I will try and make the arrangements.

This is from me.

Go ahead, college beggar!

Watch your mouth, Pankaj.

I should speak with respect with
people collecting bogus funds?

It's really sad to see that strong
men like him have to resort to this!


People get angry on
hearing the truth!

It's Mukesh's mother who is sick
then why are you in pain?

Because, she is my mother too!

Great! For the first time I've seen
someone begging for his mother!

If you really consider
Mukesh's mother as your own...

then why don't you jump in the
well of fire and save her life?

I surely will save her!


- Mother!

Son, what are you about to do?

It is the question of
Mukesh's mother's life.

Do you think it is smart to give up
your life to save someone else's?

People think with their head but,
your son listens to his heart.

No son, please come down.

Yes brother, come down.

Arjun, if something happens to you,
what will your old mother do?

Mother, the lady who is hospitalized
is also someone's mother!

You care for everyone but,
you've forgotten your own mother?

Every son lives for his mother...

but your son, is playing with his
life for someone else's mother.

Bless me, mother.
-You want me to bless you to die?

How can you be so heartless?

Stop being stubborn and
come down for my sake.

Mother, if you insist,
I will come down...

but if something happens to
Mukesh's mother, will you be happy?

Answer me, mother!

Thank you, Arjun.
- Mukesh.

Thank you, Arjun.
Thank you very much.

You jumped into the well of death
to save my mother's life?


If you wouldn't endanger your life,
you know what the doctor would say?

I'm sorry.

They would say that they
could not save my mother!

And I would have become an orphan.

But, you saved my mother and
saved me from being an orphan.

Stop crying, Mukesh! No, Mukesh.


Hi, Arjun.


What are you reading?


What does your chemistry
say about your heart?

Why do you want to know,
you don't have a heart!

I do have!
- I am sure it's a piece of cake.

I have a heart that beats
and do you know...

whenever I see you,
something happens to me!

Is it?
-And when I sleep in the night then...

I come in your dreams, right?

And in your sleep you must be
thinking that I am your pillow?


Which means, I am your pillow?
- Yes.

You are saying yes!
-Why don't you understand?

When someone comes into the bed,
like a pillow...

then you should understand
that the person is in love.

- I mean, I am in love with you!

You mean love?

Listen friends, listen to the latest news!
- Stop it, Arjun.

What are you doing?
-The same that you did to me!

Love?! Everyone, come here!
- What happened?

What happened, Arjun?
-Tell them, why are you quiet?

What happened, Arjun?

You tell us.
She says she is in love with me.

But, she has already rejected your love?

Exactly and now she is accepting it!

Come on, tell me in front of everyone!

"I am burning in fire of passion..."

"I am burning in fire of passion..."

"like the dew of love,
douse the fire within me"

"like the dew of love,
douse the fire within me"

"You will do a great favor on me"

"I am burning in fire of passion..."

"I have lost my senses,
I feel restless..."

"I have lost my senses,
I feel restless..."

"a sweet pain now pierces my heart"

"We both are alone,
the ambience is perfect..."

"We both are alone,
the ambience is perfect..."

"touch my lips,
let our breath mingle..."

"you will do a great favor on me"

"I am burning in fire of passion..."

"I am burning in fire of passion..."

"You are my love, you are my life"

"You are my love, you are my life"

"Wherever you tread
becomes my destination"

"I am crazy about you,
I worship you as my God"

"I am crazy about you,
I worship you as my God"

"Abandon this world,
encircle me in your arms"

"You will do a great favor on me"

"I am burning in
the fire of passion"

Hi, Dinky. Dear Dinky.

Hi, Dinky.

How long will you keep running
away from me, dear Dinky?

Just once, smile at me!

I don't mind even if you
vent out your venom on me!

Get lost.

You think you can run away from me?

Mukesh, Pankaj is misbehaving
with Dinky in the toilet.

Rascal, who are you to
interfere in my matters?

Hello, police station.

I'll break your bones!

What's happening here?
- Inspector, this boy...

No Inspector, this boy entered
the bathroom with this girl.

I told him this is college and I'll
not let such things happen here!

So he...look inspector,
how much he has hit me!

Sir, he is lying. No sir,
-she willingly went with him.

He is lying!

How dare you do such things
in the bathroom?

If dare to do this again
then I will rip you apart!

Let's go, Mr. Pankaj.

Arjun, Pankaj has picked up
a fight in the college.

Inspector, now you have
to handle everything.

Don't worry sir,
this is my jurisdiction.

Drive the way you want.

Mukesh. Mukesh.

Someone please take him
to the hospital.

Hey! Get the tea quickly!
-Get it, sir.

Here it is.

Sir, I have trapped Mukesh in the
police snare in such a way that...

he will keep getting beaten up
if he tries to act smart!

If you sign this report,
you can change his complete destiny!


My child! What happened to you?
O God! Why did you do this?

What will a helpless mother
do without her son?

Mukesh my child, how can I live?


Wait! Before you cover
the crime committed by law...

let this officer of law see the
merciless and true picture of law!

Child, who is this boy?


He...father, he was a support
of an old mother!

But, your law snatched him away!

your inspector
killed him because...

he stopped a minister's son from
committing a filthy offense!

See how mercilessly he has
been killed, father.

This poor boy died...

and his aged mother
has become helpless.

She is as good as dead.
Can your law return her son back?

If you would have seen Mukesh's
condition, you too would get enraged.

Besides, Arjun just broke
that inspector's jaw.

How did Arjun go wrong,
answer me, father...

why did your law handcuff him?

And why was that cruel
inspector left scoot free?

That man is a stigma
in the name of law!

It becomes very difficult
to confer justice...

when an officer from our department
behaves in this manner!

Arjun, it's very nice to know that
you fight to give justice to others.

But to fight for other's justice,
you should adopt the right way.

Our police force desperately
needs young men like you.

Sir, you have given me
a very good advice.

I feel a new path has opened for me
and a new destination is ahead.

You too will reach your destination
the way I have reached mine.

I beg your pardon.
-I am going to retire very soon.

Then I will shift to Mumbai,
where my house is.

But before that, it is imperative
that you become a police officer.

Yes, sir.

Climb the ropes!

Look ahead!



Attention everyone!

Arjun Singh, you too go
and line up there!

He is very badly injured,
please let me take your jeep...

and admit him in
the hospital immediately.

The Government jeep is not
meant for such things!

Someone call the ambulance.

But sir, what if he dies before that?

Then he will die!

Ok. Now you don't try to teach me.

Stand in your line, idiot.

Sir, I will not let him die!

Sorry young man, if you would get
him earlier, I could have saved him.


Arjun Singh, will you cool down?
Cool down.

- Yes, sir.

This matter is quite complicated.

That is why, I want to present this
case to the higher authorities.

They will decide further.

It could be possible that
Arjun Singh is punished.

Or, it could even be that
only you get the punishment.

There is no need for
any further decision, sir.

I have learnt from my student,
Arjun Singh that...

a man is known not by his position
or pride but, by his qualities.

I'm sorry, sir.

I'm sorry, sir.

A man learns when the time is right.

Mother! Someone is at the door.

Who is it?
- Police.

There is a warrant in
the name of Arjun Singh.

Oh, God! I think he has
shown his stunts there too!


What is the matter, inspector?
Arjun is not here...

what has he done?

His fault is that your Arjun
has become an inspector!

Arjun. dear mother!

How are you?

Put me down,
you will fall and drop me too!

Your son's arms are not so weak
that they will drop you.

Mother, isn't brother looking
very nice in this uniform?

Am I not looking? I hope you don't
cast your evil eye upon me!

Mother, tell him not to tease me!
-He is just kidding!

How can a sister cast an evil eye?

Arjun, you look very weak,
didn't they give you food there?

I was deprived of only one thing.

Here, take imp!
- Mother.

I'm sorry, mother.
- Mother.

- My son.

Hello, Arjun.
- Hi, Raj.

Arjun, you've been posted in
Mumbai's most notorious area.

It's called Shaitan Chowki,
a known criminal lives there...

his name is Bhaiji and
whoever comes in this way...

he kills that person.
- What?

That is why, everyone hesitates
being posted there.

But you be on alert.

Mr. Lalia.

Mr. Lalia.

Bhaiji, you?!
Tell me, how can I serve you?

From today, this factory belongs to me!
- To you?!

How is this possible?
-It already has become possible!

Look, the owner has handed
over the papers in my name.

But, Bhaiji...

Hey, Laliya! Don't play with fire,
water and Bhaiji...

fire burns, water drowns
and Bhaiji tortures.

I understand Bhaiji,
who has the daring to defy you?

I have seen Ministers
falling at your feet.

I will vacate this place
within one hour.

You are quite intelligent.

See you.

What does your Minister want?
Let's go and check.

The God of poor and the
Almighty of the unemployed...

a great Minister like
Ramsukh Jadhav called you here...

but, you didn't come, I had to send
my workers to get you here.

You measly, inspector...

you are trying to defy
a known minister like me?

Come on, give that file to me.

I will not, this file has
evidence against all your crimes!

I understand everything!

You are suffering from
the disease of honesty.

You will suffer this
disease all your life...

but, you will not gain anything!

Listen to me and
stop acting foolish.

Give the file to me and you
can take some money in return.

You can own a house,
start a business or get married.

Idiot, don't massage my legs.
Give him his gift.

It has five hundred thousand rupees.

I don't want this gift!
Now the police will give you a gift!

Hey! I am talking to you nicely
and yet you don't understand?

But, you don't know when things
cannot be done in the right manner...

then I even know how to get
the things in a wrong manner!

Get lost from here! Go home and
treat the disease of honesty in you!

I will not spare you!

Let me see how you won't! Hey,
you worm from the gutters of honesty!


Inspector, Bhaiji has called you!

So now the minister has roped
in Bhaiji into this matter?

And Bhaiji has sent his men
here to threaten me?

Leave me.

Don't play with fire,
water and Bhaiji.

Fire burns, water drowns
and Bhaiji tortures!

You cannot leave me and go!

Where is the other dead body?
-Other dead body?

- I don't understand.

You didn't understand
or you are pretending to be ignorant?

I want to know where
that Bhaiji's corpse is?

He is the one who snatched
my husband from me.

I want to see that Bhaiji,
that rascal's corpse too!

How can you accuse anyone
without any proof?


What proof do you want?

Cowards! You are a disappointment
to law and to humanity!

But, I will not be quiet!
I will scream and tell everyone...

that my husband's
murderer is Bhaiji!

You are smart, within 24 hours,
you are outside your factory.

It is not easy to take over
Laliya's factory, Bhaiji!

Just take a look around you.

A dog should never hunt for a lion!

Because, when a lion roars,
the dog forgets to bark!

I'll give you a death in which
there will be no final rites!

Put him the boiler!
-No, Bhaiji!! Bhaiji, please stop them.


Welcome sir, your enemy
has been roasted to death.

This is for you.
-Have you got the exact amount?

You can count it.
It is exact.

Bhaiji, can I get the papers?
-Which papers?

The factory papers, Bhaiji!

I have no papers.
-But, you promised, Bhaiji!

That was a verbal promise but,
my heart wants something else.

Put him also in the boiler!

No Bhaiji,
please don't do this to me!

What are you doing? Leave me.

Bhaiji, come there.

Seeing your face I feel that you
have killed that honest inspector.

You did a very nice thing.
-Show me the stuff!


Sure! But listen,
why don't you reduce your murder rates?

If you charge so much for
each and every murder...

then I will become a pauper
and lose my sleep!

You earn because of me and
you don't wish to part with my share?

I will pluck out your eyes and
you will not be able to see your chair!

Don't say that!

Who creates riots
and makes you win in elections?

You, Bhaiji.
-Who silences the public?

You, who else?

Then why are you asking me
to reduce my rates?

You cannot even make a speech,
you talk like a roadside rogue!

What are you saying, Bhaiji?

Brother, do you need anything?

I don't need anything,
you go inside!

- Who is this lass?

She is my sister.
-She is quite attractive.

Why have you hidden her?
-Bhaiji, here is your money!

Bhaiji, you have taken the money
but, where is the file?

This money is for committing a murder,
not for giving the file!

Got it?

Bhaiji, being on my side,
you play games with me?

Okay tell me,
how much do you want for the file?

You'll not get the file.

To tame the bear,
you have to put a rope through his nose.

You are the bear and
the file is that rope!

And when I will pull the rope,
you will stand on your legs and dance!

What a brilliant idea, Bhaiji...

I will make the public dance
and you make me dance!

Arjun Singh Baksh from Pune.

Sorry, sir.

We had the information
of your arrival...

but, we didn't know you
would come unexpectedly!

My name is Arjun Singh Baksh...

and I don't spare the people who sleep
or wile their time on duty!

Yes, sir.

What is your name?

Dharam Varma. Sub inspector.

So sub inspector Dharam Verma.
- Yes, sir.

I want Bhaiji's file.

Sorry sir,
there is no file in such a name.

What?...The known criminal
of this area...

whose crimes are known
even in Poona...

you are telling me that
there is no file in his name?

How is that possible?

Wherever I am,
I have the key of my enemy in my hand.

You are a journalist and
collect reports against us?

You click our pictures on sly?

It's a nice picture.
What will you do with it?

I'll give it to the police
and print it in the newspaper.

What will happen
if you print it in the paper?

I've killed many such inspectors!

But, nobody can reach me!

You think that the entire
Mumbai city fears you?

Don't forget, there are more
brave men like inspector Rohit!

What did you say?
- Your crimes have crossed a limit!

It just needs to be exposed!

So what if you tear this file,
I will prepare another file!

I will expose you to the world!

The one who tries to expose me...

I kill that person!


For the first time some inspector
has dared to come to my office!

I have heard many stories
about your crime...

But, nobody has read them.

Because, nobody dared to write it.

Don't worry, I have come here
to make a file of your crimes!

Inspector Arjun Singh Baksh.

You have come but,
do you think you can go back?

Of course I can, and if I want,
I can take you along with me.

But unfortunately,
I don't have any evidence against you.

The proof is always at my feet!

One has to just look for it...

and try to grab it!

If you have the guts
then handcuff me!

I will show you all those things
which you had never dreamed of!


Don't ever play with
fire, water and Bhaiji.

Fire burns, water drowns
and Bhaiji tortures!

I am acquainted with the flames of
fire and the depth of water...

but today, I vow not to
spare a criminal like you!

Good morning, sir.

Greeting, sir.
-Why are you in this state?

Sir, that...
-Where is your uniform?

Sir, that..

Is this the time to come to office?

- What, Deepa?

Call me inspector Deepa Sahani
and that too, with respect.


You called out my name again?

Yes, sir.

You get out.
- Yes, sir.


This is a police station, not your house.
-I know it!

Now remove the uniform.
-If you say then...

Deepa, please.

Okay, I am removing...take this!


Yes, sir.

I just hate you, Arjun.

You had no time to inquire how I am,
where I am?

If something would happen to...

Ms. Deepa Sahani, I have lodged
your complain in my mind.

First tell me,
why did you come here?

I came here because, the area
in which you had seen a house...

I have spoken to Mr. Shinde there.

You go and meet him and
call mother and Sapna here.

I had come to tell you this.

Thank you. And that...
-Enough, I know what you want to say.

I know you will ask me to leave
because you are busy.

I am leaving,
I have not come to stay here.

- Bye.



"Please explain to me what love is"

"Please explain to me what love is"

"My heart wants to know
if you are aware of it?"

"My heart wants to know
if you are aware of it?"

"Please tell me the secret of love"

"Please explain to me what love is"

"My heart wants to know
if you are aware of it?"

"Please tell me the secret of love"

"Please explain to me what love is"

"You perhaps know what love is,
teach me how to read your eyes"

"I am not aware of it,
please teach me"

"You perhaps know what love is,
teach me how to read your eyes"

"I am not aware of it,
please teach me"

"Now that my curiosity is aroused,
my beloved, don't torment me"

"Please explain to me what love is"

"My heart wants to know
if you are aware of it?"

"Please tell me the secret of love"

"Please explain to me what love is"

"I surely will teach you,
I am not so immature..."

"I will teach you
how to fall in love"

"I surely will teach you,
I am not so immature..."

"I will teach you
how to fall in love"

"I am thankful to you, my dear"

It had to rain today!
Come on, hurry up!

Arjun, I was waiting for you.

Mr. Shinde, this is my mother
and she is my sister, Sapna.


Mother, he is Mr. Shinde,
the owner of this house.

Arjun praises you a lot.

Mother, Mr. Shinde indeed
is a very nice man.

I have to go to visit the Commissioner,
please give the keys.

My life is precious to me,...

I don't want to give you the house
and enlist myself as Bahiji's enemy.

I too have a family.

I don't want to endanger their lives.

Go and make arrangements for
your stay somewhere else.

If you didn't want to give the house,
you could refused earlier.

I had no idea that you
were under Bhaiji's wrath!

- Why are you chanting his name?

If he is a goon
then I too am a caretaker of law!

You may be a police inspector
or a Collector, it makes no difference!

Whatever you will do, you
will do within the parameters of law.

But, whatever Bhaiji does,
is his law!

Isn't it?

Aunty, if you don't wish to see
your son dead then return back.

We don't care if he or his family dies!

We don't want to endanger our
lives by giving him a house here.

We will not let you live here.
-That's right, we will not!

Shut up, you cowards! Inspector,
you have come to live here?

Amongst these coward
and impotent men?

In front of their eyes,
Bhaiji takes away their womenfolk...

he disgraces their honor but,
they have no guts to defy him!

And after his threat, do you think
they will let you stay here?

Inspector, the one who has the
daring to defy that Bhaiji...

will only let you live here!

The one who has no fear of life
and has no family to cry for.

And I am that person, inspector!

Come with me! Come, aunty!

This is my husband's picture
who was killed by Bhaiji.

Bhaiji, inspector Rohit's wife has
given refuge to Arjun in her house.

I am going, mother.
- Arjun, is Bhaiji a very dangerous man?

Why does everyone fear him so much?

They don't fear him,
these decent people fear their honor!

But, what enmity
do you share with him?

It's simple, he commits crime
and I stop his crime!

Seeing this fear for Bhaiji
terrorizes me!

Listen to me,
please get a transfer somewhere else.

Aunty, ask him to get a transfer
where there is no other Bhaiji!

Where there is no crime
and only justice prevails!

But, perhaps there is no place where
people like Bhaiji don't exist!

I am a mother,
I always fear the unknown.

Please don't get scared,
I am leaving.

Did brother leave?

He left without eating?
-He hasn't eaten since morning.

Don't worry, I'll go to the police
station and give him the food.


But child, how will you in this rain,
at this hour?

Don't worry aunty,
I will be back in a jiffy!

Hurry up, Sapna.


Sapna, you both have dinner.
-No, we'll have when you return.

Alright but, lock the door
and windows properly.

I'll come back soon.
-Take care, child.

Come, mother.

Wretched woman! I made you
a widow when you were young...

and yet you did not learn a lesson?

You have wounded my soul!

Some day, I will injure you in a way
that you will plead at my feet!

You will plead for your death but,
you will not get it!

You will rot!

Why did you give refuge
to that inspector?

With whose permission did you
give him refuge, tell me?

It is my house, you impotent man!

You called me impotent?
-Yes, you are!

My husband was a man who
challenged a weakling like you!

Your husband died here
and you too will die here!

But first, I will prove it to you that
I am a man!

Good morning, sir.
- Very good morning, Mahesh.

I want to go to ex Commissioner,
Raj Sahani's house...

if you have some work, contact
me there or at my residence. Ok?

Yes, sir.
- Arjun.



How did this...

Bhaiji and his men have
snatched my honor...

they repeatedly raped me
throughout the night.

I will not spare that scoundrel!
I will kill him!

Yes, kill him
or he will kill the goodness.

Only crime will prevail
and he will kill decent human beings.

He is a stigma to the society.

Yes, I will wipe out this stigma!
Someone get the ambulance quickly!

Ratna. Ratna.

Inspector, you must have received
the reward of my enmity.


Thankfully you have learnt
to talk with respect.

Now teach your mind something.

I will put you in a much worse
condition than that lady!

Time yourself, in exact one hour,
I will drag you to my police station!

After that, I will be at peace only
when I send you to the gallows.

Wishful thinking!

Listen, only my law exists here.

If you are so hot blooded then
come here and test your strength!

Hey, inspector! Are you crazy?

You have locked me up behind bars?

You are very happy?
But, your happiness is short lived...

no bars are strong enough
to hold me for a long time!

Sad, nobody informed you that
I have made those bars!

I am the one who does
not spare any criminal!

Inspector, don't consider
yourself God...

don't play with fire,
water and Bhaiji!

Fire burns, water drowns and...
-Bhaiji tortures!

The way you tortured
Rohit and his wife?

Similarly, I too will torture you
and take you to the gallows!

I will kill you before that, inspector!

Because, I am like a snake who has
the picture of his enemy in his eyes!

Look into my eyes, you will see the
picture of your family's doom!

What you have done today,
no police officer has ever done it.

Agreed but, you also know that
Bhaiji is a very dangerous man.

Why didn't any other police officer
dare to arrest him?

Not only because,
he is very dangerous.

It is because, all the minister,
officers are puppets in his hands.

Maybe, but there is
something called law.

If he continues his tyranny,
we cannot sit quietly and watch!

Sir, there is no account
of his crimes...

because today, for the first time
a file in his name is made.

But very soon, this file will
be in the godown of law...

and Bhaiji will be hung at the noose!


I am proud of you...

that you are chosen by me and
you are so talented and honest!

If you continue to do your duty
in this manner then one day...

the entire police department
will be proud of you!

Thank you, sir.

Son, look at this!
Look what Bhaiji's men have done.

Even Ratna has not
come back since last night.

Mother, Ratna is not alive.

-Yes mother, Bhaiji killed her.

But, I too have not spared him.

I have put him behind bars!

And I will take him to the gallows.

Which gallows, inspector?

Which law are you talking about?

An insignificant inspector...

was trying to put
a lion behind bars?

Look, a lion is standing
in front of you!

Where will you go now?
Whose help will you seek?

You dragged me to the jail for
the sake of an unknown girl?

You pride in your uniform
and it's strength, isn't it?

I give you seven days...

you can show me your strength
in these seven days.

You can knock at the doors of law,
ring their bells...

and on the seventh day,
come and stand here.

In front of your eyes,
I will deflower your sister!



No sir, this is a lie!
It's a false accusation on me!

I didn't purposely kill inspector
Mahesh, I had no personal grudge.

But as per the eye witness, Bhaiji,
you purposely killed Mahesh!

Sir, that rogue Bhaiji is my enemy!

I arrested him for raping Ratna!

Wrong! The man who raped
Ratna is in the lock up!

That man came to my house and
challenged me in public that...

he would molest my sister Sapna,
on the seventh day!

No, to avenge your personal grudge,
you framed Bhaiji for raping Ratna.

And when inspector Mahesh released
innocent Bhaiji and arrested..

the real culprit and came to you
to prove Bhaiji's innocence...

you were enraged and
killed the inspector!

This is a lie!
-Don't speak nonsense!

People like you taint
the police department.

You make us bow with shame!
How dare you malign decent people?

Bhaiji is decent?

I thought you were a honest officer
and would confer justice.

I expected that you would
protect my mother and sister.

But the words you have uttered
are not your own...

it sounds like words of the people
who have been bought by Bhaiji!

- You have been bribed, sir!

"My heart dances to your music"

"I belong to you, my dear"

"My heart dances to your music"

"I belong to you, my dear"

"My youth burns like
the flame of the lamp"

"My heart dances to your music"

"I belong to you, my dear"

"My youth burns like
the flame of the lamp"

"Quench the thirst
of my parched lips"

"My desires are unfulfilled,
embrace me"

"Quench the thirst
of my parched lips"

"My desires are unfulfilled,
embrace me"

"Love me, O my dear"

"Never play with fire,
water and Bhaiji."

"Fire burns, water drowns
and Bhaiji tortures!"

"My love has pulled you here"

"Once in my cage,
nobody can go out free"

"My love has pulled you here"

"Once in my cage,
nobody can go out free"

"You will ache when
you will yearn for me"

Long live the Minister!!


So what if I am the Minister,
I take care of everyone!

Why does this man look so pale?
Do you feed him or not?

Do you give him food or you eat his share?
-We give him, sir!

Feed them properly,
they are my children.

Why is he crying?
Hey! Why are you crying?


What happened?

A lot of injustice
is being mete out to me.

Nobody hears to my pleas.

I am sure that
you will listen to me.

What happened?
Who has mete out injustice on you?

Please set me free, sir.

Because, a goon called Bhaiji has
announced that he'll rape my sister!


Oh, I see! You don't worry...

I will wipe out all your
worries and apprehensions!

I will be indebted to you.

I have not done any favor on you!

Whoever it may be, if he's a tyrant,
the law will punish him too!

You be rest assured.

Good bye.

Let's go.

You are inspector Arjun, isn't it?

Good I recognized you?
You wanted to fight Bhaiji?

Bhaiji's enemy is my enemy too.

And my enemy is Bhaiji's enemy.

You think I will free you? I
am going to make a noose ready for you!


Don't scream so much.

Let's go, aunty.

Don't worry, come with me.

What is this?
-Where are you taking them?

To my house!
-You cannot take them.


If they are not found here,
Bhaiji will kill us!

Bhaiji will remove us from
our houses and beat us up!

There will be unaccountable
deaths here!


Police will click the pictures
of the corpses and go away.

Our children will be orphaned
and our wives will be widowed.

Bhaiji's men will molest
our sisters and wives!


Go back home!
-Don't touch them!

And don't you dare stop us!

You perhaps don't know, I'm retired
police Commissioner, Raj Sahani!

And if I want I can have you all
arrested on charges of threatening!

It would be better if you
move away from our path!

And let me tell you
one more thing...

Bhaiji cannot harm you.

If you wish to live then learn
to look up in front of Bhaiji.

Come with me.

Leave us at the mercy of Almighty.
Whatever has to happen will happen!

You go away. Let's go, child.

Let's go, child.

If this is the case then I will send
8-10 constables for their safety.

Thanks, Mr. Roy.
- You're welcome.

Just a moment.


I am Minister Ramsukh Jadhav speaking.

Yes sir, tell me?
-How much police force do you have?

Send all of them to me.

I am going out for a rally tomorrow.

Ok, sir.

Mr. Sahani, I am sorry,
I cannot help you.

But you just promised that you
would send a few constables.

Yes but, the minister
just called up...

he is going on a rally and
has ordered to send the entire force.


Whatever has happened with you...

I am solely responsible for it.

If I would not tell you
to join the police force...

then what has happened
would perhaps not happen!

Sir, why are you holding
yourself responsible?

I am not bothered about myself,
my only concern is that...

what will happen to
my mother and sister?

All our attempts to protect your
mother and sister have been futile.

These ministers and officers who
talk about public protection...

are all been bribed by Bhaiji!

Hey! Your time is over.
-Just a minute.

Are you going or should I throw you out?
-Hey, constable!

Hey! Neither are you an inspector
nor is he the Commissioner, go!

You scoundrel!
-Get lost from here!

Hey, old woman! Open the door.

Look, Bhaiji has brought food for you.

Open the door.

Open the door, why are you scared?

You rascal,
I am not scared of you, I hate you!

But, I am in love
with your daughter!

What should I do about that?

I swear it Sapna,
I dreamed about you last night.

You rascal!
Don't forget that my Arjun is yet alive.

Don't worry, very soon, he too
will be hung by the noose.

Arjun will be hung but only after,
he kills you!

Wishful thinking!

I have got some food for her.

Hey, Mangal! Get the food here.

I don't need your food!

You may not eat but,
Sapna will eat.

Only when she is well fed,
I will like her!

Eat, sweetheart.
-Sapna would have surely eaten this food.

Even I would have eaten if this food
was offered after your funeral.

Don't play with fire,
water and Bhaiji.

Mangal, throw whatever
food is there in the house.

And cut off the
water connection too.

When you will crave for every drop
of water and a little food...

only then will you know what I am!

Listen everyone! If anyone
tries to help this lady...

then there will be
only corpses in this area.

Mother! Come mother.

The tables have turned on you! I
am outside the jail and you are inside.

Did you recognize him? He is the same
whom you had thrashed a lot.

He is the jailer of this jail.

I will fill in all
your enemies in this jail.

And they will not let you
step out alive from here.


Arjun Singh!

Who is it?
-It's me, Sahani.

Come in, brother.

I have got food for you.
-Why are you taking trouble for us?

It's no trouble,
I am just doing my duty.

Please eat.

We will eat but,
you please go from here.

If Bhaiji or his men
see you helping us then...

then they will harm you too!

Alright, I am going.

Please lock the door.

Eat, child.
- No!!


I have not come here to sit,
I have come to talk to you!

I feel proud that
my father's arms were cut...

the arms which were raised
against the monster, Bhaiji!

And your hands which are
raised to salute Bhaiji...

I condemn such hands!

A dynamite is fixed here,
everyone move away!

No, child!


Why did you make
an attempt of escaping?

Hey! You were trying to
get away from your cage?

Don't you know that the hunter
always clips the wings of the birds?

Where were you running off to?
Speak up!

I tried to run so that,
I could kill you and feed you to dogs!

Then you see,
how I torture you and put you to death!


What happened, mother? Water?
You lie down, I will get water for you!

I will manage to get water,
you please lie down.

I just come.

Why have you come here?
-My mother will die of thirst.

Please give me a glass of water.
-Get lost!

You?!...What do you want?
- Please give me a glass of water.

Do I want to get myself
killed by giving you water?

Get lost.
- Listen.

Please give me only one glass of water!
Please give me some water.

Mother, I have got water
for you, please drink.

Mother, please drink.

Mother, please drink.

Mother! Mother! Mother!

Doctor, please open
the door, quickly!

Doctor, my mother is very ill,
please come with me!

I don't want to spoil my health
by curing your mother.

Please don't say that.

Didn't Bhaiji say that whoever
helps you will also be in trouble!

Please doctor.
- Please excuse me, you go inside!

Please, doctor!
- Please, go away.



Today is the seventh day and
as per my promise, I am here.

Open the door, Sapna.

The poor girl is scared.

Leave me you scoundrel, if
something happens to my sister today...

then I will not spare
Bhaiji and you!

I will burn the entire world!

Bhaiji and your sister
must be on fire at the moment.

Today is the seventh day!

And Bhaiji keeps his word.

When I promise to love...

the girls commit suicide.

She was a nice girl!

you blame brother unnecessarily.'

'I am proud of my brother.'

'Till brother is there
no one can do us harm.'

'Arjun, is something
happens to you..

..what will happen to this old
mother and your sister?'

Rascal, don't you dare touch my daughter!
- Papa.

Very good, Mohite!

I am glad that you got both,
the father and the daughter.

Now this imbecile will
tell me where Arjun is.

Commissioner, we got your hands
cut but yet, you did not learn?

Now I will do what I could not
do with Arjun's sister.

Before that, Arjun will do something
which has never happened before.

He will wipe out your existence
from the face of this earth!

He will wipe out my existence?

I will kill that scoundrel today itself!

You cannot kill him.
Nobody can kill Arjun!

He is like a volcano and
the day that volcano erupts...

it will blow criminals
like you into smithereens.

I never thought that I would taint
such a beautiful girl like you!

Today, I will burn you in my fire!


This fink always
comes at the wrong time!

What is the matter?

I told you that Kamble was eying
my chair and was trying to get it.

And that's what is happening,
he is going to the High Command...

and my chair is going to topple!

So what can I do?

Before he topples my chair,
you kill him.

What will you give me if I kill him?

I will give you 2.5 million.

That amount is not enough
to even make me feel good!

Okay 5 million!
-I want a crate!

What do you mean by that?

10 million.
-10 million?!

In underworld lingo,
a crate means 10 millions!

Alright, I will give you
10 millions...1 crate!!



Never play with fire,
water and Bhaiji.

Fire burns, water drowns
and Bhaiji tortures!


"I have kept my heart
at your feet..."

"look at me and embrace me"

"look at me and embrace me"

"I have dedicated my youth
in your name, look at me"

"and embrace me"

"I have kept my heart
at your feet..."

"There is a big gap
between you and me..."

"but, if we decide to meet,
nobody can stop us"

"You're a cute and a sweet girl."

"Glaring at you isn't
robbery or stealing."

"10 million, Bhaiji"

"There is a big gap
between you and me..."

"If we decide in our hearts,
then what are these obstacles."

"Nothing is difficult for us"

"look at me and embrace me"

"I have kept my heart
at your feet..."

"There are thousand
emotions in your eyes..."

"there are several
desires within me too"

"Whatever is yours
is mine too, dear."

"We share it equally, brother."

"What's the delay when
the damsel is here?"

"10 million, Bhaiji"

"There are thousand
emotions in your eyes..."

"there are several
desires within me too"

"No matter what
the consequences are"

"look at me and embrace me"

"I have kept my heart
at your feet..."

"look at me and embrace me"

"I have kept my heart
at your feet..."

"We have come for you girl.
We are all here waiting for you."

"The loafers are enjoying
and having fun."

"The clowns are hitting the walls."

"Babli and Badal are swinging.
Bijli and bulbul are dancing around."

"I sing container, container,
Bhaiji container."

"The snake charmer
makes you dance."

"The music goes on and on."

"Container, container, my container."

"Round and round like a hanging rope."

container, Bhaiji container."

container, Bhaiji container."

Bhaiji, 10 million!

Container, container.

Come with me!


You scoundrels! Let go of Deepa!

I will kill you!

You idiot.


Sir, why did you do this?
- Father.


Shoot him!


- Father.

Don't cry, Deepa.

Where is your Bhaiji,
tell me you fink?

At Saki Naka's dockyard.

Bhaiji, he killed them both!

Now he will come and get us too.

If you talk more,
I will shoot you before he reaches here!

Bhaiji, what will you
achieve by killing me?

If you have to kill someone
then kill that Arjun Singh!

Or else, he will kill both of us!

You wait and see how I torture
that rascal and put him to death!


Yes, Arjun.
- Have you arranged for the car?

Yes, it is.
-Is everything done as per the plan?

The timing should be correct.


I found out where
that Arjun Singh is hiding.

I will not let this battle of Arjun
Singh and Bhaiji continue for long!

He is hiding in the Raymond complex,
take the police force there.

And apprehend that
obsessed Arjun Singh!

The police force has besieged you!

If you want your safety then
surrender yourself to the police.

Until I don't kill Bhaiji...

I will not surrender
myself to the police.

Then I will be
compelled to shoot you!

I have no enmity with the police...

you are my fellow mates,
I don't wish to shoot any one of you!

Move from my path!

Stop the firing.

Arjun Singh,
don't take the law in your hands.

Surrender yourself!

I will surrender myself but, only
after I kill that monster, Bhaiji!


Don't worry about me, Arjun...
just destroy that Bhaiji!

No, Dharam!

Stop that firing.
- Hold the firing.

Inspector, you all wait here.
- Yes, sir.

Ask them to throw their weapons.
-No, inspector! Shoot him!

Don't worry about me,
you shoot him!


Sir, it had become necessary for me
to take the law in my hands.

Because, law does not only give
justice but, protection too!

And today, I will show the true
face of law to the lady of justice!

He will not spare us,
he will kill us too!

He is obsessed! Run out
and close the doors!

You go and shut the windows!
He may appear from the roof too!

Where should I hide?
I will hide in the bathroom!

But sir, you have to attend
a party meeting now.

Fool, if I am alive,
I can attend several meetings!

But if you don't go now,
your position will be in danger!

My position will be in danger?
O God, what should I do now?

O Gandhiji, please guide me,...

one side is the danger of
position and on other is my death!

Now you just have a death threat...

but, if you lose your position,
the public will beat you to death!

No, I cannot give up my position!

I will surely go. Make sure
all the streets are empty!

I want a police convoy
all around me!

Arjun Singh!!

Hey! Stop the car!

Madam, don't stop your car here.

My car has stopped, please help me.
-Hey! Push the car.

Drive faster!

Come on, drive faster!

I will give you a reward,
drive faster!

Idiot! Drive faster!

Come on, hurry up!

Where is Arjun Singh?
-I don't know!

Okay, we will have to check
your car...constable!

Sorry for the trouble, madam. You can go.
- Thank you.


Deepa, quickly remove the bullet!

Hurry up!

That Arjun Singh killed
a minister in public.

And you all could not do anything?

Now, I will have to do
something to arrest him!

Didn't I tell you, don't play with fire,
water and Bhaiji!

Kill the scoundrel!

Hit him more!

Kill the rascal!

Bhaiji, your tame dogs
cannot harm me!

Let's see how much they can hit
and how much I can endure?

Come on, hit me!

Constables, catch him.

-Take him away!

- Leave me...No!

No!! Leave me!!

I will kill that rogue!

Leave me, I say!

I will not spare you, Bhaiji!

Handcuff him!

Move away.
- Bhaiji.